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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 27, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> good morning. thank you. .ll right, ladies and gentle are you fired up? today's the day we talk about budget and we are almost there, yes. yes!
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let's get excited. let's get excited because we are going to be done by this evening. that is a, my commitment to you, i want you guys to make that commitment to me, we are going to do this together. so, we are going to move forward. thank you for being patient this morning. we are starting 44 minutes late, and my apologies for that. ladies and gentlemen, i want to welcome you to what will, like i said, hopefully be the final day of the budget deliberations. this committee has cut approximately $29.5 million, yay! ok, you guys do not know how the budget process works. you should be jumping up and down, exciting. $29.5 million with the help of the budget legislative analyst office and this is again, almost $30 million over two years. i want to recognize this has been a an effort, kelly and ben over there, and the controllers
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office, and harvey and holidaying it down for the b.l.a. so, today we are going to be talking, we are going to take, brace yourself, one minute, one minute of public comment, specific -- specifically on the cuts to t juneepartmnt budget. we can't go up to two minutes since we are keeping it to one minute, last time we need to be consistent, ok? so, keep your cments succinct and focussed on the cuts. i believe one minute is plenty time to hear what you like and what you don't like. if you have a group, please, if you have group ask, please make that in a group. so your entire group comes up all together, it's actually incredibly impactful to see a group standing together united.
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welcome everyone back to the budget and finance committee. our friends at sfgovtv, jesse and derek helping us broadcast this committee meeting and of course our linda wong came back to work today, thank you very much. call items 3 and 4, and 3 and 4, specific to the june budget. >> item 3, budget and appropriation ordinances, all estimated receipts and all estimated expenditures for departments of city. 4, annual budget for the fiscal years ending june 30, 2019, and june 30, 2020, establishing the positions. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much for that. a few housekeeping rules. first, the agenda for today. we'll deal with items 1 and 2, public comment. excuse me, 3 and 4, which is public comment. we will take that, people will have one we will close public comment and then call 1 and 2 back and we
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will hear a brief discussion and take action on police staffing. and then we will hear from miss kelly kirkpatrick, discuss technical amendments and then we will have a board deliberations about the city-wide spending plan. so i want to encourage everyone that's here, that's curious, this is the day you want to be able to follow the conversation and follow where the cuts are. the way we work in this chamber for public comment is that you will have members of the clerk of the board's office will come and invite you to get in line, row by row, we will be starting from the far right of the chamber, your right, and move our way to the left and then we will be bringing people in if there are any in the spillover, the overflow rooms. let's get excited, let's go. first speaker, come down. >> i feel like i'm on the price is right. >> we should have theme music,
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absolutely. >> good morning, board of supervisors. karla roberts from the homeless program, i want to thank you for supporting the mental health efforts, however, weo need additional resources, specifically for families to continue addressing domestic violence and substance abuse. also stablization of children by reducing school absences, increasing socialization and better support with physical health. so pleas add aditional funds. thank you. i'm not sure, 500,000, thank you. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> good morning. malia from homeless prenatal program. thank you for the additional rebalanced plan, that was very helpful and detailed and thank you for the additional support for mental health and subsidies for families. i urge you to consider adding additional resources for the mental health services for
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families and in lieu of additional police officers to deal with homelessness. because it's really the prevention and intervention work that's going to help us. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. we understand how hard it is to make cuts, but please remember the arts. we are here again, grandfather was a founder of japantown of the 1800s, my grandmother a leader of chinatown garment union and we are vested in san francisco. we know how important it is to support culturally specific performing artists, we strengthen our communities by telling our story and passing forward history. we are part of the a.p.i. council. asking for 77k and the funding is expiring. we know you have many pressing items on your plate, please, in the midst of crisis and chaos, a song still sooths the soul,
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moving hearts and minds galvanizes will. with will, we can do anything. thank you. >> good morning, dean taylor for the a.p.i. council, with the a.p.i. legal outreach also. i'm speaking toward the city-wide cuts of our a.p.i. programs. services to the majorty now population of san francisco, voters that will remember the cuts in services we are losing eight programs being cut city-wide for almost $800,000 this year. we have only made some brief progress in services, and now we are being cut back. please reconsider these cuts. >> executive director development foundation, south of market. we are, we would like your support for the cultural district legislation and t funding that has been supported for that.
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and also for some of the youth programs that are in south of market, that have been cut. mostly for the filipino immigrant youth. thank you. >> hello, we are youth t ange and we are addressing the cuts that we received in the budget from dcys, and we wanted udenresent mia, one of our . hi, i've been a student at the youth art exchange, and a t.a., and youth board member. craving space and direction for ideas and emotion. i go to lowell, crazy stressful all the time and it's a creative outlet for my peers and i as we struggle to juggle our own things and express ourselves. it is critical that the city of san francisco increased funding for the youth art exchange. the community and the public high school students of today
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and tomorrow don't have to lose the engaging and empowering community of students, artists and activists that the youth art exchange has. thank you. >> excellent. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. dayton andrews, speak on the healthy streets operating center. separating center is hoping to expand by 95 officers, to cut that funding and redirect it to the mental health services. right now, all calls are being rerouted through the operations center. it's inappropriate. we are trying to direct folks and the services don't exist yet and we need to invest that funding elsewhere. thank you so muc >> hi, i'm flo kelly, and i'm a volunteer for the coalition on melessness. and i want to see cut the d.p.w. expansion of 43 workers. d.p.w. aids and abets the homeless sweeps, further
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traumatizing the already chaotic lives of homeless folks. and we ask you to fund additional 300 housing subsidies for homeless families, youth, elder, people with disabilities. secure housing is the only solution to homelessness. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. first of all, i want to commend you for all the decisions that you made on monday. very right on target, and i'm glad that i'm living in a city where there are people with conscience. i want you to accept all the economic reductions to help the homeless. 7,500 homeless individuals in san francisco on any one night, 1,000 people on the wait list for single adult shelter and 321 for a family shelter. most were homeless here while they are here living in san francisco, meaning they had apartments.
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homelessness is a risk factor for a number of illnesses and susceptible to increased health problems due to high stress, sleep depravation, unsanitary surroundings, lack of hygiene facilities and other symptoms inherent with living without stable housing. t is cheaper to house people than to keep them on the streets and -- can i continue? >> supervisor cohen: ok, but quickly. >> sure, shameful to live in the fifth largest economy in the world and have so many homeless the streets. it makes one of the impression that people are not doing a thing about the problem. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> good morning, supervisor, fred mullhime, here to advocate for the addition of a full service shelter in the bayview and one for families and children. over and over i've seen -- >> supervisor cohen: you live in the bayview?
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>> no, i don't. >> supervisor cohen: work in the bayview? >> no, i don't. over and over i have seen many police as part of sweeps, i believe these are not resources that are being used. i want to see money going to homeless, putting homeless people in houses rather than increasing the police force. this includes the policing of the civic center bart center with station with 500 hours of police each week. i think we need to use our resources more effectively. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for your comment. good morning. >> cassandra costello, here to support the addition of police officers at the budget. time of the 1994 charter mandated levels were established, welcomed 15 million visitors. we are at 25 million today. this morning we received yet another letter, from the american academy of op -- and
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they stated concerns from other medical conferences. do not support the cuts recommended for the budget analyst, there is a clear need for support as evidenced on the streets daily. >> supervisor cohen: i'm sure you care about the constituents and the residents in san francisco, too, that care about public safety. ok. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. karen flood, executive director of the union square biz, and here to support the 250 police officers recommended for this year's budget. it's critical that the visitors safe, and make sure the workers come to union square that it's safe, people are coming into the shops, the restaurants and acting erratically we urge you to keep
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the officers in the budget. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you for -- >> supervisor cohen: i want to compliment you guys. you are professional public commenters. you did it thumb's down. forget to announce that. if you hear something you don't like, thumb's down. hear something you do like, do like this. all right. continue, beverly. >> good morning, commissioners. special congratulations to the new board president, malia cohen. we are here only in shifts today because people cannot leave the shelters crisis lines and legal services to come here as a group. i'm the only one with no clients. they are my clients. so, that's why i'm here. but we want to urge this committee to reallocate cuts t t keep the shelters open, keep the cris lines answered, keep the legal
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services like bay area legal aid and apilo, with dean taylor here today, let's keep those service, people are living in the shadows, they are afraid, afraid to call the police. they are depending on us. we support our brothers and sisters in blue, they are important to the city. >> supervisor cohen: anything on domestic violence? >> absolutely, 1.2 budget ask, which is across the board for all services coming through the department on the status of women. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors, chair cohen. i'm representing the supportive housing providers network. commend you on finding over $29.5 million that you can reallocate to urgent needs. we are here today to also express gratitude for the new units of supportive housing in the homeless bingclan that you did do. we are here to represent the
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thousands of units of supportive housing that are underserved and don't have the dollars to operate effectely. without additional funds, we cannot serve the hardest to serve, the hardest to house. we have seen addiction rates go up, crisis in the properties go up. we are asking for $10 million over two years to enhance existing supportive housing and services that are failing across our communities from the marina and district 2 to the western addition, to the bayview and tenderloin. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. come on down. >> hola. [through translator]>> i'm here for homelessness. [speaking spanish]>> here to express gratitude for what you have given.
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i'm nervous. >> supervisor cohen: that's ok. >> however, to ask is incomplete, we have requested 14 million. and the help you have given us is partial, wither here to request a whole ask. [please stand by]