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tv   Transportation Authority Finance Committee 12616  SFGTV  December 29, 2016 6:30am-7:01am PST

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but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, good morning, my apologizes for starting this a few minutes late i want to acknowledge and thank you to the friends at sfgovtv for broadcasting this mark and leo mr. clerk, any announcements? >> can you call the roll. >> the roll call
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commissioner avalos absent commissioner cohen commissioner kim commissioner mar absent commissioner yee. >> we have quorum. >> thank you very much it's very important call item 2. >> all right. the consent calendar teams 2 and 3 are considered route and the staff is prepared to present and my number of items maybe removed i'm sorry mr. clerk items 2 and 3 together any staff presentation let's take public comment welcome please come on up you'll have two minutes. >> marina for the planning organization to the divisadero on item 3 i want you guys to thinking what 10 east is happening that the mta for 10 years i've personal almost at
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every meeting saying you need to change the light is as follows on lombard street because people will get killed and not crossing the strts street vision zero is a failure recently a young man 45 years old died because someone ran a red light if there had been the 12 second wait i've requested for the record years this man would not be dead i think that the mta programs are not license to the public and granted this is the a plan for 2017 but says vision zero everything from the vision zero had been in place in the corner somebody else would have been dead two people in people many in the hospital i want you guys do or even about currently the mta even if you don't have purview
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because prop l failed consider concerning how we're going to handle this mta issue the fact they're not listening to to the public that's my big issue and you'll hear hearing from me at 2 a man 2k50i9d this shouldn't have died if i were licenses to i care about the little people they are taking away stops next to our viable small grocery stores for us seniors can't get through throughout the city. >> thank you for your care and consideration anyone else want to speak on item 2 and 3 all right. public comment is closed. thank you colleagues this is an action item can i get a motion to -
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recommend approvals of the 2017 state sea federal legislative program okay motion moved by commissioner kim take a roll call vote. >> okay. >> on the consent calendar commissioner campos absent commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner yee. >> consent calendar is approved. >> great, thank you can you call item 4 i'm going to turn it over to and thank you increasing the amount of professional services for nine hundred and 50 thousand invited $2 million plus through december 31st, 2019, and the system engineering for the treasure island mobility plan authorizing the modification of the terms in evident terms and
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conditions this is an action item. >> good morning still commissioners rachel principle planner and this is a request to amend an existing contract with the support of treasure island management program and increase in into the scope of work and the value of the contract as i'm sure you know this body the san francisco transportation authority was designated and the treasure island admissibility agency in 2014 and the responsibility of the to me so oversee the comprehensive new transportation plan that will support the redevelopment of treasure island and yerba buena island that is a - exponential increase in transportation that called for the redevelopment new ferries and services and ac transit and extended muni and those will be paid for a peak
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period congested period on single occupancy driving on the iceland this serves to mitigate the transportation impact of the new development this program was authorized in 2030 and authorized in 2011 this body the san francisco county of transportation authority was the 0 body to oversee the implementation of program the to me 2k0u79d the preliminary policies with affordability programs to go along with that this contract subject to the action today was awarded in 2014 and with a notice to proceed
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with phase one of this contract that work has been completed parallel with the toll policy work we're repeated to initiate the next phase of work in this contract the original contract brought before the board in 2014 anticipated four phases of work 4 potential phases of work only the phase one is awarded. >> coming to you today with a proposal to initiate work on phase two is the the finalizing the design the system the business requirement of the toll system and then developing the scope of work for the contractor that will actually install and test and that oversees the operation of the toll system in the first years the design is the scope of work that will happen in phase two
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the installation and testing is the intrunl fraenz and phase 4 is potentially the scope to oversee the initial years of operation of the system and provide support services to make sure it is working smoothly and adjust it as the program - in the initial years of program this is a conceptual diagram of the toll system the system would work similar to the golden gate bridge toll system where there is no toll bothers or toll takers instead people have with using their fast track and vehicles will be detected by having a fast track electronics ponder if a vehicle didn't have a transform we'll
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have a video enforcement they'll photograph the license plate either the eis video enforcement camera the electronic toll collection and antenna in the equipment that will detect the fast track trance ponder and indicates through a green light you've been successfully detected. >> this is a map showing where the locations of these toll detections systems are likely to be 4 proposed locations this coordinated that the one and off-ramps that are complete or under construction for treasure island there are two locations
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on the east side of the island those are the ramps that are just opened recently those last month or so the new ramps on and off the island westbound and the number 3 the eastbound on and off approaches that are currently infrastructure construction by caltrans and the fourth location is currently existing and continues to exist in the future in the westbound as a transit original lane going on island will continue to be served for mixed transportation. >> the funding for this comes from a combine of the tida treasure island and the federal grant we're awarding this past month that supports the incremental take a look at and tida provides significant amount
