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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  February 1, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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we built a new hospital. they will be doing on sight monitoring throughout the construction and looking at debris, traffic issues any sort of mess sures of having a building constructd on that site. >> that is good. i will say that i think general, and parts of the hospitals that are in the mission bay area, have done a really good job of understanding the concerns of the neighborhoods and have showed a willingness to empathize. >> and another one is the helicopter, and that is a charged issue for years, prior to my election, but i heard about it all of the time on the campaign trail in 2010 and 9. and several years ago there was an heli pad that was added to general? >> mission bay. >> diane
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>> i want don't want to throw her under the bus. >> she is it is expert and so
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sheg going to share with us her findings. >> hello, diane i am the environmental coordinator. >> let me just set the stage real quick, as you can imagine there are several environmental impacts that the people of district ten have dealt with and have lived with for generations. whether or not talking about the waste water or the power plant keeping in mind, where the hospital is located is between the two freeways, we are concerned about the matter and i have introduced the legislation to protect the people and insure that there is new construction made and constructed so that the homes are able to filter out the matter. that can cause the problems.
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there was a traffic analysis, and where it was identified. and the uc eir and development plans according to my con stit you ents they have come to the conclusion that it is inadequate because the project has scoped and the project as scoped is inconsistent with the city law's and rules, are you in a position
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to speak to that? >> yes, i would say that is not correct. we absolutely involved the city early in our eir process. both the city attorney's office and the planning department they were early reviewers of the administrative drafts of the department document. as well as the mta and so they are very much involved and our significant standards are the same as the cities as indicated in the eir and the approach to the analysis are the same as to what the city of san francisco were done. >> thank you, i appreciate it. colleagues if there is any other questions, i would like to go o to. we have a report that we will
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hear on this particular matter and then i have got 50 minutes worth of public comment there are 25 cards and that is just what i have in hand and so perhaps if there is no diversity in the perspective, and maybe there is other things that you would what they are be doing, you can feel free to stand up when you here someone that is articulating your position and we can shoot right on through these. but i would never dream of robbing u of u opportunity for public comment. i am just letting you know that you have choices we will hear from sevon and i will let you think about your choice and keep it moving. >> yes, the legislation before you would approve at 75 year grant lease with the 24 year option for 99 years and the lease disposition and the development agreement. and the rent under the grant
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lease is 180,000 per year. this is based on a fair market value appraisal. and taking into account that the ucsf affiliation agreement allows for 765,000 annual credit, towards their lease out at san francisco general hospital. the terms there is that ten million dollar payment that is discussed towards the parking garage and i do want to point out that there actually is not a specific plan in place or a financing plan for the parking garage. it has been discussed with sfmta that there is no documented decision on that. we do very this, although the ground lease is consistent with the oernl term sheet, and because it waves the code in terms of the actual development we consider it to be a policy matter. ucsf has some other policies
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that are, you know, no not the same but address the same issues in the environmental code but does wave those provisions. >> thank you. >> i appreciate that report. i just want to indicate that i plan to support the item before us today, if that has any of your influence on whether you stay for public comment or not. >> i am just presenting you with the options and choices. >> i am going to concur with you. ? ethat might be two votes right there, i don't know. we are going to open up for public comment, ladies and gentlemen our favorite time of the day. two minutes. so i have got a stack of cards oh, wait. lora has eight, that is 16 minutes, you know, everything counts, and dollars. and okay, the floor is yours and welcome. >> good morning. and i'm susan and i am the chief executive officer.
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i am one of a few precious speakers up here this morning as the ceo of the hospital, at ucfs faculty member and a graduate of ucsf medical school i want to stand in strong support of the proposal in front of you. i bloo everybody that the ability to conduct this very influential medical research is critical to our delivering patient care. as you know we serve the entire community and among them most vulnerable among us. most important job there, is to keep for our patients and whether they come in for a primary care visit to have a baby or are the very unfortunate victims of a major trauma, we are there for them.
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in order to care for the patients there is no more important asset than the talented committed team, as you have heard from others, we have had a very, deep and devoted partnership, for 150 years, and in the main point that i want to make is that in many ways this partnership defines who we are at csfg, our ability to attract and maintain the faculty, and the faculty who is able to care for the patients requires us to have a place to do research. and so today i urge your support of this item not only to insure the city's partnership continues for another century, possibly two, but more critically that we can continue our work to insure the best care for all san franciscans thank you very much. >> doctor before you leave, i want to ask if there is anyone in the audience that stands with her and in support of this and if you could stand up and visually see you. >> it is an impressive group of folks, thank you as sfgov tv,
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perfect. >> thank you very much. for your time. i appreciate your service as well. >> thank you. >> are you going to ask the people who oppose to stand up. >> i am going to let the people who oppose it come and speak for their in public comment. >> next speaker. please. >> i am the board president of the san francisco hospital and i will shorten my remarks as you have received a letter. just to add my comments on behalf of the found dags, i want to offer our strong support for the resolution to approve the ground lease and the ld da for the construction of the new research building. of course you know zfg is the heart of san francisco urging care and the research is a huge part of that so this opportunity is of great importance to keeping the level one trauma center functioning that way. as a fund-raiser institution h we have a significant history of
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supporting zsfg including the new trauma center and our foundation recognizes the value of ucsf in adding to the already treasured public institution. at no cost to tax payers. we are pleased to offer our support of this resolution. >> thank you. >> next speaker please? >> thank you for the opportunity to speak, i am kirsin and i am a professor of medicine and i am a practicing physician at general and i direct the center for vulnerable population clz is housed athe general and, celebrating our tenth anniversary, and i invite all of you to come to our celebration to tuesday next week. at the hospital. in reflecting on ten years, i look at the multiple research projects that we have been involved with and the grants that we have brought in and the
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papers that we have written and the leadership that many of our faculty have in research nationally but moistly what i look at is the work that we are doing is still so grounded in improving the health of our communities in san francisco. and in fact, providing the evidence for many of the initiatives that you as a board of supervisors have supported and are transforming for our city, sf can, the cancer initiative in the city, and the eat sf and the program in the city and it is research from our faculty that if underscored the importance of sugar and the contributions to our diabetes epidemic that really under gurds our house and homelessness and the health programs in the city as wells assuring that at our hospital we are using evidence based practices. we are building on a long line of research at ucsf and at san francisco general. when the first presented with
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hiv aids to our hospital, we cared for them as clin nigss and as nurses but as researchers we also took to understanding this condition. and to figure out what we can do, we are always moving to try to be at the forefront of this and this infrastructure is critical. i do invite you to come and join us next week and support this initiative. >> thank you very much my name is jeff and i am the chief of neuro surgery. we really have a team of doctors and nurses and professionals that deliver the highest level of care for those with brain and spinal cord injuries and it is some of the best care. and we were the first group in the country here to be certificated by the joint commission as the center
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traumatic brain injury. our clinical protocols have been implemented in many parts of the world and what we developed ten years ago is now the basis for the american college of surgeons for the treatment of brain injuries, and so what drives this cutting edge care? it is really our relationship with ucsf and the research. so we are not here to deliver just the high quality care for everyone, but also to pioneer care for the future. so to do this, in my opinion and i think that is why you see the support here today is that we need a new building on the campus. our group is currently in a building mr. yee pointed out here over # 00 years old, and it is not seismically safe and we are now being asked to leave this building. we need to be close to our patients and without a new research building our options to go to mission bay or another part of ucsf.
