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tv   Police Commission 11216  SFGTV  November 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:16pm PST

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they're a target like i am i feel survive with my folks by the by myself i get stopped and harassed my record is clean as of now those past couple of years let me say that what do you expect our community to do that's why we gather together and do what we do i'm out there giving the youth jobs and graduating high school but when i'm enrolling them as their case manager a lot of the issues police harassment and police brutality you know what i mean all the things in the city that is one of the key things i have 35 percent of my youth and - >> thank you.
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>> thank you, mr. martinez>> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> i don't feel welcome. >> you are welcome. >> i really wasn't going to say anything away was going through the motion i don't think a lot of you care this is just another death you don't care; right? but you guys are making san francisco into johannesburg and now we've past the point of racism your record makes you look like a bunch of thugs your disrespecting our badge your disrespecting the oath that you took you know because this is ridiculous shooting pregnant woman and racist texting message for the district of what you do
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and serve the only reason you people get away with that the people in the city don't know about the structure how to compete i know we're not reading up on laws 80 how to - that's the reason he getting away with that we want the answers sea questions once we start learning about this system again, we're going to change things we'll not have to come to this place with answers to the mayor with that i've said enough please. >> (clapping.) >> any further general public comment oh, ms. brown come on uptake our time. >> good evening and welcome. >> i am here as usual to talk about my son aubrey abrakasa who was murdered august 14, 2006, i'd like to use the overhead.
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>> i just wanted to still come here and bring the awareness that my son is not to be forgotten and his case is not solved yet even though they're having new investigators investigate any sons case i'll still here and in pain i still want justice for my son the overhead is not working. >> and my time is leaving. >> we'll give you your time back ms. brown one second. >> as always they always know who murdered my son and the police know the da know know who murdered my son and former gavin newsom put it in the paper himself saying he know who murdered my
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son with one exception no witnesses there are witnesses because they gave those names of the perpetrators that murder my son those are witnesses that gave those names of the perpetrators that were there when my son was shot thirty times with a semiautomatic gun i'm still watering for justice for my child you got thomas hannibal and paris moving get and anthony carter i didn't pull those names out of a hat those names are on any sons file on 850 bryant on the fifth floor those names were not pulled out of a hat those are the names that everyone has so i don't understand why my as opposed to
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case is not solved when you know when did this i bring this because i want the people to see and feel what i feel i want you to see what i feel every morning i might look okay. on the outside but i'm hurting on the inside i want justice any child and like i said i'm not just fighting for my child there is other homicide victims, too, we making this big folklore about the police killings and our children getting circled on the streets everyday we need to make that same uproar thank you. >> thank you ms. brown if you or anyone you know has information into the 2006 murder
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of aubrey abrakasa an i'd like to take the opportunity (415) 575-4444 thank you ms. brown. >> any further general public comment hearing public comment is closed. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 4 public comment on all matters to 6 including the public comment to hold item 6 in closed session. >> any public comment on this matter. >> welcome back. >> thank you again, the same thing i said yesterday you guys need to look at the cops report that assess you should be holding these hearings with as much transparency as possible i don't believe you're doing that you know there is no reason why all the use of force has to be behind closed doors it is corrupt in the in the first place and the poa has from
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business with a second bite of the apple i hope owl talk with the city attorney and open up this prosper the doj. >> any public comment on this matter. >> welcome back. >> commissioners you heard in the public we need to change our ways we can't change our ways unless our heart is in the right place if you're heart is not in the right place you've waste nine hundred sanctuaries trying to do something you know we have jesus witness institutions we have people
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representing the blue or the police force and if they were alive today, if saving nations were alive today, there would be ashamed take thousand of pages and just to make a point which means nothing at all we don't need to go through the history of what the police stand for or ordinary from the days of slavery we don't need to tell the whole world there is real documentation about the association with the kkk right here in the rotunda interest an inauguration the k k were having
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big banners today, i refuse to let people bring banners a joke in the year 2016 we need a change of heart they're going to close doors is a mickey mouse and someone will come out and say oh, i know move not to - >> thank you sir, thank you, sir. >> any further comment mr. gilberty. >> at some point in the future those meetings will be open to the public will be on tv they should be we're watching the neighborhood is watching nci all the cops shows with commercials
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the real stuff is happening here it will be heath for the community and the police officers will be more involved will recent each other more i think in the near future those sessions will be open. >> thank you mr. gilberty. >> next speaker. >> welcome back. >> thank you i believe that one of our agenda item is dealing with officer-involved shootings and whether the officers involved in the shooting should return to the force pending the investigation and the outcome of investigation and i would urge they innovate return to the force in fact, i'll urge you discipline and terminate officers involved in officer-involved shootings officer who shot and killed derrick in the city serves in the mission police department he
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attacked and wounded one of our fellow ever protesters members for the police accountability we know the police officer that shot alex 14 times found not to be competitive use of force posted open facebook why not burn his family's house down and taser his friend we don't need officers like that on sfpd if they're involved in a shooting they shouldn't return to the force to active duty while the investigation is pending and after the investigation occurs i get it connor it is extremely difficult to the officers we need to remove them so that san franciscans can be safe from the very people that are supposed to uphold the law.
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>> thank you. any pursuant to p.m. hearing. >> sergeant, next line item. >> to vote to go into closed session action. >> colleagues do you have a motion to hold item 6 in >> so moved. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed?
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>> good morning, everyone thank you all for joining us today today, we're realizing the distance manufacturers and a culmination of a year of work we partnered with 24 individuals
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our sdains team to provide guidance for the prodding project as we look for a way for san francisco to be a leader in the growing sector advanced industry what is is that it is anything that involves technology or innovations to improve the process or products we're making the benefits of the manufacturing is makes manufacturing more efficient and cleaner and safer for our workers the playbooks look at ways for san francisco to remain at the forefront the recommendation cover 3 main strategies regional collections to build an eco system for the industry, opportunities to strengthen infrastructure to support this industry and workforce opportunity to assure we are the
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leaders in goods and with blew collar jobs the jobs in manufacturers create a pathway to the middle-income i'd like to introduce mayor ed lee our number one supporter of our manufacturing industry here in san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> thank you laurel for that introduction it is great to be in bayview supervisor cowen for joining us this morning as well i know she's a great admire of local administrative codes quite frankly most of those jobs can be in her district you it to michael for inviting us and thank you to the gap team that is here as well their really a homegrown company here and really the best example of what we're trying to do with the advanced industry playbook first of all, we have to understand
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what manufacturing see everyone thinks i'm the mayor of city dealing with tech and innovation and bio logical sciences that's not true in fact, besides tourism technology and bio sciences manufacturing has been a very steady job creator in san francisco a lot of people don't know that you look at outside and don't see the activities i love did noise this noise means people are making things that's why sfmade and the office of civic innovation call got together to put this playbook together so the public can besides the role of manufacturing in san francisco one, if we understand it we as the board and city and the mayor
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wouldn't make mistakes down the road to compliment and support this one and 20 job company that has been here for almost 50 years and many other local manufacturing jobs that are created if we understand it we understand the blend that technology has we're supportive have to advance this manufacturing if we understand that we understand the international market to bring those priorities all over the world as part of their apparel design one of the best selling brand for san francisco this is what the playbook is all about i'm enthusiastic about the sector of our entry because you don't need a 4-year degree but you need training and that's one of the objectives of this playbook how the city supports
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the kind of training these employees are so had in order to be great at their jobs and use of the he overlay how do we understand the market that makes sure we have a market to understands how wonderful and provision made those products are how does it blend with the apparel with beiges or beverages with manufacturers with beverages we make all kinds of things in san francisco i want to make sure that people support the playbook the deeper understanding of administrative reviews here and never forgot for every manufacturing jobs that is the multiple power of 2 1/2 jobs created here sfmade knows that we got to have other people understand that
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and then the biggest thing i want people to really be able to do is support our local manufacturing by buying things that are made in san francisco as we approach the holiday season this is the best time to suggest to everybody buy local it is really going to help our manufacturers to sustain themselves and if we buy local understand the products that are made are caused to be made in san francisco or the bay area we'll support our local manufacturers that much more we have two programs i want to make sure that people understand that is buy local program and also sf bids connection our office work in tandem between big businesses and small businesses to support each other the large corporation
