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tv   Regular BOS Full Board 101716  SFGTV  October 18, 2016 8:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> thank you madam president. supervisor nolan expressed sentiment that he was proud to be a member of the administration and to participated in the work of reconstruction for the city of his birth. supervisor gallagher addressed the board expressing his gratification of being a member of the board of supervisors that accomplished so much in a short time without scandal and without waste of tax payer money. >> thank you, supervisor weiner? >> thank you, madam president. supervisor walsh reminded the board that the great credit was also due to the mechanics whose skill and cooperation made largely for the speedy and successful completing of the work. supervisor hilmer expressed himself as being proud of the administration which had accomplished this great work, thank you, amadam president. >> thank you, supervisor kim and weiner, and to all of our
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colleagues for honoring the past and allowing us to hear, some of the words spoken at the inago ral meeting of this chamber. and now it is time for our 12:30, come m commend /* commendations and i would like to yield the floor for the u.s. senator to agabegin. >> i hope that you can hear me. thank you very much madam president for this treat. and you know, that it is a very emotional time. i think when we come back here. i remember the nights and the monday afternoons we remember the struggles with harvey rose over the budget. we remember great division of our city. and i hope that we have all profited from that learning.
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and that it does not forge himself up to the battle front of our nation. but what i wanted to do here today, was acknowledge those people who are here. who served during that time. who i regard with great fondness and respect. and particularly clinton cox, that goes for you. bobby mendelson with whom i have known for a long time, louis who took my seat on the board of supervisor and became city attorney. and has gone on to many good things. carroll silver. who during the white night riots unfortunately took a rock in the face and bears that scar to this day. billy maher who always stood tall and always had something to add to the discussion. i spoke last night with jack mulanari who could not be here today. he was board president during
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much of my 9 years as supervisor. and he is traveling and he can't attend hi would also like to recognize don heranzy who was almost a supervisor. and john fargus who was. thank you very much, madam chair, madam president. >> thank you, senator. and now i would like to acknowledge our state senator mark leno for a special commendation. >> thank you madam president. we are celebrating this centinnial as beautiful and magnificent from the walls and to the elegant and the ornate ceiling and to these extraordinary chandaliers which
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were actually taken down and put into storage to put up modern light ins and they were in fact, well stored and put back in place during our late 90s historic restoration and renovation. and seismic retrofitting. but that is those who have served and the public becomes to these chambers, on a regular basis, that make the value of this beautiful room. so it is a real honor, and privilege not only to have served here but to be back with all of those who have shared that experience as i have. and i just want to close by making recognition of that photograph. that president breed mentioned in her opening comments. it is a moment in time and we have just restored that moment of time. and there will be those looking back on it. but if you have a good look at that photograph, hanging on the
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wall outside of the chambers you will notice that there were 18 numbers, of course, not the 11 that are there now. and newly elected because 17 of 18 numbers of the earlier board had been indicted and jailed as a result of the corruption at the time of the rebuilding of the city. but you will also see that it reflects a very different san francisco. and it is almost entirely, if not entirely, caucasian and it is almost entirely or several the board, all male, but even in the public gallery, there may be two or three ladies with their hats on. but otherwise, all male. and if you look very carefully in the front right row, you will see two dandy gentleman looking straight into the camera, i am convinced they came together. so we now refresh that
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photograph and that moment in time and we see a very different san francisco and i know that we are all very proud of it. and the recognition of the city tla i love and i know that we all love, it is a real privilege to be able to present a resolution from the state senate, recognizing this extraordinary occasion. and wishing our dear city greater and greater days up ahead. thank you. >> thank you, senator. >> and so before i turn it over to assembly man, david chui and thank you, senator for recognizing the occasion, and how far that we have come as a city. i would also like to also open up the floor to our honored guests here today. there were special commendations that were brought to the chamber here, but i would also like to recognize that there are probably words that many of you
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have and i will recognize you after supervisor i mean, assembly man, david chui. and thank you, madam president, and as i look out on to the sea of faces representing generations of leadership in our city, what a cast of characters. and none of us look a day older than when we first stepped into this chamber. and i know all of us are experiencing intense and fond memories of our time here in this chamber. and the 2 a.m. sessions, the ordinances that we pass, and the fights that we have here, but i think that we all know that despite any differences, we may have had, this space magic happened in this space. and when we have come together around our shared san francisco values, as goes san francisco so go california, so goes the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. we start political revolution
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here in this chamber. and so it is incredible honor to be part of this body and because there would be no moment that would not be appropriate not to have a large commendation from the california state legislature, we have nine whereas clauses and i am going to read all of them at another time. but on behalf of the california state assembly, congratulations to 100 years of great history and here is to 100 great years of a great future. and with that --. >> thank you. >> and i want to hand it off to my colleagues. >> yes, assembly man phil tang. >> thank you it is so great to join my colleague, david chui and to be back in this amazing chamber and this incredible building, it is sort of breath taking. we spend a number of days in the state capitol, but i know that the state capital frankly has nothing on the chamber, and it
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is incredible when i think about all of the work that has been done by this body. we are a city of policy innovators and in the board of supervisors chamber right here, is -- and so many ideas just in recent history that have come out, whether it is around, universal health ka irfor san franciscans and whether it is about banning plastic bags or whether it is about pushing our clean energy economy, they have started right here. and i am so proud to be a san franciscan, and so proud to be able to join you here today. and again, s just incredible congratulations on 100 years of amazing history and look forward to seeing all of the great things that come out of this body in the years to xom. >> thank you very much. and with that, harvy rose who is your favorite supervisor? >> does anyone or any of our former board presidents, would you like to say a few words?
