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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 22817  SFGTV  March 4, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon everyone and welcome to san francisco bord of supervisors meeting for tuesday february 28, 2017. madam clerk you please call the roll. >> thank you. president breed,
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here. supervisor cohen, not present. supervisor farrell, present. supervisor fewer, not present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor peskin, present. supervisor ronen, present. supervisor present. supervisor sheehy, present. supervisor tang present. supervisor yee, present. supervisor fewer, present. madam president you have a quorum. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> thank you. colleagues are there-madam clerk is there any communication snz >> i haveio no communications. >> any change tooz the january 9th inaugural minutes or january 10 minutes? is there a motion to approve the mrnts? moved by supervisor kim and second by safai, can we take that without objection? without objection the meeting minutes will pass after public comment unanimously. madam clerk, let rr go to the the consent. >> item wurn through 4 are considered routine. if a member objects a item may be removed and considered separately. >> seeing no names on the roster, madam clerk please call the roll. >> peskin, aye. ronen, aye.
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safai, aye. sheehy, aye. tang, aye. yee, aye. breed, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. fewer, aye. kim, aye. there are 11i aye. >> the item is passed on the first reading and finally passed unanimously. >> item 5 roughered without recommendation from budge squt finance 250 authorize city and county officials to execute and file on behalf of the city actions necessary for purpose of obtaining state and federal assistance for the federal fiscal year 2017 urban area initiative grant. state home land security grant. maerj emergency
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management grant and oil spill grant. >> supervisor cohen. >> good afternoon and good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i want to thank you for agreeing for a two week continuance. this is a request qu made fwo weeks goy and since the last meeting i had a opportunity tostakeholders particularly those unalameda county and this include the almeady countsy sheriff greg ahorn who created urban shield program and quite honestly out of the entire grant this particular program, the urban shield program was appoint of concern and it illicited a lot of discussion. so, in my conversations with the sheriff, it helped me understand a broader perpective on the program, inception and how it was utilized and most importantly implemented across the entire region. i'm more comfortable position about
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this item today than the last time we spoke about this item so i will support the item and hope you will join me in support. there is a caveat. in discussion in the committee, we discussed possibly exploring and creating trailing legislation and i believe supervisor yee will take the lead on the trailing legislation so that is more to am. i also understand that the item before us today cannot specifically address or enforce some specific issues and i believe that the right vehicle to address the challenges is through the trailing ordinance and those challenges are similar emergency training programs, what exactly is our police department involvement thichb training programs and to what extent. thank you very much for allowing the space and time do
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our due dilliance talking to elected leaders and various counties effected by this prepared in the grant. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor yee. >> thank you, president breed. colleagues, i want to thank for visor cohen for her leadership amending the resolution to send a message to the counter parts in the bay area security initiative. i also want to recognize san francisco as a member of bay area urban area security initiative is responsible with our fund and duties as a fiscal agent. i cu-mind the leadership of director koenenburg insuring we are thoughtful in dispersements of fund. we spend the majority the fund to support the first responders. these grants are not only to support the
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personnel but also invest resources in important work the community preparedness through the neighborhood emergency response team, nert and provide invalable train ing to our community members. i do not want to undermine the work that done and we continue to dood, however, due to limitation oz thf role as a fiscal agent i believe it is also our responsibility to follow through on our word. urban shield is conflicting. on one hand it aims to promote public safety and other instills #2350er and terror in the very communities it aims to protect. the model of urban shield is intense training for intense times. extreme times also call for extreme measures. we are in a different time. we have a federal administration that has
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no respect for the law or for the values we uphold as a community. i think we to send a strong message through action not just words. while our role as the fiscal agent is limited withholding fund and activities such as those at urban shield we have a choice where wl we should send our staff to the training and have a choice whether or not we should be a fiscal agent. according to department of emergency management, san francisco had 267 personnel that took part in urban shield in alameda county. this same event that calendar of violent disturbing culture of guns and militarization. i am as a supervisor cohen mentioned work wg the city attorney and supervisor cohen's office to look into legislation to prevent future participation
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of san francisco personnel in urban shield. as for todays resolution, i have to say that there is a bunch of posters that were shown at the committee meeting and each one of them was pretty impactful when i looked at it. i'm going to show them-there is too many. one in particular that got me was this one. i don't know if the audience can see this. i won't say what it says. again, i'm not here to convince my colleagues, you need to do what you need to do, i just need to do what--what i have to
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do. i just have to go on my moral compass on this decision and i won't be supporting it. >> thank you, supervisor yee. i like to remind the audience there is no applause in the chamber. if you like to be recognized for support of anything please wave your spirit fingers, if you oppose something please use your thumbs. thank you very much. thank you, sorry you are out of order. supervisor fewer. >> thank you, chair. in voting for this i think that i also am very conflicted because the grant urban shield is very small part of the grant and i know a lot of our jurisdictions depend on the money so want to say and caution us when we militarize or police, when we start talking about a war on
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drugs, when we use the language or the federal language uses war on immigrant, war on terrorism, any time we phrase use that phrase a war on something then we as citizens of the united states and as residents of are vulnerable and think we should actually work against the militarism of the san francisco police department and all plees police departments we know what happened on the war on drugs which is most vulnerable in the communities are victimized so i want to thank supervise se cohen and yee for taking leadership. i think this is a very scary time, but whau we do not need is declare a war on the people of san francisco, so thank you very much. >> thank you for supervisor fewer. supervisor ronen. y i also want to thank supervisor yee and ronen especially the follow up legislation you are workic on to make sure san francisco city
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employees do not participate in urban shield going superforward. i think that is important legislation and legislation i will be supporting when it ams to the board. i will be supporting this item today because of the important disaster response onse roll pplays in the city but i want to thank you work ogen that legislation and let you know i'll be with you. >> thank you, supervisor ronen and thank you supervisor yee for your comments and supervisor cohen for taking the lead on digging deeper into this particular matter. with that madam clerk seeing no names on the roster please call the roll. >> supervisor peskin, aye. ronen, aye. safai, aye. sheehy, aye. tang, aye. yee, no. breed,
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aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. fewer, aye. kim, aye. there are 10 aye and one no with supervisor yee in descent. >> the resolution is adopted. please call 6 rks 8 and 11 together. >> item 6, 7, and 8 together? >> 6-8 and 11. 6 is authorize the department of environment to expand grant fund from prospect silicon valley to perform stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer for the market bureau project to bring existing local grocery store to near net zero energy over the term may 17, 2017 through march 31, 2020. item 7 is 3 million dollar award through the pu c, mou
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with bay area government for implementitation of low r cherry equidict. item 8 is $404 thousand grant from the federal maerjs management agency through the california governors office of emergency service for the hazard mitigation grant program. i called 67 and 8 together and now i will call 11. item 11 is resolution to ret roactive authorize the office of district attorney to expaend $982 thousand grant from california governors office of emergency services for the victim witness assistance program for the grant period july 1, 2016 through june 30, 2017. >> alright. seeing no names on the roster madam clerk please call the roll. >>itex 6, 7, 8 and 11. peskin u aye. ronen, aye. safai,
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aye. sheehy, aye. tang, aye. yee, aye. breed, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor fewer, aye. supervisor kim, aye. there are 11 aye's >> the resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk please call items 9 and 10 together. >> item 9 and 10 are two resolutions that authorize the general manager of public utilities commission or pu c to execute purchase and sale agreemental with plesenten for 3.18 acre ozf real property located at 401 and 403 old bernal avenue for 4.2 million. 10 is execute purchase and sale agreement for the conveyance by the city
