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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 11216  SFGTV  November 10, 2016 10:00am-12:31pm PST

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trazal floor has a lot of medal dividers that are design jz laid out in the field. devised a manner in which to law them out in a modular fashion and get a running start on that and that is just one element in our strategy that decompressed the concentration of activity out in the grand hall, which was for a long time the critical path that we have been focused on. so, a lot of thinking along those lines.
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training. we started biweekly meetings with ac transit and other transit providers. i think we are starting to get dialogue and traction along looking at what their expectations are when they are arrive in terms of training, it
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provisions, layout of what minor tenant improvement that may happen along those lines. so, as dennis mentioned, i think this presentation will demensh on the heavy construction piece and expand a bit on monitoring or informing on what our thoughts and strategies are insureing operational readiness. i developed about 4 our 5 slides for next months to kind of demonstrate our line of thinking and some of the things we initiated with the transit operators how to tackle thal that challenge. >> on that issue, i r you working closely with ac tenant impruchb provement? i understand equipment and furniture, yeah but in terms of the wiring and all the
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stuff-that will be all be done? >> exactly. they may populate it racks with their equipment so need to tease that out. relating to ac transit there isn't tenant improvement there is a prefabicated supervisors office to generate drawings. the ti work is related to golden gate transit and one other gray hound. it is fairly minor. i think the most of it is gray hound and golden gate in terms of the second floor build' out for their space. it is relatively minor but needs to be teased out and advanced and ready to get a running start with the master
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lease when they come on board. trying to get them as soon as possible, looks like early next year, there is not to get too far ahead in terms of the slides i'm developing, but there are three streams of activity on operational readiness. getting the transit agencies prepared, working with the master lease and others how to operate the building, stationary engineer and housekeeping and security and third stream is focused on retail, leasing, on-boarding and ti work associated with that. those are the streams of thoughts and trajectories we are developing to advance through the next year on being operationally ready. >> i know that there is a lot of phase two impact on what i think was high-speed rail announcement a couple weeks ago they will put in
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800 foot train instead of 1400 feet or 1200 feet? we were built out for a much longer train. >> 600 or 400 meters right? >> at the moment they operate 400 meeting long trains. >> 400 meters? >> nilthsly initially they start with 200, half a train. 200 meters long and can fit them in easily. they have not given up on the idea of the longer trains, it is only the initial start up. >> the announcement was every other station, not ours. >> what was the length, 200 meters? >> yeah. >> it was 400 and now 200 meters?
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>> i don't know how it is supposed to work, it every other station can only support a 800 foot train, what is the likelihood they will run 1200 foot trains or whatever it is in san francisco? >> i think you are right, but they won't admit to if at this point. >> [laughter] >> they are negotiating in los angeles. >> >> i they look at the transit center and seeing capacity whether they can store trains there or not. we need to have more discussions with them before we- >> that's why we pay him the big bucks >> it will be a long day. >> i just bring it up now. we look at mitigation strategies and i don't know that there might be something even at this stage in terms of what we are building or finishing we can say my gosh if we 800
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foot trains lets not get carried away at the end. >> we haven't. we haven't built a extension. the end is beale street, not main. that is the next stage. it in the environmental agreement. >> even within the building we have much more than we need on a 800 train. >> we have a little more. cal train committed to 8 car trains. they are going to 6 right now and it wont be long before they get to 8. >> cal trains, how long is a 8 car cal train? >> i dont remember the exact number. it is a lot-[inaudible] theprint stations. >> i see >> they already-it is- >> it will be a while- >> it will take 10 years or so, unless-if there is a big push
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on ridership, you can always put trains in, you just use different parts of the train with the stations. >> yeah. >> it is done all over. >> okay, just wondered how we were thinking about that and glad to hear we are. >> we are not building anything at this point beyond what we originally designed. >> the big empty box downstairs is defined >> that is how you get a impression of how big that building is because nothing in the way. stand there while the train platform would be and looks like the curvature of the earth. you have can hear the trains coming. >> [laughter] >> that concludes my part. thank you all. >> ready for next item? >> yes, police. >> #50i89m item 7 is citizen advisory update but understand [inaudible] there is nothing to report. with that we can move
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to item 8. public comment, opportunity for members to address on matters notd on todays calendar and have jim patrick here with us. >> morning directors. jim patrick, patrick and company in san francisco. i'm concern about the politics the opening of the transbay terminal when the buses complete and operational and may want to think about those magic dates. are the same date or different? you are going to have a closed meeting with three potential bidders for the master lease. i suggest several things need to be considered. number 1, the master lee will have to make maybe 20 or 25 leases as he does his job. can we package those leases toort together such
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that we have a streamlined building permit process in the city? they are a sister agency after all i make that work faster. can we provide financial incentives? we ask the plumber to work over time or hvac, can we provide financial incentives to the lease ee to be done and operational as specific date we think is right? not sure we are thinking about those things. notion is we pay over time for this, maybe we can take some of that money and get those guys fully operational. also, i think the goal should be up and operating and fully staffed in terminal on such and such date. maybe it isn't the same as a bus operational date, in which case we need to publicly say this is what the strategy is because now if the bus runs, everything runs. i think that is am mental place where people are.
