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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 3, 2020 8:40am-9:01am PDT

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>> chair ronen: the meeting will come to order. welcome to the march 9, 2020 meeting of the rules committee. i am chair hillary ronen. seated to my right is rules committee member catherine stefani, and seated to my left is committee member gordon mar. i'd like to thank sfgovtv for airing this meeting. mr. clerk, do you have any
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announcements? >> clerk: yes. [agenda item read]. >> chair ronen: thank you. can you please read item number 1. >> clerk: item 1 is a motion appointing megan wallace to the treasury committee for a term ending june 30, 2021. >> chair ronen: thank you. megan, if you want to come up? >> thank you. my name is megan wallace. i just want to share a little bit about my qualifications. first, i've been a public servant in the areas of budget, finance, and public service for
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approximately 15 years. in 2008, my family moved to san francisco, and i began my service with the city and county of san francisco in the mayor's office of housing and community development, first under mayor gavin newsom and then under temporary mayor edwin lee before moving to the port committee and working with that budget. part of my work was overseeing the bond committee and most recently delving into ifde and
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issuances. prior to transitioning -- sorry. as c.f.e. of sfusd, i now oversee the school facilities bond program, and we are preparing to go out for a bond sale this coming spring. additionally, i just want to share that i am a resident of san francisco. i've lived in the city just over ten years, first in the neighborhood of bernal heights and then in the neighborhood of m mira loma park. all told, i'm a dedicated member of our local community, and i've been a public servant for over 13 years. and with my experience of budget and finance, i feel i'm a good qualified fit for this role. so thank you. happy to answer any questions. >> chair ronen: thank you. is there any questions?
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thank you so much. we're so glad you're willing to serve in that capacity, as well. thank you for that. now let's bring this item up for public comment. is there any member of the public that wishes to speak, please come forward. no? seeing none, eric meinke isn't here? >> page shaw, eric meinke is working at this time. if you have any questions for the treasurer and tax collector, i'm happy to answer them. >> chair ronen: i just had notes that he was coming. any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. would you like to do the honors? >> supervisor stefani: yes. i'm very pleased to support megan wallace for this
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position. we've worked together in many different capacities, and i'm glad to see you nominated to this board. i'd like to move to approve the appointment of megan wallace to the treasury committee and move this forward with a positive recommendation. >> chair ronen: and we can take this item without objection. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: mr. clerk, can you please item 2. >> item 2 is appointing one person, term ending june 30, 2022, to the aging and adult advisory counsel. >> chair ronen: and is janet
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petty here? >> thank you. i'm honored to be here to be considered to be on the aging and adult advisory committee. i earned my doctorate degree in organizational learning at the university of san francisco where i've been a professor for 20 years. human services have been the cornerstone of much of my work. i've worked with organizations like glide, city college of san francisco, united way the bay area, and the red cross, where i've been tasked with providing services to the adult and aging
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population. [inaudible] >> -- and many of them, as you know, are seniors. i interacted with many, and i manage a team of 12 who raised the money to support the programs, and it was at that point that i became seriously committed to working with seniors in san francisco. my i was the foreperson of the san francisco civil grand jury in 2015, and it was during that time that year that i learned about advocate programs for independent aging populations
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in the city, and i now look forward to reengaging in these efforts to ensure quality services and attention to our growing aging population. we all know that we currently face a public health crisis challenge due to the spread of covid-19. it's been noted that the elderly are at particular risk, heightened by the growing number of cases in california, attributed to community spread, and if a member of the commission on aging advisory council, i will support the work of the commission to provide services to the aging population of san francisco through this crisis and beyond. so thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. >> chair ronen: thank you for your willingness to serve. any questions? no? no. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> chair ronen: any member of the public wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. [gavel]. >> supervisor mar: yeah, i'd be happy to. i recommend that we make a motion to accept janet petty nominated to the aging and advisory council. >> chair ronen: thank you. we can take that without objection. thank you so much. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: mr. clerk, can you please read item three. [agenda item read]. >> chair ronen: thank you. >> hi.
