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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon welcome to the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i'm the chair of this committee aaron peskin joined by supervisor ahsha safai and matt haney to my left. today is our meeting for monday may 6, 2019. ms. major do you have any announcements? >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices, complete speaker cards and copy of documents should be submitted to the clerk. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. please readed first item. [agenda item read]
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>> supervisor peskin: this request was brought to me by the tina modotti committee. with that ms. skully, please come forward. you want to thank you in advance for your generous offer and gift. you want to thank my staff for working with you as well as the public works folks who will be directed by this colleagues if you have questions, jeremy spitz from public works is on hand.
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>> thank you. good afternoon members of the commission. i'm here on behalf of the tina modotti heritage committee. the committee was founded over a decade ago with the goal to commemorate the fine arts photographer tina modotti. it was of proclamation passed by the board of supervisors recognizing tina modotti for her contribution to the cultural heritage to the city. at this time, we also have an event honoring modotti at the bookstore and more recently in 2017, we collaborated with the americano for an opening event for that expedition which features some of her work. the proposal represents next step to honoring modotti by
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installing a commemorative plaque. with this plaque we hope to bring public consciousness to tina modotti the best unknown photographer. tina modotti immigrated from italy in 1913 at the age of 16. here she -- she quickly rising as celebrated actress. after brief career in hollywood film, modotti moved to mexico city. she became into her own as a celebrated photographer and become part of team of political artists. modotti used her camera to paint of mexico and common people.
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modotti gave up photography after only seven years. tina modotti always considered san francisco to be her adopted city. much of her ideology and extraordinary creative ideas were shaped. we hope this plaque will help top remind everyone the legacy of san francisco as a gathering place as an artist and honoring modotti. seek to memorialize women artist who shaped the city's cultural life. i like to thaek it the opportunity to thank supervisor
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peskin as well as calvin from the supervisor's office. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you ms. skully. thank you again for your work and generosity. actually was in mexico city over in deregulation and saw signs of ms. modotti. iare there any questions from committee member? are there any members of the public like to speak on item number 1? you have no speaker cards. public comment is closed. colleagues, do we have a motion to send this to the full board with recommendation? so moved. >> supervisor peskin: moved by supervisor safai. next item please. [agenda item read] colleagues we
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heard this last week and continued it one week with the amendment to the title. is there any public comment on it item? please come forward. >> thank you chairman peskin and supervisors. ryan patter son on behalf of the san francisco coalition and other individual owners. we filed additional evidence which you have before you today. supervisors, san francisco planning code section 101.1 requires finding of consistency with the general plan and priority policies for any legislation requiring an initial study under ceqa. that's why the draft legislation that you had before you, included the findings. the change as of today is to
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remove those findings of consistency. the reason is, clearly the committee is trying to make it look like this is not a zoning or land use ordinance under ceqa. fact of the matter is, it is as evidence by the initial graphing. the superior court cases under submission and based on how the hearing went last week, we do expect to prevail in the litigation. it takes no sense to be considering this today prior to receiving the judge's decision on that case which we expect any time. whenever judge is ready. it does make sense for you to wait and see which parts of the prior legislation are ruled to be illegal and then if the board decides to proceed with some new version, based on something that would be lawful, you'll be free to do so. this proposed ordinance will shut people out of housing.
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people who are able to afford rent rooms by the week today will no longer be able to do that under 30-day minimum. we appreciate your good intentions but the outcome will be terrible for lot of people and urge you to reconsider. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon board. i opposed 3 30-day minimum stay. we're a hotel. our business is ran by the week or by the day. these are residential units. we've been s. r.o. hotel owner for over 20 years.
