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tv   Planning Commission 12116  SFGTV  December 4, 2016 11:00am-4:01pm PST

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that number and really help the youth thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> so we will now proceed next door where you will have an opportunity to briefly see one of the existing units for who don't know the units and precede to the merit center where the ribbon cutting will our. >> i'll count down everybody 3, 2, 1 >> (clapping.) >> something you guys cooked up in here does if ring a belthat ring a b?
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regulars for thursday, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner hillis commissioner koppel
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commissioner melgar and commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner johnson will arrive shortly commissioners, that places you under your is consideration of items proposed for continuance item 1 west portal conditional use authorization to december 16, 2016, items 2 ab at howard street are proposed july january 26, 2017, item 3 ocean off conditional use authorization is proposed to february 2nd, item 4 to february 9, 2017, and item 5 for
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case the inclusionary housing planning code to march no to the items proposed and there are no speaker cards. >> any public comment on little items proposed for continuance not seeing any, public comment is closed. . >> move to continue. >> do i hear a second. >> thank you, commissioners as proposed commissioner hillis commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you from under our consent calendar consent calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless
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a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 6 for case at the 2000 van ness conditional use authorization, item 7 for 2016 at the market street conditional use authorization, and item 8 excuse me - 2016 mission street conditional use authorization i have there are no speaker cards. >> any public comment on the items on the consent calendar. >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner hillis commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore
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commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us mr. commissioner for 2016. >> any public comment on draft minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> >> move to approve second. >> very good, commissioners. commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar, commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us on item 10 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioners, i hope you join me in joining this meeting in memory of a public works employee was shot and died while
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performing his work doing graffiti work in san francisco and our condolences to his family two kids and let's hope this didn't continue. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> just one item to note in this week's chronicle on monday preservation for the last hearing and the story it told given that the resources were not in the original shape when the story was there it is an article the known article on the preservation in the russian river starting in the 40's and went to the 50s and 60s a famous artist that taught class the buildings were not in good shape it told a story how the site will be historic it is important so the way we define the
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historic preservation is a what happened when the story was told. >> seeing nothing further drouchlts. >> thank you jonas good afternoon, commissioners just two announcements related to the courts decision this week the court of appeals made two determinations this week on two key projects the warriors arena the court upheld the environmental impact report they were challenged by the appellants the court found those challenges were in the appropriate and so that project - the project er was upheld and not clear in the appellants going to the supreme court the
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second case the appeal and litigation related to the mta's t line the t line is proposed to to loop around 20th i think top of third some trains can go part of the way and turn back that loop had been challenged when the the court of appeals that project can go forward those two decisions that happened this with week. >> thank you. the city attorney's office and the team for their, work on the appeals those litigation procedures require a tremendous amount of time from the staff and the city attorney's office so thank you. >> item he 12. >> commissioner moore. >> would you verify that the t
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line loop actually is very much in support of the pier 70 and developments on pier 70 and couldn't do that without it. >> it was always been in the plan for the t line street plan and allows for frequent train service from pier 70 to the north that's why it is important to the whole part. >> commissioners review of past event from the board of appeals in historic preservation commission yesterday good afternoon, commissioners were aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. at that weeks land use committee heard the height and bulk potrero it was in the height and mass in the rezoning that zoned from o s it was heard on june 2nd and approval with modifications the modification was sdroen to 50 x as overflow
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room wanted at the land use the only representative from the property owner it had clarification questions and it was with a positive recommendation also at the land use the proposed mission sponsored by supervisor kim the will first increase the onsite affordable unit and the sud for the floor rash exempting the project from purchase the development of rights and certain portion of usable open space to be offsite one nine hundred feet of the boundary the planning commission heard this october 27th and recommended approval with modifications an additional 3 and a half percent made available for the household
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for a total of 25 inclusion that was not incorporated at the hearing no public comment and no questions the item was forwarded the land use committee heard the ordinance for the citywide transportation to demand management program it was initiate and recommended by the planning commission on august 4th since that time supervisor avalos the sponsor of ordinance thank you hearing various members of the public spoke in support and seeking amendments to the program some amendments were proposed by the ordinance by the committee with most significant amendments related to the phasing and the tdm requirements it was continued until next mondays so the proposed amendments can be incorporated at the full board
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the student housing will reduce the time that a institution had to have the - that passed the first reading and the appeal for the viral determination for fulsome street was continued and was the conditional use authorization for the project at the 2675 fulsome and finally the determination for south van ness at the hearing supervisor campos indicated the findings didn't represent his intent and the board rescinded therefore supervisor campos proposed amendments we send the approval ask the planning department to have the additional information to the board at which time the clerk will schedule for a second hearing those amendments are
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intact but the supervisors change the procedure by keeping the appeal alive the board can reject the appeal depend on what is decided after the additional requested information from planning those amendments are extensive it was continued until next week's hearing there is one introduction this week an ordinance amending the planning code to delete the number of unauthorized units from the lost and delete the legalization of imagined or linld and the demolition of a single-family home is unfound with the conditional use authorization commissioners a duplicated ordinance from the original one and those changes were considered and recommended by the commission therefore this item will not come back to you and that that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> okay. thank you.
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>> any questions okay we have no report from the board of appeals. >> it will place us under general public comment jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have two speaker cards. >> okay georgia swedish and francisco da costa. >> good afternoon hi happy december 1st, i'm going to show you pictures can i have the overhead, please? there it is in the circle the
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orange house this is the house as it was on delores street before the renovation here it is during the renovation whoops a make it go out wrong way. >> i don't know. >> sorry. >> not very technical you get the idea you can see the house they added a floor on the flat part of delores here's some of the context you see the other hundred dollars another 1 down the street and sitting around the corner i couldn't get the picture here it is just about done with the remodel here's a closer picture i guess my point a couple of things one is that what's the role of the residential design guidelines on this this is what people are upset about around the city this
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is what i've heard commissioners talk about the mission bay effect i don't know the other issue this had a complicated staff review two comments they had to merge the comments and make sure no demolition and it said no demolition part that have that i may be wrong they were going to keep this part down there. >> where the garage is but as you can see from the photo i took yesterday that is begun but my big question and issue what about the residential design guidelines what role did that play in this project why did this project regret f that note a historic block but an important block of delores street i read an article in the new
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york times that is not a district but lower manhattan talked about the building going to be demolished and couldn't say the thing that strikes me all of these are you create a gap like a gap full of teeth and that's what that does that's why we need to have a good public discussion of residential design guidelines thank you. >> commissioners my name is francisco da costa i'm here to point out a few things to you all commissioners i represent the first people of this area the muwekma ohlone i
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have to have an understanding all this land was stolen each of and every square inch i came back from north dakota with only hundred plus thousand miles but as the native-americans are protected from strangers, who have to no manners much like some of the commissioners who have no clue whatsoever about our culture i heard one commissioner speak about some preservation you absolutely have no exclusively about the people in san francisco absolutely no clue this land 200 and restraining order years ago was pristine
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this commission has to address the quality of life for human beings so the high sdebts that you all build that people live like massages they had this polluted the water shed that is polluted we don't tap into the water shed but have all sorts of contaminates you don't have data on the contaminated issues i watch you all on tv in this digital world each one of i see what you do rubber stamping so what do you have to say about the millennium tower sinking and 20 hot towers that will come tumbling down with the big one duo what do you have to say to the infants the children to the
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over 60 thousand families that left san francisco in the last 5 years what did you have to say and to the mayor who is pushing wheeling and dealing with the commissioners i'm asking what do you have to say? one time on this commission we had some reputable commissioners that do the right thing rubber stamping the will not be tolerated i could have called one thousand people like those union people submitted city hall i will do that thank you very much >> good afternoon commissioner
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president fong and fellow commissioners, i have an - a general public comment an article 7 so seeing that article 7 is going to be discussed in the time fix of eating and drinking establishments on general calendar i'm wondering if it is appropriated for me to address you now with that general public comment an article 7? i don't believe article 7 is on the agenda today >> okay. so here we go good day anastasia i reside at the residential end of 24th street neighborhood commercial strip and i'm concerned about how the article 7 will impact our mcd the new ncd control for many districts have a category labeled urban design guidelines
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underbuilding and standards and a reference column labeled general commerce destroy table 3 is the summarized column subject to urban design guidelines now my question is subject to urban design guidelines does that mean that existing urban design guidelines found in the commerce industry clause is of the general plan or what governs the ncd or use the new urban design guidelines that is are in the process of being written outreach for article 7 revision has been not adequate or done with a view to truly informing the neighborhoods what is supposed to happen not district and month neighbors a kwunlt unaware of what is done the
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changes are substantive and planning department staff has not allowed time for the neighborhood staff and business communities to review and evaluate complex revisions or the impacts of this ordinance so, please allow more time for this and have a more robust outreach so the merging held in september 2nd meetings in september and only a handful of people showed thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner from the nov neighborhood counsel he wanted to follow up what anastasia brought up as well as when georgia swedish brought up our commercial strip in noah
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valley i wanted to bring to our attention i don't believe the residential design guidelines that will be governing mid to high-rise buildings and properly south of market are appropriate for the commercial strings on twourtd the scale more appropriate for residential buildings in we, the jury neighborhoods so we just would like to make sure that commercial strips are 24th street are not going to be subject to proposed urban design guidelines that are more appropriate for mid to high-rise programs and following up the residential design guidelines how it is piloted and projects are going through the review
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we're working with the folks in noah valley that involves changing type a historic resource to - unfortunately, the project is visual from two streets 1 on jordan street where it is located and on the street next is jersey street we bought up to the attention of the planning department that changing the roof line on a historic resource from gable to square is not appropriate because the project is visual from the site elevation here so they haven't rendered a decision but told the site elevation have not important
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so i want to brought to your attention that from the idea is preservation of a particular resource to the point that when the public right-of-way will be impacted under the tier of historic resource that site elevation should matter in the property is visual on the site so that's my only comment thank you. >> is there is there any additional public comment? >> closed. commissioner vice president richards. >> ms. squishing if you can send us the address of that property we'll take a look at that. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to to our regular calendar item 13 the commerce element
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this is a general plan please note on october 6th after public comment is closed. the commission continued to this by the vote of 6 to zero commissioner johnson you were absent. >> yes. i was. >> were you able to review the stellar excellent. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. the item before you is an amendment to the general plan commerce and industry element guidelines for eating and drinking establishment the proposed changes will rehabilitate the general plan by removing initiative like eating and drinking establishment that have a frontage in a single zoning district the percentage calculation for the eating and drinking concentration will be in the planning code that was continued from october 6th and the staff to work with the
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telegraph hill folks that meet with stan to discuss the concerns regarding the language all staff and the gentleman couldn't come to an agreement with the plans they modified did ordinance to address the t hd concerns those changes were in the revised ordinance before you today, the planning department supports the amendments they've removed the controls from the general plan and anything similar to the planning code the main policy document from the general plan to focus on general plan statement and the planning code to have the tools for those goals and policies the current language having specific controls in the planning code i'm sorry in the general plan and by having those in the general plan and requires
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planners to make two similar distinct calculations staffs recommend approval. >> okay any public comment? okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i was able to review the video from the first time that was up i don't think through would be any issues i have a question on the revised language so - so basically, it says the last sentence those establishments that will be the above having an over concentration shouldn't be permitted and we hope not my- we
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shouldn't permit something in san francisco if we find good reason to go against you know what maybe more broad standard is i would hate to be held bye bye language like that i don't see that in the origin drafting this hearing he wanted to ask the question. >> i'm trying to find -
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>> i see you're right you have the creation to permit them should you want to modify the language to remove that sentence or shouldn't be permitted unless the commission finds or unless someone finds it to be appropriate. >> we can eliminate that the eating and drinking establishment, etc., etc. that increases the proposition of total occupied, etc. for the neighborhood uses, etc., etc., etc. and period then points the policy statement in - the
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language of over concentration i know we're trying to put the actual calculation in the planning code if we make that change move to approve with that change. >> is there a second. >> second and commissioner moore. >> i have a question about the vagueness of over concentration in the statement of policy for example, there are part of city
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where restaurant next to restaurant is basically. >> in my mind after we talk
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about the balance of commerce use maybe threatened go with an over occupied of concentration this is the negative impact so the proposals should be reviewed to make sure they're not reduce the variety of neighborhood uses or create noise and parking problems and other things in the surrounding neighborhoods i think that is the piece that qualities the policy one man's over concentration and another man's desert so we'll have to look at each project and is does that reduce the neighborhoods and create noise and parking problems and determine whether or not we should approve the project if we want to approve the projects meaning lots of admitting factors i want that
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one change but okay with the offer concentrations language. >> commissioner moore. >> i would like to go from the specific to the general because what we learn in the specification leads to an overriding policy statement joet we're missing the specifics for the general to the specifics i have big questions they're not answered in the current discussion. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> so doesn't each we have a general over concentration percent for generally for an mcds like north beach etc. >> as of right now in neighborhoods has a specific percentage but remove this in the general plan that can happen so.
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>> okay. >> if a neighborhood decided that hey we want 80ers that have the neighborhood to be restaurants we consider that over concentration the code allows for that. >> maybe i'm confused so i thought in north beach that was 50 percent we've been approving things at 75 and 76 percent 50 percent was considered over concentrations the cu was over that restraining order percent. >> i don't - that's promulgated in the code at 50 percent. >> striking act out the sentences that commissioner johnson asked for what's the up and down and down side. >> it adds for flexibility to the commission it says what she's asking to be removed those establishments that above should not be permitted your job is to
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consider in the just the concentrations of the needs with a lot of vacancies or maybe not in type of restaurants a lot of things but maybe a strong report for that. >> is there an upside for leaving it in that you can see. >> i don't think that adds much. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> >> commissioners there is a motion that has been seconded. >> sorry commissioner moore. >> can i ask you one more question mr. starr what is has to approach to this issue it is not something we do often i want to hear from various groups different groups small business
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councils and merchant are you comfortable to make a decision i know for this approve but maybe of consequence that we myself included couldn't possibly embrace if at that moment. >> minica discussed that last week the small business commission was if not endorsing it was for it in some way at least the office and also the golden gate restaurant association was for it as well we've had extensive talks with north beach they're the ones specifically mentioned in the code 245er7 particularly interested in it and we also went to the coalitions monthly organization meeting and they didn't seem to center a problem with it at the time. >> okay.
