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tv   Special TJPA 9816  SFGTV  September 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:46pm PDT

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>> [gavel] okay i call this meeting of the transbay joint powers authority board of directorses for order for -- what is today? the eighth, september 8. i am still on summer mode. >> director gee.
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>> here. >> director kim. >> here. >> director reiskin. >> here. >> director sartipi. >> present. >> vice chair nuru. >> present. >> and mr. chair you do have a quorum. >> all right. first item please. >> you are to go into closed session and we have no member of the public to address you and we can do that now or .
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>> okay the board of director meeting is in open session and counsel will report to close session. >> as to item 5 public employee performance evaluation pursuant to government code section 54957 interim executive director and chief financial chief financial officer and board secretary there is nothing to report. item 6 conference with real property negotiators with government code section 54956.8 for transbay transit center and long-term lease there is no action to report and the board will take up items seven and eight from the close session calendar at the end of the meeting. >> okay. >> with that he will call the first item. >> yes. >> item 10 which is communications and directors i'm
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not aware of any. seeing none the next item is 1111 board of directors and new and old business. >> seeing none. >> item 12 is the executive director's report. >> i will make this quick. we were honored to the transportation secretaries of the united states and the state to visit the transit center and seeing it on the same day was a great opportunity to highlight phase one and we briefed them on phase two and the delivery and funding needs. as you know they both administer some of the funding streams for phase two. namely on the federal front is the new start front and the state front is the cap and taid funds. they were impressed with the progress on phase one and pleased to hear we're moving forward with phase two. the
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federal transit administration was declared and i went to a workshop on capital improvement programs that was held in july in washington, d.c. and the workshop had valuable discussions of funding of transit projects and update on the latest status of the new starts program and the process. during the meeting i took the opportunity to meet with the leaders of the build america bureau at the u.s. department of transportation. the bureau was created to streamline the various federal credit programs and grants programs and provide assistance to grantee focus they need credit. we intend -- it was -- it's built to be intended to be a one stop shop for loans. we discussed the status of our existingtiva loan with them and briefed on phase two and our desire to seek federal loans on phase twotivia or rif and we
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intend to continue the discussions with them. i attend the transit construction workshop in new york. this workshop brought agencies throughout the nation to discuss the challenges during construction and the procurement methods they're using to procure construction. it was very informative for me to be there and informative for us to listen to that because as we move forward with exploring the various delivery methods that for phase two the discussions were very valuable. i do want to thank director reiskin for bringing the workshop to my attention. thank you. on august 18 i attended the california transportation commission meeting alongside my colleagues from ac transit and the golden gate transit district to advocate for them to approve a low cost lease for the bus storage facility. this was an
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item on their agenda for information and we both advocated that we should get a low cost or no cost lease for our bus service facility as well as the golden gate station, golden gate district parking lot that they're using now which caltrans owns. they will take the item as an action item in the october meeting and we will be there to advocate for that and hoping to get a break on the lease. several of the commissioners indicated support of reduced lease and caltrans proposed that the lease be 50% of fair market value. we're asking for less than that as well so we're hoping for a good outcome at the october meeting. last we successfully completed our intern program this summer, and we have a video from the
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interns from the transbay transit center and we had interns with controls and turner and webcor and you will see that video and with that thank you very much. >> okay. the next item is the construction update. >> good morning directors. i'm going to cover the construction activities and then i will be turning it over to ron to finish up with the budget schedule and challenges for this past period so starting with the recent activities with construction we updated our graphics that we have been using now for a few months as we go from the concrete to the other follow up trades. it's a rather busy graphic but has important details on it. the transit
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center is split up 22 slides and this is from the ground level to the roof top to the glass installed to the awning and roof top stuff is that is happening so a lot of good information in here and a lot of good progress over the last two months. in the lower part, the lower concourse and the train box it shows up clearly in the graphic that all the work has been on walls in the lower concourse. the heart of the wall there and the purplish area is where we're getting walls in and permanent hour and the utilities running as soon as possible and on the bus ramp it shows the graphics and a lot of work that has been happening on clementina and harrison street as the bug ramp work progresses well. breaking it down here's a detail. we
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will have that in every one of the presentations a rendering versus a actual slide in this case looking from mission street south to first street and you have the tower on the left. we have the other building, 1,011th on the right-hand side and look at our awnings and very similar without the trees and a couple of panels so it's coming together and we'll add that into the presentation just to show progress. in the western zone a lot of work at the west end of stair 201, fireproofing and a lot of off site and on site fire utility in that zone. in the western zone the picture in the upper right is showing the glass enclosures and up to the roof top and the bottom right shows the continued work that has happened on the awning and it's instilled for the central zone except for a few of the penrose
