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tv   Planning Commission 121516  SFGTV  December 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:11pm PST

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home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give >> good morning and welcome to the san francisco planning commission registry commission registry hearing for thursday, december 15, 2016, any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner johnson commissioner koppel and commissioner melgar we expect scombhifks commissioner vice president richards and commissioner moore to arrive firefighters first proposed for continuance none so move on to the are considered to be routine may be acted upon by a single
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roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item one for case west portal avenue conditional use authorization i have no speaker cards. >> any public comment on the one item on the consent calendar not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner johnson. >> move to approve knott's berry farm commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner president fong commissioners, that item passes 4 to zero and commissioners, that places you on commissioner matters consideration of adoption breast cancer for the
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december 1st hearing any public comment on the minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner johnson. >> move to approve draft minutes of december 1st. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on that motion for the minutes commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and places you on commissioner questions or comments. >> didn't appear we have any today very good, commissioners. >> board of appeals and the
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historic preservation commission there appear to be no updates and maybe return to that later commissioners under general public comment not to exceed 5 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. >> thank you jonas cards speaker cards (calling names). >> i brought any christmas letter for one for commissioner hillis he's not here maybe leave it for him next year good luck for
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everybody i want to talk about what my wish list section 317 needs to be strengthened not polished that was to allow for alteration permits not demolitions the line is pushed and crossed by developers the relative affordability and characterization of the neighborhoods are at risk without calculation consideration given to consecutive and qualify active suggestion for any revised residential design guidelines monthly discretionary review hearings put them owl together the residential c u a and just as a note last week we've thought about what happened no oakland he was -
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>> 10 only co2 in grassland that land use changing with tons of co2 the grassland will have more carbon in the forest this is false in the eir this 73 metric tons in terms of
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emergency vehicle that he run considerate in the green house ordinance in the ordinance under ceqa any green house gas emissions is significant if it conflict with any aubrey abrakasa applicable regulation of an agency for the purpose of reducing green house gas emissions i'll continue we didn't get started right now i'd like to highlight the failure to address the significance on the limits of access to untrail use only they cover less than 5 percent of parkland that is off limits to the public that is from the free assess we enjoy today, the eir fails to identify it program.
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>> when you have 18 thousand trees cut down and the stumbles treated with herbicides there is no way there will not be a magnificent increase in herbicides with the natural area program is ready to use them, and, secondly, the eir talks about about the replacement of trees at present no proper
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record of trees cut down with size and species and location no way that the replacement is happening at the least the eir should be sent back to incorporate a detailed mitigation measure requiring proper recordkeeping and the accountability in the response to comments section of eir it says that all remembered trees will think replaced on a roughly one by one basis but not necessarily at the same location the actual project says the san francisco natural areas will be replaced with native trees or grassland species in any case trees performed if a location impacts that area and
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in the trees lie between the freeway and the dense residential areas and helps to improve air quality over 8 hundred trees removed the impact that be significant but the eir didn't address this furthermore replacement with the sampling doesn't have the same effect of eggingology benefits of a would this hundred-year-old tree only a fee native trees will be planted it is resulting for more trees that don't have the same benefits of the one-year-old trees that are removed thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. very good, commissioners. that places us under the regular
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calendar on mission street this is a draft environmental impact report. >> jonas would be mind handing those to the commissioners, thank you. >> good morning commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm chelsea department staff the item before you is review and comments on the 100 mission street draft environmental impact report or eir pursuant to the california environmental quality act or ceqa and san francisco's local procedures for implementing ceqa the item before you is a public hearing to receive comments on the draft eir for the 15 hundred mission district project i'm joined here by my colleagues wave senior environmental planner tina preservation staff and
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project sponsor team are present the project is on 1500 mission street located on the north side of mission with south van ness to the west are 11 street to the east and within the south of market neighborhood of san francisco the site a currently developed with two buildings including a retail building on mission and a warehouse building on 15 hundred mission the proposed project includes the demolition of an existing retail building and a partial retention of existing warehouse on 1600 mission street and construction of a mixed use development with to projects component and one in approximately 4 hundred foot tall at all tougher of residential and retail use at the corner of south van ness and mission and approximately 200
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foot office building for the city and county of san francisco between 11 street between - on the local, state, and federal between market and mission that results in a total of 5 hundred plus dwelling units and 5 hundred plus thousand square feet of office and childcare space also is stoops for 4 hundred plus vehicles and bicycles and 58 thousand gross of open space the draft eir results in two significant and unavailable impacts including an impact to the historic architect and related to circulation the
