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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the april 30th, 2019 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, mr. president. [roll call]
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>> mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance]
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>> okay. okay, on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff at san francisco government t.v. who record each of our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. on april 27th, 2019, the last day of the passover celebration, a hate crime was perpetrated against the jewish community -- jewish community living in california. lori kate was killed, sacrificing her life to save the life of her friend and the rabbi of the synagogue. the rabbi -- two lives of her
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friends, and the rabbi -- basically saved two lives, we had two others that were injured during this occurrence, and the youngest was an 8-year-old. this happened during the same week in which more than 250 people were killed and more than 500 wounded and bombing attacks on places of worship and communal gathering in sri lanka on easter sunday. i would respectfully ask for a moment of silence in honor of the memories and lives of those affected by these horrific crimes. thank you.
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madame clerk, are there any communications? >> i have not to report, mr. president. >> colleagues, today we are proving -- approving the minutes from the march 19th, 2019 board meeting. are there any changes to these meeting minutes? seeing then, can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? supervisor ronen, and seconded by supervisor mandelman. we will go ahead and take this without objection to those minutes after public comment. >> would anyone like to sever any items from the consent agenda? seeing then, madame clerk,
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please call the roll on item one through ten. >> item one through ten... [roll call] >> there are 11 aye. >> okay. , these ordinances are passed and the resolution is adopted unanimously. let's go to our regular agenda. >> item 11 is a resolution to adopt the city check jet tenure capital expenditure plan for fiscal years 2020 through 2029 pursuant to the administrative code section 3.20. >> colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? supervisor haney?
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>> thank you. i did have one amendment, i don't know if folks haven't yet, it should have been -- i should have been here to distribute. as a possible to come back to this? >> we sure can. >> okay. >> let's go to the next item. >> item 12 is an ordinance to authorize settlement of the lawsuit filed by web core construction lp against of the city for approximately $9.8 million. this lawsuit involves an alleged failure to provide complete and accurate designs under the terms of a construction contract related to the san francisco general hospital rebuild program >> colleagues, can we take this same house, same colloquy without objection, this ordinances passed unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 13 is a resolution to designate agencies participating in the 2019 annual joint fundraising drive for officers and employees of the city and county of san francisco.
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>> colleagues, you can we take this same house, same call, without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item number 14. >> item 14 is a resolution to approve the terminal two specialty retail concession lease number 1 for a seven year term and a minimum annual guarantee of $325,000 for the first year, with brookstone s.f.o. >> okay. , can we take this same house, same colloquy without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 15, resolution to authorize the director of real estate to exercise the lease extension option for the real property located at 258 laguna honda boulevard with two lagoon l.l.c. for a five-year term through june 30th 2024 for total annual base rent a $51,192 >> colleagues, can we take this
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same house, same colloquy without objection, this is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 16 is resolution to authorize the general manager of the public utilities commission to execute a memorandum of agreement with the united states department of the interior, national park national park service, yosemite national park for watershed management, supplying the san francisco regional water system for proximally $33.3 million, and a four-year term of july first 2020 through june 30th, 2024. >> colleagues, can we take the same house, same colloquy without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> item 17, ordinance to amend the building code to waive specified fees for 100% affordable housing and accessory dwelling unit projects for a one-year pilot program and to affirm the secret determination -- the ceqa determination.
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>> thank you, president you. colleagues, i just wanted to state i have been working with supervisor brown on some important amendments to this ordinance, to the a.d.u. portion of this ordinance and the amendments we are working on with strengthen the reporting requirements and to also target the fee waiver to a.d.u. applicants who truly need the financial incentive, and exclude echo -- applicants who are real estate speculators and large landlords who would not -- you should not be receiving, and do not really need taxpayer subsidies to add an a.d.u. and increase the real estate wealth. supervisor brown? >> supervisor, are you offering amendments? >> we would like to request that this item be sent back to the committee for further amendments >> supervisor brown? >> thank you president yee.
