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tv   Full Board of Supervisors 10416  SFGTV  October 14, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PDT

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anything in its duty manual cricketing chokehold. so our recommendation that after the eric garner case you note there was no chokehold incident in san jose was to have a wall that says you can't do this. it was in our recommendation. that was up to the police that say we support it or don't. as we want to be able to use chokehold. what happened to going on that one is that the police department said, fine. we should have a will. now there's a rule. so it's really bringing this information out so everyone can hear it and also having the police giving them the opportunity to weigh in and that's how we were able to bring these kinds of changes in san jose. it doesn't work. it can work. >> thank you supervisor kim. judge kordell i just have one follow-up question. you talk about oversight and making sure there's an independent body. have you had a chance to look at
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proposition g the police accountability ballot measure and whether or not that particular opposition is the right tool and if it goes far enough? >> i have not >> okay >> if you look like i shall. all people are happy to give my thoughts on it >> that would be great. your presentation was very well done. thank you so much for giving us a complete overview with a history in helping us to really understand this is not an issue that just happened recently. this is something that's been going on for far too long and you just really put it into perspective and i truly appreciate your work. >> thank you, judge. i think were ready to move on to hear from the interim chief of police 20 chaplain. >> i want to give you your answers supervisor kim for the breakdown of racial breakdown in the police among its 49% deputy chief garrett tom
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professionals and is the san francisco police department is currently 49% white. 9% african american 60% hispanic, 22% asian , 1.5% other. 83% is male and 16% female. that breaks down our police department. possibly 2100 officer. >> really quickly on the question of i guess your most recent recruiting class or the last few years, what is the percentage of people of color recruited in your most recent classes? >> i don't remember i don't know the breakdown offhand but i know one of our recent ones were most diverse in history of speaks san francisco police department >> do you also identify lgbt as well? >> we don't because some people do not want to disclose that.
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>> that data point is not collected by sf pd >> correct >> thank you >> just the clarity of the data collected is provided as optional from the individual, correct >> yes >> thank you. supervisor weiner >> thank you very much. just to follow-up on what chief deputy chief tom mentioned, you don't need to come back up-i did attend the last graduation of the police academy and actually, i peered up we go and speak to the academy and it was in my experience progressively every time i walk in there more and more diverse than the last one was the most diverse class that i had ever seen in the 5-6 years that i've been going to the academy going to graduations. i think there
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needs to be recruit more women. that is definitely a continuing challenge. in terms of lgbt although there is no official data in the-i didn't know a lot of the open the lgbt officers and we definitely have seen in my anecdotal experience an increase in for a long time because of the hiv aids epidemic there was very very few gay men in that apartment. the result generation gay male leadership that was stopped in its tracks. there were lesbians who are able to make it very very senior the command staff but gay men were sent back. that started the change in we've seen more and more game in particular we for example in the castro and in the mission i see gay men on patrol could we've seen promotions. the of transgender officers including transgender officers who been promoted to sgt., believe even
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to lieut. at this point. if you academy graduations ago they transgender woman was elected to be the president of her police academy class. so those cadets, 4550 of them a letter transgender woman to be class president which i can even imagine happening 10-15 years ago. so the department has serious continuing challenges that we need to continue work very hard on reform but there are some bright spots. when i see these young officers coming in were incredibly diverse in a number of respects, that gives me hope for the future when we talk about change and changing culture i think one of the strongest ways to do it is bringing young diverse officers into the apartment. department
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>> thank you. supervisor campos >> thank you. i know we want to hear from our chief. but i want to say i do think that diversity is important but i think sometimes on the issue of race and after the city even diversity around sexual orientation doesn't necessarily provide the level of cultural awareness did i say that as a gay man. the my experience is that sometimes even members of the lgbtq community by virtue of being lgbtq you would think would get some of these issues don't actually get these issue. i think it's a lot more complicated. i think it's a lot more complicated than simply saying we need more representation from this group for backward. quite frankly, i say this is a man of color, we ourselves have our own issues in terms of internal bias because we are ultimately the product of society. that's part
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of the challenge here but i want to think the chief are being here so i'll turn it over to you back to you that impressive because i know we want to reaffirm our chief on this important issue >> thank you supervisor campos . welcome chief chaplain thank you for being here today >> thank you for having me here today. i was close to not be here in my deputy chief gary tom was going to do the presentation. but i do pray for my schedule to come down because i think is very important to be here and i also agree with supervisor campos. i think that's a huge statement because one of the things we've rolled out is our bias training and one of the things they tell you at the very first sitting for that train is we all have them. the biggest challenge is admitting we all have them and that's huge for you to admit that because most people will not and don't want to until they take the training which i'm making a devil to anyone sitting on the board of supervisors that wants to attend. per supervisor weiner's comments, about lieut.-promoted
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to capt. of tenderloin station and my jeopardy chief of administration is chief denise schmidt, and so we do are making a lot of inroads. we do need to hire more women. our class is a bit more diverse than ever before but all that is a product of the reform and changes we been implementing in the last 18-24 months and one of the things i will say listening to judge kordell and it was enlightening to hear say the great majority of these officers in san francisco are good because that something unknown and it's good to hear that admission. the one of the things i did when i first came became the interim chief of police i met with some of the groups that were marginalized or represented. those marginalized some of those groups are presented sitting behind me today we has frank and robust discussions about some of the reforms in nicely to than some of the things i was a moment in doing and i just want to make sure that
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were supervisors are where there is a want of change. the winds of change are blowing through good judge kordell is absolutely right. there has to be sometimes outside push to get these changes done but in san francisco one of the things we've done with our police department and i can't accredit it start with my predecessor we invited department of justice to come in and do a collaborative reform initiative and technical assistance review of the san francisco police moment from top to bottom. now i know the process has detractors but it probably can be harder on us than some of the other folks that have taken a look and i welcome that because i think sometimes you have to build your things down to build them back up again. that's part of the process am undertaking as the chief of police for san francisco right now. one of the issues we ran into which is why we're waiting for that import to come out is because judge kordell is that it best when she said you need somebody to come in here and take a forensic look at your
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department. that is the department of justice. the team that's on the ground now are the same ones will be on the team view at eight [inaudible] they are the same team. with that said, with that said, you taking testimony from the civil grand jury. they've given some critiques of the department they've also given some things we've done correctly. when you look at the blue ribbon report, they've also done the same thing with recommendations and findings. not saying the department disagrees with them. i'm not saying we agree with them. if not stopped going out necessary change. we talked what the use of force policy. copying implemented. 80-85% is rolled out by me in the form of a department bullet to get one of the things the blue event panel says we should do away with. what are the functions that apartment bolton is to affect quick change. so you don't get bogged down in a process with the labor group. when you have to push this change like the sanctity of life. but the escalation. like
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mandatory coming to the aid of someone when someone is using excessive force on him. those are the type of things you can roll out quickly with a department bulletin. that's not the best practice. i think the best practice is actually said at this podium earlier. to rewrite our general orders and that is a massive undertaking and one were doing right now. we have a policy team now that's put together and were looking at just about every general orders san francisco police department has. we are reengineering our use of force. we ruled out body cameras. most of the things in this report you'll see at some point we been before you touching on them talk about what were rolling out. if you have any doubt that this is successful look at the last five months. look at our contacts with people and mental health crisis. situations that arguably 18 months ago would've resulted in officer involved
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shootings. massive protests, damage to city property. we successfully de-escalated those situations and i'm not talking about people that were just standing in the middle of the street. in one case individuals armed with a loaded firearm and another one just across the street from this building just a couple weekends ago same exact scenario. whereas, turn on cnn your hearing these things are still happening nationwide another place. nothing are right or wrong but their occurring. in san francisco we are not just talking about this. we're doing it. it got a long way to go and i don't doubt that the group stand a high meet with doctors agree with that statement. we
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do have a long way to go but am committed to the process. the san francisco police department is committed to the prospect mayor's office is committed to the process and by virtue of having these hearings i know you're committed to these prospect would come in and tell you today about heather tuber rate anybody or so anybody either. i'm here to say this a collaborative effort meeting these groups behind me and i know we don't always agree so i say that to say, we are sitting down and talk. i met with each of you to address your concerns as well. amanda continue to do that and continue to rollout the change because i'll be the first one to admit that apartment needs change. if the second oldest department in the nation and it shows. just for the record, i came in was hired in 1989-1990 under the consent decree referenced earlier summa product of that. i've not forgot where i came from. thank you >> thank you very much. next up i would like to bring a minister christopher mohammed >> i asked the chief question he was before you start supervisor kim has a question for the police chief the was think you supervisor cohen. i
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just want to acknowledge the comments you made about trying to swiftly move through the reforms that talked about neck and bogged down in the process. but i do think the blue ribbon task force recommendation report is worth responding to. i'm curious if sfpd in interim chief would commit to respond to each of the recommendations by the blue ribbon task force so that we have a response to each of the recommendations that were made and we know what the department will be following through on? >> absolutely. when you look at those particular recommendations for the supervisor present for that here and you'll notice a lot of them to mirror the civil grand jury. or not that dissimilar and that's what were trying to wake the were not standing before you towing the same thing over and over again. i know there's a lot of eyes on san francisco police department this reference before there's 18,000 apartment in this nation. i don't think any of them got to the skirt meet swoony we've got to look onto the view from different panels