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buyer of three parcels between helen drive and dexter drive mill bray california for 2.3 4 million to adopt the appropriate findings and authorize the pu c general manager to execute document squz make modifications. >> same house came call? without objection the resolutions are adopted. let's go to itm 12. >> item 12 is ordinance to mend the environment code to adjust the incentives in the solar energy incentive program and revise certain program requirements into affirm the planning department ceqa determination. >> same house same call. without objection the ordinance passed on the first reading. madam clerk please call item 13 through 37. >> item 13, 37 adopt and implement amendment one accept
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when specified as amendment 2 to mou between the city and following unions, to implement base wage agreement for fiscal year 17, 18 and 18 and 19 and extend terms through june 30, 2019. item 13 mu shenest union local 1414 the association of machinist and ero space workers and automotive trade. 14, the mou and craft coalition. 15, the mou between the city and san francisco deputy probation officer association. item 16, mou between the city and san francisco deputy sheriff association. 17, the mou between the city and international brotherhood and electrical worker loct 6. 18, amendment number 2 between the city and international federation of professional and technical engineering, local
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21. item 19, the mou between city and san francisco institutional police office association. item 20, city and mew nisple attorneys association. item 21, mou wurks between the city and exec#26b association and implement base wage increase and other term squz conditions of empliment. item twoorks the mouu between city and operating engineering 3 of international union of engineer. item 23, mou city association of journeyman of plumbing and pipe fitting. 24, the painters. item 25, city and san francisco managers and supervisor association. item 26, the mou between the city and teamsters loct 80,
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856. item 27, ordinance compensation for persons employed by the city who's compensation is subject to provisions of a 8.409f the charter and job codes not represented by employee organization and establishing wages working schedules and terms and conditionoffs employment effected july 1, 2017. 28, building inspectors association. item 29, the mouu between city and san francisco district attorney investigator association. item 30, to adopt and implement amendment 2 the mou between city and labor international union local tw 61 to implement other terms and conditions of employment. item 31, to adopt and implement number 2 to the mou, the understanding between the city and service employees international union local 10 to 1021. 32, amendment 1 through
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16-17 between the city and service employees international union local 221 staff and perdeem nurses. adopt and implement amendment 1 to the 2014-2017 mou beteen the city and oprailting engineering, the station engineering local 39. 34, adopt and implement amendment one between the sit squae operating engineering local international union operating engineer, the supervisor probation aufsser. item 35, adopt and amendment 1 between the city and transport workers union aflcio local 200. item 36, ordinance to adopt and implement amendment 1 to the 2014-2017 mou between the city and transport workers union local 250 a automotive serbs workers,
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7410 and implement the base wage agreement. for item 37, ordinance to adopt and implement amendment 1 to the mou, the city and transport workers union local 250 a, multiunit 28. >> colleagues can we take those items same house same call? without objection those ordinances pass uninanimously on the first reading. next item. >> item 38 is reto actively authorize the sheriffs department to contract with global tell link to provide telephone service memorialize rates and reduce the cost of local call by 34 percent and authorize the sheriff to xhurz exercise the agreement two 1 year options to extend the term not to exceed 5 years. >> without objection the resolution is adopted uman msly. >> item 3 9 amend the planning code to allow amusic arquaid in
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south of market and afirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> same house same call? without objection the ordnance passed on the first reading. >> item 40 is anend environment ced to upgrade of municipal buildings. >> same house same call. without objection the ordinance passed on the first reading. please call item 41 and 42 together. >> item 41 amend the planning administrative and health code to wave the linkage fee and affordable housing requirement and alternative water supply requirement to create exemptions to reduce the transferability development right for project located at 950-974 market street in san francisco in exchange for dedication of real property at 180 jones street to
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the san francisco mayor's office of housing and community development at no cost and approve a payment of approximately 11.25 $11.25 millions to 180 jones street to establish the one 80 jones street fund and sapt a 2 poilt $7 million gift to affordable housing fund and accept a $300 thousand gift to the city to create the compton district stabilization fund oo support the city efforts to recognize and support historic and present day tlgbt communities. item 42 is resolution to approve and authorize agreement permitted under a separate ordinance file 161066, for the conveyance of 4744 square foot parcel of real estate for $10 for the mayors office of housing and community development and make the appropriate findsings and take action for both items. >> pr visor kim.
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>> thank you. i'm excited to have this legislation before us today, which i introduced last fall that dedicates land at 180 jones treat used as a parking lot to create 60 unit for single room occupancy resident. the project sponsor for 95 omarket street worked very closely with our committee members in theteneder loin and office to purchase the land and dedicate affordable housing for the buildout of 180 jones acknowledgeic low market rate condoes will not be available or eligible for most resident in the tenderloin. the primary project and 180 jones project is important to connecting our midhadf market and tender line and insuring we build diverse etaf housing. the value of land puchs and contribution to the fund is approximately 25 percent of the on site aforeable housing
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opigation. this agreement that is caughtify in item 41 and 42 also includes a funding of $300 thousand to spaert the creation of compton historic tlgbt. this funding will be use today support the creation of a cultural heritage district in the tenderloin, support transjnder focus community and support one or more commercial and non-profit store front in the neighborhood. in addition to the affordable housing benefit and compton tlgbt fund out lined tin in the items, the developer committed additional amount to the neighborhood. $3.7 million for the build' out affmagic theater a non-profit art space. $350 thousand for public space and safety. $250 thousand to
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community for construction mitigation impact. another 1 hundred thousand for temporary relocation. $300 thousand for workforce development to insure neighborhood residents are able to access the jobs these developmented will crete through the hotel portion the development. car check with local 2 for the hotel that is built on site and of course remaneing committed to one percent arts fee. i do want to recognize the 950 market coalition which includes the central city sro collaborative. our market street for the masses, compton coalition and the staff of the mayor's office of housing rfx cay heartly, olson lee, jeff buckley, department of real estate planning, oewd, the city attorney, my legislative aid, april [inaudible] and joy ow and the team working over many year tooz bring the
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major development to the neighborhood and contribute to affordable housing tenderloin resident can benefit from and enjoy. we know step up houses is needed. many of the lowest income resident remain in a single room occupancy hotel much longer than they intend. freezing housing unit for those homeless and the streets. the step up housing allows the resident who lived in sro buildings for a long time and maintained good credit to step up and slightly better and larger affordable housing unit freeing up the sro unit for those individuals that are on our streets. colleagues i ask for your support on these two items and thank you for your support. >> thank you supervisor kim. seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues can we take those items same house same call? without objection those item pass
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unanimously. next item, please. >> ite 7843 is resolution to authorize and aproperty office of community investment and infrastructure to mayor's office of housing and make appropriate findings such accept ans and in accordance with ceqa and planning code. >> take the item same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 44 expand the requirements for all city buildings that babeer diaper changing accommodations made available for use by the public to install and maintain at least one changing acodidation available for men and women to further amend the police code to require a baby changing station available to install and maintain for use by men or available to be used by all
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genders and amen the building code to require new public service establishments and public service establishment with renovated toilet rooms install the changing accommodation jz make the findings. >> same house same call. without objection the ordinance passes unanimously. >> item 45 is ordinance to a-mind the administrative code to prohibit the city using resources to create, implement proig investigation or information for enforce or otherwise assist or support any government program requiring that the registration of individuals on the basis of religion, national origin ethnicity or creating a database on religion or national origin or ethnicity. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much madam president. good afternoon colleagues. on january 24, 2017 i introduced this piece of legislation along with