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as we were talking about this, when we first sent to this through, something came up that we felt we needed to dig deeper into with the a.d.u., not the 100% affordable fee waiver, we are absolutely onboard with that , it is just the a.d.u. that we would like to dig deeper and have more information of who has been putting them in, what exactly what kind of units, how much they are, so i think we will dig deeper on this one and we would like to send it back to committee so we can also have public comment. >> okay. are you making a motion, supervisor brown. >> yes, i am. >> thank you. there has been a motion to continue this item and seconded by supervisor mar -- >> mr. president, it was a motion to send it to committee. >> oh, okay. motion to send it back to committee. without any objection, this motion -- >> mr. president, if you could call supervisor brown as the second, then we be complete --
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then we would be complete. >> she is the one who made the motion. >> supervisor mart made the motion, and we just need a second on that. >> okay. is that okay? i think it was the opposite, but that works, too. motion made and seconded, without any objection, this motion passes. let's see. madame clerk, item number 18. >> item 18 is an ordinance to order the summary street vacation of the 900 block of francisco street as part of the development of francisco park, subject to certain terms and conditions, and improving conditional departmental transfer of the vacation area from public works the recreation and park department and to affirm the ceqa determination adopt the appropriate findings. >> supervisor stefani?
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>> thank you. a really quick, i want to thank the land use committee for moving this legislation forward. it is just a small step in what is a huge project, which is the creation of a new park in san francisco at san francisco -- i francisco park. we have been working on this for decades. i remember passing resolution when i was a legislative aide that this board past declaring the old reservoirs open space, and i'm so grateful to all the neighbors who have worked to help make this project a reality , including someone who recently passed away, but it is because of neighbors like her that has made this possible. this is a small step in a big direction, so thank you. i urge your support. >> okay. colleagues, can we take this same house, same colloquy without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, please call next item. >> night -- item 19 is an ordinance to amend the plumbing code to add a requirement for the placement and minimum size
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of building traps and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> colleagues, can we take this same house same colloquy this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, please call items 20 through 22 together. >> twenty through 22 are being called together. they are three ordinances that pertain to the development of 915 avenue. item 20 is to develop and agreement between the city and investment l.l.c. containing various public benefits including significantly below market rate units, item 21, amends planning code to establish the special use district an immense a zoning map to add the su d. and to change the height limits, in item 22 amends the zoning map to change the zoning district on parcel block 6954, lot 039 from an r.h. one residential house district, and excelsior outer mission
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street neighborhood commercial district to excelsior outer mission street commercial district, and to affirm the ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings for all three items. >> okay. supervisor safai pleas rise. >> i'm very happy to be standing here with years and years of process on this particular pot just project. this is a particular milestone for district 11 and the excelsior neighborhood. we have not had any affordable housing belts for families. we had -- we had not had any affordable housing built for families. we had four seniors, but not any affordable family housing built in decades. this project is voluntarily doing 50% affordable for families from 55% up to 100% of a.m.i. that is between 40 and $100,000 for a family of four.
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this is being voluntarily done by the family. it is almost two and a half times what would be required of this project. they are 70% of the units that are family-friendly. two and three bedrooms, and on top of the 116 units, which means 58 of them will be affordable, an additional five of the market rate, at least will be dedicated transitional aged youth, former foster care youth that are attending school. the family has a commitment to and has worked with the john burton foundation and the make-a-wish foundation, so we are super excited, not a penny of public money is going into this project. this is 100% privately financed, and we think it is a particular milestone. we want to thank a few people from the office of the city attorney for the hard work that they did, elizabeth and audrey,
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from the office of economic and workforce development who spent the last two years, and even when she went over to the port, she continued and finalized this project. can and his team, jeff for engaging the project sponsors years ago, and talking with them about this wonderful project, and my staff for all their hard work in making this a reality. finally, and not least of which, a family for making this commitment as part of their legacy to the city and county of san francisco for this type of developments. we are super excited. we ask that you support this, and i was going to say the rest i submit that there's nothing else to say. thank you very much. [laughter] >> colleagues, can we take these items same house, same colloquy without objection -- same call?