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and groups reviewed the speed san francisco policewoman. again we welcome all the help. the blue ribbon panel did a fantastic job. but the people did disagree to my nose. i think that's to men's amount of work that went into this undertaking and apply them for that appreciate the work they've done. i don't problem at the end of this process responding to the recommendations that i think you'll find out a lot of them are even responded to the civil grand jury response >> what do you mean by your spine at the end of the process? >> you're asking for a day to come back >> i think the doj findings will be out in the near future and so with that in mind i don't think i mean i think coming here to respond to that and i'm sure you're going to want us to come to respond to the doj as well. i think it
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would be more prudent for everyone involved believe all the ports in the we could just come in with a response to everything. >> when does the department of justice report coming in? i apologies i don't know the answer that question >> they've not yet given official release date but it's coming very soon according to them >> supervisor kim are probably cities committee is 01 when that report is released as also were all informed. >> okay. the commitment is to respond to each of the recommendations by the blue ribbon task force when you also receive the department of justice recommendations as well? >> absolutely just for housekeeping purposes when we receive the report we do not ignore. we read it. then we forwarded to the department of justice to be added to their process of reviewing san francisco as we did with the civil grand jury report austria everything we got we invited
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them to be part of the we provided the doj with copies for reference purposes >> just to follow up on a couple points you just made when he said that are police department is probably one of the most scrutinized of the 18,000 existing throughout the country, what leads you to believe that? i don't know any better so i just want to know what we have done that it's allowed us to it so much review one another city? >> first of all we have some fantastic people volunteer with the blue ribbon panel and in the civil grand jury but then we invited the doj into a conference up with you. this utmost competence of review department of justice is done for any-to give you an example of a good las vegas metro. the only look at officer involved shootings good they looked at several things with the san francisco police department. this is supposed to be whether most competence of an in-depth reviews of that apartment and that's why i think it's can be all comrades of all-encompassing of the reports we arty have in addition to the personal work they've done because they quite frankly had asked. bill to look in our internal affairs five. the mayor signed off i sign off everyone gave signed up and give him total access. whereas some of the groups they were able to drill down: the doj cut to the bone. again it is a huge
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undertaking and it was painful for that apartment but we agreed to it we give them total aspect they showed up to these hearings in these chambers. they went to the police commission hearings. they showed up at community events and they hosted community events and listening sessions more importantly, they went out to our police commissions in the community. some of them got contentious or not to be shut down. they attend some of the officer involved shooting town hall meetings. they were there there were boots on the ground for a lot of things absorbed it all insureds all going to be incorporated in the reports and think when we get these together it's probably could have recommendations that are similar to the ones we saw from the civil grand jury as well as the blue ribbon panel. it does make sense to keep coming back tell you the same things over and over again. if you wanted to, i will >> my final question, chief and by the weight we settled
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yesterday and really one appreciate your candor and a personal commitment to reform. i believe it to be genuine. i think it's interesting you said that you feel the least apartment has moved on many of the recommendations that were listed by the blue ribbon task force report which only came out very recently. the full report about two months ago. so i'm curious as to how we were able to address many of these issues so quickly, really within the last few months. it makes me question how meaningful the changes were. i don't mean to question your leadership because i do believe her and tends to be genuine but it leads me to my next question which is that, i think one of the things that surprised me the most and this was during the whole frisco five in that engagement with many of the folks that were asking, demanding four, the forms that
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because it is about saving lives about the safety of our community is that when we look through a lot of the police general orders, that would actually surprised me with that much of the reforms the community is amending is already in our general orders. the back she put it into place years and years ago because we are progressives. the have a progressive commission the other progressives board of supervisors in yet they were not implemented. so it's one thing to put it into our code into our general orders him up but it's a completely separate thing to actually make it a reality in our community. so the beats aren't answerable question today but i just want to be careful in saying were dressing many of the blue ribbon task force recommendations already but yet were not actually seen that on the ground. that's the big question is how do we get from writing to practice? >> to answer your question, he was i apologize supervisor cohen >> supervisor cohen >> if i could just a couple things. last a very pointed question about the report has
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not been delivered yet. how could you've implemented it can be only thing that i want you to consider is that the point that we are raising the delete members of the african-american committee have been racing for generations. this been many reports that in britain the really mirrored many the recommendations that we've heard today and so does the unfinished agenda that's the first one that comes to mind there are still a lot of reports that already have been published. what we need to do i think is except these reports, read subtopic meeting all the reports but you heard judge wardell talk about the history of abuse. there's been a
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history of reports. assured mr. kristol talk about that in his remarks. so a lot of this information is not new. we are just now stepping up and starting to implement. i think you're asking the right questions. why now? what is happened that is brought us to where we are today. i want to just give you that background information for you to be aware of. >> baby i do not speak clearly. i understand what we are talking about has been around for a very long time. so not implying that this is a new problem is only trying to address it. i guess what i am asking is, we know what the issues are pure we've known for a long time. i know our chief knows these issues have been ongoing for a long time. the big question for me is i actually believe probably much of the blue ribbon task force recommendations are in place in writing various parts of our general orders and police code. what is actually going to get us to the place of writing to actual implementation so that our constituents and residents feel that these are truly being
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felt throughout our police department? i guess once a narrow simply call the blue ribbon task force.ini, check, check, check were doing all this already. i don't want that to be the hearing in a month or we are doing all of this. then were not actually seen it. how are we going to get there i guess is the question i'm asking? >> by doing what we are doing a. by changing the spouses making sure there in force. because by the department general foreigners but a fourth. there in force every time were sued every time for excessive force and were put on trial. that's what i used to punish people in the department. unfortunately i can't tell you how many people i punish but it's a lot. since i've taken this job i do not know how many people in the day-to-day papists were punished for minor conduct all the way up to recommendations of the commission for termination. there are a lot. we are in a process now of putting that data out an anonymous format so we don't violate state law. all into your other question but how do we know these things about getting done good
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supervisor cohen has legislation mandating reports of our use of force data and we never reported before. we had our first reports. it required that we hit certain metrics. was late because i took a look at what was asked for my card should be way more robust. so a month later i think it was, we added a whole bunch of other data sets into that announcer robust report published and it's on a website. our website is radically different from just saying eight months ago. your part of the white house's open data initiative we publish our demographics, all the published online. officer involved shooting as a matter fact civil grand jury commended us for that for the updated website. this is the time were
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you can hide the reasoning could you can't do a supervisor campos or avalos i forget who set up a talked about reports being put on the shelf collecting dust. you can't get away with that anymore. but behind me these folks will not accept that anymore. you have to take action and that's my commitment is to take action. it's why i'm sitting right now negotiating use of force and try to get this thing done and you are right. there is a policy that has been passed unanimously by the commission. the problem isn't subject to a meet and confer prospect these are rights conferred to workers and there's no getting around it. so the way i did it was i issued a department bulletin after i got a person agreement across the board on the things we passed and the department bulletin put 80% of those things in place. that's how were saving lives right now but that's actually been taken and like i said before, 18 months ago [inaudible]
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>> everything the justice movement for mario was a murder victim in the city has been saying to this immunity to this body to the police department, to all of those entities that have a stake in proper relationships between the police department and community , everything that we have said, this blue ribbon panel of experts said it very cogently,
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very precisely, very definitively they should be applauded with a real applause. >>[applause] thank you. respected men and women, judges , experts weighed in in such a way that i can only echo what they said and implore you to really go back and review some of what they said. they said that the bias in sfpd is institutionalized. that's very significant. this is not just bias growing up in the barrio were in the hood were someplace where you have learned about another group through television, watching good times where sanford and son were some tv show. this is bias that
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connected directly to the culture of sfpd. that is critical. because then that deals with the question that supervisor campos raised, which isn't really that significant drive so many been so many latinos, african americans, asians, women, when you are getting these people of color into a culture. the culture has gone rogue. everything about this report from this blue ribbon panel says that this is a department gone wild. they are not transparent. they are not accountable. they are not fair and unbiased. so our chief is a decent man could i count him as a friend. but like all
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chiefs, there between a rock and a hard lace. because you cannot talk about sfpd as one of the panelist experts said, the lines have been blurred. between the pla and sfpd. he can try to differentiate that all he wants but at the end of the day, he cannot get nothing done without the stamp of approval of a recalcitrant hardened and even racist pla. now that is reality. i don't care how you twist it. he cannot speak independent of an entity that is entered flying itself into the very fabric of sfpd. it did not just start with our chief. he is the latest chief that has to deal with that. this started way back in the 1800s. when there was a san francisco police department and
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then there was another group called the office or committee of vigilance. which was a vigilante group that meted out street justice and at a certain point i got the bright idea why don't we work ourselves into sfpd. then the vigilante mindset came into the apartment and became the department. that's the history you can google that. why is that important? because you have now an elephant in the room that nobody is talking about except the blue ribbon panel. they said that this po way,, which operates unfortunately, as a game within sfpd where, yes, there's good officers but the good officers are silent.
