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tv   Transporation Authority Full Board 102516  SFGTV  November 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log >> good morning.
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and welcome to the monthly meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority, i'm scott weiner, the chair of the authority. and mr. clerk will you please call the roll? >> all right, item one, roll call. >> avalos? >> here. >> breed, present. >> campos chl >> present. >> cohen. >> present e >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim absent. >> mar. absent. >> peskin. >> present. >> tang. >> present. >> weiner. >> present. >> yee. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you very much. and before going any further i want to thank sfgov tv, for broadcasting today's hearing. and item two, please? >> item two, chair's report, this is an information item. >> thank you.
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colleagues, this has been an exciting month for the transportation authority. last friday i was very happy to join with commissioner kim's office to to the cal tran and the chp, and the federal highway administration, and the metropolitan commission, and this was the first major capitol project delivered by the traness powertation authority. and the new ramps provide safe access, and are the first of many infrastructure projects planned for the treasure island and yerba buena island, i want to con gr congratulate the director, and for competing the 98 million dollar project on time and on budget. and i also would like to congratulate cal trans in the opening of the bike and the pedestrian an path, connect tg to the island on sunday.
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and this regional link was much anticipated on by many people. and a lot of people are going to benefit from this improved access. and so this is no longer any dead ends and i want to thank the agencies that were involved in moving this forward. earlier this month, they were also, delighted when the federal department of transportation secretary fox announced the award of a 11 million dollar, innovaive technology and grant for san francisco and the projects funded by the grant will be implemented by the mta and the transportation authority with the support from uc berkeley, and including the development of the high occupancy lanes, and car pools. and many smart traffic signal or the smart traffic signals to reduce congestion and improve the safety and the electronic toll system and the testing of three shuttles for treasure island, and i am excited to see
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these demonstration projects beginning to transform, the visions and in the practical solutions and i want to congratulate the mta and the transportation authority and thank, mayor lee and, leader pol for their support for this effort. i would like to thank the ta and the mta staff, michael swartz. and jones, for presenting an up date of the planning study at the board of supervisors land use and transportation committee last week, it was great to see the early thinking by the planners in the public including a lot of feedback on where the major rail and subway investment could make sense. and although, it is early and our plans are am ikz i am convinced as a city and a region, we must be forward looking in setting the transit that we want to pursue and i look forward to the completing of the study, and when i offered it tapped into a lot of energy, in the committee and the people
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want more subways and i am glad that we are finally moving towards at least an initial study of where the future subway lines should go and of course, the hard work of planning and obtaining the funds and so with that, ic, conclude my remarks ad here he is. and i want to ask if commissioner mar would like to do a report out for the revolution conference that he attended earlier this month. at the hyatt just in time. he is by his microphone. it was a great conference, 1200 people, 75 speakers and great to hear from ed from the mta and the mtc and i think that for me, the most important parts were looking at transit authority and development and putting the e in to the tod or the equity and for real liveable cities. and to really build more sustainable but also equitable
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for the low income people that the communities are protected. i think that amy really had the great perspective and really as usual, the transform staff like ramos and our mta commissioner did a great job integrating the great transit thinking with the housing development and land use policy. and i also wanted to say that a lot of the tours were pretty amazing for the visitors from around the country as well. and a great panel with christie wang from spur on housing and how we merge housing developments that is equitable with the transportation policy as well. and i wanted to last say that was a fun conference, and they, kind of wonky but building in lots of interesting ways to talk about complex and challenging policies. i think that kim, from the tech crunch to many of the others, talked about the challenges with the innovation capitol of the
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world. the san francisco sil con, valley, bay area, but many other regions are looking towards us for how we do it right. and i wanted to at last say that i think that conferences like this are great for the networking but for me, it is like the synergism and the intersectionality of the work that a lot of people are doing and hats off to the organizers, especially the low income investment fund and others who really insuring that the vision of equity and social justice is integrated into the transportation planning, thank you. >> and thank you, commissioner mar. okay. i see no other names pish r withishing to speak, is there any public comment on item two? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item. item three? >> three. executive director's report. this is an information item. >> miss chang. >> thank you. and commissioners before you today are three reports from my monththy report as well as two updates on the projects. first off at the federal level,
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good news on that safety front, the u.s. department of transportation has also announced its commitment to end traffic deaths with a launch of its road to zero plan to reduce and eliminate the traffic fatalities by 20 and in 30 years, and so in about 2046 and later, in october, we also saw support by the league of cities, which adopted a resolution, supporting vision zero initiative and it will require, consistent and unified advocacy from the california cities, including san francisco, la and san diego and, san jose, and so we are really thrilled with the developments at the federal and the state levels to support the local effort and to continue the collaboration that we have begun here locally. and another up date on the federal front is that the nation alien vier mental policy, and the delegation to the cal transand the risk of expiring and this is back to 2007, when