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speaking to myself, we don't want to be on another campus, we want to be where we continue to deliver the highest level of care and continue to pioneer the type of agreements that we are doing here hello and i wanted to just amplify some of the comments that dr. manly made about the importance of proximity of the physicians to our patients of san francisco general hospital. not only does the research directly impact the patient and new ways to prevent and control disease, but being in situated in a context in which on any given day, i can be doing my research for 2 and a half hours and i can get called from the
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clinic and the nursing staff and you no he run down the stairs and go across the street to the clinic and take care of my patient and provide tremendous added value in terms of efficiencies and economy of scale and of course as dr. manly implied keeps us grounded in the mission the other thing that i wanted to add, is that providing a state of the art facility will not only improve our research productivity and our positive economic and health impacts on the city, but more importantly, could tremendously improve patient satisfaction and patient out comes. there is an increasing body of research now that shows that clinician well-being and where you work, the place in which you work and the attributes of the place are a strong determinant of the well-being and strongly associated with the patient satisfaction and health out comes including patient safety. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> good morning, madam chair my name is gym marks and i serve as the chief of the medical staff. and in that role i over see the clinical care provided by the more than 1,000 physicians who work on campus. i like to highlight and emphasize that the very physician scientists who are providing the research and working in this building are the same physicians who care for our patients in the hospital and in the clinics. the same attributes that make these decisions successful researcher thirst for knowledge and seeking improvement and never settling for the status quo also makes them outstanding clinicians and has resulted in it being recognized as one of the nation's premier public hospitals.
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if the new building is not bment, we will be faced with a stark choice, sees doing the work that they are doing or work somewhere else. >> some will leave immediately over time we will be challenged to recruit their replacements as you have heard without a research, component we will lose our level one trauma center designation and in short order shlths it will seize to be what it is, a place for anyone in san francisco can be acured that they will receive the best possible care regardless of gender or social and economic status and, for those reasons, i strongly appreciate and suggest that you support the resolution thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is monica and i am the medical director of ward 86 which is a large hiv clinic located on the campus. this is the.
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>> it is a mouthful. i know. >> this is one of the oldest hiv clinics in the country and one of the largest. and because of the proximity of our researchers and our division, which is the division of hiv disease and global medicine to our patients, on campus. we have really developed innovations in clinical care that have served as national and enter nigsal models. we were the first clinic to arv treatment trials and the first place in the country to start people on universal arv therapy. not based on how they were doing but just you have hiv we need to treat it, for a number of reasons. we work on hihave, and aging and social determinants of health and hiv and we work on inflammation and we work on the cure. and which i think that we are going to achieve in this new research building is if the resolution passes for hiv. so, really urge you to support this, it you so much. >> thank you.
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next speaker. >> hello, my mame is steve and i am a physician and a researcher in the general hospital for close to three decade. i am also the co-chair of the research committee. and i thank you for acknowledging the importance of our clinical and our research submission. and it feels good to be acknowledged in the forum and i appreciate your stamina for hearing our arguments. i am also the chief of pathology that has a long and storied history with the tee. we are one of the oldest departments that has been contracted by the city in the affiliation agreement. 60 years ago, my predecessor dr. car made the same argument in this front of this board successfully, to lob about i for a research building that i have been the direct beneficiary of, and i now okay you pspa is that need to be remodelled but that
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space has been very valuable for attracting world class researchers that have made contribution and trauma care and we took the first photograph, and we now house the world's largest tissue bank and we provide tissue to researchers all over the woirld. and so i think that it is important to know why we believe that lts so important to have a research facility at a county hospital and it is so important for our researchers to be co-located with the patients in the community that they serve. i should mention that nearly 800 of our researchers choes when asked, if they want to move to the mission day. and i would like you to support their decision and it is in their best interest but in the city's best interest, and i hope that you vote in our favor next
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speaker please. >> thank you, good afternoon, my name is ted and i am the chief of orth peed i cans and i am also the director of the trauma institute and i thank you for your stamina in hearing out the discussions. it seems very clear as i went out sdm talked and to the community and so i understand the concerns as well. that there isn't a lot of controversy over the important of research in at san francisco general hospital, and what they do, and the partnership between ucsf and san francisco general. and so i am not going elaborate on that too much. >> i would like to start and stop with two stories. >> i was recruited here 20 years ago as a young faculty member because i was interested in research and they needed someone to begin one in orthopedic surgery, and we didn't have good research space and over the
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ensuing six years we cram belled together and found some things and settled into one of the red brick buildings which we live now, over the course of the last 15 years since i have been chief, we have grown the group to 100 people who are dedicated to the cause of taking care of san franciscans and those beyond. our entire group is housed in one of those buildings and as doctor manly mentioned they are not seismically safe at this point and so we continue to be housed in unsafe structure. and we do urge sort of a timely progress sxh support in passing this building for all of the great reasons. and the one story i would end up is several years ago just this is one of many stories when our department and others. we had one of our faculty members recognize there was certain kind of pelvic surgery that was not popperly treated in
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the literature. and figured out a way to develop the system for it and implemented and it and now used in filipisan francisco and acro world. and it is something that shows the importance of research in our opportunity and expanding beyond the walls. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, my name is alice and i have the privilege of leading a health research team that focuses on the health of homeless women living in san francisco. the sf gh is an hub for the research. which has been extraordinary for us in a few ways, one, is that when homeless women are able to access healthcare in san francisco, it is often times at zsfgh and for us, that is fantastic, because it means that they trust the hospital, and they are familiar with it and this he show up for the research, which is wonderful for us. at the same time, being there, is fantastic because some of the most preimminent experts in
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healthcare deliverly and research and safety net patients work there. and so this combination hatz allowed us to do strong research and it has allowed us to contribute to healthcare guidelines and policy for under served populations and it has been critical for us and so thank you for considering this and as a side, when the homeless lady in our studies come, they actually come on public transportation just to let you know that it does not impact parking all of the time. and our amazing research staff go out to greet them and ex-court them in and so thanks again for considering this. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for having us here today and also for just the hard work you do every single day. my name is cristina and i am a psychiatrist based at the hospital and. i fell in love with san francisco general hospital when i whats a medical student here.