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because they are afraid of retaliation. they're afraid of their good name being this march. there are afraid of the reputation being destroyed. some of you have felt the wrath of the road po eight. some of the other dealerships the police commission is cowered in fear. they don't dare oppose the political will of the power that are in place at that particular time. so the judge reynoso said to you stands. be open by saying, i am afraid none of these good recommendations will be implemented, though they are good. unless the board of supervisors takes action. and enforces this. now you have a half $1 billion budget,
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taxpayers money. i don't believe that taxpayers are pleased with the way their department has conducted itself. secondly, judge kordell said that sometimes department have to be forced. this chief, he's supposed to tell you what he told you. otherwise he will have to face the poaif he does not show that number one we appreciatethe blue ribbon panel has done but were already doing that. we are waiting on the justice department. stop right there. the program initiated by the justice department was not with the community called for and is not what you called for. you all called for an
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independent investigation. into this department. what the department of justice gave you was something called cops. community oriented policing -what is it? services. were they make more recommendations. that's not what this department needs. this is not san jose. the doll do respected san jose does not have the problems and the history of san francisco. cops is only going to come in take 2-3 years. he did not want to say that-but it slipped out, three years, some of you won't be even the supervisors then, they will come out with these recommendations that mirror. why do you need to wait to every three years or 18 months or 18 more weeks when you have a blue ribbon panel that was well thought out in their recommendations. why would this
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department, disrespected this panel as was said, did not even cooperate with them at the behest of the poa and those few courageous officers that did cooperate they got paraded, called out in name, threatened, etc. what we are saying, board of supervisors, is this. this department, we believe has gone rogue. not that there are not good people don't want to do right but the culture of this department has taken this department into an area and a direction that can be called back with the nice words and the nice intent of this chief. this chief owes his job to his community. who demanded that the previous chief be fired because we have a conflict crisis in confidence. so he is
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only here the cousin of the communities demand. now we already know what she does not a panacea as many of you suggested changing the chief is not going to change much of anything. we bear witness. the problem is this chief and any chief that comes after him has to have their feet to the fire by an independent body in addition to an inspector general if you can insulate this person properly if you can't then you've got to have a consent decree, a civil rights investigation pattern and practice where they come under court order and supervision to do what they don't have the will to do. this is a question of will. >>[applause] lastly, in the state of alabama in our african-american history, the
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governor stood at the steps of the university and segregation then said segregation now and segregation forever. they had now determined in order to integrate the university of alabama they had to bring in federal troops to force the state to do what it did not have the will or desire to do. today, you can watch the university of alabama on television with a black quarterback, 9% black athletes, white people in the stands cheering as number one in the country. showing you change is not easy because there are people sold to the status quo. but sometimes you've got to force change because these people don't have the will or the courage to challenge the status quote. we are calling on
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you, no. you've got the report. don't disregard these judges. these stellar men and women of note and consequence by allowing the report to be put in a place where, yes will look at it we will consider it. when you have it already by offering them full access unfettered access to this department when you disrespect that process you already said we disrespect your report. thank you for listening. >>[applause] >> thank you very much. with that, we have a number of members of the board that would like to ask questions of many of the speakers originate before we open up to public comment. supervisor avalos >>from i think the blue ribbon
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panel further hesitation it it was very powerful and i appreciate the work you've done. clearly there's been talk about recommendations of the report sitting on shelves and all that. this report can do that. should not do that. it won't. i want to thank you for your work and it's very comprehensive. i don't believe that there's a lot of recommendations are implemented. they have to still be implemented. i'm also concerned. i three months left on the board of supervisors and i've seen a lot of lip service and i do appreciate the chief coming forward actually glad you came because i felt like you needed to be here. that's certainly true but i know the buck has to go beyond you. you are certainly be case of the
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department but where we have deceived the changes that to go throughout the department through your leadership command staff all the way down to the street level officers. that is monumental work. that has to happen. so we have our work cut out for us. but i'm really concerned that there's a lot of talk about what we've already done were going to do but it's very general the conversation having right now but the blue ribbon reports. so what i like to ask is the department actually prepare a written response about a timeline for implementing reform based on was provided by the ribbon report. because without that i feel like were just getting more lip service and then we have a timeline about what are the parts of reform were going to implement first. what a way going to prioritize to make happen? that is before us we can have-we can put forward some transparency and we can have a timeline that we did
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hold the police department accountable to. that would actually help you, chief, junior be the permanent chief, do your work to upgrade this reform. because if we don't have this level of scrutiny and transparency in these chambers which i was trying to get earlier this year, and we don't have a timeline to act, of action, we will see these recommendations start to underway on shelves. collecting dust. we can't have that. we cannot have the kind of violence that many people in a community of color have experienced the hands of the police department to continue. so i would like to see if you could respond about what is the intention of the police department to give us a written response about implementation plan for the blue ribbon panel. to you agree with the blue ribbon panel, with a plan for implementations? >> just for the record i stated earlier we came here with civil grand jury. there's a lot of similar similar findings. we gave up hesitation
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on what's implement. it's not lip service but the proof is in the pudding. since we rolled out this training the last five months situations were we've had people in crisis that historically responded to and quite frankly we have not. it is working and is being rolled out in implemented. if you want us to respond in a matrix format like we did with the civil grand jury, which i think you can overlay those reports, there are a lot of similar findings and recommendations in both reports. you can see what we've done from what we presented you from the civil grand jury. visually look at this >> you have the report now for two months. you also earlier
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this year we have legislation that we pass the required reports on the use of force. a new report was two-month late. nuking it to the board of supervisors meeting to talk about bopping four-day reserve to old the police department accountable and transparent way to actually other than implement reforms and then we were told you said you did not have a ready yet and now ashley were passed to the second date for the second report you still don't have that report and were getting close to the date for the third report. when only canaveral port. were getting all this talk about things happening in implementation but i'll see implementation actually occurring. >>[applause] >> what is it? what you refer to when you say it? >> i don't want to disagree but i'm going to disagree with you. when i contacted supervisor melia cohen her legislation [inaudible] when i first came in and look at that information it wasn't as robust as i want. i want to include more data sets. we did and we gave a robust supervisor cohen is sitting right here if you want asked about legislation. the was was actually supervisor
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cohen's legislation but approved by all the board of the members of supervisor. you report to all of us about it. the was true. i'm just unpleasing i can she can vouch and explain why you was late. i got a scolding >> once the next report to? >> we are in the proper prices of getting the second data set together happily we stop time for that. i'll check but i believe we have time for that. >> yes. you get that one in on time when it's due? your department both in utah 12 that's demanding a portion of use of force policy. there is that rigid? i can't find it anywhere >> i'll provide you with a copy >> if some reference to it every day when in the report but actually there's nothing for the police commission since july. of this year. we have no record about whatsoever. >> in the police commission minutes i presented this to police commission there the body
