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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 18, 2017 2:10pm-3:01pm PDT

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respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today.--------------- ----- -------------------------------- ---------------------- >> this is obviously a really fun part of celebrating our irish community and national day st. patrick's day for our friend, immigrants, our families, i am saying thank you for all coming and we'll do more speeching now. one the most symbolic things we can do is raise the irish flag in san francisco! yeah! ! there it is! [applause] it is one
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>> if not my favorite days at city hall because i look around and i see all my friends for so long and don't call you old friends, i called you long time friends. i dont why but you all don't look any older, so is that bailly's irish cream or irish coffee? ia know what i think it is? i think you all lead such a happy life in san francisco, right? [applause] and i think the reason that you do is that you all give to san francisco and through the years the irish americans have helped to make san francisco what it is, so you are wonderful families sticking together and being friends with all your other families in the irish community as well as others. a good example of that is chief
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joanne hayes-white, where are you? alright. i danced with your fath er in cork. i think it was on top of a table. [laughter] and i remember last year that you and your sister patty and family gave a wonderful party for your mother at a really big birthday and took her all around the city to all the places wonderful in her memory of her childhood and had a wonderful day. now your boyerize taking up the rein doing wonder fings for the city and other people. on the note talking about family, i like to introduce someone here who is part of the irish american family and because-i know he is a irish, because there is a river named for him. lee river going through cork. may i
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introduce lord mayor of san francisco, ed lee. [applause] >> seana, thank you again for that wonderful introduction. hi every, welcome to people said palace. today and for the next two weeks we are all irish. that's going to be reflective of our supervisors here today, supervisor mark farrell, supervisor shehy, supervisor norman yee who is irish for the next 2 weeks along with former supervisor assesser recorder campen chew. all our departments heads will be irish for the next 2 weekzs. commissioners because we are going to celebrate not just the history of the city, but the
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migration and history of families that are so a part of the history of this great city. st. patrick's day of course is irlands national day and once again honored to have with us irlands counsel general phillip grant. thank you, counsel general. he and his team are doing a great job representing their government right here in our great city and want to thank them for the many servicess that you provide to the city and region of san francisco. you know, we happen to work closely with the counsel general and all of you to bring the air lings back to san francisco. isn't that wonderful? [applause]. we are so please today have the non stop service from san francisco to dublin. this year is a
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exciting one for the san francisco cork sister city as we prepare to return to iirland in september and hope to invite as many of you to come with us to reacquaint ourselves with a wonderful mission. a mission that excites me because after the first in 2003 kids are coming over. we are going back, it is a lovely angoing exchange. it will be my second trip to cork and i want to make sure we invite as many people as possible and of course i take this opportunity that i had the honor of being the grand marshal in the st. patrick's per aid in 2013. you see mayor lee along side the riverly in cork on st. patrick's day being your grand marshal. my gosh, that was fun. that fs just fun. i also
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am pleased to have-is chris mokeo here? chris, alright. i want to introduce chris today because chris is the winner of the san francisco marathon here this year and now he will be off to represent us in the cork city marathon, right, chris? [applause] that's just one of the great many exchanges that we have with our sister city, so chris, not only good luck. with you win that you have to do something after you win, you got to jump in the river lee. that's what you got to do. hopefully you do that when you are sober. >> never happen. >> i know this time of the year when we kick off the st.
