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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 10, 2016 4:20pm-5:01pm PDT

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the film's steve jobs and also being currently used in the television series great popular series called, transparency. transparency. which is about people with other approaches to gender, transgender people, which we are somewhat used to in san francisco by too much of the nation it's really new and stephen through his collection here is a lot of footage for people who have that life. so the real reason i'm here is to advocate for oddball films and to highly recommend that you consider it a legacy business for the city of san francisco. because we need to maintain this remarkable cultural
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treasure. it so valuable for us and for the history of this place. so lastly, i just brought this in case anybody needs any more information you this is a program of the mill valley film festival and on either sunday or monday you can go over to see a film about this in the film is titled, oddball. so thank you for hearing me and best wishes >> thank you. any other member of the public was to speak on this item? seeing none, and he would will close public comments and bring back to the commissioners. commissioners were many comments? commissioner pearlman >> yes good i want to thank all these businesses. i'm sorry rosalie stockstill here because i think we should make her a landmark. >>[laughing] i think she's been around long enough
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and certainly is part of our community. i said this at the other hearings we've had about the legacy business. you are the story of san francisco and for those of us are never gotten awake but i certainly even this pizza from escape from new york that the story of our city and that big part of what we as a store commission have charged to help retain and promote so thank you very much for participating in the program and participating in the life of the san francisco. >> so is there a motion to adopt a recommendation to movies forwards >> i so move >> second >> thank you commissioners on a motion to adopt the recommendation for approval for items 11 a-c commissioner hasz aye johnck aye johns got matsuda aye pearlman aye hyland
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aye samaha aye that motion passes unanimously, 70 >> before i adjourn i like to reopen matters the question to make sure we have a quorum on the next hearing commissioner-myself and commissioner matsuda will all be out so i will make sure >> i've heard confirm it from all for committing commissioners. >> no one has to recuse themselves from any items? we might want to check that before we have a there has to be a recusal. >> very good >> otherwise the hearing is adjourned. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> about 2 years ago, the owner of this property put this
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building up for sale. i talked to the owner, i said please, give us a chance. maybe we can come up with the funds to be able to have this building for our children and families. he is here today and i want to thank him for not keeping the building for sale. [applause] i had no idea what i was going to do if the building was sold. 224 children and 32 employees, where would they go? where would i-i didn't have no place to turn to. there are no childcare facilities available in san francisco for this many children. what was i to do after 45 years providing child
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development services in the community. this didn't just starbt 2 years ago to get the building, we started over 10 years ago trying to gret the building. when i heard mayor lee was concerned about mcc, he called me to his office and then had hope this would happen. mayor lee is here today because he cares for children and families. he has shown-he told me we will get it done and i am very proud of him. i also want to thank [inaudible] who is the community advocate for his help. he started 10 years ago to help me try to get this property and worked with our board of directors and families. we will never forget the mayor for making this
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possible for today. today is a great day and it is about children and fmlies and nothing else, that is what it is about. and want to introduce the mayor oof our city of san francisco, our great mayor of the city of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you. thank you joe. you know, you said just a minute ago that if you lost the center you wouldn't know what to do, well i need to make sure you know the same thing that if we as a city lost the center we wouldn't know what to do. you don't have a center entire city that serves 224 families and want to thank supervisor avalos for being here today as well. this is happening in his district. this is a jewel not just of the excelsior but the
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entire city. i have made a promise a couple times in the past year, year and a halfism . one is when many individuals and family leaders, organizations and elected officials stood with me to say that when we passed our proposition c a couple years aknow for family youth and children, we made a promise to make it easier for families to more than sur vive to actually succeed here in our city. and, in that reflection it was our education, our unified school district working in consert with all of the organizations like first 5 and foundations and partner ships that we wanted to create to welcome our families. i made another promise this past summer when we hosted the womens summit and
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i stood there on the stage with mayor libby shauff and proclaimed things we would do for the cities. she made promise to make micro loans to women owned business squz she did that in front of everybody on the phone. i didn't have that technology with me at the tame because i promised to make childcare expanded in the city and more affordable but didn't have a app to do that. i made the promise if i have any opportunities to expand chile childcare facilities particularly for working families i will make every effort to do that. so, today it really is to help me fulfill a couple promises that i have been making throughout the city family, but also to suggest to you that, this particular promise is a lot more
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complicated because while we have provided the owner of this building who is by the way, housed this childcare facility for many decades and it is in that appreciation we came to the opportunity that it did take the city family with supervisors working with my office, to took a lot of other department heads from our family youth and children, to took the hellman foundation to stand up and know the hellman foundation is here today and will speak about the gaps we are identifying do make sure we are able to dothis. it took organizations like first 5 and low-income investment fund to help figure it out with all the other different departments. but it also took a history of how people in families out here that were committed to this center working with us to say
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how important this was to them and to the entire city. all working together we figured out and today we are announcing that mccc the mission childcare consourceium is the owners of this building by years end. [applause] and i look forward to when the owners hand over that little deed that you have been holding on dearly, that you know longer have to receive propositions from other people who may want to buy the building , but you can rest assureed the city and you, we did the right thing and it is always about doing the right thing and that is to preserve this center for hundreds of more families.
