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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 31517  SFGTV  March 25, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> calling this hearing to order good afternoon and welcome to the historic preservation commission for wednesday, march 15, 2017, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president wolfram commissioner vice-president hyland commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda and schaem commissioner pearlman commissioners, the first item on your agenda is general public comment there are no speaker cards. >> does my member of the public
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wish to speak on a non-agendized item seeing and hearing none, public comment is closed. item one director's announcements. good afternoon, commissioners tim frye department staff the director's report was in your packet should you have any questions. >> seeing none, commissioners item 2 review of past events that is planning commission staff recorded and amazements important tim frye department staff no formal report regarding the planning commission, however, one item or two items to share but regarding the events we participated in last night first is the department attended the dog patch association meeting and gave on offering of the millions program
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i'm going to turn it over to mills act applications will be due to the end of this month a number of applications from the dog patch we gave a short presentation to the neighborhood association regarding the benefits of the mills program as well as the requirement last night we be participated in a working group regarding the lgbtq cultural heritage the lower poublg and upper market poublg invited us we hosted a working group 25 members in attendance and represents supervisor kim and supervisor sheehy that he supervisor peskin office it was a great event there was a lot of good feedback and the department has a number of partnership webinar that came lower that poublg and thank you for putting on the fefrnlts i'm
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going to turn it over to several other events scheduled we'll be participating. >> you should be getting the notifications via e-mail about various events within the city or through the department if you're not receiving those let me know i can keep you, you updated on the prior to the board of supervisors towards the end of april that concludes my remarks unless you have questions. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to item 3 the sifrtsd local government 2015-2016 annual report. >> tim frye department staff our annual clg report based on the states fiscal year this is october 1st to september 30th of the prior year was included in our packets we
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were not anticipating giving you a formal presentation, however, i'm available to answer any questions as you're a aware a requirement of the clg agreement with the certified local government to produce this report on an annual basis you'll see in the goals section towards the end of the report there you are a number of goals that you, you can arguably if meet this year preliminary the projects were in process a lot has happened again with the cultural heritage assets committee the mills acts and social efforts that participated last year so largely we moved many of the goals to this year as well we actively work on that and that concludes my remarks and on page
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one providing an electronic link to the program i don't see them. >> i see that we shall make that added. >> okay at the then only on page 3 many yuptsd to the plan we didn't check the answer in the no box there. >> oh, thank you yes, this should be noted. >> any comments is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on the sifrtdz program annual report seeing none, public comment is closed. and looks like a good report to me move on. >> xhirsz under president's report and announcement. >> no formal report. >> item 5 adoption of
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commission minutes. for the march 1, 2017. and draft minutes for hpc march 1, 2017. any comments before we take public comment. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on the draft minutes for arc march 1, 2017. and the draft minutes for hpc march 1, 2017. ? seeing none, public comment is closed. do i have a motion to adopt the minutes >> so moved. >> >> thank you commissioners to adopt the minutes for draft minutes for arc march 1, 2017. and other than that, motion commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner vice-president hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under item 6 commission comments and questions. >> any questions or comments? >> no. >> nope we're ready to keep on
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going. >> commissioners regular calendar for 2731 folsom street this is initiate landmark designati designation. >> good afternoon janet planning department staff the the item before you is the initiate landmark designation of an article 10 landmark designation mraengs for the house on 2731 folsom street the applications was prepared and the final draft by the property owner to the the department 2731 folsom street is significant as a master architectural and the fine example of the architectural it is identifiable as the building as a molted balcony adapted by a
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wrote iron railing used in commercial buildings the other signature design a republic indicated ground floor a composition and ornamentation and arts those features are a hallmark of the style, however, the community supported application is missing information on the development of the neighborhood the construction and - staff recommends that the application includes information from the mission and historic remark and a discussion whether or not up to the time is in the context staff recommends that the application be updated to include from the recent remodel to compare the existing conditions and secondary elevation and regarding the
