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tv   Full Board of Supervisors 121316  SFGTV  December 30, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PST

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or an emotional toll if someone is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving tests your remember we're counting on you
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>>thank you and good afternoon and welcome to the final board of supervisors meeting 2016 on comment tuesday, december 13, 2016, mr. clerk, call the roll >> thank you madam president madam chair rosales not present. >> supervisor president breed. supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar not present supervisor peskin supervisor tang
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supervisor yee supervisor campos pardon me supervisor avalos present madam president we have quorum thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> all right. colleagues, any changes to the november 1st, 2016, board of supervisors meeting minutes seeing none, moved if i supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor cowen colleagues without objection without objection those meeting minutes pass after public comment. >> all right. now let's go to
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our next item madam clerk any communications. >> two to report on december 8th in receipt of a letter from mayor ed lee of his vote the short-term rental limit of 60 days and the private right of action the board any choose to override in less than two-thirds votes in favor and the thirty day falls on saturday regarding items 48 and 49 in receipt of a letter from mr. jason chang resigning from the rec and park colleagues and madam clerk go to the next item. >> yes. the special order at 2:00 p.m. is the rescheduled
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january 24th. >> colleagues last week the mayor communicated he will not be available to attend the board meeting of today and rescheduled his appearance before the board to january 24th he'll take questions f from odd and even supervisors my questions or objections seeing consent agenda. >> items 1 discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> resolved. >> roll call vote on items supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell
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supervisor kim supervisor kim? on the content. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin there are 10 i's. >> okay. >> those items are finally passed unanimously next item, please. >> item 9 was referred without recommendation from the budget committee it is an ordinance to appropriate a total of $9 million of transfer tax into fiscal years for the city college fund to support the students attending the city college and on the controllers reserve in the november 8, 2016, election. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and thank you to the members of the public who are here today and before we get started if you're here in support of the appropriation to make san francisco the first city to make this i'd like for you to arise
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today. >> yeah. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> thank you i want to shear some words before why the ordinance before us is too important for so many people in this this room in the 20th century our government made a choice determined a public education k through 12 was fundamental to our citizenry and a workable nation this is public education should be free and universal to everyone in the 20th century in large part because of legislature to make an extensive in human capital america became great i'm the last person to invoke the words
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of the president-elect trump but what that means it make our country great good paying jobs require a dilemma diploma to give americans to climb got middle-income and stay there but in the loss or last thirty years innovation and temp has gone ahead of our public education by 20204070 of all-american jobs require a post training certificate or degree and politicians are taking note of that in 2017 president obama to make king free kentucky and others have implemented free community college in their state bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaigned on a platform
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that community college should be free as calls to policymakers it is important we i'd like to take the opportunity examine and reexamine the tools we consider fundamental to allowing our citizens the best opportunity a fighting chance to be preview members of our society i'll make the case to the board of supervisors and to the mayor's office this should conduct making community college free i've heard questions one i don't isn't that program tested and why should the founder of facebook go to city college for free if his or her so, so choose why subsidies his education i've heard the question why should we phase this program in and the last question to michael city
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college free not required by the language i thought i'll address the first yes, if i've put forward an ordinance before the board of supervisors we will now begin to test k through 12 public education i'll be run out of the room yet why should we subsidies the public go education for the children of the founder of facebook because we believe that k through 12 is a public good one that you'll have society benefits from and that we all gain when kids graduate if high school i'll state a much more compelling reason why kink should be free i don't believe that a high school diploma is enough to give individuals the tools and resources to have the opportunities to succeed in san francisco or in this this country day and weren't our president-elect
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trump will not state carrier jobs with requires a high school diploma, in fact, he doesn't save those jobs regardless of what we said over the last few weeks i want to talk about the the elephant in the room in the policy room of most cities nation wide that's the income and wealthy gap cities nation wide are seeing a rapidly growing gap in san francisco we have the faster gap according to the berkley institution according our our own human services agency data our income gap rivals a third-world country and a little bit better than the country of guam the middle-income here in san francisco is shrinking between 1990 and 2012 those make between
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one and $50,000 a year choose 45 percent of the population the 340 percent day and meanwhile the percentage making under 25 percentage has grown and love one hundred dollars has grown in 1970 the middle-class anti numbered the middle-income today in the country those living on the poverty line and wealthy outnumber of middle-income none can go - we see this on the streets we see when we see tents lined up next to condolences with household making 200 plus thousand dollars a year not luxury the market-rate we see it when we see homeless outing
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outside of the quarters of goldstein we want to reverse this trend no better way than by investing in our citizens and rays the likelihood of conceding in the bay area and let's not not only increase the chances to making it to middle-income if usual struggling to stay here higher education is 0 not a death sentence now the students have the largest student debt it is shameful to raise and family and one day maybe a decent pension we have a legacy in san francisco of being bold and progressive we're one of the first cities to the country that
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marry gay couples even though it is against the law and universal health care and the first city in the country so is that all workers in san francisco should make at the minimum $15 an hour by 2018 that's heartbreaking time here in the country for many americans who believe in equality trumps rise to make america great promised discrimination is krish8 hard for many of us to swallow i think your country needs san francisco more than ever to be the beacon of light and this sth should be investment for all of us and not just some of us and second our responsible grows because we're one of the most
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we're one of the wealthiest cities in the word that means we can't only dream up but afford to pay for them many municipalities across the country would love to do this can't afford to fan sisters for their city as we can here today so i argue that free city college shouldn't be tested and phased in we should make that happen this year because we can i want to address the final question which is are we obligated to dedicate this for city college and a promise to the citizens i want to go over the history of the policy last december at exactly this time i transferred the drafting of an ordinance that increases our real estate luxury transfer tax and called this a share package
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we should assess those who have proved the most to pay a little bit more to make san francisco for others if you're fortunate to be one of the few individuals that can sell a building of a home for $5 million or more hard to argue it is based on our sole work the reason property is to softball is because we made the city great that everyone wants to live and work getting the value of our property we're asking you to sharing back into the city and into the community as we created that zaul to help to make the city for all of us next 4 months drafting this is how we can invest the $44 million that that revenue measure was expected to generate
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and supplement talking in the community and reaching out the obvious choice given the bodies with the supervisors is affordable housing but we passed a $360 million housing bond and labor approached our office instead of subsidizing why not put more money into the san franciscans and labor counsel on 2121 said why not make city college free-for-all san franciscans now as someone that is proud to be the author of the minimum wage ordinance by the way, passed 37 percent in 2014 i want to say when we talk about putting more money more than raises the minimum wage freezing minimum wage will not raise people to the middle-income that
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raised people out of december tuition this is not enough to survive in san francisco but this is what we do know about city college the average jobs available for a graduate of city college here in san francisco today is $11,000 more if that same individual with just a high school diploma and so when we talk about what that invested it is truly an investment in helping people change their life circumstances i want to thank again laborer council 2121 for bringing this proposal to us today and emphasis everyone in this room we're not asking for a handout not asking so for general fund dollars what we did we are proposing new revenue dollars we brought forth and thank you to the 10 members of the board we asked you to make it contrary
