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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 14, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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has built. i've seen their leadership and i told supervisor pe certaiksin, e community you built, and will continue for a long time and i want to thank you for what you've done. i know you'll continue to be one of our greatest champions more affordable housing and regardless whether we're the director, we'll call on you for your support, so thank you for your service. >> supervisor memdelman. >> i will pile on. i just want to add to my colleague's congratulations in chp and your friendship and i'm excited to see what your next act bring. >> supervisor safaye. >> yes, gail, great job and one of the things and maybe others mentioned this, but i know it's been some really hard work for you to be a female in an industry dominated by male, your male counterparts and you fought vigorously on behalf of your
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industry and i think you lead admirably. i know you're not going anywhere but we honour the great work you've done. >> before we have gail speak and everybody make sure you turn off your cell phone. gail, the floor is yours. >> well, first of all, i want to thank every member of this board of supervisors. i worked with all of you and i am clearly touched. i'm a hard person to bring to tears but one thing that make the tears flow is when i look out at the many resident leaders who chose to join me this afternoon. they're the people i'm truly proudest of and over a decade of leading community housing partnership. while i'm goin going to live una rock and i'm in my seat until june 30th, i really appreciate this and with last week being
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affordable housing week, supervisor peskin and all of you chose to honour me today. affordable housing and homelessness are issues we're tackling everyday and i want to continue to be a resource to all of you and your staff and teams and how we can have solutions to put of course questiontequity f. we need to listen to the voices of people who have experienced it day-by-day as we deal with this crisis. i almost am honoured to serve the sitting and county of san francisco as a park commission which i am excused from today. i got clearance a week ago. and i just want to thank all of my staff, the president of chp's board is here, greg miller, thank the board and directors for everything they've given to me. it will be hard to get go, but i will and i'll be watching from
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afar, the success of chp and holding all of you accountable to solve the homeless crisis facing the city and my home supervisor, thank you. we'll have more time to drink, it's specs now. thank you so much. announcement ani want to shout y husband who has been suffering of the last 17 years working so hard and is possibly excited for me to work less. he's still figuring it out. but i want to acknowledge my husband who with me today. (applause).
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>> next up is supervisor mendle mendl eman. >> it eric whitington here. come on up, eric. well, today, i am so happy to honor the glenn beck. pair. >> in 1999, eicric opened this]
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brick and mortar shop. i'll wait for a second until folks pile in and out. in 2008, eric moved the shop around the corner where it remains today and one of district 8's most beloved institutioned. glenn park residents a visitedders fled there for special selection of literature, music, art, children's book, used lps and more. honouring the spirit of the name sake's charlie parker, aka bird, and a poet samual beckett.
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they have organized free programming, including poets, author and creatives, new and old, famous and emerging from near and far to share their art with the glenn park's community. live jazz on friday in 2002 was another long-standing tradition. there was creative work this the san francisco bay area for a neighborhood audience and future generations. it is thanks to the hard work of eric and his staff, the project sponsors and tireless support of the community that bird and beckett thrived for two decades. at a time when san francisco is losing too many cultural and community centers and beloved businesses are displaced, it's important to fight to preserve
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and support brick and mortar shops like bird and beckett. i'm proud to represent a district so committed to that fight and represent our glenn park neighbors committed to sustaining bird and beckett as a vital institution for many years to come and with that, eric, would you like to say a few words. >> supervisors, members of the board. , thank you for today's condemnation. we're glad to have been able to book shop successfully while serving glenn park, san francisco and the musicians, poesets anpoets and we want to e that community service for another 20 years if we can. we want do more each year going forward to support the musicians and the poets and other artists we see as core constituency and
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provide slep excellent audienced we want to be a conduit to get reliable economic support of their efforts. i would be delighted in ten years we all feel the art's culture is flowering, whereas we now cat imagine. if in 20 years, we can point to concrete ways in which artists become better equipped to live significantly and live without risking and sometimes sacrificing their individual health and well-being. i welcome the opportunity to sit down with any of you on the board that have, you know web specific ideas to explore new ways to make that possible. the artists are very marginally compensated and it's an expensive city and there are many impediments to them staying here and keeping the culture