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other impacts to architecture and tribal resources and air quality and transportation and circulation noise, invert resources and hazardous materials would be mitigated to a lens significant level a hearing to receive the historic preservation commission comments on the draft eir was held on december 7th i have appropriated you with a copy of hpc comment letter at the hearing the hpc agreed the dr to address the historic impact further the hpc commented they appreciated the alternative not only avoided some of all of significant impacts but also met or partially met the perspective further comments regards the project approval
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today comments should be district towards the accuracy and adequacy comments will be during the public comment period on the next agenda item for members of the public who wish to speak on the draft eir say you'll name on the record the comments that be contributed in writing and the comments in response to documents which will respond to all verbal and written comments received and make restrictions to the draft eir psa as approach those who are interested in commenting on the draft eir in writing by e-mail or e-mail may submit to 9 environmental hoff on mission street by 5:00 p.m. on january 4, 2015, after the comment period ended on january the planning commission will prepare a document which will
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contain the responses to all relevant comments for the draft eir and in writing to the planning department we anticipate publication of comments and responses documents early spring of next year follow by the eir certification hearing and early spring and unless the commissioners have queasy i'll respectfully request this public hearing be opened. >> i have no speaker cards. >> opening up to public comment not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore and i like to ask that in the historic preservation commission discussion of 15 hundred mission building that i include historic photos of building that when it comes to the final eir will make that easier for people to comment to see what is looks
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like the building has at alternated over time and an emphasis on the elements that will be particularly integrated we those discussions that is a very nice job of recognizing the importance of building but the further backward the photographs will be helpful and a better appreciation of what we're doing the second thing i'd like to ask i think that the streetcar spur i think it is the j line has a push back only the 11 streets of san francisco i took a picture one day and as was coming up mission an old streetcar standing on 11 streets of san francisco that was such an
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incredible compliment for celebrating the civic presence on the other hand, presence i'd like to see the historic spur explained for the eir together with the landscape plan important 11 streets of san francisco figure out how to have a market about the phenomena a place for tourists to stop and experience the streetcar as you experience the turn around on the casual car when you saw that i was so surprised i thought that would be a great invitation for also certain retails to have restaurants which focused on the thing i cannot ask to have a start to just this into that but were obviously that's a good
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idea and it was amazing so can they do that which puts the car an spur i'll explain it more otherwise i'm i feel comfortable thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to 7 ab and pca for the text and zoning map to the creation of 1500 mission street special use district and little creation of the 1500 mission street special use district ass are two intents
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to initiative tilly chang department staff the actions before you as mentioned the initiation of two ordinance for the mission street development as long as the goodwill i take it project that allows the commission for the adaptation of proposed amendment around march 2015 to action is needed at this time for the general plan amendments for two maps map 3 the market and affordable housing and the downtown area plan the height was amended for the proposed 15 hundred market special use district you've heard about the october 27th informational hearing the second ordinance for the text and zoning map for the special use district i mentioned and one and the height and bulk match to effect in the case
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report and to reflect the boundary and a new section tore the mission street that rockefeller will allow for parking for the city's fleet in excess 0 of what is committed and of the fourth floor if the city not occupy the building and to - the permit center and to address the parking when the conditions are in the area pursue this the special use district another amendments in the case rotator the 15 hundred - for the downtown special use district we expect the general plan and the amendments to come before the commission after adaptation the planning commission that consider the project you've heard about the project before and the project is described in our case report
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to date the department has not comments and the department recommends the department approve and the general plan ordinances to clarify no action on the project itself will occur as a result of the initiation but consider it for adoption the future that concludes my presentation. and i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you. is there a project sponsor no straight to public comment. . >> the city is the sponsor. >> public comment thank you. >> sue hester i didn't have time to get my glaze cleaned off on commenting on the initiation
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because this is serious the planning department is going to use the eir i will submit extensive comments to decide whether or not to rezone this area every time the planning department didn't an area plan that says that has adopted perfect information that people should use in the next way evaluations of projects in various area plans that is one of them we have gone through planning efforts for the area around mission, south van ness, market, van ness and general area repeatedly going back about 20 years
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he every time you say we have perfect information you don't one of the difficult questions you have to face not only is the rezoning to pack the r make the planning department more happy by having a new building but traffic and the traffic situation in the area calling it the hub is out of control as the traffic situation near my office which which is between fourth and fist on market we have a lot of unregulated buses the google buses and loifl and uber and we have regulated the goals from the muni and the taxicabs and have unregulated vehicles like the empty buses that wander around
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hell and gone for the academy of art university last time i talked to the head of mta about what information the city has developed it has to measure how the vehicles move on the streets right now and there is a satellite tracking device on where the muni's are known knows where the lists are they're a pit of anarchy and anyone doesn't recognize that and the impacts will have on this site is not petitioning they don't follow any laws and they're not popped by the pardon me anyone in the - so we will have a vacation and come back in january thank you.
