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tv   LIVE Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  October 4, 2016 5:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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and this gentleman even longer being faced with this very same issue and you're still here and you're still whining. i don't know why you can't fix it other than being spineless and greedy, but maybe that's sufficient. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is josé perez and i'm just concerned that with the what's going on between the law enforcement and citizens of san francisco of law-abiding citizens are not getting access to law enforcement. things that are going on in our neighborhoods, criminal activities happening in front
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of law enforcement and they cause their hands are tied. they tell us they can't do anything. they say it's the board of supervisors that are causing a lot of this stuff. i happen to know-i lived in san francisco for 40 years that raised five black children in the city and i've worked with law enforcement and while it's true you can't take the player you have to hate the game, this game started during slavery and that's the elephant in the room which the board of supervisors sign and the ordinance that pointed out that san francisco had noted that slavery was a crime but we still follow the laws that slavery started. so the police hands are tied because they have to follow the laws that were written during slavery times which it's easier to kill a man than to write up a report. so while i worked were worked with sf pd and found they work with me it's a lot of work but now there's a lot of discourse in the community and there are certain
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neighborhoods where they been noted as the where nobody that nobody's art and sfpd is not doing anything about the lawlessness it's going on. i have to come back next week to bring up that. thank you. sorry to bother you. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> my name is for >> one speaker at a time. you can speak, sir and then you can speak next >> my name is brian hamlin and i can merely speak about brisbane but mdm. pres. will do that now. i do want to speak on
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behalf of what we've been hearing and why i think it so important to take the findings of the blue ribbon panel seriously. while i have not been the victim of police violence in the city of friends who have. one friend who left the city was shot in the face with a beanbag gun during the world series some years ago. he was walking home that he's a dorky mathematician but i guess walking on black in the mission was sufficient to arouse violence i suppose. another friend or friend of a friend was performing a couple watch also in the mission. when the police officer directed into leave to cross the street and go away, he stepped back but said i can go back all the way or not quick to be able to witness what you're doing least not like that insert and they beat him unconscious. he was charged with assaulting police officers that suppose his head and chest assaulted their fists and boots. he is no longer in san francisco. i have with my
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colleagues are heartbreaking conversation that the talks shift that would've black sons about doing with the police. not arresting suspicion and not encouraging out. he started and stopped many times in one of the nicest 19 o'clock the permit. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> one piece of this puzzle in addition to all be vitally needed reforms that this commission and other people are bringing forward is having the ability or our cops, for our teachers, for people who are providing the vitally needed services to live in the communities they are policing. that is so critical. the only way that we are going to achieve that is if we build significantly more housing in every neighborhood. bergen have integrated racially diverse and economically diverse neighborhoods amount we need
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more housing for the people who serve those communities to live in those communities. it is all connected. thank you. >> thank you. before the next speaker comes to the podium just a reminder that there are no audible sounds in the chamber as it is prohibited by the board's rules. thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much matter presidents and board of supervisors. karen-from district 3 want to say i e-mailed my supervisor last week about the homeless this is nothing to do with them talking about but because i felt they needed water would was so hot and i was at 4 am and supervisor peskin got back to me in 5 min. and said he would look into it. but important today is for saul to thank judge kordell for her litany of hope the abuse and omission was it a culture of silence and bounds is old. this attribute to albert williams who was the first known member of the
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national association of advancement of colored people to be murdered for his civil rights activities. his birthday will be next week and he was murdered in brownsville june 20, 1940 it was born on october 15 19 away. to marion albert in tennessee, assuming that farm the land albert and his wife and tried farming the left for brownsville county seat to start a laundry devoted citizens enjoy the na aa cp black people do not vote with impunity. alisha davis and four other african-americans from the end eight acp tie to register may 6, 1940 and were harassed . david was forced to name names the town. we him stay. he stayed to die. the man called ed lea coca-cola man so that williams was jailed for no reason but the crime of registering to vote. june 17 he was imprisoned and on the third
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day he was released and found floating in riverhead down to bullet holes in his chest get the one convicted of the mark. no one. the grand jury said sparrow perpetrators unknown. but we had a wife and was beloved by many lever of the committee were blacks were permitted to meet together except for church, he was quickly buried in a marked grave never to rise again until justice became loud enough to be heard all the way to california. screamed enough, enough solids, enough blood. enough hatred. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm kim--with justice for mario woods coalition. this paragraph from the blue ribbon panel report really struck me how to read it as my comments. some community members expressed their perception that black men cannot walk down the
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sidewalk in the bayview without being harassed by sfpd officers. bayview residents also shared their view that sfpd officers stopping black people for minor infractions. further, there's perception that officers stopped black people in overly aggressive manner perpetuating the idea that officers view all black people is dangerous. this view was compared to the perception that police treat people with courtesy in predominantly white neighborhoods. so in the past few months i visited them mario woods morrill industry also visited that jessica williams memorial in the street after those experiences i want to ask the board of supervisors to fix this problem. in the bayview and other communities of color in san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is jackie barr shot. i'm here to echo what has been said already and to urge the board of supervisors to take leadership on the recommendations of the blue
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ribbon panel. i want to talk about two of those recommendations could extending whistleblower protections to those within the department is one of those recommendations. it is number six on page 96 of the report and it leaves that there is no san francisco police department policy that either emphasizes this city ordinance because, as you know, we already have the san francisco whistleblower protection ordinance. it already exists and yet it makes clear that whistleblower protection there is nothing within the san francisco police department manual were-that makes clear whistleblower protection is a priority for the department. neither does it extend the protection of the ordinance to reporters of all types of violations of san francisco police department.
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policy. so what would it take for these protections to be extended by you, this body, to report so that all reports of san francisco police department violations, particularly cover-up gross acts of misconduct, are not punished by threats or intimidation were retaliation. it is really up to this body to create a task force were an agency or department that is tasked with providing protection for whistleblowers. another recommendation is using her legislative power to engage >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is darrell rogers
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on with the mario woods coalition but particularly on here because i've been a resident of san francisco all my life. i'm 70 years old i grew up in the richmond district of san francisco so i know what could policing is. from what i can see the police chief offered a statement that he is implementing over 80% of the enforcement police enforcement but when he failed to mention was the 20% that is not being implemented is the most critical part of that whole plan. those are the things that would come 01, you would give him the opportunity as well as you the opportunity to actually hold police accountable. those things are the first thing the poa says can happen. the second,, the
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thing that's probably the most critical of all of that is that it doesn't-they do not allow for the good police to actually say anything separate from what the poa version is. that is kind of bad. as a citizen of san francisco and as a member of this community and as someone voted for most of you on this board at one point or another in my life, it's time to stop in the indignity that is given to most people of color in the city by san francisco police department. it is time for you to say, like we say, enough is enough. it is time to become real. let's deal with the problems stop trying to hide behind the words. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello board my name is david
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i love very with the san francisco for police accountability justice for mario justice for-coalition. with regard to the use of force policy, the poa was in the room from the very beginning starting in december as part of the working group was working on the use of force. they had no business doing there in the first place because these are policy issues that the poa billy is not agenda middle east concerned about. the poa as a union can be legitimately concerned about the workers wages and about the working conditions. they have been inserted themselves into the policy arena and are golden forth and stopping the use of force from going forward. only were they there from the beginning in the working group that drafted the use of force
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that finally was voted on it unanimously as a police commission, then they are now getting a second bite at the apple through the meet and confer prospect the aclu has sent the commission a letter citing the case law that makes it very clear that the only body in san francisco that has a policy authority is the commission and so chief interim chief tony chaplin notwithstanding, the problem is that the commission has not pushed back on the poa and get them out of the policy arena. finally, one of the reasons why chaplin is been supported by the poa because he said in the chronicle that there is no culture problem in sfpd. that's what he said that there's no culture problem in sfpd. clearly, that is surprising in
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the face of reality that the blue ribbon panel has discovered and that alone makes him unqualified for the job of our next police chief. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> karen fleischmann justice for mario woods and san francisco i do not see the sense of the problem until i saw the mario was execution video. the second time in a realized the depth of the problem was january 22 when i attended my first police commission meeting and in a career of attending public meetings i've never seen a group of civil servants behave in the way the san francisco police officers association behaved at that meeting. they have absolute complete disregard for their oversight. they are there in front of the oversight walking to find bully their way up to the microphone read their testimony, leave and shout, this is how we win show
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of force. like a game. this is the way they behave in front of their oversight body, what are they doing out in the street when there's no media, public or oversight happening. i urge you to break the power of the poa problem certain third good officers and sfpd all 2100 of them are akin to beating an average of $150 to the poa. why? the poa provides that form of vehicle insurance. if officers have legal problems the poa represents him as the one which breaker powers provide legal insurance options the same way we have health insurance options to officer. searches requiring them to ensure themselves giving them a rebate on their insurance premiums at retirement if they never have a vehicle problem throughout their entire career. we need to discipline and fire all the killer officers. the officers who killed mario return to work in january. we need to make sure we don't higher killers like
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officer-from other departments. officers served a mission police department and he killed [inaudible] in south city and we knew that and we still >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is totally 20 wo blistered him with heritage foundation. minister mohammed earlier said institutions have to be forced to change. i am born and raised in san francisco. many are born here and many that are born here die here italics-mario was. the bus takes many forms. see the economic violence levied on our communities that reverberate seems to be overt violence or communities are experiencing at the hands of law-enforcement. that is demonstrated for the most part it does not value our lives and when i say our lives people of color, young men of color young women of color. the attitude of the poa in its
