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tv   Entertainment Commission 101816  SFGTV  November 4, 2016 6:00am-6:36am PDT

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>> tuesday, october 18, 2016, meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission my name is a bryant tan the president and a few housekeeping items one please turn off your cell phones or on vibrate not to interrupt the meeting and two if you're a member of the public i don't see a lot of people out there but like to speak under public comment please do so. >> finally thank you to sfgovtv and the media services for airing this meeting live and recorded to the public we're going to start with a reluctant. >> commissioner caminong commissioner joseph commissioner lee
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commissioner frost president tan. >> we have quorum i'm pretty much that commissioner perez said he'll be in attendance this evening and commissioner thomas is out of town. >> we have quorum the first item on the agenda is general public comment for comments that relative to the business of entertainment commission any public comment. not seeing any, public comment is closed. move on to item 2 the approval of our minutes from october 4th i move to approve all right. a motion is there a second second. >> all right. there is a motion that has been seconded any changes or comments to the minutes? i don't see any any public comment on the minutes nope public comment is closed. commissioners take a vote >> start on the other end
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commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner caminong i'm going to abstain. >> you don't need to be presents maybe you were not here doesn't matter where you were present or not. >> from here on out if you're not here you can vote for approve the minutes and president tan. >> that item passes minutes are approved we'll move on to report if a our sound inspections starting with inspector pauley several items to report start with new complaints or one complaint the clubhouse was a 10 october 17 about 7:45 p.m. >> you said october. >> october 10, 2016, 745 a noise complaint about an event i got there an hour later
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the event was over he followed up with the planning department because they recently appealed the decision person trying to - they have a grandfather permit like 50 events a year and can only do event hold events for people that are part of association people that are part of neighborhood their trying to get an exemption to be able to do events outside like private events so i talked with planning about that and mr. larkin basically said they shouldn't be doing if their noise complaint we decide them that we should follow-up or whatever but nevertheless, this particular complaint i didn't find a noise issue that was over by the time i got there but following up and trying to figure out what is going on i suspect not a lot of information just someone in the
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association having an event so may take ground work but handle by inspector burk moving on to the hedge barn kitchen that is last thursday the 13 of october 10th:30 a.m. they have a house system not very loud they have peaks at 92 they were not serving liquor they are doing corporate event not a loud situation that went off without a hitch no impact on the neighborhood behind them a shop there's a auto shop they don't have a neighbor attached to them and the only complaints they've gotten from the neighbors is in regards to patrons that leave
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and too loud not a loud system update on club malibu last time i recorded by issues ventilation holes to their exterior and this is a picture of a ventilation and the fan they attached i went by once at the 11 o'clock on friday night zero impact and 2:00 a.m. because the neighbors complained about patrons living room about 2:10 a.m. sunday morning and nobody outside generally what i see when i go by going i don't see folks lingering i tried to schedule a so you would test with the neighbor closest to the venue their complaining the most we've been playing phone tag i left
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them a message and tell them to e-mail and that way we have a record i haven't heard by the way, back but get a test and see what is going on they sent another complaint an sunday that was loud i did not see anything but nevertheless, a variance with their experience and their house what is going on the street so i'm going to follow up and try to figure that out situation out a couple of compliance items the blue light 1979 union street 15 of october under new management maggie suspected they're under new ownership their permit is expired by operating with a billiard table they'll be coming
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in for a permit and the last issue the after hours 50150 i went but as 3:30 a.m. and did a visible inspection a busy party like the only major after hours party so it looked fine i mean, they, do better with the line we'll try to talk with them about. >> question. >> i'm confused it says venue is that the same thing as barn value. >> no. >> that's 5550. >> it is otherwise known as the human video game. >> oh, right. >> there's some other things that are interested in talking about we'll talk about offline. >> so o do they do that has a
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human video game. >> i haven't seen it in awhile and maybe the first month. >> maybe not like for a year. >> is it just after hours. >> as far as i know i think so. >> don't they have a liquor license. >> they start before, after, hours i think they have a liquor license they're not supposed to be serving after two nevertheless, if you have any questions i'll be happy to answer them. >> i don't think so if they have a liquor license. >> that's. >> commissioners no questions pretty straightforward so one quick question about malibu do you think the case will close
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soon it sounds like. >> once the sound test there will probably happen from any excellence p will happen they're going to the residence so fourth i can hear it inside the residence i don't want to jump to inclusions but the sounds like situation and want to follow-up hey i don't know if it will close soon and - but you know where we're managing it and maybe their definitely maybe there's something going on i can't preserve what is happening so - >> thank you for the update they're taking a lot of resources for such a small place let's move on to introoushgs. >> one of the complaints to report on geary we have a resident that has reached out in
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the past about this sunday nights there they do a jazz jam and i've been told they're leaving windows and doors open working with the residents to center them reach out in realtime when i'm patrolling on days i plan on paying a visit this subpoenaed. >> talking with management and security sounds like a recent turnover in staff now they've left the issue. >> performed a followup on the armory this past sunday after updates to entry and exit ways on the doors on 14th street i took a.m. i did not measurements on wood ward and compared those
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to low frequency sounds like levels during the day on sunday and so far as i can tell the measurement the investigators are looking at the space and in touch with the multiple residents on julia and on 14th street and at that point none recorded any kind of disturbance through conditions on sundays were not perfect that was a gathering in one of the part time buildings that was full of sound and the rain had an effect on the higher frequency it was apparent that was controlled but hard to gage the higher frequency due to the weather and didn't have access to the
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departments moving i was able to increase the sound limit on the venue itself moving forward i hope to see myself and inspector, next item. >> pauley is look at the additional improvements and when the permit is installed it is important that we keep a close ear i did issue a notice of violation on jesse we got a complaint directly in the hotel across the street upon arrival there was a tour bus parked in on jesse that who's engine was running the manager at messing then said a second complaint from the plaza who lives in one of the
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part times buildings i made sure and established ambient a couple of months back that night about who o two and a half decimals above ambient to i issued a notice of violation for the good neighbor policy number 8 violation of municipal police code we discussed they're familiar with the short power that is a high current power venue that is basically able to power touring vehicles so they don't have to run engines throughout the night their work on that we we'll check in before this weekend. >> i have a question. >> yes.
