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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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why don't you investigate it? why don't you find out. thank you. >> thank you. do i have anymore speakers under general public comment? seeing none. please, come forward. anybody else, if you can please come forward as well and lineup. >> my name is gordan wong of eco taxicab company. i just want to say that the rule change has impacted my income. i'm a senior citizen. it's very stressful for me and my family. my uncle, my auntie, and my cousins have turned in their permits because they gave up. they couldn't operate anymore. there's no profit or anything. this impact severe leon all people over 65-years-old. it's just not healthy for the cabin does tree. thank you for listening.
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>> any further public comment. public comment is closed and we'll move on. >> madam chair, you are at your consent calender these items are routine. unless it would be accept another. no member of the public has asked an item will be severed. >> do i know with anyone to officer or a motion to approve? do i have a second. all in favor. aye. aye. any opposed. seeing none, consent calender is approved. >> moving on to your calender, madam chair. item 11 presentation discussing regard the powered scooter shared findings. >> e excellent, thank you.
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>> thank you for having me again today. in case you don't remember, i'm adrian for this item i'm the policy and evaluation lead for our scooter shared pilot. very quickly, for review, the unregulatedder of scooter share started around last year in march. by may, the board of supervisors and the m.t.a. board had worked together to establish a permit, which meant we could permit unpermitted operations which was more crucial. by october, we had permitted two operators and the program began. it's useful to note that during the unregulated era, public feedback and observation around a few major themes.
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starting with the positive, some people saw scooters as a new travel option, particularly for short trips. we could be useful as a last-mile solution when paired with transit. there was a lot of concerns about scooters being strewn about, parked willie nilly, on the walk. we heard a lot of complaints about sidewalk riding. scooter riders not following the california vehicle code. that clearly stated this is illegal. so, the pilot began last october. each one, we permitted two companies and each one received 625 scooters as a cap. with the potential to double here at the mid point along with an evaluation. for our evaluation, we looked at usage, safety and accessibility, equity and engagement and complaints e and citations.
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for usage, scooter availability has varied. one of them took a little longer in the ramp up period and that one faced early issues of vandalism and theft which helped to motivate them further in implementing a lock on their scooters earlier. more recently, both operators are pushing close to their cap. it's good. demand for scooters has been pretty high. we've had almost a quarter million trips through february. most trips are less than 25 minutes. and less than two miles. at this point, most trips are clustered downtown. in a youe user survey it placedr trip, either a private vehicle or ride-hail service. this is a lot of potential for scotter share to fit into our goals and we're excited to grow more usage precisely for these reasons. for safety and accessibility,
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the big news here is the law 2 device. both fleets were locked at the beginning of february. this vastly improved parking behavior, tidying up our streets. i'm not aware of any other larger city that can claim this. later on we'll look at how this has reflected in complaints. for helmet use, while the california vehicle code changed at the beginning of the year, the sfmta believes in the usefulness in helmets and our operators have been still giving them out and encouraging the use tim hortons wear helmets. in terms of education, we chose operator for their effectiveness of educating riders and they have used messaging, strong registration requirements and in-person classes to promote safe riding behavior. we have not seen a significant number of collisions, however, we have established good partnerships with the department of public-health in order to track all scooter-related
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trauma. this includes coordination with the police department, sf general and self-reporting through operators. we'll continue to monitor this moving forward and have this, now that we have this network in place, we feel it will go a long way in terms of tracking these things. in conjunction to improvements to availability and lock to design, the sfmta is interested in sharing that scooter shares an option for everyone. especially in the neighborhoods with the mobility options. we've been tracking engagement aren't operator low income user plan. we collected the data was alarmingly from respond address who intended to be male and while and wealthy. we know the operators have some engagement concern and we're looking for them to improve these efforts in a big way. i'll talk about how we're centralizing these as a major incentive for the fleet
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expansion. for complaints and citations. in the unregulated era, we had 2,000 complaints in april and may. last month we had 69. our regulators are working and they're helping with scooter rider data. it proves the success based on the diminishing parts of improper parking. a lot of our agencies findings were echoed. folks agreed the absolute has contributed in a big way and they have equitable outreach. today's big conclusions are that the operators are moving in the right direction, especially with lock two design and more availability for safety and accessibility. more scooters are needed for a thorough evaluation, especially to grow the utility as a last mile solution.
