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tv   BOS Special Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 6, 2020 7:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is not on the table at this time. >> reporter: a follow-up. exactly how many citations have been issued at this point to businesses or individuals and specifically to whom were they issued and for what exactly? >> two citations, both to individuals. as i said, the information this past friday, while the business was incorrect, those two citations were both to individual. dwrof their names. but they were both individuals and they were in violation of the public health order, social distancing type of issues. >> reporter: thank you. question for you from michael barbara of the san francisco examiner. what were the circumstances of the two shelter in place citations issued by sfpd so far, and to follow on that, do you believe the district attorney should file charges stemming from the citations your officers have issued? >> let me answer the second part first. i've had conversations with our
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district attorney about the public health orders and i will say that he has been extremely supportive. we've talked specifically about the need to -- if the need arises, he is supportive. i don't have those cases in terms of the details to discuss the merits of either of those cases. so, i don't think that's appropriate for me to go into detail that i don't have. but i will say they were both of the public health order violation nature. and those eventually will make its way to the proper authorities and the prosecutor and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: thank you. the next questions are for dr. grant colfax. >> thank you.
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>> reporter: dr. colfax, the first question is from kate wolfe. is the san francisco medical examiner's office testing for covid-19 in people who have died? >> so, the medical examiner is following c.d.c. guidelines with regards to testing for covid-19 in people who have died. that would include people who die suddenly who have a known contact with somebody who's covid-positive. >> reporter: thank you. follow-up question -- have
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there been any fatalities involving people that were not tested while they were alive? >> i'm aware of at least one case. the deceased was tested after unfortunatelies paing away and that person had a close contact with a covid-positive case. >> reporter: question from the "san francisco chronicle". why has the department of public health decided to retest patients and staff in south five and four at laguna honda? >> as we have investigated the outbreak at laguna honda hospital, let me emphasize again that we have some of the very best people in the nation, if not in the world, helping us with this investigation. physicians from the centers for disease control. and since they arrived here, starting a week ago last sunday, they have done an outstanding job and a very
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thoughtful and careful job of looking at the outbreak in 5s and 4s and they -- based on the people who have already tested positive, the staff, and the patients at 5s, they have made this recommendation and with regard to 4s, they have made the recommendation to expand our testing there. i also want to emphasize that, of the patients at laguna honda, the positive patients have been concentrated in the 5 south neighborhood. >> reporter: and a follow-up to that. what condition are the 16 infected people from laguna honda in and have any been transfered to san francisco general hospital? >> so, of the 16, 14 are in good condition. two are in fair condition and have been transferred to motor acute hospitals. i will say that over the past few days there was one patient who was transferred to zuckerberg hospital, thankfully
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stabilized, and then was returned to quarantine at laguna honda hospital. >> reporter: question from the san francisco examiner. does the department of public health plan to move any patients from laguna honda hospital into hotel rooms or has that been placed on hold, given the outbreak? >> we are continuing to explore that and our r seeking the advice of our c.d.c. colleagues with regard to moving that forward. i want to emphasize that from the beginning that was a small group of patients, numbering no more man between 20 and 30. >> reporter: and a follow-up from josh sabatini, do you have any details on how covid-19 was introduced to laguna honda ?*k >> i think when we look at how covid-19 has generally been introduced into skilled nursing facilities and other similar facilities across the country,
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despite multiple efforts to prevent and just slow the spread, unfortunately the -- one of the key factors is that people who work at the facility, despite their own efforts and others unintentionally appear to be the source in many of these cases, if not all of these cases. again, right now we are working to ensure that staff are following all proper disease control procedures, including greatly reducing risk of transmission through masking, personal protective equipment wherever required and, again t c.d.c. is working very hard to ensure not only are these recommendations being applied, but they're also being adhered to. and i just really want to express my deep gratitude to
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the staff at laguna honda from the chief -- from the leadership, managers but especially the people on the frontlines who are taking care of patients every day. they are doing inced work. and i think that all of us owe them a huge debt of gratitude. this work is always challenging. even without coronavirus. they are some of my personal heroes and more so than ever during this pandemic. >> reporter: thank you, dr. colfax. the next questions are for abigail stewart-kahn.
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a >> reporter: first question is from jamie harp, associated press. to date, how many people experiencing homelessness have tested positive for covid-19? >> thank you for that question. i'm only aware of individuals who have tested positive at sites in the homelessness response system. it's a large system of care where people experiencing homelessness touch many different aspects. in the homeless responses to date, there are only three who have tested positive for covid. those are the individuals that i discussed earlier. >> reporter: a follow-up to that -- where are they now?
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>> those three individuals are in good condition and are either receiving medical care or at an isolation quarantine site operated by human services agency and staffed by the department of public health. >> reporter: thank you. question from john king of the "san francisco chronicle". what is the status of the vehicle triage center on geneva? >> right. for those who are unfamiliar, we have a pilot project that allows people who live in their vehicles to come inside and receive access to our system as they work to end their homelessness. as of late last week, there were 25 vehicles on site, which is essentially full for us, and we have pivoted, as we pivoted our entire homelessness response system to be addressing that in the system of covid. people are receiving the education they need to follow all of the social distancing guidance.
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>> reporter: and a follow-up to that. how many r.v.s are in place and is the ramping up on schedule for the r.v. sites? >> for future sites? john, i will assume that you mean your future question. so it's on -- it's on schedule for the pilot. it's working really, really well and we learn add tremendous amount and i was very pleased to speak at a hearing about it coordinated by supervisor safai's office, feels like a long time ago now, honestly, and i think we need to look at everything going forward in the context of what the coronavirus will do to the city's response system to the city's budget as the mayor has discussed and so we have looked at every aspect of our system and what is planned for expansion and we're continuing to evaluate that on a case-by-case basis. >> reporter: final question from brian howie of san francisco public press. does the city plan to place
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into hotel rooms unhoused people who do not fwlong vulnerable populations or have not been exposed or tested positive coronavirus? >> that is a great question, brian. thank you. for all of you who care so much about our unhoused and particularly our unsheltered and sheltered neighbors living in public settings, as i said, the priority for city is to move people out of hospitals and also out of congregate settings and people who are vulnerable to covid-19 that are living on our streets. that is a significant portion of our unsheltered population and we'll be working to include them in hotel rooms first and then continue to evaluate the situation. >> reporter: and follow-up to that. where will those currently in musconi, who are not post covid or tested negative, be moved? >> those who are -- thank you for that question. i understand now.
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those who are currently at musconi west who moved there as part of early shelter thinning as opposed to the adjustments that we've been making over the last couple of days, those individuals are being relocated to hotel rooms operated by the human services agency and staffed by the department of homelessness and supportive housing and our partners. >> reporter: thank you. concludes our press conference. >> welcome to the april 6, 2020 meeting of the rules committee. i'm supervisor hillary ronen, chair of the committee. i'm joined on this video conference with rules committee vice chair supervisor katherine
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stefani. our clerk today is victor young and i'd like to thank sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. do you have any announcements? >> yes. due to the covid-19 healthy emergency and to protect board members, city employees and the public, the board of supervisors litingive chamber and committee room are closed. however, members will be participating in the meeting remotedly as in the same extent as if they were physically comment. -- physically present. we are streaming numbers across the screen. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. commentses or opportunities to speak during the public comment period are available via phone, by calling 888-204-5984.
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access code 3501008 and then press pound and dial one again. press 0 and 1 to be added to the queue. you will be lined up in the system in order you dial 1 and 0 while you are waiting t system will be silent. the system will notify you when you are in line and waiting. all callers will remain on mute until the line is open. everyone must account for the time delay and speaking discrepancies between live coverage and streaming. al term actively, you may submit public comment, e-mail me at if you submit via e-mail, it will be included in the file as part of the matter. comments may be sent to city hall, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett
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place, san francisco, california. that completes my comments. >> thank you so much, mr. clerk. can you please read item number one? >> item number one is an emergency ordinance to temporarily require private employers with 500 or more employees to provide public health emergency leave during the public health emergency related to covid-19. >> thank you so much. this is supervisor mar's item. would you like to introduce the item, supervisor mar? >> yes. thank you so much, chair ronen, for allowing us to hear this item today. an emergency ordinance before us is in response to a true emergency. the lack of sufficient paid leave for workers to follow our public health order to weather this crisis. while there is no silver bullet to our health and humanitarian emergency, this measure will give an additional two-week paid leave to hundreds of
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thousands of san franciscans and make a meaningful difference to countless people trying to take care of themselves and their family and make ends meet. congress took action to expand paid leave for workers but they left out more than 50% of our workforce by excepting the largest employer. this is inexcusable. so, where our federal government is falling short, i'm taking immediate emergency action to close the gap here in san francisco. with this emergency measure, employees of private companies will be able to immediately access additional weeks of paid leave, closing the major loophole in the federal legislation in making sure that in health emergencies, workers are able to take time off -- take the time off that they need for themselves and their families. when sick people have to choose between their livelihoods or incomes, we are all worse off. when parents have to choose between a paycheck or staying
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home with their kids whose school is closed, we're all worse off. san francisco led the nation when we adopted our paid sick leave ordinance in 2006. in this time of crisis, san francisco must lead again in supporting our workers. over the last two week, my office has worked with labor leaders and business stakeholders to strengthen this proposal. around today i'll be proposing a series of amendments for clarity and to ensure this measure is as inclusive and impactful as possible. i wanded to briefly go over what the ordinance is right now and summarize the key provision. first, what the ordinance does. it won't immediately give an additional two weeks of paid leave to any san francisco employee of a private company with 500 or more employees. who it covers -- every single s.f. employee of a private company with 500-plus employees.
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even if you're furloughed and even if you are the employee in san francisco, even if you started working a month before shelter in place, even if you are a temp worker, even if you don't live in san francisco, but you work here. employers and health care providers are allowed to opt out. however, we're amending it to especially sure health care providers are given additional paid leave if they get sick or have to get quarantined. and all workers are presumed to be employees and covered until and unless then their employer demonstrates they are an independent contractor. now who this emergency ordinance does not cover -- people who are unemployed, public employees and they're covered bier our executive action, private employees of companies with fewer than 500 employees and they're covered by the federal law, people who do not work in san francisco and independent contractors.
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and when employees can use their immediate leave. if you can't work because there's shelter in place, if you have to stay home to take care of a family member, if it's replaced with work and a you can't work remotely, if you are a member of a vulnerable population, if you're showing symptoms and if your doctor recommends you not work. so, again, i presented -- or today i'm presenting some set of amendments and there are seven different amendments and they're probably -- i believe you received a copy of the amended emergency ordinance and i'm going to summarize this up in amendments right now. number one, provide public health emergency leave to health care providers when they're subject to quarantine or sick or otherwise do not meet c.d.c. return-to-work guidelines. in number two, ex.
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-- expand uses of the leave for vulnerable populations including 60 or older. number three that benefits like health care can't be taken away while employees are on leave. number four, require employer notice in english, spanish, chinese and any other language spoken by 5% or more of the workforce. number five, as information on local, state and federal resources to the notice language that they'll draft. number six, matches the health care provider definition to provider regulation. and number seven, additional paid leave voluntarily provided during the emergency toward this new requirement if the composition offered meets the standard. you know, i would like to request that deputy city attorney anne pearson provide her assessment of these amendments and whether any of these are substantive and would
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require continuance before the committee takes action. >> good morning. can you all hear me? >> yes. >> thanks. so i've had a chance to review all of the amendments that supervisor mar just described and the first one on his list is one that is substantive and that is the amendment that would require health care -- employers of health care providers to provide them with leave under some limited circumstances. the other ones are not substantive and would not require a continuance today. >> thank you. >> supervisor mar, do you want to split the file and move forward the portion that's not substantive and we can continue the other just to get this moving as quickly as possible or just move them all at the same time? >> yeah. thank you. thank you, deputy city attorney pearson and chair ronen. yes, i -- in answer to your
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question, chair, i would like to -- i will be making a motion to duplicate the file so we can move the nonsubstantive amendments forward as the committee records to the full board hopefully for vote and adoption tomorrow and then we can move the substantive amendment forward -- or continue it as we will need to but then move that forward hopefully a week later. i would say we want to ensure that our health care providers working on the frontlines have paid leave. so, that's important. but we don't want to hold that -- the overall important provisions of the ordinance while we have to continue that amendment. >> that makes perfect sense. i just wanted to thank you so
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much for bringing this forward, supervisor mar. it's pretty outrageous that the congress left out of the law the employers that most can afford to provide this benefit. they are the biggest employers making the most money in this society and perhaps their donors to the congress members who left them out and that is why they got a break when the smaller employers didn't. we are all in this together. we are all sacrificing. we have to all sacrifice to make sure that everyone [inaudible] and i'm so grateful for you bringing this forward and if i could be added as a sponsor, i would appreciate that. supervisor stefani, do you have any comments? >> yes, thank you, supervisor ronen and i want to associate myself with your comments. i do agree on the importance and i want to thank supervisor
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mar for bringing this legislation forward to address the members of our workforce struggling during these difficult times. it is so important that we do everything that we can to protect the working people who faced this crisis. and just, you know, when we think about what happened over a month ago, mayor breed directed our residents to shelter in place earlier than almost any other municipality in the united states. i'm grateful to her and our neighboring bay area counties for taking decisive action to save lives. and in doing so, when that order went into place, a number of businesses stepped up to provide extra paid time off and income security to their employees. really recognizing that there were challenging times ahead and i want to thank them and system of them are employers that had more than 500 employees so as this situation involves and this legislation
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has come to us quickly, which again we're reacting quickly and i thank you again for that, supervisor mar, i want to make sure we're not being punitive to those companies that have gone above and beyond to support their workers and my hope is that, as we implement this law, wi don't punish those -- and i know that is not your intention, supervisor mar, i just want to call out the fact that there are precise steps in this ordinance and the legislation has specific requirements to add sick leave that may add up with some of the things that employers with 500 or more have done. for example, when an employer created a fund to pay employees who aren't working. i just want to make sure that we don't punish those who have stood up for their employees and even if the actions they have taken don't exactly fit the legislation today. i do plan to be supportive, of course, of this legislation. but just wanted to call that out.
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and make sure as we move forward, we don't punish those good actors because thankfully there are some because it does restore our faith in humanity when we see companies taking care of their employees, as they should. thank you again and i do plan to support this today. >> supervisor? >> we will now open up this item to public comment. >> members of public online, please press 1 and then 0 to be added to the queue to speak.
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>> you have four questions remaining. >> hello, i'm an organizer with sviu, united service workers west. we are an organization of almost 10,000 essential workers in san francisco. our members help to carry essential operations, including drugstores and banks and the san francisco international airport. workers should not be forced to come to work sick, ever. especially at this time. we support the emergency paid sick leave for workers and we also encourage the board to use its authority to ensure that they pass this immediately and introduce language to cover
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s.f.o. airport workers next. work ers should not have to choose between taking care of themselves, getting a paycheck and protecting their families. thank you. >> you have four questions remaining. >> thank you. next speaker. >> caller: yes. i'm a member of the california faculty association at san francisco state and i'm very appreciative of this legislation. i want to say that i'm inundated we mails from students who are really, really desperate so this is essential to students. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker? >> you have two questions remaining. >> caller: ok. [inaudible].
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sorry. are you still there on the phone? now you're able to speak. >> caller: right now? >> yes. >> caller: i can speak now? >> yes. >> caller: they can hear me now? >> yes. >> caller: ok. i work for a retail store and i would like the see if you can help us out with the bill so we can afford it to stay as [inaudible] and we can get paid when we're not working. because we have a lot of needs, medical and that is why we really should not be working outside.
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and people who are sick, too. i am 63 years old and have diabetes and i'm high risk to be working. because i work in the retail. and i work with the public. with the customer. [inaudible]. i feel like we don't have to [inaudible] help us out. thank you. my number is 415-800-[inaudible] 0008. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> you have two questions remaining.
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>> caller: hi, this is collan, i'm the executive director at the [inaudible] of justice and this is really one of the defining workers rights issues of our time which is that we see, you know, our workers' health is impacting all of us and, you know, we've had the leadership of being the first city in the country to pass paid sick leave and it is our time to lead again bypassing this health emergency leave and really rising to this moment. so much of you as supervisors really helped us, you know, take incredible action to stop this pandemic and being the first county to be in shelter in place. it's so important. and now we have another chance, i think that is key to preserve the public health by having a public health emergency leave. some of these difficult moments that people are testing, too.
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but one thing that i do take away as a bit of hope is that folks are realising how much of our health is linked with others around us. we're only as healthy as our neighbor, as our neighbor's neighbor. afternoon some of the people have come together to take care of each other in this moment. and this public health emergency we're taking care of some of the most vulnerable workers who are actually serving the public every day. it is an important step. i hope you take that tomorrow. thanks. >> thank you so much. any other speakers? >> you have two questions remaining. >> next speaker, please. >> caller: this is emily abraham. from the san francisco chamber of commerce. on behalf of the san francisco chamber of commerce, i would like to note that we are proudly supportive of this resolution. we sincerely thank supervisor mar to work with his efforts to work with the san francisco chamber of commerce and
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offering clarifications on specifics of the ordinance and we thank supervisor stefani for her support and we appreciate the clarity around the hours and voluntary paid leave credit [inaudible] mandate. and also clarification that [inaudible] will not occur and compensation for companies that however unlimited leave qualify. thank you for your support and efforts during this public health crisis. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> you have one question remaining. >> hello, my name is chris wright. i'm the executive director of the committee on jobs and association that represent the city's largest private sector employers. much of [inaudible] has been focused on our city's small
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businesses who are struggling. that said, every employer is suffering in this global catastrophe and each face serious threats of [inaudible]. since the mayor's stay in place order, many of our members have been closed to outright stop operations many of our own members are covered by government mandate and subsidy [inaudible]. the city clearly recognized that additional employee benefits are credited to their obligations under this new measure. prohibiting businesses from offsetting existing benefits would effectively penalizing employers with general policis in place. additionally the requirement for changing pay stubbs [inaudible] in light of the leave of this ordinance. and prior to the alleged
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[inaudible] of reasonable, timely and likely more effective notice, including electronic notice to their eligible employees. i want to echo the other concerns raised by the chamber of commerce letter come friday afternoon. the main issues are complex and they deal with multilayers. as such, we respectfully act for an additional week to review the language and to improve the [inaudible] clarity. we're commited to the goals of the legislation to working with the sponsors to achieve that, which is why we'd like to make sure that it is done right. thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you very much. any other speaker? >> you have one question remaining. >> caller: hi. good morning. my name is angelica. i'm with [inaudible] south of community action network.
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we want to thank supervisor mar for moving forward with this legislation and really hope that the committee will move this forward. it's a very important legislation. as we take care of all the workers in san francisco this legislation this cover 200,000 workers in san francisco and we really think this legislation is much needed. thank you. >> thank you. again, other speakers? >> you have zero questions remaining. >> thank you for all the public speakers and if there are no other speakers in line, we will close public comment. >> i'm making sure there are no other speakers. >> ok. thank you. mr. clerk, can you please have a role -- roll call vote.
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supervisor mar made a motion to look at the file. i believe there's no objection to that motion. is that true? >> actually, i'm sorry, chair ronen. i actually had -- it is a little complicated what i'm proposing to do here. there's actually five motions that i want to make. >> got it. sorry. go ahead. >> ok. actually, before i do that t i did want to acknowledge the comment by supervisor stefani and also that were reinforced by chris wright from the committee on [inaudible]. acknowledging the fact that many employers in san francisco have already stepped up and voluntarily provided additional paid leave to their employees in this time of crisis. so that certainly has happened.
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and we definitely dome want to penalize employers that have already stepped up so that is why one of the amendments that is included today is making sure that those employers get credit for the additional paid leave that they've already voluntarily provided towards the 80 hours that is required under the ordinance, as long as the paid leave that has been provided is comparable to what's specified in the ordinance and i wanted to acknowledge the different folks we've worked on in this important legislation. starting with deputy city attorney matt pearson and matt goldberg as well as our early co-sponsor, supervisor haney, jobs of justice san francisco, the san francisco labor
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council, sieu, united service workers west and legal aid network and san francisco chamber of commerce. again, i have a series of motions that i'd like to make that will allow us to move the nonsubstantive amendments to ward as soon as possible and then also come deal with the would be substantive amendment regarding allowing health care providers to ask that public health emergency leave, when they're quarantined or sick. so, the first motion is -- i'd like to move that to adopt the amendment before us, except for references to 5b included therein. >> can you please take a roll call vote on that motion? >> on the motion to amend?
7:40 pm
supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> stefani, aye. supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar, aye. >> chair ronen. >> aye. >> motion passs to amend the ordinance. >> and i move to duplicate the file as amended. >> i need to send the original file as amended as a committee report to the april 7 meeting of the board. >> roll call? >> on the motion to refer to
7:41 pm
the board of committee report? supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> stefani, aye. supervisor mar. chair ronen. >> aye. >> the motion passes. >> and next, i would like to move to amend the duplicated file with the remaining amendments that references to 5c. >> we need a role call for that. >> yes. that motion to amend. supervisor stefani. [roll call] the motion to amend has passed. >> and then finally i move to continue the duplicated file as further amended to the monday,
7:42 pm
april 13 meeting of the rules committee. >> roll call. >> on that motion, supervisor stefani. >> aye. [roll call] >> those are the five motions you wanted to make, correct? >> correct. >> thank you so much. so mr. cook, are there any other items on today's agenda? >> before i state, i'd like to summarize that the original motion has been amended and refered to the board as a committee report. the duplicated file has been continued to the april 13 meeting and that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you so much. then the meeting is adjourned. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take care. >>
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>> (clapping.) >> i've been working in restaurants forever as a blood alcohol small business you have a lot of requests for donations if someone calls you and say we want to documents for our school or nonprofit i've been in a position with my previous employment i had to say no all the time. >> my name is art the owner
7:45 pm
and chief at straw combinations of street food and festival food and carnival food i realize that people try to find this you don't want to wait 365 day if you make that brick-and-mortar it is really about making you feel special and feel like a kid again everything we've done to celebrate that. >> so nonprofit monday is a program that straw runs to make sure that no matter is going on with our business giving back is treated just the is that you as
7:46 pm
paying any other bill in addition to the money we impose their cause to the greater bayview it is a great way for straw to sort of build communicated and to introduce people who might not normally get to be exposed to one nonprofit or another and i know that they do a different nonprofit every most of the year. >> people are mroent surprised the restaurant it giving back i see some people from the nonprofit why been part of nonprofit monday sort of give back to the program as well answer. >> inform people that be regular aprons at straw they get imposed to 10 or 12 nonprofits. >> i love nonprofits great for
7:47 pm
a local restaurant to give back to community that's so wonderful i wish more restrictive places did that that is really cool. >> it is a 6 of nonprofit that is supporting adults with autism and down syndrome we i do not involved one the wonderful members reached out to straw and saw a headline about, about their nonprofit mondays and she applied for a grant back in january of 2016 and we were notified late in the spring we would be the recipient of straw if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems in the month of genuine we were able to organize with straw for the monday and at the end of the month we were the recipient of 10 percent of precedes on mondays the contribution from nonprofit monday from stray went into our
7:48 pm
post group if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming fund with our arts coaching for chinese and classes and we have a really great vibrate arts program. >> we we say thank you to the customers like always but say 0 one more thing just so you know you've made a donation to x nonprofit which does why i think that is a very special thing. >> it is good to know the owner takes responsibility to know your money is going to good cause also. >> it is really nice to have a restaurant that is very community focused they do it all month long for nonprofits not just one day all four mondays.
7:49 pm
>> we have a wall of thank you letters in the office it seems like you know we were able to gas up the 10 passenger minivan we were innovate expected to do. >> when those people working at the nonprofits their predictive and thank what straw is giving that in and of itself it making an impact with the nonprofit through the consumers that are coming here is just as important it is important for the grill cheese kitchen the more restrictive i learn about what is going on in the community more restrictive people are doing this stuff with 4 thousand restaurant in san francisco we're doing an average of $6,000 a year in donations and multiply that by one thousand that's a lot to
7:50 pm
>> mayor breed: today i am joined by the department of public health in place of doctor grant colfax. we have doctor susan phillips. we are also joined by the director of the department emergency management as well as our police chief bill scott and from the homeless services agency we have abigail stewart. thank you for joining you today. i just want to start by saying that i know that the last few weeks have been very challenging for families, especially parents with children who are no longer in school, and also especially kids who have not been able to hang out with their friends and do the things that, of course, kids love to do. i know this has been very challenging for all of us, and
7:51 pm
especially for families as you juggle to work at home, home school your children, and deal with the difficulties that we know have happened over the past couple of weeks. more porely, what -- more importantly, what we are going to deal with over the next month to two months of staying at home and trying to abide by the order that has been issued. we know that it is important that while children are at home that they continue to access learning. for some, having access to a laptop and internet is a luxury that other kids may not have. we also know that the school district has been working really hard to implement policies around distance learning that they are interested in launching
7:52 pm
within a week's time. what we have done in partnership with the school district and two nonprofit organizations, education superhighway and 1 million project foundation, we are working together with them to provide free wi-fi or super-spots in the areas where we know that they are needed the most, including in our public housing sites, single room occupancy buildings, community centers and neighborhood locations where student lack connection to the internet. i want to also express my appreciation to the department of telecommunications that the department has been working with several public housing sites. we know at least in six public
7:53 pm
housing sites there is access to free internet including bayview-hunters point and western addition. in sunnydale and other locations where we have large populations of children who may not have access to the internet, this is going to be critical to ensure that they have the support they need. the school district has been able to purchase over 4,000 laptops, and we are currently working with can school district to secure an additional 4,000 or so laptops to support those students who may not have the devices they need at home for the plans to launch distance learning. we really want to thank the tamo bravo. a private equity firm which
7:54 pm
provided $2 million to the school district to help with this effort. this donation along with others will ensure real equity, and will make sure that every kid in our school system has access to high-quality internet service as well as laptops that they need with the tools that they need so that everyone has access to learn during this very difficult time as we know it. it is really amazing to see the community come together, and so many people go out of the way to provide this level of resources that are instrumental to all children in san francisco having access to tools to learn. if you are interested in continuing to help in that effort, please feel free to reach out to us. i want to talk a little bit
7:55 pm
about the small business and economic recovery task force that was announced yesterday. i want to thank the president of the board of supervisors, norman yee, as well as the four co-chairs of the recovery task force. the treasure, executive director of the san francisco chamber of commerce and the director of the san francisco labor council. we know that the challenges that we are facing now as it relates to public health, that our economy will be tremendously impacted. as we struggle to provide resources to our small businesses and people who have lost their jobs, we also know that after this is over because it will come a time where this will be over, that it is going to be necessary that we have a plan on how we as a city will
7:56 pm
recover. the fact is we have all seen those very grim numbers released this week by the controller's office that estimate we anticipate a 1.1 to $1.7 billion budget deficit over the next two years. that is just early reports based on what we are seeing. we know this is going to be very difficult for all of us. a lot of difficult decisions around our current and future budgets will need to be made. our goal is to do everything we can to support our businesses in san francisco, our city work force, but it will be difficult and there will be difficult decisions to be made. as a result we brought together folks from labor, the business community and elected leaders responsible for the finances of the city in order to develop a
7:57 pm
long-term plan of recovery so that we can hit the ground running on day one. we know there are things we need to do now, and we are focused on trying in collaboration with the support that we are getting, hopefully, from the state and federal government, we know there are other needs. yesterday we announced a fund to provide additional $10 million to support our small businesses where small businesses can request up to a $50,000 no interest loan with a flexible repayment schedule. we added additional moneys to the grant program for small businesses as well. we know that in the stimulus package provided by the federal government there will be resources for small businesses. we also know that there is a lot of uncertainty, and we want to make sure we are providing
7:58 pm
support and resources necessary to support our small business community and also to support our work force. if you are a small business or if you are an individual who has financial needs, please visit our website there is a lot of resources that are provided with clarity around what programs could be made available. we also know that the governor, as i mentioned before, has extended the eligibility requirements for those who can apply for unemployment insurance. we want to encourage as many people as possible to apply. we want to make sure that people have access to resources. if you have any questions or concerns or you need access to resources, please visit oe
7:59 pm i want to talk a little bit about the announcement made yesterday by our county health officers in the bay area with a strong recommendation that people who are going out of their homes wear masks. i want to be clear that, number one, this is a recommendation from our county health officers, and, number two, this does not take the place of physical distancing. we want to make sure people understand that the policy of social distancing has been put into place as a way to prevent the virus from spreading. this is an additional precaution that is necessary to help continue to flatten the curve as we continue to talk about what is necessary to do that, additional recommendations will
8:00 pm
come into play. i also want to be clear, and dr. phillips will talk about this later, it is not necessary if you are not working in a hospital with patients who possibly have the virus, then there is no need for you to wear an n95 mask. we want be to reserve those for healthcare workers. please continue to follow our orders around social distancing and please continue to do everything you can to keep you and your families safe. the other thing i would like to talk about today as part of our public health response, we have been focused from the very beginning on securing hotels in
8:01 pm
our city. i want to be clear that our priority has to be public health and so the system that we developed for acquiring hotel rooms has everything to do with that. we had a number of people who were in our hospitals who were in hospital beds that didn't need to be in hospital beds. with that particular population of those who had the virus who do not need hospital beds and who do not have a home to go to or who live in congregate setting thes, we through the hotel program have provided hotel rooms to make sure that they are isolated from other members of the public for the recommended time of two weeks. then the next step is to provide them access to one of our expanded shelter systems like
8:02 pm
the one open in moscone west. the goal is to deal with public health and make sure our hospitals are not inundated with people who don't need to be in the hospital because we need to preserve those beds for people who are really, really sick. there are people who have those symptoms and they are not in need of a hospital bed, but for those who are in need of one, we have got to keep our system clear to make sure they have access to one. in the past when trent rhorer provided updates about the categories of people that will receive hotel rooms, i want to just reiterate, our goal is to serve public health and to provide access to hotel rooms for those who don't need to be hospitalized but have been
8:03 pm
tested positive with covid-19. we also have plans to provide hotel rooms for our elderly homeless population, those over 60, those who have underlying conditions and those who are in our shelter system now so that people are able -- so that we are able to practice social distancing in the shelter system now. the goal is to really focus on this particular population, and that is exactly what we are doing. we want to be clear hotel rooms will be provided to our first responders, our healthcare workers who have contracted covid-19 or who do not want to go home in fear of transmitting covid-19 to members of their families. that is where we are as it relates to the hotel rooms.
8:04 pm
the rooms that we have secured so far have supported those folks, and i know that many of you here, dr. colfax talked about the surge and what is coming. i just want to remind everyone because people wonder when is it? what is going on? what surge? what are you talking about? i want to remind people when we declared a state of emergency in february, on february 25 of this year, not one person was diagnosed with the coronavirus in san francisco today we are at 497 people with seven deaths. i know it is hard to trust the information we are providing when you can't necessarily see it, and what i want to say is it is important that you trust the
8:05 pm
decisions that we are making as to how we manage this public healthcare crisis. we have some of the best healthcare experts anywhere in the world right here in san francisco. u.c.s.f., c.p.m.c., san francisco general is world renowned for so many things, especially around trauma and saving lives. u.c.s.f. institutions and research and work they do is world renowned. we are working together to make sure that we have a system to address what we know, sadly, will be a situation where possibly all of our beds could be occupied, which could be very challenging to serve people in need of a bed. this is where our hotels will be
8:06 pm
very strumental. if someone does not need to be in a hospital bed and they are homeless, the opportunity to provide them with a bed in a hotel is so critical to their recovery and limiting their ability to spread it to other people, and it is important to making that bed available for someone who really is in need. we are focused on what is necessary to save lives. we know that there are a lot of frustration and emotion attached to what we know is a real homeless problem in our city. we are not going to be able to solve our homeless problem in san francisco with this crisis. we cannot deviate from what information we have and what
8:07 pm
systems we are putting in place in order to address this challenge and really truly flatten the curve. this is our ultimate goal, and we are busy focusing on exactly that and doing everything we can to support the most vulnerable homeless population that is sleeping on the streets now. in fact, our goal is to really target those who are over 60 and those who have underlying conditions who are not yet in the shelter system. the ability to provide sufficient capacity for the expanded shelter bed programs, hotels, food, cleaning, management, oversight, work, resources, wraparound support services, all that we have to do to address this issue is a very
8:08 pm
challenging thing to do when many of the folks that we have working in this field are already still showing up to work and working very hard to keep our existing programs running. we have to also protect them. this is more complicated than opening up every hotel room in san francisco and making it available. if that were possible we would do it in a heartbeat. there are a lot of other things that come with doing this right. ultimately our goal is to focus on our public health experts and recommendations there and to do this in a way that truly provides the help and the support that we need to those who are most vulnerable to get through this. i want to thank you all again for your understanding and your patience as we grapple with these challenges. i also want to say as the
8:09 pm
weekend approaches, today is friday, i think it is going to run. the sun is out. i just want to remind people how important it is to follow the directive. we are in week two of this stay at home order, and we know that it is not easy when you are in line at the grocery stores, follow the social distancing order. when you are out at a park or walking around your neighborhood, please continue to follow the social distancing order. this is so critical to the success of our city. when you think about what is happening in san francisco and compare it to places like new york, people are -- the numbers in new york, sadly, skyrocketed out of control. the united states have surpassed other countries in the world,
8:10 pm
and here in san francisco we have been able to really, i think, do a tremendous job in maintaining numbers that people thought would be completely out of control at this time. yes, it will get worse before it gets better. yes, we will have challenges ahead. the reason why everyone is praising san francisco for our swift action in closing down the city and looking at the numbers and what is happens is because everyone here knew how important it was to follow the instructions and everyone come dated the request for the most part in our city. that is going to get us through and make us successful as a city. that is going to keep us safe because we know that when we come together and we work to follow the instructions provided
8:11 pm
that we will get through this. the last thing i want to say before i ask susan phillips to come up is, you know, put positivity out into the world. this situation is like nothing that i think anyone alive today has ever experienced in their lifetime. it can be scary for some people, especially people who are struggling financially and have a lot of uncertainty about their future. there is a lot of anxiety, frustration, fear. there is a lot of things that are going on in various people's lives and households, and what i think is important is that when we are going through all of this, yes, there is work that
8:12 pm
needs to be done and the people at the emergency operations are working every single day to do that work to make things better for all of us, but at the same time we need to continue to put out that positive energy, to put out that love and goodness in the world. an example is exactly what we know some neighbors gather and they open their windows or come outside to the front of their places at, i think, 7:00, they clap and thank the healthcare workers. we saw on the cell force tower there was clapping to help the healthcare workers. we lit up city hall in blue to thank the health care workers. if we continue to put out positive energy and love and feeling of togetherness and comfort, that is going to help us through because we can drown
8:13 pm
out all of the negativity, all of the hate, other stuff that divides us by focusing on what matters. this really has put so many things into perspective even for me and how short life can be, how precious it is that we are all here today, and what we can do with our voices, our commitment, our passion. how we can really demonstrate it by example and how we can help others get through it. i want to bring up the note that i mentioned before that i received from a neighbor that just basically said here is my cell phone number, my e-mail address. if you need someone to run errands, grocery store run or pharmacy or someone to talk to, i am here. that means a lot to someone who may not have received a visitor
8:14 pm
this whole time. i just want to remind us to be good to each other. the kindness of so many of you has gone a long way and really helped people get through it because when i say we will get through it together, we will get through it together when we support and uplift one another. that is exactly what we need to do as time goes on because this is going to get even harder, and the only way to get through this is by trying to focus on supporting each other, uplifting each other and just really trying to push for more positive outlook on things because there will be a time that we will wake up and life will be back to what we know and love. at this time i would like to ask from the department of public health, filling in for doctor
8:15 pm
grant colfax, we have doctor susan phillips. >> good morning morning. i am deputy health officer san francisco. thank you, mayor breed. i would like to update you on our ongoing work to respond to coronavirus and protect our community. todays there are 497 san francisco residents with confirmed cases of coronavirus. six are in hospitals across the city and half of these are in i
8:16 pm
c .u.s. sadly, seven san franciscans died from the disease. i would like to send condolences to families and friends. as we continue to fight the pandemic, i would like to remind you that our top priorities remain reducing the spread of the virus in the community, protecting vulnerable populations, healthcare and first responders, preparing health system for an expected surge of hospital patients and expanding testing capabilities. in all of this work we see continuously to do better as we incorporate the latest science, data and facts. we have known from the start this this is a rapidly evolvingation and that continues to be true. we are working quickly to integrate new information and adjust recommendations
8:17 pm
accordingly so we are providing the best most up-to-date information and advice that we can. the issues of mask and face coverings is a good example. yesterday bay area health officers joined to recommend members of the public cover their mouthsanos when -- mouth and nose when they go outside. cloth face coverings combined with physical distance and hand washing may prevent additional transmission of the coronavirus. the state health department issued new guidance this week as well. key point is this. if you cover your face, you are protecting other people around you. we know people may be contagious before they have symptoms or people with coronavirus could get only mildly sick. it could be you or me. covering your mouth is a good way to be a good neighbor and community member. this is not a substitute for
8:18 pm
physical distancing, staying at home and washing our hands. these are the mainstays. it is an additional tool and one to use. i also want to stress medical masks such as isolation or n95 masks are in very short supply and must be reserve would for healthcare and first responders. face covering can be a towel, scarf, anything to absorb droplets is fine. this is new advice. there will be questions and frequently asked questions on and those will be updated. update on laguna honda. we are concerned about an outbreak. we are continuing to do everything we can to protect the health of residents and staff there. we gathered some of the best
8:19 pm
minds to help prevent the spread of this virus. we have some of the experts at u.c.s.f. and expanding to work with the california department of health and with experts around the country. we also know long-term care centers are at great risk. if we can make progress here, it will benefit people in other places. experts from the california department of public health and u.s. centers for disease control and prevention are on site at at laguna honda are working closely with us advising how we should do contact tracing investigations and giving us recommendations for further improved preparedness going forward. we are all working together on the preparedness and response plan for the long-term care facilities in san francisco. i also want to give you an update as of today laguna honda
8:20 pm
has 12 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 10 are among staff and two are residents. of the staff, seven are in patient care positions and three have not. as we speak the california department of public health and centers for disease control are on site helping us with contact tracing and investigations. to date 94 patients have been tested throughout the hospital. to date 278 staff members have been tested. either by dph or their own provider. every staff member on the two units where staff have been sick have been tested. every patient where there was a sick patient has been tested. we are working with cdc to identify and test those that are most concerned may have had exposure to coronavirus. why don't we test everyone on
8:21 pm
campus? we must prioritize the clinical decisions and resources. first to be tested will be those showing symptoms or who have been exposed to a person with coronavirus. the contract tracings will tell us who these people are and drive further action and decision making. we are committed to keeping you all informed. testing has been taking places every day this week. it has taken place on the four south among patients with symptoms or identified having risk of exposure. cdc advices about additional tests on campus. we will act on those recommendations. we have talked at the meetings, dr. colfax and mayor breed kept you informed about testing supplies. if we had unlimited supplies we could do more tests.
8:22 pm
we want our testing to go by science. we have taken steps to place the entire laguna community under quarantine to limit opportunities for the virus to be brought to campus. we stopped rotation of staff to various units and limited impacted areas to essential personnel. we made the hard but necessary decision in early march to restrict visitors on site. this week in partnership with the cdc we have escalated action to further decrease movement to a minimum to fight the outbreak and reduce spread. >> it served 1700 staff. we have restricted access to the hospital by closing all but twoence transes tight limontored
8:23 pm
and controlled. staff are medically screened as they enter. residents are not allowed to leave. we restricted access to areas where residents may gather, including the library. they are providing much needed clinical leadership and support to our very strong dph team to strengthen the approach including contact and tracing. we continue to test staff and residents. they have joined the ongoing discussions about other long-term care facilities and how we can strengthen them to prevent outbreaks. laguna honda is a top priority and we are working to protect the residents and staff there. we want to thank everyone who has been involved in this very large and important effort. these teams brought knowledge and resource from the work all over the country and world shared city-wide. we are fortunate to have their help at laguna honda.
8:24 pm
thank you. >> now, i would like to introduce chief scott, who will say a few words. >> good afternoon everyone. i want to follow the mayor's lead and talk about positives. i must say overall we have seen really good compliance in our city. we had good compliance overall with social distancing last week.
8:25 pm
thanks to the proactive leadership of our mayor, director of public health and city leaders who jumped out in front of this. we had rain last week, and that probably helped as well. this is a week of good weather. we are still continuing to see for the most part compliance with the public health orders and social distancing. there are challenges, and i will discuss those in a little detail to make sure we all understand what is at stake here. there have been a couple of instances or several rather where we have seen social distancing challenges. we are talking about public plazas in some parts of the city, we have seen as this has progressed we have seen people playing on playgrounds and playing team sports and soccer in the parks. thanks to our director of rec
8:26 pm
and parks we have closed many of those parks so we are not having those issues. we are working as hard as we can to educate the public. the police department, city workers, emergency operations center has a community branch. through the leadership of mary ellen carol and her team we reached out to people to really give the education to the public about what needs to happen with this pandemic. what needs to happen is we need to stay true to the social distancing that public health officials have mandated. six feet apart, no gathering, social distancing when you go to grocery stores and the like, make sure you social distance and you practice those things. last time i was here i predicted
8:27 pm
there will be a time where we have to site. that time has come. we have begun citing. i will make this clear for the business owners and the mayor has done everything and continues to do everything possible to lighten the blow and we know this is a drastic impact to people's leaves. we have to abide by public health orders. we warned businesses, many of them, several of them rather, that they were nonessential and when those businesses have been contacted we have taken incident reports. those incident reports can lead to criminal or civil action, but if we have to go back, we are not going to ask twice. we have had to cite a business in the last 24 hours and we have
8:28 pm
cited individuals in the last 24 hours. these are people that have been warned before. i would like to ask again for the public's help and compliance. let's help each other and help ourselves. this is serious. we need to abide by the public health orders. if we have to go back, and you have been warned, you will not get a second warning. we understand not everybody has access to the internet or social media or gets the newspaper. that is why we are warning and educating where we can and where that is appropriate. as i said a couple days ago and again today we are not warning you twice. please heed these orders. we are trying to save lives and keep everybody safe and healthy.
8:29 pm
this weekend, it might rain. right now it is nice and people want to go out and get exercise. we respect that. if you live in the same household still practice social distancing. in the same hose how ol the -- e rules are different. please abide by it. you will not be asked twice. there are situations, and the city is doing everything it can. the mayor, director of public health, director of homelessness, we are working together to work with these impacted populations that don't have shelter, don't have a home. we are being very patient and educating. we need you all, those individuals in those populations to practice social distancing. this is really important, and i
8:30 pm
can't stress it enough. we have begun to site. we will not ask you twice. we have been extremely patient. we want to stay ahead like we have done at this point. we want to flatten the curve and save lives. there are a few updates in terms of the general policing in the city. as we have reported, crime has been drastically reduced since the stay at home order was issued. we are continuing to see that trend. for those that have to go out, be careful. social distance. we had a significant drop in property crimes and violent crimes. the overall crime is down over 26% from this time last year when you do a month to missouri comparison. that is -- a month to missouri h
8:31 pm
comparison. report crimes if you experience them. we are doing what we can to try to limit exposure to officers, general public and general public to officers. you can call in if it is nonviolent call the emergency line (415)553-0123 to report the crimes. you can utilize 311 or utilize the website. some crimes you can report online as well. we have started a call in center for crime reporting to make it easier to report those crimes. if you have suffered a crime, report it. if it is violent we will respond to those crimes in person. i ask everyone watching this add
8:32 pm
he'd the public health orders, keep your distance, listen to what the professional in the public health department and around the country are saying, and we will save lives in our city and country. i thank you in advance for your coulyourcooperation. please stay safe and stay healthy. thank you.
8:33 pm
>> questions for mayor breed from nbc bay area. earlier this week you explained the city doesn't have the resources to provide wraparound services needed to allow just any homeless person in the shelter in the city-leased hotel. yesterday five supervisors made the argument the city does have the resources so long as they can self-care. are the supervisors wrong or are you wrong? >> mayor breed: let me start by talking about moscone west. we opened a day later, almost 400 shelter beds because we didn't have sufficient staffing to cover what we know we need as it relates to those sellter beds as well as other locations that
8:34 pm
we need to house people. it is not as simple as we can open up a hotel room except for those who we know can basically self-care, people that we are working within our shelter systems and other places. it is a real challenge. the fact is if there is someone who is diagnosed or suspected of coronavirus they have to stay in that particular hotel room, and we have to make sure that there are resources there, including food, cleaning, security to make sure they don't leave those locations. there is a lot that goes into not only having the resources but making sure the people working with other people, we have to keep them safe. we have to make sure everyone
8:35 pm
understands the protocol. social distancing applies in the shelters. social distancing applies when people are cleaning and doing things that need done because there will continue to be challenging, but i want to be clear that we have a system by which we are focusing on making sure that we are helping the most vulnerable homeless population. that is people in the shelters, people who are over the age of 60 and have underlying conditions, people who we know have no place to go or may live in a congregate setting and have no place to shelter-in-place. we have to prioritize those people, and that is what is most important. we are hopeful that we will, of
8:36 pm
course, be able to do more, but it is going to require more money and staffing. there are limitations what we can cover but what we get reimbursed for from the federal government. it is a lot more complicated than what some are trying to imply, and this is why we have professionals in our public health industry. this is why we have departments where people have been doing this work for many, many years. the folks who are part of the emergency operation center are the professionals with the expertise and understanding. the city's office and others have a building what we need to do and we are putting what we need to do into place based on what we know we can deliver on. >> next questions for doctor susan phillips.
8:37 pm
>> i want to take a moment to make sure i said the numbers of cases across the city and people in the hospital in case i didn't say it clearly. as of today there are 497 san francisco residents with confirmed cases of coronavirus. 60 of them are in hospitals across the city. half of those are in i c .u. sadly, 7 people from san francisco have died from the virus. >> california is 50th in terms of testing with only oklahoma testing fewer people than california as of this morning. california has a huge number of
8:38 pm
tests pending, close to 60,000. why can't california process these tests and what is being done about this? >> the situation in san francisco and the people in leadership in the state of california and public health can answer about pending tests. i can talk about what we are doing and how we responded in san francisco. doctodr. colfax and the mayor td about expanding testing in the sites we work with and control the public health and clinical laboratory at zuckerberg general hospital. we have had very strong partnerships with university of california california and u.c.s.f. lab has capacity to test. we are increasing our local capacity to test. that is our focus. we do not have a backlog of tests for residents in san
8:39 pm
francisco testing at the sites we are working with. as the mayor and dr. colfax have said. everyone across the country is facing a limitation on the collection kits needed to do testing. tainmenthe tests in the lab ares good to get the tests from patients and to the laboratory. we are working to allow for different types of test kits and swabs to be used. that is going on with the eoc and department of health laboratory experts and u.c.s.f. staff. we are in a challenge. we are increasing every week the numbers of tests available. later today we will have information available to the public to see the progress on testing.
8:40 pm
>> related to that question from the "san francisco chronicle." how many tests does the department of public health have every day? how are you rationing and prioritizing the tests. >> the issue is not the tests and kits. it is the collection supplies. we are working to get hands around the numbers of those supplies. in normal situations many of these would be at clinics and locations throughout dph. we are gathering that together to understand what we have. those will be prioritized based where we see the most vulnerable populations. we talked about laguna honda hospital and how we are in discussion with california department of public health and our experts about testing there. as we decide on the need for testing we will prioritize that population for the tests we center. we continue to increase capacity for testing.
8:41 pm
we are bringing on experts to help optimize the work flow and get the most out of our equipment and bring on more people. we are ramping up capacity in the lab. we work to make sure we have more collection kits needed for testing. we are trying to partner and bring on new ways of doing testing with partners in sites that may be new that we haven't fried before such as walk up or drive up testing. you will hear more about that in the coming weeks as well. >> another question from the "san francisco chronicle." the number at laguna hospital has remained at 12. is it under control or too early to tell? >> too early to tell. we take the situation seriously. that is why we are briefing the
8:42 pm
public about it on a regular basis. we asked for expertise from c dc to be added to our own we want he are glad there have been only 12 cases identified. we continue to be thinking about additional patients and staff that might require testing, and we know we have to be vigilant based on what we have seen about how vulnerable patients are and because of the size and scope and sheer number of people involved we want to be very cautious how we proceed. we pay the highest amount of attention to laguna hospital. it is encouraging that we have not seen more than 12 cases. we need to keep that level of vigilance up. >> are you considering making mask wearing in public mandatory
8:43 pm
and under what circumstances might that happen? >> i want to clarify we are not talking about masks. we are talking about face coverings. any type of homemade cloth, a scarf, bandanna, we are not talking about masks. specifically isolation masks and n7979595 masks should be reservr healthcare workers. we are trying to decrease the amount of unwittingly how we are spreading virus particles to other people even if we don't feeling safe. we are protecting people around us. we are not considering mandatory covering of space. this is a good tool and we know that people in san francisco have been doing their part by staying home, keeping distance,
8:44 pm
limiting outings to essential services and looking for additional ways to protect the community and work to flatten the curve. this is in addition to those important activities san francisco is already undertaking. it is not mandatory at all at this time. >> have you personally started wearing a mask when you go out? if so, when, what kind, how has the experience been? >> i have started covering my face when i go out. i have used a scarf on some occasions. i do have an isolation mask that i use as part of the eoc and doc being an essential worker for the city and needing to come to work every day. if you do have a mask that ushusing, if you are not just using a homemade face cover extend the use. i have had the same mask for two
8:45 pm
weeks. there is no need to discard it to have a new one every day. it is an odd thing at first as we walk around the streets we see more people doing it, and we think it will become the norm. that is the way in which san franciscans are giving us the courtesy to move out of the way and the mask will be a reminder that life is not normal yet. we are looking forward to the time when we can go back to the city more normal. for now it is a reminder to keep our physical space, reminder to stay home as much as possible. i don't want to overlook washing hands and using hand sanitizer is one of the best things to do to keep ourselves healthy and others around us. >> last question. from the "new york times." how familiar icu beds and
8:46 pm
ventilators have been made available in san francisco? will the city hospitals be securing more of them? >> in san francisco advance planning has been going on for weeks, very early in our planning as the city. as the mayor has said through her leadership we declared an emergency early on on february 25th. since this time there are teams doing advanced planning for i c .u. availability and beds. later today we will have up information available to the public about just that. we know people are very interested in hospitals, capacity and surge. we currently do not need to use any of our surge capacity. as we said there are 60 people hospitalized throughout the city with covid-19 at this time. 30 are in i c .u. that is well with in our capacity as a city. the full numbers are percent
8:47 pm
occupied and all of that will become available later. as we get additional information, it will be shared. there is ongoing planning about surge, ongoing planning about how we would accommodate that. there are requests put in by the mayor to secure additional beentilators and surge capacity. that has been going on for a long time in san francisco. >> thank you. next questions are for abigail stewart conn. >> .
8:48 pm
>> as i get started here, i want be to introduce myself. i am the interim director of the department of homelessness and supportive housing. before i respond to questions, i want to note a couple things. this pandemic gives us the opportunity to keeply understand that housing is healthcare. that is clear now more than ever. thanks to the leadership of mayor breed before the crisis hit, she supercharged our homelessness response system with expansion. as i was visiting many housing and shelter and navigation site yesterday i saw 9,000 homeless that are safer because of that housing. immediately after the homelessness response after the
8:49 pm
coronavirus became evident we pivoted the response system to care, prevention and response. echoing mayor breed's note about positivity our system of care is tremendously grateful for the h.h.s. staff, guests, tenants and clients and people living unsheltered in our community, to our city partners annan profits and community we see you out there thanking us. i know my family has been out at 7:00 cheering with musical instruments and putting signs in windows. that is deeply helpful to all of the amazing front line workers in the homelessness response system. >> first question. what is the current number of homeless people that have been moved into hotels? >> that is an excellent question. at the direction of the
8:50 pm
department of public health, the first hotels have been used for people coming out of hospitals and medical care when they don't need to be in the beds. you heard that from the deputy health officer earlier. trent rhorer provided the update 120 people, 90 to 95% of those individuals are homeless or formerly homeless. that number increases a bit each day but will decrease as those individuals through the direction of public health have completed their isolation or quarantine period and are able to move to other locations. >> when do you expect more will be moved in and how many total by when? >> that is a great question. let me be clear. from the beginning of this issue, the mayor and all of the leadership of the city has put housed public health and
8:51 pm
unsheltered public health on equal footing. our sheltered and unsheltered population on the list of people receiving services from day one. first from the hospitals, the individuals now in the hotels. in the coming days we will stand up hotels with the support of human services agency responsible for mass care and shelter to rapidly expand the hotel capacity they have already obtained those hotels. we are pivoting to moving to staffing, supplying and transporting those individuals. we are be beginning this process with people vulnerable to covid-19 among the homeless. we hear you and know that being homeless makes you vulnerable, and we need to start somewhere. at the direction of public health that is people who are over 60 or who have an
8:52 pm
underlying health condition that makes you vulnerable to covid. >> i know you have a priority to keep hospital beds open, would families with young children or pregnant women be eligible for the hotel rooms you are talking about? >> we are spending a tremendous amount of time on the single adult to population. our staff and partners are working tirelessly with young people and families. let me talk how that looks. san francisco under the mayor breed attained functional zero in unsheltered homelessness. we maintained that through the covid-19. that doesn't mean somebody is sleeping in their car and not wanting to come into shelter. it means we have the capacity to take them in when we outreach to them and they say yes.
8:53 pm
that continues today. families, women who are pregnant can come indoors immediately into a congregate setting and through a partnership with human services increasingly to hotel rooms through cal works and additional hotels coming online. >> last question for you. cathy novak k cbs radio. how many people from the navigation center have been moved to the hotels and what is the plan for the rest of the residents? >> thank you for the question. thank you for your compassion. i am going to use this opportunity to speak about the full response of the city to our first covid positive individual staying at a navigation center. immediately upon learning of the diagnosis the shelter site was
8:54 pm
supplied with masks. they are wearing them at all-time and they initiated contact tracing to identify who that special, we call them guests. the individual i am not sure we should share the gender, has initiated contact tracing with the individual who is now a patient in very good condition. that allows us to understand who is considered exposed, vulnerable and so on at our site. in response to the positive test the department of public health rapidly employed a physician and health workers to conduct system as and temperature screening beyond what was already in place. any guest with symptoms with covid-19 will be tested and relocated to staff quarantined rooms immediately. other guests will be moved to
8:55 pm
hotel rooms based on exposure and risk of disease. they will be provided medical support and space to self-isolate. they are considered healthcare workers in this situation. the city is deploying a professional cleaning crew in addition to the cleaning resources led by may or breed at the beginning of this epidemic and that is ongoing. staff will be on site to answer questions. they will guide social distancing and implement shelter health screening pro pocols. i am with that community. division circling is near my children's school. it is a favorite spot of mine. it is important to understand this is not a place those not staying there should visit. we bring our germs to people experiencing homelessness when we try to show up to help. you can help by going out to
8:56 pm
cheer for people on the streets, you can help in all of the ways to donate. don't try to enter the site. it is not allowed at this time. that is reserved for guests and staff there. thank you for your compassion for that community. >> final question. have people started moving to the facilities at moscone west? >> that is happening today. as mayor breed said setting up a shelter because of the 1,000 shelter bed challenge is not a small feat. we need to do this with care and compassion. we need this to be succes succel for people to shelter-in-place. thanks to human services agency we are rapidly expanding the sites and people are moving in there today. >> next questions are for the chief.
8:57 pm
>> chief a question about the citations you referenced. how many people and businesses have been cited. are these misdemeanor citations? >> with the businesses we have taken six incident reports for businesses that were not essential this should have been closed apweren't. one of those six had to be cited. we have stated publicly that our enforcement posture is progressive. we educate initially, sometimes at the beginning we educated
8:58 pm
more. we still do everything we can to educate. with the businesses, if they are not supposed to be open, we ask them to close. we are asking for compliance. this is not a race to see how many we can cite. we are trying to get compliance. when the businesses close we take an incident report. those can lead to criminal or civil action. the people that review those cases make that determination. if we have to come back, we are citing, particularly with businesses. with the individuals there has been one individual cited. as i said we put out the enforcement protocol a week ago we vetted through the city attorneys. again we look for compliance. by and large most people when approached by a police officer will comply. that is what we have seen. that is the trend.
8:59 pm
there are areas that are sub born. stubborn. if we have to use citations and enforcement that is what we will do. i want to emphasize the positive. most people in the city have been compliant. >> thank you. that concludes our press conference. >> thank you. . >> welcome to the land use transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisorses. i'm the chair of the committee, aaron peskin, joined virtually
9:00 pm
on microsoft teams by vice-chair supervisor safai and committee member preston. our clerk is ms. erica major. ms. major, do you have any announcements? >> yes, due to the covid-19 health emergency and to protect board members, city employees and the public, the board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee room are closed. however, members will be participating in the meeting remotely at the same extent as if they were physically present. public comment will be available for each item on this agenda, both channel 26 and ff are streaming the channel across the -- sf are streaming the channel across screen. you can call 888-204-5984. the