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tv   LIVE BOS Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee  SFGTV  February 8, 2017 2:30pm-4:31pm PST

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>> hello angels like so many people gentrification for homeless i have been staying at the bethal shelter for women. the reason there are not many complaints is clients are afraid. you get retaliated against. i get retaliated on a daily basis manifests in small thing you can't get additional food. you don't get an extra warm blanket i can use my coat so on. clients are afraid to come forward because of retaliation that's why there are no clients at the shelter that's why there are no monitoring meetings hardly ever. i many don't want to go into a shelter. and come
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forward with complaints. especially at a women's shelter we have 2two male leads with hostility towards women we are told don't complain or you will be on the street and we will still have jobs so people don't come forward out of fear. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public that wish to comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor yee? >> the public speaker raised questions for me, whether or not we have a mechanism to if
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indeed what she's saying is something people are afraid to come forward, is there a way we can test that theory in terms of having outsider come in and ask these type of questions of clients?
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>> spell your name for the record. >> my name is carry i'm deputy direct for hsh sam's colleague. i'm far lie new in the job ii have been there since november. what we is have seen happen in addition to the shelter monitoring committee and staff there's an advocate the shelter client advocate will actually do not unannounced will do under cover visited to document if people come to their office to say they have complaints they fear retaliation they will go to the shelters and actually try to document what is happening with staff and how that gets taken care of. and they have brought those complaints to our staff and scott who is here receives the adult shelters have followed up in every instance. >> is theredo we track that at all? is that part of the report in zooing that we have complaints where people are affray to make complaints? >> the shelter advocate is a separate monitoring program
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from the committee it's difference between standards of care and some fe the grievances the shelter does record the grievances and responsible for following up on them. >> that grooevents is in a separate report? i would like to that have. >> yeah. thank you. >> >> thank you supervisor yee. seeing no names may i entertain a motion to file this item? >> is this annual? >> quarterly. >> he said annual. is the annual? >> yes annual. >> okay do we file it? that is the recommendation. >> supervisor if i may, this item was introduced previously
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with quarterly reports now they will be delivering annual reports we can introduce new hearing file for annual reports this item can be filed. >> they're not going to make a motion to file this report? >> second? >> yeah second . >> thank you aye testimonies moved and seconded so this item is approved. and sent to the file. please call the next item. >> item number 7 is a hear to consider appointing four members for four-year terms for the veterans affairs commission. there are four seats and seven applicants. >> thank you mr. clerk is anyone here from the veterans affair commission we had the president that was supposed to speak. maybe we can have the vice president of the commission speak. please come forward and state your name. >> good afternoon supervisor safai members my name is dwayne kennedy i'm the vice president of veteran affairs commission.
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>> thank you. you want to say anything on the item. >> sorry i didn't hear the item. >> this is appointments to the veteran affairs commission. we have president was going to do a brief introduction since are you here i thought you would like to say a few words . >> perfect. thank you for veterans in san francisco we have a fight coming up in the administration we need members to take that fight with us the board of supervisor and mayor's office and advise on all things effecting here in san francisco. we're learning attacks services to veterans va hospital cuts in funding nurses doctors our veterans deserve more than that. if the past few
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weeks is any indication to what is to come i hope we can have our membership at the vac join the fight with the board of supervisors and mayor to defend our residents that fought for this country that deserve a lot more than we think they're going to get. that is why we're here today. i hope you can find some good members for us we have some ideas that is surgeonly your choice. thank you very much. >> thank. thank you mr. kennedy since moffett wasn't here. >> i'm wallace mike moffett is the united states deputy attorney he's a commander in the united states navy his work doesn't allow him to be here today. >> do you work with the commission? >> i am wallace lavin first off
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i wanted to congratulate. >> we're not in that order we need to call you when we have that opportunity i need the commissioner to speak since the vice bitty was here i can call you forward at a different portion of the meeting. colleagues do you have questions or comments for mr. kennedy before we have the applicants come forward? great. we will proceed to hear from the applicants directly call them in the order they're listed on the agenda. >> mr. chair we have applicant for seats 1, 2, and 4?
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>> [inaudible]. >> since then i have completed military service and completed master and ph.d. in political science and committed a portion of my life to public service my background satisfies the kwafgss for various affairs of the commission while providing xhn highly educated resourceful resolving conflict with multifaceted organizations and engaging diverse communities issues that effect the average
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citizen are compounded now facing injuries medical conditions or reintegrating yourself back to society. he encouraged me to get involved in their work. since then i have attended three commission meetings shh and over a dozen board supervisor boards as well as the commissionand va and have already begun to assist the commission's work beyond the scope of regular citizen and happy to discuss examples if you have any question iss.
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>> thank you. you have questions? seeing none, call the next applicant. >> yes mr. chair the next is [inaudible] seats 1, 2, and 4. >> service connected disability as well. so i heard about the veterans affair commission. i saw it as a great opportunity to continue the service i have done. you do have my resume i don't want to take up too much time with that. since i was an
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undergraduate to advocate for veterans in that organization it taught me coming together as veteran and teabing issues to the people making desuggestions is one of the best ways to be effective. during that time. i was able to get a group of veterans to work with staff. and faculty who were like minded and wanted to help. veterans from the gi bill yellow ribbon put in place. these are the things that interest me. it's no, ma'am simply just that i'm a veteran i like to see people coming together for worthy goals. i went to u.s. f and went to work that has been inphorbol in the community. it's continuation of that work finding a way to work with veterans on these issues i think as far as my job is concerned i like to really take a look at what is in place see
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if it makes sense if it doesn't improve upon that and find the right people who can do that work as well. i have gone to the veterans affairs commission i went to two of them the board of supervisors relies on veterans to give their opinion on thing and give advice and be experts on the subject matter of veterans i think having experience working in this field i can offer something to all of you who look to us for that information. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none call the next applicant. >> next applicant. is david who is also applying for seats 1, 2, and 4. >> hello supervisors, i served in the invasion of iraq in
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2003. upon my return was one of the founding members of iraq and afghanistan one of the largest oralixs the flagship organizations we were able to get passed the post 9/11gi bill full tuition and house room and board for any veteran post 9/11 that served two years or more. we sent a million veterans to college with that piece of legislation we have good policy at national level. i left to serve as an intelligence officer i was the regional director in iba where i served in san francisco where i worked for veterans policy i served san francisco as the
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intelligence strategist. >> thank you. any questions for mr. chastine. >> the last sentence? i didn't hear it. >> i serve the city as the threat intelligence strategist. >> thank you. any other questions? seeing none call the next application . >> next is mr. kennedy for seats 1, 2, and 4. >> he said he is not going to put his application forward today. call the next applicant. >> shannon. for seats 1, 2, and 4. >> chairman i'm shannon. i'm united states navy veteran disabled also a second generation san franciscoian. i was born and raised in this town the city does. community
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education i do a combatted community with local agencies i have done it with san francisco bart police just yesterday san francisco homeless out reach team. a lot of law enforcement in the community not just in san francisco so i was hoping with this position with the san francisco veterans affairs commission to get to those agent cease we can talk about the cultural com ten sea but we petency but we >> today i'm putting forward my application to be on the board. >> thank you. any questions for mr. kissen jeer. seeing none.
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call the next application. >> next is kelsea cambell for seats 1, 2, 4, and 12. >> good afternoon supervisor safai supervisor fewer, supervisor yee. my name is kelsea cambell i group up 3-and-a-half hours south of here in mer row bay. i graduated top of my russian course there. i went to serve most of my time in deployment from 2007 to 2008. i led a team in east baghdad. i attended columbia university to study public policy after graduate
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school i was selected for the federal management. in the public government. i served in the pentagon for four years and served in islam bad pakistan and worked with special forces in latin america i worked on treaty negotiations and public health planning for during the last two years in the pentagon i supported the deputy success tear of definance and have hn ac social security to planning and large sector organizations i'm currently a second year law student at uc hastings and recipient for students with passionate public service. i'm a leader in the environmental
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law association autos of my professional careers i have been part of initiatives aimed to our nation one of our corner stone projects is for clean and renewable energy to members of the public to explain how our dependance on fossil fuel efaculties our national securitythat told the stories of many soldiers experiences on conveys overseas how they now advocate for clean energy investments and been active for veterans for american ideals organizations seeing our county is divided right now we have used our voice to counter rhetoric. we do not believe the suspending civil liberty or maligning certain groups is the
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way to ensure securitybois find their lives threatened in iraq and afghanistan right now counter islam phobia and standing up for refugees i speak on kqed and the recent president's ban. i'm currently working on a law review article on implications of women in the draft under the service act. i bring the ability to analyze complex issues. i know to look deeper than just is this program serving our vet vans if it meets the need of women and mobility limited veterans while they're clumped into a group there's a lot of diversity in the community. public service is what i warrant to do after law school. prior to moving to san francisco i worked in the federal government but was not
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able to be involved in the local community. i spent most of my professional career solve issues outside of our borders i came to a point i wanted to turn my attention to those around me it's imperative you prepare time attention and resources for vulnerable communities i'm proud to be in the bay area because of past injustices who actively sikh to remove such bar yores thank you for considering me for the veterans affair committee. >> thank you mrs. cambell. seeing none call the next applicant. >> next is dorothy for seats 1, 2, 4 and 12. >> this is a reappointment. >> good afternoon. you guys ready? good afternoon my name
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is dotty guy sikhing reappointment i have been on the commission since 2011. a body of memorialization trying to make a difference in the lives in the veterans lives in the city and councily of san francisco. in the executive leadership ship we help streamline the meetings making theme more efficient what is going on in the community. one of the things i would like to focus on going forward in my appointment would be to make sure we're not only serving the veterans who need it the most but the virtue rans in the middle class that is diserr puig making sure they have the housing they need giving the employment opportunities and getting all the care they need. thank you. i love being on this commission. it helps me extend
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my work as a veterans work as an oakland vet center now with drop box open opportunities for veterans to help get there. >> thank you mrs. guy. questions colleagues for mrs. guy? seeing none, if there is members of the public that would like to comment on these applicants. come forward and state your first and last name. >> good afternoon supervisor safai and supervisors my name is dwayne ken knee i'm the vice president of the veteran affairs commission as you can see our san francisco veterans are way over qualified here you have a tough job to pick four people to serve on our commission. we have met with all of these applicants. we have our list. we i should
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speak on myself. i'm recommending first, dotty guy reappointed for another four-year she does an outstanding job. and we want to see her return. victor olivary that is an amazing veteran you heard him i would hate to follow that resume kelse cambell another equally awesome. candidate and david those are my three recommendations er for the veterans commission this year thank you very much. >> next speaker? >> state pursed and last name. >> wall lis lavin and would like to congratulate the three supervisors on your election and re-election. i presently have the honor on serving on
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the bott board of trustees i'm the only veteran. i served 30 years on the commission. the first come of decades is getting the three women mandated to be on the commission. during the last 4 or 5 years with the women being able to serve in the military, that has been rectified right now, we're at an all time high with women and i believe there are seven commissioners that are women with the appointment of the two women today half of the commission will be women. i think that is a giant step in the right direction and i just
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wanted to sayis the main mover on this point on this commission f you want to act in the best interest of the veterans affairs and city and councily san francisco. take his good advice. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon supervisors my name is helen wong i'm a volunteer executive director of the district eight. success center across the street. i'm also the commander for american legion 384 post. also the commander for 384 located
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across the street. also i'm the treasurer for the san francisco veterans lions club. i would like to say is all theas you have heard all the applicants are very well qualified but i'm throwing my vote in my support for victor. olivary and dearthy guy because of all of applicants i have heard and scene those two stick out in my mind they're involved in the community. that's what we need. i'm there at the war memorial. veterans building monday through friday as a volunteer there are few veterans who come in or as involved as the two i'm supporting. they ask questions what can they do to help the situation they want to understand what goes on outside
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they're not interested in just taking position. they wanted to work with veteran who have the problems and believe me, we sikh veterans i heard about the shelters we sikh veterans who have homeless in shelter needs and a place to go, so, i believe applicants can hypothesis us with those areas, so please consider. >> thank you any other speakers? >> good afternoon. i'm the media relation specialist [inaudible] and community engagement for team red, white and blue for san francisco
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chapter and student at san francisco state research is focused on homelessness and access and health care for veterans we have been around since 19742 leaders michael and lion winston are leaders in the field of homeless health care reform over a year ago so we have been on the forefront of fighting gns va choice i'm fighting against privatization on the national level we work closely withcal veterans we work watt homelessness department and also our ceo leon winston was on president obama's commasy we have been proactive on those two issues
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veteran service organization in the u.s. meaning we are one of the biggest we have $20 million budget and serve 300,000 veterans we have 500 veterans on every given night, that is one out of every 50 live with us i'm here to support shannon and zusa. i have con to the encampments on the streets we have gone to get supportive services we make active reimburses inside and outside of the communities i would like these guys to be on the commission i believe their experiences and exterre piece would be valuable to move the ball forward progress with the city we end crime veteran homelessness by the deadline this november of 2017.