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however, this new law if passed will force us to shut down the hotel and basically not rent to anybody. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: i will reiterate what i said at the last hearing, this is a law that we already passed unanimously with the board of supervisors. slightly adjusting. 32 days is law today. it is the subject of a legal dispute. next speaker please. >> thank you supervisors. i think at the moment, the city stipulated not to enforce 32-day rule based on the appellant decision that happened last october. i represent one the hotels of san francisco. you made a point last time too, i want to keep this brief. really ask supervisors to give
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us a seat at the table when it comes to making policies like this. we're san franciscans, when these positions come to past, we're not seated at the table. which is very concerning to us. we've been housing the most vulnerable population for generations. what we ask is that, let's take a step back, vote no on this right now and go back to the drawing board to really do something that's wholistic and right for the city. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker. >> my name is roger. i'm a manager of an s.r.o. hotel. i'm opposed to item two. we're not able to rent rooms by the month. it's not possible. weekly rents helps because they are able to pay by two week.
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lots are able to pay by the week. lot of tenants are able to peay about the month because they get paid every other week. we would need a deposit up front for these tenants. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: i should point out that in the existing law, there's nothing that prevents tenants from paying by the week. go ahead. >> my name is michael. i'm an insurance broker since 2010 serving landlords in san francisco. right now through my agency, we've been noticing every year especially for the past four years, it's getting harder and harder to purchase coverage for habitability lawsuits. the price goes higher and higher. one of the first questions they ask us when we tell them we're presenting application on behalf of s.r.o. hotel what percentage of the units rented on a weekly
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basis and what percentage are rented on a monthly basis in the weekly we have, the easier it is to negotiate rates. i'm afraid in the short-term i'm making more money out of this, i'm afraid in the long-term we're not going to get habitability coverage for these type of properties. that's going to affect everybody that lives in these buildings including class of people that supervisors is attempting to protect here. i'm just concerned that all the implications of this law haven't been taken into full consideration. i would invite supervisors to bring industry experts in and really let you guys know all the effects that this bill would have. >> supervisor peskin: thank you sir. i should say, as this was being crafted in 2016, there were many s.r.o. hotel owners at the table. next speaker.
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>> i will be first supportive speaker. good afternoon, i do support this. i have bigger blocks to fry. most the issue of landlord malfeasance. all the opposition of legislation and other piece of s.r.o. related legislation is receiving is part in par isly. it's a prolonged temper tantrum. vothey claim it will allow for.
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tenants don't have econviction protection for the first 30 days. they claim it will cause homelessness. it causes far more homelessness than any other tenant rights bill. most all, this is just -- this is cutting down that thing by two days. just remember that this s.r.o. hotel coalition which opposes this legislation, it's located at 212 sutter street third floor at the same location at certain commissioner fellow members business. let's just leave it that. i'm very supportive. this is just good legislation. it's minor but it's good. please pass this out. >> supervisor peskin: are there any other members of the public here for item number 2?
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seeing none -- oh. go ahead sir. any other speakers after this individual, please line up to your right and my left. >> i think these legislations has some problems because for starters who is going to monitor this situation? we need to look at the situation of musical room and the quality oof s.r.o.s. throughout the history of san francisco, they have continuously failed to properly monitor the laws regarding s.r.o.s. remember henry hotel when it was open in drug den? i remember. you have the mission hotel by
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the tenderloin housing district. it seems like instead of holding the bad players accountable, it bridge's people's right. you're going to be locking property owners into giving tendency rights where they would probably not do that before. i think it's problematic. we need more monitoring of the laws that we already have now and more enforcement of the law that we have now. my fiancee came, she visited one of these hotels. she said it was the worse she ever seen in the country. she's well traveled in the united states to say that, san francisco is the worse of the country. it's like if we have a problem or complaint about an s.r.o.,
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where do we go? we have nothing. it's just -- i think this is the wrong way to go because we need something else to monitor this. >> supervisor peskin: thank you sir. seeing no other members of the public for public comment, public comment is closed. the answer to the last speaker's question is the housing division of the department of building inspection is where you go. colleagues, do we have -- let me take a step back. you want to remind as you said earlier, this legislation was actually introduced in november of 2016 and signed by mayor lee in february of 2017 and has been on the books since subject to litigation since then and with that, colleagues, is there a
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motion? >> motion to approve the item as amended? >> supervisor peskin: motion to send the item with positive recommendation. we amended it at the last hearing. it need no further amendment. that will be the order. next item please. [agenda item read] >> supervisor peskin: okay. this resolution of intention was set forth on our last calendar and the author supervisor haney ask for one week continuance. >> supervisor haney: thank you chair peskin. colleagues today we will be voting on a resolution of intent asking public works to initiate the process of renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way. before you start, i want to recognize an acknowledge many of jeff adachi's family and friends who are here today with us.
