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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 31417  SFGTV  March 14, 2017 6:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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environmental impacts outburst receiving benefits our governments roll in peru giving the investors to protect the bottom line without a rats ass about human rights for the suffering they allow others to impose does that sound familiar obviously you can draw parallels i sometimes wonder what would have happened in the did not media we're not there as the black outs were objective the indigenous people is a part of our clerk history i hope our hearts are open today. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor president breed and members of the board i want to add my voice in solidarity with that
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indigenous remove or remove to defund the pipeline is violates the standing rock sue and will at that time they're drinking water on behalf of the owner police are brutal lists and violated basic civil and human rights of protesters me growing up in the closet in the suburbans of baltimore san francisco has a light in the darkness when this city moved tarots towards marriage quality that gave me home when san francisco refuses to do business with corps that discriminatory that gives hope to millions of people across the country and today san francisco, california take a small step to a lot account the rights of beginning against people and other people of color and raise our voice against police brutality and
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today san francisco, california take a small step with a future of out you brutal and ask you to update the matrix and ultimately to join seattle and somcan and at the devest from banks thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> a lot of people i ask in this land i live in the lands in terms of spirit and in terms of people that are known as december sent and acknowledge mayor edwin lee ann are chester's and everything has ann chester's and hope like this is now first time seeing everyone behind us and i want to say like i hope that these wisdom i see a lot of the people prepared and i also want to be aware the river
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by standing rock and about his mark is not the only river on mothered architectural plenty of rivers and just like keeping it simple and makes me question the priority of that house here in terms of san francisco and what is you all doing and i hope that all the efforts my relatively putting into the speeches has a lot of good information we shouldn't - you guys are the politicians so you know definitely use it from you all about the light about the change and i know that you know your power is limit you have to answer to people and devest in bank of america obviously the bank of america is in the not the eat thing to do but it is doable so, yeah i also want to thank
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you for your my voice thank you for your comments >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm speaking today as a 35 residents of san francisco and a retiree from the deducting and a citizen the world and a fellow stuttering on the praents for future generations i'm of native an chester but calling me relative we share the responsibility to be protectors of clean water, clean air and the earth itself i'm urging you to join that important work as our elected representative you have the pour that make san francisco a leader in the worldwide movement to repudiate the profiting if the wreckage ever clefks by withdrawing financial support
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from fossil fuel industries in the financial institutions which finance them in this case the bank of america this growing movement already dmudz seattle that voted to withdraw funds from wells fargo and oakland and bolder and portland and minneapolis has considered similar action in this dark area of trump the role of cities and states to lead this fight it for critical than ever clearly we can't rely on washington and the scott purporting that joined the administration disinformation campaign by pubically denying the human activity as climatic change what we can do is join with cities like seattle and universities and museums and pension funds and other institutions that are voting to devest we can make our own strong statement saying not to
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delay fossil fuel and cutting financial ties with the bank of america. >> thank you for your comments >> next speaker, please. >> i'm here with the california indoors association and we are here to proudly support indigenous right and indigenous people and inagainst health and asking the board of supervisors to newsom vote yes to devest san francisco is a great city i've been here 2 two years for a city that is tried or prides itself on hispanics, however, we can't complain that we do business the corporations that finance the destruction of indigenous people and their land it is time to stop this and do the right thing and it is time to do it now and wah-wah-wah overdue for the indigenous people of the land who again, we're here today to urge the
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board to amazing vote yes to devest thank you very much. >> thank you for your. >> to share the life and i liability and the pursuant of happiness my farther part of constitution - 2000 meetings in people's homes and across america it included 200 thousand folks one million people have viewed the footage from the live stream i'll encourage this is our homework to go to people watch the live stream don't wait for us activist in the community to contact you to embedded on on board a 9 point plan in that the aclu is advocating for remeeting with the sheriff hennessy the sheriff
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hennessy is putting the attorneys a that 9 point plan to see what they agree or not and be part of movement that will elect the lgbtq i plus and women's respect to bear bodies i know those are all important issues to every single one of you on this board and again your homework is don't wait for us to contract you go to the website brush up on the 9 point and see what you can do to help us help you because aclu has three hundred lawyers and hire one hundred but the federal government hats 19 thousand lawyers and trump 11 thousand
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lawyers the aclu membership if 4 thousand to 1.2 million since the election thank you for your time and i'll be following up with you thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> board members i'm haley clark i live in district 5 opted out territory my parents are immigrants and i'm indebted to native people and the malone i was a bank of america member for half of my life and finally left the bank i seen with my eyes people a mass i was tear gassed green before shot with rubber bullets and clear that native people and people of color were established on the front lines
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what is happening on the burial grounds is disgusting where the pipeline is on the mississippi river a leakage will effect 19 million people down stream as the zero supervisors in the city for over a half of decade i spent a lot of time cleaning up and concerned about the future of our planet i'm personally front ya front yard it was exacerbated a pipeline burst and over one hundred thousand of wastewater into the ocean i cleaned mortar off the morning than 20 men in hazmat suits in
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an entire can i they that we'll wait for it to into dgo the ocean san francisco has blood on his hands we need to send a message of solidarity to trump we'll not continue it against the indigenous people thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi for the most part i'd like to say i find it quite rude and disrespect to see how many of you have been carrying on conversations and looking our phones while you have people the public especially native americans like myself and friends have been here sitting here pleading to your attention and hearts and minds with that said, i personally took my money out of bank of
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america years ago during occupy when i was another will standing rock for two weeks through december it was hearted breaking to know that my proofing city the city it is so advances that leads the nation and month plastic bags from the grocery store is literally taking my money and giving it to the people that who are standing on the odds shooting water and bullets and macy's innocent protesters we should step forward and lead this freaking country it is ridiculous almost ridiculous santa monica let them take their money out of bank of america and san francisco is hands are in their pockets that disgusting we talk about helping low income
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but how about the native americans we are before we got here what about our future children no point in building hours if there is be no clean freaking water, please for the love of everything and my other day people come and speak stop the damn conversations and listen to the people that is the democracy; right? that's all i have to say. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for you comments. >> madam president if i may say with right-hand turn to the last speaker that number one, i think this board and its evidence by the fact that 8 members of this body have affixed their names and support to to resolution number 2, i say as somebody who for most of my adult life has worked for the
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tribe helping them acquire land and water rights there is another thing going on that is which actually as constituents are contracting us and listening to them an e-mail and we're dealing with other things we're actually capable of listening to you and called misrepresent tasking i say with with all respect i'm completely focused on the speakers and the other things they're not maturing exclusive. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a member of technical employees i'm a union member and went to standing rock as a member and many union members from california from all over the
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countries and lowers of solidarity as well as presence that put supplies toward the mobilization and also had to deal with the incredibly devastating effects of morton community and - i also want to mention there was a organization called organization for standing rock that was there our union president also sorry he also sent a letter in support of this particular ordinance and from the board of supervisors but last january also this past january an annual convention we passed a resolution to devest from the retirement plan for the partners from our university of retirement plan and is bank that
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funds displace he will that comes as people are becoming more and more aware of how devastating to have to participate in an economy that kills people and take away people's human rights and takes away union rights as well that is not helping union families at all this levy of inequality in our wake thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a resident of district of and want to express gratitude for supervisor fewer to be responsible for matrix and supervisor ronen and all the co-sponsors thanks for hearing our voices and deciding our city will join many of the cities
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with the enormous financial cloud against the energy folks if so a great first step we're here to make sure that the promises are kept and we'll keep on pushing for divestment from bank of america we understand the process is extract but we're not looking at for victories we are looking for the contribution to have public banking whether investments with the native-american and the destruction or any other injustice this conversation about ethic conversation is getting started the waters to life movement was started by young people that want a liveable future with hope and trees and abundant wildlife i want to future for this is the risky to prevent that the city
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partners with the honorable institutions that make divestment urgent on after the 2008 crash none from the responsible banks was pushed one of the first things from the trumpet to wane the say we can't count an scott to protect our planet more due regulation that should concern us all with that the oil is about to flow that the silence of many of our national and state. >> thank you thank you for your comments >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a little alabama and caesar chavez i encourage you to strongly consider divestment and
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devesting from extravagant industries and we're at a critical juncture worldwide and north america has think ability to set the example instead of trying to be exporting country of oil where before it used to export oil there is a big effort here to reembark on the art of civilization which is cultural industry a big push and we like to see that you help to stop that the cities across the country including seattle as you may know closer here the city of davis has dug us in downtown in california and across the country and minneapolis and
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you're at a critical juncture you are to setting the tone of other cities across the country and almost the ceo's of the industry of oil and gas like shell have said they're now going to close their portfolio as well as phillip 66 and chronicle in the last past week announced thanking they'll be closing their portfolio on oil as well so i urge encourage you be part of movement to divest. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is madonna i'm an elders elderly from north carolina from the
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came that was there and i've come here just as a regular person but i was amazed a thing as divest and years and years ago i came out here to san francisco on a federal program that removed indian people from the reservations and sent them to the big cities hopefully e hoping we'll metal away we turned around and went home i thought i was coming to san francisco to talk to you but also to the young people that were there that came by the hundreds to support us we don't have this kind of idea that divestment or bodies of important people that can make those important decisions that's
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why i came this far thank you and thank you all the young people that came water protectors thank you thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> before the next speaker i want to predict the members in the audience for using our supportive fingers rather than clapping thank you. >> hi, i'm - thank you for the opportunity i want to address that it is really a constitutional crisis there are two treaties that the pipeline is violating another reason it so concern you article 6 is a laws of the supreme law of land and the army corp from the nation amounts to a violation of supreme law of the land and want to say we want to see the board
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show moral commitment and from many familiar faces that showed up the last time we're not expecting like you i don't know how to do it and good luck we're here to try to offer any kind of research how exactly it what work to devest the money thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm kelly lived in san francisco i'm a small business owner and here in solidarity with the stavrnd rock the native nations of os country's and all around the world and 7 young people one baby to be i'm here for the water as a water protector on the front line to see where this money is going and the brutality from the
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investment this city is putting into bank of america so i strongly support this resolution to seinvest in bank of america and i i'm here a commit motorbike member of this city to a more just and sustainable economy thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm tom district 11 i'm reminded of the fable of the hours and the hours seize the spar are with his feet in the air the spare our says the sky is failing i'm helping by having my feet in the air the hours said what can you do the sparrow says i do what i can supervisors
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the national park services has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years debating and studying the environmental impact of dogs working class in the ddg r a at the same time, a pipeline that will pump millions of dark sledge everyday underneath a reservoir of fresh water drinking water is going virtually unexamined and that to me makes that abundantly contrary that certain evictions of government will not respond when we asks inform prudence and them to for a second the realties of science therefore i reprimand you they'll alone listen to the sounds of money to like the sparrow says the great
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sparrow we must do what we can thank you thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good
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investment i got an mba in 2013 and fossil fuel are the future if you're not concerned about the future putting money in a pipeline a huge amount of political opposition and probably a carbon tax that reduces the profit if you don't say where children or don't bring water or breathe air the opportunity to make the smart more conservative less risky
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investment are you numbers are making a rupture and hopefully, your existed to do what i think you are already doing in our heart tshs and your service thank you for your comments
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>> that would help fund people who wish to hurt more native americans. the symbol of it would me so much for me a city i had so much faith in growing up who stand for so much of my loved ones. please help me keep hope.
