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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 121416  SFGTV  December 15, 2016 10:00am-2:01pm PST

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>> there is one problem, it seems like it is a excluded place. they have the fire department that will get possibly injured. i looked and
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said wow, there is no snow under them. >> thanks. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comments under the general managers report. at this time members of the public may address the commission within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and do not appear on the agenda. with respect to items you have the opportunity to address the commission when the items is reached. i have 4 cards i will call them off. jill, dee, sally and kelly. come on up.
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any order. jill, dee, sally and kelly. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> thank you. good morning commissioners. >> good morning. >> the [inaudible] areas program will have us believe this plan you will address is all about "saving endangered species". they made statements about 50 loss of bio diversity in the plant program, but i want to clarify something, enfact the plant itself required monitoring of only 8 species of plants. zero or endangered, threes of locing concern which is lower than federally endangered. three
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are california native plants society to be listed rare, threatened or endangered in california but more common elsewhere. two are on the california native plant society level 4 which is plants with limited distribution. i like you to think the trade off and monitoring of 8 plants and worthy selling 18, 448 healthy trees mpt the other thing i like to speak to is the concept and that is the concept oft bio diversity. saving bio diversity is the linchpin which tries to save bio diversity in the remiant areas but the response to come, the final eir doesn't define what bio diversity is nor the draft eir or management plan. by inserting the word native into the employed definition of bio
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diversity the meaning the term is high jacked. all trees and plants whether native or not native are part of our local bio diversity like people from everywhere are part of our sit a's diversity. adding the word native to bio diversity demonizing native species. the urban forest are part of the totality of variation in san francisco and have been all most 150 years rchlt we believe all trees and plants whether native or not native are part thof local bio diversity and valued. we traced the definition in the sustainability plan which was fed into the sin ramp and eir and came from eo wilson they say but says biediversity is the totality of all variation in life forms of earth. we believe that native and non native coexist together like pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and
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part of what are now called by scientist novel forest eco systems and these eco sestm provide essential services for all plants and essential to our bio diversity. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> sfgov tv, video, no audio. ime rrp here today speaking on behalf of families and rpd gandner grounds keepers regarding the elth issue associated with exposing to the cancer causing chemicals you introduced into san francisco play areas. i'm addressing the lack of posted chemical warnings add these sites. we
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experienced the tragedy of a oakland warehouse fire. what makes this pertinent and city officials have known qu down ployed the raisk for years. former mayor brown as a city leader you assume sth people with this responsibility are doing their jobs. this commission along with the rpd nurt deuced to public parks thousands of tonls of chemical mixture who pfs count is found by the state of california as a prop 65 xhemical known to cause cancer. you continue to do this without posting warnings as to the it helths risks. this is sth same mixture we see in the video being treated by san francisco children like it was sand as they walk bear foot in it, throw it in each others face and place it in their mouths. as they breathe in the harmful chemtuals under the
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gaze of their caretakers rchltd if your intention is replace the fields, years down the road this does not mitigate the ongoing chemical exposers imposed every day on the intsent users of the neelds. the national list of cancer victims associated with exposure to these chemicals continues to grow. i heard the commission and rpd justify the actions by bragging you increased field usage. even if you take such a claim at face value, this means you also increased the amont of exposure time as to the toxic chemicals for thousands of lives. i once again ask for you to take as steward the obvious step and that is at the vaer least post prop sick 5 signs at every entrance at eerfb field that contains the chemicals so sth users less willing than your
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suvls to expose the children or grand children to these chemicals are given a reasonable chance to make a informal decision. multiple federal ages have taken concern regarding the chemicals and use on the fields rchlt these incluseu scpa, national statute of health kines, consumer product safety commission among many others. the state of california continues its own study which wont be concluded for years from now. this-thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. my i ask you to speak into the m oorks c. >> my name is jill, i'm a parnt of two kids and who go to outdoor education schools and
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the glen park southern neighborhoods. this is one of them, this is pharyn my son and i'm here today to ask you to think strongly about the herbicides in the parks. i put my kids in outdoor schools because i believe in outdoor education and children having access to nature and i came across as soon as my sons school started i came across posting signs they were spraying round up and garllen in the different areas where my kids are playing and i started a petition last year and got over 12,000 signatures and these kids-i was with them ipschool yesterday and all the kids were picking this sower grass, which he is eating now and they are picking it and putting it in mouths and making
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daisy chains and this something kids do naturally and i know it is policy tospray pesticides on these plants and i like to ask you guys to reconsider that and maybe think of coming up with a policy to prohibit the use oaf herbicides in the public parks because they should be for the public and enjoyment of families over everything else. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hi, commissioners. sally stephens and if you wonder why the [inaudible] program is so unpopular with people who live near the parks with natural areas in them i like to give two examplesism grainview park which is a hill top in the western part the city, surrounded by houses-rec and park planted a ice plant which is the only thing that held the sand in place, nothing else
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worked. when the [inaudible] program took control of all of grandview park the first thing they did is [inaudible] sand started to drift to the backyards of peoples who properties abut the park. they had property damage in the backyards from the sand and the neighborhood association meeting and couple years-a number of yoors ago, lisa wanes respaunss when they asked what can we do about the damage is there is no spaunlt to anything that happens outside the park. when fish and wild life tried to [inaudible] franciscan manzanita discovered in the doyle droiv redue they included land in glen canren. when the fennel version of habitative r
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was released included 3.2 acres were added because [inaudible] asked they be added. the problem is sth added land is not rec and park, it was peoples backyards and the people who's yards they were were never asked if they wanted their property designated as critical habitat for the plant and stuck with the designation and it effect the property values. fish and wild life says we wont bother them but the realty is they could. never held meetings to determine which parks have natural areas, they just took control of 1 quarter thoch city parks and not been a good neighborhood to the people who live aroun the parks and will only get worse if they get the free rein the management plan gives them. at this pont is there is no accountability so encourage you to implement the alternative and protect the park neighbors. thauj.
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>> anyone else who would like to make general public comment as this time? come on up. >> tom borden, with sf forest alliance and just wanted to make you aware of one thing going on in rec and park and that is the department of environment, ipm rules are being violated. the natural areas program is spraying [inaudible] tear one herbicide to kill native plants and we have a video of it, i think you may have seen it. but, in june they sprayed like a huge amount in glen canyon park below the miro loma trail and the sign said they were spraying poison oak but it was coyoteee brush and sticky monkey flower. i took pictures that show a halo of death around the park. in
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the mairpwork for the next ipm hearing for reduced riskpisticide it is reported there is a up tick in spraying and attributed to poison oak along the trail in glen canyon. not only where they breaking the rules because the plants where not invasive and lied about it and reported as poison oak spraying so keep your eyes open for that. it is indicative of something we have seen over and over again and hope people will pay attention and get everyone to play by the rules. >> thank you. >> anyone else who would like to make general public comment. this is closed. we are on the
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consent calendar and i have one card for richard fong. >> good morning. i wanted to make a few comments about the [inaudible] willie wong chinese playground. there was found there were infrastructure needs, one way valving on the sewer system because blocked up tennis courts. that will be a big cost addition. there is another point in the sewer methods, i'm not a plumber or engineering you have >> student have good terrain because the building across the way sometimes has had many pluming problems so i'm troy toog look carefully at that. there should be make the money go up a little bit. there is
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part about [inaudible] on the cost part. i may as well get to the other part. on the other has to do with bridging of communities. i tried to put on facebook and not too good at that. i couldn't get the comment on it. [inaudible] women who are going to be the aquilizers of [inaudible] through the chinatown area. these particular people rpd woman, terri and all the rotary club, those kind of people want to help out bridging the community. there were a lot of supporting people of this particular rehabilitation project but there wasn't much talk about funding our fund raising and that type of stuff. i want that to come back into focus. there will be a lot of
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other people using this same facilities. children use it usually during the sum squr at other times they are not using it. the big point i want to bring has to do with lighting and the tennis court and the possibility of a tennis court. i looked at the plan and nothing indicated a tennis and that is a very famous court for people who got national ranking there. anything you have to do to include tennis of appellanting of the lines as well as putting poles into the ground so you slip in the other poles and pull up the net. if you did that and of course you have to cap it when the kids are playing soccer but if they are playing basketball they don't have to take down the net. that is something use frd the community and continue the support of tennis. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the poles are too high.
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>> any other public comment on this item? item 5, the consent calendar. being none, public comment is closed. commissioners. >> entertain a motion >> moouved. >> movaled and seconded all in favor. >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are on item 6, the san francisco zoo. >> powerpoint, please. thank you. good morning president buell and commissioners general manager ginsburg. thank you for coming outlet in the wonderful wet weather. in my office i have a meeting with someone named noah and if i see the animals lining up 2 by 2 i'm heading for high grand. i want to thank you on behalf the
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san francisco zoological and oversight you do make us much better. on a personal note, as a former resident of noe value congratulations on the town square. fantastic. last weekend part of our mission is one of the c is knhunty. last weekend-two weekends ago, december 3, we hosted one of the most incredible events, 15 oanniversary of the san francisco fire department with the chiefment we had over 650 people present and i know arfbd had a wonderful time and we were proud to be able to host this event and group of people so dedicated and also for many years in a row we partner would the fire department on the toy program collecting thousands of toys so thrilled to be a partner with the fire department. part of our
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conservation program we brought in two new birds. it is called the bali mynahs the male is from south carolina and fenail from the miami zoo. this bird is critically endangered in the wireld squewoo are part of the acasa program which is the species survival plan to help protect this bird. in fact, san francisco zoo conservation efforts are vast and this is one of 32 ssp's just within the aviary department the san francisco zoo has. this bird is only found on the island of bali so thrilled to be a partner with the ssa program. if you come out to the zoo, i think you all seen our 3 female
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mand rill's. we have a male, his name is badgeo. his face is bigger and has the blue color. he is a incredible animal. they are getting along well and hope the family will also be growing in this exhibit. starting in january ewoo will have a docent class. every year hundreds of docents help support the zoo with volunteer efforts through thousands of hours and can't do it without them. they are the ambassadors of the zoo. on saturday january 14 we will have docent orientation if you know anyone interested or yourselves in spare time of course and beginning february 5 we will have a new docent training program that starts and lasts several weeks. we thank you the docents for all
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their efforts. wroo mobile. last time i was here about 4 weeks ago qu showed a picture of the new zoo mobile that we have out in the public. sinss then we partnered with san francisco unified school district with this program to enrich the science programs and already vized 38 title 1 classrooms with additional 24 that are currently scheduled for the spring months. if you have any ideas of schools and chasss that would love our program please let us know and happy to bring out zoo mobile to the classes. additional growth at san francisco zoo just in the last couple weeks we added babies. new infants at the zoo ft, top right is one of the new howlers so there are two of the primates in the
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discovery center on the far left exhibit said. there is simang and next is the howlers. yes, those are the ones that howl. if you live nearby the zoo you will hear them a good half mile away. additionally, in the lower left we have a new kudo caf that joined us november 30 waying in at 30 pounds so come out and see as the zoo continues to grow. we talk about global connoisseursation. consurivation from san francisco zu zoo that wnt to churchmill hann togueo to look what is happening to the polar bear population. wurbing with the program called the polar bear alert program. the one thing you want to note especially when we talk in the narrative of climate change, thiss is end of november and you see it is dirt so should be
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a lot of snow at this time. this program that i mentioned the polar bear alert program goes back to flaen 80 and they collect bears that are huh rassedments to society and put them in jail. luckily there are zoos such as ours as part the conservation efforts to take the bears. hulo the bear who is 35 years old came from this facility 33 years ago. she was a bear that gout into peoples garben and she and sister and mom broke into a house so wnt to jail but is part of san francisco zoo 33 years. it is great san francisco zoo can look at the programs and work with the groups. another interesting conservation group, our lead vet graham crawford is trying
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to protect seberal differentagys in the lemur. the communities are very impoverished and using lemur as nourishment. the reason for that is chickens, the population of chickens have been diseased ovmany years so he has worked over the last 8 years with this incredible team to vaccinate the chickens of madagascar to make them ed #b8. this has incredible global impact so we have been work wg the mad gar car vaccine development and harvard school of public health and 3192 chickens have been vaccinated to save the speess of lemur. winter zoo camps have a few
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openings so if you want to help support the camp or during the holidays make sure that the kids are out of the house. please snd them to san francisco zoo and we are happy to take them in. as yoi know, santa claus lent us bell, holly and perp mint for the reindeer romp. they are on site have aggreat time. reindeer come from the north pole, here is a side note useless trivia they are a semi domestic species the care bu. just recently they were reintroduced into scotland extinth since the [inaudible] finally zoo lights begins tomorrow night, december 16 through the 30 accept for the 24 and 25. please join us filled with hundreds of
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thousands of lights and food and music and will have a great time and the weather starting tomorrow will be perfect. that conclude my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners, this was discussion only, so we are now on item 7. let's play sf approval of the agreement between the rec and park defarmt in san francisco parks alliance in acceptance of the grant. >> good morning, lisa bran stn,
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director of partnership in rec and park. thrill #d to be here for a mile stone in a project we have worked on for some time with the parks aliness. this comes out of the department strategic plan in the areas of strengthage existing park facilities and cultivating increasing philanthropic support. not only will this be a vast improvement to the city's playground but a major milestone working with parks alliance and the first major capitalcome pain the department has taken on with the nuf organization formed 6 years ago. so, you'll see in the staff report that we are asking for three commission actions. that is a slight variation from the agenda language because with the direction of the capital committee, we decided that we will take the related agreements to commission, so what i'm asking for today are discussion and possible action
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to approve the mou between the rec and park department and the san francisco parks alliance to partner on the lets play sf initiative to renovate the 13 playground in san francisco prioritized as most in need by the failing playground task force. aproouv the grant agreement between the deparnlt and park alliance the parks alliance contributes up to $15 million for the playground renovation and number 3, recommend the board of supervisors accept this grant of $15 million encash and in kind contributions. i just want to back up and start how we got to this point. this process started with the 2012 bond which was passed by more than 70 percent of volters and it had a pool offunding of $15 million to renovate playgrounds in san francisco. when the
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bond passed in partnership with the the parks alliance the department convened a task force in 2014 to prioritize the unvenvited playgrounds. the task force consisted of park professionals, community and children advocates and other stakeholders. the task force met for 6 months and ultimately selected 4 criteria for prioritizing unrenovated playgrounds. those were the presence of wood treated with carpine arsenic, low hosehold medium income, high use density sthof neighborhood and low grades on the parks alliance playground. and so the playgrounds that wnt through that filter ended up with 13 playground you see on the map in front of you. i did want to emphasize the selected
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playground coved the vast geography of san francisco. so, why do this? first of all, play is important. play and playground are transformative for chrn and for neighborhoods and for communities. this project will impact nearly 20,000 children who live within a quarter mile of these 13 playgrounds and hope it will impact more and also the generations that come after the children living in these neighborhoods now. and also partnership is important. the city cannot do this alone. the $15.5 million enthe bond is enough to deliver we believe 6 playgrounds. if we want to do all 13 playgrounds which we very much want to, then we need to have a partner and we need