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without objection, these ordinances are passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item. >> item 23 is an ordinance to amend the ministries of code to authorize a modification of deadlines for submission of question topics by board members in advance of the mayor touch a appearance for a question-and-answer session at a meeting of the board of supervisors. >> colleagues, can we take this same house, same colloquy without objection -- same call? without objection this is passed unanimously. please call the next item. >> twenty-four is an ordinance to amend campaign and governmental conduct code to modify the deadline for participation in the public financing program and the operation of individual expenditure ceilings for participating candidates and mrm pursuant to the government
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conduct code requires two thirds vote of the four membership or eight votes to pass. >> can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call the next item. >> twenty-five is a motion to approve the mayoral nomination for the appointment of frank fung to the planning commission, term ending june 30th, 2022. >> colleagues, can we take the same house, same call? without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. >> madame clerk, please call the next item. >> twenty-six is motion to appoint aaron koons to the sugary drinks distributor tax advisory committee term ending december 20 thirst -- 21st, 2020. >> colleagues, same house, same call? without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. can we go back to item -- supervisor haney, are you ready? >> yeah. >> let's go back to item 12 and
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let the audience know what it is >> item 11, i believe is a resolution resolution to adopt the city gg tenure capital expenditure plan. >> thank you -- ten year capital expenditure plan. you all should have the amendments in front of you, they are fairly simple and will not require us to go back to committee further, i think for all of us to have participated in some of the conversations around the affordable housing g.o.p. onto, and thank you, president yee, for your leadership, it has been very clear we want affordable housing to be featured more prominently in the capital plan as one of our city's greatest needs. is also a very strong desire that we have heard, particularly recently, for a second affordable housing bonds to be added to the schedule over the next decade. it is my opinion that we should be pushing to get to at least a
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billion dollars over ten years, but that will be up for discussion at another time, in any case, what is important is we add our intention for affordable housing to be a key part of our capital plan moving forward. these amendments will simply formalize the intent to work with a capital planning committee to add affordable housing as part of the city's capital planning process beginning next year, and to ask the capital planning company -- committee to work with the housing policy experts to build a reliable set of funding sources for affordable housing, including, but not limited to, another affordable housing general bond, as i mentioned, these are nonsubstantive, and will allow us to pass the capital plan as required. >> okay. so there is a motion to make amendments to this ordinance.
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give me a second. okay is there a second? seconded by supervisor brown. without objection, we will take these amendments as described. madame clerk -- no, can we take this ordinance as amended, same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed, is this first reading? okay, then this resolution is adopted as amended. madame clerk, i believe it is not quite 2:30 p.m., so let's
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skip over to -- >> committee reports. >> item 27 was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday, april 29th, and was forwarded as a committee reports it is a resolution to approve a conditional property exchange agreement with the company for a proposed future transfer of city real property under the jurisdiction of the fire department, in exchange for a portion of the real property at 425 through 439 washington street, and to find that it is a conditional land acquisition agreement under the ceqa guidelines. >> okay. supervisor peskin? >> thank you. i'm just available to answer any questions if any colleagues have them. we heard it yesterday inland use , and i commend this
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resolution to colleagues, and i'm available to answer any questions you may have. i would like to reiterate my thanks to mr. updike and the division of real estate. >> okay. , colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. we have a few minutes to start roll call, madame clerk, let's go to roll call for introductions. >> you are first up to introduce new business. >> submit. >> supervisor mandelman? >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, today i am requesting we had during our meeting and memory of a man who passed away on monday, april 22 nd at the age of 94. he was a beloved husband, father , grandfather, native san franciscan, realtor, veteran, and fighting for his community. born in 1924 to a sickle mother who moved from mexico, his race
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alongside his eight siblings in the south of market neighborhood he attended saint patrick and mission high school before continuing his education at golden gate university, university of california extension program, and lone mountain college, earning an ma in community development in public service. he would sell newspapers and shine shoes for a dime to make ends meet. early signs of his entrepreneurial spirit and his love a family that guided him through his life. when he was 18, he joined the army, and served in world war ii , both in the specific and european theaters. it was during his time at war that he became chuck after a fellow soldier saw the middle initial see on his name tag and dub tim chuck short for charlie. always putting family first, uses g.i. bill to buy his mother her first home on homestead street. when he returned home from the war. shortly after, he attended a uso welcome home soldier stands at the patio where he met the love of his life, bernice. they were married at the carmel mission in 1951 and had four
