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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 18, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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bring them out and if you have middle school kids, we are starting a team for middle school. >> you know why? >> why? because we are? >> bayview united. >> that's right. >> this is the regular meeting of the commission on community investment and infrastructure act successor agency for the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday, december 17th, 2019. welcome to members of the public please call the first item. >> the first order of business is item one, roll call. please respond when i call your name. [roll call]
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the next order of business is item two, announcements. the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on january 7th, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. at city hall room 416. please silencer electronic devices during the meeting. the ringing and use of cell phones or similar sound producing devices are prohibited be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing of or use of a cell phone, pager or other similar sound producing electronic device. announcement of time allotment for public comment, please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comment on each agenda item unless the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit the completed card to the
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commission secretary. the next order of business is item three, report and actions taken at a closed session meeting. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item four, matters of unfinished business, there are none. the next order of business is item five, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. first the consent agenda. there no -- or no consent agendas. the next is the regular agenda. item five a is electing the chair and vice chair under section 27 of the successor agency bylaws. discussion and action. mr. chair? >> we have before us an opportunity to elect a chair and vice chair. we will begin with the chair first. do i have any nominations for chair? >> yes. i would like to nominate miguel bustos as chair. >> i second that nomination. >> okay. i will accept the nomination for chair.
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nominations for chair is closed. are there any members of the public would like to comment on this nomination for chair? seeing none, any oppositions or extensions? madam secretary, please call roll call for this. >> this roll call item is for miguel bustos to serve as chair. [roll call] mr. chair, the vote is three aye one absent. >> thank you, commissioners. the next item is electing the vice chair. do we have any nominations for vice chair? >> i would like to nominate mara rosales. >> i will second that. >> i accept. thank you. >> okay. nominations for vice chair is now closed. are there members of the public who wish to speak on this item?
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seeing none, any oppositions or extensions? madam secretary, please call roll call for this election. >> this roll call item is for mara rosales to serve as vice chair. [roll call] mr. chair, the vote is three aye , one absent. >> the election of vice chair is mara rosales. congratulations. >> thank you. >> please call the next item. >> the next order of business is agenda item five b., workshop on the current status of commercial , retail, "tell, residential, and open space development in the mission bay north and south project areas and overview of additional projects for commercial space at 1450 owens, hotel and residential space at blocks 29 through 30, and an increased
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number of affordable housing units. this is a discussion item. madam director? >> thank you. the item before you is to give an update on mission bay, especially the success that we have seen. this is one of our oldest of the three projects within our portfolio and it is over 21 years ago the city executed the redevelopment plan and the owner 's participation agreement were two thirds of the way that is complete except for a few infrastructure closeout items that we are working on. mission bay south is almost there. it has both the residential and the commercial, as well as the arena. what we were trying to do is give an update on to where we are in the successes we have seen and what is to come in the coming year before you next
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spring. you will have a few action items that would require plan amendments and design document amendments. i just wanted to give you an overview so your input can do form -- inform next steps. we are excited to do that today and the mission bay project manager will be presenting on this item. we have some representatives here from the team. >> okay. good afternoon. i am the project manager for mission bay and i'm here for a workshop on mission bay. we will talk about where we have been and what we have been doing for the last 21 years and what we plan to do for the next nine. in 1998, to create a vibrant and transit-oriented mixed-use community, the mission bay north and south project areas were
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created. the regulatory and gradual framework was established with redevelopment plans, design for development documents and owner participation agreements. the development corporation where the original owners of this land and the original developers. in 2004 they sold the development to fossil which is an entity of fairmont capital, and currently their developer is mission bay development crew. this project is 303 acres. includes 41 acres of open space, 4,000 linear feet of streets. there will be 6,514 units of housing when all is said and done, of which 29% will be affordable housing. for commercial there will be 5 million square feet. for office, lab, and clinical use, 560,000 square feet of neighborhood serving retail, and event center, for ucsf there is
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a campus where they are provided 43 acres. they will be building the .6 million square feet of developments. 550 bed hospital complex, 250 room hotel, a public library in public safety building with fire and police stations, and public schools. a little bit of context here in the map, north of mission creek is mission bay north project area. this is residential and commercial. to the south is mission bay south project area. the residential area is in the northern portion and the commercial is in the southern portion. in the center, the ucsf campus that i spoke about is located there. also in the previous slide we talked about 40,000 linear feet. that is about seven and a half miles of new roads and streets. you can see where they started to put the grid together. in addition to the streets, there's all the infrastructure beneath the streets.