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and more out reach is needed in under represented communities from these. the next steps the director issued a policy da rick tive which continues the pilot and the major points of the directive are first, the smta is allowing for scooter under the transportation board and second the extension is conditional based on equity distribution and outreach targets and so we require that operators sign at least 500 members to their communities and low income plans before being granted flow expansion. finally, we're instituting an incentive structure tone sure that full availability is maintained in order to establish scooter chair as a reliability and dependable transportation option. >> thank you so much. it was a very good update. do i have any questions? yes, and we'll move on public
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comment. >> yes, thank you very much for that very formative report. i appreciate all the headaches you have been encountering with the scooters. not the least of which is my concern at this helmet law which i authors has been overturned in the legislature. i'm glad the scooter companies are looking to give some warning and provision of those helmets to some of these users. there are three points i wanted to ask. you said san francisco general was looked at for statistics for injuries, if you expand that to other healthcare facilities and urgent care facilities within can fran? >> the only trauma center in san francisco is actually san francisco general. >> they don't into e.r.s and other locations. >> i don't know how far the d.p.h. network looks but i know they're focusing on trauma because it's a -- >> i think we need to look city
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wide. i would encourage, if you have the resources to look at other e.r.s. there's not that many in san francisco. there are a lot of urgent care facilities that also -- it's important just to get a sense of an over all injury rate within the city on these things. when you say more scooters, are you talking about to what level? >> right, that's exactly correct. each rater can attain up to 625 more based on the conditions. >> in order to get a flush response, were aren't you adding more companies as well? >> we said we're going to permit a certain amount of companies. >> i know what you original said but you look at this program and it looks successful. why not include other companies within the evaluation process so that once the one-year project is over, you are better able to
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review the performance than two companies to see whether you increase those two companies or just eliminate the other companies that you allowed to be a pilot. just a thought. >> we had a cap on one of the scooters so one of the things we considered was expanding to more companies? a few things, one is that this is a pilot program. by the time new companies got up and running there won't be a lot of time left and what we're using this pilot to do is inform what an ongoing program would be that would then again be open to anybody. >> that's fair, thank you. >> thank you. >> yes, director --
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>> this is really helpful. the parallel is pretty big. can you talk about why that is and it sounds like it's more effective and how that informs the rest of the pilot for the next six months? >> i assume it's not 90/10 in the last month. >> it shifted. they were removing the scooters overnight. and then at that point, there were no lock-to devices in our fleet. so, the city is hard on kind of devices i get left out on. a large part of the fleet, as i said in the presentation, experienced vandalism and theft. so they saw a significant drop
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in their numbers. >> so it seems it's a practical matter we should include the lock. >> i would say it's a major lesson learned is moving forward, any station of this operation would benefit from lock to. not primarily for theft and vandalism but because it cleanse ucleansup the right right-of-wa. >> director. >> it's very interesting to note that over 40% of trips are replacing a vehicle trip. can you tell us what the other 58% of folks were doing prior? >> yeah, the -- i think it was about 42% were attributed to private vehicles but i think 11% was walking and -- i don't have it off my head. i should know this better. i think 8% was other and the
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other patch was walking in transit and bicycling trips. there was hey, are we replacing sustainable modes with scooter share. so the drill done there is that another question of the survey asked how many trips were partnered with transit and 34% of the respondents said their trip was paired with a transit trip. so while there was some attrition from a trip that was completely transit-based, there did seem to be an cater that there was an increase in the over all transit. >> so it's the first-mile-last-mile solution in part. and more generally, it seems like you've been close to the bike share data as well. you are smiling. >> i love it. i love bike sharing. >> i guess, can you -- don't we all. can you help us understand just