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i am ian fregosi, legislative aide to supervisor fewer, which she apologizes she cannot be here today. the purpose of the reentry council is to coordinate local efforts to support adults exiting san francisco county jail, san francisco juvenile justice system out of home placements, the california department of corrections and rehabilitation facilities, and the united states federal bureau of prison facilities. so currently -- excuse me. so there are seven members of the reentry council who are formerly incarcerated persons, but none of them are allowed to serve as an officer of the council who can chair the meetings. currently, all of the officers who are responsible for chairing the reentry meetings
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are criminal justice department heads and members of the mayor's office. so this would allow one of the formerly incarcerated members to chair the meeting. jose bernal, a formerly incarcerated member, and the other six members, proposed that one of the members be allowed to chair the meetings, and it was supported by the other members. the council decided since they were seeking an amendment to the officer clause, that they should also focus on cleaning up the other language in the ordinance. this is in line with supervisor fewer's resolution to adopt person-first language, which was adopted unanimously by the board of supervisors this year. so if it's okay with you, chair
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ronen, i'm going to turn it over to joffrey, who can speak a little more about this ordinance and can answer your questions. so thank you for your time, and we hope to have your support. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. >> hello, supervisors. i also wanted to give you one more clause that was added is, like, a conflict of interest clause. so one of the beautiful things is that our seven formerly incarcerated individuals got a job with a law enforcement agency, and so it appears to be, like, two votes because she now works for a law enforcement agency, and one of those clauses is if you are hired by any of the city departments that sit on the board, within 90 days, we're -- the --
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according to the update, we're asking you to resign. but that 90 days gives the person a chance to resign. we don't want to discourage people from taking city employment while they're on the council. ian did not speak to that, but i wanted to know that. because she works for adult probation, and it look like adult probation may have two votes. she's a very hard advocate. she doesn't care who she works for, but we don't want a conflict of interest. while we opening it up, we might as well clean it up. so that is the reason for that. so if you have any other
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questions? >> supervisor stefani: i just have one quick one. in terms of the conflict of interest, can you just expand on that a little bit more? like, what would be the conflict of interest if someone was taking their experience being formerly incarcerated and now working for the city in any capacity? i understand that it's adult probation, but i just don't understand where the conflict is? like, where is the division that would arise? >> so you can work for the city, just not one of the departments that sits on the council, so if one is a member who came -- if she got a job at the library, it wouldn't be a conflict. but when they vote, our vote, especially when -- in april, when we look at criminal justice reform bills, it could look like adult probation, they could vote in line with law enforcement. members were questioning that.
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>> supervisor stefani: okay. >> so like any board, the port, the p.u.c. is not on our board. it's 13 boards, like criminal justice, department of health, all that stuff. people want it to be nonbiased. >> supervisor stefani: okay. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. is there any other member of the public who wishes to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. i think this makes a lot of sense and would love to be added as a cosponsor, and with that, i will make a motion to send this item forward with a positive recommendation, and without objection, that motion passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: thank you. mr. clerk, can you please read item 4. >> clerk: item 4 is an ordinance amending the police code to make an existing exemption to the paid parental leave ordinance to employers with fully paid family leave policies consistent with recent changes to state law.
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>> chair ronen: thank you so much. supervisor stefani, do you want to make any opening remarks? >> supervisor stefani: yes, thank you. colleagues, before you is a small technical change to our city's paid family leave program. in 2016, san francisco became the first city in the country to ensure that employees receive 100% of their salary when they took paid parental leave. so san francisco's program works like this. under california law, in 2016, workers could take up to six weeks of partial paid parental leave. in san francisco, employers are then required to pay the difference of these employees' salaries so they are making 100% of their salary up to a certain limit. and last year, i think we all know that governor newsom extended the partial paid leave by two weeks to extend to eight weeks of partial paid program. our city's current policy has
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an exemption for employers that provide more generous leave than required by city law. if an employer zoo giving fully paid leave to an employee for a number of weeks equal to or more than what is required by san francisco's current law, they are exempted from the law because they are doing more than we require. when the time was extended from six weeks to eight weeks, a loophole was offered. the change in front of you would strike the word six weeks and replace with as required by the city and the state of california. this item was heard by the small business commission on january 27. the commission voted unanimously to recommend that the board of supervisors approve the legislation, and as a mother and, i know, supervisor ronen feels this way, too, this is a very
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important issue. i had the benefit of strong paid leave laws when i had my daughter, and it made all the difference. all of our workers deserve this leave, when it is particularly hard for low-income paid workers to get by. i ask you to close this loophole and make sure that all san francisco workers have full leave. thank you. >> chair ronen: thank you. any questions? did you want to make any statements mr. mulligan? okay. thank you. that was very clear and thorough. thank you so much. i really want to thank you for this legislation. i -- it -- it feels, as a new mother, almost impossible to take your child to child care before they're a couple months old, so even that is too short
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of a time, so i appreciate the governor expanding that period of time, and this legislation makes all the sense in the world to me, and i'd like to cosponsor it, as well. and do you want to do the honors? >> sure. >> chair ronen: and thank you for cosponsoring. >> supervisor stefani: i'd like to move this forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> chair ronen: and that item passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> chair ronen: mr. clerk, are there any other items on the agenda? >> clerk: that completes the agenda for today. >> chair ronen: thank you very much. the meeting is adjourned.
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i want to apologize for starting this meeting 15 minutes lat