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>> is there any additional public comment? >> this is a potentially a procedural issue more than anything but for the west portal i was is there any way for the public to get comments. >> it was heard and approved. >> nothing the neighbors can do at this point. >> you can appeal the project but at this time the project has been considered by the planning commission and already approved in the consent calendar you can still submit public comment at the end of the public calendar but the decision has been rendered at this point, i, appeal to it the board of supervisors. >> okay. >> okay. any other public comment. >> for item 7. >> okay not seeing any,
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commissioner johnson. >> thank you thank you i appreciate the comment on the transportation impacts which are analyzed in the draft eir and this is a challenging site i actually think that development will bring you can a little bit more order to the area it is we'd like find parking and the semi industrial use of goodwill site and so i think that having the city site will actually be a little bit more orderly for the entire area instead of of the scattered area i appreciate this project i like it has residential in it, it is a great mixed use project and excited about the chair mar facilities my one question for staff is the hpc had given
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comment that the preservation alternative are partial where preferable that results in the door-to-door of 15 hundred mist but the general plan amendments are for the proposed projects which is for demolition so i'd like to ask staff - what i'm sorry - if you all can comment on how the preservation alternative either full partial into the amendments that are were asked to be made today. >> i think the short answer the commission has there's a a series of alternatives as there always are the project sponsor preferred alternative is one of the 4 and the hpc weighed in on in fact, when you it comes to
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you you'll have to look at that alternatives and make our decisions. >> okay - so - right. right. >> the project will come to us i'm making sure the map amendment and the planning code text amendment account for the projects their slightly different i know the height is slightly different and in the setbacks and things like that like the amount of parking and . >> dan with the department staff thank you for that question in the portions of the various alternatives can comply that the amendment as proposed not necessarily all of those options or alternatives could and the amendments could be modified up either by you when you act on the amendments or by the board
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spacial should one of the alternatives be selected and i see exposure a quick question but let's say for the full preservation alternative that calls for one story of underground parking not two a setback on the office space and requires another amendment to the planning code text maybe the zoning map would we then what action will we have to take we can only initiate the planning code text and hear them again, if at the decide to take the alternative for the project that is amongst the other changes will are we have to initiate new amendments. >> this is essentially on application for filing and that at the hearing to consider documentation or recommendation
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they can be k457bd in whatever way a new initiation will not be required. >> thank you i get it. >> okay. >> all right. then move to initiate the general plan amendments related to the planning code text for 1500 mission street. >> second. >> commissioners can we schedule a hearing on er after march 16? >> very good, commissioners. on that motion to schedule the hearing commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and supervisors that places us on item 8
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this is a conditional use authorization good morning erica jackson planning department staff the item before you a conditional use authorization to reactivate a increasing space on 18 street the project includes a two-story vertical addition located at the front of lot that will extend the 3 family says bedrooms it is located that is occupied by a is showroom and office the planning commission heard 2 and the concerns from the neighbors that was continued to work on a compromise regarding the plans
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were distributed to you now and the e-mail earlier this week is the compromise between the project sponsor and the neighbors since the plans were distributed the neighbors and project sponsor have identified 5 windows to be instead of with privacy glass in conclusion 1932 necessary and desirable that will create one family-sized between and that is compatible with on the small-scale limited uses in the vicinity and promotes the operation of the business and is consistent point residential design guidelines the planning code and the general plan given the finding discussed above staff recommends approve for the conditional use authorization for the project thank you i'm available to answer any questions.