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>> thank you. any other members of the public that wish to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues. this is always a difficulty difficult position we're in we have multiple applicants qualified we have four seats can i offer suggestion or comments? >> supervisor yee? >> i would like to make comments and offer suggestions. i want to thank the public for coming out here. this is an aimportant appointment process we're going through. i want to thank all of the applicants that have stepped forward and put themselves out there. it's not easy to do that at times it's like this is embarrassing i want to thank every applicant
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for the services they have given to the county in the past and some of you for the future. and i agree with supervisor safai that these are tough decisions. every speaker that came up could serve on this commission and do a great job. i i can see the passion of every speaker that came up. i served under rules committee for two years in the past it sounds like a broken record for me but it's true that one would be recommended to move onto be appointed is great for them. for those that don't get appointed don't be disappointed there is opportunities in the
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future. all i can say those not recommended please keep on trying especially this group of people where i feel many of you could be a positive for this commission. but for me, today, i would like to make reimburses and see where that goes. seat one i would like victor oliviare seat two kelsea cambell seat four i recommend david and for seat 12 i would like to recommend we are appoint dearthy guy. >> is there a second on that motion. >> second. >> seeing first and second, this item is approved and moved to full recommendation to the full board of supervisors before i send this just to
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reiterate what supervisor yee said, this committee is always open for individual ss to come back we sat down with as many individual as we could and talked to them and appreciate your time informing us and there is current representation for plow shares and commend the work they do it's important on the front line there is the tact this is a large commission, we have the opportunity to continue to work with you and please, bring your name forward again. i appreciate everyone's time. thank you. mr. clerk any more items on the agenda >> that concludes today's business. >> thank you. thank you everyone.excited.
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>> when we had that big rainstorm last year that was racing down this hill i went out and when there was a break in the weather to make sure that was clear and that was definitely debris that draws down i make sure i have any bathroom we me and sweep that away that makes a big difference sfwrts can fleet floated and every year we were coming home
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he it was rainey noticed it the water with hill high on the corner and she was in her rain boats so she had fun doing that. >> i saved our house. >> so adopt a drain 25 locations that you can pmuch.
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>> well, everyone well i present to you the mayor the city and county of san francisco mr. edwin m lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you theo well, everyone well people's
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palace our city hall kids how you doing junior 49ers in the house. >> (clapping.) >> well, i'm really glad you're here i know when young people are here they don't want to hear speech we will have action even though findings i pen thank you to the supervisor president breed who is working closely with me on this legislation along with board member supervisor peskin green from district 3 and ahsha safai district 11 thank you and supervisor cowen malia cohen is on her way and will be here in a minute and, of course, i need do board of supervisors i'm signing legislation that's what they had had good we do better when we work together with sheryl and
3:13 pm
others you allow us to a or as a city to work together with the most important people are the residents of potrero and sunnydale thank you for being here. >> (clapping.) >> i get to say that you know as a someone who started out in public housing this is personal to me that i pay attention to those that are living in housing to not allow you to fear in you're living live in fear and isolation we had many, many discussions at city hall about how to do better and do justice by our low income residents and in communities that often have been labeled as solicited and not paid attention to we're changing that we've been changing it for quite sometime particularly with our board of
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supervisors and particularly with supervisor president london breed and also with malia cohen that they work soibdz along with the philanthropic community that is part of our hope sf our justice community i know with that allen and you juvenile justice and rec and park and see the chief of police william scott our subject hyde are their working together increase in large umbrella called hope sf hope sf yes. >> (clapping.) >> that's exactly what it is kids. >> everybody say hope sf that's a word we truly believe in this people don't center hope all they've got is misery we have put that hope in that term hope sf with the collaborative
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partners those that are in the funding streams working in banks and working in the private sector of housing like rick rich and mercy housing those are the organizations we help with the positive and the annexation and sunnydale in order to rehabilitate every units of housing in that neighborhood in our neighborhoods why are we are doing this one is because everyone who lives in san francisco should be san franciscans they should never be referred to as residents of public housing everyone is a san francisco resident and when we're here in san francisco with our equity calls and calls that people be treated equally good housing this should be at basis that's why working with the housing authority with hud making sure
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that we're changing the entire way we manage those projects those developments the housing that you live in i got to a point i got tieftd excited people weren't talking about broken glass and water system didn't work but how many bedrooms will i live in how many kids are we're going to have open space so for our kids and the playgrounds we want it is a new conversation with you talking about the housing needs of all our residents so i'm very proud of all the residents that are coming together with the collaborative partners as part of hope sf the entire board of supervisors thank you for preserving in everything you're doing those dreams were thought of maybe over 10 or 15 years ago people stuck by the dream so those kids what have hope amount how many of you what a brand new
3:17 pm
bedroom yeah. yeah all the trophies you'll be winning yeah, you need more room (laughter) so as i promised let's look at the action and morgan hill to the building of this housing you have a place to called home forever this is san francisco we do what is right but all the residents with that, supervisor president breed. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, thank you everybody well, i'm really excited to be here today some of you know i grew up in plaza east how many know where plaza east and obamacare i grew up no obamacare over 20 years born and raised on eddy and laguna through difficult times through the drama the violation the hope less in this and
3:18 pm
despair why didn't my communities have battery playground and why are we left out in the water of our city with everything that's why i ran to the board of supervisors because i wanted to see a difference when i became a member of the board i made it clear to the mayor and my colleagues what were my 34 top priorities mr. mayor. >> housing housing and more housing. >> (laughter) pursue exactly but more importantly rehabilitation the conditions that existed in plaza east when i grew up there no showers and busted pipes had to use other people's bathrooms on a regular basis and laundromat was always messed up why, why in a waeshth i didn't city would we allow to continue to happen that's why
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this historic day this historic position we're able to pass with any colleagues here with supervisor cohen leading that effort and supervisor peskin and supervisor safai on board that legislation is going to make a better community it is going to change lives i'm excited about the future of san francisco because we are finally doing with we should have done even i was growing up pay attention to what was going on in the community and make sure that everyone can will in the city with dignity thank you for being here i'm excited and let's goat hope on the map for ever san franciscan. >> (clapping.) >> and now the supervisor the district 10 supervisor cohen. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you good afternoon, everyone how are you this is an exciting time you
3:20 pm
guys need to lien up you have no idea how long it took maybe some of us know resident 10 like, yeah that is incredible this is like changing exactly why i feel i was put in elected office to serve this is an incredible journey i've been the the board seven years thank you, mayor ed lee he's been here and talking the talk and congressional legislation and leader pelosi getting the federal dollars to reach on the shore that's how we get hunters point and the olsen in the dream team olsen lee. >> (clapping.) >> barbara smith. >> (clapping.) >> barbara smith >> (clapping.) >> i want to recognize theo miller an incredible champion
3:21 pm
theo has been the inside guy that has been silently pushing the mayor and we have a host of the community nonprofit organizations our partners i want to recognize mercy bridge helping us to troofrm all of this. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and to the housing authority commissioners grateful for your time and commitment when times were tough and more importantly recognition the residents that have been living in public housing for generations that have's endured the roaches and rats and now this is our gift to i got that drama a trip to department of housing and urban development executive said people have suffered through the rats and roaches and today is about standing at all and strong. >> (clapping.)