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patterns at this point and on the eastern zone finishing out some of the concrete elements. you also see the grand hall and it's the critical path on the project and getting the class enclosure to the glass floor above the grand hall is part of the taghtd and heavy activity in the area and taking shape and looking like a facility making good progress and on the bus ramp the focus you know has been is in this particular picture you see msc mechanically stabilizer and one of the retaining walls between folsom and harrison and that is making some very good progress. upcoming in the central zone it will be roof top waterproofing is starting. the bus deck waterproofing and the drive all concrete is progressing well and the mee -- all of the overhead
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elements in the central zone are progressing through next month and the removal of the first street temp bridge. in the eastern zone we're finishing the roof top concrete, bus deck perimeter crash rail and waterproofing and waterproofing and part of the progress. once you get the fireproofing done you can move up to the other trades more efficiently and in the western zone and completing the train box lid and waterproofing and a lot of electrical room build out and getting power in that the western zone and for the bus ramp then we have the cables and they started and the first of the seven. they're pushing cable through that and we will see a lot of progress in the next month and projected mid-november when that is done. after that they have a pipe that wraps it and a final capping to them once they tighten them up
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and stress them to what they need to be for the final design. and then this is just a graphic to confirm the first street traffic will be shifted on the weekend of september 24 over to the east. traffic shouldn't really be impacted and won't notice it when it reopens on monday and it will stay in that configuration for a few months and then push the traffic to the west to complete the three stage process to remove the first street bridge. in regards to safety we had two recordables in the last couple of months. one was a back injury, one a shoulder injury but no loss time. we've had no loss time in calendar year 2016. with over 2.5 million craft hours through the end of august so with that i will turn it over to ron to start the budget discussion. >> thank you dennis. good morning directors. i will try to be brief as well knowing that
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the agenda is full. leading up with the budget overview expenditures and commitments and as expected with 15 months remaining until contractual substantial completion. we exz spended 43.3 million since the last report and had an uptick of committed by 17.7 million. given some recent favorable bidding lately namely and you will hear soon about the network system and we're having our ongoing risk assessment. right now we've doesn't our quarterly adjustment to the estimate of at completion. we drop today down by six moints .9 million and i think there is room as we work towards advancing retiring some risk as we close structural steel and
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structural concrete in the future so i'm seeing a downward trend on that but we're still maintaining kind of a conservatism to it right now with an estimated completion at 2.1 four 7.5 billion. not to get too much into the minutia in terms of constituency cost since the last report we've expended about 1.1 million on contingency and and 800,000 of that are reimbursables towards putting work in place for the puc and then upcoming we've got about 9.5 million kind of in the mix and a lot of it is just future notices to proceed, so nothing really standing out there to
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point out. moving on to schedule kind of a slow pace here in terms of movement, kind of status quo from the last report in terms of overall time. we're still sitting march-ish for substantial -- again i wanted to underscore that a lot of items are really within the timeframe for the contractual substantial completion. we have a couple of outliers that we're still working on that push us into 2018. we did see a little slippage on the bus ramp. it has been a little challenge wg frame five i think it is although we're getting momentum on that. i saw some great photos of it being prepped up in the fab shop so i'm still
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optimistic that the bus ramp will start pulling in although i haven't seen it just yet and again the bus storage has been idle in anticipation for lease terms to advance. i understand that's going to be on an agenda in october for the california board so we will see where that one goes but right now it remains idle. looking at the streams of activity as you can see the majority of activity has held steady. we're showing slippage with ceilings and panels and maps. and again looking at the deeper minutia of the schedule i'm not terribly alarmed. we'll manage and bring it in where we need to go. again just kind of an overview of where we are with the challenges in terms of the
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schedule. again as dennis had mentioned critical path lies with the grant hall with a lot of overlap of trades so a lot of focus is there. we're scheduled next week for the next scheduled mitigation meeting with the team to strategize the next wave of acceleration on how to start bringing it in and close that gap between you know february, march to bring it back, all items into december but as i mentioned the majority of items are already sitting where they need to be. we just need to work on some of the outliers like gray water tanks and polishing terrazzal and commissioning is probably the larger one there. the next challenge i am happy to say -- i never thought i would say this but by america -- as a challenge for all intensive purposes is resolved. i am sure we will
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have flair ups over things but the last report we had great concern about the building management, the fire management, public address and audio visual. there was a number of letters exchanged between our team and them for that matter. they have responded. they are procuring and advancing the work, and we will be proceeding as a head certified so a big plus. again we will keep an eye on it. i am sure there will be items here or there that are going to flair up as we -- flare up as we advance but the big worry is behind us, a big win for the last couple of months. briefly on the bus reconfiguration no move ment on that one and ac
