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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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was here earlier, anita a anand and eloise patton. we're delighted to join the bayview community, african-american community to the social fabric and history of san francisco. thank you very much. this is a very exciting day. okay. deputy city attorney, still not here, but i will go ahead. in conjunction to the african-american arts and culture legislation, i'm introducing a drafting request to develop a way to incentivize for the cannabis retailers in the city and county of san francisco. since the beginning of the medicinal marijuana movement, dispensaries and growers have given away free product so that people suffering from h.i.v.-aids, cancer, other
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terminal illnesses never have to forego their medicine for lack of ability to pay. the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs is a major national issue, but cannabis is routinely left out of the conversation. the federal government refuses to recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabis and identifies it as a schedule 1 drug. we're a progressive city. and we have led on issues in the past. let's stop standing on the sideline and get into the game now. what are we waiting for? as a city and state, must treat cannabis like a medicine. we must support dispensaries that look out for our most vulnerable patients. i want to thank the advocates of the brownie merry democratic club that have educated myself and my legislative aide on
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historic practices of medicinal cannabis in the community. my office has been working with the department of public health. working in conjunction with the office of cannabis. my colleague, supervisor m mandelman. with the passage of cannabis tax last week, thank you, it can be used to subsidize compassion programs. it would help retailers continue their practice of giving away their product to those in need without putting them out of business. the program must take care of our veterans. it will take care of our low-income and terminally ill patients. it should incentivize data collection and investment in our equity program.
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it will be the first to not just mandate a "compassionate care" compliance, but to materially support those good actors that put patients first. i encourage everyone who has an interest in patient care to reach out to my office because we want to get this done right. we want to make sure we're thoughtful and informative and building and bringing the best practices forward. want to produce the most robust legislation that will withstand any legal challenge. collegues, i hope you will join me in this endeavor. this is one more angle for us to dominate the cannabis industry. for me, madam clerk, the rest i submit. thank you, my friends, for listening to me. >> clerk: that concludes the
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introduction of new business. >> president cohen: what does that mean for the rest of the agenda? >> clerk: it's time for public comment. >> president cohen: yea, my favorite time of the day. opportunities for everybody to tell us what they think. any member of the public that would like to address the board in general public comment, step forward. you have 2 minutes. you will hear a soft chime indicating there is 30 seconds left. mr. wright, you are up first. >> i object to the administration turning down $300 million a year to take care of the most vulnerable people with a combination of mental and physical disabilities. when you can't pay for your position, the next paragraph out of your mouth you will keep your promise to take care of the
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homeless for people that have mental and physical disabilities, veterans, amputees, and people in wheelchairs. now that you have a chance for $300 million, you come up with every excuse in the book. we need to do an audit on the mayor's office and homelessness and oversee that you can't throw money at the problem. you appear to be unqualified to be the mayor. if that's the case, i should be the mayor. i object to the type of treatment and every excuse in the book not to take care of the problem. i've giving you tough love because i respect you. r-e-s-p-e-c-t, all my moves is
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important to me. r-e-s-p-e-c-t, this is what i have to do to make sure that breed takes care of her t.c.b. stop listening to people. scott weiner telling you to not take that money. for example, he put $44 million down on two different apartment buildings for homeless teachers. and you scrutinized the legislation. the schoolteachers have to be evicted from their apartment in order to start to homeless teachers recycle program all over again. quit listening to him, breed. how come you don't listen to that philosophy. >> president cohen: thank you, thank you. oh, honey, your 2 minutes are up. you're finished. come on, m.f.a. come on up. come on up. let's hear what you have to say. you've been here a very long
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time. thank you for being here. >> thank you, thank you. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i'm alley cunningham. >> my name is greg. >> we're -- >> we're with mission for all. and i just want to start off by thanking supervisor fewer and supervisor tang for coming out and meeting with us. i'm sure that all of you have received a letter from us. it's just asking you guys to come out and meet with us. and to take a look at what we have going on out there. we have artwork put together by local artists from the mission. and we really encourage you to come out and talk to us. thank you. >> president cohen: you have 1 minute and 18 seconds.
