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tv   Building Inspection Commission  SFGTV  April 4, 2020 11:30pm-11:51pm PDT

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agencies supporting the many events. the san francisco parks and recreation, san francisco fire department and paramedics, san francisco police department, san francisco sheriff's department, the san francisco public works, and the san francisco m.t.a. a round of applause for those agencies. thank you. i would like to thank and congratulate our 2020 st. patrick's day grand marshall, mr. con lions. thank you, con. also, the families of our honorrary grand marshalls. (applause) it is a tremendous honor to be selected as the grand marshall, as well as a lot of work. based on his track record he is
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up to the task at hand. thank you, con. the st. patrick's day season consists of visits to friends throughout san francisco as well as civic events commemorating the contributions of father peter york and kate kennedy. in conclusion, we are not new york, boston, chicago, or atlanta. we are san francisco, and we put on one heck of a st. patrick's day celebration. embrace this and go out aptry ty to have some fun. thank you. at this time i would like to present the certificate of honor to con lions, our grand marshall 2020.
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[applause] our honorary grand marshall william bill. certificate of honor to john cassserly. she said it was a great honor. it absolutely is. thank you. certificate of honor to joseph teenrjosephine. >> certificate of honor to the family of agnes monaghan.
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thank you. it is good to see the valley represented up here. thank you, john. >> i see spying over the side of my left corner the former district attorney susie loftus standing over there. the mayor said she wanted to see a woman irish mayor of san francisco. we don't have that yet. we do have a woman chair of the irish sister city committee with cork, noreen, thank you for being here. you know charlotte has not been as successful without being diplomatic. you cannot have just the murphy dancers performing without having the wee land dancers. i would like to invite them up
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to do a little dance for us. [applause] ♪ ♪
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(applause) >> thank you very much. one last announcement if you get a chance to drive by city hall tonight, the mayor instructed the building be lit up in green. that is tonight and i believe the mayor is saying green, white and orange. okay, mayor, whatever you say. also on st. patrick's day as well. thank you, mayor breed. i would like to ask the dancers to come up to receive their certificates of honor for coming today to perform for us. make sure you coun count to fivr 10 minutes. go over to the office to continue the celebration. thank you everyone for coming.
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>> good morning, everyone. the meeting will come to order. the this is the march 18, 2020 budget and finance committee. i'i would like to thank kirwan cooley and matthew ignown from sf gov tv. any announcements, madam clerk? >> please make sure to silence
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all cell phones and documents to be included in the file shall be submitted to the clerk. >> thank you. can you please call item number one? >> resolution with section 147f of code 1986 as amended, the execution of loans by the california municipal finance authority in one or more series pursuant to a plan of financing and in aggregate amount not to exceed 20 million. >> i continued this item for more information from the school and thank you very much to san francisco for providing this committee with more information about their institution. and i would like to open this up for public comment and seeing none, public comment is close. i would like to move this to the board with a positive recommendation. if you can take that without objection, thank you,
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colleagues. madam clerk, please call 2-6. >> item 2, a ground please for 1.6 acres of shoreline property for open space for a term of 66 years at an annual base rent of $1. number 3, to put public utilit utilities commission for planning design and possibly increasing support with agreement not to exceed 11 million for the anticipated period of april 2020 through april 2031. number 4, resolution for the authorized to accept 355,000 for board of state to assist local agency for recruitment is training and probation personnel, established by the board of state and community corrections. item number 5, resolution to resurrect they authorize the office of the district attorney to accept and expand a grant in
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the amount of 451,000 from the california governor's office of emergency services, county victim's services program for january 21, 2020 and january 31, 2020 and 6, authorizing amendments to the indenture and trust to the city's variable rate, multi-revenue bond in an aggregate principal amount of 211.9 million issued in 2016 for providing financing and construction of a multifamily housing project located at 450 fulsome street. >> thank you very much. let's open to public comment on items 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6? seeing none, public comment is closed. i would like to move 2-6 to the meeting of march 25th. >> budget and finance committee meeting? >> yes.
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>> thank you very much and we can take that without objection, thank you. >> any other business? >> this meeting a adjourned.
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