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there are people here from the public defenders office, members of the japanese-american community as well as residents of soma who are here. i want you to especially acknowledge jeff's wife who's here. you want to thank you for being here and for your support and our co condolences are with you. you want to share the technical detail what is this exactly will do on the projector we'll pull up, you can see exactly where gilbert street is for those who are not aware. gilbert street is approximately a block and a half long. it sits parallel to 7th street and you can see the full length of it there. it's about block and a half long. this proposed name change would affect 74 addresses. the process for how this started
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and what comes next, the public defenders office and members of that office approached my staff with a proposal for a street name changed. i agreed to support it. that's why we have the resolution in front of us. if the resolution of intent passes today it will be agendized next week for a vote of the full board of supervisors and we'll have public comment at that time as well. if the resolution of intent passes with the full board of supervisors and public works will be charged with initiating the name change. that process also involves extension outreach. public works will notify property owners and they will get their feedback whether for or against it and then public works will report the results of that survey to the full board. it will then be agendized again here at land use and then go back to the board of supervisors if we choose to move forward
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with the actual name change. at that point, public works will notify city agencies of the name change and change the name on the city's official map. they will install new street name signs, gilbert street will be listed in smaller letters below jeff adachi for five years. in five years it will say jeff adachi way. some points of clarification, public works will notify them about the street name change and make that change automatic. the property owners do not need to contact the assessor's office. the public works will notify the assessor's office after the final battlage. passages. the public defenders office held one community meeting which i attended last week. i will be holding my own community meeting on this on monday may 20th from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at columbia square apartments and will be doing
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outreach to the community around that. many of the who are here know jeff adachi. he was a friend and hero to many of us here in san francisco. for those who do not know jeff adachi, you wish that you did. he was an extraordinary person. he is somebody who took interest in others and cared about others, fought for others and he was a truly one of our city's heroes and champions for justice. he served as elected public financing defender odefendercito since march of 2002. before that he was long time deputy public defender and chief attorney of the office. he was elected five times in the state of california. his office represented more than 23,000 people each year and he, himself, tried over 150 jury trials including many series
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felonies and homicide cases. he is a reason why san francisco public defenders office is considered the gold standard amongst all public defenders offices nationwide. he advocated for innovative programs like the drug court, mental health court, clean slate and full service juvenile division. he also started the community magic programs which addressed the root causes of juvenile crime in san francisco underspecifickeunder--underserv. he was recipient of national awards most recently youth 2017 champion award and 2014 california public defenders association program of the year. he was a filmmaker which many of you know and have seen his film and received many awards for. since his passing in february, there have been many tributes and memorials and gathering to celebrate his life and legacy. he was a person who was loved not just by the public defender
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community but by residents all across san francisco. his contributions to our city to criminal justice policy here and nationally are well-known and extensive. i believe that this is a fitting and appropriate tribute to jeff to honor him in lasting way. the street, gilbert street includes staff entrance to the public defenders office. this is the route he took every time he visited the courthouse at 850 bryant. the staff entrance sits on gilbert street. it's where public defenders current and staff walk in and out of and for them to be reminded of him for all of us to be reminded of him and his contributions, i think is a critical way to honor his legacy. i also believe that for the residents and businesses of gilbert street that to walk on this street and to have a named
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after somebody who stood up for justice and is a great thing to have, reminded us something to teach your children and for all of us to have active conversations in the future. jeff is an institution and symbol of the power of the people and renaming this street that he walked to work on everyday for the last 30 years is entirely fitting tribute to his legacy. with that, i know there are number of people here for public comment. you want to thank you all for your support. i certainly missed jeff and i'm excited that we have this incredible opportunity to honor him. >> supervisor peskin: we'll open up for public comment. please come forward.
