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tv   LIVE BOS Budget and Finance Committee  SFGTV  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> all right. good morning, everybody. welcome to the transportation authority plans & programs committee for tuesday, november 15, 2016, like to thank our clerk steve stamos and leo and mark from sfgovtv madam clerk, any announcements? no announce. >> mr. clerk item one. >> roll call commissioner avalos commissioner breed absent commissioner farrell commissioner peskin commissioner hwang absent we have quorum okay. thank you very much colleagu
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colleagues commissioner tang had a previous engagement can i have a motion can we take that without objection? 70 >> all right. mr. clerk item number 2. >> sense advisory report this is an informational item. >> good morning item number 4 the $3.1 million for the traffic calming most of questions or comments from the cca the clarifications on specification by the degree to which federal dollars we need to continue the operations of the cable car and to replace the gear boxed in the overhaul funded made this monthly attractive we're happy to have this and have the traffic calming efforts there is a large
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increase and desire for traffic calming item 5 the central subway master plan the cca wants to ask a question, of course, something we didn't touch on much and should perhaps be part of every study and discussion how land use effects your subways and how the demographics are take into account to the get to the jobs in the recreation centers that 0 closes any remarks. >> colleagues, any questions. >> move on to public comment for item 22 anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues this is an informational item no action mr. clerk item 3. >> approval of the minutes for the october 11th an action. >> colleagues questions or comments move on to public comment anyone wish to comment
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on item number 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can have a a motion to approve. >> motion any commissioner avalos. >> roll call vote commissioner avalos commissioner breed is absent commissioner farrell commissioner peskin approval of the minutes are approved. >> berkley item 4. >> recommend allegation of $3 million plus prop c in prescription of one hundred thousand for prop k subject to the fiscal year distribution schedule a commitment to allocate prop k funds an action item. >> good morning, supervisors and rather commissioners i'm the deputy director for the transportation authority you'll jump into this allocation request grouping we have 4 requests to present
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the first, the cable car compulsion gear boxed request and this is a prop k request from the mta for approximately 2 or $1.3 million inform leverage the federal funds to overhaul the com provision gearboxes it provide powers to the cable car there are 4 in use and one a spare and been in use since 1984 a rehab project as opposed to to the - the cable car is a unique system and no official parts and component that can be purchased they need to be custom-made tlasz information in the packet of materials that includes the shut down schedule the mta is proposing a series of 4 shut down systems 3 one more each
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cable car line and one for all of the cable car lines the 10 consecutive days a elevation period and an outreach plan a communications plan mta is working with the tourist and the hotel and convention and churches and stakeholders in the area to make sure to get the word out about the shut down schedule the project should be complete by the end of 2019 next the traffic calming implementation project is referred to as the backlog of traffic calming projects from area wide plans that were completed between 2 and 10 years ago this is the last banish of those projects there are the traffic calming plan that be will pretty a total of lovingly of them
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there are various schedules of development for the construction because of the various banishes will be going on encouraging but complete at the end of 2019 those are the recommendations from the plans and traffic island speed humps and the proposition of the speed humps the third for the edge or the pedestrian safety project this is a district 8 transportation improvement program capital improvement for $80,000 for the design for the project and a commitment to allocate another one and 25 thousand when the project precedes and improves the glen canyon and request do from the stakeholders and supervisor wiener supports the request the project will be open by 2018 and the last request is from the
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transportation authority and this is for one hundred thousand dollars to leverage and caltrain grant to the sf ct a for district of funded phase one study program sections in the south of market area and studied 5 locations and made short term and easier to implement the recommendations for those ramps and this will expand the set of ramps that can be examined to 10 ramps the project focuses on the south of market area the highest clusters of high injury ramp intersection areas and this particular corridor but there are other projects that you are glounth the city like the alamany and the balboa park where ramps are studied for the improvements and other areas for the various types of
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configurations of ramps i'll be working closely with the caltrain and community outreach beginning next summer and i'm available to answer any questions and various project sponsors from the sfmta. >> thank you very much colleagues questions or comments commissioner avalos just a question about the work that we done on alamany right now a real need for pedestrian assess if the southern on the south side of alamany to get to the farmer's market a goal to be able to make sure there is actually access for the pedestrian. >> yes. there was a presentation at the finance committee last month that the alamany sgrarj program study it is currently underway the presentation went to finance
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committee because commissioner avalos the district representative for the studies on this committee there two phases of mere term improvements that are recommend one of which you'll see next month for lane configuration and putting in better striping to guide the traffic and guide the cyclists in the area the second phase of work for a multi use path that will allow for access and a signal going to get the streets wrong but provides the farmer's market streets and drainage issues that will be creating a new path that is prone to flooding we need to work with puc but the striping requests should be coming forward next. >> the intuts the cross over sounds like you guys are working
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on that. >> any questions or comments we want to thank you and the whole staff for working on a lot of the laurel heights the committee is working on for years with that, we open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 4? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> same house, same call? >> same house, same call? all right. so moved. >> mr. clerk, call item 5. >> update on the subway master plan an informational item. >> good morning, commissioners matt long-range manager planning and with michael from the san francisco transportation authority on a possible