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of funds every year and support of the treasure island mobility management not just the engineering but the planning and outreach and the federal grant is being awarded specifically for the design and installation of the toll system itself we are also currently in discussions with tida about roles and responsibility. >> please explain bay area toll agency they operate the bay bridge we will make contracts with bad a prapts a conferring center we'll operate through the regional customer service the
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way the golden gate bridge does depending on the roles and responsibilities with bad a some cost of revenue sharing with bad a we'll 0 come back at a future date we are planning to launch the system both this revenue collection and traffic management as well as the launch of the transit serviced in early 2020 the end of 2019 early 2020 the first homes are available for treasure island working back in proposed france is about a year along in duration the design of the toll system over the next year fraenz will be the installation and testing when we anticipate happening through 2018 and 2018 i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i also have a representative from the pb team
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here he should have mentions a dbe target for this contract of 12 percent we've met for phase one and that the fact of the matter applies the 12 percent for the subsequent phase two and fattens. >> colleagues, any questions he had one i'm reilly in the schedule is it is not going to be at lease 3 years until the system is implemented if you go through the phases and tasks we'll see a toll system in 2020 and also the action requested is increasing the contract with parsons hoff by about one million dollars more but if funded through different sources not like we're pulling from
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something else but other sources like tida. >> not pulling from something else this is rent for the design and installation for the toll system and the tida contribution are you know intended to support the team a work. >> a driver that go into treasure island and yerba buena island how much will a driver when 2020 comes be anticipated to pay in the toll system to go on to the island. >> or the in july of this past year july of 2016 the team met and adopted the toll policies two aspects that the board in july fulfills we need to do more work on in the aeshdz of the hours of operation and the toll level so when the board met in july they adopted the policy
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direction as far as the eligibility that is who paid the toll and what kinds of exemptions and discount and give us direction on the design of an affordability program those are the actions taken in july policies that were not adapted and are subject of ongoing work with the hours of operation the when what are the congestion areas and how much is the toll the 2011 mr. haney work that was adopted along with the development agreement that work anticipated that there will be a $5 toll but again, this is going to be action 6 months about before the start of whole program. >> and then you implied there
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maybe considerations for low income people like the thousands of low income people that currently live on the island and that san francisco k like that will be made for equity purposes for low income people that live on the island and that's the major part of boards direction in july we recommended an 2350b8g9 program that will provide benefits for anyone eligible for the below-market-rate housing on treasure island and will benefit folks in the housing regardless of what you take would work as as cafeteria plan we'll offer sdwounts for ferry and transit those modes don't offer a lifetime load but look to a successful program that is operating on la express lane in
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los angeles and provide a credit for transit utilities that is something that is working there atlanta, georgia is looking at a program and as part of toll system design this is the type operational program. >> thank you rachel for that answering any questions let's go to the public for any comments is there anyone wish to comment ms. sacks. >> good afternoon, commissioners now, it's after telephone clock my name is jackie as you may know on the cca this stem was brought before us a couple of
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months ago and brought before us i strongly supported it and moved to have it gone forward the contractor parsons go forward for the simple reason i've familiar with that firm and when they were working on the presidio pack way project in the early 2000 i strongly urge you to go forward and accept what transportation wants you to do because i think they definitely deserve it been working on treasure island and the off-ramps and doing a lot of work i know who they are and familiar with them i - i urge you to support this project and
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thank you. >> ms. sacks any other speakers public comment is closed. >> colleagues a motion on this item. >> so moved. >> seconded by commissioner yee colleagues without objection thank you sir next item. >> introduction of new items. >> i see no items from commissioners open up for public comment is there anyone that would like to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 6. >> general public comment. >> mr. yip. >> tuesday morning i'm yip official harmony for political circles having harmony of ones heart and spirit for the coloration and kindness worshipping and good reason and understanding in principle and
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by a reckoning for programs and policies for the - one should develop models of ecology in accordance to true principles and good guidance for peace of mind one should make great expression of the ecology to be in charge of all affairs for great teachings and rescue for world mission for the success of personal credits in the right direction the true way and true principle one must on all good deeds of credits of success and social prosperity and one should lead on the with kindness and encourage to have the kind of civilization and then can make
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perfect success on to a safe cause to save souls. >> thank you, mr. yip any other speakers ms. sacks. >> now we have a new administration coming in all republicans i was wondering how that will effect the san francisco in light bayview getting any funding for the projects on the books all right. i think you should take into consideration and don't let the bart board try to lobby that is before the open - new stations god knows where we have we have we have money in prop k we should use to accordingly and
