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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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majority of people are asking for, there are a lot of other managers. >> and there is also another issue that is vexing to us. we had individuals fro from -- former individuals from toytoys "r" us, and a lot of retailers that reorganize under chapter 11, and once they buy the debt it is almost like a never-ending cycle, and they pay dividends. it is hard, so we have the responsibility, we have to make money, but at the same time, we're putting businesses out of business from some of the investment that we make because of this pure -- how do we thanl handle that? >> by reviewing what is
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brought in front of us, on a deeper dive, and make sure that the managers, and look at the governance part of the "g," which is basically what we're talking about. and also put it against the template of what is really happening in the economy today. and that's an important thing. you can't say in a perfect world. it is in a perfect world. i'll go into a segue, forget the hedge funds and the private equity guys. let's look at what they're doing on the other side with california wildfires. they're buying the claims. they're buying the debt. it is an interesting situation. and so referring back to your answer, it would be a deeper dive into what we're looking at against the template of commitment that we're going to do for a governance. >> i think all of these things are really
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important to my colleagues and to our board. we represent a lot of these workers who are working for these companies, but on the other hand, we're representing the retirees at the same time. we have to balance those to competing interests. the last thing i wanted to say for the record, and we did not get to talk about this, was a strong desire to expand the opportunities for working people to be able to afford to live in san francisco. in the past, we were, and still may be, the seventh largest investor in the afl/cio's housing investment fund. it is a smaller aspect of our portfolio, similar to our fixe fixed assets, where it might not get as much of a return as other areas, but it is important to invest in because it allows us to building housing for working people. one of my goals on the board in the upcoming two years is to expand that portfolio and look for opportunities to invest in housing for working people. will you join me on that? and what's your thoughts
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on expanding housing opportunities through our investment funds? >> absolutely. i mean, it is -- i'm looking at business models now that are using city-owned properties, common space, whatever, that are looking at that in the reality of what is happening in their communities, their states, the nation. and i've had a venture fund, and i still have some venture investments, and i've always said -- and this goes back a long time -- that there are great business models that do for the greater good, that create the greater good for the greatest amount of people, and always has been. the object is to filter that -- to put that -- for us -- i shouldn't say us -- for the retirement board, it is to put it against the fe fiduciary
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responsibility, as you mentioned. i've always said impact investing, social impact investing, profit -- we look at the investments that will make profit, will have a bo bottom line because that will feed scale, that impacts scale. it is not just a nice business, sounds good and makes everybody feel good -- that's not it. >> thank you. i just wanted to say i enjoyed the opportunity to sit with you. i appreciate your answers and i feel comfortable moving forward and supporting you as a member on this body. i just wanted to put that in for the record. thank you, madam chair. >> chairwoman: sure. supervisor walton? >> just one question. i know we're 90% funded, and what's the average -- in your mind and thoughts, what's the possibility of getting to 100%? >> it's -- i'm going to give you a global answer
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because i really need to do a deeper dive to really answer that spot-on. i feel comfortable about accepting the nomination because i think we can reach it in a reasonable amount of time, but we have to make some changes, structural changes to it. i'm committed to doing it, to fully funding it. but i have to tell you, i can't answer that question in actual -- >> just for the record, madam chair, relative to other investment funds and public funds, we're doing exceedingly well. so at one point we were far less than 90%. we were down in the 80s. anyway, just for the record. >> sometimes it is good to
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see a case in point. in the actuaries, for the city and county service -- which is part of the reason i resigned. because we were able to actuarially take over a billion dollars out of the gaspesgaspi. a billion dollars using norm actuaryial fundss. that would be increasing the plan. >> chairwoman: one last question before we open this up to public comment, and you and i talked about this is little when we met. the person who healed the seat before you, wendy
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paskin jordan, had focused a lot on the government issues with e.s.g., and fighting to ensure not only on the retirement board or with our city staff, but reflected in the companies where we're making investment, where there are women and people of color represented on management and the boards of those companies. that is something that is really important to me. i think there is a movement nationally for that. i'm just wondering your thoughts on that and what type of work or ideas that you would have in terms of meeting the "g" part of the e.s.g. goals? >> we did talk about that. i guess once again, i'll fall back on actions speak louder than words. for the 18 years in rwanda, and from the top to the bottom of the