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>> thank you, madam president. and members of the board of supervisors, and fellow san franciscans. there are at least two sentiments which come to me, at this moment. and it is natural to reflect on human beings, who have been a part of this structure. but, i recall relevantly, my one time seat mate senator finestein who i will refer to because of the occasion as diane. remarking, not once but several times on the grandure of these
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chambers, the architecture, extraordinary in every way. and secondly, i am reminded of a bromide conveyed to me, before i took the solemn oath of office by a colleague to be reflected interestly in one of the comments on october 9th, 1916 by then a member of the board of supervisors. but the colleague in my instance whats bob mendelson who bestowed upon me the injunction of maintaining dignity, and decorum. and that injunction was sorely tested from time-to-time. and as diane and bob and carol
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ruth and others can call to mind. this indeed is auspicious and i am just thankful that i am a part of the 100 years of common ration of performance of duty to the people of san francisco. thank you. thank you very much. are there any other members passed members of the board of supervisors that like to provide me comments at this time? >> supervisor mar? >> i want to say it was a great privilege and i thank you. >> if you could speak into the microphone, please? >> okay, thank you.
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>> supervisor aliodo. >> thank you very much, madam president. and senator finesteine and sitting in these chambers i have to recall the fights that we had for the issues that are so accepted today as the norm, sitting right there where da sid is was supervisor doris ward who was incredible and she and i worked so hard together to do the hate crime legislation, that today we expect to be the norm in our policing of the city. and then i did the smoking ban and then i think that supervisor mar will remember i lost that first one. carroll my remember that i lost that first one. i walked out of these chamber doors and i said, to my legislative aid, go and get me a cigarette, i need it badly. get me a smoke, quick. but i couldn't believe that i lost, it was in fact, building on what supervisor wendy nelder had started in the restaurants
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and so we had the great innovation here. of course we went back two years later and we passed the first smoking ban in the world, i might add, with the vote that went worldwide. indeed the mayor of dublin called me last year to thank the city of san francisco for the first smoking ban. so when i look at these walls i think of the amazing things that we have done that saves the lives of people every day, from the homeless, to the sick and the poor. and it is just an affordable room for what it stands for and what all of you who were the legislators, here, have done for this great city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. well, i followed in andria footsteps and i worked on a different kind of smoking, if you might pay attention to what is happening on the ballot. two things again, i want to acknowledge and under score,
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what supervisor compos mentioned and that is the legacy of harvey milk and of course, our late mayor george, and we suffered through that storm and i think that we all bonded in a way because of that tragedy. in a way that we did not know that we know each other. and i don't think that can be forgotten. we share that history. and i also want to thank harvey rose for not eliminating my position, which he threatened to do at every meeting. and i also would like us all to remember my good friend sue beardman. >> thank you very much. when >> when i got elected i was as tall as kevin chilly. and look ad what eight years did. it was such a treat to be in
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this room for of the eight years, four of them we were across the street. so we only had four years here. and i so wanted to be able to stand up here when we moved back to just greet everybody. being back what i called home. i guess i have been known for rewriting the charter. that happened so many years ago. and there have been six or seven attempts at it. and i was happy that i was able to do it. but i could not have done it without a -- tj. >> tj. >> tj. >> i draw a blank. >> i could not have done it
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without tj and i see in the audience jim lazarus, and those two people well, jim new more about the city than anybody that i knew. and i would like all of the colleagues that i worked with and it was really a pleasure, and i am so glad that i am not in politics any more. thank you very much. >> at this time i would like to acknowledge reverend amos brown. >> madam president. mr. mayor, and senator, my colleagues of yester years and the present members of this board, i have the distinction of being the only clergy person to
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serve on this board. and i was there because my spirituality was not confined to sacred stain glass windows. i was there back in those days. because i knew so well that as thoruo, said, and does not keep a woman, ace with his or her companions. let him march for the music that he hears. i have a measure of far away. and was to forget that when my companions didn't hear me. on two items. number one, care.
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and not cash. everybody said, how dare a preacher. so cold. but gaven peeked over my shoulder. and when he became mayor, the very legislation that i introduced became the measure that we were governed by in this city. the other one is that i hold here a cell phone. and i had to introduce the legislation and that would be prohibited to use cell phones. and while driving. almost ran me out of town. it was indicated the truth that was crushed to the earth rose again. and now, we are a safer, society. because it is the law of the
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land. no cell phones. while driving. >> silver? thank you, very much colleagues. it is a great pleasure to be here with clinton and diane and others who i served with over the 12 years that i sat in that chair in this chamber. i know that now people leave after 4:00 or 8:00 years, but because of the p elections and the district elections again i was here for a very, very long period of time and as somebody mentioned, previous to me, this chamber, this body, this city,
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this group of people initiated things that today we take for granted. and harvy my colleague bho sat in that chair, in that chair, sorry. that is right. i am turned around. sorry. and i introduced the first legislation to ban discrimination against gay people in employment. and if you think about that was not that long ago. yet, that was a major piece of legislation that began right here. and i was so lucky to have harvy as a colleague, and to have diane as a colleague, and even to have quinten as a colleague.