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mayor lee and it is to reject any attempt from the federal government to force the city and county of san francisco to par ticipate in thecretion of a registry or database for people based on religious belief , national origin orethnicity. the landmark ordinance has gone through many amendments resulting in the strong piece of legislation that you see before you today. in particular, it took-in particular i took into consideration and acted upon the request to include a stronger enforcement mechanism for the legislation from the advocates who directly contacted my office as well as community members who will be directly impacted by a database or registry. including a call to action
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clause for anyones information is share frd the federal government for registry is a step that i do not take lightly. i believe what we are voting on today send a strong message to would be offenders as well as to those who might be targeted based on religioncountry couldn't of ordure or ethnicity. san francisco i think i can stand before you to say is united and against bigotry and we will fight for the safety and liberty of all our residents. sep rating people because of who they are or how they worship is shourt sighted lazy and dangerous to all our freedom s something we must say no to. in the declaration of being a sanctuary city we must provide sanctuary to resident
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regardless of race and sexual orientation or immigration status. you see we fight for the safety and liberty of all our residents so i like to thank many stakeholders with whom i had the plezer to coordinate over the past seberal weeks to make the ordinance a strong piece of legislation, a legislation i hope other mew municipalities will duplicate. specifically i like to recognize the asian law caucus, asian american advancing justice, the council on islamic american relations, american civil liberty union, the eric resource organizing center and many other community members here today that contacted my office made phone call squzsent e-mails and letters of support. lastly i want to-what has come to my attention is hsa has raised concerns regarding how this ordinance may prohibit their department and
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that's the human service aerjs under the leadership of trnt roar how they raised concerns how the ordinance may prohibit their department or other city agencies from collecting ethnicity or national origin data. so, to be clear, this ordinance is only aimed at disclosure. not our internl collection. collecting data insuring services are distributed equitable. i like to introduce language to you and have amendments that is before you on the desk, i circulated them earlier that specifically will address hsa concerns and clarify the ordinance. to read into the record, the changes that i am proposing, they are on page 7
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line 21. all this says is that city agencies have to continue to comply with city law. so, colleagues i want to thank you for your consideration and supporting this. i want to acknowledge my colleague hillary ronen, the opportunity for us 250 work on our first police of legislation together. i want to recognize my outstanding staff particularly calling out britny chiquato for assisting with the cultivation and development of the legislation. i also want to thank the city attorneys office, particular ly brad wesy and john gibbener for the work on the ordinance and also want to thank supervisor safai, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor key he, fewer and tang for your cosponsorship. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen. motion to amend is there is a second? seconded by supervisor saw safai, take the maument
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maument without objection. without objection passes. supervisor ronen. >> colleagues when the community came to me and asked me to amend supervisor cohen and the mayor's amen private right of action i told them i wasn't willing to go there and that opened up a can of worms that will open up the city to liability that i think we have never done before and that would be a extreme thing to do and wasn't headed in that direction but then i sat in committee when community member after community member came up talking about the daily fear that they are living with in san francisco since trump has gotten -been elected into office and they asked to add a private right of action because they are under extraordinary
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threat during a extraordinary time because they said that would make them feel safe and they would have agency and control over their own lives if there were a registry created and a breach of this incredibly important law authored by the mayor and supervisor we don't know what is coming from the federal government or what it will look like so or main focus now is to create the strongest possible law that we could
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create and that is what we have before us today. wree need to be on the offensive and anticipate what could be a disaster and make sure that we put all the necessary protections in place and put the people under attack and give them the power to be in control of their own destinys and fight back. so, i just wanted to thank everyone who has been involved in this incredibly moving process, the comembers of the public safety neighborhood subs committee, supervisor fewer and sheehy who took a strong stance and made moving comments about the amendments in the law . supervisor cohen and britny who have been really open from the get go to make these amendments and to pushing themselves to do something of slightly uncomfortable and extraordinary creating the strongest possible law and then also to the community members and everyone who
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came out, really spoke so eloquently and moved us and really showed what democracy is all about in terms of making laws and strengthening them in committee with a special thanks to aleaka [inaudible] from asian law caucus whoed worked every step of the way and carline gooseman in my office who worked hand in hand with brittany and aleaka to make this happen so thanks so much i hope we can pass thisue nasmanly today and hopefully watch cities and countys around the cuntsry follow our lead. >> first i want to thank supervisor ronen for allowing herself to be moved so this makes a lot of sense in terms of the amendment to me it a much stronger ordinance than
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it would have been. so, i just want to say i thought i had offered to be a cosponsor, if i hadn't already i would love to be added to the cosponsorship >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor safai. >> i just want to add on the comments made today. i want to first thank supervisor cohen for her leadership and all the other individuals, supervisor ronen and sheehy and other folks. this is particularly personal to me as somebody standing in the room with a name safai, i'm probably one of the only people on the board that would end up on the registry if it happened and the fact i stand here in 2017, the son of a muslim father, christian mother how would i be treated? how many people with a name be treated or background of such and all the muslim people in the audience it is sad we
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are in 2017 having this conversation that we have a president in office that is moving conversations this way, so i just want to say i think this is what makes san francisco a great place. this is a porpt piece of legislation. i think the community member jz all the different groups that were identified and brought us and pushed past the point of comfort and asked for there to be a right of action clause added and think that is a important piece in the legislation so urge my colleagues to sign on a cosponsor and pass this unanimously and send a strong message to washington dc. >> thank you and happy to add my name as cosponsor. supervisor fewer. >> it was very true during the committee meeting we heard such compelling testimony, not about
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would make people feel safe but the community is most impacted. how far we had to go to make them feel safe so i want to thank supervise er sheehy. i don't have a law background and supervisor ronen does and says private right affaction that is very squarey, what does it mean and supervisor sheehy pushed us and said we need teeth in this so i want to thank supervisor ronen so go back to the drawing board with the city attorney and working this out to insure the communities most impacted feel safe and this is the level i think we had to go in order to feel safe. this is i think it was a wonderful experience, rather humbling but thank you supervisor sheehy for pushing us to do something we thought the community needed to do and respond to that heartfelt testimony we all heard. >> thank you, fewer. supervisor sheehy.
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>> yes, thank you for supervisor fewer, kind were and supervisor ronen and supervisor safai. i think when we were looking out in the audience and you can see the fear in peoples eyes and as we were starting to take action, people were not the level of fear was not dissipating, it was actually all most rising because they clearly did not feel this bill had the adequate protection in there and so it is great us three rookies were able to work together, maybe raise the blood pressure the city attorney a little bit, but it was a grit experience and glad we are able to move this forward today. >> thank you and seeing no other names on the roster same house same call? wrout objection the ordinance passed unanimously on the first reading. next item, please. >> thank iletm 46 is
2:45 pm
resolution to ret roactive eprove the reffue gee service plan for 15, 16, 16, 17. >> same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 47 is referred without recommendation from rules committee, motion to approve the mayors appointment of ben bleiman. >> not sure if there is anyone more qualified than ben, bleiman to service. test test test
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
without objection those magzs motions are
2:48 pm
approved. please call item 52. >> motion to appoint sandra lee fewer to local agency formation commission for 4 year term expiring february 4,. .