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healthy. so i have opportunity -- i have ideas, of course, but i know each of you has put great idea into developing programmes that point in that direction and i hope we'll be able to collaborate to make some of the things move forward. so thanks for your time and attention and good will and hard work. you're to be commended, not condemned for working month in and month out to keep the city's culture alive and vibrant. so thank you for the opportunity to recognise the wonderful staff for their work and there are a few of them here, michael and loretta, making it all flow and jenna in her absence here and angie down the way and to the community of glenn park, the patrons of the store that really kick in and make it work. we do what we can and we need some practical support at the city level so that the artists
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can continue to live here and work. thanks a lot. [cheers and applause] our last commendation is from supervisor hainey. >> thank you. today during the holy month of rararamadan, i would like to recognise the yemini american
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association. san francisco continues to be an incredibly diverse city, one that welcomes immigrants here from all over the world. among them are people who were leaders doctors, lawyer and craft's people in their homelands, people who are at times fleeing persecution, violence or unstable governments and leaving all they knew behind to start over and start a new future for their husband. not only are they getting used to a new way of life but they have to do so no one of the most expensive cities in the wore. world. the community has forged a strong and growing presence in san francisco, coming together with each other and as well as their neighbours fortunatelying support and solidarity. two months ago the yemini president stood in this room and told the immigrant right's commission that to him, san francisco is a city of freedom. he said that we are known for
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helping priorities and he wanted to bring the yemini community to our attention. in doing so, he and his counterparts not only brought a problem an issue but identified one of the issues of the yemini organization which is to raise awareness of the issues facing their community. the yemini american association serves between the local schools and other government institutions and provides a variety of cultural and social services. the association encourages participation in the democratic process by helping yemini americans to vote and providing educational workshops on legal rights and have formed alliances with other civil rights and labor groups such as local 87 and their dedication to providing representation and support for ye measuremini famid
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building local kinship can be seen in local fundraising efforts. in addition to raising money for families affected by the civil war, they raised funds to help california ns afte ns after the devastating fires. they ensure the community has access to decision-makers and a voice in city hall. they played a key role in organizing a recent visit by myself and the mayor to a local mosque as well as bringing city hall it's first iftar celebration. they have served the american
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yemini association, we're grateful for you you do and we're honored to have the president of the yemini association to accept on their behalf. pair operato[cheers and applaus] >> hello everyone. on behalf of our community, i would like to thank supervisors for organizing our organization. and also, i would like to thank the mayor of london bridge and the city official for who give the opportunity to have the first night in san francisco city hall, which mean a lot to us and this historical moment. thank you so much and we keep doing the same thing. thank you. (applause).
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>> so madam clerk, let's go and call items 15 and 16 together. >> items is a and 6 are too mayoral appointments to the successor agency commission commonly known as the commission on community investment and infrastructure. item 15 is the mayor's reappointment of mara rozales and item 16 is the mayor's appointment of desi danganun for a four-year term ending 2022.
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>> madam clerk, please call roll. (roll called). there are eight ayes. there are seven ay session, my apol. aapology. >> lead go to roll call. up to introduce new business is
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supervisor marr. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i'm asking the bla to analyze an upper policy recommendations on housing production in our city and how well it alines with the growth of the workforce at different income levels. in our urgent efforts to solve the housing crisis, our focus has been paid to simplistically increasing housing supply generally and not enough on understanding how housing demand has been driven by a rapid and unseen job growth and whether the housing being produced a meeting the needs of our growing workforce in a way that addressing the affordability challenges, particular of low to moderate income workers. we lack data and a clear understanding of this fundamentally important relationship. we have a responsibility to facilitate the housing across
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all economic segments in our community. in order to plan for housing across all economic segments for all workers, we need to know who we are planning housing for, what are their job and what are their income levels. the report from the bla will analyze the job's housing fit comparing the housing units produced with the jobs produced by industry and income level for the previous ten years and also looking forward. san francisco has been successful requiring an using data from our annual housing inventory reports to inform our policies and we can go further. the data from this job's housing fit analysis will help to inform future development project and economic development decisions. we must talk about the relationship of our economic policies on housing needs to plan for vibrant, thriving and complete communities and that analysis will help with this conversation. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor.
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>> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam clerk, colleagues. on behalf of supervisor walton, i am introducing a resolution in support of california state assembly bill 388, limone on supervisor walton's behalf. i'm introducing a resolution in california state bill 388 along with my cosponsor, supervisor peskin. the effects of alzheimer's and don'dementia are terrible and ie how terrible this is. i lost my mentor and surrogate father to the disease and the harder we work to combat alzheimer's, the sooner well have a cure and save lives. alzheimer's disease is the third leading cause of death in impacting californians.
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by 2025, california will see an nurse in 30 in alzheimer's and other dementias due to our aging population. we spent $2.3 trillion as a nation on treating alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and that is why i'm proud to support ab388, as it would require the state department of public health to implement the action agenda items in the brain initiative and coordinate an initiative on the signs and symptoms of other initiatives. they will take the active steps in improving patient outcomes as well as ru reducing costs in eit counties to help us address this disease. i urge the board of supervisors to combat alzheimer's and all forms of dementia and then, also, supervisor walton, and i
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were introducing a resolution to support a new organizational from you're to support the future of cal train and state's policy with regard to the future of cal-train's governance and then on my behalf, i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor safaye. thank you. >> sort of score stephanie. supervisor yi. >> i am introducing a hearing request regarding an issue of police staffing. as many of you know, i have been raising the issue of adequate police staffing for years. in june of 2018, almost one year ago, the budget and legislative analysts provided a board with a performance audit of the san francisco police department so we could better understand. number one, how the police are
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deploying police staff that is funded by the general fund and number two, how uniform staff is allocated to administrative versus patrol duties. one major finding and recommendation of that audit was that light of an increase of property crime in our city, with this accompanying public demand for more officers on the streets, the sfpd has many administrative positions as possible. this is the best practice recognised by major law enforcement associations including the association of chief's of police and adopted by major law enforcement officers in the country. san francisco's ratio of sworn officers to civilian's staff remains higher than the national average or its peers. while there is a need for sworn
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officers in certain administrative and non-patrol position, there are also opportunities that we have not taken advantage of. to produce costs and operational efficiencies for the department. department. i ask the controllers office to provide us with an analysis of the civilization efforts made so far in which i expect to be completed shortly. i have also tasked the department to work with experts in the field, to provide the board and public with a report about the staffing needs in a manner by which the sfpd determines the staffing level throughout the different divisions. i understand and expect a final report to be produced by the officer and even if it is not complete in time for our budgetary decision, i expect a preliminary update to be
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presented at this hearing on staffing. every year, during budget time, this board is asked to support the departmental budgets. this is important when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running our city smoothly. for example, if public works doesn't have enough resources, that impacts the level and quality of service that we are providing to our residents, businesses and visitors. at the same time, we have to be vigilant that we are being efficient with taxpayer dollars and making the very best use of these resources to get the most value possible for our residents, businesses and visitors. this hearing will be asking for presentations from the resource's department and police department regarding how they are recruiting new officers,
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graduation rates from academy classes, attrition numbers, demographic of the department versus the city and our department's right of retention of trained officers. presidenas we seek to increase e number of officers affecting the city, sfpd should have a civilization plan in place as a key component of the effort to maximize the number of duty officers providing direct public safety services and this should give us, as a basis to determine if we need to adjust the charters mandate of 1971, full-duty officers. so i want to thank my colleagues for cosponsoring this hearing request. they are supervisors stephanie, furer, brown and marr.
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so that's one thing. i also want to talk about the office of the emerging technology. in april last year i passed a legislation that formed a working group using guying guidg principles for a permitting process for emerging technologies. the importance of this must not be underestimated. i support technology as it has contributed to improvements but or residents are not guinae pigs for adventure capitalists to experiment on and our public infrastructure not a free-for-all space. we have learned harsh lessons when regulations have not been in place and it beens so powerful we were unable to set
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parameter for their operations. less than a year ago scooters were dumped all over the city and sfmta scrambled for a permitting process. as the hub of innovation, we cannot continue to be forced to legislate for a single invention in order to protect our resident's safety. the emergent technology working crew met six times over several months and i am proud of the large and diverse few of experts and advocates that contributed to the body. this is why today, i will be calling on the city attorney to draft legislation, creating the office of emergency technology. a multi--billion dollar tech corporation publically funded infrastructure that pays disproportionately little for or replacing jobs to enrich itself. san francisco welcomes and
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encourages emerging technologies. but as a city, we must ensure that the detailings provide a net common good, measured in identifiable way and they are safe and appropriate and this will be the streamlined through the office of emerging technology. i just want to mention one more thing that as many of you know, district 7 has a particapatory programme and we have seniors that grew. this year, 26 projects that were proposed by district 7 residens will be awarded. in addition to the 650,000
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allocated to budgeting, i will be using fun funds for the proj. it includes safety if school zones and trail users and we will be activating two place leases and four neighborhoods with great resilience and disaster preparedness and supply and then, new green spaces at two of the district 7 schools. activation and events in merchant corridor. so you could see that this programme actually supports a range of activities in the district. i'm really proud that there were so many participants in this year's effort. the rest i submit. >> thank you, mr. president.
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supervisor brown. >> thank you. >> supervisor furer. >> thank you, madam chair. colleagues, it is my honour to introduce a resolution today with president yi in support of hr6, the american dream and promise act of 2019. more than 1.1 million hard-working men and women stand to lose status in this drive coy unless congress takes a stance. the cpd and defer and departure who has been canceled by the trump administration. there are daca participants who served in the military and more than 320,000tp 320,000 tps payig
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tributes. more than 300,000 tp isn't holding could be uprooted this year, according to those from south sudan in may, haiti in july and el salvador in september. it could cause far-reaching harm in industries across the country. termination of tps would lead to an estimated $45 billion reduction in growth domestic product and $69 billion reduction in tax contributions and an estimated 1 billion employer costs. the american dream of 2019 will provide protections from the deportation and offer a well-earned path to permanent residency, to hard-working people who have played by the rules for decades. i would like to thank soup store supervisors for signing on as
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cosponsors and i hope we can count on all of you for your support. today i introduced a final budget resolution for consideration. last week the budget and finance held a hearing on clean and green streets, support for small business and funding for the minimum compensation ordinance increase for nonprofit workers and today we submit a resolution for the major's budget development in each of the areas. finally, colleagues, i am so proud today to be introducing the first ever office of rear rl equity for san francisco with my colleagues, supervisor valley brown. there have been many leaders to advance the commitment including supervisors john avalos, jane kim and malia cohen and today we're creating an office to institutionalize for disparities
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for black people, native american arab people and latino ins in the san francisco area. when i came here it was shocking there was no discussion about racial disparity in the public policy debates or how decisions were made, of how decisions we made would positively or nex imt those of colour. this is a long-time coming. the mission of the office is to advance a racial equity framework and repair harm done by local policy decisions that have created, upheld or exasperated racial disparities in san francisco. the office will achieve this goal to policy analysis, development, data collection as well as support and accountability. it will provide a check-point for city departments and for the board of supervisors as we discuss policy to ensure we are
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considering the impact of policy on communities of colour. a shout-out for the diligent work. i want to thank director cheryl davis to realize this legislation and special recognition to the human right's commission through their guidance throughout the pros. and thank you to our cosponsors for your support. if i may allow madam clerk and mr. president, allow my cosponsor, supervisor brown, a few homes. >> i wanted to add my name supporting the congressional
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resolution for daca and tbs. >> supervisor brown. >> thank you, president. i want to thank my colleague for really rolling up her sleeves on this. we talked about this in the city and to have someone as a champion of supervisor furer take that lead with me is just an honour. i also want to thank our staff, chelsea and shakira, you are amazing women. britney, the human right's commission and director cheryl davis for the work they've done with this. it's just so thought and thorough. simply put, we need meaningful action to close the racial gap in san francisco. as a woman of an indigenous heritage and the supervisor of district that has been the beating heart of the african-american community in san francisco for decades, i'm excited to work with community and my colleagues to make this much-needed office a reality.
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really realizing our dreams of racial equity is not something left behind from the civil right's movement of the past. we need real data and policy solutions now to solve this moral and social economic imperative at the present. we must hold ourselves accountable, to dismantle the unjust systems and reconcile our harmful history. in the next few week, we will be going out to the in th communite how we can strengthen this legislation. i want to acknowledge my work from this famous poet, langston hughes. he says equality is the air we breathe. there's never been a quality for me in the homeland.
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unfortunately, for people of native colour in sanfrancisco, they cannot breathe. it's just an unfulfilled american dream. i'm committed to supporting racial equity so we may uplift and impower our communities of colour and fulfill our vision of a more fair and conclusive vision. i would like to thank my colleagues for signing on today. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor hainey. >> i'm introducing a long overdue update to the job's housing linkage fee pe. when the city started its first highrise, it recognised the need to link office development to fees to off--set the impacts of development. toua job's housing impact and transportation were created as a
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result of development. a completed nexus study is needed to justify impact fees to mitigate those needs and sets the maximum fee allowed. it's been legally successful in funding more affordable housing. in 2015, the fee generated $30 million and in 2016, it generated 60 million. but a quarter century since the nexus study, the fee is based on old data on the number of workers per square feet, the cost of construction and demand more affordable housing. the fee is to meet today's housing needs but hasn't been updated, nor has the city released an updated report in 22 years. other fees are updated legislatively, periodically, but our job's housing fee is outdated. the city is expected to release a new nexus study soon which
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will provide a legal justification for what is like lick a much higher fee but with can't wait longer. advocates have been asking for new studies for years and we will update the new legislation when the study comes out but for now we have to maximize what is allowable. the job's housing ratio is out of whack and we're seeing booming job growth but falling short in affordable housing. from the balanced report, we know that office densities have increased by 12% since 1997 and the cost of construction has increased by approximately 183%. this legislation today will raise the fee to reflect rising costs of construction. the need is obvious and urgent and in district 6, the pipeline and affordable housing is over $3 million. in 2018, the city priced 65 affordable housing units.
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everyday, we all hear about the people who are camped no one -- or families camped no one or two-bedroom home, teachers moving further out of the city because they can't afford to live here and people waiting for permanent housing and seniors at risk for becoming homeless. i know many of you have been waiting to preserve but we don't have enough funds. we can create more balance and get thousands of seniors and low-wage workers into stable and secure housing. this legislation will allow us to raise to the maximum amount we're allowed under the 1997 study as we wait for the new nexus study to be released. thank you to my colleagues for cosponsing and community members calling for an increased fee for years. secondly, i'm putting forward a resolution in support of california senator halli mitch's
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bill 464 known as the california dignity and pregnancy and childbirth act. the goal of the bill is to reduce improv implicit biased wh care. the bill is incredibly important and can't be signed into law fast enough. as research has shown been there are grave despaircies with maternal healthcare and specifically for african american and children. across the united states black children are twice as likely to die as white babies and black mothers are four times as likely as their white counterparts to die of complications due to labor. embarrassingly, in san francisco, these numbers are even worse. the department of public health noted in san francisco, black babies are dying at a rate five times of white babies and black babies account for 23% of an
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infant deaths. what makes this situation particularly publicsome when controlling for the mitigating effects of wealth, we see the same disparities. welcome who are educated in the wealthiest neighbors have worse birthing outcomes. racial discrimination and implicit biased are the reasons why black mothers have such bad birthing outcomes. in as board of equalization chair malia cohen launched the dula programme in collaboration with the public health and sister web, we must ensure all people who access maternal health services must receive the care and attention they deserve and that all maternal healthcare providers complete an initial basic biased training, as well as a refresher course every two years requiring hospitals to provide information on how to
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file a discrimination complaint if the patient feels they were discriminated against on race, gender, jenner orientation, language, nationality or immigrant status. it would require the department of public health to track and publish data on ma tern death and severe morbidity disagree gatedisagreegate identity. i urge our board in following suit for this piece of less. the rest i submit. >> he was born in san francisco in 1922, jose served in world
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war ii. during the 1950s, he became one of san francisco's best known drag performers singing full-blown operas in north beach. at the time, police raids were routine and jose had to give up his dream of becoming a teacher and this inspired him to pi be e of the lgbt right's activists early. he would promote a ground-breaking sense of gay pride and positive gay identity in his performances. in 1961, jose became the first known openly gay candidate for public office in the world by running for the san francisco board of supervisors. although he did not win his election, he received over 5,000 votes, coming in ninth in a field of 32 candidates, demonstrating a gay voting block.
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harvey milk supported him in his successful run of supervisors in 1977. in 1964, jose proclaimed himself emporer of san francisco and protecter of mexico and founded the imperial court of san francisco. today the court system is one of the largest lgbtq organizations in the world with 68 courts around the united states, canada and mexico. the imperial court of san francisco raises up to $100,000 annually for a variety of charities including the gay-straight alliance, san francisco suicide prevention. he passed away and to honour him, h we want to induct him ino the hall of fame. founder of the stewart milk and
7:46 pm
city college of san francisco board of trustees. though jose was not successful to the board of supervisors, the trail he blazed for all of the queer politicos he would follow and all rights in san francisco and around the world, make him deserving of induction into the hall of fame. the resolution will put this board on record as supporting his induction so his memory and incredible work will serve for generations to come. i want to thank my supervisors. the rest i submit. >> mr. president, that concludes introductions of new business. >> ok, thank you, madam clerk. so colleagues, it's not quite
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4:00 for our special item there, so will go to public comments right now until 4:00. madam clerk. >> at this time, the public may address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on the subject matter, jurisdiction of the board, to include the mayoral appearance of april 9th meeting and items 21-30 on adoption without reference to committee calendar. a public comment is not allowed to comment at a committee. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors or the audience. if you would like to display a document on the overhead projector, place it down and remove it when you would like the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> this has been a painful experience for me coming through
7:48 pm
telling you to stop giving money to high tech company. i remember i cal co calculated $217 billion given to high-tech companies and when i question you, you sit up there and tell me you're giving them a break. they don't need no break. the people that need a break is the people that's coming up here, disabled, in wheelchairs, that's homeless, a combination of homeless and mental disabilities and the other 50% is finally police. it's about time and i want to show you what just happened because of all of this tax-free money. this is often example of how they've taking advantage of you and the whole state of california. this is one of the examples of
7:49 pm
skyscrapers they're building with the god damn tax-free money and this should have been built by high tax companies. you call them tech giants. i'll see how big of a giant you are when i practice fellow law and i go after you for tax evasion and blank fraud and because you so high tech, i take it you probably do wildfire, too, with the transfer you're doing. >> about this guy speaking up for city college, he staffed he was 11.$5 million in debt. turns out further review pertaining to current event, he's $32 million in debt. we can't be providing free college and paying for the lack of incorporat ability to pay for themselves.