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california was the first state to be delegated by the federal government, from the usdot, federal highway administration. but that sunset provision for the expiration date of that authority is january, 2017, and unfortunately, efforts to reup on that to extend that sunset, failed earlier, in this legislative session, however there is two more options. with the special session, that continues to late november. as well as potentially in the bill in december that will allow for the cal transto retain that delegate authority. and so meanwhile, we are supporting the advocacy, by the cal trans, for both of these options and we will work with the partners at the self-help counties to take action quickly and allow for the projects to continue unimpeded and without interruption. >> and so chair, weiner it you so much for coming and speaking again. and at our westbound, i80 celebration and it was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the new capacity and the new partnerships that we
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have developed as we have implemented this important project. it was very exciting and it was very festive and i would also like to recognize our past director, jose who worked together with lee and also, with eric, back then at that stage as well. and previous, administrations of the mayor's administration and our chair at the time, chair avalos and others before him. and so this has really been a wonderful long term effort and definitely will be the first of many connections to the treasure island, to come. regarding the resolution, conference, thank you mar for representing san francisco and for your deep involvement in so many of those topics as the topics that i think is really that truly is the value of those gathers that i find as well. and i was honored to moderate a panel on building, the brt partnerships and really putting in the brt and the context of the streets and all of the disciplines that come together around affordability and access and land use, and urban design
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and safety in particular, and our principle planner, michael also presented on san francisco pioneering policies around the demand management and so it was a wonderful conference and to congratulate the organizers, and i also participated in a few panel and just wanted to let the board know about the its and the institute of transportation program, and it is a four campus collaboration for research and so we have been supporting that as well as the state wide, transportation, transit planning effort as well that is i am naturing for that led by ucla, it is a time in california where many local jurisdictions and the state wide institutions are trying to implement the new climate mandate, and all of our important transportation initiatives. >> locally the chair has mentioned some of the exciting news about the usdot grant, and that is available for more
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information on our website. and press release there to describe some of those projects and the subway vision as well. is described further on the website, and we want to thank the public for their over 2600 submission and suggestions for what quarters we should be looking at and so that work will continue through the connect sf effort together with the planning department and sfmta and the regional partners. >> moving to the freeway side, our freeway quarter management study is making progress. we really want to spreesht v appreciate the commission staff, and the executive director, art and his project management lis for coming to our plans and programs committee and presented on their percent with the 580, and the 680 lanes and then we provided an up date on our study as well. and alternative concepts for the 280, 101, corridor should be available by the end of this year and it will be conducting the out reach to the neighborhoods along the corridor, both local and regional travelers to hear their
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thoughts and questions about how we might better improve the reliability and efficiency for the transit, the buses and the trans, offer the service in the corridor as well as to the motorists who are trying to access san francisco, from the south bay. and the geary bus rapid transit project and the quarter improvement project where we are working with our federal partners who are roo he viewing the final document. and the last steps before we can release it is to obtain their approval in the next few weeks, following the release, we anticipate, holding a brt citizen's meeting in mid novemeber, where the citizens advisory committee can indicate its support for preferred alternatives and then, the next step would be for that decision to come to this body as well as the sfmta board and so we will continue to support this with an out reach, effort once the environmental document is released. but we have been presenting along the way, updates on what
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we have heard what we have done in response to the tremendous, public input that we have received to date. and so, i encourage the folks to check out geary which is the website on the project. the related news on van ness is that we are entering doo construction, and so congratulations to the sfmta and the partner and the public works and the others on the milestone and over the next couple of weeks. there is going to be a few traffic changes and the public open house on october fifth to help to get the word out about the changes. and the signal timing and left turn removals and among those variable message signs will be used to notify motorists, and make sure that the drivers are aware of the change. and in addition, polk sfreet is expected to also, undergo its ground break and construction as well. and so these two projects should be completed by late, 2018, and 19, respectively. moving on with project delivery,
