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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 25, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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such as the san francisco zoo. since 2015, the nonpotable water ordinance requires new development projects of 250,000 gross square feet or greater to meet their own nonpotable demands for toilet flushing and irrigation on-site, and that's applicable citywide, but it really focuses on the east side. so we're really looking at kind of a two prong approach for meeting san francisco's nonpotable demands. the west side would have a centralized facility to delivery cycled water to large irrigation areas, and on the east side, we would have distributed systems in effect that would serve each of those developmen developments that not have a centralized plant. what this really has come to now is because of those requirements for large developments, to incorporate on-site water systems, we think there's limited value to
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maintain the dual plumbing and to continue planning for an east side central water plant for nonpotable uses. therefore we recommend that you rescind recycled water ordinance. we also have a nonpotable grant program where buildings with existing dual can apply for a grant to utilize the existing plumbing. we've just added a feature to it that $100,000 would be available, in addition to our $250,000 grants and $500,000 grants to replace 1 million gallons peryear or 33 million gallons peryear respectively. there are additional opportunities for use out there. i want to make sure that folks are aware of that we're not
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stopping here with recycled water. we're turning our focus to study potable reused to study purified water. it's recycled using advanced purification treatment process and many communities in california are already considering purified water. we were actually doing a project at our headquarters and trying to test real-time monitoring so that we can collect data and understand the potential for purified water as a building scale, so we're using additional advanced treatment on our advanced system, and then returning that system for toilet flushing. i plan on having a pitcher on my desk that i can offer water for anybody who cares to taste it. we're also examining feasibility of centralized purified water. we're in partnerships with other waste water agency to see
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do so. we're studying the feasibility of surface water augmentation in crystal springs reservoir. we're also doing feasibility studies with the santa clara water district and the alameda county water district. so the pending actions to rescind the recycled water ordinance were here at the land use committee hearing in july pending approval by the board of supervisors and the mayor, and the legislation would take effect in october. so the elimination of dual plumbing requirements would apply to any construction projects in any stage of planning, approval or construction, and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> supervisor tang: thank you. i guess i will have to seek you out so i can see that pitcher on your desk. so i think that what the p.u.c. is doing here makes absolutely sense. i think -- absolute sense. i think the 2015 ordinance
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passed by this board was a good one. compared to the 1991 ordinance that was originally in place, you know, there's a difference in terms of what is required for difference size buildings, so for example, the 1991 ordinance applies to new remodelled buildings over 40,000 square feet as well as new and existing irrigation over 10,000 square feet, but the 2015 ordinance sponsored by, i believe it was supervisor wiener at the time applies to new development projects that are 250,000 square feet or greater. so can you just describe for us kind of what we might be potentially missing out on as a result of just relying on the 2015 ordinance. >> yes. we did meet with the planning department and look at their pipeline report, and there are currently nine projects that are smaller than 250,000 square feet or greater than 40,000 square feet, so the ordinance would miss those. on the other hand, that is something they could do where we would potentially provide a grant for them to be able to do
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dual plumbing and a treatment plant in a facility. >> supervisor tang: okay. so those nine projects are actually trying to help them -- >> well, that's what the grant could go for. >> supervisor tang: okay. okay. my understanding was those nine projects potentially fall under projects sponsored under mayor's office of housing. i don't know if that's -- >> yeah. we're looking into that. we're not aware that any way, but we're double-checking with them to find out if any are. certainly, the mayor's office of housing, if they didn't have to do dual plumbing, that would be a cost savings that we would be happy to make sure happened. >> supervisor tang: okay. because certainly, again, i think this totally makes sense. we want to make sure that especially if there are city projects, that we are partners with nonprofit developers on for, say, 100% affordable housing or so forth, that we certainly wouldn't want this to be a hindrance of both development of those projects,
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but i think moving forward, having this apply to developments of 250,000 square feet or greater is a good one. colleagues, any questions or comments on this particular item? okay. well, thank you very much, and all right. we'll open up item six to public comment, then. any members of the public who wish to speak, come on up. okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor tang: all right. colleagues, can we get a motion on item six to send this to the full board with a positive recommendation? >> supervisor kim: make a motion to send this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor tang: all right. and we'll do that. so i'll go back to item five. >> supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor tang for the additional time. i've passed out copies that incorporates the three recommendations made by
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planning commission, one on the height in making that consistent throughout the district. the second to replace habitable buildings with structures because there's no definition of habitable. and then, second, to ensure that this is on any parcel that contains only a surface parking lot and no existing structures so that we won't distinguish between parcels where there are parking lots that didn't get permits which exist in the south of market. so i'm going to make a motion to amend this item as articulated. >> supervisor tang: okay. thank you, supervisor kim. and questions, comments, on the amendments? no? okay. so we'll take those amendments without objection. >> supervisor kim: and i'd like to move to send this item with a fupositive recommendati
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to the full board? >> supervisor tang: all right. we will send that to the full board with a positive recommendation. all right. mr. clerk, is there any further items before us today? >> clerk: there is no further business. >> supervisor tang: okay. great. we are adjourned.