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children. as a young father, he sold insurance door-to-door, drove a taxi, refereed basketball games, served as a director and coached basketball before founding real estate and insurance company on castro street, a business he ran for more than 50 years. inspired by his mother's experience as an immigrant calculator became a citizen, he founded the central latino mission in 1973. to this day, the center provides low income seniors of meals, transportation, by legal services, health assessment and teaches classes on the u.s. citizenship process. chuck was also proud to serve on the california commission on aging and was twice appointed, though the white house conference on aging. his community work spans across dozens of organizations as a lifelong member of the democratic party, he was a delegate to the 1972 national democratic convention and a member of the democratic club, as well as the district eight to meant -- democratic club. he was also elected to the san
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francisco city college board where he served several times and went on to serve on the board of directors of the association of community college trustees. check is perceived -- preceded in death of his wife of 56 years and his son, bob and survived by his sun -- his children darling, mike, and several grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and his right-hand woman, executive director of central latino, gloria he will be missed by his family in the city and county of san francisco that he loved and to which he dedicated himself so fully. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar? >> thank you, madame clerk. today i'm introducing a resolution supporting a large group of immigrant workers at a seafood restaurant, which is just over the border in daly city. in 2017, the california labor commissioner issued a $5.16 million citation to the
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owners of the seafood buffet for wages -- wage violations impacting 133 immigrant workers ranging from cleaning staff, kitchen staff, waiters, and food servers. despite -- the restaurant owners have refused to pay this large citation from the labor commissioner for the egregious labor violations, and additionally, despite their refusal to pay the workers, one owner of the restaurant spoke on t.v. about buying and renovating the a.b.c. café restaurant in my district. the restaurant has since been renamed. later in january 2019, between 70 and 80 workers at the restaurant were suddenly laid off by the owners without an advanced notice under the state act. workers arrived at work to find a sign was posted saying that the restaurant would be closed
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for repairs and suspected mould conditions. this resolution would put the board of supervisors on record supporting the workers' demands and claims to settle the wage claim, the 5.1 million dollar wage claim, and for rehiring the laid-off workers at the restaurant if it is reopened. and urging the people of san francisco to boycott the restaurants until the workers' issues are resolved. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin? >> submit. >> thank you. supervisor ronen? >> thank you. as you know, on april 9th, we adopted a resolution stating the board had determined that public interest and necessity demanded change in how san francisco accesses electric service and as required by section 16.101 of the city charger, we requested a report from the sfpuc to evaluate our options for
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creating public power infrastructure and service. we are anticipating that report to be released in the next few days! today, along with supervisors peskin and fewer, is that right, supervisor fewer? >> yes. >> okay. , thank you. i'm introducing a request for hearing for sfpuc to share their reports. look for to working with you to develop our best path to ensure reliable, safe, affordable clean power for san francisco, and the rest i submit. step a -- [please stand by]
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>> president yee: nice things is that you are such a local person. in the sense that local to district 7.
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somebody that grew up there, went to school in district 7 throughout all the way through high school and you basically a fixture. i see you out there on time. there's no words for it. they love you out there. not only one of the first female firefighters, you moved up the ranks really quickly. eventually became in 2004 the very first female fire chief of san francisco. just historical. you paved a way for lot of other people. not only for san francisco but you paveed the way for many other females throughout the united states in terms seeing
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the goals are not that high. during your tenure as fire chief you led the people with integrity, fairness and dedication. recruiting many of today's firefighters and knowing them all by name, which is very impressive considering there are over 1000 officers. during your career of 29 years with san francisco fire department, some of your accomplishmentings and accomplishments include unifying fire, emergency ems, police dispatch communications, random on duty alcohol and drug testing and the reconfiguration of emergency medical services. perhaps your biggest accomplishments over the year, however, has been raising three
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amazing boys. riley, logan and sean. you set yourself to be an inspirational leader to being fire chief of san francisco. only female urban fire chief in the world. can you imagine that? you were the only female fire chief in the world. in 2018, the career fire chief of the year. you've proven yourself, people recognize it, we recognize it in san francisco, you broke the glass ceiling. now others are following. on behalf of the people of san francisco, the san francisco board of supervisors are forever grateful to chief joanne hayes white and for your service to
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the city and county of san francisco. after careful planning and effort, chief, it is time to put down the charged holes and backflow preventers and lead the buffers own line to another officer tell the engine company, you will not be on the inspection line anymore for you have completed all of your duties as of friday. your work has concluded and we have -- we are so happy you are able to hang up your uniform and just be one of us. san francisco, board of supervisors, wishes you all the best and well deserved retirement. many relaxing days. i'm pretty sure you're not the type to relax much but try to relax when you retire.