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>> project sponsor, please. >> hello. thank you to the commissions for reconsidering our project my family has owned this building since 2008 we received the neighbors consensus for the design i'll go through that quickly show how our proposals is meeting the residential design guidelines we replaced the fourth floor and replaced that with a angle assess and second we matched all the elements this is the fourth floor we matched all the elements on this slide and this slide up here and third remembered the 3 feet of our building shown here creating a side setback and fourth removed also
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a large section of the third floor and part of lower floors as well we redesigned the facade to integrate with the existing that building and this proposal has a smaller footprint and the currently existing building and it also expands the mid block by dlooel a non-conforming structure we would like to show it falls within the envelope of residential design guidelines the guidelines we have a roof assess setback 20 feet for a code mandates a rear yard it is thirty to 33 mostly 33 and removing a non-conforming part of building that is here the residential design guidelines recommended a 5 foot setback we
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have a 7 foot setback from the corner and we redesigned the handrail as well and in our neighborhood planning code for 4 levels of the roof assess we have 3 that mandates a 40 feet our roof is 6 to 9 feet below that the code - the roof i'm referring to here the code allows for a 10 foot stair assess our proposal has a 6 foot assess sunk into the roof the residential design guidelines asked it be to match the interior stairwell your proposal does this and since the stair assessed into the 40 foot envelope we've added a wall allowing tour the cooling and
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ventilation and the addition will interior not impact light or visibility from the street the residential design guidelines recommends for the back step downstairs and our proposal contains this is the design guidelines our proposal contains this for a two lot a maximum height of thirty feet for the step down ours are 7 feet below that maximums height and finally note two privacy glazing additions on the west we'll add privacy glazing to two windows and lightwell on the ground floor and in bedroom 3 which is up here and to the east finally we'll sure the eliminations for the two windows currently shown the 5 foot 6 privacy sglaiz we'll
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braces that if need thank you. i'll be happy to address any concerns you may have. >> thank you opening it up for public comment (calling names). >> on behalf of the neighbors that is as acceptable compromise given where we started initially on june 16th we would ask that as a condition of approval the commissioners ask the 5 windows referenced by staff be fwlasz with privacy glass thank you. >> thank you. okay is there any additional public comment? >> not seeing any, commissioner moore. >> i believe that the architect has addressed many of the concerns we have i have one additional question on the east side how many feet are you staying off the property line.
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>> we've set it off 3 feet. >> i appreciate that. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> that is a win for the neighborhood we have a compromise comes before us to enshine and people get on with their lives it was ken tense 6 months ago how you carry out that will depend on the quality of materials you use example in the neighborhood my neighborhood as well where it is a false sense of history you put things back that don't look right i'll encourage you twhaefr you do in keeping with the spirit of rest of the neighborhood and the quality of materials move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners are we including. >> yes. absolutely. >> the private glazed windows. >> very good, commissioners. on that with conditions as amended to include a condition
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that the 5 windows identified by the architect and staff should be glazed with profess glass commissioner johnson. >> commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and commissioners that places us on item 9 tennessee street a large project authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners rich the item before you a large project authorization on 10th street under the large project authorization the project is seeking exemption to the planning code requirement for one rear yard and two departmental and 3 off-street
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parking is the demolition of the existing two-story industrial building with a basement 40 feet tall residential building one and thirty dwelling units and off-street parking and two car share parking spaces there a roof deck and interior coast guard and mid block passage it is located in the dog patch landmark that is designated in article 10 as such the project was reviewed by the historic preservation commission on december 7, 2016, the hpc grand a certificate of preference in the notation to meet the inclusionary housing the property owner has length a fee or combination of participating and recently passed small site program acquisition program based on 33
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percent of the total unit avenue naturally that the department staff recommends approval with conditions that complies that the with the policies and procedures and the project is located in the zoning district where the retail use to permitted and updates with landscaping and private and common open space this is a benefit for the surrounding community that provides in fill within the dog patch landmark and supported by the historic preservation commission adds one and thirty new dwelling units and utilized the eastern neighborhood controls and pay the impact fees passed out to you were copies the presentation the project sponsor provided and a real estate department in the dog patch neighborhood association this morning discussing the project sponsor intent to apply for and oci
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agreement the project sponsor is present that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> project sponsor, please. >> >> good morning. i'm the project sponsor for the share a few comments about the project and process and i'm going to turn it over to for glen for a presentation the key facts it is as mentioned one and 3 units in a 4 story building between 1010 and minnesota the heart of dog patch the project was approved by the hpc last week and we're proposing a motion and a second passage that connections minute