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>> good afternoon. my name is maria. i'm deputy public defender. i worked in city government over the course of the last 25 years. jeff adachi's legacy is one of a civil rights active u.s., community leader, immigration advocate, author, movie-maker, political philosopher, mentor and teacher. he was able to do all of that and create the greatest public defenders office in the country. he was in a very unique position of being the only elected public defender in the state of california. he carried out the mandate of the people which was the preservation of constitutional rights for everybody rich or poor, black or white, against government overreaching.
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whenever there was governmental pushback, he shielded the citizens of san francisco and he always took the hit for all of us. that is why thousands adored jeff, considered him to be loved and mourned his death. i want to tell you about some stuff that you may not know about jeff. jeff led the city in making the public defenders office in one of the most offices in composition of staff up to upper management. when jeff took office, he made her the first latino felony supervisor that is significant because when she was hired, she was only one of three female attorneys. you should be impressed by jeff's staff of work and immigration field, creating immigration wing at the san francisco public defenders
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office. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker please. thank you counselor. >> i'm jeff walsh. you want to reiterate my stance from the may 1st meeting. why do you want to name a street after a drug addict? what interest do co-sponsors have in gilbert street? the man was an insult to the public defenders office as far as i'm concerned. you had some questions for him. they asked me if you was a person of color. i said i'm white. they referred me to you mr. haney and hung up on me. i oppose the coroner was wrong in his results. it was just a rumor about his
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addiction. why are you promoting this? a sanctuary city where you can shoot up and be safe? where is my sanctuary when these people rob to get their fix and hide in subsidized housing and desecrate gilbert street's name. what a joke. waste of people's money. why do you enable a dead man? no tribute what so ever should be made for him. maybe an outhouse. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm a resident on gilbert street. for some reason public defenders and board of supervisors are overzealous in effort to change
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the name of gilbert street to jeff adachi way. they have haven't met the qualificatioqualification to do. this was public defender meeting on may 1st that was touted neighborhood meeting. this meeting was partially posted and did not qualify as neighborhood meeting because they didn't even post -- they posted gilbert street from brannan street south. south was never posted but gilbert street north was posted. there are 52 residents who never got posted. that doesn't qualify as a valid posting. number two, when we did go to the meeting at the public defenders office on may 1st, the front door of the meeting at 555, 7th street was a lot to
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type. we couldn't get in. lot people couldn't attend the meeting because the doors were locked. there was no one at the front door to let anybody in. the public deferredder were anxious to eliminate all the resident and interest businesses who dirte did not want this name changed to jeff adachi way. third, you wasn't allowed to speak. when ivwhen rebecca learned i ws speaking against the renaming, she came to the podium and began speak being several unrelated subjects. i have been to many meetings. >> supervisor peskin: we got lot more speakers. thank you for your testimony.