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going to your next chapter of your life, i'm looking to seeing the seeing the chapter. i'm looking forward see you and having some time to sip some coffee and enjoying what's available in san francisco. i appreciate all your work. i want to remind my colleagues that this is small business week. we have to honor. if i know it's going to be really tough, if everybody could just do a real quick rapid fire what you want to say and mainly because many of us welcome coming up to your celebration on sunday. if you have longer words to say t then that's the time to do it. not here. supervisor ronen.
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>> supervisor ronen: i wantatha>
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>> supervisor stefani: i'm going to miss you so much. i love running into you all the events. you're always there supporting the community in every aspect you can. i will never forget being at a christmas party when my daughter talked to you, i explained exactly what you were. that you were not a female firefighter but you oversaw the entire fire department. she said no way, that is so cool. i'm going to miss you so much and thank you for everything you've done and hopefully we can get together after. >> supervisor fewer: i want to say how much i enjoyed working with you and also, your native
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san franciscan, i dig that and also that you're so down home that i can have honest and transparent conversations with you. you want to thank you for all your service, everything you've done for all the residents here in san francisco to keep them safe. also for having the courage and the fortitude to take on this job and what we know to be a male dominated profession. thank you so much. i hope upon your retirement, you feel -- [indiscernible] >> supervisor walton: thank you. i echo the sentiments. thank you so much for your service. you definitely set the trend and making sure you are not the last woman chief of this department. i'm excited about that. i are not be here on sunday. i'll be out town. town.i will be say congratulati.
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>> supervisor peskin: chief you've taught me a lot. all of our districts were created equal. district 3 is where most of the events are. chief hayes white, i bump into so many times every week whether it's in chinatown or downtown, she always look around and figure out where the escape route is. there's that. in the first six years that i was on the board, we had three fire chiefs. then by the time i left, joanne was the chief. by the time i came back, joanne was still the chief. that 15 years saved us a ton of pension for which we are profoundly grateful. last but not least you said on friday, when you're a civilian, i look forward to getting together in north beach. >> supervisor mandelman: i want to add on personal note. thanks for your incredible kindness and graciousness to me
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as i gotten used to this role. you've been tremendous support to me. thank you and have a fantastic retirement. >> supervisor haney: thank you. i want to thank you if your service and your trail blazing leadership. you didn't get to work with you that much. i only been here few months. one of the tragedies that did occur in my districts, you were there with your hands on leadership and how much you clearly care about people of san francisco and their safety and well being is evident in everything you've done. very well-deserved retirement to you and thank you for everything you've done and for people in my district, specifically but for everyone across the city. thank you. >> supervisor safai: chief, thank you so much for all your service. i have to say every single time i called you, the issue we brought to your attention, you
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handled it personally. you engaged your staff. i think that's a model of a department head no matter how small the issue you engage on that issue and see it through to the end. thank you for all your years of service and enjoy your retirement. i you're going to be actively involved in san francisco. thank you. >> supervisor mar: chief white i wanted to echo my colleagues. deeply felt thanks and congratulations on your dedicated service to the fire department and our city. just importantly for serving an important role model for young women and girls including my teenage daughter. i look forward to the big community celebration in my district in the sunset district this sunday at the united irish culture centre. that's going to be a great event. thank you so much. >> president yee: and the floor is yours. >> good afternoon, thank you president yee. it is small business week.