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component of san francisco's transportation future significant specifically subways and want to knowledge the planning department in this work as well the subway division is generated out of an ordinance by supervisor wiener isn't fall of 2015 and supervisor wiener is really about not losing momentum on transit investments for the city we think about the first iteration of subway we wanted to frame what is subways are their characteristics and how policy guidance how we think about implementing delivering the subways for the city of san francisco also an operator a start find a conversation not predetermining who might run the subways in the city and thinking about initial candidate corridor they make sense the work will feed into the sf program and the rated
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this is the start avenue conversation this allows moving large volumes of people in separated corridors quickly he's a trade off we're delivery process is very along the capital dollars are high in delivering those investments and they may not meet the needs of all travel choices and modes for the stations they may not allow everyone to get everyone where they want to go part of eco system we took a 3 pronged approach for the prior plan review and talked with san franciscans today about where they think subways are valuable and conducted new analysis in the prior plan saw a
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lot of great ideas that have not materialized but ideas that have for the corridors plan the central subway it is under construction and the brt project this past weekend and moving through the environmental review that is looking at what it comes next not the first time that san francisco has tried to think big about railing we saw a number of corridors we wanted to keep in mind as we forwarded this work. >> in trying to hear if san franciscans today, we decided to use the leverage of online proud sourcing for people to engage at their convenience from their home and really spend as much or little time to let them looking at the stopping stations and rail alignments how they fit
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into the current system we need to compliment that with outreach elements so we were touching folks may not have intersect access and have high internet 10 or penetration in our community and want to technique with us we had 34 pop up activities from the bayview and tenderloin and excelsior inwards we're heard back the online tool westbound extremely successful 26 unique submissions some were single lines people were drawing their commute trips and comprehensive networks and systems that includes the software stations and creative thinking with the island a couple down in the south of america and africa and australia by the way, you can
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see on the heat map on the online tools asked folks to draw their dream for the future we can interpret where people think their mobility is not met and a greater need for more streamlined travel the corridor is at top based on the heat map that is a point of information to understand where the perspective and realty in travel patterns online we also at the pop up design the tenderloin bayview and excelsior we were intercepting people on the streets by and large didn't hear and the transcription services a need for from folks not native english speakers and we can by and large is the one and thirty responses and the
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multiple hundreds of people we spoken with would not will have heard in these people that heat map to the pop up events we see some of the similar desire lines indicators of a greater market within the corridors and other lines as well and so we're glad to - >> i really appreciate that type of outreach and in district 11 in you look at who uses our public transportation system it is almost 95 percent people of color and immigrants and people whose language is in the english i appreciate that. >> so this is - we did our prior plan review we spoke with san franciscans today, we want to take those two information points and tie them together with the analytic work to think
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about where people need to move in the future and subways are the most appropriate with that, i'm going to turn it over to mraek to speak towards that work. >> good morning michael sweaters with the transportation authority we use the 20 first two data points and did analysis with the existing operational analyze and looking at 2040 and looked where the land use patterns were developing not only the ridership but the overall traffic demand people that are driving places there is a lot of travel demands xhertsd to traffic - high quality network like a subway we did look at density patterns this map shows with the population density and job
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density and looking ways those patterns develop into the future and then also looked at kind of where people patterns tend to develop if there is a u bic subway that helps us to understand where the demand is generated in the future from the 3 sets of information we - generated 3 types of corridors will fall into multiple bucket but one across town people want to get across san francisco and bart goes through the city from one side all the way to the other so people have a desire to get across town and the other a correction people want to get to the metro or other trunk lines regional trunk lines and the pure demand basis with transportation demand could be
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from as many transit and diving we likely see a lot of displaced in the future and as i mentioned some of the corridors will fall into multiple buckets before i talk about the maps don't get attached to them but we wanted to test what that looked like if we triple the subway within the city of san francisco we have $15 million today and another thirty miles with two concerts looking where we generate the most demands using the analysis okay. this is where we think he can generate ridership where people's designations if you look at this the lines in the geary area and then makes its way south by the golden gate park an extension of t third at the lombard and the underground part of t third and in addition
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the van ness area heading southeast into the south part of mission bay with the m and putting that both is the soma pulling it out of the metro and then we said okay. this is one comparison let's see if we have a different concept how to get more geographic coverage and looked at it trade offs between corridors and different alignments within a similar corridor that's why we came up with the system and the t third a line into hunters point shipyard and the fillmore and divisadero and then the extension will be going to the physics rather than the lombard for the t third and the geary is out towards the beach and this is corridors not streets but in the vicinity and underground
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with the existing m with the mission bay and on the southern part of city some couple of those were shown including the extension of the m line and the geneva corridor so we looked at sort of what the potential for those kinds of system and we did find if we were able to do something as monumental tripling the subways in san francisco we'll have significant benefits including major traffic times, savings about 25 minutes for travelers on a given trip 10 to 15 minutes round trip by quoting the system we'll be able so have the bart's level in the 90 percent no union train will be arriving at that time, the significance of ridership 10 to 15 percent and under either of
