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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 7, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PST

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request is an office allocation, but this is not a typical office project. as you have heard already, both retail owners and tenants are in the fight for our lives and the growth in online sales and change in consumer preferences are forcing us to radically rethink our businesses. what are we doing about it? we are investing in marketing and advertising, customer service, new products and yes, in our real estate assets. we're investing because we have seen and we know when retail tenants and shopping center owners invest in their properties, sales and traffic respond. >> yes, nordstrom is down sizing and we are seeking to back fill with office, but we spent a better part of two years to find retail and talked to entertainment uses, restaurants, we talked to specialty
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retailers, local and big box and just about everybody and nobody could make it work. even using the global reach of our company, we couldn't make it happen. nowhere in this country is there a shopping sent we are as many floors as westfield san francisco center. not in chicago, not in new york. the retail is why they succeed which is why the body amended the planning code to eliminate the need for a cup for the seventh and eighth floors and above. so we believe this investment is good for san francisco center and mixed use buildings are inherently complementary with the office use supporting the retail and retail an amenity for the office. and we are going to do a full
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renovation and that includes improved lighting at the street level and the largest nordstrom in the portfolio and will remain one of the largest in the country. letters of support including one from nordstrom and they couldn't make it br are supportive of this project. we believe they must continue to be the retail destination for san francisco with the approval of the allegation and give us the tools to help make stay that way. i ask for your support to approve the project with staff recommendations. >> thank you very much anymore presentations?
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>> i am going to try something a little weird here for public comment. do we have supporters and opposition? do we have any opposition to this project? i am still going to open up for public comment. if you would like to show your hands for support, that is fine, too. anyone else who does want to speak, please come up. >> good evening, commissioners. i am jessica low with the san francisco travel association and here to express our support for the plan to modernize and the retail industry and experience is rapidly changing and this project would help westfield stay relevant to retailers, shoppers, visitors and many employee who is support this industry. last year san francisco welcomed 25 million visitors who spent $10 in hotel, dining and restaurants and shopping in the department stores and boutiques.
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this generated $770 million in taxes for general funds and we are supportive of this effort to modernize the property and so it can continue to attract visitors, shoppers and world class businesses to support san francisco's strong and vibrant economy. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening. i am kim and i am with cultivate labs in support of the retail to office conversion that is right sizing nordstrom and bringing re-investment into the center. cultivate labs is a community conscious nonprofit business accelerator that is dedicated to promoting economic opportunity and developing a vibrant commissioner corridor. there are in proms that cultivate labs and divisions and is targeting the corridor and we work with the ground floor at
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the westfield and increasing activity and engagement at 814 mission where the location of the current san francisco filipino cultural senter is that is a special place for the community. and in the mutual interest and that the community has in visiting this neighborhood. the retail environment is as you know changing rapidly and customers are either producing online or looking for specific retail experiences that are unique and can attract people into the area. and so for example, our really successful night market series has attracted 10,000 people yearly with over 75 small business owners offering products that speak to our community and our culture. and so in the end of this year
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in 2019, we have estimated over $300,000 in economic activity in some of the area alone. this is an added value to the city and san francisco sent arenaed working with the westfield on the undiscovered market this sunday to the dome and expect 800 people at this event. this is one example of how we are working together to keep working in the future promote this. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening, everyone. director for the filipino cultural heritage district. the mission is to preserve the thriving filipino community as well as the community institutions. i want to acknowledge the letter provided by westfield to work
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with the community as a cultural center serving the filipino community. we are hopeful to preserve the space as this overall effort to increase the visibility of the community as an integral part of the neighborhood with the community regionally and is an important asset and practice and place for the reservation and the growing inequality pricing our community out of the city. to now this is a job center for many in the service retail and working with cultivate labs to promote mission street for small businesses and community
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institutions. we look forward to strengthening our commitment and the cultural assets and support economic development for small businesses. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening, commissioners. i have some letters from the construction trade council. and a long-standing relationship with westfield and the mall and the ongoing operation and turn around. and ultimately the work that is being proposed here. here are the letters.