2:49 pm
>> supervisor tang, aye. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor breed, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor fewer, aye. supervisor kim, aye. there are 11 aye's. >> motion is approved. congratulations. please call the next item. >> item 54 motion to appoint
2:50 pm
john malcolm hillen, andrew sullivan, dan flanagan, megaloman, michael sullivan and phillip pierce. >> supervisor safai. >> thank you, madam president. just want to make a small amendment to this motion and saying that these aopponentments will be effective beginning tomorrow because as our meeting happening this board will meet and so we dont want confusion in the seats that are serving so if we can make that amendment then these appointments would be effective beginning tomorrow. >> okay, mr. gibbener, that's appropriate? >> yes, and i believe the request comfrom the urban forestry counsel staff. >> motion to amend to have the
2:51 pm
effective date tomorrow march 1, 2017. take the amendment without objection the without objection the amendment pass squz on the iletm as amended colleagues can we take same house same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk please call the next item. >> i believe there are two three p.m. special orders. >> we are not there so need to kip over and go to roll call for introduction. >> supervisor peskin. >> rerefer. >> supervisor ronen. >> submit. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai we are on roll call for introduction you have have items today. [laughter] >> my first piece of legislation and fumbleed already. yes, we have
2:52 pm
a before us colleagues a opportunity in this ordinance that i'm introducing today in conjungz with president breed to tackle a problem and issue and item that has been perkulating in san francisco for 25, 30 years. in 2002 we introduced the first attempt to solve the problem in our inclusionary housing and that fs was led by then mark leno. we are 15 years into the making and stand before you today to make a very strong statement. we will never again in the history of san francisco build housing for working people. that will never ever happen again. prior to the great recession of this country, homes in the excelsior and homes in the bayview hunters
2:53 pm
point and in the sunset and richmond were aforeable to working people rchlt today homes in the excelsior are going for a million dollars, outer mission, bayview hunter points are approaching a million and exceeding it. homes in the richmond and sunset north affmillion. the market youzed to take care of working people and talking about teachers, laborers, nurses, fire fighters, first responders, janitors, hotel workers, all the people that have made our city history great. and if we are okay with our city polarizing and okay with our city becoming the city of the wealthy and the city of the extremely poor, then we should leave things the same, but i stand in front of you today to say, we have a tupe opportunity to make a bold
2:54 pm
move and shift and spread around affordable housing to serve working people. that way we can begin to address some of the economic extremes that we have in our city. so, we are proposing on any new private development and we think the prescribet market is where we can begin to tackle and intervening and tackle building housing for working people. 18 percent of that housing should bow set aside and that would range from family of 3 beginning at $43 thousand and go up to a family of 3 at $126 thousand. these are our working families and if we children and namlies to remain in san francisco we have to do this. now, in 2002, we didn't have a affordal housing bond. in 2002 when we created this inclusionary housing just for
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low income affordable, we didn't have a affordable housing trust. the mayor just announced the other day with support of the board foundations and private sector housing accelerator fund. we have billions of dollars in the pipeline to build housing for low income families and i stand 100 percent in support of that. but we have no funding stream for working people and so it my argument and attempt through this legislation to expand the pie for work ing people and create a opportunity that has not existed in the history. there is a attempt to expand the ovall inclusionary percentage to a number but we have to be careful we dopt set the number too high we kill housing all together and put people out of work. we have to set it at
2:56 pm
responsible number so stand here introducing this to tell you in the next three years with the billions of dollars in the pipeline we will still build 7500 unit of low income affordable housing. this inclusionary piece of legislation i introduce with president breed is a complementary piece in my mind to supervisor kate tang home sf and the two together have the opportunity to build about 2500 unit for working people. this i believe we have a moral obligation to do and some ourg we are in a situation robbing peter tapay paul but if paul hasn't had a drink in 25 years plus, paul is thirsty and if you talk to anyone thip affordable housing industry they will tell you that the inclusionary housing on the
2:57 pm
prescribet sector has always been the icing on it cake for affordable housing production for low income families. all we want for working families is the icing, the cake will still remain with low income affordable housing production. another piece sthof legislation we are introducing and thank you for visor yee for your leadership on this, we want to include a minimum bedroom count. we think it is very important and can't just build studios and one bedrooms in san francisco, we have to have a frank conversation about two bedroom jz three bedrooms so we put a minimum requirement we shake things up in the development industry for their ability to produce more housing for working people. again, just to reiterate, this legislation today says that we have the opportunity to serve working families between $43 thousand and $126 thousand we still leave a good pool of
2:58 pm
money on the low income side, it overlaps with all our other funding streams, but in my opinion and i believe supervisor breeds opinion, this is the right way to go about meeting a need and allowing san francisco to be a leader in the nation when it comes to dealing-this is not just a crisis that is unique to san francisco, this is happening in chicago and new york and boston. as people all over the country begin to move back in to urban areas, we have a housing crisis and housing shortage. but we need to stand up here today and say, we are prioritizing working people and working families and think this the right step in the right direction. the last thing i'll say is this is the begin thofg conversation, we are not throwing down the gauntlet. we are working with memberoffs the board to further the conversation so submit the rest of the
2:59 pm
legislation but colleagues this is something we have it respond a lotf time thinking about and working on to get it right. >> thank you supervisor se safai. supervisor sheehy. >> today i'm introducing a resolution in support of proposed sanctuary and transit policy. many imgrpt rely on public transportation including bart to get to work and school and run errands so our public transportation system should not be in the business of immigration enforcement. colleagues i urge your support on this important statement. secondly, i introduce legislation today to address bicycle chop shops. we have seen the chop shops around town with bike parts are stacked alodge the public rights of way lf many bikes are stolen and these
3:00 pm
very auchb these bikes are stolen from young people, people who rely on bicycles as a means to get to and from work the loss of a bike can mean the choice between being able to pay rent or buy a new bike and right now the police do not have clear authority to address chop shops. i'm addressing-today i noorttuse a ordinance to provide the ability to address the worst actors but ena way that doesn't criminalize the most vulnerable so it doesn't involve people thrown in jail but allow tooz police to pick up the part and get the bikes back to the rightful owners t. is to disincent vise the process where bikeerize being stolen and taken apart and the people who bought the bikes who use to get to and from work are left with no resource but to get another bike. the rest i
3:01 pm
submit. >> thank you, supervisor sheehy. supervisor yee. supervisor yee. supervisor tang. >> thank you. today i have two pieces of legislation that piggy back on each other and the first is something that i was thrill to announce with mayor lee and get our city of san francisco to be 100 percent electric vehicle ready and in our private buildings and new construction and think this is a great way to start 2017 especially as we do have people in our federal government who dont believe that climate change is real. we here in san francisco are trying to lead the charge to make sure that we are addressing climate impacts in as many ways as possibility one to encourage the driving of electric vehicles. many people
3:02 pm
including myself would like to electric vehicles but may live in buildings that dont accommodate so the legislation i'm partnering with mayor lee on gets our new construction ready for by spelling out before the building is built what it would take to lay the foundation infrastructure to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles so proud san francisco is leading the charge on this as we should as many technologies are developed here, not only in the san francisco bay area but also throughout california again to incentvise driving of electric vehicles. complementary also introducing legislation to also look internally at the city government to make sur our own city fleet is also 100 percent zero emission and so by the year 2020 this legislation mandates by that year our light duty vehicle fleet will be zero emission and that as new changing technology comes
3:03 pm
forth we will also be able to adapt to that as well. so, again i think that these two pieces of legislation set san francisco on the forefront of a leader and addressing climate challenges and do that now before it is too late for earth. >> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor yee. >> colleagues over the past several months i read several articles on [inaudible] robots, in washington dc, redwood city and richmond in the east bay and a very limited pilot in san francisco a few months back. however, ovthe weekend i read about another company piloting on the streets in the missionism after checking with sfmta, dpw and police department and supervisor ronen, i was disturbed to fiend out the city was not informed about
3:04 pm
this company piloting on our streets. this is not acceptable. i am in full support of innovation but companies cannot operate without parameters. we need to insure technology used on the streets is safe and has approved operational standards and not uninteneded consequences of commercialization of the pedestrian right of way and causing injurys to pedestrians. in addition, we must look into the safeguard these unmanned delivery robots do not get to the wrong hands. this is a newterity and as a city much insure the best interest of all the resident begin-are served and that any company operating in san francisco follows the established #2c3w50idline jz responsible limitations. colleagues this is why today i will be
3:05 pm
direct the city attorney to draft legislation to create a permit process or pilot program and for the department to develop operational standards for the atonmus delivery robots. also today i'm introducing a resolution on a hidden and growing problem in the community, that is problem gambling. for the past 5 years the board of supervisors unanimously declared march as gampbling month. i bring this to the attention as this issue continues to effect our communities. problem gambling is a serious public health issue that effects 6 to 8 million americans each year inchuding more than 1.2 million californiaens. it effects people oaf all ages inknh and ethnic pap background and college student
3:06 pm
andlederly are particularly vulnerable and asian community particularly seniors are especially effected. effects of gambling are similar to alcohol and drug abuse and effects on the individuals and families can be devastating. the danger is many individuals do not realize they have a addiction or if they do only 15 percent seek treatment. i have personal-i can share personal stories but i am trying to be mindful of peoples time here. so, i hope that we could again support that march will be gambling awareness mupth and like to thank my colleague, supervisor safai for cosponsoring this resolution. the rest i submit.