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kind of how scooters fit into the over all mobility in terms of utilization rates and how do they compare to electric share and bike share and how dough see this service has contrasted with some of the other emerging low carbon mobility service and what is the story of scooters that is important to understand. >> the story of scooters. i think that -- well definitely, bicycle share facilitates for longer trips than scooter share. i think another thing that we've experienced anecdotally, scooter share is more accessible than bike sharing. i think this kind of a an anecdote. some people see it as a toy. the bike culture sort of has
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this aura of a culture. there's no scooter culture. no one has established that. bikes have a certain mythical ideology and scooters are separate and scooters don't have that at the moment. for now, i think us and a lot of other cities are seeing people embrace scooters as an easy-short trip option and bike share it's not there in the same way. >> do the scooters have higher utilization rates. you are seeing a lot more trips? >> that's -- yeah -- i don't know. i don't have that data off my head. we can look into that. >> thank you. directors, i will go to public comment and we can discuss more after if we had more questions. public comment. >> lauren, harold findly, sam
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mullukah. >> good afternoon, i'm the regional direct are of external affairs for skip. last october, as you guys are well aware, skip was privileged to receive the permit to operate in san francisco. something we do not take for granted. along with the great work of the m.t.a. staff, as well as our co operator scoot, skip has been able to change the perception of scooters in san francisco. and our application, we promise to be a responsible operator. a promise from which we have never wavered. we instituted a loca inns instil warehouse. we do not believe in disposable scooters of life spans less than 30 days. this operation's model is not something new for us. it's something we've instituted from the start of our program. we've been able to do more with less and keep our scooters on the road because we are laser
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focused on the sustainability of our fleet. skip is proud to have hit some major milestones in the last six months including significantly reduced complaints to 311, having scooters replaced car trips throughout the city as well as having riders use scooters with public transportation. with this data, we know we are a step closer to reaching our application goal to help end san francisco's depend anson cars as a means of transportation. we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach and we alone acknowledge we do not have it figured out. we know we need to improve the visibility of our low income programs to increase accessibility and the accessibility of scooters. we also know that sidewalk riding is a problem in the city and we'll innovate our product and educate our riders the importance of riding if the bike line but we know there isn't adequate infrastructure to support riders feeling safe in the bike lane. so as we look to the next six months, our goal remains sustainability and safely
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shifting transportation out of the car and into the bike lane while being true to who we are, straight forward and responsible. last october, this city wanted to collaborative responsible operator. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you. >> and since we probably have some new public commenters, i'll just remind everyone, you have two minutes. the first tone is your 30 second warning and the second louder tone i will cut you off. thank you, please, go ahead. >> harold findley, sam mullukh and sean tripwell. >> it was great that you are doing this analysis and considering what the effect of scooters on street safety is. and it's great that you are hammering all the logistics and what needs to be done to make us safe in the city. at the same time, we need to realize and you know that
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scooters are replacing car use. you know that car trips are far more dangerous than scooter trips. you know that cars are unlimited in the city. you know that the infrastructure in the city is built for cars and encourages car users in every direction. you take a step into increasing, even far more than the current low caps, way increasing the number of scooters available and increasing the scooter infrastructure you need to recognize and i thank the people putting together the data this is part of our future. this is part of our sustainable and safe our cities and relying on car infrastructure and car use. we have to dissuade that in any way possible and on a similar note, the idea of keeping
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pedestrian and bicycles right-of-way safe and clear, it's great are all are doing that but at the same time, we need to regular that scooters are the smallest obstacle. cars are the obstacle and then on sidewalks and bike lanes. i even encounter no parking science even than scooters. if you can expand this approach into a direction of creating other safety issues and reducing those, enhancing this, and recognizing it's the future and move on that direction. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you sfmta and citizens for your time. for the last six months, i've been a full-time employee of skip scooters. as a transgender person, i've struggled to find gainful employment in san francisco.
