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tv   Mayors Disability Council  SFGTV  November 12, 2016 1:00pm-3:16pm PST

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tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program
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more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. could you please take your seats? the sooner we get started, the sooner we can adjourn so you all can continue socializing.
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>> good afternoon, everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors special meeting for tuesday, october 18th, 2016. madam clerk, can you please call the roll? >> thank you, supervisor avalos. >> present. >> breed. >> present. >> campos. >> present. >> cohen. >> present, farrell. >> present. >> kim. >> kim present. >> supervisor mar? >> here. >> present. >> peskin present. >> sperp tang. >> present. >> supervisor weiner. >> present. >> yee? >> present. >> madam president all members are present. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance?
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>> thank you, everyone. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> i have none to report, madam president. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to a very special ceninneanl meeting. >> we come together to celebrate this chamber, sitting with me on my right are great senator and former president of the board as well as our former mayor of san francisco u.s. senator diane
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finstein. enter[ applause ]en >> welcome back, senator and to my left is our current mayor, mayor edwin lee. i would also like to welcome our state representatives in the house. assembly man tang, assembly man. if we could hold our applause until after because we are going to be introducing a lot of folks, former supervisor and board president, chui, as well as former supervisor and current senator, mark leno.
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and we also have former supervisor and board of equalization, president, fiona ma. thank you all for being here. we are also joined by many other city department heads, and elected officials. i see our public defender is here jeff adachi and our sheriff, henessee as well as our fire chief, white, and the city administrator noami kelley. thank you all for being here. and i also would like to send a special recognition to the man who has basically worked with every former supervisor in this room, the great harvey rose.
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okay, i know that we are in a clapping mood, but i would like to at this time call out the names of each member of the board of supervisors, that has served on this legislative body and is joining us here today. and if you could just basically stand up so that we can acknowledge you. starting with bill mar. thank you for being here. tony hall? roberta atkinburg, carol silver. an marie con roy. >> dufty. haranzy. i apologize. kim gon sal ez. our former city attorney and former member of the board louis rene. jake mcguldrige. our current assessor and former supervisor, chui.
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and former supervisor tang. john bargus. shawn elsberg. julie christensen. robert mendelson. carol migden. mckala pere. jerardo sandovol. and leslie katz and reverend c. brown. and of course, we can't forget susan leal and thank you for being here today. and now to acknowledge the former presidents of the board as i mentioned senator finestein is a former president of the board as well as barbara cofman
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is joining us here today. tom amiano. kevin selly. matt gonzales. >> and angela pier. sorry. okay, i get one mistake. sorry. i get one mistake, okay? sorry angela. >> it is all good. >> okay. with that, did i miss anybody? oh, yes. quinn, and thank you for being here. thank you for being here. our current commissioner and the newly sworn in commissioner and
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former board president. who aaron? he is, and aaron peskin welcome back. thank you all so much for being here and we are also joined by the former clerk gloria young, thank you so much. before we get started i would like to take a moment of silence to acknowledge the folks who have worked through this chamber, who are no longer with us today. something that we agree on is
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that people love coming to san francisco, settlers and immigrants began arriving after the first independent homestead was erected near what is today is known as port mouth square in 1843. the town was growing very quickly, and was renamed san francisco on january 30th 1847. the california gold rush increased our population over night, from 1,000 people in 1848, to 25,000 by december 1849. in february of 1849, the citizens of what was known as the district of san francisco erected a legislative assembly. which they empowered to make laws not in conflict with the constitution of the united states nor the common laws thereof. today, is about recognizing the legislative chamber and all of the actions that took place here to help guide and build this
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city. so the settlers and the immigrants and the visitors and business owners and employees and residents, and the non-profits and the organizations and associations, the city employees, and many others can know the responsibilities and the practices to conduct their personal or private business. whether this city was called atunamatento, the council or the free holders or the board of supervisors there is no doubt since 1849 to this very day, our collective commitment to service has led to the strength of our board of supervisors. to the city of san francisco and to the betterment of the neighbors, i welcome you all to the chamber to a special meeting where a type of lifetime capsule will be presented to you today. so let's get started, get ready
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to go back to another time exactly five years after the 1906 earthquake. madam clerk. and madam president that was five days after the 1906 earthquake. >> thank you. >> once the board of supervisors could finally meet, this was the first entry into the journal of proceedings by the clerk of the board, mr. george keen on monday, april, 23, 1906. on the 18th day of april, 1906, about the hour of 5:15 a.m., san francisco was visited by an earthquake of unusually severe magnitude, many structures collapsed and were dismanled and every business throughout the city was injured to a greater or less degree. not only did the earthquake shock, injure or destroy many buildings and streets and suers, but the water and gas mains were broken and the electric light service dismantled thus, shutting off the water and the light supply, the fires started
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in several sections of the city and being without water, the fire department was utterly unable to check the flames. the united states troops were called out to aid the fire and police departments and dynamiting was resorted to, which continued for three days, two-thirds of the city was entirely consumed, and the general boundaries of the devastation and the burned section of the city included the businesses and the most densely populated precedent sections of the city. the principal buildings, city hall, and the hall of justice were destroyed with their contents. great distress prevails among the homeless and the afflicted who are obliged to camp on the hills and in the streets and the parks until their fellow citizens can afford the shelter. aid is most againly provided by our nation, our country men and our friends throughout the united states, and it is hoped that within a short time the suffering and misery of the sick and the homeless will be relieved, the usual meeting
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place of the board of supervisors namely the chamber on the second floor in the san francisco city hall has been dismantled by the earthquake and the devastation by the fire. the purpose of this is necessarily brief article is to enable a proper understanding of the subsequent actions of the board of supervisors, the legislative branch and to explain the tra order conditions that now preveal, george b. keen the clerk of the board and the city of san francisco. >> thank you madam clerk, it was an extraordinary time, but as a city we collectively rose to the occasion. in the ten years that followed along with the state delegation and federal partners, the board of supervisors guided the rebuild of the city from the ground up, leveraging the ability for the bonds, our true and civic pride, cohen will now recite some of the activities. >> thank you, good afternoon,
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ladies and gentlemen. it was a difficult time for many reasons. the city was faced with figuring out the basic san tarry conditions as earlier ships that came into port were over run with rats and brought the plague epidemic to san francisco. to come mri indicate matters, there were several grass scanned dells that rock the city that brought the general mistrust of the city officials, with the prosecution of the mayor schmid and ruth and certain public utility officials on extortion and bribery charges. so it is no surprise that in 1909, the voters of san francisco turned down an $8 million bond to rebuild city hall. it was not until 1911 that the residents were finally invigorated when they elected mayor sunny jim rolf to be
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mayor. and it was his promise to rebuild a splended city hall and a new civic center area. after the earthquake destroyed the board's legislative chambers, the board of supervisors meetings were held at several temporary sites, and in 1911, 1231, market street, became the official temporary city hall during the creation of the plans and the construction to rebuild city hall and the city. in 1912, the voters finally approved the issuance of a $8 bond for the new city hall and a civic center. a design competition began for the best design despite the fact that there were limited architects registered in office design in california. in 1912, the winning design was awarded to the arther brown firm
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of bake well and brown, and in 1913, the ground breaking commenced for the new city hall, city hall was newly opened on february, 20th, 1915. and was dedicated to coincide with the panama pacific international ex-poe tigs, occurring in the city. but the boards legislative chambers would not be finished for another year. in part due to its ornate and stunning workmanship. finally, on october, 9th, 1916, the meeting of the board of supervisors was held in the legislative chamber, thank you, madam president. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. >> thank you. you can clap, but she did not write it. on the call of the roll for the inmeeting the follow 18 members
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were noted present, supervisors brandon dz., gallagher, hayden hilmer, hox, hanes, cordic. >> lahaney. >> mclaern. nelson, nolan, power, sir, walsh, welch, and wolf. we felt that it was important that their words spoken on that day be reinstated by our current board members as they are in this chamber. the following excerpts were taken from the journal of proceedings for monday, october 9th, 1916, at 2:00 p.m. for that inaugural day. the first individual to present on that day was the honorable mayor junior, as spoken by the honorable mayor lee. mayor lee? >> thank you, madam president.