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defining features the massing form and style of this horizontal siding on the secondary feature be included and contemporary like the gold leaf be deleted from the features although the subject property didn't meet the pirate for designation it meets the eligibility for article 10 with the architecture building a as a community sponsored i've the historic preservation commission initiate article 10 and director the project sponsor to include staff recommendations if initiated today, the department that return a subsequent hearings recommending it to the historic preservation commission that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions the property owner and consultant are here to speak
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today. >> great any kwergz questions for ms. ferguson. >> commissioner vice-president hyland can you explain a little bit about the future analysis of integrity. >> the secondary alterations have been alternated the i feel comfortable simple style is compatible so we believe that retains be integrity and like to see an analysis in the application as well as some of the like i said plans from the recent remodel to compare what is original and what is not. >> with no further questions. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm the property owner i reside on 2731 folsom
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street and i have no technical details i'm here to present the reason he want it landmarked i moved to san francisco about 15 years ago first and foremost it has been done i'm irish and that's a suspicious reason we want to it move forward the second major reason the neighborhood itself is really proud of that building everyone in the mix loves the fact that we have a building in the neighborhood everyday if you stand close to the house you'll see this building from neighborhood perspective anything that will formalize it would be great i would love if we moved with the landmarking so the mission will have something like a j f because the mission
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has gotten negative press this is a positive step for the third reason sometimes i'd like to move towards this to the millions act to maintain building i'd like to kate hartley, deputy director mayor's office of housing and community development. republican to present the former of the presentation thank you very much thank you i'm catherine the primary author of the landmark application i will quickly review i have a few photos 2731 folsom street is a 3 story multi family residences locked between 23 and 24th street and we saw a new print from the called african-americans and from that, we know that is designed by jason in 1999 and we found a
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waterworks record dated 1899 the water was presented it has misrepresent family and it was the building was depicted on the zoning map from 19 hundred it is unchanged from the stair we found do 1976 planning survey those photos are in the survey and the survey considered the building architecturely significant and you'll see in the field notes the surveyor noted a great appeal to the scale these photos from the research survey the photo the building
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was in decay but given a rating of 3 the property is eligible for the resources these photos were taken last summer of 2016 and similarlyly to the 1976, 2008 found 2731 folsom street to a remarkable retaining a high-level of integrity it has a high presence within the mission neighborhood and found to be architecturely significant for both the design and the notable work of james and based the photo and the permitting the orientation is limited to the primary facade the bill art features you're looking at the replicated and designed ground story the column
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and the eloquent design and the doom and the institution all the original detailing is retained with the keystone building and the glasses windows and the molted window frames and the cultural foil windows for the grounds you'll see that wood stash windows the engaged corinthian column and the - it consists of those to resemble leafs and a ribbon of texture with x month testify and of the work by an important acre james was
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extensively taught and designed commercial buildings in san francisco from 1897 to 1921 he's a master annex the architect professional journal ran several pieces by him and 2731 folsom street is one of a number of the apartment buildings shown here and recognizable as one the designs at the far right the apartment building that is a san francisco landmark so for those reasons we believe that 2731 folsom street is significant so for the architectural design and a notable work by the master architect as a you've heard property owner shawn is proud to live in this building and the
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landmarking will be the first step in securing those acts to continue the maintenance of the building so, please let me know if you have questions. >> can you respond to the planning department staff comments about the additional items in the report. >> this is the first time we received those comments so i would want to review them in more detail how is it specifically handled. >> what would be good to get a sense whether i agree or able to do the additional work that is what we do want to know in the process whether - >> so the comments have been schematic versus new schematic that's fine no problem and we did make changes to the interior but compare o we can submit that i have no issue with that. >> and yeah. i guess more
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analysis they requested for the exterior secondary evaluation and the relationship to the development in the district. >> i'm sorry if this is requested we'll go back and add it to the report i have no problem. >> commissioners any questions. >> thank you very much at this time open up for public comment anyone from the public wish to comment if so, please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. bring it back to the commission. >> commissioner johnck. >> well, it is wonderful we have to community initiative and thank you for that as long as the applicant is comfortable and turnball is (inaudibl
