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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 1, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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about it, but i'm going to just trust that that's going to be administered correctly. the second was actually on the lines that sfriefr safai just brought up, information required of all applicants, and while i agree they should provide income opportunities, and also talk about how they want to further the city's equity goal, i'm just curious why we're asking applicants to encourage and support equity applicants who have been awarded cannabis business permits. doesn't that seem a little -- so we're going to force business owners to help other business owners that help -- already have permits? once they're in the business, why would we force them to help their competitors?
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>> can you tell us what section you're referring to. >>supervisor kim: so this is the section 1609, the section that supervisor safai had just asked a question about, so under 1609, this is b21c, it says describe how the applicant will work to encourage applicants who have received cannabis permits, and otherwise further the city's equity goals, which i also agree with. am i misreading the first part? it seems to me that all applicants will have to talk about how they're going to encourage and support equity applicants who have been awarded business permits. >> it should read equity
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applicants, not permit operators. >>supervisor kim: so to take out who have been awarded cannabis business permits? >> supervisors, one opportunity to address that concern, maybe to say, instead of who have been awarded, to instead say, who are seeking? jap ja >>supervisor kim: i think the goal is who help those get into the business, but i wouldn't want to force people to help their competitors. okay. so -- excuse me? is that okay. >> yeah, that is okay. that was an error. we're not looking to help people help their competitors, help people get into the business. >>supervisor kim: okay. >>president breed: so you want to make a motion to make that
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amendment? >>supervisor kim: yes, so i'll make a friendly motion to strike -- sorry to close this -- in section 1609 who have been awarded cannabis business permits, in parentheses, permit operators. >>president breed: can we take that without objection? without objection, the amendment passes, and supervisor cohen made, can we take those to the amendments without objection? without objection, we pass. we are now working with one amended document, and there are other members of the board that have any questions or concerns specifically about this particular amendment around equity? supervisor safai, you had -- >>supervisor safai: i'm sorry, is your question regarding the entire list of amendments that supervisor cohen has made or this specific one? >>president breed: yes. this is for everything in this amendment. is there anyone else on the
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roster to talk specifically about the amendment that we're talking about right now? supervisor fewer? >>supervisor fewer: yes, thank you very much chair. i just want to remind my colleagues since it's been hours since i last reminded my colleagues, that the equity fund created in this document is merely meant for a fund to help those equity operators. it isn't a fund to, i think, go to different organizations to help mitigate some of what's happening in those areas, it is really about, i think t-- the spirit of this was to help those equity operators with some revenue and some resources to get their business started, so i just wanted to remind my colleagues, because i know it's, like, six hours since i last reminded everybody about this. thank you very much. >>president breed: thank you, supervisor fewer.
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anyone else about this particular amendment? seeing no one else, we will vote on this. madam clerk, on this amendment as amended twice, call the roll. >> clerk: [ roll call. ] there are 11 ayes. >>president breed: okay. the amendment passed unanimously. supervisor peskin? >>supervisor peskin: thank you, madam president. the clerk is in the process of printing out -- >> clerk: making copies. >>supervisor peskin: and will shortly circulate some amendments that i intended to make at the last meeting with regard to how we temporarily or
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how we treat temporary permits during the transition period, and i'm going to ask deputy city attorney victoria wang to speak to that amendment as it is being circulated to you shortly. >>president breed: so do you want us to come back to this when it's in front of us or would it be a simple -- >>supervisor peskin: it's pretty simple. i think miss wang can explain it, and we it can delay voting on it until it's in everybody's hands, but maybe we should use the next few minutes to talk about it. >>president breed: okay. miss wang? >> victoria wang, deputy city attorney. the amendment would be an amendment to parallel the amendments to the health code section 3322 in item 8, and the purpose would be to create a land use approval for a temporary cannabis adult sales, so the first part of the amendment would be to amend section 102 of the planning code to add a new use category -- land use category, which would be called temporary
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cannabis sales, and that would be defined as a temporary use, but sells or otherwise provides cannabis or cannabis related probable causes for adult use, and that may also include the sale of cannabis for medicinal use. any authorization for a temporary cannabis sales use shall expire on january 1st, 2019 pursuant to section 205.2, which will also be amended, so the second part of this amendment would be an amendment to section -- sorry, the creation of a new section, 191, in the planning code, which would authorize grandfathered mcd's to become temporary cannabis sales uses on january 1st, 2019. so a grandfathered mcd, as defined in section 190 of the planning code, that receives a
