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tv   Police Commission 11216  SFGTV  November 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:31pm PST

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okay. so i wrote something i'm grateful and you've honored our comments those of us that choose to register i'm going to share my story there is a lot of friends i have with children that are in the same boat so 17 years ago my husband and i bought a husband in bernal heights it was full of holes in the wall and it was all we could afford we didn't have much money and 4 children's in upstairs room over the years we've fixed up the house and the children grew up all 4 went to public schools and go attend mission high school we have a small family business but no money for college and this didn't account for the cost of living in san francisco and make too much money for financial aid we pay
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50 thousand per year this was we tried airbnb for extra money it is a blessing our private room we can't rent out to long term tenants our children come home reserving some of my friends rent out their rooms and i prefer airbnb they handle the money and handle the - we are good homeowners pay our property taxes and limiting us to 60 rentals per year will not cut it the airbnb pay the housing for my kids at college only for the hours we have become dependent on it by limiting the hosting in private rooms you make that harder for people to stay in the city you are for these us to use
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craigslist thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'll call a few more cards. >> ladies and gentlemen, i've lived in san francisco for 15 years first it is my duty to congratulate you for you're great elections second i'm opposed to the proposal to limit the short-term rentals to 60 days i speak as a san francisco resident who has faced many interests as tenants and now seeking to make and meet this short-term rentals home sharing unfortunately, the tenants union was not helpful and miss treat
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by my landlord i'm surprised that the timing of this proposal the voters are rejected a proposal to limit short-term rentals to 75 days and recall this is san francisco the bell informed elected are many limitation is wrong it is the taking of property without any net or provision outlet effects small property owners third if you're concern is compliance the registration of host we should streamline the registration process and make that harder - not make that harder
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and current registers should be grandfathered within the rule date if our serious about the proposal thank you. >> please take the real san francisco voters seriously thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning. thank you for listening to all of us i'm a registered home sharing in bernal and appreciate the grandfathering i'm speaking for the future of welcome like me london gone i don't know if you remind me and i'm an artist been in the home for 16 our house is very tiny two tiny for a roommate
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as it is i share the home with my ex-husband couldn't afford to houses and it is our life hood - just - >> please don't cap it it's a life brewery for many of us. >> my name is michael a resident the castro and rent-controlled unit self-interest host i'd like to remind you the voters debated those measures by 55 percent majority last year i don't believe this amended legislation will do anything to increase the number of host to rental with a harsh proposal may lead to the opposite effect i believe that a smoother
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registration process with other policy measures such a 14 days limited license will boost the number of hosts the action in this amendment makes nothing to increase the - i urge you to get more hosts to sign up with the city the amendment officers no register and like to remind you that the voice of people have already rejected important policy choices and such proposed measures as these we're already sick of our votes stolen by washing we don't need our votes stolen in san francisco by the board of supervisors.