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he used to rise and to say, now miss silver, i know that you are the product of a great education at the university of chicago and harvard university. and that is when i knew that he whats going to destroy me in the next week. i am as all of us thrilled to be here, happy to be with my colleagues of yestery year and very, very, grateful to those of you who remember. thank you. >> i just want to remind us of two important words and i always remind myself of. and those two words are public service. i know that that was something that david chui reminded us of the shakespeare is to sort of
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whit, it should dominate our comments today by not having read all of the findings, and i am aware that -- that those words did not follow that. and went on to say too many things, but i will try to follow little of my normal patron saint, if you would. and great role model, saint katis and try to be brief. i came here with only one intention and that was to serve and i think that is why we all came here. and i remember when someone said, what are you hope to accomplish, and i remember saying, some be from the press and i said i hope to leave the body known as the board of supervisors here honorable bli served and served by many, many, other people as in, even better in the institution than when we walked in the door. and i hope that we can all have that in mind that we have accomplished that in so many ways, if you compare us to so many other bodies of government around the country, let alone around the world.
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and we have accomplished incredible things and we are talking about the physical chamber here today, which is of course made of the oak which is extinct and i think that it is important that we contrast ourselves with this species of oak and with the future of our continued legislative body on the board of supervisors here, which never will be extinct in terms of which the continued dedication to public service and no matter how long we are here and the walls stand, that the people who serve here are the people who serve the people, the men and women of san francisco. and it was a great honor to be part of that and i am honored to be among those who have done that. and very honored to think about how i can continue to leave here as long as possible, with the people who will continue to have that, as their model, for life. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor tang would like to say a few words.
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thank you very much, madam president, senator, and mayor lee, and senator leno and councilman chui and tang and members of the board and my colleagues, it is a great honor to be back. and it is a great honor to celebrate this very special occasion today. i want to thank every one of you for allowing me to work with you and to have learned from you. i want to recognize the department heads. who do all of the work. day-to-day. and carry on our legislation, thank you very much. we care so much about the city. every single part of the city. i personally work in china town today. and every day i walk passed the first american flag. that was hoisted in san francisco right at christmas
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square. and i go into work on the land that used to be the hall of justice. today is part of the chinese culture center. and every day i look in the park every day, i look in the neighborhood, and every day i am reminded of and i am sure that you see it every day. and i am reminded of the challenge of this placement. and immigration, and inequity, crime, homelessness, and i would have to say to the current members of the board, and the future members of the board, all of the people who are thinking about running for the board, that we look forward to your leadership. and for us also it is now. we will always be here to support you and to help you succeed. a word to supervisor my former
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colleague, carroll migden. thank you for teaching me to put on my lip stick every day, every time before the committee hearing. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> were there any other members? >> supervisor gonsales? >> thank you. madam president, and mr. mayor, senator, he esteemed colleagues. i know that you are whether you are a member of the board of supervisors, a department head, a city attorney, budget analyst, that you are all considered agents of change, in this city. i consider you trouble makers. and i think that one of the great privileges that i have had not only in this chamber, but in this building is that i was able to serve like devon and dufty
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both in the mayor's office and in this chamber and seeing the executive priorities and the legislative priorities and how they got translated into the good policy. and i think back of the time when i thought that i was going to be a member of this board and i said well, i am probably going to be the first gonzales it did not work out because there was bob and then matt. sxh i said i am going to be the first you know, and only, guatemala. >> and then david compass took that away from me. but, all in all, the one thing that i got you know, is that i got to run city wide, and that was very, very peshl and the elected city wide, and i never gotten that opportunity that had not been for the great mayor who appointed me, to my seat on the board of supervisors. the quintin cox seat and thank you mayor and senator for that.
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but i also when i was thinking about you, thanking you got here, each and every one here made that special sacrifice of roping i don't you are family into this. and having your family do also part of the sacrifice. and i would like you all to applaud your families to the sacrifices that they have made to serve san francisco. and as a point of personal privilege, diane appointed you to the board of supervisors and the people elected me to the board, but the person who let me serve was maria over there, my spouse. so thank you. supervisor hall? >> thank you, madam president. >> i would just like to know, why when the photographer asked everybody to shift to the right i was the only one that did it? no, as the last conservative i
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think elected to this body and maybe in the last 30 or 40 years, it is bring backs the title of an old elton john song, i am still standing and it is really a pleasure to be here. and i had four great years under the direction of our former president matt gonsales and i notice that he roo he mains quiet, he brought in a certain energy and intelligence to this board that we open that we see in the future. but, thank all of you, each and every one of you for the work that you have done for san francisco. god bless. >> thank you, supervisor. i was waiting for you to break out in song. but i will call. >> the title but i am not going to sing it. >> okay. anyone else any of our honored or distinguished guests that are here today? seeing none, i will now recognize supervisor cohen.