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the prop k, antip, program and the neighborhood transportation program is making great progress, and we saw for example, the out reach on lumbard street and we are going to continue that out reach and hold a second meeting in mid novemeber to share some of the findings and then continue to receive public input on the potential solution and on district nine, we presented the interchange study to the finance committee, this month. and we will be following up given how well those have been received, to date. by the community and we will be following up with commissioner campos's office to advance the capitol grant to facilitate implementation in the november december, cycle. >> in district one, we are happy to report that this work is complete, and the striped, bike lanes and so thank you, for commissioner for the leadership in the communities. >> thank you so much. >> your leadership on those and it is exciting and our first capitol project and i think, that one of the first if not the first to be completed and look
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forward for the deputy is nodding yes and that is true, and you get to be first, district one. >> and in addition, we have on deck, the hair ball interchange, and planning study, which is the 101, bay shore, interchange study in district ten and so that will be presented to the finance committee where the commissioner cohen sits, and as well on wednesday, october 26th, tomorrow, the mta staff will be leading the first out reach meeting for the district eleven study. that we have been working with in the community. it is at 6:00 in the high skal, in room c. >> okay. and finally, just a quick up date on the mta's vehicles and the delivery of several new exciting subsuites. one of the most important roles of the prop k sales tax is to provide a local match to mta and
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other operators for the vehicle. and so you will see in your report and the folks can find on-line an up date on where we stand on the lrvs and the articulated clek trollys and also on the hi brid, motor coaches and the mta reports that 95 percent, complete with the design of the new light rail vehicles and the first 24 of those will be coming for fleet expansion and delivery in late, 2017, and so thank you, again, president breed, and commissioner breed and all of you who have supported this procurement. and in addition on the bus side, and the mta has received, 60 out of the 74, articulated electric trollys and so hopefully the people have been seeing those around town. and they are great. and mta is also received, 144 out of the 307, hybrid diesel motor coaches on order. and so, it is great work on the mta and to mta on that, on that
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progress. let's see, another item to report, is that we have conducted another joint training with mta and this is an initiative that we began last year year and so it is like the fifth training that we have done together where we have combined the staff from the agencies participating in the project management boot camp. and theyed there is to cover the fundamentals for the project management through construction to develop a common, vocabulary, and facilitate, the relationship building between our agencies and so they have been successful and popular with the staff and i want to appreciate, dr. reskin for his partnership, and eric for leading the end. >> and thank you and congratulations for the development, for fong for another year of clean audits and that is going to be coming to finance next month, along with the 7th straight, audit of the ybi ramp's project, and with that icon include my remarks. >> thank you. >> thank you. and commissioner, mar do you have a question? or is that from before?
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>> okay. colleagues, and unless there are any questions, we will move to public comment, is there any public comment on item three? >> seeing none, public comment is closed and this is an information item. item four? >> item four, approve the minutes of the september, 27, 201 #, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any questions, comments or changes to the minutes? seen none, is there any public comment? seeing none, closed. could you call the roll on four? >> avalos. >> aye. >> breed. >> aye >> campos. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> commissioner weiner. >> aye. >> commissioner, yee in >> aye. >> and then the minutes are approved. >> okay. and item number five? >> item five, execute a memo of
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agreement with the treasure island development authority for the yerba buena island, vice ta point, operations services in an amount not-to-exceed, $500,000 through december, 31 gs, and negotiate the agreement terms and this is an action item. >> commissioner peskin? >> thank you chair weiner. and i was, i know that this was present in plans and programs. and quite frankly i cannot remember the answer. but i was just concerned that we were spending a half a million dollars on a temporary item that would be removed in less than two years from when it was built. so. i was cer yus as to why we are doing this. >> all right, miss chang? >> yeah, i might ask eric to elaborate on my response if i don't get it all. right. but commissioner, peskin thank you for the question, the idea here is to insure that we have a safe and welcoming and receiving area for visitors to the island once the pass has opened and we
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wanted to be able to have permanent safety feature and there is some of that will be permanent and others of those services like some of the bathrooms and hydrations may be just for a limited period and theyed is to have a safe and a welcoming mra is for visitors and i will have eric add to that. >> yes, definitely. a great question commissioner peskin. and these are, they are temporary in nature, and these are maximum budget amount of 500,000 all the way through the end of 2018. and we are currently right now, working with the state of california, in the area of the toll authority to go ahead and institute some additional improvements in the area that frankly would put us in a position to send a lot less than 500,000, and so we are managing that accordingly with all of the stake holders. >> i might submit to you colleagues, that maybe when we have a smaller not-to-exceed amount, and i mean that i don't want to say not-to-exceed half a million, when it should be not-to-exceed 200,000 or
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300,000. why don't we wait until they narrow that amount down. and appropriate ate what needs to actually be appropriate ated. >> i am sorry, could you -- i don't think that i understand what you are suggesting. >> the operations and maintenance of the vita point include security. as well as just over all maintenance, and garage pick up as well as the shuttle. and so those have been budgeted for a maximum not-to-exceed of $ $500,000. and that is through december of 2018. >> what may occur, and which is very much likely, is that we will start construction in that area, which would put us in a position where we would stop these temporary service frz occurring. and start construction in the area in question. >> so, our thought process was to make sure that we covered what would be the maximum through december, 2018. and so it could be a situation