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public statements reflect the ugly legacy and racist attitudes that still persists. we have a history of debug view maces him in this country we met with brilliant minds that account to the forefront could've tried to get us to change that mindset but still try to change a mindset often times is like buying to remove nails from a board by using your fingers. that's how deep this legacy of racism goes. the blue ribbon panel just told us basically what many people in this chamber already knew. i think for our community it's about taking back our lives in and of future we want. but that future we want for our children do we want this to go once. to want the system the system of
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white supremacy being paraded around in many different shades. the attitude the poa has broadcast is really america and that america that part of america that has not come to grips with itself the america that america refuses to see what it looks at itself in a mirror. he was thank you >> thank you next speaker, please. >> i did recruitment for sf pd after september 11, 2001 bermuda terrorist attack in new york. that june the san francisco policewoman had recruiting drive. i do most successful recruitment drive in history of san francisco $50 budgeted hours able to get 2300 applicants. the reason that i did it because i'm a gay man my father died of aids and like scott weiner said a lot of gay
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male officers died of aids. i wanted to replenish my gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered folk within the police department to figure the kind of people i knew not be the racist to get it folks that seem to permeate the sfpd am so saddened to hear that since 2011 sfpd has got worse. it has got worse. what did scott weiner ever do to increase the lgbt community in the police department? that he keeps on talking about >> sir, can you address the comments to the board as a whole and not to any individual supervisor >> are supervisor does everything to help the sfpd. he stands behind their racism or homophobia. some of those tax delivered the racist text the leopard in that scandal, one of those people was again the officer. so it hurts me when a game and also gets on top of
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the racism history within our country is shameless. why would somebody not want to be out in san francisco in sf pd part of out to bt community. is there a hostile working environment are lgbt people that they have to be closeted? what is rt supervisor to doing to stop the homophobia within the sf pd and the racism >> thank you. before i called the next speaker supervisor avalos did you have a comment? >> i was cannot wait but i realize the police department is not here anymore. he was okay, thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is in-member of the justice for mario with coalition faculty member ucsf participant in the do no harm coalition former sponsors
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healthcare needs of the hunger strikers and a resident of district 7. when i saw young man crotch against the wall being surrounded by eight officers shot by five naira homeless man does not speak english shall within 30 seconds but officer getting out of his car when i found out about a pregnant woman shot in a moving vehicle i felt sick alarmed and activated. i saw obvious violations of already established police policy. i've not yet seen any significant consequences in response to these actions. in the community we all need safety and respect. i'm hearing support of the findings of the blue ribbon panel. it's very thorough. i'm a scientist. it's great in a way that's very precise. you can follow these recommendations 28t i urge you to act on this report. in some ways it's the least you can do. do not wait for the department of justice. this is not critically useful activity. use
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the tools you have to establish real oversight could use the power of the purse. it's really disappointing when supervisor avalos is movement to a told some money was not followed up on. tell us what you are doing. this transparency issue cannot be overstated. it matters tremendously to us and we're paying attention. >> be things. next speaker, please. >> hello. good evening i'm a concerned citizen i'm a visitor of san francisco, also saying with them. your city needs help. there's a big issue going on. my car was attacked and vandalized. insurance, these are taking advantage of these situations. that needs to be something done. there needs to cameras at intersections
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required by businesses to protect the citizens and people. i tried to contact the sfpd i cannot get through their phone numbers. bernie situation, disabled american born and raised in military background. their need something to be done about this. i'm a minister could i protect people. i tried to go around and help get i'm also retired policeman from north carolina. i quite evidence of knowledge and what's going on image greater protection situation for the people that alone also protecting the officers. we need a situation out there. the situation is as a hand could i visited the city many many years. something needs to be done and it needs to be done pretty quickly. so most people are being taken advantage of the book the bacon multiple multiple cars, multiple situations and beating up people in the streets. that my iphone stolen from me. in 2013 three different times when i tried contacting the police department met at iphone
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locator they refused to go and look for the phone. the phone system is repaired and the police need to rip cooperate with the people. this is serious situation. it's really out of hand. we need to protect the people of the city. i love the san francisco and now i'm afraid to come to it and so are lot of my other friends from other parts of the video because they're worried about tourist and tourist production we need to protect them. i cannot believe the amount of instability the situation has get my insurance company in charge me four different times on four different [inaudible] this is so added hand and how hard it is to make the report. it's amazing. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom-rracism exists in every american city. as the black
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ghetto. other ghettos along with it. there's only one city we would say it doesn't but it does. every american city. i've never experienced it. there's people that are experienced it their entire lives. reports. written reports versus folks not getting shot by the police. that is a change. i think that's a pretty big change. some good to put a feather in our chiefs cap. the tv in the beginning said at one point, one third get it one third can be trained, and one third may have to leave. is there procedure for him to pull the weeds? in the department? quickly. more good cops then
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backups. more good cops than the bullets. i believe there are more good cops. they need to stand up. i like the category of 10 years without pulling a gun from your holster, without firing a bullet, i like that priority. i like to see leadership from them. if you pull a pistol if you [inaudible] it's a failure. it just a failure all the way across the board. community policing, i like to see please pick from the community. i think they'll be any way to go. videos. when does the video, how soon after the officer involved watches the video does the public get to see it? 24 hours? i think that might be long enough. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> madame president my name
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is [inaudible] i think a lot of this comes out of-after i been here 2-3 years the police strike back when mosconi was mayor. a lot of this came out of the things, the concessions they wanted at that time could i want to remind you if you were not there was not a pretty thing. not a pretty thing at all. so i do know at some point i think you have to look at what's possible and what is impossible to be realistic about things. i will say this. this basic tenet of the social contract, so sociology perspective that were all selected to fill that a police officer takes someone's life under questionable circumstances as a homicide these involve homicide under questionable circumstances then
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it's right for the community to expect that person is removed from the police department. that's the one basic level that the system has to conform to. he just has to. i was listening to the speakers in a believe it's true that [inaudible] was trying to fire craig hsu. yet he became a leash. item will be doing a good job or batch of it seems a bad way to start a tenure could maybe the thing to do that thing would be the board of supervisors confirm the police chief. >> thank you. over the next week or other any other speakers like to address the board on the final report on the blue ribbon panel on fairness and law enforcement. please, step up. next speaker, please. >> that is no doubt there are some bad cops. we all know
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that. but the majority of them are not bad. they're trying to do their job. i mean we know that hopefully, we know that hillary vice presidential nominee has sided with a terrorist organization of george soros. only black lies matter. everyone's lives matter, black white, cops, chinese lies matter. but she he has sided with this terrorist organization. this is a fact. you all know it. it was almost prophetic i decided to wear my t-shirt today on alex jones who was the best friend the police officer ever had when hillary made mention that he had dark heart radio talk show host alex jones as he believes oklahoma city was an inside job.. it was
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alex jones that interviewed the police officers that were first there. there was alex jones not rush. bill clinton blamed russian talk radio that should've been rush >> compositing your time this is about the blue ribbon panel regarding police fairness. superb your remarks to the subject matter >> in a roundabout way talk about police fairness because the police there between a rock and a hard place as they say. a very hard place. especially now when you have elements of the government the federal government going against them trying to overtake their authority. that's what's happening and that's why you mentioned that. think about the ramifications of this. the woman is partially going insane. it's my prayer god will do a nebuchadnezzar under shall we start barking and got all fours and crawling around. she actually mentioned that wrong move because alex jones
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interviewed her. hello. you're rolling your eyes, david but >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> when there is a problem the police [inaudible] victim of the police unfairness. it's always a problem with a person's character. the police character has problems and the victim has a [inaudible] character. [inaudible] >> thank you. are there any members of the public who would like to speak on the blue ribbon panel discussion at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor avalos >> thank you president breed i want to thank you and
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supervisor cohen for holding this committee of the whole hearing on the blue ribbon panel report. just a few points get very brief ones. i will make. there was some contention about when the use of force report was due the second one was actually due august 2. not due august or october some other time in the future. it's actually late. we talked about wanting to make sure there's a timeline for reform that we have key milestones of the weekend hit. those milestones need to be spaced out the timeline for those milestones. we don't have that. we just have a very general discussion about we agree with the report and were working on things. that's not anything rigorous enough to really amount to any serious reform. the chief also said that he has a bulletin on
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the use of force. i have a copy of the bulletin. i read it. it doesn't resemble anything. it looks like 8% of the use of force dg oh approved or partially approved in july or june. it doesn't say anything. actually says, like a very broad values that the department should operate under. i do not believe that there's a real serious work on a bulletin yet. so to have the chief come here another chief is left the they deserve to be here and be heard which and they should be here for that. they are not good is there a serious commitment to reform? is there a serious commitment to community policing when the
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voice is not. i do appreciate the hearing went on but the optimization one onto the department was something that we should have them backit must on to get better responses that were not doing our part to all department accountable to change. >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor yee >> i want to thank supervisor cohen for bringing this for is a discussion. there's been several supervisors that have made some point in comments in there seems to be whether it's from the public comments were from the panel itself, the task force, that we need to basically hold people there feature the fire and i think what i'm hearing in a totally agree that at the end of the
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day whatever report we are talking about if we take this recommendation seriously what we need is to either ask for the police department or the commission itself somebody to work that out. for what we should get as an implementation plan of a timeline. some things if it's done then fine but let's have a plan. that's what's missing right now. usually when we have recommendations and people are agreeing it's not that hard to say, okay, then these are the next steps. these are the actions we will take. so, i know there's several supervisors bevan working on this issue for a wild and certainly have provided leadership on this. if you were to move forward with asking for
