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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 5, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> the oakland police commission rejected a report because it was not investigated properly, and also because there might have been collusion between the police department and the investigators, and could have influenced their findings. this causes the public's trust to be shaken, and having separation between the agencies and the records being released
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from each of these agencies is beneficial because it holds the police accountable. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening. my name is lauren bradley. i am a law student at u.s. avenue. a february 1st, the defender's office made a public record request to the police's commission for records on two specific police officers. four days later, we received an e-mail response from sfpd's position, assigning a single tracking number 2 are separate requests to these separate entities. upon required -- inquiries, we handle document requirements for sfpd in the police commission. since that time, we have not received any further communications about our request to the sfpd or to the police commission, subsequently, on may 23rd -- on may 24th, we received an e-mail for --
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response to our february request , this time directly from the police commission, stating they had received our request that very day. more than three months after the request was made. in that e-mail, the police commission said they would be handling their own responses and that they would get back to us by the 6th of june. the 6th of june would have been ten days from the 24th of may, however, it is more than 90 days from our initial request. the handling of his public information has cause an undue delay in receiving response of record, and it is unclear to us whether these requests and responses are being coordinated by separate entities. we do not know why this mission has changed the policy now, and we don't know whether the commission have different or similar records. regardless, we request records from the commission specifically because we have seen they have different records. we look forward to receiving any
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and all documents to our request thank you. >> let's keep this up for our july 10th commission meeting to talk about how the process works. thank you. >> good evening. >> good evening. we appreciate july 10th being the next date, as of today, we are 156 days into the year, in july 10th, we will be 186 days into the year. we have people sitting in cages, waiting for these records to be released. this is an exclusive arm. it was raised last time about potentially filing motions. the california supreme court and the brandon decision stated, in daily trial practice, the pitch 's pendulum has swung too far in favor of police privacy rights and the gift of
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disclosure, henceforth, and that was 20,002, 16 years later, the legislature decided legislature decided to act. additionally, an accused has a right to discover and is entitled to a fair trial and an intelligent advance. with the public records request, this information should be readily acceptable, and although i am not necessarily saying that you all as individuals or entity are stonewalling, but we feel that way from all san francisco agencies to have these records. i walked over here and i looked at the first definition to stonewall all -- on my phone, and it said you could delay or block a request, process, or person by refusing to answer questions or by giving the basic
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replies, especially in politics. the highest level of bureaucracy stonewall, that is what they used it in, and that is how we feel. these records do not belong to you. they belong to the public. enough is enough. this is gamesmanship and you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. i'm not. >> good evening, commissioners. chief scott, i am with the public defender's office of san francisco. since generally first, 2019, you have been compelled to comply with spee 20 phone -- s.b. 21. you have produced just full records. the public defender's office reserved that the request should be narrowed and sfpd lacks a resource to comply fully with the law. instead of streaming a way to
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respond to a simple request first, the ripon to the request silently. specifically, these letters state that despite best efforts to respond promptly, the backlog has developed and will remain for some time. sfpd has no clear policy on how to process claims other than in the order in which they were received. consequently, it adds unnecessary delay to those requesting records. members of the public and those awaiting a day in court. suggest that they use mechanism to control the release of information. this adds unnecessary expense. the few resources that the office has should be for zealously defending clients to access what the law entitles them to receive. the current policy wastes public time because several staff must constantly submit request to
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capture new incidents. staff monitoring request and public hearings leads to delay and disclosure. if s.f.p. real -- comes this lowly, one can wonder how they would move if there was no pressure at all. justice delayed is justice done lied. -- is justice denied. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? hearing none, like -- next line item. >> public comment on items pertaining to item nine below, closed session, including public comment on item eight. vote whether to hold item nine
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in closed session. >> any public comment? hearing none, next line item. >> line item eight, voting on to vote on whether -- >> do i have a motion? second. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> motion passes. we are in closed session.
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[♪] >> at san francisco animal care and control, we care for all animals, any species. we get about 10,000 a year. they can be injured, lost, victims of abuse or violence, and we take them all in and we care for them. >> i felt really passionate about getting the spca a new building. i had personally seen first hand
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when my family was searching for our first rescue dog what conditions a lot of the animals and the staff from a.c.c. where working in. >> we were really excited to be moving into this new shelter. our current physical plant is in terrible shape. i like to describe it as the building is working against us rather than for us. this shelter was put together in six months, 30 years ago, in a building that is now 80 years old. our staff and our volunteers are amazing and wonderful, and they are warm, but the space makes it difficult for people to connect with the pets because we have families coming into adopt, we have families surrendering their animals, people looking for their lost dogs, and they are all crammed together in a very small, emotionally fraught space our heating and ventilation system is very poor. right now, our shelter is not capable of good ventilation to prevent the spread of disease. we have no security features.
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our veterinary suite is cramped into one room. we can only perform one procedure at a time. >> one of the main lessons learned from hurricane katrina is people were reluctant to evacuate. if they were fearing that their pets were going to be left behind and not cared for. >> in the event of an earthquake , we need to be off the grid for 72 hours. it is unlikely that we would be able to fulfil our mission to take in domestic pets that need to be temporary looked at while parents are out of their home. in a new building, we will be able to meet those earthquake standards. you were you to have in the center of the
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city. [♪] >> what we are doing is we areg will you you
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