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and i saw faculty members who were great educator and researchers and i am so proud that i am able to be here too with them. i am in the center for vulnerable populations. and i spend my life and my career trying to improve the healthcare received by people with severe mental illness. i try to reach with the health or even in jail shths other hat that is relevant and speaks to our space is that i run a public psychiatry fellowship at the hospital. this fellowship is actually the strong support from the county. and it has five fellows now we are the largest fellowship in the department of psychiatry. and then they end up working in the public mental healthcare sector and they get a taste of research by doing projects over the course of the year trying to really improve the care in the clinics that they are working in
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here at san francisco. and we are creative about how to do that baudz we don't have any space. so they are in different conference rooms with laptops work wg assistants and so, we really need the space so thank you so much for listening to us today. good afternoon, jim, vice president. and standing in that line i was here to bring the average iq down to a normal level, it represents 2500 employers from throughout the city including we are proud to say the university of california san francisco. and i appreciate your support for this project. as you well know, medicine is one of the key pillars of the san francisco economy. pro-probably well over 125 or 150,000 of the 600,000 people in san francisco are tied to this industry. whether it is the education side, the research side, or the delivery of medical care, directly to the residents of san
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francisco. and obviously, these researcher facility $should have been rebuilt long ago, and fortunately it can be done and done in a way that keeps as you heard the delivery of those services on the campus of general hospital and we support your positive vote for this project. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> chair cohen and supervisors tang and yee, thank you for listening to all of us today. i am neil po and a physician and researcher who came to the general eight years ago because of the opportunity to promote innovation in health disparities. i am also the chief of medicine at the general. and we are the largest department at the general and have the largest research funding of over, 100 million dollars each year for many years. we have been engaged in research to improve the health of
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hundreds and thousands of san francisco residents. we compete competitively for millions of dollars from the federal government, including the national institute of health and the can enter disease control and prevention. to support, the world class innovation for the treatments treated at the general. our work for trees on hiv aids and its complicated has turned it from a death sentence to a treatable disease and the torque on tb has protected the residents from the ought breaks and the work on obesity is preventing diabetes in youth. our research serves as a model as you have heard from the nation and the world, shining line on san francisco as a health leader. >> we employ, san francisco
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residents attract, super star physicians, many in this room and train young people to make them competitive for the jobs of the future, we can only do this if we have a modern and safe buildings where with doctors can perform research that helps patients. >> please support innovation, to save liefdz by approving this measure. >> thank you. >> if there are any of con stit you ents that want to speak against this measure you are welcome to. sometimes it is hard to speak when there is an overwhelming support to one side ers haves the other. >> seeing none, public comment is closed at this time. >> all right, colleagues the matter is in our hand is there hey motion? >> inturp supervisor yee. i want to make a comment, i want to thank everybody for coming out here and for all of your good work ripting san francisco and ucsf.
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as i stated up front, it is the good time that we have a new facility for the researchers. and the issue of the parking that goes beyond these particular facility $is of great importance to me. and i am hoping that we will have the satisfaction answers from dr. garia in the next few weeks so that i could fully continue to support this. all right, thank you. >> you want me to make a motion. >> supervisor tang has a few remarks that she wants to share. >> thank you everyone again to taking your valuable time to come out here and share your thoughts with us. i think that for me, what the motion that i would propose is to send this forward to the full board without recommendation, but so that everyone here is aware, it does not stop the project, it does not halt anything, it just flags i think
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for us, which was the parking issue that we would like to have addressed between now and hopefully tuesday we will have some sort of an answer or indication as to what direction we are going to go and so do no worry, everyone this is just so that my colleagues who may not have followed this hearing will flag it when we see the board agenda and we can all talk about. so this will still allow this to move forward. >> all right. that was a motion and we will take it without objection. thank you. >> all right. and clerk could you call item, excuse me. i would like to do something, we need to colleagues we need to take a motion to rescind item 8, a motion the vote on item 8, so that we can continue that item to thursday february second, which is the new budget meeting
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date. >> go ahead and make a motion to re-scind. >> seconded >> second by tang without objection. >> passes. >> all right. now, colleagues i would like to introduce the motion that we continue this item to february thursday, february second. so moved. >> all right. and without objection that mosses passes. could you call item 13? >>resolution fixing prevailing wage rates for workers performing work under city contracts for public work and improvement; workers performing work under city contracts for janitorial services; workers performing work in public off-street parking lots, garages, or storage facilities for automobiles on property owned or leased by the city; workers engaged in theatrical or technical services for shows on property owned by the city; workers engaged in the hauling of solid waste generated by the city in the course of city operations, pursuant to a contract with the city; workers performing moving services under city contracts at facilities owned or leased by the city; workers engaged in exhibit, display, or trade show work at a special event on property owned by the city; and workers engaged in broadcast services on property owned by the city. >> we have pat who is going to present on this item. >> thank you, supervisors. every year, the board of supervisors approves prevailing wage standards for any project $covered under city contracts on are city lease agreements. this includes the 63 different per veiling wage classifications that are approved through the department of industrial
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relations as well as eight prevailing page classifications that are unique to the city and county of san francisco. and i moo it add that there are two recently improved prevailing wage classifications that are no the included in this packet and that is because they are approved by the board of supervisors on october, 14th, and october, 18th. and that was after it went to the civil service commission and so those will be fourth coming and in the 120 day requirement by our office. >> great, thank you. and good to see you. >> great. >> there is a bla report on this item. item number three in >> miss campbell? >> yes, on this item as we say, and we always say with the prevailing wage rates, this could but is not known if it will have an impact on the cost of future city contracts. it is required to be administrative code, however, the board does have discretion in terms of choosing the data that they use. to determine the prevailing wage. and therefore, because of the
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board's discretion, we consider this to be a policy matter. >> we will take up that policy matter. any public of the p you believe that would like to speak on 13? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> is there a motion for this item? >> i will go ahead and move this with the positive recommendation out of the committee to the full board. >> all right, and without objection that motion passes. >> thank you, thank you, madam clerk are there any other business before this body? >> no further business. >> all right this meeting is adjourned.
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good morning lions! whew [ applause ] well this is a great morning. i got to walk and to roll with all of you to the dianne feinstein elementary school and i'm glad to see the lioness here -- our vision zero hero! [ applause ] she has got the most famous costume for next halloween. [laughter ] >> i also want to say thank you to all of the elected officials and departments, our police officers, the parents, but most importantly, the kids of dianne feinstein! thank you for walking with me! [ applause ] >> to our principal, i'm going to work very hard with all of these people that i stand next to, our transportation experts, from the county and muni.