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this is mee neighbor. i don't object this this as all. you are part of the community in westfield and a low income community and filipino community that is right there. i am glad they are speaking for you and have a relationship already. who you buy the t.d.r.s from is important. i am suspected from lower xhk communities. and if you haven't already bought them, do not go to an easy thing but go to a difficult thing where people might need
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the money. and that ended -- i have no concern about lighting. they are going to be lit. i am very familiar with the site. thank you very much. >> district six supporters and office development authorization. thank you. >> u a next speaker please. >> good evening. i promise i will leave after this. i will speak on behalf of the union square bid and with the long-term relationship with westfield and i know mr. kitchen and i haven't seen you for a while. and that is another topic to
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discuss. and all i can say is i would ask for your support. changing times. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment on this item? with that public comment is closed. >> public comment is close. there is no additional tdrs to be bought because the building is not changing the height. it is using to convert the upper part and it is well done. and with this historic project on the 50 post street building as well and that is another topic. trying to get that in there. and overall i am pleased that the project has large community
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support not just like a shopping center, but a living and engaged project that addresses the entire project support. i am support of the project and move to approve. >> second. >> a commissioner richards -- >> let's vote. there is a motion seconded to approve with questions. >> could i procure the t.d.r.? >> a small bit of new floor area and for that they will have t.d.r., but they are essentially -- i's because some of the spaces that were considered exempt from floor area are becoming gross floor area because of that torturous definition of gross floor area. >> voting aye.
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>> commissioner fung. >> aye. >> u a commissioner moore. >> an aye. >> a commissioner richards. >> an aye. >> commissioner koppel. >> aye. >> commissioner president melgar. >> that passes 6-0. commissioners, before we move on to your discretionary review calendar, i am pleased to i an announce that item 20 for 2517 pacific avenue, the d.r.s have been withdrawn that. will place us on your final item as items 18a and 18b have been continued. item 19, case 2019-01302drp, discretionary. >> the item is a discretionary review and building application which proposes to change the use of an existing market and liquor
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store to a cannabis retail establishment. on site consumption is not proposed at 50 # o jones street. z it may be add tos future if not and sro units on the upper six floors and that corner market and liquor store existing in the subject tenant space and restaurant in an adjacent ground floor tenant space. it is in the rc-4 and 80t and 130t height and bulk districts. and the existing building is an a rated historic resource listed a z a contributor to a national register historic district. they received seven letters and since packet publication with six letters and 99 petition signatures in support of the application. the d.r. requester was to pro
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cure in opposition, but none have been obtained. and support for introducing a regulated cannabis market into the neighborhood for persons who rely on it for medical reasons and including support for those recovering from addiction and reference the work the project sponsor has done to ensure the business is a vital and supportive use to the surrounding neighborhood. and in particular, providing a letter of support expressing excitement to work with the proposed cannabis retailer to fund programming to provide free consultings and sheltered low xhk participants with medical cannabis as a support for a pathway off harmful drugs and providing candidates to the population targeted to the specific needs. among those who oppose the application, three principle concerns have been provided. the first concern is that the
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surrounding neighborhood is oversaturated with drug sales and this is an, thus, undesirable to add a cannabis store front. and they recognize the struggle thar many san franciscans are experiencing with drug addiction, particularly in the tenderloin, the particular issue is with heroin and methamphetamine, not cannabis. prohibiting a regulated market from establishing in the district only ensures that the black market sales will continue without competition from the regulated market. the second is the use are w the surrounding context and the concern over the proximity to the use of the san francisco city academy and the adjacent religious institution at 4 450 o'farrell. and located more than 600 and
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project site verified and the school is an intermittent activity and does not provide k-12 and is likely used while children are accompanied by guardians to the site. additionally, the current plans for reconduction would place the sunday school on the third floor of the site raised away from the subject application. the third principle concern raised is of the tenderloin is lacking access to daily needs retail uses such as corner markets and that the proposed use would displace an existing market at the site while other large format markets such as trader joe's and whole foods are establishing in the larger area, the loss of the corner market is impactful on the local population. however t project sponsor is a member of the family which has owned and operated the market for decades and indicated to staff that this is a change that was envisioned as an evolution of the business and response to a changing retail environment.