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>> no one has this know what record of it. >> i can be response for the police commission. we presented that cater to them as a matter fact it was done in a open session. we explained that we were going to move forward with everyone's feet to the fire to come in and admit it percent of this was already approved and not subject to the kever. poa everyone has to agree to that once they agreed we went, i went forth and issued a department bulletin pushing through 80% of the principles for the new use of force policy. that is real change. it's measured in how we are not shooting people we don't have to shoo. we are going out now >> i appreciate that were not shooting people. that should not be the standard of use of force. >> excuse me. him and asked members of the audience if you could please refrain from using vocal expression. while were in the middle of this hearing. we all i know are really passionate about this but i
2:48 am
would ask that you please respect the chambers so we can have a thorough discussion on this a really important issue. thank you so much >> chief, could you share with us the board of supervisors tomorrow your bulletin on the use of force? >> you cannot copy today >> that's great. there has not been we can't find a record of it in my office. i'm glad that exist. last question i have know the other people speak. there was a lot of discussion today, members of the blue ribbon panel who talked about the power of the police officers association. that created a culture of recalcitrance of cultural prevention of transparency in ability to create real change. what is-what is your strategy
2:49 am
around getting around the poa? how is it we are not-what is our progress on new use of force pause. we store that restraint and should not be cause that still has to be discussed. was a meet and confer process post to initiate in june i'm not sure where that were so many months from june 90 1c new policy. what is the approach to do that and meet and confer zombie meet and agree. it does not mean meet and agree. if we wanted to put a new policy for don't have to have the approval of the poa but it seems after the approval of the poa in practice. what is your way of getting around the poa and how are you working through the poa on the 10 confer to have a new for use of force can policy policy the with them met with the city attorney's office yesterday and another meeting scheduled with the poa next week. we're just a few
2:50 am
sticking points were working out now. those sticking bounce will then be provided to the police commission for their approval. it's a most of you were at the finish line. were forcing our way the was why are there any sticking point? this is the poa for told about is been a fight every measure reform all along the way we need to stick it to the poa rather than have sticking points with them. the was i totally agree with you but here's the other side. i think anybody can wait for a court process of them challenging this in court the last one-two years. i'd rather get this done now because white frankly the main guiding force behind all these reforms are police shootings. that's directly tied to use of force. i would rather get this policy done and completed in this process instead of weighing in on this and 2017 or 28 injured a rather get it done. you belong gone up three months ago. i've got
2:51 am
several years of my career left like to get this done earlier rather than later. so i think apostles were undertaking out the thoughtful process this first the poa goes there a union. that certain rights. answer privileges afforded to them we have to go through the process. that's what this party stands for. this whole building stands for processes matters partner process >> last question on profit. prosecute i asked a written report on your timeline movement to reform based on the blue ribbon panel. we'll even throw in the civil grandeur get is that something you can do and have for us within a month's time? >> if you want another data set >> i would like there to be a timeline that talks about the reform measures your implementing and by when. that's what i want to see. that's what i wanted to see in july. that's what i want to see now because otherwise i just happen to see that this just gets, put on for ever and ever until people stop paying
2:52 am
attention. we can have that. so when can you give us some kind of timeline about the reforms are going to implement >> just for the record we been implemented. i provided your office when you try to take funds and set them to the side >> i was not taking funds >> when you are trying to >> i was not trying to take funds. >> i presented a packager reforms we already implemented when we first met some of the things women doing in san francisco police department to where the biggest centerpieces for this entire used issue is use of force. this to sit there were not doing it when we appear were 80% to the prosecutor document being photocopied and had to each person >> tell me how far you are with the process not just use of force him asking about several policy measures you want to put in place for achieving reform. what are they what's a timeline for implementing them. that's all masking for >> body cameras already started. will be finished by the end of this new. huge
2:53 am
transparency piece. >> there's a lot of measures on the blue ribbon report. that's what i'm asking for. not what you party dumped it i appreciate some work with him asking for prospectively what are you working on. share with us that information. what is important to you were the biggest priorities in which atomic for implementing that >> asked and is. use of force, body cameras, and all the other reforms the percentage you. presented to you. >> yorty said the body cameras. >> the be completely rolled out by november. >> i'm tired of going around with you chief america want to the next person. >> i'll answer the question >> let's stay focused this is getting out of control here. we can call another hearing to talk about this issue. >> undone. >> thank you supervisor avalos.
2:54 am
>> actually supervisor cohen, supervisor campos i want to ask
2:55 am
you, as the interim chief, what you have to say to that kind of comment from the police officers association?
2:56 am
>> i'm a huge issue with it. when i met with the mario woods comment. i then issue with that as well. also say publicly any day of the good iv issues with that. the problem i have is everybody wants to be the couple is from the poa but they want to be-couple as well as convenience. we are not the same they represent the majority of our members like any him. there been a fight for the rights and benefits they do it but i am chief and i to do what i do and that is make sure i implement policy that is going to save lives in the city and county of san francisco. that's why been forcing through the things of enforcing to have sat down taken a hard line. the poa endorsed me know you said that was a blemish but i can control endorses. christopher mohammed scott up and said a good guide and a friend. we
2:57 am
were together in and out for probably almost 2 decades to my time when i worked with gains in fillmore until right up go to a lot of people in the room so i come from a different background when i look at how the department needs to be shaped and changed. i'm not coupled to the poa. i sit down at the negotiating with him to get they are the negotiating body just like-the poa is going to get when i sit down and renegotiate a negotiator from the lens of, first, what's good for the citizens the city and county is san francisco because that's what were sworn to protect and serve. >> like i said, i am committed and willing to give you the benefit of the doubt notwithstanding with the poa has said about you. i also do want of knowledge by the -christina gutierrez that's back in chamber. i want to thank her for being here. >>[applause] i want to just make this final point in this appointment would make to my colleagues on the board of
2:58 am
supervisors. i appreciate the focus on the interim chief but i actually think important player that is not in the audience at least i don't see anyone here that i think has to be involved and especially you have to remember that the police department is the para military organization in the way that apparent military organization works to regina commands and within the chain of command a key player is the san francisco police commission. i personally believe that what we need to do as a body-i don't know the best mechanism to do that-i don't know if it's a hearing or a committee of the whole the board asks the commission to come and present or if it's a joint meeting between the board of supervisors and the board police commission because to me, the questions being asked by supervisor avalos of having specific detailed responses to
2:59 am
the blue ribbon panel, that should be asked, not so much of the interim chief but of the police commission. i want to hear directly from the police commission what they are doing to respond and you with every one of the 85 recommendations that the blue ribbon panel has provided. so i believe that-i would pose this question to my colleagues that i think we should do a formal request from the board of supervisors to be san francisco police commission as the governing arm , governing body of the san francisco police department and the occ to provide a formal response to the blue ribbon panel and to present that response to the san francisco board of supervisors. that's what i'd like because i ultimately we can as that of you but you actually work for
3:00 am
the police commission. so i want the body that you report to to come and reports to this board of supervisors and quite frankly we appoint three of those seven commissioners and if we are not satisfied with the responses, then we as the appointing body have the obligation to make sure that we get the right people in those positions. so that's what i would ask of the board of supervisors. thank you >> take you supervisor campos. supervisor peskin >> first let me start by thanking supervisor cohen for having us meet was a committee of the whole and let me also state extend my thanks and appreciation to the members of the blue ribbon commission and also think the da forgetting that started. i want to agree with judge kordell about many many of the working men and
3:01 am
women with the police department of san francisco are good people and good officers have certainly experience that on the corner of the city are represented on and off for the last 15 years. i was going to ask a number of questions but i think the two previous supervisors asked them and maybe a for militant questions but as justice minoso said the influence of the poa i believe justice reynoso said was outside. i don't know whether was the marshall's comments or counselor comments comments topped and this was mentioned again about the blurring of lines. indeed, i do not need a blue ribbon report to tell me what i already knew which is that those lines have been blurred for a long long time.