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is that correct? as i look at this play out, i don't think it is correct. thank you. >> that concludes members of the public that wanted to kraesds and can move into consent calendar. >> yes, please. >> all matters are considered to be routine acted on by a single vote, no separate discussion unless member of board or public request and not received indication a member of the board or public have items severed. call your item. >> motion for approval consent calendar? >> so moved. >> seconded by the supervisors. any objections? seeing none- >> calendar is approved. thank you. >> item 10, authorizing the executive drether to execute agreement for state advocacy service for 2 years for $216 thousand with
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an option to extend the agreement for up to 4 one year terms nchlt . >> we have two items related to advocacy services in dx dc and sacramento. the existing state contracts expired july 31 so engaged in a rfp process and the process is described in the staff and results are what we recommend today. for this item for state services and also for the federal item, we saw a opportunity for some significant cost savings because prior to this going back to 2010, we always had two contracts, two contracts in dc and two contracts in sack sacramento and as we go from phase 1 to phase 2 we
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believe we can have the representation that we need on the ground while continuing with one contract in sacramento and for the next item just one contract in dc. there are a number of major funding streams in the phase two funding plan that will require both state and federal approvals in the coming years, but in terms of the state contract, we believe the firm we are recommending townsend public affairs has the appropriate experience to provide the representation we need. they have extensive experience with the funding streams we will be pursuing and the agencies that will be implementing those funding streams. um, we did following the presentation in june where we walked through our phase two funding plan with the board, engage in a peer review process. we had gotten our initial revenue
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projections that were used to inform our phase two funding plan from sperry capital which is a financial firm we worked with a number of years. we engaged a ferment called ross financial to engage in a peer review of the assumption and methodology that is used putting the reb new projections together. we just completed the review and the results were quite positive and afirmed the reasonableness and validity of assumptions and methodology sperry used to put those projections together so from our perspective the task at hand shifts to implementing all of those funding streams. in addition we want to make sure we are prepared for new opportunities that appear to be on the horizon and believe that is potentially true in both sacramento and dc in termoffs sacramento, there are ongoing discussions about a new transportation funding pack
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age and this could potentially be one time funding like things that we have seen in the past, prop 1 b and so forth so want to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities if they arise to augment what we already have in our current phase two funding plan. but again, there are elements of the existing plan that will require state and federal approvals going forward. commitments made in planning bay area related to things like future bridge tolls and high-speed rail funding and passenger charges we will look at. the other thing i wanted to mention, when we had our first meeting of the new cost review committee in august, there was questions that came up about the nature of the interaction between our lobbyist and city's lob i byist. i reached out the
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the mayor's office and walked through how we approach the service squz walking through in the staff reports you see today and how we intened to move forward. got good feedback, concurrence with the approach we are repding recommending and had a good conversation looking for more opportunities in the fuch frr collaboration and coordination on areas of mutual interest, shared priorities. i know that in terms of the state services, the firm we are recommending townsend public affairs have a good and longstanding relationship with [inaudible] which is the city works with. a similar situation for the dc contract. they welcome the opportunity to have the increased collaboration and that can be as formal or informal as the city would like. we could do more regularly scheduled meetings or
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a as needed basis. i do have with us christopher townsend and nick low dulukea and alex gibs from townsend public affair squz happy >> student answer any questions you have as would i. thank you. >> questions? i sort of have- my problem with this and i don't know if-didn't know the mayor 's office want in full agreement and this is something they wanted but always had the issue that really the city of san francisco should have a lot to say about the transportation projects and what is pushed and when and that include us but that is just my feeling. i did want to start crossing swords with the satey because the city has a lot of transportation infrastructure it is trying to do and on this one if we are going on the basis of
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the alignment they haven't figured out yet or not, i just wanted to make sure that that's not happening. if you say that is fine, that's a little bit of relief in that respect- >> we reached out to them specifically in response to that question coming up at the cost review committee in august. the other thing i would say about the rab is regardless of the outcome of the study we need to put the elements of the funding plan in place to move forward with which ever alignment goes forward. >> i'm still not sure-my preference and expressed a number of times is take whatever money we have and giveren supervisor peskin and ctc, san francisco ctc's reluctance at least to give the $6 million, i want to be sure we are husbanding the money in the right way and we