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all the sewers and water lines and powerlines and cable. i am happy to say, except for a small sliver of mission bay north, all the roads are complete and open and soon to be accepted. here we have mission bay in 1998 a small warehouse -- small warehouses and a golf ranch. by 2007, it is starting to get built. the residential portions are starting to build out. the ucsf campus had begun construction. you can see alexandra real estate was being built. towards the water, old navy that located their headquarters there now we have here, we are current with 2015. incredibly built out in the chase center is prominent. ucsf hospital is in the foreground.
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twenty years later, mission bay north is fully built out. all 15 projects, including 2,964 units, have been built and included in that is 698 units of affordable housing. they are four mixed income projects that have 1194 units of market rate housing and 93 b.m.r. units. there are also four standalone affordable housing projects that includes a senior project, two family rentals, and first-time homeownership. mission bay north has provided 66.8 million dollars in subsidies for affordable housing in mission bay south, we have completed 2,825 of the 3,550 units of housing. all 10 market rate projects have been built in three affordable housing units. there are two projects currently under construction. both our family rentals, but one
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has a component for formerly homeless veterans. there's also two projects that are in free development. one is in supportive housing and one will be for first-time homebuyers. there will be 173 units in entitlement left after the projects we just spoke about. you are -- we are assuming in mid to late 2020 there will be an r.f.p. to develop those units two date, we have provided $130.6 million in subsidies to provide affordable housing. ucsf's campus was originally conceived for things to be a catalyst to bring biotech to mission bay. currently ucsf is developed to point to out of the 3.6 million square feet of developments. it has worked as a great catalyst to bring biotech to the mission bay.
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office labs and clinical space has been built, as well as the event center and a 289 bed hospital at ucsf. there are lists of different companies that are residing and have built and developed mission bay. there is also 540,000 square feet of neighborhood and local retail. there's about 108 spaces. sometimes the combined spaces accommodate one retailer. we have full-service grocery stores in both mission bay north and south, pharmacies, restaurants, fitness studios, financial services, medical services, only one bowling alley , so you have to go to mission bay north for that, but a lot of other shops. it is very well received. also, currently under construction is 250 room hotel that should be open in fall of
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2020. we build a public safety building for san francisco which also includes the local fire and police stations. there is family house which is a home away from home for families whose children are receiving cancer and other critical medical services at children's hospital. this is a 80 room facility that has been created for these families to stay free of charge. we also have a public library and a childcare facility that exists that is under construction. here is the amenities map that we usually bring whenever we have a project in mission bay. we like to show you this. and the four years i have been here, this map has exploded. there are so few other amenities that existed. it is a great example of how mission bay has been growing in the last four years, let alone 21 years. i think the biggest amenity that is being provided is the open space. at the end of the day, there will be 41 acres of new parks and open space provided to the
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community. so far we have built 15 parks totaling 23 acres of open space and we have two that are under construction totaling 7 acres. the largest one is in the bayfront park which is right along the bay across from the chase center which is 5 acres. throughout the past 21 years, there has been a strong developer commitment and partnership for the program and the economic development. $3 billion in projects have been overseen. of that, $770 million have gone towards small business enterprises. for professional services, 50 4% have been small business enterprises. and of that, 92 are basing san francisco. there have been 10 million construction hours performed in mission bay and 2.1 million of those have been performed by san francisco residents. in total, $100 million in
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prevailing wages have been provided to san francisco residents for mission bay. this is what we've accomplished so far. we have more work we are looking forward to doing. this map here shows the sites that have not been developed and construction has not been done. the four affordable housing sights that we look forward to building on, there is a school sight mac, there is nine more partial open spaces to build and the ucsf campus has several parcels inside the original camd additionally throughout the years, ucsf has bought additional land south still within the mission bay project area, but on top of that. so they -- that is where the hospital currently exists and they plan to build more. also there is new potential for development. in blocks 29 through 32 end blocks 31 through 43, parcel seven.