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transit suggested that the interim executive director and the general manager for ac transit get together and strategize how one might fund this desire but right now no movement on that and we have great progress on the bus deck as planned and as procured. i know the representative from ac transit has been away on vacation for a number of weeks so i'm hopeful we will get movement on that front shortly as well. >> what representative is that? >> linda. >> linda has been -- okay. >> yeah. bid package procurement was something that i had highlighted last report. since then we bid out the network system. we actually went out with the av system as well albeit it appears that we're rebidding that package only because of issues around
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by america and small business paperwork for that matter. the scope of works and the dollars on both are trending -- the one that did come in is lower than budget, kind of a rare e here i hear but we came under budget on that item so again we will continue to monitor the advancement of this because commissioning is tied a lot to the network development and all but again i think it's downgraded from a real challenge to a concern to be monitored. and brings me to the last new challenge since we kind of retired things we have been concerned about in the past, and my biggest worry right now is being operational ready. we're moving really good momentum towards delivering the building in december. we have initiated meetings with the various
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transit agencies. we really, really need to meet the mark and get the master leasee engaged by january so we can position ourselves to truly be operationally ready because i'm confident that we will have a building ready for operation. and with that i will entertain any questions. >> the transit operators improvements i presume you mean ac transit. >> gray hound and golden gate i believe also. >> is the fact -- it's not a question of who is supposed to put them in but do you have the plans and that stuff? is that the issue? >> there are details in discussion in terms how to perfect the booth for ac transit for that matter. getting going on with the greyhound area in
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terms of the tenant improvements. for the most part is get them to the table and reaffirm what we're delivering, refine it and move it forward. >> is ac transit twfer you and greyhound and the other? >> yes. contractually yes. >> yeah that's what i thought because we're doing the whole bus deck. >> yeah. >> yeah, soundses like i need to get on it. >> yeah. i am eager to get all that defined, the master leasee secured. all of that needs to come into focus and solidified. >> i have a meeting with the general manager to discuss -- >> to discuss this? >> yeah. we're in contact with them. >> all right. >> for the most part a lot of good news. a lot of challenges were retired in the last months. i feel good we came a long way in the nine months of my
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engagement. i feel good where we're at but can't lose focus with the next wave and that is being operationally ready and looking for us and the team to get a deeper and stronger engagement now that we have some of the delivery issues of the building kind of behind us. we need to look for it and get that momentum going. >> great. yeah. >> good work. just out of curiosity what is the aggregate value work in place per month right now? my math shows 30 million. >> yeah, i think this is different because we didn't have a meeting in august, yeah -- >> 45 million, in that range. >> yeah, it's right in the zone. you may have noticed percent complete versus the percent spent. that gap is starting to slowly close. we had 1% uptick on time and an
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uptick on budget expended so those things are starting to align. >> and the schedule and have to keep going 35 million a month in place. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> your next item is item 14, the citizens advisory committee update and directors the chair is not present but he indicated he had nothing to report. >> okay next item. >> item 15 is public comment and an opportunity for members of the public to address you on matters not on the calendar. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> we have there thatcher. >> good morning. jim thatcher with a company in san francisco. i saw in august about the article about the terrible things going on with the center and i felt that the board was
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not taking a very active position relative to this. i was really surprised and most please with the the public relations pr message they put out on the website. i'm not sure how many people read it but it's well written and describes our position -- at least your position well so i commend the people that put it together. i think it was a job well done and i would like to see it gets more exposure because it's the truth of the matter and the truth always wins the day so i really like that so it's a well done to the staff and who ever is responsible for that so thank you and i felt it was an uncertain time. last point -- bart i see has put out a request for proposal for renting parts of their embarcadero station out for narrow little kiosks areas and larger areas. this is the same thing -- although we're in a much larger scale and this is something i encourage the board
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to watch closely and will give you maybe an idea of what the real value of these things are or at least a data point as we go through our process so i think that's something worth looking at. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. that concludes members of the public to address you. next is the consent calendar. >> yes please. >> all matters are routine acted upon a single vote. there is no member of the public or board wish to have items separate and 16.1 and approving the minutes of the meeting and 16.2 and approving the minutes of that meeting. >> okay. is there a motion for approval of the consent. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> second. >> aye. >> next item. >> the consent calendar is approved and 17 is approving a amendment with the contract with