3:07 pm
>> supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor yee. president breed. >> thank you, colleagues i want to speak briefly on the workforce housing legislation that supervisor safai and myself we introduced today. i'm proud to be partnering with him on thes particular legislation and i appreciate how eloquently he speaks about the neighborhoods in his district and pressures working men and women are facing all over the e city. i feel the pressure and lib it myself and seen far too many of my friends and family pushed out of the city by rising costs. a couple years back when some of the public housing developments were being rehabilitation in my dictricate there were people-not eeben a couple years back when i was really young there were folks moved out and mubed
3:08 pm
to places like vallejo and antioch and one of my friend in particular was fortunate enough to get a job driving muni. when she wanted to return to the development that she grew up in with her two kids, a high school student and elementary school student she was $600 over income eligibility to qualify ify to return. there are so many people that i know that i grew up with who grew up in the city and do not qualify for a lot of the low income housing that we are building but they can't afford to live in the city. so, who is looking out for them, who is building homes for them, who are the advocates roaming around city hall for them and writing op eds and doing something different? low income and affordable housing is
3:09 pm
critically important but so is workforce housing and we are not funding or building nearly enough. there are multiple sources of funding for low income affordable housing unit, the housing trust fund, the housing bond, in lieu fees and job housing linkage fees paid by the developers all of thes compounded or matched with federal tax credit dollars. that is why city funded projects are all most always low income because we can use tax credits. we can not use those same tax credits for workforce housing, so the best way to insure that we can actually get these unit built and incorporated into our city housing stock is do so with privately funded inclusionary housing which doesn't cost the city anything. that is what our legislation is doing. the city is
3:10 pm
projected to build over 8 thousand how income unit by 2020 if you look at the regional housing needs allocation numbers, this is a consistent trnd. from 2007 to 2014 san francisco issued permits for 3900 very low income unit, 59 percent of those goal for the category but we ont permitted 1200 moderate income workforce unit about 18 percent of the rhna goal . teachers construction workers union labors, mechanicsgenters, cooks we are failing them. we are not making a place for those who are in the middle and not building market rate unit they can afford and we are not building affordable unit they can qualify for and that has to change. i miss my
3:11 pm
friends who moved away and my communities, our neighborhoods changed because we have not done what we should have done as a city to provide opportunity for a middle ground. i know we cant turn our backs to the hand of time we can at least do something now and start fighting for the next generation of workers so they have a seat at the table and roof over their head so they don't reach my age and look at a city they don't recognize anymore. this is our chance to begin the process of getting it right. with that madam clerk, i would like to be rereferred. >> thank you, madam prezden. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you madam clerk. first of all i ask supervisor tang cosponsor her piece of legislation she introduced as
3:12 pm
someone who switch today a electric vehicle shocking the lack of infrastructure we have in the city of san francisco and both in response to the federal government is doing now with president trump and getting the epa, and the policies that are sure to come down the road from washington dc, but also simply the right thing to do in san francisco, the more we can encourage folks the be using electric cars the better we will be as a city so a huge supporter and want to thank supervisor tang. i have a piece orphlegislation to introduce today with a number of colleagues. organize labor is under attack. with trumps anti[inaudible] we need to be prepared tostand and #230ig9 with the working men and women who help build the city in san francisco and continue to doso. as with many issues we have to do everything we can locally to continue to support our communities and values in san francisco against what is coming down in washington. while our local economy is kraung and unemployment low there are far
3:13 pm
too many is san franciscos out of work and believe the city can provide workforce opportunity for resident especially those in under serviceed communities. i think it is time to provide good jobs, good wages, benefits and highly skilled labor. that is why today after all most two years of work i'm proud to announce san francisco's first historal city wide project. i want to thank supervisor safai, sheehy ronen and [inaudible] first, it will be one of the large est with a city wide policy like this. project labor agreements have a proven tract record increasing local employment, providing good wage squz benefits often for workers who have never seen either before, ending labor dispute and
3:14 pm
stoppage and completing projects on time and under budget in the best interest of residents in san franciscoment the policy is simple straight forward and applies public work projects sees fit. insuring the pla adhere tooz local hire prevailing wage to train the local residence today for the jobs of tomorrow. under the policy all contractor jz subcontractors hire from state approved apprenticeship program jz use the hard hat program to obtain employment and agree to refrain from strikes. if they get the trainee, the city will have the opportunity for them. passing this policy will be no ease a tarfck. not mistakeb that working men and women and organized labor are under attack. every republican president
3:15 pm
discouraged labor because of antiworkic beliefs. with trump in the white house we have to do everything to stand up for the individuals in san francisco and for the families. we wont let attacks on working men and women on organize labor stand enthe city. we will fight like we have for jobs wages and benefits. i want to thank a number of people including cosponsors who were integral getting the legislation introduced today and endorsing the policy. for san francisco building trade and construction council. larry mazzola, [inaudible] in particular, san francisco labor council for endorsing this. i do want to thank vens corning junior for the work over the past 2 years. cosponsors at the board. my staff in particular [inaudible] and look forward to discussion ahead. the rest i submit. >> thank you for visor farrell. supervisor fewer. >> no >> submit. supervisor kim.
3:16 pm
>> that thank you madam clerk. >> submit. thanks for teaching me. >> glad supervisor fewer has no legislation today. >> i have two. the first is a reintroduction of 30 van ness project publicly owned by the city of san francisco. i am proud to announce that we have a developer that is the first that will be committing to the proposition goals that were passed by the voters of san francisco by 67 percent june 2016. what is exciting about this proposal to be fair they are the second developer to commit to 25 percent but first to move forward we know developers can build 25 percent affordable houdsing on site and build a mix of housing for those that are working class and also middle class residents and families.
