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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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or do you look at the opportunity as a partner of ours to do -- to expand? >> yes, so we're currently at two berths and three vessel, we have three vessel ins the fleet and we're buying a fifth vessel, and we're keeping the number of floats there, that is the least amount of fill that we can do and we get 25% more, we get a fourth berth in there, so there is increased ridership, the arrangement allows for simultaneous boarding and disembarking which we don't have today, so there is -- it's designed to accommodate the growth we've seen over the last 40 years but most recently even the last six years, we've doubled our ridership but it looks further out, so it's a 20 year design
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and what was the other feature i wanted to mention? i thinkbacker i can't think of it, but we are looking to expand -- i know what i wanted to say was, you mentioned 1980, we've been operating at the same facility since the 1930's. >> oh my gosh. >> we're looking to -- the ticket booth is the same as 1980, we're not talking about -- we're really doing business out of a tent, we'd like to do it out of something nicer, we're using a facility that's been there for a very long time, we'd like to upgrade it and expand it and that expansion does anticipate considerable growth from where we we are today. >> well, the 100 year anniversary will be the timeframe of [inaudible]. >> [inaudible].
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>> that's great. >> thank you so much for the presentation, and thank you for the diversity and your staff x the generosity you have to your staff. i think it's great that you guys have been such a great long term tenant and have been great partners with the port for so long, and i look forward to the terms of this deal. thank you. >> commissioner katz? >> i concur with my colleagues' comments and i also want the thank you for the movement to the hybrid vehicle and cleaner technology, i think that really sets an example for others on the water and something we've tried to do with our shore power, and also along the waterfront is really reducing the emissions to the environment, so i appreciate those efforts as well, and the terms of the design that you're proposing, i like the blend of the old and the new and modernizing the booth, i think it's a nice way of indicate toing the public what the
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history here as well as that we've moved into the modern age and i look forward to seeing the lease terms when they come back to us, thank you for all you do the visit our visitors on the bay: i want to thank you for the presentation and tom, i want to thank you for being progressive with the hydrogen and where you want to go in the faou khu, i liked the presentation up in sacramento in the the sim poem yuz, you think out of the box and we appreciate, once again, i want to say thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> item 12a requests authorization to award construction contract number 2784, pier 23 roof repair project, to pioneer contract toser inc. in the amount of 2 million 269 thousand 800 dollars and authorization for a contract contingency fund of 10% of the contract amount for unanticipated contingencies for a total authorization not to
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exceed 2 million 496 thousand 780 dollars. >> good afternoon, president adam, fellow commissioners and director forbes, my name is wendy proctor, i'm senior architect here at the port of san francisco. i'm here to request authorization to award the pier 23 roof repair project, construction contract 2784, to pioneer contractors inc., the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the amount of 2 million 26 thousand 800 dollars and authorize the con stin generals ski fund of 10% of the contract amount of 226 thousand 890 tlaursbacker dollars for a total authorization not to exceed 2 million 496 thousand and 780
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dollars. basically what amy said. so, this slide shows the location of pier 23, it's circled and indicated with the air owe, it's worth noting it's next to pier 19 which is the adjacent sister pier because it has similar characteristics and structural composition which was reproof in 2010 using port revenue bonds, so this would be a continuation of similar type of work. pioneer contractors is a local business enterprise contractor locate ined the bayview district of san francisco. pioneer's bid includes 22.77lbe subcontractor participation which meets the requirements of the admin code, chapter 14b. through this contract, pioneer will also be committing to meet the requirements for the city's local hiring processes for construction. the project supports port strategic plan strategies of renewal by rehabilitating an
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important historic resource in the embarcadero historic district. it promotes liability bying living wage jobs and providing opportunity for local business enterprises to meet local hire requirements in construction prints and also sustainability because the project will use best patsies during construction. this project will provide a new roof for pier 23, it will restore the windows and it will also be an important part of maintaining our port resources. that concludes my presentation on pier 23, if anyone has any questions? >> so moved. er >> second. >> is there any public comment on 12a? is there any public comment on 12a? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz? >> thank you for the presentation, both the brevity