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implementation plan i would wonder percent support it. if not i will look to others to make this happen in regards to the resolution. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor campos >> just a quick suggestion and i think supervisors ran for putting this on the agenda but maybe we can have the hearing to be ongoing thing that happens every month. so that we can keep track of where we are and i think that maybe next month we can hear from the chief and maybe from the police commission on what they have done between now and then so that we have an ongoing discussion that it's important
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to give it the importance and attention needs be an ongoing here at the board of supervisors that would be my suggestion. i do not supervisor cohen or pres. breed is open to that idea but it seems like there's still so many questions and so much work to be be done maybe that's one way of approaching a >> thank you. just to piggyback on supervisor campos's comments, i'm still left with a lot of unanswered questions and i do want to make sure that we are folding this report into some of the things that we have in motion and how, for example, the police accountability ballot measure the work that went into developing an independent police accountability department and with that department is specifically going to do as it relates to some of these
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recommendations, i'd like to see because this report came out during a time when we were still working on that and working through the process of the board of supervisors. i'd like to understand based on what i thought were really great recommendations how this lease accountability ballot measure does what we want it to do but more importantly, does it address a lot of the issues that were raised in the blue ribbon panel report as well. i heard a lot of talk about culture, about independent oversight. about specific responses to the recommendation. i think ultimately, i'd like to see some of those things a little bit more well thought out and well discussed from the police department's perspective. for example, i know supervisor avalos have asked a number questions number of specific questions related to the report and what i'd like to see is those answered addressed in writing from the department specifically where we are, when that started on that specific
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recommendation and what else do we need to do to get to a point where they recommendations actually match the actions of what this department is supposed to be doing. i really want us to get there. we can up corset in the chamber and have hearings and talk about what we want to see them get reports my things we all know exists all day long but at the end of the day, is what we are doing leading to the results that we want to see on our streets the men and women were out there that are sworn to protect and serve every citizen of the city. so thank you for your recommendations supervisor campos and thank you to members of the public for being here and your comments. we are definitely for my perspective pushing this conversation to the forefront but we realize
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that there is definitely still much more work to do, thank supervisor cohen are really being a champion consistently on this board. for police reform. with that i want to call on supervisor weiner >> i also want to thank supervisor cohen for her leadership and i think this was a helpful hearing could i have reviewed the blue ribbon panel report but it's good to have the world presentation. i think it's important to knowledge there aren't the forms that are in process happening but the drowned body cameras with the updating and modernizing use of force policies and other changes that are happening. it's never a as fast as any of us would like and is putting more work to do and i think there's consensus. in this chamber. about that. but i think there are positive changes that are happening. we just have to make sure that the momentum continues because
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fundamentally, it's not about reform for the sake of reform. it's about reform so that we can build trust between sfpd and the community and particularly communities of color. that's fundamentally what it's about. we have to continue to push and continue to move forward with these reforms and to have accountability if the reforms language. so this is a good step am glad we held this hearing today. >> thank you supervisor weiner. supervisor mar >> a want to give special thanks to--and policy link for having put together an amazing document. the grassroots coalition mentioned that the committee of the whole today is because of their work for
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justice in a number of different communities get the white allied communities of color u merchant to stand up against white supremacy and for racial justice, thank you. thank you to supervisor cohen for convenient. i totally agree about supervisor avalos could thomas, thomas, timelines. agree with the judges the doris cordell and many that it it's about systemic bias and racism and 79 years as judge cordell said of a system and patterns of racism and the culture of impunity that that she mentioned several of us have only three more months in office. i appreciate supervisor kim's great questions on what to we knew now. i strongly urge the communities to stay united, keep the pressure on. as the new police chief is chosen, also has some of the mentioned,
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don't select somebody that doesn't accept that this is a systemic problem. and one that is not about a few bad apples but one that's based in history that systemic that needs to change and i think this is amazing document in addition to lots of other reports over the years but i hope is that people keep the light on this document, the timelines, hold city government accountable for racial justice for the future of our communities as well. so thank you to everyone this amazing committee as a whole today. >> thank you. supervisor campos >> i want to thank the clerk helping me draft a motion that would essentially i would introduce today for us to vote at the upcoming meeting on the 18th that would essentially say for the next three months, at the first scheduled regular meeting of the month, so in
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november, in the summer, and in january, there'll be a progress report presented to the board of supervisors by the police department, police commission on the progress that has been made on these reports. so that is the motion i will be introducing for us to vote at the next meeting on the 18th >> thank you. one of the things i want to also mention that supervisor kim i see your name there, the thing that has been frustrating as a member of this board is we push policies, we ask for things like we ask for an independent investigation from the department of justice and we got cops which is not necessarily what we asked for. that's been really frustrating. also just the fact that the poa continues to be very divisive
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in this process of trying to get to where we all want to be. i want to see people in my committee go home safe at the end of the day and i want to see people are part of the police department go home safe. the problem is, the poa has an opportunity to be a beater in these reforms and to be a leader in trying to bridge the gap and work with the community and are choosing to do the opposite. it's really unfortunate. i know where talk about this blue ribbon panel and this report and these recommendations, but i also know that we also need to talk about this system of our justice system and how it's been really difficult to get people that are a part of the conversation and are making the decisions on changes in on policies. it's hard to get them to come to the table and be
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open to the dialogue the were having even hear today. it is definitely frustrating and needs to be a part of the larger conversation here when we talk about bringing back the chief and the department and looking at where are we in the specific recommendations, we need to make sure that we understand that the poa is a part of this discussion, to and they have to be held accountable for their again divisive ness and their unwillingness to work with this board to make the kinds of changes that we need to make with this department. we have to hold their feet to the fire. we have to hold them accountable and continue to
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make sure that some of the things that we've been talking about are definitely follow up on. so i do appreciate-i want to add-i want to appreciate the minister and his comments on those particular issues shining the light. i appreciate supervisor campos for his suggestion of regularly recurring meetings to have this discussion. like to also make sure that we look into the discussion with our hr department and the poa and how those things work and how we can make the appropriate changes so they are not holding change hostage when we are trying to move forward with some of the things that we know we need here in the city. supervisor kim >> thank you again to supervisor cohen for calling for this hearing and ensuring was held by the entire board because i do think this issue is so important that it's important for all 11 members of the board to be engage on a. frankly the change cannot happen if all of us are not engage on a. a couple of things. hearing the das office would be able to respond to this entire report within 30
6:19 pm
days gives me the perspective that we can ask the same borough department san francisco police permit to do the same. it's ambitious reports there's a lot in it but we already have evidence that another department can do that so i would like to formally request sfpd who is not here, they also respond in a timely fashion in the way for the department of justice report even though were expecting it soon i just don't think we should be be delayed by process around an issue as important as this. i don't have answer to this but i really think we need to look beyond our writing and actually look at how we actually implement a lot of these reforms and i agree with pres. breed that also judge also a judge that spoke earlier that there has to be a better way of holding our poa accountable in this process. and that comes from here. they
6:20 pm
represent the men and women and i think they do, the men and women of our police force that please force in justice when they protect the worst of our department because that's not supporting the good members that do the great work that they do every day risking their lives on behalf of the community eco-city paints a broad brush stroke across the entire police force when your union representatives is representing those that don't actually records and the values and priorities of the rest of the membership. so i hope we can have some headway in that arena. i look for to a monthly discussion on how we can make sure that the reforms are not just on paper only. letter actually felt in the community and glad to see that we were able to have a thorough discussion today on this. final thing i should say is that i hope we do not rest on our
6:21 pm
laurels by some of the improvements were able to make because i don't think some is enough. given the century of practice we've seen and its linkage. you know the whole origin of the police department in many ways has so many different links to jim crow and you really can't separate it from our work around prisons and jails could i know supervisor resident breed and i are continuing to work wrong alternatives to just get aspi a larger and more conference of discussion that includes reform of sfpd but also reform of how we incarcerate and sentence here in the city. so afford to the continuing conversation. he was thank you. supervisor peskin >> i just want to make a few final comments with regard to the lease reform which i think there's widespread agreement.. it cannot happen without poa before. i want to acknowledge that a number of members of this body have been subject to
6:22 pm
not just political bullying and a timid patient but to harassment through e-mails, some of this is made the newspapers some of it has not. through text messages. i perceived those good i saved those. but if we are going to get this done none of us should be intimidated. we must stay the course. >> thank you. supervisor cohen >> thank you remarks colleagues. we're looking at 3.5 hours. thank you to the community for sticking it out this is important work and this is not the and but really a continuation of where the work that needs to be done. i want to also enclose your margin of a long list of thank you to these bear with me as you heard from our part a lot of work has been done in everyone deserves the recognition that i want to first recognize resident susie loftus of the police commission
6:23 pm
she sent round a letter introducing to the board of supervisors a senior fellow there would be working with the commission to advance various reforms. so they have identified a graduate-level students that will be helping to pull all of these different reforms we spoke about earlier together into a physical manifestation sewer seeing it's an expensive on the street. the recommendations we are today are absolutely accepted i think it's a step in the right direction. for those that i've not read the report you need to get a copy or get the executive summary. the second somebody's compress of talks in depth about the seven pillars five of which we talked about today. i think what i heard. today is a desire for ongoing hearings comes to data presentation of information. i also heard a desire for joint meetings per point the board of supervisors and the board of commission did we will continue to push the city and that apartment too
6:24 pm
uncomfortable places so there is real movement and resins begin to feel that trust and renew that relationship with the department. we need to continue to more work on implementing new innovations in policing and other aspects it i think taking it a step further than body cameras and having a discussion on tasers. i think we need to pay attention to the aspects of the criminal justice system in itself that you heard about the systemic adversity that is in our national system. disproportionately falling on people and communities of color as well as for people. while there was a written response from the dist. atty.'s office, as well as on the police commission, i want to continue push the department to put in writing the responses that the blue ribbon panel put forward.