3:17 pm
this project which will completely fulfill the goals also agreed with potential upzoning to commit to additional fees that allow to achieve 33 percent of affordable and middle income housing for the projeth. acknowledging the fact there 30 van nes is built on public land. we want to make sure that while we are getting a good deal for the city that allows to build new office buildings for our departments and also consolidate many services that we are maximizing the ability when we control to build a maximum number housing. in the deal before us today we have struck a balance between long term stability of city departments and also vulnerability to private commercial office market while we have achieved and stayed true to commitment to voter tooz build as much affordable housing for san
3:18 pm
francisco resident at as policy. to explain the difference between the deal presented toward the board that was rejected in 20 feep and the one before us today, the deal that came before us a year ago is purchase the land at $80 million but only commit to 15 percent low income affordable housing on site. they were willing to provide 20 percent if there were upvoneing zoning and allow the city to buy back at $640 thousand a unit. the deal we have before us today achieved a minimum of 25 percent affordable housing, reduction in cost of land from $80 million to $25 percent affordable housing, reduction in cost of land from $80 million to $70 million so the city will purchase 40 unit of middle class housing for residents and houses in san francisco. in addition because this project is in the market
3:19 pm
actaveia plan the developer is required to play the market octabeia affordable housing fees amounted to $8 million and the city is able to upzone the site which i'm committed to doing they will #c34i9 $3.6 million to assure the project achieves 43 percent affordable and middle income housing. that means very frar from the deal where the city had to pay $640 thousand a unit. we would pay $450 thousand to buy back middle class unit for the nurses and teachers and workers that are struggling to stay in the city that they love. i do want to department of real estate working so closely with our office and developer for understanding our commitment to acheechbing
3:20 pm
achieving the goals under prop c and prop k that pass ed by voters in november 2015 which brings me to the second item. as many know supervisor peskin and i introduced trailing legislation. proposition c was a ordinance that placed the highest afford ability requirement in the country in san francisco acknowledging that we have a housing crisis but also acknowledging that developers can build much more affordable and middle income housing than the previous requirement of only 12 percent of working class housing. we doubled that amount and thanks to voters passing the change in june 2016, we are seeing developers actually commit to the new housing goal of 25 percent. not only are we bringing back our commitment
3:21 pm
to build low income housing for janitors and professionals and restaurant workers we are asking developers to build middle income on site as well and additional 10 percent which cover nurses and teachers. this is the first inclusionary ordinance in the country and also here in san francisco that will require developers to build a high level of affordable and middle income housing in san francisco. supervisor peskin and i teamed up to do this but also made a commitment to the develop community that we do a fiscal feasibility study after the passage of the ordinance to see what was feasible for developers to build in the city acknowledgeic that we dont want to halt housing production in san francisco and also acknowledging that market rate housing allows us to build more working and middle income housing. i want to thank ben rosenfield, ted eagan at the controllers office and tac
3:22 pm
that volunteered over the last 7 month tooz put together and advise on the feasibility report and we are excited to use these guidelines to assist in the restructuring of proposition crrfx here today. supervisor peskin and i made a clear commitment to voters we introduce something maximum developer cz build. and two rfx we do it in a way market rate developer continue to develop in san francisco. thank tooz the study the maximum developer cz build is 24 percent for rental housing and 27 percent for home ownership. what we introduced in december but tding additional amendments to today is to change the inclusionary housing ordinance from 25 percent to 24 percent for
3:23 pm
rentals and 27 percent for home ownership. we will maintain 15 percent as fought for by decades my many advocates for working class resident. restaurant workers recollect janitor and minimum wane workers while clawing back additional percentage above the 15 percent that goes toward the middle class. we know that 60 percent of san francisco resident qualify for affordable housing in san francisco and that 24 and 27 percent isn't nearly enough to meet the need but we want to build the maximum affordable housing in the private market without halting market rate housing production. so, the legislation before us today maximizes that need acknowledging also many developers are able to build 45 percent more via the state density bonus law which passed last year in sacramento and knowic
3:24 pm
in san francisco developers can build that additional amount without any additional approval in san franciscoic acknowledge the density bonus exists and encourage the developer to build as much market rate housing as possible we set the maximum goal watching not only the pocket books of the developers but insuring the fiscal feasibility of families to continue to live in san franciscoment . we can only do that if we build as much affordable and middle income housing as possible kw yes, we can do that without robbing from any particular group but continuing to build at a level we promised before while building more for more residents thatologist also struggle tostay in san francisco but were provided for in the private market. i want toic knowledge and thank many memberoffs the #c3450u7bty community working with us since august to insure we put the best legislation forward and want to recognize
3:25 pm
the united education of san francisco, teachers union recollect council of community housing, chineee town community develop,teneder loin neighborhood development corporation, podare, mission economic development agency, the bills for housing project rblths tenant union, [inaudible] dolores street advocating for the most we can get from our prescribet development community. i think it is really important that here on the board we represent the community first and not the development community. the development community can and should build more and we know that they can do that based on the study. the ordinance that be introduced in december isn't just looking out for the pocket book, we are looking out for the pocket book of janitors, nurses and teachers in san francisco and must do that in a balanced way. colleagues i look forward to this robust and pornts discussion
3:26 pm
how to maximize affordable in san francisco overthe next couple muckt jz look forward to the conversation and want to thank and acknowledge supervisor peskin for cosponsoring the legislation and work wg our office and finally, i want to acknowledge [inaudible] from supervisor peskins staff and april and [inaudible] who has been working on insuring that district 6 is building the most affordable housing it can over the last 6 years and working oen the legislation today. today is april's laest day with the office and it is with incredible heavy heart kwr biddersweetness i want to thank for the leadership and work over the last 6 years with my office. we would not have ben able to win 33 percent, 40 percent affordable and middle income housing in a variety of project throughout the district if not for her work,
3:27 pm
tenaciousness sparts smarts and passion. thank you april and i look forward continuing to work with you in your new roll. the rest i submit. >> thank you. >> thank you madam clerk, colleagues. i rise to reiterate a little bit of what supervisor kim just stated and also to welcome the robust discussion we are going have over the weeks and months ahead as we figure out what the right percentages of inclusionary housing are. by wayf a little history, in 2002, the board of supervisors passed our first inclusionary law in those days at 12 percent for low income housing. by the time i left office in the end of 2008 that number crept up to 15 percent. everybody remembers in 2012 coming out of the great recession that number
3:28 pm
again wnt down to 12 percent unfochinately as a policy matter it got stuck in the charter where it couldn't be moved up or down as market and construction costs changed over time and indeed when i ran in 2015 i ran on a platform about addressing affordable crisis particularly the housing crisis and talked about a two prong strategy. i talked how we had to save at risk affordable housing and the residents from scheme squz eviction jz at the same time create maximum amounts of affordable housing in new development said. this is not lost on san franciscans they got it in proposition c with 2 /throw of the voters change the affordsability structure. i
3:29 pm
recall as prop crrs moved to the ballot and supervisor kim well remembers, the conversations then mark leno was having 15 years ago from the develop community that one additional percentage point or 2 percent nl point would bring the housing market to a stachbd stand still. here we are, weknow that those developers got a free ride in 2013, 2014, 2015 and until we clawed back 240 unit in the pipeline for affordable housing getting a free ride in 2017 and turned out the market could bear it then and now and we need affordal housing not gross profits for developers so want to remind everybody this exercise has been very very
3:30 pm
helpful and the feeze asibility study is interesting. we have to grapple with the state density bonus and able to build to the 25 percent and so sayathize feasibility study and should keep that in mind. i look forward to the the conversation and hopefully reconciling these pieces of legislation and very much look forward to that work. i like to join in thanking sunny an ghoula from my office and particulary april [inaudible] who deserves significant recognition for everything she did. before prop c, during prop c and since prop c. supervisor kim you were very lucky to have her for 6 years. finally, i want to invite all of you to a fundraiser everybody out there, anybody watching on monday march 6 from 6 p.m. to
3:31 pm
10 p.m. for the victims of the february 3 fire in chinatown where 19 low income resident were displaced one with 7 small businessesment that chow down for chinatown is held at 28 waverly place with local restaurants including mr. ju's [inaudible] the famous legacy business same woe, mission chinese, r and g lounge to raise fund for the individuals that lost the life possessions. will drethly benefit each of those individuals who's lives have been turned upside down and love to share [inaudible] soplease come down. >> we will break away from roll call for introductions. >> thank you. colleagueatize
3:32 pm
is 3:30 and we have 3:30 special commendations. there are many people who are probably here for the 3 p.m. special order and just so you know we probably will not get to that for at least another 40 minute to a hour. we have commendations to do so we will break away in our regular scheduled agenda to get to the folks that are special guests who are here today that we are honoring in celebration of african american history month and with that, supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. good afternoon again. my name is malia cohen and recht the southeastern neighborhood of bayview, potrero and viz table valley and honored to recognize a group of absolutely incredible individuals in honor of black history month. as you know, this years theme for the
3:33 pm
celebration is guiding the way in our ongoing fight for freedom and equality. to do this, it is #2340e easy or small feat. we are at unique time and space in history where this mission seems to be more squl more difficult. throughout the month i permly with the help of the city administrator office and mayor's office had city hall lit up ipthe colors of the pan african flag and that is red, black and green. those colors are very symbolic. red for the color of blood, black for the color of black skin and green for the fertility of the land and representative of the hope and fuper. >> excuse me supervisor cohen, i ask we keep the doors closed bought the noise is impacting our ability to conduct business. thank you. >> thank you i appreciate that.