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>> president tan: welcome to the tuesday, august 7, meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. i'm bryant tan, commission president. we have a very small quorum for the time being, but before we do a roll call, a few housekeeping items. one, if you are a member of the public and would like to speak when i call for public comment, please fill out a public comment card or come up during that item. second, if you have a cell phone or something that makes a lot of noise, please turn it on vibrate or silent. and, three, thank you to sfgov
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tv and media services for airing this meeting every time we meet. let go ahead and start with roll call. >> commissioner bleiman: here. >> vice president thomas: here. >> commissioner caminong: here. >> clerk: commissioner lee is running late and commissioner perez is excused. >> president tan: first item of business, public comment. this is for anything pertaining to the entertainment commission that is not on the agenda. any general public comment? please go ahead and introduce your name and you have 2 minutes. >> hi, my name is -- >> president tan: wait for your mike to turn on. >> i'm barry toronto. hi, crystal. i've been here since jocelyn left. i'm an advocate, activist with
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the taxi industry. as a cab driver for over 18 years and i used to come to the meetings all the time and advocate for being able to provide cab service and also supporting clubs. i've been meaning to come here and i took one of your commissioners here. so i decided that i would come and do public comment finally because i have some issues with some of the clubs and what's going on. first, i want to say, you heard that a guy acting like a driver was soliciting or picking up at clubs and ended up doing unfortunate things to women. it's unfortunate. one of them was temple. if you want to go, look at temple on thursday, friday, saturday nights, you will see there's double, triple, quadruple parked vehicles and some of them are sitting there for long periods of time
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soliciting for fares. and the security does nothing. one of them, the guy -- they have a dog. they have a guy, a security guard, with a dog, who checks cars and whatever. and i told them i was calling the police because the double and triple parking was getting out of hand and he threatened me. he threatened me because i was there being available to people and that's what we do. we queue up. the problem is, people are queueing up that are not licensed to do what we do. temple nightclub, if they cleaned up their act, wouldn't be a problem. next issue -- i'm running out of time -- i didn't know it was 2 minutes instead of 3. many of the clubs now use cones blocking off large portions in front of their clubs. in some cases, good for security purposes, but a lot of it is a little generous, taking up too much street space and creates problems for the cabs to be able to queue up or pick up and drop
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off. so the clubs are getting really too generous with taking over street space that don't have a permit. >> president tan: can you give him one more minute? go ahead and finish up. >> so i would appreciate that you work with d.p.t. or sustainable streets or -- the issue is to require if they're going to do that, they should have white zones. white zones, temporary zones, that they get permitted for. you cannot just take over street space. all of a sudden, you are taking it over. they're working with the police to do that. it's a problem because it creates some safety issues and congestion issues. 11th street is improved, but it would be great if we worked on getting cab stands. so i would appreciate that was part of the conditions of approval or a look at and especially with temple that you
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look into dealing with that. and great northern, great people, great club, but they decided to put up a lot of cones and it's ridiculous, because it clogs up the street. thank you for your time and wish you luck. i will stay a few minutes to see how you operate. >> president tan: thank you for your comments. any additional comment for general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 2, approval of our minutes from june 19. does anyone have a motion to approve or any edits to make? >> an edit under the call to order where it said that laura thomas was absent, i'm there, because i had made a comment about how my name was misspelled on the previous minutes. >> president tan: thank you for that important correction.
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any other edits or happy to entertain a motion. >> i move to approve with commissioner thomas's edit. >> second. >> president tan: motion and second. any public comment? all right. let's take a vote. >> clerk: [roll call vote] >> president tan: motion passes, minutes approved. item 3, report from our current acting director, ms. wyland. >> thank you and good evening. i just wanted to update you. i know that dylan rice has been speaking with you at hearing about the plastic reduction ordinance that supervisor katy tang's office has been working on with the department of the environment, so i wanted to give you a brief update that that did
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pass at the board of supervisors on july 31 and it's been referred to the mayor's office for signature to make it go into effect. dylan and i -- especially dylan -- was project managing on this legislation representing our constituents and did a fantastic job. because of his work, we co-hosted a round table with outdoor event producers at the department of the environment that was very productive and, you know, we -- from that engagement with outdoor event producers, we were successfully able to convince the department of the environment and supervisor tang's office to amend parts of the legislation and we were able to push back the operative start date to january 1, 2020, instead of july 1, 2019, because we wanted to be sure this wasn't happening in the middle of festival season.
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we know it's a busy time for event producers, and we were able to put the responsibility on the event organizer and it was written by the event vendor, so we had a couple of small wins that i think we were able to engage with our stake holders in this process and were able to have their voices heard. so wanted to keep you apprised of that. and as it is implemented, we'll keep you guys informed as to how that's rolling out. also wanted to give you a brief update. we found -- we did some interviews for our second part-time sound inspector. and i made an offer to someone for that position and they're going to be starting in a week. so their first day is tuesday. we're really excited because we're getting closer and closer to being fully staffed up.
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i think inspector burke is probably the most appreciative of this help and it's been an exciting change for the office because sean has been able to focus on preparing our sound inspectors to go out in the field, working on a lot of the data management in the office and he's been doing a great job. so you will probably see the new sound inspector at the august 21 hearing. i want him to come and get a feel for the other side of what we do and meet you all, so you will see him then. my -- let me just see. our e.c. retreat was rescheduled again, but i think everyone can attend now, which is great. so it will be on friday, september 7, in the afternoon. and we're looking at having that at august hall in their green room. it's a really beautiful space, if you haven't seen it yet.
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i think it will be good and then we can move into happy hour afterward, which will be fun. and then, finally, this wasn't actually in my written report here, but i did get a message from ben van houten today and he's planning to come and present to you all soon with some updates from oewd and he let me know that the a.b.c. has launched a free on-line leads training program now. so that's incredible. there are paths forward for folks to take that training for free as well. so we'll start pushing that out through our various social media channels and what not. if you guys can promote that in your own ways, i would appreciate that as well. do you have any questions for me? >> president tan: no. >> okay. >> president tan: is there any public comment on our acting director report? seeing none, public comment's
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closed. we'll move on to item number 4, report from sound inspector, mr. burke. >> good evening, commissioners. thank you for having me. this is inspector sean burke. wanted to start off with notice of violation at the top of your sheet there. vendors has been an ongoing complaint and we have issues of notice of violation for having their front door open. if that stays closed, we think the majority of the complaints will stop. down to citations. 3910 geary is a place that's been on our routes for the last couple of months. we've issued three citations for them for operating without a permit. r.s. 94109 is a place with an l.l.p. and we found that they were -- we had complaints about them and we found they were operating after 10:00 p.m.