6:25 pm
responses the police department should document and come back and present to us that supervisor avalos you were correct in your line of questioning and will work together to bring back that apartment and get some answers and some timelines. because we want to-we don't want to lose this momentum. i believe the findings from the report as well as other studies that are going to be coming to us in the future ie from the cops-doj also take into account the numerous reports from the past ,, all them will find a theme. would you also recognize was another report that is been submitted to this body be some late canoe was conducted by the san francisco bar association. they specifically focused on data collection and data collection is a very high importance in the city of san francisco.. last september i offered and we passed legislation that required the
6:26 pm
police department as was the sharks apartment to share with us quarterly their data of the folks who they are stopping and for what reason. i want to thank the people that have dedicated countless hours dist. atty. george gascon and his office. public defender jeff-had his hand in this report. among the organizer three honorable judges judge doors would help judge cruise reynoso and--. he was the second of directed jerome-served as general counsel. all of the law firms we mentioned previously that poured hours of pro bono time into this report. i also want to acknowledge golden gate university stanford law school uc davis possible usf law school, usc law school, as well as san francisco police department always want to
6:27 pm
highlight the commitment that the community has given us justice for mario woods coalition etc. as well as san francisco police accountability. clerk this concludes my report of thank you's. thank you everyone for being with us. i like to make a motion that we table this hearing >> supervisor cohen is made a motion to table the hearing. second? moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take that without objection. without objection >>[gavel] >> thank you everyone for being here today. we still have other business to handle. with that clerk, that skill where we left off. >> will call for introductions. he was okay.
6:28 pm
>> can you be referred >> supervisor campos you wish to be referred? okay. supervisor cohen >> summit >> supervisor farrell, supervisor kim >> thank you >>[reading ordinance]. today i'm calling for a hearing with pres. breed and supervisor campos on beaver health justice center. three of her opposite and working very closely since december when we first turned down the da million-dollar state grant to rebuild the new joe in recognition of the fact what we are seeing in the city is not a need for more incarceration but a need for more services for those that are suffering from severe mental health illnesses that make up anywhere from 20-40% of our current san francisco county jail population and also for substance abuse and diction.
6:29 pm
every day i believe every member this board of supervisors receives calls and e-mails from san francisco residents were incredibly concerned about the men and women they see on our streets were clearly suffering from mental wellness substance abuse or both. our answer to this problem has been our jail system. in san san francisco police department go when really the answer to this is when really the answer is the lack of mental treatment facilities in substance abuse treatment centers. as the pd receives 20,000 calls for individuals mental crisis every year in the city and county. san francisco general hospital psychiatric urgency services
6:30 pm
was completely unable to except any new patients for more than two months this year. due to the lack of capacity. the behemoths 5000 incarcerated individuals seen by the jails beaver health services to november 2014 and november 2015 57% have been homeless at some point in their lives. 31% have been home was the last year of the 77 incarcerated individuals housed in psychiatric housing in the jail 100% chart with at least one tony the most common felony charge and assault with force likely to great bodily injury. this is an untenable situation for residents and visitors, workers, and for the many people that are suffering on the streets here in san francisco. no one wins in the system we have in place. jail and police is not the solution to what we are seeing. that is why i'm calling for hearing a concept known as the behavioral health justice center modeled on behavioral health courts. it's one that we have seen tremendous outcomes from. behavioral health court is part of a system designed to identify people in the criminal justice system because of untreated mental illness and
6:31 pm
directs them to appropriate supervise treatment. the outcomes are noteworthy. after 18 months 20 super ctr. participants are less likely be charged with new offense. their 55% to be less likely with a new violent offense. the length of jail time for participants was reduced by only's almost 40% the behavioral health justice center is a concept i think were fixed line with the department of public health sheriffs department and san francisco police department district attorney and public defender. as well as our department on homelessness and supportive housing. we can't continue to use and promote a system that is not working and were no one wins. but when families and individuals suffering from mental illnesses those impacted by behavior on our streets are not safe or healthy. we can do much better and we took a huge step when we committed to the envisioning our current incarceration system and jail to actually develop a real solution. this hearing is a follow-up on that conversation and discussion i
6:32 pm
do want to wreck i said dist. atty. george gascon was doing a considerable amount of work in this area and parting with our three offices in of course pres. breed supervisor campos for their leadership on this issue. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor mar >> and a couple of announcements. tomorrow on october 5 many young people, parents and bicyclists will be walking and going to school. i can will to school to get away joining many of the young people and parents at lafayette elementary school on 37th and balboa. it's one of a handful nationally chosen blue ribbon schools in the outer richmond. also a quickly get over to be bodied elementary at six and comment. one of the most amazing groupings of parents and students arrived every day to school as well. also coming
6:33 pm
up this weekend is largest sandcastle competition in northern california. it's at ocean beach in the shadow of the cliff house. it brings together essential arts programs and architectural firms and others working with local schools especially the students but also a lot of teachers and parents out as were. over the past two years been thousands and thousand people out usually about 3000 people each year coming up to ocean beach designing and also constructing these beautiful funny creative sand castles. employees from over 90 local architecture design tech and construction companies link up with schools. there's 27 different local san francisco schools but it's a
6:34 pm
regional thing as well. it's fun to watch the construction and creativity. the time limits am actually a judge so i get to watch it and choose from a number of different qualifications and categories. the theme this year is sand scapes and there will be a lot of activity from 11-4 pm i try not to be biased but i always root for the richmond district schools. peabody elementary has fantastic good also-a mentor you were my daughter when is linked up with garfield from the chinatown north beach area to infinity sand and beyond. then also lafayette the blue ribbon school from the outer richmond wave makers is there can. join us saturday october 15 not this coming weekend from 11-4 pm. more information www. we did sandcastle thanks so much to-sponsoring
6:35 pm
this year. lastly, coming up also on thursday, october 6 012 at knowledge the san francisco and also national alliance organizing walk-ins for educational justice did not walk out but walk in for educational just appeared it's happening 30 min. before bell time the number of schools from cleveland elementary on athens street in the excelsior to buena vista horace mann but in the richmond district will be joining many of the parents and educational justice leaders at lafayette on the entry. i cannot 37th and also peabody elementary school educational justice activism on six and
6:36 pm
commenting as well. join us on thursday for the walk-ins are educational just get the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor peskin the >> i was going to introduce a motion to pull an item from committee pursuant to board rule 3.37 but am happy to announce that supervisor farrell pres. breed and i've been able to work it out new earthquake relief matter for the victims of the august 24 earthquake in italy that took 300 people will be heard at the government audit and oversight committee this coming friday morning. the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor weiner matter president. >> good evening. it's been a long day. colleagues, today along with supervisor yee i'm introducing the legislation on a topic that is on the minds of
6:37 pm
many san franciscans. car break-ins. this legislation requires rental car companies to inform customers of the risks of leaving valuables in their cars and it specifically requires companies to provide written disclosures to their customers advising them not to leave valuables in their cars and to lock the car doors. at a time of the rental as well as the reminder for customers in the card itself. as some of you might know the san francisco civil grand jury issued a report in 2016 regarding auto burglaries and san francisco earlier this year. according to the report the number of auto burglaries in 2015 reached an all-time five year high with 24,826 reported incidents. this
6:38 pm
is a 34% increase over the previous year was three times more than the report in 2011. based on auto burglary data from the police department at the civil grand jury estimated at least $99 with the property was stolen in the auto burglaries in 20 oh 2015. sfpd crime data shows crime break-ins in hotspots are in the made in and around the major tourist destinations in san francisco. that a vast majority of serial auto burglaries specifically targeted tourist's and rental cars. crews from outside the city, they target these rental cars in our tourist neighborhoods. unsuspecting
6:39 pm
tourists are leaving luggage in the trunk and bibles out in plain view without realizing that their passports and belongings are at risk of getting stolen in less than 30 seconds. unfortunately residents to park in the same area are affected. the neighborhoods disproportionately getting hit with more car break-ins of those interest areas. whether it's a rental car company were not as result all of us lose. tourist, rental car companies, tours, car owners. the citywide auto burglary incidents that specifically have gone up this year and we know it's incredibly hard catch perpetrators because how quickly they're able to smash and grab. when a perpetrator is actually caught in order to convict him of this crime prosecutors sp able to prove that the door was locked at the time of the entry. we have been advised by crime analysis staff neighborhood prosecutors that the education and outreach the best way to curb these break-ins. this legislation once customers about leaving bibles in the car in also reminds them to lock the doors. this preventative method has proven to be effective. in my district we put up signs and
6:40 pm
stickers in the japan, and now most where neighborhoods and initial statistics have shown that they are working because car break-ins have gone down. the less actual cars getting broken into in hotspots the lesson becomes a target for those particular crimes. this whole fleece of the message to criminals they are no longer valuable than the car. it's not a silver bullet will begin to get to the heart of the problem. people may fight the fact that penalties are not high enough are people not actually getting prosecuted for crimes. that's not necessarily true. the issue is actually catching people in the act and proving the cars were locked in the first place. another issue with tourists specifically the court can charge an individual because they can't bear witness to stand trial because most of these individuals are not from san francisco or live close to san francisco. i also know other supervisors i know are
6:41 pm