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before i found skip i experienced discrimination, hostile work environments, and harassment at previous employers. it's also been very difficult to find a full-time job as most employers will only higher part-time employees and require to make you work full-time hours. also, i have experienced many employers who have classified employees as independent contractors so that they could avoid paying benefits and other responsibilities. at skip scooters, i started as an entry-level employee working full-time with full benefits. something i haven't had in many years. at skip, i've been recognized for my abilities and recently received a promotion. i now lead a team of scooter repair technicians. skip has created a workplace where i've been able to thrive. i can honestly tell you, that i love going to my job there everyday. i ask all of you, please, let
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those of us at skip stay and grow in the city i love. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. i'm an employee at skip for about six months. i started off as skip scooter as a regular tech and throw weeks into my shift i was the tech lead. i brought my experience, thought and leadership to such an aspiring company, skip is one of the most amazing companies i've worked for. a wake up with a smile knowing we strive for our daily goals, we make sure that safety is our top priority for our customers so they can have a better commute here in sf. we're not just skip employees, we're a team full of determination, hard work, dominated employees who i am impressed by growth and results my team produces everyday. the company's leadership and management has truly been
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aspiring and they make this work environment much more enjoyable and showing that they reel care about each one of us. thank you for allowing me to speak and hopefully we're able to stay in sf and grow. keeping the city inspired by such an amazing company who has a compassion to help the world have a better and safe commute. >> thank you, very much. >> david louis. >> good afternoon. so my name is david. i've been a resident of the bay area for over 33 years. i came here with just a one-way plane ticket and a skate board. i have not owned a car in over 16 years. primarily get around on bicycle and when skip scooter came around, as well as some of the other scooter companies, i was thrilled. sometimes i go out and a bicycle
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is too buyin big to maneuver thh crowds. it's way more fun than going out on a bike ride. so, i find the scooters to be practical, sometimes i don't want to go out with my normal bicycle because when i get there i have to worry if someone is stealing my stuff. i get a scooter, i rent it, and i drop it off where i'm going and i wipe my hands of it and i can go in and i don't have to worry about it. look at my phone app and grab another scooter and go back. it's very practical and it's a lot easier than a bicycle. then, i found out that skip was actually hiring people to do what is called being a ranger. now, it cost a lot of money to live in san francisco. a lot of our money goes to just paying our place to live. skip has enabled me to be able to generate more money to be able to have a comfortable -- so
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i just want to see more scooters on the streets. a lot of times i host a lot of people from out of the country and we go out and go play tourists all around town and we usually node more than just one or two scooters, we need a few scooters and to be able to find more scooters so we can all stay together and not have to go track down a bunch all over the town makes it a lot easier. i encourage us to get more scooters. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> lee james. followed by david hoffman and daniel. >> good morning. my name is lee james. i'm a repair technician of skip scooter. i want to tell you a little bit of me.
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i'm a native of san francisco. born and raised in the bay view on old navy road. they provide tech support, maintenance repair for the fleet. here is where i want to tell you about the great thing scholarships do. skips do. they give away helmets. i want to skip forward when i discovered skip scooter. at this time in my life i was considered or categorized as low income or previously homeless or at risk for homeless. i went through the interview process with skip. they coached me, they took me on board, trained me, taught me more than just mechanics and scooters. they opened my eyes about business and being responsible to the community that they're in. they started me out with a little, medical, dental, vision and 401k and they gave me life
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insurance. after six months working with skip i'm self-sufficient, under pend no longer needing to utilize general assistance or the cal first program. thank you, very much. >> thank you, very much, mr. james. next speaker, please. >> dave huffman. so, bottom line of what i wanted to say was it feels like we can use a lot more scooters on the road. i think it would change my behavior a lot more. i have a lot of options. my wife and i have two cars and a driveway. we use lyft all the time. i'm a block from the jay, half mile from bart. i use them all. i find is that i use scooters a lot and i look on my phone and if they're nearby i hop on one. too often i'm lucky i live year
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valencia. i find it changes my behavior and i'm more likely to go to restaurants, meet up with friends, do errands, things that are harder in a car. big behaviour change i noticed in myself. and i feel like it would be so much more effective if there are a lot more scooters distributed throughout the city and more available and even closer to me. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> so, people talk about scooters as their last mile solution and for me, that's literally true. i live in soma and i commute to the building right off the embark between harrison and folsom. it's a mile. every morning, i get on a scooter and there's -- i ride to
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work. i take brandon and i ride up and usually by second street, but certainly by delancy i see cars backed up. it's regular for these cars to be backed up two blocks. during construction, that number doubles. i feel happy. i feel happy when i'm passing them. i know i'm getting where i'm going efficiently and i know that a lot of people on the streets can be getting where they're going more efficiently. so, the same is true if not more for when you are on the embarkadero. it's not uncommon to be blocked up multiple blocks. i know i'm getting where i'm going faster. i wish that solution was more available for even more people. thank you.