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and also really appreciate the work that was done to ensure that we exceeded our lbe hiring goals, the numbers are really impressive and really demonstrate what we've been talking about here so i want to thank you for that, and a quick question on the goals during their nesting season, given we're having such a rainy season, will that change the timeframe in which the goals might be nesting or will they come in while it's still pretty -- do they only come when it gets dry or are they a time certain? >> they're very time certain, they basically go from april through september and they start getting very territorial in march, so it's we've been doing on many of the roof project iss to get the contractor on board prior to the start of the nesting season so they can disrupt the territory. each pier i found over the ten
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years i've been here has a very different demographic, some are more popular than others. this particular one is while we're out there investigating, you can get a sense of how many birds love our the site, and this particular one is not as well loved as say pier 29 .5, very well loved, but this one is not as much. >> thanks very much. >> commissioner kounalakis. >> so, i'm new to looking at these, so my question to you is, when you have an authorization to go up to 3.74 million for a construction project, i think that's what i'm understanding from the report. >> the not to exceed amount, which is -- you might be
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looking at -- >> what is the not to exceed amount? >> the total authorization not to exceed would be 2 million 496 thousand 780 dollars. >> that's the bid that came in. er >> the contract amount is -- the contract amount is the bidding amount which is 2 million 269. >> before you went to bid. >> we had a budget. >> yes. >> this came in under our budget. >> right. >> that's what i see here, right, is that the budget was 3.74. >> right. >> and it goes out to bid, it comes back at roughly 2.5. >> yes. >> which is substantially less. my question for you is how confident are you since the construction budget, the million dollars more than the bid amount, that they're going to be able to do this for the amount that they say and we're not going to run into extensions and cost overruns
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and other issues? >> i am confident on this one because if we were to compare -- a lot of people are wanting to compare this to pier 31 because pier 31 has just happened. pier 31 is not a model project, it is an anomaly that the port, it's the first time the port has made a decision to put that much investment into a pier that was deferred maintenance since world war ii. this pier that pier 23 was built and pier 31 is exactly -- well, it's 99 years old, it was built in 1918, sorry, yes. so, this pier was built in 1930's and it was last roofed in the 1970's and it was occupied by the foreign trade zone up until -- it's in the
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report. i want to say 2007 i think. so, it was lived in which is really important, so it haddock pants, the occupants are going to be watching the maintenance. another huge difference that i plainbacker explained to people frequently is that all the piers are a little different from each other, like pier 33 and pier 31 are like sister piers, they're completely made of wood, the columns, the beams, the trusses, the deck, all made out of wood and -- >> you don't know what you're going the find once you get in there. >> the wood is going tor more extensive damage. >> the sister piers were same structural damage and it was steel with steel trusses as the primary structural support and it has wood decking and when you walk inside, you can see
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there's very little staining which is one of the indications when you have extensive water damage. >> so, i understand your basis for thinking it's not likely to go over this or the 10% contingency, but why very briefly would the construction budget be significantly more than what the ultimate bid was, the winning bid was? >> we base the construction -- when we designed -- we do the construction drawings and we send it to a professional cost estimator for cost estimating so we base it on their -- that's the budget, we get the cost estimate back and we say, do we have that money to fund it, and -- >> i understand the process, i'm saying, is 30, 35 percent typical in terms of what the estimator comes up with versus what the bid ends up as? >> part of it is also contractors n the bid summary
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which i believe is attached at the end, you can see the range, and the crack tersest or drk contractors are across the board, this particular contractor is a local business and they've done a great number of projects with the port, so they have that to their advantage, they're local, they don't have to drive across the bridge, that's time and resources, that makes that easier. they are very seasoned roofing contractor and general contractor, they roofed pier 27 cruise terminal, they roofed pier 21, they roofed pier 45, they've done some other project ins the city, so they have a good reputation, so i'm confident that they are not -- >> i can make a couple of comments about this. our projects come in under an
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over engineers estimate, they go in both directions, the more bidders we get t more likely we are to come in under engineers estimate and here you can see that while this is clearly the lowest bidder, the second lowest bidder is approximate or it's a cum hundred thousand dollars more, so as you look at this five bidder portfolio, it wouldn't bring a lot of red flags because bidder number 2 is close to bidder number 1 and while there is a range, they are clustered around one another. >> sure. okay. that's it. >> commissioner brandon? >> thank you for your presentation and i support this item. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner woo ho? >> i think we've gone through enough discussion here, i think it's fairly straight forward and i think the answer that you just gave that this crack tor has worked with us a lot already and has a good reputation i think then gives us confidence that this bid is a good bid and they will