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this is not only a childcare facility, it is actually the go to center for preschool probably throughout the whole city. people love it here and guess why it is great facility and safe. i was welcomeed in by all most 50 kids singing in spanish and in chinese. a welcome to the center and this is what working families are in need of. i can now say more confidently that not only has this village of folks that come together to procure this building, what it mean tooz the families for years but i also can say that our city will be there for more families and this gives us the in ursha what you have done at the center and
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non-profit bord of trustees have done. if you can make sauch such a commitment to by rg the building, we have been trying to teach that to a lot of historic non-profits ipthe city. take to the opportunity to work together with the city and not a victim of our own success, let's be a recipient of prosperity by figuring out with the non-profit partmers and city agency squz board and mayors office how to make sure we can own these buildings forever so that the programs we value are no longer being subjected to the economy, we are actually part of that economy for many families. and, you don't know how important it is, because i think that as a mayor helping to try to create more jobs, people cannot accept the job responsibilities unless a few
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things happen at the same time. affordable housing, transportation and childcare. these arethis that must happen for a family in order for them to work themselves beyond poverty and into a success and this is what we are trying to do with all the ajepda for the city is have the agenda for the entire thing take place. so, childcare is a intgle part of it and really happy that this happens but we got to do more and will do more and this gives us that foundation. with that, i want to say thank you to the randy, the owner and joe, your leadership and someone eged me on, more than egged me on, he is a strong advocate for this to happen and xoe why. and that is [inaudible] thank you for be aggood resident of the city and activist but more importantly for being a steward
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of this particular building and making sure it happened. in my office he has been advocateing this for a long long time because he knows how important this day might be and it is important not just for the families here, but i think it is a foundation where the way we have to do business. if we are a job creating city, we have to help people get those jobs and maintain those jobs and that means, at the same time, we will build more affordable housing and get that project up and going hopefully supervisor with your leadership as well for the next few months up there at the balboa bart station next to it , we need that and more land to build more housing. maybe that vacant thing next door could-joe maybe we can start talking about that. we can't have vacant buildings in our
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city go untouched with all the needs we have to have, so i want all you to promise to work with me. let's go for the next one and do the right thing and do the good things of affordsability and mead the challenge head on especially at a time with the prosterity is strong, let's get to every family that deserves it. with that, let me introduce the guy that is bugging the head out of you and now gets to bug you [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. mayor. i will be brief. in many ways i can't fwleev we are standing here. joe, thank you for your continued effort and dier-we were in dier need. if this building had been sold, if the rent had been increased, you tell me where in san francisco you can fine 25,000 square feet for 224 low-income families?
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so, i'm holding these petitions because we started this and many people in the crowd here today, neighborhood leaders, i'm not going to name you because i would probably forget somebody but will name some of the organizations. the excelsior district improvement, outer mission merchants and resident association, the two lindas they are part of multiple groups. cathy, , alharris, may wong. avenue wn was a part of this and in the tradition of the excelsior district improvement association when they had a neighborhood revolt they started a petition. we are a neighborhood of petitions and having our voice heard at city hall so we gathered hundreds of signatures and said help us save this building and took them to the mayor and the mayor listened and he got the hellmen
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foundation and northern california loan fund and low-income investment fund and office of early education, part of hsa rks mayors office of ecujnomic and workforce development. a lot of the folks staning boo r behine us here. this institution is the largest subsidized childcare center in the entire city. the largest. and this man and this owner came together, we negotiated a final purchase price and here to tell you we have a signed letter of intent. we signed it yesterday afternoon. thank you rea rudey for agreeing to sell this building to this non-profit and thank you mr. mayor for your leadership and support. there is one other person i want to point specifically and that is a candice wong. she is in the fight for 10 years specifically
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staying consistent with this building and her support. i thank the parents and all the children and that is what this day is really about. thank you, mr. mayor. >> thank you, joe. [applause] >> thank you mayor and thank you ausha. i want to present-we have to fill the gap and rather large gap. it took a lot of people to help and i want to present susan hursh from the hellmen foundation. >> [applause] hi everyone. i'm susan hursh and ceo of hursh and associates. we are really honored to manage the hellmen community philanthropy and this
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is what it is about. i look and think about the issues so important to this foundation. the leadership, children, community and clabilation and so joe, mr. rudey, mr. mayor and all the departments who preely work to make this happen, it really is a micro cosm of what can hap pen in san francisco. our future is so important and investing in this early stage, early care and education in a quality way makes difference. to have this [inaudible] families who care it really should be a beacon for all the things we in the city can do so thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you for those wonderful words, we couldn't have made it without this foundation. now i want to introduce a parent who has worked very hard with me for over 7 years. she is on our board of directors. she
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attends all board of directors meetings. she attends parent meetings. we have a great parent. very well organized parent meetings i should say. we keep our parent involved. i want to introduce andrea panky. [applause] i'm stand up here with you to give you support because of all the support you have given me. >> thank you. hi everybody. i'm going it keep this short and sweet. i have been on the board for 7 years and i have watched countless grants go out, countless fund raisers trying to raise funds for school squz community, as a parent and as a community advocate i'm proud to have a home. i'm proud we dont have to no longer look for places for our kids it go. we are no
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longer struggling. we are at peace in a way. i want to say thank you mayor ed lee for all your support and i just on behamp behalf of the kid, the families, the community, dist licate 11 i humbly thank you so much. >> thank you. [applause] thank you so much. we have a yellow sheet going around thanking those who were part of making today possible. when we first joined first 5 preschool for all, it made a big difference in our program. i'm so proud of lisa who is here today. she has helped us tremendously. we have a great coach, casey. and
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our consultant jacob, is over there. i can't forget how much they have done for us with first 5. and now, to conclude and end this session, i want to present the mayor a child would like to present the mayor an official mission childcare t 37 t-shirt. [applause] one at a time. one for the mayor. and one for our community advocates asha, who has been working hard. [applause] it is amazing
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how much children learn and we also learn every day. i want to thank everybody who has been a part of making today possible. it is a dream come true. thank you. [applause] ------------------------------- as a society we've basically
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failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder so about four year ago we worked
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with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity foundation i ran into my friend
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we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been here about a year.
