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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 14, 2017 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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of the delores park if you been to another park now you'll see one most represents 3 different parts of the city that will serve all the community and kids that's something to be proud of you thank you for the work the family fountains and the memory >> (clapping.) >> and yes, please. >> (clapping.) >> our other partner is the trust for public land they've done a remarkable job with the rec and park department in all aspects of open space and public space in the city from hunters point to here and today and everybody in between i thank the trust for public land for on steering wheel job. >> (clapping.) >> new it's my pleasure i'll introduce the mayor let me tell you about the mayor one of the
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great benefits in san francisco our mayor came up during the system and knows how it work and public works gets done and build something in the city and knows how to hold people accountable to none knows the job better and i was going from the p t l partnership and chatting offscreen he said you know mr. mayor the country looks to you because of what you did with the park system no, no and not kidding won awards it is a great pleasure to introduce you to the green mayor, mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mark and phil as the president of the rec and park commission said we've got two great parents with been the helen diller and the trust for
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public land i can be a kid again (laughter) ii time to say thank you it's a pleasure to join supervisor jane kim who was worked with me and when the board works with the mayor you get free city college that's what you get. >> (clapping.) >> wonderful whole things we're back together on this stage for something i know is dear to here i'll say this the best gift we can get on valentine's day is to be with our kids i can't be of a better gift than the kids of tenderloin school right here the greatest gift. >> (clapping.) >> that keeps on giving you pay taxes when you get bigger (laughter) but i want to say thanks a great thanks to rec and park commission for just providing
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leadership of you're talking earlier with the trust public land and working with the nation we brought a sense a real sense of quality when it comes to open space everyone needs to grow up and really have the escapes for them that's why we're here at the civic center and the heart of city in front of the city hall were here next to the tenderloin and by the way, randy planning says this area because of tenderloin and all the changes with that because of central market and market van ness and all those kids we're growing at a 72 percent rate right here in the civic center 72 percent rate people want to come back and enrich their lives how could be better from the
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asian art museum and the museum is here when you have people that want to dedicate things library the economic trade off like putting those lanterns and last year that was rabbits i don't know if interpret moving he swear they were move the exploratorium and the foundation plaza you got another one in april the asian museum and the teen centers that working hard and all of them combined in inviting kids to come and invite and spend the day and afternoon i know with supervisor kim's office and the mayor's office and the police department we have people that are here all day long have to help them get them off the streets with the navigation center and the people helping to clean the streets like downtown streets
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work on yes - downtown streets in the house. >> (clapping.) >> no, of course, we have to help people to pick up the needles not just confined to the playground but welcomed environment we're doing that is with a hundred foundation and rec and park and all the plazas lovers in the city we're reclaiming this area for everybody and it is great that is sun is coming out it will be warmer and i know that we have to work hard if we don't then different forces will work themselves and have bigger challenges those are great times to invest i know randy he knows with the investment in the tenderloin and invest in the public spaces and invested in areas that have been overlooked for many years i suggest to you the the united
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nations plaza that plaza and central market are over looked now we see all the attributes of it coming to the forefront that is one the greatest community that is growing and attractive and those investment are coming in and the foundations are having evictions visions for everyone to use the spaces and families to feel welcome thank you to everyone and particularly to all over the place but public and private entities that come together with the random reply commission and all the people that love our families and youth to say we have more restrictive things to do and creating new relationships we have a new relationship with the hunters point folks that will help us to transform people's lives they're here thank you foundation. >> (clapping.) >> you know their looking at for people that use public amenity to make sure the
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amenities and we're monitoring things to have extra eyes and later on one of the things that phil was reminding me about three or four years ago we are talking about redoing the mraudz plaza i want more restrictive the people work all day long and so i think the worst places are the places we are taurt if you have more restrictive new light that's part of new redesign particularly in between the museum and the library and this area and you are more restrictive welcome a lot of the small businesses and dan's diner are expanding on their own dime they want to do more restrictive for themselves we're investing and keep on working hard to make sure that people work together and when we all work together
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the vision can come about let's keep the city working together and do the right thing and always honor the traditions of the city a diversity city a city of inclusion that welcomes everyone and works for everybody thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor a few more restrictive acknowledgements of folks that serve the civic center love hydra mendosa-mcdonnell from the school board and alex and alex walker rep assembly and jen and the entire office of assemblyman chiu came down and commissioner jim one the civic center historians that is a fabulous partner and by the way, sits open is civic center cd board i want to acknowledge the civic