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>> so it feels good to stand up here we have the junior 49ers thank you and a ton of residents leaders i'm looking at to see the jackson family is here thank you, larry everyone at forefront prior to my election on the board of supervisors now there is one woman that has been leading the charge keeping everyone honest from the beginning of time and this is mother ruth jackson i don't see her where is she, she will be speaking the next voice this is an incredible fearless leader feeds the homeless and takes care of the cited, bringing pride into the southeast neighborhood raising a family and raising grandkids this is a small business owner a
3:23 pm
model san franciscan right here please help me welcome mother jackson. >> (clapping.) >> i would like to thank everyone for coming today and my name is ruth jackson i've lived in the visitacion valley sunnydale for over 50 years i ran a family daycare over thirty, i've had generations and generations of children and i want you to know i love my neighborhood >> (clapping.) >> i've had people - that called me at night and say ms. jackson my waters is a gray coming out of the pipes i would get on the phone and call someone i want you know to we've been fighting and struggling with that a long time and i
3:24 pm
don't add too much long but we're happy today and we want to thank the mayor and throwing and all the people that have worked hard who have serviced our community and this way we give our families and children hope because we're there is no hope there is no light. >> and most of our young people in our area they don't feel they will live to get through high school so today, this gives us hope we want everybody just like you are today, we want to join hands and make sure this works. >> for all our families in our neighborhoods because i'm going to be around to see it (laughter). >> (clapping.) >> thank you
3:25 pm
thank you. >> thank you, ms. jackson now we'll get to action mr. mayor. >> there is pizza in room 201 let the children and elderly eat first thank you. >> all right. >> oh, very good, yes everyone the beginning the black history month you invaded it invaded it, huh? >> (clapping.) >> let's start building everyone. >> all right. >> all right. >> thank you i
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didn't o- >> sound familiar do you keep on getting up there's an easier way. >> of course there's easier way get rid of of mosquito they breed whatever this is water no water no mosquito mosquito feed on good blood the eggs hatch and stay near the waters san francisco to breathe
3:28 pm
and the adult underlying mosquito waits on the as many until it's sexuality hardens water pools in any areas and creates places you'll not normally think of budget and any container that holds water and hidden in bushes or else were dump the water and do it over soil not into a drain the larva can continue growing in the pooled water is sewage disthe first of its kind the area if the sewage is two extreme have a licensed plumber assist water pools in rain gutters and snaking and cleaning out the water when keep the water from pooling and keep in mind that mosquito breed in other waters like catch balgsz and construction barriers interest crawl spaces with clmg is an
3:29 pm
issue you may have is week to cause the water to collect this is an sour of mosquito so for buildings just fix the clean air act drains and catch basins can be mosquito ground it will eliminate it as a possible location keep shrubbery and growths estimated any water to can be seen and eliminated birdbath and fountains and uncovered hot tubs mosquito breed but it is difficult to dump the water out of a hot top can't dump the water adding mosquito finish rids the source of mosquito there are also traditionally methods to protect you installing screens on windows and doors and using a mosquito
3:30 pm
net and politically aau planet take the time to do the things we've mentioned to eliminate standing water and make sure that mosquito are not a problem on your property remember no water no mosquito >> good morning, everybody. and welcome to the inaugural meeting of the sfovrz so for monday, january 9, 2017,
3:31 pm
m call the roll. >> thank you madam president supervisor president london breed supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor sandra fewer supervisor jane kim aaron peskin hillary and supervisor presented supervisor jeff present supervisor katie tang and supervisor norman yee madam president all members are present you thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance
3:32 pm
and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> madam clerk any communications. >> yes. 3 to report we're in receipt of a communication from the honorable mayor ed lee phil district 8 by appointing jeff and welcome supervisor. >> (clapping.) >> next a xrungs from the direction of department of elections for the election of members of the board of supervisors who received a majority of votes cast at the election held on november 8, 2016, and declared elected to that office district one suzy loftus, district 3 aaron peskin
3:33 pm
and 5 supervisor president london breed and district 11 congratulations to the members. >> (clapping.) >> and finally the controllers has communicated to the board his renewing er filing the official shutter bond for newly appointed and appoint members of the board madam president that concludes any communications. >> i tomato acknowledge we're joined by forming willie brown, jr. >> (clapping.) >> we - we also have in the audience my former colleagues supervisor mar
3:34 pm
district one and - >> (clapping.) >> and supervisor campos district 9. >> (clapping.) >> i also like to acknowledge and if you could hold our applause we're joined by city attorney dennis herrera and our treasurer jose cisneros and our assessor carmen chu and the district attorney district attorney george gascon and sheriff hennessey thank you all for being here. >> (clapping.) >> and i also know that we were joined by the former supervisor and former state senator mark leno who is highland in the crowd. >> (clapping.) >> and we will finally also joined
3:35 pm
by the mayor the sfgov's mayor ed lee thank you, mr. mayor for being here. >> (clapping.) >> and so, now get to the business people we're so honored to be joined here today by my friend who is now the presiding judge of the supreme court of california so for the county of san francisco ladies and gentlemen, to miranda the oath of office to the returning board of supervisors please please help me welcome to judge terry jackson. >> (clapping.) >> and so with that i'm going to call each member of the board to come forward to have the oath of office administrative code starting with district one newly
3:36 pm
length supervisor supervisor sandra fewer. >> (clapping.) >> yeah. >> and please come forward returning for probably i think a fourth time supervisor peskin from district 3. >> (clapping.) >> and our great excuse me - our great senior supervisor supervisor norman yee come forward from district 7. >> (clapping.) >> and the newest 0 colleague on the board of supervisors is supervisor from district 8 jeff. >> (clapping.)