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thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello again. um, i have a friend who contacted me about 4 years ago and he lived in the midwest and he is transjnder and he said i have taken my savings of $200 and bought a plane ticket to san francisco and he moved here and he lived in a shelter in the tenderloin and wnt to city college and he got ssi and now he is a undergraduate in another school in another state thmpt reezian use his story because for him san francisco stood for hope and safety in a world that was much darker and didn't have that for him. in a way, the world has become much more dark and difficult for a lot of us and i'm here to speak to the name and the symbol of san francisco, my home such that i
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can have confidence that when i tell people i'm born and raised here i know the city stand behind me and my values of speaking truth to power and standing up for justice and not letting things fall to had way side. i ask you to really listen and think about this and think about what it means to represent the city of san francisco in the face of this and to stand with our history as a progressive city speaking truket and power and justice. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. sfgtv, please. >> i like to start by giving thanks to the ancestors and they are descend chbt here today. this is native
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land. marcos ramirez a son of a immigrant father and a artist and advisor to a artist rez daents here in san francisco call thd growly and today i like to speak to you as someone privileged to stand among and call myself a water protector. on the monching of february 23 i woke in [inaudible] camp, stepped outside and noticed someone on a hill point agrifle at my chest. i urge you all to look at this photograph. we were of course unarmed as we always have been. the next photograph is much more fun. this is what we had in our hands, we had puppies. we can no longer say we don't understand what the cumulative power of capital does in the
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hand of those that want to hurt people. this is toward the end. this is recently, this is not the forces learned anything thoferb months of abuses. let's put concrete language into the investment matrix. all you, i urge you. i'm proud of what we were able to do at standing rock and hope you can look back over your political history and say you stood with the people during this time. deivist san francisco and want to thank you, thank the board of supervoozers the last time we spoke for staying so late with us so thank you, guys. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a 4th fivth grade teacher. i teach in the bayview. just wrap up american-to give voice
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to my student squz their imagative minds and critical eyes. so, this is a free response student did after watching. at mome e home they watched a lot of people kicked off of the sunny rock camp and they were very up set so we decided do a reflection component to get our ideas out there. this is a studen in 5th grade. quh i saw the native people kicked off the land i remembered the unit on [inaudible] i remembered how we talked about what if it was like for before and think how the people lived there. when we were talking the stuff they made is like the stuff his mom makes. i can't believe people are ociwith this happeningism but i guess i would have been okay too before the class. isn't fair because they were here first. that is quhie i think that shouldn't be happening. so, i just want to urge all you to
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make the right decision, hopefully show our youth that you are in the right side for justice to show you are not just you know, here like a symbol but that you hold the truth they want to see in the world and they are already beginning to envision it as 4th and 5th graders. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> in order for a molecule to absorb radiation it has to have a change in the electronic field, it has a to have a pogerized electric feempd. oxygen and niteiogen the majority of the at mospheres they are dimer jz symmetrical so dont absorb because there is no poparticularity. carbon diox side on the other hand very different
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atoms, oxygen much more negative. carbon much more positive and they do crete dipoll moments. there is one that a wagon motion where the oxians wag and another that is a slinky motion and they do absorb infrared and send it back to earth. i'm a forklift driver. i can understand this. i don't know why scott prut can't understand. one of my frustrations closer to home in san francisco is the total burning of the carbon burning in san francisco is very great and screwing around with the mta and traffic pattern is window dressing. it isn't actually doing anything about our carbon footprint. i wish we were more committed to it because what we are doing is not a rats ass. >> thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please. >> tom gill burty. molly irish worked at lighthouse for the blind for 17 years. she is a community service coordinator plan and does had staffing for monthly birthday parties, bingo, holiday travels and trips and being evicted placerpleville. last aexperience will probably be this month of [inaudible] wells who is 95 who just passed. weaves of our society. we envision of our jails, i'm take ing a quote. i like the word reenvision. it will be a big word. reenvision our police procedures, our densities, our
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banking, devesting, how about reenvisioning san francisco public bank, how about reenvisioning our military, energy, food, climate change realty, which 4 weeks ago nina kim on forum said that coastal commission said the evidence of 2 inch climate change is 26 feet of water rise. like wall street owning washington dc, the oil and military, big bucks owning washington dc, our real estate developers in this town own this city. they tell us what they want us to build. this is our city, this may be our coop. i have been showing the 5th of a 5 point plan. it's our way. it's
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another way of deciding how we can live here and do what we need to do to have a healthy city and environment. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> members of the board. rea heart, director ofsuch open government. in solidarity with many previous speakers i like to remind bank of america was found ed in san francisco and devested itself of the city so don't think you should have moral qualms what so ever devesting from them financially. starting today i intend to talk about a fraud purpitated on the citizens of san francisco by the office of the mayor mpth cucluding with san francisco public library and city library and appointed by the mayor. since 2000 friend and foundation of the san francisco public library had more than
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80 million dollars passed through their hands. this month is 4 years since they come before the leeuberary commission and public to discauss what they do with the millions that pass 34 their hands each year. a grup of private individuals raising mun ain the name the san francisco public library a institution in its own right but also department of city government is unconsenable. the fraud is perpetrated for 18 year jz designed to continue in perpetuity. this group raises millions, it does so with your support because you give the authorization and my calulation from the public records says out of every dollar they raise in the name the library the library gets
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about 7 cents. you hurd about veterans group jz all those who raise money and spend litd little for the cause this is one of then. next week to give a preview-on the screen, please. i will talk about the main evil actor in this fraud and that is city librarian lu is, her era was found to receive thousands of dollars of gifts of reportable items from this group for year jz failing to disclose them and was found in violation of the law. >> thank you for your comments. before the next speaker speaks i ask if there are any other members of the public who like to address the board? please step up general public comment. next speaker, please. >> that you can for the
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listening to us today. i just want to say that i'm honored and grateful to have gone up to standing rock and stood thob front lines but also believe this is also the front line and you guys hold the pow er to make a huge difference. if you don't you are no different than dapple and you hold the responsibility of the environmental degidation that can happen and human rights happened against native people so here as a voice to urge you to deivist from bank of america. >> thank you for your comments. jerk any other members of the public who like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is clez close said. please read the item frz adoption without reference to committee. >> 30-37 considered for adoption without committee reference. single roll call may enact the items. may object sever a item and have
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considered sep areerately. >> supervisor fewer. >> move the sever item 30. >> no other names on the roster on items 31-37, please call the roll. >> safa erk, aye. sheehy, aye. tang, aye. yee, aye. breed, aye. cohen,i aye. farrell, aye. fewer, aye. kim, aye. peskin, aye. ronen, aye. there are 11 aye's. >> the item are adopted unanimously. [applause] >> we are not there. we are going back to 30. item 30. >> resolution to urge the
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office of treasurer tax collector to immediately update the city socially responsible investment matrix by adding finance of dakota access pipeline as a screening factor. >> supervisor fewer. >> thank you very much. today i'm proud san francisco stands with other cities across the nation to look at our own investment as part of our sal darety with the standing rock zoo and in opposition to the pipeline. most importantly, well other cities like seattle ended depository service the resolution paves the way for san francisco 3 to be sth first in the country to with draw investment from banks finance the energy transfer family of companies. i want to thank treasurer sis narrow and office for collaboration and like to thank the 8 other cosponsors of the resolution particular ly supervisor ronen who was office worked with my staff to draft the resolution and supervisor kim, yee,
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sheehy, tang, safae and cohen. i want to thank you the san francisco [inaudible] coalition and community advocates for their leadership, passion and commitment in push elected officials to take a stand on the issue. many of you have been to standing rock and seen first hand the fight and violation of human rights. thank you for allowing to see it through to your personal testimony. your testimony is heart felt and moving and inspired me to take action and response. in particular i like to appreciate jacquie fieldler, a brilliant young leader from the defund [inaudible] coalition who is a pleasure to work with on the resolution and to my legislative aid, chelsy bolard who works oen this. let's hope our action today in passing the resolution ats volumes to the chorus of voices condemning the pipeline and calling for clean water
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for indigenous people in all communities. wlee are a city of hope but also one of courage and strength. yunlted we are stronger against injustice. unitsed we are our best. colleagues i urge a unanimous vote today in urge of the resolution. >> thaupg supervisor fewer. >> thank you for the moving words and all your work on this and i just wanted to also echo and say thank you to all you for staying the whole day. you started at 2 a clock, sat through the entire meeting and came here to fight for something that you deeply believe in, which is really the survival of not only the native people, but of the entire planet and you are a inspiration, thank you for going to standing rock. thank you for fighting in local cities. we stand with you and i just wanted you to know i'm
6:48 pm
deeply grateful for your work. >> supervisor ronen. supervisor kim. >> i want to thank supervisor fewer for take the lead and step closer to be the socially responsible city we all aspire to be. i also want to recognize supervisor john avalos for his work last fall in passing a resolution to suspend much of our city ties in business with wells fargo including issuing of municipal bonds and use of investment products. while i was not everything we want toed ed to see we took steps to sever ties with banks to show disrarbd for resident in san francisco and throughout the country and appreciate supervisor fewers work taking us a step closer it being socially responsible around issues of water which we deeply care
6:49 pm
about. >> thauchck. seeing no other names on the roster take the item same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. [applause] thank you very much. madam clerk, read in memorulism scrrks in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of #13r visor sheehy for ken horn be and supervisor farrell for charles mayoral mu gowanfelt >> this bridges to the end of the ajenlda. any other items before us today is >> that conclude the business for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you everyone.