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patrick's day celebration in san francisco it is so important to all of you to recognize your ancestors from ireland. many of your relatives left behind everything in order to make it over here and make a new home. we understand that as a city of immigrants. like many of you who quh to the cuntsry today and irish settlers who fled poverty and political unrest in theirome lan only faced with additional and new barriers here and discrimination. but your ancestors were strong. they were able to make a place for them sevl jz for their children and it is evident right here today. so, we are fortunate that so many immigrants from ireland came here to san francisco. our irish american communities that we are so proud of did a lot of work to rement represent the city. they helped build
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architectural icons like the fairmont hotel that continues to be one of the blessed icons in the city. charlotte and i love to visit that often as we build statutes around it and occupy it for many parties. they also worked oobject major construction projects today that we continue to benefit from like hetch hitchy. you see irish influence looking at the city and understanding names of major corridors like geary, o' farrell or in my neighborhood oseanacy. i love going down that street. make sure the hillside is still safe. and hayes valley. i want to single out one very important immigrant from ireland, a great man. someone that i'm pleased to announce is named the grand marshal for this years parade, dermat
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philpot. thank you, der mitt. der mitt contributed see much to our city. service to the san francisco police department. he is part of that. to there the work not just on irish community but the entire city. i know of no more fitting dermat receive the honor. he is great friend the city and great friend of mine. i also want to sinkal out and say thank you to leomfost and united irish society for all the work that you doin uniting our city. liam thank you very much. [applause] not only putting together the event that happen on st. patrick 's day
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celebration we know it is more than one day wurkt of event and it is a couple weeks worth of events and kno know everybody appreciates that. with that said, i'm pleased to declare march 3, today, to march 17 as irish american friendship and heritage weeks in san francisco, not days. [applause] liam and counsel general, pleased to present to you these proclamations. please come forward. let's kick off irish american day in san francisco! [applause]
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>> alright. good morning everybody. um, i am proud it be here today. my name is supervisor mark farrell and have the honor representing district 2 and have for the past 6 years and until 2 months ago i had the privilege being the only irish american member on the board of supervisors. i want to welcome to the newest member of the board also irish american descent supervisor jeff sheehy is here with us. [applause] before we bebeen, i do want to say proud to have this be the 5th year i have been able to mc this event and bring the one event of money in the month of march that brings the irish community together but really to say and thank mayor lee
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because as somebody who has come to city hall, mayor lee not only of course has the riv named after him but has been to cork. going back to cork. has made a commitment to our irish community here in san francisco and to mayor lee i want to say thank you for all you do for our community. thank you vaer much. [applause] so, mayor lee mentioned the history the irish in san francisco is without parallel. we built the city and contribute today the city for decades for generations and we will be the future the city as well. i am proud to be here today. it is part of my family heritage. my son is wearing a green shirt as he should be and it is something i look forward to every year. i want to bring up first someone who has just mentioned and that our counsel general fipple grant. phillip is with irish
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forn mintry since 1992. prior to appointment here was director for press media relations in the foreign ministry for 4 years. assumed the duty oof counsel general in 2014 and friend and leader in the irish community. so many things happened over the past #2350u years berkeley and otherwise. phillip is a leader in the community and someone we welcome and thank for being here so want to welcome him up. [applause] >> [inaudible] this is a great celebrationment this is the 4th time i have stood here and unfortunately will probably be my last time staning in the row and want to say i feel blessed. i feel blessed for the 4 years i had the honor to represent my country in this great city. i feel blessed for each and every one of you i have met and come
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to grow to love. what you do is outstanding the support you give us on a daily basis, we can not thank you enough. san francisco is a exceptional place. it is always a exceptional place the irish. it was a sanctuary city for us eerfben back then. i hope it a ulaul remains so. i hope we always take great pride in what the city gave us and what we were able to give back to it and we know there will be difficult time tooz head and hope the irish community here in the city will be on the right side the debates we may see coming down the line. it really is important to remember where we came from. we were very lucky when we came to the west. we didn't end up in the slums and ghettos of the east coasts. we were the pioneers here and helped build the city. we learned vamues here. the city celebrates diversity and
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difference like no where else. every time i stan here and look out, i see same sex marriage and indian and asian marriage, irish marriages. cherish that diversity and do all you can to foster and keep the flame alivefelt your success ipthe city is based on that. welcome diversity and welcome difference, share, celebrate who we are. we areate al different. we are wearing green and will do funny things on saturday 11 of manch. we'll enjoy ourselves and celebrate our diversity and difference but if there are difficult times ahead make sure we cherish that and do our bit to preserve it and again 100 thousand thanks to the supervisors, to the mayor, to charllet. you menkzed berkeley, you opened your hearts when berkeley happened. i cannot praise the city. you
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were friend at a time of great tragedy and loss. the irish in san francisco they love ireland but my god they love san francisco more so celebrate that and thank you again very very much. [applause] >> thank you phillip and knethere will be more times to recognize you but we will miss you a ton. next want to bring up someone who doesn't need introduction and also a leader in the irish communityism born and raised san franciscan. wnt to grammar, high school and college in san francisco. served ipsan francisco police department 31 years and retired as a lieutenant and continues to serve the city as a member of the irish community on multiple board. president oaf hay bai area law enforcement emerald society. please
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welcome liam frost. [applause] >> thank you supervisor farrell a. appreciate that great introduction. i was like who is he talking about. i do want to welcome everybody to the 166th st. patrick's day festival and prer aid and season and want to thank the mayor again hosting this as well as [inaudible] kevin birmingham the liaisons setting this up. i talked about how busy i am. i just stand here and get to come here and make the speeches but it is the people on the board that do all the work and they deserve all the accolades for everything that goes on because during the season not only do we have the
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vaint patrick pfs day prur aid the grands marshal and have visit toods the va hospital and almalia and laguna honda and st. ann 's and those places allow us to come and spread irish cheer and hope they get something out of it, but i know each of us that walks in there and gets to hang out with those people really get a lot of it so if you have time check the schedule. there is change on the kedge, instead of going st. ann's on whatever day, woo we are going march 18, the day after st. patrick's day. i want to introduce a couple people here. we have rose of trulee from san francisco, margaret harken. [applause] as well from arizona, kiera
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archer. [applause] in the crowd i see the honorable kathleen kelly up there. i see the president of the united irish culturalsenter mike barnacle and appreciate the work that you do out there and coming on board and directing us and doing a great job. i do want to thank all the city departments. putting on the parade and festival you get to meet a lot of people and sometime thrz is a lot of bureaucracy but when you talk to the people and cut through the red tape they are doing a great job. nick chapman, diane rea and stacy cat low from park and rec. i didn't get the card, joanne but people from the fire department are doing a great job and chief bill scott and his staff at the traffic northern and central division
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is commander david luzar, captain jim moore eno from northern station and sergeant burn acorey and [inaudible] flus ono are doing a great job to get the parade geing. every time i talk about the parade is there is one woman behind it parade and that is kathleen manning and she does a great job. [applause] again y like to congratulate our grand marshal dermat philpap who is a mentor of me and like to give his job back. it is a honor to be up here but it is lot of work and it is pretty cool to think of when i was a kid going the st. patrick's day parade i would be the guy that gets to walk down market street with the counsel general of ireland and with the grand marshal and get to wave at people. for it
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day my mom thinks i'm important. i also like to thank the honorary grand marshals. each of these i have a queckz. john mour ark went to marine camp in high school so his father frank we are honor. [inaudible] from holy name is part the mother group and rita omahoney, each of the people i have a personal keck so it is cool to be involved here and a huge honor to be a grand marshal and haunry grand marshal but a lot of work and want to thank the families for being involved in all this. [applause] this started out as st. patrick's day one day and the mayor alluded to it. feeling somebody elses notes. that it is now going oen for weeks and what we like to call
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now is st. patrick's day season and the mayor talked about how department heads and commissioners are irish for a week. i am vite all of san francisco to be irish for the st. patrick's day season until march 17. thank you. [applause] >> thanks liam. we dont do this enough as the ceremonies and dopet recognize this individual as much as we need to. a legend in san francisco. i say the best dress woman in the city and the spirit behind the event. i want to thank charlotte schultz. [applause]. absolutely has irish blood in her. i hope all will come to the event after charlotte supplies a lotf the goods for the celebration. next up i do want to recognize and allow to come up dermitt phipot. a few
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comments not mentioned, a board member for 15 years. liam you are in for a long ride. he was the past board member and director of the police athletic league. emrmd alliance. a long-history of service and particularly in our police department. welcome up dermitt philopt. >> thank you. mayor lee, supervisors, counsel generals, proud to stand up here today and be a witness to the raising of the flag, the irish flag over city hall. for 166 years the irish community in san francisco has been doing that and mayor, we thank you for
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hosting thais great event and thank you. when we see the flal flying over the united states, the american flag, we think that is the flag we give allegiance to, but on this day when the irish flag flies we remember with pride the struggles the irish people had over the years. and the faith and the encouragement and knowledge nay got from the united states to set up a country that was all most free again. when you look all over the world and countries throwing off empiriumism, dictateerships, they model their new countries after the united states. the flag of the united states is to them the emblem of freem freedom, justice and law. when we raise the irish frag here, we are
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testament to the help that this government gives to people all over the world so thank you mayor and every day we like the irish flag, we love the irish flag but pay allegiance to the flag the united states state. god bless america and god bless the united states. >> so, up next we like to bring up the honorary grand marshals and families. first, to recognize the family of clara hack it. clary borne in [inaudible] immigrated to the united states as a young woman after libing in chicago-come up. it was san francisco she called home. over the years clara enjoyed acting in a variety of irish plays and
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performances and her involvement with the ladies asian order of hi burnians and president role in 2015 was perhaps one of the greatest honors. her family is with us today so please give a large round of applause. [applause]. thank you. next want to invite the family of rita omahoney up. are they here? unable to make it. just let's mention rita. she arrived in san francisco 1946 with sister may from couny mayoro ireland. taught elementary in san francisco and she and husband selected in 2004 and a legend
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in the city and will miss her. thank you liam for accepting the honor. last the family of frank orork. [applause] frank was a native san franciscan, long precisioner at st. paul's perish and joined san francisco fire department serving over 30 years and also as a member of local 798 and will be missed and family here today. [applause] okay, we get to do this every year. we have another treat at the end so stick around. some of the most fun things we do during the celebration are welcome the dancers with us. we have the whelan quenelley academy and murphy school of irish dancers will dance the irish music today. the murphy school of irish dance started with 35 members and today has over 175.
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please welcome them up. [applause] [music playing]
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unbelievable. so, for the first time now new tradition we will start this year. i want to welcome mary and celtic community voices choir. they are going to stay over there so eyes on stage right. [music
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and singing]
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[applause] >> that thank you. real quick i wanted to print up we actually have a certificate of honor for durmitt philpot, i
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want to make sure we present it to him as well. dermitt. [applause] >> thank you for this certificate and i like to say that this certificate really belongs to my late wife. my family who put up with me all the years going to meetings and different committees and so forth so deeply appreciate it. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. i want to recognize i found out a new supervisor has irish history. want to recognize supervisor safai and want to thank the
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irish pipers band, please give a large round of applause. love to invite you up the dancing groups as well as mary and your team to come up for certificates of honor and take a picture with the mayor as well. come on up, you guys. first of all i want to recognize just because i can my parent here, john and alana farrell. my mom is back in the office already. two things, first of all, i you think nothing happens behind the scenes but during the ceremony thanks to mayor lee we just talk squd he will light up city haul hall green until march 17 this year. [applause]. >> i have selfish regions for that because for two weeks from now to the 17th vicky hennessy,
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tom o'connor, chief hayes-white and supervisor farrell and sheehy are not suppose today do anything wrong for the next two weeks while the building is lit green. i get that too. >> alright. so, as tradition goes we have a reception and will last quite some time. this year we moved office so in room 268 the corner office down the hall. please join us. happy st. patrick's day, happy month of march, go irish. thanks everybody.
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>> calling this hearing to order good afternoon and welcome to the historic preservation commission for wednesday, march 15, 2017, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president wolfram commissioner vice-president hyland commissioner hasz