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that was our intention to make those dollars dedicateded to making city college free we fought we campaigned and door knocked and phone banked for this money and didn't do that to solve the woe the city but make city college free i keep hearing over and over the mayor is not obligated to make proposition yes not a single wood in the cost that references from the city college but didn't mean the voters didn't provide a mandate to make city college free first of all by state law we are prktd from dedicating dollars if a real estate transfer tax we were prohibited by law if actually putting that into the language of ordinance and it is true with while there are some voters that read the ordinance before voting
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i'll say the vast majority get their information from the ballot arguments from the official proponent and opposition argument from our newspapers to from our website and from social media the ballot statement are official proenltsd and even the official proponent argument all reference city college every website and political marital and poster referencing free city college whether the chronicle that opposed it or endorsed it the revenue was designed to make city college free frankly, i find this child it and a by reason of of political talk i believe that voters voted by someone to tell me the
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majority of voters when we were not checking off the ballot measures they especially\know that that was intended to make city college free here today so colleagues mill asking you to do something streertd one to vote for the supplemental appropriation of 900-0000 that guarantees that every san franciscan will have an opportunity to go to city college for free their recent public high school graduates and need additional training or classes or seniors that want to take credit courses to there their skills and asking you after that vote to ask the mayor to do the same and inform appropriate the money that the voters asked to make city college freer here today let's make san francisco not justice the first of many things but another first, let's make san
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francisco the first city to make city college free colleagues, i ask for your support i want to thank and recognize many of the folks in the room that made in responsible and the first is 2121 and tim and (calling names) our laborer counsel the charter school of ask this and all 7 trustees of the city college board of trustees the students of university of california, san francisco it came out to campaign so more students can join you in the fall and united educators and bobby lopez and others fro organizing this today colleagues, i want to take the opportunity for us to have a conversation here today what that means to make san francisco
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great and hopefully in our leadership to make that cry great by investing in our people. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor kim - thank you - >> (clapping.) >> thank you thank you, everyone and to members of the public i just want to remind you that we have a board rule there are no accountable impressions allowed in the chamber we go know your enthusiastic about free city college i ask you allow me and my colleagues to have this discussion you'll please hold our applause in our interested in the support wave our hand or
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interested in expressing your december approval thumps down but please allow us to have this conversation. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> want to acknowledge commissioner kim we've been talking about this for months i appreciate the spirit of free city college obviously like to see funded i have concerns about having a one up conversation about the $9 million appropriation i fully support i as i mentioned discussions around new programs in the context of our city budget i say this as the chair of budget committee we have to make tough convoys and while i appreciate some of the contempt we don't need to make choices the reality is not true i don't want to support one of appropriations
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without identified and having come forth with proposals about a plan how to fund it. >> and it comes to this proposal. >> we sit here today i don't believe that my children or parents for example, should be attending free city college courses that's a better use of taxpayers dollars i believe we have as a city we've been meeting that the mayor's office of budget and not only this shortfall but approximately $4 million we're facing over the next two fiscal years if it the the budget we signed and voted for one of my top priorities as we talk about rebalboa to address homelessness that to me a fundamental rule of the city government where our tax dollars should be going as we talk about the veto in november i see
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voters sent a mandate they want to address homelessness 67 percent of san franciscans vote for that priority and 61 voted for prop w i present the comments and know we have a disagreement but not buy the argument regardless of how many times voters sent a message for additional taxed he does building i want to be clear he hear daily about the need to get people off the streets and to insure we're safe in our homes no by supporting this we're supporting the request outside of our normal budget we're making a conscious decision what i believe and consider to be vital resources and programs that our city most vulnerable don't think we have identified
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the sources for many of the things to get people off the streets including the forming homeless to be more sufficient look i know the votes are here we believe we'll be making a mistake that that said i want to acknowledge those very much appreciate our dedication. >> thank you, supervisor farrell supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll keep my comments shorter supervisor kim. >> first of all, supervisor kim if you asked the question why not test k through 12 in the case of san francisco would be prek through 12 then you'll probably be asked to be the secretary of education by donald trump (laughter). >> first of all, when i finished high school at the galileo in san francisco i was
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promised a city college free intuition and if it was not for that i wouldn't have gone to college something that i knew - like many other people if it was not there we would have gone to work it is one thing to say try to get people off the streets and in the - for those that were able to go beyond high school it keeps individuals off the street so i just wanted to say that i was promised a free tuition at
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the city college and want to keep admit promise to san franciscans of tomorrow workforce the same opportunities that i received. >> thank you commissioner yee, supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed first of all, i want to graduating congratulate the coalition to support free city college that is remarkable all those months you've been work together on w and for the resolution we have before us for free city college supplemental appropriation for city college we wouldn't be able to get this far without you and he really want to appreciate appreciate supervisor kim's comments introducing today's discussion and just to hear all the work that went into building the coalition and working on this policy and just the arguments i've heard about you
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know why is it so important what i heard was new in terms of framing framing and looking at the education system was like and needed for the opportunity in the 20th century compared to the 21st century i'm blown away by the argument without this is essentially, we still provide this level of free education to all residents in san francisco we yeah, we have to make tough choices i feel like over the past maybe 2010 we haven't made tough choices on the budget it is hard to balance the budget but looking at the budget we've pass in 2009 and 2010 when we had a $5600 million deficit the board of supervisors reprogrammed $42 million and
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$40 million in those years we have a $500 million deficit we balanced budget and then we've seen our budget grow by $4 billion since 2009 and 2010 and we have much smaller deficits to close and sometimes minimal we had had prior tip of the iceberg the budget for the board of supervisors we came up with 15 maybe $3 million in general fund compared to 40 and $42 million this year we actually city collegeed budget we prioritized and we look at the budget to add things we want to spend not necessarily to look at what we're going to defund to fund other things but we're in that time that is time to look at prioritization
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we came together as a stir to put w on the ballot we came together to promote w before that as well we came to together to put j and k on the ballot and sad with the mayor's office and supervisor farrell and supervisor wiener and question decided we'll all compromise to put j and k on the ballot w was separate we had a conversation what w will be generated and also pay for and that was street trees and had a measure prop e about street trees to make sure the aide will take the responsibility for street trees and sidewalks that passed unanimously as well that was not a great set aside it was a harder measure to pass not as
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hard as w but an important measure to pass so we all came together colleagues and supported 11 zero putting prop e on the ballot knowing the major source to handle the streets and sidewalks would be from prop w we came together because the mayor has not pulled the strings on prop e that will continual we'll have trees and sidewalks covered well, i want consistency we all work knowing that prop w was street trees and city college therefore see city college fund and level we've exterminate and it is really he disconcerting to see how much effort has gone in and how meaningful to see city college supported in san francisco there was a parcel tax on the ballot
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that showed how much people care we put a parcel tax the parcel tax pass higher than prop q that goes against homeless people we. >> saw that, yes people in san francisco according to our property tax care more about removing tents from the city we we've got a lot more work to do probation j mentioned we is a mandate we need to fund i don't think this is the sources and shouldn't be the source we've work together on different deals to make sure the city college and street trees and transportation all the services moving forward and step back to that and making other tough choices to balance the budget we have to defund things so my last day on the board of supervisors