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perform and the quality will be up to expectation, so i think that's probably the important part and i guess the questions i think that commissioner kounalakis raised sfarsz how we estimate, we're just check tog see that we don't see any problems down the road but i think you answer ted question that this is a reliable contractor that we've worked with before. er >> thank you. >> colleagues, if there's no more discussion, all in favor of resolution number 1711, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? madam secretary, next item. >> item 12b, request for authorization to modify construction contract number 2762r, pier 31 roof and structural repair project to increase the contract amount and extend the substantial completion date. >> thank you, good afternoon again, president adam, fellow commissioners and director fosh poses, wendy problem tor, i'm here to request authorization to
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-- sorry. i provided a status update -- >> 17. >> did i say 16? >> no, but we aren't in 2017. >> on december 13, 2016, last year, i provided a status update to the unforeseen critical repairs which required additional time and funds to complete the pier 31 roof and structural repair project construction contract 2762r. port staff has worked closely with the contractor regarding the additional work and negotiations are complete. today i return to you to request authorization for a contract modification to issue a contract change order to complete the contract -- to increase the contract amount by
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286 thousand 874 dollars and the contract duration for substantial completion by an additional 87 days. the tables here show the amounts, i can go over those or i can point out the table. the proposed contract change order is necessary to account for delays and additional costs due to the unforeseen conditions beyond the crack -- contractor's control. pier 31 is indicated here with the arrow and the tables here show the original amount, the contingency amount t not to exceed amount, the amount that we went in excess of that and then the original duration, the contingency duration and the additional days needed beyond that.
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staff worked diligently with the contractor to manage the additional work and now we are completing -- the project is substantially complete, it will be final completion on march 19th. the project supports port strategic plan strategies, the strategy renewal by rehabilitating an important historic resource in the embarcadero historic district. sustainability, the project included best practices for construction, so this shows a little bit of before and after and hopefully you can get a sense of how long the deferred maintenance was and what an improvement this has made for this important resource. this also showing a little bit before and after, so people will be occupying this pier now after it was red tagged in 2009, so this supports economic
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vitality, at this site, the port will develop the long term lease with the national park service supporting the alcatraz tour operations and will provide for leasing in the shed to steepen the port's revenue base. the port is also negotiating with the department of elections, will be occupying the shed and ongoing public parking in pier 29.5 which will now be dry, and then lastly, livability, this project has promoted living wage jobs and provided opportunity for local business enterprises to meet local hire requirements for construction projects. the lbe contracting orients for the base project was originally at the bid time was 20%t contractor came in for the base bid with actual participation of 32.77, and with the increase of work with this change order, we are now at 37.67% of lbe
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participation. and it's worth noting the prime contractor and one sub crack tor that was in the additive alternate bid which is not counted twaords twa*dseseder the lbe participation are also lbe certified contractor and is they're locate ined the bayview district. the prime contractor located in bayview self-performed 53% of the local -- of the total completed contract work. that concludes my presentation, if you have any questions, i'm here to answer. >> so moved. >> second. >> is there any public comment on 12b, any public comment on 12b? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho? >> thank you for this report. i guess number one, i'm pleased to see the lbe percentage has been exceeded, so dually noted
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for the commission which we always encourage that. i guess just a couple of questions given that the other one was much more straight forward, does the increase and the delay -- you mentioned that in the staff report that there's more deterioration, so when they started to do the work, did they find more work that had to be done to fix the issue and then, secondly, can you explain what unforeseen conditions in termser of the delay factor? >> i'm going to go back to this slide that shows the -- >> is it just basically the actual deterioration or is it also other unforeseen conditions, i'm trying to understand? >> yeah, unfortunately commissioner woo ho was not here for the updates which has a lot of information, kind of embellishing everything, but in general, many of the unforeseen conditions were related to the dry route. >> that's all you need to
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answer, and i also wondered whether weather has also been an issue? >> this was deferred maintenance since world war ii, so water has been coming into this roof. >> but just the weather, it being difficult to work under these conditions in the last two months, we've experienced bad weather. >> it was primarily to finding more structural members that had to be replaced, a lot of it had to be special ordered, it's special sizes because it's historic, the terms that you buy off the shelf today don't match historical materials. >> we have used robot construction in other project and is have found them sufficient? >> it was not an issue with the contractor at all, it was an issue with a lot more structural damage than we had anticipated. >> okay. that's all my questions. >> commissioner katz? >> i think it's pretty