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i will be brief. i did want to say, i'm grateful to be here today. thank you all for your service. i was calculating i probably work between three and four dozen board member in my 15 years as chief. it's been an honor and privilege to serve in the department from day one when i entered on april 2, 1990 to now, the department looks different. i'm proud of that. probably one of my biggest take aways and legacies i would hope that the san francisco fire department reflects the community we serve with over 16% women in uniform, that's really unheard of anywhere not just in the country but in the world. over 15% minorities, many that speak the languages that people in this city speak. maybe not as important in the fire emergency but certainly so in a medical emergency when we're trying to convey and obtain critical medical information. this department has been part of
6:43 pm
my life. this city is a part of my family life and my life. i'm not going anywhere. i'm tim welled graduate -- i'm filled with gratitude. huge challenges in this department. i fell like -- i felt like i ws on an island and change come slowly. our biggest strength is our members. i had the privilege to hire -- i do know most of them by name. that is our biggest strength by far. members put their lives on the line everyday. to have that, i know that i'm handing over the department in really good shape because they are the foundation and they are the future. i'm very proud of my deputy chief. jeanine nicholson will take the oath on monday. i like to colleagues here today
6:44 pm
that i worked closely with and i have respect for is our city administrator, na naoimi kelly. i will serve my last day on friday. i'll turn in my keys, my car and radio and my official retirement date i have '55s. i wanted to pay tribute to him as well. also to thank my family. when i started 1990, i was -- 26 year old, you had no children. when i became chief, my boyars were young. i see some language days but the years have known. they are now grown men. i have heard what a role model for young women.
6:45 pm
i would say equally for my young boys for them to see their mom or woman succeeding and leading in nontraditional workforce. i want to say thank you very much and thank you all for your service. [applause] >> president yee: chief, hayes-white, would like to come in the chambers so we can take a photo with you?
6:46 pm
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>> president yee: okay. thank you chief. we'll see you on sunday. i want to thank everybody for indulging this moment. it's a special moment for many of us. as the next moments will be special for many of us, this is after all, we're honoring and celebrating small businesses. this year marks the tenth year of board of supervisors to take time out of this meeting to acknowledge special business for each of our districts. the office of small business in state of california is 100 employees.
6:48 pm
there are 59,374, you guys hear that? , for profit businesses employing less than 100 people in san francisco. this constitutes 95% of all businesses, one or more employees. together they employ 354,431 people. 80% of all businesses that employ one or more employees have 10 or fewer employees. this means san francisco is still a city made of very small businesses. colleagues, before we start with the recognition, you like to invite up president adam of the small business commission to start off the program. president adams?
6:49 pm
>> thank you president yee. thank you members of the board of supervisors. good afternoon. ed as a presiden -- as presidey honor to be here today to recognize this group of outstanding small businesses. you got to meet them before the meeting today. the office of small business and the small business commission is honored to host the board of supervisors honoree program and today's program is one the highlights of small business week. this is the 15th annual san francisco small business week and it's the largest small business week in the united states. this is our tenth anniversary of honoring the board of supervisors honoree ceremony. small business week is our opportunity to small businesses at the centre to highlight and celebrate small businesses that make san francisco diversity and
6:50 pm
unique. i want to highlight a few city programs that we have. for the first six months of the fiscal year, our client services are up 15% at the office of small businesses assistance centre. despite some the challenges of doing business in san francisco, there are still san franciscans out there who still have a place and who open new businesses in the city and county of san francisco. raised over $11 million in small businesses and neighborhood assistant grants through a variety of programs including access to capital, the s.f. shine program, disaster relief,ment women entrepreneurial fund, construction mitigation. then my favorite program, the legacy business registry, which now has 181 businesses.
6:51 pm
104 businesses took advantage of the business assistance grants to date and the run stabilization grant has helped 29 businesses extend their lease terms with their landlord. you want to give a shot out to two supervisors. supervisor peskin, you're always coming up up with great legacy businesses. you keep our plate full. i want to thank you. supervisor fewer, she comes to all of our meetings and she's such a championship of this program. we all feel when you come to the meetings, we love it. you're so excited not only for your businesses but for everybody else's businesses as well. i want to give you a special shot out for that. there are challenges that our small businesses face. we look forward to working with you on the challenges. this week and next week is the time of year we come together to celebrate small businesses.