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we meet in these beautiful chambers for the first time urpd the most inspiring circumstances. this city hall and civic center and these chambers excelled in any part of the world which are the housed for many years to come for the board of supervisors of this city and county. in 1912, was a near dream, a vision, in the minds of those who today are with us celebrating the realization of that dream. today, we are gathered in these new legislative chambers, which with its remarkable simplicity, and wonderfully carved walls and ceilings, reflect the dignity and the splendor of this great city. there is an inspiration about
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it, that should impel us to the higher effort and nobler things. i greet you, i welcome you distinguished guests, former city officials, supervisors, and fellow citizens, to this beautiful building, which is yours and which for many years to come shall be the seat of your city's government. thank you madam president. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> and now, the honorable united states senator diane as originally presented by the honorable united states senator james d. felan. >> thanks very much, madam president, i once again state these are the words of a former supervisor and united states senator. for the five years i had the
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honor to preside over the board of supervisors. i cannot recall any greater pleasure and safety than the work in which we were engaged. i see here today some of the men mr.'s payot, murdock, booth and hox who served with me at that time. in those formative days of the new charter, we had many questions as to the interpretation of that instrument. public work was delayed until the courts had fixed upon the meeting and legality of the provisions. you who have succeeded to these positions, have smoother sailing because now, it has been fully interpreted. our sessions, although stormy at times, they were conducted in a
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d dignifieed. and the board of supervisors may be compared to the congress of the united states, except there the work is practically done in committees and the sessions are carried out in a manner. and there is a lack of order, and decorum, members read newspapers and smoke, while the congress is in session. and it is being addressed by a member. but in the board of supervisors, the work was done in largely, by largely the board itself. therefore, more attention is shown, more decorum and order is required. than in the tribunal of the united states. this is as it should be. for here you deal with the daily lives of the people. with matters intimately connected with their daily lives. therefore, my service here was of greater importance to me. than as a member of the congress.
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for which it served as a plendid preparation. the greeks had, saying, to be beautiful we should live among the objects of beauty. children should not be allowed to grow up among the images of evil. this beautiful dome which surrounds these chambers shall inspire our people for ages to come. and shall typify the unity of this community. i was a member of the old city hall commission. and we put the last patches on the work we who knew the old building with the dark corridors and the poor ventation, may well marvel at the tremendous progress that has been made in a few years in the science of architecture and building construction. when we contemplate the beauty
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of this structure and the wonderful arrangements for the light and ventation, which have been afforded in its construction. my service as a public official of this city will always be cherished. as the most satisfactory experience of my life. thank you, madam president. >> thank you, senator. and now, supervisor david campos as originally presented by supervisor edward wolf. thank you madam president. you have done me great honor mr. mayor. and you have taken me wholy by surprise. i appreciate the honor, and i am greatly inspired by the beauty of these surroundings. and i am delighted that senator feland and the former supervisors are present. i remember in 1896, when senator
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feland ran for mayor of the city. and we had partisan politics at that time, and recall that the word pecurliar circumstances as a republican impressed me that it was my duty to help mr. feland to that office which he graced and honored. we made no mistake then, and we have made no mistake now, that we have elevated him to the senate of the united states. we owe a great deal of debt to the former supervisors who so faithfully carried out their trust. if we can do so as well, we will deserve the praise and the economics, which are theirs today, i can say to you, mayor rolf who made such a brilliant record in your first and in this, your second term. we could indeed be inspired to do those things, which will win
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for us our own self-respect and the respect of the people of the city and county of san francisco. i have dedicated myself to the course and when the times comes to do something for san francisco, while i am in this position. and i hope to equip myself as well as the men and women, who are here today. and in honor of the occasion. and senator feland has truly said that our work is important work. it effects the very homes and fire sides of our people. let us, therefore, conduct our proceedings with dignity, and let's maintain peace and order of this great community, and thank you madam president, and i want to make sure that his name is said today, because i would not be here and so many of us would not be here without him, we are thinking of you harvey milk. >> thank you. thank you, supervisor campos. >> and now, supervisor katie tang as originally presented by
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supervisor ralph. thank you, madam president. san francisco can justly feel proud of the beautiful chamber and of all of the civic center, and san francisco can justly feel proud of all of the former members of this board who had a hand in the boz issue and are responsible for initiating the work. i see here today, the building committee which had the work of laying out the civic center, i want to say to the former supervisor, bancroft who is the chairman of that committee, and to him, is the credit of the 3 and one and a half million dollars, and due to the energy and the expert knowledge of the real estate values these were made, economy and promptly, the supervisor was a member of the committee and took as much interest as if it was his own home. >> thank you, supervisor tang and now, supervisor john avalos as presented by william h. mccarthy. >> thank you, madam president, i
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was a member of the former finance committee and our confidence in the member of the committee, of that committee was such that we accepted without question, all of the recommendations for the work of acquiring and developing the civic center. to the credit of this board, that policy of the previous committee has been followed and the work successfully consummated. and i have visited all of the large public buildings in the united states. which compare with the city hall in san francisco. those are the capital at washington, and the state house in rhode island. >> thank you president, breed. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. >> and now, supervisor yee has originally presented by supervisor jay emit hayden. >> thank you, madam president, the honorable mayor rolf message of 1912, outlined the program of public improvements and
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introduction at that time by supervisor bancroft of the declare ordinance, providing for the bond issue for the city, for the city hall and civic center, i am proud and grad ified to have had the opportunity of participating in and supporting these constructive measures. and i will continue to do all in my power to reflect honor, on the people of san francisco. thank you. madam president. >> thank you, supervisor yee. and now, supervisor mar as originally presented by supervisor james e. power. >> thank you, madam president. i take pride in being a member of the board of supervisors on this occasion. too much praise cannot be given to the former finance and building committee for the economy in which the work of the construction of this building was carried on. they heard the praises of the people when at the public house
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warming, this building was thrown open for inspection, to two other great projects are now facing the people of san francisco and their solution is the most important to the future of this city, they are the questions of water, and transportation. to these matters, i pro-he pose to give careful study and consideration and to do all in my power to reflect credit on this great city. thank you madam president. >> thank you, supervisor mar. and now, the next two statements will be spoken by supervisor kim and the final two statements there after, will be spoken by supervisor weiner, both statements as originally par phrased in the journals. supervisor kim? >> thank you madam president. supervisor nolan expressed sentiment that he was proud to be a member of the administration and to participated in the work of reconstruction for the city of his birth. supervisor gallagher addressed
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the board expressing his gratification of being a member of the board of supervisors that accomplished so much in a short time without scandal and without waste of tax payer money. >> thank you, supervisor weiner? >> thank you, madam president. supervisor walsh reminded the board that the great credit was also due to the mechanics whose skill and cooperation made largely for the speedy and successful completing of the work. supervisor hilmer expressed himself as being proud of the administration which had accomplished this great work, thank you, amadam president. >> thank you, supervisor kim and weiner, and to all of our colleagues for honoring the past and allowing us to hear, some of the words spoken at the inago ral meeting of this chamber. and now it is time for our
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12:30, come m commend /* commendations and i would like to yield the floor for the u.s. senator to agabegin. >> i hope that you can hear me. thank you very much madam president for this treat. and you know, that it is a very emotional time. i think when we come back here. i remember the nights and the monday afternoons we remember the struggles with harvey rose over the budget. we remember great division of our city. and i hope that we have all profited from that learning. and that it does not forge himself up to the battle front of our nation. but what i wanted to do here today, was acknowledge those people who are here. who served during that time.
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who i regard with great fondness and respect. and particularly clinton cox, that goes for you. bobby mendelson with whom i have known for a long time, louis who took my seat on the board of supervisor and became city attorney. and has gone on to many good things. carroll silver. who during the white night riots unfortunately took a rock in the face and bears that scar to this day. billy maher who always stood tall and always had something to add to the discussion. i spoke last night with jack mulanari who could not be here today. he was board president during much of my 9 years as supervisor. and he is traveling and he can't attend hi would also like to recognize don heranzy who was almost a supervisor.