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>> oh, carroll. >> no i was supervisor carol. >> a point of personal privilege wondering if there was some lunch in hand here? >> yes, so the sooner we are done with this meeting, the sooner we can go and eat. >> i am glad that point was made. >> thank you very much, but i also want to say that san francisco has always been the jugerknot force that has moved california and therefore has affected the nation. and during my tenure, i remember we prevented guns from being sold, senator, here in san francisco. and we have watched the decades of which you have fought, mightily, and strongly and imperatively, to continue to have our country rid of automatic assault weapons. so i want to say we stood here originally, we stood for the right things, we did not dilly
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dally and we have driven forth afl very come mendable agenda for our country to be proud of. and i thank you. >> thank you very much. >> okay. and seeing no other distinguished guests, i will acknowledge supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. >> and good afternoon, again, ladies and gentlemen, mr. mayor, president breed, and senator, it is wonderful to sit here in this beautiful chamber and just have a moment to reflect. if you think about it, we have come quite a long ways, and in a short period of time, 100 years, mr. mayor you can the first, chinese american mayor, elect and president breed being an african american woman, a few that have held the titles of the chair woman of this body and senator, the first mayor of san francisco. no mistake excuse me?
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>> excuse me. first female mayor, first lady, absolutely. i also want to recognize the current clerk of the board, we have come a really long way, we are celebrating the 100 anniversary of this chamber, when you consider that it was just 51 years, post the proclamation that the african americans were recognized as citizens and i want you to consider that the 19th amendment that legalized the woman's right to vote was just passed 1920, four years after this chamber was established. there are many people that we recognized today. i do want to speak their names and give life and breath and recognize harry fransa, who was a member of this body, the first
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african american to serve in the san francisco board of supervisors. also want to recognize, miss ella, hutch, and on many of you served with our dear great sister kennedy. and doris ward is not able to be with us here today, but she is here with us. and of course, want to again, recognize the reverend dr. amos brown. and i think that it is, these are the shoulders that president breed and i stand on, with great honor and integrity. and i also want to recognize the many aids that are in this chamber, and also recognize the former aids that have joined us here today, because it is without you that we would not be able to do the work that we do every day, serving the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen for bringing up some amazing points. former supervisor ward could not be with us today, she was the
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first african american woman and african american to be president of the board of supervisors. and i am honored to be the second. and i also would like to acknowledge former supervisor maxwell who could not be with us today as well. thank you all so much, again, everyone who has joined us here today, and what an amazing occasion. and to celebrate, 100 years of this incredible chamber, with all of you. and our honored guests and we will continue with our agenda, we have just a few more items before we can adjourn today. including one of those things that i know each and every one of you remembers and enjoyed the most. public comment. >> so, we will go to public comment but before we go to public comment, we will reapprove the minutes from the
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october, 9, 1916 meeting. motioned by? supervisor campos. and seconded by cohen, colleagues could we take that without, objection. those minutes from 100 years ago will be approved after public comment. >> and with that madam clerk, please read public comment. >> at this time the public may comment for up to two minutes within the subject matters jurisdiction of the board regarding the celebration, and the items on the adoption without reference to the calendar. >> welcome to our celebration meeting. >> thank you. >> congratulations and (inaudible)
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>> thank you, next speaker please, and if there are any other speakers, who would like to provide general public comment, please line up to my left. >> thank you, and thank you to the board of supervisors for putting on this meeting. my name is neal and i am a historian with the california heritage council, in 1972, with the cooperation with the mayor, we issued a certificate of recognition to city hall. and signed by henry prene, the president of the california heritage council and in that spirit we want to recognize the
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100th anniversary of this chamber, and i would like to point out that we should mention arthor brown junior, the architect of city hall who especially put a special effort into signing this chamber, and he is one of our great architects of san francisco history. and he went on to design the clay tower, the and the tower of the sun in treasure island and many, many other buildings until the 1950s. and this was the reason why we issued this certificate, of recognition in 1972 was that it really, the city hall was not really very much appreciated at that time, or any other building, of this sort. it was out of our architectal style, and the style being the federal building on golden gate, avenue, for instance, was the style of the 60s. and har ald says that it was a
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neglected master piece, riding above the clutter. and in any case, it is now both as far as interior and exterior concerned, is now fully recognized for what it is, a beautiful and outstanding structure. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker please? >> tom, and congratulations for all of the honored people that are here today. and of late, i have been coming here ail little bit off, and that i have started to feel like i was part of the furniture and it is a great room to feel part of the furniture, but in all truth, it is a better room, and i would like the overhead, please. if we could get the overhead? >> they hand out these cards when you come to public comment. and your organization and whatnot, and i just realized a couple of days ago, that i am a
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public citizen. instead of just complaining i will come here and i will irritate and i will waste a couple of moments, yesterday, i came here and i have to apologize, for coming here and wasting a couple of moments. but it is a nice place to be a public citizen, and i want to thank you, and i hope that this city moves forward again. thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. can we go to the items without reference to the committee? >> yes, item one, october, 18th, 2016, as the 100th anniversary of the board of supervisors legislative chamber in recognition of the celebration of the first official board of supervisors meeting, held here in the legislative chamber. and october 18th, 2016, as the day of the celebration.