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[meeting adjourned ]
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if
6:52 pm
anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to
6:53 pm
the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter
6:54 pm
behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, march 14, 2017, madam clerk please roll call. >> commissioner breed commissioner cohen marry no presents commissioner farrell commissioner fewer commissioner kim not present commissioner peskin commissioner ronen not present commissioner safai commissioner sheehy not present commissioner tang commissioner yee madam chair we have quorum. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in the pledge of allegiance
6:56 pm
and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you m any communications. >> i have none to report madam president and colleagues any changes to the approval of the january 24, 2017, and january 31, 2017, board meeting minutes. >> seeing none, is it a motion to approve those minutes moved by commissioner tang and seconded by commissioner kim colleagues we'll take that without objection. overseeing meeting minutes will be passed after public comment. next item. >> on one >> on one an ordinance to >> on one an ordinance to general plan amendment - commerce and industry element; guidelines for eating and
6:57 pm
drinking establishments. >> commissioner fewer thank you, president i wanted to mention that i voted no on the first reading because of lack of outreach from the merchant to the planning department and haven't heard anything to the contrary i think i can support this today. >> thank you commissioner fewer seeing no other names on the roster, on the item madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> on one commissioner safai commissioner sheehy commissioner tang commissioner yee commissioner breed commissioner cohen commissioner farrell commissioner fewer nay commissioner kim no commissioner peskin no commissioner ronen
6:58 pm
there are 8 i's and commissioner fewer and commissioner cohen's and in the descent item is finally passed important item 2 planning code, zoning map - upper market street districts. >> reclassify from the mcd to the upper market street commercial transit mcd to rise sections of article 4 for the entirety of ucht including outside of market octavia to affirm the ceqa detections e detectors and make the appropriate mdz. >> respectfully. >> commissioner safai commissioner sheehy commissioner tang commissioner yee commissioner breed commissioner cohen commissioner farrell
6:59 pm
commissioner fewer commissioner kim commissioner peskin expelling last year 11 i's. >> the ordinance has finally passed unanimously item 3 administrative code - affordable housing cash-out proceeds restriction. >> port in whole or to a verdict fund had been used for residential and the creation and preservation of affordable housing. >> commissioner farrell you thank you commissioner breed we continue to meet with should the developers and work with the city attorney's office on the revised legislation i ask we continue is one more week i last week to make a motion. >> commissioner farrell has made a motion to continue to march 21st and seconded by we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. this item will be continued to
7:00 pm
the meeting of march 27. >> item 4 administrative code - amending local hiring policy to set percentages. >> to a new chapter eight 2 to set the levels for a project work hours at thirty percent for all projects 2 to 3 clarify the language language for application outside of san francisco and change the due date from march first to april 1st with other clarifying conditions. >> commissioner fewer thank you leagues i've been a strong supporter and continue to be a passionate bleefrl we need to make sure our local shivers one the best tools in reducing unemployment of the population ever african-americans bring equalities to the disadvantaged neighborhoods the policy is a highly effective tool for high
7:01 pm
packing paying jobs we're looking to clarify those in the code and reaffirmtion of local hire the hours etch project for each plea will reflect how strong the market is this is maintained for the past two years the number of available - makes it difficult for a higher target particularly speaking this legislation does not concentrate ever going lover 36 and has language to make sure it is upwards to move the market conditions a moving a high plateau will help to avoid the confusion their contained in the public works policy and procedures local hire applies more to public works to be on
7:02 pm
construction works on city owned property sold for housing development applies not section 6.2 states that the projects must comply with chapter 32 thank you supervisor avalos for offering the local hiring legislation and zoning administrator naomi kelly for the original version of that update, of course, local hire wouldn't have been possible without the the work of my community back in 2010 including bayview based groups and frank for helping to bring this all the time forward i urge your support colleagues thank you, thank you commissioner fewer roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passed unanimously fdr. >> next. >> a term sheet endorsement - jppf op acquisitions, llc jamestown - proposed lease of pier 29
7:03 pm
bulkhead. >> for the allocations, llc for jamestown for a 15 year lease with towing thousand square feet at the pier 7027 on churt and the embarcadero. >> commissioner peskin. >> thank you, madam president and thanks to the budget committee subcommittee for entertaining and adopting a number of amendment with regard to the concept all sheet as you may know pier 29 a part of a yet to be delivered promise of active recreation on the northeast waterfront that promise emanates from the 199720-year-old land use plan and, of course, many years ago there was a proposal for active recreation at the piers 27, 29 and 31 it didn't come to - many of my constituents and citywide
7:04 pm
organizations have been trying to get the port to fulfill that for many years there's alone concern expressed this lease for 15 years modest it foreclosure on that the one will indicate that jane kim town will in the expand beyond the footprint got shed avenue pier 29 and two the port commission will endeavor to pursue the active request for proposal in or around the pier 29 area and with those amendments all, be it not everyone is happy but i'll recommend the term sheet with minor amendments national anthem on page 3 at lines 6, 9, 13, and
7:05 pm
20 to insert that the board of supervisors urges the port commission given their chart authority with can't actually tell the port commission but we canable and, of course, ultimately any lease will come back here for approval by a majority of this body pursuant to the chapter with that, i'd like to move those amendments before all of you and will vote for it as amended. >> commissioner peskin has made a motion to amend is there a second seconded by commissioner tang colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes and on the temple agency colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted as amended unanimously item he 6 cooperative agreement - state of california department of transportation caltrans - design
7:06 pm
and construction of the to approve the cooperative agreement from think calculates concerning the design and construction of lombard street vision zero project and to make the environmental findings. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> item 7 - retention of department of building inspection records. >> certain records permanently. >> sam the ordinance passed unanimously on the fdr. >> to urge the board of directors for the executive compensate and look at the compensation and hold a public hearings and issue a report. >> commissioner kim. >> thank you commissioner breed colleagues this resolution urges the san francisco employers retirement system to join a nation wide movement of investors with who are holding
7:07 pm
the executive officers of pubically traded company forces their excess contemplate how fragile our country's middle-class have become and reveals the forced has been operating our economy has continued to grow but it is done at the expense of the hard working people we're a top-heavy nation banning the dream as i mentioned in the basis around vetting in the free city college movement our country's middle-income the largest classes here in america has sullen and become smaller our low income communities san francisco has the wide it income gap from the country awhile
7:08 pm
medium wages have been stagnate with the cost of living it's grown as a unprecedented rate over nine hundred percent since 1998 since the quote stay an pay requirements by the dog consumer protection those who to landmarked this inequality have the tools to take legislative action we know in reply the average ceo's was seven hundred and 74 to one not only on the job numbers are a misrepresentation of the employees values the excess compensation effects the performance in the long run in 2016 out of one hundred companies with the 15e78 s&p were the highlight and the temple companies with highest
7:09 pm
csos underperformed by 5 percent costing their investors money they that's what where we come in public employees may not that of themselves with the power to influence we are and pension funds across the country all over the world manage magnificent portfolios that contain many of pumping traded companies now required to report the data those are taxpayers dollars and the fund of your employees with the a.d. vented the stay on pay compensation manned by doug frank those leverage the individuals to vote against executive compensation packages last year the state of wisconsin and the florida modification voted against 73 percent, 82 and
7:10 pm
84 of pay packages respectfully here in san francisco we only voted against 7 percent of the exists fee that's why the board the san francisco board of supervisors should urge them to consider the compensation reports of pay ratios for sf first and the portfolio and those use our permittee power to limit the excess compensations we know that is having an impact on the city we see the growing homeless impoverished families in san francisco those actions should be in accordance with the sf policy the ownership the equalities interests in concert with other owners to have theville social issues and increased transparency
7:11 pm
requirement have revealed excess pay and who this negatively impacts the individual employees but a negative knock out effect for stakeholder and results in the economy as a whole i mentioned many of the companies may their ceo underperformed and have an impact on the investment of our employees and stated in the resolution those studies show that the companies with the highest disparities with the workers underperform worst we also found it the diversity on the board of supervisors has been linked to better performance as well i want to thank supervisor cohen that served as the president of sf first working closely with us and also her suggestions and amendments i'm introducing a set of amendment that have been distributed to the members of the board i want to enforce we
7:12 pm
have a fiduciary to the employees and or so report but as you see only continues to make the case that while this is a small sheriff's deputy but this fulfilling our fiduciary duties and hopefully, we can encourage more stays and states across the country to follow florida and wisconsin and hopefully san francisco as well colleagues would love our support on the amendments i have distributed and, of course, on the overall resolution and finally, i want to also acknowledge and thank our retirees that ton would one and local 1021 for ref this and work, working but as you before i call on commissioner cohen can i have a clear explanation of
7:13 pm
your amendment the therefore, be it resolved urges the sf to use the proxy voting power in a fail and pay votes to elopement the compensations and sophisticating can you explain what this specifically does. >> this is actually the heart of resolution the resolution is to urge our employment retirees to use the proxy power as an investor in you pubically traded companies in the portfolio to vote no on the fee compensation and asking for sf to develop a set of guidelines to examiner what is excess and what is in the and asking for a guidelines before the end of this year to consistently vote yes or no on the chiefs fee compensation as i mentioned as a major stakeholder in the pubically traffic
7:14 pm