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and john fargus who was. thank you very much, madam chair, madam president. >> thank you, senator. and now i would like to acknowledge our state senator mark leno for a special commendation. >> thank you madam president. we are celebrating this centinnial as beautiful and magnificent from the walls and to the elegant and the ornate ceiling and to these extraordinary chandaliers which were actually taken down and put into storage to put up modern light ins and they were in fact, well stored and put back in place during our late 90s
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historic restoration and renovation. and seismic retrofitting. but that is those who have served and the public becomes to these chambers, on a regular basis, that make the value of this beautiful room. so it is a real honor, and privilege not only to have served here but to be back with all of those who have shared that experience as i have. and i just want to close by making recognition of that photograph. that president breed mentioned in her opening comments. it is a moment in time and we have just restored that moment of time. and there will be those looking back on it. but if you have a good look at that photograph, hanging on the wall outside of the chambers you will notice that there were 18 numbers, of course, not the 11 that are there now. and newly elected because 17 of 18 numbers of the earlier board had been indicted and jailed as a result of the corruption at
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the time of the rebuilding of the city. but you will also see that it reflects a very different san francisco. and it is almost entirely, if not entirely, caucasian and it is almost entirely or several the board, all male, but even in the public gallery, there may be two or three ladies with their hats on. but otherwise, all male. and if you look very carefully in the front right row, you will see two dandy gentleman looking straight into the camera, i am convinced they came together. so we now refresh that photograph and that moment in time and we see a very different san francisco and i know that we are all very proud of it. and the recognition of the city tla i love and i know that we all love, it is a real privilege to be able to present a
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resolution from the state senate, recognizing this extraordinary occasion. and wishing our dear city greater and greater days up ahead. thank you. >> thank you, senator. >> and so before i turn it over to assembly man, david chui and thank you, senator for recognizing the occasion, and how far that we have come as a city. i would also like to also open up the floor to our honored guests here today. there were special commendations that were brought to the chamber here, but i would also like to recognize that there are probably words that many of you have and i will recognize you after supervisor i mean, assembly man, david chui. and thank you, madam president, and as i look out on to the sea
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of faces representing generations of leadership in our city, what a cast of characters. and none of us look a day older than when we first stepped into this chamber. and i know all of us are experiencing intense and fond memories of our time here in this chamber. and the 2 a.m. sessions, the ordinances that we pass, and the fights that we have here, but i think that we all know that despite any differences, we may have had, this space magic happened in this space. and when we have come together around our shared san francisco values, as goes san francisco so go california, so goes the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. we start political revolution here in this chamber. and so it is incredible honor to be part of this body and because there would be no moment that would not be appropriate not to have a large commendation from
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the california state legislature, we have nine whereas clauses and i am going to read all of them at another time. but on behalf of the california state assembly, congratulations to 100 years of great history and here is to 100 great years of a great future. and with that --. >> thank you. >> and i want to hand it off to my colleagues. >> yes, assembly man phil tang. >> thank you it is so great to join my colleague, david chui and to be back in this amazing chamber and this incredible building, it is sort of breath taking. we spend a number of days in the state capitol, but i know that the state capital frankly has nothing on the chamber, and it is incredible when i think about all of the work that has been done by this body. we are a city of policy innovators and in the board of supervisors chamber right here, is -- and so many ideas just in
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recent history that have come out, whether it is around, universal health ka irfor san franciscans and whether it is about banning plastic bags or whether it is about pushing our clean energy economy, they have started right here. and i am so proud to be a san franciscan, and so proud to be able to join you here today. and again, s just incredible congratulations on 100 years of amazing history and look forward to seeing all of the great things that come out of this body in the years to xom. >> thank you very much. and with that, harvy rose who is your favorite supervisor? >> does anyone or any of our former board presidents, would you like to say a few words? >> thank you, madam president. and members of the board of supervisors, and fellow san
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franciscans. there are at least two sentiments which come to me, at this moment. and it is natural to reflect on human beings, who have been a part of this structure. but, i recall relevantly, my one time seat mate senator finestein who i will refer to because of the occasion as diane. remarking, not once but several times on the grandure of these chambers, the architecture, extraordinary in every way. and secondly, i am reminded of a bromide conveyed to me, before i
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took the solemn oath of office by a colleague to be reflected interestly in one of the comments on october 9th, 1916 by then a member of the board of supervisors. but the colleague in my instance whats bob mendelson who bestowed upon me the injunction of maintaining dignity, and decorum. and that injunction was sorely tested from time-to-time. and as diane and bob and carol ruth and others can call to mind. this indeed is auspicious and i
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am just thankful that i am a part of the 100 years of common ration of performance of duty to the people of san francisco. thank you. thank you very much. are there any other members passed members of the board of supervisors that like to provide me comments at this time? >> supervisor mar? >> i want to say it was a great privilege and i thank you. >> if you could speak into the microphone, please? >> okay, thank you. >> supervisor aliodo. >> thank you very much, madam president. and senator finesteine and sitting in these chambers i have to recall the fights that we had for the issues that are so
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accepted today as the norm, sitting right there where da sid is was supervisor doris ward who was incredible and she and i worked so hard together to do the hate crime legislation, that today we expect to be the norm in our policing of the city. and then i did the smoking ban and then i think that supervisor mar will remember i lost that first one. carroll my remember that i lost that first one. i walked out of these chamber doors and i said, to my legislative aid, go and get me a cigarette, i need it badly. get me a smoke, quick. but i couldn't believe that i lost, it was in fact, building on what supervisor wendy nelder had started in the restaurants and so we had the great innovation here. of course we went back two years later and we passed the first smoking ban in the world, i might add, with the vote that went worldwide. indeed the mayor of dublin
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called me last year to thank the city of san francisco for the first smoking ban. so when i look at these walls i think of the amazing things that we have done that saves the lives of people every day, from the homeless, to the sick and the poor. and it is just an affordable room for what it stands for and what all of you who were the legislators, here, have done for this great city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. well, i followed in andria footsteps and i worked on a different kind of smoking, if you might pay attention to what is happening on the ballot. two things again, i want to acknowledge and under score, what supervisor compos mentioned and that is the legacy of harvey milk and of course, our late mayor george, and we suffered through that storm and i think that we all bonded in a way
1:46 pm
because of that tragedy. in a way that we did not know that we know each other. and i don't think that can be forgotten. we share that history. and i also want to thank harvey rose for not eliminating my position, which he threatened to do at every meeting. and i also would like us all to remember my good friend sue beardman. >> thank you very much. when >> when i got elected i was as tall as kevin chilly. and look ad what eight years did. it was such a treat to be in this room for of the eight years, four of them we were across the street. so we only had four years here. and i so wanted to be able to stand up here when we moved back
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to just greet everybody. being back what i called home. i guess i have been known for rewriting the charter. that happened so many years ago. and there have been six or seven attempts at it. and i was happy that i was able to do it. but i could not have done it without a -- tj. >> tj. >> tj. >> i draw a blank. >> i could not have done it without tj and i see in the audience jim lazarus, and those two people well, jim new more about the city than anybody that i knew.
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and i would like all of the colleagues that i worked with and it was really a pleasure, and i am so glad that i am not in politics any more. thank you very much. >> at this time i would like to acknowledge reverend amos brown. >> madam president. mr. mayor, and senator, my colleagues of yester years and the present members of this board, i have the distinction of being the only clergy person to serve on this board. and i was there because my spirituality was not confined to
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sacred stain glass windows. i was there back in those days. because i knew so well that as thoruo, said, and does not keep a woman, ace with his or her companions. let him march for the music that he hears. i have a measure of far away. and was to forget that when my companions didn't hear me. on two items. number one, care. and not cash. everybody said, how dare a preacher. so cold. but gaven peeked over my shoulder. and when he became mayor, the
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very legislation that i introduced became the measure that we were governed by in this city. the other one is that i hold here a cell phone. and i had to introduce the legislation and that would be prohibited to use cell phones. and while driving. almost ran me out of town. it was indicated the truth that was crushed to the earth rose again. and now, we are a safer, society. because it is the law of the land. no cell phones. while driving. >> silver? thank you, very much colleagues.
