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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 1, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> that was a great article, i enjoyed it. my name is john lazar. i have been in the cab business since i was 8 years old. the earnings is made up out of the air. many pre-k holders upgrade their permits for years and years after 1970, in fact, still have some doing that now. these were not persons clipping coupons in cabo, okay? they are blue-collar veteran taxi drivers who drove for more than four decades only to have the small amount of retirement income cut off by the sfmta. the other groups of pre-k holders are typically widows or daughters of deceased drivers who took over the permits in 1978 or latter years. these women cannot operate the
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permit, they're in their 70s and they too rely economically on the reduced revenue currently being paid by some taxi companies. as mentioned in the sunday's examiner, they had them sacrificed. something, even proposition k didn't do. prop sigdz k changed all of the rules but it grandfathered the permits for the life of the permit holder. and now the staff wants to eliminate the important safety net for these elderlies. and taxi fleets to such a degree that uber and lyft will have a field day in san francisco. there's no evidence that staff are going to reinvent the taxi business. it's all conjecture and guesswork. we know from experience in the 1990s and earlier in the centuries that when numbers of cabs is reduced, t.n.c.s and taxis don't get better when the numbers are gone. after these changes there simply
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aren't going to be veterans and committed drivers willing to serve the seniors and the disabled clients of the transit program. >> chair c. brinkman: next speaker. >> [list of names] >> thank you. i have some written comments that i'd like to give for the record. >> thank you, they will distribute them later. >> my name is jon than oliver, the president and the c.e.o. of the san francisco federal credit union. i wanted to explain a few items. one is regarding -- there seems to be a misconception that the credit union does not want to adjust the price of the medallions. that is factually incorrect. we need to adjust the price. the fact that we have not issued one retransferred medallion in 2 1/2 years says that $250,000 is not the right price, right? i bein think that we could agren that. it needs to be part of a larger
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solution. there's about 560 transferable medallions. and 2366 those, according to recaller comments, are actually on a wait list to retransfer. 158 of those i have as currently as foreclosed medallions at the credit union, so that means that 400 out of 536 people that have the ability to re-transfer medallion have either left being a taxi driver or want out. so i urge you to look at this. we're against this proposal and the reason being is that it needs be part of a solution adjusting the transfer price. thank you. >> chair c. brinkman: thank you, mr. oliver. next speaker, please. consensus hands, please. >> [reading of names] >> i have 23 seconds on it. thank you. i started taxi drivers in 1968
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when i came to the united states and i was a single father. so it was a good job for me. and about 10 years later i got a medallion. now forget all of that, the thing is that when the m.t.a. took over they have done nothing for the taxi industry because there is no communication between the drivers and you. we have a bar in the middle. it's called the townhall meetings and this and that and many good ideas get put out there and you never get to hear them. the most important idea that you can understand is we need more taxis in this city and the thing that you have neglected is an app. we have been asking for at least 10 years for one app. and you have got to knock the
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taxi companies' heads together and say, within one month or whatever, we want one app out there. we want faster response. we want every cab taking a credit card. and not messing around with square this and that and the other. we want good service. you made a terrible mistake allowing all of the taxis with higher mileage. we want high standards, good drivers, and we want some support from you. you can put out tickets to lyft for dos u-turns, to be driving down the wrong street, but you don't want to put out a little money to the police department to do that. and they will not do it unless you pay them. it's pathetic. you have done nothing to defend this industry. thank you. >> chair c. brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. quiet, no applause, please.