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straightforward. just in terms of increased costs, did that come out as change orders or general contract modification, i couldn't remember? >> the way it works is we have the original contract amount, we have our authorized 10%, with when we exceed that 10%, then we have the ability to negotiate beyond that 10% and that's what this is which is the amount above and beyond the 10% contingency, it is issued as the final change order. >> now it all makes sense to me and i know we went through it a while back. >> when the roof ares redone, do we do anything -- i know we have a history i guess of deferred maintenance as this demonstrated, when we put on the new roofs, are there new materials that will potentially give us a longer life span or do we address some of the issues that caused some of the deterioration when we bid these out, or do we have to stick to some sort of historic -- >> we use a standard sheet for
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the flat roofs, we use a standard sheet product which is at a 20 year warrantee and usually you can go a little bit beyond that. >> is there anything that has a longer warrantee or is that about as much? >> you can still get a 30 year warrantee, that would probably be more expensive. >> okay. thank you. >> if i may say one thing about pier 31 is it was last reproof 70 years ago, so this is an example of the port not roofing timely and letting the roof leak for sometime which obviously caused much more structural damage and when i arrived at the port, we were considering demolishing the building so we didn't have a plan of finance for it for sometime and we thought we wouldn't be able to repair it sh we let it go for far, far too long. in our capital project review and when we bring you the budget, we often look at improvements that if we delay will cause us more money down the road and this is a perfect
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example of delay costing more money down the road but i just wanted to put that on the record, that it's been 70 years since we've reproof this facility. >> and i would that i don't think we have any other that is are quite that long. >> commissioner brandon? >> thank you for the presentation and based on this, it seems like we're lucky that we're only 300 thousand order contingency. >> yes, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioner kounalakis? >> it looks good, yeah. >> great. >> thank you for the presentation, colleagues, since there's no more comments, all in favor of resolution number 17-12, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? resolution 17-12 passed ewe nan nous. >> our next item. >> item 13, new business. >> colliding, is there anything that you would like on the forward calendar? okay, i just wanted to give a
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shout-out to s gov tver, thank you for being in the house and thank you. >> i move to reconvene in closed session. >> second. >> all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> oppose? ed weexecutive session. ( >> i move to reconvene in open session. >> second. >> all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> i move to disclose that in closed session, the commission unanimously approved the proposed terms of the tolling and interim operating agreement between the port and mriek ka engineering inc. as described in 4a1a, towing agreement will allow the shipyard to remain operating for the next 90 days bhiel the parties work on an operating plan for the shipyard while the litigation proceeds. the commission directed the executive director and port staff to work with the city attorney's office to prepare the towing agreement for the port and plague gas sixty and not to disclose anything else discussed in closed session.
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>> second. >> all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> i move to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor, say aye. er >> aye. >> opposed? it is 8 -- no, 13 after 5:00, thank you. ( meeting is adjournepresentati >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone i hope your bundled up in this
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chilly place down here an exciting moment so welcome my name is deb the director of san francisco department of the environment and i'm thrilled to be here today, we have an amazing announcement to make with a phenomenal group of exams at my side it is not everyday we find ourselves blow ground in a parking garage to make a press announcements and some say an indication how far we'll go to take the lead i see that as reaching new height we're in fact, below ground electric vehicles that's why we're here basically we are here because the world needs to follow solve the climate problem an electric vehicles getting off of gallon and diesel is a big part of the
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solution electric vehicles are more and more adopt we're seeing more and more people buying electrical vehicles as people's awareness comes up to speed but the problem ero over and over is the lack avenue charging people don't have a place inform plug in their vehicle at night or at work we need to a solve that problem here in san francisco that's why we're here today because mayor ed lee and supervisor katie tang have a solution and their talk about that solution and help us understand both the need and the excitement as well as what is localities of that law will be so i first want to thank mayor ed lee for his leadership in maintaining us at the front lines of climate action thank you for your strong voice and