3:02 am
indeed the influence of this organization, that yes, the right to exist my guess, has the right represent its members, yes, it is right to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in elections as it's doing right now, as it did last. attempting to defeat my return to the board of supervisors, yes they have that right but we as the governing body, the chief as the chief, the commission as the commission, has to be very clear that those lines cannot be blurred. that is on us to make those lines very clear. there are come i think this is perhaps an investigation of its own but i've been interested to see that in some stations the poa has a role in giving a report at lineup. i don't see that practice with other unions in other departments and organizations. i think that we have an obligation that would look to you, chief, particularly if you become the
3:03 am
permanent chief, to really figure out how to make those lines clearer. i have to say, what troubles me is that we are having all whole new generation of q2 officers coming into that apartment. if there was ever a moment in time to change that culture, now is that time. as there is a full-scale change and if we do not do that at the academy, it we cannot do that in the culture, if those blurred lines continue to exist this will perpetuate itself for another generation that will last the rest of our lives. now really is the time to do it and i agree with the commenters, the presenters that said a lot of that has to be done here in the people's chambers by the board of supervisors and i for one before to working over the next 12 years with supervisor cohen those of you who will be around in implementing those reforms and staying on top of
3:04 am
this thing because now is the time to do it. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen >> thank you. are you guys ready for public comment? all right. there's a few things i want to touch on. supervisor avalos is not here but i want to in the interest of full transparency the quarterly report was due on october 1. october 1 was a saturday. that's thus making it to yesterday. monday, october 3. second, supervisor campos to the point you raise, i want to about the police commission pres. susie loftus was not able to be here today. she did for a onto this body a letter that the commission wrote in response to the blue ribbon panel report in the letter she indicates the police commission is in the process of developing a matrix that consolidates all the various recommendations from the president, pres. obama's
3:05 am
21st-century policing task force, the civil grand jury's report, the department of justice reports, as well as the office of citizen's complaint and report as well as the blue panel we parted so what they are process of doing is consolidating all these recommendations into one document so that we all can digest and begin to work to implement the recommendations. i want to bring your attention to that. again, for the folks in the chamber, the police commission did send over that letter. i also want to recognize that district attorney george gascon sent over a document highlighting seven recommendations that the blue panel made to his department that directly implicates the lady policies of the dist. atty.'s office during seven of them. that's also a public document my office can
3:06 am
work with you you're working for a copy of what that response is. mdm. chairman i am done. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i just want to give members of the blue ribbon task force and opportunity to speak. now that the san francisco police department has responded and i know that you had sat down after the report was made and the chief had talked about some of the progress that has been done during the time that you are either doing research on the reports were after in i just wanted some clarification on your thoughts on the progress that is been made thus far over the last four months. i'm sorry. after the last six-month good i do not hear in your presentation they felt the progress has been made since these meetings so would be good to get a sense of your thoughts?
3:07 am
>> thank you supervisor kim. in response to your question, i just want to point out that according to my understanding as a civil grand jury report focuses officer involved shootings could our report covers officer involved shootings as part of the use of force in officer involved shooting which is one of eight chapters. although i appreciate that interim chief chaplain has worked with the commission to put together use of force policy, that will hopefully focus on de-escalation, the seven other chapters in this report is not responded to that the department has not responded to. i just want to make you aware of that. we did the best we could to pay attention to it that apartment was doing up until about a week or two before the report publication date. that includes
3:08 am
modifying the crime data chapter to acknowledge that the department had signed on to the white house data initiative which it had not done up until late june. so from early july until now, we've not issued any updates regarding with the department has done what is the interim charlie's set himself there's been focus on the use of force and body chemistry the seven other chapters in here with associate recommendations we recommend the board of supervisors implement >> no one actually spoke to the meeting that occurred after the report with the chief and that apartment. i'm curious about in response to the conversation that was had do you feel like we've made significant steps to address the concerns you brought up? are we moving in the right direction and i guess also in
3:09 am
response are we one of the most scrutinized police department in the country? >> i can't answer that question on foretold but i believe that this scrutiny here is because the presence of san francisco believe that the department needs to represent the people. it's progressive tolerant city has been said and you'll note in the report that the racist text is actually in one of the appendices, they are horrific. to see that coming from a department that represents the city of san francisco i think is partly why there's so much scrutiny in the department good i think that alone is representative of the scrutiny that's deserved. i've not seen in a speak on behalf of the panel any substantive indications that any of the reports recommendations, are being considered and implemented. i've heard promises they will be concerted
3:10 am
and implemented. the letter from pres. loftus supervisor cohen alluded to ashley talks about that apartment responding to the recommendations not necessarily the commission is funding as i read it. the commission ashley responded to the recommendations may be something the board of supervisors could still request. i'm hopeful. i'm hopeful that part of justice report will incorporate all of our findings and recommendations. i am concerned if they don't though be a gap that needs to be addressed. but although i trust that apartment and the commission are taking this seriously there's nothing concrete in place to reassure me that's happening >> because what i just heard before you spoke 90, to the members are here, the chief made it clear we party been doing this work. solve the recommendations in this book before us were getting out work done. we met with them and we
3:11 am
let them know the work they did not know about over the reforms are getting implemented. i would just like to respond to that because i'm greatly concerned if we are presenting the we are actually responding to this and implementing it and you don't feel that we are. >> my interpretation of that meeting is quite different. i believe interim chief chaplain has a view of the report that is focused on use of force and that's not what this report is about. it includes use of force and representatives of the panel been working with the commission and the city to implement our recommendations into the use of force policy. overall, i believe the response to the findings and recommendations to the recommendations for either were already doing that or we can't do that. that was the tone of what i was hearing at that meeting that interim chief chaplain referred to. so, i just dispute the idea that the department has fully consider the recommendations and has
3:12 am
implemented them >> i want to give an opportunity to your fellow members to respond as well >> i want to respond to supervisors avalos and campos the right question. when are you going to answer the anyone recommendations. the district attorney did a timely within 30 days. there's no reason why either the commission or the police department can't within 30 days say, these are our answers to the 81, perhaps the we agreement perhaps the be modifications, perhaps the ba, nope but why can't we have progress now. we don't need a rope a dope. >> nick-i 10 address two things. the first is wildly like that apartment of the police commission to respond to
3:13 am
the report, not all the recommendations are within their power to achieve. some of them can only be achieved through action in this body were from the voters. those especially pertain to the external oversight recommendations. so why the department should respond there's more work that can and should be done. that ties into the second thing i want to raise wages opposition g which i think pres. breed brought up. to be very clear, the panel doesn't have a view on proposition g but a couple observations might be useful. ugly doesn't go far enough. only requires an audit of use of force and disciplined and only requires every two years. second, it merely transforms the name of the occ about transforming the agency are giving the agency any of the tools it needs to be a true auditor. auditors have special training. biters that audit police department's have especially very special training. it doesn't mandate
3:14 am
that other parts of the department are audited. it doesn't have dedicated funding could it take the funding out of the police commission but it doesn't provide dedicated funding weight controversy officer many auditing agencies around the country have it. >> thank you for your feedback on that. i appreciate your response. very concerned that were all alarms and i'm concerned about many of the recommendations that were made. the responses that were doing it be good enough. by the way, being critical does not mean that any member does not highly appreciate and respect the work of the police department. i think it's the one most troubling aspects of the discourse that any type of questioning, the accountability or request for transparency is viewed as being almost unpatriotic and not respectful
3:15 am
of the work that a police department do. i'm incredibly appreciative of our police department. the men and women that serve. this is such a difficult job the families that support them don't know third to come home every night is an immense sacrifice to our community. i think that you have to be able to say that to also be able to say, that reform is needed because we are talking about lies and were citizens on a daily basis and balancing that with public safety needs for our city and county. i want to appreciate this report and i am hopeful that we can move through some of the reforms. i appreciate the comment that's not just the police department but the board of supervisors and the mayor office also asked to implement many news accountability and transparency mechanisms and i also encourage the community to
3:16 am
come out not just to our committee as a whole which is great when uploading on anything to get to it about the budget committee because one of the biggest levers we have is an elected body is your money. it is our general fund. it is what funds this department. i know it's on wednesdays in the morning the soccer community members to make it but it's really important that we use our investments in this department is a form of leverage to get the reforms that we want to see good supervisor avalos had proposed something at budget committee were we put dollars on hold so we could get the reports we wanted to see on time on deadline to actually find out what the priorities are the timeline and how that is cutting get implemented that amendment is not approved by the board of supervisors. we need the community to be there as we vote on these things too old to be accountable to get i do think that's important that spring is coming up next year. is something i think we should all be keeping in mind and
3:17 am
again this is not to say that the police department has to be put on a short leash because not doing a good job. they're doing an amazing job and we want to see these reforms implemented and that involves all of us making that happen. >> thank you supervisor kim. now at this time that seeing no other names on the roster, we will open it up to public comment. if there's members of the public would like to speak please come forward at this time. >> galicia jones a great leader of the mario woods coalition. >> good afternoon madame president of the board and board of supervisors. i name is felicia jones. i'm with seiu 1021 and justice for mario woods coalition. going back to one of the things i want to do is first and foremost commend pres. breed for our conversation earlier talking about inclusion and transparency
3:18 am
of the issues around the city that would include the community. especially justice for mario woods coalition would've comes to police brutality will since we have been the leading coalition, leading this fight, being consistent in this fight around transparency and bringing these issues to the forefront good i don't really truly believe it would've been a committee as old if in fact justice for mario woods coalition would've lobbied you the week before last. with that i just want to make that known. the other thing is that-i'm glad supervisor cohen is back-over the last 52 years, 52 years, there's been reports on black people. what we could do, what we should do, the disparity,
3:19 am
the inconsistencies of black people as a whole. 52 years. from 1964-1990 it was the unfinished agenda which supervisor cohen mentioned earlier. then the african-american outmigration in 2009. in 2012, the community empowerment initiative. it progress report. so now here we are with the blue ribbon panel. we and justice for mario woods coalition we are not can i let another report that is so important say on the shelves in the city and county of san francisco and continue to collect dust. we cannot do that. >> ms. felicia, we will have
3:20 am
to wrap up. finish your point >> the aclu-thank you pres. breed the aclu sent out a letter to the board of supervisors that no one in the city and county of san francisco really took any part of the blue ribbon panel to talk about it to bring people together to talk about it. as we move forward, pres. breed, i think one of the things that should happen with us in the board of supervisors is that we need it working group to look at these 81 recommendations and find out which ones are the most important that's going to continue to save black and brown lives here in san francisco i do hope that the community they would have justice for mario woods sitting in the room with you when you begin to do that. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, for the last
3:21 am
35 years i've been addressing violence and every aspect of a. to date you've heard the experts talk about our police department, our police commission, and the other entities that are linked with law enforcement. what i want to talk to you, supervisors, is that not one of you have mentioned about the mothers. the pain and the suffering, the blood that has been shed and i have seen many of you all when there's been the death of our young men and women, none of you have come to the front and spoken with some intensity. as to the department of justice,
3:22 am
as has been stated, cops, they do the interviews. they have no ability to investigate and no ability to adjudicate. then our six supervisors who have their heart in the right place. so to the people at home we don't need to come to the budget meetings. you just need to send a letter to the mayor and to send a letter to the president of the board of supervisors to do what you think is right because after all, you are the taxpayers. finally, to the mayor, mayor lee, you are a disgrace to the human race. for you to say that you're not going to fund an entity that's going to do good for the city when you should be doing it is a shame. if i was a
3:23 am
mayor step down. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> avalon jean bridget justice for the marital woods coalition at our hazard an answer at supervisor kim's question. about why perhaps this department is so scrutinized on a national level. to me that would be because in the year 2015 if you look on mapping police dock funds san francisco made the top 10 worst cities in the entire country of 100 largest us cities for per capita killings by police. so worse than 90 some cities in the country. including some we've seen on the news, baltimore, minneapolis, new york etc. in a statement here i want to read from the american federation of teachers local 2121. upset to
3:24 am
read this resolution is for the july 26 include ribbon panel report transparency accountability and fairness in law-enforcement. whereas san francisco dist. atty. gascon convened a blue-ribbon panel 2015 on transparent accountability and fairness in law-enforcement to respond to the following, demands for justice by organizations and individuals disruptions at civic and sporting events lawsuits rallies prolonged hundred strike a contentious town hall meetings, caused by san francisco police, and all skip some of it. it goes over with the report found. the 81 recommendations. the blue ribbon panel report realistic achievable plan to transform the sf pd into an institution of the people about racial and cultural diversity. therefore be it resolved the executive board of the american federation of teachers local 2121 endorses the findings and supports the recommendations of
3:25 am
the july 2016 blue-ribbon panel report. therefore, the local 2121 urges the supervisors mayor lee and san francisco police commission to support the panel recommendations. by unanimous vote on september 6, 2016. >> thank you. before i call up the next speaker i want to let members of the public know this is a hearing and the public comment is only for this particular hearing could this is not general public comment. next speaker, please. >> i'm chuck from justice for mario woods coalition. what needs to happen is the poa needs to be dismantled, removed. taking down. it has way too much power in this city. it seems to be controlling the da. it seems to be controlling the police chief. chief of police. the police commission. they throwing a monkey wrench
3:26 am
continually. they bought any kind of reform in the city. we don't need that kind of power telling us what to do. we need to be telling it what to do. we the people. i'm tired of it. it needs to go down. we need to find a way to do that. i'm sick of it. i know the rest of us are sick of it. we don't need that kind of crap. it's disappointing to me. we should not even be having this discussion. all these officers need to be indicted. they need to be indicted. we have the poa can't continually controlling that. throwing in a monkey
3:27 am
wrench nonstop. take it down. do whatever it takes to take it down. tickets power away. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you pres. breed and the rest of the board of hypocrites. this issue has been around for decades. i know it. you know it and you have been sitting here seven years come a six, i don't know all the rest of you but you had no excuse and this gentleman even longer being faced with this very same issue and you're still here and you're still whining. i don't know why you can't fix it other than being spineless and greedy, but maybe that's sufficient. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:28 am
>> my name is josé perez and i'm just concerned that with the what's going on between the law enforcement and citizens of san francisco of law-abiding citizens are not getting access to law enforcement. things that are going on in our neighborhoods, criminal activities happening in front of law enforcement and they cause their hands are tied. they tell us they can't do anything. they say it's the board of supervisors that are causing a lot of this stuff. i happen to know-i lived in san francisco for 40 years that raised five black children in the city and i've worked with law enforcement and while it's
3:29 am
true you can't take the player you have to hate the game, this game started during slavery and that's the elephant in the room which the board of supervisors sign and the ordinance that pointed out that san francisco had noted that slavery was a crime but we still follow the laws that slavery started. so the police hands are tied because they have to follow the laws that were written during slavery times which it's easier to kill a man than to write up a report. so while i worked were worked with sf pd and found they work with me it's a lot of work but now there's a lot of discourse in the community and there are certain neighborhoods where they been noted as the where nobody that nobody's art and sfpd is not doing anything about the lawlessness it's going on. i have to come back next week to bring up that. thank you. sorry to bother you. >> thank you next speaker,
3:30 am
please. >> my name is for >> one speaker at a time. you can speak, sir and then you can speak next >> my name is brian hamlin and i can merely speak about brisbane but mdm. pres. will do that now. i do want to speak on behalf of what we've been hearing and why i think it so important to take the findings of the blue ribbon panel seriously. while i have not been the victim of police violence in the city of friends who have. one friend who left the city was shot in the face with a beanbag gun during the world series some years ago. he was walking home that he's a dorky mathematician but i guess walking on black in the mission was sufficient to arouse violence i suppose. another
3:31 am