accident companies we as investors can vote on ceo compensation and over the last couple of years we're stat to see that public entities the state of with his was a and the state of minnesota have started to vote and as i mentioned start voting no on 73, 84 percent of pay packages that come before that city and county of san francisco has only voted on 7 percent this is to encourage us to begin that practice we believe that not only is the - it is important, important the country and workers it does impact the performance of companies that the companies that have the worst and most excess fees tend to underperform other companies. >> thank you for if clarity. >> commissioner cohen. >> good afternoon good to see you all here commissioner kim for working with the advocates and getting this before us and thank you, again you're
7:15 pm
leadership a couple of things i wanted to maybe talk through first, i wanted to talk about dodd frank for the consumer protection act this is a offered an opportunity to improve the transparent and accountability in the meddled national corporations particularly that the retirement board has a financial stake this is incredibly important piece of reform legislation i want to temper that your hearing ongoing xfks that president trump might be looking at this is proven to be a fiduciary imperfect that means that till when boards is exists diverse and anymore people of color they're making very long and more sound investments
7:16 pm
and incorporating the people with with diverse backwards they allow the business country's or more importantly recognize opportunities i want to note that the san francisco employment system is responsible for managing $20 billion to support the pensions for some of the cities tireless workers nurses and muni operators it includes police officers and even includes us right here on the chamber floor today whale the staff has done an excellent job and the best performers in this class of peers we have a $4 billion unfunded liability $4 billion with a b unfunded liability we're not fully funded if we pay out everyone's pension we'll be short by that amount being $4 billion and a large part of
7:17 pm
standing up for workers making sure that we are there to protect our own like those who retired and depending on the pension as president of the board i wanted to recognize we don't want to limit the staffs ability to invest in the returns forces the city workers but use the tools to demand transparent and accountability in our investment so that's why we continue to lead connecting the dots with continue the residential hotel of our investment to our workers and community so commissioner kim i'm happy to support this legislation i want to encourage everyone here on the board to support this legislation thank you. >> thank you commissioner cohen commissioner fewer. >> yes. through the chair to the supervisor can i be added as a sponsor. >> thank you commissioner fewer. >> commissioner kim. >> i want to thank commissioner
7:18 pm
cohen to add this to the resolution own particularly on women this is of interest to our janitor board of supervisors only 60 percent of board of directors have pubically traded companies are women and seven hundred and 38 public companies that have zero women on their board of directors it is important and i believe that actually is really if we could for the companies bottom line to be on the board of directors so colleagues, i want to again acknowledge commissioner cohen for your work and as president of this board and colleagues ask for your support on this all the time item. >> just for clarity commissioner kim in our amendments you intentionally struck out on page 3 line 21 pubically traded that was intentional; correct? >> on page 3 i'm sorry
7:19 pm
line 21. >> yes. >> okay because i think part of it was counter to what i heard you say. >> no, no we took that out it is not necessary it is companies in the sf or adoption portfolio it was just more of a editing issue. >> thank you commissioner cohen. >> thank you commissioner breed i want to acknowledge commissioner kim and quantify it is true when you add women and people of color to any boards within the finance community what specifically we found it funds do better with a more robust gain i wanted to add
7:20 pm
that. >> thank you and colleagues commissioner kim this is a a motion to amend. >> there a second to commissioner kim's seconded by commissioner ronen colleagues we'll take that without objection. the amendments pass and on the item as amended we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution as amended is adapted unanimously madam clerk items 9 through 11 human resources 3 resolutions that received the annual reports item 9 for the urging the san francisco employees retirement system board to review executive compensation. >> for fisherman's wharf and fisherman's wharf portside community benefit districts - annual report for fy2015-2016. >> and item greater union square business improvement district - annual report for fy2015-2016. >> submitted as required by the property and business improvement as well as
7:21 pm
colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolutions are adopted unanimously madam clerk items 12 through 14. >> that direction the analyst to conduct audits 12 is an audit of the community behavioral health services in the department of health and 13 is a performance audit in 2017 of plod of police staff resources funded by the general fund and item 14 is a motion that approves the work plan for the legislative in fact, required the board of supervisors approval for the reallocation of hours in 20 percent between the service categories. >> commissioner safai. >> thank you, colleagues just wanted to say quibble had the purpose behind item 12 he introduced a request for the bust to conduct a management
7:22 pm
audit when we first came into office it was two days after a gentleman in our district was shot and it was very clear after the fact an officer-involved shooting was clear after the fact this person was in and out of management but not identified as a response to the violence he was perpetrating with the violation with the police as a result as well as other issues with different information from the department of health as well as the depth of human services agency not clear the breathe and expansion and number of mental health services in our system so we wanted the bust to look at it and look at the projections the amount of services what is projected has been utilized over the last 5 to 10 years to have a
7:23 pm
better understanding things like community-based heartache services and jail and services san francisco general we wanted to clearer understanding. >> thank you commissioner safai seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. those months ago are approved unanimously all right. 2:30 our special order 2:30 p.m. - and so we have 3 today they'll be called in the order they were received we will start with supervisor farrell okay. thank you supervisor president london breed so colleagues today, i get the honor of recognizing someone that i would have to measure all the work with has been a lesion in san francisco for decades truly and who is today's her birthday and retiring this is katherine
7:24 pm
with the director of human services i'm sorry. >> (clapping.) >> so in doing this i got a fun things i got to know about katherine and then she started her activism in high school she was the cycling queen didn't know that and helped out in cabins with the mayors campaign became a nurse and selected that the institution of health policy and batches from school of nested housing and completed a degree in sociology and served on the board of directors with the breast cancer opportunity u fund and work with the live foundation and then hospice project katherine was my first boss coming out of college i mentioned this yesterday at the her retirement party there was a
7:25 pm
few 0 women running that office i reached from the best and i've grown to know katherine as i serve as the board representative and katherine has been running the city of san francisco for a number of years i'll tell you it comes up during budget time we to release how much haesht republican hesitate saved the city but providing amazing service for our healthcare and manages over one hundred thousand lives the rate increases we've not seen in the previous san francisco owe katherine and her entire team have truly saved san francisco 71 employers employees thousands of dollars a year and can't be understated the impact katherine had she worked with a gavin
7:26 pm
newsom for human services agency and also presidential appointee with the region director for the ham at the federal level and is one the most amazing people i've gotten to work with inside of city hall i mentioned that yesterday at her retirement participant we see few people that are adopt to earth and helicopter as they come but people someone that is given her life to the city of san francisco and all of us we're so blessed katherine to have i i'm blessed to count you as a personal friend we'll miss you dearly but thank you for all your hard work for the city and county of san francisco so congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> so we have a few other colleagues that want to make comments commissioner ronen. >> hi katherine don't to see i
7:27 pm
got to share thoughts you're amazing retirement party where so many people expressed admission i met you under supervisor campos my first project to help to write a complicated piece of legislation involving our healthcare and hospital system and i have backward in immigrant worker rights but never done nothing is a healthcare policy asking who can i speak to teach me about healthcare i was immediately referred to i reached out to you, you took me under our wing and spent hours teaching me the policies and i think one the best hearing on hospital costs and you know to just despite to get the impossible rates you managed to get more the city of
7:28 pm
san francisco bucking the trend and every level and city government i think i have to say to i want to thank you not only for everything you the for the city and doing our job with an excellent that is rare and much appreciated but being so open or so open he welcoming to young women that are starting off careers and policy and government and really teaching us and mentoring us i know i'm not the only one you did this for i love you and appreciate i can't wait to see all the things you will do in retirement i know you'll be making noise but i hope you also get to enjoy time to relax and travel thank you for everything i love. >> thank you commissioner ronen oar commissioner tang
7:29 pm
thank you, again a hearty heart sendoff you'll think it to do amazing things i first met you catherine starting out in the mayor's office with the upper the deputy director and again, just you know we've now been to work with each other in other roles when i have a question you always have a detailed answer to explain to the residents about questions of cost of healthcare and so forth but i appreciated how you turned around not city employees the way we think about our workplace whether civilly ormanual and setting up a great program for employees to exercise with the light court; right? where people can do
7:30 pm
jogging and i know that my office participated in that i want to thank you for i mean the big thank you but also some of the things that hit home at city hall that will be everlasting i wish you all the best in our retirement and looked to seeing you you'll not being across the street on market street but thank you for everything. >> doctor katherine dodi didn't release you were so flummox in our colleagues life i thank you for the opportunity you were very influential in my life before i was elected you were district director for congresswoman nancy pelosi i loved watching you, you have an incredible spirit and tenacious i admire how you and our partner have been together with a
7:31 pm
wonderful relationship and been activist on the front line for several years and truly my hero with our own battle you won and condition to fight i think that you have designificant nations what that means to be a survivor and appreciate that and the text message with the words of encouragement you read something in the newspaper or hear a comment about another item fighting for healthcare or fighting for constituents or standing up when something that wrong and standing you what i building to be right. i wanted to take a moment to just give it back to you you've been incredible in my life i have personally bend and look forward to our next phase in life you'll be only a text message away and i'm going to look forward to
7:32 pm