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i'm introducing an ordinance that will allow us to fund many different things a way to have a way to negotiate how we deappraise certain things and ii won't be here but moved on the priorities that the voters made happen i'm sorry for taking so long i appreciate all the work we've done openly on all the priorities to make sure we put our priorities forward and deprioritize so things can happen. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor tang thank you supervisor avalos for our comments and, of course, want to first of all, acknowledge supervisor kim and our amazing staff i think that there is none to deny how important community college education he join you in the spirit of what you're trying to
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achieve here supervisor avalos mentioned difficult choices i made a personal difficult choices i'm not a fan of supplementals having but have sent this i intend to support the supplemental but the details question disagree a little bit but not too much to ask for more details of behind the program when it was not too long agree there were financial problems with the community college he support the goal but details about the program i want to see happen i don't want to speak for the mayor by in terms of the appropriations for this year at minimum to support the two counselors and be able to get a web portal up and running this
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is the right take track to get the program started i want to make sure if it is free community college it is sustainable what i am from the gwen of the conversation he was uncomfortable we backings a free program open a volatile revenue source one way or another that is incredible and tremendous in light of this program that all of you want to happen that you supported that you went out there and get the revenue source on the ballot i commend you but have to remember it is a volatile but we'll build the resources what happens when the revenue increases we hope it will what happens when tuition increases; right? those are the details i hope we'll sort out the first i've heard what
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happens ohio was literally on the wednesday at the budget committee more communication between how city college staff to see how all the details that he plan to roll out and, of course, mentioned what happens in the 234uz today about city college there is financial issues we need to sort through and if we are providing this amount of money from the general fund to see the details behind the expenditures so i'll leave it at that but again want to acknowledge the trembles work with supervisor kim's office and all of you putting into this particular measure. >> thank you supervisor tang supervisor cowen.
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>> thank you good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, as supervisor kim mentioned obviously november 8th was a historic day the majority of san franciscans voted in good faith to pass prop w and anticipating that the money will go towards making city college assessable for everyone this city we talk about this making more and more less liveable for middle and low income and working-class people public education in my opinion is psychological it is critical to insure that all residents can live here can compete, and can compete in our city's economy and this is particularly true when we think about the southeast neighborhood in district 10 so i recognize the significant contribution that city college creates and pathway for social
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and moeshth for the social and market moeshlt of people whether they're seniors or speaking english as a second language or it is for people not everyone has the money or more importantly the network to assess higher education and that means they end up less qualified quite frankly most times overlooked for good paying jobs in my mind making city college assessable is not unrelated to our homeless crisis i think there a direct correlation about the public safety scissor how many people have an county i tuesday night to uplift themselves we must investment
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investment in all higher education doing everything we can to close the wealth go up no person 0 should end up on the street due to economic problems that is important to grow households income and sustain the future of san francisco so for this reason i'll supporting supervisor kim's proposal. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor peskin thank you madam president and colleagues, i rise to say what i've said pubically a number of times and associate mooechz with supervisor kim and supervisor avalos a deal is a deal a promise is promise far be it for us to second example the voters while prop w didn't specifically reference city college 10 out of the 11 members of this board
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specifically voted for the payment for this whether there were voter that voted or it will go to city college or this is a representation and promise i made when i joined with the majority of this body in pga those 3 instrument for me this is simple i think we've been told we asked the voters a question they gave us an answer we don't have wiggle room as far as i'm concerned, relative to the before you gety constraint look i was on this board a decade ago when the budget was half as large tour workforce was 3,000 individuals less on is payroll there are many ways we can absorb this this is prop w
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we video competing and social available priorities we can do that balancing act your mandate is extremely clear. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor campos. >> thank you, very much. i'll be very brief the examiner had a story about that item the medical cannabises said mayor ed lee was to buy the board of supervisors by not supporting city college i don't think that was actually, the right headline i think the headline to be mayor ed lee will advise the supporter of san francisco by not supporting city college this is not a difficult on or about not a tough choice the fact the voters have spoken but beyond that when you look at the issue of inequality i believe is the
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simple most important issue not only facing san francisco but the entire country the great equalizer is education, education is the key to closing that inequality and if we don't do 24 in san francisco where in this country so i'm proud to support this item i think that is very unfortunate that open this issue the mayor is trying to talk about out of both sides of his mouth you can't say you supported city college can't have it both ways i actually think that is ironic people talk about voting down this item as a matter of fiscal responsibility how fiscal to deny access to education the one thing that connects gives opportunity to some of the
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folks that are struggling in the city if you want to be fiscally responsible invest in education the more you invest the more fiscally responsible you're doing let's do the right thing and fellow the intent of the voters thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor president london breed just some final words on the debate we've heard in the crux that is about our current budgetary road and the finances should be utilized for what given the failure of prop k thank you to supervisor avalos it is his last meeting and he's trying to fund our homeless services and make city college free and protect our trees in san francisco working to make sure we can all win in the budgetary process i had a question for the controller's office and first of all, thank
12:45 am
ben rosenfield along with the staff of (calling names) for all of their work on the measure over the course of a year now we have put you to work and task and thank you for responding to us i want to ask given i think the fact that the sales tax revenue 20 didn't pass we were depend on to fund the homeless services and use prop w for the funding of free city college do we currently have enough money in our current fiscal year to make that program free in 2017 as planned and promised and as well as funding the homeless service 24/7 january and june of this fiscal year. >> supervisors ben rosenfield controller the loss of sales tax one and $37 million of loss we've discussed as the and
12:46 am
elsewhere there are other revenues in the current year so, yes there is money available in the current year to support the appropriation from my perspective the discussion here regarding this program and services trees and those things it largely a conversation regarding not the current fiscal year but the next fiscal year the city has projected a shortfall of approximately $120 million to grow up any spending for this program or homeless services or street trees is automated in the mayor's office plan in the current year and to spend additional money increases the shortfall to spend less decreases the shortfalls but i encourage you to look at those issues that effect the budget
12:47 am
year and beyond. >> i want to emphasis that point there is a way to make sure we can all win in the budget cycle and make sure our priorities are met and the conversation for the next fiscal year look at everyone in the pot not just freeing ask this and homelessness but all of the priorities and determine how we best spend down next 4 years budget and again colleagues thank you all so much for your support i implore and the mayor's office to join us this is so importantly not just because of promise but really an opportunity for us to dig deep and investment in our city and confront the conundrum that effects the cities nation wide a shrinking middle-income how we can reinvest in our community and i really think that it is
12:48 am
incumbent us policymakers to think about how we solve the big problems and rethinking the status quo of prek through 12 public education we have that opportunity to do that we're fortunate to be part of this city that has at resources and wealth to make the beacon of light for the rest of country so colleagues again, i want to thank all the members of the public and again on the entire board of trustees of city college the city college administrators and 2121, the free corresponding committee and the city college solidarity committee jobs for justice, and the san francisco labor counsel thank you for giving us the opportunity to be able to have this debate at the board chambers today thank you very much. >> thank you call the roll.
