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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 22717  SFGTV  March 12, 2017 10:30pm-11:46pm PDT

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make -- as the approvers of the police department budget and the city budget as a whole. we want some accountability attach to the dollars that were allocated to the department as well. we hear members of the public. we also hear the department we hear the reforms. we hear the reforms are actually working on the ground. it is not perfect. we do not get to this place overnight the solutions that we need to move towards will not happen overnight but we are committed this board of supervisors doing what we can do get there. we appreciate your patience. we will continue to have the discussions do all we can. make sure those recommendations are implemented and we have the kind of department that we deserve here in the city and county much san franciscos. thank you for being here today today. we look forward continued confers in the future. with that madam clerk
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let's get back to our agenda. there are two items the first -- you could do one or two things first. we open the introduction of new business. i know supervisor. wanted to introduce new business and or item 42. >> let's finish up public comments. we've had people waiting long enough. first speaker. >> women's history month.
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meter maid. [reading] >> my mom i miss her investment she went on to be a gardner in the san francisco zoo. she sort of look like her. diane. i said to grace with thanks for your work our zoo. it's better and better. she was in
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musical treasure. she found this coin 1984. children's playground. they used to have rides there. >>: thank you. >>: thank you and happy women's history month to everybody. >> thank you. and welcome back. next speaker please. >> san francisco police accountability. the last committee as a whole one of our supervisors. while you have no charter authority over and
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indirect input in regard to the three appoint he's you do have the power of purse. i think you must begin to use that power. a recent commission hearing we became aware that the 2018 budget is 5 hundred 83 million dollar. that's before the chief upgraded the command staff a cost of an additional 10 million dollars. that's a whole lot of money. our chief is the highest pay in the world. retirement is goal plated with lots of retired cops pulling down 200 thousand dollars a year. and yet we have a much -- communities that have far hire poverty rates.
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additionally san francisco is rapidly [jent] identified. the mission gangs are a fraction of their size. what are we going to do with the police in the fire power? the budget is going to be a big fight this year and i'm hoping you will begin to consider to some shrinking the budget and pay for all the other things this city needs. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> section 8 people from navigations centers. they have to find a home. that's the 20 percent of all new housing. above that 5 percent if you are 30 years san francisco resident
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65 plus -- we're going to go 15 percent if you are a 20 year resident local zip code of this new building you can get a chance to get in. this is dedicated housing. we're moving people from their apartments. from their homes. landlords are getting a chance to move people in. there's movement. 10 percent if you're a 30 year resident local zip code again around this new building 65 years or plus waited senior -- this is a template thank you. >> thank you. next speaker
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please. >> the police they're lax on their enforcing the law. they tighten up the law. basically, what i see i saw a police action some other people on the street was using the term this is completely screwed up. i was saying you -- i actually cannot imagine a citizen that's moresist then the one i live in >> thank you. are there any other members. public that would like to provide public at this time. it's now closed. are you going to go back to role call for introduction.
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>> we still have item 42 on the floor. the committee -- >> item 42 is a public hearing scheduled for today pursuant to a motion approved on january 31. to hear this findings and recommendations made by the planning department. in the report housing for families with children. >> supervisor. >> yes.
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>> any public comment on the continuous of this continuance hearing. can we take the vote of the meeting march 20, 2017. this item will be continued. it s- is there a motion to excuse supervisor who had to leave 1234 >> 705 >> let's go to item adoption without --
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>> i'll call items 47 through 50. >> which item? >> 48 willing to committee >> [inaudible] >> please call the roll >>
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>> ma'am clerk please call item 50. >> item 50. apologize. resolution to recognize march as -- >> supervisor e. >> i'll make it really quick. this is something we try to to the public every year for the last three years. it's a public. gambling. a lot of people have problem gambling. i don't know whether the people know this gambling is one of the biggest. people spend 79 hundred build gambling a year. some this recreational some of
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it is addictive. >>: er the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> although you indicated 48 will be sent to committee. i want to read the title. title 48 to urge taxation code. enable california district corporate income taxes. >> thank you. >> on behalf of supervisor we have a resolution to declaring march 12, through march 18 2017.