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the corridors nektsd you'll see grandchildren 40 percent of san franciscans being able to walk to they're walking danced to the station we did an outlook and found it low income residents benefits at a larger rate than the population at large and this is a complicated map to show you the analysis looking at the traffic time for the zones across the city blue is increases and red is increases in travel time this year to the concept b the hunters point shipyard there was a direct line improves a significant amount of time at this point we know there are major network benefits and there are some next steps to you to do the hard work of
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prioritizing and an incremental way to develop the projects with that, to graham. >> thanks michael as i mentioned the thirty miles of subway will not materialize overnight but incredibly build out for the - where will we be moving the most people and the new investments and new subways compliment and provided synergy benefits to the system we're thinking from an interaction and build a robust system we don't want to leave anyone behind especially the needs of the high
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capacity reliable transit those are representative but want to frame the thinking how will we decide which routes corridors we want to think that prioritizing for investments and as i mentioned this the division the start of conversation but there is lots of other areas to be thinking dramatic and in an efficient like manner and funding is an easy one thirty miles of subway the funding stream didn't seem realistic in our lifetime maybe a change heed of us but we need to look at expanding resourcing and need to think about how we are delivering and speed up the timeline from a cost to calendar and schedule perspective and the cac report
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talked about land use not in the likelihood of major, major investments in the city without a conversation about land use and the number of people that those investment will be available for and how we can move and grow as a city those things need to be talked about together their intrinsically linked and lastly sorry not lastly conditioned inclusive and open outreach those decisions need to be made together the only way to be successful in that building champion champions of the community level and champions at the regional and federal level as well those these things need to come together to push forward individual elements of the subway divisions so we'll or we're going to incapsulate and
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the work didn't stop there will feed into the connect sf program a misrepresent departmental collaborative effort not only the subways but the whole eco system the eco system is not the silver bullet all needs to create the comprehensive mobility network that san francisco will need to be a desirable liveable place to live and competitive and reach the goals we've reached for ourselves the connect sf is underway and reach this fall with a survey talking about the core values how people think about the future of transportation in san francisco and into 2015 continued in that outreach and stakeholder activities. >> with that, i'd like to open up to any questions.
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>> thank you very much for your presentation commissions questions or comments. >> thank you hard work open up for public comment on item 5 anyone wish to comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. colleagues an informational item so no vote mr. clerk and introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any new items to introduce. >> number 7. >> item 7 general public comment. >> anyone wish to pubically speak. >> good morning as a career we take personal family and social values to be of great importance in life therefore we have accept the liability and true justice making this to be objective for the seeking of true destiny we work hard to have pay off in life and sure of benefits with
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the world pathway we definitely can having a true games of with regards in return of spraepdz the true principle helping the needy for the transportation for virtues the results of personal cultivation one must sincerely be honest to ones virtues not letting ones emotions going out bound we have to fight for the traditional values of personal, family and social justice to assure our integrity of wellness in life we have to one way or another making ones destiny and
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on the other hand, transform from an older individual into a holy portion to have true ufos in life thank you. >> thank you very much anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. parking garage call item 8 >> adjournment. >> thanks everyone we are
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supervisors. >> okay welcome everyone to the san francisco board of supervisors welcome back and thank you all for your patience ladies and gentlemen, we have having at this time meeting as a committee as a whole a joint malia cohen between the san francisco board of supervisors and the san francisco police commission and at this time madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> for the board. >> thank you madam president supervisor avalos supervisor president london breed
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supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim kim not present supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener not present and supervisor yee not present madam president a we have quorum were to excuse commissioner yee and supervisor wiener seconded by supervisor cowen colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor yee and supervisor wiener will be excused new i'd like to turn it over to commissioner president loftus welcome to the board chambers. >> thank you. good evening, everyone and welcome to to scombroint meeting the police commission and the board sergeant, next item. >> >> commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman is excuse
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commissioner marshall is excused commissioner nakajo's commissioner nakajo and commissioner dejesus commissioner wong excused we have quorum. >> thank you sergeant and ladies and gentlemen, just for clarity we will have general public comment at this time and we will then go into our hearing specifically on the number of reports including the blooper report and other reports as referenced in the hearing so if you last week to make comments specifically recommended to the hearing through will be an opportunity to do that as well that is the time for general public comment first speaker please. thank you good evening andrew yip world affairs have key focus on human
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civilization in process economic comes to a stage of prosperity and executive control 2, 3, 4 management puts business foyers in good order of development our life business career strives for success being caution about the problems even in time of security one must having a true obviously of executive actions one must have collect strategies for rich and notable to determine the december i didn't in life that is for the aspire of folks with time to accomplish true benefits of success for - holiness is strurm and virtues are notable and personal nature on to holiness in gradual steps in opening up a wondering
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business career time of circumstances and purpose from civilization in development by applying personal - destiny as with work for the wondering people one engaged if extensive differ phil ginsberg pathway and accident wondering establishment for the organization of holiness and vicious and wisdom and principle that leads people back to public it and for all that will be the business enterprise of having a kingdom god bless the holy kingdom. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you sxooepd and all the little ducks lame and mobile my name is a christopher's i live on 6 and howard less than
1:05 pm
40 years from seawall he rise to comment on racism first, i wish you to take note there is at least one white man that has tried to start a dialogue on racism that man being my less than humble self-i've worn that shirt my opening statement in the dialogue awhile walking the sidewalks of san francisco for years during that time 2 hundred people an hour seen me wearing that 4 thousand smorg borrowed of customs that make our beloved city and county of san francisco i noticed a few people taking a second look all the people passed its the whitest human being they might see with two professional black guys on it in all that time with the uproar and pain involved that the
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subject of american he style racism none hallway u saw a comment none had a question none no white person no asians or hispanics not one question so members take serious note none really want to have a dialogue about race none no asian-american or african-american and no other europe americans and that is our american tragedy thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors commissioner president loftus and police commission i've never spoken here not sure of the premiers i don't know that is general public comment you have up to 2 minutes. >> okay. so can you hear me
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now. >> i'm here to speak speak about the police commission when you appoint a new commissioners pick someone is integrity not outburst for political gain we like a commissioner on the police commission not get their own criteria on the fast track we know about his past commerce of corruption not talk about commissioner wong the judiciousblas loss is the position r police commission gain i can't think on the police commission we currently have i want to propose out to the commissioner president loftus and to commissioner melara since those two joined the commission they finally have gotten moving on the reforms we've been waiting for year ares years and
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years only a civil grand jury report four officers counted in federal court and sent to prison i'm probably living out the transgression got them moving on the reform we've been wait on in years and years and years and propose out to supervisor kim for her editorial for the 4 supervisors even though i'm no progression trying to push greg suhr the head of the corrupt snake and i want if thank you for what you've done and supervisor peskin the grown adult in the room that brought adult inspiration osteo all. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is david i am i'm
1:09 pm
with the san francisco's for affordability unfortunately, i don't have enough copies on november 10th i published on the poa arguing their days are numbered as a bullying force for the status quo a week after the trump quake i'm not sure sf can you remember has a partner for reform but julian becomes the attorney general obama's 21st century program upon which san francisco is riling may disappear poas may try to stall on the transformation how will we carry on how will we reform them without a federal partner. >> sir i'm pausing your time this is about general public
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comment after general public comment we're going to go to the actual hearing weigh reopen public comment specifically on those items. >> let me say that behind me other members of the sf poa had will be putting other narratives in front of you. >> in depth. >> we'll go to the next speaker. >> we'll get you help just a second. >> next speaker, please. >> ma'am, in the green shirt anyone else with general public comment please come forward if you're not ready step to the side. >> come forward ma'am, and where is the play button we're going to have john assist you judge a second ma'am, please come forward. >> this is general public comment. >> okay all right.
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dear madam president and supervisors greetings. i'm a san francisco resident and also a petitionerer reporting to the boards represents to the names of the subway chinatown station after rose pack many of us came to this meeting to help you learn about the other side of rose pack how she discriminated on behalf of the chinese government here in san francisco following our public comment many people came to us to thank us and found out what is this some inquiry from supervisors users so with you obligated don't bet let you know the answer directly is deeply rooted in chinese history and culture it is comprised of 5 experience one of them is meditation,
1:12 pm
however, the effectiveness of this practice didn't lie in the physical movement it has to do with with its principles of this experience which can be smiermd in 3 words truth and compassionate and tolerance one wonder who practices old people can sick people not quite so as the in fact, practitioners came into from from all walks of life no pattern what type of people practices whoever embraces the principle of truth and compassionate and tolerance what about a practitioner and thank you thank you per sir, are you ready or need more time. >> we're going to let the other group and then. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you madam president supervisors and law enforcement officers thank you for the chance to make
1:13 pm
a public comment i'm chris a resident and maintained san francisco office for the past 20 years most recently in chinatown revolved with a high tech companies and spoke to you before on the topic of naming the chinatown subway station like 0 answer the questions about having fawn gone so you can better understand the people that are commenting on this i met the fallen gone prisoners and saw the experiences and touched by the way they touched people in a vicious prohibition i started the practice no money involved it is completely free i commissioner wu that was a very good practices he can tell under h from the kind of compassionate
1:14 pm
people of all races in all countries practice this i benefit at one point my myself separated 5 years ago she have her cancerous thyroid removed they read john the block that we read turning the law wheel and starting practicing the dr was shocked she didn't need treatment thanks to fallen and gone definitely changed our lives for the better we hope you get a chance to learn about fallen gone mediation. >> next speaker, please. >> and good afternoon madam president and congratulations on our win my name is felicia with seiu 1021 i'd like to applaud
1:15 pm