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pin to 1010 in the proximate locations which used to be at this location since the 1930s that is important for the community that lacks significant open space and we've committed if to be twenty-four hour assessable as part of conditions of the approval of the motion i wanted to share a little bit about the community outreach process over the last 18 months over one dozen meeting with the mta and the design committee we incorporated a number of important changes to the project for the mid block passage wider and setbacks for the fourth floor and details to the landscaping and sidewalk improvements the dna experienced
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experienced this we've workndor - you'll have seen that in the letter in morning agreed to a language in the motion that will insure we're pursuing an oci agreement discussed that the neighborhood the possibility of broublz and passage vesting with the neighbors we've pursuing and the dna is interested area we're pursuing this we'll, of course, go to the eastern neighborhoods cac and come back to the planning commission for ultimate approval of that on the collaboration side as mentioned pursuing the small site program program for the van ness for the site that evaluates
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to 34 unit located with a mile radius of the site in close proximity potrero hill and for the bayview are eligible with that, i'm going to turn it over to glen for discussion of design. >> good morning, commissioners monitor please interesting project i think part of it has to do with with the fact there's an alley in close proximity to the site but has to do with with the project sponsor the architect and the neighborhood all agreed on something that is easy the mid block passage was something initiated by the planning department i think that created for an exciting project the design itself resolves around the dog patch but
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includes what guess interesting the neighborhood itself if you look at the slide on the screen in the neighborhood sort of a unique quality of warehouses and residential structures edward and warehouseing types of buildings and warehouses one of the things we wanted to do with the design i think this is very important how to combine those two elements together to come up with a very unique idea those are just pictures of the neighborhood in which you'll see a combination of residential buildings and small warehouses and colors and brick siding we've incorporated the design this is a expect the basic the idea to see if we can come up with a scale building that you
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know have co-relations to the residential building and something the warehouse type this diagram we wanted to find a way to incorporate the mid block passage into the overall urban design adjacent to the project there is a warehouse as you can see from the diagram we basically mimic that on the opposite side and filled in the rest with sort of a residential scaleable context here's on overall site from the site plan is in fill to a motion and a second passage with a sort of a u-shaped shaped building and then here you have sorry went back - >> basically, i want to show you the ground floor plan what is unique about the plan on the ground floor all the residential
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unit introduce 9 ground floor and the mid block not just a passageway for the pedestrians but an entry for the lobby to the building we wanted to use that mid block passage as a activated space throughout the day it basically 24/7 open passageway with the lobby in the center which is unique about what we've worked often with the neighborhood a shth we setback all the entries along both situations and i mid block passages is approximately thirty feet wide as you go through that the second third and fourth floor are identical we worked on setting back all the elements keeping in call with some of the buildings here a serious of renderings and again that the articulation of what we refer to
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as the their style versus the remain be building how 80 that incorporates and evaluates to the context of the neighborhood the entryways pushed back we have greenery planters along the entryway to create privacy for the entry pointed and well lit plan that we've come up with in order to make a safety zone for the residents and another view from tenseness - and here you have what we refer to as the warehouse element also residential in the passageway adjacent to that. >> our landscaped design is
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very well excused we wanted to do with the sclarnd not just create a although fair but planters on both sides yet you can see across on entry we also feel this might be a great opportunity for art pieces to be incorporated into the space along the way planting along the edges well son both streetscapes and here i have with this will be what we are thinking some overhead lighting that requires a more something you may see has lighting across the way something you find in europe a pedestrian like atmosphere and then with that, i'd like to
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conclude on this slide i think this is a project that took a while and working closely with dna i think we were excited how this project turned out the quality and the mid block passage being a place for residents as well as the neighborhood with that, thank you and this being probably my last hearing for the year wish you all a happy happy new year and happy holidays. >> opening up for public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> sir, would you put up the ground floor plan and just speak briefly how you jiggled did residential ground floor guidelines respect to privacy i want to hear you talk about
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that. >> one of the things i think pushing back both all the facades along the street pushing those inward and creating are planters at the entry location allows basically isolates the doors so sort of a kind of a unique initial for all the doorways and oats planters come up 24 inches that controls the amount of glazing to the ground floor that happens think tenseness and minnesota and fortunately on the passage way more distance and create a greater a planter area in front of each of the unit the idea for the ground floor is the potential of someone that really wants to be able to also use it as a kind of a place where they may work on occasion