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(inaudible). >> commissioner pearlman thank you this feels like a through back to what the public thinks are landmarked in san francisco because it didn't fit the priorities the fact the owner wants to do that makes it more important because this is how you know this is how we celebrate our city i work with a lot of irish guys and honoree irish so (laughter) they call me go johnny offering mr. pearlman i appreciate the relationship of you personal and the irish community not a lot of landmarks by the amazing irish you can builders who came over in the 19 century so i think that is you know very worthy and that i don't know if this might be another piece to put in the report about the fact there were
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so many irish this is a significant architect is irish and the builders i don't know month built this but probably richie agree i think with the booefrt of the report. >> commissioner vice-president hyland. >> it is a great project and landmark i support it i'm not sure depending on how much effort to make the revisions done relationship quickly that would be great if it is extensive and requires costs to the property owner i'm not sure this is absolutely necessary personally and then lastly is that would it be possible or what is the mills act opportunity for getting credit for the restoration? >> retroactive yeah and
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commissioners ms. ferguson can answer that question. >> the millions act allows work that has been completed and last one to two years in the rehabilitation of the plan that would be the requirement. >> approve it? as amended by staff or? >> i would motion if it is not too much of a burden or effort i don't know that is amended this is not easemently were we voting of initiating it. >> we're voting on initiating that but direct staff to have the sponsor make changes we're - what you're saying a remeinitia and workout the provisions
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whether or not it is burdensome. >> it sound the information is in the reports that are done not sounding burdensome at all. >> do i hear a second and commissioner pearlman seconded it. >> on that a motion to initiate landmark designation commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner vice-president hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and commissioners, that places you under item 8 washington square certificate of occupancy good afternoon, commissioners francis planning department staff before you a request for the certificate of occupancy to make the alterations to washington square founded by columbia and
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stockton and uncle and peel street the repair and replacement of parklands features the subject property is to the certificate of occupancy replacing the playground commit and repairing the walkways and planting something and reform of the staircase in conducting of 1982 they corner of fillmore better is in con for purposes of secretary of interior standard and comparable with the character of the landscape the altercations don't remove the fabric and none of the materials will be affected by the proposed project staff finds that consistent with the washington square character and un- the
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features including the wood beverages and did children's go be playground and pathways will remain in the historic location the historic design and configuration of the playground will be retained and the new materials with the texture of the playground wall and the borders and walkways about match the hard escape the playground and staircase on the corners are not landscape features and will not all of the character of washington square staff says it is approve with conditions staff recommends the approval that prior to the ordinance of building permit with the materials including the fencing and paving and stones at board and the finish for the perimeter walls will be forwarded by the preservation staff no public comment has been received since
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submitted that concludes my presentation. unless questions the project sponsor has a brief presentation of the project. >> thank you any questions for staff. >> take up the project sponsors presentation now. >> okay. good afternoon i'm a porridge manager and director of the capital planning at the rec and park department we're thrilled to be here to present the children's play area at washington square i want to speak why washington square is important washington square is the first of 13 playground for the department that is renovating and it is used to be
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called the playground initiative what the parks bond a citywide program the goal to provide clean and imaginative playground for all children and families of san francisco we began in 2014 with the rec and park commissions pointed out a citizens advisory committee to determine the playgrounds across the city were in need of renovation the park professional and stakeholders and children's advocacy and parented organizations and child development experts the task force settled on four factors for the playground for renovation the 4 factors in order priority number one, presence of proper q and a pressure treated wood within the playground and second the low household income and, of course, with the parks alliance
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playground report card grades the task force recommended 13 playground for renovation that the rec and park department adopted unanimously as you can see on this map that locates all 13 playgrounds it is wide geographically exists throughout the city and wheel we're planning the department partnered with the alliance to initiate a if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming campaign to insure that all 13 sites will be renovated in the program we're now in the process of implementing all 13 playgrounds as i mentioned washington square it the first of those playgrounds to be renovated to today, we went through community engagement for about 9 months now that articulated the overall community members and key