12:38 pm
our rec and park director, our assessor-recorder, our director of walk sf. we're going to work really hard to make sure all of our streets are safe for you to walk to school and from school every single day. that is important to us. i want all of you kids to grow up taller than me! [laughter ] >> that is kind of easy, but we start off with easy things; right? and i really want to say thank you to all of the parents, to the volunteers of this school. because every single day, somebody is watching out for all of you, and mostly it's your parents and i want to say thank to all of them and our school district who is working very closely with all of us, making your streets safer, slowing down traffic, educating everybody who uses the streets. we got to have safer streets
12:39 pm
and working hard this november, because it's election-year to try to raise a big, big number. how about 100 million dollars for better streets? >> whew! [ applause ] >> that is a lot of money, so we're all going to work together, keep our streets safe, educate each other and make sure you are safe every day. thank you very much, principal, for working with us. >> thank you. [ applause ] thank you, mayor. >> thanks, good morning girls and boys ! good morning ! i hope everyone is doing well. it's so nice to see you all today and to be able to walk and roll to school with all of you. growing up here in the sunset, one of my favorite things when i was growing up was actually walking to school with a lot of my friends and playing with them before school started. you know sometimes school can be long and it's not as fun all the time.
12:40 pm
but at least i tried to have some fun in the morning before i went to class. and so i want you all to try it out if you do walk to school in the morning and see if you feel better throughout the rest of the day and if you have a little bit more energy and experiment with that and see how it goes, okay? to all of the parents, i want to thank you for taking time out of your day to encourage kids to walk to school and we'll do everything to make it safe for them, not only elementary school, but throughout their years. thank you for being here today. next i would like to introduce our superintendent lee. >> good morning, dianne feinstein elementary school lions -- can we get a roar? thank you all for showing up to school today and every day. we are so proud of you, all of you lions.
12:41 pm
and we love you. and we want you to be physically active. we want you to be safe getting to and from school. we want you to come to school with a great, positive frame of mind, ready to learn, ready to be kind to each other, ready to think about your place in the world and in this city. so think about all of the adults that are here, mayor lee, supervisor tang, all of our department heads, you all are going to run this city some day. you are going to be up here 20, 30, 40 years from now, so just imagine your place on this stage at the walk and roll to school 2050, okay? [laughter ] >> so thank you all for paying attention to how you get to and from school and how you treat each other. at this point, i would like to bring up manuel rodriguez one of our fantastic parents at dianne feinstein elementary. [ applause ] .
12:42 pm
>> thank you, mayor lee and to our elected leaders for visiting our school community. for a long time now i have been rolling to school with diego and paolo and we work outside and hop on our bikes and roll down the hill to get to dianne fein [stpao*-epb/]. of feinstein and gives us more time to focus on each other and not so much time to worry about parking and traffic. walking to school every day makes us feel good and helps us breathe the fresh air and get exposed to the environment. so i would encourage all families here to the greatest extent possible, if can you do it, try to walk to school at least once, twice a week, a month, whatever works for you all. thank you very much. thank you all for being here. [ applause ] >> thank you, manuel. hi i'm nichole the executive director of walk san francisco and we along with the san francisco safe routes to school partnership put on this event every year. so i
12:43 pm
want to first thank the san francisco safe routes to school partnership partners led by the department of public health, who are here with us today. i want to thank other partners within the partnership and thank my team at walk sf for all their hard work, especially josie, and the mta and ywca and the san francisco bike coalition, sf environment, and especially sfusd and thank our leaders who are here with us today. we have the police department, the mayor, we have supervisor tang, the department of transportation leader director reiskin and our superintendent lee and rec and parks director phil ginsberg. thank you all for being here with us this morning and i'm probably forgetting a few people, but i especially want to thank the school for hosting us this morning and
12:44 pm
principal chang and nurse catia has been amazing so let's give a round of applause for the school! [ applause ] >> so as the mayor mentioned for all of you voters and future voters out there, there are some really important measures on the ballot that i want to encourage you to take a look at. because these will help make our streets safe and those are propositions j and k and make sure you take a look at those before you go to vote. and i also want to encourage all of you to get active, follow manuel's advice, try to get out and try walking once this week. if you haven't already today. do it more often, if you already do it sometimes. to try to get out there and move your feet. i want to especially thank you our vision zero hero - have you met the vision zero hero? >> hi everybody !
12:45 pm
so vision zero hero, what do we want? >> safe streets. >> what do we want them? >> now ! kids can we try that together. what do we want? safe streets. >> when do we want them? now. >> what do we want in safe streets. >> when do we want them? >> now! awesome, i will bring back principal chang and thank you all. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. i want to reiterate our thanks to all the people who showed up here and support our school every day. one of was asked to do is water system improvement program and one
12:46 pm
thing i looked at is about the 4.8 billion dollars wurthd of work and a lot of the work was regional. we looked at how can we make sure that we provide opportunities for san franciscan's and people in the region and so we looked at ways we can expand our local san francisco lb program. so, we thought about it and worked with general manager at the time to form an advizry committee to talk about how to include local businesses in the region. >> i was on the first committee back about 10 years ago and the job changed over time. in the beginning, we just wanted people to know about it. we wanted to attract contractors to come into the system which is a bidding system and bid on some of these projects. our
12:47 pm
second job was to help the sfpuc to try to make themselves more user frndly. >> i like that they go out of their way, have contractors trying to teach and outreach to small businesses and lots of creative ways. help the community as well. there is so much infrastructure going on and repair, new construction that i think is helping to get construction back on its feet. >> my faiv rlt part of the committee has been that we have played a opportunity for many small businesses. [inaudible] women owned business to come in and [inaudible] sfpuc. it is a great opportunity because some are so small they have been able to grow their companies and move up and bid other
12:48 pm
projects with the sfpuc. >> everyone i was talking about with any contractor [inaudible] and super markets and things like that and i realize the transition was on the sfpuc. he got that first job and knows about the paperwork qu schedule and still works on this type of job, but he works with general contractors that also did other things. pretty soon it is like he did that one and that one. it completely changed his business. >> my name is nancy [inaudible] the office manager and bid coordinator for [inaudible] construction. worked on 10
12:49 pm
plus puc, lbe contracts. today we are doing site maintenance on the [inaudible] chr site and currently the gentlemen behind me are working on every moving and basic specs of plants. in order to be success you need to work hard, bid low and keep a look at the sfpuc website for future bidding opportunity. >> this is a successful program because it provides opportunities to regional communities that might not have opportunities to work for large scale projects. the sfpuc is a fortunate agency we have a lot of capital program that span over 7 counties who also to see how some businesses like [inaudible] and bio mass started as small micro businesses grow and expand and stay in the program and work on
12:50 pm
several projects before they graduate from the program. that is what warms my heart. >> my name is college willkerson, the principle for bio mass. bio mass has been in business since 2006. 3 partners. small businesses fill a niche but apply and being a part of the program helped us be more visible and show the city and county of san francisco we can also perform services. >> this program had tremendous impact to the region. in fact, the time we rolled the program out was during the recession. this has h a major positive impact and certified over 150 firms in the rejen and collectively awarded $50 million in contracts, and
12:51 pm
because of the lbe certification it open many opportunities to work with sfpuc. and, i significantly helped the business. it is one of the major contributors to our success. >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government
12:52 pm
that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices
12:53 pm
when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you
12:54 pm
hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. >> i have 2 job titles. i'm manager of the tour program as well as i am the historyian of city hall. this building is multifaceted to say the very least it's a municipal building that operates the city and county of san francisco. this building was a dream that became a reality of a man by the name of james junior elected mayor of san francisco in 1912.