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>> okay. >> it came to the attention after the agenda was public listenedder by the board. >> all right. the [sprufers] has made a motion to purely item and it came to thed attention of the board after the agenda was published and it was seconded by the supervisor. can we take the findings without objection in >> public comment is now closed with that we will take the finding the motion to move forward the findings without objection without objection the
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findings passed unanimously and on the underlining item to recognize arrest bower day. without objection it's imperative. >> today's meeting in memory. behalf of supervisor. ( calling names) >> this bring as end. any other business before us tonight >> that includes our business for today >> we are adjourn. thank you everyone. [end of session] 7:25 p.m.
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. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> heartbeat heartbeat latter heartbeat healthy hearts are this heartbeat together we stand holding hands capillaries there on open wound hospital room stitching up the place together they stand grafted from the bones of different neighborhood working together to keep each other strong so we live on. >> do you hear the people we're breathing as one lungs contract and in hail and
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exhale oxygen without discrimination and the people get to breathe and in hail and exha exhale. >> heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat when all the stitches heal at the neighborhoods come together with the erratic heartbeat flows and one mind one brain receiving this message our bodies full and functional our feet running towards the future of togetherness heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat >> (clapping.) >> so we're going to name a few
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of the artists of the san francisco 2017 projects and hold our applause until the end until we've read all the names - yes. >> shannon wendy deborah block. >> tom gold. >> john elaine naomi charles rachel greenberg. >> elizabeth
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demetri anthony swan kathy amy edith. >> katherine amanda barbara robin and peter jill carla ann alfred white. >> amelia. >> leslie
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pop. >> thank you thank you. >> thank you to our students performs from the ruth school of the arts >> (clapping.) >> and thank you to this year's tremendous artists another roemdz please for them. >> ladies and gentleman, please welcome san francisco general hospital hospital foundation board he wanted connie sanchez had an. >> thanks to you we're
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sold-out record attention attendance for this event thank you, thank you, thank you it's my pleasure welcome all of you to the 12 annual heroes and hearts how about a round of applause for the students they know how to set the stage don't they. >> (clapping.) >> we are delighted to be in the apt apt park in the sunset and couldn't be more restrictive proud of the incredible work with the foundation does every day for one of the most variable public institutions in the bayview and one of the finest hospitals in the country you will see works of that today san franciscans are more than ever deeply committed to public
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health not a betterment than right here right now to support this institution i thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, your continued port and partnership wouldn't have been possible without the folks san francisco general offers comprehensive health care to half a million people annually and treats one in 8 san franciscans with emergency care today, we celebrate the hospital is life-changing heroes and hearts is the single largest source of unrestricted revenue that helps our hearts program
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every year and since 2004 we've given over three hundred plus grants over one million dollars because of this. >> (clapping.) >> again, because of you, we can do that as you saw on the red carpet walk to the tent thanks to the be threatened local artists that were announce an absolutely heart series on each side of me and back in the - those demonstrate the hearts that support the foundation and zuckerberg san francisco general you can take a heart through the auction that is at 2 o'clock over after this and to schaenl my colleague you have plenty of time to buy buy buy your
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sweetheart a heart those haters raise visible and generate revenues and initiatives that change lives of patients immediately of course, those changes are far-reaching around the community and around the world and they are life ahsha safai entities for the hospital i'd like to thank the hospital staff as well as our partners at ucsf lead and chancellor sam and our own ucsf advice dean at the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital sue carr loyal
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the above and beyond is a characteristic also modeled for our heroes that go above and beyond makes zuckerberg san francisco general hospital the heart of our city with the hospital volunteers and providers and staff police dog stand we may recognize all of you stand wow. >> (clapping.) >> thank you and now please join me in welcoming the chief office of zuckerberg san francisco general hospital doctor susan er lick.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you connie good morning, everyone i am really thrilled to be here to welcome you that's my first time very first heroes and hearts luncheon as is ceo of the great zuckerberg general hospital. >> this is not my first heroes and hearts luncheon, however, one year ago i had been selected and the as the ceo but not working connie kindly invited me and it was my very first introduction to this great community appreciative and supportive and perching is a very welcoming
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so welcoming in fact, that mayor ed lee mentioned me in his remarks and the beach blanket babylon singers included me i was overcome and what a year since then let's briefing review you how much has happened in the last year on may 21st we opened the new glories cutting-edge art filed hospital. >> (clapping.) >> with the hard work of a well prepared staff we moved all one and 58 of our patient from the old hospital into the new hospital in one inspiring day yes. that deserves an applause
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as well we can welcome patients and visitors and the entire san francisco community into a healing space they have long needed and long deserved on june 7th the voters find san francisco overwhelmingly approved a bobbed to renovate our form hospital that will lose us to provide the primary care and surgery care and psychiatric care in a healing space our patients needed and long deserved >> (clapping.) >> and just one the last couple of weeks the board of supervisors approved on an 11 to zero vote and the mayor signed a new ground lease for ucsf research building on our campus that will be opened for business
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in 2019. >> (clapping.) >> that is the kind year it's a been and now we see a new set of challenges the health care environment in the country is changing those changes have the potential to hit our patient the hardest especially uninsured and undocumented at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital our motion mission to provide the patient and community health care are compassion and right regardless of income, regardless of insurance status, regardless of immigration status squall orientation or religion or national origin.