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roll call vote? >> oh, supervisor peskin? you want to pull item number three? >> madam president i would like to sever, item number four. >> three? >> four. >> three and 2. >> so madam clerk, could you call the item one? >> president yours is number two, and farrell is number three, and peskin item is number four. okay. >> madam clerk, you call the first item, correct? >> yes, your item has been called. >> could you call the roll on the first item? >> on item two, supervisor compos. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell >>ite. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> peskin.
9:13 pm
>> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> inturp yee? >> aye. >> avalos. >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. there are eleven. >> the resolution is adopted. item number three, please. >> item three, resolution acknowledging board of supervisors legislative fiscal actions taken during the years brier to the rebuilding of the legislative chamber a proving contracts and extending contracts for vendors and aacknowledging those contractors who are instrumental in rebuilding of city hall and the legislative chamber. >> supervisor ferrill. >> thank you. colleagues this is a resolution, acknowledging the fiscal actions taken in the years prior to the rebuilding of this chamber. and i have a lot of comment that i am not going roo he had now, given the time. but i do want to turn it over quickly to helen our city hall historian and see the floor to her before we approve this resolution. >> welcome to the chamber.
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>> thank you very much. this is a historic chamber, if we could go back 100 years we would see an incredible workforce putting up oak and hand carving it on site, doing cast plaster ceilings with the very, very, special ship in the oval called the sand carlos coming in to the harbor of the place calls yerba, and i am stand og carpet that was put here during the restoration, over the original portuguese cork and it contains the official flower of the city and county of san francisco which is the dalia, if you glance up at the clock, done by albert samuel senior, you will see an unusual
9:15 pm
four and then instead of the vs going up, they come down. what he did was he designed a one of a kind clock for one of a kind city. for the people's pal ace, which we are in today. >> thank you. >> colleagues, could we take this item same house same call without objection? the resolution is adopted, unanimo unanimously. and the last item. >> item four? >> recognizing and honoring the service, and who have had the privilege to serve in the chamber for the past, 100 years, thank you. >> supervisor peskin? do you rise? >> thank you, madam president. i do indeed. rise. the words in this resolution recognizing and honoring the service of all members of this board and these exalted chambers
9:16 pm
speaks for itself, i rise to acknowledge the generations of the clerks of the board and their staff that have served generations of boards of supervisors and i want to on behalf of the board, thank the clerk for her and her staff's attention to the proceedings today and this glorious celebration and thank you. >> thank you and before we pass this last sitem, i want to than the visitors for attending the meeting to celebrate the 100th birthday of this incredible legislative chamber and we hope that you all enjoyed our time capsule, and a very quick thank you to the following individuals who coordinated this amazing event for you.
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of course, we would not have been able to pull this off if it were not for the clerk of the board. and her amazing staff. thank you so much. ivin, who is the director of the san francisco international airport and his staff, for designing and printing the historic time line that is directly outside the board chamber, and bill, who is the general manager of the rec and park department, thank you so much, for the beautiful dalias and thank you to all of the young people's teen music, fear company for leading us with the pianist, barry lloyd, and the musical director, thank you jen low for taking this photograph and to our former clerk of the board, kay and her all of the staff in the office of the clerk of the board and the building management. thank you very much. and in the hallway just outside
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the chamber, to the left is the historic time line, that represents slices of our work from the past 100 years. of the legislative activities taken by members of this body, of course with the assistance of the mayors and the voters. it is not representative of all the actions taken or even most of the most important actions necessarily, but it is wonderful to review, and we hope that you enjoy it, we invite those honored gets whose votes are represented they are to meet us after the meeting for the signing ceremony and finally to the members of the public on the way out of this beautiful chamber, we have a limited edition, special gift for you that will be handed out. and colleagues, with that, we will take item number four, same house same call. >> without objection for the resolution, is adopted. and madam clerk is there any other business before us today. >> that concludes our business for the last 100 years. >> thank you, we are adjourned.