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>> good afternoon, committee. i'm john butler. i'm a current resident of district 10. we would like to see scooters in the bay view community. it would help jobs. it can help people be able to go to the super markets 24 that dot have vehicles. it can assist people making short trips without having to move their vehicles and having so many cars on the streets. they also have kick stands so people can make quick stops and be able to access stores easily and readily.
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the fact that scoot is not really available, we would like to ask for more of their vehicles to be placed in the bay view. especially with the warriors' stadium being built. it would be convenient and have less cars moving on the street. there are a lot of job opportunities with them being there by the residents being able to power them up, pick them up, and be able to move more freely in the community without less traffic, without less collisions and bumper to bumper. thank you. >> thank you, very much. we appreciate you coming. >> thank you, madam chairperson that'chair andeveryone here.
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i'm asking for the scooters to stay. the scooters currently provide jobs. the scooters also provide jobs so that individuals can deliver meals. they are safe, they are small, they are quick to parc-ex drop f the meal and go to your next scheduled location. we have the warriors stadium coming here. also in the community as well as the giant's game so this is something that is needed that's definitely safe and that will be great for the community asking for your support for them to stay and to put more on the streets. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is bradley jackson. i'm a manager for golden gate national parks conservancy. i also have been a resident of san francisco since 2017. one of the first things that we
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encountered when we started exploring were the scooters and we weren't used to them back home. one of the biggest proponents that i have for it is from a standpoint of a resident that doesn't have a car, it's amazing. i use public transit but public transit isn't the same as a scooter. it's not as easy to get on and navigate or stop. the more the scooters that are here the more they'll be cycled through. the more neighborhoods they'll be taken to. if you had more in the pilot, which i'm glad you had any. if you had more in the pilot, you would have seen more going to these areas that are requesting the scooters now. because, i work in the presidio and i live a block away from city hall. for me to do a scooter ride, not so much. i use golden gate transit for that. when i get to work, it can be a
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mile walk to be able to get to where i actually work. there's scoots there. i use them. the travelers use them. the ones that seem like they're a little bit afraid to get into a muni app or learn the maps, they can get a skip and they can go and they can see our areas and they can get off of it when they're done. they can take an uber or a lyft or however they get to next part of town and do the same thing again. the major benefit for me, just being a new resident, is that the skips are the reason we've seen so much so quickly without spending a fortune on renting a car for the day or being on bus stops all daylong waiting for transfers. this is something where we can go to all the things we want to see. >> thank you.
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>> i'm on a tight budget. i had a flat tire. illegal trying to fix the problem and that week i took skips everyday and i found it to be a cheap and reliability option to get me there on time. i appreciated all the things to make it safer for bicycles even though i don't ride scooters i see more people using bicycle lanes and more people getting away from cars and bigger pieces of transportation is a positive thing for all of us, i would like to see scooters in more areas that are under served at the moment. a lot of areas of the city that are not currently zoned to have scooters i would like to be able to travel to much easily and
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yeah. appreciate t. >> thanit.>> next speaker, plea. >> good afternoon. my name is meghan leg. i wrote out a thing that said what everyone has already said. it's convenient, fun. i work in publishing so i make less than 50k a year so i cannot afford to take a lyft and i don't have a company account. take the the scooter is easier for me. normally i walk or take the bus which is great. i've waited about 22 minutes fr a bus and did goes by me. it's a 45° san francisco hill so when i get to my destination i'm late and sweaty and a mess so it's not ok. they fill the gap for me. i can hop on and a arrive? style and it's fine. people haven't mentioned, when i worked at a pizza place i used
5:38 am
to close up shop a 2:00. i had to walk home at night. i got there fine. determined to be tough but i can only imagine if i had a scooter to just glide home to my warm bed and cat. i would be so much safer. i encourage you to keep the scooter program. it's our future. everyone is mentioned. it's really exciting and it's going to get more cars off the streets. i'd love to keep it and get more of them. i live right up the block on poll being and pine and it's hard to get a scooter in the morning. i can rarely finds one. i would love to have more on the streets and for it to continue. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> hi, good morning. my name is alex chow. i'm a resident of san francisco. like other people have mentioned, i have many of options for commute. cars, bikes, muni and i like scooters because of the
5:39 am