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are not stretching out. to me lobbyist are something you hire once you know exactly where you are going and doing and i'm not that comfortable that we do at this opponent. point. i dont know what to tell them? keep a eye out for the generalties coming out of sth state? >> our apreach is see a stimulus or funding package in sacramento come up and washington dc. through the contracts we are able to capture $400 million that wnt to phase 1. >> how do you capture them now? what do you use to capture the money? >> we have approved environmental document and funding plan that we could use in order to secure funding. if the alignment
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happens to change later the money stays with the project. the money doesn't disappear. so, why not- >> so we use an environmental document approved to get money if the alignment were changed and it is amended we keep the money? >> it comes with the project. >> vice chair. >> my question, is this something that can wait a little so that we can really iron out things we are trying to figure relating to dtx and funding opportunity we need? >> well, the reason i see urgency at the federal level is that we are poised to enter the new starts pipeline and continue to be identified as a regional priority. we have funding identified for the preliminary engineering and design work happening in the first phase of the new starts process which
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is process justification. we are anxious to begin the process and also looking at federal loan programs that will help us take fund that flow in the out years beyond construction of phase 2, particularly things like the redevelopment area tax increment that need to be captured and brought forward to years of construction. going through a process like the riff program, which is one of the key loan programs we are looking at for phase 2, it is multiyear process to get through the riff application process. so, there is some urgency related to continuing to move forward with locking in those funding streams. and, it is i think a unknown if a transportation spending package is approved in sacramento when those deadlines would occur and how quickly we would need to move. >> my recommendation would be to delay this for a little bit.
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>> my position is little different in the sense that we are just one agency of money many across the country in the federal level and state trying to compete for funding. as we all know there isn't enough to go around and as you alluded there is a changing administration coming that we need to keep a eye on whether they make a commitment to invest in infrastructure or change the rule jz suspect there will be changes in rules at the very least. unless we are willing to be in sacramento and washington dc and have our hands on the pulse of what is changing, we better have resources to help us to at least stay in line at the very minimum and hopefully get ahead of the game and be ready for when those rules change andfunding becomes available because this takes a long time. we have
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seen sacramento what two years of extraordinary sessions on infor structure investment and haven't come up with anything yet and hopefully in the next year because it won't get any better by maintaining the status quo. i look upon of giving the magnitude what we need and what we need to stay in line and keep the hands on the pulse of what is coming, this is a wise investment. otherwise we have the potential of losing our place in time and trying to play catch up which is never a good place to be when you seek federal or state funds for transportation and infrastructure. >> there is a lot of work lobbyist do relating to new funding streams that we are seeking. there were changes that needed to be made to
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tiffia loan and approval in sacramento needed by state department of finance to move forward with bridge loan. it afs lot of work and meeting with legislative and agency staff and keeping them informed. as everyone knows we had cost increase with phase 1 and had to keep our delegations in dc and sacramento updated and i don't think any of you heard concerns about that because we did a lot of work to make sure they understood what was happening and why it was happening and how to address it and how to proceed with city, mtc and other financing. >> i guess that's why we have a $9 thousand month cost on this thing. we are doing more than just standing in line i presume. okay, sorry. >> i guess i would largely concur with director gee. i think if you look at the history of other projects in the region, i'm
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sure it was the case with the central subway, but pre-dates me before the final alignment was chosen the city's lobbyist were at work getting the central subway in line and keeping them there. orignomy there was talk coming up third and kearny and on fourth and stockton not sure i concur we need the scope drilled down before state and federal funding and policy. cal train i know had their federal lobbyist engaged in working before the core capacity grant program existed and because they had some presence in dc as soon as the federal government created that core capacity program they were able to be one of the first in line and that will probably bring a couple hundred million dollars of federal funds to the region. not sure
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waiting is helpful to our project. there are some things that are maybe imminently upcoming in the extraordinary session that they are potentially will be some proposed legislation brought forward by the chairs of the senate and assembly transportation committees within the next month and while the prospects for passage may not be grite, we want to make sure our voice from our agencies and this agency are at the table for that discussion. likewise, that transition is underway at the federal level and as i understand the person they brought in to lead the transition with regards to transportation is-seems that would lean towards support for programs like the riff that are within the new i think the build america transportation-- >> build america bureau.