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on blocks 21 through 32, that is the current warriors arena. in the northeast corner, they are wishing to build hotel and residential project. on block 41 through 43, parcel seven, at alexandria real estate is looking to develop a commercial building for life sciences. here you have a rendering of the proposed hotel and residential building that the warriors are proposing. the hotel will be on the bottom and the tower for the residential units. there will be 129 rooms that will have a ballroom, café his, and for residential, there will be 21 units. on blocks 21 through 32, is currently not zoned for a hotel or residential, so they will have to seek entitlements and plan amendments to build a hotel and build rooms, also the current area, the height is
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restricted to 90 feet. for their tower they will be asking for an amendment to build up to 160. alexandria's project is located near the freeway. here is a rendering of it. currently that parcel is restricted in height to the height of the freeway. alexandria will be requesting approvals to build a tower. as we discussed, everything is built out so they will be asking for additional entitlements to build approximately 200,000 gross square foot building. the upcoming actions that will be coming before you in the third or fourth quarter of this fiscal year for these two projects will be seeking redevelopment plan amendments to create new entitlements and the
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participation agreement amendments designed for the height and bulk, basic concept and schematic design approvals, major face amendments and e.i.r. addendum his -- addendum his. other new develop it through looking at is a creating additional affordable housing. so far we have maximized the density in order to create more affordable housing now and get it out there. it is desperately needed. by doing that, we have -- we are finding that there is not enough existing entitlement for the lots that we will have remaining see here we are assuming that half of parcel 12 left, which is approximately eight tenths of an acre, and parcel four east which is a little over an acre. both are designated affordable housing sites but we will not have entitlement left to build on them. staff is diligently looking to see what we can do there with
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different types of housing, height, density and all different ways to come before you in the coming year with recommendations. in the future, things will be bringing before the commission and the risk of physical 19-20 and in the third quarter is there will be a gap for block nine a and that is the supportive housing for formerly homeless. that is block nine. for block 980, first-time homebuyer's project we will have an exclusive negotiating agreement and loan. and we will be coming before you with the hotel and the life science project. there are some people here. and community members.
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i think that is all that is here any questions? >> madam secretary, do you have any speaker cards? >> we have oscar james. >> good afternoon, commissioners and community and peoples in the audience. my name is oscar james. i'm a native resident. also i served that as a commissioner for the model city 's period that was responsible for a lot of that property that has now been undergoing for mission bay. by the fourth and, in the fifties, that used to be a train spear before anyone came out to our community and nobody wanted to come out there. that was a train. during the earlier years when they first laid people off in
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the shipyard in the fifties, a lot of those peoples who were homeless stayed in those cars down there. so what i'm asking for is for housing to go through a certificate of preference and persons from that area and the other areas that is part of the bayview hunter his point community, and i would like for any development that transpires down there to make sure they have below below market rate housing for some of those who cannot afford the exorbitant rates that rent is going for now in the city and county of san francisco. i also appreciate and really supports the warriors for wanting to build a hotel down in that area. i am glad they came back home even though they have been losing lately, but they will
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start winning because that's what happens when a team starts getting new players and what have you and people are on the roster. i say ditto to the warriors. whatever they want to do. pass it because there have -- they have been a blessing to the city and county of san francisco they get into the community and help people in our community. i haven't benefited personally, by the community has benefited and it is not about us. it is about the community. kudos to the warriors. keep doing a good job. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jim donnelly. >> members of the committee, thank you for your time and your work. my name is jim and i'm a resident owner in mission bay and i really have a question about block 12 west and i thank
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you said that there was no entitlements left to even build anything. is that what you said? >> the question needs to be to us. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. the question is for the development. 412 west, what is the total number of entitlements there that they have and what's the number of entitlements that they are going to be asking for versus the original plan? the original plan had below market right for five stories. there so many units. i think those were the two. okay. >> thank you. >> sarah bertram?