3:34 pm
i also want to call to your attention that earlier in the month of february we debuted also red, black and green appellant around the light poles in the bayview community along third street. and i think it is absolutely important to point out in a moment when foreigners whether they be here by force or by choice are being targeted by the federal government. i want to take time today to reflect on the innumerable contributions african americans have made to help establish and most importantly sustain this great country. our work sometimes goes unsung and it goes unnoticed but we have been critical to pushing progress throughout the times of struggle. we are ancestors most wildest dreams and it is their fortitude and our fortitude that will keep us
3:35 pm
strong in the years to come and guide us the way as we continue to fight for freedom and equality. from labor leaders to youth to public serveabout to neighborhood activist i'm proud that we are recognizing a group of people who do remarkable work that touches each and every one of the aspect of our livesism today i'm prod to join you honoring a trumending group of people who embodied todays celebration theme. i like to bring up my honory, mrs. brenda baroes. she is a very familiar face and worked for zuckerberg general hospital for over 35 years and been a fierce advocate with 10 to 1 and current cochair of 10
3:36 pm
to 1 sf cope. many know that brenda is a member of the bargaining team which i believe is a god given talent. also a delegate to the labor council and champion for workers and dedicated her life to the labor movement meaning she insures people work in hethy and safe conditions and earning a livable wage. i remember my first time i met brenda i fs a freshman supervisor and she was out front my office in a budget cycle so it is a privilege to stand before you as a budget chair to honor you. i'm proud to support you and want to recognize you as a african american female strong leader in the labor movement which we dont see enough of. thank you for your service and contribution tooz the city
3:37 pm
and entire african american community. it is privilege to present you the flowers and certificate and honor you this black history mupth. thank you. [applause] >> brenda speak into the micro phone. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. this was a surprise to me and wasn't expecting this. and it is nice to know that all the work that you do is-that people notice because and i dont do it to get noticed, i do it because it is the right thing to do. just so people know, i'm not done and still working with the city and county of san francisco about african americans getting hired. there are definitely problems that you
3:38 pm
guys need to work on as far as fair hiring practice because there are too many departments still where you walk in and all most everybody there is one race. that shouldn't be in san francisco. the other issue i will work on still is workplace bullying in the workplace. there are a lot of employees not just in public sector, private sector too that suffer in silence and they need your help. they need some sort of real legislation so that people know thrai are safe in the workplace, they don't have to be afraid of being bullied in the workplace and know that two main issuesime rur i'm work ing on now. labor you are right there are not african americans in labor in positionoffs power. that is something that needs to change 6789 i want to say thank you
3:39 pm
and i want to tell you and london that you guys inspire me. look where you are in your african american women. that's powerful and it is powerful for popeal like me to look at. maybe when i retire who knows, i may run for something. thank you very much everybody. >> thank you. [applause] >> congratulations brnda and thank you for your service. now i do know that there are a number of honorees who cannot get into
3:40 pm
the chamber and so as we work on trying to get them into the chamber, i do know that shoal daibs who is honored by supervisor tang is in the chamber, so supervisor tang we will recognize you at this time for the next commendation. >> alright. thank you. i know that this years theme for black history month is guiding the way in our fight for freedom and equality and so i could think of better person tohonor than cheryl davis who is executive drether of human right commission so welcome, cheryl. [applause] sorry chairman, i know you just came from sacramento. thank you so much for being here. perfect timing. cheryl, is our current executive drether of human right commission and many also probably know she
3:41 pm
served as a commissioner between 2011 and 2016 before she assumed the new role and there she ovsees the hrc duties advocating for human and civil rights, investigating and mediating discrimination, resolving community disputes and providing technical assistance to individuals, community groups, businesses and government agencies related to human right jz social services. especially at this time i just know that the hrc has no so much work they need to do. >> people are waving at me. they are trying to get in. >> prior to joining the hrc, many probably know cheryl for her worken the community. she was a executive drether of collective impact community based organization in the western addition where she over saw momagic, ella hill
3:42 pm
hutch community center. we'll take a pause. we have to have cheryls fan club here. >> welcome folks. put a smile on the face tureeka. >> okay. thats good. >> sorry some missed the beginning but i was talking about cheryls work with momagic and creating community opportunity and improving
3:43 pm
outcomes marginalized youth in san francisco. they have annual event such as summer activities, academic support, field trips, holiday celebration, backpack give away, team council and community gardening and more and all the youth as a result of their regular participation in the events have taken ownership of the neighborhood and have really broken down the invisible walls that caused separation and fighting. cheryl also worked with magic zone which provides education and wrap around services to student k-12 and transitional age youth and ella hill hutch communitysenter which provides community service and workforce development opportunity. when i first learned cheryl moved to district 4 i was super excited and quh she assumed the new role of hrc more excited you are taking
3:44 pm
leadership. i cant this think of a time when our human and civil rights are under attack and we need you to be the leadership role there. i know that even in your new role at hrc you continue to volunteer at your sons high school and continue to work with communities in the western addition and so forth and as your friend suzy loftus says she believes you are a true superherey and kind and generous people so thank you to thank you for your service. you will continue to do more amazing work so congratulations cheryl davis. [applause] >> i know there are a birch more people waiting to get inside and to talk and be recognized so i want to thank you for all this honor, i really appreciate it. i work would so many of the
3:45 pm
supervisors ichb my role in community and look forward working with all of you in the new role, so thank you so much and i have been here since call edge. i want to sf state andu sf and my son was born here, raised here and i'm grateful. i think i have been here long enough now to say san francisco is home excited to live in so many district jz look forward doing more work. thank you. [applause] >> she is just own loan to district 4 and to the human rights commission. thank you pr all the work that you have done for the city and county of san francisco. we know that you changed and saved lives and we are so grateful for your service. >> i would be remiss if i didn't take the time to-i don't want to get emotional but to recognize
3:46 pm
president london breed. [applause] my journey started as a volunteer at the cultural center and without the prodding and like the appreciation for the community work she offered up i never would have been where i am now so really recognize and thank you. i thank the other supervisors that i had the opportunity to work with from supervisor fewer to supervisor kim and i did a short stent in government a while ago qu actually had the opportunity to work with supervisor peskin. it great to have district 5 and district 2 working together through supervisor breed and farrell and always a pleasure to work in 10 with supervisor cohen, and look forward working with everybody else but i do appreciate and recognize the relationship and partnership with you. >> thank you. we sure do you
3:47 pm
appreciate you. [applause]
3:48 pm
alright folks recollect thank you everyone for your patience. we are having a bit of a problem because people who are being honored here today are not only not able to get in the chamber, but the people who are here to see them honored can't get in the chamber either. we are going take a two minute recess so if you are not here for the black history month commendations we will ask that you leave the chamber so we can make room for the people who are here for the commendations and their visitorsism we will take a two minute break so we can clear the chamber in order to provide for that opportunity. otherwise this will be a longer process and you will have to wait even longer than you already have been waiting when something is on the agenda for 3 p.m. is dozen necessarily mean it will be called at 3 just after 3 so we will get to that shortly,
3:49 pm
but we need to get through commendations and thank you everyone for your cooperation and undering. we will take o get through commendations and thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding. we will take a two minute recess. [recess] >> okay, thank you and to all our guests here today for our special common endations we apologize that you had to wait outside. supervisor cohen did an amazing introduction and so far we have honored [inaudible] who is here and share cheryl davis and will begin the process calling on other members of the board who have their own special guests here to honor for black history month and i'll start with supervisor pestcon.