3:37 pm
>> our newest colleague on the board of supervisors from district 9 supervisor hillary conan. >> (clapping.) >> and final not finally i'm the finally but supervisor from district 11. >> (clapping.) >> yeah. >> (clapping.) >> and finally the supervisor from district 5 supervisor president london breed. >> (clapping.) >> am i in the front or here. >> so with that, we are now going to take the oath of office
3:38 pm
thank you for having me that is a tremendous honor as the supreme court judge you can appreciate having that opportunity as my first act as the presiding judge for san francisco i'd like to you repeat after me raise your hand i have to find it please state your name for the record
3:39 pm
>> and the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> against all enemies. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. faith and allegiance. united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office commissioner of the
3:40 pm
san francisco county transportation authority and the member of the san francisco board of supervisors (repeated) the city and county of san francisco
3:41 pm
congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. now we're done that the swearing in madam clerk the order of business the general purpose of seniority as we shuttle off the offices in city hall parking spaces seats in the legislative chamber and the appoint to the outside boards and commission is dernld by senior higher seniority amongst the reelected members formally order with supervisor farrell the history seniority with possession one supervisor cowen 2, 3, 4 position two and
3:42 pm
supervisor kim in position 3 and supervisor norman yee in four and supervisor president london breed 5 and supervisor tang in the 6 passion and 7 supervisor peskin we'll institute the authority for 8, 9 temple and 11 from this brass drum are the names of the appointed and newly elected members supervisor sandra fewer and jeff to proceed with the dejs the first name if 9 is position 8 like winning the lottery for the board. >> to get the key. >> 4i8y ronan position 8
3:43 pm
jeff position 9. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor sandra fewer in position 10. >> and in position 11. >> (clapping.) >> thank you madam president. >> all right. it means better offices and better parking spaces but that's important to us (laughter) i don't know about the public but we care all right. with that madam clerk go to the next item. >> precede with nominations for the president of the board of supervisors. >> colleagues the process we will use to elect the president of the board the clerk will describe the principles and then i'll declare nominations open with the nominations on the table we will then hear public
3:44 pm
comment on the nominations after public comment, the clerk will describe the pretends for the vote of 2345078gz we will take the vote as board president and any questions seeing none, madam clerk precede. >> the method of 23450789sz include the following principles once the president declares the nomination are open members will be called a needed didn't have to state the nominees and vacate the chamber they can withdraw their names without a second the second for a nominations is welcome but not required members any nominate one person per round only one seat to fill and once closed the additional nominees can't be open and public comment is retaken on the
3:45 pm
specific neemgz thank you madam president. >> with that, i declare the neemgz with open for the president of the board i'll call on supervisors as i see them on the roster with malia cohen. >> thank you good morning madam clerk rise ladies and gentlemen, good morning. welcome to city hall it is with great honor i rise to nominate and put forward a wonderful woman london nicole breed to be considered for re-election to the office of president for the board of supervisors now many recall my remarks two years ago we talked about the brace and say i didn'tness london displayed early in her
3:46 pm
career willie brown, jr. thank you for still obama and being here with us (laughter) but laughter and recognize the significant importance last night last year, we celebrated one one hundred years of existence ♪ body and in one hundred years you've seen a full transformation of history not only are we're going to nominate and elect london breed to be board president but acknowledge we are a majority of women on the board of supervisors for the first time >> (clapping.) >> - for the first time in the history of this city and county
3:47 pm
one hundred years later ladies we have 4r509 work to do can't think of a be stronger woman a more dedicated san franciscan to lead this city along with mayor ed lee and the other elected officials being point president of the board of supervisors she's hard working and smart she's committed and sassy she looks good while she's banking that gavel she cares for everyone whether your an immigrant or english as a second language even when you disagree you have a solid ear in wanting soon to say president london breed so with that great pleasure i humbling ask you to join me in electing london breed
3:48 pm
as our board president. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor peskin thank you, colleagues and members of the public he rides noting that it has been exactly 10 years one decade since there was a unanimous vote for the president of the body of a time to bury. >> divisions this is that time i also so while not necessary i would like to second supervisor cowen's nomination of the london breed as our president of the board of supervisors and then let me say but there are policy differences ♪ body i believe that supervisor
3:49 pm
president london breed is uniquely qualified to bridge those and bring us together she's independent and performed well, i second the nomination >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor peskin and are there any other nominations? seeing none, nominations are closed so we'll now opening it up for public comment are there any members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time for the neemgz of the president as well as general public comment well, mr. yip >> andrew yip the applications of police officers for the scientific chronicles and sifted culture we have a volume of which it is hard to promote the
3:50 pm
people with good considerations to the holy way and virtues for the political leader with deceptions of a destiny for the animal health for the constitution one must - this determined heart and spirit for the merry i didn't for the establishment of virtues for the divine protection for the holy people with the perfection over mercy and love and not by - so we can change the world from back to joyful will prosperity by the true principles a commitment to all eastbound accomplishments will have one strong leadership that means we
3:51 pm
have a social career with great benefits for the persons for families and for society god bless no need to clap for public comment especially, when you don't understand and many mr. yip is a regular i get it any other members of the public who want to provide public comment that's where were the sassy comes in seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk please describe the process for voting. >> members will precede with the elections for the president of the board the roll call will be taken in alphabetic order i'll repeat the nominee please name our preferences.