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>> good afternoon. thank you for your work and thank you for your participation i have been a resident for almost 10 years. i have a small family. i just wanted to underscore what mar was saying about how important the open space is in mission bay. i work with a group of community members on working with the school district on the school plan and also an alternate on the mission bay area. i'm doing what i can to support the development of the neighborhood. it has been amazing. but on the topic of open space in the athletic field in particular, the comment i wanted to share is that the members of the community are really interested in understanding the impact of a potential higher building on the shade for the athletic field. i think we can all appreciate
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that that could materially change the experience for community members if it was materially shaded there during afterschool hours or something like that. >> thank you. >> no more speaker cards. >> does anybody else see need a motion to speak on this item? seeing then, i will close public comment and change my fellow commissioners for questions or comments. >> i have no questions, just to comment on the presentation and the information in and out of that area. i am impressed, i have been impressed, and i continue to be impressed with what is flourishing and the things that it is providing, the joy, the farmers' market now, all of this that is coming forward, it is adding so much to this city. thank you so far for all that
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you are doing. >> i have a few questions. thank you for the presentation. it is nice to have it packaged in terms of where we came from and where we are and where we are hoping to go. a couple of questions on the hotel, the proposed hotel. there is a hotel under construction now, the 250 rooms, and then i wanted to see the capacity of this one again. >> 129 rooms. >> and i am assuming, it is being proposed. i am assuming we will talk more about the specifics, but if it is being proposed, there is obviously a market for hotels in this area. >> yeah, the warriors are represented. there is definitely a demand. in this hotel, there will be one floor that is extra tall. >> i see.
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okay. that makes sense. on the school, we have been talking about the school. i have been long enough on the commission since its inception that when we received reports where mission bay was not originally considered to be a child friendly or child oriented type of development initially and then that change and then there is a bunch of kids. now we have filed -- five childcare centers or four or? have a lot of them. >> we have one in the north and two will be cleaned up in the south. there is one individual childcare within the residential units. >> i do remember we went from run projection of no kids and now a lot of kids. the school -- i am interested in understanding how quickly they will come online. >> their goal is 2025 to come
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online. i know they are in discussions with -- currently it is inside the ucsf properties with transferring it to them. they are hoping to have an environmental contract lined up by the end of this month so by next summer they will have an environmental report. they are moving forward in their goal is 2025 when they last reported out to us. we are in communication with them. >> if we are building a school for kids, if they can actually go to the school. i am not casting any aspersions on the school district. that is an interest there. and on a related thing, on kids, i think i read in yesterday's chronicle, and maybe i don't have the source, but that supervisor haney made a point, and something i just read that
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there had been parks or open space that had been -- access had been limited. i don't know if that is an accurate presentation, but there were parks that were available and they were beautiful and there was some fencing and blockage in terms of access. his office was able to cut through -- >> getting the parks accepted so they can be open. >> by the city? >> by the city. >> the parks are built and the grass is rolled out and looks beautiful and ready but the park isn't complete. it is still fenced. it will take a while for one to be complete and there is a legislative process before the city can accept it. supervisor haney was very helpful in getting this done. >> doesn't naturally go to the recreation and park department?
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>> they have a 45 year master lease for all of the open space. if you are owned by the city or by the port, then we will be responsible for it. everyone pays into it in mission bay. and we have the funds to maintain the open space and we hire a third-party management firm to manage the parts for us. >> for my own curiosity, the retail, the amenities map, you are right, over the years that i have been on the commission, it has gone from not as many offerings to a lot to know. i was impressed with a note on slide 13 that was 108 retail spaces which is pretty impressive. is there any insight you can give us regarding white mission bay has been as successful?