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see how the federal government can - how the republicans in government can get united states some money we deserve. >> thank you. >> i know your executive director tilly chang at that beginning the full board meetings give us update from the state and local levels thank you, ms. sacks i see no other public comment. >> mr. stamos any other business before us. >> no, mr. chair. >>
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>> hi everybody, we down here at the /ep is a center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has never done anything in the house to the most advanced structure engineers we have working around here. we we're going to here from kelly to talk a little bit about san francisco. how are you doing kelly? >> very well, thank you for having us here. >> in front of us, we have a typical soft story building. when i see this, i think this is some of the most beautiful architecture our city has. a lot of people don't know these
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are problematic buildings. why don't you tell us about some of the risks he we have in these buildings? >> soft stories are vulnerable in past earthquakes and the northridge earthquake to this type of building and character of building. when we talk about the soft story, what we're talking about is generally a ground story that has less wall or other /pwraeugs to resist the lateral forces that might be imposed by the earthquake. so we're looking for something that is particularly weak or soft in this ground story. now, this is a wonderful example of what some of the residential buildings that are soft stories in san francisco look like. and the 1 thing that i would point out here is that the upper force of this building have residential units. they have not only a fair amount of wall around the exterior of the building but they also have
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very extensive walls in the interior and bathrooms and bedrooms and corridors and everything that has a certificate amount of brazing yea it's significantly less country /srabl in those stories. now very often, we get even a garage or storage or sometimes commercial occupancy in this ground story. that very often not only has a whole lot less perimeter wall but it often has little or no wall on the interior. that wall is the earthquake bracing and so he see very significant bracing in the top floor and very little on the bottom. when the earthquake comes and hits, it tries to push that ground floor over and there's very little that keeps it from moving and degrading and eventually /paoerblly keeping it from a collapse occurring. so we know they're vulnerable because of this ground story collapsing
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>> is this only a problem we see in sentence france? san francisco? >> no, this is certainly a national problem. more acute in western but more up to california, washington, moving out into other states. this kind of building exist and this kind of building is vulnerable. >> when you're involved with the community safety, this is a different way of thinking about these types of things. we had a community group of over 100 people involved and upper 1 of them. tell us about * how that conversation went. why did we decide as a city or a community to start fixing these types of buildings? >> there were a lot of aspects that were considered well beyond just the engineering answer that these are vulnerable. and that effort brought in a lot of people from different aspects of the community that looked at the importance of these buildings to the
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housing stock and the possible ramifications of losing this /houbgs in the case of an earthquake. the financial implications, the historic preserve vacation s implication as you mentioned, these are very handsome looking buildings that are importance to the tourist city ask which make san francisco something that people are interested from outside in coming and visiting. >> it's such animation story when you think about the 10 years that the community spent talking about this /seurb but we actually did something about it. now we have an order unanimouses put in place to protect 100,000 residents in san francisco and retrospective in 2020. so on behalf of residents and employees in san francisco, we want to say thank you for the work you've done in pushing this forward and making people more aware of these issues. >> and it was a fantastic community
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effort. >> so in an earth quake, what happens in these kinds of buildings? >> what happens when an earthquake comes along is it moves the ground both horizontally and vertically. it's mostly the horizontal that we're worried about. it starts moving the building back and forth and pushing on it. when you see i'm pushing on it, the upper stiff of the wall stay straight up but the lower floors, they actually collapse just like i did there. >> luckily, we can put this building right back up where it came from so it's a lot easier. now kelly, obviously these aren't real frame walls here but when you talk about buildings, what makes the property for stiff? >> the easiest and most cost-effective type of bracing you can put in is either put in a brand new wall or to potentially go in
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and strengthen a wall that's already there where you don't need to have an opening is where you maybe have a garage door or access to commercial space, you might go to a steel frame or other types of bracing systems that provides the strength and stiff if necessary but at the same time, allows continued use of that area. but some combination of walls or frames or other tools that are in the tool kit that can bring the building up to the strength that's required in order to remove the vulnerability from the building so that when ground shaking comes, it in fact is a whole lot more resistant and less vulnerable. ideally, this story down here would be made as strong and stiff as the floors above. >> if i'm a property owner, what is the first thing i should do? >> the first thing you should do is find professional that can come
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in and help you evaluate your building in order to, 1, figure out that indeed it does need to be retro fitted and 2, give you some idea of what that retro fit might look like. and third, evaluation and design to help you determine the retro fit requirement. >> well kelly, i can't thank you enough for being here today. thank you so much for your wealth of information on how we can take care of our soft story problem in san francisco. and you the viewer, if you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website >> good morning, everyone. this is the tuesday, december, 13, 2016 meeting of the san