watching you do it with style and grace thank you thank you commissioner cohen commissioner kim. >> i'll convicted to the chorus of women a appreciate your tenacious it and incredible intelligence you lead this department i'm sorry, i actually did miss our party i wish i could have been there but add to what everyone said i'm super impressed about a complicated arena i got to be you through the kroom process all the buckets land use and housing and transportation and all of that you know got it but healthcare i completely got lots of what's in network and out of network you patricia wrem and explaining those are the most important localities of development
7:33 pm
easement i appreciate you having the courage of an stall warmth to dictate on the healthcare industry and making sure that our employees are getting the services they deserve for their health and also that we're doing it in a way not goulg the tape recordings and i hope you continue in our advocacy work that will be more important healthcare is the fight in the country today, i hope that san francisco is at the forefront of that fight our experienced and leadership and knowledge about guide us i hope you continue to do that on a voluntary basis for the city and county of san francisco but thank you very much and you wholly and heartily deserve a great retirement thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you commissioner kim >> hi katherine i don't know
7:34 pm
when we met its way back when and i was sitting here thinking you know how great it is honored we have roman here last week and people in the community like you but roma is a celebrity in building what we've accomplished over the last thirty or 40 years wouldn't have been possible without the with the hiv aids or moving the lgbt community forward and keeling with determination and you've been in some critical places nancy pelosi's office and city hall with gavin newsom i'm proud and humbled and thank you very much for your fantastic service. >> thank you commissioner sheehy and finally mr. dodd an opportunity for you to say a few words. >> thank you to the board of
7:35 pm
supervisors i started in 1983 working for nancy walker working for kevin shelly and so i know imitately the work you do i'm grateful for the board of supervisors we couldn't have a more important board at this time in our history and i have every confidence you'll stand up for all of the things that san francisco stand for as we move forward through the next 4 years i will just do a little bit of lobbying and point out that the health service board will obtain considering an update to the transgender/gender benefit and i'm it won't come to you but to the health board in our interested in please weigh in with the health service board and thank you to commissioner farrell who's been a supporter
7:36 pm
and a key vote on major, major issues that have come before the board that helps to save the city last year evident late for one of his own committee meetings we saved $11 million that was worth it but he's guided us been an active board member when the time is acceptable owe poling up for important issues i'll tell you that i will be back during the budget system to support the person that will provide his budget you you'll appreciate my public comment and back if other issues relate to the sutterer health system that needs to be before the public and speak more freely than a department head
7:37 pm
(laughter). >> with that, thank you to all of the board secretary and the staff that supports the board it is - when nancy walker is on the board we have a majority of supervisors it is great to have the menu have progressives they will not be embarrassed to call themselves fechlz it is a honor and privilege to serve the city thanks. >> (clapping.) >> so we'll do a group photo with the entire board to come on in. >> thank you for your many, my
7:38 pm
years of service to our great city thank you, again with that, i will call on the next commendation for today that will be provided by supervisor jane kim thank you and they said and i would like to bring up other
7:39 pm
incredible woman that served the city for 2 two years jackie chang. >> (clapping.) >> oh, my gosh i'm in tears he have not been done speaking you couldn't guess by looking this woman she's been serving at the hospitality house for 2 two years i want to personally thank you for your the incredible work that not only not only you but your organization fornix the community and city for all the
7:40 pm
decades the words associated with the person that allison park honoring here and that you, you hear you ask about her she's smart and fearless and cool-headed unflappable optimistically which you need to be to do this work at the jackie a 22 hospitality began in 1995 at the employment counselor she was 10-year-old she graduated from the university of dayton with journalism degree and helped position in her hospitality house and promote as executive director after a 5 year from the director shelter program spent over 20 years and earned hers manifest from san francisco state in 2002 we are
7:41 pm
here to honor jackie i want to speak about hospitality house the whole single-family is here one the ways to pay respect to the woman in a way she'll want to share a little bit about the place that raised her and she group but anyone that is unfamiliar with the hospitality house i encourage you to visit it was an organization that began for people who into the the haight ashbury summer of love one the first nonprofit organizations providing free services to those in dire straights or helping hand today continues to be deeply routed in the heart of the tenderloin that is expanded to middle school and built self-sufficiency and steamer the community arts program the only
7:42 pm
free gallery space for artists and folks who would not be part of rich and can remember eco system of our city in fact, if you pass by you can walk into the free drop in classes and draw with other resident that are there the community built in program finds a way for things to be part of civic their policymaker i've attended many of the groups at hospitality how's that knows way more about policies than many of the people here and engaged directly and on in the oshz that are before the board of supervisors hospitality house also had an an employment program for gainful employment and runs one of the best shelter in the city the
7:43 pm
city's first over negligent born in 1982 with a federal housing program we started to start this program across the country and provided case shelter pace aspire veterans and immigrants and people with mental health seniors and x offenders and the house of hospitality was the site we used for our budget forums around homelessness in san francisco but last but not least is the drop centers it the hospitality house those centers are your heart and 20 thousand people many people scared from trauma homeless, visited in one year listen to use the free phone and bathroom and lodge to feed themselves during the day and rest their feet and the staff hired the individual in the neighborhood like jackie not that to force people or judge
7:44 pm
people but listen and relate with their own ups and downs jack i didn't say at the heart of organization for over two decades and with such a heavy heart we acknowledge our leaving our home in the bay area to north carolina and in some ways it is you know point full because commissioner yee called on us to talk about how to keep more families in the san francisco bay area it is sad too know that families can't stay here because they've invested in the neighborhoods to incredible work in the neighborhood and so while i'm excited for our families to start a new chapter in north carolina i am incredibly sad that was housing and economic circumstances that forced you from the place you
7:45 pm
love i wanted to thank you so much but acknowledge the family that is here with you today and in our sendoff we love you so much and hope you come back but at least you come and visit us often and i guess we all have a reason to go visit north carolina to see the incredible new work we'll be embarking onville's the most vulnerable in the state of north carolina i want to we're distraught not to have our chocolate cookies you honor in our state of ohio thank you jackie we wanted to wish you well, your 3 beautiful children and partner jay no words to expressed our thankful gratitude being an organization like you
7:46 pm
see it is incredibly difficult work your eternally onyx but no way to do do work without hope there are so many challenges and hardships in the disappointment that you do i'm particularly honored to be able to recognize you today and also acknowledge our not leaving out of fag telegram but that you want to continue your work there i hope that many of you will be able to continue and hopefully help solve this housing crisis so others can continue to stay those who are in most need in the city and county of san francisco
7:47 pm
francisco. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much commissioner kim and thanks to everyone for being here this is really amazing and he had want to give a shout out to my family that is here in the back and the boys that are sitting so quietly and patiently. >> (clapping.) >> and to my family who is actually watching from all they are different states they've been credibly supportive and patiently especially my husband that is married to hospitality house longer me actually and the boys that understand why i don't come home for diner most fits that really
7:48 pm
means so much to me i've spent a lot of time in those chambers and building for budget battle and policies and celebrations and it is hard to believe that is my final 3 minutes foreclose of you its been a pleasure working with all the folks in city hall that statement body that is changed so much different times and the mayor, all the mayorss in the mayor's office and controller's office angela we go back a long ways and everyone here the department heads barbara garcia and trent roar and jeff and bryan chu it's been a true honor, of course, to work with the tenderloin and mid market community for the past 2 two years the first day i walked of las
7:49 pm
vegas worth street for my interview at hospitality house i couldn't know how much my life with truly be changed the community and resident are endured so much with me over the years and my true honor to witness the resilience and all the power thank you to all the residents for welcoming me with open arms and engaging that he you've taught me more than you can imagine a permanent place in i heart you are what makes san francisco inform i want to acknowledge some of the most harjd people the staff at hospitality and our partner organizations you make a mere fraction of with what you're worth i get it you barley get a living, working two or three jobs i get it your spit on
7:50 pm
sometimes and by those you're here to help but do it mower i i get it you have to sit in meetings and hearing the funding is cut or you might not get the cost of living to pay your rent i get it you know how important if we don't do it who will how if we don't 0 show up for those who are written off by society how will they get their second chance thank you for being here thank you for showing up and sitting down in that seat or taking if phone call or going to that meeting and letting that person know tare worth our time and have value even when every other experience ti they had tells them otherwise and shedded to the community partners that joined with me with the competition with the sister lose
7:51 pm
and pettyness and the mass for the coalitions and h s n the hawk we moved a few mountains but more and more work to be done the city is to worthier and people dying poor we have the most expensive housing but yet more than one thousand homeless people waiting for a bed and luxury houses moma nonprofit workers and teachers and nurses with consulting from stockton and when we thought the housing affordability november happened we were confronted with the federal level worst than we imagine to kudos to san francisco as a sanctuary city for immigrants and a safe place for the lgbt community now let's make sure folks call this place
7:52 pm
home have a basing place to lay their head at night and make sure they are gamed in the decisions that effect them and their voices are heard in the chambers at city hall colleagues and friends my beloved community i appreciate i honor you - and i will miss you thank you for making the last 2 two years of my life so rich with experiences so professionally fulfilling and so full of love i will never forget you san francisco stay strong.
7:53 pm
>> (clapping.) >> congratulations again, a jackie and thank you very much for your services to the city and county of san francisco you will be truly missed. >> if folks want to go outside that are here 2 to 3 jackie we'll take a big group photo outside and thank you to those from hospitality house we truly appreciated all you do to make our city great and to help some in e many in need human resources hi troy.