3:50 pm
>> thank you madam president. colleagues today i'm privileged to honor the leadership of a dear friend or at least became a dear friend. she used to give me a tough time. a woman i respect and adoor the one and only mrs. daisy mc arthur. [applause] it is most fitting the theme for the year sellivation is guide thg way for freedom and equality because they don't call mrs. daisy the mayor of bush street for nothing. she is needing the community to safety and care and compassion for decade. mrs. daisy as every calls her accept when i get cross with her and call her mrs. mc arthur was born am condporj george moved to new york and stayed on to atened
3:51 pm
new york university. serviceing and community in new york for 16 years moved to san francisco in 1989 and now calls it home. she is living in lower knob hill 28 years and met mrs. daisy when i ran for supervisor 17 years ago. she did not hesitate to get in my face ask me questions and hold my feet to the fire about what commitment to the community meant. i know i had to make this woman my frnd because she would keep me haunest and accountability and dpet me elected. mrs. daisy knocked on doors in 199 to kick off the first home healthcare union local 250-[applause] and today she is a proud leader of
3:52 pm
successor 2015 she was releptless and the union is aroupd today because of tireless ongoing efforts. she livs to serve as in-home healthcare professional and love said by patients colleagues and client and all neighbors alike. it made her emthet took the plight of poor, homeless and down trodden and mrs. daisy buried deceased homeless resident services paid for out of pocket. she was the league gartian for the nephew from 2 to 15 and at besy car michael school to serve for 8 years. she was a activist and parent leaders who led the fight to ret row fit besy car michael. there are few problems she has not scared
3:53 pm
down. when a dieer mother asked to take care of son she gave him all the meals. she adopt adhomeless man and brought food and a local proponent for social justice issues throughout districtthry. one of the most incredible acts of bravery was over all most two decades ago when a unscrupulous landlord was trying to evict her and all tenants. that building became burned not once but twice and she stood up to that property owner and carried it through and when she called upon my office and i thought i would meet with a handful of tenant mrs. daisy brought all 38 tenant down. that is one heck of a organizer. [applause] mrs. daisy said it isn't easy coming from the deep south and
3:54 pm
trying to stand up to authority but she never wavered in her commitment to stand up and her the community not ever. mrs. daisy you make me so proud to be a san franciscan and love you see much. please come up here and get your certificate of honor. >> i'm here, aaron, thank you. [applause] >> thank you, aaron. everything aaron said is the god heavens truth. [laughter] there were a time when i first met aaron we was
3:55 pm
going toe to toe, okay. or we both about the same size, so--i can't say who won because we are still here, okay. we are very close friends and not only do i fight for knob hill, i'm all overtime. been a healthcare worker, a home care aid, i'm in each and every district there is. i don't want you all to feel left out, okay. i do move off from knob hill from time to time and that is every hour of today. not only that, i appreciate all the work, all of the work that each one of you are doing down here at city hall. you all walk the
3:56 pm
streets ayou see the your neighbors and see the homeless and i know you feel it. i do because if i didn't i wouldn't do the work i'm doing. and i'm proud of what i do and proud of all the healthcare and home care workers sitting here today. i want to let you all know that. [applause] and i want to thank you all for letting me be your leader. thank you very much for standing behind me, helping me work, helping miwok the street, helping me visit the sick and ill. thank you very much for your work. and aaron, i can't say it enough, i want to thank you, your family
3:57 pm
and everyone that have came through here. i have seen so many supervisors go and come and i hold them dear to my heart and i am praying, where pray for the ones that are here and pray for the ones that are gone. i ask each and every one of you to lift your hearts up in prayer because you never know, you might be talk toog a angle because i have met so many angles along my way and i want to thank. aaron, i huv you. i love you all down here and want to thank you each and everyone out here. thank you. [applause] >> did you get your picture, supervise sor peskin? >> i did. >> congratulations. no i like to recognize supervisor ronen for the next commendation. >> thank you. can bobby
3:58 pm
cochran please come up to the mic. [applause] bobby i haven'ttled you this but one the first thoughts i had when i ron twhon supervisor race is i cannot wait to the day i get to honor bobby cochran at the board of supervisors and this day finally came and caen be more proud or excited bet the moment. bobby cock ran was born in alabama, the son affa sharecropper. he left alabama at 17 years old and joined job corp is within two years he worked in a cotton field to building bowing rr 747. after mub toog
3:59 pm
san francisco to continue the work in aerospace he discovered he had a passion for paint housing while work wg a friend and ended up changing profession squz painting houses for over 37 years before retiring. i have had the incredible honor of work wg bobbyover the last 7 years since i have been in district 9 office for the legislative aid and now a supervisor jz we worked hard to improve hard holly court development in bruno height from community policing and safety work to improving the conditions in the public housing development ichb in the district and over the time you have become a brother to me, bobby and i love so you so much. bobby is just a leading light in our community. his leadership has brought mutual undering to the brunal heights neighborhood, a neighborhood where relatively newer resident who
4:00 pm
are multimillionaires live with working class resident who lived in the neighborhood for decades and public housing resident at holly court and alameiny and bobby is phrenwith everyone. your patience, your warmth, your generosity, your ability to explain to people you bridge divides, you bring people together and you make sure people understand one another and it is a skill and gift very few people have. you are father of 2 and grand faurt of 13 and great grand faurter of two and a parent, god parent to so many children and resident of holly courts. you move to holly court with your wife shery who passed away last year and who we all greatly miss and your two kids, robert junior and lor eta you moved