friend or friend of a friend was performing a couple watch also in the mission. when the police officer directed into leave to cross the street and go away, he stepped back but said i can go back all the way or not quick to be able to witness what you're doing least not like that insert and they beat him unconscious. he was charged with assaulting police officers that suppose his head and chest assaulted their fists and boots. he is no longer in san francisco. i have with my colleagues are heartbreaking conversation that the talks shift that would've black sons about doing with the police. not arresting suspicion and not encouraging out. he started and stopped many times in one of the nicest 19 o'clock the permit. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> one piece of this puzzle in
3:32 am
addition to all be vitally needed reforms that this commission and other people are bringing forward is having the ability or our cops, for our teachers, for people who are providing the vitally needed services to live in the communities they are policing. that is so critical. the only way that we are going to achieve that is if we build significantly more housing in every neighborhood. bergen have integrated racially diverse and economically diverse neighborhoods amount we need more housing for the people who serve those communities to live in those communities. it is all connected. thank you. >> thank you. before the next speaker comes to the podium just a reminder that there are no audible sounds in the chamber as it is prohibited by the board's rules. thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much matter
3:33 am
presidents and board of supervisors. karen-from district 3 want to say i e-mailed my supervisor last week about the homeless this is nothing to do with them talking about but because i felt they needed water would was so hot and i was at 4 am and supervisor peskin got back to me in 5 min. and said he would look into it. but important today is for saul to thank judge kordell for her litany of hope the abuse and omission was it a culture of silence and bounds is old. this attribute to albert williams who was the first known member of the national association of advancement of colored people to be murdered for his civil rights activities. his birthday will be next week and he was murdered in brownsville june 20, 1940 it was born on october 15 19 away. to marion albert in tennessee, assuming that farm the land albert and his wife and tried farming the left for brownsville county seat to start a laundry devoted
3:34 am
citizens enjoy the na aa cp black people do not vote with impunity. alisha davis and four other african-americans from the end eight acp tie to register may 6, 1940 and were harassed . david was forced to name names the town. we him stay. he stayed to die. the man called ed lea coca-cola man so that williams was jailed for no reason but the crime of registering to vote. june 17 he was imprisoned and on the third day he was released and found floating in riverhead down to bullet holes in his chest get the one convicted of the mark. no one. the grand jury said sparrow perpetrators unknown. but we had a wife and was beloved by many lever of the committee were blacks were permitted to meet together except for church, he was quickly buried in a marked grave never to rise again until justice became loud enough to be heard all the way to california. screamed enough, enough solids, enough blood. enough hatred. >> thank you. next speaker,
3:35 am
please. >> hi. i'm kim--with justice for mario woods coalition. this paragraph from the blue ribbon panel report really struck me how to read it as my comments. some community members expressed their perception that black men cannot walk down the sidewalk in the bayview without being harassed by sfpd officers. bayview residents also shared their view that sfpd officers stopping black people for minor infractions. further, there's perception that officers stopped black people in overly aggressive manner perpetuating the idea that officers view all black people is dangerous. this view was compared to the perception that police treat people with courtesy in predominantly white
3:36 am
neighborhoods. so in the past few months i visited them mario woods morrill industry also visited that jessica williams memorial in the street after those experiences i want to ask the board of supervisors to fix this problem. in the bayview and other communities of color in san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is jackie barr shot. i'm here to echo what has been said already and to urge the board of supervisors to take leadership on the recommendations of the blue ribbon panel. i want to talk about two of those recommendations could extending whistleblower protections to those within the department is one of those recommendations. it is number six on page 96 of the report and it leaves that there is no san francisco police department policy that either emphasizes this city ordinance because, as you know, we already have the san
3:37 am
francisco whistleblower protection ordinance. it already exists and yet it makes clear that whistleblower protection there is nothing within the san francisco police department manual were-that makes clear whistleblower protection is a priority for the department. neither does it extend the protection of the ordinance to reporters of all types of violations of san francisco police department. policy. so what would it take for these protections to be extended by you, this body, to report so that all reports of san francisco police department violations, particularly cover-up gross acts of misconduct, are not punished by threats or intimidation were
3:38 am
retaliation. it is really up to this body to create a task force were an agency or department that is tasked with providing protection for whistleblowers. another recommendation is using her legislative power to engage >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is darrell rogers on with the mario woods coalition but particularly on here because i've been a resident of san francisco all my life. i'm 70 years old i grew up in the richmond district of san francisco so i know what could policing is. from what i can see the police chief offered a statement that
3:39 am
he is implementing over 80% of the enforcement police enforcement but when he failed to mention was the 20% that is not being implemented is the most critical part of that whole plan. those are the things that would come 01, you would give him the opportunity as well as you the opportunity to actually hold police accountable. those things are the first thing the poa says can happen. the second,, the thing that's probably the most critical of all of that is that it doesn't-they do not allow for the good police to actually say anything separate from what the poa version is. that is kind of bad. as a citizen of san francisco and as a member of this community and as someone voted for most of you
3:40 am
on this board at one point or another in my life, it's time to stop in the indignity that is given to most people of color in the city by san francisco police department. it is time for you to say, like we say, enough is enough. it is time to become real. let's deal with the problems stop trying to hide behind the words. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello board my name is david i love very with the san francisco for police accountability justice for mario justice for-coalition. with regard to the use of force policy, the poa was in the room from the very beginning starting in december as part of
3:41 am
the working group was working on the use of force. they had no business doing there in the first place because these are policy issues that the poa billy is not agenda middle east concerned about. the poa as a union can be legitimately concerned about the workers wages and about the working conditions. they have been inserted themselves into the policy arena and are golden forth and stopping the use of force from going forward. only were they there from the beginning in the working group that drafted the use of force that finally was voted on it unanimously as a police commission, then they are now getting a second bite at the apple through the meet and confer prospect the aclu has sent the commission a letter citing the case law that makes it very clear that the only body in san francisco that has a policy authority is the commission and so chief interim chief tony chaplin notwithstanding, the problem is that the commission has not
3:42 am
pushed back on the poa and get them out of the policy arena. finally, one of the reasons why chaplin is been supported by the poa because he said in the chronicle that there is no culture problem in sfpd. that's what he said that there's no culture problem in sfpd. clearly, that is surprising in the face of reality that the blue ribbon panel has discovered and that alone makes him unqualified for the job of our next police chief. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> karen fleischmann justice for mario woods and san francisco i do not see the sense of the problem until i saw the mario was execution
3:43 am
video. the second time in a realized the depth of the problem was january 22 when i attended my first police commission meeting and in a career of attending public meetings i've never seen a group of civil servants behave in the way the san francisco police officers association behaved at that meeting. they have absolute complete disregard for their oversight. they are there in front of the oversight walking to find bully their way up to the microphone read their testimony, leave and shout, this is how we win show of force. like a game. this is the way they behave in front of their oversight body, what are they doing out in the street when there's no media, public or oversight happening. i urge you to break the power of the poa problem certain third good officers and sfpd all 2100 of them are akin to beating an average of $150 to the poa. why? the poa provides that form of vehicle insurance. if
3:44 am
officers have legal problems the poa represents him as the one which breaker powers provide legal insurance options the same way we have health insurance options to officer. searches requiring them to ensure themselves giving them a rebate on their insurance premiums at retirement if they never have a vehicle problem throughout their entire career. we need to discipline and fire all the killer officers. the officers who killed mario return to work in january. we need to make sure we don't higher killers like officer-from other departments. officers served a mission police department and he killed [inaudible] in south city and we knew that and we still >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is totally 20 wo blistered him with heritage foundation. minister mohammed earlier said institutions have to be forced to change. i am
3:45 am
born and raised in san francisco. many are born here and many that are born here die here italics-mario was. the bus takes many forms. see the economic violence levied on our communities that reverberate seems to be overt violence or communities are experiencing at the hands of law-enforcement. that is demonstrated for the most part it does not value our lives and when i say our lives people of color, young men of color young women of color. the attitude of the poa in its public statements reflect the ugly legacy and racist attitudes that still persists. we have a history of debug view maces him in this country we met with brilliant minds that