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and have it as a sort of on idea of being able to have that kind of front door accessibility to the neighborhood as well as with the environment would you mind a moment for the commission ground floor units typically bans residential design guidelines are to be lifted above grade by 36 inches ♪ case given the height limit you're holding the unit back could you give us a dimensional reference this is not significant to me and the ground floor is setback 5 feet think minnesota and tenseness >> and then you have the planter. >> an element of privacy just in those 5 feet that's a walk, the intersidewalk line it is curved sidewalk. >> fortunately the sidewalks
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are gracious not tight on both streets we have enough space. >> otherwise just as a comment i think this is well-designed project i love it fits i wish we had more projects like it. >> thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i also like this project i wish it were 2 stories taller it is a good product i had more comments like commissioner moore with the ground floor given the residential hotel of a lot of ground floor units will create you know a sense of community but people keep their shades down like a blank wall and having a parking lot there so holding that back might help to mitigate it the other thing that helps i know we'll consider
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language around how to in kind. >> i think the commission should make a finding under the infrastructure stating the project sponsor intends to pursue an in kind agreement proernt a better statement to the project sponsor in this case. >> as far as the e-mail change i get it. >> so say something about my comment we'll go with the iftdz go make sense i appreciate the potential for the in kind agreement and some of the pedestrian streetscape changes that results from that really the best way to increase the pedestrian safety is to have more pedestrians this is you know and this is something where i don't know that that i'm going
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to push for it on this project although i've mentioned initiation with that project we need to see more ground floor active uses i'll not necessarily say retail third street is one block into tennessee street you can make the argument that will be tough for retail to survive one block away from third and 21st, however, this is - you know all this pedestrian changes streetscape changes in the world will not help if you don't have people walking on the block no public access to anything i will strongly cancer to be more programming in terms of like park beverages or something that the arts something that people are in and around that site that will create the pedestrian safety so i want to make that
9:01 pm
comment and definitely for promotions that are coming down the pike i'll be pushing for morality i think 24 in location it is a little bit saturated for the 21st corresponding. >> commissioner moore. >> there's a moment to acknowledge the dog patch neighborhood work together the architect is significant results here instead of sliding this out in front of us that type of on the ground this creates a remarkable result particularly because it is out of the block of pier 70 and the historic district there i think not trying to argue about height it is absolutely a perfect formula to hold this up as a example how we should be doing in kind of work and what general attitudes we look at the transformation of
9:02 pm
the area at large i appreciate the focused work of the dog patch department as well as the agencies i have one question of curiosity i'm not i'm proposed to ask is this an animal i see the logo and don't know any thing if you don't mind. >> a rear african antelope. >> i should have googled it. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a great project and good work with the community and echoing and piggyback on commissioner johnson not for to project but active uses ground floor uses don't have to be available to retail but a studio where people can use throughout the decay move to approve. >> second.
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>> that motion. >> commissioner hillis. >> commissioner johnson commissioner melgar commissioner koppel area commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on general public comment i have no speaker cards. >> general public comment? >> regarding sue hester regarding the young man many red light west portal your rules are like the board of supervisors rules the rules provide rescind a vote and in a normal thing is people is from the odds is still here rather just then tell people to go away it is the rules it happens everyone that watches the board of supervisors meetings or attends the board of supervisors
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meetings see them rescind vote every particular meeting not unusual a person from the public or person from the board may have been absent and wanted to good job and hear things so you had the responsibility to know your own rules commissioner all 7 of you not just the commission secretary and people are told to go away and not even told the rules provide an alternative it is disappointing so i'm asking you to over the holidays read our rules and found out i'm not telling you a lie for a rescinding vote and the normal courtesy is the odds still here in the odds is still here you normally rescinds them
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pardon me i'm obnoxious in our uses it really bolthd me i kept my mouth shut. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay. the merging is san
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commission and reply receptionist commission joint
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hearing for thursday, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i will note we'll be taking roll here shortly for the benefit of the public commissioners will be coming in and out of the chambers but viewing testimony in the executive chambers in the back the live telecast i'll take i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner moore now the rec and park department public school commissioner president buell/rec & park commissioner low commissioner anderson