12:49 am
>> on item 9. >> supervisor tang supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos. >> supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin there are 9 i's and one no with supervisor farrell in december sent. >> the ordinance is passed on the first reading. >> (clapping.) >> again, thank you everyone for being here and congratulations supervisor kim and thank you for your leadership it is now past 2:30 several 2:30 accommodations in you plan to exit the chamber do so quietly first up for the
12:50 am
accommodations is supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president and colleagues can couple of weeks ago on thursday december the first in the afternoon i was at washington square unveiling a plaque i vetoed for honoring the washington square and in the middle i saw one radio car and another radio car shooting down columbus avenue and heard 28 engine coming out of the station and saw an ambulance racing and more police cars and realized something was wrong all over the place texted our central station captain david lazzaro and notified me a young boy who was looked like he was dying on the corner of lombard and stockton street i rushed a couple of
12:51 am
blocks over there and witnessed truly home share romantic work 2009 arithmetic and the fire station under the leadership of captain and a lot of cops that secured the area that is a young are 13-year-old boy that was experiencing heart failure on the muni boo bus and the officers secured did area that was amazing to pump his e pump his heart and gym oxygen later than this night i went to supervisor peskin can i interrupt you to the members of the public we're conducting business i want to ask the deputies to please close the door thank you. >> thank you 34579. >> at any rated has an happy ending this 13-year-old is alive and well and so awesome i want
12:52 am
to take a moment to thank chief joanne hayes-white and her staff after xanz and thank you to the firefighters which was just breathtaking to watch as they were sticking i am had 9 ambulance and transferring the kid from one firefighter to another and never stopped pumping he's heart to john to firefighter john, firefighter matt. >> firefighter medic doug all over the place medic james and firefighter eugene and one thing i want to thank you and captain lazarus and his officers here today, the awesome resource officer and came over from frankness middle school and
12:53 am
jesus and sergeant and officer and officer hope, offers recovers o officer raymond and officer goggling begin and officer rose and officer (calling names) and i just want to say one thing about the cops they were interviewing other the kids on the bus and did that with such a gentle plan and the kids were crying and the officers were calming them down and getting statements thank you chief and thank you officers and firefighters i'm going to turn it over to chief joanne hayes-white thank you all from
12:54 am
the bottom of my heart. >> chief joanne hayes-white in the san francisco fire department he know you were on scene december 1st and it exemplifies the great work the san francisco police department and fire department all about teamwork and public safety that was a particular touching day without the interference of the members it would have been a different story and 13-year-old boy that lost his life a critical intervening that was needed and like to acknowledge i know you'll hear 23 captain lazarus for all the men and women boo who put their lives on the line and i'm proud to work with the members gathered from station 258 and medics 64 they did phenomenal work one member of paramedics and wants to say a
12:55 am
few words and happy to report that our public informational officer is here supervisor peskin i know you took a personal interests on this case you're concerned about the 13-year-old boy his first name a derrick i'm proud to report he's out of the hospital because of men and women behind me and the intervene he needed i know he will not speak he left the ambulance side of the house and the cross training as a firefighter doubling u doug did an phenomenal job and matt visited derrick in the hospital and waited for me at cpmc so i could confront and support the mom i have a child with
12:56 am
congenial heart issue that was a language barrier but luckily value we have members bilingual so dogging u doug step forward and the sentiment and support we have to i really appreciate our alm us and your continued to calls to see how he was doing supplement for acknowledging the great work of our great men and women in uniform. >> thank you. can i ask paramedic firefighter. >> i prepared a speech perhaps one minute and 30 seconds we are that on scene at a school with a skroud of chaplain around a boy on the sidewalk first all we thought not a considered but the
12:57 am
crowd expected to go straight to the kidney but a quick second to grab any gear and then to assess the patient my worse fears it was a young boy no color to the face i lifted up the shirt no broebt and called and got ambulance here and station 28 captain gave me a shirt to give to derrick a miracle to see him setting up in bed, of course, for a 13-year-old boy he looked like he was ready to get out of this and go home with a smile on his face when i give him the t-shirt i'm happy to know that derrick will be okay and all the
12:58 am
classmates and in the chain of survival in is this situation the training paid off you nathan do that thank you for keeping us current with the training and much credit to doug the senior medic that jumbled the call to provide life support starting an scene and continuing to the hospital pacific carla assistant apple scene and john and my crews on engine 28 sfpd for a exceptional job and code 3 police escort and also crowd control and the expertise of the staff at california medical center and the cardiology center thank you.
12:59 am
>> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon supervisor president london breed and members of the board supervisor peskin thank you so much on behalf the chief chaplin we're honored to be here as you mentioned supervisor you were on the scene probably before a lot of first responders. but as mentioned nothing short of a miracle i've been a police officer for 25 years and it is still rough to see those types of situations a young boy you think will not make that based on what you see but the sfwrept that are the home share roses and i've said this before the best fire department in this country in to the 9 world and see by today how well, we work together for public safety to
1:00 am
make sure that you were protected and your folks were protected worthwhile you did the work and the school officer stumbled across derrick and the chief rode in the ambulance all the officers were involved. >> thank you for your good partnership and thankful for derrick as well thank you. >> thank you.
1:01 am
>> (clapping.) >> thank you to each and every single one of you and congratulations we appreciate your service and with that, i want to call up supervisor cowen for our next accommodation we have after supervisor cowen 3 additional accommodations so in the interest of time can we please move it along.
