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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 3717  SFGTV  March 7, 2017 6:00pm-9:01pm PST

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embedded in our training. every member in the department will be trained. including recruits. this is an ungoing thing. when you say routed out. that process is ongoing. the sign of implicit bias is an emerging field how it relates to law enforcement. we need to understand what it means >> when it comes to understanding what it means i'm under the impression the officers prior to you taking the oath -- >> i'm sorry. >> i was understand the impression that several members of the police department has gone through explicit bias training. >> i i can repeat that. embedded into the academy training. there was a two hour
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course. that was run from 2015 to 2016. officers attended that course. that course has been replaced by the principle release can curriculum. >> folks are going to be -- is there an academy class going on right now? >> yes >> getting ready to graduate. i want to go back to the third party expert who might be able to fit this role. talk about implicit bias. you mentioned that you have already spoken to one and you have two and you
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have a third one. you having begun the process. some of the money? >> some of it >> okay. i'm going to shift my conversation about the officer involved shooting [in] investigation. i want to know what's the pace. when we will get some closure? >> are you speak to go a specific one? >> unfortunately, -- ( pause)
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>> the training will also by summer. they still have two people to hire. that will be updated when you come babbling or we have call another hearing and we'll have another opportunity. >> i just have one more questions and it's regarding the re[coomt] and it's just i had our own personal experience with one of the young ladies that i work with and got invited into the academy. the daughter of one of our [jantd] ores. one -- i understand it
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shouldn't be easy the one thing i did speak about in terms of the report and i wanted ask you about the use of retired officers and the re[coomt] process and what level of diversity in there and have you guys thought about that in terms of retired officers. i just want your thoughts oner that >> retired officers we do use retired officers. i don't have a breakdown of the diversity. we did add some diversity in that group. the resources actually is involved in our hiring process. -- we do use retired officers. the spirit behind that not the use of retired officers to look at the practices that of those we
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hire. is there an impartial. that's an ongoing thing. talk about bias and how we identify and it address it i think the spirit of that blue ribbon panel you look at our practices and make sure we are looking at whether or not those things exist. >> as part of that process if you would all think about diversity in retired officer and i think that will be helpful in re[coomt]. >> [spfers]. >> yes thank you. i have another comment or question i wanted. i just wanted to comment with a statement about i know how hard the police job is. my husband and i he always says that now he's retired and hindsight it's such a hard job. it is so hard. because my husband was a police officer of
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35 years i know how hard it is and it's hard on families too. now with this added sort of spotlight on police and accountability i know it's difficult for the members. it's hard to do your job when people don't trust you or like you. it's hard to do your job when you are serving the public and there's a lot of public citeize umm about the job you do. it's a very, very, difficult job. i don't think people really realize how hard it is. the toll it takes on individuals. having said that i am wondering on one recommendation is that the chief should actually meet with some groups such as officers and asian police officers -- an officer -- i want to know have you met with them and do you plan on meet with them on a regular basis >> answer to the first question
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yes. the second question yes absolutely. the plan is to meet with each of those groups monthly. i haven't finally met with the asian police officer association but met with them gone to a lunch the biggest the police officers association all the police employee groups i plan to meet with them on a monthly basis. so the we are is yes >> i would appreciate that. i think what's needed here is actually things we saw in this report reluctance to speak honestly and truthful the membership and their groups. save space for that and knowing they will not retaliated upon and this idea -- i'm just reading -- it seems to be a
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major issue in getting support really concerning the membership and every day they don't do this job and also the issues are facing them and also facing them as people of color or people who are lgb i think it would be very helpful to hear from them and get an honest assessment and perhaps suggestions but i think within those groups there is some healing that needs to be done and i hope that you are the one to actually give them some relief and give them a voice and back up their voice. when he heard in this book we heard from yolanda williams. she felt unsafe and her friends felt unsafe for her to and the only remedy was oh do you want to transfer? i think there somebody more than that. it
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takes a lot of courage i know to speak out against a culture or the powers that be. but sometimes it is not the loudest voice the most important voice sometimes it is the trueest voice that's the most important voice and that is the voice that will drive the change. so i appreciate that and when we meet i hope we can meet again and follow up on that discussion because i think actually it's kind of key to this culture shift that we're all looking for forward to in san francisco. >> i want to have not met with any of the other lbgtq groups and that's also one of the plans plan to meet with all the groups. monthly. >> thank you. >> chief quickly one of the things that you touched on was your re[coomt] process and work that you're doing to visit
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historically black colleges and to recruit from the these colleges could you elaborate on your efforts in that regards because that's the first time i've heard it mentions as it relates to the police department. it's something i've been trying to push in general in san francisco with our outreach efforts not just for city employment opportunities but some of our corporations and companies all over the city to really push for hiring and recruiting from historically black colleges. this is first time i heard mention of it. can you talk about it please >> just a back grouped. most of the historical black college are east coast and the southern part of the united states east of here. east of the mississippi river. we have made an effort to go to at [la] atlanta. we felt that was a
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good strategic location to be. we've reached out to those universities. there's an interest we believe in attracking candidates that are interested in a career in law enforcement. it's just -- there's an interest. it's a very concentrated group of in terms of a huge population of african-american college students in that area. so this is out of the box like i said. we hope and we think we're going to have dividends in terms of our re[coomt]. this is be ongoing thing. i'll be happy to report that how that went. >> the last thing that i want to point out is one of the my frustrations both the police department and the fire department is that people grew up in san francisco who want ton work for these public safety departments usually have
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a difficult time getting into these departments and so one of the things that i continue to push for is being more active and working with the high schools all over san francisco specifically the public high schools and making sure that folks in high school know that there is a real opportunity for them to work for these department and doing a better job of preparing them for these incredible opportunities. i wanted point that out as something as well the other issue that we have in not having san francisco people who grew up in this city and understand and know this city who are part of the fabric of this city. have a shoot working for this city who can be incredible people out there on the streets working with the community in the way that community policing should actually happen in san francisco. i just wanted to point that out. i would like to see this as it relates to
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the rerecruitment effort. seeing no other names on the roster. is there any members of the public who like to provide public comment [thon] particular item. please come forward. you will have up to two minutes. welcome back mrs. jones. >> thank you madam president for board of supervisors. this brutal. it's brutal on the public to have to sit here for five hours before public comment. i guess i'm kind of frustrated to because a lot of board of supervisors from the few i have you weren't paying attention and this is important
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and you know mrs. tang whatever were you typing i hope you were taking notes on this issue because you were typing the whole time. i find it very disrespectful. >> madam president if you could direct -- >> well okay. this is one of the reasons i don't like coming. i don't like coming because a lot of you are just so disrespectful to the public [coughing] >> and we sit here and fight and we want justice and we come in here that you are you work for us and you can't even pay attention you know to what is grieving us what is is paining us what the suffering what we're going through in your opportunities and [kmoofnts]. one of the things i want to talk about you know for the chief welcome and with all respect i mean i wanted hear
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what is going to happen. you touched on a lot of things. the community policing. what's going to happen to these officers involved shootings that they only get 10 days off and come back into the police department and resume their job while the community is sufferinging while the families are suffering? what is being done? i mean, 479 recommendations and what are the priorities. the priorities for us that we need some healing. we need these officers involved who are involved in these unnecessary murders be prosecuted. >> thank you mrs. jones. mrs. speaker please.