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>> is the increased noise coming from the bus or the venue. >> i think i think the nature of a bus hum is so consistent and instant not necessarily disturbing people that internal revenue used to it but if it hums until the close of the night not as disturbing at the entering ment speak from the messing then i know based on how the meter was jumping the decimal in the alley was hitting over ambient from the beat of music the actual noise from the bus running didn't extend past the bus. >> watts was the but running or the generate. >> it was the buses engine the
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generators are quieter. >> thank you a couple of places that i keep an eye on over the past weeks island 32 i have tendency to see police lights outside on that corner i think you remember a report from our past hearing and this one in particular i did stop in again and security e vehicle code a patron i talked to security thank you sounds like things were handled well in island 32 and like i'm doing with most of my inspections and conversation with security i'm encouraging and insisting that people have an intern report onsite getting case numbers and cab numbers whenever a police is
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involved and making sure my number is on site and respond in realtime to take an assessment that happened with milan pete's we got 4 complaints today incident report from central station i told them the same thing 31 any alteration of violence or incidents with the police we need to hear about it. >> the milan pizza a permit holder. >> the end up this past weekend keeping an eye on them two weekends ago they're closed on saturday and sunday but the regular day party there seems to be in general disorganization on
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site people showing up late equipment maybe not functioning up to standard some confusion about policy and i'm keeping really good notes about their partitioned generally nothing egregious to mention as of now but i think some overall lack of attendance to policy and lack of attention to detail is not a great combination one trying to keep them safe and sounds like i'm going out on a limb and making judgements i want to keep you guys posted since we've heard a lot about that. >> so head of security is not on the premise. >> on an event recently, i was there this was not this past sunday but the sunday before
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they were scheduled to open at 2 i was onsite at 1:30 the head of security was not onsite the i b scanner was broken and that was dropped off shortly after scheduled to open i asked security if they thought that was a good idea to open the club without the head of security and after a short conversation thought it wouldn't be a good idea if i wasn't there. >> the owner of place. >> or wasn't there. >> he stopped by to drop off an i b scanner and i didn't see him again. >> no second in command. >> there's a manage onsite there is a doorman with a guard
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card they don't consider necessarily as part of their security team more like a doorman so general confusion based on experience that. >> you said no medal detector it was found to the faulty and batteries. >> did they pat down or use the one hand. >> i don't recall once i found i knew the wand was working my attention shifted elsewhere. >> this was at 2 in the morning. >> in the afternoon another day party. >> thank you did they have a change in
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staffing? something going on; right? i'm trying to figure out. >> so they have had the same management and ownership and i think some members of the security team have changed over he would have to do more research. >> okay. >> i mean this is not a hearing at the moment your updating us. >> i have one more question your experience with the operation they're not close on weekends are rerelatively crowded before 2:00 a.m. or are they more of the after hours crowd that is there? do you notice their packed or crowds are thin? or. >> i can't say necessarily
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they've over crowding at any point they have lines i think they are some nights well attended and some nights not there is room to improve that change over when they move from the early parties to the morning party but i'm not seeing crowds uncontrollableable. >> the reason i was asking you was wondering from the crowds are 39 and the lack of attention is with the attendance falling off and money issues that's my trends of thought. >> i think crowds have thinned in recent weeks then this may has to do with the program switch has to do with i don't want to make guessed.