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whereas early as the end of 17, that we will start construction and in the area there, and rebuilding the on and off-ramp structure and rebuilding the areas in question, there with the eastbound off-ramps. >> i appreciate it and in terms of what commissioner peskin was suggesting i was not fully understanding what you were suggesting. >> what i was suggesting is that in so far as this all seems to be in flux and this may be resolved in 17, i am just not sure why we are agreeing to execute an memo of agreement. when everything is still in flux. >> you are saying that it should be shorter. or a smaller amount for a shorter period of time? >> when the staff can tell us, what really is going to happen, then we should enter into the memo with much more fixed time flames and dollar amounts that was my point. >> did you want to add something? >> certainly. commissioner peskin nour concern and your suggestion there. and perhaps we could limit the period of the mou to the spring
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and then come back to the board and provide an up date and then potentially extend that. i think what eric is referring to is the potential beginning of our west side, ramps yekt and also the interchange project that is literally before the state right now, in terms of decision about funding and so that will be very easy for us to do is come back in the spring and i would suggest that as a way forward. >> and so the 500,000 has already been budgeted and in our office, budget. >> yeah, it is running the shuttle and some of the security and the maintenance. >> it is budgeted as part of the project now, and the approximately, 2 million dollars has been budgeted for the temporary vista point of which one million comes from the authority and one million from the ybi ramps project. >> and so the suggestion is perhaps, executing the mlu through the end of april or the end of may, instead? >> yes, we could do that, and come back and report and extend that at that time. >> okay.
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>> so, okay, great. so perhaps an amendment by the end of may and just to give the flexibility. >> and yes, that will be fine. >> and we will take that up after public comment. >> any other questions or comments? okay. and is there any public comment on item five. please come forward. hi, commissioners my name is jessy and i am the director of the bicycle coalition and we are thrilled about this project and i know that in your attachment and the memo there is a drawing of everything that is going on, and i saw a version of that, that had all of the different time lines with ticd, and cal trans, and mtc and, mta, and i think that i have counted all of the different agencies perhaps there are more. but there are a lot of moving parts, but what is not a moving part is the fact that starting on sunday, this past sunday at noon, the people biking and walking could finally make it to
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oakland all the way to san francisco on the district six in the yerba buena island, and it is important that these pieces all move together, and i appreciate the comments and a lot of moving parts and with he have been disappointed by cal transand not waiting to make sure that the landing is properly safe and welcome for the people that actually get on to san francisco and so your concerns are i think, heard from the aed vdvocates and the staff well. and the people are already there and so your attention to this and making sure that both the shuttle and the money is allocated to make sure that the point is welcoming to the public. and it is really important to us, and our membership, and we are just thrilled that this project is moving for ward, thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> is there any additional public comment on item five? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. and commissioner peskin, perhaps you could make or offer an
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amendment and actually maybe we should make it through june 30th to the end of the fiscal year and so that we don't have that -- so we will have that match up? >> sure, so perhaps on in the title we should say through strike december 31, 2018 and turn it to june, 30, 2017. and in the body of the instrument on page 2, in the first whereas, make the same change. and in the resolve, the first resolve, make the same change. >> okay. >> does that sound --. >> that sounds fine. >> okay. >> great. >> okay, so commissioner peskin has made a motion to amend, and seconded by commissioner tang. and colleagues could we take that amendment without objection? it is adopted. and on the underlying item, could we take item 5, as amended, the same house same
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call, without objection? that will be the order. item 6. >> allocate $12,713,969 in prop k funds with conditions for two requests, subject to the attached fiscal year, cash flow distribution schedules, this is an action item. >> are there any questions or comments on item six? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item six? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and colleagues, could we take item six, same house same call. >> without objection, that will be the order. >> item 7. >> 7, approve the 2017, prop aaa plan policy and screening. this is an action item. any questions or comments in seeing none, any public comment on item number seven? >> seeing none, closed. >> and colleagues, could we take that item same house same call? >> without objection? that will be the order. >> and item 8. >> approve san francisco input on the plan bay area 2040, draft
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preferred scenario, this is an action item. >> colleagues, any questions or comments? on item eight? >> okay. >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item eight? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and colleagues could we take item 8, the same house same call? >> without objection? that will be the order. >> item 9. >> introduction of new items. >> colleagues, are there any introductions? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item nine introductions? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item. >> item ten. >> general public comment. >> please come forward. >> good morning -- (inaudible) mission officers (inaudible)
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rescue for our people (inaudible) establishment of virtues enforcement of humanity. (inaudible) courage (inaudible) destiny (inaudible)