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>> you have four minutes. [speaking another language] >> supervisors thank you for allowing us to talk about this case. >> [speaking another language] >> reply name. i am the cousin. today is 11 months since my cousin was killed by the police. >> [speaking another language] >> since my cousin died we have had no information about the [in] investigation followed by the police and the officer who killed my cousin killed an entire family. >> [speaking another language]
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>> and i'm begging the supervisors to not stop supporting police that destroyed families instead police help families. >> [speaking another language] >> i am asking supervisors to man up police that the perform their duty and this process with transparency. they cannot continue to destroy communities and we cannot -- >> [speaking another language]
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>> and i'm begging you to demand they they do their work correctly. it's not all right for them to hurt families and take away people's right because they have that power over people. >> [speaking another language] >> and they keep on killing us
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and destroying us. it is not just. it's the family that's hurtment a family that hurts. a family keeps waiting a sense of justice some use of justice. from the justice system of the city. not just from the police. >> [speaking another language] >>: we demand a view that you demand that they do a better job and stop destroying families. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i'll take my two minutes. i am with the family. our coalition is called justice and honor -- we sent e-mail
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supervisors yesterday. we're calling our spd reform tracker. from us as resident or citizens of this city we extremely frustrated this reform process. what it looks to us on this side 479 recommendations. when we send in our reform tracker we send in a -- at least more people can know what are the recommendations, what are the priority areas which are by the mother number of recommendations, bias community policing practices internal discipline, and personnel. so it is impossible to even sit calmly through these sessions. what it looks like that
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supervisors are just throwing darts at a blog of recommendations trying to get a sense of what those reform processes is like and the problem is actually with the entire reform process which we have asked you in our letter is that you please establish help the community establish goals, help the community establish reform process that have emphasis on goals and performance standards and also that you take a consideration recommendations that are external oversight agencies and call for a review session with the d.a. with the dpa and the police commissioner. thank you >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. police
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accountability. ive been writing about the sean case. i've been going to the court. i went to the bail hearing in which the judge reduced a 2 million dollar bail down. he watched the video carefully and found huge holes. today i was in court until 3 o'clock and came up here quickly and that was a preliminary hearing at which the public defender made a very strong case even though there's supposed to be complete separation of two offers involved in the joint shooting that during the course of the event the lawyer in fact basically got them both on the same page as to the storieses they were telling that is other stories they were telling. that is highly illegal. that knees to be addressed. i'll b
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back there court tomorrow. we'll be doing reporting. with regards, respiratory totally agree that the process of choosing priorities is not something that needs to be left up to -- it's a political process that you the board of supervisors very much weigh in on. we should not leave it up to a very distance federal agency. it will be destroyed by president-elect trump president trump. it should be up to you guys. you do not have any charter power over the -- you do have the power of the purse. it's time to start thinking about using that. we have a very, very large police department. .budget fights are about to start happening. you need to get on board to look at
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the budget issue. thank you. >> next speaker >> january 2016 there were a five hour holdup. it was in chinatown. get a cut on a suspects reportedly a robber into custody. a six hour blocked off apprehend a suspect who wanted to have death by cop. on the 6th of january within 16 minutes. a man was shot on his own door step. by two officers who had two years on the force. those two officers claim to be victims
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and shawn moore shot by them. are two years of service and this police department hasn't done anything to discipline restrain or to do anything investigation about these officers. but shawn moore was charged within 10 days. on the 8 of february michael suffered a mental health episode. his mother flagged down cops. she told them he was having a mental episode. six san francisco police officers came upon this 27 year man beat him until he needed to be admitted into san francisco general. he's been charged with assault against police officers. when this new chief was hired that a difference would be made. i'm still hanging on this hope. i'm not given much evidence that i can hang on this hope.
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i'm people of color in this town may not be getting killed anymore but they're being beaten hospital eyessed and charged with crimes. >>: thank you. next speaker please. >>: hello. i'm a resident in the -- and on february 26th 2017, my husband was having a mental are health crisis. i called the suicide hotline. they were not helpful. i will to called 911 which i knew would involve police officers. i tried to prosecute avoid this. a man shot by the sfpd. the court ruled as the police officers did not use excessive force. when the police officers showed up at my my
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door. as soon as i opened the door. after the police officers after i called 911 i told them my roommate was having a mental health crisis. i want to know the tactics the sapd are using. i wanted to point out that chief scott cases get sent to the d.a. d i'm talking about lopez shot which the police on february 26 i believe. 2015. they've been meeting every wednesday for the past two years and the family is still waiting for a court date to be sent. i would like to know d.a. or chief will ever take responsibility for the
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murder of black and brown lives in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> jacky. i want to talk about the early intervention system which is the san francisco police department's part of their orders. it's purpose top identify members of the department who exhibit at risk behaviors such as excessive use of force t. was designed to provide intervention to correct those behaviors. it has little or no impact because sergeants or supervisors are willing to accepted use of -- there have been so eis interventions. hundreds of officers identified as using excessive force. february first commission
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police meeting. one of the officers none of the recommendations made the police executive 8 years ago has been implemented. she cite thed statistics. only 9 officers had interventions. three failing to appear. the commissioner was quick to identify the problemses. in 2008. the date is isn't being analyzed. she said the department per receives the eis punitive and discipline airy officer and their supervisors don't cooperate. this represents a failure to get the needed counseling for these officers. he remarked reports
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the reports are useless. why haven't there beenen e- intervention. five officers shot on december -- have any of them been flagged? >> thank you, very much. next speaker please. >> we recently had a front page that was staying at the -- it included the that tells us that majorities aren't always right. the question put in the poll approve nonlethal devices like tasers. they are very lethal. we know that a lot of people
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like this weapon. it might make things a lot easier. there were 13 [#r] police officer killed. but the tasers have killed apparentedly over at least 634 people since 2001. there are was a guy 16 year old in michigan who was killed by a single 35 second shot to the chest. taser international included some guidelines you're not supposed to shoot a person there or other conditions. despite these guidelines a study by the new york [s*ifk] liberties union. the police executive research form writes in its 2011 guideline. tasers
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should not be an all-purpose weapon. another report shows justification was miss ining 6 0 percent of incidences of taser use. including the devices used with little consideration. another report tasers were used where the subject noncompliance. >> thank you, very much. thank you. next speaker please. >> hi. supervisors. officers and the public. four months ago. [-pg] community members came before the board. the black boy being killed and other people he has harasserred and beaten. we told you about an officer who lied on the
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witness stand. no charge or fired. the vice president of the police officer associations covered up a beaten back in 2000. ive prepared a report detailing these case and presented to all of have you previously. bad cops are repeat offenders. they're a network. network controls the poa. what message does it send to the officer? s reform is fundamentally impossible without -- any officer found to have covered up misconduct in anyway should be fired as a matter of policy. whistle blowser need be celebrated and report and protected. we all
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know [whot] bad cops are. i just told you some of their names. firing is not a problem with technology. at the present times a matter of will. will you fire the bad cops? if the police commission and others do not immediate this standard the bad cops are fired and good cops are protected i urge the board of supervisors cut their budget until they can >> thank you, very much. next speaker please. >> if we don't do the killings that having already happened. all of this is hollow. i suggest a different [a] [proeismt] i'm really not a system of punishment and revenge and cruelty. i would like to see restored justice. as the first step to have the officers and their superiors sit in circle with each of the families and friends have had
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their loved ones taken away from them and listen to what their stories are. listen to how this has changed their life forever. this is our only chance. you cannot allow the observation to hide behind all of you and not have to deal with the pain. this is not thing what happens -- these officers can't heal either. they're carrying this burden to. no one can heal in this kind of situation. and i strongly encourage you to think about holding these circles. i know you will say officers incriminate themselves. that will be their choice but they need to listen. they need to look in the faces of these people and share them. this is our only chance. they're not going to be prosecuted. that's
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pretty obvious. this is a different time. it worked in south africa. it worked in canada. can we please, please consider sitting in circles and not hiding from each other and healing this wound. i don't see it any other way to do this. please consider this option. you can make this happen for all of us. thank you. >>: thank you. next speaker please. >> thank you forgiving me this opportunity to speak. we talk about accountability. there's been over 40 fateal officer involved shootings since 2000 and there's been no criminal charges. they haven't reviewed a case in 2 years. over a dozen cases that are open. i know i'm confident that there are fantastic officers on our police force doing fantastic
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things. it's a really hard job and i understand. i cannot give them proper due respect and ad duration and praiser that they do. we have killers. in this case a few apples may not spoil the whole bunch. i'll tell i what it does spoil t. acknowledgmented of discipline actions. these killer cops
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need prosecuted. the officer that's were involved in the -- six were fired. that's great. what about the other 12? why killer cops on payroll? where does the commission stands. do we need commissions votes to leave these officers on the force? their vote is not public. why not a dashboard for the commission? >> thank you, very much. thank you. next speaker please. >> i guess wering -- i came here 5th time to protest this law. because my neighbor fix
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and repair my house. up to now it's been years and years. i came here to beg you help me to get to my home fix and repair my house. because i've been trying to seek help from all the department but everyone say that i don't have this right and then my neighbor has the right behind her. i've been struggling. i don't know what to do. if i hire a an attorney to hurt her -- besides that they told me she had the right. i don't have the right behind me. what can i do? i really don't know what can i do.