convenience. but i like it as a group activity. not being able to find enough for even another person is kind of a buzzkill in a way. so, i like scooters for that reason. it's just faster. i hate getting in ayyube a uberd waiting 10 minutes when you could have just waited another 10 minutes not paying for it. i like scooters. the fact that they can weave in between traffic and get you point a to point b much more efficiently. last summer i went to tahoe and i noticed a lot of tourists riding around as scooters as an activity and it would be another great way to attract people to our city and give an option for them to see the beautiful city. i learned a lot about the locking systems they're implementing and i'm just glad that you are open to working with companies like skip and scoot. i think it's very amazing and
5:40 am
honestly this is my first time doing a public comment so it's pretty cool. thank you for your time. >> thank you, very much. don't forget, you can go on sfgov and watch yourself. >> good afternoon. my name is marina. unlike many people my age, i do not work in the tech industry. i work from a non-profit and at home. sometimes i have meetings in the city. in which case, i take the muni from my house in the westport, if anyone has been there, there's a lot of hills to get there. it's very inconvenient to get in and out. so my best option right now is to combine muni with scoots. so, what i do is i get downtown and i need to take a scoot to get to my destination and between meetings in the city, this is what i do.
5:41 am
i take scooters. it's been much quick are for me and cheaper than taking ubers in between my meetings so it's been great. however, there are not many electric scooters arounds my area. it would be terrific to increase the fleet and to have them in the inner and outer in the areas not just in the city center but around the city as well. i have a lot of friends who live near me and the only way to get is to walk up and down the hills or to take a very expensive uber ride or uber pool that will take you 40 minutes or two bus that's will take you 15 minutes. the fastest way is an electric scooter which takes 10 to 15 minutes. i would appreciate increasing the fleet of scooters. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> ethan goldspiel. >> i'm ethan. san francisco resident. i will say that when the schoolers first came out, i was adamantly against them and i actually thought it would never
5:42 am
work. just because i thought someone would get hurt or people would damage them. it's really cool this has worked. the amount of injuries in the data they showed is low and a lot less than i thought it would be. now, i'm a supporter of the scooters. i think they're a great program. they provide advantages and costs convenience and efficiency. the cost is cheaper to get a scooter than to ride the bus. it can be $2 to ride a scooter and $2 in change to ride the bus or more. it cost less than owning a car or even representativing a bike from the bike share. those can cost $5 to $10 for the may. you might need a scooter for a few minutes and it's $2 to $3. convenience, i can pick it up and leave it where i want to so if i have an appointment or a reservation, i don't have to
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park my car, circling the block 10 times to find open space, i just grab a schooler and leave it there and i don't have to worry about being late. i cait's quicker to grab the scr and not worry about any of the logistics or waiting for a bus or something like that. more scooters will help and really awesome but inintended consequence has been that we now have a organization that has a vested business interest in providing safety for bikers as well in the city because you have companies whose success providing bike lanes though these companies are now the supporters for these types of lense and there were coalitions now you have companies who in order to be a successful business you have to come in and lobby and rally behind those so because of that i really support
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the industry and it's a great decision and we should add more. >> thank you, very much. >> i wanted to talk about a problem experience. it's not that i have problems with the scooters, it's there is a idea of the return trip. for example, if you pick up a scooter in a densely populated area and you ride it somewhere and you leave it, and you come back two hours later it's time to head back to your center node bart station or something of that sort, your scooter is gone. someone else has picked it up and the nearest scooter is far away and perhaps you need to take a taxi or walk a considerable distance. the scooters exist and they're a system and they benefit from the network effect of increasing numbers. the disburse of saturation is
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improved. it's less likely you have to do a tedious return trip dynamic. just by increasing the numbers the whole system is more useful. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> it's important for us to realize this is important -- transportation and infrastructure for the city that people rely on and at the current numbers of scooters, it's not sufficient enough. it's hard for a lot of people to get scooters, we need more. second, i want to call attention to data presented, which is only 18% of scooter riders are women. i don't think that's the scooter
5:46 am
company's fault of it's our fault as people who work for protected bike lines and build infrastructure in our city. study after study shows that women perceive street safety as dangerous so that number we need to watch and it's our achievements in making our streets safer and finally, it is internationally well recognized that san francisco finds scooters for blocking walk sides for $500 and a giant s.u.v. is it $120 fee. we have to reflect on what we want to insent a vice in our city and know those numbers of opposite. i don't know if this board's place to change that or if it has to go through the board of soups but it's just ridiculous.