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government in rwanda, which is a democratic model for central africa, if not all of su sub-sahara africa. last year sweden used to be the largest country in the world that had the most female representatio representation. no longer. rwanda is. rwanda has more females in their government worldwide than any other. i've started three businesses, going back to 1968, that have had two "c"s, and i was the other "c" in the "c" suite. and we're committed to gender-equallitgender-equality e like. i think personally having
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been involved deep in that, on the "g" side -- and we can talk about the other parts of "g" as to how the governance is and how the pay is, and all of the issues that you read about. but in terms of what i've learned is it's an added -- if you go into the process and start a business or run a model and you have an open mind to the issue, you can make -- and a commitment, it's up to you to bring other people on that ship. and can be done. it's just really adjusting the tuning to the issues at hand. and that is an important part, definitely an important part. that one is coming really up to the surface more. so... >> chairwoman: any
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questions? >> supervisor mar? >> i don't have any additional questions or comments beyond what you guys have already raised. which i very much agree with the questions and points. and i look forward to hearing public comment on this. >> chairwoman: thank you. thank you so much. any member of the public will have two minutes to speak on this nomination. if you would like to line up, anybody who wants to speak on this side of the room, that would be great. the first person should feel free to come right up. good morning, mr. pollock. >> my name is jeremy pollock, and i'm member of fossel-free san francisco. we formed back in 2013 to work around pressuring the retirement board to divest
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from fossel fuels. i was working with the supervisor on that who sponsored the original resolution. i came to that movement a little skeptically because i feel like there is a risk of politicizing the retirement fund, and i think, you know, it was really researching the fiduciary case for divestment of fossel fuels is what really co convinced me that is just the right thing to do. the carbon bubble and the climate crisis -- these companies are based on stranded assets. and oil that cannot be extracted if we're going to have a livable planet here. if i can show on the overhead -- this is the five-year performance of the various sectors of the economy. you can see the s& s&p 500 up over 50%, and the energy
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is down over 50%. that's how that looks over the other five-year period. and so it's been rather frustrating the retirement board so basically they ignored this movement. and as a result cost us hundreds of millions of dollars -- tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, in lost opportunity costs. it is very encouraging to hear mr. helfu helfun wanting to invest. we've seen the executive director of the retirement board and the executive staff not always coming together. that's all i can say. thank you. >> chairwoman: than thank you so much. as we're waiting for our next speaker, i just noticed that mayor jordan joined us. i wanted to recognize you
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and thank you for being in the room. >> thank you. >> chairwoman: thank you. >> thank you, chair ronen and supervisors. to finish mr. pollock's comments, i think what he was trying to say is we've seen actual motions made and approved by the retirement board that the executive staff have later said they chose not to implement. and i'm not sure -- that has happened with i impunity. i'm one of the members of the fossel-free s.f., and i want to thank you all for the hearing, and i want to thank supervisor safai for his comments and questions, and i'm really gratified to hear mr. helyou fun' helfun's supporr our city and county and actually walking the walk, and getting the fossels out, which is so important, and which the board of supervisors have
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supported repetitively. to the comment on staff foot-dragging, i would say in terms of what to answer to them, i see that argument really as a head fake. it is the same argument that was used to prevent the united states or california or san francisco taking any kind of climate action because, you know, china or texas or, you know, memphis weren't going to. obviously, that is not an argument that has been salient to our city and county in terms of moving forward and showing leadership in showing reducing ways, using our purchasing program even to push environmental goals. i heard somebody talking about trying to reduce colbolt in the items we're buying. i think that argument is really spesious, and i think the answer is this is leadership, being ahead of the curb. the best way to protect
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the beneficiaries of the retirement fund is to be ahead of the curve on fossel fuels. so support strong divestment. >> chairwoman: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is amar john thomas, and i'm the vice president for the chapter of i.s. p.t. local 21, and i'm the chair of our pension oversight committee. i'm here to represent local 21, which represents thousands of employees of the city of san francisco and those who rely on a pension for making a living after retirement. i would like to encourage the board to consider very carefully who they appoint to the retirement board. there are a number of factors that can be helpful for this. the first would be that the retirement board needs somebody who is absolutely free of any sort of industry conflicts of any sort.
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even the appearance of conflicts can lead to a lot of instability with the pension and trust that it is being run properly. but actually having conflicts can be detrimental to the performance in a substantial way. so this should be taken into account by the board of supervisors as they confirm an appointee to the requirement board. additionally, someone of strong world character is required. this is a very robust fund, as the supervisors have mentioned earlier today, and it is doing quite well. there are a lot of political needs facing the city at this time. it is very easy to sometimes take advantage of some of the funds to solve political funds. i'll speed up on some of these factors. one will be to work through the best interests of beneficiaries. the primary purpose of this is so folks can have a stable retirement when they retire.
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it is very important that person take that into account. and we want a diverse board, equally composed of men and women. it is very important. and the ability to serve for many years and maintain continuity in the relationship. please give the retirement board a chance. [bell] >> good morning, madam chair, and members of the committee. my name is larry griffin, and i'm the political legislative vice president for local 21. i wasn't going to speak today, but i felt i had t to. this fund has been doing very well. it is a r & a very robust fund, one of the best in the country. i'm now hearing talk about
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investing in real estate, and that really bothers me. that seems to come up every year or so, and it is non stakeholders who want to get into that fund and start making investments in housing and real estate. that is not what our fund is for. it is at its state now because we've never done that. the prior commissioner that held this seat, wendy peskin jordan, fought all attempts to try to get that money into housing, every time there was an attempted raid on it. the diversitiy of the board is another thing i'm concerned about. i think that, if i'm not mistaken, there is a new state law that requires that boards and commissions have to be made up 30% women. and i think that this appointment by the mayor is going to take that threshold way down below. so i would like the board to consider that when you make your decisions.
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okay. thank you. [bell] >> i just want to say something just for clarity. the investment fund, our pension fund, consistently invests in real estate, and has for decades. so what i was restating was an area of the fund that has been invested in consistently. and so just for clarity. thank you. >> good morning, madam chair and supervisors. i'm the current president of local 798, and also a resident here in san francisco. i'm not here to e endorse or to oppose any appointee, but just to remind the commissioners that our employees take very strong interest in our retirement system. and we want to make sure
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anyone you guys confirm, as before, has some definite experience, is of good, moral character, without no conflicts to the system, and will also work independently. and we do this and make sure that there it is in the best interests of our beneficiaries within the retirement system. and also to real estate, i understand that we do invest, but it has been a practice to try to not mingle city interests with our retirement system, to make sure that it is all of one steady and without conflict qualities. again, we're not here to endorse or to reject, but we ask that supervisors, if you move it to the full board that you do your due diligence, and you take a look at all aspects, and that we make sure that anyone you appoint would be in the definite
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interests of our retirees, and also of the beneficiary system. thank you. [bell] >> chairwoman: thank you. >> good morning. my name is sean connelly. i'm the president of the municipal attorneys' association here in san francisco. we represent 400 attorneys that work for the city, city attorneys, district attorney's, public defenders, real estate lawyers, sheriff's lawyers, public advocates, d.p.a. we're stakeholders in this. we give up a lot on the front end to enjoy a benefit on the back end. this is not a platform or fund. >> chairwoman: please continue. thank you. sorry. >> it is not a platform or fund for politics or slush fund for other political issues.
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i'm here to support ms. paskin. i don't know mr. helfun, but i know that this woman has subject matter and expertise. the fund has performed very well under her leadership and her presence on the committee. i remind this body that for us, we need someone that has a strict financial fiduciary obligation to that fund. in this day and age, too many people, politically backed, are playing games with this fund, and our public employee pensions are under attack all the time. thank you. >> good morning, madam chair and supervisors. i'm tracy mccray, and i'm a resident of the city. i've been employed by the city since i was 14 years old, from part-time capacity to now as a police officer. which in a few years i
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will be retired and will be drawing from the pension fund. and as other people stated before me, the responsibility to protect that for the workers of the city is very important. as mr. helfun said, rwanda is a pro-woman country. that's great. i would think we could get a qualified female applicant, as ms. paskin jordan has represented us, but someone with some financial background, reof conflicts, all of the above, who can do that. as 50% of the population in san francisco, we surely aren't represented that way. by the seven females in the room right now, i think you can see that. so just hopefully it is about the process. it is not a political field. i would like to be able to draw my pension for the 32 plus years i will have served the city. so thank you.
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>> i've david paige. i'm a city retiree and i'm also a retired s.c.i. u. local 1021. i wanted to address supervisor safai's question about what would be the point of divesting if someone else is going to buy exxon or chevron, whoever it might be. similar to what we heard earlier from mr. helfun about the norwegian fund, yes, if you divest in secret, maybe it won't make a big deal. but if you divest in public forum, more people will hear about it. you probably are familiar with the fact that billions have been divested already. so the more people that do
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it, the better it will be for our future. when i say, "our future," i'm talking about the real lives of we'll people. my friends, jody and bill, listened in paradise until last summer. while they were running out of their house with their dog, they were driving away, and they watched people burn to death. you know, it's not a simple, random political decision that we're talking about here, let's replace one commissioner with another. let's replace one investment with another. there is someone in the room who ran out of his house two years ago in a similar situation. these wildfires, droughts, floods, famines, and coming because of people using fossel fuels. i don't want my pension, my money, to be coming from profits from these
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unfortunate companies that don't seem to understand how the weather works. and, one more thing,. [bell] >> chairwoman: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is larry barsetti, and i'm a secretary to the san francisco police officers association, and vice president to protect our benefits. the vast majority of the retirees in the city and county of san francisco are concerned with one thing, and that is, whoever administers our fund have strict fiduciary responsibility to maintain and to grow the fund to ensure its viability into the future. excuse me.
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i'm sure you're aware that if the fund is used for nice social political purposes and depleted, the city and county of san francisco has to make up the money itself. i have a contract with you. you can't break that contract. the u.s. federal and state constitutions say you can't. so therefore every dollar that you lose -- not you, but this fund loses because of inprudent political decisions -- i'm not saying this is one, but i'm reminding you, and reminding you, sir, that fiduciary responsibility is number one. if the money isn't there, the city and county of san francisco has to make it up. you know that. please remember that. that's what we're concerned about. i might live to be 95 years old. you have to pay me until i'm 95. i have a contract, and i want it. thank you. >> chairwoman: thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public
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comment is closed. i just wanted -- oh, sorry. i will reopen public comment. without objection -- hold on. public comment is reopened. >> my name is herbert winer, and i'm a city retiree. i can't stress too strongly the importance of the retirement fund. this is one of the best funds in the city -- in the country -- excuse me -- and we should take great pride in it. anyone who assumes a seat on that board has a grave responsibility to strengthen our benefits, to preserve our benefits. it is a very strong obligation. so whatever your decision is, it has great impact. so i'm a retiree. i worked for the city for 36 years as a social
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worker. i am a beneficiary of an excellent retirement system that never experienced orange county or san diego, where the city services were paralyzed as a result of malfeasance. this is an excellent fund that requires responsible administration. and you have the responsibility of your appointment to guarantee this. thank you. >> chairwoman: thank you so much. so i'm going to call it out one more time. this is the last opportunity for public comment on this item. if there is any other member, now is your chance. seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> chairwoman: so i want to make a few comments responding somewhat to public comment. first of all, sort of the elephant in the room, and what some of the speakers spoke about is that the
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mayor had told former retirement commissioner wendy paskin jordan that if she met with us and had support from members of the board of supervisors, then the mayor would reappoint her to the board. ms. paskin jordan came and met with many of us. i immediately hit it off with her. i was incredibly impressed. and then, i guess the mayor decided to change that position. despite the fact that ms. paskin jordan had gotten the support of myself and many colleagues, and instead appointed mr. helfun. that's the mayor's prerogative. but i think that rubbed many people who had been very impressed with her performance on the retirement board in the wrong way. and, unfortunately, i wish it hadn't been handled in that manner. now, having said that,
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this is the mayor's appointee, and i had a chance to meet with mr. helfun, and his commitment to divesting in fossel fuels and to social and government issues, is very clear. he stated unequivocally that those are priorities. i want to mention that pension investments are confusing because -- for me, right? because they rely on investing in the system that oftentimes isn't regulated sufficiently so that it collapses like the banks did in 2008. and then when that happens, the people that suffer and are blamed are often workers and unions, right? and so we're in this bind where we're part of a system that in order for
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the pensions to be a safe retirement option, requires, you know, incredible vigilance. [please stand by]
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>> chair ronen: -- that have a mixed government so that we're getting the expertise and the knowledge and the brilliantance of not just white men but women and people of color in our society, that those are often the smartest investments and have the best returns that we can possibly get. so i believe that a strong
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focus on e.s.g. principles is what will also make sure that we continue to have one of the strongest pension funds in the country. so i will be supporting mr. heldfond in this appointment. i have not been happy with the way this was handled out of the mayor's office, and i would have very happily supported wendy paskin-jordan had she been appointed and came before me today. i do want to say, mr. heldfond, i appreciate your firm commitment to divesting in fossil fuels and the e.s.g. in this fund. and i hope that you will continue to represent us very strongly on this board, so thank you for your willingness to serve. colleagues, do you have any
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comments or -- >> supervisor walton: no comment. i just want to make a motion. a motion to recommend thmove t the full board with a positive recommendation. >> clerk: we will be sending this as a motion, so i believe you want to send it as a report. it will be the expiration of a five-year term, which is what is stated in code. >> chair ronen: okay. >> supervisor walton: okay. so move -- move this item to the full board as a committee report for consideration. >> chair ronen: with a positive recommendation? >> supervisor walton: yes. >> chair ronen: and that passes. yes. can you please read item number seven. >> clerk: item number seven is
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a hearing considering appointing four members, term ending january 31, 2021 to the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district board of directors. >> chair ronen: so i wanted to give you a few minutes to speak, so mr. hill, do you want to start us off? >> okay. >> chair ronen: thank you. >> good morning, madam chair and supervisors. it's pleasure to be before you today, asking for your recommendation for my seat to be renewed. i currently -- let me tell you about myself. i'm a san francisco resident,
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born and raised here, came up in the public schools, served as business representative for ibew here in san francisco. i'm a state certified electrician. i still have my tools shined up and ready in case you ask for me. currently, i serve as president of the board. i started out on the board in 2004, and then, in -- i ran into a life situation that made it difficult for me to attend meetings, so i resigned. when my life changed again, and i was able to continue participating to the degree that i felt was important, i came back to the board and was reappointed in 2014. so i've served as president for almost the last two years. it's been a great honor and huge responsibility. i serve with an amazing group
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of folks on the board of directors and i would just like to toss in i fully support all of colleagues today all of whom will be speaking to you a little bit later. i think the golden gate board of directors are an amazing package of legal expertise ethics that you can't challenge, advocates for working people, people who will strive to represent the district, engineering background, just -- i'm proud to serve with them all. as president, i attend all meetings, i sit on all ad hoc committees. i rarely miss a meeting. it's been exciting for the years that i've been able to serve. i've voted on the suicide deterrent project which as you are aware is coming. we're excited about that.
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we're also working on lots of legislation to protect folks from things like drones, who might crash onto a car. we are working on a seismic retrofit, and we're looking for funding to finance these projects. we're very proud to have this bridge in our arena and do everything we can to take care of her, and keep her sparkling and strong. we make the best decisions we can on a daily basis to ensure that that happens. and i'll be happy to answer any questions if you would like at this point. >> chair ronen: any questions? okay. no. thank you. >> thank you very much for your
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time. >> chair ronen: thank you. mr. hill? >> supervisors, my name is bert hill. but n by now, you have read and reread all of my qualifications. i'll answer any questions that you have at the end. i'll state i've had a 40 to 50 year concern in climate change -- environmental that evolved into environmental. i want to thank you for all of your work. i know all of you have spent a great dale of time concerning my nomination. i very much appreciate how much you've done for me, and i also want to thank all of my colleagues on the board. they're unique and special in what they cover and the expertise they provide. i also want to thank the community advocates and friends
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and family, and everybody else who have also helped in this endeavor. i want to last -- i'm going to be very short on this. i had the opportunity, as many people did, to attend the american bicyclists summit. one of the days we are up on capitol hill. what i provided you this morning are my crew sheets for my presentations to six different house members and senate members -- not the members themselves, but the staff, which is actually more important than the members themselves, if you've done it before. i hope that's helpful because it shows that this is going to be a different year than it has the previous years. it appears that both sides and all sides are for increasing our spending on transportation and integral to that, transportation includes active transportation, which is us.
6:42 pm
so with that, i am open to any questions you may have. >> chair ronen: thank you. any questions? no questions. thank you so much. >> okay. thank you so much. okay. mr. grosboll. >> thank you. my name is dick grosboll. i've been serving on the board since 2006. i currently serve as the chair of the suicide advisory committee. as now, that's probably my biggest priority. our goal is to finish the net portion of that project by january 2021, so that is an ongoing challenge with any large construction project, but we are hopeful we will finish that in time in large part because we made that commitment to the families. and of course, we're also trying to improve transit. we're a great bridge district, we're also a great transit district. we're trying to increase the number of ferries out of larkspur so we can increase the
6:43 pm
number of ferries instead of driving. but it is an excellent board and we have a great staff, and i've appreciated having the opportunity to work on it, so thank you. any questions? thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. thank you so much. mr. theriault? >> i am retired, as you know, and are that retirement -- with that retirement, i stepped down from many of the commissions and boards on which i served, including supervisor walton's board, young community developers. this is the board i wanted to stay on, and it's because we're on two efforts that we're midstream. one effort is the completion of
6:44 pm
the suicide deterrent system. i am an ironworker. i don't claim to being a bridge m man, but i have bridge men behind me as support, and i am proud. i did 12 years as an ironworker. i did regale you with all the details. i did 3.5 years as treasurer of the second and building trades. in all of those capacities, i learned a good deal about the industry, all of which helps me in what is a very complicated project. all the bids came in, and they were substantially above estimate. the low bid was almost equal to the operating budget of a district. nonetheless, it gives you a hint to the scale of the complexity of the project which is the first of its kind on
6:45 pm
a -- on this scale, on a long spanse extension bridge. it will need close scrutiny to make sure it stays on schedule. we are facing some challenges there, and i want to be there with the knowledge that i have. also, we are midstream on the reform and rehabilitation of the bus drivers pension fund of the district. that is well shy of the 90% that sf retirement fund is at, and it is a mature plan with a high retiree to retirement ratio, and we are trying to work through all the details in that. i do also want to add at the end of my comments, my support for my fellow san francisco
6:46 pm
representatives on the board. i always want to give bert grief. i have 1800 miles on my bicycle this year. >> chair ronen: i'd now like to open this up to public comment. any members of the public wishing to speak, lineup to my left, your right. i have several cards. miss, you can go ahead and start. thank you so much. >> thank you. my name is lorna hill, and i'm bert's wife. i want to thank you for bert's reappointment to the bridge. he has a strong passion for the work. we've been married over 40 years. i want to give the insight to his inner self. he's always on his bike, except recently, with his injury. he's always walking, 20,000
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steps a day. we've been married over 40ers i can't. i worked at s.f. state for close to 30 years. i retired a couple years ago. when i was there, i was the union representative for unit four, academic professionals california. we are a small union, but we are on all of the 23 campuses. those are wonderful opportunities when i was there as a union stewart, so i'm here to advocate for bert, and thank you for reading his resume, and i'm here if you have any questions. >> chair ronen: oh, thank you so much. >> okay. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name's ed reyes. i'm a member of iron workers local 377 that michael theriault was a member of. he's a fierce, strong advocate for all working people, and he would be a perfect fit as he
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has been over the years. i have a couple of ironworkers here. i've worked at the bridge. he would always do his due diligence, and he's one of the hardest workers around. please support him. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. next speaker. >> chair ronen: good morning, supervisors. my name's darren bailey, ironworker. i'm here to support mike theriault. and i think bert would be an exceptional member, also, long with sabrina, all friends of labor, and mr. grosboll, also, and i urge you to support all four. thank you.
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>> good morning, supervisors. my name's robert cooper. i'm the steward for the ironworkers that work at the golden gate bridge. i'm here to support mike the theriault. i've known him a long time -- a long, long time, through his positions in the local and other places. i know him as a good man, a fair man, and we'd all like to see him be reappointed as a member of the board of the bridge. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is r.j. ferarri, local representative from local 28 plumbers and pipe fitters. mike's work on subcommittees on the bridgeport and board of trusties is recognized and with a true leader on the board.
6:50 pm
mike has full understanding what it takes to maintain the bridge and his facilities. he has been a voice of labor and understands of importance of good labor and relations. i urge the reappointment of mike theriault to the board of transportation and bridge. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is michael mckenna, and i'm the president of ibew local six. i'm torn who to support first. sabrina is one of the hardest working people and certainly any office or place that she works for, and i know she works just as hard for the bridge district as she does us. i've worked for the last few years with mike theriault, and he'd worked to help me get more involved in everything else besides just going to work, so i also know his dedication and
6:51 pm
expertise and support. him on his appointment. and we work with dick grosboll on the pension funds. he's a fierce advocate and a fountain of knowledge, so i would support him, too, also. thank you. >> good morning, supervisor walton, chair ronen and supervisor mar. joel koppel, district four resident. i myself, electrician by day, planning commissioner on thursdays. have an office right next to sabrina hernandez, sister hernandez and brother theriault are very near and dear to my heart. we refer to each other as siblings because we work on job sites that are dangerous to the
6:52 pm
point of life or death so we are that close. definitely supportive of the two reappointments of brother theriault, sister hernandez. very well aware of bert and his work in the hard, but speaking a little bit more on behalf of brother theriault and sister hernandez. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. any other comments or questions? any other public comment? thank you. colleagues, any comments? >> supervisor mar: i just wanted to thank mr. hill and mr. theriault for your
6:53 pm
commitment to our bridge board. we really thank you for all of your service, and i very much support you being reappointed. thank you. >> chair ronen: okay. is there a motion? >> supervisor walton: definitely looking forward to working with all of you, and i would like to make a motion that we forward this with a positive recommendation for sabrina hernandez for seat one -- [inaudible] >> chair rone >> chair ronen: thank you. is there any other items on the agenda? >> clerk: that completes the agenda. >> chair ronen: thank you. then this meeting is adjourned.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
>> hello, i'm the deputy assistant manage and project manager for the control system bureau i consider any department as my extend family i know every member of my department the
6:59 pm
folks are that that talented and skilled and have their credentials since the people in the site are coming to before they're put in operation it's a good place to visit we share information and support each other the water system is a program we got 26 national level with regards because of the dedication of any team the people are professional about their work but their folks they care about their community and the project i did this is a great organization with plenty of associations in you work hard and if you really do your job not only do you enjoy it but the sky is the limit we had a great
7:00 pm
job >> good afternoon. i would like to call to order the regular meeting of the san francisco public utilities commission. today's date is tuesday, march 26th, 2019. roll call, please. [roll call] we have a quorum. >> before you, you have the minutes of the march 12th meeting. are there any corrections or changes