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>> we want to invite people to come out and see what we have going on. all the color and life that we have been bringing down the 16th, through our murals and through community engagement activities. yeah, we just wanted to extend that invitation. thank you. thank you, supervisor tang and fewer for giving us the opportunity to acknowledge us and see what we're doing. >> president cohen: thank you. do you want to speak? >> thank you, guys. >> president cohen: you're welcome. thank you. >> and i think your shirt is very nice today. >> president cohen: thank you. >> my name is ace. i'm glad to see some black youngsters come to city hall to speak. you have to come more than just one time a year to talk and be in their ear. the young lady that disrespect me, i have grandkids your age. any female in city hall comes up to ace, you better have on your
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oprah winfrey draws and stormy daniels brassiere to talk to me like they talk to me. don't disrespect me. my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids don't disrespect me. they call me paw paw where i come from. i'm back here and requesting a public hearing on the c.a.o.'s office, ocii's office, department of real estate. city attorney's office, mayor's office of neighborhood, planning commission, police department, human rights commission, the housing -- san francisco housing department. and the entertainment commission, whatever it is. it's on history. i'm requesting a public hearing on that. asking to help out on this. if you don't do it and then i good to the sunshine and to the ethics and y'all don't do it, i will good -- good to the f.b.i.
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i'm a.c.e. it's 2018. what does this mean? we have to wipe it clean. i'm disappointed right now. i've been here damn near 4 or 5 hours. to have a lady out there say, your mother needed to spank you, my mother been dead 20 years. she still need to spank you this disrespect, damn it. i will give respect, but i demand respect. i've been here longer than anybody in these chambers, including you, madam chair. you on your way out of here. you say you are not a lame duck. you a cute duck, but you are out of here. >> president cohen: come on down. next speaker, please. >> good evening.
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i've been here since around 2:00 and i take my hat off to you, folks. you really respect your work. my visit with you today is a call to action and resolution about an autonomous vehicle bill in the u.s. senate that has the potential to adversely affect the citizens of san francisco. it's the a.v. start act. nationwide, they're asking senators to oppose the flaws. it would allow millions of vehicles on the market to be exempt from meeting existing safety standards. this act envisioned an executive branch position with exclusive authority to regulate and even waive safety regulations for autonomous vehicles across the country. if passed, we may see a time in san francisco, when a vehicle cannot be held liable for
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collisions it might cause. what will a police officer do if he or she hears this from a computer, "is there a problem, officer?" i have a copy published called the moral machine experiment. autonomous vehicles get into situations where injury or death are unaffordable. how will the technology handle the dilemmas? a.i. is being programmed with algorith algorithms, making assumptions about human worth and will handle them and make split-second decisions about who lives or dies. willthe child that ran into the treat or the two elderly people in the car? should it go straight and hit the child or swerve? as emphasized by former u.s. president barack obama, consensus on this matter will be
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important. i have a little bit more, but you have my presentation. >> president cohen: thank you. next statement, please. >> the overhead. >> president cohen: sfgov tv, the overhead, please. >> i don't know if you can see this or not. it says, mario woods here. >> clerk: please speak directly into the microphone. >> president cohen: and i think it's upside down. >> it's upside down, okay. is my time starting here? >> clerk: yes. >> is it going? >> clerk: yes. >> okay. this says mario woods. right here. and it looks like a bunch of trees. and this is a star and it looks like an a. and it's a -- it's people
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praying. with all that's going on in the world with this mass shooting and everything, when it comes to mario woods, it was a mass shooting. it was a mass of men shooting mario woods and it was murder. there's an indian consoling him and he's putting the football with mario in it. and here's abraham lincoln hanging on to mario woods' foot. this eagle, i found it here at the golden gate bridge. and it was a commemerative or a good conduct medal given by abraham lincoln. i found it at the golden gate bridge. i mention the penny that i gave away. we're the invaders. we invade this country.