7:50 pm
>> so what's with all these complaints before the task force? rather than what you would like people to believe, i'm not just doing it to be a pain in people's back side but because it's the law and a law badly neglected by most boards and commissions, particularly this one. almost all of these are related to a single group. and that is the friends of the san francisco public library. this is a group of private individuals who raise money, supposedly, to support the library, what it really is is a scam and a fraud and i have said this to the library commission and they have not positio peepee
7:51 pm
word in objection to those claims. when the san francisco public library brought this to the board of soup stores, former soup store leland yi refused to approve it because too little of the money raised by the group would go to the library. the library entered into this scheme regardless. so 10% to the library and 90%,
7:52 pm
nobody can say where it goes. i can tell you where some of it went, to luis sarao. >> thank you, next speaker. >> supervisors, this is my first time here in my life. i'm here since 1982. i was security officer in asi. today, i have to tell you you are all well educated.
7:53 pm
you know what is initiative. you know what is right and what is wrong. my name is the naming of the chinatown. don't put anyone's name there, like rose pak, right. forget about that. i assure you the only name is chinatown. it represent over 100 years of chinese culture and the railroad workers are from china.
7:54 pm
where is your passion? do you know what is truthfulness and if you want to put rose pak name on it, i'm telling you, i was a supervisor. >> thank you for your comments. mr. president, the speaker's time is concluded.
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>> thank you. >> supervisors, let me say a little bit about the central south bay. it started with $600 million and now cost over a billion and a half.
7:56 pm
i heard one supervisor today talking about disparity and a lot affecting people of colour. and the supervisors, too. but do you know that 5% of $12 billion is spent by the san francisco community's commission without you folks knowing a thing. there are people getting 300,000 grants to open cafes. would you want to have seven, eight cafes on third street and the poor people don't have a dollar to buy a cup of coffee? this type of disparity i have to
7:57 pm
analyze, especially with the missing supervisor, for whatever reason from district 10. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, listening audience, way beyond listening to this broadcast. my name is ace on the case and i want to get on to supervisor furur and the fifth district that this beautiful legislation they put together to go down in history. my name is ace and i'm on the case. a statement to thtotto the cof my cases and i'm here to say, ladies and gentlemen, this little phrase from here on out,
7:58 pm
but let's go back to this beautiful legislation that's been put out here, going down in history. i mean, this legislation is even up there where peskin, removing that name of justin herman for us black folk. this is the tool i've been waiting for without migration. see because i'm the czar and who gave me that was then mayor nusome and we have the queen that is our mayor and fred blackwell at the san francisco foundation. so you don't mind if i can't put all this together. we going to have some for generations to come. thank you, supervisors. and supervisor, brown, you got down last night. let me just say this in my closing moments, you will see me at all of these public hearings, subcommittees and putting out the word or have you heard?
7:59 pm
i'm not tickled pink right now. i'm tickled black and how about that? there's nothing racial about what i got say from here on out because i have to live for my kid and their kids and their kids' kids. my name is ace damnit, and i'm on this case. >> madam clerk, it's 401, so let's go to our 4:00 special order. >> wee movinwe're moving for a r the board of supervisors to sit as a committee of a whole for jokeses olighted properties. the costs having been paid for by the city and county out of
8:00 pm
abatement fund and item 18 is the resolution to approve a report submitted bit director of public works for inspection and/or repair of blighted properties. >> audience, the public out there, we're going into our special order, 4:00 special order and it will take more than a few minutes. so you can either stand there and remain in line or you can sit down and get back in line later, ok? so colleagues, we are now convening as a committee as a whole and open the hearing of assessments costs committed by the director of public works on blighted properties. we will first hear from the department of public works. >> good afternoon, i represent