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>> (clapping.) >> i want to thank our donors and the amazing san francisco general foundation for making that possible to work towards achieving that mission the donation have been critical but more restrictive important is knowing that your donation reflect your understanding about what our hospital means to the city you're behind us 100 percent and proud of the work he had everyday i want you to know how important our support to our staff, and patients every single day when i walked into this gathering would be year ago the very first thing and photo taken care of willie brown, gavin newsom and frank jordan all standing together he come to
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realize wasn't a perfect heroes and hearts enemy that was several generations of mayors come on together with this consulted to express their support so for the hospital and the work we do one year later i feel that is support ever so deeply thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> now my honor to welcome the honorable edwin lee. >> (clapping.) >> susan again gas stations and thank you for the leadership at the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital house is everybody are you ready for
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baseball yeah. >> (clapping.) >> well it is also a great time when i can get together in the same room with frank jordan and willie brown where is gavin but all of us mayors know how important our zuckerberg san francisco general hospital has been i want to say thank you to all of you for being here and being with the hearts and being the heart of san francisco you know we made more than just a commitment to the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital we've actually delivered on many promises and we want to make sure that for the next 50 to one hundred years in the just a hospital that treats people in need it is a hospital research facility that also makes the
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commitment to find find cures to the diseases that plague us and also educates everybody as how to prevent us from being sick that is a truly world-class facility >> (clapping.) >> i want to thank my good friends judy and pam and larry because working with them on the foundation has been wonderful >> (clapping.) >> and you know as i was trying to rest last night i kept getting a lot of phone calls and one from rich and judy oh, my gosh another 2 thousand pound concrete slab on the 30th floor
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someplace and instead they're saying you're going to come aren't you so i want to say with that a special thank you to the san francisco fire department for keeping us safe thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> to the police department, to members of the board of supervisors that are here to all of the elected officials from our city attorney to the searing to all the officials you're here today you know and support this zuckerberg san francisco general hospital as we all do this hearts movement as we witness for quite some years and every year i see another beautiful design by artists to represent what it means to be part of this great city sue you're right because i look at this sfgh as being the best
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example of how to define a sanctuary city sfgh is our sanctuary city. >> (clapping.) >> it is a place where everyone is welcome a safe place a place where we receive not only what we need but thinking about ahead of time what we may need in the future that's why that ground lease was important for a moment chancellor and barbara garcia's and i had a moment that the mayors cherish what is our city supposed is to be in the next 25 to 50 years and how can this hospital contribute those are the moments when i find the mayorship is to be more than just an obligation a joy to think about how we will serve
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people into the future and i have to opportunity with our sfgh foundation with uc and all the wonderful doctors and today, you'll be honoring four people that i think are truly representative of what this hospital means you have. >> in his love the advocate that will help people to learn about what their faced with and john, legal services on the health campus a wonderful thing to have you get peggy a wonderful trauma by the way, you know zachary the sunday morning that saved the 6 years old life he's resolved and at school as a
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result of zuckerberg san francisco general treatment and finally. >> (clapping.) >> dean who is perfect person to be here who is really focused on not only the research but the health network in educating people all for are deserving of this wonderful recognition that you have for them today and they truly represent the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital everyone thank you for being here. for supporting and being part of great city of san francisco april 10 first see you all out here. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage judy san francisco general foundation
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cha chair. >> (clapping.) >> thank you grocery store it is hard to go behind a mayor isn't it they always say the wonderful things when i would like to say how many people today from the city have here to support us and i don't know if everyone understands the treasure this is but month cities don't have hospitals like this and they don't have cities governs like that port this kind of care and excellence for every single citizen in the community so my huge pleasure to introduce you to mayor ed lee former mayor art and for willie brown and former mayor frank jordan and california and san francisco's
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chief of protocol charlotte and senator wiener former senator mark leno and san francisco attorney louis and present city attorney dennis herrera and assistant district attorney and president of the board of supervisors london breed and malia cohen and mark farrell and jeff sheehy assessor-recorder carmen chu chief of police william scott and former greg suhr and competitive of the fire department chief joanne hayes-white and sanchez. >> i don't know the title but the fun man around town paul this is a huge amount of support
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for all of us and thank you, thank you, thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and now it is my honor to direct you for a video screen about our first hero this afternoon. >> my specialist is trauma in the area he came to hospital because it got a representation reputation of one of the best trauma centers in the world i enjoy the challenge of people the most part. >> we live in san francisco and have 3 young obesity 9 and 11 zachary was clvj on a wet bar and fell on him.
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>> my husband called and zachary is hurt bad. >> he was pail he wasn't responds and we know in an instant he was critically injured we have to go a zuckerberg right now and some of the things we did with zachary used tools i learned from the military in germany and moved to iraq detailing the treatment we could get him better we've learned those tricks from the military. >> we were waiting for the doctor to come in and give us an update on the surgery that - she walked into the waiting room and she we were taking it moment by moment but the scaring it momentum that was my experience
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with her, she saved my sons life i can't thank that woman enough. >> to put them in the iv room with the windows and the family would be in under that was a huge difference. >> everything she did for zachary was the right thing and months after we walked out and a month after that he fully resolved that's a miracle i thank everyone and he can be a 6-year-old boy. >> nothing like seeing a survivor and for this boy in kindergarten that's special. >> i have no idea what zachary. >> i will shout out to everyone and let people know what their capable of and how
11:30 pm
they've saved lives and treat patients . >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> it is a privilege to follow a video like this in the work that is being done at the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital it is amazing when you think about what the went through when jason made that call and christen took that call all of us in the room could put ourselves in if position but at the same time, we didn't have to but it also is just a success
11:31 pm
to see zachary here this afternoon and with us on behalf of the wells fargo in the thousands of team members that live and work in the bayview that is our privilege to be a part of this community and be able to be around an institution like the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital that we're all so lucky to have the talents of somebody like doctor peggy here as well this event we've been part of for years like many of you in the room but i'll say a privilege to be a part of it and it started as we heard 12 years ago but a few years ago there were a couple of ladies here i'll tell you they made the difference we wouldn't be here without their dreams so i would
11:32 pm
like to acknowledge ms. ellen newman here at the table. >> (clapping.) >> and ms. nancy bechtel, nancy. >> (clapping.) >> without your vision this might not have come about with that, i'd like to bring up christen and a special guest up to the stage >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> wow. >> very emotional day for me to come. >> (laughter). >> on september 30th my life changed i got the call that every mother can't imagine and it is really
11:33 pm
kind of the worst nightmare my husband called told me zachary was hurt bad i didn't know the injuries i jumped in the car i thought that is where you go to the pediatric er and said no go to zuckerberg's general hospital now i drove across the city at 6 o'clock as best i could to walk in to finding my husband and my oldest son and zachary was rushed to the operating room with the doctor. >> it was the scariest moment of my life but couldn't be more restrictive thankful we live in a city that has the means to provide us with the care is zuckerberg does how lucky we are
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a level one trauma center to save his life because i i don't think that people know what that hospital is capable and how lucky to have it there and so the long story short zachy is with us but due to the care of. >> (clapping.) >> - >> zuckerberg and doctor and all of the people that work at that hospital everyone from the emt to take him to the hospital and to the nurses and the in the i cu and all the doctors that care for him that was an incredible heroic event we're so lucky i know that is safe that doctor changed our life she
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saved my sons life i don't know how you thank someone for doing that all i can do shout out at the top of my lungs what this hospital a capable of and the doctor and all folks from the bottom of my heart i'm saying zuckerberg and doctor thank you for satisfying our sons life and zachary wants to say something. >> thank you . >> (clapping.) >> welcoming doctor peggy to the stage.