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permit to operate as an mcd before january 1st, 2019, so in the 2018 window shall be deemed a temporary cannabis sales use, and upon expiration of the temporary cannabis sales use authorization, the land use authorization for the parcel will revert to the original authorization to operate as an mcd unless the establishment has received a permit authorization to operate az a retail cannabis use. this would also need to result in an amendment to 205.2 in the planning code. it would just add a subsection to that sub of the code stating that a temporary permit for cannabis use would last for one year and would expire on january 1st, 2019. the amendment would also provide for a process for these grandfathered mcd's to obtain a
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permanent land use authorization to become cannabis retail uses, and that would be to section 190 of the planning code, subsection c, which would state in order for a grandfathered mcd to convert to a cannabis retail use, a completed application for the change of use must be submitted to the department of building inspection no later than march 31st, 2018 and first approval by the planning department or planning commission must be received on or before december 31st, 2019. an application will be deemed to have received its first approval from planning when that body issues its decision regardless of any appeal or lawsuit is filed subsequently challenging the application, so this would allow the grandfathered mcd while operating as a temporary cannabis sales use to move forward in the process to convert to obtain a permanent
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lant use authorization to parallel the permanent operational permit that it's seeking at the same time. >>president breed: supervisor peskin, this sounds very similar to what you introduced at the last meeting. >>supervisor peskin: insofar as we have included it in item number 9, which we have adopted, this conforms item 8 to item 9. >>supervisor safai: madam chair? >>president breed: supervisor peskin, are you done? supervisor safai? >>supervisor safai: just to oversimplify, we already updated the police code. this is to do the land use. >>supervisor peskin: correct. >>supervisor safai: to allow for everything that we've talked about. >>president breed: anyone else on the amendment? >>supervisor cohen: yes, thank
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you. >>president breed: supervisor cohen. >>supervisor cohen: thank you very much. i'd like to direct my question to the city attorney's office. i'm just wondering how does this complement or not complement the work that we've established the last six hours? >> so none of the other amendments that we've discussed today created a land use authorization for the temporary uses, which have been amended into the operational ordinance, so in order for a -- for a medical cannabis dispensary to operate as a cannabis adult use sales establishment next year, they will need both an operational permit under the other -- item number 8 ordinance as well as a land use approval, so this amendment is intended to accompany the amendments that have already been made in the other ordinance so that the mcd's can, in fact operate as temporary uses on january 1st. >>supervisor cohen: thank you, madam president, i know you
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don't particularly care for amendments on the fly. it sounds like this is an interesting amendment that i haven't had a chance to take a look at. i don't know if anyone else is knowledgeable about this, but it is going to be amending in dealing with land use authorizations. in my experience as a former chair of the land use committee and serving for the last six years on the land use committee. this is something we need to take seriously and pore over and not rush into. i would like to encourage supervisor peskin, if he would like to speak about it, he can speak about it, but so far, i've only heard from the city attorney. i don't know if there's anything else you would like to add. >>supervisor peskin: insofar as as we provided for it in one law and we have not provided for it in the land use law, we have to have it in the land use law or we've only got the cake half baked. we've just conforming the two laws to one another as supervisor safai said, insofar
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as it's in the police code. we don't have any enabling legislation in the land use planning code provisions in order to do what we intended to do by virtue of putting it into the police code stuff that we already have unanimously agreed on. >>supervisor cohen: so madam president, through the president to supervisor peskin, just at first blush through the city attorney, it sounds complementary and it doesn't sound like any dubeobudious tr that you're setting upon up at the 11th hour. >>supervisor peskin: correct. at the last meeting, i realized we had put it in the police code, and i went to the city attorney, and i said well, don't we have to have it in the
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land use section, and they said yes, if that was your intention, and i said yes, so we asked miss wang to draft that concern and put it in an amendment. >>supervisor cohen: i think the only concern is it allows for an immediate opportunity for a process to convert and to be used temporarily until they go through a process, so that's my only concern, and i don't understand why it's necessary to do that. this is exactly what i think you and i talked about, mr. givner, that this was similar to the legislation that was proposed last week by you and supervisor sheehy, the amendment, and the one issue that i think many members of the board had was allowing for an automatic -- an automatic transfer of adult use, like come january 1, without there being a clear process, but
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there is a process, i understand. but the process is after the fact. >>supervisor peskin: so madam president, i think the context of the amendment in the last meeting was very, very different, which was we were at an impasse, and there was pressure to have some amount of retail adult use starting january 1, and the proposal at that time was to only have that. the objection to that was there would be no -- we had not yet arrived at the equity applicant solution, which today, we have arrived at. nonetheless, unanimously, and this was not my amendment from last week. we all put it in the police code at the last -- not last week, but two weeks ago, so presumably, and that was -- did not come from this supervisor. we wanted to enable it in the land use code and hence, the amendment. but the context of that conversation was very different. it just meant that as of
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january 1, there would only be these 30 facilities. that conversation has changed today. >>president breed: but based on this particular amendment, as of january 1, it would still be only these particular facilities that could add adult use while they're given a temporary -- they're given a temporary -- a temporary permit to operate and to do adult use beginning january 1 or whenever we pass this law and it goes into effect, and then, they would have to go through the process to do this permanently -- to do adult use permanently. >>supervisor peskin: and all of those, again, are subject to the same kind of appeal procedures that we previously discussed relative to section 312, whether it's conditional use or discretionary review, they have 90 days to apply, and if they don't get it in a
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kbrae year, they revert back to mcd's. >>president breed: and i think it reverts back to i didn't want any amendment without a public process, so i know we need to do this so it relates to mcd's and as it concerns land use, but the ability to do this after this legislation has passed is what i'm most concerned about. i would like a moment to review this particular legislation and make sure that i completely understand where you're coming from. i believe i do, but incident is we just received it, and we know in some regard that we have to do it -- because i know, i discussed it with our attorney, jon givner yesterday, and supervisor kim and i had a discussion about this in particular, and wanting to make sure that this is included, and so we know that it's necessary. i think how it's done is of
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question to me at this time. supervisor kim. >>supervisor kim: okay. so i did ask a number of questions of mr. givner yesterday, and i apologize. i think there's just too much going on, and i so think the biggest -- or the big rocks i want to understand is what is the process with this amendment with supervisor peskin's amendment to get a temporary permit? what is the process to get a temporary permit under this scheme with this amendment? >> this isn't really a temporary permit for adult use cannabis sales. what section 3322 does which is called the transition provision as a new section to article 33 of the health code which regulates medical cannabis dispensaries, and if enacted as it's now written, it would immediately authorize permanent mcd's to sell adult use cannabis as part of this
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existing article 33 permit as soon as this ordinance goes into effect, provided they do a number of things. provided they apply for and receive a temporary state cannabis license, provided they receive a determination from the planning department that the sale of adult use cannabis on the premises is in compliance with the planning code, and that's where this amendment comes into play and that is how it complements this. section 3322 would automatically allow these mcd's to sell adult use without any any further process provided they meet these criteria, one of which is they have to show they comply with the planning code. >>supervisor kim: okay. what did you mean by the statement, there's no such thing as a temporary permit? >> well, people have talked about this as a temporary permit for mcd's. there's actually no new permit being given. all of the mcd's already have an article 33 permit, and this amendment would basically
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expand the scope of that permit. >>supervisor kim: but temporarily. >> i meant to say it's not -- >>supervisor kim: you're saying it's not a permit. >> yeah, but the authorization to sell the adult use cannabis would itself be temporary because it's authorized for 180 days. >>supervisor kim: should this board vote on this, all 30 operators would be able to expand to adult use on the day this is enacted as long as they have a temporary state license. >> well, there are additional criteria beyond that. they will be able to expand their business to sell adult use cannabis if they apply for and receive a state cannabis license, if they receive a determination from the planning did he want that they are -- >>supervisor kim: which this amendment takes care of. >> right, if they comply with all of the requirements and
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proce prohibitions that are imposed on cannabis retail in article 16, if they apply for a permit within 30 days of being made available, and then there are additional criteria that are made available or required as part of supervisor cohen's equity amendment. if they're mcd's that have more than ten employees, they'd have to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the director that within 120 days of the effective day of the ordinance as least 30% of all business work hours are performed by workers who meet at least three of the criteria, and they would have to submit to the office of cannabis an actually equity plan. so it's not an automatic expansion for every single mcd, it's only for those mcd's who meet all six criteria.
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>>supervisor kim: now, the date might have changed, but if i remember correctly, we said if we'd passed something today, the first conceivable operation date in san francisco is january 1st. i just want to make sure i understand this. if i'm a current mcd operator, and i guess my current state license, and i chief 30% local hire, and i submit my equity plan, i can -- assuming we pass the plan as stated by supervisor peskin, and there is no -- i thought there was >> in the amendment to article 33, there are no additional notification requirements, and i'll defer to deputy city attorney wang, but my understanding is there's no
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additional notifications jane skbran what if a neighborhood wanted to appeal just the temporary expansion? is there an ability for them to do that? >> there would be no peal for the expansion. >> and they would be able to temporarily expand for a year? >> no -- well, the expansion as authorized would be for 120 days, which could be renewed by the director if the mcd is found to have been making good faith efforts to comply with their equity plans. >>supervisor kim: okay. why was a year mentioned for the temporary engs pangs if it's only 120 days. >> i don't know where a year was mentioned. >>supervisor kim: something about how it reverts back after a year to mcd only. >>supervisor peskin: because it says on 205.2 that would be authorized no early -- it says to be authorized no earlier than january 1, and expire no later than january 1, '19,
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that's where i get the year from. >>supervisor kim: so you're eligible within the year to get this temporary expansion. >> i think that land use expansion would last for one year. >>supervisor kim: i get it. >> but the permit use expansion would be for 120 days and would be renewable. >>supervisor kim: okay, and in the meantime -- so they'll have the temporary permit for 120 days, assuming they meet all the requirements presented by supervisor peskin and all of the amendments -- the ones that are already put into place, and then, they have to apply for the permanent in order to extend it beyond the 120 days, although there's one extension beyond that. >> right. >>supervisor kim: now, can you also clarify why delivery is treated differently? there's 30 current operators,
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and there are 16 delivery services. what happens to those 16 delivery services on january 5th? can they also expand to adult use? >> so for delivery who have article 33 permit, they would be subjected to this exact same process. >>supervisor kim: okay. so it's not limited to 30, it's all 46, so all 46 will be able to expand to adult use on january 5th, assuming they do all of these things. >> yes. >>supervisor kim: okay. great, and after that, they would apply for a permit, and once a permanent universe is set, then after that point, the equity requirements kick in, so assuming all 46 are able to get a permanent adult use license, then, i assume the next 46 that get a permit to do adult use
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will be equity applicants. this is a hypothetical. >> correct. >>supervisor kim: no, the next 46. >>supervisor yee: no, i think it's 23. >>supervisor kim: excuse me? >> no, you're correct, supervisor kim. >>supervisor kim: okay, i just wanted to make sure i understood what it is we were voting on today. thank you. >>supervisor yee: and i guess through the chair to supervisor peskin, in your amendments, does it have -- i didn't see anywhere where during this process where sort of automatic, is there any notification of the community? >>supervisor peskin: i do not see any provisions that counsel with corre can correct me as to the temporary use notification.
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>> victoria wang, deputy city attorney. that's correct. the amendments before you do not contain a notification provision for the temporary land use authorization. >>supervisor peskin: but would for going to permanent. >> still -- excuse me? >>supervisor peskin: i was just adding for my colleague that those notification requirements would, upon application for a permit conversion, trigger public notice. >> correct. >>supervisor peskin: okay. >>president breed: okay. anyone else on the amendments? is everyone ready to vote? supervisor kim. >>supervisor kim: i'm so sorry. i asked about the current number of operators, 46, but i forgot to ask about the pipeline. so if you have land use authorization and you're in the pipeline today, you can convert to adult use? or is it everyone in the
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pipeline can convert temporarily -- i'm sorry, are eligible for the 120-day expansion to adult use? >> under the amendment that the board adopted at its last meeting, this temporary expansion of your mcd permit is only available to existing mcd's and -- and a pipeline mcd's that have been shutdown by the federal government under the compassionate use act, i believe that's just one other, at this point. >>supervisor kim: okay. so it's 46 plus that were shutdown by federal raids, so what happens to the pipeline? when can they get an adult use expansion? they're not eligible for the temporary, but they are eligible for the permanent? i'm just wondering if they get
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them before the equity applicants, as well. >>supervisor safai: madam chair, can i actually comment on that because my amendment actually dealt with that. >>president breed: supervisor safai, do you have a comment or question for supervisor safai, supervisor kim? >>supervisor kim: is it okay if i just have them answer first because i'm just trying to keep everything straight in my head. >>supervisor safai: i got it. >>supervisor kim: so those in the pipeline are not eligible for the temporary expansion. >> that's correct. it's only for the ones that were shutdown, so going back to supervisor safai's earlier amendment which discussed how businesses -- which businesses will get permitted initially, and what that amendment does is to say that the director may
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only give permits to, i think, six categories of business, as least initially, and those categories are equity applicants and equity incubators, equity applicants that possessed one prior to the date of this ordinance, temporary businesses that get a nonretail businesses, businesses that have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the director that they were operating in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996 and were forced to stop their practice because of federal prosecution. so that would capture some people who are in the pipeline, but only those who received their approval from the planning commission before the effective date of this ordinance, as well as those businesses who registered with the office of cannabis as a
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preexisting nonconforming operator. those are the categories of businesses who may be immediately eligible for a permanent permit once they are made available by the office of cannabis. >>supervisor kim: so if i was to limit my question just to those in the pipeline, it's either those who have gotten their planning commission approval before the date of this ordinance being finally passed and signed. >> that's right. >>supervisor kim: by the mayor, and it also... >> and it would be -- >>supervisor kim: skb thoand that got their mcd permits. so there -- there may be a number of applicants in the pipeline that won't be eligible for adult use, period, expansion, unless they take on
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an equity owner. thank you very much for letting me ask all of these questions. i just wanted to know what we're voting on today. >>president breed: so does anyone have any further questions or comments on the amendment? seeing none, i'll come back to this for the amendment and put some more amendments on the roster. supervisor yee? supervisor safai. >>supervisor safai: no, i just wanted to clarify about going from a temporary operation to permanent -- whatever we're calling it at this point, but that was the reason for my good neighbor plan and having to be resubmitted, but every existing neighbor would have to submit this be good neighborhood plan and existing security plan, and so that way, there would be some level of review along with
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the amendments that were proposed by supervisor cohen today, in terms of equity plan and so forth, so that was my only comment, and then, the other stuff was clarified by the city attorney. thank you. >>president breed: thank you, madam clerk, on the amendment, was there a second for the amendment? >> clerk: not yet, madam president. >>president breed: okay. so supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend. is there a second? seconded by supervisor safai. madam clerk, on the amend, call the roll. >> clerk: [ roll call. ] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >>president breed: the amendment passed unanimously, and seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk, on items 8 and 9, as amended,
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please call the roll. >> clerk: [ roll call. ] >> clerk: there are ten ayes and one no with supervisor safai in the dissent. >>president breed: the ordinance is passed on the first reading. they're following the board rules. thank you, everybody, except that one person who complied.
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all right. let's get to role cal call for introductions. >> clerk: madam president, you are first. >> clerk: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor: did you say supervisor cohen? >> clerk: yes, ma'am. >>supervisor cohen: good evening, everyone. time for roll cakol for introductions. i'm excited, today i'm introducing along with supervisor fewer, a hearing request on municipal banking. earlier this year, the board unanimously approved establishing a task force to study the formation of a municipal bank and how it might align with our city's money and our city's values and how we can invest to support our resident and our small business owners. over the last several months we have been working with the lawyers committee for civil rights to understand the legal steps for obtaining a state
1:36 am
charter fore a -- for a denovo bank. the municipal bank task force application, which will be seating 15 experts in everything from community housing to financial block change technology will be posted this week. that task force will finally be meeting in early of 20 -- early 2018, and this hearing will kick off thoet meetings with a broad understanding of the challenges ahead. i will leave to supervisor fewer the rest to introduce and to talk about. this ongoing public banking discussion is coming at an important moment in our community. this month, the san francisco retirement board is expected to finally discuss the vote on
1:37 am
fossil fuel divestment. this week in washington, the trump administration is working to diminish the power of the consumer financial protection bureau, thus limiting the oversight of big banks on wall street. in our long cannabis discussion, we have barely acknowledged that cannabis is currently an all cash business, cash payroll, no banking, vaults of bills in the floors -- on the floors of retailers, and so a municipal task force will begin to bring a formal public discussion to how money is invested. it will help keep us -- it will help us understand how to get greater transparencicy in the banking system, and would help us protect the new cannabis industry. i look forward to working with supervisor fewer over the next several weeks and possibly months, and i'm excited to see that we can -- what we can
1:38 am
accomplish through this ongoing proprocess and again want to thank you all for your incredible commitment to passing ground breaking cannabis legislation. congratulations to us all. >>president breed: thank you,
1:39 am
we don't have many other options for banking services that meet the financial needs and are socially responsible. the budget support yesterday explores options for increasing community supporting banking. one is the creation of san francisco public bank to serve to provide more public oversight and accountability for public dollars as well as able to
1:40 am
better leverage the public dollars. the bank could provide financing for affordable housing and credit unions and community development institutions to provide low interest loans. the time is now for exploration of the public municipal bank model in san francisco. i am committed to looking at the banking option in a manner more sustainable and fiscally responsible. i am proud to call for the hearing in he partne partnershid the heir anything the next year. >> supervisor kemp. thank you peskin. >> submit >> ro >> thank you. today i call for a hearing about the yesterday glass explosion at 3971 missio mission treat.
1:41 am
to the aids who constituents are across the street. we have news of an explosion in a pg&e gas line. there were no injuries. it was terrifying, causing emergency evacuation of residents, disrupted heat and cooking for 150 households and left several without homes for the foreseeable future. there are many questions that i have. i want to hear on the cause which is not revealed. i want to understand the protocols for monitoring lines and preventing future disasters how they notified the affected residents. i am asking fire, police and emergency and human services to respond to the event and to share what they saw and know. the past record of criminal negligence with regard to
1:42 am
maintenance is very well-known to us. the 2010 explosion killed eight and destroyed 30 homes. they were found guilty and misleading investigators about the high risk pipelines. i want to be sure they are taking responsibility and we have ways to ensure account ability. i want them to be safe and i look forward to a public discussion and finding ways to make sure we reached the end of these catastrophes. i am introducing three resolutions to advance production of new affordable housing in my district. first two are resolutions authorizing the city to apply for state affordable housing and sustainable program funding for the 1950 mission street and 2016
1:43 am
fulsome street which are to break ground next year. i am introducing a resolution tothetoauthorize bonds and the i submit. two items today. two weeks ago we announced the right to the legislation for the threat of eviction to put the city on the road to ensuring there is access to legal representation. the ordinance would require an office of tenant assistance for legal representation for every person facing eviction. within 30-days of notification the tenant would be able to have an attorney. it would not provide attorney if
1:44 am
landlord and tenant are in the same unit child abuse or harassment or a state or federal program provides full scope legal representation. my hope is we can quickly pass this legislation to ensure this program is up and running as soon as possible. yesterday i heard from a tenant in my district facing eviction. today i am designating first week of december cancer screen week. every year 600,000 americans lose live to cancer, 60,000 in n california. 2000 could be prevented with early screening. i lost my mother to ovarian cancer. i know the importance of early screening. studies have shown that 90% of colon cancers, 92% of cervical
1:45 am
and 99% of breast and skin cancer could be cured if found early. i encourage all those in san francisco to talk to about screening options. thank you. >> justining the monthly tradition of honoring those who have given lie through organ donation also. she donated six organs and save saved five lives. with that i submit. >> supervisor. madam president. thank you. >> please read public comment >> the public may address the entire board of supervisors soup for up to two minutes for the
1:46 am
board not on the new business or unfinished business items. this would include the public on october 17 and 24th board meting minutes and without reference to committee calendar. pursuant to the rules the remarks to the board as whole not to individual superintendent and not audience. if you want to use the overhead projector return it when we return to the live coverage of the meeting. >> ladies and gentlemen of the board i ask for resignation. you swore to uphold u.s. constitution. yet you continue to the operation of city wide case management and community focus a joint project with the san francisco campus of university of california which the city and county funds at $100 million per
1:47 am
year. city wide and city counties and community treatment programs. it is responsible for involuntarily medicating and performing medical and surgical procedures upon residents of the city and county by depriving the patience of life and liberty without due process and in violation of amendment 5. they deny freedom of association and right to petition the government with grief grievances by amendment one. unreasonable searches and seizures without warrants in violation of amendment 4. deny patients the right to confront accusers by amendment six and right to jury trials by amendment 7. the cruel and unusual punishment from patience in constitution 8.
1:48 am
the right to personal security and integrity guaranteed by amendment nine. they use medicine to unreasonably control patience. there is no avenue of complaints and violates amendment 13. denies equal treatment by amendment 14. you are knowledgeable yet you do nothing to prevent them. you violate the oath of office. i ask for your resignation. back now, madam clerk. >> next speaker. >> i am david flourish. ii am a resident of the city? sunset district. i am here to ask for your understanding and possibly create a system that protects actually has some sort of rental
1:49 am
protection for elders, and involves rent control. i work for the city as a civil servant since 1973 through 2001. i have live understand the city -- lived in the city since 1980. i am living in a single family dwelling and i have lived there for 36 years as a renter. i am being served an eviction probably on december 1st. to use the maximum time allowed, i guess, would be one year. it gives me one year if i use the ultimate length of time that that act allows.
1:50 am
i have looked and looked for places to live. my income does not support it. i have a decent rent agreement with the landlord. they are going for the profit and raise the rent times four. i have nothing more to say. i studied chinese and served in the military in the viet nam war and stu studied chinese. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> first of all, you are doing a
1:51 am
tremendous job. i have been watching on tv. you look fresh on tv. i had to go home and get changed. right now what is going down in this town? population is going down. ♪ i like to know who is in control. right here who in san francisco? the city of the bay ♪ ♪ sit down. you might want to hear what i have got to say ♪ he knows me ♪ we worked together when he was with the hrc. it is no mystery if you ask the
1:52 am
man his name is ed. he will say ain't i no dam conspiracy. what is going down in this town? that population is going down. i like to know who is in control right here in san francisco? in closing i will say my name is a. i have been on this case. some of those people out there are all in this place. just check black history. i have been working.
1:53 am
conspiracy. >> that is copyrighted now. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. the two biggest lies are affordable housing and market rate housing. i was on the record two weeks ago i did not see supervisor cowen and farrell had to get ice cream and cake. that displays commitment to the people of san francisco. in addition, when super-visor cohen is quoted as saying people are responsible for the trash on the street. that is a bold face lie that defies logic. people in an rv are going to run around with a bunch of eviction
1:54 am
stuff. what is shown here today is clearly these board of superintendents is in the hip pocket of the real estate developers and contractors. it would be refreshing how much they paid you to come up with these decisions. you don't have to pay the taxes for numerous times. you can undermine the city treasure. >> you are not allowed to speak on that issue >> i am talking generally. back to the situation of the city. never before has the city been in such a miserable state. you are the neros sitting on roam. never been no feces, more needles, more car break ins, more people livings in misery. you can't legislate cannabis, you are not competent. no idiot would give you their money for a bank. are you kidding?
1:55 am
you are a disgrace. the guy is right. you should quit. next speaker. if there are other members to address the board please come to the microphone area. sfg tv, please. >> i see the power on. please. projection. i am sorry, sir. the projector might be turned off.
1:56 am
i will begin your timer, sir. >> i would like to introduce you to fernandez. this little boy was 8 years old. let's go back to october 3, 2017 when nine superintendents voted in favor of the justice institute when we know is an lgbt hate group. we know, according to the dar that the dar affirms with the law center they are valid to make that judgment. you all voted, nine voted for the appeal and two voted for extension. i want to congratulate you on helping kill this little boy.
1:57 am
this little boy gabriel, his stepfather and mother were convicted november 16th of abusing him because they believed he was gay. his skull was cracked, three broken libribs, a bb in his lungs and line. he was forced to eat cat litter and feces. he made to sleep in a small cabinet tied up and gagged. this is what happens when people demonize gay young kids. so you should be proud of yourselves for helping kill this young man for your vote for a hate group that claims that
1:58 am
being gay is more dangerous than smoking. also that in the supreme court for conversion therapy so that gay folks and lesbians could be tortured to be so-called straight. thank you for your hate vote. what a shameful body you are. >> thank you for your comments. thank you, sir. are there any other member to address the board during general public comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. please read the items without reference through committee >> 34 through 44 are being considered. single rolling call vote may be approved otherwise it may be considered separately >> i want to point out that all of these instruments total 1880 units of housing in san
1:59 am
francisco. >> smarty pants. madam clerk. on the items please call the roll. >> 34 through 44. (roll call) there are 11 eyes. >> those items are adopted unanimously. madam clerk are there any memorials? >> today's memory is on behalf f
2:00 am
of mr. george fox and mr. jack stover. in thomas vincent stack and misty steiner and julie k engle ton. >> this brings us to the end of the agenda. madam clerk any further business before us tonight? >> that concludes our business. we are adjourned. thank you everyone.


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