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i am assuming it is in terms of its vacancy rate, it is competitive with the districts that have low vacancy rates for low retail spaces. >> retailers are willing to come in. and when they succeed and they're looking, maybe i can move here and do well. we have enough businesses and residents to lob -- love -- drop people in. >> do have a sense of white is more favourable? >> i don't think it is more favourable. a lot of the spaces, our developers are owning it and they will get top dollar. >> excellent. >> those are my questions. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner.
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thank you for your presentation. it is awesome to see as you were going through the different projects here. i was taking myself back to those conversations when we were voting on these projects. it is awesome. but it also shows that there is a lot more to do and i think for us, as a commission, we benefit by putting some of the standards that we have that have allowed us to be successful and i just hope we can continue to up the numbers with minority businesses and construction hours for san francisco, especially mission bay, bay view hunters point residents. it is always important that people who live in the community benefits everybody. it is very impressive. i think we still have somewhere
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to go. we will be continuing to push, not only staff but also the developers to do the right thing i appreciate all your help on this and thank you so much. thank you for the community members that came to speak. this is a workshop so we don't need to vote on this today. i am sure we will have conversations about the remaining projects and things coming down the pipeline. thank you for keeping us in forms -- informed. >> the next order of business is agenda item five c., workshop on the current status of development in zone one of the transbay redevelop much project area. this is a discussion. madame director? >> thank you. through the chair, similar to the transbay area, we wanted to give you an update. we do have a busy spring 2020
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coming up with some action item. but what is uniquely different -- different here, the city activates that role. we have multiple different developing sites, and in terms of the infrastructure, rather than the developer in mission doing all the infrastructure, we are partnering with the contractor. so shane hard, what he will do is give an update as to where we are in the project and what it was and where we are and what the future looks like and what upcoming actions you see and how we get to the end of the life of the development area. >> congratulations. congratulations. commissioner scott, good afternoon. my name is shane hard and i'm
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the project manager for transbay we have jeff white, raymond lee and ben brandon. we will discuss the background of transbay, the transbay successes and 2020 commission action and next steps. the transbay redevelopment area was created in 2005 to generate funding for the salesforce transit center. the redevelopment project area is split into two zones. his own one is under land-use authority of ocii. the redevelopment plan and state law required that 35% of all new units built be affordable.
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this is a mockup of the redevelopment project area. our boundaries are mission street in the north, second street to the west, folsom street to the south and main and spears street to the east. as a mentioned, his own one is under ocii land-use authority and it consists of 12 blocks, seven of which are located on folsom street, three are in the temporary transit center site and one block is located north of howard. block 12 is located at the southeast corner of harrison and second street. the remainder of the redevelopment project area is zone two. the zone will consist of 3200 residential units, 767,000 square feet of office, 73,000 square feet of retail, 3.9 acres
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of open space, and improvements to a five block section of folsom street. to give you an idea of how the buildout of transbay will affect the city, this is a rendering of transbay in 2015 and this is what it will look like in 2024. most important, public benefit of the redevelopment plan is housing production. and forms partnerships with nonprofit and for-profit developers and provides funding to build housing on nine of the blocks. of the 3200 residential units, 1400 will be affordable. there are 1267 units complete
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and 929 units under construction 930 units in predevelopment and 80 slated for future development the blocks that are complete are boxed in red and include blocks six, seven, eight, and 11 which are all housing projects. block nine will be complete in january and consist of 537 units block one will be complete in march and consist of 392 homeownership units. blocks in predevelopment are blocked two which is 100% affordable projects consisting of approximately 250 units, block four is a mixed income projects consisting of approximately 700 units of which nearly 50% will be affordable. of the 1400 units within zone one, 70 4% will be affordable to
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low income households and 26% to modern income households. you can see in this slide the buried households that are served in the zone one b.m.r. with the majority of affordable units housing families. as a mentioned at the beginning of the presentation, state law requires that 35% of all new housing built within the entire redevelopment area be affordable this includes zone one and zone two. his own two is subject to planning code, which has a lower inclusionary housing requirements. as a result, the ocii zone one blocks have to make up the shortfall from the zone two development. you can see in this table that
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zone one projects will be 40 3% affordable in aggregate to meet the obligation. block five is the only office project in zone one that consists of 767,000 square feet. the entire building is leased to facebook. nearly all of the projects contain a ground-floor retail totaling 73,500 square feet. 38,000 square feet of retail is complete and 37,000 square feet is leased or preleased. improvements to folsom street and 3.9 acres of new open space are planned and will be funded by ocii.