1:02 am
>> planning department. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> is that a challenge. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm excited to introduce to some of you and present to you the hot team how many of you guys know about the homeless outreach team a shout out to the homeless team. >> (clapping.) >> absolutely that is a team of folks making that happen so colleagues today i'm honoring a group of our city family that deserves very, very special recognition they're the san francisco homeless outreach team as long as sf hot joined by the entire hot team family today that excludes the b. and street medication and shelter health come forward right around this podium and microphone now the
1:03 am
outreach team provides case management and services as well as housing the homeless people on the streets now thirty to through outreach medical services engagement advocacy they're dedicated to transitioning individual into a stable living and health care environment with access to services that promote great health and housing retention and reduce the vulnerability and the utilization of emergency services this team before you this team before you is dedicated and devoted. >> they worked twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week to executive e connect did homeless population to services and really do work when - really do the work that most of us can't imagine so the sf hot team has
1:04 am
expertise in stability including mentally ill and flat outburst hopelessness those are the ambassadors of hope we want to say thank you and recognize overview for your service and i want to bring up mr. jim wagner the director the homeless team just to say a few words jim. >> (clapping.) >> mr. wagner before you speak i want to acknowledge supervisor avalos to see a few words about the hot team. >> i want to say as someone who's twhoz district has been ground zero on the homelessness i've had the honor and pleasure with working with so many of you especially in the last few months i've gone with some of you talking with people in the
1:05 am
encampments i've seen first hand the amazing work that you do the way in which you deal with very complicated issues and the way you respect the dignity and humility r humanity and on behalf of the district i represent thank you, thank you god bless you you're doing god's work. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you and i used to say driving a muni vehicle is probably the toughest job in the city your presence remind me no that's not the case a lot of tough jobs probably one of the things when people call hot to come out they want people to disappear that's kind of what often the calls are they don't want the side the b.
1:06 am
versus sleeping on the ground people call with some domination but recording to the human dignity and why people can find a place to live and often you get turned down with the offers you provide people or don't know what to do in terms of options for a person i want to say thank you for the work you do one of the most challenging things to do i'm not a social working but do a lot of community work i think one of the most challenging work with the social work you, you thank you very much for the services you provide for all san franciscans and we're blessed to have you. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor mar. >> (clapping.) >> thank you to all of you when i rind along with the hot team
1:07 am
through the richard district there part of golden gate park or the greenbelt he guess what struck me, you know the people's names and background their needs you human in his and not demonize them through ballot issues when with marin hooker pass away fwra thanksgiving i know a number of you knew him and sensitive to him, i hope that feeling of compassion and empathy pass throat department thank you for an amazing feeling for the poach that don't have homes over their hazmat head and all the work i you do not only in the richmond. >> mr. wagner you have the floor. >> thank you. i wanted to start by thanking the san francisco board of supervisors for this wonderful honor a special thank you to supervisor cowen thank you for initially this and
1:08 am
also for the nice reception beforehand i want to take this moment to especially thank my team just wonderful homeless outreach team you see before us. >> you guys work in the most challenging environments of san francisco and you work with the most underprivileged and disfachd human beings in the city with dignity and respect and most of all you do that with compassionate i'll be honored to be your director. >> thank you. >> again . >> (clapping.) >> next i'd like to invite jeff our director supervisors and supervisor cowen thank you very much for honoring this wonderful group of people
1:09 am
we really appreciate our recognition of the hard work done by employees and members of the hot team you know there is overtime we read in the news about the new departments and the new department director and the sdpugs of hoeflsz rarely about the men and women are everyday working in our community working with the very challenged population that has a high-level of needs who are often been going ignored by people that build a shell around themselves and feel they're less than or not part of this community those wonderful folks their jobs to reach out the individuals to let them know their cared for and about i'm show honored to be able to work
1:10 am
with those individual and grateful for you to recognize their fine work thank you very much. >> thank you for the great work you do. >> (clapping.) >> so jim on behalf of the whole hot team i'll present the certificate of honor in recognition of the dedication to serving our city's homeless population in honor of every single one of you your self-less dedication building bridges out of homelessness we thank you. >> (clapping.) >> okay. mr. wagner thank you, again. and your entire team you do so much for this city and appreciate our services congratulations again.
1:11 am
>> (clapping.) >> okay with that, we'll go to our next accommodation supervisor kim if you're not ready i'll move to the next - okay supervisor kim is not ready supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president i believe that the folks are trying to get into the chamber. >> okay. >> if. >> so supervisor mar also has accommodation. >> thank you if - >> yes. >> are you ready supervisor mar. >> yes. colleagues today, we're honoring shape up sf for over 10 years advancing public health department and can mary ann and christine and robert 0 please come forward. >> these incredible leaders from shape up sf have's
1:12 am
collectively steadier our city towards the most progressive and public health department policies in the country found temple years ago over 10 years ago in 2006 shape sfta sf has respond to confront disease from the low income community and people of color shape sf has quoted to shack that up i call it disruptive of the - they call it shaking it up to support people in the communities that ethnic healthy early they've had a huge impact on me personally i used to drink sodas writing like crazy but knowing them and how they live and their advocacy has
1:13 am
changing me and my family as well i want to also say when i first met them i knew little and learned so many but is to have to learn and thank you to them changing my family's eating and knowledge i know we'll live horizon because of shape up has adapted the strategy like partnering with the local neighborhoods especially the most impacted neighborhoods to create a city where choices have become the norm i think internal revenue initiative strategies their dominant building a wellness in san francisco community i also want to acknowledge that one of their key successes has been expanding access to healthier and affordable foods for the sale of retail outlets in low income communities with
1:14 am
healthy sf our health corner store 9 stores were redesigned to include fresh produce and hearther drinks and the selling of juxtaposing food and they've ruled in an average of the 11 thousand pieces of produce we're hoping to expand 24 beyond a doubt the bayview and hunters point to other neighborhoods since their launch we've increased by 5 hundred percent the number of physical education 59 increase 2, 3, 4 biking in schools thanks to 9 welcome ymca and increase in walking to school with your safe routines to school and the rock and roll partners in the commission thank you to the steering committee
1:15 am