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>> [reading of names] >> so earlier this year when the credit union sued you for what was really your ineptitude in running the medallion sales program, there was a try to quash that legislation. and last year the judge ruled, quote, the credit union sufficiently alleges claims for breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing" unquote. you want to directly basically confiscate the medallions from the pre-ks and then for the prop-k medallion holders you'll set a condition where no one will rent our medallions out because the drivers can't go to the airport. so you are setting it up like bowling pins to refocus and we're not able to operate our permits. i want to talk about something else, one of the recommendations is to get rid of the driving,
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so-called driving requirement that is only for purchased medallions. in 19678 there was the applicant to swear that the intention to be a full-time driver and that's been subassistanted into a never-ending driving requirement. the prop k mechanism began to break down and there were three different applicants who were 78 years old on the day they got their permit and yet they have to drive full time to keep. it one of those people who were elderly in 2003 was trying to meet the driving requirement. he didn't want to be out there. he lost control of his cab and hit two people at 11th and market, it was a $14 million accident which led to yellow cabs and a final bankruptcy. it was like being in quicksand. so i would ask you, i would say that it's malfeesant to have a policy to have those that were excluded. and disturbing language in the file is that you're going to start resurrecting the issue. we had eight years of litigation
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which we can file again and allow the board of appeals to allow us to tread water and put a stay based on the inability to drive due to disability, so i hope that you do the right thing and amend it. >> [reading of names] >> i'm marcelo, i am a prop k medallion holder, full-time driver for 30 years. under the thumbs of every mayor since the dawn of uber and lyft this agency has allowed anyone with a car to operate as a taxi without the very same medallion that you have sold to balance your budget. i strongly oppose recommendations one and two in this new reform. you're bringing more financial hardship on the group of
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medallion holders to band-aid another group of medallion holders. and when you -- in recommendation number two you're proposing to cut down or not renew, which means to revoke, 260 medallions. it will not solve the supply/demand problem. instead, it will make taxis even less reliable i and it could generate a lawsuit against you to reinnovate the taxi industry and to have a healthy taxi medallion market, you have to stop ignoring the elephant in the room. the number of ubers and lyfts out there, you have to find a way to cap their numbers, to regulate them for what they are, they are taxicabs in every sense of the word. and you don't have jurisdiction over them because late mayor lee gave it away to the p.u.c.
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so i hope that it has always been our hope that you would do a better job with the capping in the numbers of uber and lyft out there. thank you. >> chair c. brinkman: thank you, mr. fonseco. >> cory lamb and antonio yon, and joan fisher and joel hirschcorn. >> good afternoon. my name is cory lamb and i oppose the current recommendation. i benefitted directly from the taxi medallion. i went and purchased a taxi medallion in may and then i hear from you today. it's really about every driver being able to make money and they should have the opportunity to make money anywhere in san francisco. i have been driving since 2006 and one of the great things about this particular job that i have had is the ability to go anywhere in san francisco.
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treasure island, s.f.o., the city, every day is different and every day you do what you want to do. that's part of the freedom of this job. one of the things that i'm concerned about the most is the pre-prop k medallion holders that have been doing this job or the asset or the ability to make money off their medallion, they don't have another source at this point. many are older and disabled and couldn't work a job if they wanted to or nor should they have to. (please stand by)
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-- there was no business out there for me. i couldn't pay my mortgage
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payment. they were about to take over the house. so i was -- i was so sick of it. i had been getting lots of calls, nasty calls, from the bank. saying you must pay. i couldn't pay my property payments. my business was bad. so in the year 2015, i got a loan, thank god, that somebody helped me. i paid it off. it still wasn't good. i had a long term paying my mortgage payments. so i signed it off to my
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brother. i don't have any house anymore. so i'm homeless. lucky that i found a little place and i'm living in chinatown and i'm not happy about it. i'm very sick right now with what's going on. i hope you realize that it's my livelihood. >> chairman brinkman: i have it cut you off. i'm sorry. >> once again, ladies and gentlemen of the audience and commissioners, good afternoon. i'm here to speak today just for one item. the taxis at sfo.
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without that, i would be living in the street. i don't think you understand what it does to a taxi driver to put in 15 hours at sfo with a medallion and still take home $140 a day. that's where we are. when you talk about medallion reform, it's not reform, it's manipulation. we're in a position now at the brink of collapse for the medallion system. you are shuffling them on the deck of the titanic. uber has taken over the city. lyft has taken over the city. they're everywhere. sfo doesn't want to admit it, they're they're everywhere, parking lots, onramps, offramps, you tell them something, they flip you the bird and drive off. nothing happens. i'm here to tell you this.