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>> build america burey. bureau. i can see a lot of shift moving towards those programs and will be redefined and want to make sure we have a voice so we don't get redefined out of eligibility for them. i think continued voice for this billion dollar program at the state and federal level is pretty important both for funding and for policy reasons. >> supervisors? >> this is not the item that i had concernwise. i have certains with the next item. >> looks like we are out voted. [laughter] >> i move to approval. >> alright. >> is there a second? approval and second. any discussion? >> no members of public wanting to address you on the item. >> okay. take the roll. >> director gee, aye. kim,
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aye. reiskin, aye. nuru, aye. harper, aye. 5 aye, item 10 is approved. >> just on the side and this i like our attorney to look at. this contract is embarrassing to me. i mean our poor folks out in sacramento have to promise the preservation treated containing arsenic not used mpt i like to find out if we can talk to had city and find out we can have something that is a little-food services waste requirements. it is nice to have something that has less than 62 sections in it for getting some lobbying service squz other things. i know the city's got its things but if you are not building a staircase, preservation wood requirements have nothing to do
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with the requirement. as does i say about 15 other things like that and maybe we should look at it and make sure that we are not handing out contracts that are silly in their scope. it is just for me a matter of pride, just i draft contracts sus sinktly and if we do that and still get city's yes, fine, it would be nice. okay. next item, please. >> item 11, authorizing the executive director to execute amendment to extend agreement for federal advocacy service for carpy and clay for 1 year additional compensation for $155, 500. >> this is federal extension of federal contract for one year and [inaudible] >> the federal contact we have one more one year option to extend and what we are recommending moving forward with carpy and clay
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which is a existing firm. >> supervisor you want to start out here? >> i think we worked something out that i think that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of federal funding and like more time to think about what our role in washington dc is. i do feel comfortable with three month extension but at this time wouldn't feel comfortable with a full year. in lieu of my original proposal which is continue the item for a month i feel comfortable move frgward with three month extension. >> three months. comments on that? >> i'll second it. >> motion and a second. director gree. >> director kim, i understand. at the end othf three months what we would look to either do something different or extend for another three month just for a clarity standpoint?
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>> i wanted to continue for a month to discuss what our goals are and get a better landscape of what federal funding will look like particularly to city's like san francisco that are sanctuary cities given the president comments about the first 100 day goals so want to make sure we are wisely investing our resources. this is a unfortunate statement not a hopeful statement but i think this deserves further discussion about what we plan on accomplishing in washington dc. that being said, my understanding is we need to do work on existing funding as mr. bulay mentioned with our tiffia loan so understand those currents needs existing funding so supportive of three months. i think we deserve discussion perhaps next board meeting about what we think what the landscape will look like. >> thank you for that clarification. >> very up in the air. okay, would you call the roll
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>> no members wanting >> student address on the e item. taking roll to approve the item for three months. director gee, >> we need to vote on the motion first? >> i was going combine it. we have a first and a second to take the amendment three months amendment. all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? no members opposed wanting to address you on the amended amendment. is there a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> roll call. >> all in favor aye. opposed? item 11 is approved as extension of three months. item 12. approving of resolution of appreciation for
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principle engineer brian dykes. >> directors this is mixed emotion i report that brian decided to retire this year. he- >> as soon as we really needed him. say what brian contributes to us over the years. >> brian has been with the tpa since november twnt 07 and 52 years of experience as a licensed engineer and worked globalally and nationally. he works in south africa and europe and worked in the united states on projects in california and southern california and seismic reto fit caltrans after the loma pree eta earthquake. i worked with brian with caltrans on the replacement for the sipress
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structure and met 10 years later, 15 years later. he also managed to [inaudible] sicily and milan italy by building the [inaudible] suspension bridge. a lot of experience and lot of help. brian graduated from empyreal college in london, 1964 and he is great knowledge base and advice and guidance so want to thank him for a life of services to the the world and us as well. thank you brian and if you have anyone--[applause] >> thank you. actually, my wish didn't come true from that point of view. we never built [inaudible] bridge. [inaudible] got in the way and stopped. that's why i am here. my last 10 years would have been doing the seena bridge. now the last 9 years is there
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biggest project i worked on and been a real fun ride and thank everybody, the directors and also the staff , small staff and worked together well and made life great so 65 long and all most 75, it is time to quite down a little. i will be available if you need knowledge in the future but it is time to enjoy my time with my wife and do traveling. >> is that a promise? >> it is a promise. >> we can draft up a consulting agreement you will be on hand. >> that is understandable. i can make that type of a promise. i already discussed it with my wife. two partnerships. thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you. >> no members wanting to address you but sure we have a motion. >> move for approval. >> second.