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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco full board of supervisors for tuesday, october 18, 2016, madam clerk call the roll supervisor avalos supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim commissioner mar not present. >> supervisor peskin supervisor tang
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supervisor tang present supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor yee? present >> present madam president we have quorum ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, madam clerk are there any accommodations none to report madam president colleagues, any changes to the board minutes of september 6th or 7 september 13? seeing none, is there a motion to approve the minutes seconded by supervisor tang clarifications without objection, without objection those meeting minutes will be
9:22 pm
approved after public comment. okay madam clerk go to the first item the approximately order for the mayor's appearance before the board >> colleagues california i entertain a motion 0 moved by supervisor farrell and seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection without objection the mayor is excused next item. >> >> the consent agenda one and 2 those items are considered route in a member objects it maybe removed. >> seeing no other names on the roster, call the roll supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin
9:23 pm
supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos is supervisor breed there are 11 i's. >> those items are finally passed unanimously next item, please. >> item 3 a ordinance to waive the requirement of the administrative code for a lease agreement between i know i can and the city for an intern skaef at terminal one. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen no. >> after the recall supervisor cowen no supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener
9:24 pm
supervisor yee supervisor avalos no supervisor avalos no supervisor breed. >> breed no 8 i's with 3 inform nos the ordinance finally passes. >> supervisor campos i'd like to rescind seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection without objection the vote has been rescinded madam clerk on item 3 please call the roll. >> supervisor campos no supervisor cowen no supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos no supervisor breed. >> no
9:25 pm
there are 7 i's with supervisor campos supervisor cowen and supervisor breed in the descent the ordinance is passed item 4. >> to retroactively have the sheriff's department to enter into the excited month to month with global tel link and reducing the call rates for inmate telephone cowls u calls to modify the commission paid to the sheriff's reinforcement vote supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos
9:26 pm
supervisor breed there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously 5 for the approval the second amendment to the revenue between public works and the code san francisco for the automatic public toilet and kiosk to extend it for a total agreement through 2017 supervisor peskin roll call please. all right. madam clerk call the roll. >> on item 5 supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim no. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin no supervisor tang supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos no. >> supervisor breed. >> there are 7 i's and 4 nos
9:27 pm
with supervisor kim oar supervisor peskin, supervisor wiener and . >> the resolution is adopted item 6 to authorize the department of health to submit an application to get ryan grant and request $16.7 million in hiv emergency relief program funding for the eligible metropolitan area for 2017 a reinforcement on item 6 supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee
9:28 pm
supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously next item. >> item 7 referred without recommendation from the government audit oversight to appropriate one hundred thousand dollars in the general to the department of emergency management to provide relieve for italy victims. >> supervisor farrell. >> so colleagues, i know there was a tragedy that happened no italy as some of us are very, very close friends i've heard about it but i don't believe that san francisco should be in the business for providing assistance for every tragedy around the world as attempting i fully support and are personally contributed to efforts here in
9:29 pm
san francisco to aid those victims but to me this is a mistake most o more importantly what are we are doing in terms of avenue slirm e slippery slope what about the isis bauchl and the list can go on and on and whether is one hundred or one million dollars the city of san francisco shouldn't be in this business it is a wrong thing to do because i can think of many things the city of san francisco needs in the sidewalks and in the budget every single year that we should be spending the money as opposed to to giving it abroad. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor peskin thank you madam president and colleagues first of all, i think we're all aware of what happened on august 24th hour in the nation state of italy but here we are the day after the 27
9:30 pm
anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake and here we are on the one hundred anniversary of the those chambers built after the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire after the loma prieta earthquake san francisco benefited from contribution from individuals and nations from around the world this is has been a part of a longs trajectory where san francisco an earthquake prone city has recognized the fact the world radical rallied for san francisco in 1989 and indeed the tradition of coming to the aid of cities around the planet started long before i was on the board the last time this is done for cities in schien by the
9:31 pm
board of supervisors in the late 1990s and el salvador and india all of them the result of earthquakes that is part of a proud tradition i submit to all of you what comes around goes around we should remain one hundred years and 27 years later the world taken care of of san francisco a 9 point plus million dollars this appropriations is no whereas, large as the appropriations in times we had a much smaller budget vote our conscious i think the nation state of italy and the proud indian-american tradition of san francisco warrant this vote. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor campos thank you madam president i mean i appreciate with supervisor farrell is saying but i think that the city we have to
9:32 pm
recognize that we don't live in a vacuum that in fact, we're connected to other parts of the world and that one of the things that comes with being a city, state, in the year 2016 is to stretched step forward and help other parts of the world in a tough time with a natural disaster and the idea that the cities will do the same for when the time if that time comes we find ourselves in that position i think outside the box to me that's appropriate it is a gesture consistent with who we are with the city of st. francis i'll have an issue from the amount was much larger but i think that is more a symbol that
9:33 pm
we recognize that we're part of a larger world and that in some respect we are connected to other parts of the world. >> thank you supervisor campos supervisor cowen. >> good afternoon colleagues particularly the maker of this appropriation i think i'm in a the conflict i see that as more of a nuance position one that potentiality could be helpful with clarification do we give aid only in the instance of an earthquake? have we given aid whenever a member has requested aid to be given to a country supervisor peskin i'm going to direct my question towards you, you may have the most knowledge.