7:54 pm
>> okay our last commendation will be given by commissioner fewer thank you commissioner breed today it is my pleasure to recognize and proud native san franciscan for the purpose woornld and long time outland resident an actual community member that person is richard rothman after graduating if it san francisco state with a bachelor's degree and master in 1990 he did social work in new york city that was clear that richard had a passion to help richard worked in the city for
7:55 pm
25 years at c p sf and san francisco general hospital as the purposing manager in the psychiatric department working with the city richard was an actual member of seiu 10 to one and operated the truck with his father robert until his retirement married in 1982 and living happily in the district and his grandfather built programs he's working tirelessly in his retirement years since 2009 by being active on committees and advocating for improvements richard 19 has served on the pedestrian safety the park open space advisory committee and other places as a san francisco history buff and
7:56 pm
architectural enthusiasm i gave tours in the heritage in the last 1990s and leads through the city guys of acquitting richard working closely with the community groups and city departments to save to the public the murals in the city recently has been working to repair and reopen the mother buildings at the zoo and the murals inside the alamany health self-center that is has two murals richard has worked with the former supervisor mar to fund a need for fair and capture at the al marred gerald there is a photo i had the pleasure of visiting this morning at actually, the mclaren lodge a
7:57 pm
picture a sage of its photo i encourage all of you to visit. >> thank you, richard for all you're done and continue to do for all the outer richmond from potrero the art history and the city's legacy urging the san francisco employees retirement system board to review executive compensation. >> my honor to recognize you today. >> before you speak we have commissioner tang that want to provide comments. >> thank you commissioner fewer important honoring richard who say, i guess we share him as a honoree we've worked closely with the project on the zoo and the mother building great you remind united states to proffer the best part of san francisco history i'm so glad your recognized today because the work you have started it may it
7:58 pm
takes time to complete we need to do it or otherwise lose treasures in san francisco so thank you very much richard and commissioner breed and supervisors thank you supervisor fewer for this honor today as said i worked for the city for about 25 years and even before i worked for the city i started giving tours of acquitting in the early 80s through city life i gave toughest after i retired i fell in love with the mural and found other murals their unknown to us so i wanted to take a few minutes to list the murals that are in this city we need to i know we have a lot of other problems but in issues we need to take care of our artwork to me that is very important
7:59 pm
artwork it shows how the working-class people get a paid 21 or $31 a week and found any walls to paint on and those murals some of them are preserved and some need more work than others and some buildings were not dined store the murals some of the medical schools two at conclude and the diego rivera at john elementary school and two lovely murals at mission high school there is three or four at laguna honda which the arts commission just renovated there is beach charge la the city renovate a few years ago and acquitting should should be an example of how the city to
8:00 pm
renovate acquitticoit tower mur rooftop park high school for the plan committee is proposing to make the city larked and my alma mater get over the finish line supervisor mar fund to do a landmark study and assessment of the murals next to coit tower washington high school has won the finest collections in the city their controversial too and the last two murals are the health center which the city is going to lease out to a private
8:01 pm
group to a nonprofit and thanks to john supervisor avalos and the john updyke those murals will stay in the city's ownership and hope soon open to the public in the final building which was talked about was the mothers building this had the four gorgeous murals they were painted by two women artist they were painted in a building that was not designed for murals to the western wall has damage to them rec and park the arts commission and the zoo are all working closely to hopefully reopen that and thanks if funding from the historic preservation fund and supervisor katie tang we're well
8:02 pm
on the way to opening this building again and finally want to thank my wife and partnering nike for all her courage in this endeavor
8:03 pm
thank you. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations again richard. >> thank you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> colleagues, we will now to turn to our regular agenda madam clerk to the item we left off item 15. >> oh, commissioner ronen did you have a 15 okay madam clerk item 15 administrative code - affordable housing cash-out proceeds restriction. >> the calle quarto special use district generally bound by potrero hill and cap street as well as 24th street to the barry let and defined ♪ ordinance to affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings >> commissioner ronen. >> thank you, colleagues i'm so proud and excited that legislation is coming to a vote i worked on this piece of legislation for about two years
8:04 pm
and supervisor campos office and was proud to introduce it agency my first piece of legislation upon becoming a supervisor this is a piece of legislation that recognizes the special character the hispanic calle quarto like chinatown and north beach and jaipt that a vibrant neighborhood in san francisco and one the makes sense that make our city a world-class city the special use district before us use land use to articulate what a characteristics new businesses what have to enhance the latino cultural district to help us to preserve the vibrancy in turmoil because displacement of long time residents and
8:05 pm
businesses the special use district specified up to 1/3rd the eating and drinking establishment and makes rooms for businesses like retail and personal services that neighbors rely on and welcomes new businesses that support did latino history and character of the area and commit to local hiring and stable listing the biz businesses i'm pleased the land use and transportation committee have unanimously supported this legislation and colleagues today, i hope to have your support i want to give a special recognition to former supervisor campos (calling names) from the mayor's office of economic workforce development diego sanchez from the planning department and erica and from the calle quarto council and mirena burns from the city attorney's office and from my office for thank you for all your hard work and i do have one
8:06 pm
non-substantive amendment that i have passed out to you that the city attorney's office is asked we include required finding that states that the special use district about support the welfare so if there is no other comments i'd like to make a motion to adopt the amendments commissioner ronen has made a motion to adopt the amendments seconded by colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes and on the item as amendment madam clerk call the roll commissioner safai commissioner sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee commissioner breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell
8:07 pm
supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance as amended passes on the first reading item 16 liquor license - 456 larkin street as an extension of 460 larkin street. >> all black, llc on larkin street to serve the public in response to the progressives code recommending did alcoholic beverage colonel's. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? wobs the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> a resolution to authorize the adoption of mental health services annual updated for 2016-2017. >> sam we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted numbing and madam clerk call items 18 through 20.
8:08 pm
>> are let's see 3 months ago for the miguel bustos. >> reappointment for the community investment and infrastructure - leah pimentel. >> supervisor ronen what we call item 19 separately on items 18 and 20 seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the motions a approved amazing and on item 19 please call roll. >> supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee commissioner london breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell
8:09 pm
supervisor fewer supervisor kim no supervisor peskin no supervisor ronen no there is 8 i's and supervisor kim and supervisor ronen and supervisor peskin in the descent please call item 21 mendoza, mary kay chin, chin, bert hill, diane serafini, catherine orland, paul wells, and jeffrey taliaferro. >> to terms ending november 2019. >> on item 21st. >> supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell
8:10 pm
supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen interest there are 11 i's the motion that approved amazing item sabrina hernandez, bert hill richard grosboll, and michael theriault. >> to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district in an expired portion ending 2019 and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. it is approved unanimously next 23 appointments, local homeless coordinating board - laura guzman and sophia isom. >> a four-year termed ending 2019 both residency waved for a 4-year term ending 2018 to the homeless cooperating board sam the motion that approved unanimously madam clerk to our special order
8:11 pm
3:00 p.m. committee of the whole the board of supervisors will common a committee of the whole to a motion approval on january 31st and continued open from march 7, 2017 to hear and discuss the findings and recommendations by the planning department in the report entitle housing with families with children and the guidelines. >> okay. this is a hearing that has been called by supervisor yee and so with that, is supervisor yee i'll i'm going to turn it over to you for opening remarks. >> again supervisor president breed colleagues i'll thank you for agreeing to hold it committee of the whole today we will hear from the planning department staff on the highlights from the housing for families with children policy paper this is an initiative i encouraged the city to par take in through a resolution that authorized in
8:12 pm
2015 i'm really happy to have this hearing i'm just sad that considering the stories we've heard of jackie that would have happened 5 years ago i was deeply concerned about the loss of our children population to the that the three san francisco has the lowest percentage of children population in the entire country the board in 2014 became alerted and supported the 2014 children's fund known as prop c at the time to include our children, our families council to be created i get it. >> oh, to create a vision for children and families to succeed in san francisco i'm glad to report that mayor ed lee and our school
8:13 pm
superintendent has taken the goals seriously and recorded the results to the board next month like all of our colleagues on the board am troubled with the housing affordability for many years now our housing discussion for a long term if take the housing needs of families with children take into consideration ray hart for san francisco open government. the income level that was hearted breaking to me some time changes and population change but this thing the city has given up on serving the families population even though the presidential developments included 20 two bedrooms and sometime three bedrooms unit young couples and newborns were moving out of the city as we may as well place a sign you know those signs when our
8:14 pm
enter into the city for the freeways and so forth it says well to san francisco maybe below we need to put a sign that says families with children not welcome especially for those that are low and middle-income i started asking about the family housing i found out a few things affordable housing developers were better at building spaces for families they were clearly not building enough of them developers were not building them developers know how to build them and family-friendly housing and in the next 10 years 0 san francisco population is projected to grow by 200 thousand moaning we may have an additional 26 thousand more zero a 18 where are they going to live and san francisco didn't
8:15 pm
have my official language defining family housing that's why i ask city planning to start this exercise by flushing out the elements they make for family-friendly housing i also asked staff to explore the policy ideas the nice thing some cities in the country and all around the world have explored the family-friendly design and developed tools with the sglz and works to encourage housing for families it is good to know we can have to start from scratch the planning department staff and i have present the draft paper to several bodies and corrected the feedback along the way the groups are the planning commission, spur, family support network and other stakeholders so the version we
8:16 pm
have today has had the benefit of collect minds i want to as many policy idea to be included in the report because regardless of if i personally agree or disagree with the specification we support the fred blackwell is too important to leave any idea off the table a time to dissect and analysis the mirror of each of idea to fully debate them in the future we need to look at how to make the units in the largest development more family-friendly for the sake of simple mrirt for large development are one hundred or more units overall they'll be part of the larger developments and high-rises in the year 2015
8:17 pm
housing inventory report that 4 thousand 1 hundred units were building permit approved for at issue at the time 62 percent of those new units were in buildings greater than 200 and 50 units meaning the units that are being built were built in high-rises i'll give you one example doesn't take a rocket scientist in 2016 the mission rock development was approved that development is building 15 hundred units so we need to look at that we also need to discuss how we can also push for more family-friendly housing in smaller elements like the
8:18 pm
duplications and try perplexes built 200 years ago and bring those things back today, i hope to the presentation we will inform our future building about how the family-friendly housing for about children especially for that those that are low income and middle-income we have passed a policy resolution to ask the planning department to officially include what the definition officially include with a definition of family-friendly housing that the elements that make investments family-friendly by design onto the general plan what are these elements? what are policies we need to consider? what more can we do every single day to attack the families to our city
8:19 pm
let's focus those on the bigger decision without the merits of bigger legislation before us i want to thank john rahaim and his planning department staff that worked on that paper and susan, and sheila i lost wanted to thank my staff jim leo for working on this effort as well i want to right now i'm going to turn it over to john rahaim the director of the planning department thank you i need to explain the order of the hearing thank you supervisor yee okay. so we will have a 10 minute presentation from the planning department and then we will open up to public comment testimony so after questions from the board members and
8:20 pm
possibly supervisor yee so director rahaim so, please come forward >> john rahaim with the planning department i want to thank supervisor yee for his leadership and a member of our families our children council it is a valuable forum over and over for those issues and reiterate to susan and others and my office for pulling this together and putting it together i'm going to go through introductions and sue about give you a little bit of background and i'm come back with possible solutions we think there are there's data we gathered on this issue as well as what we think are barriers to this issue and the potential problems i want to emphasis that the attracting the families with children to the city is not just about housing this presentation today is about housing but we think there are 5 broader buckets we need to be
8:21 pm
addressing as a city their listed and obviously family-friendly housing is the key one we'll talk about today and obviously childcare and schools are important and access to parks and open space and recreation and transportation and, of course, safe and clean neighborhood they're important to addressing the families to the city today, our focus is on housing i'm going to turn it over to sue and come back with wrap up. >> good afternoon, supervisors with the planning department staff so why do we want to retain families in the city a couple of benefits we've outlined sustainability and public health benefits to allow the children with different transportation modes in the environment and a city for all that is safe for our most vulnerable population our youth and population that creates a city that is safe for everyone the cultural diversity the kids provide the diversity
8:22 pm
and benefits in this diverse environment a able to age in place as you go through different life stages and have kids we in san francisco have been known as a city with the fewest number of households with children of new city thought country a button of 18 percent of our households have kids and this is vicinity of december any look at new york and la their opposite end the spectrum not co-related with dense as the percentage of kids the city has that graph shows the total population in red and our child population in blue i often get the question is that the case have we lost children that happens around 1990 and 80 hit the mark of 20 percent of households and under this is
8:23 pm
dips and peaks here and there you can't tell from this i'll talk about in a second the increase from 2009 a 2014 we are starting to see this line in family population increase we wanted to get agree look at what your families look like what is the compositions that is income data using 2014 constant dollars it changes from 2000 to 2014 how is the change then i think this is something we've talked about the significant increase in the waesht it family over one and 50 thousand and also you see the dip in those other families the families making between 25 and $100,000 over time also want to look at what the racial and its this is data from 2014 which is most negotiate the
8:24 pm
increase in the white population and the decrease in the asian and the black population this is the population of our kids in the city and then look at where our kids live this data is here showing the explanation so the concentration for the number of households in the neighborhood that have children bayview between 20 and thirty percent of households having children but the absolute numbers as you can see there are a number of kids downtown and neighborhood we don't think of having a lot of children so where are we going to go from here what this is what our population looks like we have a cohort in the 20 to thirty-year-old is a millennial population we want to see if this is a increase in population when they people have children
8:25 pm
the average age is 33 we want to see this well studied generation that is expressing on want for driving the market where are they going next. so working with sfusd is one source of data projections and they have proejtd that they expect a significant increase in enrollment from 2014 to 2028 this is our high and low projections they will increase from 23 hundred and 60 to over seven hundred thousand kids in the sfusd district we wanted to look at the cities what they're doing in this area so we looked at vancouver portland and northwest and over australia how to make the misrepresent living better and so with that, we identified 3 barriers to accommodating
8:26 pm
families with children affordability, the size of units, and the child family-friendly features i'll go through each of those right now i think that is something we're all familiar with the affordability this for a medium family of one and two thousand dollars that family what purchase is a house that is prices as three hundred and 91 thousand and the medium price in 2015 was nine hundred a 6 hundred thousand gap that same family will rent a unit that has costs about $3,000 and the medium rental price is $4,800 dollars one other look at affordability this graph that shows in 2015 we took a snapshot
8:27 pm
of for sale the listing price of a two bedroom unit and found what was most favorable for the families making one and two thousand dollars 9 percent of unit that are listed met the criteria james that unable has gotten worse since 2015 the next barrier the size of unit so this data represents from 2005 and after 2005 and what you see i think most notably the shift from the large 3 plus to smaller studios the one and 2 have stayed steady as is number of units built another thing we wanted to do in relation with the fact it is obviously the vast that majority of housing we want to understand where our families are living on
8:28 pm
the color of bottom of graph that is families they're living in studios one bedroom and 0 two bedroom and three bedroom i want to understand how we're looking this and who is living in if a little bit better that he finally we talked about another barrier that is the child's family-friendly features the image on the left compared to the image on the right two developments how they've chosen to look at the features in the courtyard space i'm going to turn it over to john to talk about what what we can do >> i will try to do this quickly just to wrap up 5 areas of that we should proceeded to understand and to move forward with this issue one is to understand to stabilize the existing housing to adapt and allow the flexibility in the housing stock
8:29 pm
for more child friendly features to understand the existing housing authority no matter how much housing stock families live in the existing housing we don't knows who is live and work in the housing the make up of overseeing families the incomes and so on we want to better understand that to move forward secondly, we are working sdem with many of our offices as well as the mayor's office on stabilizing the existing housing stock our work in the mission the 2020 plan was adapted all are intended to help to stableize the housing stock and want to expand that allowing flexibility and other example, of course, is the adu legislation that you have voted and the state mandated we think allowing for accessary dwellings is one way of keeping people in
8:30 pm
their homes and allowing a more flexibility in the type and style of housing stock and, of course, looking at child friendly features 3 scales the neighborhood, the building scale and the neighborhood scale i'll wrap up there is a full discussion of missing middle the middle-income and the certain types of housing that was once built often not built today, we want explore those the immediate next steps the resource guide to actually work with the developers an child friendly features to study the prelims and move forward with the existing housing study with that, i'll close i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you mr. rahaim can you talk about the missing housing. >> shoourl housing i mean it is
8:31 pm
really two ways to talk about that middle-income housing which clearly the income level that is at least served by the type of housing for example, many of the types of building two or three story buildings in neighborhoods in the 210 east and 30's many of them mixed in with single-family and we think there are solutions we can look at that will allow this type of housing to go into somewhat lower density neighborhood in strategic locates for more family-friendly and affordable courtyard and housing more generous backyard and roof decks this sort of mill height and middle density, if you will, not been built in the city many a very long time. >> thank you and last question before i open up to my colleagues here
8:32 pm
did you do now work around the numbers in terms of missing income layer at planning. >> we certainly are the numbers in terms of the housing supply that we're building and . >> exactly. >> i don't have those with me today i believe the percentages are quite low and i'm sorry not the housing supply but in the pipeline build but missing in the pipeline in terms of exploring middle-income and we know that some of that supervisor the middle-income we don't track middle-income housing we only track blow a certain level typically from the market what housing and, postage that but the number we know in terms of meeting our goals on each income level the levels that are at least being compromised right now.
8:33 pm
>> thank you supervisor ronen. >> yes. thank you for the report definitely many interesting components he noticed how thin the discussion of forgot was in the report you admitted that was a - the issue that is eclipsing others and family see are finding it difficult to live in this city i was surprised that is my interested area and we would have benefited from the affordable housing and what we can do that that .