12:55 pm
he didn't have a city hall because it was destroyed in the earth wake of 1906. construction began in april of 1913. in december 1915, the building was complete. it opened it's doors in january 1916. >> it's a wonderful experience to come to a building built like this. the building is built as a palace. not for a king or queen. it's built for all people. this building is beautiful art. those are architecture at the time when city hall was built, san francisco had an enormous french population. therefore building a palace in the art tradition is not
12:56 pm
unusual. >> jimmie was an incredible individual he knew that san francisco had to regain it's place in the world. he decided to have the tallest dome built in the united states. it's now stands 307 feet 6 inches from the ground 40 feet taller than the united states capital. >> you could spend days going around the building and finding something new. the embellishment, the carvings, it represents commerce, navigation, all of the things that san francisco is famous for. >> the wood you see in the
12:57 pm
board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand kof carved out of wood and it is a cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person
12:58 pm
working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today.
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
1:01 pm
>> good evening, and welcome to the san francisco board of appeals. the presiding officer is commissioner honda and we are joined by our vice president commissioner fung and commissioner lazarus, commissioner bobby wilson and commissioner swig transportation authority is brad the deputy city attorney and provide the board with any needed legal advice and gary and my name is cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we expect to be joined by representative we're joined by representatives from the city departments that have cases before this board. scott sanchez should be here the deserve and also representing the planning department and planning commission and senior building inspector joe duffy dbi please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are
1:02 pm
prohibited. out in the hallway. permit holders and others have up to 7 minutes to present their case and 3 minutes for rebuttal. have up to 3 minutes - no rebuttal. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of the minutes, members of the public are asked, not required to submit a speaker card or business card to the clerk. speaker cards and pens are available on the left side of the podium. the board welcomes your comments. there are customer satisfaction forms available. if you have a question about the schedule, speak to the staff after the meeting or call the board office tomorrow we are located at 1650 mission street, suite 304. this meeting is broadcast live on sfgovtv cable channel 78. dvds are available to purchase directly from sfgovtv.
1:03 pm
thank you for your attention. we'll conduct our swearing in process. if you intend to testify and wish to have the board give your testimony evidentiary weight, please stand and say i do. please note: any of the members may speak without taking - do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> thank you so we'll start with number one item one anyone wants to to the board any general public comment? seeing none, monarchy to item 2 the election of officers
1:04 pm
pursuant to the rules we hold officer elections he want wanted to take the opportunity to thank you commissioner honda and commissioner fung for their service and i think what we typically do start with the wanting office and take nominations and move on to vice president anyone here wants to nominee a colleague or themselves more office of president >> i'd like to nominate defense attorneyal honda i'll go with that. >> me, too. >> okay. any other nomination for this office okay. seeing none we have a nomination from commissioner swig to elect wanting honda for
1:05 pm
another term and indicated he's willing to serve that on on that motion i'm sorry public comment any public comment? that motion. >> thank you. >> seeing none, then i'll call roll on that motion commissioner fung commissioner lazarus commissioner honda and commissioner wilson i. >> okay. >> got to cough on that congratulations wanting honda moving on to the office of vice president and take nominations. >> i'd like to nominate the current vice president to do one more term please. any other nomination for that office and .
1:06 pm
>> willing to take it they should come forward. >> are you willing to serve. >> i am sorry. >> okay. so is there any public comment on the nomination of commissioner fung to be the vice president of the board. >> okay seeing no public comment. we have a motion from wanting honda to elect franklin functioning as the boards vice president on that motion we'll ask the vice president. >> i. >> and commissioner lazarus and commissioner wilson and commissioner swig okay. that motion carries we have the officers for the next year thank you very much. >> thank you very much commissioners. >> okay. so we'll move on on to item 3 which is commissioners
1:07 pm
questions or comments anything commissioners? >> item 4 the boards consideration and possible adoption of january 18, 2016, minutes unless additions, deletions, or changes may i have a motion to approve those minutes. >> so moved. >> any any public comment on the minutes seeing none, to adopt the minutes on that motion commissioner fung commissioner honda commissioner wilson and commissioner swig that motion carries the minutes are adapted moving on to item 5 the jurisdiction at market street thomas requester asking the board take jurisdiction over the application which was issued on september 16, 2016, by the department of building inspection the appeal period eventd in 2016 and the
1:08 pm
jurisdiction was filed on january 6, 2015, the permit holder is b b and the notice of violation alteration of stairs to item 2 first floor and notice of violation for remodeling of bathrooms we'll start with the requester mr. thomas 3 minutes to present our case to the board. >> good evening and welcome. >> sir. >> good evening. >> can i show - >> i mean - okay sorry.
1:09 pm
>> sorry ladies and gentlemen, i was here about 6 months ago i believe i'm sorry, i was here about 6
1:10 pm
months ago and i believe i saw everybody here then and this is the same case the conditions have changed but in many ways still the same based on the experience in the construction areas that is work at the budget and national hotel the building is one and 11 years old and out lived it's life a licensed contractor or workers would have considered it in months or less we're at months and counting people living in sros are considered homelessness their meant as transient corners for workers to stay for weeks or month due to a lack of development and by the appointed officials that are scores of
1:11 pm
those buildings in the city approaching over one hundred years old many a desire family in one room the living space is one hundred and 65 square feet for example, on may 18th the hand washing under the circumstances were removed and along with the toilets a couple of years ago hand washing sinks were insulate then for some reason removed and tuesday, january 24, 20178 months later in the bathroom has a sink people using the sinks can't wash their hands and go to the bathroom for 8 months. also two of the new installed
1:12 pm
toilets on the third floor are nonfunctioning and still to be installed on the second floor he reported a loss to the building and the department today tuesday, january 24, 2017, there is a raw sewage from the newly installed sewer drain sorry the residents of the budget inwere told all the bathrooms are going to be remoment but some are in the remodeled i was told there are no records of the building plans or the planning department contractor on this job has been sues by the city for using asbestos and performing substandard work the owner has been sued many times
1:13 pm
>> sir, your time is up. >> you want time in rebuttal. >> mr. thomas question for you this jurisdiction request most of your testimony was on the conditions upon which you want to be able to discuss the permit can you elaborate why you are late in filing this appeal. >> because a in filing a. >> we were - there was never a notice posted informing us we had what 15 days or whatever it is to. >> nothing on the lobby. >> never been a job card permit in my kind of notice of any type of of the substantial
1:14 pm
work that occurred was going to happen. >> of any kind. >> of any kind only after repeated trips to the health department did we get a notice of the abatement sign warning warning us that we shouldn't be in the building. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay we'll hear from the permit holder now. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> encourage. >> thank you very much mr. president, and commissioners i'm rich a lawyer at the hanson bridget law firm i learned about this procedure yesterday or would have gotten something to you in writing i'm higher to give you important context for
1:15 pm
this jurisdiction mr. thomas was one of four tenants who brought a had been ability lawsuit against the owners during the course the time the renovation work was in progress and made numerous complaints to the city about the conditions that lawsuit with all the condominiums he's related today was settled last october with mr. thomas and others getting a generous amount of money and if anythingness of unpaid rent that was done to complete the work that is not nine hundred and 99 percent complete that was signed off to be taken over by the tenderloin housing clinic
1:16 pm
they're prepared to take position and move forward but notably at the time mr. thomas settled and well paid last october he agreed first and foremost to withdraw the appeals he had previously done last year and not submitted with the renovation work or slow down it is also noted as part of that settlement i have a copy here i'll be happy to submit there was rent forgiveness that the work was not signed off but agreed as soon as the sign offs are done he's obligated to presume paying rent we have a cynical attempt by a tenant to try to manipulate the system to avoid paying rent
1:17 pm
i have copies in the commissioners are interested of the relevant pages of the settlement argument there be only 4 including his snatch agreeing to the terms that are now violate i have copies if you're interested. >> you can leave them with the clerk. >> are you done counselor. >> counselor we have questions for you. >> sure. >> have you ever been in the building. >> many times. >> okay ask you character listed it as 99.9 percent as of yesterday. >> have you been in the building to observe the photos as part of our brief that indicates that no more near applicable finished. >> depends on where and when you take the pictures.
1:18 pm
>> as of your visit yesterday it is 99.2 or are you pulling that back. >> i'll say in the 99s the gentleman is here with copies and pictures that were taken yesterday of the bathrooms in question and i have the hallway and the rest of work it takes a village this is indirect i learned about that yesterday when i learned this was underway i think everything is pretty much signed off except the final final and observing there are petitions to go up in the bathroom because the tenderloin housing clinic expect the patients in the total areas be brought to a lower part like an
1:19 pm
airport restroom that to my knowledge work began this morning i don't think if it is completed toy or tomorrow. >> do you know from the sink the tenants recorded as number one fundamental. >> i think all the sinks and totals are fundamental but obviously people from dbi will be out there to inspect for final sign off. >> counselor is there a reason it took so long to get those repairs done. >> is there a reason yes a lot of back and forth and discussions have continued that tenderloin housing clinic that basically specified the level of improvement he wanted and that discussion had continued and city continues but we're down to
1:20 pm
just cosmetic things at this time nothing fundamental to my knowledge. >> my second question council what's the occupancy of the be automatic to the best of my knowledge only 16 rooms opted out with the idea that was intend to have as few tenants as possible during the work, however, once the tenderloin housing clinic takes over they'll use 90 or 91 rooms. >> so the occupancy will be higher than. >> yes. with the tenderloin housing clinic we'll be working with the city to take area medium income or other people and the expected occupancy after they're fully leased ousted u out. >> booked up 90 to 91 rooms as
1:21 pm
opposed to the 16. >> is there anyone in the housing clinic here this hearing. >> i know mr. randy shaw had sent a communication i think to the board stating the importance of lot cost housing this shouldn't impeded. >> i've not heard whether or not the notice has about this properly. >> i can't commissioner fung speak to the nosey was not out there but tip line everything was route and i was unaware of any issue until yesterday when i first read this jurisdiction. >> so you don't know if there
1:22 pm
were any photos taken showing the notice was divided. >> i did not know i do know i can tell you the work has been going on for quite a long time and anyone living there or interand walking around will be well aware of all of that i know that permits have been pulled but not personally aware of that fact. >> thank you thank you. >> inspector duffy. >> good evening commissioner joe duffy dbi on the jurisdiction request hopefully, i'll bring some answers and light to some of the questions i
1:23 pm
too read the brief we have a housing inspector robert with me if you have any questions and he's familiar with the building been out there several times and will be able to update and as of this week i apologize for not letting you know i had a housing inspector with me the building permit that the jurisdiction was for complying with the notice of violation alterations of stairs to item number 2 first floor and inspection nov for the remodeling the bathrooms the builder inspector has done inspections i got a look at the drawings today and i did get a report that the
1:24 pm
work has been substantially done when i first looked at the brief as well i saw the photo of toilet that is typical during construction the petitions for the stalls have not been installed i too like commissioner honda was wondering why it took so long in your opinion those should be strieltd for the convenience i believe there was a holdup for the order for the stalls i was told by the a senior building inspector the building when i looked at the complaints today, i was quite frankly shocked i got two over 80 complaints on the building 80 complaints filed with dbi with housing and plumbing and others i'm sure
1:25 pm
there were over welder some open and some closed i look at the complaints with mr. thomas obviously a history in the building of complaints with the landlord/tenants and with that said, i do think that according to inspector lopez and buildings will back up him on this the work at the start regarding the notification that dbi housing inspection issued a notice of violation that got corrected i believe and the work is pretty much done it waiting for a final sign off the question on the sinks i read from the brief i will have a question about the
1:26 pm
drawings there is no existing plan on the proposed plan it is hard to know, however, i do know that dbi has not given the final inspection which any initial thought to go to the plumbing inspector permanent a requirement for this inches clearance from the toilet and the sink as far as i'm concerned, there to be a sink in there i do need to get to the bottom of of that. >> i'm available for any questions if you want an update from the housing inspector i'll be happy to bring him up. >> let's go back to the jurisdictions request does the building department require the
1:27 pm
photoic evidence of building. >> it's pardon of code. >> then it depends on the code on that - depends on the work that is being done and later finds it is disturbing work so maybe not everything the housing inspection did bring that up it was addressed the containment was done i think that things got off to a rocky start but in my opinion they're moving to a good conclusion. >> i have a question. >> go ahead i have one more mr. duffy. >> what was done to comply with two novs can you clarify the nature of the nov. >> i don't have the notice of
1:28 pm
violations with me but the annual notice of violation and put the bombards on the plumbing i think that was the work without the permit that started the work without a permit and dbi cited them and like i said things got off to the wrongs start i don't know they wouldn't have gotten a permit it was shocking but i think from what i'm told they're in a better place now. >> do you know who is the presidio. >> i looked at that up today is started as the owner builder i do so the gentleman's name i'm familiar with in pulling permits the owner is the owner builder. >> thank you. >> the electrical and plumbing permits which i don't have with me would have been issued to a
1:29 pm
licensed plumbing contractor under the - the building permit can be obtained through the contractor. >> we heard it characterized as 99.2 you said you've substantially done are but those bathrooms assessable and usable by the tenants or not. >> when they're finished they will be. >> but until in that time not assessable. >> you mean for something to use i saw the building plans their usable and basically in the same vicinity at the bathroom single occupancy.
1:30 pm
>> so if we take the jurisdiction and the completion of those bathrooms is extended and the work for the most part has to stop and therefore the use of those bathrooms are - >> are not. >> exactly. >> and that's why i think it was today as well can't make decisions if we are that close to getting an inspection opening an appeal will not stop the jurisdiction it took too long and not usable the one thing i'm concerned about it the sink i'll say this to the chief inspector i didn't get ahold of him i think we shouldn't sign off until we are 100 percent sure
1:31 pm
those tenants are the full vicinity of the bathrooms. >> so if we they're not usable today, if we take jurisdiction then they'll useable tomorrow they're closed metro phonetically tomorrow then whatever is dysfunctional as description might go on and on as well so what if we don't take jurisdiction how does the building department's assure us this is actually going to get done and council said 9.9
1:32 pm
percent done. >> i think if it was not an appeal i don't know if we can continue the jurisdiction request but not sure that is an option if their 95.9 percent this is 51 percent given a couple of weeks should be finished you'll see - i'd like i'd like the inspector to know about this is a situation you have multiple complaints whether warden or not there was on the 18 of january mr. thomas filed 4 complaints with dbi on the 17 of january he filed four other complaints with dbi things must be pretty bad i'll ask why he took them that's a lot of 9 i heard another one 9 complaints
1:33 pm
in two days so i think we're - i'd like to try to get the permit filed in dbi and take that back. >> i think the other issue the tenderloin housing clinic i believe is taking over the property and trying to expedite it so fits their need. >> this is we can discuss in the discussion but always the issue the perpetrator is the owner can i get clarification on mr. duffy's statement about continuing. >> if we do a continuous. >> jurisdiction request didn't stop it you can continue the request and grant jurisdiction
1:34 pm
at at a later date. >> you want to hear from the housing inspector. >> correct. >> i'm the district housing inspector and 1139 is in my integrity i've received an excess of one hundred complaints entirely from mr. thomas and cited him for a number of violations and generally been good about taking care of the violations ranging from the fire alarm to whatnot in a fashion i cited them in june for a lack of public facilities when i first got there the construction was already in progress i don't know it is hard to say what was there before but doing a count of rooms the
1:35 pm
formula i determined they don't have enough public facilities i cited them and issued an order of abatement that case can't be cleared until they get the permits signed off and the bathrooms are back initially i cited them last june with the stairs. >> what is before us a jurisdiction request not the merits or non-merits if i may ask were you there when the - assigned when the project was started. >> no, i first came to the building because of a complaint i received and the work was in progress they demolished some of the bathrooms. >> do you have any knowledge of the attending permit. >> i did not.
1:36 pm
>> when were you last in the building. >> i was out of town last week and found out but earlier there this month. >> how far along was the completion the project. >> they have done substantial work i don't know if i go so far as to say 99 percent unless there's a lot of work since i was last there they had fair amount to do. >> what about the major complaints in this case. >> i know one was signed off and the shoulder were fundamental they're not the barriers between the toilets and one of the rooms i believe they intend to remodel the women's showers that was not there
1:37 pm
that time. >> thank you the council are pictures of the work if you have those pictures can you bring them up to the podium please. okay. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, my name is karen i'm the owners son so i have pictures that were taken of the remodel shower rooms and the bathrooms. >> when were they taken. >> put them on the overhead please. so this is. >> sorry. >> one of the shower stalls in
1:38 pm
the communal shower rooms that were remodel this is one of 3 shower stalls just another wide picture. >> on the first and second floor there will be showers 3 shower stalls there and right now curtains but right now their shower doors are installed for ta cs request because of shower rooms. >> okay. you have more pictures i'm interested in seeing the bathrooms. >> yeah. yeah. >> thank you. >> so this is a just a single bathroom with one toilet common bathroom
1:39 pm
this is another bathroom on the first floor single bathroom and this is a bathroom with multiple toilets their missing the partition but their installed starting this morning and will take all day to complete the partitions i'm not sure if you want to see the pictures of hallway. >> i think we are fine thank you very much. >> okay any public comment on this item. >> commissioners sam dodge department of homelessness thank you very much for taking this item i hope you understand this
1:40 pm
is something we take seriously and look forward to the tenderloin housing clinic taking over this is important that we want to make sure this work is done right and this work is done in a way that will last for a long time we have confidence they're close very close to getting through there this is been a long project we have working closely with the owners to go through this and trust this process we're taking a lot of tourists units and convert them into permanehome units andd those for the homeless this is a great home and the com municipal that is a good building and will be a very good home the bathroom work is very important for us that it about usable for a full
1:41 pm
building and this is going to be a 91 unit building and we have hopes to start moving people in this not next month than march this is delayed we won federal support within the federal process the shelter plus care it takes a lot for housing permitting in this city were existed this is happening and no one displaced that is uncomfortable for tenants there are multiple bathrooms always available no one is denied toilet assess this work needs updates in the bombards their essential for its ultimate highest use so i appreciate our efforts and hope you're able to
1:42 pm
get this this open as soon as possible. >> is this. >> mr. dodge question. >> is this project opportunity by the city. >> it received funding from the city but ultimately you know we get from private owners make sure they do all the code compliant work on their own. >> so the hope- who hired the contractor. >> the owns. >> this is all. >> the owners. >> yes. you know it as complex way that we have to do this the tenderloin clinic has the lease and the tenderloin housing clinic that won this federal grant through our communities applications to the federal government and then in the budget process there's money looked like for
1:43 pm
the ongoing support services and staffing to make that a successful building. >> just for clarification mr. dodge are you with the tdm. >> no with the city of san francisco and the department of homelessness i worked on this project as part of mayor's office. >> thank you for attending this hearing. >> mr. dodge since we have an expert in the room i'd like to get context and information firstly when you say tenderloin housing clinic will take that over did they become the master lease he on the building and basically step button role of the owner and responsible for the upkeep and maintenance and care of the tenants. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> and that will take place continuity on the placement of those bathrooms. >> yes. the sign off of those
1:44 pm
bathrooms. >> anything in the building that their currently under an nov situation that will prevent that from happening. >> i don't know have knowledge we have the intend to has the clinic that is required by us to have the extensive checklist and make sure they became the master lease he everything is up to a high standard and novs will need to be resolved. >> do you have any knowledge of the history of the building given that you are hands on. >> yes. i mean, i worked for years as a tenant organizer in a previous life and worked with this building used to be called the national hotel and worked with the residents in a home for scores off people and you know there is some good attributes.