9:34 pm
>> madam president. >> supervisor peskin through the president to supervisor cowen to my knowledge all the instances of the city of san francisco budget committee storing guests on 09 cities in the instances of earthquake only earthquakes to the best of my knowledge. >> that would be helpful as i reviewed this appropriation and the language what came to my mind 9 devastation of haiti was it for an earthquake or a natural disaster hold on supervisor avalos i'd like to hear our answer where i am i'm wondering i i feel comfortable if we did it for earthquakes and set a precedence for earthquake okay some kin red sister city synergy happening there then my question if it is not for
9:35 pm
earthquake perhaps develop a process around which - what's the criteria to evaluate where and more importantly how much i do so supervisor farrell's position i think of the homeless crisis i see that is a a huge disaster we can use one hundred thousand dollars to assist but not an excuse really to understand what past boards have done and if at all possible to set up a protocol and standard sometimes are acts are heavy handed or favoritism and madam chair. >> supervisor avalos through the chair we've done a number of appropriations from the general reserve earthquakes
9:36 pm
are not the only instances there have been hurricanes and ti phones we responded to hurricane felix that hit honduras and nicaragua and committed 200 thousands the funds that went to those parts of regions actually were not k345e7b8d through the american red cross but through the ground that enabled communities to build wells and have appropriated technology for their continuation that was successful we actually had monitoring to look at how that was done to work the mayor's office had gone down to do that and as you recall in december of 2004 for new year's day the tsunami that hit thailand and we
9:37 pm
committed money to that as well an attempt to do a larger amount the board committed to a smaller amount. >> do you remember the amount. >> maybe a million dollars or 200 and 50 thousands i don't recall for hurricane it hit the philippines in 2013 we committed 200 thousands that didn't go through the american red cross but to organizations that were work on the ground for the dollars had maximum benefits for people on the ground who were dealing with the impact sometimes, we send dollars to organizations and organizations take a lot of the administrative you know money for the administrative processes we have a history of doing that note a set format but we've before successful in dealing with supporting communities that are
9:38 pm
suffering from natural disasters to make sure the organizations are well effected if in the country's the government's making sure the monies are used appropriately. >> thank you. i appreciate probation officer history lesson so although helpful doesn't bring me to a position to cast a yes vote i again want to reiterate that perhaps we develop a process and if there is a process i'm unaware of it let me know what type of a natural disaster warrants a contribution from the city and county of san francisco thank you. >> thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor avalos you want
9:39 pm
you had your name and he removed 2 you were richmond to a question. >> it was pretty much to respond to that question we say a history and actually successful from the i point of view to the places we're trying to get money to. >> thank you supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll not belabor the point i appreciate the comments i'll suggest that is more appropriate for individuals to contribute to we can do 3 individually as supervisors or people in the community with the philanthropic efforts to support this and despite some of the comments we're not a nation state and not the federal government this shouldn't be what we're doing as a city. >> thank you seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk can you please call roll. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen no
9:40 pm
supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed no there 7 i's and 4 nos with supervisor cowen supervisor farrell public utility supervisor tang and - passed on the fdr's before we go to item 8 we have 2:30 accommodations my name is we have two today so at this time i'd like to recognize supervisor campos for the first accommodation. >> it is indeed my honor today to present this accommodation to o d c i know there are
9:41 pm
representatives please come on up if you can come up to the podium please and i'll make a couple of comments over the past 40 years o d c which is celebrating the anniversary which is why i'm wearing red and everyone in any office is wearing red for the last 40 years transformed the regional and national dance landscape through the year-round mentoring in 1976 overly danced with o d c rent a place on mississippi street and represented local artists as creative changemakers in 1979 they were evicted as a company
9:42 pm
took a giant leap by purchasing a hardware shop to be the new home this early investment security deep legacy and particularly in the mission district o d c brings the dance and lifelong professional two home to the organization d c dance a world-class dance and training school for dancers it is home to fully subsidized health cafe and center and, of course, the recent status quo o d c theatre that is gorgeous the school continues to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience the movement open 365 days a week it offices
9:43 pm
programs for youth and adults ranging if reincarcerational to professional dancers the dance continues to produce new work for the social values of the co-sponsorgraphies (calling names) it is known for the outreach activities since 1976 o d c theatre has been the mobile listing force behind the artists and the foot hold for national, international touring artists seeking in the bay area the theatre founded by brenda has earned its place as a inbudget to - those leaders that give our region the unmistakable flare so with that, i'd like to call up brenda found and art director to say a few
9:44 pm
words. >> thank you very much thank you supervisor campos for inviting us here and thank you for everybody wearing red it is toughing touching and since we have a captive audience do a little dance ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
. >> (clapping.) >> i'd like to thank nia and daniel for dancing and if you come to the theatre you'll see the bottom half of those dances i came to san francisco 40 years
9:47 pm
ago lured by the nature but the art is under siege this city known for decades for the imagination and creativity and innovation in the arts is facing a crisis due to the hi costs artists are leaving and young talent can't afford to move here that will be felt for years we are going to lose one teacher i hope and urge all of you as leaders to seek out the artist in our district to celebrate the remark diversity go see their work and bring our family and friends and contribute this is the heart of leadership in my view setting the engagement for your constituency and finally i couldn't be existed if i didn't
9:48 pm
mention proposition f to homeless children that fund is a matter of life and death and artists a matter of stay or leave i hope you appreciate the powerful population and what the support could mean to the common future yours, ours and our children i have 4 of them i urge you to stand up the results will be the common legacy and our great pride henry wrote work and learn in the days and days of debt and dispensation fight in the shade of cloud of arrows we're fighting in the shade and need you to join us, please do.
