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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 5, 2017 6:40pm-7:01pm PST

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competitive officer of protocol and my school advisors is here she's excited because this now is the city of the free city college thank you. >> thank you to all of you for doing that. >> (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, i know that you know that this is a very special time in our city's history a time when we're rediscovering what diversity means we are reinvest in the things we truly believe in because we're all as a city challenged to do better and do more restrictive and certainly from the vantage point as a mayor i need other great leaders to step forward i have that in naomi cell not only a great zoning administrator but all this time having her kids a
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great mom yes. >> (clapping.) >> she led the effort and one the really people that i depend on on what charlotte and others to have one the best women conferences recently a lot of people on the agenda. >> (clapping.) >> and then i know that she's been at my side and working with the board of supervisors all the elected officials to keep our infrastructure going keep our city departments working but more importantly to keep the spirit of this city positive so at this point let me just say it is a pleasure to work with you naomi it's a pleasure to work with a mom which i think it historic for a zoning administrator and it's it's a pleasure to put up with harlan
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kelly all this time (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> so are we ready for the next 5 years all right. coming up up naomi >> (clapping.) >> please say your name after me >> and the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> against all enemies. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance.
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united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.) >> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office of dir for the city and county of san francisco repeated congratulatio
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congratulations. >> thank you. >> i can't tell you how grateful i am for you mayor ed lee for a second term and thank you to the honorable board of supervisors every single one of you for your anonymous support in the years working with you want to thank you all wouldn't have been possible without the confirmation so thank you to you and all san franciscans that love this city as much as i do i serve ♪ capability with humility 5 years ago at my swearing in i felt the gravity and urgency of my responsibility and not regard them and that remains true today this is a job that i take seriously because san francisco is my home
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where i live with my husband and two sons and parents william and maria i experience first hand the decision at city hall in on a 4 pen maliciously appointed me as city purchaser one the first phone calls was was to ed lee also a city purchaser i explained the importance of the ability to effect change whether if so for providing opportunity to minority and women owned businesses insuring equal benefits to domestic partners paying prevailing wages and burden of proof products in emergency precipitating o preparedness those conversations led to the foundation and values of the zoning administrator's
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office in ed lee i proudly continue to this day with the new administration with religious registry i look forward to work with the immigrant foyers with the pathways to citizenship pathways and working with the immigration lawyers to train our residents how to respond to ice raids where from dollars will come to our sanctuary city that is evidence by the gop for the caltrans electrification as a planner i know how important federal dollars to our seawall? why we supported a $500 million transportation bond to support a three hundred seawall bond in the future as the trumpet administration talked about rolling bake the affordable health care act i'm honored to
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be working with labor and enforcement to implement health care accountability ordinance in the health care security ordinances that may serve as a backstop as women reproductive rights are threatened i'm proud to work with mayor ed lee we'll continue to address accountable childcare and promoting women in leadership and positions and reaffirm our commitment to inclusion and equality for all i'm grateful to my team among the 25 department heads of city agrees we have the privilege and honor of working everyday with you many of you are here today and two numbs to mention i'm proud what we achieved in the past 5 years and the great work with the eyes on the future i think my friend and colleagues here
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i'm so touched you're here with me like to thank you and unfortunately not here but someone who is true been a mentor in sacramento that is the willie brown he hired me 20s years ago at the age of 22 and he encouraged me to go to law school or not promote me unless i went to law school but truly in my corner as former gavin newsom and thank you you've been a dear friend 20 years ago and in closing because i know i want to party what all of you celebrations like this i always take time to invoke my family they're my anchor i have my 96 greatest aunt and my cousin denise .
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>> (clapping.) >> and they have been in my corner since the moment i was born i want to thank my father william and mother and harlan and sons - >> (clapping.) >> i know of my obesity are proud of the work i do i hear overhear them talking about it in the work many long hours and it takes time away from them i struggle with that at times but to listen to them talk about my accomplishment. >> what i do as a leader for the city and working with the mayor and the board of supervisors makes me know that is all worth that there are times they rather me stay home
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and bake cookies but the faith that all of you have in me and my love for the city keeps me going and collectively our voices will be heard and san francisco politics and the principles and culture will remay i have a motion main unsecurity guard and thank you very much i love to
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>> good afternoon i'd like to call the tuesday, february 28, 2017, of the publti