hearing from this their constituents and some have made [inaudible] like supervisor yee i'm happy to join forces i know we'll have some remarks about this in just a second. but i want to add that this is a small thing in a larger problem. i know there's so much more work to do in this area and so today i want to announce i'm also convening a car break-in working group that will consist of the district attorney's office, san francisco police department, parks and recreation mta is of travel and san francisco chamber of commerce and community stakeholders. to discuss the root causes of break-ins and what about the steps we can get to some real meaningful change in this particular area the first meeting we are holding be held on october 11 at 2 pm in room two 8288 in city hall. so that's what were doing with
6:42 pm
regards to that particular issue and like i said no supervisor yee will have some comments during the time that he is called. i just have two more items. last hhear this board unanimously passed my nightlife preservation legislation which is protecting san francisco cusick then use and preventing conflicts with her neighbors. the law prevents the menu then use being sued as a legal nuisance after operate within terms of their city permit. it requires landlords and realtors to disclose to new residents before they move in that there is a nightlife venue nearby. the law empowers the entertainment commission told hearings with both the developer and the music venue. whenever a residential developer is proposed within 300 feet of a music venue and it requires the planning
6:43 pm
commission to consider any recommendation the entered gehman commission provides about how the two uses can coexist. that is fundamentally the most important part of the law. we create a structure to help these different man uses code cyst in mixed use neighborhoods by working together on the front and rather than against each other after the fact when people are unhappy and changing things is much more difficult. the law thing as far as we know the first of its kind in the country. today i'm a tube using amendment to strengthen this law even further. we establish the entertainment commission authority to work on residential development near music venues but we are realizing the commission should be involved with hotel development your music venues as well. right now the entertained commission is dealing with conflicts between
6:44 pm
the campton place hotel in union square and the neighboring love and propaganda nightlife venue. likewise there's issues with the new hampton inn on jesse street and its neighbor the venue the mezzanine. hotels are complaining to entertainment commission or having to refund people's rooms and upset because trip advisor ratings are going down. the entertainment commission is having to manage this problem. they are testing to ensure the venues are in compliance with the permit. the working with the management of the hotel but there forced to do this after the fact when we could instead have these conversations and do the due diligence on the front and. my amendment empowers the entertainment commission to address coexistence concerns with nightlife and proposed hotels before those hotels are approved. this is a pressing issue according to joslin came the executive director of the
6:45 pm
entertainment commission and there's a dozen hotels in the pipeline and most of them have existing nightlife venues nearby. this pipeline hotels within three and her feet of at&t park and two more [inaudible] in fact most new hotels of nightlife your body in part because our neighborhood are becoming more mixed use and denser. also because hotels by nature want to be near the action. we have to make sure that both parties are good neighbors. nightlife and live music not only brings over $1 billion into the local economy and supports thousands of jobs. they help define who we are as a city. then, bill bellman the culture of the california is again cultural association which advocates for nightlife in san francisco said are 2015 legislation entered the annals of nightlife legend. those single piece of legislation is helped san francisco nightlife more than this in literally decades. it
6:46 pm
was when mark. colleagues, with these amendment i hope you join me in making this legislation even stronger. i would think joslin came. my chief of staff connor johnson and her deputy senior 20 francisco-i'll look for to moving this item forward. last but not least, i have eight in memoriam for a dear friend. colleagues, today i like to adjourn our meeting in memory of the faneuil mason junior who passed away on september 21 2016 at the age of 87. mr. mason was born and raised in baton rouge louisiana. he decided to enlist in the united states army's air force at age 17. went on to serve in okinawa japan london
6:47 pm
england. he later attended southern university and earned a bachelor's degree in secondary education with a major in mathematics. he would continue pursuing dance courses that san francisco state university graduate school of education. he was a schoolteacher, eight) carrier and a sheriff the city and county of san francisco. later on he worked as a minority business consultant as a specials with the san francisco human rights commission. mr. mason was very active in his community. he was the chairman of the board of the martin luther king squares and marcus garvey scare co-op he was one of the founders. chairman of the client council of the san francisco it legal assistance foundation. member of the san francisco unified school district affirmative action committee. member of the political action committee the san francisco black leadership san francisco. director of the economic council of san francisco proud member of oh my god five fraternity and former president of the naacp of san
6:48 pm
francisco. he retired as a director of the economic opportunity council at age 80 get needless to say your day full life but he always shared that happiness time with his life when he met and married the love of his life, his wife christine. he is survived by his sister myrtle, his nephew, his niece, and a host of friends and relatives and i just want to say, i got to know mr. mason when he was president of the and acp. i was right out of college part of the and double acp council and was so amazing about this man was whatever it took to get young people active and involved he was always want to be there for them roll up his sleeves do whatever it takes. whatever it took to be a voice of reason to be someone to shoot ideas off
6:49 pm
of. he's been there for me for many many years. was a great person and he will be missed. the rest i submit >> thank you mdm. pres. supervisor yee >> thank you mdm. clerk. as president breed mentioned car break-ins are a big topic and we've had several hearings on this. it's an issue that's garnered widespread attention in our city. so i'm really happy to be working with president breed in bringing to a number of policy ideas to prevent car break-ins especially those that target tourist and visitor information is key in crime prevention. residence in our visitors must be aware and take precautionary steps to avoid being a victim. we emphasize with our residents
6:50 pm
receive broken glass along the sidewalks are feeling that sense of vulnerability. a residence emphasize with groups of unsuspected tourists who come to our city and lose everything they have including travel documents and when the car is broken into. it's unacceptable and we need to find a way to deal with it. really eager to tackle this issue. with this working group and other stakeholders. in addition, today i'm asking the city attorney to look into the possibility of better regulating a rental car industry to help with crime prevention. our city heavily relies on the tourist industry. over rector bringing 24.6 million visitors in 2015.
6:51 pm
the industry brings in $9.3 billion helps to sustain our local economy. however, we need to do better job to prevent forests from being targeted for crimes. one of the things that the san francisco police department and our neighbors tell us time and time again is how easy it is for these to identify rental cars. there's barcodes on the wing should get some those that name is on the license plate holder. while may serve a marketing purposes is also towing fees, please break into me. we can make some adjustments to make a rental cars less targeted and avoid more grief on our taurus. this why masking the city attorney to explore options on how we can better regulate where identifiers are located so these cars are not so obvious.
6:52 pm
overall, president breed and i are trying to explore many different solutions as possible to bring us towards solutions that will prevent crime in our neighborhoods. the rest -probably one more announcement which is that we are having our last three-week series of movie nights in district 7 so it's been well attended, even this last saturday was freezing. the last movie will be monsters in. if you're interested see monsters inc. come to west portal playground right on top of the west portal,. the rest i submit >> thank you good supervisor avalos >> thank you. i love monsters and could i've seen it about 20 times. just announcement re: a recent meeting date supplemental opiate did the one i did earlier this year was the geneva car barn as was the
6:53 pm
[inaudible] an emergency hospital.. we work closely with the redevelopment-with the department of real estate to look at how we can activate these two buildings on onondaga street. these buildings have been blighted and close down for a number of years. there's been homeless and caymans in them. their city property and they are contributing to the neighborhood not being where it can be. we found the original estimates for repairing those buildings and restoring them are a lot the overinflated and we now estimates that are very very dual-boot. so we'll be asking the budget committee schedule the next hearing to approve funds for this site. around the corner the new building that we going up a couple of years the lefty site
6:54 pm
where the mayor's office of housing just approved funding for that site to be developing to 100% affordable housing. so between these different types of the corridor together with was great economically by the light station and to give part of the proceeds of our great economic boom that juju four have not come down to our neighborhood. this about equity and really hoping when it comes before us we can support this measure to bring buildings of two active-to bring city-owned buildings to activation. thank you the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor campos >> briefly i want to thank the mdm. clerk for helping with this. introducing a motion directing the clerk of the court to committee committee as
6:55 pm
whole hearings for the next three months for november 2016 through january 2017 to hear and receive an update on the final report findings and recommendations from the blue ribbon panel. the rest i submit >> thank you good president breed >> i forgot to mention i want to also thank supervisor kim and acknowledge that i am cosponsor for the hearing to look at alternatives to addressing issues around mental health and i know we have a lot of work to do in the city could we all hear it every single day when he to look at as many solutions as we can possibly look at to try and address these issues under we can't do it alone here in san francisco but we need to begin the process of exploring what is
6:56 pm
available. so we can address this issue. it's clearly a crises in our city. it's not just about addressing issues around homelessness but what are we going to do to provide support to those who are living on our streets, who we know are mentally ill and we don't have a plan to support. so thank you supervisor kim for your leadership on a. the rest i submit >> that concludes the introduction of new business. >> mdm. clerk please read public comment >> at this time the public may now address the entire board of supervisors brought to 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the items on the adoption about reference to committee calendar. items 42-40. public comment will not be
6:57 pm
allowed when an item has been previously been subject to public comment at a board committee one committee of the whole. pursuant to the boards was direct your remarks to the board as all not to individual supervisors were to the audience. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify if you'd like to display a document on the overhead projector please clearly state to sfgov tv and move the document to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> 1 second. members of the public i don't know what's going on but if you could relax and calm down and also, in this board it chamber we have a rule allowing those were senior and disabled to speak perfect if you could be courteous to one another, fees and come for. >>we are speaking on your generousdonation to italy.