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shift 5 to 10 percent of buying power into local organized companies we'll have this much stronger base in san francisco the buy local means we shop and dine in the 49 annette and i know we'll spent a lot of time we have great restaurant great stores, great outlets in san francisco to buy from you don't need to go online and buy other things from foreign places but have all the products made in manufacturing design with a san francisco label i want to make sure people understand that makes sure we understand the playbook and want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the over 70 people that formed in playbook took a lot of interviews on the international and local level to understand what is going on here and when we say that we're going
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to support our local manufacturing places with more production, distribution, and repair spaces we want to know we're doing it in the right way we don't need empty warehouses to get to san francisco we need vientd job creating spaces like here in cannabis dispensary caner america that is 50 years in the making when you understand what they had to do for the manufacturing you'll know they're making the same quality products in a precise way to be sold all over the world we need an international expletive in other words, to survive and do better it will compliment our strength in tourism and, etc. everyone thank you for coming here and being informed about the advanced
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manufacturing playbook and thank you for supporting cannabis dispensary can and gap and those that will sell the sfmade pursuits good morning, everyone. >> (clapping.) >> we're now going to her from supervisor cowen sfropg advocate for our industrial jobs and supervisor at the district 10 we're looking to spend. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone in the mayors introduction he earned the title of the number one fan of industrial work in spaces that makes me number 2 march 3 next to kate who knows but i'm excited to be here and thank you to all of you thank you and recognize the leadership of the mayor's office of economic workforce development we're working very, very hard to be
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inclusive and thought to make sure the policies are representing and recognizing and supporting small businesses in san francisco not leaving out the manufacturing industry i think that is very important to call out when you think about the growth of the manufacturing industry the instructors that is retiring locally that is bringing diversity racial diversity and parity to the entire workforce, of course, i need to recognize the office of civic innovation and my friend from the sgin kate who to say the executive director and head of sfmade she has an incredible vision i think for the maker industry period in san francisco been a tremendous amount of work and diving in we're grateful and as you can see the fruit of your labor about 10 years if i'm not mistaken around that time that at the helm bringing about more
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manufacturing jokes for those of you who don't know i'm the maid of the san franciscan born and raised not far under the bayview and been a considerable amount of time to fight for pdr space pdr space in this very conscious city for economic development isn't housing crisis has been the first type of space that has been cannibalized by development and with the mayor's office and with sfmade help we have been able to i think single-handedly pushed back r pushed back to protect pdr space to make sure that san francisco economy will thrive not everyone will afford a university or get a degree but were make sure we have jobs that are available for everyone at different education backgrounds to, sir can congratulations i
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know that - an incredible copy 50 years around and gap has been around anymore but i'm looking to getting a tour and if i see a belt or bracelet or something i'll put it on my tab no free rides just put it on my tabby want to talk a little bit about the advanced team this is a grew up of 25 sector businesses that got together to provide their insight on exactly what the industry needs to elevate and advance the industry and to begin to understand begin to understand how san francisco,
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california position itself to be a leader in this particular growing be sector now a series even if recognitions what that made out of the workshop we're working on the first recommendation and it is to begin to organize a regional manufacturing which will reach out to from time to time and old and san jose rainwater this month we're happy to share the information with you when the event becomes to fruition but i want to again, thank you i'm grateful i don't know if anyone if i'm the only one that was unaware of advanced manufacturing s a simple concept you take old world and add technology to it that increasing the productivity that is incredibly important when you think about north silicon valley
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we're we should be industry leaders thank you to all the partners that makes us to be the leader and mayor ed lee congratulations this is a quite an accomplishment and a feather in your cap thank you. >> (clapping.) >> well, good morning and thank you supervisor cowen and mayor ed lee for your remarks and leadership i'm kate ceo of sfmade and for those of you who don't know we have the city's nonprofit partner working across the city to support and sustain and help to keep local manufacturers like, sir can rising in the city our network of local manufacturing totals 6 hundred companies broadly raging be like, sir can and the broosters to a whole range of
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early stage makers and fueled kinds of companies from jewelry to granola to products that are probably more what we imagine like the advanced manufacturing like a grown but today, i really want to comment on i think supervisor cowen you gave me the lead in we think about advanced manufacturing in this city and i do have to the opportunities now too often spent a lot of time in cities across the country that look at san francisco as a role model for how to knit together literally and figuratively over world craft we think about sue or metalworking my gathers was do to billing low where i came from all over the place advanced manufacturing we see the articles and pictures of drone or robots at the end of the day
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we're most cities i will august including that one finds the special combination of the two in doing exactly what, sir can has done not just but the products so much opportunity in connecting together those new kinds of manufacturing technologies and some of them are pretty straightforward this i'm assuming michael was made with a lazer current a straightforward kind of technology you can have our young con or daughter learn how to use one at soft tech in san francisco but something that bigger companies like, sir can use to help to make their process more efficient at the end of the day when you add technology with people it is not instead of people that is the two together that's what makes the magic happen and that's where i see
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san francisco and others see san francisco be able to lead the way and demonstrate those those two together work with that, my heartfelt thanks to the mayors leadership and supervisor cowen and her colleagues leadership on everything from land use to providing more visibility to those kinds of companies thank you to the corporate companies like the gaps and others from san francisco may not produce in the city any longer than but made investment and decision that help to drive the business of the, sir can and more importantly i want to thank you the team that makes, sir can as you may know from us as/78 their 12 of us i couldn't do anything without my team and want martin is the driver the primary author
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of that book our manufacturing fellow it is transitioning into the initiative we are launching with mayor ed lee and the mayors of from time to time, oakland and san jose and pro transacted an initiative called the urban manufacturing initiative that will dwrief important jobs across the region in san francisco over the next 3 years the kickoff to that is actually on november 17th right here at the pier 70 we would like to see many of you here he wanted to end my little piece with to thank you for those who work at, sir can there is quite a few of you standing here you're the ones that make it happen all the rest is theizing on the cake it is about you guys and any thank you for investing and be able part of
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this with that, i'd like to introduce the ceo of, sir can michael sanders thank you kate and welcome mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen and sfmade and the special customer gap we are honored to have you this is a special moment for, sir can and the communities back in 1967 the founder of this company started selling small leather good ideas on hate street and he invested along with his partner with technology and infrastructure to build it wonderful one plus thousand dollars manufacturing facility we're proud we have the largest leather good ideas facility in the united states we're the largest factory here in san francisco and proud to be in the bayview many years served consumers by the gaps for 45 years and
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nordstrom and others your goal to continue to expand and create jobs isn't usa by expanding to huge channels what makes many company special are our employees one and 20 employees in the factory and over 40 employees up, huh? our afternoon tenure over 18 years we're incredibly proud of that. >> (clapping.) >> we pride ourselves in training employees and providing benefits and opportunity to grow and i want to thank everyone here and the employees for, sir can for making this company special so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and with that i'd like to introduce you to one of our is there any public comment employees tammy, tammy. >> (clapping.) >> i think good high
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good morning, everyone my name is tammy long i've worked here for 17 years my husband worked here for 24 years we both like working for, sir can we get for learn about new machines and learn about new fields my supervisor nice to everyone we work together like family and very happy thank you.