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>> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief
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in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient what good is showing you them
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something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the
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cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand
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out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future for . >> (clapping.) >> in 2013 san francisco legislators newsom agreed to allow the reciprocate of our
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soft story buildings those building house one and 20 thousand resident a program of that collect requires extensive outreach and this continuation of that process who is here and bill graham the perfect venue so in 2014 we have the first earthquake retrofit a huge success we're repeating this model what we've done it put together venues that are time professionals and contractor are financing institutions a other services that help people comply with the retrofit and as you can see the thousands of members of the public their assessing over one hundred vendors to comply with the ordinance or make improvements on their property i
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came to get specification information and puck h picking up information if you don't know what twaur doing i take it overwhelming. >> we're pleased a critical mass of people are keying into knowing their relents and understanding what had are the next steps to take and they're figuring out who to talk to not only the contractor by the mustards and the architect and the structural engineers and getting the full picture of what options are necessary and being pro-acti pro-active. >> so i'm very pleased to see the soft story buildings 99.9 percent complies the highest of the program of this scale of the history a citywide effort high blood pressure in every stretch of san francisco to understand
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real risks associated with earthquake and those are universally agreed on. >> at some point you need to gather information i'll be talking to another engineer to come out and take a look at it and basically get a second opinion i'm for second and third opinions it is inspiring to see all the property owners that want to do the right thing and for proactively figuring out what the solutions to get them that. >> what is amazing to me here we are over two years of first retrofit fair and at the time we are rh2 out to contractors to help us and reaching it out to design professionals that soft story buildings is in any and people understanding how to comply now it is different an industry that springs up as a result of the - their professed
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and gotten the costs down with lower financing options and these are defined and now the gene progression and have the buildings are buildings and the compliance we understand the 2020 one and 20 thousand san francisco's 15 messenger of our population will live in a retrofit building those people buildings or lives in buildings with 5 or more residential building is soft story and wood frame and built before 1978 that house that one and 20 thousand san franciscans. >> san francisco is being the leader in getting in done and as you may know los angeles passed their retrofit law two months ago at the sort of taken san francisco's lead on the one and tenth anniversary as the
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residents san francisco this is a road map to the city and going to give us us plan are these to keep folks here on a disaster and steps to build a resident waterfront by 2020. >> this involves more than one and 80 individuals and over 60 nonprofits and other companies this is a huge plan and what are the challenges we realize that people are concerned about climatic change, sea level rise and not only the affiliated hazards but things hike you're our amp infrastructure and consumed by social and other things we see this in society everyday and how we try to mitigate those are ultimately a direct result how resident we are after earthquake other issue out of the strategy of the concept after a major earthquake of
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keeping 95 percent of population here in san francisco that's the single best thing to help a equitable recovery to keep people here keep people back to work and kids in school and a residents of normal after a disaster. >> alliance energy in our partner undertook comprehensive bid process we interviewed a half-dozen of folks who wanted to have a part of our soft story buildings are ordinance so alliance energy project programming is a clean assess energy a special financing that is done using the taxed authority of local multiples and one of the interesting features the loan is tied to the property not the vital if an individual didn't have good credit but it
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is another option for people not able to comply to find another avenue the assessment is actually places on the property and the builds for in that come literally a line item on the tax bill that's how you pay off the segment and tax. >> 20 or thirty years is all paid up front there are advantages your property tax well it is important to give people on option and many private banks that provide loans over a are shorter term we wanted to create a longer pay back term. >> i think the next step for property owners after at the create themselves to take the plunge and quit the working downey done and have works of work done right of the right rest of the property owners can
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understand this process across the city. >> we need to do it. >> it is safety you know that's the bottom line safety. >> earthquake safety a everybody's responsibility that is providing the resources that people need to get done if you want to know more of the resources as a san franciscan please visit the
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