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>> this is a little bit daunting i'm not going to lie i'm guardrail honored to receive this award i came to san francisco board of appeals in 1989 i knew of its reputation of the premier trauma centers in the country and wanted to learn from the trauma surgeons that were my heroes one of the most important lops that trauma is a team 0 sport every single person who touches zachary through the prolonged hospital course contributed to his research including the nurses and physicians and even the cook from our cafeteria who
11:37 pm
came in on his day off to make chicken mcnuggets for zachary. >> (clapping.) >> as the only major trauma center in our area we receive all patients that are critically injured but the families don't get to choose their surgeons one minute their child is heath and the membership open deaths door i can tell you no greater honor to be trusted with the lives of this charge card child with our support i believe in zuckerberg san francisco general hospital trauma center will continue to be a preservation trauma centers for years to come and zachary buddy you refused to smile at me for thirty days you were in the
11:38 pm
hospital i believe usual a special child (laughter) from a very special family thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome grateful patient and former mayor the city and county of san francisco art agnos. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much i'm delighted to join with the other former mayors of san francisco and the many members of our city official family who are here to
11:39 pm
support and celebrate the extraordinary work of this hospital you don't get this many politicians one of the mayor's to beat you once but this brings us together my job today is to give the pitch as we call if politics and it is to encourage you to write the most generous checks in the bidding and the contributions we hope you'll make as i thought that will i thought that was something that willie brown does much better how can i do better than him i'll do something i've not done before i'll talk about sex and religion as it pertains to me in this hospital on december 1, '97 his worked in
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the public housing of potrero hill and after to build a community height clinic the community center i was walking to any car a random killer hot me twice through the chest he was rushed to the hospital and in those days, the old hospital that had the old loading dock where the ambulance would pull in and the doors to the ambulance would swing open the whole team would be there at the ambulance to start working on they called it the gotten minute so suddenly i found myself i was awake and in shock with the two bullets went through me verifying interest is nothing inside (laughter) and they all knew were gunshot
11:41 pm
wounds to the chest the team put me own is jeremy and all the people i have priority and the older let me see and the people westbound cutting off my suit coats to give the residents surgeons and ambulance and who started to the complication that was a young resident surgeon who jumped on to the engineering any and started tearing off my cloths. (laughter) my tie, my shirt, my jacket and belt he was awake during all of that and in these days a bachelor i (laughter) i was better looking than gavin
11:42 pm
newsom (laughter) and i looked here h her and in those days some of the medical personnel the doctors we're dresses as they straddle my hips her dress kept going up higher and higher we went to the foundational of the trauma unit was waiting i mind to her you know doctor for a young woman i just met you're getting to know me well two days later i had a number of surgeries to save my life as a matter of fact my wife used to say you once had a body of a greek embody but today you have the body of a greek
11:43 pm
>> faefd i'm the mayor of this city a great honor and there are some challenges but one of them trying to be alone with the security that is always with you as my former colleagues know so every awakens in a while we tell the security and sneak out to dinner in 1988 we were coming home and sherry didn't remember we didn't have milky went to get the milk and on the way back the phone rings art art mother teresa is a is walking up to the stairs to the housemother teresa is walking up the street well let her in and sure enough mother teresa is a as your mind tells us what she looks like
11:44 pm
with two nuns i said hello mother what brings you here i'm come to talk about the work of god of course, i'll listen and she told me about a facility she find out on the corner of turk and fillmore she wanted me to give me give to her for a homeless facility they have several of them in the city this was the late one i said mother i think i know what you're talking about i've got on it in the morning. >> she said the work of god can't wait. >> it is sunday and dark down there could be a little bit dawns that time of night she said does not fear god will protect us so make sure that god protected us i call on the red phone and had two security officers right away and went to
11:45 pm
this place that she identified we look at it and couldn't identified it is the red brick building and we couldn't figure out if it was a city owned building we went around the back and in the back eight or ten homeless people and a fire in a barrel they recognized me it's the mayor what are you doing here i brought someone families they recognized mother teresa. >>and blessed them and gave them something and we asked her we're trying to figure out who owns the building it's at the city building we've lived here for the last three or four years we'll get open 24 tomorrow morning and we walked to the car to say our