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next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i'm a deputy public defender in san francisco. i have been for about 15 years. i speak today to support renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way. years ago, we went to jeff with surveillance video of police officers who violating the constitutional rights of inhabitants of s.r.o. hotels. you was hesitant to publicize these violations because my client wasn't perfect and the system he was going up against was powerful. jeff took me aside and he said, don't hesitate because you're walking with power and truth on your side. that's the way he always was. he stood up to the powerful, he stood up for the destitute, the disabled, the decision possessed. jeff was a hero to those people. i hear it when i walk in the streets of the tenderloin to
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meet with a client in the jail. everyday when i leave the office, walk on gilbert street as it's named now, i have to feel myself when i join the corner i see that large concrete symbol of the system that you have to fight. having jeff's name on the corner renaming that street jeff adachi way, will give me the strength to keep fighting. it will give my colleagues the strength to keep fighting. it would be a great honor to honor his legacy by renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: next
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speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you so much for considering renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way. i want to thank her for sharing jeff's life with us for decades. jeff has been a visionary, a dreamer, a fighter, a warrior, a hero. he is particularly so for the youth and families in san francisco. jeff understood the importance of putting resources up front where the kids are and where the families are and where the communities are so that we could prevent youth from moving further into the criminal justice system. he created a model juvenile system that consist of social workers and paralegals that work with youth in the communities in
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the schools, home visits and with community-based organizations. we have been able to lead the way not only in california but in the nation and providing a holistic model of defense. jeff was instrumental in creating the legal educational advocacy program. for every kid that's in school, we keep them out of jail. jeff believes that kids deserved a chance. not only a second chance but opportunity to succeed. we have been a leader in the nation and i really applaud you for considering renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker please. >> good afternoon i'm a homeowner and president of the south part of gilbert street as one resident pointed out and
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didn't receive notification. you would have received email from myself and others who live on gilbert street and have done for 15 or 20 years. there's nothing in this for us. unfortunately. we spoke about usps. how am i going to explain to comcast if you had that privilege, yes my address changing but the physical connection of the equipment is staying put. my green card needs to be updated. my address is changing not because i'm moving because san francisco city changed the name of my street. there's nothing in there for us. you mentioned 74 businesses or units in the street. every one of those has service providers that need to be
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updated. some maybe automatic. ultimately, i have nothing against mr. adachi. he sounds like a wonderful man. you can be renaming the street martin luther king, none of of it makes easier for me as a taxpayer on gilbert street. what's in it for me? >> supervisor peskin: next speaker please. >> i'm also resident of gilbert street. i also represent the gilbert p.oh.o.a. there's a huge inconvenience to have all our records and printed. materials and business registered affected by this name change. i wish mr. haney would have thought about representing the residents of gilbert, nothing
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against mr. adachi. from all the testimony he's been fantastic advocate for justice, you propose we should look at different way to honor his legacy. perhaps, we can rename the 555 seventh street public defending building jeff adachi public defending and a plaque to show the future generation about the things he provided. plus the cost of the city fo. please consider not changing name of gilbert street. we can work together another way to honor a man who had great impact on the city. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm here representing the japantown task force which is a nonprofit community-based organization based in san
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francisco japtow japantown one e left in america. i'm here to support the name change from gilbert street to jeff adachi way. jeff as well as his wife and daughter lauren have been active members of the japanese-american community ever since they've been here. we support this change. we think it's an honor to a man who made lot of contributions to the city. thank you very much for considering this. >> good afternoon. thank you supervisors. it's little bit difficult listening to some of these things and feeling the pain of that. i wonder how the family are feeling. my name is judy, i appreciate this time to speak as a friend. i'm a member of the board of directors of the san francisco chapter of the japanese-american citizens league. it's the oldest and largest
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asian-american civil rights organization in the nation. jeff adachi served as board president. jeff fought for reparation for all those who were uprooted and incarcerated during world war ii. he was aware of the injury done and fought for what was right. this is who jeff was. we recognize jeff adachi as a protector of individual civil rights for all. he did not fight only for the japanese-american community. he was a fighter and advocate for those who are underserved, ignored and overlooked. jeff dedicated his life and his carrier to public service. the records shows that he was a voice for justice.