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you do. we have it take days off with pay to speak. we don't have pensions and salaries. we come to these events here to give everything we have. we're in an economic decision that's not tolerable. taxi drivers sleep in their cars. if you don't believe me, go down to the parking lots and look at the vans there. they get off the shift and move into their automobile. they can't pay rent. they can't pay their bills on with the they're making right now and you want more reform? i don't see it. i see more changes here to the benefit of harvesting drivers. thank you for your time. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. >> clerk: joel fisher, joe hirschcorn, majib mohave, ellen
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pokett. >> good evening. i'm joan fisher. my father purchased the medallion for me in good faith before -- well before prop-k. he intended that i would have that medallion until i die. i have maintained the medallion following all the specifications of the san francisco m.t.a. paying the fees, fingerprinting, proving i'm still alive. even though the income from the medallion is not what it used to be, in retirement at age 76, it's still a very important piece of income for me. i think outsizing the taxi
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industry is unjust and wrong. there are other ways, finding out how many drivers are on the road and on the streets and at the airport during business hours would be one. i think that drivers should be required. the playing field really should be even. i hope you don't decide to downsize the taxi business by not renewing pre-k medallions, but if you do, the united states of america the government does not just confiscate citizens' property. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. >> my name is joel hirschcorn.
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medallion, yellow cab. i started to drive in '69 and in '97 i got my medallion and this is my prepared statement. through a lack of regulation, you are cutting short your own tax revenue. failing to provide affordable transportation and relieving congestion on the streets. now you want to put the financial burden on long-time taxi drivers and they're no longer making a living wage. by doing so, you are creating a mood of sadness, making life not worth living. thank you. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> clerk: sue vaughn, maheed mojabi. >> chairman brinkman: any of the people here, come forward.
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no. vaheed majabi? >> hello. i have two reasons to be here. one is to prove that taxi drivers are the poorest group of people in san francisco. and, number two, to compare to 2008, if you compare that 2008 to 2018, 10 years with a lot of inflation and a lot of changes. the taxi market has changed, because the population of san francisco has changed. there are so many alternatives
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instead of using taxicabs. so at the same time, the market or demand for the taxi has decreased and taxicabs have 20% of the market. so all of these are combined and in a san francisco working group. the population of homeless people in san francisco is between 8,000 to 10,000 people. there are more than 7,000 taxi drivers here. the budget for homeless people is $240 million. and when we're talking about the
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medallion. and now the population has decreased to 5,000. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> clerk: evelyn pokeett, greg fiver, michael monroe. >> good afternoon. i'm the owner of alliance cab. we're a small cab company but has been in operation for 30 years. i'm also a member of the task force. i'm here to oppose the reforms brought to the table. it's shortsighted and lost track of the big picture, it's like putting a band-aid on an industry that has cancer in the lymph nodes.
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if we create chaos, it divides the drivers and for san francisco, we lose an essential part that the premiere city should have our industry has evolved so much and so fast that the regulators have not had the speed and the time to catch up. ubers and lyfts are the new normal. nothing in the shadow report has mentioned that. why? because they're probably consorting with them. it will be around for a while. whether we admit it or not, we'll have to deal with it. let's be perfectly blunt. sfmta has a program that's failed. they basically sold us a franchise that they did not nurture, advertise, or grow.
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i would compare this to a franchise that you buy and then after 30 years you would tell the owner, mister, you've had it for 30 years. you made $1.6 million. now it's time to give it back to us. how absurd is that? we don't need a reform. we need an overhaul. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. 2 minutes is up. >> clerk: michael monroe, barry toronto. >> good afternoon. i'm greg cochran, flywell taxi. 22-year driving veteran and purchased medallion owner. i want to oppose all the measures because they're together. if we separated them, it may be easier to swallow. sfo is alarming.
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limiting the earning ability. cab drivers have to be able to pick up where they are. when you take out a piece, it's like a broken leg. limiting taxies' access, will make it impossible to -- there was a time that they were not going to go to the airport and it's chaos. it makes a cab company suffer. this business needs drivers to work together. i've never seen more togetherness when the other ride services came into san francisco. this proposal, this group of proposals, pit taxi drivers and medallion owners against each other. when you take a class of medallions and make them more valuable than the others, there's a current and undercurrent. i think that drivers would lose money on the extra they would pay and the medallions would be worthless. taxis have been barely
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surviving. we have to find a real solution. vet it. talk about it. we came to so many meetings to talk about this. there was a lot of nonsupport from this from all of us at the meetings. to hear the support, it was surp losing. we need to find a solution to deal with the problem. think about it. and put something forward. thank you. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. >> clerk: charles fiver, barry toronto, mohidi airzod. is charles fiver here? >> hello. thank you. this is my first time speaking. i'm very nervous.
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i service the city and the airport. i can't even get into the airport to drop off. top deck is insane. driving in the city, please. tnt drivers are all over the place. no one is enforcing anything. i know a lot of drivers. when will it happen? when they're homeless. there's a running joke. my car is a duplex. i am living in my car and i can't make my payments. i good to the bank. can you could anything? can you extend it for 12 years? where will i be in 12 years?
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i'm done. thank you. >> chairman brinkman: next speaker, please. >> clerk: michael monroe, barry toronto, mohidi azod and phil sterling. >> hello. i'm michael monroe. i've been a cab driver for over 50 years and 30 years here. the airport situation, the congestion is not the taxicabs. it's the ubers when i go into the airport, i can't even get into the airport because the ubers are backed up to the highway both directions, okay? >> chairman brinkman: no applau applause, please. >> instead of limiting us, you need to limit them. that would solve a big problem at the airport. number two, the thing is, m.t.a. is supposed to be over us.
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m.t.a. is supposed to take care of us. not one of those proposals has anything to do with what the real problem is. the real problem is that the drivers aren't making any money. okay? no proposals, no plans, no anything to help the drivers make more money. i've got a lot of them. i've been in the business over 50 years. i can sit down and write 10 of them right now. do you think they come up with any? all they come up with is reforms. let's change this. let's do that. not to help the cab drivers, mostly to help themselves. we need help. and there are simple ways to do that. to increase our bisbee 30% to 40% in the next year if somebody would listen. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. if your nam is called, please
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line up, so we can keep moving. >> good afternoon, chairwoman brinkman. i haven't seen you in a long time. it's good to see you and welcome to the new directors. i appreciate your time today. this is dire. it's life and death. have to understand, i appreciate all the work that's been done. and i don't know who is forcing her to say stuff that's not true. that the report that you spent a lot of money on, but it's not factually correct in many areas. some of the data is obsolete and needs a study done by somebody that used to work with uber. the credit union came up and made a statement and we appreciate the credit union noticing, they know the industry
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better than the m.t.a. staff. that's the weird part. driver against driver. why are you pitting driver against driver? medallion holder against medallion holder? company against company? why do you want to do that? it's destroying the industry. mr. morgan, i appreciate him coming up here, but we rarely get turned away anymore. rarely do we circle around. i think maybe it's once a month that the lot is completely full that they turn us away where we can't get into the airport. it's become busier and it's ridiculous to do that. the situation has gotten worse and the congestion downtown because the traffic is so bad. i need to work the airport at times because the congestion downtown is so bad that you helped create by not having enforced the rules in the first place back in 2011 and 2012 when you could have. in empathize with the purchased medallion holders, but this is not the solution.
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i hope you will have a heart and understand that this is not the way to go. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. >> good evening. i've been attending this hall here for -- since 2010. we're talking, talking, talking, but there is nothing being said or doing something, in particular m.t.a., that is against us, not with us, just i want somebody here to stand up and tell me, we did this for you. nothing. you guys -- we are human beings. we have families. we run families. we run houses. we have responsibilities. nothing happens. everything you do, guys, is
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against us. are you with us or against us. you need us to work in this city to be a taxi business. okay. you don't want us? okay. we live in america, land of freedom and be free to say. nothing. nothing happens. did you realize, guys, that it's people or cab drivers being passed away, sick in the hospitals. we have family. they were separated from their wives, divorced, separated from their kids because of what? because of financial problems, that you guys created. we wish we were still with the cab detail. perhaps they're with us. guys, we don't have any insurance. we don't have any 401k. no pension. nothing. we just like -- we work today,
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we're a month behind. we live day by day. please understand our situation. all that you do, guys, it's against us. airport and this and that. why? >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> clerk: motiti erzell, phil sterling. >> hello. this is the first time i speak in big group. i drive yellow cab. i stayed at the hyatt at fisherman work for 20 minutes. i left. came back. i stayed 40 minutes. we need you to do something for us. otherwise i would divorce my wife and dump my kids and you
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will take care of them. that's all. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i'm phil sterling. i've been driving for a long time. and i think kate torens' display was mostly wrong. she was talking about incomes. incomes that were about 2008. that's when we were making money since then, we haven't been making money. most of the cab companies don't put out half of their fleet. most of the cabs are sitting in the lots because cab drivers can't make a living in the city and that's the key issue. we've want it make money. as many solutions to try to make money by creating one app for the entire industry, so the
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customers could get better access to taxicabs. right now, we're searching for money and there's none available because of uber and lyft. if we had taxi stands all over the city, all over market street, if we had just things that improved our industry, the other cab drivers, who bought their medallions wouldn't be screaming. they would be making money. and that's what we all want. is to try to make a living again. i got my medallion so i could put money for retirement. i can barely survive paying rent in an apartment. a number of friends of mine that own their medallions live in their car. this is a real problem. you're coming up with solutions that have nothing to do with us making more money and being able
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to the public. we want to drive cabs in the city, but every solution you are coming up with is doing the exact opposite. so i would just like to ask if you could instead of deciding today on ruining our lives, you could take more time to learn more about our industry. thank you. >> chairman brinkman: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> clerk: margo my and owe, barry gold, david smith, javier bat. >> chairman brinkman: any of those speakers here? please come forward. any order. doesn't have to be the order ms. boomer called me in. >> margo is before me, but i don't see her. i'm barry corngold. i've been driving a cab since 1988, '87. 10 years before that on the
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peninsula. i waited 15 years to get my medallion. we have to pick everybody up. not just people with preapproved credit cards. i've been assaulted. i've had to work for less than minimum wage. i sustained permanent injuries. how much is that worth, from being assaulted? you are concerned or kate is concerned about the people who bought their medallions. what about the other half of the medallion-holders who didn't, who didn't have the choice to buy them and they shouldn't have been sold in the first place, because the money you make by having a medallion went to the city. now you see that was a mistake and you are trying to -- she's trying to solve the problem off of the rest of the medallion-holders. none of us made a lot of money off the medallions. it's back-breaking work. it's humiliating work, especially with uber and lyft. we're barely surviving now.
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now you want to take away our ability to pick up at the airport? a lot of drivers depend on that. some drivers don't work the airport, but most drivers do, at least part of their shift. you have to take a nap. you want to eat something. we've can't afford to take breaks anymore in the city, because we're not making enough money for that. the lines at the airport have been exaggerated. there are -- the wait is not that long. i've seen the airport still runs out of cabs sometimes. you are perpetuating the problem. you will create other problems by this. people will not be able to get a cab and they will take ubers and lyfts. a lot of people don't want it take them because of the lack of background checks or vehicle inspectio inspections. >> chairman brinkman: thank you. >> clerk: margo miranda, david smith -- is margo here?
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is apollo here? david smith. javier bat. arshod. >> chairman brinkman: if you are in the overflow room and you heard your name, please come up. go ahead. >> i've been driving since '97. i defaulted on my medallion. [please stand by]
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>> you guys didn't do anything about uber and lyft. you let them take over the situation and punishing the medallion. it's a terrible proposal. do the right thing, buy them all back. i'm sorry, what else can i say. i'm disgusted with the divide and con -- conquer. you're as bad as the trump people. >> good afternoon. i've been a cab driver over 25 years.
3:43 am
i personally want to thank five supervisors who supported us. i wholeheartedly really appreciate them. i had a chance to come across her and i would beg to differ. the proposal she said death to the cab drivers. they're discriminating from one class of people to another. i bought the medal on, $250,000. it would give me more income at the airport but i don't want that. he paid money and bought a medallion he should be able to do that. if somebody bought it for free. it's like the lady sitting
3:44 am
there. we're out of luck. circumstances, you were there. all we need to do is regulate the uber and lyft. it's a total mess and congestion and it's a simple fix. they pocketed almost like $60 million from the sale of the medallions? they were specified -- supposed to come up with the model. you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. drop the pricing down. i talk to people all the time. about uber, what do you like about them and they said the convenience. 20% or 25% mention the price. they can see the person that's getting them. why don't they want to fix it? and there's another way to do it. give them one or two a day until they come up with a solution.
3:45 am
>> cammal jitsingh and lile sundi. >> i unfortunately bought the m medallion. every day is going down, down. so please, somebody we want $250,000. why is like that? if city wants to buy back medallion and give for free because i cannot afford now. my family i sent to pakistan. i'm from pakistan. i can't afford here. so please, help us. think about us. how can we survive? i'm thinking about my kids them going to college. i need to get a loan otherwise i
3:46 am
get [indiscernible]. so please think about. give us some support to the $250,000 medallion. we need support. we're brother, each of us but we need support. thank you very much. >> thank you, very much, next speaker, please. sasik ahmad. more people mohammad saftal. ashwani mecburt. >> i bought the medallion in 2011 for $250,000. i have problem of the driver. because no business with uber
3:47 am
and lyft. and it's a good idea if you give us the airport for the purchase of the medallion and we can find driver easy. that's it. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> mohamed. >> i'm driving since 2002 and i bought the medallion like five years before. i spent $250,000. since before the uber drivers making money and can make living on it but since the uber start, uber [indiscernible] so finally i made my mind and somebody hit me because they have no rule regulation. they don't know how to drive and since last one year i stopped
3:48 am
driving and i humbly request to all the responsible person to take a positive step and solve this problem because i cannot deal any more with this kind of [indiscernible] like uber and lyft. thank you very much. >> hamaljit singh. is lal b. sundas here? ashwanni. if you could -- if your name is called line up on the side. >> and madame chair maybe at this point it would be appropriate for people in the over flow room if they can come up here there are seats open up here. >> over flow room start making your way to the room.
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thank you. >> i'm kamaljit singh and i bought the medallion in 2012. there's no value. i want my money back. thank you. >> thank you, mr. singh. next speaker, please. >> lal sundash ashwani. >> i've been a driver almost 25 years and i'm a medallion owner. anyway, i look at the study and it's just a total crap. it's not going to bring solution. it squeezes the market and opens more doors for uber and lyft because if you don't allow the taxis to go to the airport, where are they going to go? there's no place to park in the city. the way to do it is by expanding the market not shrinking the market. lower our price to compete with
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them. the solution they're coming with it will create more chaos. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> ali san. tom die so. ron ballas and evelyn engal. >> 1998 i got an accident and got in the taxi business. when i start to drive and make money and make a living so i decided to put my money in the medallion so i got it and later i got married and had a family. a wife, two kids and a bought a house.