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>> gee, aye. kim, aye. reiskin,i rir . nuru, aye. harper, aye. itedm 12 is approved. at this time you are scheduled to go into closed session. not received a indication the member of the public want to address on the items listed but have a opportunity to do so now or can clear the room. >> okay. go into closed session. [closed session] around and gapn
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around anymore but i'm looking to getting a tour and if i see a belt or bracelet or something i'll put it on my tab no free rides just
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put it on my tabby want to talk a little bit about the advanced team this is a grew up of 25 sector businesses that got together to provide their insight on exactly what the industry needs to elevate and advance the industry and to begin to understand begin to understand how san francisco, california position itself to be a leader in this particular growing be sector now a series even if recognitions what that made out of the workshop we're working on the first recommendation and it is to begin to organize a regional manufacturing which will reach out to from time to time and old and san jose rainwater this month we're happy to share the information with you when the
11:38 am
event becomes to fruition but i want to again, thank you i'm grateful i don't know if anyone if i'm the only one that was unaware of advanced manufacturing s a simple concept you take old world and add technology to it that increasing the productivity that is incredibly important when you think about north silicon valley we're we should be industry leaders thank you to all the partners that makes us to be the leader and mayor ed lee congratulations this is a quite an accomplishment and a feather in your cap thank you. >> (clapping.) >> well, good morning and thank you supervisor cowen and mayor ed lee for your remarks and leadership i'm kate ceo of
11:39 am
sfmade and for those of you who don't know we have the city's nonprofit partner working across the city to support and sustain and help to keep local manufacturers like, sir can rising in the city our network of local manufacturing totals 6 hundred companies broadly raging be like, sir can and the broosters to a whole range of early stage makers and fueled kinds of companies from jewelry to granola to products that are probably more what we imagine like the advanced manufacturing like a grown but today, i really want to comment on i think supervisor cowen you gave me the lead in we think about advanced manufacturing in this city and i do have to the opportunities now too often spent a lot of time in cities across the country that look at san francisco as a role
11:40 am
model for how to knit together literally and figuratively over world craft we think about sue or metalworking my gathers was do to billing low where i came from all over the place advanced manufacturing we see the articles and pictures of drone or robots at the end of the day we're most cities i will august including that one finds the special combination of the two in doing exactly what, sir can has done not just but the products so much opportunity in connecting together those new kinds of manufacturing technologies and some of them are pretty straightforward this i'm assuming michael was made with a lazer current a straightforward kind of
11:41 am
technology you can have our young con or daughter learn how to use one at soft tech in san francisco but something that bigger companies like, sir can use to help to make their process more efficient at the end of the day when you add technology with people it is not instead of people that is the two together that's what makes the magic happen and that's where i see san francisco and others see san francisco be able to lead the way and demonstrate those those two together work with that, my heartfelt thanks to the mayors leadership and supervisor cowen and her colleagues leadership on everything from land use to providing more visibility to those kinds of companies thank you to the corporate companies like the gaps and others from san francisco may not produce in
11:42 am
the city any longer than but made investment and decision that help to drive the business of the, sir can and more importantly i want to thank you the team that makes, sir can as you may know from us as/78 their 12 of us i couldn't do anything without my team and want martin is the driver the primary author of that book our manufacturing fellow it is transitioning into the initiative we are launching with mayor ed lee and the mayors of from time to time, oakland and san jose and pro transacted an initiative called the urban manufacturing initiative that will dwrief important jobs across the region in san francisco over the next 3 years the kickoff to that is actually
11:43 am
on november 17th right here at the pier 70 we would like to see many of you here he wanted to end my little piece with to thank you for those who work at, sir can there is quite a few of you standing here you're the ones that make it happen all the rest is theizing on the cake it is about you guys and any thank you for investing and be able part of this with that, i'd like to introduce the ceo of, sir can michael sanders thank you kate and welcome mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen and sfmade and the special customer gap we are honored to have you this is a special moment for, sir can and the communities back in 1967 the founder of this company started selling small
11:44 am
leather good ideas on hate street and he invested along with his partner with technology and infrastructure to build it wonderful one plus thousand dollars manufacturing facility we're proud we have the largest leather good ideas facility in the united states we're the largest factory here in san francisco and proud to be in the bayview many years served consumers by the gaps for 45 years and nordstrom and others your goal to continue to expand and create jobs isn't usa by expanding to huge channels what makes many company special are our employees one and 20 employees in the factory and over 40 employees up, huh? our afternoon tenure over 18 years we're incredibly proud of that.
11:45 am
>> (clapping.) >> we pride ourselves in training employees and providing benefits and opportunity to grow and i want to thank everyone here and the employees for, sir can for making this company special so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and with that i'd like to introduce you to one of our is there any public comment employees tammy, tammy. >> (clapping.) >> i think good high good morning, everyone my name is tammy long i've worked here for 17 years my husband worked here for 24 years we both like working for, sir can we get for learn about new
11:46 am
machines and learn about new fields my supervisor nice to everyone we work together like family and very happy thank you. >> (clapping.) >> so, now i'd like to invite you on a tour of the factory lead by michael thank you, everyone
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>> if you frequently travel before i van ness i might be surprised van ness will goodwill go the first transit corridor to have brt as more frequently known the goal to get conveniently van ness and geary boulevard one of the most reliable transit systems in the country van ness avenue is a major connecter between potrero hill and mission on the south side of
11:58 am
san francisco correcting connecting us to the marina and state highway in the financial with the western edition neighborhood it is mostly residential a lot of the geography of van ness the rain that is wide it was uses is a firebreak in the 1906 san francisco earthquake a lot of building occasion that helped of hoped to stop the fire from jumping van ness had a light rail or sprash separating and along geary 0 when we came to the question of how to address the needs on haven because of its cost effectiveness we have found in the brt system with the new vehicles. >> the new mr. secretary is a change we will actually have transit in the middle ♪ the far legal unit and a broadly prom >> one of the reasons it is in
11:59 am
the center a was it is an clouf right-of-way a set of pedestrians will cross from the sidewalk to the middle of the street a. >> to move the reliable along the corridor with this travel time had been signifying reduced we think the ripped will go from 16 thousand a day in that portion the corridor up to 22 thousand and we'll have those beautiful new one like this one. >> with the dedication of the signal and lighter saying that between stops we were able to estimate a .32 improvement in travel time and a 50 percent reliability improvement as a result. >> we're pitting u putting in a up to date modern system of new thirty foot high light fixtures and pedestrian lights
12:00 pm
on the same pole again inviting a comfortable environment for pedestrians. >> it has become a 3 dimensional street project. >> the water that is my understanding under the ground and the emergency firefighting water system month will be replaced and new street lights and traffic lights and the paving and stripping the trees both in the medium and on the side. >> the main core of the project goes from market it lombard that's where we'll be replying the sidewalks. >> there are a number of trees that need to be replaced >> ever wonder about programs the city it working think to make san francisco the best place to work and will we bring shine to the programs and the
12:01 pm
people making them happen join us inside that edition of what's next sf sprech of market street between 6th is having a cinderella movement with the office of economic workforce development is it's fairy godmother telegraph hill engaged in the program and providing the reason to pass through the corridor and better reason to stay office of economic workforce development work to support the economic vital of all of san francisco we have 3 distinctions workforce and neighborhood investment i work in the tenderloin that has been the focus resulting in tax chgsz and 9
12:02 pm
arts group totally around 2 hundred thousand square feet of office space as fits great as it's moved forward it is some of the place businesses engaged for the people that have living there for a long time and people that are coming into to work in the the item you have before you companies and the affordable housing in general people want a safe and clean community they see did changed coming is excited for every. >> oewd proits provides permits progress resulting in the growth of mid businesses hocking beggar has doubled in size. >> when we were just getting started we were a new business people never saturday a small business owner and been in the bike industry a long needed help
12:03 pm
in finding at space and sxug the that is a oewd and others agencies were a huge helped walked us through the process we couldn't have done it without you this is sloped to be your grand boulevard if so typically a way to get one way to the other it is supposed to be a beautiful boulevard and fellowship it is started to look like that. >> we have one goal that was the night to the neighborhood while the bigger project of developments as underway and also to bring bring a sense of community back to the neighborhood. >> we wanted to use the says that a a gathering space for people to have experience whether watching movies or a yoga or coming to lecture. >> that sb caliber shift on the
12:04 pm
street is awarding walking down the street and seeing people sitting outside address this building has been vacate and seeing this change is inspiringing. >> we've created a space where people walk in and have fun and it is great that as changed the neighborhood. >> oewd is oak on aortas a driver for san francisco. >> we've got to 23ri7b9 market and sun setting piano and it was on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and
12:05 pm
tune in next time f watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf oh, san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way
12:06 pm
our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with
12:07 pm
the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will
12:08 pm
take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value
12:09 pm
and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join us >> really glad to have you here for this dedication ceremony for the new air traffic control tower at sfo we'll begin our speaking portion and spanned a welcome to michael administrator. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and good morning san francisco and . >> morning. >> i'm delighted to be back in any home state of california and
12:10 pm
i want to begin by welcoming everyone who took time out from in their busy schedules to join us today what we're celebrating a significant milestone it is a significant milestone for the faa and san francisco international airport city and county of san francisco and for the millions and millions of travelers that pass there to at&t park every year it is undertaking and completion was the result of something unique a unique partnership i'm wondering talk about that in just a moment before i do that i want to recognize some distinguished guests wave or you're all standing wave when i call your name alice if
12:11 pm
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium.
12:14 pm
>> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪
12:15 pm
everyone. >> welcome and thank you all for coming this morning here my chief deputy city attorney and evan that has been working diligently on the investigation in this case and thank you for your efforts part of my responsibility as city attorney to protect san francisco residents and taxpayers from unfair or lawful business practices my office filed a law enforcement over the tower the reason for the action is simply because of the facts in the case are so clear but not make them any less my office investigations shows the developer mission district, llc knew for a year before they
12:16 pm
began selling condominiums to the 58 story residential building was sinking faster than expected yet they went ahead and solid accumulated without telling the buyers about the situation we were legally required buyer be aware didn't cut it smol someone selling real estate must disclose that when construction of tower was completed in february 2008 it had already settled a lot of 6 inches 6 inches was a a maximum amount of engineering appreciated it would sink it had reached the point a year again, the developer began selling the condominium by february of 2009 just before the condos went on the market the tower settled 8.3
12:17 pm
inches more over the maximum amount predicted by the geotechnical engineer on may the developer had data showings the tower way continuing to settle at different rates in different parts of property that leads to the building tilting now the building has sunk 16 inches and news report say it is sinking at the base before they sold a single condominiums mission street development, llc knew they're building sunk more than it was supposed to and that was still sinking yet doesn't dell the homeowners they're required under the law mission street, llc turned over 19 hundred packages of documents with the disclose information about the property as a result of the subpoena that my office issued in september
12:18 pm
these disclosures documents discussed everybody from color and marble to noting the size and types of of the plans in the common area change but they left out of most important detail no where is the city aware of mission street, llc disclose that the building settled faster than it was designed to do that's not just a bit of information perspective homeowners would like to know the information the developer is legally required to provide and at the heart of the case the homeowners have filed define the transportation authority and the city and county of san francisco my office is bringing this lawsuit to a cross complaint against the mission street, llc they filed it today in a case of a number of millennium homeowners have sued the joint
12:19 pm
powers authority and the san francisco city center they're building a tower next to the site san francisco is one of the members of the authority the authority is a separate legal entity and our cross complaint we are seeking damages the court feels is appropriate in 2013 when it closed it's for sale millennium brought in what delighted quota massive 78 hundred there are no thousand dollars it was one $.8 million my office has a duty to protect the taxpayers of 70 spot sit by and allow a developer to gunshot themselves by hiding information in their required by law to disclose that gave the developer in this case an unfair advantage and cheated the homeowners out
12:20 pm
of the information they needed to make an informed choice that's summarized the information and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> go in order. >> (inaudible). >> no do not. >> was there a choice to file a criminal complaint. >> this is a civil complaint i don't have the power under the law to file a criminal action this is a can i feel complaint we're not seeking reference nor have i made referral to the duo district attorney or any other entities that makes that inquiry yeah. >> is the filing a cross complaint. >> that's correct. >> the homeowners that sued the transbay joint powers authority and the city and
12:21 pm