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>> (clapping.) >> so, now i'd like to invite you on a tour of the factory lead by michael thank you, everyone
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>> hello. i'm shauna-the league of women voters could along with the league and sfgov
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tv i'm here to discuss opposition-about measure before the voters on tuesday, november 8. the city generally requires developers of market rate housing of tenant units or more to provide affordable housing. the developer can meet the requirements in one of three ways. one, pay and afford housing fee. two, construct off-site affordable housing. were three, construct on-site affordable housing. on-site residential unit houses affordable for low income households that it is affordable for households earning up to 55% of the area median income and on-site rental unit on zero affordable for middle income households that is affordable for households earning up to 1% of the area median income. the city uses federal income standards to determine the maximum allowable rent levels for the affordable unit. the rent is updated each year. opposition u would change the department for development
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on-site husband it would increase income eligibility for on-site rental units for all new and existing 41 housing units. under proposition u and the rental unit counted towards the affordable housing requirement must be available for households earning up to 110% of the area median income. opposition u would increase the gross income of households to be eligible for affordable housing. from 55% to 110% of the area median income. it would also set the vector unit at 30% of the household growth income is always that household is up to 1% and 10% of area median income. this proposal applies retroactively to rental units those under the affordable housing program. the rental price for each unit we calculated annually based on the households gross income if you vote yes you want to increase the income eligibility limit for on-site rental units for all new and existing affordable housing units to make them affordable for households earning up to 110% of the area median income. if
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you vote, no, you do not want to make this change. i'm here with leah-campaign manager for yes on u and opponents of the measure were also joined by peter: that oh director of the san francisco counsel community housing organizations and opponents of proposition. thank you both for being here. were there to start with opening remark some begin with you, leah >> be taken in the face of the worst housing shortage that san francisco has ever seen, the city has rightly focused on resources for low income to have affordable housing. as a result san francisco middle class and many people like myself, have been largely ignored. they're struggling with the high cost of market rate housing but currently do not qualify based upon the ami limit. if you make $60,000 or above you do not qualify. these residents are artists,
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construction workers, food service workers and mothers and parents that are then pushed out of the san francisco. proposition u will help families like myself and others stay in the city that they love because we all deserve to stay in san francisco and added value. >> thank you, leah. opening remarks? >> yes, i think we need to start with who actually with this measure on the bow. this measure was designed by input on about by the san francisco realtors association. the campaign for the measure is being funded by the national association of realtors and the california association of realtors. the question is, what are the realtors such a great interest in san francisco and what is essentially changing the exclusionary housing policy which was established back in 2002 by then supervisor mark leno. with this measure does effectively, we is reverse the
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measure that was just passed by 68% of voters in june of this year. proposition c which increased our cities requirement of private developers to provide affordable units. we increased it to 25% of the units they have to provide but also most importantly they now have to provide both low and middle income units. this measure would eliminate the low income units and make all inclusionary middle income. >> thank you, mark. the next question in creasing amount of people that would be eligible for affordable housing, how's exactly is that going to affect our housing crisis. is it going to help it or is it going to hurt it? >> is important to number doesn't increase the people who are eligible for affordable housing. there is no knew of for the housing units that are accreted by proposition u to developers have to create the exact number of units. what it means they can target the pricing for these units to a higher class of people than they currently do. as i mentioned, we currently have as of this past june's proposition c which was passed by voters,
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to tears. a low income portion of the increase and a middle income portion. the planning department was asked by the department of elections to opine on this measure. they called it very simply, this is a lemonade in the to tears when creating a single tear of inclusionary just for middle income. so it doesn't create any new housing opportunity. it just changes who gets them. >> same question to you, leo >> yes. this proposition would increase the income limits. those who are making $60,000-$100,000. does your middle-class people like myself. i grew up as a middle-class san franciscans. every christmas and hauling my mother worked because they were middle income. they do not qualify for anything. get to
