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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 5, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> let's give them a big hand, the san francisco lesbian gay band. [♪]
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. >> president cohen: good afternoon, and welcome to a special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. today is december 18, 2018.
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thank you all for being with us today. for this important meeting. to the members, begin with attendance, lead the pledge of allegiance, communications and nominate and vote for their president pro-tem. so let's start with the roll call. [roll call vote taken] we have a quorum. so, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. members of the board please join
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us in the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance was recited] >> thank you all. during the roll call for attendance, those marked not present were president cohen, supervisor peskin and supervisor tang. my office has received communications asking to be excused from the meeting. a pro-tem officer is appointed by the members, a motion to excuse the members the first order of business. but first, board president malia cohen is among those members not present, pursuant to the rules, clerk calls the meeting to order, and opens the floor for members to make nominations and to vote for their pro-tem.
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all right. though this appointment would terminate after today's meeting. any member may make a nomination, a second a nice touch and majority vote of the members present. so, if there's one nomination, we'll take the vote. if there are multiple names in nominations, we'll take a different type of a vote. so, are there any members who would like to nominate president pro-tem? >> yes. >> supervisor yee: i would like to nominate the only outgoing supervisor in the room, that would be supervisor jane kim. >> supervisor yeah has nominated supervisor kim seconded by safai. we'll take a vote on that as supervisor kim as the pro-tem.
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[roll call vote taken] there are eight ayes. congratulations, madam chair. >> colleagues, thank you for your confidence in your vote today to allow me to preside over our special board of supervisors meeting for tuesday, december 18th. more than anything, i want to thank my colleagues for coming in for this special meeting to
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allow me to be able to vote for this charter amendment to bring this forward to our voters. may i take a motion at this time to excuse president cohen, supervisor peskin and supervisor tang? motion from ronen and second from brown, do that without objection. madam clerk, call today's one and only item. >> clerk: item 1, charter amendment third draft to establish the free city college fund to defray certain costs of city college students and to require annual appropriations in designate the amounts to the fund, at election to be held november 5, 2019. >> i want to thank the members, primary sponsor, supervisor mandelman, supervisor yeah, ronen, brown, fewer and safai. i did promise a brief meeting,
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but i did want to make a couple of points before we took a vote on this charter amendment. i just want to recap the journey that we had been on since 2015 when i first introduced a revenue measure to create more equity here in san francisco. we have one of the fastest growing economies to the envy of cities and states around the nation, yet we also have the fastest growing income gap between the rich and the poor in the nation as well. the great equalizer or one of the great equalizers in our country has always been education, and in the mid 20th century when this country made a very expensive and at the time a very radical decision to fund a free and universal k-12 education system we saw a middle class grow in this country. while that was not the only factor for the growth of the middle class, it was certainly
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one of them. and during this time we also found a high school diploma was enough to get a middle class job. 30, 40 years later we have seen technology has raced ahead of education, and that by 2020, 70% of all u.s. jobs will require some type of post secondary degree training or certificate. i believe it's our role as elected officials and as government to constantly review and reexamine the social compact we have with our citizens to provide them a foundation to become successful in our nation and education of course continues to be one of them. in 2015, we started to hear candidates for the democratic party and president talk about tuition-free college, and community members reached out to me in december of 2015 examine what it would mean to use revenue measures for a free city college. over the next four months we worked with our controllers office, ben and his team and in
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particular, thank jalieal, and my chief of staff, to look at what the investment would look like and found it does not cost that much. with an estimated revenue of between 20 to $44 million through luxury real estate transfer tax we realized we can make san francisco the first city in the nation to make community college free for all of our residents regardless of age, income or any type of g.p.a. prerequisite and thank my colleagues on the board at that time for supporters a charter amendment with ten votes, i'm sorry, supporting a revenue measure with ten votes that became proposition w, luxury real estate transfer tax, asking those who are doing tremendously well in the real estate economy to invest back in the city to create more equity. the average job available for city college graduate, $11,000 more than the same individual with a high school diploma.