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webcor obayashi and joint venture in with netxperts for the responsible bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid amount of $4,679,573 increasing rz thissed direct costs by that same amount and authorized construction services fixed fee by $163,785. >> directors i can answer any questions you have or present the item for you if you would like to. >> my only question would be should we have any concern that the amount is so low compared to our estimate? >> well, when you look at -- we had four bidders. two of the bidders do networks and low voltage networks and the lowest ones and the other are electrical contractors that would have brokered it out to do the work. it made a lot of sense the way the bids came in and especially when you had the
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two world wide technologies and netxperts that do this work and close to each other and we're comfortable with it. >> where are they from? do they have an office locally? >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> he's from walnut creek. >> very good. >> is that in california? better yet by the east bay. [laughter] >> i am here to answer any questions. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> looking forward to a good job. >> move for approval. >> yes. >> do you want to call the roll. >> no members of the public to address you on the item. director gee. >> yes. >> director kim. >> aye. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> chair harper. >> aye. >> vice. >> aye. >> that item is approved. >> next item please. >> all right. item 18 is an
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agreement with jenny holzer studio for the commission of the art work in the bus deck level for not to exceed $182,000 and the installation is $740,000 and approve a intergovernmental agreement with the san francisco arts commission. >> and directors ron can answer any questions if you would like to. >> good morning again. as you know this has been kind of a long drawn out process in trying to on board this contract for the whole piece. i got engaged a few months ago. there were some concern about the method of procurement and fabrication, some details in the contract. i know it's been kind of a lot of back and forth a bunch between the different representatives,
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you know, just based on that it's hard to support it based on the back and forths but really the core concern is how do we bridge the gap of a concept artist piece and fabrication and earlier on it was on a trajectory to blend it into subcontracts with the contractor. that was a concern. i think that was a core issue in my mind that put a risk in front of us and we reached out to the san francisco art commission to modify their intergovernmental agreement to address this concern head o i think they stepped up to the plate, really pulled together some engagement with a fabricator that has worked a lot with jenny holzer studio so i think we have bridged in my mind the gaps and the concerns, and i need to
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respect it. the support we got from the art commission and support advancing this contract i think given what we've pulled together in the last few months with engagement with the studio, the art commission and the fabricator i think we will have a successful outcome and with that i would like to invite jill manton with the arts commission to briefly remind the board what the piece is all about to put it into context. >> thank you ron. good morning directors. thank you for giving me this time to speak with you about the holzer project. it's been a long time in the making. do we have the visuals? >> yes. >> okay. i wanted to show you a couple of examples of her past work. she works with illuminated led text. the content of her work
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is often very directly related to the site in which the work is located. can we go to the next image? this is an example of her work installed at the guggenheim museum. i should mention she's one of the most contemporary artists perhaps in the world at this time and this will be her first public art commission in san francisco. next. another guggenheim installation. next image. thank you to -- if week tiewrn down the volume on this. this is the project for trans bay. so the work is 9-foot high -- excuse me, 11 feet high by 90 linear feet long. it will be
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placed on the bus du will -- deck and visible in the grant hall and the bus deck readable from both sides and anyway i was talking about the content of her work. i mentioned at the world trade center in new york city the content of her work consisted of writings of her own and from authors and historians and poets of coming to new york city and from the court and had text dating back a thousand year on the subject of justice and in the original proposal for trans bay she spoke about i wanted to emphasize this work will be besides a work of outstanding beauty and visual impact it will have a historical and educational component. the text will include information about the building of the bay bridge,
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the bay area, the history of california and the transbay terminal itself in addition to other textses and stories that she might wish to include. so if i have -- if there are any questions -- i tried to keep this very brief in respect to the long agenda you have. >> well, i do have a lot -- i mean as you know i have been involved in this a bit. >> yes. >> i do art -- i do contracts for commission sculpture, a lot of them, so i was disappointed in how little responsibility this artist was taking for the final product. there was no specifications given in the contract and i really appreciate the fact that the san francisco arts commission has stepped into that gap between consent and delivery. it's going to be a lot of work and i really
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appreciate that because -- i was very skeptical about whether or not this contract would be much enforceable in any regard. art is always risky and when enter into i contract which the artist themselves is not promising a given deliverable that increases it is risk and i am very appreciative of the art commission to come in and say they're going to come in and do that kind of overview between the fabrication and that, and i guess the installation is something that we've got taken care of. i have a concern that you might keep in mind that all of the stuff if you look on her website on this stuff is either indoors or if it's outdoors it's photographed at night and there's a lot of photoshopping involved and that sort of stuff,