3:52 pm
>> madam president okay thank you madam clerk all right. >> okay. on the vote for president can you please on the nominations of the supervisor president london breed for president can you please call the roll. >> commissioner breed. >> i. >> madam president you'll is a breed when our name is called. >> breed for breed supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor sandra fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin restraining order none
3:53 pm
supervisor there are 11 vote for supervisor president london breed. >> okay. i guess i'm the next president. >> (clapping.) >> madam president i'll call on supervisor farrell. >> to present the president's plaque to you. >> thank you, madam clerk and colleagues first of all, welcome everybody and congratulations supervisor president london breed once again and i want to say it is an honor working with you the last few years as supervisor president london breed in the chambers and supervisor peskin we have our differences but a lot to work on together as an aide i have the great honor with the senior
3:54 pm
member to present supervisor president breed a plaque four services so for the last year's and can't tell you how much i landmark to working with you for the next year congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and out of respect for the time and the families and the focuses that are here i'll save my comments to the end of the meeting so we can continue to move forward and can give others an opportunity to provide remarks with that madam clerk let's move to our next tome oh - let me say thank you (laughter). >> and i will say thank you for details in my speech at the
3:55 pm
end of the meeting madam clerk move to the next item. >> yes. madam president in you have a list of any other members of the public you want to recognize for vips that might have entered late. >> i don't have any glasses madam clerk i'm not sure i can see any other members can you help me out if i've missed one. >> not that i seen a we'll get those names and be able to recognize those if we missed anyone. >> 7, 8, 9 for remarks from the mayor mr. mayor mayor edwin lee is joined us thank you for being here mr. mayor and welcome to the chamber you have the floor. >> thank you. good morning everyone and happy new year and congratulations to supervisor president london breed i look forward to working you with as we've done the last two years and also want to congratulate all the new let
3:56 pm
elected members and the returning members of the board of supervisors as well as their families for being here today you've been entrusted with the people of your district with an incredible roeblthd and gift that is to serve them and our great city san francisco also want to acknowledge the historic made up of the board of supervisors the first openly hiv member of the board jeff is going to be so important right now for you and i'm so proud i've been able to choose you for you, you to succeed in supervisor scott wiener place thank you for serving. >> (clapping.) >> and also as supervisor cowen has noted a majority of female members of the board of supervisors for the very first time in the city's history from
3:57 pm
observation i believe might be true for all the legislative aides a majority of females thank you for your work as well. >> (clapping.) >> that is in my opinion a test want to the values of our city that our san francisco state made a light for so many people this moment in time is unlike any other we've faced in san francisco now more than ever need to be united and protect the values and the values that our city has been built on because when we work to get we have 329 success together to make sure that homelessness in san francisco is rare it is brief, and hopefully for as many people as possible only a one time curtains we've
3:58 pm
done so by creating a department on homelessness opening up be navigation centers and providing compassionate hi quality services and building more affordable housing we're creating a bring out future for our children by investing in education and our children's fund we're giving our seniors and people with disabilities the respect they deserve by paying our dignity fund and continue to work towards the collective goal of thirty thousand units by 2020 and have made progress on all levels supportive of housing and public housing and inclusionary housing and market-rate housing and we will get to the family workforce housing as well we're creating a 21st century police department with a chief that
3:59 pm
moves us down the paths of reforms thanks to the work and in partnership with the community we can accomplish great things when we put san francisco first and what's best for the residents first, i look forward to work together with each members of the board for all the issued that you care deeply about and continuing the process we've made congratulations and let's get to work thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, again mr. mayor for being here and with that, i'd like to acknowledge a few additional people that we have today with us one of our elected representatives for the community college board of trustees tom is here with us today. >> (clapping.) >> and i also want to
4:00 pm
acknowledge a number of our department heads if you can stand and hold our applause to the end the department of public health mr. garcia and the department of human services and the director of rec and park phil ginsburg our zoning administrator naomi kelly and our fire chief chief joanne hayes-white and our chief chaplin and thank you our puc harlan kelly and our city kroerl ben rosenfield and want to send a special recognized to our deputy city attorney john gibner and finally the legendary man that needs no introduction who worked on the board of supervisors as a budget and
4:01 pm
legislative analyst since it's inception the line of questioning legendary harvey rose. >> (clapping.) >> i did this in the electives thank you. >> so thank you all for being here today clearly it is not just the members of the board of the supervisors that makes the decisions that will the people that actually make the city run we appreciate many of the elected leaders and the department heads for joining us here today with that, time for raekz racks from the members of the board and so i'll go in order and starting with supervisor sandra fewer. >> thank you madam president and i would like to say thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to my family that
4:02 pm
supported me throughout the campaign but actually, the pride of actually my life and i would be honored today for everyone to get to know my family which is john fewer my husband of 35 years. >> my daughter colleen fewer. >> (clapping.) >> any daughter sarah fewer. >> (clapping.) >> and my sister pamela kaplan. >> (clapping.) >> and my best friend ann. >> (clapping.) >> i like to take the opportunity to thank the residents the richmond district to trust me for the steward for the next 4 years i also would like to thank many, many people who have worked on any campaign my campaign staff is here to see
4:03 pm
me being 2345urgd and want to introduce any staff will will be joining me in my office chelsea. >> (clapping.) >> i believe many of you know nick and angeleno they'll be staying on and special thanks to sxhaufr that has been a dedicated public servant a wonderful caregiver of the district i lived in and had three children so supervisor eric mar i want to say thank you, very much for the long service sunflower the neighborhoods and families and as i'm learning and talking about with people particularly on the most vulnerable in the district thank you eric. >> (clapping.) >> so san francisco has changed a lot from the san francisco of my youth i'm a
4:04 pm
fifth generation san franciscan chinese-american but hope that the cultural of respect for humility and diversity stand strong to lead us into the next phase and look forward to the next 4 years of working on a female majority board and also as the first time woman elected to represent district one the greatest call for us to reannuity for all of us to believe in humanity the promise of public education as a great equalize and human right for freedom and national way for the minimum wage workers a woman's right to choose this is the moment and this is it i thank the unit and looking forward to working with everyone on the board and will say with the
4:05 pm
mayor and the city departments to table those big issues that impact also any district affordability and liveability in san francisco in my district we have an increasing amount even if seniors and hope to focus on their needs and the programming and the services they'll need in the next 4 years and hope to set a foundation for whoever follows me, i'm here as a supervisor for a short time in the history of san francisco so i lived in closing like to say that to all the newly elected colleagues welcome and to the ones that have been here i hope to learn from you and everybody in the room thank you for the confidence in me to do this job to represent this wonderful, wonderful city we all live in and also any district thank you very much.
4:06 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor fewer supervisor peskin. >> i rise sorry i never do that my colleagues ribbed me for my old sty ways thank you madam president and madam clerk to our my colleagues old and especially new honored guests what a great honor to take the oath of office in the presence of so 34 people that supported me and lived in me and held me accountable in the preponderance of the evidence chambers i enter any tenth year an honor to serve the people of san francisco in district 3 for so long i never honestly never thought i'd like be re-elected to a fourth term but noting no more else in representing the heart the diverse historic district 3 like
4:07 pm
to thank my wife and partner of 27 years nancy sanchez hand. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for allowing necessary me to serve the city this is a lapd job and couldn't do if without you nancy thank you and thank my family assembled in front of me and actor the profound influence in the life and the vocation or a.d. vocation many of you have met my mother and my father harvey and immediately understand which why public service is important they've led xanax lives for the community i want to thank my brother victor and his wife and my nephews and a for continuing to
4:08 pm
teach me about the power and enjoy of history and thank you former senator mark leno so for being here this morning i want to acknowledge and notwithstanding thank any political folks that 12uk with me my old friend gym and his wife. >> (clapping.) >> one of the few marriages i've had the honor of preceding offer from the house of labor a - local 2 has been leading the fight on short-term rentals mr. lee young and want and vice president of the chinese-american base community tenants association sro and public housing and all the smart business owners and families and
4:09 pm
topics and residents of chinatown and fisherman's wharf and russian knob and telegraph hill for our support for this many years it gives me pleasure to walk and go to our businesses remind why i love serving this community i want to thank my colleagues for those who stepped outside of your comfort zone to work on policies in fact, as i look around i can think of one critical issue i've worked with you and on find common ground even supervisor farrell's and i worked on the accessory dwelling unit legislation politics can be a volatile and there are thoughtful and devoted public servants and enjoy that comrade
4:10 pm
write including that late night fong to me supervisor president london breed. >> actually that is kind of hard to think i got through any third term without yelling at any of you but maybe that aaron is thank you for the opportunity ought to be real (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> but seriously 2016 was a rough year for a lot of reasons in 2015 i ran a commitment to tackle the foolth head on i hope not disappeared you and now critical with a radical right wing congress for a lose canyon in our white house for the to be one percent of one percent none of the commitments have changed we must stay the cowards to make
4:11 pm
sure that small businesses and seniors are protected from the outside special interests and rampant gentrification people are off the affordability cliff you demanded change we brought forth great britain policy that has once again made san francisco a national leader last year commissioner kim and i proposed the maximum feasible amount of affordable housing in new development and created a requirement for marching housing if we want to keep our families in 2, 3, 4 town and keep our families in san francisco we must house them if we want to get the homeless off the street we must house them if we want diverse neighborhood house the 60 percent of san francisco that qualifies more affordable
4:12 pm
housing and, yes this is going to be mean a little bit less profit for developers i'm sure they'll get by looking over the past year i'm proud of what we accomplished together he pledge to take on the short-term rentals with the industry and have passed common sense regulations that the cities are looking at in order to protect ourville housing stock and with the mayor vote and a legislature from airbnb we still have work to do the unprecedented coalition of hotel workers and owners and tenants and landlords and neighborhood leaders have made it clear they'll not let people be over stood out by profit and greedy received a in my note with a person living with hiv that dpftd any patterns
4:13 pm
on the campaign trail he reminded me not to give up the fight thank you robert fewer friendship and encouragement i place a moratorium on converting the valuable single-room occupancies hotels the only housing for the neighborhood living on fixed incomes and passed the adu legislation thank you commissioner farrell for creating thirty thousand rental unit we've taken on incorporation like airbnb the academy of art university and challenged government assess i passed finance reform to eliminate the elected officials - with the past support of 76 percent we passed a 200 and 61 million dollars available prevention bond indeed prop c
4:14 pm
was the only measure on our november ballot that addresses our affordable housing crisis and the only measure rigging third street majority vote that passed and supervisor president london breed supervisor sandra fewer was short i'm using her time and we rei cannot the disgraceful attempts by the board of realtors by voting down proposition 2 and u by a margin and did all of that together i want to thank you san francisco for not buying the height that deep pockets can afford and not giving up housing prevention have taken on a greater urgency in the i'll not say risking one
4:15 pm
constituent reminding us the federal government attacking our community across the city r across the country people don't feel safe outside of san francisco to be displaced is to lose a safety net and can mean the diversities literally between life and death for some people obviously we we've got a lot more work to do and housing is only a part of it many of you know i'm a proud environment squatting of san francisco as senator mark leno with well aware we'll be in water in our lifetime and we must plan for how we occupy our place along did bay now i've been honored together with supervisor kim to represent san francisco interests on the bay conservatism commission it is fascist work i know that many communities are looking to lead
4:16 pm
on sea level rise and we must structured our urban 1ri789 everyone with a blog is a housing expert some will argue no such thing as neighborhood character cha character but supervisor sandra fewer stashgd to nicely at her inaugural speak everyone that whacks the streets of san francisco historic neighborhoods knows different no other place like san francisco and her neighborhood make they are tick whether preferring the third flower mart in the criticize or one last vibrant chinatown or the water shed every stick adds up to one of the even vices of the world on the minds of my constituents i'll be rim not to mention our police department and any
4:17 pm
sincere hopes for the future i'm lucky colleagues all 11 district are treated equal but district number 3 is absent equal i'm lucky to have one of the best captains in the country david lazzaro. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor avalos wanted him back so bad captain lazarus is truly a model of the community policing if nob hill to chinese-american have him and the working men and women on speed dial it captain is everywhere and has a plan i want to acknowledge our hard working and the reforms that william scott burglary be leading in 2015 speaking the challenges in the year ahead i want to be on the record that responsibility governors means taking our budget process seriously and making the hard