6:58 pm
again we want to commend >> i'm sorry just to be clear, members of the public all individually are giving up to 2 min. each to speak. you can speak on any subject matter that is not necessarily on the agenda and that's definitely fine. >> allowed to introduce myself department other than north beach of it spent about church formally called the catholic cathedral of the west. the italian catholic cathedral of the west. also work with [inaudible] work with the homeless in the community and throughout the city. we all know because we were here in 1989 words like to go through an earthquake could you look up on google you'll see that man over the many countries that donated to us at that time in 1989 was italy. other countries as well give us money and i think what we knew as victims of that terrible
6:59 pm
catastrophe is that time matters. it's easy to say that justice delayed is justice denied. it's often said it said so often rather we take it for granted and don't think much about what that means but if you're in that situation is the 300 people who passed away in families are we know they need help now. the buildings are still crumbling. unlike our city which suffered terribly but only impart these three villages are entirely devastated. the gone entirely. with that i want to thank you for moving forward on this motion to donate the $100,000 to the italian people and encourage you to let that happen and move it forward as rapidly as possible. now i will introduce father al from the church himself. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> thank you very much. my name is father al and mike catholic priest of the cathedral of the west. up at
7:00 pm
north beach. thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity observing the board of supervisors in action. i do not envy your job. i'm delighted to stand before you to give you my two cents in favor of the people of-and the neighboring towns. recently devastated by the earthquake. of course, we should help our brothers and sisters. over in central italy. so many people all over the world come together to help them out. so should we. pope francis urged today went to visit the villages devastated by the earthquake. today, october 4 to set aside
7:01 pm
in a catholic church to celebrate the feast of the wonderful st. the beloved saint worldwide st. francis of a sissy beloved saint who gave the name to the city of san francisco. so st. francis of a sissy will be delighted to hear that the people of san francisco have given a contribution to his neighboring town in-pit. don't forget to come to north beach this coming saturday for columbus day. god bless you all. or to church for that matter. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i have lived in san francisco in the italian community of north beach most of my life. i came today to
7:02 pm
speak on behalf of the italian glove suffered from the recent earthquake in central italy. there was much damage done to the area and was so much loss of life >> ma'am if you could just position the microphone right near your mouth. thank you >> okay. after speaking to my relatives in italy in hearing what they had to say about the situation i can tell you the italians need as much help as they can get to restore the area and help the victims to restore their lives. because of the fact that people who live in san francisco know firsthand about earthquakes the damage they cause and the after effects on everyone i believe we must show compassion and
7:03 pm
help as much as we possibly can and as soon as possible. there is much suffering going on in italy we need to help now. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible] for man wanting to have [inaudible] self-important one must exercise [inaudible] virtues of good conscience in knowledge. of internal works of sincerity [inaudible] for destiny onto society with self elevation [inaudible] for people. [inaudible] about right virtue in making a success of happy
7:04 pm
you wrote you. [inaudible] one makes good progress by the nature of being agreeable to compassion of humanity and principles that govern the universe. [inaudible] having a destiny for [inaudible] we must make use of the holiness is our common objective [inaudible]. were must turn all specs of human life onto heavenly mission of two destiny. then one can have no right self-importance not be the slave of [inaudible] but superior [inaudible]
7:05 pm
>> thank you your time is concluded. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is sylvia perez good i'm here on behalf of the citizens of san francisco i live in the neighborhoods that are being played by the growing illegal campers to live in the city. you talk about distraction to people's cars. that's property those are replaceable with going on down there right now is wrong. you get a whole generation of young people that are putting up shooting galleries and brothels without getting permits. if i have to operate a business or change something in my business i to put up a permit. there's no bathrooms down the good one because we were one a toaster call the police when they call
7:06 pm
us the the police they chose to go to the board of supervisors did they tell us the board of supervisors sending us down there. if the supervisors are sending them down there i beg of you to an environmental impact study on with doing to that neighborhood. forget about the loss of revenue from the city payroll and business tax that the business are losing because some of them have to hire sharks with guns down there. forget about the beatings that go on. prick about the human trafficking that we watch their children watch on their way to school. rick about the ada violations but think about the impact on the tourism in the city. that's what i've heard today. so, please take a look at what's going on down in your city. we have at risk tuberculosis. at least can you put hazard waste boxes around so that children are not coming across these
7:07 pm
needles. law enforcement has to come across needles. protect 14 spent. if you're not interested in protecting the citizens to children the people in wheelchairs that to walk in the neighborhood think about law enforcement has to deal with that. please is a serious health hazard tuberculosis is serious. also there is an anti-strain of gonorrhea that cannot be healed by the >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you president breed and all the conspirators. my name is christopher doll i live at six than howard. 10 blocks and less than 40 years from sea level. i rise to comment on an departmental hypocrisy. this past september month normally
7:08 pm
marks the maximum natural download of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to growing vegetation. it is the combination of the yearly cycle of growth. the time when co2 is supposed to be the smallest fraction of our atmosphere. but this year that month was significantly to any give this slightest attention to the environment to any who give the slightest thought to the wording humanities is our beautiful planet to any who desire a solution to the oncoming menace of climate change. this year in that small fraction of co2 the minimum for that year was 400 ppm. that doesn't sound like very much but when you compare that to the average rate of three 20 ppm and you understand that this average prevailed over hundreds of thousands of years and only began to change 17,000 years ago
7:09 pm
any reasonable person might express concern. in environmental champion must raise an alarm but none of you did. which makes you all environmental hypocrites. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening. supervisors president breed. my name is cliff lance. i'm a current mayor of the city of brisbane and i'm here today to discuss item 44 resolution 161 044 dealing with the brisbane project. the potential annexation of our city by the city and county of san francisco. i know that president breed has said only 2 min. was allotted good i hope you can allow me some additional time while i read
7:10 pm
this letter is signed by all of our counsel members there week include in the public record. your county of san francisco board of supervisors, we the city council the city of brisbane hereby go on record in opposition to resolution 161044. utilizing this information in a recent news article the authors of this resolution are professing the board of supervisors to do the unthinkable. demand veto power over another city's planning process-writing the annexation of the entire city of brisbane. i want you to think about the art audacity of that reckless direction. it totally flies in the face of the importance of all of our cities coming together to take on the regional issues that we all face and finding solutions for
7:11 pm
them. the brisbane city council fully understands the significance of the valence project to work the city of brisbane the larger vision. take this decision-making obligation seriously. a duty has driven the city to engage in a thorough deliberate and transparent review process which includes receiving input from neighboring cities. during the mainland's draft environmental impact review er our eir process numerous agencies including the mayor's office the was the star mayor all interrupted with unanimous consent in may continue. >> i think were all in receipt of the letter. it's been circulated by your office to all 11 members of the board and i know the city attorney has it. so it's part of the record. i think mr. mayor, respectfully to the chair >> point of order. unanimous
7:12 pm
consent to old alone were talking about an effort to easily conquer a neighboring town initially allowed to finish reading his letter public. the board of supervisors. >> to supervisor weiner unanimous consent is to allow the mayor the privilege of the floor. >> i have been here for over four hours would appreciate an additional 2 min. >> was not unanimous. >> when my turn is a boston to finish reading the letter >> i'm happy to 04 the mayor of our sister city across the border in san mateo county the city brisbane the time to finish reading the letter. this is not through the chair to supervisor weiner attempt to conquer anything or anybody and when i finish my remarks away
7:13 pm
you'll before to the good mayor of brisbane but as i said in this morning's paper, and this is not addressed in the mayor and the council's letter to this body, when statements are made between neighboring municipalities about projects that contemplate the building of millions of square feet of destination commercial development and a comment is made that the neighboring city can accommodate the residential impacts of that as i said in this morning's paper, that is somewhat provocative and the notion that annexation is provocative is true as well. as i said in this morning's paper, what comes around goes around. i am hopeful that we will be able to get beyond the war oh of words and talk about how we
7:14 pm
can afford a regional housing economic development policy that is mature and forward thinking but when statements are made that san francisco is supposed to inherit all the residential impacts during the middle of a housing crisis, i think that is a provocative responses wanted with that i will yield the floor to the mayor of brisbane >> first i'd like to address that comment that was made. that was in the paper lewis enacted. so during the valence environmental pack >> i don't be argumentative come up and i know you're trying to dial that comment back and tribute it to your expressing views of constituents of yours or that is how it's been reported but i don't think that you actually said that you did not make that comments. >> would you like for me to state the comment i made a would you like for me to finish
7:15 pm
reading the letter, sir? >> can you just finished reading the letter supervisor peskin please wait into you call next on >> numerous agencies in san francisco including the mayor's office planning department public utilities and municipal transportation authority reviewed the draft eir and offered substantive comments within the legally prescribed time limits. this event board of supervisors provided no comments. fyi. he they lands draft eir, and period was the most robust in the history of ceqa. the comment letter from the san francisco office of the mayor and all of you have received that attached letter, recommends a land use alternative. a land use
7:16 pm
different than what the developer is proposing. consisting of a solar farm for ecology center limited commercial office and a high-speed rail maintenance yard. obviously the letter from the mayor and the resolution 161044 are not consistent. the draft resolution before the board of supervisors demonstrates little or no understanding of the actual eir content. the brisbane council will conduct the first public hearing regarding the eir on november 17 26. the next that the closing of the hearing in the spring of 2017. because of state law regional significance and remediation complexities of the site brisbane city council will conduct a thorough review of the environmental impact to make an informed decision regarding this indication of the eir. in addition, to remediation concerns the
7:17 pm
counselor will take into account regional issues such as traffic, safety, building on unstable soils and the civil services and other critical components. last year the city brisbane became the first government in the state of california to receive a gold level begin award from the institute of local government for a conference of approach to addressing climate change immeasurable inductions in energy and greenhouse gas initiative. this week i'll be heading down to the good california cities conference to receive the platinum level spotlight award from the league of california cities in regards to sustainability best practice. where the only city in the state of california ever to receive that high a level for sustainability best practices. we would also like to note over the past 20 years brisbane residential growth has grown by approximately 50%.