for serving for the justice advocates and for educating me and many of us on the breath and depth of their work and knowledge of their systems stwhafr been working behind the sceneries media office has helped with their leadership in making a lot of the changes on a citywide level to receive this accommodation chief executive officer jeff in the ymca from the y from san francisco health improvement partnership and former co-chairs i want to acknowledge christine and mary ann and on the staff from shape up sf and here the steering committee and our former committee member with the supervisor cowen's with the american heart association and from the center of vinyl
1:16 am
population from ucsf amazing, amazing work and others (calling names) of the public health department and you're vision zero committee they are the champions of healthy san francisco i want to allow us to have a few minutes to have them as a a few words open on behalf of shape up sf and supervisor mar the modest i didn't you've approached our accommodation is note worth of who you are as a leader in the city on the retirement from this body we mourn that we also know this this body is in the greatest hands in terms of leadership to allow any single supervisor would be a mistake overview of you had carried the banner for
1:17 am
public health department and an active partnership as leader of our city is noteworthy i think that is important that within the framework of our public health department and how self-partnership the 3 pilars of safety and assess of healthy eating and testify living are working in a coalition way in order to make san francisco the healthiest place in the united states san francisco is blessed by coalitions and the coalitions that really work for public interesting interests that address the social justice are the ones that that survive we know we're in challenging times but know that san francisco, california sewer mount those challenges if we learn how to build bridges and find effective ways to make san francisco healthy i mean, i'll
1:18 am
yield the mike to my co-sponsors. >> supervisor mar and entire board we are very thankful and grateful to be able to partner with you all to provide better access to particularly those communities that stricken to assess food period but ultimately struggle to have food regularly so the partnership to provider access to healthy food is important to the bayview and the tenderloin communities we look forward to more of that work across san francisco and thankful for the opportunity to increase the access to public drinking water in public stations that be installed and partnering with you to do more of that so folks can have seals to clean drinking water that are more and more important
1:19 am
we all know that water is a life and scarce and much more scarce we looked forward to partnering with you assess for free drinking water thank you for your partnership and your support of this work to make the healthy and easy it choice in san francisco thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon. i'm the former co-chair but for the shape up san francisco my comments will address the soda tax we are extremely extremely grateful for your support in insuring this tax initiative that affected our communities for the longest we truly appreciate the concern you've deemed in this area because a mexican-american ass are the communities of polar that have
1:20 am
been targeted by the soda 12ri without our support. >> our concern and your advocacy we wouldn't have what we have now and he thank you, my family thanks you and thank you so very much we look forward to your continued support to insure that our communities are healthy once again and happy holidays to all of you thank you. >> (clapping.) >> yes, we know your fit supervisor mar. >> (laughter). >> thank you, again for your work and congratulations with that, supervisor campos our
1:21 am
final accommodation of today. >> thank you very much madam chair and it is an honor for me to call upon a groheroesm proud to say i'm the son of a - i'm proud i'm honoring an incredible group of janitors that are part of a pretty challenging campaign to sexual harassment and enough is enough women janitors who are alone at night who are risking of assault and women that are undocumented and live and work in the shadows and women who work in isolation unfortunately are threatened in
1:22 am
their job place everyday and every night as tarts for assault and harassment i know from my own experience seeing my mom and the job speaking out as an undocumented janitor not an easy thing to do. and this year these women those janitors broke the silence had the courageous speaking that is not discussed and i can tell you ♪ industry you have a lot of latino men and women that a lot of last but not least women speaking out is not something that you're supposed to do and the women we're honoring today are leaders in the caption to pass ab 1978 we're proud to say was a bill that was complained by assembly member gonzales into
1:23 am
san diego it mandate training for janitors and their supervisors on assault and sexual assault and violence and human trafficking ab 1978 creates a registry for janitorial contractor to bad actors and repeat oofrndz cannot do work ♪ area this is from for immigrants right and anyone that cares about human rights in general again, the women i'm honoring today are women who really took a great deal of courage and risk by coming forward not all of the ones that were part of that stricken could be here today, we have how much of them here 415
1:24 am
to become they've learned about workplace culture the regulations, they learned about internal pissed depression and post trauma behavioral and how in support of survives for every single one of the janitor there are tens of thousands holding that pain inside who are afraid to come forward >> supervisors and dirty contractors prey an those women it is difficult to come forward they're poor their undocumented, what they didn't release is how courageous those women are and notwithstanding the challenges they should had the courage to
1:25 am
come forward by saying enough is enough those incredible women are changing the culture that allows harassment and assault to happen no time to waste every year the state of california 17 thousand assaults of women in the workplace 17 thousand there is no excuse to wait i'm proud they made that happen we want to say a couple of words in
1:26 am
spanish. >> (speaking spanish.) >> sociohere to accept the certificate of the united service workers west the vice president and dean martin the political coordinator i want to read the names and ask denise
1:27 am
and jane to say a few words (calling names). >> with that, if you can please come forward and let's giving them a round of commissioner hasz . >> (clapping.) >> thank you to all the board of supervisors for your support and for the acknowledgement question accept that award on behalf of the people present and many survives of assault in the equip and on behalf of the many women from the janitorial industry who work hard everyday we represent u s w
1:28 am
w many jafrnts across the state working in the state of california when we came across- we were coming up to the bargaining statewide agreement we wanted to make sure as you as union were you were doing something on behalf of all janitors because of the courage of the women that step forward and told her they are story and the conversations feasible we able work too big really get and manipulating and janitor behind us and able to work request community organizations that work on women respect issues and the elected leaders this thought that is important to get the bill passed overwhelmingly support and your governor to sign the bill we have women that
1:29 am
fast for 5 days to call attention to this on or about and call attention and say the word rape it happened an the night shift that needs to stop happening over and over other than behave the brave women and on behalf of others we accept this and will continue to work hard for workers that often don't have a voice i want to pass the mike to one of the our member leaders our leader guadalupe i'll translate for her. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so guadalupe wants to say
1:30 am
to you to the board of supervisors for the acknowledgement thank you to our elected leader in san francisco that step forward and voted to center this law pass and on behalf of her and herself as a janitor that works on the night shift she is happy now has the tools to support other fellow coworkers that maybe afraid to talk. >> how to support when there is an issue and within here membership the coworkers once again thank you, thank you very much and continue to work together to uplift hard working people in california.