4:18 pm
choices even when they don't fit in that vein i'm really saying this to the four new members of the board i note that i was the only member of this body to vote definition the budget last year the first time i ever voted against a budget and 9 times 1r0e79 for a budget i don't feel we were balancing it responsibly and i believe in prioritizing the critical needs and planning for the future i believe in identifying the progressive revenue that will not disproportionately impact the most vulnerable i don't believe in burdening the taxpayers with regressive takes when we've not balanced our load in the chambers i don't believe building in labeling the business molding quote/unquote
4:19 pm
showing when their raking in major profit and hoping that problem will not community-based away and tax breaks for corporations are good public policies taxpayers deserve their tax before they decide on funding for emerging needs, however, preying that need may be i've learned none trusts a government that designed a budget that places all the budget skadz on the public as i said voters elected us to do a tough job i pledge even when easier to punt i will continue to work for the progressive and democratic principles of petitions and justice the rule of law yes checks and balances and power and respect for all people and groups holding different views with the gift of
4:20 pm
some years i pledge to work with humor a sense of love for the city i'm truly looking forward to another 4 years one of the greatest jobs anyone can have i know my staff is as well i want to this thing my city hall team that make is so much easier their individually and collectively incredible thank you sunny and cop i didn't and lee i can't express any appreciation enough. >> (clapping.) >> and thank you district 3 your supervisor is fired up and ready to go. >> (clapping.) >> okay. thank you supervisor peskin for soaking up not only supervisor sandra fewer time but everyone else on the board
4:21 pm
(laughter) all right. supervisor yee you're up next. >> (laughter). >> really? >> (laughter) feel free to be brief. >> i was instructed to cut any speak by 25 percent because of my colleague. >> take our time supervisor the floor is yours. >> first of all, welcome the audience that is here the families and the friends and supporters you are the important people that was able to get the 11 of us elected and you deserve roumdz i want to welcome back the first of the even number of supervisors who didn't have to run for anything they're sitting here today with us thank you.
4:22 pm
>> we'll get our revenge two years from now and welcome back the reelected supervisors supervisor president london breed and supervisor peskin as well as the newly elected supervisors suzy loftus sandra fewer and hillary and welcome our newly appointed supervisor jeff welcome to the chambers we'd like to kick some ass. >> like everyone else that will speak we want to thank everyone that helped us get here start with the voters in my district for allowing me to you serve another 4 years a prestige
4:23 pm
as many will acknowledge here today, this is such a special position to be able not only to help the entire city but also focused own the people that live in our particular district we have a wonderful district like everywhere else in san francisco people want to live a life they're successful and their families are successful and their children successful i want to thank my political consultant michael he's a little bit upset i cannot get him a ticket to get here oh, he made that in whoops something else has to give him a ticket i also want to acknowledge my staff first there are two no longer my staff they be the backbone and raised the bar in my office but
4:24 pm
are here today, this is (calling names) >> (clapping.) >> and olivia. >> (clapping.) >> and today now i have 3 wonderful staff member that actually was able to swing the tail end of my first four years into very productive years and they will continue to be the ones that will support me and make that happen and also their wonderful in working with other staff members of the supervisors and they are - where are they behind me jen low, and erica. >> (clapping.) >> the biggest reason i'm here today to start any second term
4:25 pm
as supervisor because of the support i always seem to get and receive from my family it was my brother nelson that said to me yesterday when we asked his band to 2k5ek9 a song to his family and it is a song by the sly and the family stones no it is not but the name is we are family but thank you nelson i want to acknowledge that my two sisters are here today vicky and more and more remand they made 2 possible to make me a good adult as a kid i never got into too much trouble they didn't were successful but i was
4:26 pm
- got me through my childhood thank you very much and i also not last but certainly my immediate family are the most important to me at this point of my life they've given me permission to seek office this is my fourth time i've been successful in running and twice on the school board and twice as a supervisor it is only made possible because they gave and said to me go for it and serve the community as most of my adult life this was four years ago and same thing those are my wonderful, wonderful two daughters of me and. >> (clapping.) >> my wife of many decades
4:27 pm
kathy. >> (clapping.) >> well something new four years ago i couldn't say that will you for years later i have two doubled our size of the family now two sons james and dan and oh, my goodness now i have two new grandchildren from the end of the last year and one of them is here he was asleep through everybody's speech when we heard any voice he woke up this jamison. >> i want to make sure my granddaughter you kouth couldn't come she's a little bit more you know she were able to speak
4:28 pm
she'll tell supervisor peskin hurry up but prove i have two grandkids. >> (clapping.) >> since the beginning of the first term my family as grown i've said that already and basically, the - when i been what i focused on four years ago it about family and children that's the lens i've always looked through when i have to consider policies and legislation in this chamber. >> so it is not any surprises that by the way, one thing that people didn't point out here is that this is a majority majority
4:29 pm
parents member board. >> we have more parents here than we've seen on the board ever so congratulations we'll drive it; right? parents family thing so it's not my surprise to anyone i'll fight to welcome families in san francisco we need to do better, we keep on seeing the families are children leave the city we need to reverse that trend we did that in the first four years we looked at our children and formed the mayor and superintendent being the co-chair of our family and city council to look at how we want our children to be treated and highway to make our families successful in san francisco we need to continue that some of the things oozed mentioned that is really important for me is as
4:30 pm
we talk about affordable housing for people we need to inner fuss the discussion how we have affordable housing for families with children that is something that is beginning we need to do better on that we have no policies around that issue we need to create policy so that we actually make it real and improve the services so for the public schools to make sure i'm not talking about k through 12 only but pre k we need in support of education of our residents to make sure that we have a workforce that will continue to make our city successful we also one of the things that is really missing we're beginning to address this is the issue about early education we are doing well when it comes to preschool around 3 to