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it is a great pleasure to be here with clinton and diane and others who i served with over the 12 years that i sat in that chair in this chamber. i know that now people leave after 4:00 or 8:00 years, but because of the p elections and the district elections again i was here for a very, very long period of time and as somebody mentioned, previous to me, this chamber, this body, this city, this group of people initiated things that today we take for granted. and harvy my colleague bho sat in that chair, in that chair,
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sorry. that is right. i am turned around. sorry. and i introduced the first legislation to ban discrimination against gay people in employment. and if you think about that was not that long ago. yet, that was a major piece of legislation that began right here. and i was so lucky to have harvy as a colleague, and to have diane as a colleague, and even to have quinten as a colleague. he used to rise and to say, now miss silver, i know that you are the product of a great education
1:53 pm
at the university of chicago and harvard university. and that is when i knew that he whats going to destroy me in the next week. i am as all of us thrilled to be here, happy to be with my colleagues of yestery year and very, very, grateful to those of you who remember. thank you. >> i just want to remind us of two important words and i always remind myself of. and those two words are public service. i know that that was something that david chui reminded us of the shakespeare is to sort of whit, it should dominate our comments today by not having read all of the findings, and i am aware that -- that those words did not follow that. and went on to say too many
1:54 pm
things, but i will try to follow little of my normal patron saint, if you would. and great role model, saint katis and try to be brief. i came here with only one intention and that was to serve and i think that is why we all came here. and i remember when someone said, what are you hope to accomplish, and i remember saying, some be from the press and i said i hope to leave the body known as the board of supervisors here honorable bli served and served by many, many, other people as in, even better in the institution than when we walked in the door. and i hope that we can all have that in mind that we have accomplished that in so many ways, if you compare us to so many other bodies of government around the country, let alone around the world. and we have accomplished incredible things and we are talking about the physical chamber here today, which is of course made of the oak which is extinct and i think that it is important that we contrast
1:55 pm
ourselves with this species of oak and with the future of our continued legislative body on the board of supervisors here, which never will be extinct in terms of which the continued dedication to public service and no matter how long we are here and the walls stand, that the people who serve here are the people who serve the people, the men and women of san francisco. and it was a great honor to be part of that and i am honored to be among those who have done that. and very honored to think about how i can continue to leave here as long as possible, with the people who will continue to have that, as their model, for life. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor tang would like to say a few words. thank you very much, madam president, senator, and mayor lee, and senator leno and councilman chui and tang and members of the board and my
1:56 pm
colleagues, it is a great honor to be back. and it is a great honor to celebrate this very special occasion today. i want to thank every one of you for allowing me to work with you and to have learned from you. i want to recognize the department heads. who do all of the work. day-to-day. and carry on our legislation, thank you very much. we care so much about the city. every single part of the city. i personally work in china town today. and every day i walk passed the first american flag. that was hoisted in san francisco right at christmas square. and i go into work on the land that used to be the hall of justice. today is part of the chinese culture center. and every day i look in the park every day, i look in the
1:57 pm
neighborhood, and every day i am reminded of and i am sure that you see it every day. and i am reminded of the challenge of this placement. and immigration, and inequity, crime, homelessness, and i would have to say to the current members of the board, and the future members of the board, all of the people who are thinking about running for the board, that we look forward to your leadership. and for us also it is now. we will always be here to support you and to help you succeed. a word to supervisor my former colleague, carroll migden. thank you for teaching me to put on my lip stick every day, every time before the committee hearing. thank you very much. >> thank you.
1:58 pm
>> were there any other members? >> supervisor gonsales? >> thank you. madam president, and mr. mayor, senator, he esteemed colleagues. i know that you are whether you are a member of the board of supervisors, a department head, a city attorney, budget analyst, that you are all considered agents of change, in this city. i consider you trouble makers. and i think that one of the great privileges that i have had not only in this chamber, but in this building is that i was able to serve like devon and dufty both in the mayor's office and in this chamber and seeing the executive priorities and the legislative priorities and how they got translated into the good policy. and i think back of the time
1:59 pm
when i thought that i was going to be a member of this board and i said well, i am probably going to be the first gonzales it did not work out because there was bob and then matt. sxh i said i am going to be the first you know, and only, guatemala. >> and then david compass took that away from me. but, all in all, the one thing that i got you know, is that i got to run city wide, and that was very, very peshl and the elected city wide, and i never gotten that opportunity that had not been for the great mayor who appointed me, to my seat on the board of supervisors. the quintin cox seat and thank you mayor and senator for that. but i also when i was thinking about you, thanking you got here, each and every one here made that special sacrifice of roping i don't you are family into this. and having your family do also
2:00 pm
part of the sacrifice. and i would like you all to applaud your families to the sacrifices that they have made to serve san francisco. and as a point of personal privilege, diane appointed you to the board of supervisors and the people elected me to the board, but the person who let me serve was maria over there, my spouse. so thank you. supervisor hall? >> thank you, madam president. >> i would just like to know, why when the photographer asked everybody to shift to the right i was the only one that did it? no, as the last conservative i think elected to this body and maybe in the last 30 or 40 years, it is bring backs the title of an old elton john song, i am still standing and it is really a pleasure to be here.
2:01 pm
and i had four great years under the direction of our former president matt gonsales and i notice that he roo he mains quiet, he brought in a certain energy and intelligence to this board that we open that we see in the future. but, thank all of you, each and every one of you for the work that you have done for san francisco. god bless. >> thank you, supervisor. i was waiting for you to break out in song. but i will call. >> the title but i am not going to sing it. >> okay. anyone else any of our honored or distinguished guests that are here today? seeing none, i will now recognize supervisor cohen. >> oh, carroll. >> no i was supervisor carol. >> a point of personal privilege wondering if there was some lunch in hand here? >> yes, so the sooner we are done with this meeting, the sooner we can go and eat.
2:02 pm
>> i am glad that point was made. >> thank you very much, but i also want to say that san francisco has always been the jugerknot force that has moved california and therefore has affected the nation. and during my tenure, i remember we prevented guns from being sold, senator, here in san francisco. and we have watched the decades of which you have fought, mightily, and strongly and imperatively, to continue to have our country rid of automatic assault weapons. so i want to say we stood here originally, we stood for the right things, we did not dilly dally and we have driven forth afl very come mendable agenda for our country to be proud of. and i thank you. >> thank you very much.
2:03 pm
>> okay. and seeing no other distinguished guests, i will acknowledge supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. >> and good afternoon, again, ladies and gentlemen, mr. mayor, president breed, and senator, it is wonderful to sit here in this beautiful chamber and just have a moment to reflect. if you think about it, we have come quite a long ways, and in a short period of time, 100 years, mr. mayor you can the first, chinese american mayor, elect and president breed being an african american woman, a few that have held the titles of the chair woman of this body and senator, the first mayor of san francisco. no mistake excuse me? >> excuse me. first female mayor, first lady, absolutely.