1:31 am
>> (clapping.) >> thank you to every single one of you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> and again congratulations. >> okay. that concludes our
1:32 am
accommodation for today, we we'll ton to our agenda several 3:00 p.m. special orders at this time i will ask madam clerk we have the first 3:00 p.m. accommodation please call that item. >> item 3 it through 35 compose the public hearings for the decision of public works dated september 2014 approving a two unit condominium project on avenue that pausing has been open if 2016 and items 33 through 35 the motions with that incentive map appeal. >> supervisor campos and this
1:33 am
probably is an item broken records in terms of the number of times it continued we have been awaiting for rotation added california superior court and finally a date for this item to be heard and acted on in superior court and in another yet i guess record breaking move i have to with that in mind ask that the item be continued to a date in october of next year october 2nd, 2015, there is a court date for august in 2015 and to give it the time to be adjudicateed i hereby move to continue this to 2015 by that point i think that supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and i will have turned into pump kins
1:34 am
the new board will have to deal that that that's my motion. >> supervisor campos i'm going to ask you move to did meeting of october 3rd the tuesday of 2017 i'm sorry i don't know what i was thinking he meant october 3rdrd. >> is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor yee and before we vote on the continuance are there members of the public comment 13e6k about the continuance seeing none, public comment is closed. this hearing is closed or leaving it on supervisor campos for clarity so public comment is closed. about the continuance and colleagues, can we continue to the meeting 2017 without objection, without objection this item will be continued to the meeting of october 3rd, 2017. >> madam clerk please call our
1:35 am
next 3:00 p.m. special orders. >> comprise the special order for a public hearing of persons interested in the proposed project on fulsome street to allow the demolition avenue 3, second story to us and the construction after a 40 foot residential building and the determination of exemption from the environmental review proved by the mravgsz in 2016 this public hearings has been continued open from november 2016 items 37 through 39 are the months ago socialized with that ceqa exemption and madam president items 40 through 43 would you like me to call those items. >> okay items 40 through 43 the special orders for persons interested in the certification of the conditional use authorization for the 75 fulsome
1:36 am
street project and items 41 through 343 are the motions with the conditional use authorization. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam president continent with the actions we've taken with respect to a prior project that also involved a project that is within the latino cultural district this is additional information and with respect to this project that is located within the district with that in my mind i want to make a motion to continue this item to january 10, 2017. >> supervisor campos has made a motion to continue this item to the meeting of january, 10 mind is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor yee. >> is there any public comment on this seeing none, public
1:37 am
comment is closed. >> colleagues without objection without objection this item will be continued to the meeting of january 10, 2017. >> madam clerk please call the next 3:00 p.m. special order. >> items comprise the hearing of persons from interested in the determination of exemption from the environmental review there the ceqa as a categorical exemption by the planning department approved in 2016 for a proposed project located on fulsome street to allow the construction of the $23,000 single-family residences on two vacant lots and next are the motions associated with that exemption. >> colleagues supervisor campos is sclfltd out this appeal because of residency motion a motion to excuse supervisor campos moved and seconded colleagues without
1:38 am
objection supervisor campos is excused okay are there any other - supervisor peskin madam president and i'll like to continue this to january 10th as well for one reason that is whether a pallet or project sponsor you still need 6 votes now we have the members in order to make that a fair hearing regardless of where people vote a full compliment or at least 10 supervisors in this case with the it seems unfair to the project sponsor and the appellant i'll make a motion to continue this to january 10th as well. >> okay supervisor peskin has made a motion to continue it it item is there an item seconded by supervisor farrell before i entertain just for clarity
1:39 am
supervisor peskin has the appellant or the project sponsor reached out and requested a continuance? >> i don't know. >> okay. >> and - you don't know. >> i see a bunch of people i don't know if they're for the appellant or project sponsor but. >> give us a thumbs up. >> are there members with the appellant group and the sponsoring group can i please hear your thoughts whoever the representative is just to be clear that both parties are prepared to go through 24 hearing at this time and i'm not aware of a requester for a continuance so i'd like to hear from both the appellant as well as the project sponsor on your thoughts of that continuance before we move forward and please be brief. >> thank you madam president and supervisors ryan on behalf
1:40 am
of the appellants he confirm the appellant all the appellants have jointly requested a continuance with the project sponsor another attorney with the project sponsor is here as well. >> thank you. >> supervisor president london breed and members of the board on behalf of the project sponsor indeed that request was made 1:30 this afternoon that's why supervisor peskin is not aware we requested that. >> thank you. >> and so supervisor peskin. >> and if the appellant and the project sponsor agree to the 24 that is fine too i was not aware of the request. >> well, let's stick to the tenth if we need to continue it at this time we'll do that. >> i heard one of the parties say they've married a request i don't know if other members seen it but i know what i heard they
1:41 am
wanted the 24 from the pardon and appellant we have one hearing on the tenth. >> would you last week to amend our motion to the 24th street of january. >> so moved. >> and seconded by - any member of the public that want to provider public comments on the continuance seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take that without objection, without objection this item will be moved to the meeting of january 24th call the next 3:00 p.m. special item. >> special order 3:00 p.m. for the public hearings to consider the respect for the term ending 24, 2018. >> okay. colleagues this hearing is no longer necessary since mr. chang submitted a
1:42 am
resignation that i would really appreciate that he did so and ask the mayor will make a appointment make more qualified appointment and i'll make a motion to table this item moved by the supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection, without objection this item has been tabled. >> all right. madam clerk let's go to our agenda where we left off after item number 9. >> oh, i did not i apologize okay. is there a motion to rescind the vote moved that he supervisor peskin and seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues without objection, without objection the last veto has been rescinded i forgot to take public comment anyone wish to
1:43 am
comment who want to provide public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take that without objection without objection - that item has been tabled unanimously all right. madam clerk back to item number ten. >> item 10 to authorize the department of elections for the fourteenth amendment to extend through 2018 and increase the total not to exceed amount if 19 plus million dollars to approximately $21. million. >> reinforcement on item 10. >> supervisor tang supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed
1:44 am
supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin there are 10 i's. >> okay. this passes unanimously on the first reading supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much for recognizing john is here he wanted to recognize him the director of the department of elections and i actually wanted to ask him a couple of questions before that he took the vote sirens we - and we can make a motion to rescind and have the motion. >> supervisor cowen made a motion to rescind colleagues without objection, without objection that obsolete has been rescinded i apologize. i missed our name on the roughest. >> no apologize needed thank you for jones us today, there
1:45 am
are i've heard from one particular group of advocates proposing that we we're dealing with we cut the proposed time in half by 50 percent and reached you out to our office and didn't have an opportunity to hear from you thank you for being here shed some light to cut it from two yearlings down to woven year is that feasible or fear while excuse me - we have fair how it can be implemented with more transparency. >> if we can. >> please identify yourself. >> john for elections san francisco if we cut even though term to one year essentially we'll have a system under place for no scheduled elections and no system in place for the year
1:46 am
with two scheduled elections eventually have to start the process over again to get a system in place for 2018 by having the term continue for two years this allows for the city to have a system mr. place through 2018 and also for the city to begin the development or the process he mentioned and bucket hearing last week where it will create antes an rfp to identify a consultant that can don't an in depth study for the timelines what they costs based on the open sources software so having two years give us the security of a system in place with elections also gives time to start the process for developing a voting system
1:47 am
thank you very much thank you for allowing me the opportunity to ask that question. >> seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk on the item can you please call the roll. >> on item 10 and supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin there are 10 i's. >> the ordinance passed unanimously on the first reading next item. >> item 11 an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the fines and fees of the public library. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the firefighters first reading. >> item 12 to urge the department of homelessness to adapt a 5 year plan to reduce homeless.