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>> (clapping.) >> certainly can be done better. >> personally i've hired a
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housekeeper and spent the 4th of july with a russian come up and people come for a personal experience and also many san franciscans coming back and wanting to experience the neighborhood they grew up in i guess i'm also a scientist i heard some discussions again averages i can point out when you put a lot of zeros and afternoon average it you'll get a lower number a number of people that rely on their homes for substantial income but the folks are rent-controlled unit on the site and not using 2 should look at the distribution and not take averages thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. and after this speaking stella
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(calling names). >> good afternoon, supervisors supervisor peskin and supervisor breed i'm sorry that the supervisor campos had to leave left the room i'm here for my my husband and i we rent a room we both my husband is 76 and suffers emphysema and none will hire us but my husband has medication around $1,000 a month we reached the home around july and home sharing is what helps us to pay for that standard of living in san francisco the reason he mentions about supervisor campos is because of all the time for the city to come with that policy even this hearing today, we have the results from
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washington and you're talking about privatizing medicare and for the people that are on fixed income it is distressing and certainly not a unity for the citizens of san francisco i urge you to please reconsider the cap if not i'm rent-controlled unit and my husband and i from the beginning, however, there are many senior citizens we're threatened and want those people to center the right to share in their homes to keep your lives and persons in place remember the times please look forward not backward we're the people and thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon. i'm stella a registered short-term rental host and activity community member and in my neighborhood lower nob hill i'm retired and used the rental income from renting one bedroom in any condo as a supplemental to pay my mortgage and for the additionally with $720 a month i'm standing here home sharing has allowed me it is a lifeline for me and me to stay in the city to pay my mortgage inform may my health plan and at that time that allows me to help my neighbors i'm thankful for all the work and people are done but
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disappointed as a nation opposing walls south of the border but making things better for all of us thank you. >> next speaker >> hello supervisors my name is ferry live on o in twin peaks sharing with you my story really quick moved to san francisco in 1999 and in 2004 i bought a home he saw housing was a problem brother airbnb a long-standing issue i bought any home not to be instantly displaced and in 2009 i became a dad and my son in 2012 moved with his mom to arrests to take care of
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her elderly grandmother. >> i'm a registered homeowners and previous to home sharing i was using the room for him and maybe sometimes work in that but with home sharing inch opened up his room to people that go to the conferences is he apple conferences kind of i feel like increased the capacity for the city to host whatever else is going on when my son is not using that i wanted san jose share that not displacing other housing in any way but letting any son spent a lot of time with me and when he's not there other people welcome from around the world >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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i'm linda i live in district 5 with supervisor norman yee district where my wife and i are airbnb hosts and originally from vancouver canada an airbnb host before moving to san francisco in 2030 it was possible with the help of renting to short term guests and provides income to our family and providing a place for any family and friends in canada to come investor us airbnb is a wonderful experience host many people from all over the world and became friends being being a short-term rental host has provided my wife and i - having a short-term rental is the flexibility and freedom to host our own family and friends from across the u.s. and canada please allows us and others to
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continue to hosting short term guests without imposing the 60 day cap thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> after those speakers let me call a few more speakers (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm jim my wife and i are registered hosts airbnb unit in district 9 in the popularity we have come applied but auto reminders i've been coming to these kinds of hearing for years frankly i'm really, really angry i've scenery voted last year like 55 to 45 to reject some go that is not even as extreme as this i then see in a publication october 20th from the american
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hotel and lodging association they think the 5060 day limit is wonderful we relented about one and 80 days a year in order for us retirees to actually get but i find it apron ingress and insulting patronizing for someone to say oh, 60 days it enough no, it is not i'm angry that is pushed through at the current election we won in district lovingly good for that supervisor wiener won someone will be appointed in district 8 that's fine instead of pushing things through for political reasons i want to see this board of supervisors and accept the progressives feinstein get off their butts and work on serious policy code compliant and angry
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with airbnb don't lawyer up work with the city to find out the bad actors and all of you make that more easy and comfortable and less threatening for people not signing up to register and work legally this is the way to solve our problems i'm tired of the positive during and tired of watching nuisance statistics ground out here and sick and tired of our supervisors just - >> thank you, sir. >> (clapping.) >> next speaker.