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now i'm unable to make the payment and if you kick me from there, where am i going go? where is the family going to go? what's going to happen to my 3-year-old? you tell me? we're all here for money. there is uber, there is lyft. 50,000 of them, we are only 2,000. and they'll make money. they're happy. i'm sure my wife will be happy. thank you. >> ron collins, ben ballas, evelyn engal. if you are here move along or if you're coming from the overflow move move to the side. >> i'm benjamin ballas with
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veterans cab. i'm here to oppose the measure before you. i think it's a bad direction to go and would like to echo what was said it's putting a band-aid on an industry where someone is dying of cancer. i don't see a better metaphor and as a cab driver you can't close off the airport. it's just not going to work. you work a 12-hour day you need to take a break and have a $40, $50 ride at the end of the day. even after the break it's nice to have the ride. and i represent medallions 204 through 226. guys came back from world war ii and needed a job and the city said, hey, you can't do that without medallions an they are held in a trust for world war ii veterans and they're dependents
3:53 am
medallions 224 through 226. if you have ambitions for high political office they'll say they voted for a proposal against veterans that took benefits away from veterans. i want you all to remember that. lastly, the thing at the airport, we need cabs and people fly in for big conventions. if we limit to airport to 400 cabs the airport is going to run out of cabs. that's not what you want. that's pushing more people to uber and lyft and that's just not the face you want to put forth as a city that's supposed to be a global city. someone gets off an airplane and there's no cabs and we screwed up the medallion thing and you
3:54 am
have to wait 20 minutes. >> tom diaso. ron collins? evelyn engal. sukam waja. laku malesi. >> if we have people in the room still intending to speak come and line up six and seven at a time and we seem to have lots of cards and no speakers. >> my name is ashwani ari and i've been driving my cab 20 years and got my medallion in 2008. it's unfair for you to ban us from the airport. our medallions should not be
3:55 am
banned. you guys sold the medallions, made lots of money and you should have regulated uber and lyft. when you sell somebody a business you have to protect the business. it's not our fault. why should we pay for that. please don't ban us from the airport and regulate d.n.c.s and refund the $250,000 to the medallion owners who bought the medallions. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> my name is lako malis and i've been drying 40 years and i appreciate bringing this issue to us and we have to tell you the truth. most the rule and the regulation you did wrong killing us.
3:56 am
our family we are supporting a lot of families. we have kids. we supported them. my kids who will be burglars, what will your kids be? your kids will be minister. my kid will be a burglar because i can't support it. i can't do it. so it's completely wrong way you did. you have to fight for this. uber and lyft, 45,000 in the city. and the street is too crowded even people are crying because they can't drive their own car. too crowded. we have to see this one and appreciate you find out the solution for us. no bringing regulation unnecessarily. we are human beings like you and we have to support the life
3:57 am
. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i have taxes on the income but i'm not crying about the dollar you from guys. i want you to do your job right. put it in the dictionary or save the culture and anyway, i'm not crying for my dollar. the main thing is close the file
3:58 am
for the charcoal not the flame. hire somebody. how is the problem going to be solved. i'm offering this proposal. as i said, put it in the dictionary or save the taxi industry. that's all. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> i've been driving 25 years plus. i'd like to request the sfo representative about the traffic conditions. if our numbers are down to 10% how can we be the cause of the traffic? my numbers are down. my number's picking up at the airport. i bought the medallion because there was a letter stating this
3:59 am
is your last chance to own a medallion. i sold a car, i maxed out two credit cards. my advice is to split my medallion to sell half the medal anfor $1125,000 and allow someby else, maybe a younger driver to buy the medallion. do not open the market. let's try this first. after that we can go to extremes. and the san francisco police depend would start enforcing traffic conditions to start issuing tickets to taxi and uber it would drive them out of the city because they couldn't afford to operate. these guys are parking in yellow zones so the delivery trucks
4:00 am
have to double park. what's that cost. if you say only owners, which i am to be, where do you think the other cabs will go? >> commissioner: into >> commissioner: into the >> into the city. who will do the night shift. shame on the owner of medallions driving for uber. you should all go to hel. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is martin kazinski and interesting to watch it develop and sore try to mr. reskin when he was asking what kind of control of your streets do you have here. he said, well, it's the traffic and stuff like that. take control of your streets from the state of california. the