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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  April 23, 2017 7:40pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for coming my name is [inaudible] i'm with the city's office of economic and workforce development i want to welcome you all to the ribbon-cutting for the daggett plaza. they say good things come to those who wait. so i think in this case really good things come to those who wait a really long time. this is been a long time coming and were really happy to finally be here. i want to start out by introducing some various people and organizations within the city and our community partners that made this project come to life. you never knowlooking out at this beautiful park but long ago this part of town was part of the bait another shallow water. because of that,
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requirements of the public trust for waterfront land we still apply to this parcel about a year ago this was a really challenging project to make happen. but thankfully here we are and there's many important computers to the project that are here today. if you them will be speaking to you and i just want to introduce a few people that don't have a chance to speak that were critical working with us and those include the california department of housing and community development. naomi kelly kumar city administrator. i think we may have here with us kenneth-from the office of assemblyman chu. thank you. and folks from the california state lands commission. the port of san francisco. the planning department the san francisco art commission, including artists adrian kohlberg who can't be here but we want to recognize her for doing that beautiful piece of art over there by the street. the city's real estate division. the public works department. public
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utilities commission. as you conceal complicated this project was to get done. and cmg landscape architecture. so without further ado, i want to introduce to you firstspeaker mayor ed lee who's been dedicated to the completion of this project and has pushed us to think outside the box and make sure that we've leveraged this unique public-private opportunity. so mayor lee.[applause] >> thank you for that introduction.i am celebrating. if you're not celebrating and don't have one of these in the your hands are not properly celebrating. there are the newest vendor on the block. thanks to jim kelly and equity residential, we have 453 brand-new units here in dogpatch potrero hill. [applause]. 20% units of affordable. about 90 units permanently affordable, but today we are celebrating a
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park. so how many of you know who mr. daggett was? come on, raise your hand. okay i bet [inaudible] students know. kids, from live oak do you know who mr. daggett is? [inaudible / off mic] [laughing] do you know who mr. lee is? [laughing] john daggett, street name after him because he was the superintendent of the united states mint when it was here in san francisco. also a former lieutenant governor for the state of california. so gavin newsom you got something to look forward to. that's why daggett plaza and i'm here today and no one certain degree of celebration to celebrate the newest park in san francisco that is open for everyone, but also a unique relationship, a public-private relationship,
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where we actually own the park, but because of equity residential and their commitment, to having spaces for the residence, the people in the neighborhood, and with their conversations that are very long and delicate conversations with everybody including potrero boosters in dogpatch association, all the different neighbors, they kind of said we can make an agreement. it's called in perpetuity agreement, which means forever. they're going to help maintain this along with many other partners for the benefit of the public. that is a great public-private partnership. so, jim, equity, thank you very much for this. [applause] that is really another reflection of how we do it in san francisco. as rich was saying, there's a lot of entities that he named that are responsible for putting this together. i have the pleasure of working with one of those
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entities, the board of supervisors, of course supervisor leah cohen who is here in this district but she knows how complicated this was because of it like this. but also because it took no less then 13 separate actions at the board of supervisors with different state and federal agencies in order to have this park happen in this development happen. so everybody persevered. so let me say as the mayor, as complicated with state lands, you know this used to be a little bit underwater? this very place was standing on used to be were all kind of plain noah today to used to be underwater and were all lifting the land up and because of all that because the state lands, because of the proximity to a very changing area of the city,
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it took many agencies to get the right approvals and ultimately i think we did as a city, the right thing with everybody's input. i also want to say, thank you, to the boosters and to the association of dogpatch because i think the beauty of this place and getting through all the complications has a lot to do with everybody working in collaboration. this is a very big collaboration to have this daggett plaza open to everyone. you will see a lot of people down here because i can't fathom how these kids will not have fun on real grass running around doing all kinds of athletic things and i want to say that-i want to say thank you again to the supervisor, california department of housing. i also want to say thank you to parks alliance. cmg landscaping david baker
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architect. i was talking to david a minute ago and he is again one of these buildings all over the city. he's very proud of this particular one because when you look at it it doesn't look like 450 units of housing. very neighborhood-issue. that's why you get to accomplish in your design. so i want to say thank you for this beautiful design because it complements what everybody wants. and needs. i think this is housing that is absolutely necessary in our affordable housing crisis we have in the city. so congratulations everyone. you have ample time to go do this afterwards but thank you to live oaks. life oaks for all your support. the first kids to play on officially launched daggett plaza. congratulations. [applause] >> next, we would like to welcome supervisor melia cohen who is been a tireless supporter. i witnessed this
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many many times trying to work and help us get this done. her office sponsored the enabling legislation at the board of supervisors. her different pieces of legislation and also important, identified some money for the city's budget process to fill a small funding gap we had terms of pain for this. i want to thank her for all her support for providing this infrastructure and to support generally the southeastern part of the city. [applause] >> good morning everyone. i can't believe we are here today but i got to tell you been on the board, this my seventh year. i inherited this project. it's been a heavy lift. so it feels so amazing to stand before you to say, finally, we made it we are here for the ribbon cutting ceremony and incredibly long overdue. as we begin to we envision the southeast of san francisco, a significant portion of our vision has to do with open space and parks. so this is not the end but only the beginning
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of more to come. as all of you know, this past has not been easy you heard about the 13 pieces of legislation that we had to introduce. i want to recognize my staff that is helped me from day one on this. first of all andrea breslin is no longer with my office, but she was significant in ushering this project through from start and almost to finish. i want to thank uriel chan is here with us today who's been significant hand in getting this project to the finish line. it's truly taking a village to make daggett park a reality. it's taken years of collaboration a patients, support and advocacy from the residence. from the community, my office the mayor's office has been incredibly supportive and credible partner. also equity residential, the project has switched hands. a couple of times. since its inception but equity residential is the team that got us to the finish line.
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we've all played our part in this incredible endeavor and we should be out of ourselves. out of ourselves today. it's great to be joined here by all of you as we unveil yet another piece of open space project for district 10. this is again a critical improvement to our city, to our neighborhood. again, honoring the commitment that many folks open in leadership positions before mayor lee and myself got into position, honoring the commitment that were made before us. and ensuring the growth that's happening, the phenomenal growth that's happening all along the south east of san francisco, that we are not forgetting our infrastructure and most importantly our open space. so there are many people i would like to thank. the community advocacy and leadership teams. we've got dogpatch neighborhood association. we've the potrero hill boosters that are been with us every step of the way and there's other smaller organizations that are been
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incredibly helpful to bring us to this point. daggett plaza is no different. this is a positive though begin to bring people together and bridge the gaps that currently exist and connecting the neighborhood to one portion to another. so this is an incredible treasure. i'm excited to be here. this is a space we will be able to recognize as our own for generations to come. the mayor's office of economic development and the mayor's office of real estate, to the permits are probably [inaudible]the potheads might agree but i want to say, i think. i also organized a friend to partners in planningand also in dbi. it's been incredible up lift and now we can finally celebrate and have a good time. so, cheers. raise a glass to the [inaudible] and we will christen this field properly. thank you. [applause] >> our next speaker is bruce
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hughey. bruce lives in dogpatch and serves on the eastern neighbors community advisory committee. in addition to the eastern neighbors cac. bruce is present of the dogpatch neighborhood association member the newly formed green benefit district formation committee and has worked on many community open spaces in the area. [applause]. >> thank you mayor lee. supervisor and i'm glad to join you at this event. i want to do a shadow to some of my colleagues on the eastern a bird cac. dan murphy was in the audience. keith goldstein. i also want to thank sf planning, steve wertheim as well as matt snyder who kind of moved along with us through this process of in-kind agreement for this open space. if i remember correctly, the first time supervisor cohen met his is a candidate for
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supervisor. seven years ago? leading a group of my neighbors out to a neighborhood nearby street park at night. with a flashlight in hand, and she had a pair of high-heeled shoes on. she got my vote for her courage to make connection with neighbors in the evening next time i saw her at the same street park ribbon-cutting in dogpatch i was with mader lee about four years ago. open spaces important to our city in each neighborhood. i cherish the time spent in a park near a tree with family, with friends. because i live in an area under constant change with a new new parks provide way to meet neighbors of all backgrounds. everyone comes out to a park.parks provide an easy way for us to learn about each other, engage and become more familiar with each other. trust each other and learn to stay say, hello, neighbor. as noted by sanjay gupta, dr. sanjay gupta on cnn the other day saying hello to neighbors can improve your own personal
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health. and well-being. parks are key to neighbored livability and personal health. i say bring it on. thank you. [applause]>> >> next, i like to introduce jim kelly was first vice president of development for equity residential. the developer of this whole complex. jim spearheads active element of equity residential multifamily properties across the entire bay area as you heard from her previous three speakers with unique innovative aspects of this project is the important because of made by equity to build and maintain this part. so, jim. [applause] >> thank you. i would like to thank some of the key players that helped make this park a reality and this project a reality today.this park is not just a showcase of design but it's a showcase of teamwork between public and private partners here. the city has been great to work with in the entire process. this is actually been a very long
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process as melia reference. some key members of our team, kristi yard, haley waterson, michael d with cmg. these guys have been great to work with from day one. they provided a really fantastic design here. david baker, his team, this stunning building this park sits in the middle of is a testament to david and his team's work. stephen doherty has been a very big part of david's group on this project as well. [applause]. with dpw, [inaudible] and bill lau from dpw, from day one, this has been a very hard project to put all the details together. we've gone back and forth through many city groups including puc, dpi, and bill have really helped become a reality thank you very much, guys. john malamud,
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claudia gorham, carol along with city attorney's office. they've been great to deal with even though attorneys. our lead counsel, steve that'll, has been involved with this project for what, 10 years? plus, or minus. steve really cares about not just his clients, but this community in general. he's been a fantastic advocate for us. thank you, steve. steve wertheim, where are you steve? with planning department. he's always giving a us sage advice you. he's been a help great help guide us through a pretty uncertain process. scott smith, gary, mike coryell and devon blackwood and [inaudible] put together a great group of subcontractors for this building and has also made this 220 milli-dollar dream become a reality. the equity residential team as usual, has been phenomenal here. corey warren, natasha moses, mark tremain, in
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our community manager, kelly lacher, have not only leased this property off in record time, but they keep it in tip top shape every day as you can see. by the way, they lease this property off in less than a year. 404 units 11 months. it's amazing. amazing. [applause]. from day one, our vp of construction dan katz and dr. has been just fantastic. the provided steady leadership to our group here and dan, thank you very much for all the sleepless nights we've endured her. dan and i both have great respect for the next team member. a man that is juggled all of this and delivered in a huge way, senior project manager steve danforth. [applause]. steve, we really did listen to all those midnight emails you sent out to us. it's really paid off and a
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fantastic job. there is one other very special team member that we have to mention. i don't think any of this would have been possible without robinhavens. [applause]. there really was no roadmap to this new process. the new plaza program with a learning process for all of us. when things veered off track we all reach out to one person and that is robin havens. if we need to coordinate three agencies and a developer we call robin. if we need to work through complex legislation, everyone calls robin. even now, when i need personal advice on other projects, i call robin. [laughing]. robin, thank you very much. you are the best. great to work with. [applause]. the real payoff here is to drive by on the weekends and see this park just completely full with not only people from our community, but from potrero hill and beyond with their
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families and children and pets. it's truly remarkable place. thank you very much for coming out. [applause]. >> thanks. that was our last speaker and jim took a little bit of funthunder because i have been planning on recognizing again, robin havens for my team. just raise your hand so people can see you. [applause]. i did witness firsthand and she is really the person that made this happen who is the glue and i'm proposing to call her from now on, bureaucracy buster. she is the bureaucracy buster. so, with that, thank you all for attending and we are now going to gather for a photo and cut the ribbon, which these folks over here have. why don't we gather where they direct us and thank you very much. >> three, two, one. [cheering] [applause] >> >> >>
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>> secretary will call the roll. >> pating, present. chow, present. bernal,print. san shez. the second item is approve the minutes of the meeting on april 4, 2017. actually commissioners to your right i put a slightly revised version of the minutes. commissioner chow asked me to switch the order the reporting of the elections, so that version simply has the president was elected first and vise president. >> the motion is in order and the edits in are in yellow on your new copy. >> so moved. >> and a second is received. ny