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so we wrote them a citation. now we're in the process of trying to permit them for a one-time event to allow them to extend. and they will be applying for a p.o.e. as soon as we can get that going. paramount superstar, 939 clement is a place we got a complaint about. found them to be operating without a permit and are bringing them into compliance in the next couple of months. next hearing? thank you, acting director. a couple of new complaints. things that haven't really been on our radar previously. rock bar at 80 29th street. that's a place that we're in touch with ownership and will bring them into compliance. 800 larkin is a place that we have yet to get a complaint
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about in my time here and we're in touch with ownership there and they're investigating what might have happened. there's a google event at lot a. we got 10 complaints from various residential addresses surrounding that area. next category down, audio. we're looking to get a narrative from sfpd about this event, but a bottle was thrown inside the club, police showed up, patrons were escorted out. i don't have a lot of information to share with you, but as soon as we get the police narrative, we may have more. we have an incident report from audio, watch is a good first step and they're being cooperative. our ongoing complaints, great american music hall. nothing except for generator
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since last hearing. vendors i talked about earlier, we've gotten two complaints there. halycon, since last year, there's been one date. that was on august 4, this past weekend. double dutch has quieted down as far as complaints go. they had one on july 3, since raft hearing. -- last hearing. 5 was able to get a little bit of notice with the hearing notes sent out to you guys, if there is anything with formatting or anything else you would like in advance, let me know. >> president tan: i think commissioner bleiman has -- >> commissioner bleiman: yeah, this is great format, worlds better than where we were. great progress there. 3910 geary has come up several
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times. are they recklessly flaunting the rules? if so, what is the escalation process here to make sure they come into compliance? >> what is the last date, sean? >> june 23. >> yeah. it's been on the inspector's route every weekend. every time he's been since they haven't had any entertainment. i talked to the owner since that complaint. i do also agree with you. i don't think he has been taking this process very seriously until recently with the fines going up and us literally going in there every single weekend. they are in the middle of doing an ownership change. his father is basically selling him the business. so he's not applying for the permit until that transers if. so in the interim, he's not doing entertainment.
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we'll keep it on our route, though. >> commissioner bleiman: if he's the one putting on the events and then expects to purchase the business and come in here and apply for a permit -- >> i made him aware. it will be an uphill battle with us as well as the police department and i know there are issues with the fire department as well. >> commissioner bleiman: a couple more questions. rs 94109. when you say. a 10:00 p.m., is it 10:02 or way past? oh, it's on there? 10:40. >> this is something that we think they were trying to get away with a few without applying for one-time event permits. when i went out and did a sound test, there was a whole schedule of events for august. >> commissioner bleiman: got it.
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and then last question -- do you want to say something? >> i was going to say with them, there's a few paths forward. i talked to the owner this week. he can apply to extend to 11:00 p.m. and we'll have to make that decision with the police department. but he also wants to apply for the p.o.e. so that may or may not be happening. he will go to the zoning department first and process the one-time event permits, but he's aware that they're limited to 12 of those per year. >> commissioner bleiman: lonestar saloon is a legacy lgbtq bar, previously in an area with no -- it was like in a dead zone. and now the complaints, are they being driven by new developments? >> not at all. the complainant lives next door. she's also huge in the lgbtq community, respected individual. she's been there prior to the
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ownership change. and so we've been mediating with them from the moment they applied for this permit. so we're doing the best we can. we want to make sure that the business owner is abiding by the basi basics, even just the good neighbor policy. we're keeping our eyes on it. >> commissioner bleiman: perfect. >> president tan: other questions? i have a couple. halycon just the same neighbors we know and are we -- what are the complaints, just that sounds coming out of their skylight? >> the complaints are consistently about sound or them being open past 4:00. >> they're allowed to be open past 4:00.
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the main issue here is enforcement around the 4:00 a.m., especially if we -- we need to basically adjust schedules so we can have coverage, at least one inspector every weekend that will be working the late hours who can investigate on our extended hours permits. what is really hard in this situation is being able to tell whether or not they're doing entertainment after 4:00. because they're allowed to be open after 4:00. it could switch from a deejay to an i pod at that time. it's hard for us to distinguish when we receive a complaint like this for us to know if it's entertainment. these complaints were a first in a long time from the neighbors, which is good, but they were woken up at about 4:15 a.m. because it was so loud. so we need to figure out why that is and it really could go back to this long debate about
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the fact that ambient sound will decrease at that time of night when other operators are no longer operating entertainment. the sound of halycon will likely sound louder than two hours previously. we may need to continue to be creative in this situation. i've been talking with gina constantly. we're in really good communication at this point. she wants to work with neighbors. she's reached out to the neighbors offering to redo their windows and i haven't -- i don't believe there's been any response in that scenario, but they're both coming to the table. so we're trying to mediate administratively for now. >> president tan: and they're submitting their monthly calendar as we requested? >> yes. >> president tan: it will be nice to have that additional inspector that hopefully we can
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figure out how to get there at 4:00 a.m. or later. one other question. the google private event. is that -- is it coming from nearby or was it all over the city? it lists 10 different residential addresses. >> all nearby. all like third street. >> president tan: all right. any other comments from commissioners? okay. any public comment on the sound inspector report? seeing none, public comment is closed for that item. we'll move on to item 5, police department comments and questions. i don't see any police here today. so we will move on to item 6. hearing and possible action regarding our permits. we have two tonight. i will hand it back over to ms. wyland to introduce them. >> thank you. our first permit is -- it's a
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new act row -- acronym. this is an event that's requesting to extend hours of entertainment to 11:30 p.m. you will see the letter that he sent to neighbors and p.d. approval. >> good evening, commissioners. yes. i'm steve restivo. conga approached us. they're a corporate document asian company, to help them with the permit process for their event. they take over the thirsty bear for three days and then they do breakout meetings in there. it's a total private event and they did it last year and it was so successful they wanted to build two tents on kaplan alley.
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so we closed the alley and standard rentals will install the tents. so they're asking for a 90-minute extension on the 25th and 26th. the 25th, entertainment at the reception will be silent disco. on the second night, they will have a deejay in there. and so that's the primary thing. i did do outreach. i sent that flier that's in your packets. 1 1/2-block radius. my name and number is on all of it. my cell number. if there are any issues, people have access to call us. so the extension on the 26th for 90 minutes because the 25th is silent disco. any questions? >> president tan: did you get
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any response from neighbors? >> not at all. i went everywhere, down hawthorne alley and the businesses and even on folsom and third, there are two apartment complexes. >> president tan: okay. commissioners, any questions? commissioner thomas? >> vice president thomas: i want to say the flier with all the information on it is fantastic. i wish more of our event organizers did this. >> we do the resident flier the wednesday before and go a block in every direction. so they call us -- me, first, before sfpd. on the back of the flier was an overview of the map. >> vice president thomas: thank you. well done. i think we may need to take your template. >> go wild. >> president tan: it's great that you have this number and contact information accessible. what happens if someone says it's too loud? >> i probably won't be there.
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i'm navigating the permits. but there will be eight shaw management security there and sfpd will be on site and i will be in contact with alisa, who is the event person at thirsty bear and leon o'toole, our contact at conga. sfpd -- i will call security immediately and they can get in touch with my client or i will call them and they will turn it down. >> president tan: okay, great. any other questions from commissioners? have a seat. i will open it up for public comment. looks like there may not be any. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, would someone like to make a motion? >> i move to approve the one-time outdoor entertainment event permit requesting to extend hours of entertainment to 11:30. >> second. >> president tan: there's a
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motion and second. let's take a vote. >> clerk: [roll call vote] >> president tan: motion passes. good luck. we'll move on to item 6b for at&t park. >> okay. thank you. tonight we have at&t park going for a place of entertainment permit, which we're excited about. as you well know, at&t park hosts entertainment event throughout the year and they've always applied for one-time event permits with crystal here. and we now have passed legislation to allow for outdoor amplified sound and entertainment to be incorporated within our fixed place permits, permitting and regulating at&t park on an ongoing basis.