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next week may 6th, we start the official kickoff of small business week. we have a city hall pop up shop on monday morning followed by inspire s.f. event with the san francisco chamber of commerce. throughout the week businesses can engage in 31 workshops, 7 networking events. we close out the week on saturday may 11th with 14 commercial districts hosting sidewalk sales through temporary occupation fee waiver, thank you supervisor brown. thank you once again supervisors for this honor to be before you today and to celebrate small business and your honorees. you guys have some great honorees this year. supervisors again, you have nominated a great group of businesses that includes restaurant, realtors, cycle shop and hair salon. each are part of the fabric of the neighborhoods they are
6:53 pm
located in. it speaks to the close relationship with the small businesses in your district. thank you and to the small -- thank you from the small business community of san francisco. we appreciate contributions to your neighborhood. small business commission remained dedicated to representing your interest at city hall. we look forward to continue collaboration in the coming year. i'll turn it back over to you president yee. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. we're going to be honoring our businesses by district order. the first one up will be district 1 supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i rarely when i give commendations. i feel that i must. colleagues, i'm beyond delighted
6:54 pm
to introduce district 1 small business honoree 2019. i like to welcome sean and alex kim. the owners of our cherished legacy business, joe's ice cream. [applause] joe's ice cream is a family-owned and operated business anchored in the central richmond formally located at 5351 gary. when the store had to relocate it was fortunate they were and to find a new home. located half block away between 18th and 19th avenue. joe's ice cream just celebrated its 60th anniversary. in 60 years of business, the owners have all lovingly stewarded the business. each owner of joe's ice cream has work to preserve the tradition, recipes and craft of ice cream making. it was established in 1959 by
6:55 pm
original owner joe pollock. mike balm owned and managed the shop through his retirement. they owned the business from 1979 to 2011 and in 2012, sean and alice became the proud owners and operators of joe's ice cream. joe's ice cream has served as a gathering spot for family youth and seniors who can enjoy classic flavors such as rum raisin, maple nut, black walnut and root beer swirl. it's not just deliciousitis dele cream the shop has a history hiring local and giving back. countless school fundraises have been held at joe's. this is what makes joe's a perfect example of a one richmond business. i also have a personal sweet relationship with joe's ice
6:56 pm
cream. i moved into the neighborhood in 1959. joe's ice cream as we call it, joe's, was our ice cream spot. it was my efamily's favorite spot to go. we always had joe's ice cream at all our celebrations. birthday parties, anniversaries, mother's day, easter. we had joe's ice cream. i also know that joe always hired high school students and today, sean and alice still follow that tradition of hiring local high school students from our high schools and also from students from the richmond district. my children also fondly remember joe's. it was mom can we go to joe's. i want to share with you, that one of my first dates was at joe's ice cream. it was a strawberry ice cream soda. i'm so honored today to celebrate their success here with everybody. i want to say, ice cream you
6:57 pm
scream, we all scream for ice cream especially when it's at joe's ice cream. [applause] >> seeing that our civic leaders and my family and other wonderful people behind the small business it's a dream that i could never have imagined growing in korea. i think it's a wonderful evidence that the american dream in my husband sean and i share seems to be immigrated in america. it's still alive and well in san francisco. our small business celebrated
6:58 pm
its 60th anniversary. in the richmond district this month. we're grateful for our leaders to continue to keep the path alive by helping small business to shine again. you like to impress special thanks to supervisors for her nomination of joe's ice cream and amazing support of the small business in the richmond district. my husband sean and i bought it in april 2012. even then supervisor fewer was a supporter of joe's. she helped us to register joe's as a legacy business and joe's ice creams granted legacy in
6:59 pm
january 2017. because of the support from supervisor fewer and the richmond district community, we are able to participate in our culture legacy of joe's and our mission for being a safe and fun business in this complicated world. after all joe's is all about family, friend, share and enjoying. being a small business owner for this beloved shop is such a blessing. we are so grateful to know that san francisco cares about small business like ours and support the people that are working hard to keep the american dream alive for generations to come. been behalf of myself, my husband sean and our three children, we can't thank you enough for this incredible honor and opportunity. we can invite all to joe's and
7:00 pm
enjoy the sweet life with two scoops of richmond district hospitality. it's a legacy that you can all be proud of. thank you. [applause] >> president yee: next up is district supervisor stefani, distri.