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stakeholders through the participatory design process we worked with the community to understand the need of kite and take those plans and create a final preferred alternative plan washington square has 3 large community and overwhelmingly you community support you'll see with that, i'm going to turn it over to our architect to explain the plans i'm available to answer any questions at the end of her presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for listening in oh - >> here we go. >> before i start, i should get a feeling who has been to washington square park has everyone? so i don't think i have to
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explain washington square park to everyone what i want to share perhaps you never paid attention to the children's playground that is completely in the northwest corner indicated in the orange so it is basically a 13 site it is very much tucked in one of the small programs it is really the only program element within this part so zooming in the thing about washington square park which is important to know is that it is sort of the intersection between the two neighborhood russian hill and telegraph hill and just the green square for the community to really gather now the playground it's the reason we're here it is landmarked in 1995 and are the the 1957 plan
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so basically this is the third iteration of the playground since the inception and when we run to the community process there was a shift part and because the uses and regulations change over time and so because the nearby fairly significant playground joe dimaggio got we done the focus has changed it really towards young children and so that means for a number of reasons that was to bring the lower profiles to the site itself and light it up it is a dark corner the structure today is kind of dark and there is issues in the park one of the challenges we're trying to lighten it up so just this - these two pictures you're seeing up here
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is really right at the northwest corner looking up to the mraurlgd and then the other one from the east looking over the green court you can basically, not tell it is a playground so this is looking at right into the playgrounds about 3000 and what the two discriminated one is the existing on top and the proposed as you can see that we have retained everything that is critical to the overall circulations of the park and the features that we are outlined in the beverages the trees and the pathways situation this it is the general scope we'll be removing paving and refurnishing the benches and
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shifting them taking out the 1982 stairwell is a safety issue for parents and completely redoing the inside of playground so and this is the proposed lens whoops as you can see that we virtual retained using perimeter calls walls it is the boundary and bringing in the notation of the telegraph hill and russian hill sort of the hills and letting this playground sort of work within those playful hills and give it place making in terms of where those hills came from and we've play equipment with could
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he typical swings considered critical and really just an exploratory playground those images now below is the actual types of play equipment, however, the colors are not what we'll, selecting so, please use our imagination on the colors as you can see there is very few vertical elements we're looking to use neutral colors and some green to connect to the green of the lawn are another view you probably not see actually that is really kind of would be possibly from the street and here we're going through some of the key components
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material features that is the concrete wall that actually will we've from the site creating continuous edge that is currently used will match the color of the current restrooms that were rebuilt we'll tie that into that >> here's many more features some elements of either concrete or rock we're still in the exploratory - >> and a few accent features what the acorn or a touchstone playground and here's some of the overall materials now i brought a material board if you like to pa is that around with - so the
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key sort of materials within the park already the park is in terms of of the paving it is encouraging asphalt but one of the actual desires for the rec and park department to shift from asphalt to concrete for environmental reasons as well as long term maintenance we're going to the dark concrete with could be he will edging that is started to be used throughout the park that developed through maintenance needs and a percentage of the everybody else's so people don't walk into the planting beds and additionally we're adding these simple black post chain fences we started to us in delores park
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that's been successful in protecting the plant there's a lot of issues about the maintenance that has driven some of the decisions but we feel like - we're using the element as a test case in the corner that eventually will be for the entire park i think i'll let you ask questions at this point. >> great commissioners any questions. >> commissioner pearlman. >> no, no questions. >> no, i think we don't have any questions a clear presentation is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak to this matter please forward seeing none, public comment is closed. and bring it back to the commission commissioners commissioner johnck well, i've been there recently a merger with four of my grandchildren that is fantastic and we just approved the
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restrooms a while back >> yeah. >> so beautiful job i'll make a motion to approve it. >> good. >> that would be great. >> second the motion. >> it's all good a motion and second commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to to approve commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner vice-president hyland. >> yes. good job and commissioner president wolfram. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and xhrsz on items 9 ab for pier 43 1/2 fisherman's wharf and 1129 folsom street or not those are legacy business