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reinforcing san francisco values of electing people and the environment no person feels that as deeply as mayor ed lee so let's welcome mayor ed lee and hear what he has to say. >> (clapping.) >> thank you thank you, debbie and you and the entire staff at the environment commission and department for your leadership to make sure we accomplish the climate agenda i as a also want to say thank you for supervisor katie tang in producing that important legislation mike i met you today congratulations on the wonderful building i understand now that all the tenants are being exposed to one of the best chinese restaurants on the cornerstone the golden carrousel
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let me begin by saying that our legislation and i just arrived in my official car that is the chevy volt every time he go in the car and that green engage didn't end he feel pretty good about getting around the city it is on sunshine and electric vehicle i'm contributing to the quality of life for everyone in the city i know that electric vehicle users and owners feel the same way but more and more than feeling good it makes sense that's why supervisor tang and i teamed up with the department of the environment to say what else can we support this growth it happens to be that 50 percent of all electric vehicles sales in the country happen in the state of california the bulk of which happen in the
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bay area so we got to support this trend we also know i know that a great part of it i think that someone in the federal government is using this word although we'll see it is infrastructure and it is important that as we have studied the establishment of charging stations around the city for quite a few of the years to figure out how better to support users and owners of electric vehicles by making that part of our infrastructure so the purpose of this legislation is that for all new developments going forward it will be required they create the infrastructure to support electric vehicles that didn't mean you - we're going to be requiring the build out but that means and one of the most expensive parts and
6:33 am
time consuming parts after a building is built brick in the wiring to those buildings this is having a cost in my of the establishment across the country across the city a lot of users on every level wanting and desiring to have their electric vehicles but the infrastructure is not under will i'm talking about all the apartments buildings and the homes and a condition i think will end up saving the developers the cost of putting in one later to have it wired to charging stations can be placed there when the tenants and businesses move in i think this is exactly what i expected he wanted from our department of the environment to guide us because it is more thinking this is what we've been done all along in our entire lives as we accomplish what eave
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already done and it makes sense because right now i think we have a epa administrator that suggests that complying with environmental climate goal is anti business i suggest to you that the facts the real facts show in san francisco the contemporary market our city has been able to reduce the green house gas emissions by 23 percent at the same time that our population has grown by 15 percent and that that our economics are economy has grown by over 50 percent because people want to live in cities in buildings, that working believes that are greener and while this is happening and we believe - we had those
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conversations, in fact, i think we've done it art collaborated with the developers with investors with people in the housing coalition that are here today it makes sense to do it as early as possible in order to reduce the cost of putting in the infrastructure later on, i think this is just forward thinking and smart and also a commitment developers like mr. cohen who is already done it right here that's why we take advantage and thank you, mike for getting us in your garage i got to visit one of your units that is the right thing to do and this is how we work with everybody and collaborative with everyone in order to get to the climatic change goals that's why your operations people want to be part of the greener city not only are we taking care of
6:36 am
infrastructure as recently a few weeks ago we announced a free city college one of the passes that one can take to city college we have many is the students and teachers here today is the i think many say called the hybrid and ev certification program at the san francisco city college and today, we have students and teachers let's give them a hand. >> (clapping.) >> they are part of the present and the future workforce the clean workforce those are clean mechanics you ever hear of a mechanic that is clean those are clean green mechanics as part of workforce and highlight them as part of legislation behind green goals of the city we've always this is something that deb and others and i talked about when
6:37 am
she was hired but make sure we create those skill sets that's why commissioner tang and i are excited to introduce this legislation and make a milestone in your opinion particularly the residential development the other reason i know the housing action coalition is here when you build the infrastructure everyone can use is not just the people who are living in market-rate apartments low income units and the below-market rate unit and families that can now say hey in the infrastructure is there it takes away the ain't of considering 100 percent electric vehicle car for their use so the environment goals the climatic change goals it that we have shouldn't be in the way of people's prosperity and progress that is exactly the reason we wanted to make that
6:38 am
announcements the way we're doing it in the building that is build out and inviting the residents to buy their mo' magic like 9 unit away from full capacity maybe in a few weeks they'll get this building occupied they've been open for less than a year thank you to everyone son staple for allowing us as a city to exemplify our climatic change million people inform other parts of the country are nay surveyors we have a friend and many cities in the state of california across the country who are collaborating on that very thing and want to be the best works i want to congratulate everyone
6:39 am
here and thank you. let's get in legislation on and more buildings ready for the 100 percent easy ready city thank you. >> (clapping.) >> wow. there is cleaver a lot to celebrate here this is a legislation that is holistic in its view and holistic not only in the number of parking spaces that will serve but the number of people as well we're incredibly proud of that our next speaker supervisor katie tang is an incredible challenge she said deb how are we going to get more clare across the city and it was a great question and in fact, i was happy to hear her it was a question i was asking we've been looking at as a department for months before she asked that question but she wasn't willing to wait
6:40 am
for us to come to her we have to lead by example what about our own fleet for the city police to be 100 percent electric so she called a hearing of city departments and said how will you get us to 100 percent so this is a politician a resident a woman who speaks from the heart and is has a vision of 100 percent electric san francisco and it is such an honor to work with her and get her help to a move 24 through the board of supervisors let's welcome supervisor katie tang >> (clapping.) >> thank you for being here. and thank you for the sf staff deb and jesse and others i saw everyone who is at the present
6:41 am
environment listening to me you couldn't ask those questions you might wonder how i got interested i live in a multi unit building it is not as nice as this and timed to drive an electric vehicle i was researching and went so for as to test drive one, if i brought it home i couldn't plug it in i did contract the department of the environment and said to my surprised not surprised i was blessed spent a lot of time researching easy and had gone to other countries to see how it is they do it in norway and scandinavia taken the lead but felt like san francisco we should be the part continuing my
6:42 am
tradition of corny jokes the mayor didn't have one we looked at the fleet and today director reaping mentions i'll be introducing legislation to make sure that by the year 2020 in san francisco we'll be utility weight emission we as city government take the leads on the issue but we through the other legislation that partnering with the mayor on will be able to make sure we are all electric vehicle ready in san francisco and i'll say another great benefit to being all electric in times of the emergencies much, much safer that is people think gosh we're reliant on the cars had is that we're driving what is in it and when things happen it is an "x" above device in
6:43 am
terms of the electric it main ace in terms of our legislation we're looking at the fleet built in language as technology tons to improve we adopt to it and this is important we're not just stuck in the times right now there can be many things we can adopt to better technology and more efficient 0 i think outside the box at this time when we have individuals and entities in the federal government that don't believe in climatic change that here in san francisco we know that is real and that we need to address it now and plan for it plan for our future we have a have a future on the earth thank you for this especially the department of emergency management and let's go ev. >> (clapping.) >> wow. thank you, supervisor is to so inspiring to work in a
6:44 am
city i'll surrounded by champions especially, as we compare to other parts of the country right now so as you've heard this ordinance was not done in a volume we worked on that with a large number of partners i want to thank you who are here that worked on this ordinance where you're from the housing world, the electrical utility or fellow city departments like the department of building inspection and the planning department we all came together to put that legislation before the board of supervisors but as you work on this sort of paper trail it is very hard sometimes to envision what the outcome looks like 0 so we're blessed to say have a real world example of what this ordinance about do for buildings in the future i did is a beautiful spot
6:45 am
if this is an underground parking garage at least we can image the beautiful garden on top of us and he is juxtaposition the way that was envisioned i have to give oyster development a lot of credit they put in thirty electrical charging stations with no guarantee their occupants will get out there but a tremendous i know people without electric vehicles purchasing a parking space it was likely in the future they'll get an electric vehicle so oyster and mike understood they're not just meeting a present demand but for the future with that, help me in
6:46 am
honoring mike ma cotton from oyster development. >> (clapping.) >> thank you there's so that note worthy things i'm tickled there is so many people in the garage thank you i don't have a gift of the previous speaker i'll read a little bit here so we're here bus rockwell has proved that the market for electric vehicles is strong and i'm here to express my support because it recognizes the growing demand for evs and many actions to turn back the negative impacts of the reliance rockwell is for the community with 200 and 59 units and 200
6:47 am
plus parking spaces all the spaces move behind the gate some of you witnessed that rockwell is visually sold-out with the homes available mayor. (laughter) to your point thirty spaces at this point westbound built in roughly 50 percent of 200 that have electrical car charges and only 3 available that's encouraging the market demand that 14 percent for this building type we've also put in the capacity coincidentally similar to the requirements of ordinance one of the innovations is charges
6:48 am