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work for time in half and overtime on every holiday. my father worked at an usher at the giant game as well just to make ends meet. they do not qualify for affordable housing. discount recology were any programs for their children. they barely survived in san francisco. this will allow san francisco not to be a two-tier city where your low income and your height income. middle income individuals are working-class san franciscans that i'd love. this is taking 2% of the housing stock and adding the income limit to allow those who are able to pay a little bit more to add to the 04 the housing development to make sure they're able to survive in san francisco. many of the families that were pregnant with myself have left san francisco because their middle-class and can no longer afford to stay here. >> thank you, leo. the next question is, it proposition u form passes we increase the amount of people who are eligible for this affordable
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housing, how do we ensure there still enough housing for lowest income neighbors? >> yes. this proposition will increase the income limit amount on the ami limit. currently evidently a for the lowest income amount is around $54,000. many san franciscans who are in the edge would allow them to qualify but would not be taken away what taken away from the logan. is adding for middle income san franciscans so that they are able to stay in san francisco were very diverse city and it allows for that diversity and housing and resources for them as well. >> same question to you. >> sure. the way it increases housing for middle income families is by taking it away from low income families. that's inherently the cynical part of this measure is that it hits now families against each other based on the income level. the current inclusionary housing policy the city has, pale portion that is dedicated for income households for them before that about 100,000-$110,000 a year. that exist currently. with this
9:54 pm
measure would do is take the portion that's dedicated for low income service worker families in a lemonade that allow middle income families to have all of the pipe. >> thank you. closing statements. leo, we will start with you >> yes. a thriving city depends upon qualified teachers to help student. nurses to care for the sick and first responders to save our lives. but our approach to housing has caused a crisis for middle income families. they do not have resources get as a result, between 2009 and 2015 san francisco's lost over 15,000 middle income residents. from san francisco. if this continues, we will be a two-tier city the rich and the poor. what will happen to our middle income? do they not deserve to live in san francisco. i believe they do. the people like myself, my family, and many of the people that i know in san francisco. in order to preserve our middle class and also engaged with our low income we need to pass
9:55 pm
proposition u to help our middle-class stay in san francisco because our families just like me. >> thank you, leo. peter? >> aborts it with this measure also does is exacerbate the displacement crisis we been having in san francisco. that displacement crisis has been no worse than in the african-american and latino communities. 100% ami which is a proposition u will make all inclusionary housing for is above what the african-american and latino populations in san francisco make on average. middle income is not the same across all of our communities of san francisco. the terribly
9:56 pm
divisive aspect of it is the communities that need it the most to stem the tide of displacement, are being priced out by the policy under proposition u. that's why this measures opposed by the united educators are teachers, is opposed by the american federation of teachers of city college. debate was opposed by the labor council coalition of san francisco neighborhoods by the neighborhood network by the democratic party. it's opposed by spur which is a very centrist policy organization. this measure is not good policy. the realtors are not trying to do this in the best interest of either low or middle income san franciscans. he was thank you. thank you both for your comment and time. we hope that this discussion has been informative. for more information on this and other ballot measures this year's election, these visit the san francisco election remember, early voting is available at city hall monday through friday from 8 am until 5 pm. you can also vote at city hall when the two weekends before election day. if you don't vote early,
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>> hello. i am shauna-with the league of women voters along with a leak and sfgov tv i'm here to discuss proposition q about measure before the voters on tuesday, november 8. city law prohibits the willful obstruction of public sidewalks. city law also rises of prominent public health to remove public nuisances which include unsanitary structures. city law does not specifically granted raising tens on public sidewalks. proposition q would prohibit the contents without a city permit. the city would not be allowed to remove world order removal and authorize tenant in this the city had available shelters for all residents of the tenant under proposition q includes city operated shoulders navigation centers, and other city
9:58 pm
operated housing. before we move were ordering of diesel to remove non-authorized tent on a public sidewalk, the city would be required to offer shelter to all residents, offered to pay the cost to transport all tent residents to live with friends or family outside of san francisco and provide written notice that the city will remove the tenant in 24 hours. if residents do not accept the city's offer of housing were shelter or do not remove the unauthorized tent within 24 hours of the notice, the city may remove the 10th. after removing the tenant the city would be required of written notice near the area where the tent was look good if you vote yes, you want to prohibit the placement of tens on public sidewalks without a city permit and allow the city to remove unauthorized tent is the city provides 24 hour advance notice offer shelter for all tent residents store the personal property of 290 days. if you vote, no, you do not want make
9:59 pm
these changes. i'm here with jim lazarus senior vice president of the san francisco chamber of commerce and proponent of proposition q you were also by quentin mickey volunteer for the no on letter to on the measure could think of her being here. i like to start with opening remarks meeting with you, jim >> the homelessness has reached epidemic proportion. while total number of homeless is remained fairly stable over the last 30 years, recently the number of people living on streets and in parks and skyrocketed. were the worst symptoms is tenant encampments spread it in our neighborhoods in front of homes and businesses. it's not compassionate to allow our fellow human beings to live in tents on the street. it's dangerous and unhealthy. proposition that the housing not tents measure will make it city policy to move the homeless out of these encampments and into shelter and housing. it requires notice
10:00 pm
and storage of personal property animates it city policy to find emergency shelter for people living on the street. the policy that was discarded in the late 1980s when camp at nose appeared in civic center plaza. allowing tends to remain in place only prolongs homelessness and doesn't help people get the services they need. the board of supervisors won't pass a reasonable regulations. it's time for the voters to do it by voting yes on q >> thank you. quentin? >> yes, proposition q has a measure that as long history of previous night. there was care not cash. with the insight panhandling measure. with a set line measured. it is a misguided attempt at playing upon people's national frustrations with the poverty and homelessness that exist in san francisco. let's be clear about the title. housing not tense. there is neither any housing within the-nor is there funny for homeless service. more importantly, i think this is actually the danger of the actual measure, jeff kosinski the head of the city department
10:01 pm
of homelessness, is not asking or requiring up the québec paschal for the actual clearing out against it they're doing that right now. what prop q actually doesn't codify a process that prevents legal ramifications. right now, the cities were moving in cameras as we speak. they're not waiting for prop q did prop q means if they cannot provide shelter than they can remove this and caymans and that's the problem. >> thank you, quentin. my next question is how is proposition q different from laws that are already passed in san francisco? how will it change things spewing all-star when you become acquainted >> quite simply from our perspective, both the city and state law already cover lodging on sidewalks. there is ample room for the police to remove them. earlier this year on division street the city in coordination with the police department removed in canada
10:02 pm
long division street. just two weeks ago the removed a large and kim and long-creek. the laws are already in place in the city has every hour it needs good prop q that would take a different tack and essentially codified by mandating that the city cannot remove homeless and cameras unless shelter is provided. let's be clear. there at the last count 6500 homeless individuals in the city could not including youth and families. there's only 1200 adult shelter beds in the city. so this idea that we can suddenly offer shelter to everybody and they would be off the streets in a homeless encampment problem is going to disappear overnight it is simply not. which i think is one of the reasons why the chronicle recommended no on proposition q it is something ugly to change anything. more importantly, is going to tie the hands of the city department on homeless and the city hired, the mayor hired jeff kosinski sam dodge a talented team of people to actually really dress homes. this is a
10:03 pm
very cynical measure that is simply not adding value to its happening in the city when the city is really trying to come together around a very challenging issue. in a rather play upon people's fears for what we think is and we just political gain. >> thank you quentin same question to you, jim. >> currently doesn't cover every seconds and you have a public of issue or a [inaudible] but the board when i passed the voters had to some years ago. at the time limit is required by law. so you cannot move somebody at midnight editing cam and that's blocking a sidewalk. this legislation will give the police department and the city and our social service departments, the ability to identify those in cameras that need to be relocated, give proper notice, secure locations for personal property, and turned around a
10:04 pm
growth in homelessness on the streets get we don't have 6000 people on the streets every night. we have 6000 identified homeless in san francisco. and we have probably 2000 that need to move into shelter. this will make it city policy approved by the voters. towing city hall create that shelter them a tip people off the streets and out of the parks. >> thank you. the second question is, how do we ensure the services are available given that right now they're weightless for shelter beds in san francisco? >> there's empty shelter beds every night in the city. there's no doubt the city has to do more good we had more shelter beds 30 years ago than we have today. under emergency base. where we have been successful as outcomes. supportive housing. cities building hundreds of units of supportive housing right now. the city is building new navigation centers right now. so there will be the means to move people off the streets and out of parks. the of vigilante justice out there. the home was killing homeless in golden gate park. we prostitution in tents. we have stolen property. it's