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>> good afternoon board members unlike the gentleman before he many say the first time i come to speak as a landlord or homeowner whatever you call that i have lived in san francisco since the 70's and a nonprofit working person serving the community for over 40 years i have fought for tenants right workers right all kinds of rights and marked for the hotels i don't think if i've marched for the destruction of japantown and this fillmore district i worked tirelessly for the voices my work took me away from san francisco for 10 years and moved back a few months ago low and behold i don't know. i was told not legally allowed to move into
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my house i had to hire an attorney i did that i exhausted whatever little savings i'm - i'm considering maybe doing what is share hosting i'm like oh, my god and when i start the research the loophole not make sense i was wondering since i've been back earlier 24 hour how do people do it all landlords only the millions make a billion dollars corporation only landlords no, no more working-class like me no low and behold i'm meeting the rest of you, please consider those who need it not all landlords that own a little house can afford to
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live it by myself if i could and work as a consultant part time i would i need the income a lot of the people that need that income because they own a house and not to do that legally and rightfully please consider that thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon since february 2030 i've been a registered host as a extinct contractor without a steady income or benefits nearing my retirement age and a financially assisting any participants the income that airbnb provides is essential this esteeming seemingly hosted and unhosted will seriously impact the income of many hosts in similar situations i rent out a spare room in
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highway home and on occasion i offer the entire unit this why were one and 64 nights as in my situation a single host may have two or more listing because of this the calculation of the actual number of listings in they're your facts and figures continue to make the data inaccurate we the host that play by the rules you keep on changing are the ones that feel this the most in short-term rentals are restricted by constraint the real losers our guests the neighborhood small businesses that have benefited from the trafrltz travelers will be negatively effects this a political motivated effort that will harm most of us your constituents trying to just get
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by in this expensive city we love we are constantly face with a new thing damaged above our heads he seller ask you decline to move forward with this proposal entirely and also the grandfathering in should be eliminated it creates a two tier system thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm gina lived in san francisco for 25 years i'm a registered short-term rental host and i'm here to express that i'm very opposed to the 16 day cap not for my same i'm a senior i'm above o about to retire and have kids that are in my position same you know they'll want to become hosts
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when they retire so not fair for us to have a system when i'm able to host a room a couple of days and my friends that live in the city needs as much help as i do they're not going to be able to have the same privileges and rights how fair is that and how is 60 days going to make revenge more effective that didn't make sense i look in a - i deal with regulations i deal wi i deal with automation and a way for us to require a host to enter their permit but has to be
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in a database to match that registration number to the address off of that permit holder so let's work together you know, i use airbnb and not in step with everything that airbnb do i oppose a lot of airbnb stuff but there is a way to make that work without resorting to the action and - >> relative to the comments last summer, the board of supervisors unanimously passed its legislation that would require airbnb to do just that and, of course, airbnb sued us and recently a ruling by the
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federal court that appears to indicate that law seems to be valid and constitutional and soon enforced and this board values to hold the - >> i'm a 40 year resident in district 5 i continually am amazed how many people will stand up and support a business valued at the $30 billion and defend its action it is amazing i think that it is very reasonable to have a 60 day hard cap to protect san francisco housing anybody that wants to do this full-time can get a of time bed-and-breakfast license. >> hey hold on one second this is a respectful hearing and
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continue to have 24 respectful hearing you can signal with our hands but let the speaker speak. >> a full-time bed-and-breakfast is an option for people we've not had a run an application the private right of application is an excellent choice takes the litigation off the city's shorthand and let's non-housing people to file suit. >> using your home to make income i've seen board of supervisors in san francisco come into business and go out of business and tourists coming to san francisco go away after the
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89 earthquake you're putting yourselves at risk if you defend income from our home by visitors this can rise and fall i'd like to just recap by saying having the 60 day cap will protect our neighborhoods we'll have our neighbors who will be there will be going to meetings contributing to the neighborhood and going to the school board and parking in their cars and not 18 visitors cars. >> after the next speaker (calling names). >> there was talk about- i'd like to ask where are the attendants that have been facing displacement not ♪ audience i brought one of them with me we
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have a counseling clinic for lack of funds we share our knowledge and so this guy
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>> this office of short-term rental will see this as illegal and people seem to forget in the audience before this very generous board passed its the regulations with one hundred result and back then 3 years the city attorney gave them a database three hundred known illegal short-term rentals that were not people's residents and the city attorney took one year in a half to settle a case so thank you my name is greg i would say in my home for 23 years i spent a
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lot of time and my savings to make that place liveable i tried to live there and had a partner for a long, long time 3 contributed to the house he is no longer there i'm also living with hiv my medical insurance is a astronomical i'm an architect i employ 3 people full-time and have consultants i employ i bring money to this city left and right i'm you know, i in the same plan to tell you all the great experiences and meeting wonderful people and to tell you all the money i brought to bernal heights district as people that i personally take to dinner and show the things in my neighborhood but actually after sitting here i'm angry the first
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time he's my supervisor where is supervisor campos this is something that effects me, i'm a frond like the other gentleman eloquently stated i'll not do as well, i'm jerked around i literally if this 60 day thing goes through i'm packing it up and going back to my state and deal with that you're doing a disservice pitting us in a vice we're not the bad actors we're the good players i went through the registration and number 75 i did that by the book and helped other i'm an architect with the planning system that goes to just to add a businessman and i've done a lot of large projects thrumming you, you have to have a lot of money to build something here most of us we only 7, 8, 9 that we're not a
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big corporation airbnb as a tag on their heads we're not the guys that are doing - >> hello supervisors taxes for your time and congratulations on our election i'm tom murphy i grew up in the soma and organ jerry garcia day for the last 15 years had a great partnership with airbnb recently the main reason as you may know the area you know jerry garcia in the area didn't have any hotels
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people stayed and supported the local businesses and the merchants and also built a lot of community awareness and airbnb is supported a lot of the communities as well so a great partnership but the main reason i think when i heard about this the first one.
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>> thank you next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is ann pr a single mother and artist. >> affordable unit take that mike down. >> a single mother and artist my home sharing income it invaluable i initially heard that registered hosts will be able to continue what happens when our current registration inspires the rules change around home sharing in spite of the registration and proposition f what can we expect or trust from the supervisors to reduce to 60 days is devastating to me. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> hello about 6 years ago miners we had our time of fun before we started to have kids and be handcuffed and a different kind of fun took a sabbatical and stayed in 38 people's homes i realized the influence and anything they told us to do that on top of of the yep and made our trips memorable when we moved here to san francisco into the europe richmond rent-controlled unit a space not full-time but for friends and parents to spent a lot of time with our grandkids the other times they're not here we give the gift to our kids people from around the world especially, after last tuesday, i think we need more have to be
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sharing our homes and sharing conversations and meals with people from other cultures especially my kids don't cap that 60 days we don't want to cap that additionally both any kid's are in preschool and my professional circumstances have changed not a salary right now we can't live in san francisco without renting out the extra rooms this is not about me grandfathered i'm registered but san francisco the type of values and not two tiers of citizens we want everyone to be able to share their homes and have those conversations thank you.
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>> i rent-controlled unit my house out in 2015 and since i own my home i value my privacy not a roommate or never don't hosted sharing only rent my house i'm semi retire any question to supervisor breed is since i own high home and not taking any units off the rental market and not trying to pull a scam on any landlord why is there any cap at all i, rent my house that's my question. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon. my name is jennifer a host for a while and i was forced to host i never thought i'd be doing that i bought any in 2004 and hurt in 2008, with the crash and hit in 2011 where i really was faced what will i do next he lost a lot of projects being an architect and designer a lot of them were put on hold so here i was faced with a high mortgage i had to come up with a solution and thank god someone created a sharing in a situation like airbnb i didn't know about the other then i'm very thankful airbnb came into any life they conducted a huge road in front
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of me saving me some from losing my home and support any family and parents and welcome people from all over the world that also have found different ways of discovering the cultures and cities i helped many, many people come to this country and helped them go and see health care and they needed to see fantastic doctors i've helped merchant, i've helped housekeepers and created jobs like everybody is talking about it is endless also i'm getting to become a senior what can i do in the future please don't cap this this is important to all of us to have without capping whatsoever and please allow
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other people to be able to host in their homes and give the problems to people not registering thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is mary a registered home sharing in bernal heights i moved to san francisco general weeks ago after the military and work out of my home and coach girls soccer and he recently started a green company i work out of my home and rent out two rooms to long term tenants both teachers and have a trait entrance not a kitchen a separated into the main house i think that people like me contribute to the community should be encouraged to share their homes please don't regulate short-term rentals and make sure it is fair
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and don't limit us i urge you board of supervisors to not pass this vote. >> thank you after this next speaker i'll read a few more speaker names (calling names) >> hello my name is dell i've lived in the mission for thirty years we abide by all the short-term rental rules and got our business licenses and paid the tax and fill out quarterly report our cutlery and the depreciated values and jumbled through every hoop those rooms i keep for and aging parents and