9:49 pm
>> (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> thank you for that dance. >> thank you so much. >> now everyone will break out in a dance musical thank you for your commitment to san francisco and our years of service to the arts community you're dance company thanks and congratulations >> (clapping.) >> okay. >> with that, i'd like to recognize supervisor katie tang for an accommodation. >> thank you, colleagues i'm excited to welcome to our board chamber not a one time or
9:50 pm
two-time but a 3 time olympian - and at scared heart shannon was a national high school champion in the 8 hundred meters and a two 7, 8, 9 high school champion in the 8 hundred meters and 16 hundred meters and inducted to the sacramento champion hall of fame so bear in mind and shannon campaigned at the duke university in the inn door as a freshmen was the fourth woman to
9:51 pm
earn the honor in the naacp champion and victorian team and helped to place third on the cross country championship and she set personal best times and records in the 8 hundred, 15 hundred and 5 thousand meters and chase raze she became the first day woman to earn the naacp double champion mile as i mentioned a 3 time olympian in beijing and 2016 most recently in rio and with the ovens - the first woman in the hundred
9:52 pm
meters a two 7, 8, 9 world championship from 2009 and 16 and holds 3 records and one world record and if that was not enough ranked in the top 10 in the world for nearly a decade and only one of two women to broken 2 minutes in the 8 rhetoric and 4 minutes in the 1 hundred and 1, 40 in the 5 k she's a huge role model to san francisco runners and so nice to come out to the sunset where she tried auto some of the fitness stations we're trying to encourage people to exercise in the outdoor and what is exist to know that shoop from san francisco we you know she's driven the pathway and parks of our city and actually enjoys it i find that truly amazing and
9:53 pm
another fun fact when we met her a couple of weeks ago my track coach her high school track from scared heart welcome to the chambers. >> thank you for being here and, of course, before i turn 2 over to you shannon i have remarks from supervisor wiener since i know you're a resident and assembly member alden to here to speak on his behalf. >> supervisor wiener. >> shannon congratulations for your amazing feat in representing our city and community so admirably and we're neighbors we live close to each other. >> thank you for giving me the honor to represent you and i am
9:54 pm
before you are but go blue devi devils. >> good afternoon. i'm the deputy district member for - thank you to supervisor tang office to join in the maximizations for that shannon for assembly member phil our accomplishment are a fantastic achievement for the entire state of california assembly member was happy to honor you because of representing san francisco and the assembly he's the parents of too young daughters growing up in san francisco like you do you're a role model you're a role model for admit two obesity so see what a champion looks like and we're proud to honor you on behalf of the california state assembly and on behalf of the board of
9:55 pm
supervisors. >> thank you, ms. alden colleagues, any questions or comments? >> i won't speak long i don't believe i'm standing here right now as a fifth generation san franciscan this is a huge honor to be here i never thought as a little girl dancing and playing soccer and running across the city to find myself in this situation i discovered my passionate cesar chavez stadium and my life takes me all over the world in competitions san francisco is really molded me san francisco the woman i am a city where - i never thought i couldn't accomplish something because i was a woman and through all the stages i've been supported having admit high school coach she's gone to every world championship and go
9:56 pm
brought his directors i have support of my high school and husband and family is here it is a city that it may be one of the best and biggest city's in the world but an honor to represent san francisco every time i toe the line in a race thank you for this honor i'm grateful for it. >> (clapping.)
9:57 pm
>> congratulations you'll be happy to know we've redone the track and at key czar. >> commissioner coppel r supervisor cowen supervisor mar you have an accommodation supervisor mar so let me first say it is great to have therapists artists and dancers honored the hundred years of supervisors and others in the building the next honoree is a strategic planner for the whole region i wanted to ask if are from the association of area government's can come forward and miriam and julian and others if you want to come forward withes are thank you for the staff of e bag a visionary i
9:58 pm
want to say that the slogan of the area building on a legacy of leadership we're building a future and of our region based on the leadership ofes a ezra a the - to expand dialogue and realty voices of 101 cities and the 9 counties of this 7 million person so soon to be 9 million people by the bay area eco system he's championed the leadership and retired as of earlier this month but his tenure on e bag to develop a regional plan a vision that is supporting the housing efforts for san francisco and so many
9:59 pm
other cities and areas as well as the vision of each of our cities in the whole region even when we faced major health issues he dedicated a strong commitment to the association of government as a solid democratic development of the future i want to say after the package of sb 375 pushing our cities and counties to work towards the strategieses are empowered the regions of not only san francisco and the bay area and sacramento working together as one for the whole region the staff of abag are notorious for research but it is data with a heart and 2345i9s because of his leadership tying our housing feeds to transportation and job needs as well
10:00 pm
i want to acknowledge that has we move forward to our planned bay area 2040 to plan for the future of our community please join me as we'll vote later but thank him for the legacy of leadership's a leadership's. >> (clapping.) >> thank you this is a great honor i never expected this but a career he keep my head do you think that's the way to get things done but i want to say that san francisco has been much more than that progressive sins i moved to san francisco o california and an honor to be here with you i would hope you'll keep