8:34 pm
8:35 pm
>> - it is not one magic solution to increasing the stock
8:36 pm
of affordable housing but look at all the measures and certainly willing to look at more detail. >> in a report for housing four children none of those issues are mentioned it is a glaring absent from the report. >> thank you supervisor ronen supervisor peskin thank you, madam president i was interested in the 5 or of slide depending on how you count the slides the challenging composition of families by in case and further to what supervisor ronen said it is and given the backdrop of inclusionary conversation that we're all having and that your commission is about to hadirect rahaim it you look at this lied one profound thing the surprise surprise is growing remarkable between 2014 and the highest
8:37 pm
bracket has shot up and the lowest bracket is up so the rich are richer and the poor is poorer no question about that but the folks making the families making $50,000 or less account for 28 percent the folks making one thousand dollars or more are almost 50 percent not to put two fine a point but thirty percent are making over one and 50 that middle slices i'm in no way quibbling that we need to provide housing for middle-income families but that middle thing between 50 and one hundred accounts is the smarter of those 3 categories at the 23 percent so i take a issue with everything focused at the middle
8:38 pm
believe me as the co-sponsor of prop c that added a requirement for middle-income housing it is certainly something i want to address and indeed trying to address but so far as we're looking at the spices of pie more families making under 50 then between 50 and one hundred i wanted to say that on the overview the conversation we're about do engage if. >> thank you supervisor malia cohen's commissioner tang pursue thank you. i want to thank supervisor yee for xhaej the planning department staff on this work i mean, i hear loud and clear with supervisor peskin said but i'll say we certainly know there are many families that really don't qualify for the programs we have here in san francisco i do feel
8:39 pm
that given some of the information we've seen the fact that you know other pages of this presentation the skyrocketing number of studios and one bedrooms units that are built have been built since 2005 than typically built that is a problem we've been trying to provide for more accountable student housing and lower the anytime's square footage we creating other problems; right? not allowing for some of the families with children to be able to continue to live in two bedrooms or three bedrooms units that's part of important mix i don't have have questions but i'll be curious to follow the guidelines that i think you'll be putting out in family-friendly amenities for you future development i've been trying to incorporate into the
8:40 pm
home sf we should incentivizes and encourage that whenever possible i don't know what we can do i'm sorry. >> that's not a page number we're looking at the unit size we can also do in terms of aside from the hope sf program to insure that moving forward we're not just building san francisco's and one bedroom types of buildings. >> exemplary i'm getting over a cold we have reminded for a number of two bedrooms we are considering changes to that that is important to point out the vast majority of cities affordable housing programs today are oriented towards people .55 percent of ami or lower because of the low income go tax programs that subsidies the housing another 50 percent
8:41 pm
of ami or lower we're in a catch-22 with federal and local programs certainly only that income level today and we know there will be robust debate how much of city's program should, closest to low income housing. >> how w can we address do skyrocketing increase in the number of studios and guess one bedrooms are not increasing but the studios i mean have i mean looks like tripled the amount that were built between 2005 i can require more two bedrooms or three bedrooms but understand the economics what some developers tell me as san francisco heirs prices for a three bedroom you can buy a single-family in san francisco i don't know what to those numbers are real or not a demand for
8:42 pm
them in misrepresent family building i don't know the specifics i've been asking the questions of developers for 5 years no, not more three bedrooms unit that is often the answer he get it is a question of looking at the economics of those things we want to understand a little bit better if we could unreasonable require three bedrooms and four bedrooms and what is the occasion for that. >> well, i'll not ask any more questions but we'll continue to engage in this conversation about our missing middle. >> what that means and everyone has a different idea of middle and moderate under the circumstances i call the roll. >> have my own ideas but thank you for working on this report. >> supervisor tang thank you. i couldn't agree with you more 55 percent of ami that is a
8:43 pm
family of 4 making roughly $59,000 a year anything above that typically a family of $460,000 they can't qualify for many affordable housing that's at the heart of conversation we're talking about middle-income sadly, a low income category inform a family of four without the support of affordable housing typically find an affordable place to stay we're not building more market-rate so a problem we have and need to deal with that supervisor safai. >> supervisor breed took all my comments i'm kidding this is an interesting part of the conversation you do have a lot of time in our presentation i
8:44 pm
had questions about the i think that is interesting to see that over thirty percent of our housing authority is what families are living from our data so over thirty percent the families in our excited housing authority are living in three bedrooms or more so i don't know if you want to talk a little bit about and you didn't have time to talk about was not just necessarily the missing middle-income families but the type of housing in terms of towns and the bungalow what that means we haven't dug into that conversation even though type and style of housing effects the teaches people that is targeted toward and people that live that there can you talk a little bit about talking about that i want to hear more. >> if i can address the second
8:45 pm
point first excuse me. one the fundamental things we look at is the whether a project has kind of protected child friendly open space high-riseings building have open space that is protected if streets has simply have more children is it a fundamental issue and particularly we'll you talk about this in the design manual open space that has eyes from shared space like a laundry room an immediate benefit for those their attracted to those kinds of buildings few buildings are designed that way because of incentives of marketing that's one example how the buildings can be looked at many other faster than and storage is another for bicycles,
8:46 pm
storage important strollers all the things that housing didn't have those are features we can build into the projects. >> i meant going to your slide the one that says missing middle we don't see a lot of this type of housing built you don't see a lot of duplications and supervisor yee was saying in his opening comment try perplexes and courtyards can you can you talk a little bit about from a planning perspective how you can design that encourage the developers to build that a. >> it is a combination the zoning works people the developers are typically max out the zoning so you can build two family units in an rh-2 but the development in rh-2 because of
8:47 pm
build out to it requires the removal of typical housing we don't like to do that one question that is a somewhat pro-vodka questions but strategy places in rh-1 or rh-2 we can allow large buildings like the photographs on this page to allow higher density building in lower e district i'm simply suggesting something we can look at otherwise given the land economics of that city developers will max out everything in the current zoning envelope. >> right what about the idea of accessary dwelling accessary dwelling or rear yard set back requirement but oftentimes people want to expand but have open space and light and air and might be no one an affordable
8:48 pm
way for rh-1 or rh-2 or rh-3. >> we certainly encourage the adu's they're not allowed in some districts we think those can be compromised and provide for the open space of the light and air but we're looking at that as well. >> okay and then the only thing i want to point out that is something i'm proud of we talk about that a lot you look at the map where the children are located and the pure numbers on the map in district 10 and 11 the highest concentrations under the age of 18 that is the highest rate of owner you opted out homes. >> thank you supervisor safai supervisor fewer yes, thank you i have a couple of questions so in my neighborhood seniors we have a lot of rh-2 and rh-1 homes and rh-3 actually in my
8:49 pm
neighborhood with the richmond there are seniors that live in single-family homes that maybe no longer appropriate for them or meets their needs or not safe i want to explore that to build senior housing and allow our elders to allow them to live in the neighborhood. >> same time have a way to purchase their single-family homes for families with children. >> what do you think about a. >> it is an idea worth exploring. >> when i'm looking we're talking about this middle so i'm looking about the ratio i'm looking at the changing composition of children in san francisco an increase in the wealth it families as this slide shows we see a stark decrease in the black families with black
8:50 pm
children in san francisco i need more democrat graphic information who are living in the 3 and 4 and 5 bedroom homes who are those families building in there and who are the families living in studios and one bedrooms with three children so i would like to know by in case like race this is a type of - i think when we are looking at this middle income are we have to look at race san francisco quite frankly we pride users on racial diversity that looking at this chart i have to say that is a appalling and i think that is called for alarm i think that, yes, we need to build for the middle but build to a encourage racial diversities instead of actually increase the out migration of
8:51 pm
people in san francisco we see that as the ratio in san francisco is while we see that there is an increase in the wealthiest families i think that someone who is building for families needs to build for all racial groups the average income and see if we can build to keep them here also 0 i don't think that that was actually mentioned and then i want to speak about office of economic workforce development development and what kind of jobs are we attracting after being on the school board for 8 years 90 percent of students are students of color and i think that you know as we look at this composition the families in to we have to keep in mind had we build we would
8:52 pm
like to build for as many families and coordinate the buildings and is density with actually, the opportunities for i don't remember from a public building new public schools and be sync with the development and development for those schools and given the lack of site so for affordable housing in any neighborhood most are small in the richmond's but promote the affordable housing on those sites. >> sorry you're asking what are the ways on a small site program it is primarily intended to be acquiring existing use the question we're looking at that as an - the existing small site program to require excuse me - and so the question given the lack of large sites more affordable housing development in any neighborhood the richmond what alternatives place to
8:53 pm
promote the production in any neighborhood the majority of the sites are small site program and one of the things how many units can be permitted in those sites whether zoning we can look at there or whether speak changes to yard requirements that accommodates some large units on those sites those are things we'll have to explore moving forward we need to understand more about the economics of this issue. >> which i don't know said the economics of building child friendly housing we need to understand more and one person spoke a minute ago about rebuilding knocking down buildings and repurposing them for more units in any district those are rent-controlled units those are buildings built in 19 it 2 and thirty that eliminates
8:54 pm
a lot of affordable housing in any neighborhood that families are currently living in actually, their rent-controlled and the majority are rent-controlled so i think that is just for consideration that when we talked about eliminating buildings and knocking the buildings down in 2014 and rh-3 areas you mentioned i'd like to point out the reason he keep 70 percent of my neighbors as renter including families those buildings are rent-controlled. >> just to be clear i'm not advocating for moving existing housing in any way, shape, or form but looking for locations increase that density to create housing we need but certainly will not advocate for moving the existing housing in any locations. >> the report talks about the missing middle part of building as potential building in rh-1
8:55 pm
and rh-2 that are currently not allotted those 3 and 4 story apartments as adu's how can we insure that results in housing that is affordable to the majority of families with children and not add to the glut of luxury housing. >> that's the problem in front of us that's what we're all trying to figure out. >> that's the big question thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor fewer supervisor kim. >> first of all, i want to recognize supervisor yee for his leadership and his offices leadership in pushing the planning department to have this conversation about how we can built more family-friendly housing and think about the overall city planning to accommodate families to a greater extent i enjoyed reading the report one statistic that
8:56 pm
disappeared me we have dramatically reduce the numbers of the percentage of overall pops that 18.9 percent 0 thirty years ago now thirty percent i thought the number would have dropped more when you breakdown by in case where we saw the biggest loss of families and in seeing also that the families that can't afford to live in san francisco is no surprise are high income families and seeing a slight rise in families that make over 100 percent thousand dollars that is surprising because thought we're not accommodating in the housing market and for families that make over one and $50,000 but to reiterate supervisor peskin point there is still an incredible need building housing for families that make between
8:57 pm
25 and $100,000 a year we've seen the exit of families in that income bracket and it certainly makes sense that we would try to have more of an layers focus working with the developers they're building multiplied bedroom units for families of 4 that makes between 25 and $100,000 a year i was interested in a lot of the kind of the ideas that the planning department staff recommend that he i think they're all great it is great to look at you know where we should require large misrepresent unit drelz to live in smaller units to store onsite a misrepresent bedroom units on lower floors like courtyards and having i guess the guest suits is a cool
8:58 pm
idea to family members can visit there are a lot of great ideas i guess allison park asking the harder questions when will we implement those i - i mean the crisis is now; right? we don't have a lot of time to implement those ideas the second question after the cu for childcare facilities moindz that for the first time in a long time a supervisor is talking about waving the conditional use authorization process for childcare facilities so those are the two questions one when do we implement some of the ideas that are in the planning department staff report and second what is the question about the cu for childcare facilities. >> the answer on boss of those we're working on them and clearly working on the inclusionary and is hope sf and all the programs that will look
8:59 pm
at the issue ever affordability we are completing the design a manual that is actually 80 percent of the way through that 70 or 80 percent so that manual is on its way coming very soon and then the question there will be a large question we'll need more discussion with the development community and all of you with community members to require in terms of the number of bedrooms, in terms of child family-friendly features get smarter about think economics we don't know that i'd like to devolve into that and childcare commissioner johnson a has been interested we often with getting foe childcare facilities in the city with new development because of very stringent
9:00 pm
on-street parking open space and egress and putting childcare because of egress issues for example, and in a city that is vertical now it is that's becomes a challenge so we're looking at issues of making childcare facilities easier in existing housing as well as looking at the issues of the state level some other states have done that by the way, looting somewhat changing status to make the childcare facilities easy in urban settings, if you will. >> i'd like to ask new york city do they have a large population of the families you see a virtually when our there what do they do to accommodate the childcare. >> i don't know the specifics i think that is massachusetts has has done work at that level for urban settings off the top of my head but we can get that