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applications. >> excuse me - commissioners i must recuse myself from pier 43 1/2 fisherman's wharf i'm under contractor with pier 43 a motion to recuse commissioner johnck. >> moving. >> thank you, commissioners to recuse commissioner johnck from item - 9 a we'll be hearing those together so if you want to take them separately. >> i think that's okay. >> on that motion to commissioners to recuse commissioner johnck commissioner matsuda is commissioner pearlman and commissioner vice-president hyland and schof so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and commissioner johnck your hereby recused. >> okay. >> good afternoon, commissioners desiree planning department staff in a nut shell
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are two legacy business nominations and applications which were submitted to the planning department on february 13th and ready for recommendation those mrashtsdz were reviewed by the office of the small business commission prior to transmittal to the department these all the physical features and tradition for those first application for red and white fleet found in 1892 the operator of the san francisco by the way, a maritime world's fair the business offered it services in the by the way, the barker's ways launched in the golden state on treasure island today red and white fleet is operated by hi grandson and launches if
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pier 43 the second application is 1995 who own and operate joshua began the sail boat the first one to have a coast guard on the bay since 1981 offers the services and for thirty years has offered services on 1129 folsom street founds they've met the criteria and qualifies for the legacy business registry that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions and some representatives of the businesses that would like to speak on their applications. >> thank you any questions. >> no at this time we'll take public comment on this item including sponsors that wish to speak and 3 minutes a warning
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bell of 30 seconds left. >> good afternoon my name is tom i'm one of the owners look with the bank owning the red and white fleet no point i don't think in me going through the history of red and white fleets we tried to look at the environment because when the grandfather started the business one person roe and boat and gotten diesel boats their dirty as an industry we're trying to clean it up and for the globe one of the projects we're working on hygiene fuel boat we're looking for the future where we that is one project and another project we are doing which puts san francisco at the forefront we or the a 6 hundred passenger hybrid
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electric with likt yum batters that boat will be here in a year we're continuing the operation of the working with the community and working with the unions and working with giving a decent wage to our employees we want to also besides building now boats and looking for the future we're in the process of doing additional work at pier 43 1/2 fisherman's wharf arranging of the facilities we can have take advantage of the zero pollution boats with using solar and electric so we help the environment one of the things is that we were looking for the support for
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our legacy business status because one of the things you you'll be recognizing i think this historic significance as a maritime is a city and the labor aspects that built the city that's why we're excited about it so one the things that came out of this whole event for us is the additional information that we have the additional interest in the history of company that came out of this we have files and files of documents we're looking for someone to come through and organ those for us we can tie the red and white fleet back 1892 so i'm asking if you have suggestions we, get ahold of me
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taking our history and getting that better organized i apologize we're not more inclusive what we prop and put together something and get something in a form that anyone what enjoy and the children what learn so when we're dead and gone people can look at the record electronically how can i do that it is awfully hard any suggestions i'll appreciate it. >> is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. oh, i'm sorry. >> i'm here because captain joshua was not able to be here it's his grandmothers 97
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birthday i'm elizabeth i have permission to interrupt his lunch that's the only reason i'm happy to do my best to answer back. >> thank you very much any other member of the public wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. bring it back to the commission mr. freeing. >> commissioners preemptly we'll put the project sponsor in contact with the city architect with the information and had a meeting with a couple of local universities their public history programs and maybe students projects to help to facilitated facilitate organizing that. >> thank you just a note the agenda said red and white was
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funded in 1982 not 18. >> oh, on the agenda no. >> a minor correction the case report i think. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> great. >> thank you for that correction commissioner pearlman. >> i want to say that each one as a piece that the discussion of linking the past with the future with hybrid boats and hygiene boats is krish8 if 1892 liaison red and white exists that a legacy is in the future so each one of the stories how rich of a story thank you. >> other commissioners any
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comments. >> move to approve second. >> very good, commissioners. on that motion to approve items 9 ab commissioner hasz commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner vice-president hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and thank you. congratulations on our first step in our legacy business that adjourns our hearing the hearing is adjourned .
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>> (clapping.) >> in 2013 san francisco legislators newsom agreed to allow the reciprocate of our soft story buildings those building house one and 20 thousand resident a program of that collect requires extensive outreach and this continuation of that process who is here and bill graham the perfect venue so in 2014 we have the first earthquake retrofit a huge success we're repeating
4:53 am
this model what we've done it put together venues that are time professionals and contractor are financing institutions a other services that help people comply with the retrofit and as you can see the thousands of members of the public their assessing over one hundred vendors to comply with the ordinance or make improvements on their property i came to get specification information and puck h picking up information if you don't know what twaur doing i take it overwhelming. >> we're pleased a critical mass of people are keying into knowing their relents and understanding what had are the next steps to take and they're figuring out who to talk to not only the contractor by the mustards and the architect and the structural engineers and getting the full picture of what
4:54 am
options are necessary and being pro-acti pro-active. >> so i'm very pleased to see the soft story buildings 99.9 percent complies the highest of the program of this scale of the history a citywide effort high blood pressure in every stretch of san francisco to understand real risks associated with earthquake and those are universally agreed on. >> at some point you need to gather information i'll be talking to another engineer to come out and take a look at it and basically get a second opinion i'm for second and third opinions it is inspiring to see all the property owners that want to do the right thing and for proactively figuring out what the solutions to get them that. >> what is amazing to me here
4:55 am
we are over two years of first retrofit fair and at the time we are rh2 out to contractors to help us and reaching it out to design professionals that soft story buildings is in any and people understanding how to comply now it is different an industry that springs up as a result of the - their professed and gotten the costs down with lower financing options and these are defined and now the gene progression and have the buildings are buildings and the compliance we understand the 2020 one and 20 thousand san francisco's 15 messenger of our population will live in a retrofit building those people buildings or lives in buildings with 5 or more residential building is soft story and wood frame and built before 1978 that house that one and 20 thousand
4:56 am
san franciscans. >> san francisco is being the leader in getting in done and as you may know los angeles passed their retrofit law two months ago at the sort of taken san francisco's lead on the one and tenth anniversary as the residents san francisco this is a road map to the city and going to give us us plan are these to keep folks here on a disaster and steps to build a resident waterfront by 2020. >> this involves more than one and 80 individuals and over 60 nonprofits and other companies this is a huge plan and what are the challenges we realize that people are concerned about climatic change, sea level rise
4:57 am
and not only the affiliated hazards but things hike you're our amp infrastructure and consumed by social and other things we see this in society everyday and how we try to mitigate those are ultimately a direct result how resident we are after earthquake other issue out of the strategy of the concept after a major earthquake of keeping 95 percent of population here in san francisco that's the single best thing to help a equitable recovery to keep people here keep people back to work and kids in school and a residents of normal after a disaster. >> alliance energy in our partner undertook comprehensive bid process we interviewed a half-dozen of folks who wanted to have a part of our soft story
4:58 am
buildings are ordinance so alliance energy project programming is a clean assess energy a special financing that is done using the taxed authority of local multiples and one of the interesting features the loan is tied to the property not the vital if an individual didn't have good credit but it is another option for people not able to comply to find another avenue the assessment is actually places on the property and the builds for in that come literally a line item on the tax bill that's how you pay off the segment and tax. >> 20 or thirty years is all paid up front there are advantages your property tax well it is important to give people on option and many
4:59 am
private banks that provide loans over a are shorter term we wanted to create a longer pay back term. >> i think the next step for property owners after at the create themselves to take the plunge and quit the working downey done and have works of work done right of the right rest of the property owners can understand this process across the city. >> we need to do it. >> it is safety you know that's the bottom line safety. >> earthquake safety a everybody's responsibility that is providing the resources that people need to get done if you want to know more of the resources as a san franciscan please visit the commission r
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wednesday, march 22, 2017 and the time is 5:03 pm. item 1, roll call. president cleaveland present, stephen nakajo present, michael hardeman present, nancy covington is here. chief of department joanne