the board of supervisors on up to date this and applaud supervisor cowen for indicating and making amendments to look at the total impact of the development and specifically in hiring with the trades here in san francisco. >> ma'am, i'm pawing our time that appeal is in the to be spoken about that had it's public comment i thought that was general and keep our comments more general don't moreno enumeration the foil appeal. >> let's mention the trade unions in san francisco they don't hire minorities and not sufficient black and latino workers going through their apprenticeship programs for them to come up here and say oh, because we're trying to get something for million dollars corporation to come into a latino area and say oh, we'll
1:16 pm
put latinos to work that is really disheartening i hope the board looks those things when you look at the total impact how the hiring processes are a minority of here in san francisco that's we're not getting jobs here in san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> before the next speaker begins i'll state a rule pro bono applause a vocal expression you're welcome to use our supportive fingers continue
1:17 pm
ma'am. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hello madam president and the board of supervisors my name is allowing young nearly 70 years old seeing me you'll not guess i was at at late stage of cancer patient with a slew of other illnesses. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> not just that in 1995 i had symptoms of indicator cancer the dr told me 3 months to live during the painful time of my life i combrntd the folks by
1:18 pm
accident. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i thought they were very good i took out a medicine active experience active learning experience with symptoms and the pain slowly went away my spirit were up 6 months a mere 6 months later i changed from being unable to walk on any own and needing my husband to support me probation officer being able to ride a bicycle and take care of my granddaughter.
1:19 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> from now my heart was filed with happiness and so happy to be alive i was able to have a new life after that, however, the chinese communist parties i was arrested four times and forced to denounce my faith isn't that asking me to die that was the reason i came to america. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> now i have practices this for over 20 years been in the united states for over 5 years my body has been very heath we
1:20 pm
want to tell everyone it can benefit the mind and body and hope you'll not be deceived by the chinese communist and get to know this personally thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hello madam president and the board of supervisors. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is hone i used to be a head nurse i came to the
1:21 pm
united states 20 years ago in 1997 and learned about fallen gone and impressed by it's broad and profound teaching he practiced that the electronic illnesses and vera course veins magically disappeared . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> now i not only take care of
1:22 pm
my own mother by my parents in-laws going on 80 years old is not easy to live together owe follow the truthfulness and tolerance and always put them first to fulfill my dedication teach people to be good. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> nowadays we get loan and support the practices and pie participation in the activities to let people know about the
1:23 pm
chauvinism the chinese communist parties prosecutor and extended to san francisco i hope the board of supervisors does not surrounded other chinese communist pressure or in the name of economy i hope our country whether uphold san franciscans including fallen practitioners rights thank you. >> thank you thank you >> next speaker, please. >> dear board of supervisors as you can see many different people practice fallen gone is common they are always go by the pertains of truth and compassionate and tolerance that is essentially a practice that teaches people to be a better person after being reenthd from modern 10 years we recently applied to join a chinese new year parade to be held next february 9th
1:24 pm
chinese chamber of commerce will ask his our application just two days ago on sunday we took part in the veterans' day parade they were a marking band were welcomed we the organizationers this is what the grand marshal and organizer of the parade said to our band. >> you've the greatest band i've ever seen. >> (clapping.) >> and you know you may not be welcomed some places but you're welcome here. >> ii just i cry maybe i've
1:25 pm
almost to grateful to you beautiful instruments, your music is beautiful, you're a one thousand percent not 100 percent you should be poured to be part of that organization and the culture you support and i thank you all. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> this is typical of what we heard when we attend many, many parades in the country people welcoming. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> sorry for any delay in getting in set up. >> we'll take the next speaker. >> we're good. >> supervisors and commissioners supervisors and
1:26 pm
police commissioners i'm the how shall derrick was with a scenario familiar to brown and black in 2012 officer josh was a rookie cop with the sfpd profiled too young teenagers that are walking from mcdonald to the deposits o bus stop at 7:30 with a lot of local residents in the gas station and driving by he swooped into a fuel gas station demanding to know why the teenagers were walking through the implication derrick was scared 15 years old and tried to run away the officer escalated did situation that resulted if an conviction of derrick 49 seconds from start to finish, of course, the da backed up the conduct and
1:27 pm
officer josh no accountability all over the place in consequences the young 4-year-old that was with derrick has been derailed in his life with the officer although da of san mateo uphold the conduct the family received a sizeable settlement what does that tell you. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> this is a transportation to demand management before delores heights in view of was killed the cop was on the radar as a bully type of cop without being on probation a south san franciscan said police detained him in a search and valuables were taken and subject to arrest and a 5 day stint in jail when
1:28 pm
in fact, not on probation who was the defendant won south san francisco high school student said the following about cop the cop he worked for south san francisco police department and would i'm kill you one day the scald accused me of selling we'd the officer went to veggie take me in with room and gets in my face him and me in the room i hate the kids on your side of city he says i'm going to arrest you bishop as one f'ing day he got mad he had nothing on memo me was 15 at the time what is clear that officer ca bells
1:29 pm
continued sisters two regular to escape the notice 6 community and not escaped the notice of the south san francisco police department or the san francisco police department. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> an oak investigator. >> ma'am, that is about general public comment not about the hearing we after general public comment. >> every time i've stood at the. >> we're limited to two minutes. >> ma'am, you're welcome to have the comments but. >> you signal me out. >> ma'am, please make our comments. >> you took off 3 seconds i'd like them back.
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>> a ocii investigators believed to look at a pattern of abuse not no fair it is a review of the way they did their job in one incident we provided our findings to the cheech the chief what look for an early intervention system who looks and determines a pattern the following are additional comments made by the comments of two officers josh and anthony as long as tony is the vp of the pee pee on february 1st, 2016, officer sfpd got physical with the protesters and blocked a way to the superbowl city the only officer with a splintered battalion they have a reputation for being violate with mission district youth ask around
1:31 pm
july 27, 2016, ca bell with sergeant montoya were at the station to how shall jessica williams a reporter from the hills inquired why they were there since there are from the mission district and the gangs name was choked with ca bell named as his killer later that reporter said crowd dispersed but joked about being famous. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> maria is a woman that works at carson. >> hi maria a woman that workers an international organization that empowers the needs of immigrant and other underserved sf bay
1:32 pm
families she received last week employee of the world and maria had an encurrent with the officer after they parked her car and getting a bite to eat with her husband and cousin asked for the ids and why they're detained he indicated they were not so they preceded to the restaurant upon returning to the car and arresting here husband as driving on a suspended license later on the judge threw out and said here husband right was violate he was not driving treating at all and a thirty day hold put on her car the officer was mad he knew who
1:33 pm
he was and what he did in the mission and maria filed a complaint with over williams the complaint included the officer ca bill and how he has them people of color went to mediation no complaint ghins the officer and an ass anonymously bill she had to pay back. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening with san franciscan for police forgot and the foundation and here's the cased of you're working by the initial of j a young woman in her 20s was filming a protest in the mission a few months ago grabbed by officer cappibrillo and and shes
1:34 pm
injured by mistreatment and hair pulled out of here head with asking him why he had pulled her hair for 3 blocks or more he condominium i liked it and he thought she liked it, too. >> she will be filing her complaint she's filed a complaint part of ventilations is the physical trauma involved in physical attacks to effect the results the profound psychological element forever
1:35 pm
young people not arrested or beaten by a cop. >> withank you. >> next speaker, please. >> supervisors i was here when he cloendz the issues and worked on the formula retail legislation now here high son a victim 6 blood alcohol brutal that is like - i'll not say my husband his name in public he did a painting as a view from the window and read a statement from the aclu the officers who assaulted me were unprofessional and their barf was do you know right malice not all police officers do terrible things but the ones cast an ugly shadow on
1:36 pm
the rest of the sfpd they share the uniform the experience three hand of the officer was dehumanize ingress and scared me in multiple ways u ways i was vinyl beaten and forced to stay up in jail i had to wait hours to call my family that incident effected me physical wellness and my work sadly this is not the first incident as the same individuals harassed and terrorizing innocent victims in the city i'm disappointed with the reprehensible action of the officers that should be protecting the community in the barf they engage from the people who's job to enforce the law with no bias shouldn't be immune and those officers that assaulted my son should be he
1:37 pm
will,able. >> i'd like to let the folks know we have a senior investigator from the office of citizens complaints so you can follow-up with that representative thank you. >> can you put the slide show back now. >> after montoya beat my son in a manner my son asked why he was arrested montoya said you're wearing the patent we know numerous occ complaint that are filed civil suits take into account what that did to discipline officers and how you spot patterns in the paper logs like the following since the civil suit the alumni has been promote to public information officer cab brill what will the
1:38 pm
commission do to hold the police officers accounta accountable a hiring practices did police officers bill of rights virtually insures that kind of pattern of abuse a legally protected for the officers so their superior commanders can't discipline them one of the few points to stop cab brill he was hired into the san francisco police department where they can impose a higher standard in particular, the office of record - encourage the department to
1:39 pm
look at allows reliable forms of information they've been legally prevented from keeping records about the officers action. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> the last time i made a mistake and said that christ rode the donkey into it was the fourth year the 7 year cycle but talk about more importantly judgment day doomsday the clock is moved to 59 minutes i can't say when christ will return the only previouscy in the bible said the financier is daniel chapter 9 there will be 70 years which end on the sabbath year we're in the is an go bath not rosh hashanah we're still in
1:40 pm
that my questions are you saved really in jesus is coming back in the last day 6 sabbath year we have two weeks i know that sounds like crazy but this is the biggest event of all historical if so this judgment day i guess - i'd like to read this now in christ be preached that he rows from the dead how say some among you no resurrection felt dead if in recess rex instruction of day e dead in christopher be not risen we're found out as false witnesses of god we've testified god he raised jesus up first, the dead rise not then is not christ is not raised your yet in
1:41 pm
our sins there maybe your fallen asleep only this life we have all men are most miracle by now christ is the first fruits and. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm sure everybody is happy with the election and because people vote doesn't mean had he vote some of the worst people are coming down the pike in our federal government and this sitting on the state government two of my favorite people supervisor wiener why don't i like scott wiener he's the enarable letter of the men that represented me, i'm a survivor of domestic violence is sfpd was
1:42 pm
effective not 100 percent effective i had an attorney to file a protective orders and constantly it was costing, that was difficult and any attorney on by domestic violence turned out to get beaten himself by a police commissioner julius it is your duty man how does a police commissioner to supervisor the ethics of san francisco police department when we himself bat elders his spouse and meth was involved in that fraergs if you're against drugs i did refresh your memory i'm one of the most recruitment in the having year history i question
1:43 pm
when you get a batter and a supervisor who endorsed him who took his endorsement to run for office what a cesspool of people that get into this chamber and go on to higher office someone's o sometimes the person that didn't win is the most humane i appreciate all the hard work to protect people from bad and anti personalitys. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors here's the shift in issues offramp gone promotes only good values yet the working class band has been excluded associated with the teaching that promotes good values the bands is welcomed by hundreds of
1:44 pm
parades the only parade excluded because of e is the san francisco schrz and japantown cherry blossom parade the only blockage by the chinese consulate when stand out as a sanctuary city first, as a caring human rights follow this pact of repreps goodness the band is going to participate in the chinese new year's they face a new decision to free themselves from pressure from outside sources or will that be a bad mark supervisors we want you to write a letter to make a simple important decision keep the foreign flefrns and keep fallen going on as part of our
1:45 pm
community to help them do the right thing take a stand and show the true heart of that reach city thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening david circling the schools san franciscans for police accountability i want to be the capstone on the sfpd folks that spoke about the officer can be brill it is shocking his partner tony and a vice president of the pee pee is in the running for the presidentcy of the sf poa when martin resigns that's a shock i'm not sure how the commission what work with someone like this a record himself for violence and who is the partner and enableer of a cop that killed a 15-year-old in san francisco and repeatedly beat up kids in the mission and pulled a woman by
1:46 pm
her hair this is really shocking and hope that goes on record thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> this bhs general public comment, sir. >> good evening daniel for the record to the supervisors and commissioners once again, thank you for calling this hearing. >> so you know, i have to say something because the officer that many of the people came here for spoke about officer can be brill i guess that's his name during the superbowl of this year we had a protest on market street and guess who poked me in the back with a billy club officer can be brill i'm a disciplined guy not a protester about making people feeling tlaeldz not a
1:47 pm
coincidence that something like that happened to me thank god i didn't get shot by the officer and recognized his picture and evidence is clear he was trying to find that open youtube show everybody but i guess i'll show is another time my point is that lets do something about this officer i'd like to file a complaint with occ now in. let's take it from here and by the way, i know this is general public comment but you know this is a trump thing going around we don't want to elm e imbotanical officers to be rogue officers and disrespect everything's constitutional rights let's see be clear at least stand together beginning mets ready to proceed police officer and any ready to procog
1:48 pm
make that work for everyone amen. >> amen. >> next speaker, please. >> and any other members of the public that wish to comment. >> good evening to the commissioners and the board of supervisors i'm sorry i'm late and hard to participate in democracy when you work 9 to 5 i want to speak about the selection of police chief and after listening to the stories saying how broken-hearted this kind of conduct is happening this police chief is office space so important oakland has inquired to have a bachelor but a resident of oakland and they any have 5 years i believe
1:49 pm
executive experience i hope the police search has take into account i think a sanctuary city we need a police chief it is very well-versed and opposing 23r0 experience 2, 3, 4 sanctuary i feel the attacks coming from the president elect and so when which we need someone we can trust as as citizen we're concerned about you know we said go personnel matter but who the candidates are and the ones i'd like to ask the board of supervisors as we as a the public we'll appreciate 2 from the board of supervisors as our representative be part of that selection process go through the inspector duffy and have some inputs as a police chief but decide how important that he reside in san francisco and have the experience and the education that will match all
1:50 pm
the responsibilities and that the police accountability and the police brutality will be job one to take care of so thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilberty steels e seems like we've elected a wanting that few school boards about higher hire public their principals recent radio it's bits 50 percent of americans live paycheck to paycheck towing percent of kids live in poverty 3 thousand there are 3 thousand plus counties in the country the first time i heard this they said 17 tasted research from 2008 last time i heard it a
1:51 pm
couple of weeks ago 70 percent the counties across the city experienced a recovery americans left behind they were bernie victims and they still continue to be berry i didn't see issues hillary was a small magnet pulled towards berryize news issues takes a village the elderly and physicians needs to recognize who has gotten the hammer that strikes the nail the truest and that was bernie and the democrats missed an opportunity to lead the could i because of the supervise delegates we've had prove tiering mixed with housing and
1:52 pm
having the police here and it is you know i mean militarization we need to back away from from our entire country if you were black i'll say the problem is racism and the fallen gone are looking for their freedom the answer a heath community thank you. let's get there. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> felicia welcome to the disparities for mario woods as we approach the one year anniversary of the tragic dedicate of mario woods on december 21st of the things. >> ms. jonesize have to cut you off you've had an opportunity to speak under walk through we're opening up the hearing you'll have an opportunity to speak again at a
1:53 pm
point. >> any other members of the public that want to provide general public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. and madam clerk can you please read the agenda items. >> item one for the special joint committee meeting a hearing that the board of supervisors has previously approved a motion for file improved on october 18th to go into a hearing the board of supervisors with the police commission sitting as a committee as a whole for a public hearing on the finding and recommends of the department of justice the president task force on the 12 policing and the civil gurney on the blue ribbon panel the fairness of law enforcement thank you. >> and thank you supervisor
1:54 pm
cowen is the sponsor i'm going to turn it over to for open remarks thank you supervisor president london breed thank you for joining us thank you. i appreciate the police commissioners that are here with us commissioner president loftus welcome back to the chambers i have a few on remarks time to go over the program you can expect this evening we'll go have a few we've had opening remarks with supervisor president london breed and commissioner president loftus we'll have short remarks from two groups of people first, the mayor's office who is the director of violence prevention foreign mayor's office and secondly, from morris and finally a presentation from intern chief chaplin i want to recognize a few people in the
1:55 pm
chamber with us i want to recognize joyce hicks the executive director as the former office of citizens complaints now the department of police accountability and recognize christen the chief of staff of district attorney george gascon those ladies will not be making a precautisentation but for ques if they arises and keeping my comments get to the meat of everything i want to just again articulate my commitment to move the police reform in san francisco forward the reason he called this joint hearing between the police commission and the board of supervisors because we've got serious work to do it is important we have transparency and frankly all hands on deck approach to solving some of the challenges
1:56 pm
i want to also recognize a few more people sfpd thank you for joining us and your service want to recognize many communities leaders community coalitions like the justice for mario woods and felicia jones and san franciscans for police accountability and highlight ms. julia and. >> u yolanda that are here julia with the bar association and the criminal justice integrity unit and officer for justice yeah, that chateaus my list the police department is involved in the critical reforms my goal that by sitting together tonight as one united body we can both increase transparency and move quickly on those
1:57 pm
reforms the last month we held a hearing in the blooper they were talking about 200 and 72 recommends that were presented and the board has also held hearing on the civil grand juries on officer-involved shootings those are difficult but critical conversations to have amongst the policymakers in the city that's exactly i didn't did work with any staff to pass the ordinance last year and really have been pleased to hear from several members of sfpd limp that the report has produced some eye opening moments from the department has been a long standing issue and we are taking steps to move beyond the fact finding phase we have 5 separate report we can
1:58 pm
point to that have collectively provided 5 hundred, 5 hundred recommendations to approve our police department so why are we are doing all of this you might ask i'm hopeful with all the investigation work and the actions that we will take to implement the recommendation that we really might begin to start to gain some of the public's trust and confidence back because we received information about what improvements to the police department and in our last meeting want to focus on how the recommendations will change will be implemented paying attention to a timeline i think with supervisor campos in participate mentioned in the last meeting we need an aggressive timeline i'm in disagreement to that end will be as follows: brief rangers
1:59 pm
from the mayor's office and a representative from the public defender's office and we'll hear from a presentation and updated presentation from the intern chief chaplin there's a lot of information we'll need to cover here so colleagues in order to get through this i'll ask to the greatest tint possibly hold the questions to the at the end of the presentation so the presenter can get through and than a q and a session now i'd like to bring up. >> supervisor cowen before we bring up the representative of the from mayor's office i want to give commissioner president loftus an opportunity to provide remarks. >> we did that already. >> i said welcome potentially was enough in fairness i want to say on behalf of the police
2:00 pm
commission a tremendous honor to sit with the board to be in the chambers and elevates the issues we've been working on for years and committed to but gives the opportunity for community partners that work with the board and us to look at those issues together and having one conversation thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed and take a moment to thank the commissioners here i think someone said it is difficult to be in democracy when you work 9 to 5 all confirmations center jobs and families please know the commissioners that couldn't be here they wanted to be here something that commission is committed so the last thing i'll say reports before and if you're feeling cynical the change will not happen you've seen a report before the fact that we have those 5 reports we're going to hear from the department and we together can hold ourselves and the department accountable or acta