10:05 pm
time to really get serious about taking homeless people and treat them as human beings and get them off the streets out of the parks, into programs and this is just one more step, one more opportunity, for the voters to tell the elected officials another is enough. you can see meetings in the mission and south of market and northeast where businesses and residents are coping with really difficult circumstances in their homes, in their neighborhoods. the homeless need to be served but not in it tends and kim and. >> thank you. quicken, same question to you >> i'm very clear about this. if we wanted scuttled treat individual six parenting homelessness as humans than we would stop with the stereotypes of prostitution, rape, on homeless murdering homeless. i can flash back to 14, 15 years
10:06 pm
ago when then supervisor newsom put forth care not cash and the basis of that campaign was inciting these stereotypes about the poorest people in our city that i think shame on this campaign. shame on proposition q for even saying or implying that is the reality that's what happened on the streets right now. there's nothing right now in proposition q as jim talked about all these long tensions, that is not already happening. we just created a department of homelessness. we just hired jeff kosinski. we're trying to put funding into truly addressing homelessness in the city and yet were taking a step backward for apparently supervisor farrell on the
10:07 pm
intent. it's unclear how this adds value to this conversation at all. a time when the city is trying to come together we are once again, dividing the stereotypes that i think are very unjust and unfair to those individuals were expensing. should the people should be frustrated with what's happened with homelessness in this. people should be frustrated that this tent and chemistry let city officials do their job. they're doing it right now. they're certainly not waiting for proposition q to pass before they do it. >> thank you, quentin. are going to move into closing the market will start with you, jim. >> thank you. we need proposition q because despite without opponents a no current law truly addresses tent and cameras. the opponents argue that only housing gets people off the street and they are right. every night we have taken shelter beds and over the next two years the cities building 300 new supportive housing units and six new homeless navigation centers. but don't take it from me. kathy black, the executive director of the casa-the city's oldest organization that responds to provide help to those of victims of domestic violence the chronicle op-ed piece just a few days ago. i have it here. rate is right in
10:08 pm
tent cities. this is not some kind of campaign rhetoric. these are not people by and large good just lost their home. the criminal activity on the streets in front of people's homes and in front of businesses. seven rapes in the first six months of 2016 although. she says tent cities are not as a place for an injured little on vulnerable women to live. nobody should have to live in fear period. pop q should make our cities say. kathy black. so we urge the voters of san francisco to support proposition q >> thank you, jim. quicken, closing remarks >> yes. i think proposition q is more of the status quo. important our city has engaged in over the years. rather than truly trying to address
10:09 pm
homelessness and poverty, we criminalize it to be stereotyped it. do so for unfortunately political purposes. i think that we have an opportunity by rejecting proposition q to send a message different message than with jim wants to send to city hall that we can do better as a city and we need to. we should be housing people. we should not people living in tent and cameras but the way of doing that is leading the city do their job at a time when they are investing in good staff. they are investing in funding supportive housing. we don't have enough shelter to meet the demands of proposition q in the city is already committed to the fact that they want to remove those tent and again it's good that is an opportunity for the city to see through what i think is a very cynical measure and hopefully address homelessness in an honest authentic weight rather than a politically. >> thank you, quentin and think you both for your common sense on. we hope this
10:10 pm
discussion has been informative. for more information on this and other ballot measures this year's election, please visit the san francisco collections website at sf election stopword. we member early voting is available at city hall monday through friday from 8 am-5 pm. you can also vote at city hall on the two weekends before election day. if you don't vote ea >> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought.
10:11 pm
we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an
10:12 pm
opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of
10:13 pm
our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give. >> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn
10:14 pm
of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco
10:15 pm
to the meeting for today, thursday, november 3, 2016. i'm joined by vice chair to my right and shortly to be a cuppa night by my. >> please turn off your phones. items will be on november 15th for the supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you miss major and thank you for member of the public for your patience mme. kirk