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folsom street improvements are from second street to spears street and they are currently under construction and being funded by ocii and when it is complete, it will include widened sidewalks with decorative concrete, granite bands, double rows of trees on the new sidewalk, new benches, streetlights, and landscaping. under ramp park will be located under the fremont offramp from i.a.t. and the salesforce transit center bus ramp. semantic designs are complete in the project is under review by the landowner which is tjpa. transbay parkas located in the middle block of the temporary transit center. in early 2020, we begin public began public outreach for the design of the park.
6:42 am
a 1.3 billion total contracts have been led to date in transbay. twenty-three% of the contracts are with small businesses and it has been very successful small business participation in the prevention -- professional services section. as the area has been built up and more retail and family amenities have come into the neighborhood, which will only continue as the parks get built and is more retail tenants occupy the ocii block developments. next steps for the commission, block two, an r.f.p. will be issued for a developer partner in early 2020 with developer selection in late summer, and in
6:43 am
late 2020 or early 2021, there will be a frugal predevelopment funding. for block four, made 2020, coming before you will be a real development plan and moments to increase the building heights. semantic design, d.d.a., and redevelopment to the plan of block four. with that, we are happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you. >> no speaker cards. >> is there anybody wishing to speak on this item? >> oscar james? >> oscar james again. i'm sorry i didn't put in a speaker card. when i heard about housing, i knew i wanted to speak. what i want to say about the housing in mission bay and on soma and that area is a lot of
6:44 am
people who has been relocated out of those areas that didn't get a certificate of preference and i think they should have a preference to get some of those housing down there. will they have a school that they can go to in that area or something that shows that they had originally come from that area? they should have a preference. i also think they talk about homeless housing. all these projects that are coming about do not speak of homeless housing. we need some homeless housing to go in some of these developments people are making amends -- are making millions of dollars in their people who don't have any source of income. the opportunity to even have a job should have housing in the city and county of san francisco from being a little boy growing up in this area, there has always been homeless peoples in
6:45 am
our community. when are we going to start watching out for those peoples who are homeless and give them real housing on some of this development that is coming in? all these people are making all this money. they should care about people who are unfortunate and who do not have the opportunity. at least give a percentage of those houses to homeless housing and also people who cannot afford to pay $4,000 a month, give below-market rate rentals to some of these peoples. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. james. is there anybody else wishing to speak on this item? i will close public comment and turned to our fellow commissioners. any other comments? seeing none, this is the workshop. once again thank you, mr. hard for your diligence and keeping us informed. we appreciate that. thank you very much. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is
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item six, public comment on non agenda items. >> are there any speaker cards? >> we have one card. oscar james. >> mr. james? >> i just want to say on item six, i want to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy new year's, happy hanukkah for those who are jewish, in any other religion. i wish them a merry, merry christmas and a happy new year's it's been a blessing this year that we came this far. from the grace of god. but like i said before, we need to watch out for the least fortunate peoples in the city and county of san francisco. and our mayor is doing a good job with the homeless and all those people down there on embarcadero. i remember when redevelopment built all those buildings and nobody was down there. now they are down there and it is paying big grins and they don't want the homeless to be
6:47 am
down there. they were there before they came so, you know, what is up? thank you. >> thank you, mr. james. madam secretary, please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item seven, report of the chair, mr. chair? >> there are no reports. >> next order of business is item h., report of the executive director. >> thank you. i just wanted to acknowledge the grand opening of the transbay child development center. mayor breed has -- and supervisor yee and supervisor haney went on december 4th to celebrate the completion of the transbay childcare development center located in the ground floor of the commons affordable housing development that is within the transbay project area and commissioner scott and the bracket where there in attendance. the center is one of over 30
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early care and education centers in the high need neighborhoods. the construction cost was funded by city's childcare facilities in collaboration with office of early care and education and community development. this is one that is a true public-private partnership. we helped fund it and other city agencies saw it and develops them and built out the development center. this space has received license over 60 children ages 18 months to five years old. at least 50% of the childcare space is subsidized and is being operated by the south of market childcare. first preferences go to residents within the building. we thought you guys would appreciate that. there are a few that are still on the waiting list. i just wanted to share that. >> thank you. are there any speaker cards for this item?
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>> no. >> does anyone wish to speak on this item? seeing none, closing public comment. thank you so much. >> the next order of business is item nine, commissioners questions and matters. >> mr. chair? >> i just want to wish everyone a happy holidays as this is our last meeting for 2019 and 2020 will be a good year, a very busy year on many levels. so i just wanted to say that. i don't know if there's anybody else who wants to speak or anyone has any questions or comments. >> only to say, since my time on the board from last year, in my opinion, we too have accomplished so much and as i've said again and again, i have been in tears just reading the material, going to the sites, talking to the people, and visiting some of the retail around there and i am just
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amazed with what san francisco is doing and i'm grateful to ocii. i cannot thank nadia enough. are illegal, mr. morales, and ocii team. you just are amazing. i thank you. as our chair says, we have come such a long ways. we do have more that we need to do, but you were doing a lot. i am grateful to be part of this arrow to witness it and to be able to tell my family and the generations to come. i have been here since the forties and so i've seen change after change after change and there seems to be now such a greater efforts made to be more inclusive for everyone and to be more thoughtful for us. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner.
6:51 am
>> well, said. >> thank you. >> well, said. i echo the comments. happy holidays, merry christmas. [speaking spanish] >> thank you. >> i just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being here today and i just wanted to say, at the opening of the childcare center, i actually ran into one of my childhood friends who was displaced from san francisco and from the fillmore area and i'm proud to report that she is now back living in san francisco and working at one of the ocii sights. that is just a testament to the work that you guys have done and the outreach that you have done towards hiring people who, you know, are from the community and getting them back here with us. i just want to say a big thank you. merry christmas, happy new year, happy kwanzaa, happy hanukkah, and everything else.
6:52 am
thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. madam secretary, called the next item. >> the next item of business is closed session. there are no closed session items. the next order of business is item 11, adjournment. >> do i have a motion? >> i move. >> i sec. it. >> we have a first and a second. we are adjourned. thank you so much.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> my apartment burned down 1.5 years ago in noba. my name is leslie mccray, and i am in outside beauty sales. i have lived in this neighborhood since august of this year. after my fire in my apartment and losing everything, the red cross gave us a list of agencies in the city to reach out to and find out about various programs that could help us get back on our feet, and i signed up for the below market rate program, got my certificate, and started applying and won the housing lottery. this particular building was brand-new, and really, this is the one that i wanted out of
6:57 am
everything i applied for. and i came to the open house here, and there were literally hundreds of people looking at the building. and i -- in my mind, i was, like, how am i ever going to possibly win this? and i did. and when you get that notice that you want, it's surreal, and you don't really believe it, and then it sinks in, yeah, i can have it, and i'm finally good to go; i can stay. my favorite thing about my home, although i miss the charm about the old victorian is everything is brand-new. it's beautiful. my kitchen is amazing. i've really started to enjoy cooking. i really love that we have a gym on-site. i work out four days a week, and it's beautiful working outlooking out over the courtyard that i get to look at. it was hard work to get to the other side, but it's well worth
6:58 am
it. i'm super grateful to the mayor's office of housing for having this for us. >> good morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
i will call to order the period meeting for the transbay joint powers board meeting for thursday, december 12, 2019. would you call the roll please. (roll call). you do have a quorum. call your next item. >> item three. communications. i am not aware of any. item