2:04 pm
i also want to recognize the current clerk of the board, we have come a really long way, we are celebrating the 100 anniversary of this chamber, when you consider that it was just 51 years, post the proclamation that the african americans were recognized as citizens and i want you to consider that the 19th amendment that legalized the woman's right to vote was just passed 1920, four years after this chamber was established. there are many people that we recognized today. i do want to speak their names and give life and breath and recognize harry fransa, who was a member of this body, the first african american to serve in the san francisco board of supervisors. also want to recognize, miss ella, hutch, and on many of you served with our dear great sister kennedy. and doris ward is not able to be
2:05 pm
with us here today, but she is here with us. and of course, want to again, recognize the reverend dr. amos brown. and i think that it is, these are the shoulders that president breed and i stand on, with great honor and integrity. and i also want to recognize the many aids that are in this chamber, and also recognize the former aids that have joined us here today, because it is without you that we would not be able to do the work that we do every day, serving the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen for bringing up some amazing points. former supervisor ward could not be with us today, she was the first african american woman and african american to be president of the board of supervisors. and i am honored to be the second. and i also would like to acknowledge former supervisor maxwell who could not be with us
2:06 pm
today as well. thank you all so much, again, everyone who has joined us here today, and what an amazing occasion. and to celebrate, 100 years of this incredible chamber, with all of you. and our honored guests and we will continue with our agenda, we have just a few more items before we can adjourn today. including one of those things that i know each and every one of you remembers and enjoyed the most. public comment. >> so, we will go to public comment but before we go to public comment, we will reapprove the minutes from the october, 9, 1916 meeting. motioned by? supervisor campos. and seconded by cohen, colleagues could we take that without, objection. those minutes from 100 years ago
2:07 pm
will be approved after public comment. >> and with that madam clerk, please read public comment. >> at this time the public may comment for up to two minutes within the subject matters jurisdiction of the board regarding the celebration, and the items on the adoption without reference to the calendar. >> welcome to our celebration meeting. >> thank you. >> congratulations and (inaudible)
2:08 pm
2:09 pm
>> thank you, next speaker please, and if there are any other speakers, who would like to provide general public comment, please line up to my left. >> thank you, and thank you to the board of supervisors for putting on this meeting. my name is neal and i am a historian with the california heritage council, in 1972, with the cooperation with the mayor, we issued a certificate of recognition to city hall. and signed by henry prene, the president of the california heritage council and in that spirit we want to recognize the 100th anniversary of this chamber, and i would like to point out that we should mention arthor brown junior, the architect of city hall who
2:10 pm
especially put a special effort into signing this chamber, and he is one of our great architects of san francisco history. and he went on to design the clay tower, the and the tower of the sun in treasure island and many, many other buildings until the 1950s. and this was the reason why we issued this certificate, of recognition in 1972 was that it really, the city hall was not really very much appreciated at that time, or any other building, of this sort. it was out of our architectal style, and the style being the federal building on golden gate, avenue, for instance, was the style of the 60s. and har ald says that it was a neglected master piece, riding above the clutter. and in any case, it is now both as far as interior and exterior concerned, is now fully recognized for what it is, a beautiful and outstanding
2:11 pm
structure. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker please? >> tom, and congratulations for all of the honored people that are here today. and of late, i have been coming here ail little bit off, and that i have started to feel like i was part of the furniture and it is a great room to feel part of the furniture, but in all truth, it is a better room, and i would like the overhead, please. if we could get the overhead? >> they hand out these cards when you come to public comment. and your organization and whatnot, and i just realized a couple of days ago, that i am a public citizen. instead of just complaining i will come here and i will irritate and i will waste a couple of moments, yesterday, i came here and i have to apologize, for coming here and wasting a couple of moments.
2:12 pm
but it is a nice place to be a public citizen, and i want to thank you, and i hope that this city moves forward again. thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. can we go to the items without reference to the committee? >> yes, item one, october, 18th, 2016, as the 100th anniversary of the board of supervisors legislative chamber in recognition of the celebration of the first official board of supervisors meeting, held here in the legislative chamber. and october 18th, 2016, as the day of the celebration. roll call vote? >> oh, supervisor peskin? you want to pull item number
2:13 pm
three? >> madam president i would like to sever, item number four. >> three? >> four. >> three and 2. >> so madam clerk, could you call the item one? >> president yours is number two, and farrell is number three, and peskin item is number four. okay. >> madam clerk, you call the first item, correct? >> yes, your item has been called. >> could you call the roll on the first item? >> on item two, supervisor compos. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell >>ite. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> inturp yee? >> aye. >> avalos. >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. there are eleven. >> the resolution is adopted.
2:14 pm
item number three, please. >> item three, resolution acknowledging board of supervisors legislative fiscal actions taken during the years brier to the rebuilding of the legislative chamber a proving contracts and extending contracts for vendors and aacknowledging those contractors who are instrumental in rebuilding of city hall and the legislative chamber. >> supervisor ferrill. >> thank you. colleagues this is a resolution, acknowledging the fiscal actions taken in the years prior to the rebuilding of this chamber. and i have a lot of comment that i am not going roo he had now, given the time. but i do want to turn it over quickly to helen our city hall historian and see the floor to her before we approve this resolution. >> welcome to the chamber. >> thank you very much. this is a historic chamber, if we could go back 100 years we would see an incredible
2:15 pm
workforce putting up oak and hand carving it on site, doing cast plaster ceilings with the very, very, special ship in the oval called the sand carlos coming in to the harbor of the place calls yerba, and i am stand og carpet that was put here during the restoration, over the original portuguese cork and it contains the official flower of the city and county of san francisco which is the dalia, if you glance up at the clock, done by albert samuel senior, you will see an unusual four and then instead of the vs going up, they come down. what he did was he designed a one of a kind clock for one of a
2:16 pm
kind city. for the people's pal ace, which we are in today. >> thank you. >> colleagues, could we take this item same house same call without objection? the resolution is adopted, unanimo unanimously. and the last item. >> item four? >> recognizing and honoring the service, and who have had the privilege to serve in the chamber for the past, 100 years, thank you. >> supervisor peskin? do you rise? >> thank you, madam president. i do indeed. rise. the words in this resolution recognizing and honoring the service of all members of this board and these exalted chambers speaks for itself, i rise to acknowledge the generations of the clerks of the board and their staff that have served generations of boards of
2:17 pm
supervisors and i want to on behalf of the board, thank the clerk for her and her staff's attention to the proceedings today and this glorious celebration and thank you. >> thank you and before we pass this last sitem, i want to than the visitors for attending the meeting to celebrate the 100th birthday of this incredible legislative chamber and we hope that you all enjoyed our time capsule, and a very quick thank you to the following individuals who coordinated this amazing event for you. of course, we would not have been able to pull this off if it were not for the clerk of the board. and her amazing staff.
2:18 pm
thank you so much. ivin, who is the director of the san francisco international airport and his staff, for designing and printing the historic time line that is directly outside the board chamber, and bill, who is the general manager of the rec and park department, thank you so much, for the beautiful dalias and thank you to all of the young people's teen music, fear company for leading us with the pianist, barry lloyd, and the musical director, thank you jen low for taking this photograph and to our former clerk of the board, kay and her all of the staff in the office of the clerk of the board and the building management. thank you very much. and in the hallway just outside the chamber, to the left is the historic time line, that represents slices of our work from the past 100 years. of the legislative activities taken by members of this body, of course with the assistance of the mayors and the voters.
2:19 pm
it is not representative of all the actions taken or even most of the most important actions necessarily, but it is wonderful to review, and we hope that you enjoy it, we invite those honored gets whose votes are represented they are to meet us after the meeting for the signing ceremony and finally to the members of the public on the way out of this beautiful chamber, we have a limited edition, special gift for you that will be handed out. and colleagues, with that, we will take item number four, same house same call. >> without objection for the resolution, is adopted. and madam clerk is there any other business before us today. >> that concludes our business for the last 100 years. >> thank you, we are adjourned.