mounted on the puzzle list not done before in the u.s. so i'll speak a little bit later to who helped us out but inform commercial about oyster development leads by gene creates with a focus on more than architecture for the needs of homeowners duo to date 53 oyster communities marlow a few blocks away and vetting to in the mission and rockwell for a previous company dean and i development at mission bay when is silver with all the communities have in common the playful more than architecture design that is in the present and looking forward which i believe attracts positive forward thinking people
6:49 am
forward thinking people complete oysters goal of the successful community it is this personality that is compelled the electric vehicle market where it is today and ask that oyster upgrade rock wells parking spaces with the car charges san francisco home to the positive forward thinking people that will keep us at the forefront of social and environmental movement it is an 0 another example of our progressiveness that leads the money we didn't install more than 3 percent of charges and didn't have plans for expand ability after the sales office opened the abuser expressed an interest in the charges we were
6:50 am
lucky to have the capacity and karate's enough to believe that we could find a way to install the charges without assurances that we could get the building department approval without the knowledge of the cost we presold most of 0 thirty charges with the help of charge portfolio here today their product cupertino the manufacturer of the puzzle list we were the first to accomplish what soon that be canopy in san francisco and every ciall aroun the world it took a well the genus you don't have to be lucky to have access capacity that will be built in i'm in support of easy readiness
6:51 am
ordinance for the environmental benefits for the developers to prepare for the future i look forward to working with mayor ed lee and supervisor tang and the department of the environment and other stakeholders to fine-tune other factors the easy readiness ordinance it constitutional right critical for the future thank you >> (clapping.) >> that warms my heart to hear the developer call our policy genus thank you. >> the mayor said we are not alone in san francisco state of california is a beacon for the rest of the country and josh has made a goal of one half a
6:52 am
million vehicles by two 25 the state gets the incentive allows us to drive in hov lines with emission cars takes citywide san francisco and as well as hayward and fremont and other places in california to make that real and make that possible for every person to take advantage of the driving an electrical car and incredibly important this 0 policy not just for about for those who can afford an expensive unit in san francisco this policy applies to affordable housing units and market-rate housing in order to do that we have to work with the housing developers to make sure whatever we put in place is
6:53 am
practical for them as well and incredibly our honor to have met rob poole and worked with the housing action coalition and be a part of their world to hear from their members so the language in the ordnances is both achieveable for their development as well so with that, let's welcome rob poo poole. >> good morning i'll keep my remarks brief i'm a little bit tired tour affordable housing people will be installing the easy stations we're excited to be here for this ordinance at our heart we're on environmental organization and since we were created in 1999 one of the main
6:54 am
goals to address the environmental challenge we know lies ahead if we can promote the principles like concentrating growth and housing production in the city and have initiative manufactured we can prepare users for the challenges despite what other say so you know we're an organization that advocates for housing of all levels of affordability whether moderate or high-end income with those things this makes the evictions more assessable to people at all levels of income i want to thank all you know all of groups that came together to form that ordinance first sf environment for doing the harked hard work and mayor ed lee and supervisor tang and to mike and his team at
6:55 am
oysters and for being one of the early adopt oversees of this round of applause. >> (clapping.) >> and thank you so much we're looking forward to working with our housing community to promote innovative solutions. >> (clapping.) >> okay so winding down you've heard a lot wonderful passionate speakers speak from the heart and talk about the portions of this legislation i want to thank deeply mayor ed lee and sxhaeng for their leadership and their belief in us at the department of the environment with this ordinance we're laifrg the ground work literally for a clean vehicle future in san francisco that ground work is built on the shoulders of so
6:56 am
mesopassionate and of so many hard working people thank you to mayor ed lee for it keeping us on track and thank you to supervisor katie tang and her staff and mike ma cotton and oyster and roepz and to tom huey his staff he allowed to partner with the department of the environment on crazy things make sure that will be a defensible and implementable ordinance that developers will know what to do with and his staff will know how to implement thank you, tom and the rockwell and eric nelson for the hospitality and sfgovtv and
6:57 am
charge point charge point are an amazing partner they held us with the charges outside of city hall and i want to do a call out to city college and to nick and his team who this policy for them this policy is creating a demand for the infrastructure a demand for the vehicles and city college is going to be posed to meet that demand so the plo and the college work to make that a forward city we've heard from all the speakers so that's the end of the program i want to invite you if you've not seen a staek parking garage i know i've not we'll get a tour and how the electric charges are installed if you want to stay for the tour you may and the people will be
6:58 am
available for interviews as well thank you very
6:59 am
>> please, rise for the pledge of allegiance. >> >>[pleage of allegiance] >>
7:00 am
>> commissioner termini like to call roll call president turman here, vp mazzucco here marshall here dejesus here melara is excused hing here.