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i will defer to the applicant to elaborate on that further. copies are available for staff for review and part of the request for discretionary review, the department does not find an exceptional or extraordinary circumstance with the proposed scope of the permit. the presence of black market cannabis sales necessitate support for a regulated market and in a dense, mixed use neighborhood such as the tenderloin. while the department is concerned as a market, it is not clear that the market would continue to exist if the application is denied. we recommend you not take d.r. and approve the permit as proposed. thank you. >> thank you. do we have project sponsor? presentation? >> this is a d.r., commissioner melgar, so we should hear from the d.r. requester first. >> president melgar,
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commissioners, my name is ella strong. i am the board president for church of christ scientist. and this site directly adjacent to the cannabis proposed cannabis dispensary. i will speak first and we also have a statement from our developer for 450 o'farrell who will bring new workforce in conjunction with providing the church and new christian science reading room open to the public in tenderloin community. the applicant has asked to change the use of their current site from convenience market to cannabis retail store. the notice we received said that the planning has determined that the site meets their rules. but if we the neighbors believe that they're exceptional and extraordinary circumstances which exist, that we can present them at this hearing.
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we strongly believe that such exceptional and extraordinary circumstances do exist. in location. and in this case. tenderloin community district benefit on november 13 and the tenderloin has the highest crime rate in san francisco. 90% of the population is in the fixed income. it is also overcrowded. in addition to there being 37,000 residents in just 35 square blocks, it houses an extra 6,000 homeless individuals making it 300 times more dense than any other area of the city. reportedly also over 4,000 tenderloin residents are children. homelessness, drug use, open air drug dealing are endemic.
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violent crimes and property crimes and we have been experiencing both are common, persistent problems. all the conditions are exceptional and extraordinary circumstances. and in an area with such overwhelming, unhandled problem, a lack of consistent public services or law enforcement, in combination with especially vulnerable population, it does not make logical sense to add a recreational drug dispensary. it is contrary to the community's needs. secondly, there is a degradation of community resources. express market has been a neighborhood convenience store for decades. it provides a variety of items for sale including food and drinks, daily supplies to local residents. displacing a multi-product store with one product, a recreational drug, will have a major impact on the residents in the area.
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it will eliminate yet another community resource and service and create hardship to those that need it most. this one product, a drug, is highly controversial and not desirable in an area awash with drugs and drug-related problem. the tenderloin police has difficulties dealing with current problems. in fact, they are already spread so thin that they can't handle all the call. we know. we call them. sometimes we receive their assistance only sometimes. the logistics of running such a business on the corner of jones would be a nightmare for us as next door neighbors. with armed guards at the entrance when deliveries are made, when cash is removed, when customers come and go with pockets full of money or pockets full of drugs, it is a recipe for disaster. not only our church, reading room and sunday school will be
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impacted but also the senior center across the street and all businesses around. all other locations allow cannabis december penceries in the light industrial areas where they can easily be accessed and not create such a negative impact. 500 jones is just not the right location for this business. please look beyond the zoning laws to the lives of tenderloin residents and that negative impact that their lives will experience. please deny this change of use and let the applicants find a more suitable location for their business. a different, better suited location would benefit them also. in addition to 99 signature, we have 330 signatures and we will speak to that. also, we have here principal from a nearby school that was referred to.
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that location 302 eddie street from k-8 children is just a few more feet than 600. >> thank you, ma'am. your time is -- >> thank you, ma'am. your time is up, but you will have a two minute rebuttal. >> do we have any public comment in support of the d.r. requester? if you want to support the d.r. requester, come on up. if you are here in support of the project sponsor, you will get a chance to speak later. >> the project sponsor is the person who is asking -- >> a correct. are you in support of the d.r. requester? >> yes. >> i am reading a statement on behalf of the forge development partners who are building 300 units of work force housing on
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the adjacent site also. what they would like to convey is to add their voice to the concerns about the bringing of the facility to the area that already has the problems outlined by ms. strong. forge's main question is how can we be sure and what i an insurance can we receive that the laws around such a facility will be maintained and enforced? >> an any other public comment support of the d.r. requester? >> i am the assistant administrator at san francisco academy and are a k-12 school and we have not been accredited at this point, but the process is started earlier this year.
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i am not against dispensaries but how close it is to our 100 students and 302 eddie has 18 kindergarten students in it currently. and we have children all around who are walking back and forth between the park and their classroom at 230 jones and there are a number of children who are in the area with some frequency quite often. we just have concern in regard to the location and number of children that we have around there as well. that is our concern. >> thank you very much. any other public comment in support of the d.r. requester? >> okay. my name is michael nolte, a community organizer and i am in both positions, because i am neutral, but i have reached out to many aspects of the community to be here today to bring the
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voices to the meeting. so the green page talks about that report in 213 and the tenderloin has 57. that is a loss of 14 corner stores that already exists. the pink paper will talk about we are not sure if this will maintain the cigarette sales and are they doing and just eliminating boat or going to be -- well, i don't know that. and then other concerns to
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surrender the licenses and the community quality of life is improving the area and another is the high injury corridor and the other concern is people who are hurt on jones street as the cars go quickly down the street and the other is that the residing in subsidized housing and h.u.d., the land lord can evict for illegal drugs which includes medical marijuana. there is a lot of development that received a subsidy, so they cannot purchase from this dispensary without being evicted. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> good evening. i we sent an email request 377 and i am not sure if it was received or not. i am sorry about that and we have 377 opposing it. and basically like the voice of the moms and the children and obviously everyone here is an adult and they can talk about hems. and they can't talk about children and youth which is our role as a moms and in community and the tenderloin is different and has the amen is the and groceries -- amenities and grocery stores. we don't need liquor stores and i work in tenderloin. we have more than 4,000 children in the area. most of the families are very really hardworking families with a lot of kids. and it is like too much for them
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with the cannabis in the area. and i am sorry to say i got this study about the unintentional marijuana exposure to children in colorado after the marijuana was legalized and tremendous exposure to e.r. visits and unintentional exposure to marijuana and this led to something other than vomiting and all this and one case had a problem that resulted in death. so this is that a large portion will be the product that is attractive to children and are concerned that this will con
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consumer marijuana and safer the same effects. >> a hi-next speaker. i work with tenderloin housing and i am concerned that the store will have a negative impact on the community to encourage drug use in an area with an especially large youth population compared to other area of the city and also an area where the issue of drug use poses a major problem. our efforts tell others of other parts of the city such as chinatown and the sunset where permits have been denied or entirely outlawed. the children that i work with regularly find themselves in the
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presence of open air drug use and going to school or walking in the neighborhoods and many don't feel safe and even in large groups with adult supervision. when new businesses are introduced, they should not be ones that will make a community issue already known even worse. >> next speaker. >> i lived and worked in the tenderloin for 12 years and work with a nonprofit in the 300 block of ellis. i don't want to take the time to repeat what everyone said. i want to express my opposition and i don't think we need a cannabis december pencery in the tenderloin -- dispensary and there is enough on the edges that people with use and urban farm and different ones on the edges of the tenderloin. i want to express opposition we
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don't need another cannabis store in the tenderloin. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i live in the tenderloin and opposed to another cannabis store coming from me raising three children and i am also a youth coordinator and i have seen kids that grow from watch them fwrou from year old to 15 and we miss them after that going to starting with using marijuana and using drugs and sell drugs and going to the the
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juvenile home and going through this route and having another cannabis store that is legal to raise more problem and to legalize and be in the store doesn't mean that will lose illegal sales on the street. that is cheaper. it is not the solution. the solution is to see the drug dealers and that business is not going to go away by adding more cannabis or legalize. and the store over there is more valuable to our community as it is as a grocery and convenience for everyone to buy milk or buy bread. and repeated again that we are a community of lot of families and with kids.
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and so that is my comment. and i still oppose 100% of this. thanks. >> thank you. any other public comment in support of the d.r. requester? okay. we will now hear from the project sponsor. >> president melgar and members of the planning commission, i am teaming up with the equity applicant for the proposed project on 50 # o jones. and a little background on myself is in order. my father hash running the store since the late 1970s shortly after he came to america. he worked 14, 15, sometimes 16 hours a day to afford my sister and i a better life. our neighbors know me by name and are quick to say how much i look like my dad. due to my father's hard work, i was the first person in nigh family to graduate college, u.c.
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davis, class of 2006. and the project has something -- has been something that we are very passionate about. the good that the marijuana dispensary can do far exceeds that of a liquor store. to date they have a dispensary to call their own and the tax rate far exceeds anything i will be playing and i have linked up with the anti-homeless campaign with the mural project and hope to combat homelessness and i have the physical hard copies to reference and emailed them to mr. christianson. and all i can say is that i have called, emailed, sent out community letters and i still to this day have not received any single attempt of communication
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via any medium. no one from the church reached out email, text, or phone to receive any information given at the meeting. a copy of the community leter is also here in the hard copy as well as the sign-in sheet. i spoke with a representative of the church on september 16, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. for roughly 20 minutes and the only response i got during that conversation is let's see how the d.r. plays out. should you i a prove this corner project, we will have 24 hour video surveillance monitoring as well as flood lighting that will illuminate both corners of the store, a security guard unharmed will be placed outside to check i.d.s and maintain the surrounding area. a p.o.s. system that links the customer's toid the purchase will also be placed to eliminate underage use and as well as comply with state mandated metric laws and daily limits. despite the references about
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potential on site consumption, we did not apply for a permit and i will never do that out of respect for my neighbors. thank you for your time. >> good evening, members of the commission. i was going to say afternoon, but we have gone a little far. i am justin gray, born and raised native of the city. i am the cannabis equity applicant for infinty wellness. first i would like to say that i believe this is our last hurdle to overcome to pursue a dream. cannabis until recently has been seen in a negative light, but we believe wholeheartedly this is a medicine with many uses and we would like to educate the community about them. there will be no onsite consumption and we will brighten the neighborhood with lighting and provide 24-hour video monitoring. and we want to give the neighbors an affordable accessible medicine as well as give back to the community, the
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community we all know can use improvement. and the last two years have been a roller coaster ride but we have followed the city's rules to the letter and are ready to cross that line. in closing, i would like to thank the commission for their time and consideration, the people that showed up to support us and the surrounding people and businesses that have written letters of recommendation. again, there will over in be any onsite consumption. thank you for your time. >> you still have 57 more seconds. so okay. that is fine. and we will now take any public comment in support of the project sponsor. if you are here to support the project sponsor, come on up. >> hello, commissioners. i am amos and i am the founder and director of the veterans alley mural project incorporated. organizations created in 2011 buy myself and a fellow veteran who was unhoused at the time. the project was created to allow
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veterans to paint the stories of the murals on the wall running geary to o'farrell and our project is half a block away from the dispensary and as a reference 25 feet from the church. our work focuses on providing the therapeutic outlets that those in the military and past have experienced trauma and some of the most vulnerable residents. over the years we have grown the organization to become a valuable resource for much of the entire community both housed, unhosed, veteran and non-veteran. we have transformed shannon to into a community-based art gallery. it tells the story of the neighborhood and serves as a safe space. this is a safe space right next to the church for young people, senior, housed and unhoused residents. we run a community flea market in shannon alley and hold three
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block parties. the organization believes that this dispensary would be a beneficial addition to the tenderloin with its own unique identity. and with the passing of prop 64 in 2018, dispensaries -- 2016, dispensaries have become readily accessible with many parts of san francisco. there are dispensaries within the mission, south of market, sunset, and castro districts which are well out of the reach for many tenderloin residents who treat symptoms and residents many of whom are physically challenged are forced to commute to other communities for the vital and basic resource to alleviate pain. having a resource which is within reasonable distance would eliminate this frustration faced by community members.
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as an organization we have always advocated for the medicinal use for disabled u.s. military veterans. as a community, we veteran face the challenges of high suicide rates, overprescription of antisigh t coic, opioid a-- antipsychotics and presently there are 45 unhoused vetter rarns at the winton hotel at 4405 who face these challenges every day. a dispensary within reasonable distance will be greatly beneficial to their well being. the dispensary at this location will have a calming effect on the street traffic because they are required to adhere to strict security regulations to provide outdoor security personnel there to enshoo you are that cannabis is not consumed in the vicinity and provide a positive application. >> your time is up. >> i'm done? >> thanks. >> sorry about that. >> next speaker please.