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center braid for your participation and the vice president allen low who is here. >> (clapping.) >> and no doubt a few more restrictive to come as we hear from more restrictive speakers the civic center is an interesting case that is both a neighborhood park and our next speaker a champion for the paperwork in the tenderloin and south of market and together with her passion and her leadership we're doing a lot with the bodecker park we're working together for other parks and things in the tenderloin rec center and a new piece of open space not south of market area that we're working on and the next speaker supervisor kim is
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for front a pleasure to bring up scomplm. >> you stole my talking points speaking of what the mayor brought up thanks to randy shaw we are going we'll be initially the tenderloin new street lights program and it is going to make an incredible difference in our neighborhood to lit up the streets i'm proud to be here where the community that is actually, the second project that the city hesitate partnered with trust for public land in the district i represent a few years ago we reopened bodecker park in the heart of tenderloin and most amazing thing about bodecker park not how beautiful but it is still beautiful and activated today wouldn't have
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been possible without the generous contributions and partners like the trust for public land. >> (clapping.) >> but also all the community-based organizations that activate the park every single day and insure that the park didn't turn into a place that was unsafe but a place for seniors and children to joy in experiencing and planting i see some of the partners here i see the center and david and i see kate robison from the state passages that organize the volunteers in the afternoons when the kids are let out of school only corners when watching children for the after-school programs to make sure they're walking safely through the neighborhood the boys and girls club as well as many others this playground i have to thank
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jackie and the helen diller playground it is the most important playground if you've not seen the design it is amazing and beautiful with the incredible families of the tenderloin and mid market but for all the families the asian art museum and the library and all the employees stfl of but represent a park in the city the open space is so incredibly important we're growing in residents but also growing in families ancestry with you reopen bodecker park with the rec and park and to renovate the parks in the tenderloin as and open new playground in mission bay their parks that welcome our residents but help the residents
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to stay and raise their families again, thank you very much for the trust public land (calling names) who working closely with our office on those two projects and want to recognize our bodecker folks jan and others that have been fierce advocates for the district and finally thank the staff of rec and park i see steve is offers many of the parks thank you so much thank you for all your hard work and for commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to and our president and vice president i come to many of the commission meetings you've respond and advocated understanding that was a credible lead but a ready community that engaged and wants to activate all of the playgrounds and parks so thank
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you very much. >> thank you jane. >> (clapping.) >> a few more restrictive acknowledgements it is amazing to see how many partners showed up representing planning department who is involved if this phrase and guatemala the planning department with a longer plan has set it off and joaquin and from the mayor's office of economic workforce development thank you for your support and partnership in this. >> (clapping.) >> so supervisor kim you're doing something right the p t l loves this district in addition to that amazing park and bodecker work on the less play to renovate our 13 work playgrounds and p t l with the
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park alliance are incredible partners and in jane's district they're helping us to raise money for and also got great planning at the rec center another partnership as jane is right more restrictive families and more restrictive kids and density in the south of market this is one of the busiest rec centers and 80 excited to tackle that one, two that's my way of saying thanks to you all you're amazing with the 21st century government we need partnerships and we don't have a healther more restrictive committed and partnering with the trust for public land you're always there for us and in the success of this private-public partnerships can represent i'm absolutely thrilled to bring up adrian and
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others that will talk about the actual playground and want to acknowledge andy and emily here such an amazing job with the design? in my mind the most ambitious project no america truly a park it is extraordinary and wouldn't have been possible without the folks so adrian all years. >> thank you phil good morning san francisco i flew out from new york i heard that was sunny all the time thank you you're using things about the folks that represent you i'm here to reaffirm those and i really can do that with the senior vice president and former parks director for the new york city our goal is the
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trust public land all resident should have a park within 10 minutes a high quality park so we work with the parks directors and the mayors and the private partners across the country to find the money to build this their expensive engagement to make sure they're beautiful and so let me tell you what where san francisco stand we know they're in a sector whereby we ranged in the americans cities san francisco is number 5 but you're ahead of of boston and staeltd and chicago and and so forth here's something. >> (clapping.) >> you're ahead of all the other cities the most for all the factors is the score how many