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>> i was wondering it doesn't matter. >> i feel it is strong 1 o'clock there is no line but i left around that area at 2 there is a long line. >> they're getting door. >> it is 50 bucks or something. >> it is quite high they're making money somewhere. >> not a lack of income pushing their lack of - >> organization. >> thank you last note treasure island news this past weekend some rain delay and weather issues but sound was very much contained on the island and no complaints to
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311 or sffd no complaints to the hotline. >> not have sound nature. >> not of the sound nature. >> great - >> any jane kim fans. >> i was wondering any comments if commissioners or questions. >> commissioner perez welcome. >> did you guys do any reports about the dream force event at palace. >> the u-2 concert. >> not that i'm aware of i'm seeking a lot of shacking heads to the negative. >> all right. any public comment on our inspector reports i don't see any public comment is closed. we'll move on to item number 4 police department questions or comments and none here to speak
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for them move on to item 5 consent calendar so i actually instructed our deputy director of up to date items that needed our consent on consent agenda we only have one permit to be honest i would like to open up for a short presentation because we have only one permit and our guest is here why not come up i'll have director kane introduce it and tell us about users. >> sorry maggie is not here this evening but it looks like a i'll tell you more brand newing
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i've not been there but excited just to be clear i think that commissioner frost had a hard time finding it the police department sent an e-mail to the deputy director on october thursday october 13th indicating that bayview station approved the live performance permit with only condition they would to see a monthly event calendar and e-mail will be adequate so that is just fyi in case it's not in our package. >> hello, i'm ed one of the 3 owners of harmonic also the before hrewer - we're in the s
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ends up a production brewery with a small taproom a place for neighbors to congregate and socialize we wanted to do a little bit of live music we're not a concert venue by provide customers that are in the tapping room some entertainment from time to time about once a month have a band or dj or something. >> great that's pretty straightforward in the application once a month but the permit you can have entertainment any day. >> right. >> i mean that's no problem
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there i guess there was even though the neighborhood association there is some addressing about garbage and all that i guess you'll be conscious about that part of good neighbor policy. >> we tried ourselves in connected to our neighborhood part of dog patch neighborhood and the upping dog patch association so our the members of those associations around the brewery regularly and one of the 3 owner is there all the time and we're there probably 15 or 16 hours a day making sure everything is okay. >> they're really good people and obviously we have a club there one time had a lot of issues the support you they're there so you guys got support letters from them.
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>> i think that commissioner perez has a question. >> hello thanks for coming in i was wondering your plans to contain the sound within our venues making sure it didn't bother the neighbors. >> we're fully contained and a tapping room next to where we're planning on having music we're not having the music loud we're have family-friendly venue and they don't want to drown out our customers so the volume controls we'll be there to control volume. >> an in house sound system or something you're asking whoever to bring along. >> a pa system it a band could use or bring their own again we'll be there to monitor what was being used like amplifiers
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and guitars but will be controlled not two loud for the customers. >> the band can hook up to your sound system a board or play there their amps. >> they can hook up to the board. >> you have a board. >> like a portable two speakers small mixing board. >> you know what kind of speakers they are just occurs. >> i don't. >> you don't okay. thank you. >> i'm assuming you play music off an ipod or something. >> what kind of bands will you have duly sworn or 4 or 5 piece bands. >> yeah. probable something like that. >> a big band. >> a 3 piece band. >> what we ask is big bands
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will bring in their amps and pipe into our system you have control or they control it and the sounds like basically comes out. >> the city has two small places and is amps wouldn't be any big deal i don't think. >> but do they use their own. >> if they use their own equipment they'll set up next to the bar make sure even with the sounds like board or anything we'll make sure they are reasonable limits. >> thank you yeah. i mean - okay. >> all right. any other questions from commissioners. not seeing any, it seems sfraurd i think that is great to see more bureaucracyries and have music because sometimes a ipad
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didn't is cut it have a seat. >> any public comment on harmonic brewer permit. >> are you here to speak about the harmonic brewer company. >> hi, my name is silvia johnson. i have a been putting the editors for with harmonic listing for a professional driver it is present already that has sequences that endures with music and i had opportunity
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with it now i have been having you know what you call it bone marrow having too much pain and told them before on they did medical issues that had brought into music business we had you know making issue for that on - for his business and i do want to make an issue that needs to be more flyers, more workers to make sure that alcohol would be not as -
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control and i knew that - because i i did not because of medical that going through going stuff created on my face because of those people that don't realize this issue that has become and the ward didn't have an issue that is all brainwashed. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment all right. not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioners - there's no more comments let's take a vote. >> if we can do a motion i'm distracted a motion to approve
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second. >> let's take a vote. >> clarification the motion includes the monthly calendar to the sfpd. >> okay. >> yes. >> thumbs up on that motion commissioner frost commissioner lee. >> commissioner joseph commissioner caminong you're not commissioner thomas commissioner perez president tan. >> that item passes congratulations harmonic brewing. >> call maggie tomorrow or the next day item number 6 we're almost done commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioners have anything to say all right. monarch move on to item 7 new items for future agenda okay. you look like you want to
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say something >> no, no not at all i'm fast. >> no other business i'm going to adjourn this as 6:11 p.m. have a good night