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>> good evening, commissioners. our mission is to end the crisis conditions of street homelessness but developing spaces of belonging, shared agreements and stewardship. we have spent hundred of hours in the tenderloin over the past year organizing the pilot of a safe, organized space in san francisco and i am here to support the requested change of use to cannabis retail at 50 # o jones. sfhc advocates that informed and accessible access to cannabis as well as job opportunities should be a strategic part of the solution to address the public health, safety and economic crisis of meth, heroin, around fentanyl sales and use. living without access is a constant stressor on the body and psyche and a large portion
2:44 am
of homeless use drugs as a coping mechanism. but substances such as meth, opioids, fentanyl, benzos, and alcohol can cause severe damage to the body and potential fatalities. cannabis, on the other hand, can provide targeted relief for a stress nervous system without the fear of a fatal overdose. it has a growing body of treating pain, ptsd, opioid and meth addiction and some of that research is from our and we are excited to work with the thank
2:45 am
you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good evening, commissioners, president melgar. i am a public health professional, born and raised in san francisco and from a medical research and i am here representing myself. i have knowned justin to be committed to serving his friend and community for most of our lives. and as i mentioned earlier in
2:46 am
this hearing, i am committed to seeing more equity in the space of cannabis retail and the cannabis markets. i have a relative in the tenderloin near where this space will be. and my relative has signed on in support of the project and wants accessible cannabis near her home. she felt anxious about speaking in public and therefore chose not to be here this evening. i am familiar that alcohol retail increases the likelihood of public safety concerns. there is an increase in violence and the likelihood for other dangers to public safety with alcohol retail and that same research doesn't exist for cannabis retail.
2:47 am
what we do know with the lack of research is when you place a security guard in front of a business, it is highly likely there will be a reduction in the amount of illegal activity that happens on the street. dispensaries, therefore, reduce public safety concerns on the street when there is somebody working in a security role on the street with eyes on the business and as a result, it is likely there will be a reduction. i hear the concerns. i have concerns about safety in the tenderloin not just for my relative that live there is but also with the understanding that there is an increased -- there is a huge number of children that live in the community. i would like to invite folks with fears object what a cannabis retail means to visit
2:48 am
retail sites and get a look t a who is there with what goes on inside and out front and you may have the fears allayed. the federal government does see it as a schedule one drug, but our state and city does not. it is not the same as heroin and crack or meth. it won't bring the same types of problems. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment in support of the project sponsor? >> good evening, everyone. i have known justin gray since we were 15. i am in support of it and i have been living in the tenderloin for six years and heard the arguments opened to it and the concern about the children and
2:49 am
the safety and it is a rough neighborhood. however, i believe that it would be a good asset to the community and it is already slowly changing in the last six years and with the grocery stores and low income housing being built over the the area and they didn't talk about it, but doing a delivering service through vehicles. i am a home care provider, so i believe that it would be good for that because i serve as san francisco people who have medical issues from ptsz to physical impairments. and a lot of them do use medicinal marijuana to help with their issues.