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>> commissioners, if there's nothing further, there a motion to adopt it presented by commissioner johnson. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore no. >> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to one with commissioner moore voting against. >> commissioners that places us on item 14 for the coast process this is an informational presentation. >> jennifer. >> good afternoon. i'm maggie in the citywide planning division i'm here with a possible future amendment for the culture program when is the
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local version of the california coast act an area plan with the western shoreline this was aimed at additionally coast houses with erosion an issue and sea level rise a new threat to our western shoreline. >> so local programs are between the state and local government a local coast program adapted in 1986 with the coastal commission to protect the coastal resources with natural habitat on the scenic and public assess and recreation and san francisco has a very successful local coastal programs with the beach and golden gate park but it is the standard of review for
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the permits that has zoning and part of the public and private projects is compared to the - the reason we're pursuing the amendment and drafting the amendment now is there are some near term erosion on south ocean beach with the oceanside and the public works owns and great highway we want to make sure that the planning department general plan and area plan align with the shoreline so projects come before you your reviewing against a standard that is up to date. >> so we adopt in a local coastal program in 1986 for the city and county of san francisco and not amendment it since this is the map and delineates this is primarily public property in the city of san francisco the golden gate park, the zoo and
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the treatment plant very little private domain it captured in this. >> and this images on why we need to do this sooner than later and why we're adding those amendments a picture of south ocean beach parking lots for beach assess their crumbling and we have a single erosion event in needing over a weekend so this is something the public works and public utilities commission are interested in a long process to think through what the appropriate balance is protecting our infrastructure protecting public assess and protecting the natural resources to the highest extent possibly the public utilities commission has a temporary permit from the coastal and doing a stand point
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pass the big dump truck from the north end of the beach to the south side that's trying to protect this while they get a bigger plan in place those permit expires in 2017 this permit is to make sure we are ready for the project that will come in we have an ax plan not as urgent but a concern on the western shoreline this amendment will include language how we will evacuate and what our goals to protect the coastal resources to incorporate a few pieces of master plan by spur and 10 and 12 to identify what has to
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change and the ways to maintain the functions we love about ocean beach make it a great place for had been at that time and protect movement we want to address the sea level rise was not on the radar in 1986 not in our local program and the biggest immediate move this policy amendment will manage the - in the ocean beach master plan and a lot of public outreach the idea over time parking lots and restroom and the great highway will be removed so that the beach is a migrate eastward beaches adapt themselves we have to get out of the way so this has been 6 years of public outreach through efforts first to the ocean beach master the planning department
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and others participated in stephen but had a large public component during the effort started last year with the council and coastal commission through grant an interagency committee with the golden gate and have the army corp. of engineers and an citizens advisory and two public open houses on the scope of the amendment and on the draft language everybody o everything is on the wednesday night and we're here now next year we'll come back and introduce the language and pending the approval to the board of supervisors if it is approved at the local level submitted to the coastal commission next year a long process of certification. but for a sense of the timeline it is started at the planning department when we received a grant from the coastal commission and spent a few
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months on the data collection a lot of studies on ocean beach from coastal engineers and the master plan bringing together what we know will happen and likely to see for future projects and future pressures here in the spring a lot of scope definition with the interagency and community groups and public open houses and several around the reviews and there is draft language on the planning department website right now we are entering the local process and after that to the coastal commission for review and possible certification the coastal commission if they certify the amendment and submitted a coastal program in effect if they have changes we'll come back to you and back to the board of supervisors we have to get to one version we agree on
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that happens next year >> i want to note this is one of the many sort of sea level rise and climatic change and this one is farther ahead the e vocation issue we thinking about that sour sea level rise don't stop at ocean beach and make a cohesive strategy over time thank you i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> great yeah any public comment come on up. >> as the director of viral justice advocacy i visited last loose 6 months ago to see exactly what is happening in alaska having said that, we need to pay attention to our infrastructure while the lady was talking in a general term
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the san francisco public utilities commission really has to address a lot of the infrastructure on the highway the great highway from cliff house all around the world to the zoo and we're talking about it and we talk about it but where's the money to make it happen and what i'm looking here is we do have a budget of over $9 billion and we have all those people building skyscrapers how much of that money into a pot to address infrastructure and when i talk about the infrastructure i'm talking about clean water pipes and sewer pipes that are 85 years old we while the san francisco public
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utilities commission says insurance doing something goldstein the duty of planning department to ask the san francisco public utilities commission for some imperial data as a replacement of the pipes the infrastructure this is going to be an issue so deep that will adversely effect us and more dramatic than an earthquake we talk about spur but we need to get the united states geological survey and work with ohio drafts and work with to find out when is happening we have remains of the first people that the planning
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department has not met or do they want to understand that but maybe only to take a - to berkley or a tack a course linked to the native-american act to understand more again, this land was not given to anybody to contaminate and abuse we need to look at sea level rise that is a result of contamination from twolegged mammals decided to contaminate that impacts the entire world thank you very much. >> handsome commissioners i'm dennis here to speak against managed retreat at the ocean beach the sea level rise and no talk of managed retreat the
11:51 am
filled land an east side of san francisco we're talking about giant levies to protect mission bay million dollars to protect the seawall going ahead with in developments at hunters point and treasure island which will require higher and higher levies as the sea sea level rise the planning department wants to adapt a plan to spend millions to accelerate the loss of our natural shoreline there is natural bluffer in front of the of the wastewater plant and they want to let that wash away the erosion that was referred to in 2009 didn't happen in a weekend the department became aware of it it 45e7d over several months i tried to alert our city to the
11:52 am
loss of habitat they said we're working on a plan the plan they've been working so to surround our 23458 shoreline to the ocean would go a little bit of protection that they've spent 4 hundred plus thousand dollars on a study to come up with management retreat that's the plan right from the beginning managed retreat if we need another study at the fraction of that cost to see what can be done to preserve our natural shoreline the master beach master plan is the robust outreach but few people in the community know about the plan when i tell them about ocean beach they think that is stupid so some of the people that do
11:53 am
support the plan of which i've only met a few said that highway is built on fill the shoreline of san francisco is pushed out 200 feet of the great highway and existing crops visual today, i sent a picture of that to supervisor kern's but no response i like to know why we shouldn't spend a little bit of money to preserve the shoreline and not wash away thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> - any questions. >> commissioner moore.
11:54 am
>> did you still have the exhibits their three or four-year-old they're available and who. >> spur. >> yes. the natural plan is linked on our website on the coastal program amendment and on the spur website. >> this is a great piece of work they had a long exhibit for the entire building and could get into the subject matter. >> if i might add thank you to maggie you'll see the for your action in a couple of months the actual local coastal program the first study you was part of multi team and oversee that and looked at it a number of options one was more north you recall the proposal for the managed
11:55 am
retreat is south where the erosion the costs of maintaining the shoreline was extraordinary in the hundreds of thousand of dollars because of the erosion if that shoreline there was a broad contention a hybrid an option for example, managed retreat two or three blocks from the great highway was, of course not acceptable but south of slope the feeling the natural conditions were actually for a more erosive atmosphere the natural part of that shoreline that's why the managed retreat proposal was put forward and the coastal commission is vocal in their concern to us about updating the coastal program it
11:56 am
is way out-of-date. >> thank you very much and commissioners on item 15 for the commerce and industry inventory
11:57 am
2015 informational presentation. >> all right. good afternoon commissioner i'm with the citywide division analysis group and today i'll give you some background and highlights in the commerce and industry vicinity and i'm available to answer any questions just some backward for the newer commissioners this is produced annually the reason i'm presenting the 2015 numbers one from 2015 is that the full year of 2015 employment numbers are
11:58 am
not released until the fall it it takes time to put together but essentially the range of the connective indicators and gathered from different sources so in addition to come piling an unanimous snapshot the data we put together every year should serve as long term goal to serve as background information for updating the commerce industry element of the general plan so just as an example you heard the item about restaurant concentration that's in the c and ion page 51 of this report as you can see the east and drinking places may that half of the retail jobs in the city not only a huge chunk of retail jobs in the city but grown by 41 percent since 2006 so they're not only growing but around increasing share of the retail
11:59 am
jobs isn't city this is the kind of information this report has one of the main things it covers employment the third year in a row that i'm standing here telling you that jobs radio growing by 5 percent over the previous year now over 6 hundred and 75 thousand jobs in the city an all the way down time high the city added over 25 jobs in seven hundred over the past decade one and 40 thousand jobs unemployment continues to fall in the city 3.6 pertsz at the end 2015 employment has grown across all the sectors but a rapid rise in office jobs so new
12:00 pm
office jobs made up over 80 percent of jobs in 2015 many of these jobs and science generally office jobs with with or are higher wage so as you can see the average wage of citywide for 2015 is $97,000 that is grown pretty consistently over the decade and grows almost every year in an economic expansion but citywide averages discrepancy between office jobs with averaging almost one and $46,000 a year so average wage is not the perfect medic but the best with the data from the state the inventory also tracks the
12:01 pm
numbers of construction values in building permits so we saw 6 percent growth in permits filed in 2015 so we're that was 29 thousand plus permits that is as far as i know are our all-time high and the construction value grew to $5.7 billion. >> so bringing you a little bit of remain news just wanted to share the latest state of california estimates which show that unemployment is essentially holding steady at 3.4 percent as of last month so you can full employment is about 4 or 5 percent we're below that. >> there was the report and the data in all the tables are
12:02 pm
available in the planning department website and sf and with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> take any comments after public comment. >> opening up for public comment on the commerce industry element update - sir. >> i'd like the gentleman to give some imperial data we have should much development of generation of carbon sites to include the carbon footprints mostly to understand the concrete and the building is generates the carbon footprint the other thing we have large areas that are very poor
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landfill generally maintain gas for you commissioners who have no idea of gas one ton of methane gas is 2200 carbons of carbon monoxide this is important when we address pollution in the southeast sector many women thriving dlooifrz their babies the san francisco departments know about that that is incumbent on the planning department to working closely with barbara garcia on this issue the planning department now is pushing to build 20 or thirty thousand units on contaminate ground in the southeast sector you, you can't look at it as though those unite will serve
12:04 pm
some purpose when people are going to slowly die from the contamination most of planning commissioner do know that uranium was cast on treasure island we need to pay attention even though $600 million was put into the clean up we find that that whatnot done properly as was filed by nbc investigation so i know we are a fairly distant director who wants to do the right thing but i'm asking you commissioners especially the ones that came on board i met some of you all that you all work with the director to push for those good things that stood
12:05 pm
san franciscans appreciate. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. any commissioner have any comments before i go no. >> commissioner melgar. >> so i had a couple of questions for staff in looking at the share of jobs by land use. >> speak up is that better. >> so in looking at the numbers at the decrease of jobs you know compared to land use. >> uh-huh. >> for the hotel industry that still one of the largest industry what do you think. >> why is that happening. >> better efficiency or actually a decrease overall in the economic footprint of the industry and that's interesting i noticed that two i think the hotel industry for tourism is
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under appreciated drivers of our economy i don't know exactly what is happening we have a lot of hotels in the pipeline we've not been building a lot of hotels in the past decade maybe less kind of that housekeeping staff serves the same amount of room with less staff but we'll definitely look at this. >> the other thing that i noticed is interesting was retail we've been talking about the demise of retail because of amazon but. >> this shifts to or maybe not a shift but really a tremendous increase in eating and drinking establishments so if in fact, retail your traditional buying i don't know with the hardware
12:07 pm
store is diminishing that is replaced by eating and drinking establishment and commissioner that's the issue what we're seeing that a lot of the traditional retail says that a taken over by restaurants for more divided retail 9 big question we're looking for the next couple of foe years a down turned economy what a lot happen to the space i'm not sure we know at this point but in terms of sheer employment a huge percentage increase as mentioned in the percentage of retail jobs in the restaurant industry and that's where the growth is he happening through the industry. >> thank you. >> a question. >> sure. >> so the number of jobs we've added since 2014 was 25 to 5
12:08 pm
were those from new residents i mean, we're down to 3 points probability rock bottom but discouraged workers in the workforce we've added jobs how much housing. >> i believe we added under 3 thousand in 2017 i don't know exactly but generally around 3 thousand in a good year. >> a rhetorical question where do all the people live. >> we grow by 10 thousand residents per year in the past few years you know bart and caltrain in my downtown - so the region in general staff anecdotal did they see the same types of job growth and we're growing faster than the region as far as jobs grow
12:09 pm
there is a regional page i don't have the numbers off the top of my head i do have those we grow 3 percent there are tables in chart show split into south bay and i believe the city is growing jobs faster south bay on a percentage. >> with the same kind of ratio if it is cut in half for job is still. >> worse at the regional level. >> the regional has the worst 10 to one. >> any guesses on where those people live. >> it is a big question not totally clear some are commuting
12:10 pm
you outside of bay area. >> people are doubling and tripling up with friends we see that on a hawker place for multiply rooms with bunk beds in the same buildings. >> one of the things that interests me what the director said take this is a - put it with the housing element update where we have overcrowding and the data points plus the whole commuting you you know people that work inside of san francisco and tie that with a big red bow this is what we see those data are interesting but we need real information to help. >> funny you should say that we're coming back in january or
12:11 pm
february with that conversations. >> any other commissioners comments. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you. i presenter the additional information i have the same questions of jobs linkage i have another question more general comment from you how does this impact what land use decision we should make for particular projects we see a huge uptick in employment like the restaurant industry but yet we had an article in the chronicle a couple of days ago assessing that routine raunt that are renting out the larger footprint are closing at crazy rates restaurants have hundred or 200 people are closing because the business is not there in those growing
12:12 pm
neighborhoods i use that as an example to highlight what did the commerce industry report what tools does that gives us when we should be looking at projects what does that tells you. >> larger trends for example, the restaurant numbers i've mentioned earlier the trend is that restaurant jobs are growing and growing as other retail drops shrinkage i think you were to put myself in the commissioners shoes keep in mind with the projects are coming the trend is towards retail you know there's a limit to what we have control over as you know, land use planners we added one and 40 thousand jobs over the last 10 years and not that much office space with basically the same or
12:13 pm
more office space we still added one and employ thousand jobs they happen outside something you think we have control over and keeping in mind the trends when we go to - >> i think commissioner if i may it is also not - it is hard to translate this data into directly how it influenced our decision on a project but your policies to the general plan or planning code like the restaurant thing you know it is hard to know - the recent closings that ever not in the newspaper maybe a trend we're maxed out i'm guessing what we require retail or not require retail and maybe over the next few years we're seeing we
12:14 pm
require too much retail end up with closed stores that's the kind of policy input we need. >> i'll agree with that i don't know i'm asking the question i'm wondering if it makes sense to take it a step further for example, not whether or not we should have street level retail requirements higher or lower in other district but requirements on flexible of those spaces i remember we talked about a building on van ness and 19 and commissioner moore had specific questions how the building should be laid out so that space could be one space or 3 spaces and i feel like trend of the conversation report can help us the winds of change saying that restaurant and service sector
12:15 pm
employment going up but we don't need more than 8 hundred square feet that should inform our design strategy for the buildings once they're there they're there; right? and even office yes, we need to do something about a prop m but even if we don't do that i'm wondering where the data where their trending in certain types of offices like. >> reason why we had issues of pdr space that's the kind of space they want to be in does it manuals for 15 foot ceilings i'm wondering if there are trends we should look to inform what types of land use patterns we should be accommodating. >> we're interested as well and making this a useful as
12:16 pm
possible document so one place maybe look at lacking on you know on the neighborhood commercial corridors i know you do a lot of our work and looking at the actual permits and projects approved and bhaetsdz happening on the ground this is higher-up but that might one we welcome any suggestions that you might have. >> we have people sorry so you have tables in here that show uses by land use uses table; right? it be might be useful to add size size is of the actual uses let me pull it up i was looking at that yesterday that is a perfect use of data to use man here we
12:17 pm
go. >> so, yes so you have like i won't talk about the page but tables say distribution of types of uses by districts so you'll have service center and pdr and distribution by land use characters so a number of establishments so if there is any way another table that looks at establishment by size or something like that that might give us that retail establishments like 5 thousand square feet smaller 5 thousand square feet a permit will tell us how much activity for the uses i mean, i know we don't often get like broker you know informing our plant case reports we see them but that type of
12:18 pm
information can help us know whether a project can be successful that's part of our job; right? >> excellent. >> commissioner moore. >> i was out of room for a moment and if i somebody mentioned what i'm going to say stop me i'm very happy to hear the positive message you're talking about here they are amazing particularly when their compared to the growth over the last two years including how it compares to the bay area and california and the rest of the country on the darker side one question the job growth of 6 hundred and 75 thousand jobs the city only has a number of inhabit in the lower one and 20s that's the correct judgment means many of the jobs are filed by people that come
12:19 pm
from other than living in the city it is of concern to me that the average wage sets a high point given the growth in those sectors where the wages with significantly lower we know what that means in reality a sustainable city created e creates a more basil balanced of things together that is clear for the people that look at those numbers in a more comprehensive way to see what the message are but thank you. this is very expressive work. >> wrap up comments to commissioner moore's pointed point it is interesting in january to come and tells you if you can whose doing the commuting is it low wage people that are pushed out of the city to live in fairfield to drive
12:20 pm
not to dispager but for the service industry that is the kind of city we want to make the folks that make one hundred thousand dollars i like commissioner johnson comments the size of space i come back to the example market and 16th street a huge for play would have been a dead space at night but 3 spaces an noah street there were 5 thousand square feet it was just right for a business to open up the other issue around retail use we have a project at church and market we had retail use and i was read the right act nobody can lease 5
12:21 pm
and 8 thousand square feet space that's a real issue around retail use the other point i want to make i drove by a building on 17th street and hoff the retail use are vacant i asked the developers the retail rent are not in the performa they can sit there empty for 2 decades that's something we need to look at and lastly i was cleaning out my garage i come to a neighborhood book for 2020 i think that is time to do an nc thirty are those neighborhoods commercial relevant in all the changes in the last 10 years is
12:22 pm
something that maybe we can tuck that in and put on the action item list as commissioners need their heads and secretary looking those nc thirty. >> that's a great idea. >> all that staff coming in. >> any 09 commissioner comments thank you. >> very good work thank you. >> okay commissioners members of the public if i can have your attention for one moment we've exceeded our capacity for the room, however, ♪ an overtime room for those persons standing in front of the
12:23 pm
door you'll need to find a seat or make our way to room 416 there guess a translator on their way and when this person comes we will ask that person's need translation be afforded that as soon as the translator arrives i believe she just riveted so again i'll say those persons standing you need to find a seat or go to room 416 >> everybody who is going to room 416 you'll obviously have a chance to speak if you fill out a speaker card and anyone that didn't fill out a speaker card we'll ask for anyone that didn't
12:24 pm
fill out a speaker card to come at the end to speak those persons standing in front of the doorway find a seat or make your way to room 416 you'll be afforded your chance to submit our public testimony that that time comes. >> okay. >> commissioners we're on item 16 for case shot well street this is an christie moved to the bay area before joining the department served as a planner for the park municipal and lead
12:25 pm
long-range planning and saw oversee draft provisions for the affordable housing policy and reviewed major applications like the one you see here prior to her time worked as a planner in into salt lake city and seattle holds her bs from the university of the utah and from the university of washington. >> i'm chris thank you planning department staff and the item before you is an affordable housing bonus authorization to the code to allow for the demolition of an existing first story and the construction of a new 9100 percent residential building for seniors and formally homeless seniors the project requests the
12:26 pm
bonuses for one increased height that is permitted by the zoning and reduce the between pursuant to the planning code and requests an exemption for the rear yard pursuant to the planning code 134 this project is within the mission street zoning district and the 65 height and bulk the existing 20 foot tall building on the lot was constructed in 1948 and is currently in the auto repair shop the proposed 85 multi unit senior building has 24 studios and one bedroom and one bedroom management and 14 of the one bedroom will be allocated to the formally homeless seniors at or below the area medium income and 18 of the studios and 55 of the
12:27 pm
units will be allocated for seniors at or below the 55 percent ami and has office space for onsite managed and case management and indoor spaces for the laundry rooms and etc. the project includes common outdoor useful spaces the second story and 9 floor roof terraces and no off-street parking and no curve cuts equip shot well street and 28 bicycle spaces and on-street parking is one car share space public comment signed by 200 and
12:28 pm
33 receipts and nearby businesses and 33 support letters from 33 residents and organization and the department has received 21 letters of support for the project, 4 letters in opposition have been received by to the department to date the concerns of those neighbors are the height of the project exceeding the environmental concerns regarding the shadows and air quality and parking with that said the department is necessary and desirable and comparability with the surrounding neighborhood and recommends you approve the project with conditions for the following 3 reasons one of the project will not displace any housing and provides 94, 100 percent that results in the
12:29 pm
housing stock it relates to the scale and form of the surrounding neighborhood by providing relationships to the residential and commercial property for those reasons it protects and preserves the economic diversity of the neighborhood and meets all applicable projects with the required finding stipulated in the planning code 328 that concludes my presentation. i have hard copies of the civil right of the determination and we have had sheila from the supervisor campos office with - who would like to speak and the project sponsor has a presentation thank you >> ms. chung welcome.
12:30 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners sheila on behalf of the supervisor campos i don't have to tell you that the mission is ground zero for our affordability crisis here in san francisco the difference between the could say o cost of a rental unit and new construction is huge we've had a loss of over 9 thousand low and middle-income latinos from the last decade and compared to that with a homeless crisis in the city the homelessness population that is aging one of the shocking statistics i saw if a report from the adult protective services is that our homelessness services are not equipped to deal with an aging population over 50 percent of the folks in our homeless
12:31 pm
shelters are over the age of 5020 percent over the age of 60 the targeted population that that new development will help to provide services and a housing for we think supervisor is 12r50er8d supportive of this development and hopes you all will be in support of it as well we want to thank all of the community advocates the seniors here to speak on behalf of this project, we absolutely think this is necessary if we head off new affordability crisis in san francisco. >> thank you, ms. chung has nothing to do with especially. >> opening up sorry for project sponsor.
12:32 pm
>> i'm the meta one of the project sponsors on shot well senior housing the mayor's office of housing and community development selected meta in the chinatown center to the developers and future owners of the persons for this project meta throughout the years has been advocating now developing in the mission district is expected to manage over 3 thousand we want to develop more construction of - so that longer residents can call san francisco their home we selected herman with the architect with experience of senior affordable housing as the architect meta and cdc create housing to be age in place with dignity to
12:33 pm
support and connect them to the surrounding resources chinatown will be the project manager and provide the services organized after the programs meta will pursuant to connect the residents the community room on shot well has classes and programs that serve the residents and neighbors such onsite r programming both chinatown cdc and meta have invitations to the community to use their community they have self-help for the elder to run the nutrition classes a senior housing building which serve the i hotel residents and the public and at the tenderloin property where the international
12:34 pm
citizenship classes are open to the resident and the community meta allows the community to use the conference rooms at the plaza and in line with the city transit first policy no. onsite packing is occurred and they've been conducting the outreach for the community we held two community meetings in february and april since thin e then brought the project to 20 neighborhood groups and responded to their application process on november 10th we submitted three hundred and 49 letters of support from neighborhood businesses and resident and online petitions and since then received 14 letters of support and 64 online petitions at the november 29th date they've worked on a design
12:35 pm
to meet the urban design guidelines and adhere to the city's guidelines and working closely with the planning department and it's u dot team to fine-tune a design that my colleague will share whitney and i can answer any questions you have for the project sponsors thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm suzy presenting this offender on behalf of any partner bob herman and the team at architecture as described the project site faces shot well street - are we not - okay. thank you. >> occupies a small 11 thousand
12:36 pm
square feet parcel with single-family homes it is across the street from a large 4 story multi family at that particular time building it is sliced slated to be built to the north and commercial uses make up the remainder of the block it has outdoor says that a morning court facing east on the second story and roof gardens facing south and east on the 8 and 9 floors the specific design the front elevation was from a close reading from the residential design guidelines and fine-tuned in response to the community input and constructive dialogue from the planning department 0 interior materials are panels
12:37 pm
and exposed concrete at the pilars and painted railings and sunshade the main entry is here - oh, didn't work. >> okay. >> all right. >> the main entry is in the middle. (laughter) a private stoop leading to the managers apartment - you'll see the proposed development on 115 south van ness goes to the right regardless of how this site is developed we can build out to the max height and depth in the following slides it is 6 stories are nearly as stall at all as
12:38 pm
the 9 story and being master their unit have greater floor to floor heights the roof will be only a few feet below our own here you'll see the south elevation facing board of trustees with this adequately got out to the right and east of our narrow facade portions of 8 and 9 floors are setback providing roof guardian a pattern created by 5 panels animate that facade as a 5 deep recess allowing for the inclusion of windows 4e8d away from the property line it is by a series of dock active screeec-
12:39 pm
it is internal internal to the site on the ground floor you'll note one enters through an outdoor guardian the adjacent residential services and management offices have been over constructive view of the court and sidewalk shared bicycle rankings racks are mirrored in the lobby signaling the seniors heath lifestyle that the the community room available to the surrounding neighborhood for classes open to the public as well to the residents both the small lounge area and the managers unit with its own front porch is eyes on the street tare
12:40 pm
a their two one bedroom apartments that will be for diane and the like it >> joins the 1515 south van ness development increasing the access to light and air for both properties in addition to the 11 living units the second story is the common laundry room off the porch that oversee the morning sunshine for residents to participate in the community beyond this 9 floor plan indicates how the building setbacks and accommodates roof garden sheltered from the wind on the 8 and 9 floors a solar array covers the roof of the 9 floor in response to the concerns expressed we've developed sketches if surrounded streets
12:41 pm
from the main facade bernal heights and here's at the shot well and 1515 south van ness development here's the view today, if one were walking south on the block of shot well to the north of the site here's the same view over van ness is built and here's the project from the same spot we studied the shadow patterns i think i'll not take time but the between between this feet is negotiable and two telling slides the actual pedestrian experience along the block walking south on shot well towards the common place the 15 foot wide sidewalk is along the
12:42 pm
building edge with - okay. >> it's okay keep going. >> finally the now famous mail slot slide is for the neighborhoods and strangers whether walking or riding along shot well. >> thank you. >> commissioners maybe calling you up after public comment. >> opening up for public comment (calling names). >> commissioner chair richards we had a request for translation if we can get it out of the way for the translator. >> my name is connie weber i've lived in that neighborhood for 85 years we have enough buildings and one on shot well
12:43 pm
and 26 and shot well we we have one on harrison also and i think this building should be at least 6 instead of 9 floors but we have - we don't have enough parking the parking is terrible around there so i sure appreciate if you vote against 9 floors and just 6 would be enough and thank you very much and i hope you do that. >> thank you, ms. weber. >> okay. at this time, we'll take those persons in need of translation if those persons in need of translation happen to be in room 416 line up on the
12:44 pm
screen side of room. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> each members of the public will be provided 2 minutes for public comment. >> why not go ahead and stand on the side for the microphone. >> okay. so - i can come right up please.
12:45 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon from the organization and today, i'm here to support the affordable housing project. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> because of high living costs of rent in san francisco it is hard for families they need a place to live especially for seniors. >> (speaking spanish.) >> please support the project more affordable housing on 1296 shot well street thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.)
12:46 pm
>> hello commissioners - the women's collective we want to support the meeting for the elderly. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this is just a small project to support the dignity of the seniors they're the most vulnerable and not have a place for shelter in the city.
12:47 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i ask you support this project will be helpful for the senior community thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is antonio morales i'm going to - >> (speaking spanish.) >> so i've been homeless for 10 years and have applied tens of times more affordable housing but i can't afford i still can't
12:48 pm
afford. >> (speaking spanish.) >> the process of finding housing is stressfully and i'm sick and i'm currently living on the streets. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm going to turn 67 soon. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i really hope affordable means affordable to pay three or four hundred dollars a month and not wait 10 or 15 years to get in one of the places.
12:49 pm
>> thank you. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i hope my words licensed to and the wind didn't take them away. >> they are. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> my name is elaine i have a great need because i have a problem with my landlord currently. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i got an eviction notice and thank god the lawyers from the city helped me to remain ♪
12:50 pm
place >> (speaking spanish.) >> but the hollers said they can increase th >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm sick and where i live no elevator. >> (speaking spanish.) >> please approve that project we really need this space we
12:51 pm
seniors don't have many places where we're welcomed and such they pay part of my rent but still a burden to me. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and like myself i know that respond like my landlord has mistreated me like they have. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i ask in the name of lord in project gets approved and thank you and god bless you. >> thank you and. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.)
12:52 pm
>> i live on van ness and 26 a member of the church. >> (speaking spanish.) >> san antonio. >> (speaking spanish.) >> as a leader of this church i've seen the necessity for building this project. >> (speaking spanish.) >> there's a lot of people in any church but neighborhood that really need this project especially the seniors. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this is why i'm supporting in project and hope you not only
12:53 pm
approve but many other projects that will help this community. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> i come from the senior
12:54 pm
center at the cap street and i really want this project to happen we have a place in the city but a lot of people live on the streets with the cold and rain. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i really support this project because san francisco would be a beautiful city if all the people have a place to live and affordable places to live. >> thanks for your attention. >> thank you.
12:55 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> my name is maria i live in san francisco but have no place to live. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm moving my oldest son i sleep in the living room.
12:56 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i feel like i'm in the way because any son and his wife want to watch a movie the kids are asleep i feel like i'm in the way.
12:57 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm currently with the women's collective thank god i have a jew job but can only afford a living. >> (speaking spanish.) >> then he goes to work. >> (speaking spanish.) >> housing has increased from 2000 if you're lucky 19 hundred.
12:58 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> someone from meta called me they supported me that's why i'm here we need housing and i can work i'm 63-year-old i can work and need affordable housing >> (speaking spanish.) >> i want to thank you, commissioners i know you want to help us that's why i'm here i have faith. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and it is not only me but
12:59 pm
other people that z does have a place to stay even if they can stay with family at first, it is fine but not anymore. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> sir, can you have him speak into the microphone. >> okay.
1:00 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm here because i have a disability and have been looking for housing for a year and been politically i want to find a room or study but not afford one thousand dollars base.
1:01 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> they've opened a building in alu gone the manager offended me and said that was no room. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i have diabetes and sincerely rose i have to go to a hospital and to usf to they have to operate on my on my liver.
1:02 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i used to be a carpenter for local 21 i am 12k5ibd. >> what the government gives me is not enough to pay a one thousand dollars apartment they offer a room in - >> in is compatible with
1:03 pm
thirty other people. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i have been living in my car for a year and looking for housing but the social worker can't help me because i have bureaucracy. >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking spanish.)
1:04 pm
>> thank you. >> maria tell him his time is up. >> maria tells you what he said. >> he was saying another person that seeks help from the state and can afford the $1,000. >> any other speakers in need of translation either in this room or 416?
1:05 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> last call for translation services mr. rothman any person in 416? one more? okay two more. >> >> (speaking spanish.)
1:06 pm
>> i come from the neighborhood center on cap street here to support the project to help the seniors that can't afford regular housing and all the people that are living on the streets the homeless we need affordable housing thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have 3 additional speakers that feed
1:07 pm
translation. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm here to support in project we need affordable housing we video a lot of homeless people and sometimes money is invested in other things we have the superbowl they invested a lot of money and hid away homeless people so the tourists couldn't see them. >> (speaking spanish.) >> there's also a maintenance in parks and families and people can use them we don't live in
1:08 pm
parks we need affordable housing for seniors to live in. >> (speaking spanish.) >> please support this project and support the speakers of the city and god bless you. >> we need translation for another person. >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you for listening to all of us seniors commissioners, i want to tell you about my dpaut a single mom with two kids
1:09 pm
and allocate daughter a widow on a wheelchair. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> it has been hard to find an apartment we can live together and afford. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we need xhoomthsz for my daughter in a wheelchair. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and i hope you support this project and god gives us the witch to build those types of projects where we can all live. >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> thank you and god bless you. >> any other speakers need a translator
1:10 pm
one more? one >> (speaking spanish.) >> i really ask you to support this project from the bottom of my heart seniors need this housing. >> i see others coming forward please. >> (speaking spanish.)
1:11 pm
>> i come here to support i really want you to help those people's i've seen on the streets and seniors sleeping on the street and want you to support this legislation. >> thank you. please come forward. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i come from a latino center and i'm low income person i live with any son were you i know when i see a lot of people that make those types of projects i
1:12 pm
ask you to support this thank you. >> thank you and a few more. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> my name is olga. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm here with any seniors. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i represent the latino center of san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and we're supporting meta. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and the application of 100 percent affordable housing. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we really appreciate our support. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and most people we've seen
1:13 pm
here they are telling me they live with their sons and daughters. >> (speaking spanish.) >> they feel frustrated. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and they feel they've lost definition. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and a and faces of those come forward. >> it is the faces of many people that are in the latino center. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this is why we're appreciative that you collaborative with us in this project. >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you. >> any other speakers in need of translation? okay maria thank you very much appreciate that those popcorns that are here to speak on this
1:14 pm
item line up on this side of the room so we don't have a fire problem >> i'll call the names again (calling names) again, if you're speak please line up on this side of room find a seat or watch the procedures in room 416 i can good afternoon, commissioners and good afternoon mr. rahaim i'm craig weber the author of the letter i sent to the commission members and the director of planning regarding our opposition to this project we support low income senior housing to the 1296 shot well streets the we oppose a 9 story building i make that point very,
1:15 pm
very clear i listed out items in that letter we've not heard discussed by mr. rahaim regarding the recent board of supervisors action to accept the appeal of quatro that opposed the lennar project next door to this one question is why why are you going to go forward with that project when it effective the board of supervisors indicated that the eastern neighborhood eir was in effect obsolete and not relative to the development on shot well street not two standards for two different projects very important that the neighbors on shot well the inner mission neighbors i represent and some
1:16 pm
of whom were earlier here had to leave give an answer to that question we shouldn't go forward with that for environmental issues that are very critical to the quality of life, of the people that are will be directly impacted that live within a block or two of this development it is too tall, no parking, high density on a residential street you, you need to consider that, please thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. weber. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm tommy i'm with the human rights committee we're total in support of this project and i want to is personally this is an issue that effects me personally i turned 65 in july i'm a senior and can tell you very, very honestly that if i
1:17 pm
lost my regular calendar apartment i'll have to leave san francisco as a queer person i'm not safe in this country this is the safest place for the queers to be we need to look for the elderly you've been heard the horror stories we here those seniors sleeping in their cars because no housing we hear about seniors living in decreed that is effecting their health they're afraid we hear stories about seniors that are applying and applying and applying for housing and never getting anything that is not acceptable we shouldn't be treating our seniors had 24 way this project
1:18 pm
is long overdue this is what should be happening in the city building 100 percent and i'll repeat that 100 percent affordable housing for people in this city especially for our seniors so, yes we are 100 percent behind this project we want more of this to happen we're especially happy about the fact that a lot of years is at 20 ami and more homeless more, more more, more 100 percent affordable housing thank you thank you, mr. mecca. >> hi, i'm one of the neighborhoods near the project on 20th street i want to address what mr. weber said about the appeal i was appealing the luxury condo on 1515 south van ness with lennar the board of supervisors has called for a
1:19 pm
plan regarding the gentrification and whether that has any effects on the latino cultural district i don't think that 100 percent affordable housing will be cause gentrification it is a completely apples and oranges situation the woman sitting next to me said too much affordable housing built around here the mission has enough that's not the case myself a landlord and resources being a senior scares the hell out of me and getting close but high mother-in-law any partners mother just lost her home in baton rouge and start looking for housing for her in the city we couldn't find anything that myself as a landlord with resources could afford to support my cherished partners mother so she's in baton rouge 2000 a
1:20 pm
month and gets 3 meals in independent living thank god they have housing 7 to 9 thousand here so i see the old guy that is on the street in front of my how did with a shopping cart full of stuff and sleeps in the rain covered by a blue tamper we have to walk the walk as a society protect our elderly and provide housing this is one of the best projects coming before you in a long, long long time please support it. >> thank you. >> okay. i'll remind the persons stan in front ding in f the - hold on until they move
1:21 pm
in front of the doorway. >> unless i've called you to speak find a seat or go to the overflow room. >> i'm the co-chair the community organization that spearheaded the project to transform shaefdz street in a sewer to a more pollutant place for people to cross especially for a long time resident and children and seniors and people with disabilities i'm speaking personally i think one of the things that made us proud in changing it chaefrlz can support a project like this with seniors living around the corner that project won best project of 2014
1:22 pm
over one hundred other projects and seniors that had to deal with 6 lanes of speeding traffic this is near transit and medical and sfushgz and as far as the parking if you add free parking like wooulgd a highway is increases driving and there's no need for parking in this location that is very close to bart and several muni places healthy i'm 67 and ride my bike and people i wish could do that one thing we've found that wealthy people have cars and the people that drive expensive car are much less considerate to
1:23 pm
pedestrians and one final thing social security has increased this coming year $4 a month for seniors and last year that was zero. >> thank you, ms. tailor. >> i'll call more names please line up on the tv side of the room (calling names). >> hi, i'm iris a nurse a senior and 40 years in the mission yes. i strongly support shot well the statistics of our seniors are grim but the reality of homeless on the street is worse those are the people evicted in 2010 and
1:24 pm
2013 i couldn't find up to 2016 and it is called gentrification and displacement a disease more dangers than the virus we need this now african-american and people with disabilities who have been evicted are desperate for real affordable housing we don't have the lecturer of waiting thanks to rampant displacement san francisco homeless population is older and sicker thirty percent are seniors up from 17 percent three years ago in the mission shelters at santa maria an 21st street thirds of people spend the night have seniors people that are threatened with eviction surf disease from stress and
1:25 pm
hypertension and high blood sugars and asthma attacks and parkinson's and poor nutrition and isolation is a problem they're the canaries in the coal mine a study at usf people that are homeless were 25-year-old than their calendar years 1296 will be dedicated housing we need to multiple shot well and not delay it any more delay will lead to more suffering thank you (calling names) please, mr. moss. >> good afternoon commissioner i'm here as the executive director of mission housing
1:26 pm
development corporation another nonprofit that owns affordable housing throughout the mission we are absolutely in support of 24 project you know one thing i'd like to speak to la jolla people said no parking i'm here to tell you we have hundreds upon hundreds of senior unit none of them have parking we seem to get along for the something i think should hold this project back and people's views shouldn't get in the way of housing human beings please accept my support. >> last call. >> please. good afternoon, commissioners i'm sharon york a member of ace and a long time resident of the mission district over 35 years
1:27 pm
i'm a senior and, of course, in favor of this project i didn't think i would be crying here from some of the stories i was and at the moment i'm not at risk but can see what the future might hold so i'm standing with seniors for this housing i've seen so many people displaced over the last year's and this country calls it's the greatest country in the world if you check other countries a lot of them are treating they're seniors a lot more humanistic and a lot of them don't have the homeless problem that we have so i want to stand for this project and as someone just before me
1:28 pm
said for many more projects like this i don't think that parking is an issue because the city is going the way of no parking, no more parking, less cars so thank you thank you for your time and effort and that's it. >> thank you very much i'll call some more names (calling names). >> if usual name has been called feel free. >> mr. buck in her you first. >> i'm born and raised for
1:29 pm
mission housing here to support the affordable project on shot well with the increase in height as you may know from the profound and honestly payne fully honest testimony that is a need for housing in san francisco i want to be clear those are not just 94 unit need inside of a building but for people we're endepth to our seniors and elderly they don't exist in the abstract not caused gentrification displacement and despair in our neighborhoods and indeed the victims of our runs to have affordable housing in san francisco and estimated 57 percent of single households and 39 percent of two percent senior households have inadequate
1:30 pm
income to meet the basically standard of living this is 38 thousand people 65 and older in 2015, 20 percent of all san francisco shelters opts out occupants were 60 and older we have an obligation to take care of our elderly one of the things we do as admission housing we have some buildings dedicated entirely to seniors and support of the project sponsors vulnerable here and welcome a place for seniors to have stable and supportive of housing and hope you'll support this as well >> thank you, mr. buchner. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm eric i'm the counsel president for quatro
1:31 pm
latino cultural district we've gone to the council for projects and been involved and discussing design a great something that is needed for the neighborhood just i'm proud of our seniors coming out and speaking and this is just a small fraction of the stories we hear everyday in and out of our neighborhood those are the people that are suffering and the most vulnerable that's who we want to house the people that are sick and can't find housing and not working and disability this is our priority in the neighborhood that will help that population i think we need to support this. >> thank you. i'll call some more names
1:32 pm
(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is chelsea i'm here to strongly express my support for the shot well project and asking for you to approve the height limit through the i'm a renter and my parents are stronger supporters they were not able to be here they are homeowners in bernal heights and were able to - had the privilege of buying a house in bernal heights in 1977
1:33 pm
not true for many families and folks in san francisco but as they age i'm clear how critical stable housing is for their wellness and dignity and this is not true for thousands of seniors and elderly who are among the most vulnerable particularly low income seniors and they deserve the housing stability we're in a housing crisis and this project like this this 100 percent projects we need to move forward and do this as quickly as possible i hope you approve the height limit and support this project. >> thank you ms. boiler. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm working for the department of public policy my job is to work with folks across the city to
1:34 pm
hear the stories of the pafrndz day to day i hear especially from seniors and families stories of displacement and fear much similar to what we heard i'm coming in support of building as many unit as possible i live 5 blocks from the shot well project go to church across the street in st. anthony's i volunteer at the soup kitchen in our church we serve one hundred people everybody morning and half of those people are seniors my only parent lived in bernal heights about a year and a half my mom feel ill they were not able to pay the $1,600 for rent they were homeless for one year and a
1:35 pm
half now they had to move and live with friends my own family is an example what is happening to any of the parishioners i ask you and understand concerns of parking whatever what the building looks like and this and that but we have a morale obligation to houses the seniors this is a great opportunity to do the right thing. >> last call for maria and michael smith (calling names). >> i'll call some more names (calling names). >> thank you
1:36 pm
my name is - i'm the founder of sf bay renters foundations a great idea for a project all of the people will live in it need housing also like to plug for coming forest hill all the argument whether apply there the mission is very lucky to have a supportive community for this type of housing and forest city didn't didn't mean we shouldn't port the housing in forest city that serves the same population thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm vincent and work with sonya and we should try squeezing as many floors i'm lucky to have my grandfather live in soma like places like soma i feel like being able to get in the affordable housing on
1:37 pm
shot well and mentioned in forest city is important for a place it live with our grandfather or so people in various ages on the street i'm in support of this project and hope you'll approve the project with the height increase as well. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm benjamin pen i work in the city and lived here two years i'm in support of the project and the height increase people are looking this issue one way where there is only positive and only negative but this is not a zero-sum game i think that there is a lot of good from this project and loss will be grandchildren the gain if you approve that thank you. >> thank you next speaker,
1:38 pm
please. >> good afternoon. i'm the activities corridor in the missed neighborhood center i'm here of have emergency housing for seniors i see seniors coming to the centering if i know or have information that is an emergency i would like you to consider and approve the need for the housing i'm sorry i'm going to have to stand up i have to take them home they've been here waiting and they need to go home and please understand they need an apartment to stay. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm charlie building this is a beautiful project for the neighborhood i think that is a giant step
1:39 pm
forward for san francisco to have housing those are the people that took care of us there are so many other housing sites not the investment to increase the density to have more units we have it magic combination we can raise the height limit and create affordable housing and the investment is there it feels like a no-brainer i hope you approval this. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a member the san francisco unity project this is a great project and the density bonus is appropriate we need housing for everybody including the seniors and the notion that empty space
1:40 pm
in the city is more important for homes for people to else i think is ridiculous whatever changes to a neighborhood that palace in comparison to the dire need of homes for people so, please approve that and other projects similar to it thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i live about 3 blocks from this project and here to support that and one of the reigns i wanted to provide support and share with you growing up in the neighborhood i've seen many of my neighbors lost their housing and seen my neighbors in need of housing this were folks it raised the
1:41 pm
youth in the neighborhood that created and contributed to the cultural richness to the neighborhood as well as san francisco i believe that you guys supported did project many of the folks that actually are in need and requesting projects similar to this folks that actually have given a lot of the years with the work and their taxes to contribute to a lot of the positions in the city so i want to remind and want to encourage you guys to take into consideration those folks this is the at least we can do for folks if need you heard the stories they need 100 percent affordable housing and they need as much room and possible the lack of housing in the city so if you guys could davm support the community and support the neighborhood and support san francisco we'll appreciate it
1:42 pm
dearly. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm here to ask you to approve the project at 1296 shot well and approve increase in the height limit i could tell my stories of the homeless he can ask you to consider how much of an impact on vulnerable seniors but you've heard over and over again come the victims from one of the seniors about their own experience from the victims they're here to build affordable housing and it is emphasizing market-rate housing and filtering the mechanisms we know that is not the best way to house low income and others i beg of you, please listen to
1:43 pm
those seniors, please approve this project and the height increase as a first time step towards building the many, many projects needed to get people off the streets and keep people off the streets to make that more humane place thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'll call more names (calling names). >> good afternoon everybody i'm laura i'm a housing case manage for the seniors that builds the housing program i see from my experience many, many of our
1:44 pm
seniors targeted for evictions, for rent increases when they. could to us and say if i lost my place where can i go there is no application for senior housing we have to tell them to come back we need more places in addition to that they are also targets of harassment on the streets when there is leaking on the streets at their own homes relatives they live when they want them there to charge more rent their harassing them to leave for people worried about the parking and the environmental an impact they'll be taking public transportation this location is very, very convenient for a lot of the seniors we ask you to approve the height increase and i also
1:45 pm
have - hear of many, many cases our senior who is sleeping in their or his car had to go to pomona to stay with his friend he can't afford to stay here they. come with depression so, please approve those projects and many, many more for seniors. >> last call for anna and sharon york (calling names). >> good afternoon jessica the executive director of san francisco seniors and disability action we're here in spoirng support of this project we have seniors and people with disabilities come into our officer almost everyday desperate to find housing people
1:46 pm
that are evicted 80s and noticing evicted and people living in shelters and afraid to stay in shelters don't feel safe and people on waiting lists for housing for several years not just enough affordable housing especially for people living siding and ssip this is a good project that is ready to move forward and please allow that to happen. >> thank you (calling names). >> hi hello commissioners my name is marilyn
1:47 pm
just to start off an organizer born and raised in the mission and fighting more affordable housing since i was 13 so this to me is so, so exciting i don't expect to cry but be prepared i'm so excited to have this built and our seniors feel there's something coming for them those voices marginalized in the community and voices sometimes they're afraid to speak i'm proud to say people support the affordable housing and support the - i've lead meetings two large committee meetings and we've listened to the folks but for me mainly those folks that don't get to speak and have a say what their homes will look like when they're seniors on fixed income
1:48 pm
so i'm overjoyed to hear seniors are for this and i you know they're all saying that i'm not religious by hoping the lord guides. >> but anybody you look at to this is really important this is people's lives i think know you've heard those are people's lives on the line and 50 more seniors can be housed if we raise it to 85 feet will benefit and a thank you for that and anymore affordable housing this is the first step and thank you for all the seniors and the folks that are here we deserve a pat on the back >> what's your name. >> i'm jesse with the
1:49 pm
environmental rights area here to urge your support for the increase in height for the building for seniors i'm overwhelmed completely by the wisdom and the trials and tribulations you've heard here today makes my heart really, really heavy but i'm proud to have folks come out and represent themselves to put themselves in the front of a process it so often excludes and marginalized them in the foyer years should be retired but making the city work for them they need respect let's go ahead and increase the height on this building and take advantage of the golden opportunity for 100 percent affordable housing for seniors but let's take advantage the golden opportunity and let
1:50 pm
the folks will their golden years with dignity and respect. >> thank you, mr. fernas. >> 100 percent i'm tony rob less i work with the action and president of the the i hotel and the legacy that was an injustice that happened 40 years ago thirty of those years we're waiting to get senior housing built on this spot with the origin hospitality was on the corner of jackson and kearny it happened let's not make the same mistake but built senior housing and approve the height limits seniors have been left off the table in the city's success isn't several years their needs have been secondary and we need to stop that that paradigm in my
1:51 pm
own work i see seniors that have been evicted out of homes they were once housed and part of the community but because of the lack of affordability the capital that is come into the city a diver situation for seminars let's - this is a great start but keep it going to make more of the development in the future our seniors are in desperate need of the housing thank you very much for your help and work. >> thank you, mr. rob less. >> so i'm here in support of this project and the increased height of this project our seniors are the greatest asset our treasure and for us to drive them out of the city or cause them to be homeless is really a crimes are we just
1:52 pm
going to have a city of young people who are being you should into all of those new tech jobs or are we're going to draw on the wisdom and the abilities and displacements of our seniors it is sad to see people lines up in - no fault of their own evicted from their homes up to you to determine what the quality of life is going to be for the seniors and the general population i ask you to do the right thing and vote to support this project. >> thank you. >> your name is jackie? thank you jackie >> next speaker, please.
1:53 pm
>> hello commissioners. i'm jeremy i'd like to urge our support for the project with the height increase as a native growing up in oakland and now in san francisco so for the last 4 years myself and others see the change happening and more often than not the marginalized people getting the short end of the stick with the seniors and people of low income so we can provide housing for them to remain in the city especially for people that help to make that wonderful and i'll urge your support for this issue. >> calling some more names
1:54 pm
(calling names). >> oh. >> i'm sorry okay. you bet. >> let's try (calling names) okay i got thrown off (calling names). >> how about anyone else. >> on this item. >> hi laura clark grow san
1:55 pm
francisco and obviously in support of this project more housing it is great i'm not in support of time wasting get everyone out in support of those projects those are the kind of projects that should be speed through the system approved watt the work that everyone has put into that to get people out on a thursday afternoon we could be doing things better with their time although this is fun there's a real opportunity to say we don't have to go to the song and dance with those obvious community benefits i'm excited we're getting to use the affordable housing density bonus program and more projects like this i hope the commission and planning department can look for more opportunities to figure out thirty how to expedite and get rid of of bureaucratic steps and
1:56 pm
say we don't need san francisco have the community put that kind of effort in supporting this project is so obvious what we need all the seniors that had to leave couldn't sit through the hours of hearings that's a tragedy not doing all the work that again have obviously benefits for everyone. >> thank you. any additional speakers on this item. >> please. anyone else? either here or in toverflow roo >> i came here to say i'm opposed i know i'm 9 months unpopular person but the project is important and should go
1:57 pm
forward more affordable housing what i'm not hearing e hearing the quality of life house people in. talltall: buildings that's not the kind of san francisco that people want to live in including the seniors and the idea of stopping evictions and causing this problem to happen in the first place why take people that live in their homes and have to stick them in a tall building in the middle of the mission not good but i have changed my mind and hope the project goes forward we have a desire need for this particular issue. >> next speaker, please. >> i support this program and this project and ask you all commissioners to look into the academy of art universities the thousand of units that were removed
1:58 pm
rent-controlled units and give priorities to seniors you can do that i brought that academy of art university some 10 years ago and the mayor and some others have been stalling this to do the right thing and i know that several of you commissioners maybe one or two should spear this and make those units available that will rental units to seniors and finally that's been said by the mentally and file number challenged need all our assistance thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm an organizer thank you for the opportunity and i'm going to make it short please support the increase in height and density this is what we've gone fighting for clamoring for years of
1:59 pm
organizing and on the ground multiply house members of the committee and this is this is heartfelt seniors coming up as my parents age in an amazing city people should be living their golden years living not in cars and sofa so sofa they're a burden on their grandkids not what the city is about and the planning commission please approve the increase in height thank you very much. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners mission resident 3 blocks away from the project working - thank you, commissioners commissioner moore and the
2:00 pm
commissioners that went to visit the site but we were discussing with some of the neighbors opposing we were able to cause the focus group on - basically we are asking is approval of the height and the density and no compromise because you've heard the testimony from the elderly we need affordable housing and remember this is the land education from the luxury condo in the mission district that note all the community agrees a land use case a luxury in the middle of the mission and it was a different land i want to thank the architects because they trying to make what was the best design for the piece of land in
2:01 pm
the middle of nothing i hope you support the project and more importantly i've not been here most of time i'm against something but this is the second time i'm for something we support this we're for for affordable housing for working-class people and seniors in the city this is more important thank you. >> thank you, mr. ramos. >> any additional speakers in support or not seeing none, commissioner melgar. >> it makes me happy to have this project come before us i want to remind us mr. ramer spoke of this this was the parcel on mission street and you
2:02 pm
will remember that was the first time the land dedication around $2.3 million for that and roughly a building about the same size as 8 washington that would be $13 million in the affordable housing fund this project that is now you know maximizing the density to get more units is an appropriate response to correct some of that something that many of us didn't like and it is obvious that we need the neighborhood we need this this the city and i'm grateful for the folks that we were creative and also were does such as outstanding job in meeting with the neighbors and folks may not have liked the height but they engaged and
2:03 pm
really went out of their way to address the design issues and affordability issues and the needs of the community i wholeheartedly support this project. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm touched and moved and inspired by what went on in the last two hours the testimony of those for who this project will be built and for those who spoke in support of them i'm proud of the department i'm proud of the architects and the effort that has produced a building i think it fully portable and move to approve. >> second. >> i think this is great how taller buildings can work it is well-designed and one thing i'll point out shot well, i you know this continues to develop the
2:04 pm
designs make sure that the shot well street frontage is open and pour us it is a relatively quiet block and the housing across the street tends to have it's back to shoot well street so more effort in diligence but i wholeheartedly support this. >> a couple of points first of all, the eastern neighborhoods issue with the board of supervisors on 1515 south van ness i think someone said apples and oranges it is truly the case what of those before the board an 115 south van ness was the gentrification of the mission and here we're actually allowing residents part of mission not having homes to have homes those arguments are different and the lady said she's a nurse hit me
2:05 pm
the health impacts of stress not knowing whether or not you'll have a house to live in or on the street and take medication and find services and eat i couldn't imagine it i think ms. clark has a point about the process i wonder how much time dedicated to get this over the finish line you know part of the process i'm not sure of the cost of the time given the emergency we were but seen before use it opened my eyes it was an abstract to me before senior housing i had people in the building come up to me and say i'm the kind of person i live in my car with any son it became abstract and actually to me i'm not sure it's a worst the additional time i i get it and i wish we donna could
2:06 pm
take on an additional floor the parking someone made a comment about the parking i'm not sure what the rate is but the parking issue will not be a big deal given a lot of the people in the building probably don't own a car i think the height is fine i think the architect did a wonderful job putting that contextually in with the 1515 south van ness that had been coming getting built i'm sure once the department gets back on some of the answers that supervisor campos had i i don't think i've adu use this in support but couldn't go to sleep if i voted no on this project i absolutely find no reason not to support this project. >> commissioner moore i walk
2:07 pm
down polk street all around the world from clay to city hall i'm passing 988 polk street which is a beacon a senior project on the corner of geary and polk that is a project of similar size and similar quality and gives folks a feeling of neighborhood when you come into the plain clothes on the ground floor chairs are outside a feeling of community that comes all the way down to the street polk street is absent - but i think that those buildings have a great deal to support in a cultural with the elderly live nearby it is important but for everyone to realize that getting older is part of the reality i'm putting that in a dignified way that is the best thing to do when you
2:08 pm
look at at it closely the upper floor plans you see not how your coming down the straight corridor but working south to address the defused light and at the end of the corridor a place to go on the balcony that is sensely designed not institutionalized the expression of the building on the outside doesn't make that look like some form which someone put to save money we're seeing just a need to make that cheap and i think we're getting a lot for what is proposed. >> thank you commissioners, if there's nothing further, there iis a motion and a second to approve with conditions. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore
2:09 pm
and commissioner vice president richards absolutely. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero . >> (clapping.) >> 5 minute break. >> the commission will take a
2:10 pm
10 minute break. >> operating within on the planning code requires the operation between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. within the zoning district after the hearing packet was distributed the project sponsor amended the proposal reducing the scope as a result of neighborhood outreach and input discussed in the commission packet to extend from 11:00 p.m. to midnight on sunday through wednesday night and from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on thursday there saturday nights the revised project has been escalated back the proposed closing time on thursday is scaled back from 2:00 a.m. to
2:11 pm
midnight the current hours of operation at the restaurants are 8 obama a.m. to 11:00 p.m. the operation has been - black sands is selling supplies for home breweries that was vacant for several years and previously opted out by a laundromat two public comments were noted in the commission packets and copies of 4 additional public comments have been provided by the commission secretary in general neighbors building the restaurant is an asset to the neighborhood and praised the applicant for diligently working with them they support the restaurants but concerns about parking and traffic and noise the commercial establishment
2:12 pm
characteristically have prominently restaurants and bars area personal service use the surrounding zoning is residential one bar a block to the east on hate street is currently open until 2:00 a.m. two additional bars two blocks to the east on hate street and one restaurant which is opened until 11:30 p.m. i'm going to mention there recent or were two amendments to the draft motion handed to you one to art the hours of operation to include thursday nights until 2:00 a.m. and the second one by request of the applicant in his further negotiations with the neighborhood is number 13 good neighbor policy that is a
2:13 pm
standard condition for bars typically that concludes any report staff is recommending approval of this conditional use authorization request based on the criteria listed in the executive summer thank you very much. >> great, thank you pursue project sponsor please. cynthia goldstein i'm robert patterson one of the owners of black sands i brought pictures of bar if anyone wants to see the barrier the posting on the notice was located on both hate and pear street a corner location i think we're a very strong collar for the neighborhood the reasons for the extension of hours is basically our bar is open from 8 to
2:14 pm
11:00 p.m. daily and several of the customers work in the restaurant entry and the only brewery in the neighborhood they want to enjoy our beverages we've met with the folks above in the building and the neighbors we originally thought we wanted thursday and friday and saturday extension and concerned or sunday but were after talking with them we restrict the hours to saturday and assisted to 2:00 a.m. and other other nights to midnight and breakfast and lunch and 40 people one of the challenges is retaining staff it is hard to compete i've got noticed in the
2:15 pm
residential neighbor directly next to us above and behind and we've met with pretty much everyone in the neighborhood we will meet people as well anyone lastly we live in lover hate a block from the establishment the low hate has a feeling it is important we have a positive relationship with the neighbors to the commercial customers that come to our bar so after 10:00 p.m. we direct customers outside of our corner location and put signage to direct people not to exit from the pear street for the - the last amendment i'd like to make to the
2:16 pm
conditions that one of the neighbors across the street he's a land use lawyer and this morning we requested we add section 13.1 of the police code that is usually used for night clubs that usually has guidelines how nested bedrooms be handle patrons outside of their establishment we look at the kwlz we're not a night club but we're happy to comply with the general provisions and if none has any questions. >> you want to put those items on the rail and open up for public comment jonas that's great any any public comment on this item. >> i met that young man today and as you can see i meet
2:17 pm
various types of people he's done due diligence i appreciate and we want to support him on this venture i'm not a drinker but share a beginner rail with him and wish him all the best audience any public comment on this item not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner johnson. >> i think this make sense move to approve. >> second. >> thank you commissioners hand that motion to approve with conditions has been amended by the staff commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore schematics and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> commissioners that places us on items 18 ab thomas melony
2:18 pm
circle this is a conditional use authorization and permit review. >> dpooj commissioners alison planning department staff the request before you for two actions a conditional use authorization to allow planning unit development and permit in the executive special use district for thomas melon cistern 8 acre between 0 thomas in the rh3 and the 65 height and bulk district the project proposes depiction of the 3 story office building containing nine hundred 85 dwelling unit 72 had been onsite affordable and
2:19 pm
approximately 9 thousand 8 hundred square feet of retail use this will be 6 stairs or stories the north west is 85 feet in height and the tallest is one and 70 height and 17 stories that develops the internal streets and has approximately 54 square feet of open space the project sponsor as architect low give a detailed presentation in order to proceed the project requires a conditional use authorization to allow the planning development for development site over half an acre in size the project is requesting modifications to a planning code retirements for residential density and frontage and the method of measurement of
2:20 pm
teeth compliance is described in the draft section motion in your packet staff building these required modifications are warranted due to the overall project design with the context felt neighborhood meeting the crepe established in the code in addition it is located in the executive park special use district and therefore subject to design review under the section staff believes it is consistent with the park guidelines and sub area plans and guidance with the permanent review is in the section motion staff would like to remedy the addition of a new condition of approval that the project sponsor has agreed to the condition will require the project sponsor 0 work with the office of economic workforce development to create a
2:21 pm
relocation for the existing tenants by no matter 3 months after the project oewd will advise when the plan is complete in summer the staff supports the goals and objectives and the executive parks district to say a pedestrian are oriented primarily mixed use neighborhood at the office park the project is necessary and desirable and compatible and meets the ab applicable requirements noting the development the department has not received any correspondence in opposition or support that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> ms. chang from a supervisor cowen's. >> legislative aide to malia cohen. >> thank you all for granting the previous continues of the
2:22 pm
items with this project as you may remember malia cohen was not informed about those items calendar fewer consideration and not had the opportunity to meet with the project sponsor to discuss the remaining questions and concerns but since the continuance met with the project sponsor and those discussions have resulted in some of the improvements before you today including an increase in the amount of retail and the form of construction, however, she have's several obviously concerns about the project specifically with the displacement of the existing tenants the project sponsor has confirmed they've been actively - and it that this project will result displacement of 8 thousand square feet of only folks can't afford the wrents and rely on the affordability of current site the office building
2:23 pm
is 25 percent occupied and the supervisor that believe the project sponsor should be evaluating the tenants with monies the supervisor wants you to consider a condition of approval to require that the thinking project sponsor work with oewd to work with the project sponsor and little oewd b low contradict - we hope with the condition of approval the supervisor will be able to support the project thank you very much for your consideration. >> project sponsor please. good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the board
2:24 pm
my name is john the original developer i'm and native san franciscan i'm a graduate of blood alcohol high school in fall of 6767 i formed a partnership with the owners when became san francisco executive park i met with tom who say was then the competitive administrator he encouraged me to meet with the neighbors - neighborhoods of the surrounding community and many of whom parents i mean kids i went to school with at balboa the executive park committee was formed ms. shirleyly jones was wanting and the committee modifications to this day 38 years later i'm surprised to say standing it is important to note
2:25 pm
to executive park is the only one in the southeast part of the san francisco it is has the complete support find every may since mayors to date in 1980 the first office building was opted and other developed and highly can he have is in mid-2008 i received a call from director heinecke the planning director here in the city he asked for - for a meeting mike my land use lawyer and i met with dean he said george san francisco needs housing we are supporting a high density residential development at the park as you're aware in 2011 this planning commission unanimously approved the new residential project as he was unable to develop the property myself i sought a buyer
2:26 pm
to carry the residential development in 2013 we were fortunate to sell to ocean landing ocean has conditioned to working closely with the competitive park advisory committee and seeking and then increase of 85 units our communities need as much housing as possible michael the director for landing has focused on a inquiry quality project you're voting on today he's represented the vision of a world-class low income project that dean and i discussed many years ago in closing i want could express any presentation to john rahaim and matt snider and the many staffing members of the staff of the planning staff for all they're wonderful support during all those years we remain one of
2:27 pm
the only reality with full community support and unanimous votes if the planning commission and the board of supervisors i will now introduce mr. mike burk the land use attorney for the project. >> he'll be okay. if he leans across the table. >> game-changer commissioner president fong and members of the commission i apologize for the necessity of the approach we hope it ended there as the gentleman said on may 2011 the san francisco planning commission unanimously certified the eir approved the sub plan and the design guidelines the board of supervisors did the
2:28 pm
very same thing and i'm delighted it those actions were move forward by the current district supervisor so for the project as was said we're now seeking 309 design approve for the project i can tell you she's support a contention the promissory note prolong in front of fits within the development envelope and complies with the zoning and the design guidelines that were approved in 2011 and seeking one more a conditional use approval that allows us to include an additional 85 units in the project those will includes an additional affordable units with the additional 85 units again fits
2:29 pm
within the development envelope and conforms so the sud and guidelines approved in 2011 as you consider this project please keep in mind this is a challenging site on a slope 5 acres in size in order to develop it in addition to buildings we'll have to provide 3 private streets - 3 pubically assessable streets and 2 pubically assessable alleys and well over 11 thousand square feet of open space and plazas as a project that will be developed with holy union labor i think that is is it fair to say that our construction costs will be the same construction costs for any project anywhere in the city including downtown but combeven the challenges of
2:30 pm
our neighborhood and pioneering the rents or sale values we're likely to achieve for the product are only 60 to 65 perris of who what otherwise might be available in the city nevertheless, because we've chosen to be creative, efficient, and this is important willing to accept a greater economic risk than most other developers we believe that we have been able to provide and will present to you today quality homes for residents, quality environment for the neighborhood and be able to work with the community with the full support of your staff including the lady that put in many long hours tutoring us very
2:31 pm
constructively along the way and with the commission a and as you heard with our district supervisor - another point that is important to keep in mind is that our project began in 2006 and we were told not asked we were told to step aside and wait until the city a figure out whether that and the 49ers could build another project that costs us a tremendous amount of time from 2006 to 2011 to get the legislative approval to move forward we did them and got what you could what a terrible economy it is coming back by legislative that was recommended by the planning commission this
2:32 pm
march we grandfathered in with a 12 percent affordable obligation we in fact, have voluntarily agreed to impose a 14.5 percent affordable obligation on the additional 85 units for a total of 12.3 and 72 the building and trades council is very supportive of the project and they will speak to you later but one sentence in a letter that had been presented to you, you later that i'm proud to read to you it is that is housing we will be very happy to build so we respectfully request you approve this and the cu a now i'd like to introduce our architects terry and christen i always make that mistake i'm embraced christen and will
2:33 pm
explain the project in more detail thank you. >> your team has one minute. >> michael for the project sponsor before my architects presented ero present the design i want to comboerd and say we'll agree to the new condition of approval for the relocation and specifically the conditions that we provide total subsidies so for any rent differential and the bibs that be capped in an amount not to exceed $2.50 per month and provide relocation costs invited $4 a secret and engage a competent assistants broker to help to relocate er locate a new space and attempt to identify the space within the
2:34 pm
city of san francisco with that - >> thank you my name is terry i'm with woods architecture in san francisco here's my, my colleague the project architect i'll see i'm running short on time if it is okay. we'll go quickly through this okay there we go. >> go back one very quicken the project high density residential project we focused on creating something that people can be proud of and working with street frontage to create a community throughout this project as you can see the project that is location connectivity is an extension of san francisco and the next piece of really creating discontent in the part of san francisco that is
2:35 pm
underserved frankly for quite a few years the postcard from the bay you get to see all the buildings together and here's the master plan of the inspire executive park of the blocks in gray are a combination of existing and to be built projects our projects the 5 buildings that are note as buildings abc d e abc and d just to note buildings ab in one parking garage that is below grade and has mentioned the high-rise in building a is 8 stories and b is 18 stories and c, d, and e on top of one parking garage with framed construction overall landscape plan for the project this is in
2:36 pm
compliance with the streetscape master plan approved by this group two months ago keep on going this is the lower ground level as i nodded parking garages and there is subterranean but given the typography they impose themselves along the executive park and thomas melon the colors are a combination of amenities and commercial spaces the commercial spaces so for rent we're envisioning cafes and rations and other types of uses like that the green space are amenity for not only other folks but for the amenity in future elements. >> again the ground floor the tan boxes kind of see the tan boxes the think residential unit they're at grade as another minute or so. >> their gray and the orange
2:37 pm
is the commercial and we'll keep on going building a the materiality in building a we have the materials in the front if people want to see them their heavy there's a lot of solid materials keep on going conveniently yet of some of the - again, the materials you'll see only the board an settled image of building c again, the materiality to a blue one of the accents looking at the main view at the end find this mingle the commercial at the two ended that's part of the request from
2:38 pm
the community and image of that vista starting from the tunnel to waterfront and building d and e are a pair on one centennial block those are the material in order to create a softer zone for the coast guard. >> we may have a few questions but very good thank you very much. >> okay. >> okay opening up for public comment i have a couple of speaker cards looks like brad norris and francisco da costa and carlos duriandurand.
2:39 pm
>> good evening, commissioners i'm carlo a field represent with the carpenters local 22 representing close to 4 thousand members and on behalf of the brothers and sisters standing behind me today and the 4 thousand members i represent we want to say i look forward to working with the developer on this project thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is francisco da costa i'm one of the tenants who has swarthd on thomas circle doing all sorts of community work i had office space of one thousand 200 square feet he turned over to the intervention program they
2:40 pm
didn't have any good space to do their work so they were in my former office for sometime before the present owners decided they were going to demolish the building they moved to the other building on one 50 executive i've mother one tenant that is insisting on the owners gym some money as part of displacement just one person he spoke to him yesterday and introduced him to the president of the building he said he'll accumulate his wishes so despite that many tenants are looking forward to some displacement fees most of the tenants are contestant in the last 3 why remembers the residence haven't increased but we don't pay a single dime for parking parking
2:41 pm
is free in san francisco most people pay a lot of money for parking so as far as i'm concerned, i'm very picky my relationship with the owners has been an excellent one i've known george for a long time i intend to stay there until the time comes to demolish which at the present is slated to be around may and i look forward to a lot going on in that community including the crossway that brings in better transportation hoping once the building is west portal they'll have shuttles that will take us to certain hubs be it the light rail which i hope had been stand to balance
2:42 pm
boo the executive park is built on solid rock i'm better with that than soil with contamination i support this project 100 percent and god willingly maybe i'm a i may live there. >> i'm a senior more 65 years old but still going strong he support this project thank you very much. >> additional public comment? i'm danny a representative with local 104 and a delegate to the san francisco instruction trades
2:43 pm
council i brought with me the letter that mr. burk spoke to i brought other copies i believe they were sent to the commission by the secretary the letter reads dear commissioner president fong and commissioner vice president richards and commission on behalf of the san francisco building and trades council it is 32 alleviated local units and the tens of thousands of workers we represent owe urge you to approve the justifying in the executive park special use district for ocean landing 5 thomas melons project that make a key contribution to the part of candle stick point with the projects approved for the schlage and candle stick . point sites to provides housing in the middle-income range that is so
2:44 pm
lacking in the san francisco development we have coordinated with the city for more than a decade now through the citibuild academy to launch the san francisco residents into careers in our trades the housing thought 5 thomas melon circle is the range of housing that permits those residents to remain in san francisco to contribute to their communities we're happy to build those houses please grant the approvals that make that possible i'd, remiss to say from the commission has - we'll be partnering and building this housing we're pleased it came to us and understanding of our concerns thank you
2:45 pm
>> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much appreciate the work that has been done on the project when we last continued it i'm highly supportive p this is a site that has development long in coming and particularly we're starting to see housing and buildings going on in hunters point and candle stick point that is for this is quality that wedged next to the 101 and an important site to be integrated into the rest of the community i appreciate some of the changes in reconfiguring the open space and personally he asked we made sure to ask this muni community is self-sufficient i believe there will be shurments and comfort transportation that will go later than kearny way it on
2:46 pm
the other side of sunnyvale and not that convenient to people in the community and down the hill from candle stick is definitely needs to be self-sufficient i'll have just one question on the business relocation sort of agreement that the developer has said, yes to with the sort of sfoefs i guess looking at the city attorney can we make those sort of findings i know we get tricky when it comes to the private agreement it is not a development agreement can you talk about what we can and cannot do. >> deputy city attorney kate stacy commissioner, i understood what is happening here the project sponsor has indicated
2:47 pm
what they're willing to do for the commercial tenants because of state law limiting the city's ability to be involved in commercial roll call or relocation issues the conditions i understood malia cohen aid to read that the project sponsor will work with the mayor's office of mayor's office of economic workforce development but the city didn't center approval authority nor can the city require elements for the relocation plan as i understand the condition to confirm with the mayor's office more than a requirement that the project sponsor actually undertake the relocation i think the gentleman may have the specification of
2:48 pm
what is into the motion but really a work with rather than a requirement. >> i don't mean to belabor the point i think that is a good move but make sure we're not getting into trouble if they today tomorrow don't want to work with the oewd i mean. >> commissioner e line a lot read into the record the condition you'll act on simply schisms to meet with and be reviewed by oewd but the project sponsor read into the record was more specification about what he is willing to do not part of condition the condition they submit the plan. >> 0 r and are those finding in the updated motion. >> as amended by staff. >> move to approve as amended by staff and second. >> scope.
2:49 pm
>> definitely supportive of the project i want to commend the developer mrs. cowen's office in collaboration working with the building trade to make this a great project for san francisco it as its been a long time coming and we've been working and glad to see this project today and i want to commend the developer on completely filling out the first local hire form with the number of positions each trade checking boxes that will promote prevailing wage to the henry projects that will keep those workers working in the trades not just on one job but give them a career and definitely in support of
2:50 pm
project. >> commissioner melgar. >> so thank you this is much more thorough than the last time i saw i appreciate the ethnicity of the building materials i have one question i don't see in the plan for the parking where it is there is where - where are they? >> if you go into the plans set i think in front of the the presentation but you will see there are two levels of parking i guess they call that the basement one and basement two - do you have a copy of the presentation? >> the presentation are you looking at the presentation or the planned site. >> in relation to the
2:51 pm
building. >> two parking garages two lower parking garages one blow building ab and then the other parking is extending to buildings c, d, and e so the private streets cross over the top of the garages. >> can we show the screen sfgov go to the computer please. >> (inaudible). >> and c, d, and e is sitting on top of the garage. >> commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the more thoroughly rendered presentation but want to shout out to the gentleman and mr. burk when the project is sold mostly the
2:52 pm
former owner disappeared and it starts over again in this case i want to acknowledge the strong commitment and responsibly carrying it throwing that's something we like to see that in every case the department and the department spends a lot of time in shaping the projects and just as the project gets what we'll call flipped and everything we did basically going to square one but that hearing should be called out and like to hold it up for others to follow. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, there iis a motion and a second to approve that with conditions has been amended by staff commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore
2:53 pm
and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 67 to zero. >> commissioners that place us under our discretionary review calendar dr gilbert a mandatory discretionary review. >> commissioners before we begin i wanted to introduce one of our new staff members that are. >> excuse me - rich excuse me - those persons exiting the xhafrmz do so quieting we have business to still attend to. >> this is the first hearing for meekly he was a planner with the city of hayward downtown mixed use and new single-family home divisions and prepared the ordinance that permits livestock and initiated a simpler
2:54 pm
permitting process and michael was the lead in implementing the city's permit progressing and developer tracking system and got his degree from san diego and after the state eliminated the redevelopment he moved to cal public policy and got his masters with a focus on environmental planning and excited to join the planning department and happy to have him as part of team. >> good evening tonight for your consideration a question for a mandatory discretionary review of a building permit application to have a medical cannabis dispensary on gilbert street the project site located within the light industrial zoning district and a 40 and 50 height and bulk the project is sided by wholesales on all other does the residential use exit
2:55 pm
the project sponsor seeks to permit up to 4 mcds within the space each operating out of individual suits those mcds will occupy the space each the suits will serve as the penalty place of business and activities include administration and product development and quality control and storage and inspectors by the department of health the promotion mcd will not be open to the public at the project site nor any of the offers 6 medical cannabis all distribution will be delivery office of management and budget employees registered that the district will be onsite at any given time no cannabis plant to be cultivated and no onsite medical cannabis is loud the promoted
2:56 pm
hours of operation 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the proposed collectives will utilize the off-street parking for pickup and delivery the medical cannabis in order to limit the traffic impact around the traffic the landlords will require the pickup and drop off occurs before 9:00 a.m. and in the evening before 6:00 p.m. the district is the lead agency for permitting the medical cannabis dispensary is he is limited to the characteristics of mcds planning code section it 202 states all mcds are required to be heard by the planning commission that will consider whether or not to exercise - the department has received 9 letters of opposition to the
2:57 pm
project, 7 of which are presented and many letters were submitted by the residential building across the street from the project site a common theme of the letters received concerns over parking and traffic impacts of the street a narrow street the department recommends that the department thank it sites more one thousand feet from any school and any active use facility the project site a served by the muni and caltrain the project area is generally under served by mcds none other in the one foot radius and distribution is delivery only no onsite medication of onsite
2:58 pm
medication is permitted and meets all planning code and advances the good neighbor policies of the general plan that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for presentation and the project sponsor has prepared a brief presentation. >> thank you project sponsor, please. >> thank you. good evening representing the project sponsor this project is located in the south of market neighborhood on the blocks that is mixed use has both residential properties as well commercial properties including a self-storage along smith and offices this project is designed to help up to 4 small cannabis startups not high volume businesses and in fact, nothing increase in the density of use in the building their 15
2:59 pm
to 20 employees using this space in this amount of workers will not increase under the plan but the project sponsor is reshaping the space to include 4 off-street parking there will be no business signage or increased security and the business will not be advertised to the general plan the personally or project sponsor is held to open houses and attended a meeting last night across the street and talked about with the neighbors he'll speak briefly about the roll in this project going forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners that is the building we purchased it 4 years that was a vacant kind of parking lot on the strip and spent a lot of time renovating the building and worked on the facade trying to make the street
3:00 pm
look nicer and trying to bring value to the neighborhood not just the building and my neighbors across the street they voiced their concerns and we've had a code of conduct written in the lease to address hopefully most of their concerns and 4 off-street parking in the building and the building will is electric bikes we can put in electrical bikes and gilbert street has a mile within a mile of so many dense neighborhood that delivery the bike service brings it but out for people it is environmentally friendly and the south of market has been the hub of innovation great for startups that's why we think we're in a good location and
3:01 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> open up for public comment. >> good evening welcome the opportunities to discuss this evening i'm currently the president of the homeowners association across the street on gilbert street some of our residents are here today, we met with mr. screeniweeney pr or an that could be mitigated by the owners not no leverage for us basically the location of the building is
3:02 pm
at differentiated a narrow street might be two ways but cars parked on the south of the street at the dead end part there is a furniture business and at the end there is a truck delivery the nature between our building and the neighbors on 111 and the other street as well as ups and other types of deliveries the notion that building could house a dedicated delivery service is just horrible really the proposal to allow for four car spaces is nice that takes the cars off the street it only a two car garage wide so cars have to park two by two or in
3:03 pm
concert with one another at the time moment you cannot turn around without a 5 point turn and you add to that the potential traffic for 10 or 15 or, however, buses they have and stop we don't expect the business not to be successful especially with the cannabis use going through for next year no reason the business can't grow and next 10 or 15 cruise those if i turn into or four lanes of busy traffic like any other car would and the notion that that business will be at the end of our street is just ridiculous we've also had three or four
3:04 pm
break in and one six 1 has any security potentially it can be a security risk for us the operating hours between 8 and 10 is great but primarily the primarily business is to be between 4 and six or 8:00 p.m. thank you, sir, your time is up. >> if the commissioners have questions they'll ask. >> good afternoon. i'm a professor at the university of california of san francisco i'm a homeowners live across the street into the dispensary at the 160 gilbert the street i live on has 3 condominium buildings nonetheless you get the impression it is only
3:05 pm
commercials there is only one warehouse the other businesses have their fronts on a completely different street i'm opposed to the dispensary i have nothing against medical cannabis it is about the delivery business as my friend pointed out we're on a dead end street the traffic is terrible scott wagner having any delivery of traffic in and out that will destroy the quality of life that is negatively impacting not an empty space two businesses and those businesses park on that side of the street it says no parking any time i want to reiterate whether there is a car parked illegally it creates problems we've had problems with the businesses and a delivery
3:06 pm
business will make many situation much, much worse for us the last thing i'll say we met with the owner and he left hand to what we had to say as a matter of fact his own crew that did the reconstruction his entire crew parked under the no parking any time the notion he was respect and lived here my whole life to be cooperative i don't believe think thank you for your time. >> good evening. i'm alexandra watkins a homeowner on gilbert street across from the business for 21 years.
3:07 pm
>> i have no opposition as i don't think we do with cannabis as a business at all for a fact, in fact, i make card carrying marijuana for folks cannabis great delivery services fantastic but in that neighborhood at the end of one lane dead end street and dead-ends not with a round circle it is a gate like 5 point turn to turn around and if there is a car pafshthd in front of 161 gilbert street it is enforceable to make that turn so it is very problematic the additional of an enforceable street will be impacted by a state of delivery service vehicles there's electrical
3:08 pm
bicycles or cars and keep in mind that will have to be by people that get to gilbert street in a car or hope on a bike i implore you before you make a decision in favor of that i ask you drive down the street it is two miles away and you'll see for yourself how hard to get there and you'll encounter some kinds of problems to get there i want to say that the street can't accommodate two vehicles passing each other so i implore you to please reject this and take a trip down
3:09 pm
there drive down there and try to make that turn you'll see why it is so hard for us to accept them as a no way neighbor. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> high my name is clyde i live there and . >> you've spoken already. >> but i can keep is quick i'm here to voice my support that to oppose this particular initiate the fact that is 45 apartments on the street and 9 off-street parking that's it so if you can imagine in our minds eyes the things and other traffic i'm a parent of two small girls another little boy
3:10 pm
in the building or and a number of children in the part times and so thank you, commissioners for taking the time and that's what i want to bring up at this stage. >> is there any additional public comment? >> neither here or there public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a question for staff the zoning service light industrial what's the other types of uses that can be housed without any type of permit. >> the current use on the application was listed as vacant but the also legal was an office with storage space so starting
3:11 pm
that use will not require approval and then other uses. >> light industrial can that be manufacturing or repair. >> this is one of the western soma one of the indignity a spin-off of the s l i that previously existed no soma so things like light manufacturing, industrial, some business service uses things like that and there was an added emphasis for arts and any kind of artist will be appropriate here. >> so if i wanted to open up a printing press that delivers on the hour for stop downtown whatever they need for coffee and things would it be good in
3:12 pm
there without any type of permit. >> correct. >> the question foreclosure the project sponsor someone brought up in the public mr. allen you'll say no dissension indication of use what did you have to back up that. >> just in terms of the people that or working between 15 and 20 people that work there. >> excuse me - ma'am. >> hold on please. hold on. >> i was told. >> we're dlooish. >> when you say employees currently in delivery serviced. >> there will be an densification but not cars going in and out. >> the number of 4 collectives will total how many. >> 15 or 20 and the number of patience or members. >> the numbers will be in the
3:13 pm
hundreds i guess. >> this is direct delivery to the patients or to the dispensary. >> a lot of it will be innovation stuff like that the bicycles that deliver directly to the patients we want to rent to like standup businesses creating new cannabis businesses. >> the collectives themselves will have hundreds. >> we have mcds all the time and could be essentially in the thousand. >> yeah. i mean, i on the delivery will be primarily towards downtown not ambitious but not trying to serve the whole region the businesses will not be doing delivery at all. >> i'll than pass to in a
3:14 pm
second to other commissioners i'm struggling with we can open up a business that delivers virtually mo' magic that is serviced there and now another business to a different standards i get worried about the other mcds we've had collectives say how many painters the thing can grow very, very big and still cause an issue with the people in the unclassify district i'm worried about the number of deliveries densification of the street and i'm not worried the cannabis but the quality of life and the impact the businesses will have. >> and when this project was designed that was take into consideration like the four parking spaces the employees can park in the building and not
3:15 pm
take up street parking doing a delivery that. >> so the bikes themselves we don't know how many electrical bikes where do they park between the deliveries. >> inside the building autopsy there will be 6 bikes we're talking about. >> half a dozen bikes. >> thank you. >> was this the site were there was a auto businesslike that. >> (inaudible). >> okay. thanks and staff how about hours of operation and would that help to mitigate the concerns of the neighbors if he limited the hours of delivery services. >> the city code limits between 8 and 10:00 p.m. and they'll not deliver between the
3:16 pm
hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to limit the traffic impact. >> so they'll only be. >> early morning and late night and taking inventory in the morning and delivering between 6 and 10 and. >> p.m. >> correct. >> just do clarify has to do with with the vehicles coming in to deliver the product to the space like every morning potentially every morning a car may drive in and do a drop off and leave that's not happening during the normal 6 hours the peak hours correct in the evening would be you know after work i guess when the bikes are busiest i doubt at 10:00 p.m. anything happening in the delivery by his side of
3:17 pm
the business what are the peak hours of operation. >> in delivery or businesses. >> probably not until you know 10 or 11:00 a.m. until 7 or 8 clock at night and not a lot of high volume in the day people are at work. >> to the neighbors then is there a consequent the auto traffic and the truck traffic and employee traffic and all the above in one grandchildren the others would the hours of operation change our thoughts about the location. >> someone. >> to will be all the above and the hours of operation will not change our point of view a number of things in our buildings a number run their own
3:18 pm
businesses out of the building traffic at any time of the day is horrible you've asked questions about that space that was originally a meat packing company mr. screeniweeney curre car company. >> all of you live in the same building. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask a couple of other questions and has to do with with the land use culpability for many years under the strong leadership of mr. meekly could talked about the transformation ♪ area there was always a strong support for residential being adjoining and supported by small business that are compatible
3:19 pm
with residential for the people that clinch or do certain kinds of things are eyes on the street and their neighbors equipment working people that can coordinate and live next door to residential in in particular case i feel an inward looking high security operation i'm uncomfortable to a dead end of the street my biggest concern is that since november 8th we had a whole new discussion in front of the of us how we're under two different sets of regulations on mcd and as others or at at some point when we are more versed in the the subject property we'll look at them with equip i minor modifications about one and the other in that area of uncertainty
3:20 pm
frequency adjoining land uses, etc., etc. i'm concerned we are rushing towards something ♪ area he personally building that the parcel where it is requires a higher and better use that's really more an actual business or higher densest i'm not interested and unfortunately hardly ever seen mcd that - they're all don't secur don't *
3:21 pm
perjuring can't port in probably temporary but i'd like to have us together whether or not you're in the industry but hope we have more certainty i don't have that certainty at the moment >> commissioner vice president richards. >> when the meat packing company was there were you living there please. yes. i was living there we had a wonderful relationship they'll take deliveries in the morning and, yes had to navigate around them they were open and stop and let us go by a wonderful relationship if i were given the opportunity to take them back i would. >> how many deliveries did they have. >> - i don't understand how they operated they'll are a delivery come in i don't know
3:22 pm
how anything went out we never saw any. >> can you come up to the mike. >> if meat goes in arrest or cows. >> it was deliveries once a week on monday at 6:30 in the morning. >> 6:30 go to work and once a week. >> how did it go out that went out in that same truck. >> once a week. >> yeah. >> it was light traffic. >> all right. maybe the product the kind you can keep in a week. >> i don't know more than that. >> i'm uneasy making a decision based on what i think is too much speculation
3:23 pm
open-endedness we don't know with the densification looks like the effect is i'm on the line but concerned too much open-endedness. >> commissioner melgar. >> i sort of echoing the concerns of co-sponsor but i want to go back to the issue of what is permitted on the stays it seems to me the delivery of a bike not the problem but the delivery the product going in that creates a traffic jam but anything that is permitted in that space could have that impact and even worse so, yeah i'm wondering if you know by taking care of this issue you know god permitting it for the neighbors not opening up the
3:24 pm
doors for anything worse. >> looking through the code they talked about the expansion of the existing general commissioner industrial industries with an emphasis on the arts activity any kind of business that would make and deliver products is in support of what the sally district can side in this particular operation they'll be delivering and their dense on product development it seems like like the types of mcd the medical cannabis portion will be largely consistent with what sally permits ♪ instance >> the problem is the delivery they have to have something to deliver other than the bikes and
3:25 pm
the neighbors had a good relationship with a form occupant i don't know work they can't come up with - there's something not working with the relationship okay i'll leave it at that commissioner johnson. >> yeah. thank you i don't know. i agree i feel like something that is reading wrong this space this type of uses into the space i won't rehash it but one one of them requires a level of traffic unless - to get people in and out to get product in and out and to me looking at the facts i really see this is a a question of discussion of conditions of approval and maybe talking about limiting the delivery days with certain days not 5 or 7 days a
3:26 pm
week i don't understand why there will be a blanket moved to not approve the project or support the project are in terms of medical cannabis a larger discussion but the larger discussion is more about the drernlz dispensaries where tare selling retail on site and how we'll regulate this is much more of a back off of usage i would prefer the conversation went in terms of how to structure the conditions of approval to make sure that project didn't undully impact the neighborhood in ways that other businesses might not i mean, i support the project unions why or why not to continue.
3:27 pm
>> part of challenge the kind of fine-grain zoning it hits the western selma is supported by d mo to the south and to the east and adjacent but further down towards the end of the block r e d mixed and sally on the other side they looked a fine-grain when examining those parcels when the plan was adapted. >> i'll make a larger argument about it project i was sitting on the commission when we approved the office building on townsend and is going up right now i think that is actually important generally speaking we keep the sally w mo spaces opted out and businesses otherwise the next conversation is how they'll be demolished and developers
3:28 pm
will talk about how they're vacant and no one there but if this business that interests to figure out how to work with the neighborhood any business will have people coming in and out. >> commissioner koppel. >> yeah. i'd like to agree with commissioner johnson's comments still acknowledging all the concerns to the neighbors and also this is somewhat of a scope residential neighborhoods taking into consideration and the fact there aren't this is not a flagship for the neighborhood you want to have on a street wouldn't the dead end of an alley be the honestly the better
3:29 pm
place not to take up a highly visual location on brandon or location be a good location for this type of business granted we can talk about any conditions we want to impose and you know make this better but that's my thoughts on the overall situation. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> so i guess the gentleman read what the zoning is for but the security company having businesses how does that purport with that is this an illegal use. >> the how much of the current uses office and how much is dedicated to the service they
3:30 pm
fix alarms and things any physical product. >> the security will supply and service with skthdz all over the city and like in uber you get a security guard you you know them and get security consulting they'll give you a full on security service the whole space is used by them. >> why not just let them keep on going. >> first, we tried to develop the says that the other commissioner said we're being approached by the developers and for us we're trying to get added value and keep the development in the location you know older the alleyways in san francisco are so unique and beautiful i don't know we want to bulldoze and have a 20
3:31 pm
thousand square feet building i'm trying to figure out a way to keep the building and make it attractive. >> what will happen to the secured company. >> theirs in the process of expiring. >> question for staff so the cannabis dispensary didn't want to go in there but i want to put a wine manufacturing business can i do it. >> if they want to do it i can dial-up with a bike no special permits. >> correct a change of use permit. >> yes. their appealable. >> it would be subject to dr if this is within. >> - i guess i'm sensing from some of the other commissioners that given the fact that this is
3:32 pm
not a big disparity between artists and wine company and we should craft this with controls to limit the quality of life for that is impacting the further of the residents across the street given this is residential. >> commissioner moore. >> what you're describing is fine the only thing you're not seeing is the fact that for the right company the doors are wide open the windows are wide open anybody can peak in not the same this is a introverted because of the nature you can put diechldz or whatever provides the security the nature of this building we're not in holland's not a cafe to drink our tea and
3:33 pm
get our stuff and this is part of basically my seeing you this is a secured warehouse that's why the analogy of our wine company if flush because it is not i'm concerned that by the nature it has an element to it i personally don't believe offers easy to the street it didn't offer neighboring relationships with anyone and an unanimous business and needs to be secure that's what i personally didn't believe is xhafshl living on a residential alley we have people on the western frontier to do
3:34 pm
that that's my perspective. >> commissioner johnson. >> i want to see what you're saying commissioner moore but when i look at the s l i si zong the uses are not intent to be the pedestrian retail businesses they're much more sort of industrial in nature when i look at the met for that commissioner vice president richards came up with with the wine that sort of zoning you'll not get a glass of wine for tasting it is barrels in the back that's it nobody in the building so i guess i mean, i'm not seeing the difference
3:35 pm
this one is 4 corporate in under the staff city attorney their work and that's it - that's why i come back to the conditions of use because of site characteristics with a single sort of single lane very tight in and out and just the fact the entrance of the building is not on one street but the smaller street to me that is about conditions of usage i'm not seeing 24 of other businesses that would be allowed on the street. >> i wanted to comment i generally don't have a problem with the type of use here but understand the close proximate i
3:36 pm
am not - proximity but again i'll put pressure on the task force to try to complete some of their work before the proposition was voted on that may or may not shed a little bit of light but make our jobs a little bit easier those are any comments and urge the task force to complete their analysis. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> when we see mcds security plan a lot of information i don't see a lot of that here so you know and the neighbor crossing will i have guards across the street or cameras. >> not much more the cars will drive into the driveway will
3:37 pm
there will be activity inside of the building but not a presence outside. >> i'm leaning towards wanting to support this, however, i still think there is too much open-endness. >> it is open - the number of deliveries and customers and patients that is going to impact our ability to craft control around this use in that location. >> the operator is here having a small service he operated and can answer that specific questions about the delivery. >> i guess what i'm looking for with 4 cooperatives i want to see their business plan. >> see mo' magmore i'll conti maybe more information we got a
3:38 pm
memo last week and can see before we see what is going on with prop 64. >> we're following the only code. >> the building is leased there are people if it now no economic qualm we get a little bit more information i'll move to continue to - >> recommends some things they might suggest to mitigate the impact we'll completely open. >> (multiple voices) and show them. >> i think the focus on the project to have a high delivery but to create an r and d like an
3:39 pm
incubator. >> like oils and testing. >> you know when we see the mcds and break down the product level this many i want to see something more so we feel comfortable i look to move to continue it to february - wow. february 16th >> i mean ultimately in that type of permit the type of use there can't be manufacturing going on or anything like that it is like a development in the that mcd an actual mcd under the health code it the product development and packaging that is not like manufacturing take place or cultivation. >> i think one of the things
3:40 pm
we can craft or take a dr to do a continuance draft this much square footage into this type of uses and this much is delivery rather than just a blank piece of paper. >> yeah. those types of businesses none of them on their own is large enough to sustain a stand alone business so three or four working cooperatives together in order to get a space in san francisco and may not not the most lucrative business the market has forced this so i think you know - the market will dictate they'll do an r d and maybe locations and creams. >> that's one of the things that concerns me we don't
3:41 pm
understand where the market is going and all of a sudden a big there's not number of patients and deliveries if we understand that more we might say okay this many bikes whatever but a big open-endedness we're putting it in the right place with the right controls. >> we want to keep it as officers. >> i move to continue to february 16th. >> i like to push it out more with the high schools i believe we need a little bit more asking other people to advise us and have him prepare a more detailed plan in response to the questions given we're basically in the holidays so i'll say march we have - and it had been
3:42 pm
upon us to make decisions i want us to have more misguidance on the the subject property matter. >> will we have foblz by the task force. >> just to remind us the actual the ability to open a cannabis business will not be available until january of 2018 the state has a licensing procedure so on to be honest that is unlikely to have clear regulations proposed by the february or march. >> the thing concerns me we allow it for cannabis and those are things we don't know about. >> commissioners you can do
3:43 pm
things when you get the additional information from the sponsor you could suggest changes in hours of operation and delivery times and have a report back in 6 or 12 months to see how it's working a number of things to try to make sure that some of the issues on the street are addressed. >> and there's in terms of the timing the new state law that recollects medical cannabis is going into effect at the end of next year so all cannabis businesses need to be permitted to quality. >> they'll not be available until january 2018. >> my point is like those types of businesses if they don't get set up now they won't qualify for state licenses down the street. >> by january 2018. >> so they would if we pushed it to march second, 2017 a
3:44 pm
that's fine. >> a picture. >> yeah. yeah. we're okay. >> and you know if you know if - i talked with any client and from the delivery components that will potentially urban design holding up this project that's a small portions that have project they'll be willing to not make the deliveries out of that if it makes sense for this commission maybe. >> was there a second on the continuance so i know where i'm at. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i don't support a continuance but hope the sponsors will consider i don't know it means not deliveries i believe deliveries on in sort of business but not deliveries everyday and see if that works for the cooperative businesses 3
3:45 pm
days a week we can get far down the road and other businesses like operations and noise and other thing about go along ways to helping here not supporting the continuance but hope that will be stated. >> for clarification is the continuance until march second. >> march 9. >> commissioner moore that will be good for us a commission to ask mr. schmidt to wrote us a paper to give us a challenge of thoughts and questions in addition he know eave gotten a call from dbi their intensely working on considerations looking at ahead and kind of asking questions and also looking to the task force there's a lot of attempt to talk about to each other with the - for the benefit of what we're
3:46 pm
populated to decide which is supportable but miter listen to other commissioners have discussing and starting to bring up. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think good reason for a joint meeting with deploying this issue and the demolition so maybe something on the action item lace. >> an informational what are our thoughts an challenge the broader ideas with the agencies to be developed into the types of code amendments and guidelines in the future but at least we're aware of it. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to i'd like to thank to continue this to march 9 commissioner johnson no commissioner koppel no commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president
3:47 pm
richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to two with commissioner johnson and commissioner koppel voting against. >> okay is there any general public comment this evening? okay not seeing any, the meeting is adjourned in honor of mr. -
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
>> san francisco is known worldwide for its atmospheric waterfront where spectacular views are by piers and sight and sounds are xhanl changing we come to the here for exercise relax ball games entertainment, recreation
3:52 pm
market, exhilaration a wide variety of contributions easily enjoyed look up the bay the waterfront is boosting for activities boosting over 25 visitors every year the port of san francisco manages 7 may have million dollars of waterfront from hyde street and fisherman's wharf to the cargo terminals and name shoreline the architecture like pier 70 and the ferry building is here for the embarcadero and a national treasure the port also supports 10 different maritime industries alongside with the recreational attractions making san francisco one of the most viable working waterfronts in the world
3:53 pm
but did you think that our waterfront faces serious challenges if earthquake to damage the seawall and the embarcadero roadway rising seawalls will cause flooding at high tides and major repairs to a safe many of the piers the port is at a critically turnl point time to plan for the future of san francisco's waterfront this year the port is updating it's marts plan the plan working group to invite a wide variety of poichdz from the city and bayview and other advisory teams to share their expertise if intense and maritime operations the waterfront land use plan has guided the use and development
3:54 pm
of the lanes for the last 20 years major physical changes take place along the waterfront and now is the time to update the waterfront plan to continue improvements that will keep our waterfront vibrate, public and resilient the biggest challenges facing the waterfront are out the site an aging seawall along the embarcadero roadway and seawalls that will rise by 21 hundred to provide and productivity of tides seawall is built over weak soils and mud the next earthquake will cause it to settle several feet without the urgent repairs that will damage the promenade and other things we've been fortunate over the last hundred years less than one foot of seawall over the next
3:55 pm
hundred years scientists say we'll have 6 feet of seawall rise imagine the pier 30/32 will be floated, the embarcadero will be flooded our transportation system is fog to be heavy impacts unfortunately, the port didn't have the financial resources to repair all the deteriorating piers let alone the adaptations for sea level rise. >> it is clear that the port can't pay for the seawall reinforcement or deal with the sea level rise on its own needs to raise money to take care of the properties at take care of the maintenance on the properties no way absent anti funding the issues of sea level rise or the schematic conditions of seawall can be development. >> as studies talk about the
3:56 pm
seawall challenges the working group is look at the issues please come share our ideas about recreation, pier activities, shoreline habitat, historic preservation and transportation issues and viral protection. >> we know this planning process will not have one question and one answer we need the diversity of the opinions how people feel about san francisco waterfront and want to hear all the opinions. >> the challenges call for big decisions now is the time to explore now and creative ideas to protect and preserve san francisco waterfront. >> now is the time to get involved to help to shape the future of our waterfront. >> we need the debate please come forward and engage in the process. >> this is your waterfront and this is your opportunity to get involved be part of solution
3:57 pm
help san francisco create the waterfront we want for the future. >> this is really to dream big and i think about what our waterfront looked like for all san franciscans today and generations to come. >> get involved with the planning process that will set the fraction for what is coming at the port. >> find for in upgrading dates on the ports website. >> (ship blowing horn in distances)
3:58 pm
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