2:20 pm
2:21 pm
>> all right. good morning, everybody. welcome to the budget and finance committee meeting for november 2016 i want to thank derrick and phil jackson and nona melkonian more covering the meeting i'm supervisor mark farrell and joined by supervisor tang and joined momentumly by supervisor yee mr. clerk, any announcements? >> completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the tuesday november 15th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> no board meeting on november 8th. >> thank you very much mr. clerk item one. >> the sale of the revenue bond not to exceed 200 and
2:22 pm
$40 million for the purpose of providing financing for the acquisition and construction of a development of 200 and 99 family project for low income persons or households located on 1601 mariposa carlene street and 4 wisconsin we have the mayor's office of housing to speak. >> from the mayor's office of economic workforce development i'm here to present a resolution for moopz not requiring the repayment of bonds this approves the public noticing the city pursuant to the equity and financial responsibility the approval are granted with the project inundocumented, however,
2:23 pm
in this case they were bifurcated to allow the project to participate in a special project so while the board adapted a policy in june of this year we are requesting additional request here from matt from related california and on mohcd we would like to thank you for your consideration today and landmarked to our support for this follow-up with that i'll conclude and ask for any questions. >> colleagues, any questions. >> anyone wish to comment on item number one seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues no budget analyst report but harvey thank you >> i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> a motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee without objection
2:24 pm
mr. clerk can you call item 2. >> the library commission for over due fees from january 3rd, 2017. >> thank you very much all right. we have the larger than mr. herrera. >> good morning, supervisors very pleased to be here city librarian and to introduce michael that mr. give us information i want to emphasize this program has been important folks who are not able to check out materials that about quality the last time the programs was in 2009 we are that successful and hopefully, this 6 week program will be more successful in helping us not only to reduce the obligation but like i said bring back folks to be able to
2:25 pm
use the program i'm going to turn it over to michael. >> thank you, louis and thank you, supervisors we appreciate this opportunity to share information about the libraries afghanistan nest program it is nearly 8 years since the last amnesty program it is once again seek to forgive the fees that accumulated on the accounts it will be consistent with the amnesty program to seek to cover the materials 29 thousand plus patrons with billed items on their account all told one and 6 thousand plus items in our collection that we would like to recover those in a bill status even more importantly interested 2, 3, 4 welcoming back the
2:26 pm
librarian patrons for the services for the 5 thousand aprons that owe over $1 plus we want to eliminate the barriers to assess and week back our residents that are for going their library privileges because of unpaid library fees one and 50 thousand patrons with some account balance on their records that stand to benefit from the amnesty the library fees amnesty allows the staff to if anything any items returned during the 6 week campaign in january 3rd and to consensus on valentine's day to have the impact on the amnesty program and wave the obvious balances for items due past due
2:27 pm
this will allow us an opportunity for 15 thousand residents to have their services restored and excited about the robust amnesty program and the greater impact to welcome back our patrons the potential fiscal year impact of offering an amnesty program will be net positive when considering the recovery and exceed any overdue revenue loss we have the racist rate of return in the amnesty caption and wave 15 thousand and 77 thousands dollars in overdue fines when we consider the value of library materials we'll recovery we estimate between 24 and one and 207 thousands overall and appreciate the board
2:28 pm
of supervisors consideration of the resolution authorizing the library to establish a fee amnesty program for over due materials in 2017 and more than happy to address any questions. >> thank you very much supervisor tang. >> i think this is a great program you're bringing back and not really a question but when that time comes if you want to spread the word and let our offices know we'll let the constituents know. >> absolutely thank you very much for your support. >> a great idea. >> supervisor yee. >> i'm curious seems like the last time we were successful. >> yes, sir. >> and that was. >> 2009 the question is why has this taken seven years to do this again is there a particular reason that's a great question. >> i think the library tries
2:29 pm
to balance not going to the proverbial well, two often and being good stewards of community resources, however, we're overdue and it is time to offer this program again. >> okay colleagues, any questions or comments. >> okay anyone wish to comment on item number seeing none, public comment is closed. . >> go ahead and make a motion to pass this out of committee full board. >> without objection. >> thank you very much. >> mr. clerk item 3. >> a resolution approving the construction and financing plan for the city and county of san francisco for treasure island and project areas. >> okay. colleagues we have a request to continue on behalf of the sponsor and from tida first
2:30 pm
move on to wish to comment on item number 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can i have a move to continue this to the call of the chair. >> okay actually specifically to the budget meeting for november 16th. >> motion by supervisor tang and is seconded by supervisor yee without objection mr. clerk. >> item 4 the administrative code to change the citywide available fund for the director to expend the fund by appropriation ordinance. >> thank you very much ms. hayward from the mayor's office of housing to present. >> good morning chair farrell and members of the board i see that supervisor peskin just came in i don't sure. >> okay. we thanks ms.
2:31 pm
hayward joined by supervisor peskin the sponsor i'm going to turn it over to him for comments. >> thank you, mr. chair is a change to the administrative code which would change the number of self-appropriate funds that in this year's budget total cost one and $75 million and these are self-appropriately category 8 funds the proposal before us to change them into category 4 where they'll not self-appropriate but appropriate by the board of supervisors specifically this would apply to the inclusionary housing program which in the 2016-2017 budget is about one and $13 million jobs housing and linkage in the current budget is 43 and a half million dollars, the expedited
2:32 pm
condominium conversion market octavia at approximately $5 million and eastern neighborhoods at $3.3 million and the 97 prop a housing bond repayments 20 but one and $75 million as a matter of policy this board should take back the power of the appropriation as to the use of those fund and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and hear from mohcd. >> okay. colleagues any questions right now. >> all right. mayor's office of housing good morning are chair farrell and supervisor peskin and members of the board i'm sophie hayward from the mayor's office of economic workforce development and thank you for the opportunity to present this morning. >> i just would like to quickly provide an overview of the housing funds in the way their appropriated in order to
2:33 pm
put the category 8 or this protective in context as you may know our housing portfolio is comprised of pubically affordable housing unit as well as pubically fund inclusionary unit our dollars go to support the affordable housing as well as preservation of existing affordable housing but also preservation of rent-controlled units through our small sites program this snapshot of our full budget and it illustrates the variety of funding sources that we bring to the table including impact fees which are parliamentary the subject of this legislation category 8 self-appropriately program those made up 32 percent of budget but have quite a while other sources including federal
2:34 pm
grant and from the transportation authority and the housing trust fund we appreciate and the state grants and other sources we do this to make this as diversifies and large as possible let's see i want to go through to talk about the 3 ways that is appropriated like i said the impact fees 32 percent of the budget is self-appropriately they have defined used although their self-appropriate can only be used for the production of affordable housing we have the housing trust fund the last contract of those sources are approved through the annual budget process the committee is familiar and other actions for other sources that we have grants, development be all the time and payment and bond revenues that are approved through the actions of this
2:35 pm
board so what are the category 8 fund supervisor peskin went through the impact fees and each of those funds or fees has its own set of defined uses preliminary the production of affordable housing in some cases use the fund for acquisition or rehab of the unit and the eastern neighborhoods and the market octavia fund have a goodic funds as well we feel strongly at the mohcd that preserving our flexibility to deploy the subset of our fund is critical in order to stretch our local dollars as far as possible when we build our affordable housing so as you may know we also access state and federal government sources per our funds and diesel with the state level
2:36 pm
with the tea cap and the cap & trade program and multi if i may housing and federal sources for veterans and homeless fund each one of the individual program hazard its own regulatory requirement and own specific timeline requirements what that means just to put it into context of the specific programs there are time we need to move quickly to subsidize the fund for access to outside resources for 1036 mohcd received $2 million in state funding that was great a last minute application and we got the grants, however, that money was only available through reimbursement so therefore we bridged the funds using inclusionary housing for the
2:37 pm
project and we submitted for reimbursed we replaced that with state grant fund important for the eddie-taylor it received $10 million month cap & trade that cap & trade has strike deadlines projects need to be shovel readily mohcd bridged $5 million to move the project in order to meet the start deadline and we saved that $5 million of the it project revenue from the 5 m project when that money bottoms available two works how have we've quickly uses the self-appropriation authority to maximize our ability for state and federal money to stretch the dollars further and i'll say that we are hopefully, this
2:38 pm
avoids politicizing the funds on the next slide a map of the distribution of projects it is not perfect we would like to see our project distributed throughout the city and more projects in more areas as you may know every project goes through an extensive public process we would hate to see additional process slow the delivery the of affordable housing across the board if this legislation - we're trying to sort but 0 the problem solving a concern is transparency owl suggest our projects as as you may know familiar with go through on extensive public outreach from beginning to end this includes peer review within our office of review funding
2:39 pm
they go through environmental review and entitlement review before we release an rfp we have a process there is a public engagement process after the developer has been selected through an rfp goes to loan committee and commit the fund that's the point when we commit the predevelopment fund and often acronym the entitlement process that's a snapshot how we feel the flexibility of our portion of our is important i'm available so for questions and kate hartley from rec & park. >> thanks ms. hayward a few questions and whoever the appropriated person to talk to i take our comments when you think about the funds are appropriated walk you through through the process you go through.