7:18 pm
they lands we are proud project of our vision and values. we hope the larger community of the bay area was share in our and tuesday as american mentors responsible planning allow for proper process to germany best possible outcome for the site. we strongly urge you the san francisco board of supervisors to support his things move to creating a vibrant and regional appropriate development on the balian's site. the rest [inaudible] and exit into san francisco are of bullying and intimidation. two words i heard today. that doesn't fly. that's not good for anything. not what we spent from the board of supervisors. please, do the right thing. >> are you finish reading the letter? >> instead work constructively with brisbane and addressing regional issues. thank you very much
7:19 pm
>> thank you. supervisor cohen >> my name is melia cohen. i represent district and went on candlestick. the bayshore train station is in the dish. are the balian's is in the district as well. so i am your neighbor and had a interesting relationship with your city. you are here today to read a letter that you submitted to us asking us not to support a resolution to monitor the inspection of growth of what's happening in your city. is that correct? >> i do want to put words in mouth. why are you here? >> i'm here because the area is a by county plan development area. brisbane represents san mateo county and san francisco
7:20 pm
his own country we need to work together. so because of that i am here to express my openness to work with the board of supervisors. work with the mayor's office to great were the most sustainable developments we possibly can for the site. >> i'm glad happy to hear this because i come into, maybe someone misrepresenting your position is the mayor of brisbane but it's communicated to me that you are not going to be-you know future plans to build any housing. is that correct? >> currently our general plan is prohibits housing because the site is contaminated. here we are in 20 16.06 and an 84 acre parcel next 2101 that's just really piles of dirt >> this is true but i resent many a superfund super visor kim and yet we've managed to be with to clean up not to say it's easy to >> we don't own the land. so
7:21 pm
they have finally had submitted their specific plan and leave the city are going through due diligence with the process before the planning commission and outs before the council. >> i want to respect all of the time it was a whole bunch of people with public comment have to do invite you to come to the committee. i welcome you and i cannot agendize you to come to the land use committee. supervisor weiner as well supervisor peskin sit on the committee could i things up then use agenda item about lawrence more substantive conversation to talk about the general plan particular ailments about the general plan prohibiting housing. i will table the rest my questions there. i've know whether further questions >> supervisor campos
7:22 pm
>> thank you mr. mayer for your comments. you have a right as you said they were two separate entity you have a right to speak your mind and say what you need to say we have our right to respond accordingly. that's what were doing today is one proud to support this resolution. i think that words have consequences and that's the way life works. so thank you for being a good i think this we should proceed and vote on this resolution when the time is appropriate. >> supervisor kim >> i just want respect that the mayor of brisbane is here today. a couple things i just want to mention. by the way congratulations on receiving the award. on sustainability best practices know your record your huge environmental advocate i do appreciate your advocacy on that issue. but i don't think that there can be
7:23 pm
any type of sustainability in the bay area region of for not building housing the jobs were created. in fact if we only build the jobs in the office. longer commute times more cars on the roads more congestion housing has to be a piece of any type of environment if we can move forward in the bay area. so more than anything this resolution is nearly an early resolution and i want to be clear about that our various departments here in sitting county is san francisco to monitor the work and review and participate in comment as you had requested on the action that you're taking on the development of the brisbane site. encouraged house made i'm actually really glad you're here today because i agree. i want to work with the city brisbane as well to make sure were all doing our part in terms of building more housing. all have our housing allocation goals over the last seven years brisbane has made 36% of the
7:24 pm
house and go. it's great they've grown by 50% over the last 20 years but i think is more work to. by the way, san francisco has to do that as well. while we are and try to do far better over the next seven years troubled by the fact that christine has only put up three units of housing in that same time per not. i think there's a lot of competing interests. you are represented in elected usually have response to your constituents. the one thing i did want to mention to the board and of course the public is that i'll be making some amendment to this resolution particularly actually this was an oversight the president breed i pointed out. that if it is that the city brisbane contemplates building no new housing, if so investigating
7:25 pm
annexation only happens if you contemplate no new housing. there'll be would only look at what would need to annex a portion of the brisbane so we can help you build the house and a practice that would help brisbane do that. certainly i went out with the action of the board to be that we contemplate the full annexation of the city. i just want of knowledge president breed pointed out that overstate. it's in no way any type of correct. we do want to work with you but we also want to explore all the available opportunities to make sure the region of the whole is speed on [inaudible] to make sure that happens >> can i respond? >> supervisor took them would you like to respond otherwise i'll go to the next supervisor weiner >> i guess were having a little pre-debate before we get to the actual item. to be clear of
7:26 pm
in public about this could the mayor and i have had conversations my view that project should include housing. i continue to be clear as far as dialogue and discussion move comes to regionalism dialogue and discussion are really important and when you start making threats i'm sorry i disagree with supervisor to come to if you want to do what we want to do work in a annex you. would a basically conquer you. why don't we pile out oh, palo alto how about various cities in iran that we could does a lot of cities in the bay area with which i bet you we had disagreements 90 supervisor
7:27 pm
campos a lot of us it on regional bodies. there's a lot of disagreements. we had some real disagreements in san mateo county about caltrain. when we just conquer all san mateo county if we do that. it's ridiculous for this board of supervisors on a resolution to say if you don't do what we want you to do we are going to annex your syndicate were to take over your city. i just think it makes this body look incredibly foolish to say that. i think it undermines the credibility of the san francisco and the region 30 feeds into every negative stereotype in the region about san francisco there were just the bullies who go around telling everyone what to do. it's great for us to express opinions and to work and advocate but to turn that into your to what you want to do were taking you over,, that is not the direction we should be going. >> i miss the memo you we
7:28 pm
were right in the middle of public comment now we have a list of board of supervisors having conversation. >> point of information on the lighter side of things which i just want to point out everything that is today part of the san mateo county part of 1856 or so uninformed a part of san francisco county. just saying that for fun >> as soon as public comment is done we can continue to have this discussion. i don't know who is speaking but should we restart his time or what's going on? we are done, okay. >> back and respond to some of the commons made by supervisor >> a gentle reminder this portion of the agenda is meant those resolutions that receive unanimous vote promotion or was he a boat or lease six votes on the matter itself. for future
7:29 pm
reference. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> >>[non-english speaker] good evening that imprisonment and board of supervisors. my name is-general counsel of the world federation of chinese organization from cambodia and laos. the majority of the chinese community leaders in san francisco chinatown have proposed naming the central chinatown station after founding father--. this
7:30 pm
proposal represents genuine wishes from the entire chinese community in san francisco as was the united states. dr. soon has been revered as a founding father in the [inaudible] including chinese on both sides of the taiwan straits. dr. son lived in san francisco for chinatown at the beginning of the 20th century. [inaudible] founding the modern china. as a unique uniting figure in the chinese community worldwide dr. soon requested on the necessity
7:31 pm
to their turn to the old chinese morality. this year marks the 150th bursar birthday of dr. soon. san francisco chinatown has the largest chinese community outside of asia. chinese americans living in chinatown generation by generation made significant contributions to the united states. name of the central subway chinatown station is exceptionally important. today i'm handing in the petition
7:32 pm
form go some by chinese community leaders respectfully request san francisco board of supervisors grant proposal. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening mdm. pres. and board of supervisors did i would like to speak out for an event naming [inaudible] which taxpayers paid. the reason is because spero acted as an agency of an oppressive government to violate people's basic rights in san francisco. here are some of the fax. in early october 2001 the devil supervisor chris daly sponsored a resolution to support [inaudible] persecuted in china and i like to share with you some experts of the report published by san francisco examiner on october
7:33 pm
11 21. the title is, [inaudible] the practitioners [inaudible] minority whip nancy pelosi has persecuted in mainland china has become a local item since [inaudible] in her persistent striving to become the designation of chinatown. denies them before the board of supervisors tuesday [inaudible] that san francisco holds dear. it is worth noting that supervisor tom miano and supervisor [inaudible] also board of supervisors dailies [inaudible] the report went on saying, [inaudible] such as nancy pelosi and put out
7:34 pm
another vote by the sioux board of supervisors tuesday who were responding to intense pressure from the console. the question is [inaudible] antics at city hall has raised in what is going on here against- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is-i'll continue the reading. reports said among the-demonstrators at city hall yesterday were to grand charge by sfpd speaking off the practitioners doing his stuff in-lasted. the cops dropped the case one might ask why, but it's not subject to civil litigation.-the attorney for the-[inaudible] said the first