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and i have -- i won't have enough time to speak, but i want a statue of robin williams and olympic torch down by the yacht harbor and one over here. i got torobin williams' strength man. i stood there when i ran alongside the olympic torch. i will let it go at that. >> clerk: thank you, sir. your time is concluded. next speaker, please. >> i want to thank everybody for helping out with the election. it seems like a good outcome. there are districts and states
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where people are denying the right of the people to have their preferences counted. how bad has the republican party become? but first, i want to mention -- i'm auto docy, tenderloin neighborhood activist. we remember paul quick there. even after he went corporate and sold out and started to work for dom woodle. i think when countries are working into the other direction now, something that may talk work and effort. if you sit in the back of this room and you look towards the other wall, you cannot look through this room without seeing a haze. a haze in the room. a couple of weeks ago, i
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suggested that the shootings may be related and now thousand oaks is burning down. things can be foggy and hazy, but i'm hoping that the board can understand the real situation we're in, that we have to do more than build $10 billion seawall. it's not going to be enough. thank you. >> president cohen: any other member of the public that would like to speak during public comment? all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. all right, madam clerk -- >> clerk: item 71. >> president cohen: closed section. >> clerk: we have a closed session for board of supervisors to get advice from the city attorney under the california government code and administrative code regarding existing litigation in which the city is a petitioner and pacific
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gas and electric company is an adverse party. >> president cohen: at this time, the board will convene a closed session to discuss the litigation between pacific gas and electric company. persons in the public gallery, please vacate the chamber as the clerk prepares the room for closed section.
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>> thank you. without objection, i would like to acknowledge that the board is changed. two auto supervisors are no longer here. can we take this without objection? without objection, thank you. i would also like to make a motion. >> i would like to make a motion to continue this item site into a closed session on the 29th day of january, 2019. >> that motion has been seconded by supervisor peskin. without objection. thank you.
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please read the adoption without committee reference. >> we have one item on the agenda. it is item 72. it is a motion to call from the government audit and oversight committee to consider african-american workforce hiring retention, promotional opportunities and data tracking and asking the department of human resources and public health, the city process attorney office and the city administrator and other applicable departments to report for the board to sit as a committee as a whole on november 27th, 2018 at 3:00 pm to hold a public hearing on the subject matter. >> thank you. if i could speak to this. i have had individual conversations that express a little bit of concern looking to not to duplicate what happened in the committee. i wanted to tell you we will be working with the callahan director of human resource
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development -- department to ensure that there are policy discussions that shaped this conversation and that it's not just a griping session. please i hope you will join me and my sponsor in supporting this motion. i will do my best to keep the conversation focused and concise can we take this, same house the same call? all right. thank you. without objection. that is a motion that is approved. it is a different house, but i went on the record and i called out that they had left. on the previous two boats. no problem. this motion passes unanimously. thank you. madame clark, please call the next item. >> i have no imperative items. >> excellence. that is music to my ears. that brings us to the end of our agenda. >> in memoriam. >> police. >> today's meeting will be
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adjourned in the following memorial for the late dr paul duncan quick, on behalf of supervisor peskin, for the late ms. miss quan. on behalf of supervisor ronen for the late audrey wells. on supervisor brown, for the late mr robert henry laws junior and on behalf on supervisor stefani, for the late 12 the victims who passed in the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. >> thank you. at this point i want to thank our friends at s.f. government t.v. for assisting us with today 's broadcast. happy birthday to our colleague, catherine stefani. congratulations. >> happy birthday. >> congratulations. with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. thank you. [♪]
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>> hi, i'm lawrence corn field. welcome to building san francisco. we have a special series, stay safe. we're looking at earthquake issues. and today we're going to be talking with a residential building owner about what residential building owners and tenants can and should do before earthquakes and after earthquakes. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at this wonderful spur exhibit on mission street in san francisco and i have with me today my good friend george.
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thanks for joining me, george. and george has for a long time owned residential property here in san francisco. and we want to talk about apartment buildings and what the owner's responsibilities might be and what they expect their tenants to do. and let's start by talking a little bit about what owners can do before an earthquake and then maybe after an earthquake. >> well, the first thing, lawrence, would be to get together with your tenants and see if they have earthquake insurance or any renters insurance in place because that's going to be key to protecting them in the event of a quake. >> and renters insurance, there are two kinds of insurance. renters insurance coffers damage to goods and content and so forth. earthquake insurance is a separate policy you get after you get renters insurance through the california earthquake authority, very inexpensive. and it helps owners and it helps tenants because it gives relocation costs and it pays their rent. this is a huge impact on
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building owners. >> it's huge, it really is. you know, a lot of owners don't realize that, you know, when there is an earthquake, their money flow is going to stop. how are they going to pay their mortgages, how are they going to pay their other bills, how are they going to live? >> what else can property owners do in residential rental housing before an earthquake? >> well, the first thing you want to do is get your property assessed. find out what the geology is at your site. get an expert in to look at structural and nonstructural losses. the structural losses, a lot of times, aren't going to be that bad if you prepare. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. get in there and get your property assessed and figure it out. >> so, what is a nonstructural issue that might cause losses? >> well, you know, pipes, for instance. pipes will whip around during an earthquake. and if they're anchored in more numerous locations, that whipping won't cause a breakage that will cause a flood.
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>> i've heard water damage is a major, major problem after earthquakes actually. >> it is. that's one of the big things. a lot of things falling over, ceilings collapsing. but all of this can be prevented by an expert coming in and assessing where those problem areas and often the fixes are really, really cheap. >> who do you call when you want to have that kind of assessment or evaluation done? >> the structural engineering community is great. we have the structural engineers association of northern california right here in san francisco. they're a wealth of information and resources. >> what kinds of things might you encourage tenants to do besides simply get tenants renters insurance and earthquake insurance, what else do you think tenants should do? >> i think it's really important to know if they happen to be in the building where is the safest place for them to go when the shaking starts. if they're out of the building, whats' their continuity plan
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for connecting with family? they should give their emergency contact information to their resident manager so that the resident manager knows how to get in touch. and have emergency supplies on hand. the tenants should be responsible to have their extra water and flashlights and bandages and know how to use a toilet when there's no sewage and water flows down. and the owners of the building should be proactive in that regard as well. >> so, george, thank you so much for joining us. that was really great. and thanks to spur for hosting us here in this wonderful exhibit. and thank you for joining us
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>> this is the hearing of the san francisco entertainment commission. i'm the commission vice president. if you are a member of the public and would like to speak, there are speaker forms you can fill out that are located at the front of the tables, and once you complete that on hand it to our staff are come up to the microphone, i can call you for public comment. we do ask that you turn off your cell phones or put them on silent and that includes our commissioners and staff. a big shout out to san francisco government t.v. and media services for sharing this meeting with the public. we can start with the roll call. [roll call]
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>> the other commissioners have excused absences. >> thank you. first order of business is public comment. is there any public comment for items not listed on the agenda? if you don't -- yeah,. okay. is it for any of the items that are on the agenda? okay. it will come up a bit later. thank you. all right. public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda is item two, approval of our minutes for november 6th, 2018
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commissioners? do we have a motion on the approval of minutes for november 6th, 2018? >> i do have -- let's see. page 2, my comment about the chief and up. i think it should be soma -- what is it? it was a night club. the owners' coalition. it is not just soma. it's kind of weird. just say soma safety commission. i don't know, nightclub owners, stakeholders. >> all right. i moved to approve with that one change and i don't know if there's any others, but i don't have any. >> okay.
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>> commissioner thomas? >> let's open it to public comment. is there any public comment on the minutes? saying none, public comment is closed. commissioner thomas? >> aye. [roll call] >> okay. the minutes have been approved. the next item on the agenda is a report from our executive director. >> all right. good evening, commissioners. this is very interesting sitting up here, since i was down below. i just wanted to update you on a quite -- quite a few things this evening. first of all up the world city of culture forum was hosted in san francisco last week by the san francisco arts commission.
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and both dale and bryce and i were lucky enough to be included in some of the events, including their gallop which was on thursday night. it was a black-tie gala. it was very interesting. we met people from all over the world to serve in arts capacities. it was an amazing learning experience. in future, we would hope to embed in world cities with the culture forum or create something similar to that around entertainment and music, as we thoroughly believe that this is just as qualifying of an art as anything else. world cities cultural forum was started in the city of london and it's a convenor of city policymakers that share research and best practices and explore the vital role of culture in their future prosperity.
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so dylan went out afterward and was able to meet and mingle with a lot more of the attendees of the gala and made a lot of really vital connections. we are really excited about that another item i wanted to update you all on, i don't remember the last time we have updated you on this, but this is sound diplomacy. this is a group that is coming to san francisco the week of our holiday party, december 10th, through the 14th. the office of economic and workforce development and my counterpoint over there put together a request for proposal for a music industry study for san francisco and found diplomacy was the group that was chosen. so this is some of the beginning of their research. they will be conducting group
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interviews and surveys across our entire music industry. i was included -- i have included a snapshot of sound diplomacy's work here in san francisco within my director report. you can take a look at its. this will be a really interesting prosit -- cross segment arrangement. we are really hoping that we get some action items out of their visit. this will be an ongoing study and we will keep you apprised of that. i believe some of the commissioners are invited to attend. i think commissioner lee will be invited to one of the discussions. we have a whole discussion around nightlife menu owners and operators as well as event producers. we will be convening those folks that we already work very closely with. that will be a really great project.
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moving right along, i wanted to introduce everyone to our new deputy director, caitlin. she just started yesterday and although it's only been two days , i already feel so much better. she comes from us -- comes to us from alameda county. i will let her say a couple of words, and welcome, kaitlin. >> good evening, commissioners. hello. i'm excited to be here, as maggie mentioned, i did come from alameda county. i was previously working with the superior court of california and i am extremely excited to be joining the entertainment commission team and working in this capacity. i am here to help you and support you and i look forward to working together. >> awesome. thank you, kaitlin. another item in my report, and i
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think this might be null at this point, is a reminder to pleas work with our commission secretary, crystal, and letting her know whatever meetings you cannot attend and at least through january, at this point because we want to ensure we have a quorum moving forward. she has responses from just about everyone at this place. thank you so much. finally, i wanted to update you about the notice to appear that we issued to halcion and to this information the agenda is already incorrect. it was originally correct when i published the agenda, but the commission hearing for this will now be on december 18th. we are currently working on a very large public records request on behalf of the permit holder. that has essentially pushed back their hearing date.
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i will keep you all apprised of the work on that item. do you have any questions for me >> i noticed in the pocket a news announcement about mezzanine. >> so sorry. thank you. i forgot to bring that up because it was not on the agenda i don't know -- i believe a lot of you have read about this today. its something that i have known was perhaps going to happen for quite some time and i'm very sad to hear that it is happening. mezzanine is being displaced by their land owner. and that will be happening within a year. it is a really sad story because they will be -- basically the owners worked with a realtor who said that they could get $50,000 a month in rent if they turn this into office space. that is what they are pushing to do back and this is not a good
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story. it was a female owned a female run venue, from front doors providing live music in a safe and fun environment for patrons to attend. i push this out to the mayor's his office today. there are a lot of city supervisors who are also really concerned to reach out to the owner. it is getting a lot of media coverage. i think that it is a story we should share but i think we should look toward solutions and how we can help prevent against this happening again in the future. do you have any questions or thoughts on that? >> i definitely agree that we should look toward solutions to try to prevent this. this is one new victim of many other nightclubs like elbow room and others who have closed down
5:46 pm
over the years. has more properties look like lucrative for developers, we will continue to see this. i am really sad. i'm sorry to the whole team at mezzanine. i think that why kate we are here to protect nightlife as a commission, and i think that all of us are probably going to be willing to sit down and try and think about what preservation strategies can we have on a city level two support businesses like this. i have had a lot of great memories there, and there's been an incredible music acts that have come through their. we had our entertainment commission holiday, was at the holiday party? >> jocelyn's going away party. >> there's a lot of history there that is tied to the commission and not. i wish that greed wasn't a factor in how people run their businesses.
5:47 pm
i'm sorry to them and i look forward to -- i don't know how many more months. eleven more months of really great to nightlife their. we will see what happens in that time. >> keep us in the loop in terms of what, if anything the entertainment commission can do. i know that both members of the board of the supervisors and incoming members of the board are very interested in figuring this out. hopefully they can put pressure on the landlord and save the space. >> okay. all right. is there any public comment on our director's at report? seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. >> welcome to kaitlin, too. sorry. [laughter] >> welcome. we are all at our ceiling. this is what we are learning about mezzanine. next item on the agenda is a report from our senior inspector
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>> thank you, vice president. this is inspector burke, and i have some complaints for you. [laughter] >> good evening, commissioners. first and foremost, i wanted to mention a complaint towards the top of the list. it is from november 7th. it is for the knockout. it -- the both of these clubs came through on one complaint, along with a third bar without a place of entertainment permit. without a permit from us. just a description of their experience with these two places i will have one of our inspectors monitor this core door. it is a place that they go pretty frequently. it -- they make sure doors are closed and make sure, as these clubs empty out, the exit is
5:49 pm
organized and security is strong definitely something we will keep an eye out for. further down the list, zeitgeist had to watch like complaints come live bands on sunday evening. i talked to both of the complainants and they said that this is something that happens infrequently but this particular time, it was a little overboard with volume. we visited zeitgeist and we will be in touch with them to see what we can do about bringing them into compliance. same goes with church on 1401 howard, a little bit further down the list. that is a place of both inspectors and i visited. when we saw an event they are driving by about a month ago, we talked to the owner of the church and he's aware of the permitting process. we will follow up again to make sure that he knows that any time
5:50 pm
he has entertainment that he has to get a permit from us. alloy event space is the last on the complaint list. this is one of many difference co- working and private event café space is that we seen pop up recently. all of them more or less our advertising that they can be rented out for private events. something we will keep an eye on to make sure that when they do have events they get one time event permits with us or we can try to permit them for llp his or places of entertainment. under the inspections on the first page, at 2516 mission, we are also seeing a rise in places with speakers on patios. which is good for the fixed f.
5:51 pm
pass. fix placed, amplified sound permit. howells is another one you can see on the back page with outdoor speakers, and we will be forwarding e-mails to kaitlin to bring these places into compliance. ongoing complaints, halcion received four complaints since our last hearing. if you will notice, for most of the complaints on the front page and on the back here, i have put the day of the week so we have a little bit more reference as to what is going on. three out of the four for halcion were on weekday nights. sunday, two sundays, three on sundays, and then one on a saturday, and stanford june, we have multiple complainants
5:52 pm
complaining over multiple dates. it is something that director ryland and i have talked to the operators about. the operators are in touch with most of the complainants as well and we have been assured that any events outside of the times and days that they are permitted for will be -- they will be applying for one time event permits moving forward. i think there was confusing about -- confusion about what they were allowed to do. this is happening very recently. we have had no issues with complaints for quite some time and we hope to have this wrapped up shortly. there has been an influx of complaints about them. that wraps it up. i'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
5:53 pm
>> i've only got one. so the church, when he got there , what kind of event was it was at a party? was it an adult -- a wedding? >> this complaints came through on thursday evening. we didn't have coverage in the field to inspect. the visit i had mentioned happened may be a month ago. i was out training with antonio and michael and we were driving around selma and saw the doors open, and windows open, and crowds going in and out and we heard music. we spoke with security and we spoke with the operator to let him know about the permitting process and gave him cards and at the time, i think it was an open house. i think it was haycock here is the space. it is done. come check it out.