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because i know nothing about the law and nothing about these things. but i am homeowner. i have the right toy fix my house and repair my house. please help me and also my voice mayor. help me please. ty. >>: thank you, very much. i just wanted to remind members of the public that this is a committee of the whole regarding our law enforcement department and police department and you'd like for general public comment that will happen after this committee as a whole. any members of the public who like to speak on this hearing on police accountability specifically please come forward. >> thank you, very much. i want to say it's been a pleasure meeting our new chief
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and looking for his openness to meet with community groups. that feels some progress. we're not waiting for the official invitation from city hall. we're reaching out. we feel the reach out has been are received pretty well. we'll be having some debates with the chief. cit is an issue where we are concerned about all officers being [thraend]. can you imagine an officer in a crisis situation. saying i'm only trained in use of force. i have to call the cit people. it will take 10 minutes. we believe that universal training. an important debate and discuss. recognition for a good cops. sorry. i real when he brought some cops to the
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assembly here who had chanced a manna cross the roof top for many, many, minutes physically restrained him and didn't kill him. in terms dealing with lessons learned. i would hope we can look at lessons learned for the proper of nonuse of legal force. we see that every day. we see cops on the street they need those lessons need to be learned. demographics i could caution you to about going to black colleges [xpo] recruit black potential police officers and hiring white office that's outright discrimination. i think we ought to look at that. i think we should certainly come home to folks that live in the city to hire.
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>> thank you, very much. next speaker please >> i live in this neighborhood right over here. i'm pretty sure that's vanness right. over there. talk a little bit about what we've noticed that maybe is going to lead to a lesser outcome. first of all, every time the police commissioner coming to our neighborhood we want better and better police services. every meeting in the police commissioner has been taken over by these people who have very concern about police homicide. our issues get buried. i think the answer for the homicide i appreciate the work that everybody is doing in that regard. as far as i would
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like to point out our captain. a wonderful woman captain. i speak of praises. we're very pleased with her. year ago san francisco shopping district. we are afraid there's going to be a culture class between the shopping owners and us. that's what happened. you see these people coming. the rest of us. our issues are totally different. that had a lot to do with the former police chief we couldn't get passed him. that's how bad things happen. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> we need to stop shooting things bullets. beans bags. tasers. living in san francisco we need them. we need them to retire healthy. second to vets -- [coughing] >> [choel] divorce rates are pre high. i would like to see begunless belts. going into community knowing they won't shoot the community. will the community have their back? american military of the world is now in our police department. why not back away from it right here? we can do it. mr. woods five or police
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officers -- we can do much better with nets. 30 percent of the class shouldn't start in 70 percent of the police class is from san francisco. ing we can hire from high school. we can get them from city college. we need people from our city policing our city. being peace officers in our city. cit. peace officers on the street. just like the fire department owns a fire. willing to have angels. volunteers on the street now they need to be on their own. police stays by them. they will learn. as long as they can stand around. how human is to be human? mental health problems. chemical problems just genetic
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problems. complete police complaints generally within 30 days. the d.a. -- >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i thank you for your annually support of the special olympics torch run >> walter, this is about police -- we're going to take >> summer of love. thank you. >> thank you. all right. are there any other members of the public whoed like to provide public comment on this particular hearing seeing none. public comment is now closed. it is held and filed. supervisor cohen you want to wrap this up. >> thank you president. i
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would like to wrap this up and i want to thank of all the members of the public. all the advocates paying attention. i want to thank the command staff. hearing the -- moving to us he's the man for the job to take on this tasks of implementing. with that said madam president i'd like to make a motion that this hearing has been filed. you know what i plain. >>: we want to -- >> motion is needed. >>: thank you. >> if i can add the next hearing for this transparency accountability in law
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enforcement will be scheduled in may thank you. >>: we will be changing the format it's a little more efficient with all of our time >> i want to say thank you to members of the public for your patients. thank you to the [kloo*ef] and his manned staff for coming out and enduring this lengthy time frame. we will do a better job next time of having definitely being more efficient. i do think this is definitely a start of a conversation that needs to continue. this conversation will not only happen as a board of supervisors. it continue to happen at the police commission. our goal is to make -- as the approvers of the police department budget and the city budget as a whole. we want some accountability attach to the dollars that were allocated to the department as well. we hear members of the public. we also hear the department we hear the reforms.
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we hear the reforms are actually working on the ground. it is not perfect. we do not get to this place overnight the solutions that we need to move towards will not happen overnight but we are committed this board of supervisors doing what we can do get there. we appreciate your patience. we will continue to have the discussions do all we can. make sure those recommendations are implemented and we have the kind of department that we deserve here in the city and county much san franciscos. thank you for being here today today. we look forward continued confers in the future. with that madam clerk let's get back to our agenda. there are two items the first -- you could do one or two things first. we open the introduction of new business. i know supervisor. wanted to introduce new business and or
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item 42. >> let's finish up public comments. we've had people waiting long enough. first speaker. >> women's history month. meter maid. [reading]
7:12 pm
>> my mom i miss her investment she went on to be a gardner in the san francisco zoo. she sort of look like her. diane. i said to grace with thanks for your work our zoo. it's better and better. she was in musical treasure. she found this coin 1984. children's playground. they used to have
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rides there. >>: thank you. >>: thank you and happy women's history month to everybody. >> thank you. and welcome back. next speaker please. >> san francisco police accountability. the last committee as a whole one of our supervisors. while you have no charter authority over and indirect input in regard to the three appoint he's you do have the power of purse. i think you must begin to use that power. a recent commission hearing we became aware that the 2018 budget is 5 hundred 83
7:14 pm
million dollar. that's before the chief upgraded the command staff a cost of an additional 10 million dollars. that's a whole lot of money. our chief is the highest pay in the world. retirement is goal plated with lots of retired cops pulling down 200 thousand dollars a year. and yet we have a much -- communities that have far hire poverty rates. additionally san francisco is rapidly [jent] identified. the mission gangs are a fraction of their size. what are we going
7:15 pm
to do with the police in the fire power? the budget is going to be a big fight this year and i'm hoping you will begin to consider to some shrinking the budget and pay for all the other things this city needs. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> section 8 people from navigations centers. they have to find a home. that's the 20 percent of all new housing. above that 5 percent if you are 30 years san francisco resident 65 plus -- we're going to go 15 percent if you are a 20 year resident local zip code of this new building you can get a chance to get in. this is
7:17 pm
dedicated housing. we're moving people from their apartments. from their homes. landlords are getting a chance to move people in. there's movement. 10 percent if you're a 30 year resident local zip code again around this new building 65 years or plus waited senior -- this is a template thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> the police they're lax on
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their enforcing the law. they tighten up the law. basically, what i see i saw a police action some other people on the street was using the term this is completely screwed up. i was saying you -- i actually cannot imagine a citizen that's moresist then the one i live in >> thank you. are there any other members. public that would like to provide public at this time. it's now closed. are you going to go back to role call for introduction. >> we still have item 42 on the floor. the committee --
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>> item 42 is a public hearing scheduled for today pursuant to a motion approved on january 31. to hear this findings and recommendations made by the planning department. in the report housing for families with children. >> supervisor. >> yes. >> any public comment on the continuous of this continuance
7:20 pm
hearing. can we take the vote of the meeting march 20, 2017. this item will be continued. it s- is there a motion to excuse supervisor who had to leave 1234 >> 705 >> let's go to item adoption without -- >> i'll call items 47 through 50. >> which item? >> 48 willing to committee
7:21 pm
>> [inaudible] >> please call the roll >> >> ma'am clerk please call item 50. >> item 50. apologize. resolution to recognize march as --
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>> supervisor e. >> i'll make it really quick. this is something we try to to the public every year for the last three years. it's a public. gambling. a lot of people have problem gambling. i don't know whether the people know this gambling is one of the biggest. people spend 79 hundred build gambling a year. some this recreational some of it is addictive. >>: er the resolution is
7:23 pm
adopted unanimously. >> although you indicated 48 will be sent to committee. i want to read the title. title 48 to urge taxation code. enable california district corporate income taxes. >> thank you. >> on behalf of supervisor we have a resolution to declaring march 12, through march 18 2017. >> okay.
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>> it came to the attention after the agenda was public listenedder by the board. >> all right. the [sprufers] has made a motion to purely item and it came to thed attention of the board after the agenda was published and it was seconded by the supervisor. can we take the findings without objection in >> public comment is now closed with that we will take the finding the motion to move forward the findings without objection without objection the findings passed unanimously and on the underlining item to recognize arrest bower day. without objection it's imperative.
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>> today's meeting in memory. behalf of supervisor. ( calling names) >> this bring as end. any other business before us tonight >> that includes our business for today >> we are adjourn. thank you everyone. [end of session] 7:25 p.m.
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>> neighborhoods in san francisco are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them and today we're in the western addition in district 5, where we'll hang with supervisor london breed and experience firsthand the renaissance underway at the buchanan mall. buchanan mall was connecting city blocks from grove to turk street and once besieged by violence, today it's revitaling community spirit with an urban garden. this is where anyone who grew up in
7:33 pm
the neighborhood and spend out any time outside we spent time at buchanan mall and we hang with one another and made it work. we had fun together. the good news is that it seems like the activation is bringing the community back to the area. this garden, i think, can do a lot for bringing the community together. my hope is that with these cooking demos, that will bring folks out and they will start talking to one another when they probably normally wouldn't do that. crystal jem started cook as soon as she could start and the coordinator for community grows an organization that teaches cooking and nutrition, sanctifying growing spaces and nourishing communities. >> it was to have a sea of calm for pause and congregating. i see more people out.
7:34 pm
if they are out here playing, it's still safer. it's a beautiful spaces and people are less inclined to mess them up. it allows them to want to instill some sort of ownership over this good thing. before we did this buchanan mall project i had walked through here -- hadn't walked through in ten years because of the dynamics of the neighborhood. >> for residents who kov founded green street a local business that offers re-cycling for the properties, activation took opportunity for the environment and community at-large. >> it's the but thy of the whole mission north and from the prison yards together and now we stand here today pushing good energy for those people around us. i learn businesses through this and now i can share business with my community.much.
7:35 pm
>> (clapping.) >> well good morning and thank you all for being here i'm ed reiskin the director of transportation and can't tell you how existed and speak on behalf of everybody here to be at this milestone after many years somewhat our decades ever planning to break ground on a
7:36 pm
transformative project for one of the city's anyhow unique and special streets i - there is a way this works folks without whom we wouldn't be here i'll give an opportunity to speak and afterwards go out and literally 0 break ground i want to acknowledge folks not speaking i'm not sure they're here by representatives from nancy pelosi's office and senator harris and there was a lot of work to be done at the freshen over the years and leader pelosi in particular was a huge comment thank her and stare half and at the state level hearing from the state a
7:37 pm
strong will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting with the transportation and our legislatures want to acknowledge supervisor chiu and supervisor scott wiener and a lot of folks made that happen but really the lead for this project has came into from right here in san francisco and one of the hallmarks of our mayor has been to forge collaboration amongst city agencies within the government and with the community and because of complexity of that project there were probably a dozen city agencies and newcomers state agency and the federal government as well as important stakeholders including some of the ones that occupy the building around where we're standing it took that kind of collaboration in other words, to get to this point i want to start off by introducing the mayor of san francisco mayor ed
7:38 pm
lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you ed reiskin good morning, everybody. welcome to the groundbreaking of our van ness corridor bus rapid transit i want to say thank you to everyone on stage and offstage since 2003 with the prop k been working hard to get this project done well and right a lot of community groups thank you, again to the mta to the commissioners, staff, who working hard to get a lot of views settled but our county transportation agencies and state and federal partners that are part of funding and vision zero of of this our regional mta as well because the state road we're still on a lot of people here talking today and i've been
7:39 pm
told in no uncertain terms to keep my remarks under two minutes i'll let them talk about all the benefits of bus rapid transit and all the advantages as a city what i'm also exciting to talk about is that we're going to have better lighting along this wonderful avenue closing in the very lengthy distance for people to cross better lighting, better walk abilities more bounce on the street will be improvements i think that people living and walker users this corridor will have a great benefit but also existed to say as your formerly c p w infrastructure person in the city excited to see four
7:40 pm
more miles of water sewer piping underneath more miles of sewer and stormwater pipelines underneath they won't leak nor break they'll be new 2000 new feet of our auxiliary water system been also underneath this is try infrastructure and i think i'm making a point that is when we tear up the roads and side medium and do all the traffic relayed improvements we're now improving as a city while we're there let's take care of what is underneath we never do the that in the past i've not seen an vastly improved and safer avenue an avenue that serves thousands of people better because of bus rapid transit but all the other smart things we're doing to include
7:41 pm
and work underneath while we have at the medium and sidewalks opened up that's real progress for a city like san francisco and, yes we'll take that as a thank you with that my two minutes are are up let's get the dirt digging and the project done thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor that is from to have a mayor who was a public works go director not on exciting stop i like hearing the mayor get exist bye about the sewers and other things and the benefits the lighting benefits and go, of course, the traffic and transit benefits a project of this scale was don't happen without the locate leadership we're pleased to be joined spy the president of the board of
7:42 pm
supervisors would grew up not far from the street a great leader and supporter of transit in district 5 and across the city please join me in welcoming president of the board of supervisors london breed. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everybody. well, i've had the prestige of riding the 47 and 49 along the van ness beyond a reasonable doubt or corridors when i went to galileo high school although the next generation of young people wouldn't use the excuse that muni was late when i did back then we are doing what we can to make sure their arriving on time 16 thousand people that use this line gets to work on time and school and get to their designations and that's what this project is about
7:43 pm
yes, we made mistakes long ago before any any of us were born when we didn't underground the traffic systems that is expensive along the central subway and the bus rapid transit is reliable it is not underground but a way to speed up up the line and based on the initiatives preliminary numbers that will change the travel time by over 32 percent that's big that is big when you rely on muni to get you back and forth every single day to our example work and designation one of the most important projects in the city and i can't wait until that happens because it is going to make a huge difference address isly with improvements comes sacrifice so for the next 3
7:44 pm
years we'll have sacrifice do send me e-mails complaining when it is done you'll thank us to create something great for the future thank you all so much. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> one of our main partners is the community of transportation authority they lead the first phase the planning and get united states to e got us to a point they're a strong partner and we're pleased to be joined by now the chair of the transportation authority who during his first couple of terms in office sat at the
7:45 pm
transportation authority when the project was coming to light please help me welcome chair the ta commission supervisor peskin. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, ed and by way of the history didn't start during my first term in 2000 behind us this was the firebreak from the 1906 san francisco earthquake o
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
we're on time and on budget so with little disruption there will be disruption we've been doing a lot of outreach with the community to best manage and might mitigate one of the unique aspects of this project as you heard most of us feel like van ness is a san francisco city street that is our street
7:51 pm
and while that themselves that way technically this is the state highway so the street didn't belong to us this street belongs to the state of california so we're very grateful to have as we do with the federal government a great partner in the state government maneuvered in the leadership of the district 4 director of caltrans who with his staff we work closely at the levels of detail to make sure that design will work for the state highway so i want to thank him and his staff for the great work and please join me in welcoming for caltra caltrans. >> thank you, ed good morning mayor and supervisors and distinguished guests and agencies and staff and members of the public it is a pleasure to be here today to join all of
7:52 pm
you as we break ground for the first brt project in san francisco we've been wanting to reach this milling and reaching this point in the project is reflective of the tireless work for the federal and state and redeeming level those who had the vision for the project those who helped fund it can and the great staff of all agencies that naektd in through the maze of approval necessary for us to reach this point as was stated earlier van ness project brt utilities the dedicated places separated from the paragraph on the u.s. 101 will be used by muni and golden gate transit route 101 and then van ness is a
7:53 pm
regional important route serving 45 thousand people driving on this road everyday and helps navigate those people from the peninsula to the south side and to the north and also obviously the main street in the city of san francisco lined with mixed use and other mixed use spaces that will enhance the traffic separation within the two mile corridor that will separate transit from auto and stations between traffic times reduces the delays and increase the ridership and improve the safety and increase the transit reliability on behalf of caltrans we thank you for inviting us to be here to celebrate 24 event this project when completed will make van ness more important to these who will use it more efficient and sustainable transit system
7:54 pm
moving more people and helping to improve the quality of life of the residents for this great city i'd like to recognize and thank all the agencies staff that working hard on this project to deliver this and especially i'd like to thank my staff another caltrans can i see all caltrans people stand up please and be recognized. >> (clapping.) >> as ed said you'll all the agencies working hard to solve the problems and the issues that were raised to us and the development of the project congratulations to the city and let this project get started thank you thank you so from federal so state to local that the partnership is expensive one throughout the many government agencies as mentioned but again really the led agency that gave
7:55 pm
birth to the project really got the process going back in the 2000 was the community transport authority they lead the initial planning and our as the chair said a funder of the this project we're pleased to be joined by the executive director of transportation authority tilly chang. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone sew so much and ed and for all of you for being here on this happy day mayor ed lee, supervisors and director brinkman and -- excuse-me. supervisor peskin thank you for mentioning the state and local partnership the whole vision we've had to transform this street that deserves a great transportation design here we are can you believe that congratulations to you this is a team in the region and the state and the federal
7:56 pm
government that will build the first full featured brt line in san francisco the van ness corridors improvement project is going to do nothing less than transform this corridor into a world-class complete street and a model nation wide and in the world and sets standards of fast reliable trait for muni our vision was codified by voters in 2003 when they approved the citywide rapid transit buses that turned into this as long as and muni forward approved by 75 percent of voters thank you to the transportation bond and prop a and prop b and thank you for your support for great transit and transportation in the city local funds in fact, comprise a walk e whooping 52 percent 52 percent are we're so grateful
7:57 pm
for the federal transit administration for the $75 million for the caltrans providing active transportation and highway maintenance and operation fund but 52 percent local providers through the transportation measures as well as the puc are really the anchor the anchor for the project and the support and the trust they've pla they've placed i want to recognize the team the cac the advisory committee that convenes 27 times to offer 6 years thank you so much i'll not name you but cross 4 district thank you. please give them a hand that work is led with the advisory committee and any group providing that important outreach and input into the project a including the business
7:58 pm
advisory committee all over the place thank you candice and your communication team for leading that vertebrae robust outreach we want to thank, of course, the board members of the agencies past generations to the point they guide the work as well our staff director reiskin thank you for your partnership and the puc and mohammed nuru and director kelly and john haley the city traffic engineer and others working with teams with the staff on district 4 we had endless discussions many debates buses also including the collaboration go compromise in some cases it came down to interest is that; right? and speaking of the p.m. the project
7:59 pm
managers peter where are you. >> (clapping.) >> you're our hero. >> thank you for your leadership and ♪ phase and the prior phase working with bob and sherry and others michael and rachel you lead the project design and development for the past 10 years and the team that peter and others assembled you'll take us into the future thank you for your consideration and in and the robust design for the construction effort going forward for future generations to come >> thank you, tilly if we tried to acknowledge all the folks that put their blood, sweat, and tears we could be here all day truly so many
8:00 pm
people from the agencies that have worked hard to get us to where we are one that is worthy mentioning jose was someone i remember mohammed and i went up to sacramento he did a lot of work in his tenure and acknowledge him as well and lots of folks go no longer with the city or state of federal government had a hand in that within our agency not a part of the organization that was not part of this from the traffic engineers to the finance folks communications assessable services, safety, of course, traffic folks an incredibly strong team effort working across the agencies water and sewer and puc the great planning
8:01 pm
and financial folks at the transportation authority, the arts commission not too many city agencies have not touched this project and ultimately with all that good work it came down to the sfmta disorderly conduct to put together this funding and approve the project after that the environmental document was finalized wouldn't have been possible without the without sfmta and i see a couple members of the board (calling names) and currently now under the great leadership of the chair of the board of sfmta please join me in welcoming cheryl brinkman thank you, thank you i'm excited this project includes the benefits for all road users and
8:02 pm
practice the goals of sfmta transit we're helping not only muni but go not only golden gate riders as well as this project will improve both frequency and reliability for all the transit users for people walking we'll have safer and friendly streets to achieve a citywide vision zero goal at circulations improvements and smoother pavement there is a high need for this project not only the 16 thousand muni riders that supervisor president london breed references but 8 house golden gate riders use that with 24 development coming online those riders will be joined with people on foot and on buses thank you all very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you cheryl brinkman the
8:03 pm
shoves shovels are being sharpened but thank you to my partner in the streets of san francisco our public works director to say a few words they're the partner in delivering projects there are unique aspects of working with the public works support we're using a unique mechanism it is called the contract approach different than your typical lump sum low cost build public works has had a lot of experience with this bringing to our support that experience for this long horizontal project as well as great design support and support in many ways please help me welcome the director of the department public works mohammed nuru.
8:04 pm
>> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> ed and thank you for your speakers as you can see are true testimony on everybody working together to make a project come through and in public works how rare do we get an opportunity to do a lot of things it in one project new sewer lines and water and bus platforms but also the beauty of project it's the landscaping the sidewalks and the adu the connections from the ramps all making one cool project so many people with the design especially i want to thank caltrans it is their highway and all the agreements and new york city and the possible words we had to do yes louis was instrumental i remember one day at 4 o'clock in the morning we went to sacramento and fighting over just to make that project come through today is a reality we're
8:05 pm
already started the work i'm excited and happy that the project is moving forward it is going to make a huge difference and commissioner london breed made that clear it is a different time our city is growing we need accommodate the growth from public works i want to thank our engineering staff (calling names) they've been on the project making sure that everything is happening because some of the work and from the landscape team (calling names) they have been part of landscape will be new trees and new plants night connection itself when you walk or ride you're bicycle so
8:06 pm
we appreciate all that and for the environmental compliance and everyone that worked hard to make that project it is a great example of rapid transit and it is first here in the bay area i'm excited about it, too so thank you very much and thank you, everyone. >> (clapping.) >> thanks mohammed when he was talking about agreements what comes with agreements lawyers a lot of legal work with the funding agreement and the permitting i want to announce the city attorney's office a number of firms with the h ac b and others and, of course, our construction general contractor will be a public-private effort but kind of last but more for the voice for the community for all this great work and all the great work for all the levels of
8:07 pm
government this project is not for us but for the people we all serve the people that live and work on the corridor and travel two or more and the corridor those are the beneficiaries of this i mentioned because alcohol, tobacco & firearms scale and complexity we have two advisory committees and a business committee their guidance is important so ultimately it is they are serving we're pleased to have the chair of the citizens advisory committee here to join us please join me in welcoming alex wilson km. >> thank you for the construction workers wouldn't have been possible without the group thank you for making this happen i'm a little bit surprised was under the impression 3 van ness was my road in any neighborhood and the voters have you approved this i
8:08 pm
see that as definitely all our roads when i moved to san francisco in 2009 traveling van ness was a part of route i radioed it and craved critical upgrades to van ness for the major corridors and because it is a part of my neighborhood i wanted more efficient buses and safer sidewalks august's a clear crosswalks and better traffic lanes so the traffic can move for efficiently we're all here today throwing paper because we love and care about our city a city of doers we index what is broken and strive for improvements from tech and corporate to the nonprofit we're the epic center of solutions the van ness project is a small example what it means to be a
8:09 pm
san franciscan to fix and improve by a what is not working our neighborhood will serve as an example to other neighborhood and drivers and pedestrians and businesses and residents me all of us, will benefit from the van ness improvement project our road will be savor your buses will run more efficiently and our pedestrians will have beautiful sidewalks to stroll down as a neighbor i look forward to more trans investigating van ness i look forward to the journey thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you alex's and thank you for the correction the state owns the street but the streets belong to the people of san francisco and the people of california that's a good reminder we're ready now if you didn't get a goody bag grab one ask the folks the leaders to dawn their helmets we'll move and break ground
8:10 pm
ready set go. >> okay. >> ready get set, let's get to work. >> yeah. >> >> (clapping.) >> let the work begin thank you, .
8:11 pm
>> (clapping.) >> in 2013 san francisco legislators newsom agreed to allow the reciprocate of our soft story buildings those building house one and 20 thousand resident a program of that collect requires extensive outreach and this continuation of that process
8:12 pm
who is here and bill graham the perfect venue so in 2014 we have the first earthquake retrofit a huge success we're repeating this model what we've done it put together venues that are time professionals and contractor are financing institutions a other services that help people comply with the retrofit and as you can see the thousands of members of the public their assessing over one hundred vendors to comply with the ordinance or make improvements on their property i came to get specification information and puck h picking up information if you don't know what twaur doing i take it overwhelming. >> we're pleased a critical mass of people are keying into knowing their relents and understanding what had are the next steps to take and they're
8:13 pm
figuring out who to talk to not only the contractor by the mustards and the architect and the structural engineers and getting the full picture of what options are necessary and being pro-acti pro-active. >> so i'm very pleased to see the soft story buildings 99.9 percent complies the highest of the program of this scale of the history a citywide effort high blood pressure in every stretch of san francisco to understand real risks associated with earthquake and those are universally agreed on. >> at some point you need to gather information i'll be talking to another engineer to come out and take a look at it and basically get a second opinion i'm for second and third
8:14 pm
opinions it is inspiring to see all the property owners that want to do the right thing and for proactively figuring out what the solutions to get them that. >> what is amazing to me here we are over two years of first retrofit fair and at the time we are rh2 out to contractors to help us and reaching it out to design professionals that soft story buildings is in any and people understanding how to comply now it is different an industry that springs up as a result of the - their professed and gotten the costs down with lower financing options and these are defined and now the gene progression and have the buildings are buildings and the compliance we understand the 2020 one and 20 thousand san francisco's 15 messenger of our population will live in a
8:15 pm
retrofit building those people buildings or lives in buildings with 5 or more residential building is soft story and wood frame and built before 1978 that house that one and 20 thousand san franciscans. >> san francisco is being the leader in getting in done and as you may know los angeles passed their retrofit law two months ago at the sort of taken san francisco's lead on the one and tenth anniversary as the residents san francisco this is a road map to the city and going to give us us plan are these to keep folks here on a disaster and steps to build a resident waterfront by 2020. >> this involves more than one and 80 individuals and over 60
8:16 pm
nonprofits and other companies this is a huge plan and what are the challenges we realize that people are concerned about climatic change, sea level rise and not only the affiliated hazards but things hike you're our amp infrastructure and consumed by social and other things we see this in society everyday and how we try to mitigate those are ultimately a direct result how resident we are after earthquake other issue out of the strategy of the concept after a major earthquake of keeping 95 percent of population here in san francisco that's the single best thing to help a equitable recovery to keep people here keep people back to work and kids in school and a residents of normal after a
8:17 pm
disaster. >> alliance energy in our partner undertook comprehensive bid process we interviewed a half-dozen of folks who wanted to have a part of our soft story buildings are ordinance so alliance energy project programming is a clean assess energy a special financing that is done using the taxed authority of local multiples and one of the interesting features the loan is tied to the property not the vital if an individual didn't have good credit but it is another option for people not able to comply to find another avenue the assessment is actually places on the property and the builds for in that come literally a line item on the tax bill that's how you pay off the segment and tax. >> 20 or thirty years is all
8:18 pm
paid up front there are advantages your property tax well it is important to give people on option and many private banks that provide loans over a are shorter term we wanted to create a longer pay back term. >> i think the next step for property owners after at the create themselves to take the plunge and quit the working downey done and have works of work done right of the right rest of the property owners can understand this process across the city. >> we need to do it. >> it is safety you know that's the bottom line safety. >> earthquake safety a everybody's responsibility that is providing the resources that people need to get done if you want to know more of the
8:19 pm
resources as a san franciscan please visit the
8:20 pm
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
>> i want to thank all of you for joining us on this web san francisco date. we are thrilled to be here and however-even though it's wet outside the sun is definitely shining in this room. our announcement today will lead to brighter futures for our students at city college. today's announcement is the first in the nation and led by our great city. and most of the cases [inaudible] commitments to support tuition for students across their state we hope one day our entire state will do what we are doing here in san francisco and the commitments were about to make today. as vice president of the board of education i know the important value of city college attentively for the thousands of students that you want from our san francisco unified school district into city college and graduate and has
8:23 pm
the mayor senior advisor i know firsthand how passionate the mayor is about providing access and opportunities for all our youth. particularly, as it relates to educational outcomes that will lead to a degree or a certificate and improve their future earning potential. i see daily his dedication to develop a strong workforce in my city coach is so important to him and to our city. so this time fees, join me in welcoming our mayor, mayor ed lee. the clapping >>[applause] >> thank you thank you hydra and i want to welcome each and every one of our supervisors that are here today are board of supervisors. i know the join me in the trustees of our community college in this, i think life-changing milestone for our city called but particularly, for california residents who live in san francisco need [inaudible]
8:24 pm
these days. let me first and foremost thanks supervisor jane kim. i know that- >>[applause] she has been championing a way for whether it was though valid to looking at increased revenues. worked with my staff and i think she said a few weeks ago that she really liked working with hydra so i told [inaudible] and quite frankly they did. i am delighted that supervisor kim has been working closely with hydra on this working group that represented aft, the federation of teachers as well as the chancellor, chancellor lamb and the board of trustees and of course as i mentioned earlier the supervisors [inaudible] who really wanted to see something happen in the city. something bold, visionary, and we have done so with the collaboration that we have. let me tell you,
8:25 pm
when [inaudible] works together we can accomplish great things. we are going to need that spirit as we face challenges on the regional front, certainly, on the national front. but this is one thing that we do well when we come together is we work for each other and we do bold things. let me harking you back to a time when community colleges were established back in 1960s. it was told to us the promise to the state was that they will be part of the great public education system that we now enjoy, that we still enjoy, in san francisco. somehow decades after that we seem to have [inaudible] with one crisis after another. welcome we have come back to accomplish
8:26 pm
what i was like to say, not making new promises, but accomplishing the old ones with people who understand the mission of our community colleges in our public education. i know that supervisor kim it understands that. she obviously has worked very well at the school board for many years and she has continued her commitment to her work as a supervisor and now that we have this we can say to california residents who are living in san francisco, you are community college is now free and quality. yes. >>[applause] it is bold to say that because no other city in the great state of california can actually say that. not only say it, but mean it's because i want to make sure that this free tuition complements the accreditation overcome that the community college has
8:27 pm
accomplished [inaudible] that was a wonderful thing for us as a city to come together as well. in addition, we never do things in one dimension. we also say who else do we need to help? and we have taken a look and this is where a lot of the internal discussion had to happen. this is where hydra and supervisor kim and others aft, had to also make sure that we do it economically sustainable approach particularly, for those students that are most in need. we were able to figure out to a grants program for those students that receive the board of governors waiver that they will get at least a $500 per year support for books, for fees, for transportation costs. things that are really costing students and adding to their debt and we want our students
8:28 pm