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i encourage them to apply for this permit tonight. as you will see in your packets, there is quite a lot of information, so i wanted to help navigate you through some of that. as you will see, i have provided you a little staff report on the top of your packet. items to note are included in the place of entertainment permit application, exhibit b, which is the sound mitigation plan that at&t park submitted and are hoping that you would adopt tonight as a condition of permit. you will see a proposed police condition. there are seven of them. those are pretty basic conditions that are provided. you will also see a portion of the port of san francisco's lease with at&t park. this is lease l-12631. i do have that whole lease here
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if anyone would like to see it. i also have representatives from the port of san francisco here and available to speak to any questions regarding the lease tonight, if need be. there are also conditions of approval that have been provided by the port of san francisco in addition to the lease that you should look at. they are 1-11. put all of that into more laymen's terms. we're looking at a venue that's highly regulated by another city agency, being the port. they have a very big lease. it's about 200 pages. they have to first and foremost abide by their lease, which limits them in terms of number of events they have per year. it's 14 events that are allowable. they cannot go past 11:00 p.m. they already have requirements in regards to mitigation.
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a lot of that is laid out here. i want to hand over the mike, unless you have questions for me, to mr. jack bear. >> thank you, maggie. good evening, commissioners. i'm jack bear, executive vice president and general council for the giants basketball team and at&t park. we're pleased to be here and first want to thank maggie and the entertainment commission to look at the law and a sensible approach to the issues, at the ballpark. we've been applying for permits in the past and we'll have permits with your permission. it also incorporates the measures incorporated in the individual permits and the
12:40 pm
agencies involved. so the process has been very thorough and collaborative. most of you are probably familiar with at&t park. it's our 19th year of operation. it's home to san francisco giants baseball team but also host concerts and other special events at the ballpark. as maggie indicated, our lease restricts the number of major events. the events with attendance of 15,000 people to 14. usually it's about three to five concerts. and the rest are other events like san francisco state graduation and different events like that. with respect to concerts, when we negotiated the lease with the port way back in the 1990s, i was actually still -- i have been at the giants for 26 years. so i was the one negotiating
12:41 pm
that document. we worked very intensively with the community to develop pro protocols and we meet with the city agencies before each event and determine appropriate staffing levels and how we want to manage the events from public safety standpoint, traffic standpoint, public transportation, trash, all of those issues. we also meet regularly throughout the year and give notice well in advantage of the event. and publish our hotline number and distribute that throughout the community. so everybody knows where the event is happening. where to call if there are issues and the vast majority of event have gone without any complaints. it's an open-air venue, so sometimes there are some sound issues in the neighborhood and that was all part of the discussion when we determined the number of events that could
12:42 pm
be had. that it would be a venue used fairly rarely for concerts. we also have our standard protocols about how we put on the events. i mentioned the hotline. we work with the entertainment commission in terms of the sound checks and trying to make sure that the event is -- has the integrity of the event for the concert-goer and also to minimize the sound at the venue. i think we work together and we accept the limitations and conditions that are outlined and wanted also to mention that we wanted to thank the port of san francisco and my colleague, who has been working with maggie and the entertainment commission. if you have any questions, i'm happy to answer them and thank you very much for your time. >> president tan: thank you.
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commissioners, any questions? looking to my left and right. i asked this of our previous applicant and you state that the hotline will be available for residents, but can you just describe if someone were to call and say, hey, i can hear this from wherever i am and it's too loud, what adjustments might be made or not? >> the person that plans the hotline is in communication with the staff at the sound area on the field and has communications with the concert promoter. so if we receive complaints, we're in contact with them. a member of our staff may go out to the neighborhood location and i've done that myself to hear and talk with the neighbor and see the nature of the complaint. as a general rule of them, we have the ability to change the sound, but we want to be sure that the event has integrity. so we interface with the
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complaining person and we attempt to see if there's a way to mitigate the problem. beyonce was there twice and we had complaints on the first night. we made changes with respect to where the speakers were set up and had virtually no complaints the second night. some of it was weather-related, but some of it was going back and looking at the way the speakers were aimed, trying to make sure that even though you need to have the sound go to the last row, you don't want it to go much beyond the last row. so a lot of it is the science of how the sound is interacting with the weather and the way the speakers are. >> president tan: do new producers come in and say, we want to point them this way? >> most of our converts are with live nation and they're familiar with the speaker placement and the community. so they're sensitive to these issues. we work with them and we do the
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sound check with them and make sure that we don't have problems for the actual event. >> president tan: great. thank you. any other questions? doesn't look like there are any. thank you very -- just kidding. >> it's not a question. the beyonce concert is one of the things that when i tell people i'm on the entertainment commission, if they were able to hear it that night, they mention it to me. i'm aware that user done a lot of work since then and have worked with the entertainment commission staff to streamline how the information flows and making sure that the speakers are arranged differently. thank you for that. >> president tan: great. looks like we're done asking questions up here. thank you very much. i will open it up for public comment. doesn't seem like there is any. public comment's closed. commissioners, would someone like to make a motion to
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approve? >> i will make a motion to approve with the conditions attached. including the at&t park foul mitigation plan, the police conditions 1-7, the inclusion of the port of san francisco lease and the conditions of approval, 1-11. >> i second that. >> president tan: motion and a second. we have a new commissioner here, put that on the record, commissioner lee is present. let's take a vote. >> clerk: [roll call vote] >> president tan: motion passes. good luck. congratulations. and we'll see you out on the
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ball field. we'll move on to item 7, which is election of our vice president. this is just our annual election of officers for the commission. we'll start off by taking nominations. i've spoken to some people about this already. so i think there are ideas out there. is there any motions at this time for nominations at this time for vice chair? >> i would like to nominate dori caminong. >> president tan: great. any add usual ones? there's one nomination. would you like to say anything about your nomination and why you are nominating her? >> well, i'm -- i've been very happy to have served as the vice president. i'm glad i was able to step up and take it on. and i really appreciate this
12:48 pm
commission and have enjoyed being the vice president. that said, i'm excited that dori wants to step up and be the vice president and i'm enthusiastically supporting her for the position and think she will be great and then ready to continue to support the commission however i can and in particular support dori. >> president tan: great. dori, would you -- do you accept the nomination? >> commissioner caminong: i accept the nomination. >> president tan: great. do you want to say anything? there's not a lot of competition. >> commissioner caminong: sure. first of all, i would like to say it's an honor and i hope to carry this tradition of strong female leadership. when i joined the commission of march, 2015, i've been able to serve under president tan's leadership and former fellow
12:49 pm
commissioner the legendary audrey joseph. and also vice president laura thomas. i've learned a lot about just who we serve within our entertainment commission. and i'm very excited to really create this platform, a storytelling platform where we're a city where community matters, culture matters. and one thing that i'm very proud of is that we create a safe, diverse, inclusive nightlife offerings across the city. we have a complicated and complex city. we live hard, work hard, play hard, love hard. and i think we need to support residents and businesses in creating and expanding our entertainment hubs throughout the city. so that's something i'm looking forward to in creating bridges between the neighbors and night life and carrying out the legacy of female leadership within the
12:50 pm
entertainment commission. >> president tan: i fully support that. i think the way the elections work, we just vote. if there's no other nomination, we can go ahead and vote. >> clerk: do we need a second on that? >> president tan: sure. >> i will second that. >> clerk: [roll call vote] i don't know if you can vote for yourself. >> president tan: she can. congratulations, commissioner caminong. we'll go on to item 8, election of the president. this allows commissioners to nominate and allow and seat the president of the san francisco entertainment commission.
12:51 pm
vice president caminong. >> commissioner caminong: i would like to nominate ben bleiman. i believe in commissioner bleiman's leadership. he's been thoughtful and compassionate and a lot of his comments throughout the commission during his time and he brings a very unique perspective and very entertaining one and i would really enjoy serving with him. >> president tan: great. do you accept the nomination? >> commissioner bleiman: yes. >> president tan: is there a second? >> i second. >> president tan: would you willic to say anything on behalf of your own candidacy? >> commissioner bleiman: yes. first of all, it's an honor to be thought of for this position and something that i relish to do. i truly believe that nightlife is the main economic and
12:52 pm
cultural driver in san francisco. i think also the city is changing so quickly recently and it's the all the more important right now that nightlife has a seat at the table. if i had my way, would probably be the only seat at the table, but in this changing city, we make sure that nightlife is not left behind, but it's a major, major part of a new san francisco that we're seeing before us. and then also, i realize that my presidency doesn't do anything in terms of -- to advance the causes of diversity in leadership in san francisco and beyond. but i do vow to bring in as many diverse voices and listen to as many diverse leaders as i can to help make sure that everyone has a seat at the table. that's really important. >> president tan: great. i will say one thing.
12:53 pm
i think commissioner bleiman has been a huge asset on our commission. you had really big shoes to fill with audrey joseph leaving the commission, but i think that having a champion of nightlife that works, in the industry and part of the industry and also to just get called to the table to represent the industry outside of the commission, i look forward to all you can actually accomplish in this commission. it's part being a great referee, great advocate, and hear out the different points of view as a commissioner and i'm sure extraordinarily as president. i fully, fully support that and i'm happy to pass the gavel over once we vote in this meeting today. all right. any other comments or thoughts? if not, we can take a vote.
12:54 pm
>> clerk: [roll call vote] >> president tan: congratulations to both of you. we'll look forward to continuing to be on this commission, but not in this seat. all right. so we'll move on to item 9. commissioner comments and questions. our final item of the night. commissioner thomas? >> vice president thomas: i wanted to say, bryant, thank you for your years of service on this commission. it's been great to be vice president under you. i've learned a lot. i really have appreciated the ways in which you engage with often contentious voices in conflict and helped all of us to figure out how to get people to better places and come to some
12:55 pm
compromise and shared understanding and it's really -- it's been an honor to serve with you and i've really appreciated it and thank you. thank you for all of the time that you spent away from your family on behalf of the commission in particular and so thank you. >> president tan: thanks. i will start crying. [laughter] >> commissioner bleiman: i have two comments. the first is, i think we would be remiss not to thank commissioner thomas for her work as vice president of the commission. i was very -- i think i speak for everybody, that i have this level of confidence that when president tan wasn't here, we had a steady, wise hand on the gavel and was eminently competent and we were in great hands for that. it was amazing. and, secondly, i didn't bring this up before, but the next meeting, i have a family
12:56 pm
vacation planned, so i'm letting you all know that i won't be able to be at my first presidency. but i promise i will do everything to go to every single meeting from that point on. [laughter] >> president tan: dori, are you ready? >> commissioner caminong: i'm ready. >> president tan: all right. i guess i'll say something. it has -- thanks, commissioner thomas, for that really sweet -- the sweet words. i can't even count. i think it's been close to five years as being president of the commission. we had to change the rules of our bylaws so i could stay here. before that, we were limited to two years of presidency. thank you for believing in me, supporting me. i've done my best to be as objective as possible. for someone that loves nightlife and loves san francisco, it's
12:57 pm
been an honor to serve on this commission and definitely an honor to feel like one of the youngest persons on this commission i've been given the gavel. so i look forward to serving as a commissioner and being able to continue to think on my feet and continue to advocate where i can for nightlife and arts and cultures in this city. and, yeah -- it's been great. so thank you very much. all right. let's open this up for public comment to the no one that's out there to give public comment. [laughter] all right. if there are no more comments or questions, we can adjourn. all right. for the last time of this presidency, this meeting's adjourned at 6:23 p.m. have a good night.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
[roll call] >> clerk: item 2, general public comment. members of the public may address the commission on any matter within the commission's jurisdiction that does not appear on the agenda. speakers shall address their comments to the commission as a whole. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker. the lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel d