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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 9, 2018 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> meeting sin session. please call the roll. >> the clerk: [roll call] .
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>> the clerk: madame president, you have a quorum. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >> commissioner: thank you. madame clerk are there any communications. >> the clerk: none to report. >> please call the consent agenda items one through four. >> the clerk: they constitute the consent agenda and will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. >> roll call vote on item one through four. supervisor stephanie. aye. tang, aye.
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yee, aye. breed, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor fewerer, aye. peskin, aye. roanin, aye. supervisor safai, aye. the items are adopted unanimous flip >> the clerk: item five is to amend su03 of the zoning map and amend the ceqa and adopt the appropriate findings. >> without objection the ordinance passes unanimously. >> the clerk: item six is to regulate restaurant and bar uses in the special use district and
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broadway neighborhood commercial district and north beach commercial district and to amend the jackson square special use district to require a conditional use for businesses services and institutional uses fronting on pacific avenue and for the ceqa determination. >> same house, same call. without objection the ordinance passes unanimously. >> the clerk: item seven is and an ordinance for the campaign and governmental conduct code to disqualify members of city boards and commissions who have not yet filed their declarations and certificates of ethics trainings from participating in or voting on matters before bodes and commissions and to modify the reporting requirement. >> same house, same call. without objection the ordinance passes. >> the clerk: item eight for an
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off-sale general beer and wine distilled ordinance at 4522 third street will serve the public convenience. >> same house, same call. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. >> the clerk: item nine is for chris tan ann hoak has completed the application meeting requirement under the california business and professions code for a neighborhood restricted special on-sale general liquor license. >> same house, same call. approved unanimously. >> the clerk: item 10 is to wave and refund investigation fees by building code sections 1078.5 for persons as defined in police code section 1602 registered with the office of cannabis. >> the clerk: same house, same call. without objection the
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ordinance -- >> the clerk: i believe supervisor and tang are on the roster. >> apologize colleagues. supervisor sheehy. thank you, colleagues. the reason for this legislation is that is businesses in the supply chain for cannabis providing medicine for people living with hiv and other life-threatening illnesses can't have pathway and so we provided pathways for them to come out of the shadows.
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one consequence is they've been receiving inspections from the department of building inspections. because there was no legal pathway for them to be inspect and licensed for the businesses they were doing the compassion they were supplying to people with hiv and other life-threatening diseases they have been charged fines which are legal to do. the foonz are onerous for the and there's the burden of the fines and the cost of bringing the business up to code and complying with state and local
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regulations. all these things we want to have happen. . but the fines the punitive nature of the fines are frankly unfair to these businesses because there was no way for them to receive permits to do what they were doing because we didn't provide an also pathway. i know that there are issues and others face fine for building inspection violations and i think that's a problem and that's something we should address but i don't see there's an issue of fairness in this instand because there simply was no legal pathway for the businesses. the result we will achieve by not passing this will be to
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deter people in the supply chine from coming forward and becoming licensed and permitted and bringing their buildings and facilities up to code. the other consequence will be that we will force some of the businesses to close because of the expense. so we will lose jobs and businesses because those supplies chain exists in other states and for us to add the additional burden of the fines is counterintuitive in that we receive fees to fund the office of cannabis and will receive tax revenue from them once as approved and figure out our tax structure for cannabis. i hope my colleagues will join me in supporting the waiver of these fees for these businesses.
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thank you. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor tang. >> thank you, supervisor sheehy for your comments and i spoke to the office of cannabis as well and i understand the impetus behind the legislation. i'm also glad to see there's a sunset date. i think it's good to help with the folks in operation as of september 26 of last year. i am not going to be able to support this today but not to say that i don't want these businesses to come into compliance. for me it's more of a principle matter in terms of how it is that we are helping to single out this industry and again i heard your arguments early but in working with other types of small business go through so many difficulties in permitting
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and inspections and even private property owners, it's something that on principle i just feel if we think some fees are unfair we should take a hard look at how it is we treat our other business or private residents. again, i understand the desire of the city to ensure these companies are coming to compliance with building inspection code. i wanted to explain why i won't be able to support it today. >> supervisor: thank you supervisor tang. on item 10, colleagues i see no other names on the roster. please call the roll. >> the clerk: on item 10. calling roll. tang, no. yee, aye. breed, aye. cohen, aye.
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fewer, aye. kim, aye. peskin, aye. ronin, aye. safai, aye. one no with supervisor tang on the dissent. >> it pass on the first reading. recall for introductions. roll call for introductions. >> last week we approved a resolution transferring the jurisdiction and i asked the msmta questions for greater public safety measures for the site in addition it other garages they own and operate. we heard about the horrible incident at the sutter stockton garage where someone's pet, dog, was thrown from the seventh story and unfortunately died a
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horrible auto burglary crime. they were able to identify the perpetrator because of a dashboard camera not because of video from the garage. the supervisor asked follow-up question and is joining me in the hearing. we are responsible for the safety of our community and cannot allow open opportunities for people to be victimized and enclosed large garage space without proper lighting or safety cameras to protect customers is unacceptable. i want to learn more about the garages owned by the mta including the lombard garage.
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i'm calling for safety procedures in place in city owned and operated parks and garages and strangs and plans for future public safety initiatives and look forward to a report back and will schedule as soon as possible. >> the clerk: supervisor tang. >> thank you. >> >> the clerk: supervisor yee. president breed. supervisor cohen. >> submit. >> the clerk: supervisor fewer. thank you, supervisor, kim. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madame clerk. i'm introducing an amendment to division 1 of our transportation code to establish a violation for private scootership programs operating in our city without a permit. last year when blue go-go announced they'd be dropping hundreds if not thousands of
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their stationless bikes then supervisor fewerer and i agreed to establish a permit to keep them from blocking sidewalks and make sure they serve communities in need not just in our downtown core. the latest entrance into this space is stationless motorized scooters when we were shown how stationless spikes have gone wrong we're reading about the scooters causing public safety and transportation hazards. the city of santa monica filed a lawsuit. and they've announced dumping these scooters in the northeast corner of the city direct 3 and 6 in the coming months. the legal fight in santa monica promptly settled and i think santa monica is in the beginning
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stages of addressing the harm that caused into it's sensible regulatory extreme. there may be value added by these motorized scooters but for that to manifest we must take into account some of the potential harms and permit conditions pertaining to where these privatized scooters may be placed around the city and used among other sensible conditions. ultimately, it would be great if we could be less reactive and set up a firewall to capture the emerging technologies and subject them to safety requirements before we start hearing the horror stories. in the meantime i look forward to have your support, colleagues, as we get a handle on the latest entrant into our emerging transportation sector. the rest i will submit.
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>> thank you supervisor. ronin? sheehy. madame president, rereferring you. >> supervisor: colleagues, today i have one item. many of you heard the news last week since this body has allowed construction for a dwelling in 2016. only 23 of those units have actually been built. that's only 23 units in two years. while we are in the middle of a house crisis. when we were considering legislation in 2016 to expand the opportunities to build these units, many of us, including myself, advocated for its passage because we know that these units are an efficient and affordable way of building housing in san francisco and the only way we can build
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rent-controlled units for affordable housing stock. there's tens of thousands of opportunities to build the units as we speak. there are 419 applications in the pipeline. currently, applicants and their architects have to go through this long process with multiple agencies, the planning department, the building inspection department and the fire department. and the data suggests we are not moving as fast as we need in order to get the units online. there also seems to be confusion on what the various requirements are amongst departments which is equally as frustrating to applicants. for example, applicants can spend weeks work the department of building inspection only to find out that they can't meet a specific fire code requirement and didn't have a workable project in the first place. we need to streamline this
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process so that applicants can understand what is expected of them from the very beginning of the process instead of sending them around in circles which is so frustrating. and we need to prioritize clearing the backlog of pending applications to get these units permitted and built now. as members of the board, we work hard to develop policies to address issues facing our city and i think we can all agree shou housing is one of the most defining for our city now. but the policy this board pass only efficient, only effective if they are implemented and they are collaborations among the city agency are charged with implementing them. we want to build more housing
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and accessory dwelling units. that is not what is happening now with our current system. it's just not working. in an effort to clear the backlog of applications for the units and streamlining the process for future applications, today i'm requesting through the city attorney to draft legislation to create a formal body, the accessory dwelling unit working group consistenting of the department of building inspection, the planning department and fire department and other key stakeholders including the board of supervisors. i believe by calling together the agencies we can prioritize solving the road blocks preventing the units from coming online and providing an opportunity for departments to go through each application collaboratively and provide timely feedback to applicants.
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architects to move through the process more expeditiously and efficiently and identify ways to streamline the process. we are in a housing crises and need to get these units online quickly. my hope is this normal body and focussed effort will help cut through the red tape preventing residents from having access to these much-needed units. i look forward to working with the department on making sure we can get them online as quickly and efficiently as possibly. >> the clerk: i shall return the floor to you as that concludes the introduction of new business. >> it's only 2:22 so let's go to public comment. >> the clerk: at this time the public may address the entire board of supervisors on the subject matter to include items through 17 on the adoption
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without reference to committee calendar. if an item has previously been heard in committee public comment is not allowed a second time. the rules require you address the board as a whole not individuals and speakers with interpretation will get twice the time and remove the document when you'd like to return to live coverage of the meeting if you have documents. >> supervisor: thank you. first speaker, please. >> i'm a registered voter and calling for a four-month delay on the special municipal election and to enforce the bylaws and dennis her ra should not be able to hold two employments. the delay would give qualified candidates enough time to register for whatever position he didn't take.
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when there's a municipal election you can add and make adjustments in a special election only. san francisco is one of few in the country where the city and county is combined. where there is one voice on a o also -- legal issues. that's one person representing all people from san francisco. he has been acting to capacity. how can he rule on a subject under the separated bylaws. the city attorney is no exception when it comes to one voice operating two capacities. where does it show he can hold two capacities with one voice to rule on two subjects? he can't. even under the charter amendment or the city attorneys charter
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6.1302. if london breed can impose two capacities then he can't hold down two capacities. thank you very much >> supervisor: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> richard hack a retired city worker and writer, editor and former teamster official and s.i.u. member. first, there's no housing crisis. it's made up from the chronicle and mayor conway who ran a dirty colleague against one of your colleagues last year which i'm sure you're all opposed. people who want to come here can do what we all did. there's a problem with the retirement board. they appear to be trying to turn our well-funded fund into something that's privatized and they've invested in a hedge fund
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and no one has opposed it except herb myberger ousted from a dirty campaign and al casiado is the police and fire have a four-person majority. now, the only person who has an opposed the increasing secrecy of the environment -- retirement board meetings is victor maquas and neither has supervisor cohen, who i like very much, and we share a lot with the taser issue. i think we need to -- the board made a big mistake a couple years ago when it reconfirmed wen
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wendy peskin-jordan facing a serious conflict of interest charge. we need somebody who is more public interest than ms. bridges and i would say the supervisors ought to replay supervisor cohen not opposed to the hedge fund or secrecy. >> supervisor: thank you for your comment, sir. next speaker, please. >> there was a movie made one time about the french revolution and began by saying it was the worst of times and best of times. i think about that today in what's going on and listening to brian susman this morning and having people call in this morning about chaos happening in the schools and many schools. i think about that. i think how mike adams has had youtube shut down his account on
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info wars today. it's the worst of times but then again i was listening to sean hannity who is kicking butt today and i think hilary is going to jail. she'll be locked up. i pray she'll be saved and hopefully that's what will take place but to be honest with you i thought it was going to be the best of times 20 days ago. it's in 8,020 days from something big happened though many christians don't happen, but something big did. it was the jubilee year. the 70th jubilee year. i was talking to a jew today and was telling me about the
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rebellion 32 jubilees after christ and some rabbi anointed him to be the messiah and had coins commemorating the upcoming and they clearly understood the prophecy in daniel 9 that narrowed down to the year when the messiah would come and it fell in sequence with the jubilee year and not only that but i have a four seconds left. represent and believe in jesus christ. he's your only home. genderism is alive. >> supervisor: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> thank you madame clerk, ladies and gentlemen, i ask for your resignation. there's a joint process with the campus of the university of california which the city and county funds at the rate of
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approximately $100,000 per year. city wide is an assertive treatment provider and as such has unvoluntary medicated and it is able to do this by denying patients life and liberty without due process of law guaranteed by constitution amendment 5 and denies freedom of association and the right to petition government with grievances all guaranteed by u.s. amendment 1 and reasonable searchs without warrants in violation of amendment 4 and there's a right to confront their accusers by amendment 6. city denies amendment 7. and crucial and unusual punishment by amendment 8. and denies patients social security by amendment 9.
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city wide uses medication to control patients unnecessarily because it offers no avenue of complaint and violates constitution amendment 9. you are knowledgeable of the violations. you violated the office. i ask for your resignation. back to you madame clerk. >> the clerk: madame president. cox -- come up to the microphone. >> how is everybody? i just have one thing to say. i'm transgender and i am a christian and i am not evil. thank you very much. >> the clerk: thank you for your comment. madame president. >> thank you, are there any
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other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. i want to take this opportunity to welcome the president of the city council kiel and our sister city. thank you for being here if you can please stand up. thank you very much. with that, we will go to our commendations for the day and start with supervisor stephanie who will be honoring mr. hans. >> thank you, president breed.
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>> supervisor: colleagues, i'm honored to welcome our designation from our sister city kiel, germany. he was elected as council president in june of 2013. he has served honorably in many roles during his time on the council including honorary city commissioner for housing, second general deputy to the mayor, chairman of the economic committee, chairman of kiel the social democratic party parliamentary group. the relationship was formalized last year thanks in large part to president tovar and the city city committee. san francisco looks forward to the relationship and forming connections between our community and sharing ideas and
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solutions on issues that impact our resident. the relationship also allows us to further recognize the contribution to our city by germans and german-americans. please welcome mr. tovar. >> ladies and gentlemen, my english not so good that i could talk to you in the right way but mr. smith will help me and translate what i say in german. [speaking german] [voice of interpreter] i am delight to have a chance to speak to you today.
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i'm very proud kiel is now part of your partnership with ditch towns. -- different towns. i love to remember back to the signing of our city partnership back in kiel city hall. even before this official act, lively exchange developed between our two cities. also thanks to the great
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commitment of the friendship clubs and bay areas and san francisco kiel sister city committee. mayor lee also pursued this partnership. his sudden death has touched many people in kiel, who, like me, knew him as a visionary and generous person.
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ladies and gentlemen, by now in kiel we have 12 official city partnerships which i take care of as the city president. in so doing, one thing has become clear to me, a lively city friendship can only develop with the participation of the local population. therefore it is of great importance we're not only active in the areas of business and administration but we also enliven our new partnership with culture, sporting and scientific initiatives.
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>> school partnerships and cooperation between universities will be the subject of our call during the visit here. i look forward to an open exchange and experiencing the many facets of your beautiful city. ladies and gentlemen, the signing of the partnership agreement in kiel was a
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milestone in the relationship between our two cities. our visit now represents the next step. i'm sure there will be many more to follow. i would like to thank you for your attention and i look forward to the exchanges with you in the coming days and years. thank you vex. -- thank you, very much. [end translation] >> supervisor: thank you madame president and board of supervisors for honoring this wonderful man the president of the council of our newest sister city, kiel. >> charlotte schults our chief of protocol for the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much.
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thank you, mr. president for being here today. okay. with that we will go to our next commendation and that will be given by supervisor kim. >> i imagine i will not be the only one to share a few words about the gentleman i'm bringing up today. i wanted to take a moment to bring up our head librarian for san francisco, louise herrera. louise does not need a forum but
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when a city member retires i have to read the entire bio. louise has served as the san francisco city librarian. his last day was two weeks ago on friday friday 23. with over 40 years' experience it's a bitter sweet moment for our city. the great irony of today is how his career begin. he grew up in el paso texas and as a child his brother, checked out books from their local library and never returned them. back then, libraries had truant officers who came to knock on your door to look for the books and that summer louis and his brother feared every door knock they got. his penance for not returning the books, as luis described,
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was becoming the city librarian a job filled with more than overdue library books. his leadership and enthusiastic evacuation and passion for libraries reshaped the libraries and leaves a legacy of empowerment and luis has ensured san francisco's public libraries remain an integral part of our public life and are now open seven days a week and there's a space and equipment for youth ages 13 to 18 to explore, create and develop social media and computer skills while engaging with traditional books and materials. i think one of the most important information is bringing up to the 21st century and ensuring the library
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continues to be a relevant and vital place of learning and community activation and public space. during your time, the bridge at the main literacy and learning center has provided computer coding and literacy. and you worked with mayor ed lee to ensure the libraries were open seven days a week and expanded what library offer by combining with the museum of art to bring together scholars, and residents to ask about the impact of urban change and how we continue to carry out artistic projects and research, public programs and publications. you also partnered with the national public service that combines art, reading and music.
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it's led to a record-breaking community engagement in all of our history with over 50% of our participants. summer stride was the first time engaging with library programs and we know that as we talk a little about the achievement and opportunity gap in our school district it's actually during the summer when most of our kids slide in their studies and the gap between those with the least and those with the most. through these programs and partnerships you have transformed a trip to the library to be one of creative interactive user experience, wh whimsical experiences to allow many to learn in their way and meeting the needs of the public and shifted the paradigm of library usage and what it means to be a public space resulting in an exponentially higher growth of engagement. you created a culture in the library professional where it is okay to experiment and to expand of what is expected of a library.
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you have shown the way through your collaborations including the international museum of women where 20 x 30 foot for traits were pasted and present a south african artist collective and have held other various positions in your tenure. before coming to san francisco louis served for pass den na public library and the deputy director of san diego and long beach library system and your commitment to our community has been route -- outstanding. i have to thank you. because of your commitment it's been a joy to work with you and your team and it's a reelection of your value, your passion and principles. i think one of the challenging moments is when we think what
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public space here for. we now our library have become a sanctuary for those without home and shelter and some people don't feel comfortable seeing poverty and many of the failures of society in our public library system. it would have been so much easier for to you push people out but you're commitment to making sure the library truly is a public space for everyone and that the library should rethink how it engages the public by providing services on site to people who have needs can use the library in a way that supports them in their lives and that type of -- that type of radical thinking and leadership is what make our libraries great. i'm a huge fan of library. i didn't go to after-school programming as a kid. i watched a lot of television and thankfully read a lot and i read a lot at our libraries and
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i love reading and i think in some ways it's why i have become successful. it's a radical public space of learning and community building and sanctuary. i'm so sad to see you go but i wish you well on your retirement and you have led and developed an incredible group of leaders to take your place in the san francisco library system. i look forward to continuing their work. thank you so much. >> the clerk: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor: thank you very much. i love the public library. i want to stand up and say thank you for being a fantastic steward of this incredible public asset. i grew up here in san francisco and i participated in the summer reading program every summer in elementary school and i don't
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remember middle school more high school but i know i did it in middle and passed on the love of reading to my niece in san francisco. the public library was always a fun place. my sisters and i could not wait to go to have a book read to us or read books. we checked out books but we returned them, luis. i just want you to know. i remember before you got these fancy new designer cards you had a simple little green one and this was before you became at he helm of the library system but i want to commend you -- you've done a tremendous job and i know you've had regular detractors along the way but you've constantly risen above the
12:47 am
criticism and i want to recognize now the eight year i've been on the board we've open up new libraries. we have the baby library opened under your tenure. i think the paterno hill library which is before mine but under your rein. i'm excite. the portola library and we've revived them even in the southeastern corner. i'm excited for you in the next chapter of your life. i'm a bitter sweet moment but whatever you wind up doing i know you'll be fantastic at it. thank you for your service.
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>> supervisor: thank you. supervisor tang. >> supervisor: thank you for your service. we truly have a world-class library system thanks to your leadership and the team you have. it's a bitter sweet moment to see you leave. i think when we're here and like our department heads and don't ever want them to leave before we go. at the risk of sharing with you the nerdy side of me, i love libraries so much in my own home collection i'd put those green cards in there and had a date stamp and make my brother stamp when he took a book off the shelf. the programs are truly community hubs. we put some of those events in our newsletter and i learned you can make a will for free or get advice or that or do a movie
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night or learn how to code. name it. i'm always jealous. i wish i can go to those activities and wish they'd shifted when i was growing up. it's become more about community centers for everyone of any background. i wish you the best in your retirement. >> supervisor: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> >> thank you, madame president. i think i got here when louis got here and wish he could stay on but respect it is your choice to retire. it was not always this good. i remember when the branch library in improvement program we promised to the voters was not delivering and it was a pleasure working with you on prop d which allowed you to complete the program.
12:50 am
all the projects you have done since have been on time and budget because you planned th ththem meticulously and planned them with coordination and it was discovered there was not enough space in a new library and we were literally threw away books and you made it a user friendly facility and you inherited a mess and left it smelling like a rose. i cannot thank you enough. it's been an honor working with you. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor: i'll join the chorus in wishing you were
12:51 am
leaving. what you've done is transform what libraries are all about. when i was growing up way before everybody else in here, the libraries have transformed to something else. whether you want a focus on a teen center or a corner for the preschoolers. none of those things existed in the past in which every branch library would have some similar on the type of set up. even when you borrow from a library has changed so much and gone into videos and sound tracks and all the things feed into literacy. but i want to mention one thing,
12:52 am
i had a chance to work with louis here. when i first came on board one thing we didn't have in my district was some open space and there weren't enough parks around and i saw an opportunity and right next to one of the branch libraries in district 7 in which p.u.c. i went to luis and i saw an opportunity and he saw what i was talking about and was a great partner not only with my office but with p.u.c. and rec and park i want to thank
12:53 am
you for your leadership in that particular project for my district. we're going miss you. >> supervisor: thank you supervisor yee. supervisor fewer. >> supervisor: i just want to say i also grew up in the san francisco libraries. thank you for your public service and on behalf of the 57,000 public school children thank you for much for giving each a library card. that is a tremendous partnership. [please stand by]
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last minute to find all the books and then the 7 days a week. we go almost every single weekend to the library, and it's part of our routine and our family and the fact that we get to choose between saturday or sunday now makes a huge difference.
12:57 am
it's flexibility in our lives. i've seen every year that you were here, you implemented new policies to make the system even more accessible to all of us in san francisco. thank you so much. congratulations on your retirement. [ applause ] >> luis, thank you for your service. unlike supervisor cohen and supervisor fewer, i returned my library books. i was concerned about getting a fine that i couldn't afford to pay. so i made sure to bring those books back. but let me just say thank you for everything that you have done for the library throughout san francisco, the work that you did to make sure that we rebuild some of our locations, and that they were accessible and available to all san franciscans. when you walk into the western edition library which was my library as a child, you see elderly people on the computers.
12:58 am
you see young people reading books. you see people of all ages using the space for the purpose it was intended to be used for. i'm just really proud of how the libraries have evolved here in san francisco with the introduction of technology because even though i may look younger than i actually am, the internet and computers were not in libraries when i was growing up. i hate to admit that publicly, but it's the truth. just really the fact that the technology and the changes over the years and how the library under your leadership has evolved with those changes to make sure that there's still an interest in reading. there's still an interest in books and what the library provides in terms of a service and opportunity for young people, for people of all ages to learn and to grow. our libraries are an amazing asset, and we love them and we
12:59 am
do everything we can to protect them and your leadership has just been tremendous in making sure that they have the resources and the support and are available to people in the public for this particular usage. i know that you had planned to retire a lot sooner than you are now and when we lost our mayor, you agreed to hold off on your retirement just to make sure that the libraries were -- the people and the city was well-taken care of and we really appreciate your service to the city and county of san francisco for everything that you've done and we wish you an incredible retirement. thank you so much for your service. [ applause ] >> and with that, we're going to let you finally, sings there's no other names on the roster, have an opportunity to speak. >> thank you. i'm really humbled, so much
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appreciated president breed, supervisor kim for this honor. really, it's been a joyous 13 years, and even though i've been add it for 42-plus years, it seems like this was a pinnacle in terms of librarianship. i want to say that all of your testimonials mean a lot to me, but it's something that i wish i could bottle as a testimonial for what libraries mean in communities, whether it's working with young people or seniors. all are welcome in our libraries. thank you so much for saying how important it is to make sure we're sanctuaries for all of san franciscans. i can go on and on and on, but i'll keep my remarks short. i will say that it's really not about me. i've been so fortunate of having in san francisco a community that really appreciated libraries, and they put their money where they mouth is. so yes, supervi