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many neighborhoods in san francisco don't have hotels i first learned about airbnb from a single mom my neighbor that publicity her daughter through college this allowed her daughter to come back to her own room on the holiday and allowed a single mom to support without the ex-husbands support to support her daughter through college so let's talk about math a school year is more than 60 days her daughter comes for the highlighted and also and i've rent-controlled unit on airbnb to traveler nurses they get 3 months contract are 90 days their hospitals throughout the city that have traveler nurses on a constant base here is how you're flip-flopping will destate our teenager i'm
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getting emotional because this situation is scary to me with the extra income we assumed was okay our daughter was approved to go to an independent school high school she's surged and her amongst as quelled previously she was seeing a therapist i can't afford that school or the private schools in san francisco and we will no longer - it is just an equation that did work a catch-22 what am i proposed to do jerk her from a school because i don't having the income. >> thank you, ma'am 9 to 5
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thank you n.y. and after those two individuals (calling names). >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm bobby kohlman of share better sf and so many years of tenants union and with ted and others starting in the 80s and through the noticing be sound a alarm and the hotelization problem and, of course, become the avalanche we're looking i want to applaud the supervisors for advancing the reasonable regulations this representatives and also you know, i want to show great compassion and respect for the speakers on both sides of issues many i don't
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know people love san francisco i love san francisco even despite the diversity i've heard the san francisco i love includes the neighborhood character and to know your neighbors and not be the neighbor that splitsdz suddenly a hotel room you can walk down the street and not see the lockboxes for the hotel room i love the san francisco that people need to offer housing and share their housing engaging in long term rent-controlled units not short term i love the san francisco that people that need the extra income find that where it is not working for airbnb jobs that do serve the community i love the san francisco that is free that is creativity that is free of corporate exploitation people don't feel indoor in order to make ends
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meet not go down the road this is the san francisco i love to lead the country if that kind of thing and love the san francisco where people gave me in mature and dignified and public comment they're proud of how they speak and appear in public and appear appropriately before the children and neighbors and agree to disagree at the end of the day thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors i've lived in 1991 but guests rooms are empty and that asset is the best asset i have to earn money outside of my daily job a part owner of a power company with 12 employees i use the
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money for the rental to pay for any investment in the company and that helps to support those employees and if you take this away that does 60 days is not anything to work with the rooms are empty 280 days a year i find it outrage the board is trying to tell people what to do with a guest room whether they pay or not and further in 09 cities with affordability issues strike laws with those short-term rentals in place if you santa monica they allow rentals of a guest room and new york the last enforcement regulation allow - they're not going over guest rooms but focusing on apartment
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and people are renting less than 50 percent without registering and paris and other major cities that passed legislation nothing is going to restrict this this is the rieblth legislation in the world in regulating guest rooms and dpoorns it is not going to solve the problem of affordability in the city it is easy to tell if a place is hosted or not some said well previously folks say it is difficult to determine if a place it rented if you look at a listing with an xuven view and includes an kitchen that is an cyber apartment it is easy to tell - finally.