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people live within a 10 minute walk of a playground in san francisco 95 percent of you live within a 10 minute walk of a playground so the tenderloin is close (laughter) so close and i have to say that was mayor ed lee's leadership and we're all hoping soon to be celebrating 100 percent to parks and playground that's pretty fabulous. >> (clapping.) >> another thing we measure your progress with parks and grounds something else that san francisco is way ahead of other cities the whole issue of entity so great to build parks and who gets the best parks a tough questions cities across the country are wrestling with the news that san francisco is well ahead of cities in the entity
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and analysis but acting on that the city of san francisco has dedicated with the rec and park department directing addressing this first and foremost so thank you to phil ginsburg leadership. >> (clapping.) >> that is setting a new standard in the entities the trust for public land is proud to be a long time partner we said 6 that is the shortest walk (laughter) we walked over here but worked there are names that you may recognize balboa park and hayes valley and, of course, bodecker in the new tenderloin going back 45 years in san francisco but saved the best for last the greatest and coolest and most
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beautiful playground in the america those two playground right here thanks to the municipal transportation agency gift of the helen diller foundations jackie your building the greatest playground in america it is the vision that supports beauty first and foremost and it is the playground and the helen diller playground in mission delores park and now the cool itself playground in america thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> al i didn't. >> thank you and thank you phil well, thank you everyone for being here i can't wait to see that but i want to say even though we've not broken ground
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yet but brought you us together here to this beautiful day valentine's day to be together outside that brought a wonderful community it together so many people for the design in so many ways into the process going forward i want to give a few shout outs i'll not get everyone but try first of all, jackie and phil i'm very i'm in. >> i think you always you raised the bar with excellence thank you they're both involved with the design of this personally so to the park and to the staff i see so many of you many came from the other side of the city
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and many from the office and phillip and helen putting together this our california board thank you for your support and dedication i want to really thank our consultant team andy and emily are here they have been such a great designer and their work attention it details you know the way we started this process working with a community and saying which picture do you want started asking people when you were a child what experiences do you remember in that made an impression on you that's how the design evolved and thank you corey will be doing the interacting lighting and be
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amazing it is hard to explain but will be amazing i think that as mayor ed lee said that originated four years ago you should do something with light and now it's happening i want to thank compton for making the beautiful structures and not being front yard of this. >> (clapping.) >> the boston the construction team they're committed working partners and not afraid of challenge and greases city officials and supervisor kim the mayor's office the planning department 5 and the public works the community benefit district all the neighboring institutions the museum and the library and another plan and many more restrictive that have participated in this process
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last but not least lots of community members that came to meetings and the bayview of women and children with the boyer school and last but not least all the children from the tenderloin are here a break from their busy day. >> (clapping.) >> and many of them actually gave the ideas for the design so they're here and going to say a little bit about what they look forward to thank you. >> thank you al i didn't one final special speaker but a couple of quick announcements supervisor safai from district 11 another champion and want to echo and thank you to supervisor kim for acknowledging my staff not the easiest place in the word but with dedication they everyday they pour their hearts
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out to stay safe and clean and joyous i want to thank the entire team from the park rangers to the recreation staff to the permit staff that provides assess first amendment to the women's march to everybody that helped on my team and a special acknowledgement to supervisor courtney representing the people of local 261 with all due respect the most important speaker alexander who is 11 from the school. >> (clapping.) >> she's the most important she's our consumer. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is. >> 457b8d a fifth at tenderloin i know this will be
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worth our time i'm looking forward to coming to this park again and again that's not the only thing i'm looking forward to i'm looking forward to making this park i'm looking forward to playing on the swings and sliding down the slides and looking forward to getting exercise this new project is important to my family and i this is also important because it is cleaner and safer and much more restrictive modern so i come to this because - it is guaranteed to be safe and clean it is also important for the family and i, we, get a little bit of exercise it would be a family park and get exercise i spent a lot of time in my backyard the reason why it is because i feel safe and
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comfortable and increase a lot of space i also sometimes go into the tenderloin parks called bodecker park and spent a lot of time in south park walking any dog i'm so glad the city of san francisco has places to harangue out in we harangue in school at the same time i love to exercise so i'm okay that that carbon monoxide i play outside on the sidewalk i have a friend that environmentalist every saturday and live next door and they they play hopscotch thank you for this amazing opportunity we look forward to community parks thank you. >> (clapping.) >> future generation with the rec and park department alexandra superintendant guerrero that's all there is
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we'll gather over here and break ground. >> we'll count ready 3, 2, 1. >> yeah. >> do it
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