to be debt free could we actually want him to get the best jobs this region can provide, and so that was helpful. that's really focused on full-time students but we also had in mind to help those that are struggling as part-time . that maybe they will have a path forward to be full-time judge maybe they will be able to get their diplomas and certificates because as part-time students, may also have a need and we will grant program that will support them as well. the combined with the grant programs,, combined with a free tuition, combined with accreditation we have a big old story to tell about what people can do when they come together here in san francisco, and i want to thank not just hydra and supervisor kim and chancellor lim in the board of trustees, but they wouldn't be able to do it without the public's knowledge that we
8:29 pm
embrace our public education. it's not just education for education sake. because the work ahead of us is not just reduced debt. it's to get people their hopes and dreams. because when people go and educate themselves as most college students do, here, they want a good job and a career. that may be sometimes of two teachers they should never work in a vacuum. students, they shouldn't be studying in a vacuum. it should be about an entire community of people who support the goals of education. that is to get good careers. so we have our work cut out to get not just because we've done this foundational work of being a good bold vision for public education. we have work to do to expect people to do great jobs the jobs they can afford for their families on a whole families, to move forward together. i know a lot of people are dependent upon our city college. i know that
8:30 pm
combined this will really have great news for our city college for generations to come and i know that they will do really good because behind them will also be a lot of businesses and government want that talent to come through our city colleges. so congratulations everybody and again thank you supervisor kim for working so closely with us. >>[applause] >> thank you mr. maher could i want to thank you for giving us the time to dive deeper into developing this plan and engaging the supervisors, your department, your budget office in these discussions could i just want to publicly acknowledge the great work in support of our budget director melissa white house. and her budget lead chris will yell and i'll sort of thing controller and rosenfield and his lead. for their collaboration. those were really team members. to our conversation. >>[applause]
8:31 pm
for four years, served side-by-side with our next speaker could we team together as the president and vice president of the board at one point before she took unresponsive though to of representing district 6. when it comes to education supervisor kim goes beyond her district good looks at the bigger picture and knows the role education plays in getting many of our students often first in their family, and low income, to rise. these, join me in welcoming supervisor jane kim. >>[applause] >> thank you hydra commissioner mendoza also our board of education. it is so exciting to be here today. almost a year after we initially began this process. we hardly said before and i'll say it again there used to be a time when-that many good paying jobs only required a high school diploma. that this diploma was enough to get most americans an opportunity to my a chance, to enter into our middle class. that is why government in the 20th century made this incredibly expensive
8:32 pm
investment in our human capital by [inaudible] in a universal and free k-12 education system. >>[applause] that is something to applaud. but we know that times are changing and research shows that by 20 2070% of all jobs created here in the united states will require some type of post secondary degree, training, or certificate. 70%. politicians are taking note throughout the country. in 2015 president obama made an announcement proposing a plan to make community college free for all americans for two years. we have seen that states like oregon on minnesota tennessee kentucky, have implemented some
8:33 pm
type of program encouraging more individuals and high school students to sign up for community college. but what i am most excited that we are announcing here today in san francisco the city of many first, is that we will be the first city in the nation to make community college free again for all of our residents. >>[applause] we know that the elephant and the policy realm of cities across the country is our plumbing income and wealth gap. here in san francisco, according to the brookings institute, we have the fastest growing income gap of any city across the nation. over four years ago, it used to be that americans and the middle class outnumbered those that were in the upper income and lower income brackets of our country. today that is no longer true. we as politicians, as policymakers, are responsible for these trying to reverse the trends and one of the best ways that we can do that is by
8:34 pm
investing in our citizens and investing in their education, and raising their likelihood of succeeding in the bay area region. so this making city college free, is going to provide greater opportunities for more san franciscans to enter into the middle class and more san franciscans to stay in the middle class if they currently are. in fact the data shows if you have an associates degree from city college you are an average likely to make $11,000 more than the same individual with just a high school diploma. that is almost $1000 more a month. it is great and important to build affordable and middle income housing but let's also put more money in the pockets of everyday san franciscans. we can do that by partnering with the great institutions at city college of san francisco and i want to acknowledge chancellor lamb and her staff for working
8:35 pm
with us these last april on helping to form late to plan. i want to give a big big big shout out to the san francisco labor council, connie for the vice president is here today along with kim paulsen the president and of course, this would not have happened without aft 2121 a president- >>[applause] and our political director alisa messer. >>[applause] they were important components of this program because when our office began rain storming and drafting an increase in the real estate transfer tax here in san francisco acknowledging that the luxury market was really impacting everyday san franciscans get we actually did not know how to best spend down those and what was the best way to invest [inaudible] coming from the luxury building and housing market. [inaudible] the labor council and aft 2121 came to us and said let's make city college free again. and when
8:36 pm
they first approach me i thought, wow this is really ambitious but i don't know if we are going to make this happen. if not for all the data and work that had been collected over the last year to labor council aft 2121 and the city college administration there is no way that we would be here today announcing this amazing program and we are absolutely making city college free for all san franciscans residence. >>[applause] this initiative will assist roughly 30,000 students that we know are san franciscans enrolled in city college today taking a critical is at minimum and we are also anticipating and thanks to the mayor's office to their proposal-anticipating growth as well. so i want to thank the mayor personally and hydra mendoza. from working with us to get the right numbers and also making sure that we put in a cushion to
8:37 pm
both encourage more residents to take a credit course at city college but also to ensure that we can welcome them all in as the city college enrollment grows. so thank you so much for committing not just picking city college freight but also to committing to the growth. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> so finally, i just want to recognize the city college board of trustees for us here to fit in with us since the very beginning of last year president rafael minimum and current president the slb trustees i can do as a candidate campaigned on proposition w pussy out randolph owner community coach residence i'm sorry students who campaigned on the trail thank you all so much. we could not have done that without your leadership and trustee john rizzo was in the back row so i could not see you >>[laughing] he spoke at many of our press conferences. icr board of supervisors here when my cosponsors on the supplemental and proposition w erin peskin, thank you. two supervisors ronen safai and in december after they got-after their
8:38 pm
elections were not sworn in but-official, immediately committed you are vote to making city college free. thank you all so much for working so closely with our office and i'm sorry, supervisor sheehy. they do also much that there's a lot of think used to be had but i think the biggest thing is that in august follow 2017 hopefully, by this thursday we will be able to announce all students will be able to attend city college for free again. i am just going in a time when there's so much darkness and disappointment and fear and anxiety throughout the country, as we see leadership in the white house that is promoting exclusivity, that is not promoting inclusive society, that is in fact trying to divest from the citizens of the united states, we here in san francisco can be a beacon for the rest of the country and say, in despite of that we can
8:39 pm
be the light and we can provide a greater investment to our residents and the we are absolutely committed to growing our middle class here in san francisco. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> i miss working on policy projects with you, jane but don't get any ideas mr. mayor. i like this particular project. i want to thank supervisor kim. i also want to appreciate your openness and working closely with the mayor to arrive at this well crafted program that accomplishes both of your goals. both the goals you both had and the commitment made to the stakeholders in the community. i also want to thank ivy league at your office. >>[applause] for all of her engagement and her hard work and the role she played in getting us on the same page.
8:40 pm
over the last year and a half, interim chancellor steve and susan lamb has stepped up and focused all her energy to ensure that city college is open and accredited and she has accomplished that. >>[applause] on january 13 we also rated the news that their accreditation is reaffirmed and we can now focus on building up enrollment and supporting her to run a great community college. we didn't give susan much time to revel in the news before engaging her more deeply in this plan.. so, please join me in welcoming our interim chancellor, susan lamb. >>[applause] >> i hate to say but i think the previous speaker said at all. i almost want to just say, did oh but i would be the correct though if i didn't say i want to say thank you as a singer thanks to the mayor for putting this city forward in a place where it does have a
8:41 pm
promise of free education for the citizens of this city. and the work of supervisor kim, who has worked tirelessly over the last year of moving this forward engaging in the conversations and making this a reality. and the conversations with the board of trustees, of making this a citywide commitment to truly educate every citizen of san francisco. this will be going to the community college board of trustees. this thursday. we are very excited about this opportunity. i know people have mentioned this as an opportunity for us to grow and in some ways, it is. but i don't think that is the primary reason for this. the primary reason is so that every person in the city has an opportunity. there aren't just in educational opportunity but an
8:42 pm
opportunity for their families, for their work, for improvement so that social economically they can get to a better place, so that that impacts them and their families in a positive way .,, when we look at the-when we look at our next generation coming up today, the students that are in san francisco unified, the most likely indicator of whether they will go on to college is whether one of their parents went to college. so when we look at not just the people that are enrolled today but the people that are enrolled tomorrow this is probably one of the biggest factors that will determine not just the educational future of the city, but also the economic future of this city. so i want to get profound thanks once again to the mayor them onto the supervisor, the board of trustees, aft 2121 that continued to drive this forward with their leadership and look
8:43 pm
to it to a positive thing for our city, for our students, and for all of us. so just want to say thank you on behalf of the college. city college, i am so proud and so honored just to be a part of it. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you so much chancellor lamb. i want to welcome pres. breed who is just joint thank you so much for being here for supporting these efforts as well. supervisor breed. i want to thank you chancellor lamb. i know we often times but you between a rock and a hard place but you -we argued we fussed, we have not shared pleasant thoughts and-but overall, it was-no, it was all great. we got exactly what wanted to get accomplished and i know you are >>[laughing] i know this. you bring was just for the students and i really really appreciate that. i also think your cfo ron gearhart who- >>[applause] there was a point where susan
8:44 pm
were not allowed to talk to him because he been said that you want to protect him and so she said you can call me and i will talk to ron and we were able to work all that out but he worked tirelessly to ensure the numbers and the forms that we used to develop the program are accurate. so thank you so much for that. you know, being a resident in san francisco who went to city college as well and to be one of the leaders at san francisco unified, i know the value and importance of our community college and the leaders that are heading up our community college are i can have a huge task in front of them, but each step of the way we want to remind you that we are with you side by side. and that we are going to continue to support the efforts of our community college good as
8:45 pm
supervisor tim was saying when there's so many things that we as a city are doing to protect our residents, that no one else in the country are able to do, we just made an announcement last week mr. mayor, of what we are doing with our public housing and how we are building communities to ensure our lowest income residents know and feel that they are part of san francisco and i think this is a step in the right direction that reminds all of us how incredibly valuable it is for us to be residents of san francisco to be able to work in san francisco and to be able to pull out of this bubble every once in a while and give praise and recognition for the great work we are doing here in this city. so at this time i want to be able to open up for a few questions that maybe some of you may have. hi annette. width >>[inaudible/off mic] width >>[inaudible/off mic] >> >>[inaudible/off mic]
8:46 pm
>> item of the chancellor has actual numbers. students at city college. we do know that over the last two years that the number of san franciscans residents enrolled in any number of credit courses, one, two, however money was roughly 20,800 over the last two years that these are san francisco residents enrolled in at least one credit courses one credit course. last year when we campaigned to make city college free, it was very important to us that we talked about a program that was free and universal to everyone. and i spoke about this a little bit in the beginning of my remarks
8:47 pm
but american-american government locally and throughout the state decided to invest in a universal and free k-12 education system because they believed at that time in the 20th century that was what was necessary to provide citizens a foundation in order to the tools they needed to succeed into the middle class. we are learning today that in the 21st century that a high school diploma is no longer enough to compete in today's market. that close to 70% of all jobs here in america will require some type of post secondary degree training or certificate by 2020 so it's very important to us that similarly to how we may k-12 universal and free, even to to the children of the founders of [inaudible] that community college should also be free to all residents that live here in san francisco. but that is a government investment in all of our citizens. >>[applause] in fact we are asking those who are making the most in san
8:48 pm
francisco to contribute to making city college free. so why shouldn't city college be free to them as well? that's my response that i don't know, chancellor, if you want to talk about the numbers at all or if you have them? >> so the formula component of this was really challenging because there's multiple ways for us to calculate how many full-time and part-time students that we have. so when we are going to be approaching this is paying for credits. when we think about the number of students who are in-do not currently have a waiver were going to take all the rest of those credits because that really lands us on a more accurate amount that the city can invest without counting that headcount. but we are really clear on how many part-time and full-time students will be able to receive the grant component of it which is close to 10,000 students, because they all-they both go through a process that think over the next two years while we are in this-with the formula that we are using, we
8:49 pm
will also be able to collect more data. so we currently,-if you're eligible for bob you have to make $70,000 or less as an individual work 37,000, or less, as a family of four. so that is not a lot of money. so you are right. we would love to be able to understand what the threshold would be should we be giving-you know brands to those that are within the 37-125 like gov. cuomo has been quoted as saying in his program. we don't-city college doesn't collect that information they've no reason to collect what people's income is as we don't have that. but we do hope that over the course of the next two years as we implement the program we will be able to identify some additional data that will help to support making the program even stronger. but that idea that 37,000 is the current threshold to get financial aid in san francisco is daunting. yes?
8:50 pm
>> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> what constitutes a san francisco resident? it is one year and a date them into a california resident. if you're not a california resident you pay a higher fee at city college. so you pay $234 per credits versus the $46 per credit if your a california resident. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] width so it's a california resident of lives in san francisco. so we will be- >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> correct. so this will be -the details and the mou were going to be identified because that's the kind of information that will be built within the system that we want to develop at city college. so, in addition to the funding we are providing for the tuition and for the grants we are also giving city college a half million dollars to build the infrastructure and the capacity to ensure the program can get
8:51 pm
implemented. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> we do know-what we been working with is this idea that 80% of those that go to city college are san francisco residents. so we have data on the-on the zip codes. so we will be running through what the proof of residency requirement will be. but if you can prove you are a san francisco residents then that is what we will be-that is credit will be taken care of. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> the method of proof has not been confirmed. correct. but we have methods within community college already that identifies san francisco residents. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> so we are not-right. in a
8:52 pm
public schools we don't allow that to happen is we investigate those to be quite frank. we will determine white that will look like. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> leeann? >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> i will answer the first part of that. so the total budget per year will be 5,000,003 and 66,952. so the way that breaks up is we are going to be covering the creditor classes to the tune of 2,000,092.632. we will be covering full-time bob recipients for $100 - excuse me
8:53 pm
- four year. that's $250 for the fall and for the spring. that total is not to exceed $1,578,000. then we will cover $200 for our part-time students could that will be $100 for fall and 104 spring. that number is not to exceed 8400 - i'm sorry - 1,696,003 under $20. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> the money from the tax, i don't see melissa who would- >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> yes. prop w was worded such that all the tax and general
8:54 pm
fund. of course we have needs and this is where a lot of the conversation, the more delicate conversation, happened was that we needed a sustainable approach to this that had everybody including the city family engaged with this because also property taxes quite friendly transfer taxes, our little bit of volatility in them so we did not want to have promises built solely on that promise but on the fact that we will commit to this. this is two years they forever commitment and so what i have always preached is that-that we keep our city economically strong while we do this because a strong city can then afford to do these things for our residents that bring old promises back to reality. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> we will continue this average. we do it to your budget we do five-year financial planning and i'm glad
8:55 pm
now that we have city college and all of its folks to actually be part of the city budget process. under the board appreciates that. everybody does. it's a much more responsible approach because as we have learned school district cannot act alone. now the city college cannot act alone could know we all act together for the benefit of our residents, and i think this is a good start. i think this is a part why we have to be together with all of the different agencies that were working in san francisco. not just siloing off with each other. >> >>[inaudible/off mic] >> so this money except for 500,000 number which we are using for programming and seven, all this money goes directly to the students. it is basically a pass-through to the students in terms of-it goes
8:56 pm
straight to their fees. basically, we put all those fees we provide the documentation and then provide that to the city and we still have to work out the details of that on the mou. so that this isn't actually new income coming to the college. it is basically a grant that goes straight to our students. so that said, it will-we are anticipating-it is a piece of helping to grow our enrollments. were doing active engagement with san francisco unified mode with the city business community, and then also with our partners with the fire and police department to bring back some enrollment to city college. that said, we do about 35 nine dollar step down in our budget and so what we're trying to do is be fiscally responsible and slowly step down
8:57 pm
our courses while at the same time growing our enrollments. we do have a lot of empty seats. we have a schedule that's basically built for about 85,000 students. so we want students to fill those seats. so we are welcoming people hate, come back take of course take a language course, expand your mind take a music course or come back for some retraining. get a plan on a different job. we have internships in stem cell research, in it security, and so come back to give us a try. >>[applause] the >> so once again thank you. congratulations. we have free city college in san francisco good we should celebrate that we want to thank all of you for attending. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> b was >>.
8:58 pm
>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock
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holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc
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>>[gavel] >> good afternoon it is now 1:07 pm. this is the regular meeting of the commission of community investment and infrastructure. the successor agency commission to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday, march 7 2017. welcome embers of the public. madame sec. please call the first item >> item first order of business is item 1 roll call please respond what i call your name pimentel present bustos present singh here bustos dear mdm. chairman rosales is absent.