10:47 am
private philanthropy. in 2015 the board voted to initiate a campaign with the department and we are moving forward on that. in addition to working together on the felon thopic campaign, the department is hard at work renovating the first 6 of the tier one playgrounds. merced heights and sergeant john mu collie playgrounds are having community meetings now. i believe they both had sthree. washington square park had three community meetings, there is community consensus on the scheme for the playground and i expect that sometime in the next 6 mupths there will be a concept plan for your review and approval. and then there are preliminary studies in process before the participatory design begins for the second 3 of the first 6
10:48 am
tier one playground. that is [inaudible] panhandle play grown and john mclaren at the picnic areament that brings us to today which is next step formalizing a partnership. we ask to approve the grant agreement to recommend the boardf supervisors accept the grant and approve the mou between the department and parks alliance on how we'll partner on this project. so, to start with the grant agreement, here is highlights. the term of the agreement is 8 years and then the grant agreement defines a general use of funds for the initiative and playground budgets will be developed on a project by project basis. only private funds will be used for campaign expenses including park alliance staff and playground related special events qu the goal is $10.75 million but we seek approval to accept up to $15 million in case the parties
10:49 am
decide to seek more private funding or the campaign is wildly success sfl, which we hope. this grants agreement maintains city authority over public funds and tier one playgrounds will be prioritized. this is the general preliminary budget for this nisative. expenses for tier one are based on cost estimates by the department as part of the early planning process. expenses for tier 2 are estimates based on departments general experience renovating playgrounds of the size and scope of the 7 sites. the parks alliance campaign staff and expenses will be funded privately. the sources as i said are the 2012 bond funds. there is some other public funding that is designated mostly for tier two
10:50 am
playgrounds from public sources including general fund allocations and community opportunity funds allocations that the communities applied for and award by the department and then of course the philanthropic dollars from the campaign. and then for the mou and related agreement, the term in the budget are the same as in the grant agreement and the tier one playgrounds are prioritized. so, this document is really roadmap for the partnership between the two institutions and it includes general terms that the department requires of private partners on capital projects. the support from the parks alliance is expected right now to include three general forms. one is cash grants, two is in-kind grants of playground design and three is in-kind grants for construction. there
10:51 am
are 3 grants that receive private support #23r5u78 the parks appliance and these agrooments follow the form of standard partnerships between the department and private entities when we partner with inprivate sector for capital projects. i want to emphasize that everything in these agreements is addative to the regular department practiceess around capital projects. all sth projects will come to commission for approval of the concept design, the award of any contract that contains public funding and in addition at request of the capital committee the department will provide twice a year updates on the initiative so you can track the progress. the commission will see expenditures through the cost estimate that come with concept design, tracked award approval and through the mupthly financial support from the capital division. that is
10:52 am
where we are. i hope you approve these items and i am happy to answer questions. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> do we have public comment on this item? come on up. >> good morning mpt rachel norman ceo of the san francisco parks alliance and thrilled to ask you to approve these fwo items. this marks a huge step forward for us as a organization, for our relationship with the department and for kids in san francisco most porntsly. if we are able to raise all the funds we hope to raise to renovate all these playgrounds, 20,000 children will have a new updated play space in their neighborhoodss kwr we will have eliminating the problematic wood from play spaces in san francisco so i think it really is a very worthy project, it is really exciting for us and the next step for us in our
10:53 am
evolution as a organization. i want to just note there were question raised at capital committee and want to be clear we respect your need to have oversight over the bonds funds and see this as a partnership and philanthropic endeavor to expand the reach of those public dollars. i think the changes made in the agreement since the capital committee reflect the concerns and will add additional transparency as requested. gym the board chair at the capical committee wasn't able to be here today but spoke in support and our board is unanimously in support of this initiative and think it will be a great think for san francisco for us and for you so urge you to-thank you. >> thank you. commissioner low. >> before we do that is there any other public comment on this iletm? >> seeing none public comment
10:54 am
is closed. >> commissioner low. >> i just want to thank the department on and particularly lisa bran stn on enduring sessions of drafting and redrafting the mou. it is maybe something lawyers enjoy but not those responsible for fundraising. it does address the concerns we raised at the capital committee particularly around reporting and accountability and believe this agreement does reflect the concerns addressed and raised at the capital committee. i did review nancy werefulls e-mail that came in yesterday which really was parallel concerns on reporting and accountability and those are adequately addressed in these agreements. >> keep going. [laughter]. >> was it the lawyers comment you didn't like? >> does he need the chairs
10:55 am
permission? >> nancy waterfolds e-mail and it already addressed and think the revised agreement in her e-mail so think this is reflective of reporting accountability and the status reports that will come to the capital committee every 6 months, so i think this is adequately addressed and is in the form for approval. i also want to see my fellow commissioner mcdonnell who wants to speak and want to acknowledge he put a lot of work in into the failing playgrounds initiative and commissioner harrison and that work will come into fruition as the public bond money for tier one are prioritized and come online first and see the failer playgrounds fixed soon.
10:56 am
>> thank you. commissioner mcdonnell. >> thank you. thank you so much. i want to add my thanks to lisa and staff and rachel and team at parks alliance and then most especially the members of the communethy who participated in the failing playgrounds task force. one of the most encouraging elements of the process i was fortunate to participate in, was how actively our community who are coowners of these spaces that we are looking to invest in engage in the process and really exciting that we are able to begin to fulfill against at least implied if not explicit promises of making the investments so this is a exciting moment to move this project forward. thank you. with that i move approval 6789 >> second. >> before i call the roll i want to add my congratulations to staff and park alliance and
10:57 am
particularly comment that there has been a long journey to try and solidify one park partner and to make that partner as good as it can be and i want to congratulate the alliance on their board and staff selections because i think they raised the bar to a level that the philanthropic community can look with great confidence at their ability to deliver and can look to the staff for their ability to design and construct, so kudos to everybody and with that it is moved and seconded. all in favor. >> aye. >> hearing no opposition so moved. >> we are on item 8, the annual capital plan for fy 2018. good
10:58 am
morning commissions. i'm here to talk about the annual capital expenditure plan. for a long time there was a practice holding a annual capital fair. that fair was poorly attended and we have taken this opportunity in the resurrection of this requirement to have a annual capital expenditure plan and hope to start not just once a year conversation. i hope we can celebrate what has been a extraordinary decades worth of work and that we also start
10:59 am
ongoing conversation that my hope is over the next year in particular to start using capital committees and opportunities to talk on more deeply about specific topics relevant to the way we deliver our capital projects with a eye towards general obligation bond planning. with that i want to make today the start of that conversation. this is a unusual timeline that i have on the screen. it isn't included with the chart but talked about it at prosac. this shows the investzment in san francisco parks since 958 with focus on general obligation bonds. as you look back the dark green circles represent bonds that passed and the lighter green
11:00 am
represent bond that were pulled together but never paz passed by voters. back at 1958 you see the amount och investment adopted by the voters and invested in the park system was pretty minimal. we have a small bond for $15 million in 1959 for the palace of fine arts. and is a $37 million bond-these are todays dollars for park irrigation. general bond for $38 million in 1987 for rec park and focused on golden gate park in particular. in the 70's or the late 60's a effort to pull together something for parks. four efforts all of which failed. i think there is a important story to be told about the importance of planning and
11:01 am
account #7b89. prior to the adoption of 10 year captop plan. if you have money and resources you can go to ballot. it resulted in a hap haders how we made investments. the result is for 50 years we barely had anything. that resulted in most of the facilities particularly the buildings came online in the early 50 and so you saw the aging out of the system without a replacement plan. that need build up to the point that then parks council and many other parks advocates feeling there was a crisis for the quality of our facilities did initiate a bond in 2000 and that was $110 million general obligation bonds for parks and no other restriction accept the funds shouldn't be spent in golden
11:02 am
gate park. that is the first investment in 50 years. there wasn't a planning capital division at rec park so that proposal was pulled together through the democratic process largely driben by squeaky wheel planning and resulted in a spectacular mismatch of expectations what was delivered. we were able to leverage another $3 hundred million in other funding sources against the $110 million bond it left many people a bad feeling about our audibility because we praumentsed the park sestm would be renovated with that one general obligation bond. in 2006 two things happened, there is a 10 year capital plan put forward by the city which begins to sequence a series of general obligation bon to meet the needs so the needs drive
11:03 am
the proposal rather than where with all. at the same time, the rec and park department created a planning and capital division. they were separate and i became the department first planning director which is tarifying to me given we are the largest land owner in san franciscoment we created the planning unit and the city adopted a 10 year capital plan and made the clean and safe neighborhood parks bond the first project of the 10 year plan. since thatd time, our bonds have passed at huge levels. actually not just within rec and park but the city as a whole. we have seen the passive of more go bond in the prior decades since and major investment not just in parks but public health and public safety. i think it is a important story and this can the bed rock of that 10 year
11:04 am
plan and our own bond planning is a lot of careful dulibative planning and expectations we create during the planning of the projects and during the campaign and attending to the dlivy of those projects making sure that the expectations established in the public whether through task force like the playground task force or bond planning process those are clearly spelled out, that agreements are articulated and we monitor the implementitation of the promises. we continued to do that and now have over $300 million in investment we continue to manage and now we look towards 2018 as the placeholder for the next general obligation bond. that being said, the plan is flexible, it 10 year plan and we do expect there to be conversation whether the bond
11:05 am
occurs in 2018 or 19 to accommodate other needs. i look flward working with you over the next year to talk about what that process will look like. revisit the lesson learned of what worked for us in the 2008 and 2012 delivery and how to roll the successs in the next plan and learn lesson particularly around cost escalation and budget practices to make sure we are wem prepared to meet public expectations. these are just before and after to show the transformations we have beenable to make using our bond program. this is joe demauz row playground, before. this is after. this is chinese recreation center. >> dawn, can you speak into the mic. >> sure. the other important thing that doesn't get
11:06 am
discussed about our portfolio works is this a chart that shows all the projects completed in the past decade and it is over 450 project said. they range in size from the extremely tiny to our largest projecttened to top at about $25 million. the $30 million in the marina the largest and chinese rec are about $20 million. 80 percent of the projects are under 2 $2 and a half million dollar. the quhalg is unlike large project which you have all the same problems but less flexibility about how to respond and think that requires the different administrative strategy how to dliv the praunlects and aults as we move forward and think how we build budgets and manage
11:07 am
them, more conservative approach you may need if you manage a portfolio of $30 million projects. as we look at the past decade of work we look over a billion dollars of investment made and this include again some of the larger investments. things like the zoo for example. projects that are not-under our jurisdiction but not administered by us. ovwellming the money comes from the go bond program. one thing that dif rirchiates the rec park capital program from others is the amount to which we use private philanthropy and grants to help support our work. so, i think katey presented at the
11:08 am
capital committee for this years submission for the budget. it is over $15 million and continuing to focus on differed maintenance and differ maintenance needs we haven't been able to address in the capital program. like forestry and court resurfacing and irrigation improvement. future years i think these streams of decision making will be merged and this was our first run this year and our deadlines were out of sync and hope we will produce a more formal glossy report for submission to the board of supervisors as the charter requires in mid-january but this data will be included as part of that. with that, happy to answer questions. >> do we have public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner harrison. >> yes, dawn i have been around a long time and lived through most of what you reported on.
11:09 am
>> yeah. >> and i am astounded all those years prior to your coming on and creating this division- >> you created the division and hired me. >> you put it together and made it a breathejug living thing and absolutely great. i'm very impressed. thank you very much. your staff and you putting that together, we are lodge clael using our money. now. correctly. >> yes. >> i really appreciate it and thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. commissioner harrison the senior member the commission? >> i think-- >> she was around in this day and age as well. >> through this whole process of- >> maybe the same time did you come at the same time? i think so. >> i was talking about prior years when i was working-
11:10 am
>> he does have seen orty, doesn't he? >> thank you. >> if i can thank the commission. i have [inaudible] capital programs and think a great thing about the rec park commission is the fact there has been real ownership of principles and that partnership has made our jobs infinitely easier as we troy to do the smart thing over the long term and balancing against the crush of current day relentless interest we face so i think that partnership is very important and look forward continue toog build on it in the coming year. >> thank you. with that, i believe there was no public comment. we will entertain a motion to approve. >> so movaled. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor. >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are now on item 9,
11:11 am
general public comment continued. anyone who would like to make general public comment who didn't comment under item 4? being none, this item is closed. 10 is new business agenda setting. any public comment? public comment is closed. commissioners, any comments? >> none. >> 11 communications, any public comment? being none, this item is closed so we are on 12, adjournment. >> so movaled. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? >> aye. >> so moved, thank you very much. [meeting adjourned] -
11:12 am
11:13 am
>> san francisco is known worldwide for its atmospheric waterfront where spectacular views are by piers and sight and sounds are xhanl changing we come to the here for exercise
11:14 am
relax ball games entertainment, recreation market, exhilaration a wide variety of contributions easily enjoyed look up the bay the waterfront is boosting for activities boosting over 25 visitors every year the port of san francisco manages 7 may have million dollars of waterfront from hyde street and fisherman's wharf to the cargo terminals and name shoreline the architecture like pier 70 and the ferry building is here for the embarcadero and a
11:15 am
national treasure the port also supports 10 different maritime industries alongside with the recreational attractions making san francisco one of the most viable working waterfronts in the world but did you think that our waterfront faces serious challenges if earthquake to damage the seawall and the embarcadero roadway rising seawalls will cause flooding at high tides and major repairs to a safe many of the piers the port is at a critically turnl point time to plan for the future of san francisco's waterfront this year the port is updating it's marts plan the plan working group to invite a wide variety
11:16 am
of poichdz from the city and bayview and other advisory teams to share their expertise if intense and maritime operations the waterfront land use plan has guided the use and development of the lanes for the last 20 years major physical changes take place along the waterfront and now is the time to update the waterfront plan to continue improvements that will keep our waterfront vibrate, public and resilient the biggest challenges facing the waterfront are out the site an aging seawall along the embarcadero roadway and seawalls that will rise by 21 hundred to provide and productivity of tides seawall is built over weak soils and mud the next earthquake will
11:17 am
cause it to settle several feet without the urgent repairs that will damage the promenade and other things we've been fortunate over the last hundred years less than one foot of seawall over the next hundred years scientists say we'll have 6 feet of seawall rise imagine the pier 30/32 will be floated, the embarcadero will be flooded our transportation system is fog to be heavy impacts unfortunately, the port didn't have the financial resources to repair all the deteriorating piers let alone the adaptations for sea level rise. >> it is clear that the port can't pay for the seawall reinforcement or deal with the sea level rise on its own needs to raise money to take care of
11:18 am
the properties at take care of the maintenance on the properties no way absent anti funding the issues of sea level rise or the schematic conditions of seawall can be development. >> as studies talk about the seawall challenges the working group is look at the issues please come share our ideas about recreation, pier activities, shoreline habitat, historic preservation and transportation issues and viral protection. >> we know this planning process will not have one question and one answer we need the diversity of the opinions how people feel about san francisco waterfront and want to hear all the opinions. >> the challenges call for big decisions now is the time to explore now and creative ideas to protect and preserve san
11:19 am
francisco waterfront. >> now is the time to get involved to help to shape the future of our waterfront. >> we need the debate please come forward and engage in the process. >> this is your waterfront and this is your opportunity to get involved be part of solution help san francisco create the waterfront we want for the future. >> this is really to dream big and i think about what our waterfront looked like for all san franciscans today and generations to come. >> get involved with the planning process that will set the fraction for what is coming at the port. >> find for in upgrading dates on the ports website.
11:20 am
>> (ship blowing horn in distances) mdm. clerk are we go? >> call to order. roll call commissioner adams, here. brandon, here. kounalakis, here. katz >> she will be here. we have a quorum. >> approval of the minutes. >> moved and seconded. >> >> second. all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? >> this will be delayed until the next meeting. there are no minutes. >> okay. that's fine. we will
11:21 am
go to public comment on executive session. any public comment on executive session? seeing none, public comment is closed. mdm. clerk >> executive session. >> moved and seconded. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? we are now in executive session 5 min. after 2 pm. >> >>[closed session] >> item 5 reconvene in open session. >> i moved to reconvene in open session >> >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? >> i move not to disclose anything in close session >> second. >> b weber >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? >> next item. >> pledge of allegiance. >> >>[pleage of allegiance]
11:22 am
>> mdm. clerk >> >> item 7 announcements could please be advised somebody's telephone prices are prohibited at this meeting the chair may order the removal from the meeting room many person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone and pager or other similar sound producing electronic device. please, be advised a member of the public has up to 3 min. to make pertinent public comment on each item, each agenda item, unless the port commission adopts the short period of time on any item. item 8 of the comments not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment
11:23 am
on any items not listed on the agenda we seeing none, public comment is closed. mdm. clerk next item >> >> item 9 executive director support >> good afternoon. i'm elaine forbes executive director of the port of san francisco and my first item to report is on november 19 one of our very own commissioners, vice president commissioner brandon received a very prestigious award from the san francisco naacp for professional and excellence achievement professional and business achievements. the san francisco naacp is committed to pursuing diversity and reaching the next generation of civil rights leaders. it's really no surprise to me that commissioner brandon received
11:24 am
this award. for those of you watched the commission closely, you know how howard commissioner brandon works to ensure our own contracts accrue to local businesses here in san francisco following the spirit of the obe speed is to show what also works very hard to see that our port activities connect closely with the neighborhood. the neighborhoods here in san francisco. she also mentors port staff. so i am sure that what you do here on the commission goes on to the other aspects of your business life. we are very very proud of you to director actively honoring you today can we want to express our appreciation and we also want to express the appreciation of the larger city family. so i've a proclamation from pres. lyndon brinkman i'm going to bring it over to because president adams is going to help me.
11:25 am
>> the city and county of san francisco proclamation in recognition of the san francisco naacp professional and business awards tuesday, december 13 2016 whereas the city and county of san francisco traditionally recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and made a positive difference in the lives of san franciscans. i am pleased to recognize kimberly brandon vice president of the san francisco port commission and wealth management morgan stanley senior vice president and whereas the commissioner brandon's leadership the port of san francisco has been instrumental in fostering international trade relationships with sisters reports which including participation in delegation to the people's republic of china, vietnam, argentina, chile, ghana, and mexico. whereas, and
11:26 am
eight of of san francisco has dedicated her career to social justice and economic empowerment commissioner brandon always prioritizes our cities underrepresented communities, citywide community outreach efforts, including promoting diversity staff time and contracting to ensure the port is represented of the city and county of san francisco and whereas commissioner brandon's years of experience in celebrating diversity and advance the quality for our city residents especially in underserved communities, makes her a model residents an exceptional recipient of honor from the naacp and whereas by bringing countless good ideas to like commissioner brandon has been committed and dedicated to addressing the and doubt naacp's mission to ensure that political educational
11:27 am
social and economic equality for everyone she is an unsung hero who was worked tirelessly to improve our diverse communities and our cities now therefore on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i, london breed president of the san francisco board of supervisors do hereby recognize the breath of her career and on behalf of the san francisco branch of the and of all acp and the entire city, london breed president of san francisco board of supervisors on tuesday, december 13, 2016 kimberly renne next there will be a 20 year commissioner by the longest-serving commissioners in san francisco. a true hero. >>[applause] >> commissioner finn and would
11:28 am
you like to say a few words queen >> no. >>[laughing] i'm at a loss for words. >> okay. >> i'm going to get it together. anybody that knows me knows that i don't like to the limelight i don't like direct recognition. i do it what i do because i do it for my heart. so i really appreciate it. thank you. >> you are welcome. >>[applause] >> commissioner kounalakis
11:29 am
>> it so your work is so important to our city. the , you do a wonderful job commissioner using your experience and your knowledge and almost 20 years of experience on this commission to deal with very complex and important issues that come before us to read their basis. so bravo to you and thank you for your service and to be continued during >> thank you >> i would like to say that when i came onto the commission five years ago commissioner brandon reached out to me and a partner lifelong partner tim is here today and kim is a lady that works very diligently. 20 years of experience. she's an inspiration to this commission she speaks very highly and one of her goals was the development of the southern waterfront and now that it
11:30 am
starting to take place: i think about someone who put in almost 20 years on the commission you went through 3-4 mayors and she is constantly delivering i think she's very solid and very committed to what she believes in. this year when i went to through the process of ad hoc committee when we were looking for a new port director, kim right partner, she gave up her whole summer like i did, in the pursuit of excellence to find a good director for this port tomorrow for this community and for the people and i can only think of for her friendship and loyalty and she's very honest with me and as you all can see, that i'm really outnumbered i have for women commissioners and eight port directors avail number and maybe that's a good bounce but i just want to say thank you and it's okay to keep me on top of my game. i just want to say, timidly, so proud of you. thank you. it's just
11:31 am
sure service. it just so many people that benefited from that in our latest deal with [inaudible] and hopefully when i get up and running that are being district 10 not be of close to 100-125 jobs in the community, for district 10 resident. just maybe we will take guns and we will take bothers in the negative things that a lot of these communities and we will be able to provide jobs and its kimberly brandon her vision and pursuing and making sure we provide jobs and economic empowerment for the community. thank you. >> thank you >> thank you we know we don't like to be the limelight because we found about this on accident. >>[laughing] we are glad to do this retroactively. congratulations. >> thank you >> next item is regarding monofilament fishing line stations. i want to let everyone know on november 21 the port have a small president
11:32 am
with activist judy arvind she's a filmmaker known for the telegraph hill. here to celebrate the monofilament fishing recycling stations that we installed at key locations along port property. while it's a small effort it's very important to wildlife year. the fishing line recycling stations will help keep our wildlife safe and all residents to continue the use the port as a recreational fishing venue. i'm very proud of the environmental stewardship of this port and this is just one small example of the work we do get so huge thank you to tom carter, tim felton, and kristin--enter maintenance division that actually manufactured the recycling stations themselves. the next item is to provide some good news to the port commission and the public relative to our national park service term sheet get on november 29 04 board of supervisors endorsed the term sheet for agreement between the board of san francisco national
11:33 am
park service for a 30 year operative agreement and to 10 year renewals to invest and improve piers 31, 33. as you know using this project and you sent it along to the board of supervisors endorsement is a key milestone in the multi-year effort. the goal is to keep alcatraz on port property and develop a much higher caliber facility for the public and we are now well on our way. we expect to be back mid-2017 with two leases for you your review. and special thanks to byron mark rebecca-j edwards and rona center we keep along and progress is swift. i now would like to ping your attention to bae ship repair. bae san francisco san francisco ship repair has been a port tenant since 2005. in 2015 this port
11:34 am
commission approved a 20 year lease extension get since 25 bae has performed well for us and ship repair has been very important business line for the port and we've extended drydock two, insured shoreside power to reduce pollution to bae is a large company and they operate major shipyards in norfolk virginia and san diego. recently there've been some market changes which have made bae less competitive and less profitable here in san francisco. notably in portland they opened a new shipyard. as a result bae has become not profitable and has reached an agreement to sell other san francisco operation to leah moraine. leah is a small company with the facilities in bellingham and tacoma washington. they do have a 20 year record can they have a very good reputation and they
11:35 am
believe because they are a small, neither be able to win federal contracts that bae cannot win due to federal subsides and their overhead is substantially lower than bae as a small company. so they believe that they will not experience the headwinds that bae faced your at the shipyard. they also will honor all the terms of the bae lease and all the collective bargaining units that are in place for the workers. port staff is reviewing the purchase sale agreement doing due diligence now and will keep the port commission and the public abreast of our progress, but we are excited about this new chapter in san francisco ship repair. okay. now that brings me to the california association of port authorities annual meeting that was held november 29 at i attended a meeting with peter dailey and i
11:36 am
want to let the public and the port commission note that west coast directors met that day to talk what the priorities of port and ensure we are rowing in the same direction. one of the key things that capitalism went for california ports is creating a narrative all the benefits that the ports by to the economy and streamlining the legislative request both at the state and federal level. it was a very twofold meeting and it's very meaningful to have our port rep represented among this group to be sure that were lobbying in our interest. okay. now at this time the port commission would like to recognize and congratulate carolyn corrigan the president of blue and gold fleet. carolyn is retiring at the end of this month after a 40 year career in the san francisco eight maritime industry.
11:37 am
gold fleet is the largest passenger belt vessel operator in california caring pre-point 7 million passengers this year with 97% on-time arrival. i wonder if there's any other public transportation facility that could mark those kinds of on-time percentages. carolyn was raised in new york but then she settled in the bay area. she is someone who worked her way through the ranks. she began with crowley maritime initially answering phones and she was soon loaded to a dispatcher. she correlated vessel movements organizing crews supervised maintenance and ensured all the boats ran on time. she joined blue and gold in 1997 when they acquired much of crowley ferri and tour boat fleet as well as key staff. in 2012 as she became president of blue and gold fleet after working her way
11:38 am
through the ranks under her leadership blue and gold operates ferry services for cities such as opened out of meeting and a ladle as was the water emergency transportation authority. carolyn is an absolute pleasure to work with you she loves the industry. she is a fierce woman in the maritime industry which is always great to see and she is a true friend of the port we will miss her terribly and i would like to please congratulate her and we have this okay with blue and gold ribbon. >>[applause] >> carolyn, i let a couple talk and i'm going to save the best for last. that will be held in good then veronica than anybody else that was to speak to i think that is monique
11:39 am
moyer back there? x executive. hello, bonnie. she's the one i raised her hand. welcome, monique. ellen? >> good afternoon on ellen johnck cochair of the maritime commerce committee and am pleased to bring some words of tribute from the maritime commerce advisory committee as was my own personal thoughts about carolyn. this is a great day for maritime with the recognition of kimberly. i think that is wonderful and now carolyn. you know, when carolyn i think of you and we think so many people maybe have a stereotype of the maritime industry get a lot of hard scape infrastructure metal con concrete, wood, hard lines but there's a big heart on the waterfront. and a lot of charm and you are the embodiment of
11:40 am
that. that is my first thought. of course, my second, you mentioned in your remarks, the superior performance of the company. the customer service and your dedication to the public and say, we are going to run these votes on time and we are going to deliver a great product which only the port is basking in. the port can only reflect the glory and the shine of that operation. then i want to thank you for your dedication and constant attendance at the and cac. your such keen insight and intelligence and she was there ever sale and when we had to the board of supervisors are couple years ago and you have just been there all the time giving the strength and vigor to our whole maritime industry.
11:41 am
so i want to thank you. i'm going to miss you so i hope we see you up and down the embarcadero. thanks so much. thank you. >> thank you, alan. veronica? >> mr. pres. members of the commission veronica sanchez offering words of appreciation and thanks on behalf of of the master mates and pilots and i think i can speak on this one for my sister marina on behalf of the ibu was having their holiday party today. they can't be here to join you. you have heard about these statistics on legal and gold standing in terms of number of passengers and it carries and its on-time rates, but i would like to add another important statistic in that under carolyn's tenure at blue and gold, it is now one of the largest union operators at the port of san francisco. the mmp alone has 175 employees
11:42 am
right now at blue and gold and in addition-that ranges from captains to the customer service reps to the people that work in the box office and of course our sister union the ibu has the deck hands. as a speak with our members they unanimously say new and gold is a union company today because of carolyn oregon because of her persistence commitment to providing employees the best station and wages and they 08 lot of gratitude to her. additionally, the crews will say that there are a lot of guys and women who owe their jobs to carolyn because she stands for giving people a second chance which i call that the spirit the embodiment of
11:43 am
which-was always about. giving people a second chance at a motion, she is always setting her own example of moving up the ranks of the company from dispatcher to president, she is set that example and so now we have deck hands, people started as the cancer no captains that has promoted the most diverse workforces of people of color that i've seen on this waterfront. so carolyn has been there as a problem solver for our cruise, as a compassionate person. they respect her and if you know something about maritime, the crews they don't respect a lot of people. >>[laughing] especially the captains once they're in our wheelhouse. they are in charge with a respect carolyn and are very very grateful. finally, i want to add add my personal thank you and appreciation to her because i had the privilege
11:44 am
of working with her for many of those years and when i was at the port i would remember the cup that phone and saying we need up over a public tour to promote the waterfront and she was always there without boat or just to listen and to be there when we needed to advocate or we need a letter of support. so thank you very much. >> thank you. i think i see our former port director, monique moyer could welcome. >>good afternoon pres. adams vp renne commissioner, welcomed the things my first commission meeting with you and is honored to be on this side of the dais. thank you for having me. dir. forbes it's great to be back. first of all congratulations commissioner brandon. outstanding really well deserved. i to come today to honor and say thank you to my
11:45 am
friend carolyn from blue and gold you for some great things about her purse from a vein than from veronica and of course from our always president : and we are wearing red for good luck for you but always but good luck for you in your next event. the waterfront as we all know is full of big personalities. it's also full of quite confident small personalities. i would pick carolyn in the latter. she is someone who has quietly gone about her business and gone about it extraordinarily well for four decades. are we announcing a quick okay, good for many decades. and has been a great honor to everyone. really glad veronica mentions her partnership with her employees and her colleagues but she has really moved the needle forward. she has been there for the port over and over again to every situation
11:46 am
that has been called upon whether it is been for fun on fleet week or for fun on the america's cup or whether it has been for tragedy which i won't go into or whether it just in response to a strike at bart or impact on the bay bridge. those are really long gruesome hours but i have to say always found comfort when i would see carolyn go marching by my office day after day very quiet pursuit of good health and exercise and probably the key to keeping her good cool calm. so i echo the sentiments of the speakers went before me in all that she is contributed and carolyn it's been such an honor and privilege to work with you. i think you for all you did for me personally. all that you did for port tenants and all that you did for the port sap but also that you did for the bay maritime community. so i wish you happy sales, strong winds behind you and blue sky in front. good luck. >> is there anymore public comment? please, dana come up.
11:47 am
>> i just want to take the opportunity to salute these two women of the waterfront. the mission or brandon and carolyn. commissioner brandon, you been the beacon that is really guided the port for all the improvements and transformation of the southern waterfront the open spaces and the jobs. just the way the community and the port commission of and able to work together over the years having been there to watch you and to be guided by you just want to express my appreciation for all that you put into your job here over the years and carolyn, i don't think i can exceed anything that's been described for all your contributions. all i can say is that in her retirement really glad you're staying on the waterfront plan working group. and you will keep teaching us. so thank you very much. >> commissioners, and port
11:48 am
sap, i hope you will indulge me. i've written a little ode to carolyn. cheers to carolyn as she gets ready to retire. it's been 43 years and maritime industry since he was first hired. who would've known that boats in the water would capture her heart. was a job of secretary and dispatcher where she got her start. from red and white fleet to blue and gold, carolyn continued to learn and thrive working in a man's world made her, alive. she's a feisty determined and strong little gal. i'm so very proud to call her my pal. i laugh and sunny disposition can light up a room could however don't cross her that she does not forgive and forget soon. with great respect i will bid her ado. she always brought to light a new perspective a new point of view. carolyn loved the boats, the water and her hard-working
11:49 am
crew. yes, she also loved the glass of chardonnay or two. it's a testament to carolyn towns and her dedication i do tell. we will miss her great sense of humor and sharing speeches under her watch new and gold is performed extremely well. it's a testament to carolyn or talents and her dedication i do tell. we will all miss her great sense of humor and sharing it laugh or two. traveling walking and enjoying her grandkids is now what she's destined to do. so glad we had the opportunity to work together over the years. i offer my heartfelt congratulations in front of your peers. in joint of this new exciting chapter of your life it may be good filled with good health, happiness and not an ounce of strike. congratulations. >>good afternoon commissioners
11:50 am
to j edward senior property management carolyn, have the real estate division i can't tell you how many times we've had to give you a call with not always the best news and sometimes that's part of her job and you take it so graceful. you've always understood is that there listens . you offer good counsel view helped us to solve problems. way to partner in every way for the port, for the community could you serve on the sustainability community which i chaired for the fisherman's wharf community benefit district you should've the countless events. social events. you have such a great team with you. every time we interact with your organization, we really positive experiences and we are going to miss that. there's no replacing that no matter what you do and thank you so much for everything you brought to the port to the city of san francisco and to our organization. >> is there any more public comment read i'm kind of looking
11:51 am
straight ahead but am wondering if the new president of blue and gold is he going to say anything? i'm calling him out. >>[laughing] >> thanks, commission. so we had quite a few events for carolyn over the last few weeks. wishing her fun farewells and i think said this last week when we were having a little get together for her. from my standpoint, i hope people that only a that a similar upbringing through the company starting and working my way up and so carolyn and her boss made the decision to put me in charge and i think her so much for that and the trust she put in my-the faith in the two leading organization going forward. big shoes to fill. carolyn, you have been a mentor, a friend, an educator
11:52 am
for every day that i've known you. i told you last week i only had two bosses at blue and go. first one is my father. the second one is obviously mice appeared thank you so much. it's been a wonderful ride and blue and gold suite is really on the correct course because of you and i can only just hope i can steer the course correctly going forward. >> thank you. any more public comment? if not public comment is closed. the woman of the hour, carolyn. >> so i will a commissioner danaj don't really like public speaking. i just want to-i just over 10 say thank you so much to the ports. this denigrates career. i love the waterfront. i work with wonderful people. that is can do his next optional job i've no doubt. i think that working with the port i think we've always thought of us working together
11:53 am
to an end and i think that's why we've worked really well together. i feel like i've been so lucky. i've worked with such wonderful people in such a wonderfully industry. thank you very much. >> commissioners, any comments? >>[applause] >> so i am the newest member as you know but it sounds like you're going to be staying involved in the waterfront group so that's great news and i will be looking forward to seeing you around in your retirement. thank you for your service. >> i just want to say congratulations and you will definitely be missed. good luck on your retirement. >> clearly, carolyn you're retiring in a blaze of glory and clearly we all oh you a debt of gratitude 43 years is a long time. i do know if we can ever say thank you but i'm glad were all alive today to be able to say that to you. thank you so much for all you have done and the true test of a leader
11:54 am
they leave other behind it will to carry on and pat will carry that torch. he has it and i know you'll always be around if we need you for advice and stuff like that. you may retire but you will never retire from being involved in this port and the waterfront. this is your life and a lot of wisdom and we will always call upon you for your wisdom and your insight and please enjoy your family. just once again, thank you so much for everything that you have done. we appreciate it. thank you. >> okay. the last item is the schedule of the port commission meetings for 2017. i want to call out that it's attached to the agenda and list all of our 2017 meetings. please take a look and plan accordingly. that concludes my report. thank you. >> thanks. any public comment on the executive directors report? seeing none, public comment is closed. mdm. clerk next item >> item 9b port commissioners
11:55 am
report >> i would like to start off. either heavy heart today. it's a tragedy [inaudible] the ghost ship warehouse in oakland with 36 young people lost their lives. there were staff members and part of the staff family that had friends that died in the fire. i think about myself that i've lived a lot of my life but a lot of those young people were just beginning to live their lives. last week sen. feinstein presented a resolution 637 about the loss of those 36 lives and our prayers and hearts go out to the family. mayor libby spencer avenue in the city of oakland
11:56 am
said there is no time to blame which is sad to know it's more than them grades than people. so as we reflect when we adjourned we will adjourn in the memories unless my colleagues have something to say like of a moment of silence for the 36 victims perished in the fire on december 2. >> >>[moment of silence] >> may they rest in peace. i will finish my report and i make it brief. then i'll yield to my fellow commissioners if they have something to say. november 21 we had congressman jared huffman. the port. we
11:57 am
were glad to have him. we had bread listen, steve and director forbes and daily and congressman hoffman wanted to know what we were doing with sea level rise and port sapping presentation and he was really interested, have a lot of input to say about that good you made it clear that the port is under reader poses jurors that he will work with leader allows eight and congressman-having to do what we can do. i think brad and steve did a great job of explaining and showing him what can happen with sea level rise if we don't get out front. then we had an opportunity to take them out on a tug we showed him the waterfront and he gave his input. he also talked about is getting going after more grants that he wants to support the port of sport san francisco pier 80 and congressman hoffman
11:58 am
is an environmentalist. so we really cares about the environment and things like that. it was just really good to have him here. so i'm hoping in the spring when director forums since adulteration with the chamber back to washington dc that we will lobby on our issues and he understood that. i think we have to continue to invite our congressional delegation i know director forbes has an invite out to incoming us sen. kamala harris and others to come down to our port so they can understand the importance of of the port of san francisco in this region and how we need this money. we don't know when this new government takes place what is going to happen. but one thing that has been said is they may cut back on grants for sanctuary cities. we are century city and we make no apologies about that. so is la and a lot of place. we are
11:59 am
hoping there's a lot of rhetoric being said but we need the funding for our port for sea level rise and even though it might be 2 billion if it was a disaster and we do nothing about it may be looking at seven or $8 billion. we need 3-4 things on that list and we need to go after it. i just want to update you on what we are doing as a commission. we are time to be proactive when not sitting around to install lori for cells could the port of stephen has to keep moving forward. recently met with the port of oakland. we had lunch. director forbes chris light of the port director from there the president of the port commissioner and the vice president and myself and leslie katz. leslie started that and we even talked about looking at san francisco in oakland as a region because were not in straight competition will get they are a container port were more of a boutique report that has all type of things but we
12:00 pm
have to look at our interest in northern california. so as i said i don't know what the dynamics of the politics are going to play out in washington but i know that for this region we have to go out and take care of the things that are vital to the port of san francisco and we need to infrastructure with the sea level rise, tiger grandson whatever we need to do to help our piers that a phone in and look after this review we even talked about maybe at some point to in a joint port commission meeting with the port of oakland and the port of san francisco and not looking at each other as competitors but looking at each other as trying to be on the same page to move forward to a friend and maybe director forbes and director-out of open baby they can sit down with the new secretary of treasury determinant, alain troutt and talk about our issues that are important to northern california. we've got to be very strong about that eight no apologies. we have to keep the look after our port.
12:01 pm
colleagues, commissioner danaj or commissioner kounalakis? >> in the essence of time i will leave my raise my >> okay. mdm. clerk next item >> items on the consent calendar 10 a request approval three amendment the 2016 port building code resolution number 16-45. 10 b request authorization for the port executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the san francisco they water emergency transit authority for the planning and particularly of the missionaries very limited resolution number 16-46. item 10 c request authorization to advertise for competitive bids for construction contract number 2784 b. 23 roof repair
12:02 pm
project, resolution number 16-47. >> moved and seconded. >> >> second. >> any people look on 1645, 1646, six and 47 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, the favor all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? speak speak mdm. clerk that passive. next item >> >> item 11 a information presentation proposed 2017 state and federal legislative priorities. >> good afternoon commissioners. port special projects manager. i am here today in follow-up to our presentation of september 27 two layout the port propose
12:03 pm
legislative priorities for the coming of both federal and state. as an update as i mentioned we were here in september and ran through some more recent questions as well as what we are looking for prospectively. in the interim also we had the port federal lobbyists--and lori-come out and spend a day with staff going over there is things at the federal level and how we can move forward and help us craft our propose legislative agenda. pres. adams as he mentioned congressman jared huffman was out in november and [inaudible] minority leader congresswoman nancy pelosi. lord edmondson out for meeting with the port to review our activities we are looking forward for at the federal level. starting with our state primaries, proposed a priorities, our focus is really on the seawall and sea level
12:04 pm
rise. there is for some history in california california has shown itself to be a leader in recognizing climate change three piece of legislation. recently fitting greenhouse gas emissions targets new transportation policies and cap and trade. also greenhouse gases and setting additional targets out for 2030. the port has an existing ifp powers going back to 25 ip meeting infrastructure financing this. in 25 we sought successfully to set up these districts to allow us to capture tax increment [inaudible] like property tax in order to support his work preservation and infrastructure development for the port's assets. in 2010 we successfully sought extended
12:05 pm
powers for the pure pier 70 took associate at the moment capturing the state state increment to the pedestrian [inaudible] works out to be a quarter on the dollar. the project we are looking at for the seawall two-$5 billion for to adapt to sea level rise. should such a big number. i think everyone eight knowledges 20 efforts at the federal level, state-level and local level. so in pursuing the state share of tax increment california really has a chance here to become a leader in climate adaptation not just in recognizing sea level rise as we go out this would be the first urban area that has current flood risk that we would asking the state to step in and have an infrastructure financing district that is the seawall itself is an eligible use. so this is really our
12:06 pm
targeted its new legislation going to the to sacramento and going this year. the idea would be that was piers 70 legislation to capture the states increment on--and recognizing that this is such a big investment by the state to show local commitment we would be reporting to the california natural resources agency for oversight. really what we are looking at here to generate the tax and commenced be port the moment project we have several but really mission rockets went to the primary generator and nominal dollars, the contribution is estimated to be $213 million. potentially very big contribution it however it is based on the growth of tax increments we need to do it quickly otherwise be ace year where we start from will lose
12:07 pm
ground if the development proceeds to far before we are able to get started on this process. so to get their these are the steps were looking at. when he to find an author someone who's willing to carry a bill for us. we do expect that the state lands commission and bcdc are going to want to be actively engaged with us. we are expecting to conduct a robust fiscal analysis to demonstrate the cost of doing nothing is higher than the cost of the state weighing in and contributing the state share of--. coming in generate a set of briefings of those agencies the governor's office and then key legislative staff. committee staff in sacramento, legislative staff and give them a full tour of the seawall and let them know what were up to. give them the full breath of our efforts over the level rising sea level adaptation. so that's the seeing none, that's most of our push we do other
12:08 pm
things going on. earthquakes are not just for san francisco. we are hoping there will be a seismic safety bond that could be applicable to our sea level seawall which is really a piece of resiliency infrastructure not just sea level rise but seismic resilience as well. mission bay ferry landing ivory of the mayor's office. we have two sources of funds we are chasing after there. the first in partnership with the water emergency transit agency could three funds that are funds designed to believe really pressure from the bay area's bridge systems. so the exam we can divert passengers to fairies that is lessening that pressure and we think we ever could project there a good argument there. decapitate funds are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. we are looking to do the same,
12:09 pm
take cars off the road get people on fairies. lastly, we have a housekeeping bill for the housing some technical amendment would like to take to sacramento in this next cycle. moving on to the proposed federal agenda, the united states army corps of engineers is really we are looking to for the big pot of money. they've got a lot good it is a lengthy process, though, to get general investigation funding. there are four steps. you have to get authorization to study the problem. then you have to go ask for money to store the problem. then you have to get authorization to construct a fix and then you have to go ask for money to construct a fix in these legislation the authorizing these allegedly used to roll out every seven years. as you can imagine to get anything done your talk about a two decade, timeframe. congress has start to speed this up more hopeful we are
12:10 pm
hopeful were back on track for every two years. that sort of the pace of things. there is also smaller part of funds that dealt its discretion to the local army corps of engineers commander the continuing authority programs are we on one underweight of those as well get one with a local district for the seawall. so that is the process we are engaged in exactly the prospect where we are with our continued authorities. we are one of three projects that the army corp. of engineers just cannot in november with a report saying, yes, they agree there's a federal [inaudible] it's where to save the federal government more money than it will cost them if they execute this project on our behalf. so we are moving forward with them to conduct a formal study and figure out what the project will look like. in terms of the big big pot of funds, the seawall general investigation, that force the process i talked about them a the first of getting authority to study it
12:11 pm
for so we have windows already. was a broader army corps study from sometime back that satisfies that requirement. next up would be getting funding to study the problem and those anytime there's new money coming for a new project they call that a new start in the army corps. they're very hard to get. so without any certainty about windows funds might come online in the army course spanning three years to study a problem, though port is looking to sell fund that study move through the process and accelerated rate and it doesn't say this that much money [inaudible] but really to engage with them to make sure their review process that they can take what we can and mighty end of the day and accept it as it is and allowed to move to the next phase which would be to get into that next water bill to authorize the construction does. that is really the plan to be able to be ready for 2018 or 2020. that
12:12 pm
is the second bullet point. the first expedite review of the feasibility study that's working with a core on these other agreement that the state facilitate their being able to accept what we hand in. other source of federal funds to help contribute to the seawall issue. national park service and the internal revenue service. this has to do with historic tax credits intelligibly to build the seawall. fema has a couple different sources of funding that allow for work on seismic hazards and reducing the amount of risk in seismic infrastructure. department of homeland security office of infrastructure and that's new to us. we are looking into. the name sounds promising and a department of chance rotation has the ability to low
12:13 pm
interest loans should we need those to lastly don't port of the federal agenda agenda were proposing date this have to do with a superior central basin oscar batson so present on that in a minute. we have another pier removal project that if you recall there moving pier 36 to facilitate a larger development project could give another one in the hopper with the court but $27 million is what we are asking for and we can advance that as far as we can. we are hopeful we can get funding for the project. your client for tiger funds for the mission bay ferry landing and federal source and another grant source. the fast lane program which beach about the southern waterfront eco-industrial park cargo weight is what were targeting there to help facilitate moving a freight goods in the southern waterfront. then the port security grants which we have made our preference known that those state port only grants and they don't get diluted by being folded into a larger pot of funds. that's the proposed
12:14 pm
agenda as we put together. since the last meeting here. the next step would be to get your input make any adjustments. then take the product of that to the mayors state and federal legislation committee which meets tomorrow. so we are hoping-happy with what we presented and we can integrate your feedback quickly. thank you very much. >> thank you, brad. any public comment on 11 a? any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues? >> this is really-sorry about that. i'm going to try not to touch that. this is really helpful to have this kind of an overview and understanding what the priorities are what we are working on in terms of our activity and advocating for
12:15 pm
issues with state and federal government. so thank you for preparing it and i think would be great if we had some kind of- if not even quarterly update to all these things. doesn't have to take a long time but i think it's incredibly important and very helpful critically for the seawall project could my one kind of question just my own understanding is how exactly does our teamwork with the city team on advocacy? are you meeting with him regularly? is it more of an informal conversation? when there are questions like figuring out who offers legislation at the state level? ifd, is that our responsibility? do they do it quick to the lobbyists? how do
12:16 pm
sort of work together? >> will we stay in close committee sure the mayors office. they have a staff specifically for state and federal issues and they are the owners of the cities loving contractor state lobbying. generally for something like working looking for an author we would work through the mayors office consult with cpap ideas run it, consult with their lobbies generally to the mayors of the we do talk to them directed from time to time. usually, it's connected with the mayors office. >> okay. >> does that- >> it does. i will make sure were firing on also there's an maximizing the expertise here but also the members of the commission to get out and about in the community and i certainly know that as a
12:17 pm
commissioner and as a citizen of the friend, these things are so incredibly important that if i've have the opportunity to engage and to add my support for the things that the city is doing i certainly would be more than willing to do that so again it starts with being informed but i also just want to make sure particularly with the seawall that we are in particularly in light of the current political environment that is so uncertain that we are using all of our capabilities that we have our disposal to work on what's going to be very challenging but critical piece of infrastructure for san francisco. >> commissioner brandon >> brad benson peschel project
12:18 pm
we would like to take you up on that offer. the ask particularly at the state level for the state chair of tax increment the seawall is a big ask and california can be a leader in this but we are getting need your help in communicating that message on a. so thank you for the offer. >> i think we will all agree to help you in whatever we can because it's so important. thank you so much for this briefing. i agree with everything commissioner kounalakis said that this such valuable information not only us but the public knows what it is were looking for and what we need and can help us. i think the priorities laid out here are really good ones and now that we are all aware of them i think we can all work together to also make sure we can get funding for these projects. so
12:19 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner katz >> want to thank you both. issues near and dear to my heart and i agree with my colleagues. we certainly want to do whatever we can to be of assistance and help us as were out and about. i also think is really helpful having this report and perhaps i know not to put more on your plates but perhaps you could get an update x quarter on sort of where things stand, where we are with these various matters and then lastly as i look at the heavy lifting that's going to be needed with the seawall and given that it has such a significant impact positive if we do it right, negative if it is not, on a lot of the
12:20 pm
companies that have now located in the south of market area but wonder if there's some opportunities to also i know this not part of the legislative agenda but it does bring up the need to look at various funding sources and i wonder if there are some others that we might joke to public by the partnership kind of concept to get some more support from some of the headquarters that will be based there they'll be benefiting from our efforts to shore up the seawall there will have such a significant impact for them. you might want to get them in roles in both our legislative advocacy efforts and see if there may be some ways it might help with additional money. >> i know you guys been coming quarterly and thank you very much. clearly we know you guys didn't dig down into the corps of engineers for some money because they're going to have to hope us that this is some health code heavy lifting we also may need upon done alone but also the public that's your guy that's always been a certainly very helpful being advocates for talking to everybody and towing them in ringing the drum we need to be like paul revere, ringing that
12:21 pm
bell that says it's coming to live get ready i just want to say thank you i look forward like three months like scott about this helps us, too. i appreciate. very well done. mdm. clerk next item >> >> item 12 a request authorizing the executive director to enter into a project partnership agreement with the united states army corps of engineers for dredging of the central basin providing access to united states army corps of engineers for that purpose and waiting applicable competitive bidding and contract requirements subject to approval of the board of supervisors. resolution number 16-48 >> good afternoon again commissioned special projects manager. i am here to discuss
12:22 pm
the agreement with army corps of engineers which will allow us to at long last move the central basin project forward. just for the broader audience really quickly the pier 70 shipyard is the longest continuous operating shipyard on the west coast. it employs 250 skilled jobs, 10 maritime labor unions. it's a great picture the very ship turned out 1885 there was just 20 years after the assassination of abraham lincoln. the central basin itself, it is the driveway to the dry dock and navigational point of entry. 32 feet is the depth is been dredged a couple times but not very top difficult memory often because it difficult to dredge. currently has 26 feet and some spots more shallow than that. it does limit the size and type
12:23 pm
of vessel that can be accepted at the shipyard. it is a detriment to business. dredging in overtime not economical. it's just not something that the shipyard tenant has been able to take onto their books. neither has the port really. it is not itself part of a channel but it's adjacent to a federal channel. so how we get started with this. the conjoint authorities program which i mentioned on the legislative agenda. that is a couple of different small programs that miguel is delegated to the district get the 107 program has you with navigation. and 2009 i wrote for then a second director on the boy at the first letter of request for assistance to the army corps of engineers under this program and soap we are pretty far into it. it started just under the first years of the obama
12:24 pm
administration. talk about two years about the initial federal interest determination where they decided that it really is worth more to the federal government to undertake this project and it is to not do so. in 2011 we exceeded the cautionary agreement and those two years were promised not appropriate any money to get to give united with the funding comes from every year there are 7-8 of these cap programs funded at the national level and then we just queue up with other projects a competitive process is taken that long for us to get to the top of the cube get ready to get fun. there's a couple years where they just did not fund it at all. to get some idea of that last year congress appropriated $4.5 million for the whole country for everyone of these in the country and ours alone is over 6 million. the digital
12:25 pm
project which the army corps produces where 50 different alternatives where they could read this, what death they could judge it whether the misposted savanna robust process. the upside of it taken so long they're very thorough during that time. what they selected was about a $9 million dredge it down to 32 feet and at the end of the day they determined that every dollar they spend it's worth $2.87 back to the federal government. that's the dredge footprint that's what we are looking at. you can see some of the high spots. you mentioned that ship moved all the way up to the north there so that it could come straight into the dry dock it runs out of room. we are here today because to make this happen we are down to the very last agreement that we need to execute. it's called project partnership agreement and we have been accelerating the
12:26 pm
authorize agent profit process with the board of supervisor so that we can properly book and despite it started under the obama administration we have the authority to execute it before the obama administration is officially over. what we are required to do is give a 25% match for the initial deepening dredged to get it down to 32 feet. after that we make another small contribution for 10% of the initial dredge, and with that the federal government takes over the channel. essentially federalize as it gets rolled into their standard >> no. spiel and him and upper books forever market there's few things that to commit to that are pretty standard they want to make sure the shipyard is so going to be there. they can be judging the channel. easy for us to say yes to. there's any asthma is there that are discovered along the way we need to take care of those and again not a problem.
12:27 pm
the dredging has gone to all the same processes that all the rest of our drudging does. the sediment is thoroughly sampled. we know it's there. it's been dredged before. we don't expect anything unusual. what we get out of it. drudges 232 feet are optimal to the show but they take the dredging off our books. and that 30 year value of this it's about $20 million. the initial dredge is not million but essentially the annualized cost of maintaining at that depth is about $400,000 trip so that's not ours anymore. indefinitely. if the value of this project that's taken a long time to get here and while we are trying to accelerate it to make sure it gets there. speaking of acceleration we introduced that the board. it was has got no no vote. you can to the board of supervisors earlier
12:28 pm
unanimously approved were waking waiting for the signature pending your approval your willful authority to issue and from there we headed back to the army come corps of engineers and help them to accelerate so that the it gets executed by the top officer of the army corps prior to january 20. lastly, we are pretty familiar with stretching here at the port this is leftover from the board slide when it says we are waiving the environmental code by ordinance causes him concern but really is to reiterate all the permitting all the rage. regulation consumes a lot. so i thought the standard processes that we go through when we dredge. it's been thoroughly tested. the army corps is taken on-added the ceqa issues who we are ready to go. been working on this for a long bit of a delighted to answer the questions we have. i also understand if you don't have
12:29 pm
any also. thanks. >> so moved >> second. >> is there any public comment on resolution 1648? >>[laughing] >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> i want the public record to reflect that this is a once a congratulations to the staff are working on this. not just since 2009. ellen johnck cochair of the maritime committee but before you came we can't start: the army corps of engineers attention to the dredging needs in the central basin. so i am just absolutely thrilled that this is reached the pinnacle of where it is today. does it so tough as you said, so talk to get this money for this kind of project. so congratulations. thank you and i heartily endorse this
12:30 pm
agreement >> thank you is there any more public comment on 1648? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz >> great presentation. thank you. i've a lot of hard work went into it. look for to seeing the results. >> commissioner duran >> congratulations to everyone involved in this but this is absolutely wonderful and hopefully we can find more funding like this. >> commissioner kounalakis >> i agree. it's tremendous. ellen you said is a great day for maritime syndicate this is terrific news so thank you for all your hard work and what a great boon for the port and the city. >> only thing i can say, great work, guys. thank you. colleagues, all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes]
12:31 pm
opposed? resolution passed six and 48 has enormously bedeviled mdm. clerk next item >> >> item 13 a informational presentation on contact to suck 27 six with conceptual repair project at pier 31 >> good afternoon pres. adams and fellow commissioners. my name is wendy proctor senior architect of the port of san francisco budget management at pier 31 within structural repair project. i'm here today to provide an update on the project and to advise you on a budget and time index due to additional anticipated critical repairs. this project we bill
12:32 pm
gates 898-year-old asset important resource to the embarcadero distort district. the project supports us to do clinical renewal. the notice to proceed i'm sorry this underutilized site will soon house the department of elections national park service and continue to have public parking. the notice proceeds the project was part seven of 2016 substantial completion is planned to be october 2 with final completion on december 1. we are anticipating that substantial completion be closer to december 23. during construction the number of anticipated critical repairs were found which is impacting the budget in the schedule and at this time the project is 95% complete get the current anticipated substantial completion will be december 23 weather permitting. we are expending a lot of rain at this time. these are the existing conditions. the facility of status moved 70 years ago in 1946. the shed superstructure
12:33 pm
has suffered significant deterioration from extended water intrusion and was-in early 2009. port maintenance installed at that time port engineered shoring which held the building in place until the repair project was able to commence the project is providing living wage jobs for san francisco local business enterprise did the project supports our strategic plan goal livability. the general contractor robot construction from entry of the project subcontractors performing roofing, window and structural repair work or certified lb contractors located in the ninth ward 924 zip code area providing 87% local participation of the contract amount. the percentage amount will increase once a project is complete. it's worth noting prior to this project well but
12:34 pm
contractors for this project successfully treated three other port projects on-time and on budget. some examples of the additional undersea and dry rot. we had a number of additional beings ledgers pose the required of repair and replacement. once the deck was uncovered a number of these were additional to what was observed during this site investigation was found. special ordering of materials impact the schedule additional materials and associated eber also impact the cost. in this photo you can see this project is using best practices for construction which the port goal is sustainability the contractor is reusing wood that are still in good condition on the roof deck. and also that reduces construction waste and then with members in good condition but cannot be
12:35 pm
reused are being made available to lumbar recyclers. some of the work that is causing that was found was trust repairs and this is one of the subcontractors that the local lb doing that trust repair work on site. so we have one major trusts repair design and we had three additional trust repairs. this drawing is the document that's been used by our construction management team is doing a fantastic job tracking very diligently each member that was part of the contract and what was additional to the contract so that we are working very collaboratively with the contractor to track what is additional words per contract giving credit where due so that were really minimizing the additional cost and time. in
12:36 pm
short we have about 43 additional beings, 12 additional columns, and 10 additional diagonal braces that were found the unanticipated design. also once the roofing was material was removed we found that the deck surface was much more uneven than we had ever seen on any other project that we had done before. with the port due to the extended time between the last roofing and this roofing. so that required we put in sparrow which is the photo in the upper left-hand corner. not deck, retrofit board which provides a leveling service to put a new roof on. so that was an additional cost material. once the roofing material was removed we found some various concrete had stalled and that picture inverted corner where
12:37 pm
it had to be repaired and then in the lower left-hand corner there was some signs that were hung off the back of the building that had sort of split the concrete little bit. i required repair. then once the roofing material was removed we found an expansion joint that wasn't readily observable and that required a special detail which will be custom-made. it was also not on the original drawing. once the roofing material was removed we also found that the was dry rot on the two towers that flank each side of the arch on the roof side of those towers. so we had to rebuild the backs of those repair the deck underneath it. we also have rerouted the water so it won't settle there anymore. then in pier 29.5 due to some settlement in that area have a gap that was revealed
12:38 pm
that had to be filled in with a custom cut boards then inside pier 29 underneath that we found more columns to be out of plumb than we had originally anticipated. so a detailed to stabilize those in place we can continue to use that facility for public parking. is going in.. then, last week when we removed the roofing material hopefully that picture in the upper right-hand corners of large enough size that you can see that once there was taken off it reveals there's a large exciting area. when we investigated was underneath that we saw that one of the trusses inside pier 29 had been run into a piece of equipment and bent the metal bar and separated it from its trusts. the bre was sagging incident was under the area where we
12:39 pm
were doing the roofing work because we have to go beyond the expansion joint, that area needs to be repaired. so all this kind of will by little added a little time, as little bit of material, labor special ordering required. so the project is near completion and the contractor's been very collaborative with us and due to this on for scene work it's anticipated we will be completing the work at the end of december weather permitting. our additional costs are approximately 4.7 over the 10% contingency and then after the final determination of our budget and schedule we will be returning to you with a request for an extension of time, beyond the 10% and an additional increase of contact cost. if there's any questions am happy to answer them. >> thank you is there any public comment on 13 a? any
12:40 pm
comment on the 13 a? up if not public comment is closed.. commissioner supanich >> thank you for your report to i know when we first did this week-how close was the next bidder or thethis is between the beds when we received this one? i know we asked if this could come in on time and under budget. so i am just wondering, if we have selected another bidder, if there was some close proximately with this to be an issue? >> yes. absolutely. because the contractors bidding on the contract documents. the contractor will always generally -they won't give their work away for free. these are
12:41 pm
uncovered conditions that were not in the contract documents. so if there's additional ledger being and so forth that i think you know it's discovered because the deck is being removed, there was no way that that would be a bidding issue. that would be a contractor side. >> to answer your first question neither wendy or i remember how the bids come in on pier 31 terms of the pricing of the second place bidder but we can provide that information to you. >> so the total change orders are ignorant 6 to 3000? 863,000? >> we have a total change order process to date of 500 city three-yes. we will have an additional 300,000 approximate. >> this is because of what we
12:42 pm
did not foresee? >> correct. very difficult when we go into the facility 20 is paid every repair because often especially with the roofing when you take the material off you are seeing-we can take the roof off to do the investigation member doing the design. so the contractor doesn't-there's usually the concrete is following revealed or additional dry rot is a most always revealed. >> thank you >> commissioner kounalakis >> thank you great report. can i ask you something. on your summary of the history of this, the shed was red tagged in 2009. does replacing the roof change the status of the shed been red tagged or is it other things as well? >> often roof is the mind with a structural repair project because the age of our facilities. not all of them.
12:43 pm
like the one at pier 23 that's on the agenda today also is writing 36 facility and it doesn't have the level of water intrusion because was roofed in 1976 or so. so this one along with pier 33 we did 10 years ago, those projects have to go hand in hand the structural repairs because they are all wood structures and so they tend to have areas where the said confluence of horizontal over vertical where water will sit and get in there and it will be dry rot >> in answer to question a woman will remove the red tag. >> so this will end up to earn income fairly soon >> yes. there's already a leasing plan could wendy went through some of the future tenants, the department of elections which is a city agency. national park service and there may be other tenants
12:44 pm
as well. >> the public parking will be back in place imminently. it should be in place by the 19th of this month. >> thank you >> commissioner katz >> thank you it was disheartening when we see the change orders exceeding what we anticipated but certainly understandable. i have a question you might not be the right person to answer this but perhaps for future it just occurred to me when we select a bidder on these projects do we have a way of determining how they charge us on the change orders? in other words often are projects do see increased trust because these are such old buildings and is only hidden surprises. i know we were often selected a lower bidder but do we have any way
12:45 pm
of corralling him how much we get charged when unforeseen circumstances increase the cost? >> what we do do is we have a way of getting the contract which we did on this project. we provided a allowance amount for unforeseen-specific for on pursing dry rot and we try to it is paid reasonable amount for that. that is-when we negotiated the additional amounts of dry rot beyond when we exceeded that amount exceeded for this project we had an allowance of $150,000 specific to dry rot repair. when we exceeded that amount those continued dry rot repairs were negotiated at that rate which is a better rate than would be it was a straight change order based on the contracting that's used. >> that answers my question. perfect. thank you. it's exciting we will be having this
12:46 pm
back online soon. ps >> i just want to say thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. mdm. clerk next item >> item 14 a informational presentation on the port 10 year capital plan for fiscal year 2018 through 2027. >> good afternoon commissioners. dir. forbes and i'm amanda hirsch capital manager at the port here to present on the update to the 10 year capital plan. like the rest of the city the port updates the tenure plan every two years. so before you today as an informational item will come back to and seek approval on january 10 with your approval it will be integrated into the citywide plan which ultimately goes to the board of supervisors for approval.
12:47 pm
before i look ahead to the coming 10 years, take a brief moment to go over some capital cushions from the two years between this and the prior plan. it's excitingly, we've had things with the commission's approval largest capital budget ever at the depart which is been largely contributed to the port surplus revenue towards capital improvements. we have also have approval on the first ifd for the port which it will help to puzzle facilitate relocation of pier 70 which is historic public image. other, shouldn't include work on the historic pier 35 will cut building and shed including work on two elevators and addressing water intrusion there. as we see a picture here promote the with the opening of the bayview gateway project made possible largely with general obligation bond dollars for the parks
12:48 pm
improvements. now looking at to the coming 10 years, the capital plan is divided into two main categories of needed state of good repair and enhancements. on the state of good repair site, there are three main categories get the backlog, which represents deferred window work, the riddles which are the work that ideally would happen over the coming 10 years, and a category for one-time costs will be captured the compliance issues and non-cyclical means. if we look at those combined in the light blue column here we see the tenure state of good repair need for the port is projected about $1.5 billion. that is down from 1.6 billion in the prior plan. changes come from a few different factors. one is work completed by the port import tenants. the other updated cost estimates from her engineering determine which can increase or increase decrease costs for passive in and find the passage of time get the renewal project for injunctive years of those do not happen they move into the backlog and costs are escalated annually that they were as late at 5% each year inconsistent with the
12:49 pm
city's capital plan. then we look at-turned to the other half of the heat equation we look at enhancements. the enhancements similarly have broken into three categories here. there's the seawall resiliency project which i'll touch on a bit more in the . broader enhancements to port facilities as well as conditional seismic conditional size that may or may not be required to deny whether a change major rehabilitation which would trigger new building code requirements. if we include that number the total enhancement need is about $1.8 billion. that's a decent change from the prior plan again for three reasons get updated cost estimates reflected here include things like development projects which are now in vision to spend more and make greater enhancements. there's an increase there. also the newly identified needs
12:50 pm
which i will touch on a bit more in the next life in the passage of time and simply the cost of doing business increasing over time. if we take the enhancement made in state of good repair need together and include that potential conditional seismic need we get to a total grand total of about $3.3 billion need over the next 10 years. looking weekly a bit more those newly identified needs in the plan. this capital plan first time we've incorporated value associate with the resiliency project. added $500 for the eight-tenure project to significantly improve the way safety and performance of the embarcadero seawall provide your time club protection agreements and plan for long-term zoo in c and annotation of the northern bayfront. in addition we added that she may ferry landing which is captured in the enhancements: and the port staff continue to work to secure full funding for both projects. turning from the need to the devil resources, in this
12:51 pm
10 year plan we project $1.3 billion in the funding to be available. that includes about $350 million which if you look at the blue wedges in this chart you'll note our direct --the vast majority towards repair improvements to the $940 million in extra sources are largely dedicated to enhancements but they also make an important contribution to state of good repair. nearly equaling in dollar value the internal funds directed toward that important work. taking a slightly deeper you dive into what's in those different source categories, we see that the internal sources are primarily port capital project and the port tenant from his business paul was there for port bonds this represents expense your previous issuances in the caterpillar on the external source side, we see the development projects are the primary computer. this category includes developer investment in the public
12:52 pm
finance associate with the development project. think back to the prior slide about a third of those development dollars are going towards state of good repair work and the rest are enhancements. so if you can't do math and please gone along there's a significant funding gap is or has been in prior plans. you have about a total revenue of $1.3 billion and combined need of as much as 3.3 billion. we look at this chart we see the yellow are the funded sections. pull out the unfunded conditional, which again may or may or may not be needed. we have project sources for about half the total need about 4% of the state of good repair that we are funding for and that 60% of the hands needed on the enhancements i the capital plan generally in the past is included only in instance for which we've had revenue but in this plan we've added mission bay ferry landing and seawall because they're such important
12:53 pm
to the port and to the whole city family and so that's what we see some of the gap on the enhancement side. this time and recently port staff has a conversation about what can we do with our limited resources to deal with the backlog and stretch our dollars as far as possible in terms of state of good repair. so i'm going to just touch on some of the ideas that we generated out of those conversations. these fall into three broad categories. one is to increase funding sources. the others to use existing dollars more efficiently and finally to decrease our responsibilities. in the area because those are rather broad- to give more specifics in the category of increasing funding sources may include work by seeking additional external funding wheel to improve our capacity to do this by starting to plan out our priorities for which we will seek external funding sources. something we hope to do through a new five-year capital improvement program must cip, which megan
12:54 pm
when she comes up and talk about the five-year financial plan could also get to increase funding sources. we talked about pursuing more prepaid leases that money now to spend on these important renewals. in the area of using existing doors dollars for officially this could include things like trying to get things like the roof on pier one 3170 because we see if you wait to get more expensive and so adding that including a lens we think about what posix to fund when the light will cost us more. in the area decreasing a responsibility we have talked to explain things like transferring responsibility. something we heard about it more with central basin today. it also we talk about take the form of looking to other city department who might have more expertise in certain kinds of facilities that we have such as parks and senior visible from and long-term maintenance at some of these facilities. here,
12:55 pm
finally, pursuing additional public private partnerships which of the great ability to both contribute to state of good repair work happening and also in some cases developers take a longer-term maintenance sponsor those good is moving a seminar responsible the office port. that wraps up my presentation. be happy to answer questions. > >> thank >> thank you is there any public comment on 14 a? any people that on 14 a seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner kounalakis >> that was very compressive and very useful. also really very well laid out. so i may think of something to ask after hearing my fellow commissioners but this really is very good so thank you. >> it really was very clear and very well laid out. i really appreciate this and the good news is that we have 1.3 billion and we only need 2
12:56 pm
>>[laughing] >> sounds better doesn't create >> >> yes. sounds better >> commissioner katz >> >> thank you it was very clear. appreciate all the work that obviously went into making. it's not easy to make it as clear as you did so thank you. it's much appreciated. i agree. the numbers are a little west daunting than they have been in the past good so the glass is half-full. i also appreciate the efforts to look at the alternative sources and figuring out ways and i know that's been something that the staff across the board have been really focused on and it obviously shows. i think there's a number of opportunities look forward to thinking of other ways we can try to put a further dent in these numbers by looking at other partners an option. but thank you very much. >> first of all i like to apologize about my phone going
12:57 pm
off. i'm sorry about that but when i was looking at you in the audience i thought you were someone's daughter. you look so young. really, you just look so huge i could not believe it. i was like what is she going doing going up there. i thought you are megan's daughter or something. you look so young. really, you do. excellent work. i've never seen you but you present borough please come back and was excellent work. i looked down at ambassador kounalakis- >> on the say it's a sign of getting older when the staff looks younger and younger. >>[laughing] >> that's all. terrific >> i think does a backwards compliment. with such a tremendous presentation. >>[laughing] >> great work. thank you. >> >> item 14 b informational
12:58 pm
presentation on port fiscal year 2010-2022 five-year financial plan. >> good afternoon commissioners. director sadlowski-garza i megan was port finance and procurement manager i will say she's not my daughter but am very proud to have her on her staff >>[laughing] >> good shot, making >> today i'm here to follow up on the capital plan the five-year financial plan. i we back in january. requesting final approval of this plan. today i walk through city outlook, talk with the details of what was assumed in the port plan to talk about some strategies to consider moving forward. so first of all the city is required by charter to prepare a five-year financial plan on every odd fiscal year. so this year the city is preparing to release the citywide plan. it is actually
12:59 pm
tomorrow. i'm going to avoid going into details about of that plan before the mayor releases an official press release, but there were specific details a guided departments on their preparation of individual plans. some of them really are starting with the assumption that the economy continues to be strong but it's tempered from the prior plan which we were really seeing enormous revenue growth as a city and echoes for the port as well. another piece is that employee benefits a really major driver of expense citywide that recent actuarial data shows employees are just living longer. so departments really have to start putting away higher rates of contributions to employee pensions. that's a rate of growth of 20% approximate per year. so just and additionally
1:00 pm
for health possible for current employees and retired employees, we are looking at 9% and 7% annual inflation. then other personnel costs just as a city that they're coming in higher than they were in the prior financial plan should previously the consumer price index was up and leave around 2.75 pretty well below 3% both of lee speaking and other averaging out about 3%. the financial overview at five the city financial assumptions for the city's financial out in the base case as and moderate revenue growth. there are port specific details that we applied with regard to leases and growth in specic business areas but i ended up applying the citywide assumption for personnel and nonpersonal cost. but then separately i looked at
1:01 pm
ain high case scenario would be finally get an ecomic downturn. a very long growth period so in economic downturn is somewhat expected in the near future and then i assumed that would've hit our revenue projection particularly in the high case i try to assume really just the best case. as you can see from the graph based on high cases there's really very stronger we can feel good about assuming those cases but in the event of an economic downturn we see some pretty sharp drops and deficits. so this graph depicts the base case. the top of the chart effects are expenditures in blue, light blue shows projected surpluses. red and gold indicates our revenues. so this is actually a balanced budget. it is saying that articles were new initiatives
1:02 pm
on port revenue streams are actually really hoping was that light blue operating surpluses and those surpluses, we also could wait to capital each year. so having that money additional surpluses is really important for having the base case achieve an average $70 million capital budget. but i really have to highlight the third year of the revenue in the plan achieve 125 million. that's both operating revenues and south beach harbor that is a strategic goal for the port to achieve 125 million in revenues and i want to emphasize upfront that not only is it great that were projecting to achieve that goal so soon but it's critical given the rate of growth on our expense. if it had not been for these new revenue streams we would actually be seeing some shortfalls even in the base
1:03 pm
case. so this helps depict where our revenue growth is coming from. on the left you can see a chart that shows base case growth. if we cannot bring any new facilities such as pier 31 online which is projected to generate more than $1 million once it is leased and filled and operating, we are base case growth would be much smaller. these new initiatives on the right really highlight kind of the diversity of our income stream and these are the things that are really boosting our outlook. you can see we have everything from-and growth in--to bring in the back lands on board in the southern waterfront we are projecting up to $4 million by the fifth year of the financial plan coming from the back lands. new pier
1:04 pm
leases and interim parking. so this is really the northern waterfront historic facility is bringing them online. this is the peers 19 all the way to 31. we have a good deal of new lease revenue projected coming from that area. of the revenue growth, the uses of those funds are shown here to say that-or the growth in our uses, and really how we are using our money,. you can see the personnel salaries and benefits really are capturing a great deal of that expenditure growth. nonpersonal and work orders is a smaller slice it is really just driven primarily by cpi. just regular inflation. but the designation of capital is important to recognize. that this is really links to our o revenue growth based on ou capital policy where we've
1:05 pm
committed to spending 25% of our operating revenues on capital. either spinning it out right in our capital budget or putting it away through this designation. this this funding identified in this pie chart is really showing how much we need to spend in the five-year window in order to meet that capital policy. so in those i just want to show that expenses would greatly exceed revenues in most years of the plan. expenses are shown here in blue. revenue are in red. in the event of an economic downturn or percentage rents are most vulnerable and we could potentially not initiate we seen in our northern waterfront facilities. what is not really shown in this graphic is this assumes our commitment to achieving our capital policy. so we would actually still sustainably strong capital budget of over $15 million on average but that is because based on capital policy
1:06 pm
we would be committed to putting away at least 25% of operating reserves even if that means making cuts on the operating side. on the high side, you can see that if we assumed savings on the labor and enhanced revenues from doing even better on our initiative that we could see even better outlook and all those projected surpluses are assumed in the capital plan to go into our capital program so finally figured out how we are going to make investments moving ahead but i really want to touch upon both the debt versus paid go becaus ise thatomething that came up when the stock right you the debt policy and also talk about our capital include and plan. first of all debt versus paid-go we have a debt
1:07 pm
capacity of approximate 120 million but staff advised that we do not believe that we could actually absorb that additional debt service in our operating budget. as you can see from the base low and high cases, because particularly because of the capipo am ande don't mitment to have to have the additional money in our ongoing projections to really be able to take on over $9 million of additional debt service per year. but looking at the base case, we found we could reasonably increase our debt service by up to $2 million per year which would generate approximately 24,000,000 in of debt proceeds we could commit to our capital program. but it's really important to think about those trade-offs particularly this associate with a low case that if we took on that additional that we would just run that much closer to running into an
1:08 pm
operating deficit and won the best ways staff believes to protect ourselves from that is really just making sure that if we did pursue a debt issuance that we were committing those funds to programs or projects that would generate enough revenue to offset the additional cost. really looking at the return on investment over the life of that project. finally for the capital improvement plan the idea here is to really lay out the five-year plan of projects. the detailed not only phases of projects and help us understand what the potential revenue streams were risks to current revenue streams are with pacific facilities but thinking ing t we are opportunities for gr public-private partnerships uld really just enhance the work that we do and build a robust capital plan. with that somehow be to answer some estis.
1:09 pm
>> thank you, megan. is there any public comment on 14 bravo? any people at? seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. katz >> again very clear. it so hard to predict how the economy is going to do. so we had a lot of surprises of late. is there anything you think we should be paying particular attention to or be prepared for? i guess alternate back to you that you have not included in the report? >> i think that i really did try to capture all elements of both revenues and expenditures. i think the been able to rely upon the city's financial plan assumptions while i put this together really adds a nice level of comfort on the expenditure side. i had no idea that her pension costs would be
1:10 pm
so high at this point. so the comptroller's office really serves as a wonderful guiding post for all of this but i think as a result is really the revenue side where we really need to keep in night and not only try to meet our goals in terms of completing projects and generating revenues that are projected here but actively trying to find new projects that can help defend our revenue base. but that is all creates a cycle that we then need to have the capital dollars in place to make that investment. so i think if anything it's really just trying to stick to the goals laid out here in tubes of timing when we bring facilities online. >> thank you >> commissioner kounalakis >> again to the thank and well-prepared summary and it's
1:11 pm
also just very good to see there is the capacity for work at if necessary to know that buffer is there. so great job, great presentation and generally pretty heartening to see the profiles the financial profile of both port. thank you. >> thank you, megan. this is very easy to read about being for the high case. >>[laughing] most of our properties leased out and making money for us. did you say you want to reach 125 night in three or five years? >> three that's where the judge and we will hit >> would you think will be in five years? b was in five years, let me look at my table good i think it was 100-133 million approximately >> wonderful. that's great. >> i remember back when
1:12 pm
commissioner woo ho was hoping to win 100. >> it wasn't that long ago >> megan, once again great work. very meticulous but this is very very great news and really thank you for this report. thank you so much. >> one question i did not ask it just occurred to me at work looking at best and worst case scenario. in terms of increasing our debt and maybe this is something we can do but given that the cost of that is lower now that's likely going to increase is there a scenario where we can lock in anything the current lower rate week with that make sense? >> we can talk something about to our financial advisors about. i mean, yes. interest rates are projected to grow but i think that pending delete
1:13 pm
identifying projects that would just capture the return on investment really short order we would want to particularly lay out the capital improvement plan and try to strategize and hone in on those projects that would really get us the farthest in terms of issuing debt as opposed to using our own paid go program. >> right. thank you. >> >> thank you mdm. clerk next item >> item new business >> colleagues, anything on the forward calendar because commissioner katz has a special point of privilege. she would like to speak a couple minutes about the ghost ship warehouse. anything on the forward calendar commissioner emanuel commissioner katz? >> other than nothing i think then we mentioned about the meeting
1:14 pm
>> i did record a request that the legislative team comeback quarterly and we've already had been planning for updates but you specifically asked for a status report on where the initiative is listed today and we will be happy to provide that next quarter. >> thank you commissioner katz >> i apologize over here during our moment of silence for the victims of the ghost ship tragedy in oakland and on a macro level when i first heard about it it was certainly tragic and we all know somebody wonderful artists and dynamic young people and then unfortunately a few days later i realized it had hit a little close to home with a family friend perished in the fire. another bright young man that had so much i had of him and his embodiment of the kind of wonderful young people that were lost in the tragedy. again i hate to say it there but for the grace of whatever, we could
1:15 pm
be there and i know many years ago we took lot of flak when we shut pier 38 down rather quickly but it struck me that we acted appropriately as soon as we learned of all the extension cords and poor electrical systems there. it just shows how it really could happen anyplace, anywhere and we all have to be vigilant in taking care of those that are more vulnerable in terms of needing to find and expensive place to live and other think i think it's incumbent upon all of us to recognize the opportunities that we had to take care of those that are more vulnerable. but again my heart goes out to all the families and friends of those that perished in this fire. >> i would like to adjourn the meeting in memory of the 36 lives lost in the tragic opened fire on december 2 2016.
1:16 pm
>> so moved >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? to staff report, directed to the public, merry christmas. happy 2017. thank you. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >> >> welcome all of i'm more and more reign the ceo of had been
1:17 pm
coat in the city of san francisco and i'll be your mc today (calling names) i'm super proud to be an equation part to sfmade to help keep homes in san francisco i served as the president and ceo of goodwill in san francisco one of sfmade long standing work patrons before that i came to know and love sfmade work when i feels regional vice president of the foods the leading measures of heath foods for kids in the bay area and reaching millions of kids across the united states everyday (calling names) so with xooichlt and appreciation of the value of having a strong moufr that or manufacturing that creates world-class products and thousand of jobs for us in the bay area an honor to be our host for
1:18 pm
today, this is an exciting culmination of work we sfmade in partnership with the san francisco surfacing and fremont and oakland to highlight 89 facilities and talk about ways to be - work more diligently look around we're in a building with bones were built from manufactured and manufacturing is programs for the future as part of the work at pier 70 thank you forest city for providing 2, 3, 4 space today as i look out i see dozens of community partners who've made this possible from government leaders to nonprofits panders to our media sponsors the san francisco businesses a private sector partners that is an few minutes ago and releasing and technology and so many of the manufacturing that themselves together you
1:19 pm
represent the eco system in the bay area that can drive a powerful manufacturing sector in doing so create a platform for more inclusive and equitable economy to start our program i'm so pleased to bring to the stage one felt presenting sponsors the vice president of community service for pg&e. >> (clapping.) >> the vice president of customer service for the operations for local customers and customer service and customer relations in addition oversees customer account management and other sales as well as non-products and services welcome deb. >> (clapping.) >> hi, everyone i'd like to echo more and more reigns comments and welcome and thank
1:20 pm
you for supporting sfmade states of regional manufacturers in our world event i'm honored to be part of today's program and excited to continue the collaborative effort to support the bay area in the development of manufacturing jobs in california as more and more reign alluded to my role of vice president of pg&e has given me the unique opportunity to see the contribution of the bay area manufacturing sector bags or beer and tesla electrical cars bay area manufactured are not only making but making a difference by drinking jobs, resources and innovation to our community since the 1970's pg&e has worked to help companies save money by saving energy per capital energy
1:21 pm
consumption staying flat and increased by 50 percent in the rest of the country we know that companies that save energy that translates into more turned out for businesses and their future committees down the road pg&e working closely with all of our customers to design and implement energy efficiency programs and policies that allow businesses to do more with less energy saving money and helping to protect the environment we help local businesses mediated the energy challenges maximizing the return on their energy investment that's why we believe so strongly in the bay area urban manufacturing initiative linking together san jose san francisco oakland and fremont that will be a critical driver of the future of the bay area manufacturing and the jobs
1:22 pm
it provides in our business when the community thrives and grows our companies has opportunity to thriving and good grow along with that we don't succeed unless you succeed pg&e is proud to creating a more sustainable through local manufacturing i look forward to seeing all the great things that sfmade will bring to the by way of with that, i thank you for your suppo support. >> (clapping.) >> thank you deb and not we're not able to bring all the bay area manufactured we're excited to see what is happening in manufacturing and the leaders that are shaping it take a look at this
1:23 pm
so my vision for this region is a recentury equitable thriving region we have to have all types of jobs all types of people we have to have an inclusive equitable economy we have all sorts of opportunities we will not concealing chief this vision unless we grow and support our manufacturing sector when we're all thinking about how to make sure that our diverse populations get a chance at sharing prosperity in the region it can't be solely a discussion about the technology industry it has to be about what people not once you enter into the diversity you understand there are different groups and
1:24 pm
countries a lot of them of immigrant but fantastic people that understand how to make things the bay area urban manufacturing is the next step in the evolution of our regional manufacturing system they'll harness the collective pour across the regional each working to help manufacturing start grow and stay in their communities. >> employers a recognizing the proximity between manufacturing and seeing a lot of this in manufacturers trying to take advantage of that. >> you know fremont is not unique in the sense many all the employers want a well educated workforce i've seen first hand the college changes the curriculum they partner with the larger employers and basically is a what do you need our skills
1:25 pm
our students need to make sure they can work in great companies like you. >> with manufacturing it is to the best of my knowledge the workforce training is critical and that didn't happen in one decide but across the entire region. >> we are interimmigrant region so i really enjoyed working with my mayor in a fremont and san jose and san francisco we rails when is if job balance and transportation and infrastructure and just making sure that our reason as a whole is competitive on the international scale we have to work together. >> i know that is important to know how connected we are several companies have a factory in one city and corporate in other places and in another city not seeing the aide boundaries
1:26 pm
you and i see validated. >> you think there is a reputation in the world i've had people come off of their planes from china what do you make here he want to buy there there's a sense of high quality it is a reflection of the, fact that our reputation is as san francisco in the bay area is world recondones our innovation and quality there are many challenges for every city in a transmittal it make sense for us as we hear about companies from by the way, braid for us to be engaged with one another and important to work together we are offering the best in the bay area to employ our residents. >> we're in together join the bay area urban manufacturing and help us create a more equitable and prosperous bay area
1:27 pm
>> (clapping.) >> next i'm very exciting to welcome to the stage bob the director of city community development and inclusive finance. >> bob leads the partnership with the global and national organization in support of inclusive finance and community development through economic empowerment focusing on assessable finance financial coaching and sf this and neighborhood revitalization sees to college education and small business micro development with the city's micro finance and corporations and municipality working across the city's groups to expand access to financial services city was sfmade first
1:28 pm
institutional partner in 2012 and consisting been one of the lead partners manufacturing of accelerate programs as a presenting sponsor and incredibly amazing guy i i know you e bring you bob proud to support the region. >> (clapping.) >> i left it on my desk and can you hand media that times partnership hello, everyone it is a pleased to be here ♪ fantastic location thank you. this wonderful venue we was taking with adam from new york and thinking brooklyn would be jealous of the potential to develop here in san francisco i wish you a lot of luck the city is involved in supporting sfmade
1:29 pm
and the whole urban manufacturing movement for some years and it is an exciting movement i know many of us watched the elections so alcohol know the loss of manufacturing job is not only one of lost jobs give you a political issue and within that concerns many, many of our community and how we replacing manufacturing jobs and not likely to be replaced in the forms they were like ben rosenfield steel supporting the navy arts but what can can be think internal work of many difference from small to medium enterprises the engines are growing and the way we've seen stunt and this region not just in the bay but we as a new yorker he speak about the bay area i speak about what city but we have four mayors offices an
1:30 pm
area that many of us look at the bay area will think of is h as progressive and entrepreneurial and this is what is so important that is a period of change were we worried many of us in terms of jobs and loss and creation this is a success that many of the entrepreneurs bring to our city is exciting for the jokes you create and exciting for the job recreation but for the stimulus you bring to the city and the ability to leverage so much creative talent in the areas that are specialized electronics to fashion to the micro brewery across the spectrum you work at to be part of glths one area we work on immigrations and again your cities all of them have a significant population of
1:31 pm
dynamic investment courses of immigrants a labor force but also nationally immigrant are amongst the largest suppliers and started small businesses that is a dynamic force that is combined with the internal work in the bay cities been involved since we met with kate i think in 2010 with my colleagues and since 2012 and it has been a number of years and an exciting growth funded as partners i think of investing sfmade nearly one million dollar and this last year putting the money into the work and the resources around the bay area initiative one and 50 thousand and like to call think many of you other companies that invested in the area similarly to make an investment today we launched another one hundred thousand
1:32 pm
dollars for this bay area initiative >> (clapping.) >> we think it is so well sports by the evident of having mayor ed lee and the other mayors an example representing mayor schaaf the municipalities here are amongst 9 months repetitive in the country that's an amazing combination to have expresswayship in the city and include the progressive mayors and have neighbors like sfmade i would say many years we've worked on sfmade a partner here adam from me man in building out the urban manufacturing natalie think that the city's work that is done in the bayer is being look at it and replicated in other cities we're involved in we call on more of you to be supportive and best of luck to
1:33 pm
the entrepreneurs and look forward to seeing this space recreated as a manufacturing place once again thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much bob and next we would like to welcome to the stage the president and ceo of the irvine applied the grant making foundation for the focus on keep that in mind the opportunity for the people of california don joined the foundation in 2012 after years of serving at bridge group and became irvine's cross executive and led the organization to a change of focus breath making strategies he'll share more about welcome to the stage don howard. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone what an awesome space great to see familiar faces ooze others great
1:34 pm
to discuss the role of manufacturing as an engine for economic growth it is relevant to the work at the foundation we're a private grant making foundation on expanding the opportunity for the people of california you may not have heard of us a tag line your work is 85 years in length and giving away resources to irvine that owned a portion of california we firmly believe that economic and political opportunities both a chance for living wage job and the chance to be heard in the applied process are defining ordinances of our time i think that last week made that important penthouse and for californians working and struggling with poverty as mentioned we refocused on the issues of economic and political
1:35 pm
opportunity and working for californians that one in 3 california families will fall below the federal poverty line and one of the 3 people in the community live in poverty and their paying together jobs and pay checks and living one unexpected bill emergency away from a financier burden i think work that many of us are trying to change that has embroiders and leader or government leader we at irvine are investing in organizations that are improving people's skills and strengthening their pathways to good quality jobs so to support families and allow the workers to participate in their community and supporting organizations that bring the workers together so they have a voice in the economic and political
1:36 pm
decision that effect their lives with the new work we're doing has a job agenda and workers agenda we hope we can serve in some preview way for collection between those two communities we're just getting started on our work gouged and see an important role for us to play for 09 philanthropists to play one clear lesson one public-private partnerships are essential earlier this year we at irvine recommended kate and sfmade oemsz with our annual foundation leadership award wro what stood out great the public and private sectors to help local manufacturers to create more good jobs for san
1:37 pm
franciscan the leaders your are about to hear from on a bigger scale we live in a region that is leading california and the nation in innovation, entrepreneurship and other areas yes many californians are isolated and struggle on a margin the economy so one of the reasons we're excited to see the leaders mayors and public representatives heel are pressuring challenges i look at the list and wonder if this is a good week for them to be here and great to see them come to talk about how manufacturing can play a greater roll in steel the economy and expanding opportunity for workers each of them warrant a panel discussion of their own it is a privilege to have them ladies and gentlemen, my distinct pleasure to introduce
1:38 pm
this outstanding panel joining kate this afternoon the honorable mayor edwin lee mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> second the honorable bill harrison mayor of the city of spring. >> (clapping.) >> third the honorable sam the mayor of the city of san jose. >> (clapping.) >> and the honorable annie advice mayor of the city of oakland. >> (clapping.) >> i'll bring to the stage the amazing ferocities the one and only visionary from sfmade kate.
1:39 pm
>> (clapping.) >> great all right. everybody so we made a great movie together we're all done here (laughter) thank you, thank you all for joining us so you know really today, this is the beginning of work that we know lives on after we walk out of this incredible building this is the beginning of a sustained misrepresent year initiative to take the work that is already happening in each of the 4 cities in oakland and san jose and fremont and san francisco that collectively represents the 4, largest manufactured city's in the bay area what we really want to reveal for you today what is happening and more so how we can amplify
1:40 pm
the work we've all been doing to create more jobs and more opportunity, more diversity in honor rfp workforce and make sure the bayer is 289 forefront not just vicinity but made here so with this panel we want to take a few minutes and hear a little bit more what beer doing in the cities and hear idea what we may be able to do together i'll start with you next to me tell you a few thoughts what is special about oakland and what you're most proud of that oakland has been doing for the manufacturing. >> absolute thank you so much kate and sfmade for the opportunity to be here i'm representing mayor schaaf in the city of oakland the thing that is excited about oakland is how divided our manufactured sector
1:41 pm
is in oakland what you'll see even today in or neendz our one and 10 year old company ab fundy that applies 200 people in oakland and food and o who candy and food you'll see metal fabricators and what i'm excited about in oakland right now is the opportunity that we have to build real carrier pathways for our young people in oakland last week, i violated two manufacturing companies with one and 50 young people this is the 6 manufacturing company in oakland last week to expose them to what it looks like to work with the manufacturing sector right now how can we go ahead exist and see that right now these are jobs that involve technology their creativity and can build
1:42 pm
things with their hand and how can we can build the gives me economy we're talking about. >> thank you, kate great to be here and real estate on amazing site with mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen really their leadership in making this happen i know there are big plans ahead but in the meanwhile great place to hang and meet and offers a low cost option for the manufactured working with free air conditioning we had a strong position manufacturing stand today and really around initiative products a century ago it was around food and sfo's invented the ego waffle if you didn't think san jose was cool but ask your kids
1:43 pm
we are, of course, much more focused on vance manufacturing we'll hear from companies like western residual around the haven't technologies they're doing a lot of prototypes and eventual at some point that process will be offshore we know that a significant amount can be made here and benefit enormously from obviously all that is happening in the valley 5 thousand people in the city of san jose that are engaged in manufacturing today and a great resource of highway jobs out on the average and a great pathway for middle-income so we'll bullish on our tech great and a pleasure to be up here and mayor ed lee that looks
1:44 pm
like the beginning of every one of my sons video games it is existing i'm waiting for the killer to come out of one of the walls keeping an eye on on this i think the thing that makes me proud of our fremont with the manufacturing road is not where we are right now but where we were a few years ago just a few years ago 4 seven hundred people lost their jobs businesses closed their doors it is growing and producing those autos you may have heard of testing last and 6 thousand people working in that manufacturing this shows where the manufacturing is strong. >> (clapping.) >> my friend daniel from tesla we're very proud is to be the home of tesla those numbers make that the largest manufacturers in the state of california but not just that the companies that
1:45 pm
are around that exciting into the tesla phenomena we have golden gate you've met them this is the companies that are feeding into the tesla and produce the jobs of future talked about numbers in fremont one out of every four jobs in fremont is connected to manufacturing this is huge that is good paying and middle-class jobs income grow we're excited about one of the things that makes us unique is that that ability to grow we done a pretty good job of preserving going forward pressure on that i know my colleagues did the same one of the things going forward we cherish and have that room to grow to make sure you can solve
1:46 pm
tomorrow problems with stricken out ways to so jobs. >> great to follow bill i was told in i came here each of us mayors and x mayors will get a tesla (laughter) daniel has the max ma kate thank you for being part of this i want to add my thanks to the sponsors that are here putting this together and acknowledge supervisor malia cowen is malia still here all right. >> (clapping.) >> how. >> now she's the mayor of district 10 i can say that has a second term mayor change the title i want to say thank you to every single mayor this is the first time we've literally broken bread together. >> but anyway, and for good
1:47 pm
reason when i been these mayors i think about urban savings account i will say that we're all going both struggling and vanls the cities when it comes to job creation and manufacturing in particular i think we're not building citizens and villages it is job creation it is about people and i look around this room we've got the people in finance, city, foundations that are trying to help us with our vision and you've got people who are trying out things and companies that are but making things as the maker movement but to put them in the context of more than manufacturing how to support each other and more and more us mayors in the entire bay area will be working
1:48 pm
closely together we have to understand the skies of supply change of manufacturing not do everything in one city anymore but require a bay area approach what we recognize i can't manufacturer cars i have no room unless a really, really small car. (laughter) but we're going to be proud of our breweries and our chocolates and proud of our tie i'm wearing in particular because blue is mustered and designed and made here in san francisco and we could be selling products as i said in the video that the people around the world would love to have when we put our city label that are on things made here an international constituency i think some of the other brands out find europe 19
1:49 pm
are meeting their course and people buy something here that has san francisco made label on it they'll feel proud of that is high quality whether the fashion industry that we are trying to resurrect we used to have a lot of fashion here it didn't disappear but gone on hiatus we're doing not mass manufacturing but designs with fashion like the accessories movement sincerely erratics and world-class stuff made very we have over 6 hundred manufacturing companies in san francisco they're looking for the talent that can coming out come out not net of the university but talent from the college and city college where we're making tremendous invests of people that don't have to
1:50 pm
have 4 year degrees job creation is about a village coming together to make sure it happens land use issues we have to deal with we're going to go into more detail >> that's a great cigarette way at the end of the day my whole staff and most of my partners thinking about manufacturers are the opportunity for people it really comes down to the people the people that work in those companies it is the possibility of shared ownership and diverse ownership of those companies one of my farther i love sharing when i travel east for the belt where i'm from more than 50 percent of the manufactured in san francisco are owned by women and i think outside the box as a bellwether. >> (clapping.) >> that's a well weather inform what we're capable of in the bay
1:51 pm
area one program i heard about i'm excited to learn more as we talk about sharing mayor is the san francisco works one of the real opportunity and challenges in the data we collected ask that we both struggle with legacy manufacturers whether environment or food having amazing workforce and not net the next generation coming up behind them and manufacturing with a skill so tells you more about what you guys are trying to do to address that. >> actually certainly i think we recognize the economic issue how we address the growing gap between rich and poor not more acute with the cost of living here in san francisco for the opportunities to provide a path with jobs and manufacturing we launched an effort with la jolla partners and with the future
1:52 pm
being a key participate and, of course, your manufactured our employers and seeing how we can focus on both retraining adults and getting to our - for them not cool to be a manufacturer and we need to demonstrate to them there are great opportunities and great careers not just about amy there is cool stuff out there and so far we've had great success like some have participated in hiring over the summer and ultimately offering some of the young adults permanent jobs that is great for them for the future work program one hundred folks trained and employed in advanced manufacturing and really know that requires great and greater skills not the manufacturing line they need to have advanced skills around understanding
1:53 pm
computer and using advanced technologies and their skills are demanded at the assembly level so we wanted to partner with a community private sector to get folks on the assembly line or folks into the assembly line the skills for the advanced manufacturers there is significant growth one of the things we also learned even if we talk about the work of assembly line it is different than it used to be and working on an assembly line is working with 20 people not necessarily 2 hundred people one thing that is similar across the city a broad range for the two and three person shop and old oakland is a better example of having that in the same city i know that you have done and personally as the leadership in kind of external lists the food manufacturing and connect it
1:54 pm
back to the community as we think about how to make it easier for folks to understand what's that journey been like. >> in oakland the food and beverages industry has allowed us to what i think we all need to do is make this an enticing field for everyone to understand how different the industry is now so we've used it as a creativity marking tool to fill the notch around the food and beverages in oakland and created a food trail along the waterfront to have a mc-2 over 50 sites that people can come and ride their bikes - >> how many people have done that. >> by the next time next year. >> we're on it. >> (laughter). >> you can bike along the food trail 50 sites and see food and
1:55 pm
visit our urban wineries a trail as well and it allows us to market oakland in this very specialized way and also talk about what a restauranteur industry we have in oakland been a creative way i think to talk about the manufacturing sector in a different way. >> this whole initiate wouldn't have been possible self-we hadn't had the blessing of our own mayor sfmade is progressively in san francisco and a leader that hadn't only spider us but gourjd us to see what we can do collectively across the region why would you do that (laughter). >> first of all, i grew up in a family were any mom was a seamstresses used to someone as a head of the 40ur8d making
1:56 pm
things seeing the delight in her eyes she used to do sky jackets with the do you think she was proud of stitch if you got the right stitches that don't cough the details like that effect our whole life i paid attention to a lot of the details because you train hand to use coordination with the speed and when they're sold their seed well, you take pride in the brand that's what the workforce in the manufacturing industry feel they feel they own the product where it is sold and resold they get this product so a personal aspect of that kind of drove me to pay attention particularly when it came to fashioned so many other things are happen that cause our space to be
1:57 pm
reused in a productive way when you think of obesity when you think that i know restaurant - they're doing skateboards now the overlay of technology cat boards are not made with just a material but an overlay of electronics like at circa in the film you look at that assembly line and the neat part of it they have new types of machineryy that guide provision of cutting, that provision helps because when you have a whole piece of laefrp and you're making a belt there is a lot of center unused leather with the machinery they can position that belt design into the leather to get twice as much out of one
1:58 pm
piece an overlay computerized accuracy of that belt so switching 19 stitching it is still part of manufacturing of that apparel but overlayed by great level of technology that helps with quality with the design, with the environment for the use of those materials there are incredible tributes of state of mind we have to wrap up i'd like to hang out but how often do we get four cities together it is looking at we need to connect each other capabilities together we have garment manufactured in oakland and san francisco but not the electronics manufacturing and scale for example, you might have in san jose that's one opportunity so the workforce which resides all over the bay
1:59 pm
area and we are excited about the bart station in fremont i think is one of the countries first transit oriented industrial elephant taking the development to a whole new level and, yes we can clap for that. >> (clapping.) >> so let me ask in conclusion, this may be one the harder requests of the recognized people in 3 words - >> not possible. >> each something that you would most be existed about as we looked at a few years together. >> in manufacturing. >> 3 words mr. mayor. >> build be talent, pipeline. >> internet of things. >> (laughter). >> wow.
2:00 pm
it's about the young people for me >> support support more people. >> thank you