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so i'm concerned. the specification i was most looking for is the visibility specification because one of the beautiful things about the bus deck is how much natural light there s i mean it's going to be a beautiful place to wait for a bus, and how that will work with the light emitting sculpture i thought we could get a specification on but that is something we will just have to see how it works. at night it's going to be beautiful no question. >> director harper if i may comment both the commission and the architects had the same concern and a light study was performed and that has been factored into the specifications for the brightness of the led lights and i don't know if fred clark can add anything to that but that subject we worked with the lighting consultants on the trans bay project and that has been clearly addressed and
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considered. thank you for bringing it up. >> that's one of your good efforts. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> for getting that done so i would recommend approval at this point and given the commission step in. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. okay. >> you do have two members of the public that want to comment on this item. >> oh no, i just mean there is public comment. thank you. >> we have ruth followed by julie chang. >> good morning directors. i am ruth and the deputy museum director of cultural affairs at museum of art. as you heard jenny is a practitioner and engaged with language as art. the main focus of the art is delivery of words and delivery in public spaces and this
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provokes responses in the viewers. while her subversive work often blends in in advertising and public spaces it's a resting that goes over expectations and [inaudible] and ignoring informs is the best way to fight or response is the response to these situations and have been on posters and signs. [inaudible] has seven works of jenny holzer in the collection, two from the survival series and two media works of led electronic signs from the survival series and 10-foot installation entitled "i am a man" and a truism golf stand a small sculpture with plastic balls and tees and astro it ever and those that are owned out
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right there are two in the fisher collection at deposit to the group and survival series men don't protect you anymore and truism. i am a man is the acquisition of the museum and has been on view in three exhibitions recently. once in 1995 when we first opened the third street museum. also then again in points of departure in 2001 and it was on view in 2005-2007 in between art and contemporary painting and sculpture. in the bench series as the survival series men don't protect you anymore from 99 was on the sculpture garden from 2010-11 and currently on view on the third floor landing in the s fo ma. my colleagues share the enthusiasm for jenny holzer's work and of this commission.
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thank you very much. >> and julie. >> good morning directors. my name is julie chang and i am here in support of jenn, her work and the approval of her contract. i am a local artist who has the distinct privilege of having been also chosen to create public work for the transbay transit center. my work will be the floor of the design of grant hall. just being invited to participate is a high honor. part of the enthusiasm is in this opportunity as a woman and artist and dialogue with one of my heroes. jenny holzer is a leader of the contemporary art world and her work is as pointent and relevant today as 20 years ago and inspired to her as a young student and the first female artist that represented
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the united states at the [inaudible] and prestigious long standing contemporary art exhibition want as a city that prides itself at being at the forefront of progressive thinking and innovation her work perfectly reflects the character and values of our city. it's highly intelligent yet inherently accessible and challenging and provocative and elegant and poetic and has the ability to speak to and from the essential parts of and inspire introspection and compassion and even action and i can't imagine a more fitting addition to a civic building of our time and i thank you for the willingness to move forward on the project. >> okay. that conclude members of the public to address you on that item. you do have a first and a second. >> call the roll. >> director gee. >> i'm sorry. i didn't realize ms. chan was in the
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audience. i am a huge fan of the work and the terminal and great to meet you in person and thank you so much for being here and an overall comment i am proud of the public art in place in the terminal and thanks the art commission for the diligent work making sure it works on different functional and cultural and esthetic levels. >> with that director gee. >> yes. >> director kim. >> yes. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> vice. >> aye. >> chair hair. >> yes. >> and that is approved and that concludes item 18 and that concludes your calendar and you're scheduled to go back into closed session . >> the tjpa board of directors
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meeting is back in session and will report out. >> in conference with legal counsel with existing litigation in government code section 54956.9 with john eng, et al vs. millennium partners inc. et al, and lehman and the transbay joint powers authority there is nothing to report and item 8 with conference with legal counsel with litigation for subdivision of section 54956.9 there is no action to report. >> that concludes the agenda today. >> we're adjourned.
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>> i love teaching. it is such an exhilarating experience when people began to feel their own creativity. >> this really is a place where all people can come and take a class and fill part of the community. this is very enriching as an artist. a lot of folks take these classes and take their digital imagery and turn it into negatives. >> there are not many black and white darkrooms available anymore. that is a really big draw. >> this is a signature piece. this is the bill largest
11:45 pm
darkroom in the u.s.. >> there are a lot of people that want to get into that dark room. >> i think it is the heart of this place. you feel it when you come in. >> the people who just started taking pictures, so this is really an intersection for many generations of photographers and this is a great place to learn because if you need people from different areas and also everyone who works here is working in photography.