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the renaming of gilbert street to jeff adachi way is fitting and meaningful in that his spirit resides in that neighborhood where he worked, mentored and inspired. his name will remind generations to come that there was a man named jeff adachi and he was important enough to name a street after. jeff was important. thank you supervisors haney and walton for sponsoring this. you want to say jeff did not ever ask what the end is. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm the director of the be magic program founded undergod's leadership. no one is more deserving being honored and celebrated by the city and having street named for them than jeff adachi. jeff was the public servant to
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fight for vision and more just san francisco. jeff always said that he was in the business of putting public defender out of business. he did so by developing programs like magic, which worked collaboratively with those serving children, youths and families and addressing systematic issues in order to keep our young people out of the system so our office doesn't see them later in the criminal justice system. jeff believe believed in communy empowerment, raising the voices. his passing, countless people have shared their tour stories h me. our vocal leader is missed by us
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all and especially those who championed for the most. within the city. our actions moving forward continue to advance jeff's vision. we're asking you to take action and honoring jeff's legacy by approving the naming of jeff adachi way. thank you. >> good afternoon. thank you for this resolution supervisor haney. i'm rebecca young of the san francisco public defenders office. we know that san francisco has long tradition of renaming streets after individuals who have left a lasting impact on the community whether it be through the arts, through music, through literature, poetry and social justice. we have army street, vast street that covers miles that was
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renamed to cesar chavez streets. than must have impacted thousand of people. the issue wasn't what's in it for me to rename this to cesar chavez street. the issue is are we honoring a man who's legacy deserves to be honored? jeff adachi is a man who led by example and because of that, you heard all the previous speakers talk about his fight for racial and social justice, he mentored generations of lawyers to be advocates in his model. he created the strongest public defender office in the country that is used as an example all across the country. he died on february 22nd. not a week goes by that we don't receive notice of another memorial honorary and tribute to
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him. today, one that came in today is from the chinese centre for asian-american media. they are holding a tribute to him this saturday to honor him by showing his film. renaming gilbert street to jeff adachi way is a beautiful tribute to him, fitting tribute and is one that would i agree with woman -- >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm joh i'm executive director f the a.p.i. counsel. you want to thank supervisor haney for proposing this resolution to enamrename this s. i'm in favor of it. my only concern about it, i wish you can do more to honor the man. i have been a youth advocate for
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over three decades. i reached out to jeff adachi on many occasions to stand up for marginalized communities to stand up for opportunities for young people. every single time, he responded. the one thing i wanted to say, i wanted to cut to the chase here, any argument against the renaming of this street, pails in comparison to what this man contributed to the city. to what he contributed to the citizens of this city, to people who nobody else would stand up for, it pails in comparison to what this man meant to the city of san francisco. this is the least we can do to honor the man. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i like to also thank supervisor haney for authoring this
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resolution. my name is paul osaki. i worked in this community for over four years. i'm a san francisco resident. 150 years ago, this year, japanese immigrants first arrived in port of san francisco. yet, all our accomplishments, our trials, tribulations are publicly recognized in the city of san francisco. this is an honor that you do not only project, it's an honor for our community, for the immigrants and for our history. living in san francisco is full of inconveniences. unfortunately, as it's been said, it's hardly worth recognizing and honoring a man who provided justice for this
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community and justice for all. thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin: thank you paul. good to see you. next speaker please. >> i'm resident of bay view a native of san francisco. i was one of those persons in 2001 or 2002 that jeff met on the streets of bayview on third street handing out program fits- pamphlets asking us to come. he has touched so many people and have elevated everyone he has come into contact with. he made us feel as if we were seen and heard and he did something about whatever he said that he was going to do. he was a man of his word. that's something that in
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underserved communities, doesn't happen very often. i'm also imploring you to approve this legislation and make gilbert street into jeff adachi. i don't live there. i absolutely respond to an acknowledge the persons who do live on that street, the inconveniences it will be. maybe there can be a committee to help. seem like only thing they're objecting to is the inconvenience of turning over all of their paperwork and having that. maybe there's a committee that can be formed to help them through that. that seems to be the only objection. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker please. >> good afternoon. our executive director could not be here today. i apologize as my comments will not be as entertaining as his would. i'm with the united players.