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l 62% passage in november, able to raise $27 million in just the first year of implementation and able to make city college free that fall of 2017. however, as you know, through that process, we were able to allocate only 6.4 million of the 27 million to this free city program. we wanted the pilot to begin and get our foot in the door and the program has been much more wildly successful and popular than i think any of us even the strongest advocates have anticipated. we saw a growth that looked to be about 20 to 25% of increase enrollment of san francisco residents and we saw city college adding classes and hiring faculty again. one of my favorite quotes was one of the, one of the faculty members saying that she enjoyed being screamed at by a student for not being able to get to the class because it was full, instead of telling a student that they could not get into the class because it was canceled due to underenrollment.
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since that time we have gotten so many letters from city college students. including this letter that we received, on behalf of the students of city college, i want to express my gratitude toward the victory of free city college. as a student and as a graduate who continues attending ccsf, the removal of financial barriers has opened greater skills necessary to prepare for the 21st century work force. i'm a mother of three young children and been working towards a career change in life. obtaining this education is essential and purposing career path that is fulfilling. free city contributes to their talents, and pursue new career paths without going into financial debt. reduced education iniquity and made education accessible for all of our city residents and thank the board for championing free city. it's so important in a city that talks about innovation and disruption, we need to make sure the opportunity is provided for
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all of our residents. so, colleagues, i just want to thank again our co-sponsors, i want to thank our rules committee for expeditiously allowing this to come before the board. i know this is one of the quickest charter amendments that have come before the board of supervisors but i really do look forward to working with all of you to champion this in the november 2019 election. i want to recognize the college board of trustees for adopting this charter amendment and recognizing the president, the vice president, and others, and also my former chief of staff, ivy li, the architect behind proposition w. thank the city attorneys for working tirelessly to make sure we could get this done since july, janet and john, and recognize the controller's office, ben rosenfield and his
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team, michelle and jayliel, will work on this in a different hat without your office and all the data and numbers we would not have been able to move forward with proposition w or the charter amendment before us. and last but not least, i want to thank the free city coalition. i have really enjoyed standing in front of this campaign but this idea came directly from the community and not from any elected official. it was again members of labor and afc2121 that brought the idea of investing in free city and said this was possible and tremendous amount of research across the country to see what what it would take to make this a successful program in san francisco, examining the tennessee promise, chicago promise, oregon promise, the strengths and pit falls of the program to make sure we would implement a program in san francisco that drew on the strength and also addressed and
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mitigated some of the challenges they saw, one most importantly, low income students in households did not enroll in free college, we found that books and transportation and child care costs exceeded the cost of tuition and that was also a barrier attending the college, so unique not only tuition free but for the lowest income students enrolling in city college part and full-time, providing additional stipend to pay for books and other things to be successful in the school. i want to thank afc2121, our president jenny warly, our former president, aleesa, james tracy who worked on it at the partnership, and labor council, connie ford, rita gonzales, and kim paulson. community housing partnership,
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anokvil rama, and the student solidarity committee co-chairs. among others. any comments or questions you would like to make before our vote on the question? this is really going to be a short meeting. so -- at this time, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> on the question shall this charter amendment be submitted to the department of elections. [roll call vote taken] >> clerk: there are seven aye and one no, with supervisor stefani in the dissent.
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>> colleague, ordered and submitted to the november 5, 2019, election. and failed to thank kitty fong for working so hard the last couple of months. madam clerk, general public comment. yes, still doing that for the special board meeting. >> at this time the public may address the board up to two minutes on subject matter items within the board's jurisdiction, but not on a free city college. first speaker, please. >> city college for free, first of all, i want to point out to you that there's nothing for free. during the budget cuts, two executive females for city college came up here and said it's a good program but we here before the budget today because we are $5 million in debt. so that's proof nothing for free. you just testified you got multi-million dollars of dollars from proposition w, if so, why
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is city college $5 million in debt per year. you want to continue this program for 20 years, 20 years times 5 million, $100 million that the city is in debt. another example of the situation enjoyed by preferential treatment said the people but not enjoyed by the most vulnerable people. you have lower level institutions of schools in order to get to the best schools, junior high and elementary schools, and other school institutions, you have to go to school based on the lottery system. whereas city college is for free and no lottery system involved. in fact, i have to speak up for the teachers as well, because the teachers are not getting paid on time, and just this past holiday season, s.f. -- over 200 instructors that did not get paid. and as a result, they received foreclosure notices from the banks, eviction b notice from the apartment owners, and by the
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same response, some homeless teachers out in the streets, too. and i want to point out another example of differential treatment, because scott wiener and the previous mayor put together a $44 million homeless bond for teachers only to build 100 units and 120 units for homeless teachers only. you have a situation enjoyed by homeless teachers but not enjoyed by nonhomeless teachers. moreover, another situation where this homeless bond after seven years of living in the building the teachers have to be evicted and start the homeless teacher situation all over again. >> thank you for your comments. just a reminder, general public comment. not comment on free city college for future speakers. >> thank you, thank you. mr. wright is throwing fastballs and they are covering the plate. this issue, this is coming back
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to bringing our government back home. this is just one government, and this government needs to say well, we have other governments, the federal and the state, and there are budgets there, dropping. littering yemen with bombs, couldn't we get a few more, instead of bombs, schools. i mean, this is across the country. people are not going to have a lot of money for the programs for the people but yet we need to bring the governments back home and this is a perfect example of it. good luck finding funding for bringing the governments back home. thank you. >> thank you, mr. gilberte. any of the other members in general public comment? >> i would generally like to say thank you very much from a city college person, it was free -- i'm not commenting about the i think this, just saying thank you. it was free for me and i've taught there 39 years and if it had not been free, that would
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have never happened. i know we are not allowed to clap or sing, so, hey! thank you. >> i think we are allowed to sing. >> thank you. ♪ we've got a charter amendment ♪ ♪ we've got a charter amendment ♪ ♪ to keep city free, from the bottom of my heart i say thanks to thee ♪ ♪ we have free city college for you and for me ♪ >> thank you. >> thank you, police berg. -- miss berg. >> all right, madam president. >> oh, yeah. i just want to say, i wasn't here last week for all the great accolades that, thank you jane kim for a wonderful eight years. i'm proud to be a district 6 resident and close out as board president, one of the great moments. thanks for pushing universal child care, ban the box, and raising the minimum wage wage,
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and the other thing we are not supposed to talk about in general public comment. thank you. >> thank you so much, to members of the public. sorry -- flip the page. madam clerk, any further business before us? >> after you close public comment, madam president, i believe that brings us to the end of our agenda and a year that we will remember. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. thank you so much to mike colleagues for coming in today for a special board meeting. we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year. thank you also to our staff and clerks for organizing this special board meeting for december 18th and for the members of the public for coming. today's special meeting is adjourned.
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good afternoon. it is now 10:00 1:00 p.m. this is the regular meeting of the community investment and infrastructure for tuesday, december 18, 2018. welcome, members of the public. please call the first item. >> the first order is item one, roll call. please respond when i call your name. (roll call). >> commissioner singh is absent. all others are present. item two announcements. the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held january 15,
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2019 at 1:00 p at city hall room 416. announcement of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices. the use of cell phones and similar electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chair may order removal from the meeting room of any person responsible four the ringing of or use of a cell phone, pager or other similar device. a member of the public has three minutes to make public comments on each item unless a shorter period is adopted on any item. it is recommended members who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit the completed card to the secretary. next is item 3. report on actions taken at a previous closed session meeting,
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if any. there are no reportable issues. next is item 4. no matters of unfinished business. next is item 5. matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. first 5a. approval of minutes from november 6, 2018. madam chair. >> madam secretary do you have any speaker cards for this item? >> no speaker cards. >> since there is no request i will close public comment. now, i turn to my commission members for comments and questions. do i have a motion to apbrief the minutes? moved by commissioner bustos seconded by commissioner scott. roll call. >> please announce your vote. (roll call).
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>> it is four ayes and one absent. >> the item carries. >> next is item 5b election of chair and vice chair for discussion and action. >> fellow commissioners, we have before us election of chair and vice chair. first we will elect the chair. do we have any nominations for chair? yes, commissioner bustos. >> i would like to nominate our current chair, commissioner mondejar. >> i would like to nominate our chair as well. >> i would like to nominate our chair as well. >> thank you. any other nominations for chair?
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nominations for the chair is closed. any members of the public who would like to comment on nominations for the chair. public comment is closed. any oppositions or abtentions? please call the roll call for chair. >> commission members please announce your vote for the chair when i call your name. you commissioner scott, vice chair, madam chair. the vote is 4 an ayes and one absent. >> the elected chair of the commission is marily mondejar. >> thank you for your confidence in me. >> next the vice chair.
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any nominations for choice chair? >> i would like to nominate vice chair bustos for the vice chair position. >> i second that. >> i would like to nominate as well. >> i second that. >> any more nominees for vice chair? >> nominations for the office of vice chair is closed. any members of the public who would like to comment on the nomination for vice chair? hearing none, public comment is closed. any oppositions or abtentions? hearing none, madam secretary, please call the roll for vice chair. (roll call).
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>> madam chair is 4ayes. >> the vice chair is bustos. congratulations. [applause.] >> with you like to say something, commissioner. >> no thank you. >> please call is the next item. >> next is 5c authorizing a personal services contract with hollynns consulting inc. a california corporation for one year with an option for two additional one year extensions for an amount not to exceed $1,700,000 for phase one and phase two of the hunters point shipyard and redevelopment areas. 44-2018. madam director. >> this item before is ruiteam.
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it is to engage engineering firm to provide assistance in subdivision and technical engineering services for the shipyard. phillip will present this item. apologies for butchering your last name. >> thank you. good afternoon. i am phil. i am a specialist. this item is a request for authorization to enter into a personal services contract for engineering support services withollins consulting inc. for e
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design of the infrastructure to support new development, primarily in the candlestick project area. some of these services they are offering are reviewing subdivision apps at the new lots for the new buildings, reviewing improvement plans to bring utilities to the new locks created with the maps, reviewing form water designs in excess of water from storms and delivering it to the bay, coordinating various regulatory approvals without side agencies and other city departments. the project area is shipyard one and two and can dill stick point, but the primary focus
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will be candlestick point where they are preparing multiple phases of projects final maps. this will require extensive review of utility designs and public improvement plans. in terms of consultants for this work since 2015, it is currently done by hawk engineers, the contract with hawks engineers expires at the end of this month. relative to this selection process, ocii followed the following steps. on august 8, 2018, ocii issued a request for proposals for engineering and technical
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services. on october 22, we held a pre-proposal meeting with five interested firms. we went through the r.f.p. criteria to discuss the issues and answerkies. on september 11, we responded to all written questions from the various interested parties, and on september 22, all r.f.p. responses were due. our outreach efforts inintoeded 90 e-mail solutiontationses to the city for engineers. we contacted the african-american chamber of commerce who disseminated the r.f.p. to its members.
10:41 am
we coordinated the shipyard assistance center, both disseminated the information to clients or members. finally, we posted the r.f.p. to both the city contract and administration web page and oci web page. we eventually received one r.f.p. from holland consulting inc. it included sub consultants hawk engineering who is the older for the contract and sustainable wattster shed design and sustainable watershed designs are certified lpes.
10:42 am
after we received the response, we conteened a review panel for all subject matter experts. we had a member from ocii, public works and two developers. it was selected because they met all of the r.f.p. criteria. the panel received positive reports of previous working relationships. fees were determined to be fair and reasonable. the panel found they were qualified to perform the required services. they have extensive experience with large infrastructure projects including transit center, central subway,
10:43 am
extension and other projects. it is a one-year agreement with options for two additional one year expenses with a contracted of $1.7 million. before i conclude or my voice concludes, i would like to introduce members of the holland team present today. first we have the principal in charge of holland consulting, second we have mr. derrick cooper, the lead project engineer and project manager. that concludes my remarks. i will be happy to answer your
10:44 am
questions. >> before we ask any questions, madam secretary, do you have any speaker cards for this item? >> yes, madam chair. washington. ace washington. >> okay. please have a seat there. i don't speak on nothing i have too much knowledge about, but i am speaking about here because i have an opportunity to speak. i have to speak on the item. let me just go over this quickly here. okay. i wouldn't make difference in i had whistles or a donkey, you wouldn't do what i want you to do. i support you.
10:45 am
what else can i pay at this point. you are prepared. i can't speak on the item. this is what i come up here to speak upon. i get three minutes instead of two minutes. wonderful. that is special because i got up here. you all must be in a good mood today. i took my high blood pressure medicine. don't go by my appearance. i am not here to impress. i am here to make statement on record. have it your way. i support the project. you will hear me speaking on other items. i am ace, and as always i am on the case. >> no more speaker cards, madam chair. >> no further request on this item, i will close public comment. any questions on this item?
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>> commissioner bustos. >> a comment. this is a contract that is about three years, right, we are looking at, if needed, right? the contract we would be approves is one year plus two years of one year extensions so basically three years. >> the contract you would be approves is one year. with option of the executive director kor. >> correct. >> i know our contractors are well aware we are dealing with the peoples' money. when we approve contracts it comes back later for amendments so i just want to put on record i would not support an
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amendment. i think they are qualified to do the work, we are dealing with a lot of money. i am good supporting this, but behind full and careful about how we are spending the people's money. i think it is important for us to be reminded of that once in a while. i want to make that comment. >> thank you, commissioner bustos. >> yes, i have a process question on slide 5. it is mentioned that five firms were invested, that attended the proposal. >> that's correct. >> were those all potentially prime consultants? >> yes, they were. >> do we have any understanding why we drew just one proposal? >> my understanding is that it is a busy time.
10:48 am
there is a development boom and most people are really busy. >> that is what a lot of the professionals say. i do not the incumbent consultant hawk is on this as well. >> there is continuity in the work that is being performed? >> that's right. >> any comment or questions? >> no comment. >> we retained hollis consulting before? this is not the first time? >> yes. >> yes, this is the first time? >> yes, this is the first time. >> thank you. hearing no further questions do i have a motion? >> i make a motion. >> motion to approve this contract. >> second motion from commissioner rosalis, seconded
10:49 am
by commissioner scott. >> please call the roll. (roll call). >> madam chair, the vote is four ayes, one absent. >> thank you. motion carries. thank you for the presentation. please call the next item. >> agenda item 5d. finding pursuant to section 9.07 of the disposition of urban housing llc the developer has made good faith efforts unsuccessful in leasing approximately 12,400 square foot gross rear store at transbay
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block b and north block of folsom street. 45-2018. madam director. >> thank you, madam secretary. this item is before you since the purchase of the land in 2015. the developer has used good faith efforts to obtain a grocery tenant provided ocii with updates. they have been unable to lease the space and in february 2018, they provided in writing a request to seek approval to release them of this obligation. we understand there is concerns and the need in the community to have a grocery on that site, but today's staff is recommending we relieve them are the obligation
10:51 am
understanding the sensitivity of the matter. i will turn it over to shane heart to present on the matter. we have an extensive team to support him as well. thank you. >> good afternoon, madam chair, commissioners, i am shane heart the project manager for transbay. we are here to discuss transbay block 8. the agenda i will give a presentation, then the developer of blockade related california and jonathan, the project manager will give a presentation, then we have sarah graham who is with strategic economicises a consultant we hired will give a presentation. >> the commission actions today are to find the developer made good faith efforts to lease the grocery space and to approve
10:52 am
termination of the developer's obligation to provide a grocery store in transbay block 8. before we start, i want to step back a little bit. i want everyone to know that block 8 is one you have the cal tran's parcels that was a former embarcadero freeway parcel. the proceeds from the sale of that piece of land went to the funding of the transit center, and, you know, the goal of all negotiations and sales is to maximize the land price and get as much affordable housing as possible. for this project land price we were able to negotiate with $71 million and 70% of affordable housing.
10:53 am
summary of the key findings. the developer and broker reached out to numerous grocers, too much grocery competition. ocii hired a consultant to review the grocery market. the developer met the dda conditions. block 8 is follow some street between -- folsom street between fremont and first street. it consists of 548 residential units. 50/50 affordable 17,000 square feet every tail.
10:54 am
the grocery portion is totally of 13,010 square feet, 2700 square feet is to the ground floor. 10,400 square feet is located in the basement. the dda was approved in 2015 and dda requires developer make good faith efforts and hire a listing broker to market the space, provide proper staffing and provide quarterly progress updates to ocii includes market surveys, outreach efforts and obstacles to leasing the space. the dda reading the developer is unable to lease within a year of opening the developer may request commission approval to
10:55 am
terminate the obligation. that shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or dela delayed. regarding the developer's efforts, they hired collier as the listing rocker and contacted 13 grocers. the majority were local. all of the grocers declined due to competition from woodlands market. they opened in 2017 located three blocks away. there was too little space that was not contiguous or they were not interested in the area. this is a list of the grocers contacted by the developer and broker. the developer provided staffing and quarterly progress updates to ocii. also provided three updates to the commission.
10:56 am
this slide is a timeline of the developer efforts and the key events affecting the grocery marketing campaign. i am not going to get to the detail. the developer will speak about their past actions. ocii hired strategic economics topiary view the grocer objections to the space. they agreed with woodlands that opening that market it could not support a second grocer within block 8. they state further grocery key mapped is uncertain due to increasing delivery options. they agree the space size is anism pediment. they did not agree that traffic and lack of parking are an issue due to transit option in the
10:57 am
area. this is a map of the grocery store in the area. you can see the location of woodlands and proximity of the larger grocers. a key provision is 9.07. if the developer is unable to enter into a lease with an acceptable grocery tenant on commercially reasonable terms acceptable to the developer the developer make seek approval to terminate and it shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. this was brought to the transbase cac last thursday. they voted against recommending the commission terminate the
10:58 am
grocery obligation. that was a 5-3 vote. there are cac members here to speak during the public comment period. although staff understanding the cac's concerns, staff finds developer complied with the terms. made good faith efforts, the o ocii hired retail consultant agrees local demand cannot support two grocers. space constraints are challenges. in our opinion the dda language is very clear the approval shall not be withheld. therefore staff finds the developer has fully comply with the terms and recommends the commission approve termination of the grocery obligation. i will ask jonathan shum from related to speak.
10:59 am
>> good afternoon, madam chair, commissioners. i wanted to give a brief overview what i will present on today. first, i will provide an introduction of the project team. we will have an overview of the retail market outlook as well as trends. i will go over the design of the grocery space to inform every one of the efforts made. we will transition to outreach efforts conducted, then afterwards we can conduct q&a. here today is myself, jonathan shum, vice president, there is
11:00 am
senior vice president who is going to give an overview of the retail market as well as trends that they are seeing out there. most of you are familiar with related california. one of the latest supportable housing developments in california. 14,000 units over the last 30 years. we have 1500 affordable housing units under development. that is 588 in mission bay. west side court and the fillmore, the sunny dale public housing and goodwill site working for office space for the city of san francisco on the corner of mission and vanness.