1:48 am
>> supervisor farrell. >> madam president i'll be brief colleagues bad actor back in 2004 we adapted to abolish the chronic homelessness the later on strategy 80 for addressing an issue and despite the main goals by creating over new units and adapting the first strategy it is persistent we have a navigation center and we've created a new department which has been layers focused but since 2014 we've been without a long term rent strategy that is you're going our new department of homelessness to support to create a 5 year plan to reduce the homeless and dr. came in last week and thank you to the gentleman for his support when
1:49 am
we started his job and moving forward we need a new written long term plan to address this issue i want to see a long term strategy and feel has a high-level of doubt accountability all over the place ask for your support. >> thank you commissioner pearlman supervisor yee. >> i want to just to be clear sometimes, we say strategy plan people have a notion of what it is we heard that came up request the strategic - strategy approach in which it goes by april i guess so i'm not disagreeing but want to make sure i understand. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you and supervisor yee you're absolutely correct this is irregularly the department to engage with the
1:50 am
gentleman he's committed and hopefully present back to us at the board once frrmentd and more time we're voting on a long term strategy and work together at city hall. >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the vices a adapted unanimously item 13 and item 13 a resolution to set policies for wells fargo with remedies go from the controller to urge the city department to require wells fargo to have a plan for commissioner melgar's who are engaging in future business is wells fargo to further urge the retirement board to urge the city attorney and the don't have to vegetate wells fargo and other banks to urge the tax clerk to establish a responsible banking ordinance and urging the
1:51 am
comptroller to exposure if wells fargo national charter should be resupervisor campos. >> colleagues that resolution was transferred a media and a half ago from the scandal is wells fargo bank has been involved in it is tloefrdz if as well bank opened up all kinds of their consumers accounts as far as new account for consumers and credit cards without their concept that constituted fraud in the city of los angeles and city attorney working with the cooler had found a widespread violation and have a penalty one hundred million dollars penalty from the corral of the currency
1:52 am
office that is the latest scandal as a result in san francisco our treasurer jose cisneros suspended the effort working with wells fargo and the bank on san francisco program a literacy program in the city prior we've known that wells fargo bank as wrapped the country with several scandals resulting in african-american and latino household all across the country not getting support and poor service in internal revenue hurldz effort to maintain in their mortgages against foreclosure and we've seen them actually raise and lower interest rates and willy-nilly that resulted in many people losing their homes and actually committed fraud with our federal government
1:53 am
providing hud loans that were actually loans that were stockholder to hud with completely misinformation over and over again we've seen wells fargo as a bad player bernie sanders talked about banks that are too big to fail the k if wells fargo has been deference at all levels to the state and look like time after time bailed out wells fargo wells fargo is bailing us not bailing us out but failing us miserably we should be creating sanctions against wells fargo they drautsd u defrauded customers and bankrupted families and city's in the wake we need a different approach in san francisco this resolution is
1:54 am
about cutting ties with many of the services the city and county of san francisco receives from wells fargo and i do have some amendments here i'll be proposing here today, we got a report if the controller's office about where we have our closet ties to work and services from wells fargo we want to thank ben rosenfield and the controller's office for putting together that document for us which we've all received colleagues a represents that we don't cut wells fargo from underwriting our bonds and that is a significant service because as a result of taking away working with wells fargo we will see that the bonds bids might come in at a higher level that meet cost the city more but as a compromise i'd like to have the
1:55 am
treasurer's office ask wells fargo to talk about the impacts of their fraudulent activities on san franciscans that was asked about a merger with wells fargo wells fargo has not respondents last week as well we have a representative from equally was here in committee talked about working with the city by we've seen no. much work together the city on behalf of the wells fargo towards the city answering the questions is where he about the magnitude of san franciscans that have been impacted by their fraudulent activities and what measures wells fargo will take to recommend that so what the amendment to give a certain amount of for equally to report to us and then make a decision later to actually cut welcoming wells fargo from handing our bond under where else with our requests for transparent so you
1:56 am
have before you an amendment as a whole that includes that language i'll read other language negative impact here as well for our resolution page 4 lines 6, through 11 whereas the budget committee subcommittee december 7, 2016, hearing on the this resolution jim president of the bay area says that wells fargo takes full responsibility for the fact that things went wrong in quotes with the banks practice of fraudulently opening consumer accounts that is the lie that wells fargo has not respondent from the request are for fox on san franciscans that have accounts open under their names without in their consent and adding a thufr resolve on -
1:57 am
third resolve clause on page 5 the board of supervisors request the controllers to submit by july 1st, 2017, describing wells fargo has any evidence of the remedial action and be it further resolved that if wells fargo has not taken the remental action by 2015 the board of supervisors urges the corral to a place additional sanctions on wells fargo like 13u7b9 them from the city competitive bonds sales up to 5 years and defined by the administrative code chapter 28 those are the amendments i have colleagues he will motion we accept those amendments didn't say we'll an under schutt but giving some time for response and see how
1:58 am
willing wells fargo to coordinate with our request and be frantd how half hour certified san franciscans as well as the city and county of san francisco and before taking the vote on the motion i want to mention this is been years in the making my other was has been working on how we can get better conditions out of those major banks in reveling owe worked with the treasurer's office to work on a banking process to work with responsible bankers to make sure that a if you want to handle the city and county cash to manage our swastika go through hoopts and that our key process that came after that legislation was wells fargo was dropped from handling the cash management program although they
1:59 am
have other biz and services they provider to the city and county of san francisco he feel that we still need a lot of pressure on this bank that is heretofore too big to false but only when we will have pressures on the some of the cities and customers on the banks we get the behavior that we require since the past 15 years i've been banking at the credit union and like to urge people who have been 1k57b8d listed from wells fargo to move our money to a place where you expect better service lice the credit union i hope colleagues, we support in unanimously. >> supervisor avalos has made a motion to submit amendment is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor tang colleagues without objection the amendments pass
2:00 am
supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much supervisor avalos please add me as a co-sponsor there are a few thank you's in order on this particular topic supervisor avalos thank you and want to recognize the leadership in our to yourself office mr. jose cisneros offend a letter into calling apple wells fargo to be accountable for their actions also want to recognition our state truant officer john chang that is joined the list a growing list of elected leaders calling for and denoing the unsafe business practices of wells fargo. >> and far away from where we are but close in our hearts is senator elizabeth warren in the hearing the