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i'm am native san franciscan and lived in soma for the past 20 years. i live and work about three blocks away from gilbert street and i cannot more emphatically express my support of this proposal. every individual who knows jeff has a story about what he has done for them, for someone they knew for the community, why he was so special. just echoing him, this is the very last that we can do for him and all that he gave to everyone in san francisco, never once asking what's in it for me. i really fully support this. you hear the concerns of the people who live on that street this is the least we can do for jeff. my only regret is that this was not done while he was alive. i know that his spirit is here with us and i as a native san franciscan, love that you are
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corporating on with our city's culture of honoring and paying tribute to those people who shaped the city. you fully support this. i look forward to naming maybe a new rehabilitative centre after him. thank you. >> person dies at least two deaths. the first when the spirit leaves the body and last no one remembers the name. i remember jeff adachi. jeff started as a crusader and only by accident, he became a politician. he never chose political
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expediency. took on issues despite being attacked or being misunderstood. you heard about jeff's role staving -- saving japantown. jeff believed that recognizing one wrong displacement of the japanese and the effort to save that history was not the denial of another group's right to coexist. jeff showed similar courage in supporting the comfort in memorial. despite the deep conflicts among the government and group of vocal deniers, jeff spoke truth alongside the chinese, korean and filipino women. lastly, when we talk about the police, jeff spoke truth to power he paid a price. the backpack scandal, the racist text messages, that was not fake
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news. participating in the black lives matter movement was not slander of the police. the measure for deserving a named street is the courage to shine light on injustice, i invite san francisco to say his name. jeff adachi. you was not going to com >> i was not going to come up here and speak. i had to comment. it's crocodile tears that people are screaming, oh, there's going to be a name change. oh my god, it's so inconvenient. even though there's a whole process to mitigate all that. jeff was meaningful to many members of the japanese-american community and asian community.
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everybody who's been brutalized by this criminal punishment system, black, brown community, immigrant community, transgender, disabled, you name it. jeff was someone who wasn't in it for a paycheck. he stood up for community and that's just what we need more of. i hope that street renaming will also lead to more of a what he fought for more the social justice and social economic justice he fought for and youth justice for so many different communities. i want to say that the person that you looked it up, the person gilbert street was named after it was mediocre white dude named in the 19th century. it's significant we name it after man of color.
8:56 pm
i live on gary boulevard, gary was a mediocre white man. i'm hoping we can change all the names of streets to people of color who stood up for the community thank you. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker please. >> hello. i'm a resident of japantown. i'm also an individual who many decades ago really benefited from jeff adachi as my tutor at hastings college of law. like so many of yo us in the program. jeff up powered us to really use our law degree to fight for social justice. i really believe that honoring his name and his legacy with a street named after him would be very important. i thank you for considering
8:57 pm
this. >> in the chinese media and english media there's lot of reporting about what the board of supervisors, starting with this subcommittee. there was lot of many concerns about the matter. >> supervisor peskin: we will have a hearing on the rose pack resolution. this is a hearing on the adoption matter. if you keep your comments to what the subject is, you can continue testify. otherwise there will be another opportunity to testify on the rose pack resolution. >> there's no public comment on
8:58 pm
this matter. >> supervisor peskin: correct, this is a committee hearing. you can speak to the item that is on the agenda but that item is not on the agenda. if you like to speak to the proposal to rename gilbert street to jeff adachi way, you are welcome to do that. >> okay, i got it. >> supervisor peskin: there will be a publicly notice hearing in the future. no date has been scheduled. that opportunity will come at some point in the future. >> okay. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: are there any other members of the public who like to testify on item number 3? public comment is closed.
8:59 pm
we'll reopen public comment. >> thank you supervisor. about 18 years ago, i supported adachi running for the public defenders awesome. i remember the-- office.they hay carriage. we walked in chinatown and market street an in san francis. he worked there more than 10 years before he ran. there was a primary. he won the primary more than 50%.
9:00 pm
he got the job. he don't have to run again in the november election. wwe have the best public defenders office in the whole country. he really helped the underdog, the immigrants, the without the proper paperworks. we have eyes. he had a strong section of his office that held all these underdogs. naming gilbert street to jeff adachi way is the way.