5:47 am
>> i have a background in traffic engineering. i just wanted to come here to say that scoot is proud to be serving the san francisco public and very happy to be continuing a collaboration with the sfmta and community organizations, residents and advocates throughout the city. since we started operating electric mopeds in san francisco in 2012, our approach has been generally to consider ourselves not just operators but then also asset managers in the city as well as city partners. we're not just concerned about operation and revenue, but we're also passionate about actually solving transportation problems for people and doing it in sustainable ways. so, i just wanted to highlight
5:48 am
some of the ways we feel we've been doing that sorry if and so one way is in just our product i havprovements we had issue with damage and vandalism and the process of this pilot and since then, instead of just buying a bunch more and just throwing them out there in the street, we really went back to the drawing board and invested in the lock-two device for our fleet. and so, we also think about equity. not in just superficial way wayt it's important we go public trust, especially around a new form of transportation where we're trying to feel the options ex challenges and when it comes to labor, we don't rely on the economy we focus on all of our technicians and staff are part-time and most are full-time and local bay area folks. and when it comes to data and partnerships with the city, the car-transit-psyche list has been unchanged for decades and there's a huge body of work
5:49 am
related to policy and data associated with that and understanding where the shared electric mobility has been around for less than 10 years and i'm trying to say there are going to be challenges regardless of who is operating in the city. one way that we -- >> is sarah here. >> i'm right here. i'm a short person in front of you. thank you so much. what a privilege and a sprays te to ask this scooter issue. i'm a wheelchair user. i'm severely visually impaired and i live in the most densely populated area of the city. i also belong to print disabled as well as the talking book and audio book center. from my personal experience within my neighborhood, i have
5:50 am
felt bullied off my own sidewalk by people having radical fun charging down the sidewalks totally discounting the presence of a wheelchair user. a person with a walker. and it's been horrible. i have not seen -- i have seen the change in the numbers of scooters. which i think is what is happened but i've seen it. i haven't seen the change in the behavior from the users. i understand the population in my area is just highly mixed with -- why want to go there but it's my personal experience. my personal experience is that when i go to the library of the blind and the print disabled and i speak to other people with similar ability-related issues as i, they have a complete dis stain for the scooters because the safety on the sidewalk is totally disrespected and it feels awful to have someone buzzing down and having a great time and you can't even get out of your own home much less go to
5:51 am
the corner store, et cetera, et cetera. it feels awful. the last thing is that my experience visually in my own neighborhood subpoena bike share doesn'is that bike sharedoesn'te scooters do. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is rodney hampton i'm a local bay view business owner and a community advocate. i wanted to share just about scoot. scoot has worked with the community diligently throughout this whole process. they are working with the churches, the non profits, a group members in the community and even homeowners associations. they inform and listen to the concerns of the residents. they have been doing this and we are loving their engagement. we appreciate and respect and
5:52 am
the partnerships scoot brings to the table. we are locking for your support and we're looking for more scooters within our community and within the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> i took his time. i do want to address, i'm also a resident of bay view. >> what's your name. >> christina sandoval. >> i just wanted say that i'm a resident of bay view district 10 and the thing that i actually love about them is so at night, if you are in bay view, sometimes you cannot get access home through the buses. the 44 shuts down sometimes, the 23 shuts down so being able to get on a scoot to get up that hail to get home at night is wonderful. so i just want to thank scoot for actually including us in the bay view. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you for the time today. my name is marcel moran.
5:53 am
i'm a resident of san francisco. and a phd student in the city planning at uc berkeley and i'm proud member of the san francisco bicycle coalition. the current transportation mode share in san francisco dominated by the car, is dangerous to pedestrians, psyche lists, air quality, and our long-term climate. this city is very calls for a goal of reducing private automobile trips, to 20% by 2050. electric scooters can and should be a significant component of achieving that goal given these vehicles demand far less space, are electric, travel at low speeds and fill in gaps and traditional transit you've heard about today. this has been the case so far in san francisco's pilot and also in other cities around the world, not to mention oakland. i'm conduct an survey of scooter users in oakland and early results there demonstrate a far more diverse usage pattern, particularly regarding gender and race, than the bike share system in oakland. the best solution is for cities
5:54 am
to provide say options for users at different abilities, needs and preferences. in addition, i want to applaud all of you today at sfmta for the lock-two requirements for bikes and scooters. this is improved issues with sidewalk access, vandalism, damage, and theft and has been heralded by planners, regulators and researchers internationally. sfmta has a chance city set a w example by expanding this pilot. >> don whiteside. >> good afternoon. my name is don whiteside s i grew up in the city. i've been here all my life. what i've heard today, i've heard some pros and cons. i just want to say that the city now, the way it's been building, is not designed for cars s and we need to understand that and be honest and realistic and look
5:55 am
at that the scoops,the skips are the way we're going. the ube uber i've seen. i drove uber, commuter bus and muni buses. the city is not designed for cars. it just isn't. neighborhood are more condensed now. you are building more downtown. you are looking at the garry street corridor to put a bus lane to shoot through it to the beach and you are looking at van ness. scoots are the way to go for single people and actually for seasoned people. why want to say elderly because i'm seasoned now. and it's just to get from point a to point b and get to a neighborhood just around the neighborhood. you walk a little. you can take the little scooters or motor bicycles and it's so convenient now. i've seen when it first started they were a nuisance, they laid them on the street. you had to walk over them but now i've seen in my neighborhood scoots that you have locks and
5:56 am
they lock them. it's actually convenient that when you see a little bit more in the tenderloin and other neighborhoods and branch out a little bit more like scooters. educating people on how to use them. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> we have the last two speakers on this topic. >> good afternoon. my name is eloise. lifelong resident of bay view hunters point. i wanted to reiterate some of the things spoken about. district 10 is a franchise community that's known in.
5:57 am
>> we have a lot of opportunities coming up and when you have a company that provides economic development along with
5:58 am
an equity process, i say that's a winning combination. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> do we have anybody else who wants to give public comment. can you lineup on the side. >> this morning i opened mi' bail box and they were lost communication to my vehicle. because the battery is dead. and the battery was dead because the past six months instead of using my prius i've been using skip scooters. it's my daily commute. i work for skip as the lead engineer. my commute is a nine-minute skip ride, a route that has protected bike lanes. during this rush hour ride, i emit no co2, i use no parking spaces and contribute to
5:59 am
traffic. it's my daily route. i can pick up a gallon of milk. it's my date. i use it to show my european friends around the city. and to venture out with weekend friends. the golden gate bridge but a joy to get there by skip. most importantly, it's allowed me to get out of a stuffy vehicle and into the area. i would have had to spend sitting in traffic. i urge the board to expand the scooter program, raise the number of volkswagen because i honestly believe this is a future. if you excuse me, i have to jump start my car. >> do we have another comment. come forward, please. >> good afternoon, my name is charles whitfield. i'm a mobility member and sf bike coalition member. i live and work in soma and i've
6:00 am
come here to urge you to expand the scooter program and improve and expand the protected bike lanes in the city. the scooter program would benefit greatly. it womb prove the safety of riders of the scooters. something the mta staff presentation and the community discussion did not address. i'm a regular scooter and bicycle share users. i've been knocked off my rented bike once and in the hospital. it was described as being an outstanding protected bike lane. as soma riders know. second street bicycle lane is not protected or much of a bike lane. neither collision however was the fault of a single negligent driver who should have just paid mor attention. personal responsibility is never a solution. the fault was with the transit system that treats cars and bicycles and scooters as equals on the road drivers to respect that supposed equality. in this system it's not surprising that drivers treat non drivers more like pests than legitimate road users. in this


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