2:40 pm
>> what does that look like and how long don't it take and so forth. >> good morning, supervisors our process is filled with public outreach and oversight one example 17 and fulsome a jurisdictional transfer from puc and in collaboration with rec and park those were public processes and involved board of supervisors approval the rec and park department had to apply for fund which it did there was ongoing public outreach throughout the process to build the park in addition there was extensive negotiations with cca about the catch baseline on site and in 2013 we selected a developer that was
2:41 pm
again, a very you know pubically advertised process with extensive community outreach and 17 and fulsome the board of supervisors has approved that rezoning process it is going forward with the planning department we were able to provide $2 million and prosecute development loan activities after the public process and work through the loans committee and now the developer is getting ready for financing applications at the state that will be very sharply circumference subscribed the bond fencing the vehicles we have to leverage city funds we obviously city funds can't pay for everything with the minimum square feet of unit to operating cash flow minimum to the minimum ratio that you have to have and there's 1, 3 and 15 we're a wash
2:42 pm
in oversight and repeatedly appear before the board and the planning commission to get our projects 3r5u6d will we'll be back for a bond issuance approval like we do today and ground approval process a long process with extensive outreach and every single one of our projects has should supportive of similar process attached to it and take the central is freeway parolees the designation of those parcels in terms of use and the occupancy was established in the early starting in 2000 with extensive community outreach no. we'll be able to fund those with inclusionary fees and the market octavia funds we've been doing outreach for 16 years on those
2:43 pm
parcels so we know from extensive research in the last month or so we've had the institute and the very economic council as well as fooumd levying office said the more regulation on projects the more extensive because expensive because it takes longer we're trying to remain the urgency we know as we look at in our neighborhood there are people living on the street and add costs and funds didn't serve those people well. >> okay. thank you i have similar questions supervisor tang. >> thank you for that he overview i think what you said is absolutely what i feel we can't build the affordable housing projects we certainly want them to be faster and more
2:44 pm
cost effective in san francisco for my question through the chair to supervisor peskin trying to solve again, i mentioned in previous conversations on similar topics we see a majority of those mohcd projects even before this board especially through the and i suggested that if we really care about transparency we should deeper dive and look at it and read through the agendas and our legislative packet they come before us i'm trying to figure out what it is we're tyler trying to see. >> through the chair let me first of all, the power of the appropriation is one of the fundamental things that the board of supervisors legislative branch of government doesn't on
2:45 pm
an annual or bio annual with twshts it is the opportunity for the board to have high-level policy oversight relative to that all important function no other to the best of my knowledge category 8 funds of this size or magnitude that is not subject to appropriation by this body as far as entrepreneurial process is not a process in as far as no object body yes little pieces but seminary as no oversight body i'll actually submit - whether it is senior housing under one administration or homeless under the previous administration i think this is the opportunity for this board as a policymaker to check in on
2:46 pm
an annual basis to really have a soup-to-nuts high understanding of where the policy is going have our input connected to the purse the budget in as far as no commission over this agency and very little oversight internal process is not a public process i think through the power of appropriation we can give mohcd the flexibility at the need i mean, we, appropriate chunks of money to act quickly we had a hearing about bmr unit not too long ago the mohcd had great amounts the flexibility bye yet two of the wlor units were foreclosed and lost their bmr status this is an opportunity for us to have that level of oversight that's profiling e
2:47 pm
pricing what the checks and balances are for not like a tiny fund for the muni drivers bombards this is one and $75 million bucks in the current fiscal year we should have a high-level appropriate oversight that's what i'm trying to get at. >> through the chair to supervisor peskin i've given there are so many pieces of legislation that comes before that body through the board of supervisors through the he think that is where i just don't understand why we also need to bring this particular piece to us and so one of my suggestions might be that having mohcd potentially report it out to the board of supervisors or budget committee you know kind of their plans for the year how they're planning to use the self-appropriately funds we get that policy conversation up front
2:48 pm
that is something i haven't run it by mohcd but in terms of if i want to global perspective that might be a venue it gives us that i guess that weirder perspective. >> through the chair i'll submit the following yes. the board of supervisors has to approve this bond or that land transfer but it is all done on a piecemeal basis no policy oversight that is precisely another way of going about that as well as the reality is the reason departments come before this body on an annual body through the appropriation process because we have the power of the purse and absent that we can have a little bit of show-and-tell but the reality that hadn't happens for many years and the reason the board
2:49 pm
relinquished the power of the purse in the appropriation funds that's why we should send this to the full board. >> with all due respect i feel mohcd is one of the departments that probably we've seen the most amount of legislation through this committee and again, if there is another way to package the information so have a more global conversation up front i'll recommend that i see that's not what supervisor peskin or what would satisfy that desire but i think given next week and the pending measure m what that means in the potential oversight over not only mohcd but oewd there's a lot of these kind of proposals and flux so i don't know how for
2:50 pm
example, this particular measure will dovetail with measure m maybe through the chair. >> prop m passes would that commission have the oversight over those funds. >> sophie hayward from the mayor's office of housing my understanding the language society with prop m any expenditure will be reviewed by the commission and the commission will make a recommendation for my expenditure regardless of amount of funds if i'm not mistaken. >> that's correct as the case in any commission system the power of appropriation is one of the fundamental underpinning of what the board of supervisors does how we relinquish that in this case i don't know but that i'll 134i789 to supervisor tang through the chair that the place for the
2:51 pm
board to say mohcd as a matter of policy we think that you should be building more senior housing and less single-family homes and vice versa if through the budget process that's the policy document that we as elected members of legislative branch of government get that level of policy not before us when they say hey, this is what we want to do and we have no influence over it if we want to do our jobs we were elected to do the best way through the annual process of budget i don't think that is cumbersome it works for all departments with incredible amount of underneath it works for the police department and the department of health up think a fundamental underpinning of what we do and take that responsibility back i don't know originally why the previous board been this way for many,
2:52 pm
many years gave up that power but time we given the magnitude of 24 crisis take that power back. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you appreciate this discussion i'm listening to you i guess the argument and so forth and it is one of these things i've heard this discussion enough in other areas and see what is the role of the board versus the mayor's office i guess i'm - listening to an argument where i believe that supervisor peskin is correct in this we're asking for the board to really play a role in the appropriation issues it is one of the things okay. if from the argument is in the
2:53 pm
case of staff putting for politics you, you can is that about everything let's have a board that appropriates anything or to me not both ways as a good government either one way or another i'll tend to argue what i've seen anyways in the last three or four years the process does work especially with our good chair leading the process in the budget and that we had debates at the annual appropriation of the budget discussion at the board level i don't see any fair of that it wouldn't work for this particular case. >> i would add one thing mr. chair this is about accountability this is the opportunity that the board has to say did you meet our tarts? did you do what you
2:54 pm
said you were going to do that's in the annual budget process with a host of functions in the city government we say boy maybe we should have appropriated more money to a different thing you're doing a better job or not appropriate when you're doing 0 worse job that's what the budget process is for and how the branches of government keep each other in check and hold the departments accountability we've advocated. >> let me ask a question do you spend the self-appropriately funds at random it seems like a lot of the comments are a check on what you're doing but a chance to faub >> kate hartley - first of
2:55 pm
all, the funds themselves are defined that sets the priorities, secondly, we pursue the factual needs of the city documented and the consolidated plans for housing in san francisco that is required by hud that's a body of work that is very good researched and documents the needs and we pursue the goals of the plan we take the money available to us we leverage that money as well as we can and follow the prescriptions that are attached to the funds by geography and income, eligibility by new construction and rehab and go get additional money that had has its own requirement my fear not following a well documented
2:56 pm
researched statement of need per the con plan and fitting that into the overall housing goal we could get an appropriation approval say for predevelopment from one board of supervisors and then two years later when we're ready for gap funds the board might say we've changed our mind don't want to fulfill the obligation instead of single single families we want - they're with regulatory oversight and need the commitment and the ability to pursue the con plan and can't have the risk of midstream not having the additional appropriations approval from the say that results from a change in the board. >> okay. >> commissioner tang.