1:45 pm
>> how much - how much of that building the rents in that building were subsidized or how much the operation of the building was subsidized but public agencies or was any of it. >> urban design group there are people that had vouchers and a little bit of voucher use but primarily been a private hotel where people paying private market-rate. >> so, now this represents the point at which that moves from private operation to public service. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment seeing none, commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> i have a question for the property owner. >> no rebuttal. >> okay. from the property owner then.
1:46 pm
>> does the attorney represent you or represent tndc. >> they represent you. >> yes. >> are you aware of noticing of the permit before you started construction. >> i am not like posting the notice posting the permit notice and was not aware of that no. >> you are the contractor. >> well, my father hired the contractor i've not been as hands on as any father he hires the contractor so hose been dealing with the project more hands on than me. >> the notice of the jurisdiction went to you as the property owner. >> can you repeat that. >> i said notice of this jurisdiction request went to i
1:47 pm
believe you folks because it was the owner who applied for the permit. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners. >> we have no determination as to whether notice was - >> yeah. >> i mean speaking to the merits of case from either side i have no notice i'll lien on the conservatism and allow the jurisdiction request. >> how long will that process be vice president. >> however long.
1:48 pm
>> the board is currently scheduling appeals for march 29 and they can be expedited at the presidents discretion. >> you know i asked the question what was the level of funding for a reason and whether this was a private operation or not if it is was a private operation than coming from the history of the opposite end of the hotel business i know you treat our customers the way you treat them unfortunately, some treat them nicely and some treat them both i'll let the panel and audience decide that
1:49 pm
you know the - the building was sufficient it is being cleaned up the owner which in my opinion was operated a sub quality building has taken steps to lease this building to a city agent and agency will manage it in a positive and constructive fashion for the community if we - don't take jurisdiction we preexempting that step not wise for the community if he wanted to be make sure this gets done
1:50 pm
we can still sustain the oversight by moving forward and not making a decision but seeing in the notice was given or not commissioner fung and the work can progress and will allow tenderloin housing to take overtake that over that's a positive step with that discussion i would kind of punt and move this to another day for the purpose of discovering whether notice was properly served or not. >> that's a reasonable. >> i'm not sure i followed your last statement we have no proof the permit was served i want to know what we are accomplishing by punting. >> if we take jurisdiction the
1:51 pm
work will not get done the tenderloin housing will not take - >> i believe our director said by taking jurisdiction it will not stop do the permit. >> by continuing. >> that's why i'm advocating so the work can continue and in the meanwhile find out whether proper notice was given and hopefully the tenderloin housing will take to over and everything is better. >> in other words. >> who ever has jurisdiction the stay of the work didn't occur until the appeal. >> right. >> we know that. >> in the interest of the community and in the interest of actually in the interest of the appellant i would suggest a
1:52 pm
continuance of this point we should at least get the work done based on the fact we should find out whether a proper notice was served. >> i'll support that. >> sorry commissioners, i have a question can you clarify what notification you're referring to there notice no notification on dbi. >> the notification is for led or asbestos because i'm not sure which one (multiple voices). >> they're not talking about the notification surrounding the neighbors i think they're talking about the posting that is required on site and i felt this was addressed during the complained according to the senior building inspector the i'll have to get back with you.
1:53 pm
>> i was told by the senior building inspector. >> that was not in our brief. >> you're talking about 80 complaints i'm not going to start looking over welder complaints. >> so the reason for any request. a continuance so we don't come back 5 minutes from now but allow it to continue and the tenderloin housing can take >> we can live through the welder complaints i guess. >> no asking for proof the posting was proper. >> i don't know. i'm not sure we'll ever find out. >> right that's my question. >> i'm fine with that. >> that would be my motion
1:54 pm
madam director do you get that. >> you have a request to continue this item we need a date and also someone in particular you want to submit additional evidence about the notice we need to specify that how much time do you want to give them and the march 23 date we have space. >> march 29 a 29 yeah. >> i think if you're intent to have this done quickly in order to not impede you'll want february 28th a while the continuance is going on the work with continue and the use of bathrooms tenderloin housing can take - this is where i'm getting mixed messages if we
1:55 pm
continue the work continues tenderloin housing specification and tenderloin housing when the work is done can take over the building. >> this is not suspending the permit. >> right so basically, the time we give to continue allows sets the time during which completion of the work can get done in the tenderloin housing and can take over; correct? if they allow an appeal be allowed the permit will be suspended. >> what would you suggest commissioner that we continue it to. >> february 8th in terms of in determining that. >> okay. >> and is there - are you
1:56 pm
going to have testimony at the hearing then more information about the notice just so no additional briefly. >> adequate testimony at this time. >> the only outstanding thing the notice issue. >> the notice is a responsibility of the permit holder so let them provide it. >> so i think the motion then is so continue this request to february 8, 2017, to allow the permit holder time for a notice. >> and that evidence will be presented at the hearing commissioner fung commissioner lazarus no commissioner honda. >> and commissioner wilson
1:57 pm
that motion carries with a vote of 4 to one. >> this item will come back on february 8th. >> okay moving on to appeal item 6 appeal andy versus the department of building inspection with the building department approval on clay street for the issuance to henry chan of a site permit to raise the building by 4 feet and alternating the existing floor space 12 feet 9 to accommodate the stair with the egress stair with the open walk alter front facade we'll hear from the appellant now. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> we do need to make a
1:58 pm
disclosure first, the appellant. >> oh, you're the appellant. >> i am now we had a meeting. >> hold on one second reuben, julius & rose on a project as counsel. reuben, junius & rose representation as an entity before the board will not have an effect on my decision. this evening go ahead. >> you're here on behalf of the appellant. >> on behalf of the appellant and project sponsor is out in the hallway i believe we came to an agreement we want the board to endorse to request a special permit to adjust roof of they're building to allow light in one of our windows and on the other windows to seem like them up as required and at the back to
1:59 pm
adjust the stairs to remove the rear stairs. >> as we proposed in the briefly and we request we'll work with the c a to make those changes discussed and we need permission to do a special condition permit to do that change to the roof to lie light with into. >> you're asking us to incorporate >> you have plans to show the revisions. >> no. >> you need some time. >> well. >> it behoves everybody to have something. >> right. >> mr. sanchez a proposal. >> the da would like the podium. >> so do you have the existing plans it is straightforward on the the subject property that
2:00 pm
involves the removal of spiral stairs at the rare and endangered for the portion and behind the existing lightwell they would pull the roof and separate on the appellants prompt raise those windows the property lines windows between sloping of the roof and do window they'll perspective the light and air maybe put it on the overhead. >> they'll mention they'll be closing the other windows sealing these. >> not part of this permit a separate permit required to seal off the windows that is a conditional use permit their stating for the record they've resolved closing the property lines windows. >> there are two items that effect this property