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tv   BOS Public Safety Committee 111016  SFGTV  December 4, 2016 9:05am-11:01am PST

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>> meet a lot of great friends and glad oo coupt cory and javier great friends and positive addition to the neighborhood. thank you. >> jeff and lived in san francisco since 2008 and live on polk street. i met javier and cory
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in law school. i'm a attorney as wem as they are. i want to talk about them prnlly, they are fantastic peem people. i vust them with my kids lives. there are so many things i can say about them but they are concerned about the community and building up that neighborhood so fully recommend approval of the project. thank you. >> my name is ron john from india, went to scoom school in texas and moved to polk street about 12 years ago and when was there i
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>> serve public convenience and necessity. >> thank you, sarge chblt >> sergeantsdy san francisco police. you have before you a pcn report for trade r joe's. this would allow beer, wine and distilled spirits off the property. there are two letters of protest, no letters of support. they are located in plot 210 which is considered high crime area. they are located in census tract 176.01, which is considered undo conztration concentration area. central station has no opposition. alu approved with recommendations, no more than 5port of square footage of the retail space is used for display of alcoholic beveragesment . the
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sale of distilled spirits smaller than 200 ml is prohibited. no beer or malt beverage sold less in prepackaged 6 packs with exception of wine coolers. beer coolers sold in prepackaged multiunits of 4 or more. no win wine is sold with alcohol content of greater than 15 percent accept for dinner wines which are aged two years or more and maintained in corked bottles. wine isn't sold in bottles or container smaller than 750 ml. loitering, is defined standideally about linger without lawful business and prohibited on sizewalk or property ajacent to the premise on abc 2574. sales
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permitted betweenate 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. >> thank you sergeant kennedy for the report and for this item we may have adam here. thank you for coming in the trader joe's uniform. >> trader joe's is well known and respected grocery store that sells every day items at great prices and unique items that make shopping fun. we have 5 locations in san francisco and pride ourselves on being great neighbors and positive influence. we are excited about the new location on 4th street as we feel the area is underserved. we reviewed and accept the conditions put forth by san francisco police department and abc. >> thank you so much. and you accept the recommendations of
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the alu? >> we do. >> thank you so much. so, at this time we open up for public comment on this item. any public comment on item 2? i just realized i have cards. i have redogo and so sorry if i am not reading this correctly, [inaudible] michael milty and susan brian. please come up. >> good afternoon. my name is roll dogo qu libed in the tenderloin and also work there since twnt 2008 and what i have seen that is happening around the tenderloin, it's not very good place to be around and we trader joe's coming down to 4th and polk street, between market and mission, i
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have no-i'm not against mubing over there. i really love trader joe's and what they sell, but with their presentation regarding the license, i think there is a lot of factors that comes together with it. the thing i'm concerned about is the fighting, assaults verbal and physical harassment test
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test test-
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>> they applied for a type 20 license which wilt allow to sell aef sale beer and wine. one letter of protest. zero letters of support. located in plot 374, which is considered low crime. census tract 477 which is considered high saturation. richmond station has no opposition. alu approved with the following recommended conditions, number 1, the sales of alcohol beverages permitted between hours of 7 to 10 p.m. each day of the
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week. number 2, no beer or malt beverages sold in less than 3 prepackaged packs with exception of wine and beer sold in prepackaged multiunit quantities of 4 or more. noe wine sold of alcohol conitant of greater than 15 percent by volume accept for dinner wines aged two years or more and maintain in corked bottle. number 4, loitering is defined as standideally about linger without lawful sknz prohibited on sidewalk or property ajais tonight the premises under the control of the licensee. the applicant agreed with the above listed conditions. >> thank you so much, sergeant and see that we have brad
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christian toprint present for the project sponsor. >> my name is brad christian the owner. just a little history with what we have done with the market so far, we rr very good
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to the neighborhood. we have a deli counter that makes sandwiches. we are about a third asian grocery which serves the pop ylshz population in that location and 2/3 is american natural and/organic.
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the sore is great and had it two years and been able to dea lot with it. very very clean store and we just feel that the necessity is of the neighborhood wanting to come in and buy everything in one shot for their dinner that night or a craft beer with their sandwich. bottle of within and able to get it in one spot rather than going to two or three different locations to pick up what they need for dinner. that's about it. >> thank you so much mr. christian. and at this time i open up for public comment on item number 3. seeing no comment on item 3 we will close public comment. mr. christian so thank you much twr fr coming to represent main land market. i pass by your store several
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times and appreciative you are a neighborhood amenity in the area and happy to support this item today. and i think- >> so moved. >> motion to move forward with positive recommendation and do that without objection. madam clerk please call the final item >> item 4 is hearing to consider the trndsfer oaf type 21 off sale license to nas wuink locailted at 507 columbus avenue will serve public jeens convenience and necessity. >> report for type 21 license and if approved will allow them to operate as a package store providing beer, wine and distilled spirit frz consumption off the property. there are no letters of protest, no letters of support. located in plot 130, which is considered high crime area. they are located
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in census tract 107.00 which is considered undo concentration area. central station has no opposition. alu approvewise the following recommended conditions. loitering is defined at standideally about, linker aimlessly without lawful business and prohibited on sidewalk or property adjacent to the license premise under control i
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have petitions signed to support us as wem. >> thank you so much. so, at this time we will open for public comment on this item. seeing
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none, we will now close public comment. i apologize, i'm reading through the conditions again because i know there is confusion about whether the alu conditions allowed for on-site sales. because knroe it isn't permitted via the code for specialty grocery stores. i know i asked you this already but there is confusion whether the alu conditions allowed for on-sale. >> they sacrificed that and gave it up for the 21 so there is no more on-sale. >> great. there was just a question about that so just making sure. not because there is concern that came from the community from us, just via the planning code doesn't permit on-sale and want to clarify that is what was in the
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language observe before we approved it. no that is clarifyed happy to support this motion. >> yes. >> we'll have a motion to move forward with recommendation. >> so moved and seconded. >> do that without objection. thank you so much for being here. congratulations. madam clerk, any other items before us today? >> there is no firth urther business. as a matter of house keeping may we excuse supervisor campos. >> thank you for reminding me. >> motion to excuse supervisor campos. is that actually work at this point- >> we need to resend all the votes and then- >> motion to resend all the votes and seconded by- >> without objection. >> motion to excuse supervisor campos. >> do that without objection. >> motion to approve all of our
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previous votes. >> we don't have to clarify each one? >> i noted them in the record. >> thank you, so we'll move forward with items 1-4 with recommend aigds. item 1 as amended and do that without objection. thank you madam clerk, seeing no further items meeting is now adjourned. >> thank you. >> [meeting adjourned]
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>> well, good morning and thank you for being here i'm tom the director of the office of economic workforce development for city of san francisco we're here to launch shop and dine in the 49 the 3 and 4 manual campaign focused on supporting and driving the local businesses to san francisco restaurants retailers and office spaces now for the holiday season is shopping local is important a shift in one percent pending in san francisco generated one thing million dollar of economic 2i689 one hundred million dollars we're here today and assembly hall owned by ron and
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trisha and they're joined by their youngest employee carlo (laughter) that is rumored that mayor ed lee does his shopping here but have to wait further in the program to see this is true and joined by office space leaders from the fillmore merchant community we've been hearing from scott from the small business network and a leader in the shop and dine campaign and from the owner in detail the president i believe of the fillmore association executive director of the fillmore merchant association. >> (clapping.) >> i want to acknowledge a couple of people jason from the
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mall a key partner about the ship and dine campaign thank you and henry the council of district merchant from the murmur campaign and dwight and steve adam will be joining us in a moment and here with regularly begin the small business the director of the office of the small business commission with all due respect m is passionate about shopping local mayor ed lee . >> (clapping.) >> yeah. >> thank you, todd and everyone thank you so much for coming out and helping us really get the holiday season started i was thinking about this morning how to introduce this idea and i'll start off by saying anyone from the public wish to speak on this item my mind goes crazy you have moments
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you're lying on the couch and what if i won the litter my first thought 90 thousand reasons to spend all that money in san francisco if you won the litter 90 thousand businesses in san francisco more than half a small businesses literally everybody or everything you want on the earth it is in the boundary of san francisco and a lot on fillmore street and this is i couldn't just a historic street one that i really love to be on for many reasons and more and more reasons to be on this street besides it next to japantown as well that is small businesses trifle all along fillmore one of our attractive corridors in the entire city i think that love of the visitors literally come to the firm to find out what is going on i happy to be wearing a
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sfmade manufactured designed assembly hall tie. >> (clapping.) >> my wife said you need more colors so i'm looking at more than blue a little bit of red and other things i'm excited to really kickoff with our our wonderful small business leaders to shop and dine in the 49 a neat slogan for the office of economic workforce development come up with all of our business partners a shop and dine in the 49 is a true san francisco kind of made movement where we are taxi drivers all of the nets and along this street and certainly with our leader and merchants corridor you know you can get all our home fortunes in detail you wanted to do that stand in line if you want to go to the
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restaurant you know that is going to be a big line but you've got 13 hundred fillmore; right? and now the black bart going on and sheb basis lounge and all kinds of tastes the new ones i think a year ago todd we helped y sons get in a jewish delhi they were victims of the fire in the mission a couple of years ago and able to relocate here you look at all the varieties why not spend all your monies on holidays in buying your friends and families gifts along the corridors in the city and also cobras of restaurants that i named and more throughout the city i know our home restaurant association is here and making sure we pay attention to that i want to make a big plug that
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you really can do all of our shopping for all your friends and family in the city of san francisco and have great quality products i often get a lot of visitors and more and more from china who in their mandrin are asking me and my wife where to get san francisco made products you think those groups are shopping for did europe brand no schnauzer wanting to find san francisco made products that brand name if it is a made in san francisco that is a high quality from international visitors so a reason why this is happening and more and more if you go to our local manufacturers inch done whether debar times or accessibility mike 2kw50ig9 is really excited about or local sincerely ethics
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i'm exist for the holiday season and you don't center to go online but you locally online for this as well and pick up within san francisco so i'm excited for the holiday season excited for if anyone wins the loiter you know you remember where to spend it; right? >> because we need it tax base in the course anything happens i'm proud to interest the champion because people will be satisfied with the things they purchase and the supports, of course, along with shopping and supporting our small businesses is the incredible thence e temples of thousand of workers we'll be supporting as well because we have deliberately raised the minimum wage but all the small businesses were saying okay let's make sure the city supports us it works it is an
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entire eco system that we created where we can help the workforce with a higher wage and help the families and also do our share to make sure we support all the small businesses you'll find me eating and shopping and diane in the local businesses i need to visit every corridor through the holidays and greet the families that are here to get our port as well so everybody let's shop and dine in the 49 and make that more than real let's get the products we all know is high quality made designed and manufacture in san francisco thank you. >> (clapping.) >> so shop and dine in the 49 coming together with shops small is a partnership between government but particularly the community and the small business community we have got scott the
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tireless advocate and want to welcome him to say a few words scott. >> thank you and chris and ron thank you for having me. san francisco it is special place what makes it special it's neighborhoods and the neighborhoods characteristic of the neighborhoods to a large degree is determined by the small businesses in those neighborhoods when you shop small in the neighborhoods your preserving those neighborhoods and what you love about the city san francisco has over 50 percent of the employees are in small businesses as the mayor said one hundred million dollars one percent will be raised if the - they receive one hundred billion dollars more in sales $10.57 jobs ceded it is
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incredible the strength and the attitude towards small businesses to work with their neighbors one of the key things about small businesses there is you're working with neighbors and that's really important so i just want to thank everybody for being here and shop during the holiday and preserve the neighborhoods of our city and preserving the tax for fire and other things as well as jobs thank you for being here. >> (clapping.) >> as i mentioned we're here another assembly hall with ron and trisha and welcome them up to say a few words as well . >> (clapping.) >> hi, everybody thank you for being here. my name is trish this is my daughter harlow and along with my husband and owners of the
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small business assembly hall we wanted to thank mayor ed lee for giving us this opportunity to host and launch shop and dine in the 49 ron. >> yes. we are definitely honored and humbled and thank you to be here this is a humbling experience we never thought that would be a huge impact we've had the shop for 5 years with the challenges it was accepted with focus on the latter obviously but what made us strong number one finding the local brands and supporting the local brands in san francisco or the bayview the jacket i'm wearing the bow tie and i shirt are available at the shop the other things we have a lot of the products that is quality
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creativity manship and affordable prides in addition one thing we want to focus on yes. the business transaction makes us keep the lights on and the inventories but the human transaction that kept us going we wanted to make sure we know emily murase whether our name or if you're vooifrt we found that important to getting to know our customers and b know about that point of view and a couple of things being at the shop for 5 years has propelled us in the neighborhood but have involved in the community i along with others helps with the fillmore association and like to help to build the community and bring history and richness a son and daughter of filipino emigrates we are involved in the corridor in the soma we want to use this as a platform to continue to
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bring good products but to make an impact within the community you know we are an anchor on the block and want to be pill oversees in other neighbors in san francisco and lastly you know seeing everybody here coming together is just the beginning and keeping the vision of the shop and dine in the 49 is the progress and working together will be the success so let's definitely make the shop and dine in the 49 shop out and small and support local and thank you to the vendors helping us out the fillmore merchants association, the designers and the peter from blue featured artists we are showcasing and brianna and other delicious that are loma have stuff here and other shops will be opening next to us we have lob i didn't launch and not only in the neighborhood we like to spread our wings in the sunset is
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donating their coffee you can make everything work within range and within reason with that, thank you for being here. for shopping small and supporting local and enjoy our day. >> (clapping.) >> i also you know everyone is mentioning we're in the button fillmore i want to bring up the executive director of the fillmore association. >> good morning and thank you for being here. mayor ed lee we're honored to have you here an honor and to see a lot of the merchants and the friends on the street we're happy to be a launch point for this huge vented i'm the owner of zinc details we've been in existence for 25 years and still
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happy to be mart of the community here. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and throughout those years we've always supported low and behold artists and had an exhibition this saturday for small businesses to be working at a modern marketplace so i welcome all you visit a biproduct of business my parents have a grocery in the mission i'm a back of the store kid (laughter). >> and as a matter of fact all of my family members are in the small business community i want to talk about the streets we're proud of the history that is on the street the fillmore merchant is celebrating it's one and 10 anniversary now after the 1906 san francisco earthquake.
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>> (clapping.) >> - after the 1906 san francisco earthquake when the rest of the city was in ruins fillmore was the only viable commercial street in the city one of the only viable merchant on the streets and that's why merchant and gntdz from all over the world came to make that what it is today, we're proud of the history pursue today, there are boundary from jackson all the way to eddy and over 200 hrnts on the street and half of them are still small business so that's something we're proud of now, one final thing i want to bring up is along with some members from the san francisco council district the merchants association we've been working on shopping sweepstakes called november to remember an awesome campaign take a self-i didn't
9:57 am
posted with a local merchant you like and post it to our website and win the first prices a 3 thousand there's electrical bicycle from the shop on fillmore and second pricing prices a $2,500 gift certify and $1,200 of restaurant gift certifies all over san francisco current i didn't have golden gate restaurant association thank you and again, i want to say how proud you being here and thank you, again. >> (clapping.) >> finally, i want to welcome mark to our program. >> good morning. i'm mark integrity president of the small business commission and the founder of sfmade i want to stress the most direct and immediate investment we can make in our local communities and the
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city and county of san francisco is to buy local buy from our local merchant and independent merchants and sfmade goods and all of that value goes back into our economy directly both nevertheless of wages and taxed that's all good for all of us thank you for being here. out today and shop local. >> (clapping.) >> all right. that wraps up our podium everyone is required to go into assembly hall and buy lots and lots of stuff and mayor ed lee will be doing that and thank you very much
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>> welcome all of i'm more and more reign the ceo of had been coat in the city of san francisco and i'll be your mc today (calling names) i'm super proud to be an equation part to sfmade to help keep homes in san francisco i served as the president and ceo of goodwill in san francisco one of sfmade long standing work patrons before that i came to know and love sfmade work when i feels regional vice president of the foods the leading measures of heath foods for kids in the bay area and reaching millions of kids across the united states
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everyday (calling names) so with xooichlt and appreciation of the value of having a strong moufr that or manufacturing that creates world-class products and thousand of jobs for us in the bay area an honor to be our host for today, this is an exciting culmination of work we sfmade in partnership with the san francisco surfacing and fremont and oakland to highlight 89 facilities and talk about ways to be - work more diligently look around we're in a building with bones were built from manufactured and manufacturing is programs for the future as part of the work at pier 70 thank you forest city for providing 2, 3, 4 space today as i look out i see dozens of community partners who've made
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this possible from government leaders to nonprofits panders to our media sponsors the san francisco businesses a private sector partners that is an few minutes ago and releasing and technology and so many of the manufacturing that themselves together you represent the eco system in the bay area that can drive a powerful manufacturing sector in doing so create a platform for more inclusive and equitable economy to start our program i'm so pleased to bring to the stage one felt presenting sponsors the vice president of community service for pg&e. >> (clapping.) >> the vice president of customer service for the operations for local customers and customer service and customer relations in addition
10:02 am
oversees customer account management and other sales as well as non-products and services welcome deb. >> (clapping.) >> hi, everyone i'd like to echo more and more reigns comments and welcome and thank you for supporting sfmade states of regional manufacturers in our world event i'm honored to be part of today's program and excited to continue the collaborative effort to support the bay area in the development of manufacturing jobs in california as more and more reign alluded to my role of vice president of pg&e has given me the unique opportunity to see the contribution of the bay area manufacturing sector bags or beer and tesla electrical cars bay area manufactured are not
10:03 am
only making but making a difference by drinking jobs, resources and innovation to our community since the 1970's pg&e has worked to help companies save money by saving energy per capital energy consumption staying flat and increased by 50 percent in the rest of the country we know that companies that save energy that translates into more turned out for businesses and their future committees down the road pg&e working closely with all of our customers to design and implement energy efficiency programs and policies that allow businesses to do more with less energy saving money and helping to protect the environment we help local businesses mediated the energy challenges maximizing the return on their energy
10:04 am
investment that's why we believe so strongly in the bay area urban manufacturing initiative linking together san jose san francisco oakland and fremont that will be a critical driver of the future of the bay area manufacturing and the jobs it provides in our business when the community thrives and grows our companies has opportunity to thriving and good grow along with that we don't succeed unless you succeed pg&e is proud to creating a more sustainable through local manufacturing i look forward to seeing all the great things that sfmade will bring to the by way of with that, i thank you for your suppo support. >> (clapping.) >> thank you deb and not we're
10:05 am
not able to bring all the bay area manufactured we're excited to see what is happening in manufacturing and the leaders that are shaping it take a look at this so my vision for this region is a recentury equitable thriving region we have to have all types of jobs all types of people we have to have an inclusive equitable economy we have all sorts of opportunities we will not concealing chief this vision unless we grow and support our manufacturing sector when we're all thinking about how to make sure that our diverse populations get a chance
10:06 am
at sharing prosperity in the region it can't be solely a discussion about the technology industry it has to be about what people not once you enter into the diversity you understand there are different groups and countries a lot of them of immigrant but fantastic people that understand how to make things the bay area urban manufacturing is the next step in the evolution of our regional manufacturing system they'll harness the collective pour across the regional each working to help manufacturing start grow and stay in their communities. >> employers a recognizing the proximity between manufacturing and seeing a lot of this in manufacturers trying to take
10:07 am
advantage of that. >> you know fremont is not unique in the sense many all the employers want a well educated workforce i've seen first hand the college changes the curriculum they partner with the larger employers and basically is a what do you need our skills our students need to make sure they can work in great companies like you. >> with manufacturing it is to the best of my knowledge the workforce training is critical and that didn't happen in one decide but across the entire region. >> we are interimmigrant region so i really enjoyed working with my mayor in a fremont and san jose and san francisco we rails when is if job balance and transportation and infrastructure and just making sure that our reason as a whole is competitive on the
10:08 am
international scale we have to work together. >> i know that is important to know how connected we are several companies have a factory in one city and corporate in other places and in another city not seeing the aide boundaries you and i see validated. >> you think there is a reputation in the world i've had people come off of their planes from china what do you make here he want to buy there there's a sense of high quality it is a reflection of the, fact that our reputation is as san francisco in the bay area is world recondones our innovation and quality there are many challenges for every city in a transmittal it make sense for us as we hear about companies from by the way, braid for us to be engaged with
10:09 am
one another and important to work together we are offering the best in the bay area to employ our residents. >> we're in together join the bay area urban manufacturing and help us create a more equitable and prosperous bay area >> (clapping.) >> next i'm very exciting to welcome to the stage bob the director of city community development and inclusive finance. >> bob leads the partnership with the global and national organization in support of inclusive finance and community development through economic empowerment focusing on assessable finance financial coaching and sf this and neighborhood revitalization sees to college education and small business micro development with
10:10 am
the city's micro finance and corporations and municipality working across the city's groups to expand access to financial services city was sfmade first institutional partner in 2012 and consisting been one of the lead partners manufacturing of accelerate programs as a presenting sponsor and incredibly amazing guy i i know you e bring you bob proud to support the region. >> (clapping.) >> i left it on my desk and can you hand media that times partnership hello, everyone it is a pleased to be here ♪ fantastic location thank you.
10:11 am
this wonderful venue we was taking with adam from new york and thinking brooklyn would be jealous of the potential to develop here in san francisco i wish you a lot of luck the city is involved in supporting sfmade and the whole urban manufacturing movement for some years and it is an exciting movement i know many of us watched the elections so alcohol know the loss of manufacturing job is not only one of lost jobs give you a political issue and within that concerns many, many of our community and how we replacing manufacturing jobs and not likely to be replaced in the forms they were like ben rosenfield steel supporting the navy arts but what can can be think internal work of many difference from small to medium enterprises the engines are
10:12 am
growing and the way we've seen stunt and this region not just in the bay but we as a new yorker he speak about the bay area i speak about what city but we have four mayors offices an area that many of us look at the bay area will think of is h as progressive and entrepreneurial and this is what is so important that is a period of change were we worried many of us in terms of jobs and loss and creation this is a success that many of the entrepreneurs bring to our city is exciting for the jokes you create and exciting for the job recreation but for the stimulus you bring to the city and the ability to leverage so much creative talent in the areas that are specialized
10:13 am
electronics to fashion to the micro brewery across the spectrum you work at to be part of glths one area we work on immigrations and again your cities all of them have a significant population of dynamic investment courses of immigrants a labor force but also nationally immigrant are amongst the largest suppliers and started small businesses that is a dynamic force that is combined with the internal work in the bay cities been involved since we met with kate i think in 2010 with my colleagues and since 2012 and it has been a number of years and an exciting growth funded as partners i think of investing sfmade nearly one million dollar and this last year putting the money into the work and the resources around
10:14 am
the bay area initiative one and 50 thousand and like to call think many of you other companies that invested in the area similarly to make an investment today we launched another one hundred thousand dollars for this bay area initiative >> (clapping.) >> we think it is so well sports by the evident of having mayor ed lee and the other mayors an example representing mayor schaaf the municipalities here are amongst 9 months repetitive in the country that's an amazing combination to have expresswayship in the city and include the progressive mayors and have neighbors like sfmade i would say many years we've worked on sfmade a partner here adam from me man in building out
10:15 am
the urban manufacturing natalie think that the city's work that is done in the bayer is being look at it and replicated in other cities we're involved in we call on more of you to be supportive and best of luck to the entrepreneurs and look forward to seeing this space recreated as a manufacturing place once again thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much bob and next we would like to welcome to the stage the president and ceo of the irvine applied the grant making foundation for the focus on keep that in mind the opportunity for the people of california don joined the foundation in 2012 after years of serving at bridge group and became irvine's cross executive and led the organization to a change of
10:16 am
focus breath making strategies he'll share more about welcome to the stage don howard. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone what an awesome space great to see familiar faces ooze others great to discuss the role of manufacturing as an engine for economic growth it is relevant to the work at the foundation we're a private grant making foundation on expanding the opportunity for the people of california you may not have heard of us a tag line your work is 85 years in length and giving away resources to irvine that owned a portion of california we firmly believe that economic and political opportunities both a chance for living wage job and the chance to be heard in the
10:17 am
applied process are defining ordinances of our time i think that last week made that important penthouse and for californians working and struggling with poverty as mentioned we refocused on the issues of economic and political opportunity and working for californians that one in 3 california families will fall below the federal poverty line and one of the 3 people in the community live in poverty and their paying together jobs and pay checks and living one unexpected bill emergency away from a financier burden i think work that many of us are trying to change that has embroiders and leader or government leader we at irvine are investing in organizations that are improving people's skills and
10:18 am
strengthening their pathways to good quality jobs so to support families and allow the workers to participate in their community and supporting organizations that bring the workers together so they have a voice in the economic and political decision that effect their lives with the new work we're doing has a job agenda and workers agenda we hope we can serve in some preview way for collection between those two communities we're just getting started on our work gouged and see an important role for us to play for 09 philanthropists to play one clear lesson one public-private partnerships are essential earlier this year we at irvine recommended kate and sfmade oemsz with our annual
10:19 am
foundation leadership award wro what stood out great the public and private sectors to help local manufacturers to create more good jobs for san franciscan the leaders your are about to hear from on a bigger scale we live in a region that is leading california and the nation in innovation, entrepreneurship and other areas yes many californians are isolated and struggle on a margin the economy so one of the reasons we're excited to see the leaders mayors and public representatives heel are pressuring challenges i look at the list and wonder if this is a good week for them to be here and great to see them come to talk about how
10:20 am
manufacturing can play a greater roll in steel the economy and expanding opportunity for workers each of them warrant a panel discussion of their own it is a privilege to have them ladies and gentlemen, my distinct pleasure to introduce this outstanding panel joining kate this afternoon the honorable mayor edwin lee mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> second the honorable bill harrison mayor of the city of spring. >> (clapping.) >> third the honorable sam the mayor of the city of san jose. >> (clapping.) >> and the honorable annie advice mayor of the city of
10:21 am
oakland. >> (clapping.) >> i'll bring to the stage the amazing ferocities the one and only visionary from sfmade kate. >> (clapping.) >> great all right. everybody so we made a great movie together we're all done here (laughter) thank you, thank you all for joining us so you know really today, this is the beginning of work that we know lives on after we walk out of this incredible building this is the beginning of a sustained misrepresent year initiative to take the work that is already happening in each of
10:22 am
the 4 cities in oakland and san jose and fremont and san francisco that collectively represents the 4, largest manufactured city's in the bay area what we really want to reveal for you today what is happening and more so how we can amplify the work we've all been doing to create more jobs and more opportunity, more diversity in honor rfp workforce and make sure the bayer is 289 forefront not just vicinity but made here so with this panel we want to take a few minutes and hear a little bit more what beer doing in the cities and hear idea what we may be able to do together i'll start with you next to me tell you a few thoughts what is special about oakland and what you're most proud of that oakland has been doing for the
10:23 am
manufacturing. >> absolute thank you so much kate and sfmade for the opportunity to be here i'm representing mayor schaaf in the city of oakland the thing that is excited about oakland is how divided our manufactured sector is in oakland what you'll see even today in or neendz our one and 10 year old company ab fundy that applies 200 people in oakland and food and o who candy and food you'll see metal fabricators and what i'm excited about in oakland right now is the opportunity that we have to build real carrier pathways for our young people in oakland last week, i violated two manufacturing companies with one and 50 young people this is the 6
10:24 am
manufacturing company in oakland last week to expose them to what it looks like to work with the manufacturing sector right now how can we go ahead exist and see that right now these are jobs that involve technology their creativity and can build things with their hand and how can we can build the gives me economy we're talking about. >> thank you, kate great to be here and real estate on amazing site with mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen really their leadership in making this happen i know there are big plans ahead but in the meanwhile great place to hang and meet and offers a low cost option for the manufactured working with free air conditioning we had a strong position manufacturing stand today and really around initiative products a century ago it was
10:25 am
around food and sfo's invented the ego waffle if you didn't think san jose was cool but ask your kids we are, of course, much more focused on vance manufacturing we'll hear from companies like western residual around the haven't technologies they're doing a lot of prototypes and eventual at some point that process will be offshore we know that a significant amount can be made here and benefit enormously from obviously all that is happening in the valley 5 thousand people in the city of san jose that are engaged in manufacturing today and a great
10:26 am
resource of highway jobs out on the average and a great pathway for middle-income so we'll bullish on our tech great and a pleasure to be up here and mayor ed lee that looks like the beginning of every one of my sons video games it is existing i'm waiting for the killer to come out of one of the walls keeping an eye on on this i think the thing that makes me proud of our fremont with the manufacturing road is not where we are right now but where we were a few years ago just a few years ago 4 seven hundred people lost their jobs businesses closed their doors it is growing and producing those autos you may have heard of testing last and 6 thousand people working in that manufacturing this shows
10:27 am
where the manufacturing is strong. >> (clapping.) >> my friend daniel from tesla we're very proud is to be the home of tesla those numbers make that the largest manufacturers in the state of california but not just that the companies that are around that exciting into the tesla phenomena we have golden gate you've met them this is the companies that are feeding into the tesla and produce the jobs of future talked about numbers in fremont one out of every four jobs in fremont is connected to manufacturing this is huge that is good paying and middle-class jobs income grow we're excited about one of the things that makes us unique is that that ability to grow we done a pretty
10:28 am
good job of preserving going forward pressure on that i know my colleagues did the same one of the things going forward we cherish and have that room to grow to make sure you can solve tomorrow problems with stricken out ways to so jobs. >> great to follow bill i was told in i came here each of us mayors and x mayors will get a tesla (laughter) daniel has the max ma kate thank you for being part of this i want to add my thanks to the sponsors that are here putting this together and acknowledge supervisor malia cowen is malia still here all right. >> (clapping.) >> how. >> now she's the mayor of district 10 i can say that has a
10:29 am
second term mayor change the title i want to say thank you to every single mayor this is the first time we've literally broken bread together. >> but anyway, and for good reason when i been these mayors i think about urban savings account i will say that we're all going both struggling and vanls the cities when it comes to job creation and manufacturing in particular i think we're not building citizens and villages it is job creation it is about people and i look around this room we've got the people in finance, city, foundations that are trying to help us with our vision and you've got people who are trying out things and companies that are but making
10:30 am
things as the maker movement but to put them in the context of more than manufacturing how to support each other and more and more us mayors in the entire bay area will be working closely together we have to understand the skies of supply change of manufacturing not do everything in one city anymore but require a bay area approach what we recognize i can't manufacturer cars i have no room unless a really, really small car. (laughter) but we're going to be proud of our breweries and our chocolates and proud of our tie i'm wearing in particular because blue is mustered and designed and made here in san francisco and we could be selling products as i
10:31 am
said in the video that the people around the world would love to have when we put our city label that are on things made here an international constituency i think some of the other brands out find europe 19 are meeting their course and people buy something here that has san francisco made label on it they'll feel proud of that is high quality whether the fashion industry that we are trying to resurrect we used to have a lot of fashion here it didn't disappear but gone on hiatus we're doing not mass manufacturing but designs with fashion like the accessories movement sincerely erratics and world-class stuff made very we have over 6 hundred
10:32 am
manufacturing companies in san francisco they're looking for the talent that can coming out come out not net of the university but talent from the college and city college where we're making tremendous invests of people that don't have to have 4 year degrees job creation is about a village coming together to make sure it happens land use issues we have to deal with we're going to go into more detail >> that's a great cigarette way at the end of the day my whole staff and most of my partners thinking about manufacturers are the opportunity for people it really comes down to the people the people that work in those companies it is the possibility of shared ownership and diverse ownership of those companies one of my farther i love sharing when i travel east for the belt
10:33 am
where i'm from more than 50 percent of the manufactured in san francisco are owned by women and i think outside the box as a bellwether. >> (clapping.) >> that's a well weather inform what we're capable of in the bay area one program i heard about i'm excited to learn more as we talk about sharing mayor is the san francisco works one of the real opportunity and challenges in the data we collected ask that we both struggle with legacy manufacturers whether environment or food having amazing workforce and not net the next generation coming up behind them and manufacturing with a skill so tells you more about what you guys are trying to do to address that. >> actually certainly i think we recognize the economic issue how we address the growing gap
10:34 am
between rich and poor not more acute with the cost of living here in san francisco for the opportunities to provide a path with jobs and manufacturing we launched an effort with la jolla partners and with the future being a key participate and, of course, your manufactured our employers and seeing how we can focus on both retraining adults and getting to our - for them not cool to be a manufacturer and we need to demonstrate to them there are great opportunities and great careers not just about amy there is cool stuff out there and so far we've had great success like some have participated in hiring over the summer and ultimately offering some of the young adults permanent jobs that is great for them for the future work program
10:35 am
one hundred folks trained and employed in advanced manufacturing and really know that requires great and greater skills not the manufacturing line they need to have advanced skills around understanding computer and using advanced technologies and their skills are demanded at the assembly level so we wanted to partner with a community private sector to get folks on the assembly line or folks into the assembly line the skills for the advanced manufacturers there is significant growth one of the things we also learned even if we talk about the work of assembly line it is different than it used to be and working on an assembly line is working with 20 people not necessarily 2 hundred people one thing that is similar across the city a broad range for the two
10:36 am
and three person shop and old oakland is a better example of having that in the same city i know that you have done and personally as the leadership in kind of external lists the food manufacturing and connect it back to the community as we think about how to make it easier for folks to understand what's that journey been like. >> in oakland the food and beverages industry has allowed us to what i think we all need to do is make this an enticing field for everyone to understand how different the industry is now so we've used it as a creativity marking tool to fill the notch around the food and beverages in oakland and created a food trail along the waterfront to have a mc-2 over 50 sites that people can come and ride their bikes -
10:37 am
>> how many people have done that. >> by the next time next year. >> we're on it. >> (laughter). >> you can bike along the food trail 50 sites and see food and visit our urban wineries a trail as well and it allows us to market oakland in this very specialized way and also talk about what a restauranteur industry we have in oakland been a creative way i think to talk about the manufacturing sector in a different way. >> this whole initiate wouldn't have been possible self-we hadn't had the blessing of our own mayor sfmade is progressively in san francisco and a leader that hadn't only spider us but gourjd us to see what we can do collectively
10:38 am
across the region why would you do that (laughter). >> first of all, i grew up in a family were any mom was a seamstresses used to someone as a head of the 40ur8d making things seeing the delight in her eyes she used to do sky jackets with the do you think she was proud of stitch if you got the right stitches that don't cough the details like that effect our whole life i paid attention to a lot of the details because you train hand to use coordination with the speed and when they're sold their seed well, you take pride in the brand that's what the workforce in the manufacturing industry feel they feel they own the product where
10:39 am
it is sold and resold they get this product so a personal aspect of that kind of drove me to pay attention particularly when it came to fashioned so many other things are happen that cause our space to be reused in a productive way when you think of obesity when you think that i know restaurant - they're doing skateboards now the overlay of technology cat boards are not made with just a material but an overlay of electronics like at circa in the film you look at that assembly line and the neat part of it they have new types of machineryy that guide provision of cutting, that provision helps because when you have a whole
10:40 am
piece of laefrp and you're making a belt there is a lot of center unused leather with the machinery they can position that belt design into the leather to get twice as much out of one piece an overlay computerized accuracy of that belt so switching 19 stitching it is still part of manufacturing of that apparel but overlayed by great level of technology that helps with quality with the design, with the environment for the use of those materials there are incredible tributes of state of mind we have to wrap up i'd like to hang out but how often do we get four cities together it is looking at we need to
10:41 am
connect each other capabilities together we have garment manufactured in oakland and san francisco but not the electronics manufacturing and scale for example, you might have in san jose that's one opportunity so the workforce which resides all over the bay area and we are excited about the bart station in fremont i think is one of the countries first transit oriented industrial elephant taking the development to a whole new level and, yes we can clap for that. >> (clapping.) >> so let me ask in conclusion, this may be one the harder requests of the recognized people in 3 words - >> not possible. >> each something that you would most be existed about as we looked at a few years together.
10:42 am
>> in manufacturing. >> 3 words mr. mayor. >> build be talent, pipeline. >> internet of things. >> (laughter). >> wow. it's about the young people for me >> support support more people. >> thank you good morning
10:43 am
my name is allen i'm the competitive for the probation department honor and privilege to welcome you to the jungle hall that facility was opened in 2007 we moved from an 88 bed worn down delipidated facility to this one and 50 bed facility we occupy at a point the city and county struggled with overcrowding in the facility by april of 2008 the newly opted out facility exceeded the one and 50 bid capacity that same year the average daily population in juvenile hall was one and 23 we knew we could do better and the interventions were more effective than keeping kids it custody as a result the
10:44 am
city embarked on a aggressive journey for the program see to serve as alternates to santa fe tension at the same time our juvenile justice shareholders 1r69d in collaborative partnership and strategic focus on the needs of youth and the families we serve depiction programs and evening reporting centers and electronic referrals to community agencies all coupled with evidence based supervision resulted in the drama reduction in the number of youths referred to the juvenile system and those detained in juvenile hall last year our average daily population in juvenile halting hall was 56 now 45 youths in the facility and half of the units are unoccupied with the sequence reduce to
10:45 am
all-time lows we want to repurpose the facility to address the root causes that bring youth into the jewel just system among them the many adverse childhood experiences that shaped their values and dudes and beliefs and circumstances ultimately market-rateism in criminal conduct in the community the merit center the first of those initiative opportunity we're excited to showcase today if we provide our youth with the matter of fact and support to change their barf and teach them the skills to steady in school at home and in the workplace we won't see them reenter the center and recuse recidivism further this merit center within jewel hall provides the youth with recreational opportunities
10:46 am
to which we earn access by their completion of school work, active participation in unit programs and positive social conduct with peers and adults we like to thank the unified school district the department of health the public library our jewel probation commission the bus project sunset youth services city youth now and all the stakeholder persons for their generous support of the new center i also want to especially acknowledge director louis and the staff of the jewel hall for their hard work to open the center in addition to mayor lee's remarks this morning you'll hear from judge supervisor judge of the superficial and mr. joe president of the jewel probation and following the remarks of
10:47 am
speakers we'll show one of the vacate unit before we procedure down the hall to the marries center for a ribbon cutting ceremony i'm pleased and hoirnd to introduce the may mayor of that great city wholesale ununderstanding work shaped the program and encouraged our creative ideas to further expand our services without further delay the honorable mayor ed lee please. >> (clapping.) >> thank you allen for that introduction your hour and commissioner and thank you to the staff you know, i guess my first impression we come a long ways it used to be certainly
10:48 am
when i came to the city it was all about confinement and isolation over many years and now as allen counterfeited the part and parcel we've had to create we really understand how much of a vinyl we had to create you know that goes back to the saying takes a village it takes a village to change kind of the behavioral in the way we feel proud of each other and more so than any other period of time that is when investing in our kids rather than the old-fashioned punishment and hopefully, they'll learn punishment confinement, isolation, have never been great teachers of changing that barf it is the village of support the
10:49 am
merit stwrm, the attempt to identify what motivates the human barf in a different way to reimagine this center our juvenile justice center no longer do you are refer to as a jewel detention but the jewel center but more importantly to have the money for people that are concerned about the change of barf and what cased people to come here to suggest we can have the best minds and practices right here to help people and motivate them into a different direction that works it is not just that we have less youth although i think that is as an incredibly piece of data but also how we measure how people are changing less violation a greater
10:50 am
collaboration, and i also will never forgot the father and mother fact we have great partnerships leak hustling berry youth in the community to you make sure we are doing our best we can't just put it on folks he on detention facilities and put if on programs we have to intervene and understand the circumstances symptom their historic and sometimes years of abuse sometimes their reflection of what we can do to reinforce you are care for many of the youth that may come from very, very deft backgrounds i'm sure the commission understands going case by case sometimes pain staing to understand what families are going through and lack of a family is a truer circumstance we learn from each
10:51 am
other not to be solely don't think but a holistic approach to what we want to have happen and as a result and then hold ourselves accountable we need our young people belief they're in a society to be more successful and get them out of the danger and harming themselves and each other they get into a system where that barf can be reinforced for what we want to see happen that takes a lot of effort by a lot of people at different stages of people's lives judicial based obviously enforced by our jewel law enforcement that joins this i come not to only cut a ribbon
10:52 am
but reflective on a better understanding of the city what it takes to change people's lives for the better and reinforce is a structure that perhaps if we had properly invested in many of the parts of society we might be better off we didn't we allowed lots of families to get to poverty holes in the city i'm trying to do in other areas rebuilding public housing and commissioner norton we know is evidence of violation getting kids jobs and careers giving a path forward and helping families reunite and helping the kids off the streets and into a better situation are part of elements of a great city but today, we focus on what happens here when the kids are brought here and how we can not
10:53 am
just use confinement and punishment and isolationism and think that will help but that we actually use the best of your yadz and try to motivate people to a better direction and give life reinforcing skill sets to invest in themselves at the same time i want to applaud all the elements we put together into the staff at allen leads and i know a lot of you know we always give credit but allen you're the leader i appreciate the work with staff you kept me informed and any staff informed i want to say thank you to the commission that hears those cases appeal and otherwise and some of the horrible stories of the people and the judicial
10:54 am
system more and more it is not about just dismissing citations not but how we use the ability to capture someone's attention but not capture them physically but give them an opportunity to move forward we believe in san francisco and in the values that we uphold it gets tested here we have less but also upon release people getting back to their families and communities and places where we want to be and having that reinforced in our onion communicated society we have back up programs so that what has learned can't think unlearned that's positive replacement this is what happens at the juvenile justice center i'm happy it on up not merit
10:55 am
based program that can work but that we're also not foolish enough to think - i have to fund the people and keep them motivates because people that do this day to day a base have a reason tobacco depressed you see that over and over and over again, that's is life and in a great city of san francisco we motivate everyone to a higher level to make sure that the positive things we do truly want to believe this city is for and we can be a beacon to many other areas of our country perhaps that have not learned what that is to motivate people have is learn and until that we'll teach anothers this is what this merit system will allow us to learn
10:56 am
from it and do better and the best example is kids and the quality of life 31 they will lead and be part of a great society so all of i want to say thank you very much for your intervention, your participation, your leadership and reminding me as the mayor and the board that we have obligations well beyond the budget, well beyond the immediate things that come before us we have to be holistic to what happens 2509 skids and families congratulation and allen to the entire staff for creating and now we get to sustain a great example thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. my name is joe joe the supervisor judge of the family court an honor to be here
10:57 am
i'm not say much more mr. mayor you said it all i'll add it is not just a village but comprised of people that care about the youth and community and future and i impasse the values of san francisco mr. mayor you've been supportive of program of the court. >> thank you for your kind remarks allen you've been a phenomenal leader in juvenile probation and all the commissioners that help and guide us thank you but to everyone as partners in the public defender's office jean from the district attorney's office, conflicts council all the jewel probation everyone that works in the program really cares about children you can't you can't sustain the caring and
10:58 am
compassion i want to thank everyone and mayor for your support ♪ cleaver and keep any remarks under a minute there we go thank you >> (clapping.) >> thank you. i won't take long either i want to first time start off by threatening mayor ed lee and chief and the others folks we've its been a long time coming i was a member of the city family when we had you know over one hundred youths in the facility and thanks to the contribution over the years through the budget process by the mayor and the board of supervisors consistently funding the department making sure it has the resources here we go i want to put this in perspective a city of nine hundred thousand with 45 facilities is striking
10:59 am
and as you know, representing the commission i want to say that we don't want to rest on that laurels those 4 are here we need to address do root causes why they're herethorax he applaud the department for thinking outside the box thinking of ways to connect with the youth whether taking them sailing or camp mather bringing in folks for expression of poetry and things we're trying to do to correct connect the youth so they don't ends up here again and those thefdz of thinking outside the box are helpful as we you know move forward today with the ribbon cutting of merit center the commission strongly supports the efforts of the department and will doing everything we can to make sure that we continue to drive down
11:00 am
that number and really help the youth thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> so we will now proceed next door where you will have an opportunity to briefly see one of the existing units for who don't know the units and precede to the merit center where the ribbon cutting will our. >> i'll count down everybody 3, 2, 1 >> (clapping.) >> something you guys cooked up in here does if