2:57 pm
>> i mean, i would say that given this discussion you know, of course, i believe in transparency and, of course, accountabilities but don't believe in layering on requirement for the sake of open that we'll have more transparency or more affordability i feel we have at our disposal projects list in the queue we can ask mohcd for any given time and things a available to the members of the board i believe that switching this category of funding it comes back before the board of supervisors instead of providing for accountability b will slow down the process who knows as ms. hartley said whoever which board has different sets of clarity who know; right? we have seen how long those projects take in fact, to my recollection the discourse in
2:58 pm
san francisco it is taking too long and too expensive this is not something i can support given we want to build more affordable housing and we want to build it now colleagues, any questions or comments anyone wish to comment on item number 4. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. i would say say i appreciate the dialogue you know, i would very much society my name are supervisor tang's comments the last thing to slow down the affordable housing in san francisco i know that some of us are billing willing i'm not and sensitive to the affordable housing shouldn't be a politicalized process it is to some degree and making it more is a step in the wrong direction and harm the residents in the city we're trying to serve so i
2:59 pm
appreciate the discussion around the boards budget process and share the budget committee i'm well aware but certainly don't want to make that a political process - anything from my perspective we'll do to potentially slow down the building of affordable housing is a step in the wrong direction for our city and especially given the potential package of prop m and the impacts it might have personally this is not ready for discussion but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say about that. >> supervisor katie tang. >> thank you so i think in light of next tuesday and he measure pending i want to motion to continue this item. >> until at least after the election. >> okay okay to a date to the call of the
3:00 pm
chair how would you like to do it. >> to the call of the chair that would be great. >> okay. >> you want is roll call vote supervisor peskin a comment no reinforcement so a motion by supervisor tang to to the call of the chair and supervisor yee without objection mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there are no more items mr. chair. >> thanks we're adjourned c
3:01 pm
preserve vision commission. wednesday november 2, 2016. like to remind members the commission doesn't tolerate disruption or outburst. please silence mobile devices and if you care to state your name for record. like to take roll; wolfram, here. hyland, here, hasz, here, johnck, here. johns, here. pearlman, here. mat shuda is absent cht >> first is general public comment. at this time, members of the public may
3:02 pm
address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. i have no speaker cars cards . >> seeing and hearing none close public comment. >> very good. plaiz us on department matters, directors announcements chblt >> good afternoon. just want to call to your attention one item on the written directors report on the second page. we have been working for a number of months on new urban design guidelines for new projects. there a number of discussion and hearings at the planning commission rchlt we are ising more community workshops on these guidelines and the next event is wednesday the 16th at the
3:03 pm
planning department from 6 to 8 p.m. wednesday the 16 two weeks from today. these address city wide large scale development other than single and two family homes and there is a lot of interest in the community on the guidelines. following up on these guidelineicize the guidelines for historic districts we are working on with tim and staff. we are trying >> >> student address current set of 25 different sets of guidelines that apply to different areas and different scaleoffs development and get those under control and streamline those into up-to-date guidelines so this is the first step of the process. want to call that to your attention and these will have a broad impact on development city wide. >> thank you. item tworks review of past events at the planning commission
3:04 pm
staff report and announcements mpts . tim fry, department staff. a few items to share. new formal report from the planning commission, however, several items to share from the board of supervisors hearings. the soma philippinea plan was presented. planning staff and two from the working group presented the strategy and there were people 8 people in support of. there was no opposition and supervisor kim spoke in support and supervisor cohen spoke in in support and mentioned pursuing a similar district in the bayview. the motion passed without objection and will be heard at the full board i i believe it was heard at the full board yesterday. as you remember, the staff presented this to you october
3:05 pm
19th but the planning commission octtwev. we will have a all city agency briefing hosted by supervisor kim's office november 10 to talk about the second phase of the projecktd which is developing the implementation strategy. also, at the full board this past week was the phenyl readings of 140 maiden lane interior landmark designation [inaudible] both approved unanimously and forward to the mayor for signature. i also wanted to mention to you that we attended a meeting of the aia small firms committee. we atened they are meetings a couple times a year to talk about various topics within the department and permit and review process related to historic resources. number of comments were and
3:06 pm
suggestions for process improvement were given by the architect including how to review properties under ceqa as well as a great interest in the historic design guidelines director ram just mentioned. other than that, we will continue wirk wg them and doing outreach with other members and groups within the aia and i'll report on those at future hearing. that concludes my report unless you have questions. >> good to move on. jarks >> very good. that is commission matters president reports >> no report or announcetments >> 4, consideration of adoption draft minute for arc august 17, 2016, draft minute for regular hearings of october five and 19th of this year. >> anybody have comments on the draft minutes? at this time we will take public comment on draft minutes for ar. any member
3:07 pm
have comments? seeing and hearing none we will close public comment. motion to adopt the minute? >> show moved. >> second >> motion to adaument adopt the minute for august 17 and regular hearings for october 5 and october 19 of this year commissioner hasz, yes. johnck, yes. johns, yes. pearlman, yes. hyland yes. wolfram, yes. the motion passes 6-0. places on item 5, commission comments and questions. >> no comments or questions. >> item 6, historic preserve vision fund committee report. >> good afternoon. i don't
3:08 pm
know if you have a copy of what i gave to tim earlier, but there was typos in it and i have copies here that correct the typos. i can summarize what is in this or take questions as you prefer. >> why don't you do a brief summary. >> sure. during the past 7 months, we have funded-we have reviewed and approved two projects that have been completed, one of which has come roontly recently i believe the national register nomination for sacred heart perish complex. i think you have heard that. >> we have >> the other we have reviewed and sent to planning department for action is historic context statement for nob nab heights which is
3:09 pm
western part ofue reeka valley and think that is still with the planning department. we have approved funding for two new projects. one is the completion of a survey begun some time ago of the ocean avenue neighborhood commercial district alauchck along with assessment of the district and development and design guidelines for changes. it sadisricate that may face significant change in the near future and there are a number of historic resources along ocean avenue that need to be noted. we have also funded a project to digitize and preserve part of historical photographs of san francisco. a very large collection. we are only funding part of
3:10 pm
those photographs that deal directly with architecture and historic preservation . we also connected oversight over the last 7 months on four on going projects. one of which is very nearly complete, the historical context statement for residential parks. we just recently reviewed a draft of part of the mission deloris neighborhood historic context statement and approved it. both the historic context statement and survey with only minor editorial suggestion. the next step in that project is national register district nomination. we recently received a draft for historic context statement for eureka vala and haven't had a chance to review that i met with sponsors for san francisco latino context statement. we
3:11 pm
reviewed a draft of part two. we reviewed the reviewers comments and we have gotten some very positive feedback about the next step that they are taking in that project. the final part i mentioned before the last time i was here, that a year ago in may, we developed a list of projects we would like to see initiated with remaining funds that are available in the historic preservation fund and have given a list of 8 of them here. we are very pleased that all but one of these is already underway. we still have a little under $200 thousand remaining in the fund. we hope that we will see someone interested in doing a landmark nomination for the historic structure and landscaping at the
3:12 pm
san francisco zoo. most of those people who work on these things seem to be already very busy at the moment, but we are hopeful of finding someone to take on that project. and there is another proposal we think will be forthcoming and those two likely will use up the rest of our funds. we expect the fund to be exhausted by the middle of next year and at that opponent the committee will continue the oversight function until all the projects we funded have come to completion but thinking that will happen the middle of 2018, maybe some of the projects will go a year beyond that. happy to take questions. >> any questions? commissioner johnck. >> i was interest in your priority number 6 about the zoo and-the fund committee
3:13 pm
funded the study that evaluated the mothers building and i remember i ask & commission was concerned about the future of where the funding was going to come next to actually remediate some of those conditions and i assume that is in number 6 >> no. we are not allowed to fund bricks and mortar projects and that is definitely a bricks and mortar projeblth at this opponent. if you remember seeing that report on the condition of the mothers building, a lot of work to be done there. at the time that proposal came to us to do that eval waegz we expressed concern where they would find the money to do the work inwe funded the evaluation and the recreation and
3:14 pm
parks department representative was certain they would find the funds. nothing happened so far. where we continue to be hopeful and had a few conversations with them, but we don't have anything positive to report on what will happen there. and that building is one part of what's call the fly shacker zoo, the parts the zoo constructed in the 1920's mostly with funding from the flyshacker family. the other part the phroo we are interested seeing evaluated and perhaps nominated as landmark is wpa which is the lion and elephant house and landscaping, what is now-what are they cogging calling it? was the aviation and converted into a tropical jungle building and a number of the bear onclauvs and
3:15 pm
features of the zoo that were all constructed with wpa funding in the 1930's. >> commissioner johns. >> yes, how could i get a copy of the current version of the san francisco latino historic context statement? >> it is only in draft form. it is not really available to the public yet. it's in several parts. we have-what we reviewed is part two, the actual historic context statement itself and yet to come is the part three, which will call out individual structures based on part two. part two will need some considerable revision based on the peer reviewers and part three is yet to come. there is really nothing available to the public at this point sorry to say. y any other questions? thank you very much for your presentation. at this time we