7:35 pm
place the man went for help after they were arrested was the chinese chamber of commerce. the attorney said we see a pattern here which will pursue in court abusing people in san francisco to go against the members were practicing their religion as guaranteed by the united states government. the sfpd report was expensive and cleared the guy was beaten up for doing his [inaudible] yet the cops dropped the charges. the report said the san francisco human rights commission [inaudible] carefully worded letter asking the cops to be attuned to the violation of the rights of members. attorney said you
7:36 pm
wonder why in the city like san francisco it would be a problem to pass a resolution defending the rights of the practitioners. the report went on to explain the reason. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i will go on with the reading. report went on to explain the reason goes back is leading a delegation headed by mayor willie brown. perhaps my wish looks like a gentle warrior to the powers that be to question her arrival with [inaudible]. before china's issue becomes this san francisco's issue she might wake up the rhetoric in the political against the-or go
7:37 pm
straight to the other side of the table and register stuff as a lobbyist for the prc. the report and. [inaudible] the delegation to china in late october 2001 according to the proceeds newspaper report that was shown to you at last week's meeting. they personally thanks successfully blocking the human rights resolute. you may not know that was back is another tire. his overseas executive director with the china overseas exchange association. which is the point of their organized nation on the direction of the chinese government state council of their office. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> dear mdm. pres. and board of supervisors my name is-a. the leadership is composed entirely of chinese party officials representing various
7:38 pm
affairs and overseas propaganda agency of the chinese government. [inaudible] is also the chairman of the chinese secret political [inaudible] national community. [inaudible] was also member of the community party central committee according to an article on foreign-policy association [inaudible] by acting in fact it is and overseas propaganda agencies of the chinese government and the chinese communist party. [inaudible] rose pak had also been frequently [inaudible] attend various attends the an
7:39 pm
article one might also think referring to a rose pak in regards to san francisco as not as an american city but as and overseas colony of the people's republic of china. the little beijing by the air [inaudible] >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is [inaudible] people like us come to america [inaudible] but only because of the nice weather . better opportunities in life quality but also because [inaudible] freedom and human rights. these two factors are the important part of
7:40 pm
[inaudible] without leaving a country like china under the suppression of chinese comments party may have no idea the consequences of the safety of san francisco into beijing by the bay. i will tell you the chinese community were certainly not appreciate these state of san francisco turning into beijing by the bay. just ask no matter how many people want [inaudible] just ask it to they really want to live in beijing or anywhere in china under the current social and political environment. why are there so many people from china wanting to stay here. i urge you to think twice. [inaudible] which side of history do you want to take. i would like to share with you a role model for
7:41 pm
elected officials. the chinese community here truly supports. the current president of the board of equalization [inaudible] on the san francisco board of supervisors in 2002-2006. by tremendous pressure and even personal attack--decided to vote her conscience to support--human rights resolution in 2006. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is janice. [inaudible] as supervisors meeting in the last few days more than $20,000 a newspaper aid has been taken out against me in chinese media and san francisco chronicle. as people continue to think that
7:42 pm
these attacks are effective ways to change the outcome here at the board of supervisors. they're mistaken. this issue is not [inaudible] as the only agent civic american on the board of supervisors. there is a high expectation level and many people in my community have urged me to change my decision. however, i took an oath to defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of this state of california. i vote for this today. [inaudible] said this resolution is simply about the value of this city. this state and this country to protect the freedom we cherish that are
7:43 pm
recently under attack. we are casting votes today on this amended resolution standing on those principles. this is the kind of elected official that the chinese community truly supports, respects and appreciates and will remember for a long time. this is the kind of legislation we legacy we want to leave for the next generation to come. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors. my name is-i used to play [inaudible]. the resolution was passed on january 30 2006 it back then [inaudible] her political lives will be ended.
7:44 pm
look at the reality today is no need for me to tell you was on the right side of the history. here is a video clip of [inaudible] in 2007. after she was elected to the california state assembly. if you talk about her [inaudible] please, play the video. >> >>[video]
7:45 pm
>> thank you next speaker,
7:46 pm
please. >> >>[non-english speaker] it's been widely reported that pope went to china for a kidney transplant. the hospital she went to was in medical university [inaudible]. it's originally a military hospital. the people's aberration army
7:47 pm
first military university. this hospital has been allegedly involved in oregon harvesting of practitioners. it's listed as the top seven of 100 military hospitals in china which are under investigation. the canadian human rights david-and the former canadian
7:48 pm
[inaudible] devoted years about in independent investigation about organ harvesting of the practitioners and [inaudible]. he was he was he was he wasin their report they stated some of the [inaudible] reminds us of the statement of us supreme court justice [inaudible] in 1943. in
7:49 pm
reaction to being told about the holocaust. frankfurter said [inaudible] young man was lying. i said was unable to believe what he told me. there is a difference. the allegations here are so shocking that are almost impossible to believe. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening mdm. pres. and
7:50 pm
board of supervisors. [inaudible] the allegations [inaudible] this very were makes israel back in disbelief. [inaudible] this summer [inaudible] after the 10 years of investigation. at the board of supervisors record of caring and stand up for the human rights international i sincerely urge you to take this issue
7:51 pm
seriously on behalf of your constituents. [inaudible] >> next speaker, please. >> >>[non-english speaker] dear mdm. pres. and supervisor my name is lowly. many of us took time off work today and came your again to tell you the side of rows back they might not know about moral integrity is very important as a person. we are here to share
7:52 pm
with you are genuine experience just personal which is local and factual. we believe we have a right to express it here and also the qualifications we are the residents of san francisco many of us living in chinatown. we are rows back hello countryman could we have been mistreated in the past 17 years in san francisco and is still happening. we came to city hall
7:53 pm
to human rights commission numerous times to voice our grief. we could not any attention let alone action. we know the reasons for that is mr. rose packed the chinese consulate behind her. the chinese communist party behind the consul. however this is not
7:54 pm
a late issue. we know you will be discussing and possibly voting for resolution regarding him he chinatown subway station after rose pak. to raise a few questions. have you examine all the facts about her. is she really the person that you want to establish for people to look up to spewing this year the moral integrity to preserve that honor and with that name highlight or shadow are chinese community in the future. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >[non-english speaker] hello my name is--. before we and here we want to share with
7:55 pm
some new development in china that is very worth noting. the persecution of-gradually coming to a stop as you may know were not. the former head of chinese communist party and head of state is the sole person who started this persecution and only source that is maintaining it. he knew goes back
7:56 pm
personally and he thanked her for stopping a san francisco board of supervisors [inaudible] that is why rose pak has been attacking so vigorously here in san francisco. however, he has been losing his control over the years. he started the persecution out of fear for the large number of practitioners and his jealousy of the reputation of the founder. many people in china including other top leaders in china did not agree with him and see this
7:57 pm
persecution simply senseless. the current president of china is such a person. he doesn't necessarily agree to this persecution and has been quietly urging cohorts who won the policy in 2013 to completely suspect suspend the equator labor camps in china bus illuminating the most illuminating the most
7:58 pm
[inaudible] he also arrested the top leaders of the 610 office which is the government agency created by--solely responsible for directing the persecution campaign. most of the cohorts are being >> thank you next speaker, please. >> supervisors, allow me to
7:59 pm
continue here. everything that rose pat did will be exposed. the chinese government and the chinese consulate may even reverse their standing at the time the world will look at one of the biggest modern time massacres that claimed the life of millions of innocent people. do tortures and labor camps for state-sponsored organ harvesting the world will look at who try to stop it and who try to push for it. just in the same way how we look back at who did what during the holocaust perpetrated by not see germany in 1940. at that time, how will the word see the role laid by rose pat today and how will the word see actions that this board of supervisors took to honor her by ignoring what she did. should you have
8:00 pm
any doubt over what we presented here we are more than willing to sit down with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any facts or evidence that you request. however, if you hear what we presented here and find no reason to doubt the truthfulness of it and we believe you have enough information to make an informed and correct decision is supervisors, please think it over carefully. this into your conscience and make a decision that you will feel proud rather regretful in the future. >> speak thank you thank you next speaker, please. >> supervisors on here to talk about item 45, the name of chinatown station. back in june u.s. congress passed a resolution condemn