county of san francisco. >> well, it is depend on what the findings is in this case, the damages according to prove and in the event there was a finding against a city an indemnity against the developer since their the party at fault. >> (inaudible). >> monetary damages yeah. >> (inaudible). >> well, i think that that's right what everybody - that should be the primary concern of everybody we're protecting life and safety i know there's a review going on by other city agencies to make sure that that
12:22 pm
the building is safe from everything i'm told the building is safe and would perform in an earthquake that's not the focus of my inquiry at this point but i know the city and the mayor and the department of building inspection and everybody has focused on assuring paycheck and safety. >> (inaudible). >> well, i'll disagree as a matter of fact the department of building department dbi didn't have information about the current settlement until the past july so that's something that will be discussed in
12:23 pm
litigation. >> (inaudible) you've already said in some litigation the homeowners waited too late to file their filing against the city you said they've known about it since 2015 and should have settled sooner you want the - now your intervening that goes sg against the millennium developer and then he going against the developer and they don't have any money they're out out of luck your public health they're wrongly suing the city and on the other hand, you're saying it is millenniums fault. >> the as a matter of fact jackson i think what you're referring to a lawsuit that was filed against the city we filed and refiled today but we've been
12:24 pm
clear the vocal point of this needs to be on the responsible party that's the developer because if you accounted a lot the claim before us and the complaint against the city it is basically for a condemnation and the claim of the value it because what has occurred there was a loss of value not an adequate disclose made to the purchasesers by the developer at the time of the arbitration it was completed that's what cause the loss in value has occurred from my perspective the vocal point is on the responsible party the developer who has known about this all along and not disclose the information that was required to disclose to
12:25 pm
their purposeers or pro seismic purchasers. >> i'm sorry. i'll come back to you. >> certainly i do absolutely i think that you know this is every homeowners worst nightmare a lot of people go through this they know what happens when the investment it is to go and purchase a home or condominium sometimes you have people's entire savings they put forward to purchase something that's why this is egregious and the california raw is to district and expensive whaven when it comes you must throwers for the purposeers the reason for the law in this area is to that people don't get ripped off and they're protected and in our view what makes that
12:26 pm
egregious when you look at all the disclosures and the marble eloquently goes to the heart of what one considers had making an transaction yet i have compassionate for the folks that's why we're stepping in to make sure the developer that the city is making sure that the responsible party here is paying for their misdeeds. >> you have a question. >> (inaudible). >> it is it is. >> (inaudible). >> okay this gentleman here. >> (inaudible). >> i'm sorry (inaudible). >> we received 19 hundred pages of documents in respond to a subpoena we issued in september.
12:27 pm
>> oh, okay. >> (inaudible) 2011. >> yeah. >> do you think that although it is millenniums responsibility aren't you you embarrassed the agencies didn't bother to tell nobody that the city's job for safety obviously they can step in a do the right thing in 2009 including those are by all measures the presented measure of settlement is he watched and the city knows the millennium is not telling you it is readily apparent or the. >> at least be careful with the words the gentleman asked about criminal activity i'm not sure anyone is committing a crime no doubt that dbi knew about settlement in 2009 but it
12:28 pm
wasn't until this past july dbi had additional information about the continuing settlement accordance of differential settlement they didn't have all the information number one but number two the second part of our question you - who's the one that is dealing with the purchaser the city is not in a position of knowing what the developer is disclosing to pro seismic purchasers we're not in a contract the city didn't interjefferson county themselves into all transactions we don't know what in their disclosing to the purchasers it was as a result of our subpoena that we preserved the disclose and went to the purchasers and saw what was and not disclosed if we
12:29 pm
followed the logic the as a matter of fact of the matter the city being sure on all home purpose in san francisco stepping in and trying to monitor and interjefferson county themselves in that to see in profits are made or not made its simply - >> your city is a aware of the position and let them get away with it and actually nobody recorded a crime so nobody recorded it. >> we didn't release or know that millennium was not living up to its obligations the second we got the information we were not aware they were living up to their obligation we taken steps to address that so i'll say you know we operate laws are on the book people expect their live up
12:30 pm
to the obligations we become >>[gavel] >> good morning. welcome to the aging and adult services commission. can we have roll call >> james, present. dodd highly is excused loo is excused powell, present. roy, here. sims speaker please note executive director mcspadden is present >> because we have a very long agenda before we approve the agenda we are going to table a lot of the reports because a lot of these items require action and i know you want to