3:46 am
account to the forefront could've tried to get us to change that mindset but still try to change a mindset often times is like buying to remove nails from a board by using your fingers. that's how deep this legacy of racism goes. the blue ribbon panel just told us basically what many people in this chamber already knew. i think for our community it's about taking back our lives in and of future we want. but that future we want for our children do we want this to go once. to want the system the system of white supremacy being paraded around in many different shades. the attitude the poa has broadcast is really america and that america that part of america that has not come to grips with itself the america that america refuses to see what it looks at itself in a mirror. he was thank you >> thank you next speaker, please. >> i did recruitment for sf pd
3:47 am
after september 11, 2001 bermuda terrorist attack in new york. that june the san francisco policewoman had recruiting drive. i do most successful recruitment drive in history of san francisco $50 budgeted hours able to get 2300 applicants. the reason that i did it because i'm a gay man my father died of aids and like scott weiner said a lot of gay male officers died of aids. i wanted to replenish my gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered folk within the police department to figure the kind of people i knew not be the racist to get it folks that seem to permeate the sfpd am so saddened to hear that since 2011 sfpd has got worse. it has got
3:48 am
worse. what did scott weiner ever do to increase the lgbt community in the police department? that he keeps on talking about >> sir, can you address the comments to the board as a whole and not to any individual supervisor >> are supervisor does everything to help the sfpd. he stands behind their racism or homophobia. some of those tax delivered the racist text the leopard in that scandal, one of those people was again the officer. so it hurts me when a game and also gets on top of the racism history within our country is shameless. why would somebody not want to be out in san francisco in sf pd part of out to bt community. is there a hostile working environment are lgbt people that they have to be closeted? what is rt supervisor to doing to stop the homophobia within the sf pd and
3:49 am
the racism >> thank you. before i called the next speaker supervisor avalos did you have a comment? >> i was cannot wait but i realize the police department is not here anymore. he was okay, thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is in-member of the justice for mario with coalition faculty member ucsf participant in the do no harm coalition former sponsors healthcare needs of the hunger strikers and a resident of district 7. when i saw young man crotch against the wall being surrounded by eight officers shot by five naira homeless man does not speak english shall within 30 seconds but officer getting out of his car when i found out about a pregnant woman shot in a moving vehicle i felt sick alarmed and activated. i saw obvious violations of already established police policy. i've
3:50 am
not yet seen any significant consequences in response to these actions. in the community we all need safety and respect. i'm hearing support of the findings of the blue ribbon panel. it's very thorough. i'm a scientist. it's great in a way that's very precise. you can follow these recommendations 28t i urge you to act on this report. in some ways it's the least you can do. do not wait for the department of justice. this is not critically useful activity. use the tools you have to establish real oversight could use the power of the purse. it's really disappointing when supervisor avalos is movement to a told some money was not followed up on. tell us what you are doing. this transparency issue cannot
3:51 am
be overstated. it matters tremendously to us and we're paying attention. >> be things. next speaker, please. >> hello. good evening i'm a concerned citizen i'm a visitor of san francisco, also saying with them. your city needs help. there's a big issue going on. my car was attacked and vandalized. insurance, these are taking advantage of these situations. that needs to be something done. there needs to cameras at intersections required by businesses to protect the citizens and people. i tried to contact the sfpd i cannot get through their phone numbers. bernie situation, disabled american born and raised in military background. their need something to be done about this. i'm a minister could i protect people. i tried to go around and help get i'm also retired policeman from north carolina. i quite evidence of knowledge and what's going on
3:52 am
image greater protection situation for the people that alone also protecting the officers. we need a situation out there. the situation is as a hand could i visited the city many many years. something needs to be done and it needs to be done pretty quickly. so most people are being taken advantage of the book the bacon multiple multiple cars, multiple situations and beating up people in the streets. that my iphone stolen from me. in 2013 three different times when i tried contacting the police department met at iphone locator they refused to go and look for the phone. the phone system is repaired and the police need to rip cooperate with the people. this is serious situation. it's really out of hand. we need to protect the people of the city. i love the san francisco and now i'm afraid to come to it and so are lot of my other friends from other parts of the video because they're worried about tourist and tourist production we need to protect them. i
3:53 am
cannot believe the amount of instability the situation has get my insurance company in charge me four different times on four different [inaudible] this is so added hand and how hard it is to make the report. it's amazing. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom-rracism exists in every american city. as the black ghetto. other ghettos along with it. there's only one city we would say it doesn't but it does. every american city. i've never experienced it. there's people that are experienced it their entire lives. reports. written reports versus folks not getting shot by the police.
3:54 am
that is a change. i think that's a pretty big change. some good to put a feather in our chiefs cap. the tv in the beginning said at one point, one third get it one third can be trained, and one third may have to leave. is there procedure for him to pull the weeds? in the department? quickly. more good cops then backups. more good cops than the bullets. i believe there are more good cops. they need to stand up. i like the category of 10 years without pulling a gun from your holster, without firing a bullet, i like that priority. i like to see leadership from them. if you pull a pistol if you [inaudible] it's a failure.
3:55 am
it just a failure all the way across the board. community policing, i like to see please pick from the community. i think they'll be any way to go. videos. when does the video, how soon after the officer involved watches the video does the public get to see it? 24 hours? i think that might be long enough. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> madame president my name is [inaudible] i think a lot of this comes out of-after i been here 2-3 years the police strike back when mosconi was mayor. a lot of this came out of the things, the concessions they wanted at that time could i want to remind you if you were not there was not a pretty thing. not a pretty thing at
3:56 am
all. so i do know at some point i think you have to look at what's possible and what is impossible to be realistic about things. i will say this. this basic tenet of the social contract, so sociology perspective that were all selected to fill that a police officer takes someone's life under questionable circumstances as a homicide these involve homicide under questionable circumstances then it's right for the community to expect that person is removed from the police department. that's the one basic level that the system has to conform to. he just has to. i was listening to the speakers in a believe it's true that [inaudible] was trying to fire craig hsu. yet he became a leash. item will be doing a good job or batch of it seems a bad way to start a
3:57 am
tenure could maybe the thing to do that thing would be the board of supervisors confirm the police chief. >> thank you. over the next week or other any other speakers like to address the board on the final report on the blue ribbon panel on fairness and law enforcement. please, step up. next speaker, please. >> that is no doubt there are some bad cops. we all know that. but the majority of them are not bad. they're trying to do their job. i mean we know that hopefully, we know that hillary vice presidential nominee has sided with a terrorist organization of george soros. only black lies matter. everyone's lives
3:58 am
matter, black white, cops, chinese lies matter. but she he has sided with this terrorist organization. this is a fact. you all know it. it was almost prophetic i decided to wear my t-shirt today on alex jones who was the best friend the police officer ever had when hillary made mention that he had dark heart radio talk show host alex jones as he believes oklahoma city was an inside job.. it was alex jones that interviewed the police officers that were first there. there was alex jones not rush. bill clinton blamed russian talk radio that should've been rush >> compositing your time this is about the blue ribbon panel regarding police fairness. superb your remarks to the subject matter
3:59 am
>> in a roundabout way talk about police fairness because the police there between a rock and a hard place as they say. a very hard place. especially now when you have elements of the government the federal government going against them trying to overtake their authority. that's what's happening and that's why you mentioned that. think about the ramifications of this. the woman is partially going insane. it's my prayer god will do a nebuchadnezzar under shall we start barking and got all fours and crawling around. she actually mentioned that wrong move because alex jones interviewed her. hello. you're rolling your eyes, david but >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> when there is a problem the police [inaudible] victim of the police unfairness. it's always a problem with a person's character. the police
4:00 am
character has problems and the victim has a [inaudible] character. [inaudible] >> thank you. are there any members of the public who would like to speak on the blue ribbon panel discussion at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor avalos >> thank you president breed i want to thank you and supervisor cohen for holding this committee of the whole hearing on the blue ribbon panel report. just a few points get very brief ones. i will make. there was some contention about when the use of force report was due the second one was actually due august 2. not due august or october some other time in the future. it's