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>> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> a hoerments in the mission and home sharer for more than seven years and happily registered i got here as quickly as i could and i came here to talk about to the two of you again, because this is function we had an election in the country it hurt we elected a dishonest ego maniac month didn't want to but turned off by washing they choose him versus continuing with the business as usual too much corruption in d.c. and too
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much shadyness we elected a tyrant this fast tracked to hear from the opposition of the clear mandate by the recession of proposition f to improve our newly elected board of supervisors this wrecks of the same types of politics that corrupted washington same pledge of allegiance that led a minority of voters to choose that monster i came don't jam this through no more games work with airbnb and the other platforms to yeast a single system one that works for everyone home sharers and tenants and everyone like recently in chicago and in other cities around the world you the
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elected board of supervisors continues to behave like today have an opportunity we'll vote you out, too no matter how bad do alternatives. >> next speaker, please. >> and let me read a couple speaker cards km. >> hello i've been a host and guest all my life by the past 40 years i pay taxes to the city i've come to many meetings and ready for more as an evolving issue but ready to do this this is my life i'm speaking always as san francisco resident for the past decades he live in district 11 the excelsior i'm speaking as a registered host that wanted to be united with my fellow hosts and willing
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to find the right balance not separated 2w7b unhost and grandfathered and who registered late i'll asking you not to consider this extreme 60 day cap will hurt me if you think about that path you're asking us to close the doors for our homes and businesses change our life this 60 day cap will cause my household and roommates people i employ to sit down and decide how bad do we want to stay in the city we'll have to decide what to sacrifice our homes and have to decide if we go up our time with our families and space and see how many people to if it in the dwelling to afford it and goop the time with our families we
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host and give up our income to pass this caps takes away from me and - make us sit and figure out what to sacrifice in a place that's our home. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon obviously that was my daughter i'm very, very proud of her but proud of what your city has done she's created for many, many guests to come into this country she's a little mini ambassador that sounds like all hosts i'll excited to see you've created an entrepreneur in her this is interesting i have my only personal business this can be
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that business which the city will surely benefit he know they benefit all the guests to their farther mom and pop shop it encourages people to do business with the city i'm not from the city by benefited from her place and met some of the guests i really applaud all those who are representing urban design group this fight against what you're trying to do but appears to live on thirty days people need it for medical reasons and in the case my daughter has a lifetime as you know, students are coming out of school and difficult to find the right jobs to find the mix to becoming an ambassador like many of the other ones we hope you consider this seriously what you'll take and allow the businesses to continue and to
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create that feeling when people are traveling and in addition, i do have something - shared but if i could get that quick i'm marshall a host of airbnb i hosted i follow all the rules and registered any landlord is aware he host and for the past 5 years had the pleasure of meeting with people all over the world and joy this and i'm 64 and due to health issues work part time it is - if it is infected it burglary have an adverse impact on me. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> those if include north beach roentsz that were immediately effected that david chiu that met with the short-term rental renter at the time we're still here still coming back to say that, yes on this 60 day cap because it is a neighborhood we live in those are not rural areas where people noise they make and disasters happen will on effect someone in a very limited way if you're out in a rural area, however, this is a very packed city and dense
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especially in north beach where 22 vacation rentals continue as they did two years ago i first spoke here the 22 vacation rental unit their entire units that have not bang dealt with that are still effecting many of the neighbors along this street because we no longer have neighbors my son can grow up in north beach knowing exactly where he could go to get help and milk to get his key when we forgotten one so none mentioned the community i understand and respect people struggling i too have struggled for many years to stay here and will stay here and i think that is best to try to find ways to fight for quality for the ability for all to stay here rather than just to selfishlyly look after our needs
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to the detriment of our neighborhood and community thank you. >> next speaker and after those two (calling names) and three years ago, i fixed up a room under the stairs we used as a walk-in closet and a window makes a sweet room we get an airbnb rental i've had because i'm a senior 79-year-old i love to visit any grandchildren extra income in airbnb helps me do that but
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major thing helps me be able to paint the third story building and my share with the buildings the upkeep and everything he no longer have to worry about how to take care of that kind of thing personally i think airbnb a wonderful platform for people that need to make enough money to stay in the city but on the other hand, i think we also are wonderful ambassadors for the city we give people coming from all around the world that live with us for a while often stay in touch and come back to see us we have long conversations and learn when each other and differences so i feel a great asset to the city having us doing this i wish that
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airbnb and the city could get along together so we wouldn't have to lose this wonderful opportunity make our city a welcomed place as well as - thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm here to read a letter from a fellow host before i start, i took look at the people of people have many are gray hair and wrinkles and need extra income to stay in the city i'm the city is