5:54 pm
>> a little background on st. joseph's, i know about this because brian sheehy, who we have seen before this commission several times, he owns and operates several pubs in the city and his consulting with them on this. they are going directly through the board of supervisors for a see you just for this property to allow for arts and entertainment to use. this will be a very community-based space and we will see them before the commission once they are allowed to do so. in the interim, they know to come to us for one-time and so just a little background. >> the reason why i bring it up is because i remember back in the day, the ymca and things like that, they would host these parties. they would call them birthday parties and what not to.
5:55 pm
and sometimes violence happens. churches tend to follow if they have space and they do rent out their facilities. but i guess if brian is working with them, at least they have someone professional who will keep an eye on things and represent something more positive. i was just curious. >> it was a church, but it is not a church anymore. the building is right at the corner of kent and howard with the gold domes. >> so it is not active? >> it is not a safe establishment of any kind at this point. it is just a building. >> i see it all the time. okay. >> i don't know if there's any religious institution affiliated with it. >> that makes it more of an -- okay. i guess they're trying to to get their permits. >> yet yep. >> thanks. >> i just found a couple typos.
5:56 pm
in their first complaint, you say i'll techno. >> i've sort of got into the habit of cutting and pasting from the source of the complaint just as it was submitted to 311. >> and halcion was on the second page. just their address. i believe it is 11th. it looks right on the other one. >> it sure is. thank you for that. >> aside from my editing, i have a question about people using the hall. i feel like we've seen this pop up at least two or three other times in other meetings. i'm wondering, do you know -- it looks like its an anonymous complaint, but it's hard to say for sure if it's the same person >> based on the wording and the complaints that are coming to 311, i believe it is.
5:57 pm
they seem to be super sporadic. i don't think it's a trait or a door or a crowd, i think occasionally, great american music hall will have a band that is a little louder than most of their programming. and that is something that we went by and discussed with them this past weekend. i think the best course of action is to make sure that they understand what their limits are they keep good logs of how loud each band is each night. and maybe redo a sound test. it has probably been quite some time since they had a sound test and may be there sound system has changed. that is the next step if we can't, if these complaints continue and we can't work with a complainant to be in touch with them, then we will go out and redo their sound test. >> were they aware of complaints were they surprised? i am wondering if anyone has gone to them directly. >> they were surprised.
5:58 pm
in my time here, i think the anytime people have complained it has been about great america. >> it sounds like they are cooperative and a hope they can figure out how to resolve that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i had a question about ravens can you just let us know, was there an incident or was, was it follow-up from a complaint. >> there was a complaint about closing time at raven. we got a complaint that the crowd was not under control and spilling out onto the streets. no incident and no violence or anything like that, but that the dispersal was a little messy. that was not the experience of our inspector when he went out. so another thing that we will
5:59 pm
keep an eye on, on the major thoroughfare in soma and we will make sure to keep an eye around closing time to make sure everything is safe. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. is there any public comment on the report of our senior inspector? seeing none, public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda is the report from our senior analyst. >> this mike is dead. >> thank you. i am the senior analyst for the community and cultural events. good evening character sitting over here this time. it is fun. i just wanted to report back on some education and networking initiatives i have been working on that had not happened quite yet at the last hearing. we had our last s.f. outdoor
6:00 pm
events network mixer at del rio which was on november 7th. i had a wonderful experience organizing it with the owner of el rio as well as with jeremy from tour tech. this was a panel discussion about how producers can leverage technology to increase their revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. how can we talk about innovation and tools for events of all sizes and all budgets? we had about 25 people attend. we had 49 rsvp. fifty% attrition. it is pretty decent. and then i was excited about the range of attendees. we had stern growth, we had noise pop, jury