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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 1, 2016 8:45am-9:01am PDT

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stand for openness guess combags, courage and innovation 80 we have to come together as a city and look at the plaques we all are americans first and only san franciscans at heart and the first step in building a solid foundation to have respect and honor that's my vision for the uninside san francisco i want you to help me set an example and change maybe coming to san francisco by remembering our values we can preserve our way of life as we boldly go forward and remember on election day you can vote for me mike young and vote for unity thank you for tuning in i look forward to seeing i have a great day.
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>> my name is john farrell i'm returning for district supervisor i grew up in the district my wife and i raised our family i care about our district and city i know the challenges that small businesses face we stand up for our if neighborhood and share safety we must crack down on crime and affordability must be families in san francisco and expand the service to our seniors and protect our environment muni needs to be more reliable and ambulance for future generations and further city hall must be made accountable i have a good understanding of the work that still and the mayor as a
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$9.6 billion budget where does the money go i have the qualifications, experience and dedication to make a difference i was an accessory our he was a few minutes director for the treasure island investment i was a mayors budget analyst a senior in fact, for harvey milk and assistant and park director for 3 years for the playground for the city i spoonfuls in streamlining my identifying review sources a track record of bringing millions to the city over the last 3 years i've written articles the west side observer about the issues facing our city and district i've identified overdraft revenues for the past i've been a real estate broker for thirty years
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i've helped famed are avoiding fever a better to be safe than sorry from the university of san francisco and have an mba from golden gate university my family has been in public service any grabbed father with a muni driver any uncle jack a sergeant and policeman i've been married 28 years and two ground daughters and 3 dogs it would be an honor and privilege to serve the residents of district 7 this november 8th please vote for john farrell thank you. >> high i'll joel and running
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for district 6 supervisor people ask me why i want to be a supervisor my joke answer is because i have 28 years left on my mortgage it's not a joke looking at 28 years makes me wonder where is san francisco going and can will it become i moved here years ago and want to stay in love with san francisco i'm returning returning for supervisor to is changing i want to help to manage that change and help to make our west side district 7 special before i get into the issues i'll give you a little bit of background i grew up in the town of sagging now michigan we didn't have much money they taught me how to get things done and quality of life and i won a script for college
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and worked many years as a jouvent and asking tough questions i want to do that inside city hall i share my 28 year mortgage with my husband he grew up in poverty in taiwan under marshall law and now other than engineering in silicon valley that was a real american dream we like the west side it is quiet and have a garden i do any more than runs around lake merced when i talk about the quality of life west side residents know what i'm talking about but west sideers are concerned people don't have space in their neighborhood their wieshd home break-ins the budget as doubled in the past 10 years what are we getting for $10 billion families are struggling i met a couple in
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west portal if a their 30s but can't afford to buy here they'll probable leave if we can't keep families in san francisco we're in trouble a lot of people don't feel heard at city hall and we need a supervisor who will ask the tough policy questions i'll advocate for more police resources and use journal itching mindset to see how we spend our money and use what works i'll be responsive to your needs city hall likes to think, too highly of itself they forgot it's primary job to focus on basic city services liquor phil potholes and make sure that business one on time as your supervisor i will put on city
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hall haul i'll be 71 and i'll look back as my time on a supervisor if our kids and grandkids are enjoying the future in san francisco together we can make that happen follow me on facebook i'm joel and asking for your vote so we can give district 7 a voice at city hall thanks. >> high my name is supervisor yee and respect district 7 i've served the community my entire life in helping my parents run a small business and teaching at city college running a nonprofit to provide better early care and education all the way to voting
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office over is board of education and the board of supervisors i'm running for re-election so that i can continue to serve and make a difference as a fourth-generation san franciscan as a father and as a recent 2k3wr5r9 the future of san francisco is important i want to be a part of making this place fair and equitable there are many issues faxing san franciscans the 3 issues rise to the top number one affordable housing, number two neighborhood and pedestrian safety and 3 keeping our children and families in san francisco we're seeing families forced to leave the city because of lack of affordable housing i've supported increased funding more affordable housing and i have pushed successfully for more family-friendly units to be
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included as affordable housing for middle-income resident that are also forced out of city with a potential balboa park reservoir project there's been a spike in property crimes throughout the city and district 7 is not immune to this trend i support increased and birth police presence in neighborhoods f this includes the san francisco police department to prioritize the people i am and will continue to encourage stronger relationships between police officers and brrnlz i brought back the two officers po the beat patrols i've worked with former chief suhr and now chief chaplain 12 new officers assigned to the planning commission i have been working with the 3
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police captains for district 7 on strategies, despite the spike in property crime what our centered neighborhoods that provide flexible strategies to respond to your crime issues but we acknowledge those efforts need to be coordinated as more and more parts of our streets it is important to implement traffic calming measures and pushes for stricker improvement of our traffic laws i'm proud to have authored the vision zero legislation that will direct resources for solutions to make our streets safer for everyone many of the pedestrian safety improvement measures we have in district 7 were 234ishd by ideas
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that come if you're resident introduce my district 7 participatory program well, this program which gives us our residents and voice how we spend aide revenues has funded many quality of life programs throughout my district finally i want to continue to support our families by working improve our education system, my experience in this is this as and began any career as an scariest for years and worked to provide the families across san francisco as a member of board of education he find to increase to provide resources for education and to close the achievement gap as supervisor i offered legislation in 2014 to support education and specifically worked to increase
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funding for those vital services so i ask for your support today to continue to make our city our children a family-friendly city that will always protect the district of our grandparents thank you very much. >> hello my name is ben i'm running for district 6 supervisor i'm running for supervisor because district 7 deserves energetic and honesty and hard working leadership as your supervisor i'll fight to make sure that san francisco hires enough police officers and protect the quality of life by enforcing law and focus on making sure the city invests in basic infrastructure
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i will be a leader in fiscal district and make sure that violate serves are protected good afternoon. welcome as a fist generation san franciscan born and raised in district 7 and grew up in forest viewville i met my wife in high school and attended local schools and now homeowners in the with respect neighborhood and earned an suburban helped to insure transparency to the government i was then appointed under chief suhr on the san francisco youth commission making sure people have a voice in city college and went to new york university and earned undertaking undergraduate in science he spent a decade all over the world and most recently, i served the san francisco first street safety director helped to launch the
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vision zero program and sure we build infrastructure on time and under budget i've been enforce by leader lie tfa in a and past president board of supervisors and barbara cop man been enforce by the trading council and the democratic club and more importantly i'm the only candidate enforced by the safety organizations san francisco police officers and the san francisco firefighters we represent san francisco best vibrant neighborhood and educate our children and enjoy question of my name is ben and he respectfully ask for your vote thisnk we're
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going to get started the regular meeting of did of the board of education for san francisco unified school district for tuesday, september 27, 2016, is now called to order. >> >> ms. fewer after the meeting or call the board office tomorrow dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney and miss i know and . >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >>