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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 121316  SFGTV  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm PST

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know, i look forward to the opportunity to get to know professor hing and to understand him a lot more, but i just don't feel comfortable. this is a really important seat, and i want to feel good about the decision and i'm just not there. there's a possibility that i could get there eventually, but i'm not there today, so unfortunately i won't be able to support this item. and seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk, on the item, please call the roll. >> supervisor tang. speaker: aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> breed. good no. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> no. speaker: supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> supervisor kim. speaker: aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 8 aye and two nos with supervisor breed and cohen in the descent.
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>> the motion is approved. congratulations professor. >> with that mad am clerk, let's go to the -- next item. >> 65 is to appoint four members to the immigrant rights. this has a new title and the names being ryan and diamond and michelle wong. >> supervisor mar. >> i wanted to congratulate the two new members and the reappointment of two returning members. as adrian pond and the staff came to the rule's committee i wanted to say my conversation with former supervisor tang as the immigrants rights movement created this immigrant rights commission that at this point in history, these two new members plus two reappointed members are going to have tremendous challenges as the federal government and others attack immigrants and i hope the immigrant rights commission
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live up to their vision as we created 20 years ago in 1996-97 and i'm very pleased with the energy and the passion from a number of the people on the commission and i hope it moves forward, similar when bill hing was the president of the -- i urge support. >> madam clerk on the item, call the roll. >> supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. speaker: aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. speaker: aye. >> supervisor campos. speaker: aye. >> supervisor cohen. speaker: aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 10 ayes and the motion is approved unanimously. speaker: madam call, role call for introduction. >> continuing introduce new business. speaker: i have two items today
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and i do want to also join supervisor yee later as he speaks on an i am more yum. i'm introduced legislation regarding changes accommodations, diaper changes accommodations in our restroom and you may think why we need to change legislation. i believe by doing this i'm trying to take steps to address a gender stereotype when it comes to childcare. if you notice and look around, most of these changing station was located in the women's restrooms. we expect that women are to change diapers. we're modeling off a legislation passed by president obama by federal buildings and require that city buildings would need to install changing accommodations in both female, male and all gender restrooms. when it comes to public places of accommodation, if you are a new building or going through a significant renovation of
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$50,000 or more, you'll be required to have the accommodations in all three types of restrooms and if you're an existing building, then we are asking that if you already provide a changing station in the women's restroom you do the same in the men's or an all gender restroom. those are the three different situations. and again, this legislation is really more than about providing a sanitary and convenient place for people to change diapers. it's really about breaking through gender stereotypes around childcare. the second is an amendment to our health code. we're prohibiting pet stores from selling dogs or cats not obtained from animal rescue or shelters and prohibiting the sale of kittens under 8 weeks old. this is model -- we currently do not have pet
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stores that sell dogs or cats from breeders. but we hope to continue this and encourage people to adopt animals from shelters or rescue organizations. and i want to join supervisor yee. someone who i came to meet through the paw back organization which is the pacific asian american women bay area coalition. i know her as auntie anita and she passed away in early december, but she was an incredible mentor to me, and always supportive of everything i've done since i was an intern to becoming a supervisor. i want to thank her for the guidance she supplied women everywhere. i wish her friends -- with that i submit.
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>> supervisor yee. >> first of all, i like to -- i'll be listened as a cosponsor as your diaper changing table as a father who quickly learned how to change diapers and found nowhere to change when i had to. [inaudible]. i changed my babies diapers and that's a good call. so i like to offer my memorial to fong. i like to close in a different and long time resident in my district for her name, anita fong. sadly she passed away on december 5th after rare auto-immune disease effecting asian women which ravished her muscles over a short time. she passed away at a young age of 63. i knew anita personally
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and she moved from san francisco from hong kong when she was 7 years old. she attended the same elementary school i did although i was 3 years her senior. she attended gene parker elementary school and went to hoover junior high at the time it was called before going to uc berkeley where she received her bu. she attended san francisco state university where she received a master degree in social work and an nba from golden gate university. i believe -- i'm trying -- i have known her for so long and i'm trying to remember where i first met her and i think it was actually -- she was the first director for children services in 1976. so
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we cross paths right there. anita, her career extends to many different things but she focused on her career on how to help those who were either in need or in less fortunate circumstances. she spent many years in various public health positions all around the bay area, spanning social marketing, advocacy, policy, planning, and health and human services and administration before entering -- before retiring in 2015 from the san francisco department of public health due to impaired vision. she is perhaps best remembered by her large network of friends, mentees and she tried to make the lives of others better than it is. one of anita well known contribution as soup his veer tang mentioned
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in the community in the nonprofit world is serve ing on the board of directors -- which focused on the investment of young and mature women in both professional and personal lives and leadership development. in addition, anita generously used her fundraising skills and network to contribute to events held by the san francisco department of public health, komochi and last but not least self help for the elderly. anita was known for her love and dedication to her parent and devoted 25 years to caring for them in their home. most recently, the joys of her life and the recipients of her generosity are her older brothers, and four grand
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children, bruce, jordan, iana and blake. i like to let everyone to take a moment of silence to acknowledge anita fong and her life of tireless and compassionate service to the betterment of others. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. >> thank you. >> supervisor avalos. >> i have an introduce. actually it's like this big softball throwing it up in the air and you get to knock it and put your name on it and knock it out of the park. the first is -- it's a $38 million deappropriation ordinance. and actually i wanted to do this because around balancing our budgets and extending services to new homeless services, i think we should have a bite at
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the apple at looking at what are things that we can deprioritize as this new priority is coming forward rather than just you know, taking money that was already set to be used for the purposes of city cause or street trees or other uses. this is a bite at the apple that the city could have. if our impasse continues, this could be a way to have some negotiations of how we might be able to move forward in a way to balance the budget. of course, the controller could say much of the issue is for next year's budget, but in case there's a need to want to negotiate anything it's available. that's my last thing on the budget for -- it may never come back again. who knows. there's reentry council clean up language. since the meeting has been meeting for a number of years, there's a new seat
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added to the reentry council. it has to be done by ordinance. it's occupied by director of the department of housing and homelessness in supportive housing. this is a seat for jeff gaziski and we need an ordinance to offer the seat. it has my name on it, but someone else can pick it up. i have another ordinance around the planning code ordinance that is dealing with putting a cap and limits on the number of on unauthorized units that can be added to a parcel or a lot. it also has prohibitions on demo demolishing of single family homes given where the cities at in terms of many units that aren't necessarily permitted. it's important to put protections in place. that's available for colleagues to pick up. you have to take my name off it and that could
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be a home run hit. i have two items for the imperative agenda. one is for paul who has been running an auto service in the excel district for 70 years. he's opened his service up in 1946 and he does tire and i've got my cars -- my tires done there 10 or 15 times and this is actually really interesting because it's my last board meeting and this resolution for paul day which is january 1st, 2017, is the only thing i've gotten from jerald san da sal. i have a resolution and i want to thank him for it because apologies, he's a great man. heeds been running this business forever. longer than the 49 -- i'm happy to have put that for the
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imperative calendar. also what we have and we're moving forward because there could -- we had take immediate action to protect tenant and it's the last meeting we have and the issue came up well before -- well after the agenda was written. and that is after the ghost ship fire and tragedy which i think many of us are still shaken up reeling. there have been a lot of fire marshals that have been over zealous in addressing warehouse space and artist space and work space and that's happening in san francisco as well. and already, the city through the department of building inspection and the entertainment commission and the fire department, and the work force development and the art's commission have been
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coming together to address how we can move forward on making sure that warehouse space is safe, and also that we're protecting tenants so we want to actually dip -- prevent displacement as much as possible, but we want to make sure these types of tragic events don't happen and so we want to -- the resolution is really calling upon the city to do just that and if i could read the main parts of the resolution. i won't have to read it in the future. so the resolve cause is the board of supervisors the city of county of san francisco finds that unauthorized work spaces and venues that operates safely are -- and be further resolves that the board of supervisors is committed to protecting these venues whenever they can be
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legalized. helping property owners make them safe and secure and protecting tenants from displacement and be a further resolve that the board of supervisors encourage dbi to -- nonprofit organizations that have experience with supporting unauthorized spaces and have trust with people in the community, and be a further resolve that the board of soup -- the city attorney, the city administrator and the mayor of housing, entertainment commission, and the arts commission and any other city agencies work together to address the safety hazards in unauthorized spaces and develop a process based on dbi successful code enforcement outreach program for the legalzation of unauthorized spaces that's consistent and identify resources to help property owners fund needed safety improvement and
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legalzation such as low interest loans and the code enforcement fund and the housing stabilization and preservation fund. with that colleagues, i will no longer be submitting things for introduction for the board of supervisors. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. >> i'm looking at my items that i'm submitting and i'm joking. i promised myself i would not submit anything on my last day. speaker: supervisor cohen. >> not in the chamber. >> supervisor farrell. speaker: supervisor kim. >> can you rerefer. speaker: supervisor mar. >> thank you, i don't have anything to introduce, but i will acknowledge that the
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comfort women justice coalition has its three finalist for the memorial and thanks to all of you for unanimously supporting our san francisco comfort women memorial last year. this month, we're highlighting three semi-finalist for the comfort women memorial design competition sponsored by our coalition. it's a memorial again that will be installed at the st. mary's square extension. it's a park in san francisco boundaries are california street and pine street at kerny above the st. mary's garage, but the building of the memorial is in 2017. a total of 36 designs were received from artist all over the world representing 8 countries and these three semi-finalist was not an easy decision, but the three are the finalist. the designs and i believe if we could have the over head, and thanks so much
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to angelina for work with the coalition, the designs include three different pieces and our project manager joseline with her artist studio. it may not -- i think the five panel of the judges looked at these anonymously. so they didn't know who submitted them, but they chose based on the imagery and the beauty and the various other guidelines that they looked at. these different designs, the three will be in my office, for example, the one that's up right now on the screen is called "tears of time." the other two are
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different statute type figures. one more abstract, and another more realistic. but these are all viewable online. but also in my office in much larger panels through the end of the week in room 284. anybody can come back. the western library had them up for, i believe that was for over a week, right angelena and you can go to i want to thank the coalition -- and the women led coalition and many others for really moving this forward. we hope to have the memorial approved by the art's commission, visual art committee soon and move forward with the building next year. and now my last time to say this and the rest, i'll
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submit. thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> i refer. speaker: we're at the re-refer stage. supervisor kim. >> thank you madam clerk for the additional time. i want to make sure our legislation was ready. today, supervisor peskin and i are introducing the much anticipated followup legislation to proposition c which passed 69% of voters this past june. proposition c sets affordable housing requirements at 25%. 15% dedicated for low income residents at 55% of average medium income and below as hand been the developer's obligation before the housing trust fund. an additional 10% for middle income housing. there are a couple of reasons why we put forward this requirement. one being that we
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know that we are really not meeting the needs of middle class households here in san francisco, but we need to continue to build working class and low income housing as well. we -- in this ordinance that we're introducing today, we are setting and affirming the desires of voters that private develop ares deliver 25% affordable housing. again, 15% for low income residents examine 10% for middle income housing. our original legislation did generously grandfather approximately 100 project in the pipeline to not burden existing developments that have started their approval's process. we're setting our site in the future to make permanent the intent of the voter and to begin the discussions of updating our city's affordable housing requirements. in this draft which we're introducing today, we provide direction to the city to set feed level to the
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most profitable development in the most profitable neighborhoods have to pay the highest fees. we look forward to working with city staff developers and neighborhood residents on this pause. and we want to emphasize we know through projects that have committed to this amount or higher that this is something we can do and that we should do. while it's important to continue to publicly subsidized affordable and middle income housing through tax payer dollars, it's equally important that we ask the market and the private sector on contribute the maximum amount that they can to ensuring that all san francisco residents can be here. and madam clerk the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. >> supervisor peskin. >> i'm proud to join with supervisor kim to fight for an affordable city and supervisor kim stated what happened in
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june. an overwhelming, almost 70% of the voters recognized what we know, this is the most expensive city in the country. we should expand our tool kit to make sure developers are apart of the solution and not the only part of the solution. i'm proud to join that. i want to acknowledge all of the work of the technical advisory committee and say that i think we actually have shown that 25% is economic feasible and look forward to the continued hard work around some of the wofrngyest pieces of this that remains to be done and look forward to working that out with you colleagues in the new year. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor avalos asked to be re-referred but he's not in the chamber. madam president, that concludes -- >> supervisor avalos, do you want to be re-referred? >> yes, thank you. i just wanted to say these measures
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that i have introduced today all because that my office and my staff especially jerry has been working on these really important matters and they weren't finalized until right now and he's passionate about them. i want to say thank you to jeremy for his great work and the new coming soup upervisors can take on this -- >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> madam president. >> thank you, and madam clerk let's go back to -- is that item number 56. >> that's correct. >> we're back at item number 56. supervisor yee. are you ready to proceed? >> yes. >> there was a motion to approve the amendments and there was a second. supervisor mar. >> so yes. thank you. in my
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conversations with supervisor yee and his staff and my staff, what i'm going to do is withdraw the first amendment and just move forward with the second hoping that perhaps the cosponsors move forward in the future on someways to figure out how to reduce the amount of plastic use by the much larger water containers, but our focus as supervisor yee said is the single use plastic water bottles, so we are striking the amendment number one and the resolution as written stays at the 1 liter or smaller amount that's being restricted. so i'm only moving forward the amendment number two, not amendment number one. >> okay. so supervisor mar has amended his amendment. and is there a second?
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>> seconded by supervisor yee. supervisor yee. >> thank you, president breed. first of all, i want to thank supervisor mar for being flexibility and for authoring this ordinance. it's important we keep moving forward with these efforts to reduce the plastic waste. and i know -- i want to say that just because i raised a question of whether we should include that amendment or not today, it was not because i'm totally against it. it's more of did we get a chance to make sure -- if we need to do something as an alternative, so i'm more than happy to work with your co-authors of this legislation in out future to tackle this particular issue, so thank you very much.
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>> thank you both. okay. the amendment has been moved and is seconded. colleagues can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, the amendment passes. and on the item as amended, madam clerk, please call the roll. speaker: supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. speaker: aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are ten ayes. >> the ordinance as amended passes unanimously on the first reading. all right. madam clerk, let's go to public
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comment, and just for clarity with public comment, we have a closed session so this is your time to comment about the closed session. >> please read public comment. >> this is an opportunity for members of the public to address the board of supervisors as a whole for up to 2 minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include and without reference calendar items 70-80 and 68 through 69. direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers used -- if you like to use the projector, please address sgtv and remove it from -- >> first speaker.
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>> hello members, my name is ken johnson and i'm a native san franciscan. i'm talking about the fill more jazz center right now. i was recently told that they are -- fees are going to come out around the 15th and i want to board -- i found out about it. i haven't had time to talk to supervisor breed about it, but i like for the board to prolong that -- people are on vacation and i've been meeting with the community members. we've been doing things in the venue, and now there's a lot of interest and we're getting together to speak as one. so right now, i think it's not a good time to put the [inaudible] out and if you would please consider that that's the only thing that we have in the film community. that's the only place that's
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remaining. the city has devastated the black community there and that's the only thing we have that once we get it up and going, we can employ, we could train different -- we could train our people. we'll have some where to go. i mean, you know what's happening with the filmore community and that place was supposed to be the anchor of venue to -- for the rebirth of the filmore so please you know, don't let the rsp come out until next year some time if then. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is fred jordan and i'm president of the san francisco african american american of commerce. i need to move this higher because i'm 6 feet 5. we're here today
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just quickly to say that this city is in one of the highest states of economics and low unemployment and we have development unprecedented in this country, you know, 12 projects here in excessive of billion dollars and they say high waters lift all boats but high waters do not lift the black community. we have gone from 14% down to less than 5% today. the black community is in a crisis. and this body must act to save the african american community because soon there will be no african americans in this city. so i have left a letter, i've sent a letter to each one of you and i'm hoping that this will be a
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priority for next year because we need a marshal plan. we got no funds from the -- we get no funds from the city and no support and as the previous speaker said, our last bit of culture is being taken away just like that, just off the board. so i ask that the board to pay attention to our [inaudible]. >> thank you sir for your comment. next speaker, please. >> good evening, board president and members of the board. some of you may know me and some may not, but my name is doug perish and i'm the ceo of a small business called red dipper. i'm the chairman of the san francisco african american chamber of commerce small business committee. represent dip certified -- we're certified for electrical
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services and street lighting and energy supplies and i'm giving you an example of some of the things that fred and ken have been describing here today. these are tangible examples of some of the situations i haven occurred as a small business and i like to share them with you here tonight. red dipper is an african american known alternative energy company. we basically focus on black and brown communities and going out and educating them on what they can do to reduce their carbon foot print and we provide solar installation training and stow armor street lighting programs through nonprofit organizations such as mentoring with the aim of reducing recidivism. we have done it to low level
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inmates coming back into the community. some of the things i have been here to hear and listen to the challenges that are going on in the community are direct relationship to us not having jobs and contracts, and the big focus is right now, is that red dipper needs to have the jobs and contracts coming out and we don't need the rules and regulations in place to impact us from hiring our own population which are a black and brown populations. i think the asian community does a good job of doing that. >> thank you, sir. thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> madam president, supervisors, my name is duffy and i'm a forklift driver. i like the straight forward question about how they felt
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about tasers. of course you know, we have asked lee -- whether it was going to stay for 1 year, he said sure. at least you asked the question and he answered. do you believe in growth? you know, i don't think this board actually has been performing sufficiently. as a forklift driver, i'm allowed to be [inaudible]. however, the vote on those candidate for the police commission, it didn't break a lot permanent [inaudible] line and i think that that going forward is kind of a pause if we have a little more of that where things are not permanently in one way or another, but they spread around and we get different opinions. i think that is a sign of growth. that's growth. i know we're losing a couple of our members and ones that i personally have valued greatly.
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i want to thank you for them. i know -- there was an nyu study a few years ago of elected officials and they discovered if a decision moating -- 80% of it was based on how the vote would affect their future job opportunities. 80%. it's nice if we went down to 30%, but i think clearly we, obviously, the proof is in the pudding, we had three people here whose evaluation of what their future job opportunities was less important. less important than what the important thing was for the community. >> thank you, and mr. duffy, i'll say the public comment was satisfied for the police commission item, so next time. i didn't interrupt you, but next time remember. next speaker, please. >> i too echo the previous
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speaker's gratitude to the supervisors for their tremendous leadership to the city of san francisco and we're going to miss you very greatly. and i'm profoundly grateful to this board for passing the alex memorial. but i must express my disappointment in the selection of bill hing to the commission and i address my comment to the public. we need public participation -- >> ma'am. i'm going to pause your time for a moment. >> this is about sspd accountable. >> walk the line carefully. >> certainly. >> thank you. >> we have one of the most dysfunctional police department in the united states. i attend 75% of the police commission meetings and i see the same people there every single time. we need a broader cross
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section of san franciscans to come before the police commission and demand change. and that includes our elected officials. i was grateful to see soup upervisor cohen at the last meeting and i select more of you to come since you selected a more passive person to support you when we could have had a fighter to -- so thank you for your service, thank you for recognizing alex, but please everybody in the public and our elected officials included get more engaged with police accountability and make the hears monthly. we need monthly hearing especially with the trump's administration to hold sfpd accountable to implementing all the changes that must occur. >> thank you, and before the next speaker, i just want to remind members of the public if
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we had a matter before the board of supervisors today, unfortunately like the alex memorial and the police commission appointment, unfortunately in your general public comment remark, those are things that you can necessarily discuss as business has taken place that had been on the board of supervisors agenda. what you can talk about specifically are the items for adoption without reference to committee as well as the closed session as well as general matters for example the police commission meeting and things of that matter. i apologize if there's confusion, but unfortunately if that continues we will have to stop members of the public and remind them of this particular message. so thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for that supervisor breed. i was confused myself. i would like to first of all -- david, san
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franciscans for -- i would like to command the three supervisors for their outstanding work on issues. you have been great. we really appreciate you -- all of you. i hope all of you will continue your good work as private citizens, potentially in front of the police commission and you're making too many comments. i would like to say i look forward to working with two of your replacements and i'm hopeful about a third. thank you out going supervisors mar, campos, and avalos. as for the vote on the new commissioner, we look forward to working with him. one last issue, general issue about the commission has been noted at this meeting, de jesus may be leaving in april so we hope the board will work to find excellent candidate. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please.
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>> as we close here in good cheer, i hope it's worth contemplating this progress over the world over the last 100 years and i have an article from the chronicle. it says as follows, rescue the armenian and save the syrians this is the cry that will ring around the city of san francisco today and tomorrow. the article goes onto say that pursuant to a proclamation by president wilson and supported by mayor rof, women in san francisco will go to the squares and department stores to -- to save the armenians. 800 have been killed by the turks and 180 -- we hope this will help
6:43 pm
the progress of saving this catastrophe. thank you for considering and think -- the item is in october 21, 1916. 100 years ago. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> julie fisher. i know a lot of you and i wasn't going to say anything tonight, but i want to respond to something introduced late. i want to mention my employer macy's who over a decade ago put diaper tables in the men's toilets. it was a great thing to do. we have a lot of happy dads and happier babies. and i want to thank all of you for great and an actual portion year and wish the three of you not joining us next january, the best of everything. thank you. >> thank you for your comment.
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next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors, my name is scott. i appreciate speaking with you today. certainly to start with credible gratitude to supervisor avalos, campos and mar who have served us tireless for humane values in san francisco and your legacy will continue on. we look forward to working with your replacements but what you have offered to our city has been awesome. speaking to a matter introduced in the -- having to do with recent concerns and public safety and creative art spaces in san francisco. we're heart broken and it has been a tremendous tragic affect on the communities which what happened at the ghost ship and san francisco. many of our friends have lost friend and we're toughed by this. independently we're working proactively to
6:45 pm
address public -- we're grateful for our civic leaders working us. we don't destroy our communities in the name of safety. safety is important and we're going to work with the city to get to those ends. the matter sets a great precedent and we're working with owners and the buildings have been gracious to allow these buildings to be used in a non traditional ways. we evaluate these space and they get brought up to code and these issues are addressed. we're facing eviction and there's some locally so we're looking for a calm and breathing while we come forward to address this issue. so please whatever you can to put out publicly and the newscast that we're working to address these thing and to put owners at ease so they don't evict these spaces. we have been in
6:46 pm
crisis due to economic issues for years and this is unprecedented and be hope you work with us and the nation. it has affected us all. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible]. as re resident, as a some time resident in what we call an underground 24-hour art clerkive, i'm looking forward to working with this committee made up of various groups of city government. and the lawyers and the city attorney, the [inaudible]. let's work together and do more together than any of us can do on our own. because we're gathering. you mentioned the city is getting harder for those of moderate -- we can work together and we can can get on the same page. the box they
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put us in and push the envelope of social change. [inaudible] avalos. and mar, and [inaudible]. i believe before you took that seat a while ago, [inaudible]. david when i was working in the polls up and down that hill, and you came by with [inaudible] and i remember sitting with you, and i was sitting you on the step outside the polling step and you told me you were considering running for supervisor in district 9. do you remember that? i think you do. here we are many years later still hanging in there, hanging out and i really feel sad about what happened at ghost. i think about it everyday, but let's work together. the phrase is doing more together than any of us can do on our own and i'll end with the spirit that came to me with these words and she says it's a zigzag journey. i
6:48 pm
spiral dance. so let's get on it, and i'm glad supervisor kim that you're going to be around for a while. on one hand, on the other i did vote for you, but i think sacramento is getting [inaudible]. we need you to carry that banner here. it's all good. >> thank you for your comment, sir. future reference please direct your remarks to the board as a whole. thank you kindly. next speaker, please. >> thank you president breed and all of the little ducks. my name is christopher and i live at 6th and howard 10 blocks and less than 40 years from sea level i will and i want to comment -- it offers the promise that days will grow longer, that life will renew the land, and that hope can return. may the sun bring light to us all. the good news from the election is that there is no american left who thinks that our federal government
6:49 pm
will do anything sub stant to address climate change. we all now understand the reality, the republicans offer only resistant to the idea there is something wrong or even just out of balance with the climate. we all now understand the reality that the democrats offer only half measures half thought out and half funded. the good news is that we the people are feeling the urgency of our crisis and are seeking solutions ourselves and the good news is that there is still a very narrow window of time for us to reduce our carbon up late, increase our carbon download and bring our carbon cycle into balance. we just need new trees. we just need fresh watered irrigate to -- we need carbon free energy to dieselnate the water. resist pretending it's someone
6:50 pm
else's problem to fix and resist despair there's no solution. resist the cynics and the nay sayer and resist distraction from our goals, resist. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> tom kaburkey. with a little imagination, you can measure the operate i can over tons we could have here. some of our supervisors are leaving. farewell. help keep us safe. heroes, the core as, fire, police, neighbors don't shoot
6:51 pm
us anymore. supervisor avalos, how about a marrow -- the next mayor ask you to build us a public bank. empathy. there's been ' em at the -- ' em pathetic moments here. cohen was be wielders you weren't voting for her police reform measure and it got -- that angry and that volcanic and i felt that moment. another empathy moment when air b and b was given more time to ravish whatever they wanted to do, and supervisor campos said gee, you gave air b and b but you couldn't give the mission when it was being ravished and devastated. the lamest moment
6:52 pm
wasn't here. it was off the radio. a couple of years ago, i heard the story of this immigrant family that came to america and bought a residential unit and there was a tragic event in the unit. the people had to sale their house and proposition g was going to prevent that. and they were going to be -- they wouldn't lose money. it was going to be a disaster. i wonder if supervisor farrell remembers that and all the time i kept remembering evictions and now the evictions are even higher. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, my name is mrs. damonta and i'm from san francisco located in [inaudible]. hi family is in san francisco since 1989 and this is a subject i wish to have addressed to all
6:53 pm
supervisors, but some are missing from their seats. gentleman and ladies, i have sensed you're trying to raise funds for projects and you have to scale back on others. and on the other hand, you have had this [inaudible] for the police commission, et cetera. okay. i wish to make a proposal to the city and county of san francisco from what i presented a long ago -- it produced the mayor and that was mayor eliota. maybe you people should consider firing the police department and replacing it because the past number of generations since the people have taken -- it's too much forgetting they're public employees and you pay them wages on an hourly basis and other things that come with the risk of the job. and maybe you
6:54 pm
should consider letting those jobs to be bid on by all families of san francisco like it was a while ago with great deal of respect for everybody in the city and county of san francisco to protect communities. 3 generations ago, the police department and all families of san francisco were having meetings once a week in certain locations where they were certain discussions and those were re-- maybe you should consider a place them together. and maybe with jobs that are not corrupt. >> thank you for your comment. any other members of the public who would like to address the board during public comment, please step up. >> hi, i'm al and i want to say one thing. i'm very familiar with your generous service
6:55 pm
supervisor mar, supervisor guzman and supervisor avalos. please, still stay involved. >> thank you for your comment, sir. are there any other members of the public who would like to address the board during public comment. madam president. >> thank you. seeing no other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time, public comment is now closed. all right. let's get down to business. the item for adoption without reference to committee, madam clerk, call those items. >> items 70-80 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference and these items may be approved by a single roll call vote, otherwise please sever an item and it can be considered separately. >> we're going to remove 73, 74, 75. supervisor avalos. >> we like to sever 70.
6:56 pm
>> okay. >> supervisor peskin. >> i was going to ask that you do 73, 74, 75. >> okay. no other item oz the remaining items excluding 70, 73, 74, 75. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. speaker: supervisor breed. aye. >> supervisor campos. speaker: aye. >> farrell. >> aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye >> supervisor peskin. >> aye >> there are ten ayes. >> those items are passed unanimously. item number 70. >> item 7 is a resolution to reaffirm the board of -- and allocation of appropriate
6:57 pm
properties for urban ago gre culture. >> supervisor avalos. >> the intention behind this was to have it go to commit tee report on assessing the opportunity to -- i would like to send this to committee and supervisor elect ronon is interested in picking up this resolution and i look forward to seeing her moving forward. >> okay. this item will go to committee. >> all righty. we are i guess, i'm wanting to know from members of the board, do we want to talk about 73, 74, 75 and allow those to be our final items to discuss and do our closed session and then imperative items or discuss them now. supervisor peskin.
6:58 pm
>> i would like to discuss them now, but if you want them to be last, it's appropriate. >> it's up to the supervisors. would you like -- >> supervisor avalos. it would be great if there were last. >> okay. supervisor mar, any reference. >> all right. let's go to -- we have a closed session. okay. we have a closed session. and so at this time madam clerk, please call our closed session. speaker: item 68 is a closed session for the board of supervisors to convene on december 16, 2016, due to the government code for the purpose of con -- relate to go the ordinance amending the police code to prohibit owners of multiple occupancy buildings from interfere with the dhois of communication services provided by occupants and establish requirements for
6:59 pm
communication service providers to attain -- of the access requirement. which is the subject matter of item 69. >> okay. so we took public comment on the closed session. and so i will entertain a motion to go into closed session. moved by farrell and seconded by tang. can we take that without objection. without object >> we're back in open session. the board took no action in closed session. it there a
7:00 pm
motion to not disclose, moved by supervisor farrell and seconded by peskin. without objection, the board will not disclose what took place. verbally in closed session. with that, supervisor farrell on item number 69. >> colleagues thank you. i'll keep my comments brief. fundamentally i want to thank mar. all the people that have worked on this legislation, my staff don and everybody would came together, again we've made a ton of amendments over the past month and a half and about internet access and it's a right in our city and as consumer report -- and i hope to have your support. speaker: thank you, and seeing no other name oz the roster, on item number 69, madam clerk, call the roll. >> supervisor tang.
7:01 pm
speaker: aye. >> supervisor yee. speaker: aye. speaker: supervisor avalos. >> aye. speaker: supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. speaker: aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. speaker: aye. >> there are ten ayes. >> the ordinance is passed. please read our imperative items. >> we have two imperative item from supervisor avalos. the first is a resolution finding that have work spaces and entertainment venues that are valuable -- and urging various city departments to address safety issues in these unauthorized space and develop a legalzation process that minimized displacement and help
7:02 pm
property owners to fund legalzation. speaker: colleague, we have the first imperative item by supervisor avalos which requires we adopt two separate findings. and before we have a discussion, i'm going to open it up to public comment. with that, i would like to call on supervisor avalos. >> thank you, can we actually hear the [inaudible] item first. speaker: it's your decision. supervisor -- excuse meshgs madam clerk, can you read the second imperative item. >> the second is perative item it's a resolution declaring january 1st, 2017, to be paul's husto day in the county of san francisco in appreciation for his contributions in the san francisco community and 70 years of husto services. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, i would like a motion that this is purely a purely commendatory item and it came to my attention before the
7:03 pm
-- after the agenda was set. so that's why it's imperative. i like to amend we vote on this. speaker: supervisor avalos made a motions on the finds and seconded by farrell. colleagues can we take take the motion without. that motion is passed unanimously. supervisor avalos. >> i described the underlining item for -- >> no names on the roster and i'll open this up for public comment. anyone who would like to make a comment. please come
7:04 pm
forward. public comment is closed. and madam clerk, should we do a roll call or can we take it without objection. >> a roll call. >> on the imperative item, please call the roll. speaker: supervisor tang. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. speaker: aye. >> soup viewser breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. speaker: aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. speaker: aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> there's ten eyes. dmr that's passed and your second imperative have been called. [switching captioners]
7:05 pm
7:06 pm
>> so that is my one motion to amend on that item. supervisor kim made in a motion and seconded by supervisor peskin. supervisor's, can we take that without objection? seeing no objection, that motion is passed unanimously.
7:07 pm
>> thank you supervisor tang for your leadership on continuing this work. supervisor yee. >>i just want to thank supervisor avalos for bringing this forward and also being flexible to change the language before you before we got this final copy. >>thank you supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >>i think it's great that we can come together before a hearing and see what progress has been made and get a report together. >>thank you supervisor avalos. mr. gibner, did you have a
7:08 pm
comment? it looked like you were standing by the mic. i will open this up for public comment any members of the public that would like to comment on this item please come forward. seeing none ,this item will be moved forward. and, supervisors can we take this same house, same call? >> with no objection, the motion passes. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk, please take all three items together. >>item 73 is a resolution
7:09 pm
commending and honoring supervisor john avalos for his distinguished service as a member of the san francisco board of supervisors. item 74 is a resolution commending and honoring supervisor david campos for his distinguished service as a supervisor of the city and county of san francisco. and item 75 is a resolution commending and honoring supervisor eric mar for his distinguished service as a member of the san francisco board of supervisors. supervisor peskin did you have a comment? >>yes i just wanted to first
7:10 pm
start with supervisor avalos where he first got the bug and i told him he wasn't working hard enough and he had to work on more doors. whether it was immigrant rights or the health care security ordinance or whether it is your create your standard short-term rentals we will live in these hollow chambers for many, many years to come. i considered you to be a friend and to all three of you, there is only one member of this board who knows how weird what you are going through it like because determinants is a strange thing because you didn't get fired, you didn't quit, but you can't keep your job anymore and one
7:11 pm
hand, as supervisor campos said, it is bittersweet because on one hand you know you're going to miss it. i for one when you know that you are going to testify id washington will nd thasupervisor mar got beat up a lot about things like happy meals and that that turned and you did that selflessly and it just rolled off of your back or at least that is how it looked to those of us who were unperturbed. i think for any other person, i
7:12 pm
mean katie, supervisor tang, flipped off the news reporter. >>go katie. >> and how during in [roll call vote] you recite every single thing that is going on in in the community, and we will miss you but you will not be far away. and supervisor john avalos, you have in many ways been the conscience for this board. you have been able to bridge the divide between the alleged progressives and the alleged
7:13 pm
moderates on the boardbecause at the end of the day you are always looking out for san francisco. and the fact that you have left us with this vehicle to have a conversation about how to deal with city college with your $38 milliond appropriation and re-appropriation is just classic signature john avalos. you have been a total mensch you have been a guiding spirit to this public. i will miss all three of you but i know you will not be far away. thank you and godspeed. >>[applause] >>they are going to take a note from your book and wait out a term and then come back. supervisor yee. >> i guess besides pres. breed
7:14 pm
and myself, we have served with them long enough except of course supervisor tang, who has been in the chambers for a long time. it has been interesting to serve for years with you but at the same time i served with supervisor mar on the board of education and supervisor campos was the attorney there. and then, there was a time when supervisor avalos was with
7:15 pm
coleman advocates and i cross passed with him many times on different issues and in many ways, it's not just these four years that i've seen you guys work. so like to say that i have seen you grow up a lot in these chambers because everything was so brand-new and even though i served on the board of education, everything here was really new. i was not an insider here. i didn't know what was going on. i didn't attend a lot of board of supervisor meetings supervisor cohen, i just want to say that i learned a lot from all three of you and what supervisor peskin just said is what you bring here is really consciousness that we will
7:16 pm
really miss; and something that you fight for all the time as far as social justice and really looking out for those that are the least resource full to make sure that they've equal footing in our city is a voice. so, that is something that i want to take with me i will take with me for the next four years to remember that that the rest of us need to pick up that the battle and fight for the people that you fought for for the last eight years so thank you very very it much. >>thank you supervisor yee. supervisor kim.
7:17 pm
>>i just would like to start by thing i can't believe this is the last night here with the three of you. i remember our campaigning and how hard it was and how spread out our community was and crisscrossing through the richmond and some of us went to the excelsior and said well i can't believe this is part of san francisco so thank you supervisor avalos for taking us out to the excelsior. i remember in january 2009 was the busiest i've ever seen the chambers and at the time i was on the school board at the time and i got to take a seat and see the action for the time and it was such a great day to see the three of you come into the office together. to see three
7:18 pm
progressive men of color take seats on the board of supervisor. and i remember david on that first meeting used to growing people and obtuse contract items on the budget and you made it known that you would be reading all of the items on the first day on your board of supervisors and you will be asking a lot of questions and you never stopped after that first day even at the chagrin of some of our staffers andi want to thank you for all of your work and leading the charge and undocumented use. when we felt they are being pulled out into iced have the protection that
7:19 pm
they heard and be pulled out to the board of supervisors and i think that important piece of legislation was closing in on the loophole of the healthcare ordinance and ensuring that we had a strong, universal healthcare program here provided both by the city and by our private employers as well. so, i want to thank you for our service. i had an opportunity to work with you previous to that when you started with the general counsel to the school district and i remember being so sad when you left because i thought you did a tremendous job but you got to continue to do that work here on the eight years on the board here supervisor as and i look forward to the next step in you serving our community. supervisor mar, we have actually known each other for a long time through the asian community. and i really got to know you and set my hat
7:20 pm
down on that community board and even though i've been a supervisor for years i was very naïve about the political process. so i met with him in richmond and eric pulls out a map of san francisco and who had power and strength in organizing and i thought wow, i really hadn't done my homework for this meeting and i know you really did your homework for initiatives with the board of education and the board of supervisors and i have to say that i was really skeptical when you first introduce the happy meal legislation and after you did that the city started to follow you and it became an important issue
7:21 pm
across the country that we take health and food justice across the country and that we should really take better care of ourselves and that we should also hold private entities responsible and accountable to that as well. and so, i want to thank you for your work. i represent a district that has the highest concentrations of liquor and tobacco licenses and also represent a neighborhood that is a food desert without a multipurpose grocery store and you have really taken on that issue. and, i just want to thank you for that and i really hope i will be able to continue some of that work particularly representing the tenderloin and i think that work is so important and i think it was overlooked and i appreciate your leadership on that and i also look forward to your continued work and maybe i will be able to attend a lecture at san francisco state in the
7:22 pm
future. supervisor avalos, we met in supervisor daily's office that some people know as the [inaudible] organization. it is amazing to know about the meetings that we stab. in living rooms, and cafés. we started our own study group that--and and dave and rachal and i also remember sitting on your living room a lot for teachers for social justice meetings and i have always appreciated your deep passion for serving our communities. and, i love that you always speak truthfully at our board meetings. i think it is so hard for so many of us to speak with so much honesty but also humor at the same time. really
7:23 pm
deflecting a lot attention that can be raised by speaking so forcefully for our communities. and, i just want to say that i think that your representation and vocal by the way, vocal statements on behalf of your neighborhoods are important because i do think we often overlook the southeast sector of san francisco and i just think you have been a leading advocate for bringing more infrastructure and support for small businesses and open space as a supervisor and i want to thank you for that because we think a lot about policies and legislation on the board of supervisors but if you're not fighting for equity for neighborhood services and constituent services, we're really not doing her job. so thank you for balancing both
7:24 pm
here on the board of supervisors and showing up for those meetings. i am still in denial that the three of you are leaving. and actually, you are not for a couple of weeks but we will actually get to enjoy your company. and i just have to say that it is very clear how committed you are to this job by the flurry of legislations and hearings that you just called just in the last few meetings to help us carry on. so thanks for giving us the work to do after you leave [laughing]. i would just like to say as exciting as i am to have some new female colleagues to join the board of supervisors as a woman, i want to thank you guys for your leadership and also mentoring so many of us in the community. >>thank you supervisor kim. supervisor farrell.
7:25 pm
>>thank you pres. breed. i just want to say this about all three of you that you are all true blue and you stand up for what you believe any fight for that. it is the one thing that i know that i can always count on from you three that when you say something you mean it and that really comes from the core and that when you say something, that you mean it and i respect that. and john, when we were on the budget committee together i just remember that you really put a lot of influence in that and you are
7:26 pm
hardly on the budget committee >>i've been doing it for years. >>i just want to thank you for the work that you did. hard decisions, tough decisions but ultimately we were able to work together and i think really made a budget process that i think this relationship is the key to really the last four years from my perspective. and so, i want to thank you for that. i think you did an amazing job advocating for what you believe in. also working together with prop b and you really thought for it just as jean said and i really want to thank you for the job that you've done.
7:27 pm
david, we've had a great friendship and relationship over the past six years. i know that many people questioned it over the years. but, what i really have valued in large part is that we have found ways to work together and took truly collaborate together on 80% of the issues. that to me, speaks to hopefully what this board and boards long after we are all gone will be able to do together and that is to find common ground. and we were able to do that. to me, i remember c pmc particular. if you remember those holiday hours with supervisor chu. and that i remember one time there was a fight over economics with that deal. and i remember that supervisor compos and i aand supervisor chu, they stuck us in a conference room and they didn't realize they had put us
7:28 pm
in the gold mind of a room because we turned around and there were boxes of the financials. everyone laughed. it would've been funny to but we never did. it would've been right by the city for it worked on. david, i really appreciate our friendship and working relationship and i know it will continue. and eric, it was mentioned before i remember coming into office there was this happy meal guy next door to me in district one. it has been amazing working together. i think supervisor peskin mentioned it, i never had to open up the local newspaper in your district because every week i heard was going on during your district during [roll call vote]. we partnered together in the last year two on some bills together and things that we both care about
7:29 pm
issues and you believe so much and what you have done has made a huge difference of last year's here and i think it's something we can all take away in the chambers. we work seamlessly together being partners and sharing borders. your staff has been amazing all the staff has been amazing i look forward to working together with you in the future as well. >>thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor tang. >>thank you pres. breed. i just also want to thank supervisor avalos, supervisor campos and supervisor mar as well. and i just want to say
7:30 pm
that supervisor farrell and i have not always seen eye to eye on the three of you on many issues but i want to say very publicly that all of you have collectively really pushed my own personal boundaries and challenged me to think really deeply about what it is that i believe in and how it is that, you know given whether it's finite resources or what have you how it is that we make things happen. so, i do want to thank you for that because without people like you to push me, i don't think that i could also grow in this role. and so, to supervisor avalos, i will say we used to work together as legislative aides and you had a seamless transition becoming a supervisor. i so enjoyed seeing all of your work especially tackling environmental issues around transportation i think the ta you have been a wonderful
7:31 pm
advocate in your district. i think is wonderful the improvements you can make with transportation dollars and supervisor mar, your work as well. and a recently we had conversations in our neighborhood not seen things happen it was great to bond with you because, you know it is so rare and i think it's great to have districts especially like ours to have opportunities to really revitalize the core door. i just want to thank you so much. supervisor campos, i know we will always share an affinity towards animals [laughing] so even though we can't see it i own all things i know that our love for our furry friends we will have if nothing else. as well as the successor to supervisor mar i didn't realize this until a chronicle reporter
7:32 pm
pointed this out to me that we will have more women on this board come january. >>[applause] >>so, that is really exciting. and supervisor mar as a neighboring district supervisor i know we share ocean beach borders and even though we regulate the lands there we have had many challenges there with the trna and that will continue and i want to thank you for being a supervisors well i know you had a tough time with the art and that will be to be continued and i wish you well over at san francisco state with your fellowship. and i wish you all the best. >>thank you. supervisor peskin. >>i just want to say that
7:33 pm
everybody thinks this is your last board meeting but we still 2060s where we can call a special board meetings i just want to same thankful for that. >>thank you. and i just want to say to the board members that are leaving today there is no secret that we have had disagreements and life has been somewhat difficult at times for the board of supervisors and i would like to say that for each of you we have found ways to work together and over the few months supervisor campos you and i have just developed a better relationship and i truly appreciate that relationship regardless of disagreements and we have been in some instances, able to find common ground and i appreciate your leadership
7:34 pm
including trying to come to conclusion on the shuttlebus program which was really challenging and i am going to miss her advocacy on this board. a lot of times when you get excited, it is really funny. but, i know you're passionate about what you do and the people that you represent. i have seen you take some hits that you did not deserve. which in some instances, i probably delivered some of those hits but at the end of the day, i know that you are a passionate person and i know you care about the city and you care about people you care about what you do and so i have really grown to respect your workon the board over the years so i think you so much for your work. >>let me just say supervisor
7:35 pm
mar, i appreciate your work in the arts and equity and your consistency and all the work that you do and i just want to thank you for your work on the board of supervisors and it was definitely a challenge that a pleasure at the same time especially when we came together. it is a powerful thing. and finally, supervisor avalos, thank you for your advocacy especially with the environment done. and we gotclean power done andi just want to thank you for your consistency and continuing to push the envelope on that particular issue and it took a lot of people and that you really committed to help us get to this issue and your look
7:36 pm
at funding and institutions and so on and so forth so i thank you for your work on the board of supervisors. i had something for you i was asked by congresswoman jackie spear to present you with a recognition award from the house of representatives and when i asked why didn't she have one for the other members of the board she said basically he was the only one in my district. so, we are going to get on the other house of representatives folks who represent the other two will get theirs at a later date. but she wanted me to present you with this. she presented on the house floor it is pretty amazing and i'll let you read it later but the fact of the matter is, it starts off which is really cool, mr. speaker, i rise to honor john avalos for
7:37 pm
eight years of exemplary service on the board of supervisors it talks about your record and all that you've done and it's pretty amazing. i wanted to make sure that i presented this to you on behalf of congresswoman jackie spear who is an amazing congresswoman. and so, this will be going to you as well as one of these nicely framed proclamations from the san francisco board of supervisors commending each of you for your work, for your commitment to the city. you know, regardless of the differences, the fact of the matter is, as members of the board of supervisors you
7:38 pm
serve on this board and you make really hard decisions and sometimes people love you for it and sometimes people hate you for it but it is clear that the decisions that you made with the work that you've done putting your neck on the line time and time again for the last eight years that you really care about the work that you do or that you did and what you will continue to do and it clearly shows in your advocacy and what you introduced and how you worked with the community and that is definitely commendable. it is something that i have noticed even before i was on the board of supervisors. thank you, each and every one of you, for your commitment to the city and for your service. it is a truly amazing time of service. and, i don't even know why i'm getting all emotional but you will definitely be missed in this chamber and hopefully, you will still come see us from time and time again for some of the upcoming legislation that we probably will be passing. so, thank you again and thank you for your service.
7:39 pm
supervisor cohen. sorry john. >>thank you gentlemen for having class and your incredible work ethic i came to the board to have an opportunity work with every colleague i would like to say that eric mar is probably the most enjoyable person to work with. i think as pres. breed stated when it comes to health advocacy, whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, if i was here during happy meal time, i would've been with you. i want to say thank you. i think the you're very insightful and frankly, i think you're a leader i had a your time. and, that has always been demonstrated on some of the issues that you take on and i
7:40 pm
hope that you never lose that spirit. and, i also have had an opportunity to witness that i think that you are really good friend. not necessarily to me per se but i have witnessed you putting your friendship and people that you care about above and beyond yourself. your loved ones, i love the way you cherish and nurture and speak about jade. i've only had an opportunity to meet her a couple of times in district 10 i think she was before me but, it has been really cool during your long introductions with community events and stuff you always bring a remark and you relate it back to the family and you relate it back to jade and what life is like as a parent raising a teenager and i think that is very, very real and genuine and most san franciscans
7:41 pm
, not all but most can connect with that love and i appreciate that. and supervisor campos, it has really been kind of fun because it's true when you do get worked up, it is funny. you literally see smoke coming out of his ears, right? it is amazing. >>[laughing] >>i love his affinity for cars. i have literally been asking david campos to have dinner with me for six years and he only had dinner with me first six years and one time he told me that he could not have dinner with me because winston called him and said that he had
7:42 pm
to come home. >>[laughing] >>watch it supervisor, when you left me at dinner with my entire meal. >> >>you told me that winston called and you needed to come home in in a very comprehensive way like sorry, like if he had hair . is flipped it over shoulder, you understand, don't you. wait till thursday if you all come see me i'm going to roast is ass. >>[laughing] >>oh my gosh, sorry, i didn't realize there were kids in here i've to keep this pg. thursday
7:43 pm
at the bravo theater. be there or be square. supervisor avalos is really, really interesting. he is the most difficult person for me to come to connect with and understand but, what is interesting is that we are not scripted but some of my best remarks and moments have actually come on issues that he has carried in champion to remember that time i was on the [inaudible] that was a setup from supervisor avalos. it was your remarks that got me all worked up and the next thing you know, thank you, i was on the national scene. i have to
7:44 pm
thank you for that. but you know, when you think about it, the issues that really gets you and it was like laying dormant in me after hours and hours and hours a public comment that you internalize and then you are like, blah, and you explode! so, thank you. not many people can move me in such a way and a recently we have had some pretty explosive arguments and disagreements but we are adults and we could still come back to the table and get back to work. i want to recognize all of your staff members. because, you guys are not really as good as you think you are without your staff. it is your staff men and women that really, really make you guys look and sound smart. they do the due diligence, they do the homework, they do the talking
7:45 pm
points. they probably give you the talking points when you need that comfort with that uphill battle because you need that encouragement, right? they are talented people and if there not here today some of them are at home but the talented people because we are protecting immigrants in education and women's issues and reproductive rights issues and issues that plague poor people. there is enough work at the table for all of us to get our fill of a lifetime. and, i was just really touched us a little my lot running around the chambers like she owns the place. i was like really, she was probably born in the halls of city hall's. and i think it is very exciting to see with the next generation her mother being sworn in. and also the staff members who have
7:46 pm
delivered children to this board. again april, we are changing policy so thank you guys for allowing us to change the bathroom. campos won't publicly admit it but he wasn't happy. that was his bathroom. the lactation room that was campos'personal bathroom. i and all his personal business out there. i'm being mean. >>[laughing] >>ladies and gentlemen, this is just the opening act. seriously, and csf bravo on thursday. but gentlemen, it has been definitely a very exciting six years for me. i was 32 when i was elected and you have really had a hand in the maturation process for the melia that you see today. and i feel very privileged to see
7:47 pm
today and i feel very privileged to serve you in the space. >>thank you supervisor cohen. all right supervisor avalos. >>i walked in today to this board chamber knowing it would be the last-- my last meeting and i was a total emotional wreck. i couldn't keep my composure. i'm not sure that anyone notice but i kept going to the bathroom and it white my face and i realized at that point that it's not the walls that absorbed all the drama it's actually a bodies that do it. there's just so much that it happened over the past eight years. i can't believe i have been here eight years and 3 1/2 years before that is a
7:48 pm
legislative aide. and so, i'm going to try and keep my composure as i'm speaking because i feel so many things right now. >>let it go. >>[laughing] >>first of all i want to say thank you to the people of district 11 >>[applause] >>for giving me this awesome, awesome, experience. i mean awesome is a word that's thrown around so much but i'm completely in all of what i have had access to working with the board of supervisors that i get to work in just one of the greatest cities in the world and the city that is always becoming, it's always inviting
7:49 pm
to live up to the values that represents it's a really dynamic place to work in. it is just incredible, the freedom that i have had to be able to work and choose the things that i want to work on and to fight for my district and the fight for social justice and, it has just been really incredible to do it with everyone. first, i want to recognize my staff who have, yes, i have been so incredible to make this job possible. i'm talking about staff who aren't hair like racquel redone the who is my best friend she is in the philippines right now. she does not get reception so she's often one right now intermittently watching but more than anyone, my staff was the ones who really gave me and i have been friends with her for a really long time the courage to be here today i feel really confident being in the room with everyone who went to harvard or whatever. >>[laughing]
7:50 pm
>>i have my own stuff to deal with but they have really been a tremendous boost for me. and then, you know, francis shea along with racquel have been there from the beginning and just a really great friend in a really wonderful person to always be available to make the office run and to be there to support you in emergencies and to just make this place feel like homehough it doesn't always feel that way. but,the communication toward the end it was just amazing to keep up with all of the stuff that we wanted to do and, you have two kids and to be a very give all of yourself to them and all the great work that you did through
7:51 pm
the city as well as been an honor and privilege to work with you. thank you for all the support you've given me over the years. the next person that came into my office was jeremy pollock. and jeremy of course he and i were both legislative aides at the time at the board of supervisors i was always impressive with his work with the best off voters in his artistic work and jeremy is the person that is not always saying things all the time but get a microphone in front of him on the radio he is amazing. and so jeremy was the one that brought a lot of really great tenant rights work that i'm really grateful for and i think we really moved the city and a great way because that work. we also, you know, had a big issue around unpermitted in law units in my districts and we would try to move legislation on that. we weren't able to do that with
7:52 pm
david chu but our work really work with dvi and we were able to enforce like crazy these unpopulated units and our population grew by 5000 people in a very short period of time and part of that protection was what jeremy had done. a course jeremy and spear and all the work that we did on climate and i learned so much from him and he was able to tap into a lot of really great ideas and things that were done around the country and divestment and work on bicycling was a great part of that effort and the bike coalition board and it has been such an honor to work with you and i really thank you for helping to prop me up and be patient with me on all the great work and my life is so
7:53 pm
much better because of that and i feel like i got to another high level. intercourse, rubenstein who has been tremendous to come into my office and she's done a lot of really great community development work in the district. we started in 2009 trying to reinvigorate community development work in san francisco. district 11 really became a model and experiment and a model and lot of people did a lot of hard work on district 11 and it is really amazing. we have new housing and do open space and a new credit union opening in the district and beth, has really been the glue it to make that happen. and now tomorrow, we have the hearing of the activation of two buildings that have been dormant for a long time creating blight and
7:54 pm
we have a pathway to do something about that and i am just so impressed with all three of you. thank you for making this work possible. often times i come in and i'm taking care kids often times as a single datum during that and i don't have time to delve into that and in provision i have to improvise in this job and you have given me that ability so thank you. i want to thank add her being a great clerk of the board you have been a wonderful person to work with. you have.
7:55 pm
for lack of a better word, gravitons is not the right word , class is what i should say. you have such a great demeanor and poise and you are able to you know, handle and manage all the conflict that happens here. this can be a war room sometimes and appreciate that you do a really great job with your staff you do a tremendous job and i feel like i never lacked anything with the clerk staff here and i just want to say thank you for you know, many, many, great,, smooth things. i never knew what was happening behind the curtains it was just people doing really great work. john gessner thank you for your work over the years i think you have always been really helpful in a lot of
7:56 pm
ways. i see you in albany from time to time sometimes we would commute together. that's always been fun. i really enjoy working together. and i will start with eric mar, it was really great to come in with you i felt it would be easy to work with you and be a natural affinity and there really has been. i just really admire your humanity, your decency, you are someone who is as a lot of people mentioned in the room today, you're just very very selfless and you just always thinking of other people before yourself and it just really, really shows and as other people talked about, it wasn't, it wasn't popular to look at, you know, health issues. it was a lot of mockery about it and we can
7:57 pm
look up something if it's still here, there was a lot a mockery about it. you are actually pushing on the healthcare on the health issues before they were even for it. it's the famous quote first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you, and then you win. and, you want on that. and so, the hearing the you just did recently where you shared where we're putting water throughout the city, that was super impressive and years in the making and that is the work that we do here at the board of supervisors's work that takes years to happen. and so, congratulations on your great service. it's really been a great pleasure to work with you and really a great pleasure to know you and to
7:58 pm
know that when you go through these things with a person how you have such equanimity to do your job. and so, thank you for being my colleague and my friend. david campos it has been a real honor to work with you i just really admire how you and your staff have been able to deal with just things that you have no control over. runaway development happening in your district and how do you contend with that and we don't have the resources to fight it and yet we fight the battle every day to try and make sure that the ones that we can pull out of disaster can be pulled out of disaster knowing that others are going to be supported. that is a really challenging place to be and i think that people can say that you can get angry i understand how you can
7:59 pm
get angry at fighting against the tide that impossible to fight against i think you and your staff have done tremendous work and i just think of 1 million great policy ideas you've worked on but i think one of the most important things that you drove with the institutional master plan work was all change with cpm see. we were able to keep st. luke's hospital here and buildings that were much more workable for the community and also have cathedral hill that is going to be much better than was originally planned. you had a whole institution going in the other direction trying to rubberstamp which would've been really harmful for san franciscans and really good for cpm c and your work to care that. i think that is pride the biggest thing that you led
8:00 pm
the effort on and i want to congratulate you on that effort. and colleagues, i have tried really hard to be a team player and to get along with everyone as much as i can and i do have my scrubs every now and then but i have, you know, it's been really great working at the board and dave bailey taught me this. you can do the most stupid thing and you can always come back and remake yourself. and so, i don't think i actually did anything that was really egregious and i love chris and [inaudible] and i think in the relationships over the years there would be conflicts that would happen. and i was thought there is more work that needs to be done and we have to make this place work and we