2:50 am
i think it would be nice to see in that area and there is added security and there is a bar on jones that has a security guard and i don't believe there is a high crime from people smoking weed to going to bar and drinking and going outside with a drunken brawl with somebody. that is all. thank you. thank you. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and president, i am a tenderloin tenant. and i used to work in the tenderloin. i am frederick beasley. i am a supporter of this because i have rheumatoid arthritis in
2:51 am
my knees and my hands. walking sometimes is pretty hard. when i used to be in the neighborhood this, would be great if there was a dispensary to get the meds, go home, and get this and i have never been in a situation where i had to go, oh, this isn't going to work. i used to be an addict and pill popper and medical marijuana changed my life. it helped me. i am in support of it because in the neighborhoods where you have to go out and if you have bad feet, bad knees, bad back, in a wheelchair and somebody is pushing you, i would feel safe to get the marijuana and go home, but that is all i got to say about that. i feel that to community will benefit from the area and bright
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area, less traffic for black market sales and a lot of people will be comfortable seeing a security figure in the neighborhood standing up for the community. >> thank you if any other public comment in support of the project sponsor? d.r. requester, you get a two-minute rebuttal. >> the reading that was pulled from the project sponsor was on sunday at 10:00. we couldn't attend because we were at church. he said in his conversation with me that he thought that church was closed so he didn't come to introduce this proposed change of use and i feel and one
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individual in that storement cos to our church occasionally so he must have known the church is open and functioning and we are here right next door. but no effort was made from that side and that point of view. i don't know what else to say other than it is just not the right location and we have nothing against the illegalized use of marijuana and you just approved a location elsewhere in the main traffic corridor on mission, but right there on that corner i have seen so many individuals trying to keep a grip on reality and staring in the gutter for half an hour
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because they don't know where they are and what they are doing. and lying in the middle of intersection. and trying to figure out what it is that is happening to them. we had a stabbing not too far from our church and we saved the person's life because one of our members called 911 right away. the gentleman was saved and came to church and thank you for our quick action. we have had attacks on the custodian. it is not the right location for cannabis. >> thank you. project sponsor, you have a two minute rebuttal. >> good evening. i am the land use attorney and here on behalf of the building permit applicant and it is getting late and we are last and i will keep this brief. as stated in the staff report
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and the d.r. is a general opposition to the use itself and this is principally permitted. there is no evidence of the required exceptional or extraordinary. it was not raised in the d.r. request, but it was raised in the speaking, but nothing to dao with design standards and just about the use and general status of the tenderloin. that relates to the other testimony is use related. and they have done things the right way and this building permit for minor t.i. work is all they are seeking. therefore, we respectfully request that the commission follow staff's recommendation and to not take d.r. and approve the project as proposed. thank you.
2:56 am
>> thank you. >> commissioners. >> commissioner koppel. >> there is a cannabis dispensary that ep opened near my house and highly opposed, very contentious hearing and it opened. space has been open for a couple of months. it is an asset to the neighborhood. there is security on the sidewalk. there is no crime. there is no violence. there is no car accidents. they check i.d.s. they are not targeting kids. there is not going to be more problems in this project is granted. there's going to be less problems. the people you see on the streets are on other drugs and other hard substances. i am having a hardtime with the
2:57 am
layout of that neighborhood and i know what it's like. i would want to see more filled store fronts and more security guards and more businesses with exterior lighting especially this one that is on a corner. 16% tax revenue. 15%, 16% tax revenue, legal businesses. formula retails are leaving the city. we have to get our businesses the ability to stay in business. and adapt to what we are doing now as opposed to what we are doing yesterday. i don't have a problem with this project whatsoever. it is principally permit and code compliant. if anything, if we don't approve this, we are denying people relief. >> commissioner moore. >> i think there is enough support from the community and i am inclined to support it and
2:58 am
making a motion to approve. >> second. not take d.r. >> commissioner fung. >> a they indicated that they would not consume on site. can we condition that? that means we would have to take d.r. to create the condition. yes, you would need to take d.r. to impose that condition. we would mirror that off -- given the circumstances of the site and the same kind of presence of many people and lack a place to consume at the department and would not recommend that. >> commissioner moore. i would like not to amend the motion for the reasons if
2:59 am
stated. if there is ap an i willcation, the ap i will -- if there is an application, they will find the right community support and at this moment i do not want to restrict in it this particular location. >> if there is nothing further, commissioners, there is a motion seconded to not take d.r. and approve as proposed. >> commissioner diamond. >> yes. >> commissioner fung. >> no. >> u a commissioner moore. >> commissioner richards. >> that motion passes 5-1 with commissioner fung voting against. >> okay. we are adjourned. thank you.
3:00 am
[cheers and applause] >> let's give it up for the tree all right. good evening, everyone. around of applause for the young people theatre company and its director. they were amazing. they will be performing the little mermaid next month at the museum. bring your family, come out and support. all right. let's get everybody up. are we ready to light this tree? [cheers and applause] [♪]